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  1. Man ask yourself...if you had a wormy little spinless old man like she does wouldnt you start reaching for "top shelf"..she will NEVER get this kind of attention again like this...So its kind of understandable...I mean lets face it... shes dealing with a dude thatnormally is WAYYYYY out of her league....shes got no chance in hell of winning this game.... So let her have a free meal..LMAO
  2. settling in, learning as I go

  3. Seems as if sooo many of them are so scared yes? I havnt seen some people last this long with this m,uch incompetence in a very long time...What really does matter tho is they tend to talk themselves into believeing they are finely executing a solid game plan when in fact..its quite contrary...NOBODY seems to have one and NOBODY is truly implementing one...they have NO long term agenda's..That makes anyone possible for the win doesnt it? Anyone...
  4. I think thats a fair assessment but in part I think the men do this to influence there "physical pressence" in th game sort of passing themselves off as semi needed male protection or dominance in the physical compettions...KNow what I mean? Its a way of winning these women over that are remaining and getting many of there votes..thus a female who has struggled physically is far greater and a much less needed partnership early on....Everyone uses tjhe first few rounds to evaluate a mental game .... so the physical aspects of the game sort of take over with it not being anyones direct fault right off..thats just my take on it
  5. Ya tuff call tho...your grandpa only has a burial once....Ive learned the hard way on setting these kind of prioritys.... But then again I seriously doubt I will attend ANYONE but my wifes God forbid...its just not part of me to do the funeral thing....May they all rest in peace tho for sure!!
  6. What absoplutely gets me is the fact there are alot of nice guys in this world... They sort of put Donnie on a pedestal , when in reality hes just like everyone else...When it comes time to do whats best for him, HE TOO is gonna take it.. That movbe a couple weeks ago meant NOTHING when he saved jacosta, he sure got alot of atta boys for it tho..but he damn sure knew it had no relevancy... Southern folks may talk slower but genuinely they are VERY crafty...VERY..Donnie is no dummy I assure you.....But what folks need to stop doing is getting all butt hurt because others are playing the game..I mean WHERE is all this mystery and shocking feelings come from..in the end they are ALL after $500K arnt they? LOL
  7. HAHAHAHAAH!! Ya he is like a minio Derrick..lmao Its scary but I just am not sure who is "brighter"..and I use that term loosely!!
  8. HI everyone my name is Gary and I am com,pletely new to this forum but am so excited to be here.. here is my take for this week.... "double evict is coming....we are at a point in this game its best NOT to take on a role of doing much...but in retrospect your game must be fearce now in insighting others to do just that... Keeping Amber and Caleb REALLY should have been on everyones mind but clearly nobody really is that great of a player yet..... That being said Hayden and Nicole can still be used in such a way..although the entire house had soo m,uch to work with with the previous two... So that being said its time to start implementing "doubt" THROUGH these couples.... start forcing a automatical "tightening up" of things...and start getting Victoria and Zachs tempers into play.. Zach will blow the entire game if you just get him mad enough and one thing that can be assured is he is COMPLETELY %100 not trustable..that is soemthing you can use in your favor while in fact DEPENDING on such character flaws..the guy is a joke. its now time to show him just how big of one by driving a wedge between he and Cody finally..That being accomplished this week next week would be the oppertunity to do final clean up in these scenarios while by all means.. taking the "comfort" or "ease" out of a few players who quite obviously have had it far to easy to truly see what they are made of....Derrick and Frankie..... Lets face it...Caleb, Acosta, Zach, and Victoria can be removed at ANY Point of this game.. choosing the right one in next 2 weeks is imperative.... I say keep Caleb in for now.... there losing ability to have control over him with AMber gone, but all in all I think hes about as sharp as a marble...." Like I said I am new to forum but I cant wait to meet so many of you..I really would like to meet so many of you if you cvan try and keep your comments respectful as will I.... and good luck on having your chosen winner win this years title.... God Bless ya all!!