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  1. RT @TMZ: Ariana Grande's Mother Rushed Fans Backstage to Safety During Manchester Bombing Chaos

  2. RT @elijahdaniel: if u think ur siblings are embarrassing imagine being ariana grande

  3. @heathermaecutts Oh. My. God.

  4. RT @JamieBB123: A-Levels is like playing where's wally and then Uni is being told to find Madeline McCann

  5. RT @TheShadyFacts: Today's pop culture in a picture.

  6. @TheShadyFacts And the queen of flop is Madonna

  7. RT @Bey_Legion: Unseen photo of Beyoncé & @ladygaga at The Monster Ball Tour in 2011. via @Terry_World

  8. @neckdeepbecca Love lesibians

  9. RT @TheShadyFacts: Lady Gaga is honestly so perfect.

  10. RT @NottRihanna: lady gaga sang "show me your teeth" and rihanna did....this bitch was so high shjsjs

  11. RT @imkennybrian: Lady Gaga debuts The Cure at Coachella last night. RT to bless someone's timeline.

  12. @ciarapenavega Baby's / bants ....

  13. RT @dainasimsx_: Kinda people you need in ur life

  14. @beckyhowgego97 Tbf the only clue you gave me was "away from Ipswich"

  15. RT @annaporterwafc: WHY OH WHY did I inbox my old maths teacher last night #Gaskell