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  1. For everyone's sake/safety, let's leave this puppy closed until, say, 2021? Or after Trump gets impeached. https://t.co/XdQz10OKKS

  2. Possibly my last time on this classic

  3. @DCAlover @21royalstreet @hastin What could possibly anchor a third DLR park now that's even close to the draw of S… https://t.co/1qnVrSHdnh

  4. @BBStanSweets @kymme6 @BB_Updates Here's the video: https://t.co/Imd2HMQMB3

  5. AMAMZING Fire Dancing/Performance - Paradise Cove Luau (Hawaii): https://t.co/RKUpDDsxTL via @YouTube

  6. @disneyventures @21royalstreet Would I want it to take over WDW's Tower? No, but that's because WDW has always had… https://t.co/ijeWuWne4R

  7. @derekburgan @parkscopejoe @HuckelCommaSean The point of the $20 flat fee is convenience factor. These are clearly… https://t.co/njylFh3XOE

  8. One point on D23 though... they sell way too many tickets for the event which is why they end up with ops nightmares imo.

  9. Day 4 of this elevator just sitting here, not working and open for anyone to go inside. #DisneyDifference… https://t.co/FgF8n6lupv

  10. Sweet Caroline! #BahBahBah #SoGood #GoSox https://t.co/yIs1l3ZxJR

  11. @parkscopejoe @Parkscope I feel like Disney took big risks on both MM+ and Pandora. They may not be the risks we wa… https://t.co/qpVzmuQm99

  12. @MelodysTime @DisneyParks Not to mention those who have resigned or been impeached. Even through that, this is an a… https://t.co/lJb8HpeeZB

  13. @haladjianchris You won't be saying that if PG13 and LBJ sign next summer. And I'm a Celtics fan.

  14. He's gone full covfefe. You never go full covfefe. https://t.co/KhFbcNnVQ5

  15. Is DAK still selling the LE 5000 MagicBands or did they sell out? #VisitPandora