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  1. 1:43 PM BBT to 2:15 PM BBT Feeds are down. 2:15 PM BBT Nikki, Christine, Mitch and Kelsey have a group hug outside. Nikki apologies for spazzing out earlier. All four agree that you have to get away from the game talk some time for their sanity. Kelsey says that they're supposed to be having fun and not game talk 24-7. 2:45 PM BBT: Nikki is very upset and bawling upstairs in the HoHR. Mitch and Loveita comfort her. Nikki says she can't sleep, complains about being hungry. She calls everyone vultures. She yells that she just wants to go home and wants to have her freedom back. She says she done her two weeks. Mitch asks her what's different from her previous games. She yells Everything. She says she just wants to be herself. She says she's not f***ing good and is combusting internally. Mitch asks how she dealt with this stress in the other houses. Nikki says very much what just happened. She says everyone is out there thinking hating on her. Nikki keeps complaining about everything, the house, the people, being cold, being hungry. She says this is an impossible sitatuion. Mitch and Loveita continue to cheer her up and say it's admirable for her to be herself. 3:10 PM BBT Loveita and Nikki are meditating. Loveita is trying to ger her to relax. 3:20 PM BBT Loveita is painting Nikki's toenails up in the HoHR.
  2. FLASHBACKS 11:25 AM BBT: Dallas, Joel and Loveita are discussing votes in the HoH. Dallas says he has it down to Joel and Mitch being the swing vote. Dallas tells Loveita he wants Cassandra gone. Dallas says he is unsure about the brothers because of the rumor floating around that the brothers are working with him. Dallas has Jared/Raul/Kelsey/Mitch/Joel/Tim voting for Cassandra to stay. Hes says they will need to have Joel or Mitch join Maddy, him, Ramsey, Nikki and the brothers to secure the votes to get Cass out. Dallas tells Joel he will have a big say in who goes home. Dallas says he wouldn't be suprised if this a repeat of week 1 where the target stays and the pawn goes home. Loveita tells Dallas not to flip and vote with the house. Dallas says he won't but Christine isn't making much of an effort to stay. 11:50 AM BBT The brothers and Nikki have joined the HoH group. Phil says he is being torn by people. Loveita says that there are "deals" for week to week and then there are alliances. Phil agrees that he won't put up Loveita or Dallas up if he gets HoH. Phil says he wants to support Loveita and vote out Cass but isn't sure now with all the crap he's hearing. Dallas again goes over the votes with Phil. Phil says that Mitch is probably going to vote out Cass. They agree the vote is probably going to be 6-5 either way. Loveita tells them that Cassandra is a snake and Christine is better for them to stay. Loveita says Cass is all over the place while Christine is more straight forward. 11:55 AM BBT Phil informs Dallas that he's coming up in many converstations and he and Nick are the only ones who probably wouldn't put him up. Dallas says let's play this week to week and that they have a common target on the other side to get out this week (Cassandra). Phil says he still doesn't know which way he'll vote for sure. He's getting pulled in many directions. Loveita and Dallas say that they are dead set on getting Cassandra out. Nick says that he wants Cassandra to go. Dallas continues to give reasonings for Cass to go. He says that Christine is not as big of a competition threat and is closer with the Jared/Kelsey/Raul. Nikki says she wants Christine to stay. They realize that they will need Joel's vote to take out Cassandra. Dallas says he won't be surprised if Cass stays though. He starts to get upset and leaves the room, he says he'll never get through to them. 12:05 PM BBT The brothers sit down with Joel. Phil says that keeping Cassandra would be smarter for Joel, it'll keep him Tim on his side. He says that he wants to trust Loveita and Dallas, but trusts Jared/Kelsey more. Joel agrees. Phil says that Cassandra and Tim are not coming after them or Joel, rather they would go after Dallas/Loveita and then the Jareds and Kelseys after that. Joel says that he feels out of the loop and no one has made a deal with him. He says he likes Loveita and wants to respect her, but at the same time he trusts Cass more now over Christine. Both agree that they'd rather have Cass stay. 12:38 PM BBT The brothers are talking with Mitch in the pantry. Phil informs Mitch how Dallas and Loveita where strongarming him into voting out Cass. They go over the votes for Cass to stay and agree that the vote will be 7-4 if Mitch votes out Christine with them. (so Ramsey,Maddy,Dallas, Nikki only vote Cass out). Although they think Joel may be still unsure. Phil says he's keeping Cass and that his mind is made up. 12:55 PM BBT Cassandra, Kelsey and Tim talking about the vote. Tim says that they're are too many people who are siding with Cass as of now for her to go. Tim says he wants to talk to Loveita that she doesn't have the votes to keep Cass, so he can find out her motive for wanting to target Cass. Tim thinks that Loveita is wanting to strengthen Dallas' alliances to go after Kelsey's alliance. They discuss about Loveita making deals with everyone to make jury. Kelsey says she has a deal not an alliance with her. Kelsey informs Cass that she is good. Cass says we just lay low since there's time still for Loveita to stir the pot. 1:04 PM BBT Feeds turn to Mitch and Maddy talking outside about Christine and Cass. Mitch says he is close with the trio but not in an alliance with them. They discuss on who is better to stay for their games. Maddy says that Cass is more associated with the trio, so people won't be afraid to put her up again. They agree that people have more doubt in Cass over Christine, so it'd be better for Cass to stay.
  3. 10:03 AM BBT Cassandra is complaining to Tim about getting all the pranks this week. Other HGs continue their ADL's. Joel and Nikki are in KT. Joel complains to her about having coffee grinds in his cup. 10:10 AM BBT Nikki and Joel are discussing about Elivis Presley movies and they sing his music. Nikki complains about people asking them to make them food while she making her own. She says it really stresses her out. 10:12 AM BBT Joel says that the pool is off limits today, and that Big Brother told them it is under renovation. Nikki goes on to talk about how food stresses her out, and that it also doesn't take much to stress her out. 10:15 AM BBT Tim, Christine and Cassandra are in the pink BR talking about how they like to be naked around their house. They joke about having a naked day in the house. Tim asks Christine about campaigning today. He advises her not to campaign too much because of what happened to Sharry's over campaigning last week. They contemplate what position they would be in if Sharry stayed. 10:25 AM BBT Tim says he is going to let his pet spider out of his jar. He says that he can't find enough food for it. Cassandra says we should wait until Thursday to let him out. Tim says he hopes there's some sort of challenge today and he doesn't want to be around certain people today. 10:30 AM BBT Tim, Christine, Cassandra and Maddy are going over conspiracy theories of the HoH making nominees in the high roller room. Tim is saying that Big Brother could be tempting the HoH with money to chance not getting the noms they want. 10:35 AM BBT Kelsey is out in the BY talking about being a flight attendant to Nick and Dallas. She starts to talk about how much money she makes and the feeds are cut. 10:38 AM BBT Nikki is complaining to Phil about how wearing the microphones is driving her crazy. She says this one is much larger than the one she is used to. 10:45 AM BBT Kelsey continues to tells Dallas and Nick stories of being a flight attendant and a bartender. She complains about guys hitting on her and then not tipping her. 10:50 AM BBT Loveita has awoken from HoH room and heads downstairs. Tim, Nikki and Ramsey are eating breakfast. Nikki asks Tim if he is in a bad mood. Tim nods yes and says it's just being in the house, it's not the people in it who are making him feel this way.
