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  1. @BB19KEVIN I want to go!

  2. @bradtravelers @showcasedotca Rewatching season 1 for the third time now.

  3. @HoarseWisperer LOL. I once asked my mechanic to please check the snake belt on my car. He blinked and said, "You mean the serpentine belt?"

  4. @dougmillsnyt @Acosta @realDonaldTrump The look of epic fail.

  5. @kitten_academy @jlf1988 Does he care for the kittens too?

  6. @RavenWaltonBB19 I notice she hasn't made any tweets. Wonder why.

  7. @BB19KEVIN Loved when you did the silent skits with random objects for the cameras when no one else was around.

  8. @TheTucsonHeat @ElTucsonMonsoon Please go away. You melted the rearview mirror off my car's windshield several tim… https://t.co/tS9l1b86ro

  9. RT @michdiane: Unpopular #bb19 opinion: Cody is just as useless as everyone else. Didn't get what he wanted and threw a fit and stopped pla…

  10. @Bounty if you create a paper towel print of cats throwing up I think you'd get a lot of sales to cat owners. #goodidea #catvomit

  11. @JokersBBUpdates Why is Alex in HN room sleeping? Self punishment?

  12. @JokersBBUpdates I'm annoyed they don't show these comments they make about Kevin on the show more. General public… https://t.co/WvYSe7NZJY

  13. @JokersBBUpdates https://t.co/gkvse6SxCy

  14. Paul gets upset and cries about home and half the people in the house follow his lead and do the same. #sheep #BB19

  15. @JokersBBUpdates Raven IS a nightmare. #bb19