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  1. graceomalley

    Kaitlyn Herman

    what exactly was she referring to with that comment? I get not liking people talking about you - I get how it can make you feel all icky - but the way she is "dealing" with it is just scary - something is very off with her - run Tyler, RUN
  2. graceomalley

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    and we all know how Paul made out........
  3. graceomalley

    Kaitlyn Herman

    oh my gosh - poor Tyler - ewww - if it was the other way around and Tyler was trying the things that Kaitlyn is doing he would probably be asked to leave -
  4. graceomalley

    Kaitlyn Herman

    she is a few beers short of a six pack that one.......- first her jealousy over Fussy liking Hayleigh and then her insecurity thinking someone was talking badly about her - she even told Sam that she "knew" Sam had the power - of course she did!!!! Tyler TOLD her - but she let Sam think she knew it intuitively - with any luck karma will get her out right after it gets Swagless out -
  5. graceomalley

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    I hope he does go home - sometimes people who are too full of themselves only understand that fact when reality smacks them in the face - I think Swagless (love that name) is one of those kinds of people - talking to him will do no good at all -
  6. graceomalley

    Where did everyone go?

    oh my gosh!!! - you are right!!!!! shhhhh!!!! - but could you imagine if P and S were houseguests in the house - at the same time- nightmares I tell you!!!!!
  7. graceomalley

    Bayleigh Dayton

    still not a fan - I was hoping Tyler would put her up - but hopes dashed!
  8. graceomalley

    Where did everyone go?

    I'm not on facebook so I'm here - love this place!! I'm happy with this group so far - mostly because Paul is nowhere to be seen -
  9. graceomalley

    Kaycee Clark

    yep - this one is a good one -
  10. graceomalley

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    nope -
  11. graceomalley

    Scottie Salton

    I'm liking this guy so far - he does not take himself too seriously, and I think he could go far -
  12. graceomalley

    Winston Hines

    I don't know enough about him to have an opinion one way or the other - time will tell where he stands with me -
  13. graceomalley

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    he used the phrase "your boy" - I HATE that phrase - every time I hear it I see Paul's face - eww - watching him NOT get most trending was soooo delicious!! - he needs to watch himself or his ego will get him booted out -
  14. graceomalley

    Tyler Crispen

    he is smarter than he lets on, but the jury is still out on him -
  15. graceomalley

    Steve Arienta

    I like Steve - I like Sam - if I had to vote one to go it would be Sam because she can - might? be able to come back...