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  1. the difference between the 'n' word and other bigoted names is the history, the word was used by white people who OWNED black men and woman, who were considered subhuman and property. The word was and continues to be used to relegate a race of people to less than human. Honky, redneck, cracker are insults, nasty sure, but not in same league as the 'n-word"
  2. here she is without any make-up, looks like her nose is the same. Wow make up and airbrushing is pretty amazing
  3. she spoke of being told by a boss early in her career and an agent that she would never be successful because she looked "too Chinese" and that her eyes made her appear bored. From what she said, and she seemed very sincere she agonized about doing the surgery,( with her parent's blesing) which ultimately helped her career
  4. thanks, I don't know who made it, so I can't give credit--but it made me lol
  5. I'm new, has anyone posted the Amanda poopy pants picture?
  6. The RidicuList: Zoo lyin' about its lion – Anderson Cooper 360 - http://t.co/yObTTy4Ob5 Blogs http://t.co/tpJ9AHRQsw