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  1. @RossRaihala @PopGoMomma Ok. Now I’m a Lorde fan. At least a fan of her musical taste anyway...

  2. @phucky0pictures Take the dicks out of your mouth I can’t understand you...

  3. @Duece2324 Naw, Lakers shitty play bailing them out...

  4. @_GaryWilliam_ He’s a cheater. And now his reputation and legacy is tarnished. And rightly so.

  5. @webboxingleague Not to mention his mental illness. Dude shouldn’t get anywhere close to a ring. He’s a basket case...

  6. @RIGO87 You truly are stupid and slow. Depressed?!? Naw, shit said by some nerd tweeting doesn’t depress me. Not a… https://t.co/KAydsSkSdb

  7. @GotEm_Coach He’s putting away that mid range jumper bullshit and instead focusing on finishing inside. Suits him much better...

  8. @_GaryWilliam_ You and I both know Manny won that fight. Won going away...

  9. @IBreatheWonder No chance of playoffs this year regardless. None. But forget that. If we sign one to two max FA’s,… https://t.co/f5pNAOXCfV

  10. @LakersForDays Naw. May look and feel like it now. And yes, this is painful to watch. But this offseason when we ha… https://t.co/nOj5cusXfa

  11. @TheBoostress Yeah, I saw. Linked worked for me too. Thanks. Going to check it out tomorrow.

  12. @Bucs_Princess Super cool. Congrats!!

  13. @Duece2324 Oh, I agree. But the toothpaste is already out of the tube. Magic has devalued our existing assets but s… https://t.co/PHM2155npk

  14. @Bestoneever_1 Glad you agree

  15. @BadouJack @ShowtimeBoxing You got it champ! I actually think it’s going to be an easy fight for you. Stay to the b… https://t.co/RyYI5ezCUb

  16. Didn’t say it’d be the only reason. But it could very possibly play a part. And we have a very limited margin for e… https://t.co/PHTd7HLHRs

  17. Real question is, how did you get 13k followers?!?!?

  18. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  19. You’re crazy as HELL, but I like your enthusiasm!!

  20. Oh, I’m not sure they get another win for quite some time. I don’t even think they’ll get to their win total from l… https://t.co/lPU9X7W3ey

  21. Turnovers prevented it from happening... https://t.co/xeStCFY5rX

  22. Can Lonzo Ball play any worse?!? My goodness. Awful. Can’t get out of his own way...

  23. ...and all the while doing loads and loads of cocaine... https://t.co/rQfVY7SZWC

  24. Gutsy effort in the 4th quarter and OT. Good to see. Nice consolation for the earlier Dodgers loss...

  25. GREAT 3rd quarter by the Lakers. This is the kind of basketball I can get behind. Fun to watch for sure.