  4. 9:00 AM BBT HGs are still sleeping, they've yet to be woken up for the day. 9:10 AM BBT The lights have come on and HGs are beginning another day in the house. Jared is asked to arrange a battery change for the house. 9:25 AM BBT Cassandra is showering and has discovered the barbeque sauce in the shampoo. She yells out "Tim" and says it's in her hair 9:30 AM BBT Jared and Tim open the doors to the backyard. Joel is cooking some slop and talking with Jared about his French heritage. in the WA, Raul has found another prank: the mouthwash in the soap dispenser. 9:40 AM BBT Tim and Phil are complaining about people not washing their dishes. Kelsey and Raul continue to do their makeup. Cassandra says to Kelsey/Jared/Raul she has some amazing news, and it's that the brothers told her they want to keep her. 9:45 AM BBT Maddy and Christine are discussing about Nick's personality in the house. Maddy says that Nick thinks everyone likes him, but in reality, people actually don't. 9:52 AM BBT Tim says to Jared, Kelsey and Mitch that he is at wits end with the lack of cleanliness in the house. Jared asks Tim if he wants to start smoking, that helps. Mitch asks Tim if he smokes, and he says no. 9:53 AM BBT Kelsey and Jared head outside to smoke. They discuss if they should keep Cass. Jared says it makes sense to keep her because getting rid of her will just help Dallas and his side. He then says that it's annoying Cass keeps asking people to do stuff for her.
  5. 9:50 PM BBT: Mitch, Raul and Kelsey are outside talking about Dallas' failed plan to backdoor Jared. Mitch is saying how hard Dallas pushed for Jared, saying he was the biggest threat to win the game. Kelsey says that they need to get tim on their side. Mitch mentions he doesn't know where Ramsey's head is at and that he's close with Maddy. 9:55 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Jared and Loveita talking in the HoH room. Loveita is talking about Dallas changing his idea of backdooring the brothers to Jared. Loveita says she told Dallas it wasn't the time to make that big of a move. Jared says he wants to clear the air with the brothers about him being involved with the idea of backdooring the brothers. 10:05 PM BBT Raul, Mitch, Joel, Phil and Kelsey are discussing votes. Phil believes the majority wants Cassandra out. Kelsey says she thinks there's six people who want Christine to stay. Phil disagrees. 10:10 PM BBT Raul, Kelsey, Mitch and the brothers now discuss the votes. Kelsey says she wants to know where Tim is. Mitch says you'll never really know for sure. Kelsey thinks that Tim wants Cass to stay on a personal level, but not sure on the game level. Phil says that both nominees are indifferent to him so it's best for him to do whatever Loveita wants. Mitch says that if they do vote against Loveita, that will cause unnecessary turmoil. 10:13 PM BBT Loveita, Jared and Joel are now in the hot-tub. Love says to Joel she hasn't seen him all day and wants to know where his head is at. Jared mentions about how the bedroom situation causes people to be separated. 10:15 PM BBT Feeds are back on the group outside. Kelsey continues to defend Jared's involvement with the idea to backdoor the brothers. Kelsey says who the f**k won the PoV this week, who's idea do you really think it was, referring to Dallas. Kelsey says she just wanted to tell them what she heard and is now upset with how the brothers reacted. She then mentions that she wants to know if Tim really wants Cassandra to stay. 10:25 PM BBT: Maddy, Christine and Cassandra are talking alone upstairs. They discuss about Loveita saying she is lying when she says she isn't working with anyone. Cassandra mentions how Loveita originally promised her she was safe and now she is her target. Christine doesn't understand why Loveita would lie to her. Cassandra starts talking about her "dumb b**ch comment" after the HoH comp again 10:35 PM BBT The brothers and Mitch are playing pool and discussing about how to not give people reasons to make them think they're untrustworthy. Mitch says that they can't get upset and they need to be more careful around emotional people.
