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  1. 10:00 PM BBT Bridgette says if they gun after a girl who will they go after. Then she adds that she feels like she would be a big target. Bronte says she feels if Victor goes on the block, he will campaign for Tiffany to go home and she will campaign for him to go home. Bridgette says but none of the girls are voting out Tiffany. Bridgette says how long does this team thing last because it's really messing up my game. Bronte says once we're out of this team situation everything will change. Bronte says we should be out of teams by jury. Bridgette thinks they can bring Tiffany to their side, but Bronte says if we do she might blow up their game to save herself. James comes in and interrupts the discussion.


    Natalie comes in and says we should play a game and James says like what. They decide to jump on the beds and after about ten seconds we get "Stop that". James said that was a good 20 seconds. [Or half that]. Natalie asks James if Paulie and Zakiyah are a showmance. James asks if Natalie is and she says she doesn't know if she is. James says she's hard to read. Natalie said the last time she showmanced with someone she was dumped. James said oh I remember that, she went for the wrong guy. Bronte comes back in and says it's weird they will be out of the house right before the seasons. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


    James, Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte all have some Gril Talk. They talk about drinking tomorrow and what they're going to wear. They talk about Bronte being put up on the block by the guy she thought was "super hot". She came in second in the POV. Natalie likes peanut M&Ms because they are delicious. Her favorite colors are pink and glitter. (Natalie is being "interviewed" by James). James asks who her favorite celebrity is and she says she likes Selena Gomez and Drake is her favorite rapper and her crush is Rob Karashian (pronounced car-dash-an). Bronte will host tomorrows GT. We get a shoutout and "Holla' for Derrick. Bridgette's favorite player is Donny from season 16 and she'd like to take him to tea sometime. Natalie says Zach is really funny too and Bridgette would buy him another pink hat. She also says Johnny Mac can work on his teeth.


    Tiffany, Da'Vonne, and Zakiyah are in the Have-not room still talking, but it's turned to the room in general and the clown on the wall. Frank comes in and general chit chat about what they are going to do tomorrow.


    Victor and Paul out by the pool table and Victor talking about votes and he thinks Tiffany will get voted out. Victor says he feels Tiffany knows it was him that put her up but he doesn't care because Tiffany lied to their faces about not voting Jozea out. Paul says he doesn't trust anyone right and that it's super sketchy. Victor says he knows and that for all he knows Paulie will use the POV and put him up. Paul says then what and Victor says then he should still have the votes to get Tiffany out. Paul says what if he takes Bronte down and Victor says I think that's who he wants out and Paul says I'm not sure. Victor says if he takes down Tiffany I'm not putting myself up. Victor says Paulie told him if anyone came down he'd put Natalie up and Paul says I think they are cool. Victor says yeah but she voted against him. [Ummm, didn't Victor also vote against him?] Paul says are you sure though and Victor says I'm pretty sure. Victor says if he takes Tiffany down it would be bad for Paul and Bronte but it wouldn't make any sense for him to do that and Paulie wouldn't want to get more blood on his hands. Paul says I honestly think he will take Bronte down and make sure one of us goes home. Victor says if that's his play then whatever. Victor says if that happens Bronte, Natalie, and Nicole would all vote out Tiffany. Victor says he's not going to stress.


    Victor thinks tomorrow will be a chill day. Corey comes out and watches the pool game. Paul beats Victor and he goes to lay in the hammock with Nicole and Corey will play against Paul.


    Victor tells Nicole he's worried about getting backdoored and she tells him not to worry about it and to relax. Victor says I think I'll be fine. Victor says Natalie is immature for her age.



