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  1. @_hansweet @thiscreatur (yos)

  2. Forgot I muted Doctor Who months ago and surprise !! There's a new one ?? and it's a woman !!

  3. @_hansweet @beatsbyjaybay It's Tuesday? Idk

  4. @zachary_binxx "Go bang your head against the wall"

  5. RT @oscarewilde: literary criticism peaked in 1944 https://t.co/p1lMTfiJU6

  6. @zachary_binxx where's the drag race lip sync of the live performance

  7. RT @floofmins: Have great day frens ❤️ https://t.co/z0EkCgpbjk

  8. RT @MARKLIFE_: This might be my favourite bit of television ever, @BBCOne @BBCNews just full on broke... @huwbbc looks so upset

  9. RT @cameronesposito: Before all Shakespeare gets shut down let's agree this was a hot look https://t.co/NCnxA6sGbO

  10. RT @waypoint: bowser mario and peach are all married to each other. bye.

  11. RT @_hansweet: I'm still waiting for my @ladygaga cover of Nothing Compares 2 U

  12. RT @Variety: Keri Russell Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame https://t.co/8Ec33NfaA3

  13. @zachary_binxx @jouissauce_ "translate from Dutch" https://t.co/TWBjHKK9qF

  14. RT @meakoopa: did...did he make the sign? https://t.co/XXmuHfTIoA

  15. RT @fiddlecub: I love that so mnay games are probing into different emotional territory. But there are other emotions than "sad."