  6. FLASHBACKS 12:45 PM BBT: Dallas is talking to Kelsey and Mitch upstairs. Dallas tells Mitch he is the likely swing vote. He says there's five from each side that will vote each way. Kelsey says initially she wanted to keep Cass but now she doesn't know. She says she doesn't want either to leave. Mitch says that he doesn't like these choices. Dallas says when you look at it, who made the noms no one likes, the same person. Kelsey says yes two women, with one clear target and a pawn (same as Paige and her nominated). Kelsey says it's hard for her because Cass helped her week 1. 12:50 PM BBT: Dallas pushes to Kelsey that Cassandra is better to leave because she is more dangerous and gets in on more conversations. Kelsey says she is worried about Maddy nominating her because Maddy hurts her. Dallas says it's legit to think that. Dallas says he's not beating around the bush that he's close with Maddy, but he says that Maddy doesn't have any strategic bones in her body. 1:03 PM BBT Dallas says if there's vegas odds for this game to win, the favorite has to be Jared. 1:14 PM BBT: Nikki, Ramsey and Tim are making preparations for pranks. Ramsey asks tim if April Fools is a thing in Australia. He says yes. Tim says a good prank would be pretending he drowned when seeing how long everyone could hold their breath under water. 1:45 PM BBT: Kelsey tells Loveita she is worried Maddy will put her and Raul up if she wins HoH She says that she can't believe Maddy has been mean to Joel. Kelsey and Loveita discuss about there's must be something more to the wildcards twist then they know. 2:00 PM BBT: Loveita tells Kelsey that she needs to know that she is looking out for her best interests. Kelsey says that if they are going to start working together then Christine leaving would be better since she would be more likely to work with the other side. Loveita tells Kelsey that she heard that Cass will not work with Kelsey's side if she says. Loveita says that Cass might just be saying that though. She says that she doesn't want to have snakey people around. Kelsey says that Christine is not a personal threat to her. Loveita says she is not having discussions with either nominee. Kelsey says that she's fine with either saying. Loveita thinks the house will just do what it wants and she will not tell people who to vote. 2:20 PM BBT: Christine is sweeping the kitchen. Cassandra approaches Christine and tells her that they'll know before the day of who's going. Cass says if she finds out she's leaving she'll make Loveita's life a living hell. Christine also says she would do the same. Cass says it's 50-50 now for who goes. Christine says it's funny how they are conspiring and they both laugh. They then discuss about Loveita and how she doesn't see everyone can hate her. Christine says it's nice to know at least Loveita is somewhat miserable. Cass says "you know how I was at the veto? Like that, turned up"
  7. 4:45 PM BT: Tim and Loveita are in the HoH discussing the votes this week. Loveita says she is leaving it up to fate. Tim says he is unsure of who to vote but says he has more fun around Cassandra. Tim thinks Cassandra has the votes if the Jared/Kelsey side of the house votes in her favor. 4:50 PM BBT Nikki reacts to seeing the chocolate on the toilet seat, she calls it animal behavior. Ramsey and Nikki then confess to placing the chocolate on the HoH toilet. Ramsey then cleans it. Phil is now up in the HoH room talking to Loveita about putting a good word out to Nikki for him. 5:00 PM BBT: Loveita, Tim and the brothers are in HoH room discussing about possible pranks they would do. Loveita says Tim should call everyone for a meeting and then say him and Nikki they have the power to instantly evict someone. Tim said he would need to make it believable or people will know it's fake. 5:10 PM BBT: Tim and Nick are listening to music. They are discussing about Taylor Swift with Maddy and Loveita. Tim turns it up louder and the feeds are cut because the audio can be heard. Kelsey is preparing food in the KT. Jared, Mitch and Nikki are eating. Just general discussion about restaurants. 5:20 PM BBT: Feeds return to Raul talking to Joel and Christine upstairs. They discuss about people suffering and issues in Africa. Christine says it's hard to believe how people still suffer in this day and age and that they are fortunate to live in North America. 5:25 PM BBT Kelsey has joined the three upstairs. Kelsey is talking about how it upsets her how animals are killed for human use. Her and Christine go on to discuss about how scientists have found that animals have feelings and emotions. 5:30 PM BBT: The brothers, Tim, Maddy and Loveita are up in the HoH talking. They discuss about how the brothers get to play as one and the advantage that is to get information. Phil says to Nick that he doesn't game talk enough though. Nick tells Phil that he's the only reason that he got cast. Feeds are getting cut repeatedly. 5:40 PM BBT: Kelsey and Christine are now talking about how eating meat is wrong. Jared has joined the group upstairs. Kelsey says they have been ranting about how humans are ruining the planet. Christine calls humans the infestation of the planet. 5:50 PM BBT: Nick's elbow is bleeding and it bled onto a pillow and some of the other upstairs furniture. He goes to clean it up. 5:55 PM BBT: The outside has been unlocked. Jared, Raul and Kelsey are outside smoking. Ramsey, Phil, Tim and Joel are in the pool having a competition to see who can hold their breath under water the longest. Phil holds his breath for over a minute and 6:05 PM BBT: Phil, Joel, and Tim continue to do the challenge over again and Phil lasts for the longest again at a count of about 55 seconds. The third time Joel and Phil both last for a count of 1 minute and 17 seconds. 6:15 PM BBT: Most of the HGs are hanging out in or around the pool. Mitch, Raul, Maddy and Loveita are upstairs in the HoH talking about a toy duck they have in the house. 6:20 PM BBT: Loveita asks Mitch and Raul who they would vote for. Raul says he is going to go with whatever the majority decides. Raul says he loves Cassandra but if she has to go, then she has to go. Loveita then starts talking about how Canada may be involved more with this season. Mitch says if that's the case then won't Tim and Nikki have an advantage due to their large followings.
  8. 9:20 PM BBT: Maddy and Loveita are now in the HoH Room. Loveita says she'd rather get rid of Raul. Maddy says you have no idea how bad she wants one of those three to leave. Dallas has now joined them. Dallas says he just talked to Christine about using the veto on her. Dallas goes over the votes again needed and that they have them. Dallas says it's win-win if either Cassandra or Jared goes home. Dallas says that Jared is their leader. Dallas says they owe this to Sharry. 9:25 PM BBT:Dallas and Maddy are now listening to music. Loveita has left the room. They continue to go over their potential backdoor plan. Dallas says he is sure that Mitch is with Kelsey/Raul/Jared. Maddy asks if Loveita is telling Jared now about their plan. Dallas says he doesn't think so. Dallas and Maddy leave the HoH room and now Tim is talking alone with Loveita. Loveita asks Tim what a good move for her would be. Loveita tells Tim that Dallas wants to take out Jared and that everyone likes him. Tim says that Jared is the core of that side of the house. Tim says it's a very big move and cements her as being a power player. Tim says it's not a bad thing because people will want someone they know who will make big moves. 9:33 PM BBT: Maddy and Dallas now discuss the veto plan with Christine. They tell her that Raul and Kelsey are the only two peoplw who would for sure save Jared. Dallas tells Christine about their talk with Loveita getting to put up who he wants if he wants to use the veto. 9:45 PM BBT: Tim and Loveita keep discussing about weighing their options about the veto. But Loveita says she's not cut out for making the move and gives reasonings for wanting Cassandra out still.
