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  1. 12:08am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the HOH. BB asks Sarah to fix her mic. Sarah speaks into the mic saying I was just saying how much I’ll miss you BB. But not the good morning house guests or nap time is over. 12:14am BBT Brittnee thinks her best shot is to argue with Ashleigh that it’s smart to take her because she wouldn’t have Bruno and Bobby’s vote. 12:25am BBT Brittnee takes off her mic and rolls over to go to sleep. Sarah is still wearing hers. Feeds are off in the BR.
  2. 12:21am BBT It looks like the HGs are putting the gown/tux away that they wore today. Godfrey wore a white tux, Sarah wore green/black and Brittnee looks like she wore a nude coloured dress. The clothes are already in garment bags. 12:31am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the HOH bathroom. Sarah is taking off her make up and Brittnee is changing. Godfrey already said goodnight a few minutes ago. They are discussing who in jury will vote for one of them. 12:34am BBT Ashleigh joins the girls in the HOH. She agrees with Sarah that Godfrey could be hard to beat. She never thought about it until today. 12:39am BBT The girls are back figuring out who on the jury would vote for depending on who was in the final 2. 12:50am BBT Sarah is blowing bubbles while the girls discuss the jury. Brittnee isn’t feeling so great about how the votes in jury might go. Ashleigh says goodnight. 12:54am BBT Lights are dimming in the BR. 1:00am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are talking about the BB awards. They really enjoyed watching the clips. 1:15am BBT Now the girls are talking about the fights in the house. They are discussing Bruno and then move onto Johnny and Graig.
  3. 12:15am BBT Godfrey says he needs to win a HOH. He feels he needs it for the jury. (try not throwing them to start). Godfrey was surprised to hear Bruno was loyal to the chop shop. Sarah feels she is playing for second place. 12:21am BBT In the KT Pili starts to say how she signed up for BB and BB tells her to stop talking about production. Pili misses life, Zach agrees. Brittnee is in the WA taking a shower. 12:27am BBT Sarah is taking a bath and Godfrey is listening to music. Brittnee comes in to say goodnight. Pili asks is Godfrey is voting her out. He jokes but says he’s keeping her. 12:45am BBT Zach puts the dishes away as he entertains Brittnee, Ashleigh and Pili. He’s also making a slop pizza with maple syrup. 12:53am BBT Pili just learned pickles are cucumbers. She is amazed. 12:58am BBT Brittnee and Pili say good night and go to bed. 1:04am BBT Zach and Ash are discussing who should go next. Sarah can name the days well so she should go. Zach feels godfrey will do what Sarah wants. Look at him this week, he says, he’s her pet this week. 1:10am BBT Zach says if Ash is HOH next week and she sends Sarah home, then take B aside and say we want to save you and want to do final 3, get the veto the next week and backstab her. If Ash doesn’t win this HOH, she could be going home. 1:13am BBT Sarah looks like she is alone in the HOH reading her letter and looking at pictures. Pili pokes her head in but there is no sound in feed 1/2 1:21am BBT Feeds have moved around and now there is sound in the HOH. Pili says to enjoy the last night in the HOH and enjoy it. 1:25am BBT Ashleigh goes over the conversation she had with Zach, with Pili. 1:37am BBT Lights are out in the HN room. 1:44am BBT Zach and Ashleigh are laying on the couch talking about what a crazy game this is. Zach is going over the alliances he had but won’t tell Ashleigh his and Jordan’s name. 1:49am BBT Zach gives in and tells Ashleigh the name of the alliance was Newport. Looks like they are going to be up for a while but it’s good night from here.
  4. 12:06am BBT Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey in the HOH talking about Pili. She apparently told Ashliegh it was okay to vote her out. 12:12am BBT Ashleigh and Zach are in the HT talking about what they’ll do after BB. Zach wants to go to the Calgary Stampede and a trip to BC. 12:18am BBT The HGs in the HOH are reviewing moves that have been made in the BB house this season. 12:37am BBT Brittnee feels excited about going to final 3 with Godfrey and Sarah. 12:53am BBT The 3 HGs in the HOH are talking about the chop shop.
  5. 12:16am BBT Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah are discussing the challenge they had earlier. Had something to do with toppings on pizza. 12:33am BBT The HGs are discussing their ages. Zach and Pili are back from the DR. They are saying they are hot from being in there. Sarah is even more intrigued. 12:44am BBT Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes 1:11am bbt Feeds are back. Just general chit chat going on. Pili goes for ice cream. Now Pili, Ashleigh and Zach are in the WA and are talking about the veto comp. Pili has to win to save them all, otherwise Zach or Ashleigh go home. 1:25am BBT The HGs are slowly getting ready for bed. Godfrey is in bed.
