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  1. @DiaryRoomSesh Also, if you ever have questions and I'm not around... the ppl here are VERY friendly! :) http://t.co/rfngNujuCe Hope 2 c u
  2. LIVE Stream - Satisfaction - 10PM EST - http://t.co/BBbgMP0BEh

  3. Big Brother #BB16 HD LIVE STREAM - http://t.co/4bHutPjtws

  4. Big Brother Live HD Stream - 8PM - http://t.co/kWZOPwHnim - We have live feeds too! :)#bb #bb16 #TeamDerrick

  5. Pretty Little Liars - HQ Stream 8PM - http://t.co/qnHiQPTe1z

  6. RT @brobachelor: Josh looks like he's bobbing for apples when he kisses Andi. Shit is nasty. #TheBachelorette

  7. I seen nutters is down again, just wanted to share a similar site I found. It seems better actually. Enjoy. http://www.totalreality.tv/big-brother-usa.php
  8. TVNutters / Nutters not working? Check out BB Feeds - http://t.co/h67rjj7rzA #bb16