  9. 9:00 PM BBT: Loveita, Tim, Joel and Cassandra are in the washroom discussing about being tired. Tim says that watching movie always make him tired. Audio goes silent. Lovieta leaves the room. Cassandra whispers that Loveita told her Tim is being too nice to her. Tim tells Cassandra that Loveita is 100% set on getting her out. Tim says that Loveita can't be trusted and that she must have gotten the chance to see some footage of what Cassandra said. Cassandra says she can't be a have-not again next week. She says she does well in the challenges. Tim says she didn't do well in the veto comp. Cassandra says she hurt her ankle early in the challenge but still competed anyway. She says that she thought Loveita was after her in the first week too. She promised not to nominate Loveita for three weeks to avoid being a possible nomination. Joel asks about the veto. Tim says that he thinks Christine is going home. Tim says she is defeated. Cassandra agrees that it's not like her to give up. Feeds again cut to Nikki, Ramsey and the brothers in the main room. 9:00 PM BT: Other feed showing Maddy, Loveita and Dallas talking about the veto. Loveita asks if he will use it. Dallas says no. He thinks Cassandra is a safe bet to go home but He'd be open to a bigger backdoor too. Dallas says that he thinks Loveita has a deal cut. Dallas says it's time to make a big move but he's fine with Cass going and waiting until he gets power to make the move. Loveita says that she doesn't feel very safe going forward. Maddy asks her why doesn't she go after those people who are making her feel that way. Loveita says that because she can only get one person out, they're still be a group of power players in the house. But Maddy says that would still be one "duck down". Loveita says being fake to her is most important to her and that's why she wants Cassandra out. Dallas says it makes sense. He hopes that next week is a double eviction and he gets power. Maddy says she's scared they will get picked off if they don't get one of them out now. Discussion turns to Jared being the best social player. They agree everyone likes him and no one wants to put him up. 9:10 PM BBT: Dallas says he wants the head honco out (Jared). Loveita leaves the room. Maddy and Dallas discuss about having Tim on board to vote out Jared. Dallas said he would pull off Christine so they'd have her to vote with them. They agree that they'd think Jared would go home over Cassandra. Both get excited about how Loveita may be open to the backdoor and that they need to convince her to make the move. Maddy knows that they'd have the numbers and also that Cassandra would campaign hard to stay. Dallas said he would tell Christine he'd use it on her. They agree they'd have Tim, Christine, Ramsey, Dallas, Joel, the brothers to vote with him. Dallas says that they will talk to Loveita tonight. Dallas says they'd use what Jared said about the brothers against him once he went up to get their vote.
  10. 8:22 PM BBT: Jackpot is going off. Tim points out that the sign is blue rather than it's usual red. Tim asks where Jared and Loveita are. Tim goes into the HoH and says that noise is going off and asks Loveita what is. She honestly thinks it's a distraction, and then laughs. 8:25 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Nikki and Loveita discussing in the HoH room. Nikki says she'd do anything to be HoH next week. Loveita thinks this next HoH will not be just luck. Loveita says she is just done and she's done taking about the game. Nikki asks her about if she is stressed when making noms and what the High Roller room is like. Discussion turns to the large amount of candy Loveita got with her HoH. Loveita asks how everyone else is, Nikki says that everyone is just lieing around and not doing much. Loveita points out how weird it is that both people on the block got hurt in the veto comp. They then talk about Cassandra lieing. Loveita says that Cass told her she would vote out Kelsey if the veto was used on her and that Kelsey is supposed to be her friend. Loveita says she doesn't trust her and that Cassandra would backstab her. Loveita remarks about how stressed she was with the first noms. Nikki asks her if Mitch wants to work with Jared/Kelsey. They discuss about who they can trust. Loveita says she likes Nikki Tim, Sharry, Joel & Mitch. Nikki asks her why Paige went out. Loveita responds by saying Paige was so quiet and no one knew her well. They then discuss why Kelsey was nominated because of her connection with Jared. Loveita says she respects Kesley for talking through everything with her. She says she's not mad at her. Nikki asks if Dallas will use the veto. Loveita says he thinks he won't. Nikki asks if Dallas saves Christine, who Loveita would put up. Loveita says she doesn't know and that it would be a blindside to her if Dallas uses it. Raul, Jared and Kelsey are going over all that has happened on each day this season so far, repeatedly. 8:35 PM BBT: Nikki says she likes Christine. Loveita says she has already told people that they are safe (doesn't say who). Nikki suggests to put up Joel or Mitch up because they wouldn't go and everyone loves them. Loveita says she couldn't. Loveita thinks the house would vote out Joel. Nikki says there's no way she'd vote out Joel over Christine. Loveita asks Nikki if she thinks Dallas will use the veto. Nikki responds by saying she hopes not since they are friends. Nikki says there hasn't been much campaigning yet other than Cassandra coming to her earlier today and putting her arm around her. Loveita says people are waiting for the veto ceremony to see what happens. 8:45 PM BBT: Phil and Nikki are chatting/flirting. Joel and Cassandra are discussing about seeing Joel seeing the movie earlier today in the washroom. Joel says it was good to get some food and he wasn't really focusing on the video. Joel, Tim, Cassandra and Jared are now discussing the movie and possible game twists that were hinted in it.
  11. 10:20 AM BBT: Feeds return. The brothers are talking with Christine about the Veto competition. Dallas and Maddy discuss about talking Loveita into backdooring someone. They discuss if they should go against her and use the PoV. Maddy says that she told Ramsey to talk to Loveita about it, and that she wasn't talking to Loveita about it. Dallas calls Loveita a powertriping ho and says he doesn't care anymore. Feeds cut to Jared and Cassandra. Cassandra is upset about people talking to Loveita. She says that Kelsey talking to Loveita right now is ruining her chances in the game. Jared tells her to calm down and not go up there and disrupt them. Jared contemplates using the veto and says he thinks he can get the numbers to save her over Christine. 10:25 AM BBT: Kelsey and Loveita are discussing who would use the PoV. Loveita says she doesn't want to have the veto used. Kelsey says that Cassandra feels betrayed because last week she campaigned to keep Loveita. Kelsey says she is worried that Dallas might use it. Loveita says she has a open mind about if the veto could/should be used. Kelsey says that in this specific week they have numbers on this side (to save Cassandra over Christine i think). 10:40 AM BBT: Kelsey and Cassandra are now talking. Cassandra tells Kelsey not to campaign to Loveita for her. Kelsey said it would be fishy if she didnt campaign for her. Kelsey said she told Loveita it was a mistake nominating Cassandra. Ramsey, Jared, and Dallas were chosen for the PoV.
