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  1. RT @Rockets_Nana: Leading his team to a WIN!

  2. @TheRue Awesome in every way on Empire tonight!

  3. RT @KenChronicle: #NBA wringing its hands over teams resting star players, cheating fans. Easy solution. Make it illegal to rest players on…

  4. RT @patbev21: G. This is is funny to me!!! Lol

  5. RT @HouSportsTalk_: The Warriors or Spurs (or someone else) might beat the Rockets in the playoffs, but they are going to have to play thei…

  6. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to #Rockets50 legend @TheJetOnTNT!

  7. RT @people: RT if this is you jammin' out to JT's performance rn: #Oscars

  8. @toddchrisley Just saw Grayson and Chase with Dwight on TV. Really love your show and as a Houston fan miss that smile Dwight

  9. @paulafaris Why haven't you been on The View lately? You are really the only one I like. They need to "Let it go!"

  10. @jimmykimmel So being overweight is not beautiful ?

  11. RT @BimaThug: Times like this I must remind myself: This city still has James Harden quarterbacking a pro sports team here.…

  12. @dmorey Nothing better than the side eye! Love him and this team!

  13. @calvinwatkins I thought he is now an unrestricted free agent.

  14. @JoshInnesRadio @WeRunGame Bottom left. Even though I'm not in your ratings demographic -still listen and like the red.

  15. @SecretsLiesABC Is it coming back for another season?