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  1. RT @javi_muffin: in the end, the only one who really got you is you.

  2. This was my at first but today I tried taking it off of night mode and was disgusted https://t.co/KjBB6zn2LK

  3. RT @jessicawlauren: So does college where attendance is 15% of your grade. https://t.co/Caz9QGuXNC

  4. @tcashorn Dang that sucks!

  5. RT @KhadiDon: Cutting people off like https://t.co/JvcEeaigHl

  6. RT @lukepogi21: Sooo y'all wanna know how live swim jam was? Here's a summary

  7. @Cynthianogden True

  8. RT @KenTremendous: "Who's gonna pay for the wall?" "Mexico!" "When?" "Eventually!" "...WHEN?!" "At a later date!" "And how will they pay?"…

  9. RT @KeeksGotBitches: Why is it that everytime you talk highly of someone they let you down the next second??

  10. RT @Phil_Lewis_: When they went to the tomb and Jesus wasn't there https://t.co/pnwj2t7yUs

  11. RT @OhEmmeG: lowkey if you say "ayyeeee" or "get it" to any black baby they'll start dancing. nature or nuture?

  12. RT @brohsen: 2pac: first off f*** your b*** and the clique u claim t.i.: foremost in importance i express disregard for ur ladylove and bod…

  13. RT @moyboy_: University of Nasty Texas

  14. RT @jyoungwhite: how you look trying to invigorate a draining, toxic relationship https://t.co/xhyakPm3vi

  15. RT @iSlaythaDragon: Getting a lawyer in New Orleans https://t.co/NKSn4BCNRf