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  1. @zoedotscott @Jalexandria22 Yeah they eventually sent me a notification, everything's good!

  2. RT @Mar__G_3: Computer Science majors https://t.co/DMLl29DCo9

  3. RT @dopedeaIing: iggy is tired of y’all shit https://t.co/CIUVpbYU1z

  4. @camshitposts Y'all he lying

  5. Guy sitting next to me in lab to the TA: "Can you come help before I murder someone!" https://t.co/kqFTf0AnIz

  6. @RunJessRunn She needs to be protected at all costs. Her Motivational Mondays have truly changed my life for the better lol

  7. Omg yes! https://t.co/1PJCB5ClQy

  8. I finally saw Black Panther and it was so good

  9. RT @MANaftermyself: If you missed Fergie's National Anthem, here you go: https://t.co/f01Z5tQwZY

  10. RT @CleanMy_Sprite: This is what 11:59 looks like in college https://t.co/z4wDwxRHJG

  11. Y'all actually check Instagram on Valentines day?.. In this economy??

  12. RT @_HBCURoundtable: When i open up snapchat and forget it updated... https://t.co/REuERbbaZ9

  13. Wow can they please explain to Metta how the vote works lmfao https://t.co/tEGVE7suP8

  14. RT @TrevJohnson15: When everyone’s complaining about the new Snapchat update but yours looks exactly the same https://t.co/ek9rRGJNoh

  15. "Are you fat or something"