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  1. RT @ellenmorey: Clint Capela #NBAVote

  2. @jennydialcreech @HoustonChron Great article!

  3. RT @brookesimpson: I can’t believe it’s here. The night we’ve all worked so hard to make it to. This is it!!!! More than nerves or any worr…

  4. RT @SportsTalkHOU: I know the Rockets will lose eventually, I just don't know if I'm emotionally ready for it.

  5. RT @FoxNews: .@DrMarcSiegel sat down with @RandPaul for his first on-camera interview since the senator was attacked https://t.co/3nJnGiW0O8

  6. @paulafaris Where have you been? Missing you on TV! Always enjoy you!

  7. @jennydialcreech Hey Jenny, been busy lately?

  8. @MLBONFOX @astros @JoseAltuve27 @TeamCJCorrea And you preferred the Yankees?

  9. RT @Rockets_Nana: @astros and @HoustonRockets cardiac Houston sports! What great come backs!! Heart is skipping a beat!

  10. @Rags2Rockets @CP3 Me too!

  11. RT @astros: Retweet for your chance to win a pair of #ALCS tickets to Game 2 on October 14 from @CocaCola: https://t.co/N4sXW3VwGH https://…

  12. Fear the beards! By Nikkolas Smith! https://t.co/TJj3f3qzBa

  13. @nbc #SNLPremiere You just lost a white viewer. Been watching 50 yrs. Michael Che went too far!

  14. RT @jaketapper: Help me #give2veterans. Every retweet means a dollar for @Stand4Heroes, up to $500K, by 9/30. Let's see how much we can rai…

  15. @deadskulltweets @RedCross Beware of Red Cross. Many complaints! Love you for caring.

  16. @ShaunKing He never said black!

  17. RT @dmorey: Let's keep @HoustonRockets fan @MrDrewScott on #dwts - vote for Drew now at https://t.co/TpFLUrD0SJ https://t.co/TwU5t1vPK7

  18. RT @missjessicaww: Welp, we see again Paul is EPIC hands down.

  19. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to wish a Happy Birthday to Hall-of-Famer @YaoMing!

  20. @princessglammy Prayers for you! Just went thru Harvey! Keep us posted!

  21. @Bethenny If that's all you have to gripe about-consider yourself lucky! Could be worse!

  22. @johnlegend Just read about your casting requirements for Trump supporters, etc. Didn't know you are a racist! Shame on you!

  23. RT @JJWatt: $17 MILLION! https://t.co/SR6DmnNbyM

  24. @KHOU Do you know what happened to the lady in Meyerland that taped and sand bagged her house?

  25. RT @HTINEROCKETS: RETWEET to wish James "