  2. 9:30-10:00 PM BBT Corey says he likes Nicole and everything, but he's been trying to separate himself from her because he doesn't want to be seen as a couple. He says people automatically assume NIcole tells Corey everything and he doesn't want people to target them because of that. Corey says Nicole is a cool girl, but he wouldn't date her anytime soon at all, if ever. Frank tells Corey no one in this game intimidates him in any way. Frank says once Victor is gone it will be like summer camp. He says after this week there is no one in the house that he doesn't like. Corey says yeah then we just take out people on the other side of the house. Frank says then we go after people we don't think will take us to the final 2. Franks says if we make final three we can take it from there. Corey asks who do we want in the final three. Franks says I'd take Zakiyah, all day every day. Corey says Z or Michelle and Frank says no because Michelle would be good in the final competition. He then goes on to explain to Corey how the final competition works, that one part is putting stuff in order (which he says Michelle would be good at) and the final part is an A/B question competition on what jury members have responded (and Michelle would be good at that too). Corey says then if it's someone like Z, then there's no way she beats both of us because she don't pay attention. Frank says we don't want Michelle and we don't want Da.


    Da'Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, and Zakiyah in the Have-not room and Da says we have to get Victor out because if there's a bye back then he will go after them. Nicole says she thinks Natalie is "genuine" and Zakiyah says almost and Da wonders why the boys are protecting her so hard. Zakiyah says Frank is the president and manager of everyones decisions. Nicole says the boys for sure want Natalie in jury. Nicole asks about Tiffany and Da says she might have to be a roadkill situation and one of them would have to win. Nicole asks Da why she thinks Tiffany is coming after Da. Da says have you ever went to the "secret room" (DR) and got a piece of information you're not supposed to have because I have. Da says she started putting pieces together and Nicole says she wishes she'd get a hint. Da tells Nicole she thinks Tiffany's true alliance is with Paulie. MIchelle doesn't like Bridgette because she is close to Frank. Michelle she used to be close to him, but now they stay up til late. Tiffany enters the room and a minute later Paul comes in. Michelle goes to take a shower and Nicole goes to get her laundry. Paul goes to see what time it is and Da says she wished the other two didn't leave because it looked awkward.


    Frank says he wishes Bronte and Natalie hadn't sided with who they did because they could have taken them to the end with them. Corey says maybe Natalie and Frank says no because the rest of their alliance wants her out. He says if we could win roadkill then we could put someone unexpected up, but they'd have to be quiet about getting votes. Frank says that would do them in if they were found out. Frank says roadkill will go away eventually though. Frank says unless Bronte or Natalie win HOH and they can talk them into putting two people in their alliance that isn't them and that takes two votes away. Plus if they win roadkill, then they could pick and choose who to put up and get someone out that way. Frank says no one can get mad that way because with three of their own players on the block, theres nothing they could do. Frank says after Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany then they're in jury.


    Tiffany re-hashes Victor drinking a majority of the alcohol on the first or second night of live feeds. Da says don't worry about it, he's leaving. Tiffany says she thinks James or Frank would put her up. Da asks if Tiff would take a shot at Frank and Tiff says yes if she had 100% backing. Tiff says she thinks the other girls would definitely vote that way, but Tiff isn't sure if Michelle would be on board because she's such a super fan of the guys. Tiffany would also want Frank gone pre-jury so he doesn't poison the jury against her. Tiffany says the other girls want a girl to win so bad they won't put up any of the girls. Da says Tiffany has a reason to put up Frank. Tiffany says they can backdoor Frank or James. Da says she keeps hearing from their mouth girl, girl, girl, girl being evicted.


    Victor comes out, followed by Nicole, and Frank goes in to get some ice cream. Victor thinks they'll do the veto stuff in the morning. Victor is clipping his nails. Feeds switch the Natalie and Bronte in the UKBR. Natalie says she heard Paulie says Victor was going up. Bronte says he said that again and Natalie says so far and she feels bad. Bronte says if only we could have convinced Victor to go to the other side of the house and Natalie and Bronte stayed behind Victor and they separated themselves from Jozea. Bronte says Victor is better than any guy in the house, Victor is the best player, and America is going to be bummed to see him go. Bridgette comes in and Bronte fills her in on the conversation. Bronte says Vanessa from last season was so strategic she came up with a master plan every week for every situation. Bronte says we need to do that and Bridgette says that's what they've been trying to do and asks if they want to have a "plot session" and squeals. Bridgette says she doesn't trust Tiffany because she's close to Michelle and Michelle hates her guts. Bronte says the house messed themselves up by not voting Paulie out because Jozea would have been easier to vote out any given week. Bridgette says Bronte should win HOH next week and she says that won't happen because she doesn't think James will give her HOH. Bridgette says well he can't get it. Natalie tells them she heard they want Zakiyah to win HOH and Bronte says that can't happen because Paulie and Frank will take over the HOH and they'll go home.