  6. 12:57am BBT Ashleigh and Godfrey feel Brittnee could win against Zach especially with Canada’s endorsement. 1:07am BBT The HGs are in the BR. Ashleigh was feeling that Canada hated her but now understands that Canada probably voted for who they thought needed it. 1:21am BBT The HGs are trying to figure out what Pili would be if she had a secret. Olympic Gymnast is what they decide. 1:27am BBT Brittnee is talking about how she became a model and her life in New York. 1:39am BBT Pili is talking about travelling alone, how hard it was by herself as she’s never done anything by herself. 1:45am BBT Sarah moves her stuff into the HOH room. 1:53am BBT Sarah, Britt and Zach are talking about the HOH comp and how the meal worms bit them. 2:00am BBT Zach is saying Godfrey is with both sides. Brittnee says that Godfrey was fighting for Zach to go home. 2:12am BBT Sarah is re-reading her letter and listening to music, in the BR all is quiet. 2:27am BBT Brittnee asks Zach what it’s like to be in a showmance in the BB house. Zach says it’s kinda weird. He’s here to play the game and not be distracted and he doesn’t think he’s been very distracted. Game first romance second. He’ll see what it’s like when they get out. 2:34am BBT Ashleigh and Pilar are in the Kitchen. Pilar is hungry. 2:57am BBT Feeds have been down for about 20 minutes. Signing off – we’ll be back tomorrow.
  7. 1:37am BBT Feeds are Foth 2:02am BBT Feeds are back and lights are off in the HN and BR. 2:16am BBT This is why we don’t get much sleep. Always thinking about things says Sarah. Brittnee is getting better at turning it off. Britt says don’t worry I’ve got your back. They both say their lucky to have each other. 2:23am BBT Ash and Zach are awake but it’s hard to hear them. 2:28am BBT They are playing with Ash’s stuffed elephant. 2:30am BBT Most of the HGs are asleep so we’re signing off for the night.
  8. 12am BBT Zach, Ashleigh and Pili are talking In the HOH. They feel Brittnee is more of a threat than Godfrey is. He’s been throwing comps. 12:08am BBT Pili heads to bed. Godfrey comes in and grabs his stuff and heads to bed. Zach and Ash are talking about what could happen next week. Zach isn’t entirely sure what his noms would be. Sarah would have to go first. 12:22am BBT Zach goes to make quesadillas. Ash is resting on the bed. 12:29am BBT Zach and Ash are talking about their moms. 12:40am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the HN room. Brittnee is recounting her conversation with Zach. Zach didn’t think he was guaranteed to go to final two with either Ash or Pili. Brittnee says don’t insult my intelligence. 1:01am BBT The girls are now talking about what Sarah would do next week if she won HOH. They go through all the scenarios. Now they are trying to figure out who would vote for who in the end.
  9. 12:57am BBT The feeds are back and Bruno and Zach are in the HOH both wearing red shorts and a Canada shirt. 1:09am BBT Sarah won the POV 1:11am BBT Ashleigh is going to put up Brittnee as a replacement. Brittnee will be the target. 1:15am BBT Brittnee and Godfrey are in the KT. Brittnee feels Bruno feels pretty comfortable. She’s worried. 1:18am BBT Sarah joins Brittnee in the KT. They are talking about who will go up. Brittnee think that Pili might go up as a pawn. 1:28am BBT The HGs are in the HOH talking about when Risha was voted out. Also about who hugged people when they left and who didn’t. 1:37am BBT Bruno and Zach go down to make food. Bruno thinks this is the best case scenario. But he can’t believe Sarah won. 1:52am BBT Just general chit chat going on upstairs and downstairs. 1:57am BBT Pili and Britt are talking about Britt’s HOH. She put Pili up as a pawn and wanted Willow to go.
  10. 12:00am BBT Ashleigh says best case scenario is Sarah goes, then Godfrey and then Brittnee. 12:09am BBT Zach tells Ashleigh that Pili and him cleaned the entire kitchen today. She’s impressed. 12:14am BBT Everyone is getting ready for bed. Brushing teeth etc. 12:24am BBT Zach says they want to get Godfrey out soon, he bounces around. He thinks Sarah next. Let Brittnee play. He can bring Bruno in now. Ashleigh would like to see Bruno go before Brittnee. 12:27am BBT It sounds like Ashleigh is planning on putting up Godfrey and Sarah 12:37am BBT Ashleigh is trying to figure out what she is going to say during the ceremony tomorrow. Zach gives some suggestions. 12:47am BBT In the BR the lights are out and HGs are tucked into bed. In the HOH Ashleigh and Zach are listening to music. BB tells them to stop singing. Then BB warns them by saying their names and they turn the music down. 1:04am BBT Still listening to music… 1:30am BBT Ash and Zach have been listening to music for about 45 minutes now. We are going to sign off and see you tomorrow.
