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  1. Houseguest thread: Ika Wong

    Seemed quite smart. A case of too much too soon
  2. Houseguest thread: Andrew Gordon

    Dunno what to say...I missed the first few weeks
  3. Houseguest thread: Paul Jackson

    Unattractive sub-frat boy. Glad he's gone the confidence was beyond irritating
  4. Houseguest thread: Kenny Brain

    I missed the first few weeks, was he douchy? lose this guy and there goes he only male eye-candy
  5. Houseguest thread: Anick Gervais

    You're right ther pal. But nice looking
  6. Houseguest thread: Arlie Shaban

    This seasons dorky guy who thinks he's a genius. May do well but unpleasant on the eyes nd senses
  7. Houseguest thread: Neda Kalantar

    I had hopes about her, but is she even there?
  8. Houseguest thread: Heather Decksheimer

    Every season has to have an tiresome, unaccomplished, irritatingly voiced blonde who sets the cause of feminism back 50 years. Meet is years model
  9. Houseguest thread: Jon Pardy

    I want to like him but just can't. Very average looking too
  10. Houseguest thread: Sarah Miller

    Attractive, intelligent,articulate - she doesn't belong
  11. Houseguest thread: Adel Elseri

    Seems nice enough' but honestly every DR session makes me think he's retarded