    Michelle comes in to get something from her drawers and then leaves again. Bridgette says Michelle really doesn't like her because she rubs her the wrong way. Bronte says well Paulie hates me. Bronte says someone should tell Zakiyah if she gets HOH she'll get blood on her hands and she doesn't want that. Bridgette says we should start planting the seed now. Bronte says she just doesn't want James to keep throwing their competitions. They talk about how to get Zakiyah to not take HOH or not put them up. Natalie says there are bigger targets than us and we need to stop being paranoid. Natalie says Frank is running the house and Bridgette says yes he is, he's the top dog. Natalie says Frank has a personal relationship with Paulie, Corey, and James each, so those are his three main guys and Bridgette says yes. Natalie says then you have Nicole attached to Cory, Zakiyah is attached to Paulie, and Natalie is attached to James. Bronte says but they don't talk game with you and Natalie says but James is always honest when he talks to me. Bridgette says but James is playing the game so be careful. Bridgette says if her team wins again she feels like Frank will take it, so she doesn't want to win next week. Natalie tells Bridgette she'll have to suck at her comp and throw it. Natalie says not to mention Jozea anymore just go and establish friendships. Bronte says she knows Tiffany and Frank had an issue, but she doesn't know any other issues that group is having. Bridgette doesn't think Tiffany is actually with Frank and Bronte says no they don't like each other. Bridgette says she asked Tiff if she would ever take a swing at Frank and Tiff said no that it was too risky. Bridgette says they need to make a sneaky move. Bronte says you have Frank, James, or Corey and you have to get one of them out to break that alliance up. Bridgette says we need to figure out who James wants out and then have Bronte tell James she wants those people out and maybe he'll give her HOH. Bronte says once she makes jury she won't be worried about making a big move and getting blood on her hands. Bronte says she thinks the best thing they can do is hope the others gun for each other and forget about them. Bridgette says they might look at us as floaters. Bronte was going to put Tiff up if she'd won roach coach because Tiff would have thought Frank had done it. Bridgette mentions again that Michelle hates her guts and tried to pick fights with her twice today. Natalie asked if Bridgette if she talked to her and Bridgette said no she's rude and Natalie says but maybe you should talk and squash it and Bridgette says no she wants to use it. Natalie asks Bronte why Paulie doesn't like her and she said she thinks it's because she rubbed him the wrong way because he's a flirt and she made a comments just "joking" like oh you're doing the same thing Cody did, you're a big flirt. She says she asked him if those comments irritated him because that's her personality, she just jokes, she's good at one-liners, that's why she's on the show and he said no, he was fine with them but the minute he got HOH he started to treating her so differently. She says Paulie is like I won HOH and I have POV so screw you.


    Bridgette says how do we use these things to cause animosity between Corey, James, and Frank? She says lets brainstorm. Bridgette said like last week when there was tension between James, Victor, and Natalie that was all planned. Natalie feels like Frank and Corey area always together and always talking and Bridgette says Nicole is in on it too. Natalie says a lot of the players are star struck over the returning to players and they kiss their asses. Natalie says Jozea was so loud to people and he scared them away to the other side. Bronte said she warned him and Paul all the time and they wouldn't listen. Bronte wants Paul out of the house and Bridgette says we can use and get him out of the house. Bridgette says the guys are going to gun after a girl to even the playing field. Bronte says they might think they can go after the girls later and it seems right now they are gunning for men.





