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  1. graceomalley

    So far, so good!

    well - at least neither Brandi nor Omarosa won........I really thought Ross would win it - mostly I'm just glad the other two did NOT - loved Mark Chuck and Ari -
  2. still rooting for Cody and Jessica! - am also a fan of the Indy boys - either team winning would be great with me -
  3. Go Cody and Jessica!!!!!! I was rooting for the indy drivers too -
  4. graceomalley

    So far, so good!

    Hi everybody! - I'm surprised as well!! - could not stand Brandi on the Real Housewives cannot stand her now either - don't care much for Omarosa as well, but everyone else - at least so far - has not gotten on my last nerve - they better be gunning for Shannon - she is playing a very strategic game right now - but - I wonder if the pressure is getting to her - did they have to widen the doorframes for James to fit his big head through? looking forward to seeing if they have had nots and if so how well the crew handles that - sorry that Chuck got voted out - I would have voted out either Omarosa or at the time - James - I do like Shannon's game but if they keep her in the game she stands a really good chance of winning -
  5. graceomalley

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    oh my - I like JP - but am kind of rooting for either Ryan Ben or Mike - they seem to have a good sense of the game itself and yet do not appear to be seen as a threat - time will tell about that - JP is just soo cute -
  6. graceomalley

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    looking forward to the merge! thanks for the recap!!
  7. graceomalley

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    the one who was vomiting was the one who got voted off - she was the Olympic swimmer - the one with the idol was Chrissy she had one vote for her I think - I think the one voted off was Katrina maybe? not sure
  8. graceomalley

    Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    gotta say I missed the 90 minute premiere last night - there was so much more I wanted see and 40 minutes - not counting commercials - was not enough - Alan better be careful - his actions might just get him booted off - I get why Chrissy did not play the idol - why call attention to herself if she didn't have to? seriously though, an Olympic swimmer? on a competition show where a lot of the challenges involve water? was that really smart? looking forward to the rest of the season! - what say you?
  9. at the finale it looked very much like she had forgotten all about Matt as she was clinging on to Paul the whole time - she is enough froot loops for both of them - they deserve each other - maybe once he gets some actual food in him, Matt will wake up and make better life choices - like thinking with his big head instead of his little head.....
  10. graceomalley

    Big Brother General Discussion

    without all of you this season would have been intolerable - thanks too, to the live feeders and to Morty, the head of this BB family - I spent my lunch hour here with all of you each day and will miss you all so so much - I'll check in for the Celeb show to see how you feel about it, but right now, it sounds like a bunch of D list actors - acting - and probably badly - hope I'm wrong but even if I'm not I can't go wrong hanging out with all of you! - be safe - be happy - be well and thank you for making my lunch hour so much fun!!!! *hugs entire board really hard*
  11. graceomalley

    Big Brother General Discussion

    completely agree with this - including voting for Cody!!
  12. I can't get the video Christ-mess to play - what did she say?
  13. graceomalley

    Cody has a hot temper.

    I think that Cody would have been more social if he felt that he was playing with people who were there to win - to compete - I think he hated - and still does - the fakeness - manufactured drama encouraged by producers, blind loyalty to someone who uses people to advance their own game and uses people to win comps - looking at you Paul - - alleged "reality" shows was not what he is interested in- competition -and the enjoyment of going against true competitors was what he was looking for - not what he perceived as nonsense -
  14. graceomalley

    Who should get AFP?

    oh I doubt they would tolerate that too - but it would be awesome if it happened!!