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  1. RT @realDonaldTrump: Crooked Hillary said that I want guns brought into the school classroom. Wrong!

  2. RT @SethMacFarlane: The well-known but conveniently ignored quote from Thomas Jefferson regarding evolving Constitutional interpretation: h…

  3. "Something To Believe In" from Disney's Newsies | KARA LINDSAY & KEVIN MASSEY | Epcot: https://t.co/XddBei3f9E via @YouTube

  4. Michael Cohen saying that HE paid Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket is ludicrous. What exactly would be his reas… https://t.co/hNNl0hEzM8

  5. @PeggyG_Dallas It'll be shown Sunday very likely.

  6. RT @Marvel: 10 years in the making. https://t.co/kT5BWfVLU1

  7. Tom Brady has now started 8 Super Bowls - or half of a #NFL regular season. Here's what Brady's SB number look like… https://t.co/vo1BkbGsLa

  8. There’s no trace that “The 20/20” Experience” ever existed while listening to #ManOfTheWoods #MOTW

  9. RT @WarrenIsDead: in a way McMahon is a visionary, in that XFL was somehow too stupid for 2001 but it is exactly stupid enough for 2018

  10. 21 Chump Street | Justin Laboy Interview by Robbie Brown | This American Life (February 12, 2012): https://t.co/50ziWdBqXo via

  11. #CarrieOnForever https://t.co/Ipyg37W64s

  12. My Movie 1: https://t.co/WrGAf2zkfQ via @YouTube

  13. My Movie: https://t.co/CLmIIykAOu via @YouTube

  14. Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure | Retrospective Video | Farewell Tour: https://t.co/stQCu4DeqO via @YouTube

  15. Got my TM exclusive Bill & Ted wristband earlier! Can't wait to see all of the shenanigans! #FarewellTour #LastShow