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  1. This is me everyone https://t.co/7PkHCxeqKw

  2. RT @andrewwogas: Whoop there it is https://t.co/UNF3qdMmqS

  3. RT @MikeyJonJon: Gay culture is telling your friends about a guy you met then getting ghosted 3 days later

  4. @Perennial6 @nytimes Price of refreshments is so cinemas and theatres can stay open as they don't receive the profits from ticket sales

  5. RT @spacexgoat: Open for a surprise https://t.co/vgkwPJLxto

  6. RT @crownmejulz: don't body shame her. y'all might not like Taylor Swift or her music but what we're not about to do is start body shaming…

  7. She's not wrong https://t.co/KgKXZ0W3e8

  8. RT @MaxKav10: gay culture is not getting invited to girls night because you're a boy and not getting invited to boys night because you're n…

  9. @zoefinch98 Looks abou right

  10. Literally Taylor's new single could be 3 minutes of silence and I'd rather it be #1 over Despacito

  11. @coldassfire Why would any gay person want to be you?

  12. @msg_jacob lady Gaga plz

  13. RT @CaraCompass: If you can pick and choose what you take from the Bible I can pick and choose what to take from your tweets https://t.co/8…

  14. RT @soswifticated: I remember asking a girl for her name in the smoking area and she said she didn't have one https://t.co/bKOpNer1QS

  15. @BB_Updates Sean Paul feat. Dua Lipa - No Lie.mp3