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  1. Has anybody kept count of how many times Frankie has said he is going to kill someone or everyone? That crap will get you locked up somewhere else. Oh wait. But he is a GRANDE! A Grande douche if you ask America. Does anyone like him?
  2. Did anybody see the picture that Derrick rejected tonight? Was he in uniform?
  3. Did anyone see the picture Derrick got on 9-4-14? Was it a pic with him in uniform?
  4. Wahoo she is out of there!! It's about time that horrid female got booted out of the house. She deserved every BOO she got. (I do hope Frankie gets even more boos and catcalls when he gets evicted very soon - please please please) Tim, we are sorry she made a fool of herself and you. We tried to virtually slap some sense into her - it didn't work. You are in our prayers.
  5. Frankie does speech impediment-like voices to be cruel and hateful. Remember he referred to the other house guests as common people. We are all commoners and beneath him and his precious sister Ariana. America isn't homophobic but Frankie is trying. He is the epitome of spoiled, rich, arrogant garbage. I really get the impression that he thinks he is not only above commoners but above the law. I have pity for his sister. I never heard of her before this season of BB and I sure won't look her up. If she is anything like him, ugh. Run while he is locked up Ariana! Save yourself!
  6. PonyGirl

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    I vote for Donnie. He demonstrated the most kindness and integrity of any player on any reality show. He is so nice to everyone. I like Derrick, even though he has told tales. He would come in second. Despise Frankie and Christine. YUCK! Go home liars!
  7. I hope her husband has her things packed and waiting on the lawn. She shows every sign of being head over heels for Cody. This isn't strategy. This is skank gone wild. And I am so sick of hearing her horsey laugh!
  8. I'm agree with Nicole - Frankie is just mean. He acted like a decent human until he 'broke the news' to the other HG's that HE was Ariana Grande's brother. So what? I didn't even know who she was until Big Brother brought her up. Since he gave out his BIG news he has become a spoiled, selfish, little brat. I'm sick of him pouting and acting like everyone should kiss his over tanned butt. Send him home!!