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  1. @IBreatheWonder No chance of playoffs this year regardless. None. But forget that. If we sign one to two max FA’s,… https://t.co/f5pNAOXCfV

  2. @LakersForDays Naw. May look and feel like it now. And yes, this is painful to watch. But this offseason when we ha… https://t.co/nOj5cusXfa

  3. @TheBoostress Yeah, I saw. Linked worked for me too. Thanks. Going to check it out tomorrow.

  4. @Bucs_Princess Super cool. Congrats!!

  5. @Duece2324 Oh, I agree. But the toothpaste is already out of the tube. Magic has devalued our existing assets but s… https://t.co/PHM2155npk

  6. @Bestoneever_1 Glad you agree

  7. @BadouJack @ShowtimeBoxing You got it champ! I actually think it’s going to be an easy fight for you. Stay to the b… https://t.co/RyYI5ezCUb

  8. Didn’t say it’d be the only reason. But it could very possibly play a part. And we have a very limited margin for e… https://t.co/PHTd7HLHRs

  9. Real question is, how did you get 13k followers?!?!?

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  11. You’re crazy as HELL, but I like your enthusiasm!!

  12. Oh, I’m not sure they get another win for quite some time. I don’t even think they’ll get to their win total from l… https://t.co/lPU9X7W3ey

  13. Turnovers prevented it from happening... https://t.co/xeStCFY5rX

  14. Can Lonzo Ball play any worse?!? My goodness. Awful. Can’t get out of his own way...

  15. ...and all the while doing loads and loads of cocaine... https://t.co/rQfVY7SZWC