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  1. You’re crazy as HELL, but I like your enthusiasm!!

  2. Oh, I’m not sure they get another win for quite some time. I don’t even think they’ll get to their win total from l… https://t.co/lPU9X7W3ey

  3. Turnovers prevented it from happening... https://t.co/xeStCFY5rX

  4. Can Lonzo Ball play any worse?!? My goodness. Awful. Can’t get out of his own way...

  5. ...and all the while doing loads and loads of cocaine... https://t.co/rQfVY7SZWC

  6. Gutsy effort in the 4th quarter and OT. Good to see. Nice consolation for the earlier Dodgers loss...

  7. GREAT 3rd quarter by the Lakers. This is the kind of basketball I can get behind. Fun to watch for sure.

  8. Who’s F’ing DLO?!? Doesn’t ring a bell... https://t.co/kps3nm3Amm

  9. Wasn’t that basically his averages from last year? He’s fine. Chill. https://t.co/FgzYVRXGy8

  10. RT @scrueggs: Tom Petty rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. He was then transferred to a better hospital where they upgraded his condit…

  11. All sports are crooked...at least the ones with big $$$. But I see your point. https://t.co/6IeopLXjEC

  12. Agreed. But it was on us to stop that celebrating. To shut them up. Instead, we folded and I’m embarrassed as a fan… https://t.co/A6oxytmPbi

  13. What's next. They release an album from the fake "The Time" too?!?

  14. TOUCHDOWN...RAIDERS!! Another Carr to Crabtree TD pass...