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  1. I see Donny is playing pool by himself right now, nobody else is outside or up. I'm a new live feed subscriber, but I've watched the AfterDark. I haven't seen him play with anyone else on the AfterDark. Does he play with other hg's? All the other guys play together.
  2. I was thinking last night of how to halt this travesty of justice in this year's BB. I enjoyed the first while with the antics of Caleb and Devin in the Bomb Squad, figuring the other side would eventually band together, win an hoh and make a game of it against the B.S. That didn't happen and eventually went so far as to vote Hayden out too. Now Donny and Nicole are on the block together. Frankie seems to be a complete tool, since he made his big reveal. Derrick is smart, yes, but like a robot. Zach is great, mean to some people, but probably won't beat Derrick in the end or whatever. I thought Victoria woke up after Zach told her about the BS alliance etc, but no. Christine isn't playing nice either. Cody pisses me off, flirting with everybody, then voting them out. Caleb is getting better but is the enemy. I was thinking last night how sweet it would be to have had Danielle Donato(evil Dick's daughter, BB winner), come in the day after Hayden's eviction. Or maybe during that night's final HOH which Nicole and Christine won. If Danielle had watched all of the live feed updates and full season etc, she would know what's going on. I would, as BB fantasy boss, get her to work with Nicole and Donny only(talk with the other people but give them no game help, unless Vic would listen and switch). She would be a new houseguest, be eligible for other HOH's, veto, to vote, but not BOB maybe. She could be in there for a 2-3 week time period and then be gone. She would not be able to go to the end. -Something to turn this house around. It might not work, but it would be fun to see. Or if a week before Hayden's eviction, before he was nominated or anything, bring in John Pardy, BBCAN2's winner. He was a partier, like Zach is. Have him work with Nicole's side too, like Danielle would. Shake that house up. There are many others I could switch in too but they are 2 of my faves that stick out. Danielle wouldn't take any s**t and John would liven up the house. As long as he has booze.:0 In your BB16 fantasy, what would you do? Would you bring somebody in? Who would it be?
  3. I agree. I think it makes the 2 HOHs panic, to know who to put up. At least with Nicole and Amber maybe. They need an extra day or 2 in there to relax, gain some confidence, some swagger from their HOH room. Maybe they would have realized another way around putting up Donny, Victoria and Jacosta every week.
  4. So I hear that Frankie and Caleb will try to pressure Christine of course to try to bd Nicole. I think it might/would be in Frankie's best interest to ask Christine how she'd feel about putting up Derrick. Suggest it if they have time away from Caleb. Derrick and Cody are a pair, as well Victoria with Derrick. I just don't see any other way of these last few weeks not being boring, as Cody, Derrick, Caleb will vote out the others. Zach is the gas that can keep this momentum going. Obviously everybody thinks/knows he and Frankie are lying. If they get out of bed early enough, have Zach talk to Donny and Nic in the mornings, have a bond,,,Nicole doesn't trust Zach again, but I think he could get her trust again, if he partner's up with Nic to spill his secrets...but I find that Nic can't keep in those secrets. It would have been good if Christine hadn't ever been part of the Bomb Squad. She could be a strong ally of Nic alone. Zach should talk to Nic and Don together.Just a couple of words. I don't know...I don't want to see Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Christine, Zach and Vic in that final 5 or 6 alone. I also don't like how Nicole has to have Donny's ok that he's not mad at her. Don't let him have that "control" over you. **I did just get the live feeds 2 days ago. I am new to this different level of information. I guess the hg's opinions and emotions change daily eh?
  5. bigred

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 7)

    I know that Zach was wrong for yelling at her and freaking out. He is emotional. He gave that information to Victoria, which was a positive thing. It blew up with Victoria not being able to talk to anyone about it. She talked to Nicole, yes, but then soon Cody came in and halted the talk. If Nicole, Zach and Victoria had talked, with Donny too. Ok, I know what you're saying about Derrick being composed with her. But from my perspective it seems he was bullying her, not really letting her speak. He knows how she is: emotional. It takes her time to get her thoughts and words together. He said something like, I don't treat women that way, or a daughter that way. He just did at that time, treat her that way. I know he's not the devil. I root for the underdog and Victoria is the underdog. **I did just get the live feeds 2 days ago so I am new to it. I have watched the AfterDark for a few years, and the show since the start. This level of scheming and lying, downtime and action we see on the live feeds is a different world, from the single tv show.
  6. bigred

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 7)

    I felt bad for Vic last night when she was sobbing, Derek had badgered/bullied her about going to Zach etc. He made his way passed her, went to the door, calling the rest of the house in. A real friend would have given her a hug, or at least sat down beside her to show concern. He was just cold.
  7. bigred