  12. 9:43 PM BBT: Loveita and Kelsey are mending fences up in the HoH. They remark about how week it's been back and forth between them so far. Loveita tells Kelsey she is a nice girl. Kelsey tells Loveita to just not do something stupid this week. Loveita says she is a lone ranger. Kelsey remarks about how the people are just floating around and that those that float around feel the safest. Loveita says she won't go against her word and hasn't. Kelsey starts talking about Dallas lying and the fourth vote in the first vote. Loveita says she doesn't want to spend too much time so they head downstairs. Kelsey says she hopes she don't hold a grudge, and the feeds cut. 9:45 PM BBT: Kelsey and Jared are talking about Kelsey's earlier discussion with Loveita. Kelsey says that she told Loveita three people (doesn't say who) that are after her. She says she told Loveita to play smart and she is here to have fun. Kelsey remarks about how she and Loveita left the HoH together and everyone was sitting at the kitchen looking at them. Raul is napping. Big Brother asks him to wake up. Many of the other HGs are gathered in the Kitchen downstairs. They give shoutouts to Sharry and Paige. 9:55 PM BBT: Ramsey joins Jared/Kelsey. Kelsey says this sucks and then complains about the heat. She then tries to wake up Raul who again was asked to wake up by Big Brother. Kelsey says Loveita is being annoying when she is saying everyone needs to hang out. Kelsey talks to Raul about her discusion with Loveita. She says she told her that if she was her target she would be gone now. She says that she is not her target. She told Loveita that Jared and her were aligned and that she was close with Raul. She said that Loveita is not her target and she decided 10:00 PM BBT: Joel, Tim, Christine, Phil & Cassandra are giving their complaints to the Complaint camera. Tim and Nick are going back and forth giving complaints about one another. Joel says he is sick and tired of not knowing what the jackpot means. The door to the camera has already been broken from being open too much and won't stay shut. Phil jokes to the box, "We need some vodka or Nikki will self evict". Feeds then cut to Nikki bringing alcohol from the DR for the houseguests. She contemplates hiding a bottle of vodka in her clothes but then returns it with the rest before heading out to notify the HGs. Everyone rushes downstairs and starts going crazy. Ramsey asks if he can get some orange juice. Many thanks given to Big Brother are given. A toast is given for the two week mark in the house and a week having passed since Nikki/Tim arrived. 10:15 PM BBT: Everyone is drinking & gathered around the kitchen table with just general chatting. Tim arrives with another bottle of alcohol that he previously taken. It's suggested they all do shots. Everyone does a shot together, but it turns out only water was in the bottle. Tim pranked them all into thinking it was vodka.. then "real" shots are poured and everyone cheers to Sharry.
  13. 9:33 PM BBT Joel, Kelsey and Raul are in the BY discussing nominees for next week Joel mentions Dallas because he doesn't know where he stands. Kelsey says she doesn't trust the guy because he lied to her for a week straight. 9:45 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey are playing pool. They discuss about the brothers. Kelsey is worried she is upsetting Jared by being too close to them. 9:50 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey head up to the HoH. Jared is still watching his movie so they leave. Kelsey is worried Jared is mad at her. 9:55 PM BBT: Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey, Philippe and Christine are talking about Bobby's fake plastic hanger immunity last season. Tim mentions how funny it would be if someone faked having a secret PoV this season. 9:58 PM BBT Tim tells them about some pranks he did during his Australian season. He says Big Brother caught him trying to hide chocolates and also putting food in his pockets.
  14. 2:00 PM BBT: Tim is talking to Loveita in the Hundo suite. Tim tells Loveita that Jared is the guy she needs to convince if she wants to stay. Loveita says Christine is voting for Sharry to stay, Tim says he feels that she doesn't care either way. Loveita says that Jared is not telling people who to vote for, but Kelsey is. Tim tells Loveita she needs to address her decisions as HoH she made in order to get through to people and for people to trust her now. Tim says she needs to come across genuine with people. Loveita says she is. Tim says she is being forced to play a way she doesn't want to. She tells him he hit it on the head. Tim says she needs to readdress her thinking about how she is trying to save herself, and realize it's more than just a game and making social connections with people is important. They leave the room and Tim starts to talk about Nikki and how she might not be there on the eviction day then the feeds are cut. 2:15 PM BBT Christine, Cassandra and Dallas are discussing being have nots and the have not comp last week. They think that Sharry was throwing it for some reason. Dallas then mentions about walking in on Joel and Loveita talking earlier. They agree that neither Shar/Love know about how they are campaigning against one another. Feeds cut to Ramsey and Maddy talking quietly out by the pool. Ramsey says the most important thing is to not build the biggest alliance but a small alliance that they know is trustworthy. Ramsay says they are going to make it far in the game and it's good they have the brothers on their side. Ramsey says they have a 56% of winning this next HoH in their favor. They think they'd have Dallas, Tim, Nikki, Sharry/Loveita on their side. Ramsey thinks the brothers would put up Dallas and that he would do everything possible to stop it from happening. Ramsay says about how it's good that he and Dallas are known to be fighting when they really are working together. Maddy thinks that she feels least comfortable Raul, Kelsey and Mitch being next HoH. 2:30 PM BBT: Loveita and Jared are talking in HoH. Loveita is getting emotional while she explains about her decision to nominate Kelsey. She said it wasn't her own decision, but it was a rational one for her game. Jared says he has no idea who is staying. He tells her he doesn't dislike her and that most people didn't know how to take her. Jared says that even though their trust was broken, they can still build trust as the weeks go on. Jared says she still has a fighting chance. He hugs Loveita and tells her not to get down. Jared and Kelsey now talking outside and are smoking. Kelsey says she would rather have Loveita leave. They talk about his discussion with Loveita. Jared says he honestly zoned out as she just kept talking. Jared mentions that she cried and had to hug her and "that happened". Jared tells Kelsey if she wants to get the numbers to get out Loveita, he doesn't really care. Joel joins them outside. Joel asks them if they know what the vote is going to be. Both of them tell him it keeps wavering. Kelsey says that Joel is fine either way no matter who stays. Joel wants it to be a mutual thing between the group. Jared thinks it's going to be game time decision. Kelsey mentions that Loveita is now campaigning more than Sharry and that Loveita is more likely to make a comeback if she stays. Mitch and Phillippe now join them. Mitch says his instinct is for Sharry to go. Kelsey says she has changed her mind and now wants Loveita gone. 2:45 PM BBT: Kelsey says, personal stuff aside, she wants Loveita to leave. Kelsey and Jared leave. Joel, Phillippe, Mitch now talking. Joel says he wants Loveita to stay and that he told Jared/Kelsey that. They agree that Jared/Kelsey are worried that more people are gettting comfortable with Loveita over Sharry. Mitch says Jared/Kelsey know that Sharry staying is better for Mitch/Joel/Phillippe's games. Mitch says he is in a more comfortable position if Loveita stays. Phillippe agrees. He says that Loveita and her crew would not be going after him. They think that it's best for their game to keep Loveita. Phillippe says he is trusting his gut on this decision and would regret voting out Loveita. He says that Sharry is a way bigger gamble, using a casino analgy. Joel says that Cassandra also wants Loveita to stay. Discussion turns to counting votes the necessary votes [seven total] and how Dallas/Ramsey/Maddy wanting Loveita to stay effect their decision to vote. They think that they need to let Jared know either way on what they decide. Phillippe says he is sketched out by Dallas the most. They agree that Raul is voting with Kelsey no matter what. They agree that's important not to spite Jared/Kelsey no matter what way they decide to vote, they will tell them. They agree it's Kelsey who would be upset, not Jared, who doesn't care. Phillippe says if they could do it last week they can do it again this week. Mitch says they need to approach Cassandra at some point as a group (with Nick too) about keeping Loveita.