  3. 9:02-9:30 PM BBT Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole in the Have-not room having the same basic conversation. They don't trust Tiffany because they think she has a Final 2 with Paulie and she's getting close to the other girls. But they want to keep Tiffany because they want her to go after Frank, so none of them have to do it themselves. They talk a little strategy on the order of which to get the guys out.  Zakiyah asks what Frank and Nicole were talking about. Nicole tells them Frank wants Tiffany out instead of Bronte next week because he's afraid she'll put him up. Zakiyah wants to know why Paulie and Paul are being pushed so far down the list of who to evict. Zakiyah feels Paulie made a deal with Paul beyond keeping him safe this week. Nicole says Frank told Nicole and Corey that no one can put up Paul next week because they are going to give him a break. Nicole says oh Paul gets a bye week. Da said that because there is a guys situation going on. Da says they just need to pull the trigger if they get HOH. They don't want Bridgette to make jury because she'd vote for any of the guys. They say she's a "guys girl". 


    Zakiyah thinks the other girls want Corey out. Da says Corey will be one of the easiest ones to get out. Da says James isn't involved in it and Nicole says Corey isn't either because Frank is after Corey. Nicole says she doesn't think Corey is included in the guys thing at all. Da thinks Paul, Paulie, and Frank are the guys alliance. Da says this four is the strongest alliance in the house. Zakiyah says Paulie has been different with her since Frank has been in the HOH with Paulie. Nicole feels like Corey has no idea what's going on. Da says I know we have the 8, but I don't want to get so wrapped up in the 8 that we miss an opportunity. Da says Bridgette is playing Jun's game and he thinks Frank promised Bridgette something. More talk about Tiffany making them nervous. Zakiyah says she feels like Tiffany has multiple things going on and she doesn't trust here. Da says Tiff told her she liked Paulie and they could save him for last to evict. Da says I don't care who likes who she just wants them to be the final 4. She says they have to stay focused. Nicole says Bronte is throwing everyone under the bus.


    Da says James told her Bronte looks like Becky and Bronte talks about Abercrombie a lot and Becky is a manager at Abercrombie. She said something about going to visit her family in Denver. They said Bronte was the last one cut last year, she was almost on the show. Michelle says she's not worried about Bridgette now, but she doesn't want her on jury. Da says if they take a girl out it leaves all the boys in the house. Nicole has no desire to work with Bridgette at all.


    They get another alcohol delivery. General chatter in the KT with Frank, James, Victor, Paul, Bronte, Cory, and Natalie. Talking about alcohol and whether they should drink it or save until tomorrow in case they don't get a party. Corey goes to play pool and Frank watches and they start talking about the people in the house and basic strategy. Corey says the girls in the house bring nothing to the table (talking entertainment wise). Frank says after the veto ceremony, Victor is going to freak out and maybe he'll just bow out. Corey agrees because there's nothing he can do. No one is going to vote the other way. Frank says if Victor is just in the house for exposure or a contract, not that anyone is going to get a huge contract, then he needs to control himself. He says he doesn't know how Victor is on anger management because he wanted to punch James because of the pranks in the house.


    Frank says so many of them are getting along so well and eventually they have to start going after each other. People are going to love the whole Bridgette and Michelle being mad. Michelle hates Bridgette and Bridgette doesn't like Michelle either. Frank says and they are both on my damned team. Corey says right because they can't do anything to each other.


    Corey asks Frank if he ever expected to come back and Frank says the longer time goes he thought there was less chance and no one has been brought back since his season. Corey tells Frank about Jozea and Paul and Victor saying about the vets we have to get them out and they had their chance.


