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  1. Dumbest jury every, they don't even understand the game. #BB19

  2. I just can't seem to cheer against Dalvin Cook...great guy and player! As long as we win.SteelersvsVikings

  3. Just get this season over with. Paul is the one that should win hands down. #BB19

  4. Dave Matthews performing for Hurricane relief...awesome. #HandInHand

  5. BigBen to AB for a nice catch!

  6. @IAmMerrickHanna I absolutely love watching you, you are so talented!!

  7. Prove them wrong Jess, Josh said Cody loved you but you didnt love him. https://t.co/AnbSXv2m8J

  8. Great win by the Noles...moving on in the #CWS.

  9. That looked like the "Bad News Bears...awful

  10. @JABBAWOCKEEZ is the best dance group Ever!!

  11. Awesome win by the Noles!! #FSUvsAU

  12. @IAmMerrickHanna is awesome, so fricking talented!! WOW! #AGT

  13. I didn't have high expectations for #DirtyDancing but I wish I wouldn't have even watched it. Love the original!!

  14. RT @mortystv: #VOICE To save Jesse Larson tweet or retweet #VoiceSaveJesse. You have 5 minutes, VOTE NOW!

  15. #VoiceSaveTroy