  15. 10:50 AM BBT: Loveita is talking to Mitch and Joel in the havenot. Love says she has had some ups and downs but wants to campaign hard today. She tells Mitch that she is a larger target than Sharry. She says she is a lone ranger but there are a few people who would want to keep her but they are too afraid to against the HoH and they have already gave their word to Jared. Mitch says he would prefer for Loveita to stay and they agree it's possible to get enough people for her to stay. Mitch thinks that people can be convinced to keep her and that he feels it's not the time yet for her to be campaigning super hard. He says he connects with her more on a game level over Sharry, who is more up in the air who she would end up working with and that it may not be him. Loveita wants to make a secret alliance to against the power side of the house. They discuss Tim/Nikki about how they said they are going to split their votes. Mitch says her best move with Tim is to let him know how she would shake things up. Loveita says she is a target and would be gunning for HoH since she has no choice. Loveita says she has two other guaranteed votes besides Mitch and Joel. Mitch asks who? Loveita says its Cassandra and Dallas. He thinks the brothers could also be convinced. They discuss the number of votes needed for her to stay. They believe that Raul, Kelsey and Jared are a dangerous and tight three. 11 AM BBT: Mitch thinks that Tim/Nikki could be convinced to keep Loveita since Loveita staying would cause more chaos since their target wouldn't go home. Joel feels that he has connected with Loveita more over Sharry. Joel thinks that Love has proven to be a more physical comp threat. Joel says that he did talk to Sharry yesterday but overall she has not talked game with him as much as Loveita. They talk about how the brothers would vote with the majority but Loveita is scared to let them know the votes she thinks she would have and that it would get back to Sharry. They discuss Maddy and how she has not talked much game. Loveita thinks Maddy could be convinced to vote in her favor if she finds out that she is the next target Jared/Kelsey would go after. So it would make more sense to keep a larger target in the house. Mitch says she needs to talk to Nikki/Tim next. Mitch thinks that Nikki would want to do something big before she leaves so they agree that they don't believe they would likely not split their votes. Mitch thinks that he is comfortable with Loveita telling people during her campaiging that she has the numbers to stay but not mention who they are. Mitch thinks that Cassandra and Dallas want to keep Loveita. Loveita says it'll be better to get as many votes as possible Loveita says she doesn't want to talk votes with Ramsey because it would be risky that Ramsey would let Sharry know. Joel is called to the DR. 11:15 AM BBT: Mitch/Loveita discuss about how to campaign to Maddy. Loveita says about what a mistake it was to tell Paige she was a pawn and how it blew up in her face. Mitch says she this is her chance to recover from that mistake. Mitch tells her that Sharry's loyality would be more up in the air over Loveita. Loveita says she knows she can up her social game to Sharry's level, and that she laid low yesterday with game talk. She says she has every card to stay and she needs to make it happen today. Converstation ends between the two. Loveita heads upstairs with Dallas. Dallas asks her what was up with Joel and her in the bathroom earlier. Dallas and Loveita head downstairs. She tells him that they were discussing votes with Joel earlier. She says she has four votes for sure locked in. Dallas says he is still speculating and that there is something going on between Loveita and Joel. Joel joins the two. Dallas says he thinks there is a hidden agenda between the two. Dallas says he heard his name brought up and then they stopped talking. He thinks that they were discussing about targets next week. Dallas says he is not buying that they were only discussing votes to stay this week. Joel says he was just discussing votes [rather akwardly] and Dallas still doesn't buy they were just counting votes. They continue to discuss about Dallas walking in on the conversation between Loveita and Joel earlier. Joel stopped talking when he walked in and now Dallas is worried they are plotting against him. 11:30 AM BBT: Dallas asks Joel if he is making something out of nothing. Joel says he is. They each agree that they have nothing against each other. Loveita keeps reiterating about how she is a bigger target to stay over Sharry. Loveita says this is stupid and that they are like best friends in the house to this point. Dallas says that Loveita is being way too off the top. Dallas wants their word 150 percent about what was discussed. Dallas shakes hands with Loveita and Joel and they promise to him all what was being discussed was votes this week. Dallas says he knows he is a big target and is ready to "throw down" and wants to know who is aligned with him. Dallas says that it's time to rally up. Joel and Loveita think they are good vote wise. Dallas says that would not have Maddy or Christine. Loveita tells Dallas he needs to talk to Maddy. Dallas mentions that this is just a week by week game. Dallas gives his word to Loveita for her to vote this week. Dallas says he doesn't want to be beaten around the bush again though if another situation arises like that. Loveita says she hasn't done anything to break his trust. Dallas agrees and then leaves. 11:45 AM BBT: Loveita mentions to Dallas that he needs to have a private converation with Dallas about voting for her. Loveita says he should also tell Mitch. Joel asks Loveita if he should say anything else about the earlier conversation mishap. She tells him to say he was just caught off guard. Joel asks Loveita if she thinks him being shaky there has made things more sketchy. Loveita says it's good and that he might be more sketched out though and that he needs to be more direct in the future. Loveita says she can't tell him want to do but that it's his choice. She just wants him to be honest with him no matter what he is voting. She says this will sound weird, but tells him that she just wants to make jury. Joel says he will clear the air with Dallas later. Loveita says that she trusts him. 11:55 AM BBT: Feeds have been cut.
