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  1. RT @mtehuitz: #DragRace season 10: - feature ALL 90-minute episodes - return of Untucked - premieres March 22, immediately after #AllStars…

  2. RT @kayla_wedge: My mom thinks she met @rihanna last night https://t.co/fpknJeZoGd

  3. RT @annien826: for lent im just giving up

  4. They celebrate pancake day in Australia and my life is complete

  5. RT @Becci_Coo: My name was Sparky. I was 11 weeks old. They hit me with a hammer. They put me in the microwave. They filmed it. I die…

  6. @beckyhowgego97 What??!

  7. RT @omgkesharose: According to E! News Kesha says to be proud knocking Ed Sheeran from his bike. Lady Gaga & Lorde were in the back of the…

  8. RT @majtague: No, Ed Sheeran did NOT win https://t.co/JeYRK41KkR

  9. @TheFactsOfShade @edsheeran Sad day for music

  10. @miaabond Yeah but that’s not between Christmas and new year

  11. Jesus this woman is on another planet https://t.co/E0hh0Hvv2b

  12. RT @BetteMidler: Donald Trump is on Time’s person of the year short list. He’s on my person of the year shit list.

  13. @gagamonster96 Snubbed for Song of the Year

  14. RT @TheAlexanderJJ: retweet if you're support https://t.co/NdiojMA6zR

  15. RT @Drebae_: People don’t realize how hard it truly is to be Gay & Out. Shit like this happens way too often. Homophobia has to stop. #RIPW…