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  1. RT @ReIatable: When you realize she REALLY FLIPS IT AND REVERSE IT!!!

  2. im just sad and disappointed

  3. @beckyhowgego97 @ayeshashaw_xo yas so excited

  4. @ciarapenavega very true

  5. @MusicNewsRumors @edsheeran @GameOfThrones @HBO game of thrones cancelled @ciarapenavega

  6. RT @TheFactsOfShade:

  7. RT @adamjmoussa: TRUMP: Nobody cares about my tax returns ME:

  8. @ladygaga buy Million Reasons on iTunes

  9. RT @williamjordann: Days until achieving MAJORITY disapproval from @Gallup Reagan: 727 Bush I: 1336 Clinton: 573 Bush II: 1205 Obama: 936…

  10. RT @FemaleTexts: this blind audition gave me chills

  11. RT @AQA_NOT: isn’t it weird that we have one hand that knows how to do everything & then one hand that just sits there like "idk how to hol…

  12. @gomezsnumber homophobic?! Racist?!

  13. RT @yearsandyears: will post tomorrow about the show but it was so amazing thanku @Shelter thanku every1 now I'm so sleepy and happy https:…

  14. @ciarapenavega debatable

  15. RT @dcagiunta: I can hear God...