    Corey says Victor has been following him around like a puppy dog and Frank says Victor has lied to him a lot. Corey says he thinks Victor has taken "some stuff", because when you take stuff and get off of it you get a barreled chest and gut a little bit. (Steroids?) Frank says he called out Victor on him going up to Nicole and telling her she needed to put up Frank and Da because they already had their chance, and Victor blamed it on Jozea. Frank feels bad for Bronte and Natalie because they're really nice girls and they wouldn't be going out like they will be. Corey says Natalie might be more "genuine" than some of their group. Frank says she's definitely more genuine than Tiffany. He tells Corey that Paulie says he really trusts Tiffany. Corey says He said that? Frank says yes and he keep saying it. Frank says he wants Tiffany out. Maybe not in the next two weeks, but he definitely wants her out.  Corey says he doesn't think that's true. Frank says they are not going to be teams for the entire season and once Tiffany is by herself she might do something willy-nilly.


    Frank says they need to make sure they are not on the block because once they get up there people will start to think this might be our only chance to get him out. Corey thinks if he's on the block again Paul or Zakiyah, they'd be voted off over him because they don't do anything. Frank wants to get Tiffany out in one of the next two weeks and he told Nicole it would be a good idea for her team not to win HOH. Corey asks how long teams will last and Frank says probably about the same as before.

  4. 2:30 AM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, James, and Corey in the WA. They wonder if Paulie would flip to the other side. Da and Corey don't think so. General chatter on the HOH comp, the upcoming nominations, and other general talk about Victor.


    2:35 AM BBT Natalie tells Bronte in the UKBR if they have to throw a comp, they might have to if they feel secure. They have to get the house to like them and keep winning.


    2:45 AM BBT Tiffany and Natalie in the UKBR. General chat about Jozea and Victor. Advice they gave Jozea and talk about Victor and Natalie.



  5. 2:00 AM BBT Paulie tells Paul he'd like to put him up to fight for POV so they can keep Victor on the block because Paulie doesn't trust him. He says if Victor comes down, then one of the girls will go up and they will go home because they will keep Paul safe.


    Corey tells Paul people don't like the way Victor talks to them. Paulie said they tried to get Paul to break away from Victor and Jozea and Paul said it was hard because Jozea was on his team. Paul asks so was he put up by the roadkill to ensure Jozea out and Paulie says we don't know who won roadkill. Paul said that's why Bridgette went up, Paul knew she went up to ensure Jozea out. Paul said Jozea was genuinely nice to him and Paulie said he wasn't genuine, he called himself the Messiah.


    Paulie tells Paul if he won POV he'd use it on Paul because he just doesn't trust Vic. Paulie thinks the girls will go after each other. Bronte comes up to use the WC and Paul tried to continue talking and Paulie motioned him not to. Talk turns to the competition until Bronte leaves. Paul immediately says you're the HOH, and you've been observing and maybe i'm getting played, and Paulie interrupts and said you were getting played. Tiffany interrupts to use the WC and talk goes back to the competition. Paulie says they jumped over some of the logs to the circle and Paul said he didn't even know he could jump and that he didn't know if he could use his hands. Paulie says it was fun. Corey said Natalie was upset because she was a gymnast and she was the first to fall off. Paulie asks Tiffany if she wants to kick it and listen to his CD. Paulie has been struggling with the remote for about 15 minutes now and asks Tiffany how to use the remote. Corey says he's going to bed and leaves.


    In the Tokyo room, Victor and Frank talking about the comp and Victor complaining about James throwing the challenge. He doesn't like James and James spread lies about him.


    Tiffany says in the competition she gets tired easily because she doesn't work out like some of the others. So she helped Corey finish the third column and then asked if he could finish and she said as that third row was finished. They talk about people's strengths and weaknesses and Tiffany says Paul is brilliant and Paulie says yeah he is he went to Pepperdine. Paulie thinks they picked a super smart, super diverse, super fit cast. Tiffany says MMA fighters, personal trainers, nutritionist, nurses. Paul says it would be a good zombie apocalypse house. Paul says he just wants to have a good time. He doesn't like talking about serious stuff, he just wants to dress like a woman and make PB&J. Paulie still can't get the remote to work.


    Frank comes in and Tiffany gives the remote to him. Frank says they have to turn it on.


