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  1. RT @jouissauce_: RT if you think tesla should be a model https://t.co/u12IrvUmfq

  2. RT @soniasaraiya: I am suddenly seeing the merits of, I don't know, DOUBT

  3. RT @girlgutters: photo series I like to call "my dog with blep and eye goop" https://t.co/h10LmX7X1s

  4. I am invested in few things more than this petty opportunity to beat down Jon Snow https://t.co/CgB0XIuoxy

  5. RT @nypost: Sex robots will eventually be capable of murder https://t.co/riFYBt0emY https://t.co/MXyQJGeYw9

  6. Lol it's amazing how shaken Baker Mayfield has been that Ohio State sang Carmen Ohio on their field

  7. RT @ta_shepard: Episode IX to be directed by CGI Peter Cushing, "We made him too powerful, we can't stop him now." says Disney spokesperson.

  8. @_hansweet I am @ ing u pls sry

  9. @_hansweet He's coming out with a solo album

  10. @jouissauce_ how dare u

  11. @girlgutters My default mode rn is just typing "Cersei Lannister" into google

  12. reminder for today: don't look directly at the sun *e v e r

  13. as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced https://t.co/RwKrGMyvFK

  14. well, I bought an Eco novel at HPB so I guess I'm past the grad student point of no return

  15. Are there dragons in Game of Thrones?