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  1. @RWPUSA I'm just concerned that none of this matters if the GOP controlled govment is not willing to do anything ab… https://t.co/X2FQb2X9Ok

  2. @realDonaldTrump I dont think your constant cries of "fake news" is having the effect you want it to. Youre literal… https://t.co/y4Fv5ylYuT

  3. Thank you @ElTucsonMonsoon !!!

  4. RT @KeithOlbermann: Again: I hope he gives you a good performance review and cuts the rate on the loan amount you're into him for #FakePres…

  5. RT @JacksonLeeTX18: Trump's tweets encourage violence against media...NOT A JOKE. He must be held to a higher standard and needs to resign…

  6. @samipadillla @whatsuptucson The only thing to do in Tucson is lay on your couch, eat ice cream and pray to the air… https://t.co/PdzUzhAjVY

  7. @realDonaldTrump You're the one who kept saying it was a rigged election the whole campaign. Seems like you knew something too.

  8. @chrislhayes 115 here in Tucson for the next 3 days. Never move to Tucson.

  9. @sebroche All defence had to do is place a little doubt in the jury's minds. It doesn't take a lot.

  10. @BeingKimmieToo @JoyAnnReid He's an attorney! He should know how direct examination goes.

  11. RT @meowbox: Same... #themeowlife #cats #kittens #catpeeps https://t.co/XcARmDjdKA

  12. @UnfollowTrump I think he sends these tweets while on the toilet.

  13. @McDonalds I bought ice cold coke and forgot it in car before return to work. Can't stand to go back out in 104 heat to get it. #Woe .

  14. RT @Evan_McMullin: Our incredible reality: Moscow helps Trump in election. FBI investigates. Trump fires FBI director. Trump reports back t…

  15. @ABC Is this real? He's worried about Russia's happiness? Russia is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. They don't need our help.