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  1. RT @ClickHole: Hell Yeah: Wikipedia Is Putting Everyone’s ‘Criminal Allegations’ Section Up Top So You Can Get Right To The Good Shit https…

  2. @girlgutters Um thought this said "final dissertation franchise"

  3. RT @waypoint_ebooks: I suppose the player will get used to it over the course of a round-table discussion of Andromeda's issues.

  4. students: why haven't you returned every single thing we've done me: I'm really sorry. I'm just trying to also, you know, write a book.

  5. RT @janicemin: Harvey Weinstein and OJ Simpson in 1977 (photo by Mickey H. Osterreicher). Because...of course https://t.co/n0PAcKktqz

  6. RT @dlberes: incredibly bleak reddit content https://t.co/GhLV6wjvAG

  7. @jouissauce_ um Dayton?

  8. "what's mother! about?" https://t.co/LcK4dlMAZY via @YouTube

  9. RT @SamuelAAdams: has anyone thought about comparing the new Blade Runner to the old one

  10. RT @clutchbucket: You guys are all twitter characters!! If you ask me

  11. RT @jouissauce_: RT if you think tesla should be a model https://t.co/u12IrvUmfq

  12. RT @soniasaraiya: I am suddenly seeing the merits of, I don't know, DOUBT

  13. RT @girlgutters: photo series I like to call "my dog with blep and eye goop" https://t.co/h10LmX7X1s

  14. I am invested in few things more than this petty opportunity to beat down Jon Snow https://t.co/CgB0XIuoxy

  15. RT @nypost: Sex robots will eventually be capable of murder https://t.co/riFYBt0emY https://t.co/MXyQJGeYw9