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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    One of the most entertaining finales in a long time. Love how Dr. Will called out the jurors on their own stupidity all season. As I said a few weeks ago in Paul's thread that anyone would win against him because they were bitter jurors. So perhaps in the future we will have a more boring game played with everyone mindful of the jury vote and hg thinking twice about showmances. Loved Cameron's speech because he was 100% correct.
  2. Big Brother General Discussion

    If she was his ride or die, why didn't he take her? Why would he be shocked; for one he didn't take her and that is a good reason she didn't vote for him and two, she made it well known all season she was pro Paul.
  3. Big Brother General Discussion

    Oh yeah that was a good one too. Bye roll, I enjoyed your posts.
  4. Big Brother General Discussion

    By day 12 they wanted to stuff it into Josh's mouth. Lol. I like how they look all fresh and within days look like we dish rags in the house. Hard work living in he house.
  5. Big Brother General Discussion

    I worship you..you coined "car lashes" and "fun riot trip." Yep, people here sometimes act like they are personally invested but I think it's meant to get us all critically thinking about the difficulties of living in a house with strangers. Not much of a lineup but I will be checking in to read posts.
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    The pairs are interesting. I agree and he was very happy to be paired up with Alex. Lol
  7. Big Brother General Discussion

    Come back and post super celebrity thoughts! If not, you take care too.
  8. BB rigging

    BB then needs to stop saying the hoh and vetoes are "competitions." They should just put the people in the house to pick their noses, prance around in skimpy outfits, talk sex, talk nonsense, promote their gofundmes etc etc etc and let us make a game out of it by choosing who we think the producers have chosen to HAVE the hoh room and veto weekly.
  9. Who should get AFP?

    True, but there is plenty of video out there that backs up the craziness of Cody. Its all about if someone cares to know or not. And if you all day it's rigged than nothing is up and up in the house. Can't choose rigging for only the disliked hg. Just my opinion that I think Cody is a major douche.
  10. Who should get AFP?

    I read they did arts and crafts and.something about the art he created not for his daughter. Did they do this in bb house? The post was from another site. Edited: so they are showing the jurors painting two pics and supposedly they are drawing for people back home and someone was surprised he didn't do a drawing for his daughter. They said maybe he has his reasons and don't want her on the internet, but surprise Cody it's too late for that since you have talked about her already on TV and feeds.
  11. Hopefully we get to meet the Waltons tonight. Lol
  12. Who should get AFP?

    They sure are. Read that he didn't do his drawing for his daughter. Also read that he doesn't live closer to his daughter because he doesn't like the taxes in Iowa. What a character. I'm sure if BB thought he was the next best thing, they would have thrown him a few additional rigs along with the comp that got him back in the house.
  13. Slop recipes

    They use to make all kinds of stuff with slop but it appears that lately the HGs are just a bunch of lazy ass whiners. Remember when the viewers would have to choose some gross items they ate for a week as punishment? That was fun.
  14. The lucky charms leprechaun will decide.
  15. Big Brother General Discussion

    WHAT...no one is coming back to discuss Super Celebrity BB?