  11. 12:00am BBT In the WA Sarah, Brittnee and Bruno are joking about the way Brittnee says Godfrey’s name and BB should make a montage out of his name. 12:26am BBT Pilar is flossing her teeth in a mirror and thinks she sees a camera through the mirror and she and Ash are creeped out a little a move closer. BB yells PILAR! And the girls jump and collapse laughing. 12:32am BBT In the BR Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey are talking movies. Bruno and Bobby in the SR are saying if Zach goes it’s not good for his game now which is crazy cause he wanted him out for weeks now. 12:34am BBT Bruno says he needs Bobby here to stay. He needs him. It’s still not over he says. 12:48am BBT The HGs in the BR are still talking about movies. Kevin and Pili are talking about their relationship on the outside. ‘Test drive’ are the words Kevin used. 12:57am BBT Kevin says he let the L word slip out and Pilar didn’t notice. (Love) How did she miss it. 1:00am BBT Once Zach gets rid of Godfrey he’s going after the girls. Bobby thinks the girls will put up Kevin and Zach against each other. 1:12am BBT Zach and Bobby are recounting their game to date. 1:28am BBT Bobby will be able to go to the Jury house and tell them exactly what’s been happening in the house. The only think he’s unsure of is the all girls alliance. 1:37am BBT Bobby has gone to bed but is the only one in the HN room. Zach and Ash in the WA talking about Zach’s conversation with Bobby. How he thinks there is an all girl alliance. 10:39am BBT Zach says if Sarah breaks them up tomorrow Ash needs to go after her with vengeance. 10:47am BBT The lights are off in the BR, Sarah and Willow are saying goodnight and I love you to each other and then they decide to whisper some more. 10:59 am BBT Willow heads to bed and is waiting for the lights to dim in the HN room. This is the last update for tonight.
  12. 12:06am BBT In the HT Bobby and Godfrey are talking about how the girls only target the guys but the guys are targeting both. They think Pili and Ash are playing both sides but which side are they loyal to in the end. 12:11am BBT In the BR Willow and Sarah are cuddling. Pili is braiding her hair and Ash is hanging out. General chit chat. 12:22am BBT Sarah is called to the DR. Back at the HT Godfrey and Bobby are going over their theory of the girls always putting up the guys with Zach. Bruno joins them. Zach isn’t sure if Ash would vote a girl out. 12:27am BBT The girls are in the SR dancing and twerking. 12:40am BBT The girls are laughing like crazy in the SR. They make taquitos. Brittnee says goodnight. 12:48am BBT The girls decide the guys have been gone too long and go looking for them. They are listening to them talk through the door. They go through the door yelling busted!!! 1:05am BBT Ash and Brittnee are in the BR. Ash says if she wins HOH she’s not putting a girl up at all. 1:25am BBT Ash heard Zach say that he had a good dig on her. Ash thinks differently. Godfrey comes into the BR to try to get Brittnee to join them in the BY.
  13. 12:08am BBT Zach wonders if B will come after him. Willow says she’d go after Kevin first. 12:12am BBT Willow is worried about what happens after she leaves the house. She’ll have no boyfriend, job, place to live…. Zach is worried if he’s representing his family properly. 12:21am BBT Zach, Bobby and Willow are talking about how much of a crap shoot this game is. If one thing had been different the results to date could be so different. 12:32am BBT Bobby leaves to get more water. Willow goes to check on the BR – all asleep but lights still on. 12:38am BBT Bobby came up with the secret veto idea because he found two drawers that were empty and he convinced Sindy that he had found a veto and she believed him. 12:49am BBT Zach was just called to the DR. 1:00am BBT Zach is back from the DR and everyone is settle down for the night.
  14. 1:00am BBT(Update) Pilar and Kevin are discussing what to do with the nominations. They could leave Bobby up on the block and test if he has the secret veto. He could pull down Brittnee and put up Bruno but if Bobby uses the veto then who would he put up? He’d rather work with Godfrey than Bruno and Bobby. Zach and Ashley might not like it if he leaves Bobby up. 1:12am BBT Inbetween kisses Kevin and Pili are talking about who will be in the jury house first. Kevin says he will. 1:20am BBT The lights are starting to dim in the HOH room. Lights are off in the BR and HN rooms. 1:31am BBT BB says Goodnight Houseguests. Kevin and Pili look confused and say goodnight.
  15. 12:54 am BBT Bruno, Godfrey, Kevin and Zach are talking about Olympic athletes. In the BR Sarah and Brittnee are talking and Brittnee is upset about being on the block. 1:06am BBT Sarah is worried about being played. Willow comes in but it’s hard to hear her. Brittnee thinks if Godfrey doesn’t get put up on the block he’s got a horseshoe up his a** after saying he’s going after people. 1:10am BBT BB announces the HT is now open. They all run out to see if there is something else. There is nothing. 1:17am BBT Sarah is upset Willow isn’t paying attention to her all the time. Bobby joins them outside and they do their own version of ‘How not to play BB’ and BB cuts the feed. 1:37am BBT Sarah and Willow are talking about their feelings. Willow is doing some damage control to calm Sarah down a bit. Sarah keeps telling her she loves her. 1:42am BBT Sarah and Willow are planning on having a fight to make the HGs think they aren’t getting along. 1:46am BBT Bruno, Godfrey, Bobby, Zach and Willow are in the LR talking about the planet of the apes series. 1:55am BBT Bobby’s having a shower now. Bruno is brushing his teeth, Zach is flossing and Pili and Ashleigh are just talking random stuff. Bruno says goodnight. Kevin is in the DR. 2:17am BBT Most of the HGs are asleep except for a couple that BB is not showing us. As they fall asleep we’ll see you tomorrow.