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  1. Someone be my friend rn lol

  2. https://t.co/JLYbT2F6L9

  3. I really got up at 7 to study for this exam and thought I would easily finesse this class but nah God said "you thought"

  4. @knn_2017 YES! That's why I was laughing so hard!!

  5. RT @katewhiteshark: look at all that room for more chicken amazing https://t.co/JKbRcp3otJ

  6. RT @javi_muffin: I hate when people switch up just bc they get into a relationship W someone

  7. RT @ryan_p_higgins: Imagine someone saves you from a mugger and you look up and it's fucking Harry Potter https://t.co/kXg2GcjAFj

  8. RT @SrslyAnxiety: having anxiety is the most silently painful experience. it makes no sense and you sit there alone and suffer for an unkno…

  9. RT @bri0nne_: I'm sorry I can't fake sleep with this...have u lost ur fucking mind https://t.co/VjHhGvjXi8


  11. RT @Mskyadoll: this that face/dance you make when you at a party jammin and you make eye contact with somebody els thats jammin and y'all h…

  12. Out of all big brother premiers. THIS is the most wild. I've literally had my jaw dropped multiple times. #BB19

  13. RT @GeeksOfColor: Congratulations to Bernie Mac who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We love you Uncle Bernie. Re…

  14. RT @ThatBoiTray: When a black person sees other people running "Aye why they runnin?..Aye man why they runnin?!..WHY THEY RUNNIN?!!!"https…

  15. I'm so shook at the amount of people that did not know this!! https://t.co/3c5A3RJwcS