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  1. He's way too loud for me. It's going to be hard to watching the feeds with his and Paul's friendship.
  2. He needs to stay to help get rid of Paul.
  3. tazgirl

    Jeremy - Week 1

    Lol...Well said myss911
  4. tazgirl

    Get the Live Feeds Here!

    Got my feeds thru Mortys
  5. tazgirl

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    Thank you..I total agree
  6. tazgirl

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    I'm right there with you I keep taking the headphones off because I can't stand Franks self righteous attitude.
  7. tazgirl

    Frank, Week 7 - HoH

    At least this week I may get some work done. I will not be watching the feeds as much. I can't stand Franks overwhelming obsession with Dan.
  8. Between Britney and Ian best BB moments ever
  9. Hi All, Back again for another year of BB with all the fun folks here at Mortys. So excited!
  10. Omg..she is praying to the fortune teller machine to give her a power
  11. tazgirl

    Live TV Show 8/11 & Twist Eviction

    Does anyone know why the triva.
  12. tazgirl

    Jeff - Week 1

    Thanks Sara for the post. Yummy