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  1. Don't waste ur tears on the rest of those dummy's after Cody leaves.Obviously producers pump "stupid air" thru the… https://t.co/2XItZ8URgC

  2. You know there's a good chance Floyd will end this dude's life, right? He looks like that slow gym fighter from "M… https://t.co/az8pF29owW

  3. All Official Prince Music Videos Playlist. Witness history. First time officially on YouTube. Enjoy! https://t.co/HTX8rOZDyv

  4. Maybe for another team unfortunately... https://t.co/IGTzpwQI9j

  5. It's almost like wondering who has the best eyesight...Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles?

  6. 18-4-4 last season and he's a "bad idea"?!?

  7. I'm starting to cone around...and fast. https://t.co/ifnC0jw1Ly

  8. No chance in the West. I think 50 wins will be needed for 8th seed this season. We won't get close to that. So no... https://t.co/deGTHgeoAD

  9. He'll be fine. But...but he does need to play better. And until he does, fans need to stop anointing him the savior… https://t.co/lohIpWwq3L

  10. Move on https://t.co/YLUrL2JqWN

  11. Excellent take!! I just followed you for making it!!

  12. Dude's straight crying. Don't where they're from, but I whine like that I deal with the consequences...which usuall… https://t.co/Dr95YUBFth

  13. Quick ? With all this crying about Russell being traded, why is it I can't find any actual Lakers players tweeting about him leaving? None.

  14. This https://t.co/BGDFFFM8fB