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  1. Never confuse my kindness for weakness nor ignorance.

  2. From now on, when you post something, just say that I, (me)second that. HAHAA!!! You'll save me some time. Seriously, we are of the same mindset 100 % on this. I'm glad you had time to go back and read some of the other post/threads as well.
  3. TripTrey, there are two people on this feed who dislike Donny and seem to think that only older people can appreciate a person like him. I'm not sure what older is but if someone has the mindset of a 12 yr old...then yes, I'm much older. I'm not going to say anything further because I read the rules. I'm not as nice as Donny.
  4. It's a difference in perspective, character and personalities. There are some who will never acknowledge what he's done or how he's played his game and why. They don't even consider him a floater inside the house...they are somewhat intimidated by the old guy and probably embarrassed to have been shown up by him so often. He's outwitting them to but they don't quite know that yet. I hope they all watch the show later.
  5. I wondered if it was because of Caleb's suspicion of Derrick being up to something and the fact that the "Neighborhood Watch" kinda fell through in the early morning/next day...other than of course for Donny who is part of TA.
  6. Plant those mustard seeds Donny. I think you have waited till just the right time.
  7. Has anyone mentioned the possibility of Frankie putting Zach up because maybe he knew he'd be back? Granted it's yet to be seen who actually walks in the door but if you even think someone might come back, you might be careful of who goes out and how you treat them before they go. Things haven't been that bad so far... Or have I missed something since the pool balls. (Rolls eyes)
  8. Im not so sure he will forgive and forget. I think he holds on to his hurt and that he'll possibly pretend to be the all forgiving Zach but work silently with Donny.
  9. One thing that BB does, it re socializes people. We get so dependent on out phones/computers that's it's sad. Look around the next time your at dinner... I need a bit of a disconnect myself right now but it doesn't seem likely.
  10. Little Wicked One...your opinion of what is filed away or what a floater is just may be different than the opinions of others. If you walked into a room and everyone stopped talking, would you understand what was going on? Would you try to talk game with people that you knew were working with others or wait until you could find a better time? It's more than obvious who you like and dislike in this game and even possibly what some of your tactics would be. I may be a "novice" at commenting on the forum and I'm probably not much fun on here since my viewing options are limited right now but I'm no novice at life and the study of human nature.
  11. I think Christine is offended by Donny simply walking into a room she's in. I would love to see him have the honor of evicting her!!
  12. Derrick is a Father and a Police Officer. Both if those traits are evident in his game and in the way he is with others. Yes, he was boarding on abussive with Victoria the day Being discussed but other than that time, he has been much like a Father/older brother to her. Are there things I'm not crazy about in him? Yes. But he's got great game and he's not stupid. I just hope his bad cop side doesn't show again or if it does, it's with the guys not a scared little girl. Seems my phone has a mind of it's own as to how it post. Anyway, TripTrey, I was being a little silly because Donny is a grounds keeper but he is very insightful about people too. I didn't think you actually were a grounds keeper though working in the yard is good for your mind.
  13. TripTrey... You seem extremely insightful and I agree with you completely on all counts. You must be a grounds keeper.
  14. I actually find it funny that the rest of the house is so paranoid about who Donny really is. How many "jobs" have they given him?? Of course he schemes....he has so much time alone to sit and listen, observe and think. He's not only smart but he uses his time, that they have given him, very wisely. If only someone would give him the time of day and really work with him.
  15. She's so blatantly rude to Donny, it makes me actually angry. I can't figure out why she's so HELLo bent against him as a person or why everyone else there dismisses him until they feel as alone as he has been the whole game. It says a lot about the people in the house and their character. Caleb is just as rude to Donny as Christine is.