  16. 11:30 PM BBT: Nikki and Tim are looking for the missing bottle of vodka in the HoH room and then throughout the upstairs. Nikki is laughing hysterically as she looks through the room. Nikki says she hates living with most of these people and the "clique" needs to go. Tim tells her that he doesn't want them to be seen as a clique either. She says the clique is running the experience for other people. She is upset of being accused of stealing the vodka earlier. Nikki tells Joel that she doesn't mind him but there are other people that she can't wait to get away from them in the house. Joel thinks that the vodka has already been drank and is gone. Nikki says she can't wait to have a holiday in Canada with real people. Nikki goes on about how she can't wait to leave the house and doesn't care to fight to stay for much longer but she wants to see Raul leave before her if possible. 11:40 PM BBT: Nikki, Joel, Sharry talking. Nikki tells Sharry she can't wait to go home and be with her people. She says you have no idea how hard it is to play in a foreign country. Everyone is joining the group in the hot tub besides Loveita and Sharry and Nikki who is in the DR. Tim is now trying to get them to join which is his mission for the night to get everyone in the hot tub. He says he wants them to have the full experience of the house. Tim says he'll grab Nikki when she leaves the DR. 12 AM BBT Most everyone is carrying on in the hot tub & playing truth or dare. Tim is waiting for Nikki to leave the DR so he can bring her into the hot tub. Ramsey dives into the pool with his clothes on after getting dared. Jared gets a truth. Ramsay asks if Jared has made out with Kelsey yet. Jared says no and it's going to happen at all in the house. Dallas asks Kelsey if she has thought about getting busy with Jared. Kelseys says she only has thought about it in the morning. Loveita has joined the group and now only Tim and Nikki are missing. Dallas jokes about where Nikki is and if she went home yet. Kelsey asks Raul if she makes him straight Raul says no. Raul asks Mitch truth or dare and things get quiet. Raul never does ask anything? Mitch dares Nick to kiss his brother's foot. Nick challenges Loveita. Things are getting a bit out of hand now as the truth or dare game continues. 12:15 AM BBT Loveita dares Joel to kiss Ramsey. Joel does as Ramsey turns away. Joel dares Dallas to put snow down his pants for 30 seconds, and feeds are cut promptly prior to that.
  17. 6 PM BBT Dallas and Mitch are talking about their early games in the hot tub. Dallas says he can see sides forming and that he knows who he would put up if got HoH from what has been getting back Mitch says he thinks that Jared/Kelsey probably want Loveita to leave. Dallas says that Jared told him it doesn't matter to him, but he fells Kelsey would rather see Loveita leave to get her payback from last week. Dallas mentions that if somehow Loveita would win the next HoH, she would put up Jared/Kelsey and that both of them would be safe the next week. Talk turns to the international players. Dallas says he felt orginally that they would just be put up right away, but doesn't feel that way now with what has transpired, especially with everyone liking Tim. Mitch mentions that he doesn't think it would upset the house if Tim/Nikki were put on the block. He says he likes Tim and that Nikki will eventually just quit. (feeds cut once Dallas starts talking about a "pep talk" they were given yesterday.) Mitch mentions that he has no idea what he do with HoH. Dallas says it would be hard since Mitch has no enemies to this point. . Mitch says he would get alot of information though. Dallas says that since he called out Ramsey, that he would be put up if he won HoH. Dallas says he regrets not playing a quiet game so far like Mitch, who admits he is just a quiet person. They talk about how it takes time to get to know people and that it's difficult to know who to trust/work with early in the game 6:30 PM BBT Maddy, Tim, Nikki and Phillipe are talking about movies near the pool. Nikki and Tim mention they think something is going on tonight, possibly a party. Nick and Ramsey are working on a BBCAN4 rap they plan to give in front of the HGs later. Dallas and Loveita are talking about potential targets briefly, and that they can clearly see Jared/Kelsey need to be broken up. Dallas says that he can see one of the first three evicted returning so it's only goodbye for now. then Dallas also mentions he would put up Nick/Phillipe because he knows they would come after him and he wants to nip in the butt now. Sharry, Dallas, Loveita, Ramsey, Mitch are tossing limes (play "pass", as they are calling it) around at each other. 6:40 PM BBT All Feeds are cut.
  18. 11:35 PM BBT: Godfrey, Graig and Bruno are playing makeshift basketball with a rolled up sock and a slop bucket. They continue to move the bucket around various parts of the room. The rest of the HGs are gathered around the living room couch, with just general chat. Zach is upstairs alone listening to music in HoH room. Jordan is also upstairs alone in the bathroom, doing ADLs. Johnny joins him. He complains about how hot it is and the venting system in the house to the camera. Jordan says you think they would have figured this out by the second season. Many of the HGs are now readying for bed and milling around the house. 11:50 PM BBT: Brittnee and Jordan are upstairs talking about being a have not. Brit says she underestimated it. She says she hates slop. She says she couldn't eat it at all. Talk turns to the veto meeting tomorrow, Brit then heads downstairs to the bathroom. Ash says she is dead tired and ready for bed. Brit says she is not looking forward to seeing herself in the episodes. 12:00 AM BBT: Bobby is giving Ash a back massage in the bathroom on the only feeds that are up. Kevin is talking a shower, Pili yells out how their is no toilet paper. Ash says jokingly to just use your hands. Bobby finishes Ash's massage. Ash says how much she enjoys it, and then has trouble getting off her stomach.. The other feeds return. Naeha, Johnny, Brit, Bruno and Sarah are talking in the living room. Discussion is about how the HoH might pick the next have nots and then turns to how they won't make the same person do it twice in a row. Sarah is eating potato chips right in front of Brit, who is just staring off into space. Feeds then turn to Sarah and Johhny talking in the storage room. Conversation is about the earlier mission that was done today, Johnny mentions the "attractiveness" one is the one that put people off. (Johnny apparently had to do this mission today which involved picking people for several categories based on seeing videos of them..) 12:15 AM BBT: Most of the HGs are either eating or readying for bed. Pili is braiding Sidney's hair in the bathroom, because Sindy says she wants to look good when she goes on the block tomorrow. Sidney whispers she needs to stop freaking out. She then starts to give her reasoning for her to stay over Brit. She says she could win the HoH comp and actually have other people's backs next week, while Brit wouldn't. Pili says it makes sense and she is on the same page. Sidney mentions that she would be the target still next week anyway. Pili asks why, she replies with how the guys took what she said about them out of context. Feeds go hush. 12:25 AM BBT: Feeds come back. The HGs will get their pool party after all. Everyone runs outside for the waiting alcohol and fruit. They also they recieved a frisbee, tennis raquets and some inflatables. Everyone is eating the fruit and then start to drink the alcohol. Sindy and Bruno are playing tennis, while Pili, Ash and Bobby are playing volleyball. Many of them are wishing for more beer.