    Nicole tells Zakiyah should go up and stay in the room and find out what's going on. Zakiyah said she wants to give Paulie some space. Da says Zakiyah should go up too.


    2:21 AM BBT Natalie and Bronte in UKBR. Bronte says she wants to tell Paulie she just wants to get to jury. She tried for two years to get on the show and she just wants there. She said vets have already played and been to jury and two of them won America's favorite, why do they need to make it to jury. Natalie says Bronte should go talk to people and that she just doesn't feel safe. Bronte said she doesn't know who to talk to besides Paulie and James. Natalie wonders what the guys will say and they could potentially throw them under the bus. Bronte says all Jozea had to do was tell Da and Zak that he was a newbie and Paulie has been trained for this. Bronte seen Da and Zakiyah talk to Jozea and they seemed honest and sincere. They fooled her. Natalie says they're planning and plotting and there's nothing they can do. Natalie says as long as me and you make it to jury together. They need to get to jury because they need the paycheck. Bronte says if she wins the roachcoach she's only telling Natalie and Natalie says she's only telling her. Bronte says if they put up Paul and Victor she'd want to nominate someone that could have been put up by their own alliance. Like Tiffany since there was that fight.






  6. 1:34 AM BBT Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte go back downstairs to have their "wax party". James leaves the HOH and the girls squeal and invite him to the wax party.


    1:35 AM BBT Natalie tells Bronte not to trust any of the guys. Bronte please stop singing.


    1:38 AM BBT Frank comes down and goes to the WC.


    1:40 AM BBT Frank lets Natalie wax his "unibrow".


    1:43 AM BBT They call James to the DR and Frank and James say who? The voice says "James!".


    1:45 AM BBT Paul hanging out in HOH hoping to get Paulie alone. Corey is lingering in the HOH room.


    1:47 AM BBT Frank, Da, and Nicole in the Tokyo room and Frank tells them Victor was pitching they have to get girls out because there are 8 girls and 6 guys. Frank says he's throwing the girls under the bus. Frank asks what they think about the BD action? Zakiyah comes in to talk too. More talk about a possible BD and Victor comes in and interrupts.


    1:48 AM BBT Paul says he bets Cody was stoked he got called to write a letter. Paulie explains they pre-write them or they wouldn't get them in time.


    1:50 AM BBT Paulie, Paul, and Corey in HOH and Paul says he fell and hit his head hard. He has a headache.


    1:50 AM BBT Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie still in WA. Bronte telling them about her conversation with Paul and that he's going overboard. More re-hashing about Jozea going home and Natalie having a feeling he was going. Zakiyah comes in and interrupts the convo. Bridgette was saying someone told her she might get votes and she thought they were so mean.


    1:51 AM BBT Paul tells Paulie he knew they had numbers at 7-4, but Victor did not. Paul says the girls were a mess. He says Victor is loyal and he has no animosity toward Paulie. Paul says we need to look at the bigger picture, not that the Vets are out to get us, but that two noobs are gone. He said not to go after the vets, but to point out that it's happening. Paul says it's not necessarily a priority or that they are being sneaky, but he wanted to point it out. Paul says he trusts Bronte and Natalie because they were honest with Jozea. Paulie says he trusts Paul and he is the most liked out of that group. On a personal level, Paulie says he likes and trusts Paul, but he doesn't trust Vic. Paulie says he feels like even if feels like Vic is loyal that he'd cut their throats, even about Corey.


    1:57 AM BBT Paul asks Corey to lock the door. He said he wants to have ONE conversation with Paulie and only for like five minutes.


    1:58 AM BBT Nicole says her mom got a twitter, but she said she might have cancelled depending on how people were. Da says she told her mom not to because her mom would be wanting to know where people lived.




  7. 1:00 AM BBT Everyone still in HOH room and still just general chit chat. They are reading where products from Paulie's basket are made.


    1:02 AM BBT Natalie called to change her microphone.


    1:15 AM BBT No one is leaving the HOH room. Everyone still just telling stories. They are telling stories on the wildest things they did in high school.


