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  1. I love this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/christianzamora/irrefutable-proof-victoria-is-the-greatest-big-brother-playe#1a0xjht I don't completely hate Victoria. Lately she's been super whiny and annoying but I don't totally hate her.
  2. @Stagehand - agreed! I recently finished watching S2 for the first time. I'm now halfway through S3, also for the first time. The first season I watched as it happened was S5 and after that S7, s12, s15... and maybe a couple others. Anyway, I am amazed at how many strong women there are in season 3. I agree that casting is one big reason for the changes for the worse in this game. Too many people in their early 20s. Too little age diversity. Too many celebrity-wanna-bes. Etc. And this season in particular, the BotB twist made the game much more boring. Unrelated - regarding everyone's complaints about how boring the last week of the season is on the feeds - OMG YES. However.... i actually find Cody pretty funny, and sometimes the banter among the 3 of them is amusing to me too. I think about this time last year watching/listening to Andy, Spencer, and GM and am thanking god I'm not watching them now. They were, as Zach might say, THE WORST!
  3. This thread - and the comments about Derrick being the only sort of intelligent person in a season of not-so-smart people - AND full of people who just want to follow what everyone else is doing - reminds me of how much I recently enjoyed watching Season 2 for the first time. Now I'm almost halfway through Season 3. I am SO impressed with the women in Season 3 and am excited to see 2 women get to the final 2! Season 2 also had some smart and strong women. I notice too that at least in S2, the average age of HGs was maybe 10 years older than it's been lately. I think that has something to do with the differences in "quality" of HGs. Not everything to do with it, but something..... And PLEASE DERRICK, do not let Vic get $50k.
  4. bexy11

    L F U's ... thanks for a tough BB16

    Yes, thank you all! I actually tried to contribute once to live feed updates - I'm a super fast typer. But it was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I summarized like 2 minutes of what was happening on the feeds and decided I'm not cut out for it. Maybe I'll try again next year! So thanks a bunch - I've been reading Morty's daily updates for years. This is the first year I've read/posted on the forum though. And I'm embarrassed to admit, this is the first year I've donated money. But I finally did it and will continue to next year. Thanks everybody!!
  5. bexy11

    Derrick's HOH competition win

    I remember hearing the gasp too, but didn't put 2 and 2 together and think he changed his answer because he heard it. It's possible though. Derrick mentioned - I think the last time he won HOH - that he thought he heard the audience cheer when he won and I remember that they did cheer. So my guess is that they do sometimes hear the audience noise during HOH comps performed during the live show.
  6. bexy11

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    Yesterday I voted once for Donny, once for Hayden, and once for Nicole. I liked all of them. I thought Hayden and Nicole played good games but Hayden was totally blindsided on the night of the first double eviction. If that hadn't happened, I think he would have maybe gone farther (except that the Detonators were in such control and with the 2 HOH twist it was even easier for them to remain in control all season). I really want Donny to win, though, I think. I don't have the motivation to vote 20 times a day for anybody though. So I guess most people think Frankie will win? This bums me out. :-(
  7. I can't fathom him taking Vic to final 2.... and I hope not to final 3.... But I guess a lot of people think he'll get rid of Caleb?
  8. hey ya know, it was the end of a long workday... it was the best I could do...
  9. I was thinking the same thing....
  10. "Are they going to choose GREED, or are they going choose.... children in Africa?" ~ What I thought Frankie was going to say in the DR when he started with "Are they going to choose greed or..."
  11. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the eviction night tv show.... Vic will lose HOH 2..Should Frankie be booed when he is evicted? no! 3.Do you see anyway Caleb wins final 4 pov and survives and makes it to final 3? He might. I kind of hope so. I think Vic needs to go to the Jury next...