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  1. RT @yrralh: New favorite t-shirt: “No need to repeat yourself...I ignored you perfectly fine the first time.”

  2. RT @UberFacts: In 1893, Katharine Bates was inspired to write "America the Beautiful" after seeing the view from Colorado's Pikes Peak.

  3. RT @missmayim: we work very hard, me and @wilw https://t.co/totoTwxkoj

  4. RT @SenWarren: I just got off the phone with Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz. I told her to keep up her heroic work & leadership on behalf of Puerto…

  5. RT @JoeBiden: Beau fought to protect the most vulnerable among us. Thanks to my friend @barackobama for honoring his life’s work with the @…

  6. RT @DrMarkRowe: "You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day –unless you’re too busy;then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen…

  7. RT @PrayersforAJ: The moment when you realize your son ( age 7) is far more popular than you have ever been. Thank you @MissAmerica for sen…

  8. RT @MissAmericaWA: When you want to make sure everyone knows who the new @MissAmerica is

  9. @EliadCohen1 WITH HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RT @DLanceBlack: You lit up every room you entered #EdieWindsor. You left our world far better than you found it. May your life's example i…

  11. @PageantChris Other than LA and GA, has anyone aced talent tonight?

  12. @stacydelong Georgia was incredible.

  13. RT @WhatTheFFacts: John Cena has granted over 250 Make-A-Wish foundation wishes - This is more than any person has ever granted in history.

  14. RT @PennStateIFC: With the current devastation in Houston, we are pledging $0.15 for every RT this gets! Please forward this along to help…

  15. RT @meganamram: Gonna pitch an alternate-reality tv show where the civil war is over