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 7)

    -Yeah, I guess eh. I was just hoping that something would change with her. -PowPow was right about Victoria. She does have a beautiful smile.
  8. bigred

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    Right now I'd say Zach. I don't like some of the things he does or says. He's mean and insulting, rude to some people in the house. But he is top 3 most entertaining with Frankie and Hayden(now gone). Donny is good too and might be my pick if he lasts longer until the last few. If Hayden comes back... I want Zach or a BS member gone but if he can last this week's eviction, still be entertaining, he's got my vote right now. He's made his mistakes, been daring, funny, been down, been "turnt up". I like his underdog status. His fight.
  9. I don't like the fact that the BS has controlled the house from day one. I like 2 sides of the house and I like it when it's pretty even. Good vs. evil, or at least 2 good teams. So I was upset when the house changed back to voting Jocasta out. I wanted Zach to go. I was happy when Christine won the POV, thinking she would want Zach out. Giving the chance for Nicole to definately put up either Cody or Frankie. But I was forgetting that Christine was working so close with Frankie. She also is thinking if she caresses Cody all the time, she will not be his target so much, I'm sure.(I'm a little squeamish on how much she and he flirt. Yesterday I think she thought his arm was a d__k.) -spoilers ahead, maybe. -Heartbroken that Hayden is gone. -Happy that Nicole and Christine are HOH -Irritated that Nicole lost HOH -Scared that Donny, Nicole or Victoria will go home Will Christine and Frankie see that maybe it's best to work with Nic, Donny and Vic. Draw the line in the sand as Derek said. If POV is won by a non-BS member, can they have 2 BS members on the block? But they are all scrambling. Christine is a big target now...but there are targets all over...what is gonna happen?
  10. I'm sure you know now, but he was so mad because Frankie had lied to him/them for all this time, concerning his past life, family, and game play too, I think. Fiery!
  11. bigred

    How would you play it?

    Unless BB went to the wall with it and created a cast of all competitors. I'd love to see that. It's annoying when they can't win and are constantly being put up as pawns-Jacosta and Victoria. To be told what to do. It would have been intense to see a season with 16 Calebs and Devins, Frankies and Zachs, Codys and Dereks and Haydens. I think they should do a season of all men alone and a season of all women alone. It would be totally different. Too much testosterone or estrogen for one season? If the all girl alliance had been formed when Joey had suggested it in the 1st few days, where would this season be? They might still be down some ladies, but to see 2 guys going against 2 girls in the battle of the block each week would have been neat. Would the girls have been down so far? It would work right? The winning team's HOH gets booted out.
  12. bigred

    How would you play it?

    I am wondering if I could be a silent partner with somebody. Meet somebody in that first week, first day or two, say to them, "Us two until the end". Meet only once in a while, alone, for a few minutes only maybe. Don't really discuss strategy. A friend, but don't hang out at all. Vote with them each time. Almost totally detach the emotion of the game in your relationship, but trust the partnership will get you to the end. NEVER tell anyone else about your relationship, NEVER. You would still have your "fake", main alliance, but keep your silent partner silent. Maybe like how Survivor works sometimes. You have 2 groups at the start, 2 sides trying to get immunity, to vote each other out. When the groups merge or the teams switch players, the frlendly players from both original sides try to keep their alliances a secret from the new tribemates. They still will play to win with their new "fake" alliance, but keep their original partners/alliance until the end. Similar to like how Derek has done with Victoria. It wasn't from the start, but he is detached himself from her emotionally. He talks to her only once in awhile, on the downlow. He has his other alliances, yes. I just mean as an example. Like if Frankie and Zach had met up in the first day or two, sparked that intense friendship they have/had, made that silent partnership, ran silent until the end or as far as the last few. Never hung out like they do/did, sleeping in the same bed, hugging etc. Never let the others see you talking game or being too friendly to each other until the last 4 or 5 people are left. They had that intense bond that I mean would be needed for this partnership. It probably wouldn't work anyway. If your partner gets voted out in the first few weeks that silent partnership is gone.
  13. bigred

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 7)

    Victoria went into the room last night, to eat and sit with the guys. When Derek asked her to give them a minute late last night-him, Cody, Zach, Caleb too I think, Derek said "We're going to vote you out"., as she left the room She said "Fuck you guys", as she went out the door. I loved how she said it and wish she'd get "turnt" up and partner up with Nicole. I know her game is not there, but she's coming around a little bit. Donny, Nicole and her would need it.