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  1. I love bill hader more than you probably

  2. RT @LebaenesePapi: my divorced parents https://t.co/BGKapl6pu7

  3. RT @Dory: Y'all ever been so late that you just took yo time

  4. RT @_ihateyall: Ask him what bills he paying to be slamming doors in my fuckin house https://t.co/MC9OWNIsLy

  5. RT @shanedawson: A youtuber making an apology video for not liking "IT" is my favorite thing to happen in 2017. https://t.co/MzMwH7asv0

  6. RT @sofritolocito: me overthinking how I said "here" during attendance https://t.co/YEx9saFzqz

  7. RT @IamIanJacob: Retweet if you're not a seatbelt. https://t.co/vjdhsUeRQJ

  8. RT @BananaKarenina: Are we not even pretending anymore https://t.co/DtD2ek6LyD

  9. RT @BB_Updates: Kevin's goodbye- Matt, take care. Goodbye #BB19

  10. RT @xgiacoppox126: Taylor Swift could write a series longer than Harry Potter solely based off of hidden context in the Look What You Made…

  11. RT @tyIrswift: taylor: hi- swifties: https://t.co/5TVkXlXw0S

  12. RT @tiffauy: i was excited for the solar eclipse but this made me so sad https://t.co/jjDiLY1Owq

  13. RT @broebong: I hope he returned those 2 books https://t.co/DOnoB6milo

  14. RT @Dory: me walking to class depressed for deciding to take an 8am class https://t.co/gmcolgj8FO

  15. RT @blando_lucas: Why did they have to take down vine? Truly a master piece of an app and now it's just gone. What am I supposed to tell my…