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  1. RT @shanedawson: I grew up. I changed my content. I apologized countless times for my shitty offensive jokes. instead of dragging me down p…

  2. @johnkuckian And the Oscar goes toooooo.....

  3. @mutebilx_qato @freeblackgirl @Marvel @DCComics In the marvel comics, a woman named Shuri was the first ever woman… https://t.co/B6LJ9wxTql

  4. @jamescharles Literally James: https://t.co/xhZU3c8nGN

  5. @SocialRepose @YouTube Richie: https://t.co/U82pyUqAqj

  6. RT @maaxiavs: phone numbers for suicide prevention lifelines around the world. they’re there to listen, a retweet could save a life. #Suici…

  7. @aigkenham “The Bible is true because the Bible says it is true”

  8. @MorpheBrushes GIVE

  9. @AMANDAZUCKERMAN With that much rage, pettiness and resentment... it’s prob Elissa

  10. @CameronNewton @nflnetwork @Money_Mitch26 And they start getting jobs as news reporters. #EndSexism https://t.co/vBoBg8x3Re

  11. RT @byHeatherLong: Jonathan Smith, 30, saved ~30 people last night before he was shot in the neck. He might live w/the bullet for rest of h…

  12. @ChrisBatty4 @aigkenham @ArkEncounter https://t.co/3lZbUDlpeb

  13. @aigkenham If people don’t believe in your god, why the hell should they be forced to follow super old, antiquated… https://t.co/mhYu8Cj6PK

  14. @aigkenham Oh yes because hating people and trying to take away their rights because of who they are is SO hard.

  15. RT @SpikeReeds: Can we PLEASE, PLEASE stop these childish ass "I have an attitude until I eat like Im 6 yrs old" vids... u bitches is grown…