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  1. ZingggBottt

    Endurance Comps

    I want a refund. I buy the feeds for the endurance comps. It's been a complete waste of money and I feel almost scammed.
  2. ZingggBottt

    8/21 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    Wtf happened? That was supposed to be an endurance comp. We haven't had one all season and that's why I buy the feeds.
  3. ZingggBottt

    Endurance Comps

    Are we ever going to get a true endurance comp this season? 75% of why I get the feeds is to watch insurance comps.
  4. ZingggBottt

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I'm in CT so I feel ya. First summer storm and everyone freaks out. And no shit as I'm typing this, the news cuts in on CBS.
  5. ZingggBottt

    7/3 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I want a 2 girl HOH. We're having storms in the area and I swear to everything if they interrupt big brother for a weather report I will flip. It's 2014,if you need to know the weather their's an app for that.
  6. If she was true orthodox, she'd only wear skirts/dresses, conservative ones. She would never show herself in a bikini at a pool. She'd keep Kosher and the Sabbath. For petes sake Andrew from season 13 who prayed 3 times a day and kept Kosher and he wasn't even orthodox. She's obnoxious and exactly the kind of Jewish girls I can't stand.
  7. ZingggBottt

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    Perfect example of why I'm not usually a fan of parents / people willing to leave their kids for the show. Every year the same thing happens, parent comes in, oh my beautiful kid blah blah blah give me tissues and hugs because I'm away from my kids (by choice) and it's so terrrribbbllle...
  8. ZingggBottt

    This season's BB House Design

    The beehive room looks like carpeted wood. I prefer when that room is a more comfy lounge seating style and think the players use it more when it's comfy.
  9. ZingggBottt

    Zach Rance (Week 1)

    This guy is a douche, I'm not shocked he's been beat for the shit he says. He is the embodiment of everything I hate the "Frat star" attitude/culture.
  10. ZingggBottt

    Paola Shea (Week 1) - nominated by Caleb

    Paola is starting show a BB14 Danielle vibe. So just as guy crazy as Gina Marie but with some brains still functioning. Also she lives a few towns over from where I grew up and is my age. I'm sure I know a few who went to school with her.
  11. I hate the Team America, I hate twists that rely on votes. While I give shows with voting (Idol, Dancing with Stars etc...) the benefit of the doubt. I'm highly skeptical that our votes actually matter or count for anything on BB.
  12. ZingggBottt

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    He seems like a great guy and might be fun to watch. But I've never liked it when a single parent leaves their kid for 3 months to possibly win $500,000.
  13. I'd like to think lessons were learned last year about what happens when you show your ass on live TV. But since these hamsters can't even seem to vote out the right people most seasons, I'm guessing social etiquette is already out the window.