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  1. I hate that the first gay person to win this game admits that his biggest game move was tattle telling to Amanda
  2. Rank your Final Five!

    1) McCrea he's the least awful 2) GM 3) Judd 9999) Spencer 99999) Andy
  3. i think he's gonna go next and than those damn exterminators fight it out and ill be bored because everyone i liked has been long gone hell the only one i liked was Helen and Nick cuz he was hot and id like to have seen him tell GM to leave him alone. I find it funny that they want to "exterminate" the rats and yet they have freaking Andy
  4. Trash can in storage room: Damn it Amanda leave me alone
  5. Andy - DE/Week 11

    i wish i was in the house so i could take him out Aaryn is the only one who would have looked homophobic out of this cast. Being that i bet she was the only homophob in the house(dident she like Andy tho?) i dont think anyone would think that anyway especially this late in the game
  6. if you look at 'Who wants to be a millionaire' all they have to do is answer 15 questions and you win (obviously) a million dollars. Now in Big Brother you have to live and be filmed for 3 months and have to do comps and everything
  7. Totally rigged for Amanda to win!

    Helen and Candice got hit in the face and they would both put up Amanda. However there is no way Amanda can win no one in the jury will vote for her, id love to be final two with Amanda i can stand a week alone with her for a half mil
  8. i like her more than her sister and i like her more than Amanda and Andy
  9. Andy - Week 10

    his twirling was just awful i doubt he was trying which i get maybe he felt bad for Amanda and dosent want to face them after not using it