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  1. @haladjianchris You won't be saying that if PG13 and LBJ sign next summer. And I'm a Celtics fan.

  2. He's gone full covfefe. You never go full covfefe.

  3. Is DAK still selling the LE 5000 MagicBands or did they sell out? #VisitPandora

  4. RT @DashStarWars: 7 pissy people sitting at home will hardly constitute as a boycott.

  5. #VisitPandora

  6. Just watched Avatar for the first time in awhile. Idc what anyone says, I still really enjoy this movie and I can't wait until the sequels.

  7. Slightly above mediocre experience.

  8. @WDWVacationer Btw, I have no idea who you're talking about.

  9. Happily Ever After (Full Version) | Jordan Fisher & Angie Keilhauer: via @YouTube

  10. Celtics Win Game 2 in Overtime - Crowd Erupts!: via @YouTube

  11. And I just simply love the city. Hopefully I can move there someday.

  12. Today is more of the same. Tomorrow, Adventure Awaits.

  13. @robinhoodjr24 @ByJayKing It's just that nobody makes that call anymore. The C's need to worry about themselves, no…

  14. RT @Dre_DuNbar: New England Patriots' turnout on Pennsylvania Ave for President Obama in 2015 vs Patriots' turnout for President Trump yest…

  15. @Pleased2CU @MarkDice Ok, so by your logic, when will we see Don's birth certificate?