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    Old Morty's member but lost previous login info :)
  1. He is soooo sweet it crushes my heart! Love Donny!
  2. Watching her on BB after dark, she has beautiful eyes! Are they contacts?
  3. mjcms3

    Jocasta Odom (Week 1)

    Wasn't knocking anyone's opinion of her religion annoying them . Just stating it didn't bother me. She's extremely annoying , I believe, with or without her praying. JMO
  4. Thank you Marty! We're doing great! How are you?
  5. Random question, sorry! -Is there an app for Mortys ?
  6. mjcms3

    Jocasta Odom (Week 1)

    If she prays... So what ? She as an individual is annoying, I could care less if she prays and talks about God. To each their own. JMO
  7. I hope Donny will be a member of Team America