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  1. Minimomx2

    Sam Bledsoe

    must have watched American History X
  2. Minimomx2

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I'm not blaming him but when you like to talk about being in the military and talking above everyone else then act like it. As far as Jess I'm just surprised she didn't charge him. And I sure hope nobody ever whispers in my ear to kill people that it would be better for my life (personal accountability )
  3. Minimomx2

    Big Brother General Discussion

    sorry I really do think Paul was the only one that played the game. And how Cody won amf is a joke. He was the worst player in a long time he had a bad attitude and acted like a spoiled child that nobody wanted to play with. And he cares so much for Jessica that he was willing to have sex with her online for everyone to see (that's how much an honorable Man cared) as far as Paul goes he didn't bully people other people did that on their own if blaming him helps them sleep better then that's on them. He didn't make them do anything they did it themselves they were happy to use him when they thought it would get them further in the game but then when they realized he was there to play and win then they whined.
  4. when 9/11 hit they did let one of the house guest know because her( Aunt) I think was in one of the towers
  5. Minimomx2


    It could have been much worse. Josh and the others could have gone to a very personal level by bringing up their sexual behavior on the internet but Jody had no trouble bringing up Joshes accent and his intelligence and his weight so who are the bullies
  6. Minimomx2

    Cody & Jessica

    Sorry jealously never enters in to how I feel about this girl. She is not a nice person and seems to think that she is more deserving than others. And being a Woman I'm sure what I think is different than a Man but I think Christmas is much prettier because she is beautiful without all the makeup and extensions and she doesn't need to wear clothes that barely hide her body. And Jess looks like a cheap call girl
  7. Minimomx2

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I think they only did it the first or second season because one of the players had a whole town voting and made it very unfair.
  8. Minimomx2

    Cody & Jessica

    Sorry I don't get it. These two turn my stomach. They thought it was fine when they went after Josh saying he wasn't worthy of being here and making fun of him saying he was making victim noises. But put the shoe on the other foot and they whine all the time. She is worried about what her clients will think? She has sex with a guy on tv that she has known a few weeks walks around half dressed what kind of clients does she have? Some of the stuff they say is every bit as bad as Gina Marie was.
  9. I was not a Paul fan last year and was not happy to see him this year but after the last few days I am on board the Paul train. These people are a bunch of sheep and deserve what they get. I want to see him really rattle their cages.
  10. I can't stand this guy . I am really looking forward to seeing him and Jess have to move downstairs with all the other outsiders. I think I will laugh my ass off when Alex puts them both up
  11. wasn't sure about this guy at first but I have to say he is really growing on me. He is dumbing it down and I think he is playing these younger kids like a fiddle. He is giving the exact image he wants them to see.
  12. I remember him saying right after they all picked their tickets that his was the only one in the right spot. He had 5 or 6 I think and the others were all in mis matched number slots
  13. Minimomx2

    House full of little girls and devious boys

    I agree with everything but Z she new what she was doing and has to take responsibility for her own actions and lets not forget the supply room (Nasty.)
  14. I hope Paulie has rt and puts James and Vic up
  15. He was kinda growing on me until this week and seeing how much he seems to enjoy kicking people when their down. No respect at all for his game play.