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  1. RT @Dre_DuNbar: New England Patriots' turnout on Pennsylvania Ave for President Obama in 2015 vs Patriots' turnout for President Trump yest…

  2. @Pleased2CU @MarkDice Ok, so by your logic, when will we see Don's birth certificate?

  3. Be Our Guest Cold Open - Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway!: via @YouTube

  4. DNCE | "DNCE" | DNCE Tour 2017: via @YouTube

  5. DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee guitar solo: via @YouTube

  6. Baseball's back! #RaysUp

  7. @parkscopejoe Oh shit I forgot about Incredibles 2 next year. HYPE.

  8. RT @SenatorMenendez: Hey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act

  9. Better place to watch sports at WDW: Splitsville patio bar or ESPN Club?

  10. WBC HIGHLIGHT | Adam Jones DENIES Manny Machado a Home Run | USA vs. DR: via @YouTube

  11. @PaulObrienUSA If this was Hillary you'd be all over it. How do you not make fun of that type of stupidity.

  12. Are boneless wings chicken tenders in disguise?

  13. Set-up for halftime performance at UCONN/USF game.

  14. The Patriots Victory Parade (with James White) yesterday at Magic Kingdom from yesterday: #PatsNation #VictoryParade

  15. RT @williamjordann: Days until achieving MAJORITY disapproval from @Gallup Reagan: 727 Bush I: 1336 Clinton: 573 Bush II: 1205 Obama: 936…