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  1. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    oh my - I like JP - but am kind of rooting for either Ryan Ben or Mike - they seem to have a good sense of the game itself and yet do not appear to be seen as a threat - time will tell about that - JP is just soo cute -
  2. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    looking forward to the merge! thanks for the recap!!
  3. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    the one who was vomiting was the one who got voted off - she was the Olympic swimmer - the one with the idol was Chrissy she had one vote for her I think - I think the one voted off was Katrina maybe? not sure
  4. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    gotta say I missed the 90 minute premiere last night - there was so much more I wanted see and 40 minutes - not counting commercials - was not enough - Alan better be careful - his actions might just get him booted off - I get why Chrissy did not play the idol - why call attention to herself if she didn't have to? seriously though, an Olympic swimmer? on a competition show where a lot of the challenges involve water? was that really smart? looking forward to the rest of the season! - what say you?
  5. at the finale it looked very much like she had forgotten all about Matt as she was clinging on to Paul the whole time - she is enough froot loops for both of them - they deserve each other - maybe once he gets some actual food in him, Matt will wake up and make better life choices - like thinking with his big head instead of his little head.....
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    without all of you this season would have been intolerable - thanks too, to the live feeders and to Morty, the head of this BB family - I spent my lunch hour here with all of you each day and will miss you all so so much - I'll check in for the Celeb show to see how you feel about it, but right now, it sounds like a bunch of D list actors - acting - and probably badly - hope I'm wrong but even if I'm not I can't go wrong hanging out with all of you! - be safe - be happy - be well and thank you for making my lunch hour so much fun!!!! *hugs entire board really hard*
  7. Big Brother General Discussion

    completely agree with this - including voting for Cody!!
  8. I can't get the video Christ-mess to play - what did she say?
  9. Cody has a hot temper.

    I think that Cody would have been more social if he felt that he was playing with people who were there to win - to compete - I think he hated - and still does - the fakeness - manufactured drama encouraged by producers, blind loyalty to someone who uses people to advance their own game and uses people to win comps - looking at you Paul - - alleged "reality" shows was not what he is interested in- competition -and the enjoyment of going against true competitors was what he was looking for - not what he perceived as nonsense -
  10. Who should get AFP?

    oh I doubt they would tolerate that too - but it would be awesome if it happened!!
  11. Big Brother General Discussion

    something tells me these people may not be accustomed to cleaning up after themselves - would be great if they learned from it, but with this crew - I highly doubt it
  12. Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    LOL!!! Paul asked her what her GPA was - that's when she answered "dance"
  13. Jason Dent BB19 Houseguest

    I think he wanted to send that bracelet to keep Raven's vote in jury house - "oh look!!! Paul really does care about me!! he sent my bracelet to me!!!" nevermind it was really Kevin's -
  14. Who should get AFP?

    if I could my vote would be for Cody - he was the first to really see Paul for what he was and was determined to get him out, not fall under his spell - if not him I hope Kevin gets it - mostly I would LOVE for Paul to get a rousing chorus of BOOS at the end - I hope the jury destroys him - oh! and I know - wrong post - but Josh the only two people wh ohave th right to slap you in the face is your Mom or your wife - NEVER let anyone else walk away after doing that to you!