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    America - Week 5 - MVP

    Elissa and GM
  2. BBUpdater

    Howard - Week 4

    Always forget about him on the feeds because he never speaks. Then, when the CBS show comes on, he finally speaks up in the DR.
  3. BBUpdater

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Howard did not tell her. Candice said that Howard would tell her if he was in a 5 person alliance, so she doesn't believe in the 5 person alliance.
  4. BBUpdater

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Summary of yesterday events: Morning - Judd informs Andy, Helen, Jessie of alliance with How, Sp, Kait, GM Helen relays info to Amanda, Elissa in SR Judd retells info to Amanda, McCrae, Elissa All decide to evict Kaitlin (inc Elissa). All decide to not say a word about the information (5 person alliance) to anyone else Elissa gets upset at McCrae and Andy. They were asking her to be quiet because she was talking loudly with Howard around. She took this as them making fun of religion (the Coo Coo begins to come out of the clock for Elissa) Elissa asks Kaitlin about the 5 person alliance. Kaitlin immediately denies. The decide to call a house meeting. House meeting with e/one except Amanda, McCrae, Candice. All in alliance deny of the alliance while Helen, Andy, Jessie, Judd are laughing inside knowing they are lying. Elissa tries to turn focus to Aaryn to say she caused it. Info of results get retold to Amanda, McCrae, Candice from various sources Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Andy, Judd, Jessie in HOH room asking what the flip Elissa is doing? Andy determines she is a malfunctioning robot Spencer goes seperately to each Elissa, Helen, Andy, Amanda that he doesn't know anything about the 5 person alliance and he only trusts their alliance (How/Sp/Ju/Andy, How/Sp/Eli/Hel, How/Sp/Ama/McC) depending on who he spoke with Candice on hammock with Helen, Jessie says that Amanda caused it because Howard would not lie to her. Jessie relays info to Amanda. Amanda confronts Candice about it. Candice said that she did not say anything about her (while Helen is still at hammock). Amanda goes inside, then comes back out for round 2 with Candice. Candice continues to deny having said anything. Elissa and Candice talking in cockpit, Elissa says she heard the alliance info from Amanda. (she really heard it from Judd) Candice told Howard that she thinks Amanda got the information from Spencer Kaitlin thinks Amanda made up the whole thing about the real 5 person alliance (not sure of Kaitlin's logic here) Bottom line: Kaitlin, GM, Howard, Spencer - deny the alliance all day/night long Helen, Andy, Jessie, Aaryn, Judd - listen to the denials and know they are lying, but let them continue with the denial Amanda, McCrae - out of the house meeting, laughing that How/Sp do not think that the other HGs talk and compare notes about other alliances. Candice - does not believe Howard would keep that from her, blames Amanda Elissa - to quote some of the HGs this year, "she has gone bat sh*t crazy"
  5. BBUpdater

    Jessie - Week 4

    I think she woke up yesterday, and finally started to get involved in the game. About time.
  6. BBUpdater

    Candice - Week 4

    With all of the talk yesterday of the 5 person alliance, everyone knew either they were lying or they were being lied to. Except good ole Candice who thinks Howard would never lie to her, so she decided to blame Amanda for everything. Candice is just not all there.
  7. BBUpdater

    Amanda - Week 4

    This thread has just turned into a big gossip mill with no proof of anything. Things like, "I heard this, but not sure where".
  8. BBUpdater

    Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    I think Elissa's psychotic break yesterday (or as Andy stated, "she is a malfunctioning robot") may have been caused by the fact that she was wearing the infamous Arse Hat from Jeremy all day.
  9. BBUpdater

    BB15 General Discussion

    May even be better if MVP nominee was only allowed to be someone who has not been on the block before.
  10. BBUpdater

    Jessie - Week 4

    Is she still there? At this point, she only votes the way Judd tells her. No mind of her own. Classic floater. Will make it midway through the game, then get voted out.
  11. BBUpdater

    Howard - Week 4

    I like Howard because he is a great strategizer. However, Amanda is better entertainment for the house. Thus, he needs to go. He would be a favorite on another season (especially one where I do not watch live feeds because he is overly boring on the feeds), but want to see members of the Goof Troop make it far.
  12. BBUpdater

    McCrae - Week 4

    He is playing a great game, and he knows the game well. Once Amanda gets evicted, he will be a huge free agent. Almost everybody in the house has said they want to work with him after Amanda is gone. Much more liked within the house than Amanda.
  13. BBUpdater

    Amanda - Week 4

    He did this. Howard has admitted to doing it. It was with him and McCrae after McCrae told him he was MVP, but would not put him up.
  14. BBUpdater

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    At this point, he is a key member in the following alliances, and everyone trusts him: Goof Troop (McManda, Andy) Knockouts (Goof Troop, Elissa, Helen) Grasshoppers (GM, Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer) F4 - Howard, Spencer, Andy F2 - Jessie F2 - GM F5 - Jessie, Aaryn, and he suggested they add 2 more people (happened yesterday) On the live feeds, he brings up Candice's name every now and then. Which would make sense because that is the only person in the house he is not in an alliance with. He is in the best position of all the HGs at this point. Nobody has even brought his name up for nominee in weeks, and he has taken over Andy's duties as being the person with the most information in the house.
  15. BBUpdater

    BB15 General Discussion

    The MVP twist is knocking out all of the personalities and players. It was supposed to be a season of no floaters. However, it is making the entire season to be a big float - all floaters. If they really wanted to knock out floaters, or at least get them on the block, then they should do an America's vote of who they think should NOT go on the block. The person with the least amount of votes, goes on the block. Keep people in the house that are really liked or really disliked, the people that the viewers have no opinion on are the ones that should be up for eviction. This way the person going up would not be polarizing, they would just have no fans and we would probably get Jessie or someone like that on the block.