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  1. I would say thus far, my vote would go to Donny. I dont think he will win, and I dont think he has the best game play--but I do think that if they were all standing in a line in front of me--I would walk that check over to Donny and tell him to go home, never come back to Cali, and keep his life as simple as it was before BB.
  2. THe last two comments ^^^^ are exactly what I was going to put out there as well. I actually really like Derrick and would be all in on him if I didnt feel like he was talking to us as if we are as stupid as victoria.
  3. I dont know guys. She treated people poorly, and now they are treating her poorly (meaning, the house guests). I think it was akward when she walked out because the jury members had just convinced Donny to make fun of her laugh (unless I mis understood that) and he did so, and then whammo, she steps out. One of those moments where everyone was stunned by the irony and felt "caught" making fun of her. But ultimatly I dont mind the life lesson shown on tv. You treat people like crap, regardless of your "reason", then expect it in return. I am pretty careful about my facebook statuses and all that good stuff because I understand that it is being recieved by people who will have a reaction to what I say. Game or no game, these people feel like she was a mean person. I dont fault them for having a human reaction to her. as for her on Cody? It made me uncomfortable to watch it. I dont know this girl, I dont know her husband, I dont know anyone she knows and it still made me terribly uncomfortable. I didnt set out to feel that way. I honestly thought I was going to really like this girl at first. But the more I saw it, the more I was having a reaction to it. And CBS had every right to show it, because had they NOT, it would have felt like they were covering for her. They showed Caleb being a stalker--they showed last seasons HGs being racists. Why should she be protected?
  4. I have followers? Who are you people and how did you find me? SECURITY!!

  5. I have followers? Who are you people and how did you find me? SECURITY!!
  6. Cellardoor

    Activity Trackers

    I figured it was to trick the houseguests into being active. jokes on produciton for that one.
  7. Cellardoor

    L F U's ... thanks for a tough BB16

    also, fwiw, seems my satelite company is having a little spat with CBS so we apparently dont have it at the moment. So now more than ever I will be relying on this page to tell me what is happening, speficially tomorrow night!
  8. Cellardoor

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    i've been following him on twitter--seems he is trying to get sober and stay sober. Pretty hard thing to endure when you are trying like crazy to not hit the bottle. Just watching her and Cody makes me want to drink just imagining if that were my hubs.
  9. yes I caught that too Lamasquerade! I think she might be trying hard to supress many of her old appetites, and the pressure got to her.
  10. *cricket cricket*. . .didnt mean for everyone to stop talking on here. . . .
  11. See, he is the reason I even became a fan of BB. I used to be on a chat board that he was on, and he was just as much of an "Evel Dick" there but I loved it because it was that type of a board anyways. So when I was flipping through channels one night and this guy was on my tv, I thought, holy shit, that guy looks exactly like ED!! low and behold, as we all know, it was him and he acted the way in there that I fully expected. Honestly, if he had been any less of an Evel Dick, I would have been truly let down. That was the very first time i ever saw an episode of BB, and I havent missed one since. That being said, I have never been the target of his antics and Im certain that if I was, I would end up in a padded cell by the time it was all said and done.
  12. thanks, too bad they cant hear me yelling it through my tv. Give me a direct line to her--I've got all the answers!!
  13. Too late now, but she really shouldve nailed Cody with the concept that the jury house has already decided to give the $$ to whomever made the big move agianst their alliance. Actually, she should tell all of them that. Just sit em all down in a big house meeting and say, look fellas, now WE are the majority, and WE are running the final decision, so the first one to go against your little alliance gets the money, It's up to you to decide if its yourself or let someone else make the move. Thats the ONLY way anything is going to happen in that house. If nothing else, it will stir up paranoia and get their blood pumping.
  14. Cellardoor

    What were the Zings?

    I was distracted when this episode aired and was hoping someone could list out what each players "Zing!" was, since they refrence them so much to each other on the feed updates?
  15. Cellardoor

    L F U's ... thanks for a tough BB16

    Yes, I agree completely!! I love reading the updates daily, and getting a much closer look at what is really going on in there versus what we see on tv. Thank you for keeping all of us in the loop of what is really happening in the Great Social Experiment.
  16. astetically, yes. But I wouldnt be so revolted by her, if she wasnt so ugly inside. i've known some physically unappealing people, who I've felt attracted to based on their fun or lively disposition. In her pre-package, they said she was a nudist and I thought, hell. . .shes going to be fun. she's not fun. and I'm glad shes not nude.
  17. I think Christines "ugly" factor stems from her personality more than anything. People like her could pull off her features if they werent desperate, back stabbing, and in dire need of male attention. To me, anyone who tries that hard for a males attention, is unattractive. Give me a confident woman who knows her worth, and I will likely see her totally difrrently than I see Christine.
  18. So its not "new" to the majority of houseguests that America has a vote in this whole deal. Someone mentioned I believe in the Derrick thread that they want him to win the $$ bc he will take it home to his family and not try to start up as another wanna be in Hollywood. Wouldnt it be. . .possible. . .that the houseguests are lying to US? What if Derricks letter from his wife and baby were sent by his buddy who was in on his whole deal to get America to fall in love with him? He's one of the few I can see being long sighted enough to pull one over on us but its a possiblity. Isn't it?
  19. now THAT is a conclusive and most agreeable statement.
  20. I dont disagree with you, but I think that if the "male alliances" (et al) didnt have Derrick directing them away from Donny (so that Derrick could continue to do AT challengers and bank off of them) then he would have been gone long ago. The fact that he secretly, and through none of his own real doing, is valuable to Derrick--is what is keeping him in this game.
  21. that line had me falling out too. As a girl who has very little knowledge or interest in football, even I could have made better conversation than that.
  22. I agree but I think that was BB's way of making sure the floaters were always nominated. I think every year we complain about the strong players getting out and the floaters wading their way thru and I imagine this was their way of keeping that from happening. The only problem is that they put so many of them in there that it's taken more than half the game to get rid of them all with a backdoor or two tossed in.
  23. I'm sure I would have melted down about 15 times by now if I continued to be put on the block and felt so expendable--as though I myself wasnt there to play a game, but was merely a statue in the others chess game. Go here, stand there, sit there. . .and we will decide if you get to stay or if you go. I would have been all over the place crying, screaming, losing my mind and then trying to get it together. So when I see him only letting a few tears slip here and there and opportune times. . .I feel like. .damn, this cat has control over himself.