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  1. Finally about to see Bill & Ted's Farewell Show

  2. Tommy Heinsohn on Aron Baynes: "I took a look at Baynes in the shower, and he looks like all of Australia." #Celtics

  3. This thread is everything and completely shows the hypocrisy with the outrage about "disrespecting the flag". https://t.co/7gj7rmwWPS

  4. And when Trump finally did mention Puerto Rico, he just talked about how they're in debt to Wall Street like a jackass.

  5. @21royalstreet @The_Mur They aren't doing Death eaters this year in Japan. JK Rowling didn't like it.

  6. So just did The Fallen... was really hyped for this one. Great facade, great atmosphere, no scares

  7. @WDWVacationer Trying to do something to benefit ALL Americans at that.

  8. For the sake of the Democratic Party, just take responsibility for your own loss @HillaryClinton. The blame game… https://t.co/MyclmcgNWu

  9. @WDWVacationer Now she was obviously better than Trump, but she never tried to EARN votes, she just expected you to vote for her.

  10. Must read for all Celtics fans. Nothing but class. We'll miss you, Isaiah. #KingInTheForth https://t.co/EYAt3saOO9

  11. @WDWVacationer The point is she refuses to accept that she ran a bad campaign in the GE. And I voted for her.

  12. That's not how it works, bud. https://t.co/cN4zNacnKp

  13. RT @womensmarch: Don Lemon speaking truth to power.

  14. RT @evanmcmurry: This is the first video I've seen that really shows the disparity between the "free speech" rally and the thousands of cou…

  15. For everyone's sake/safety, let's leave this puppy closed until, say, 2021? Or after Trump gets impeached. https://t.co/XdQz10OKKS