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  1. I like Elissa but she need to stop kissing up to GM she knows she is not going up enough already she need to stop chasing behind GM. My biggest problem is with those dumb ass men left in the house no one will stand up to that bully Amanda and put her in her place we know Andy is such a kiss ass wimp he is not going to do anything but run from room to room to gossip, forget pizza boy he is so beaten down by the bully all he can do is bite his nails. I know one thing I would never buy a house from Amanda I would be so afraid she would go off on me I would hope they check all these people back ground before they lock them away together this is the worse BB I can remember not even Evel Dick was this bad I am so looking for ward to see Amanda walk the plank on Thursday I would also like to see Spencer go but I want Amanda gone first.