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  1. RT @ThatBoiTray: When a black person sees other people running "Aye why they runnin?..Aye man why they runnin?!..WHY THEY RUNNIN?!!!"https…

  2. I'm so shook at the amount of people that did not know this!!

  3. RT @TAMUSpirit: Being home from college is weird like don't yell at me for being out this late you didn't even know where I was for 10 mont…

  4. Mike Pence got all these cops on the road and I'm uncomfortable

  5. RT @From1994_: Whole family gone, house empty and dark. You re-evaluating if your family really cares about you.

  6. RT @AshlynnMarieee: @ eng 112

  7. RT @javi_muffin: in the end, the only one who really got you is you.

  8. This was my at first but today I tried taking it off of night mode and was disgusted

  9. RT @jessicawlauren: So does college where attendance is 15% of your grade.

  10. @tcashorn Dang that sucks!

  11. RT @KhadiDon: Cutting people off like

  12. RT @lukepogi21: Sooo y'all wanna know how live swim jam was? Here's a summary

  13. @Cynthianogden True

  14. RT @KenTremendous: "Who's gonna pay for the wall?" "Mexico!" "When?" "Eventually!" "...WHEN?!" "At a later date!" "And how will they pay?"…

  15. RT @KeeksGotBitches: Why is it that everytime you talk highly of someone they let you down the next second??