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  1. @dmorey @karenmorey4 Excellent!

  2. @TheHaltingHex @MeganAnnBB19 I love Paul!

  3. RT @89razorskate20: Week 6, RT & LIKE If You're Team KEVIN! #BB19 https://t.co/MGA3L1euKZ

  4. @TheSinnerUSA Loved the show-I'm hooked!

  5. @beardforthree You guys have the moves! Love it!

  6. @megynkelly Never came on because of NASCAR! Will there be a repeat?

  7. @STEVExGOLD I love that sweater!

  8. @jimmyfallon What a snub! You are the absolute BEST night time show! Colbert???

  9. @perolikewyd What was the name of Raven's disease? I saw someone started a gofundme for her.

  10. RT @89razorskate20: Week 1, RT & LIKE If You're Team PAUL! #BB19 https://t.co/4NvEeeZLni

  11. @Kassting @JokersBBUpdates Good cast!

  12. @NBCNightShift So glad you are back! Great show!

  13. @princessglammy Why aren't you watching BB? I follow u for other reasons too! Like food!

  14. @seanhannity It's a start!

  15. @MCMEleganteDAL Totally agree! Great place to stay!