  19. 12:45 AM BBT: Graig, Kevin, Willow, Ashleigh, Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey are talking about the PoV comp upstairs. They are talking about how it was so cold in the water. They agree that they should have been given wet suits and Godfrey adds that he thinks they had ice blocks in it. Talk turns to about Johnny, who walks out in his underwear. They joke about him and Johnny says he is single for all the guys out there. Graig says Kenny Brain doesn't have anything on you. Pilar and Sindy have joined the group upstairs. Just general chat. Graig comes in and says his red hoodie, watch and water bottle are missing. He is convinced someone (a saboteur) stole his items and that this is a mission to find them. Talk turns to BB16 when they had the night watch for finding items from the saboteur. Willow mentions the sock puppet task from last season and that easter is next week. 12:55 AM BBT: Downstairs in the kitchen, Sarah, Naeha, Jordan, Zach are discussing Simpsons episodes, Jordan and Sarah are acting out many of the scenes. They continue to go into detail in many, many episodes.. 1:00 AM BBT: The rest of the HGs are upstairs talking about how awful/boring the first few days were in the house. Ash mentions how wonderful it is to just relax now. Talk turns to how everyone looks in their diary wall photos. They agree that Godfrey looks great. Everyone is now just talking and relaxing. Willow and Kevin are having a mock first date upstairs alone. They joke about seeing each other's Tinder profiles. They get to know each other better, including their relationships with their families. 1:05 AM BBT: Godfrey, Brittnee, Pili and Graig are upstairs in the bedroom. Graig says that everyone is on board, everyone (to get Sindy out). Brittnee says she doesn't want to feel too confident. She says that she appreciates their votes. Graig and Godfrey say that Brit was looked so determined in the PoV comp. Godfrey mentions again about the cold water and how hard the comp was. Pili says bedtime can be anytime now. Pili says about how people got up in the middle of the night last night. Graig mentions the live feeds, that's why people are not sleeping, and that some people are only their for their cameras. Brit mentions that this is a growing experience and that she will look back and enjoy this experience. Graig stresses to Brit she needs to make sure people know that she is just enjoying being in the house, and not to campaign too hard. 1:15 AM BBT: HGs are readying for bed. Pili joins Kevin and Willow upstairs. willow says they were just having a first date. Kevin says he feels good about the result of today. All three discuss the importance of laying low and being genuine early on in the game. Willow and Pili say it was smart of Kevin to keep his cool after he was thrown under the bus. Kevin thanks them for saying that. Kevin says it was a full day for him in the BB House, he was nominated, overhead a conversation about him, and won the PoV. All three agree they're on the same page. 1:25 AM BBT: Ash, Zach and Jordan are talking in the kitchen. Zach says he can't wait for them to chill for a few days. Zach says they already know what's happening in the veto ceromeny. Jordan whispers about how Graig lost it today in the kitchen. He said that Graig said , "yo we got a guys alliance" when Ash was sitting right there. Ash says she is oblivious most of the time. Jordan says that he is on a witch hunt.
  20. . 10:55 PM BBT: (feeds 1 and 2 are down/ no flashback. Bobby, Zach, Brittnee and Naeha are chatting in HoH room. Feeds go hush yet again 11:20 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Bobby, Ashliegh and Pili are goofing off in the HoH room Ashleigh is putting a qui-tip with vasoline up Pili's nose because of it being dry.Bobby is talking about getting to see a movie from his HoH win, but wishes he could share with someone else. Sarah enters the room and asks why can't they watch it together. Sarah asks Bobby if he and Ashliegh like scary movies. They both do and agree they need a night to discuss about it. Bobby and Sarah are now alone. Bobby picks Sarah's brain about the noms. Sarah says she would rather see Brittnee stay and that she doesn't trust Sidney. Bobby says he would much rather see her leave too, especially becasue Brittnee is super nice and hasn't talked bad about him. Sarah says that Sindy asked her about how to campaign. Bobby says that she will have to come up with some deal and that she will definitely campaign.
  21. (ETA) 10:00 PM BBT: feed 3 comes back. Bobby and Sindy are talking in the bathroom. Bobby informs Sindy she is going on the block and that he is telling her because is he trying to be nice about it. Bobby says he wants the least amount of blood on his hands and says sorry. He tells her to get the votes and that it's no secret she's going up. 10:05 PM BBT Bobby leaves. Sindy says she is going up and starts tearing up to Pili and says she feels everyone wants her out. Pili says it's no big deal, its not over yet. Sindy starts second guessing everything including how close she was to winning HoH. She says she had a gut feeling she would be a target. Ashleigh, Pili and Naeha are now talking to Sindy about campaigning. They talk about keeping it clean and there is still time for a twist or things to change. 10:24 PM BBT Feeds 3 cuts to Godfrey and Sindy talking alone in the bathroom.They talk about why she will be put up. Godfrey says to her that the target is on her back for saying she would go after Graig and Godfrey. Sindy says that she said to the girls she would put up 2 strong guys together so they would have an equal chance of taking themselves off the block and that it wouldn't have necessarily been Graig and Godfrey...(trying to backtrack..?) Godfrey asks Sindy who she thinks put her in this position. Sindy replies with Graig.. because she saw Graig pull Bobby aside. Godfrey replies with exactly. Godfrey says if she feels that way, she needs to expose Graig, and show the rest of the house how he really is. Pili joins the two of them. They continue to discuss about Graig. Sindy says that Graig would be her target. Godfrey says that you need to let people know that, to show the house who has been stirring the pot. And that would be her only hope for staying, and the hard thing is how she would approach it. Sindy says she wouldn't want to talk bad about Brittnee. Godfrey says it is important that she needs to show who is responsible for the position she is in. Sindy thanks Godfrey for talking to her. They hug. Sindy tells him to watch his back around Graig and that he started the all guys alliance. Godfrey tells her to make sure the girls know (about Graig), but maybe not the guys (who would be aligned with Graig.)
  22. Way late here, but... Liked the most: Victoria making the final 3 ... it was hilarious how she was portrayed by production. Derrick and Cody playing Caleb into getting out Frankie.. The Hitmen sticking together to the end. Donny. The simple fact that he got casted. When Caleb threw the BoB And Frankie won by himself. Liked the least: The Rewind button. Seemed like it was thrown in there just because they ran out of ideas. Two HOH twist... Way too complicated and lasted way too long. Team America. Every twist they had this season I guess.
  23. It was pretty funny. Donny's outfits were awesome and Zach killed it as well. Think I laughed the hardest when Caleb started Judy chopping.
  24. spencersbeard

    Misti Raman & Jim Raman

    I must say I am rooting for the cyclists over this team, the last episode's episode pretty much suggests that these two teams will be in the final 3.
  25. spencersbeard

    The Amazing Race 25

    First time I've ever fully watched the Amazing Race in some time and I must say it's been very good. I think their editing has been on point with the teams, and the challenges have been amazing. It's been much better than Survivor 29, which reminded me why I turned away from Survivor a few years back.