    1:20 AM BBT Paul called to DR. Tiffany told to exchange her microphone. [Yes, it's really this boring]



  8. 12:00-12:30 AM BBT Paulie and Zakiyah upstairs on the landing chatting about strategy and who they trust. Paulie wants "them five" (Victor, Paul, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette) gone. He has discussed putting up two of the girls because they might be stronger than the guys. He says he wanted to rub it in that he stayed and then won HOH, but he decided not to. He mentions Bronte pitched to him saying she was loyal. Zakiyah feels like things went great. Paulie mentions putting up Paul and Victor and pulling Paul to the side and telling him he's a competition beast and he wants him to win veto to leave Victor on the block and Bronte can go next week. Zakiyah says Bronte has to go though because the longer she's in the game the more dangerous she is. Paulie says Natalie will have to go too because he thinks she'll be a floater. Zakiyah did not like Bridgette's speech to be saved from eviction. Zakiyah goes downstairs and Da'Vonne comes up.


    Paul and Bronte in the safari room. Paul wants to convince Paulie they need James out of the game. He's hoping Paulie would put up Victor and James and hopefully Victor would win POV. Paul thinks he can convince Paulie to turn him. Bronte said she knew in 30 seconds that James was going to throw the HOH comp. Bronte doesn't know why Da and Zakiyah sided with the vets and Paul said they're stupid. Paul asks if Bronte is 1000% sure Natalie is with them and Bronte says yes. Paul wants Natalie to spy for them. Bronte doesn't think Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are going to win a lot of competitions and Paul says they suck. Paul isn't worried about Nicole and Frank. Paul says they need to win roadkill. Bronte says she can't believe this day went so badly and Paul said because people are stupid and he keeps repeating that. Bronte says to tell Paulie they just want to get to jury. Paul says we can get rid of all four vets before jury. Bronte says no one on the other side asked her last week who she was voting for and that Paulie never talked to her either. Bronte was so livid when she seen Paulie was going to win that it took everything in her not to flip a pitch and say send her home. Bronte wonders why they didn't just say I'm sorry Jozea we're on their side. At least we aren't liars. Paul says it's funny how the worst case things keep happening. Bronte says it's like the Big Brother universe is against them, she just doesn't understand, because she's not a liar. She can't believe Da'Vonne and Zakiyah just flat out lied. Paul doesn't like Da. Paul just really doesn't like James. Paul only wants to play with Bronte, Jozea, and Victor because they are good people. Paul says when it comes to POV he will rape James. He swept them all under the rug in the last POV. Bronte thinks the 7 who sent Jozea home are like tight and she doesn't know how to squeeze her way in there. Bronte said James would go out of his way to waste time and Paul said because he's an idiot. Paul said they are obvious because they go in and out of rooms but if you ask them something, they don't know anything. Paul is going to try and convince Paulie they are using him to get power and they're going to vote him out when they don't need him anymore. Paul said when he was put up Paulie's face turned red. Bridgette comes in and asks if they're ok. Natalie comes in and the three girls go to wax.


    Da'Vonne, Nicole, Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie all in the WA and having a "waxing party". 


    Paulie called to DR.

  9. 1:30-2:00 AM BBT General talk and re-hashing the same conversations in the Tokyo room and the HOH room.


    Frank comes down to the Tokyo room and they ask him what happened. Frank says we just didn't see eye to eye. Paul tells Frank what he heard Tiffany yelling and Frank says the first time was the wine thing. Corey comes in to go to bed. Frank said Julie will come up with questions they won't be expecting. Jozea asks like what. Frank gives examples from his season. Paul says what other questions does Julie ask. Frank says it's random, she might ask about slop, the pixels, things like that.


    Da says Michelle is the closest in the house to Tiffany and she needs Michelle to calm her down. More re-hashing of events.


    They re-hash the same conversation again because Victor comes out of the DR.


    Zakiyah says they are going to hate me tomorrow, Michelle said me too, and Zakiyah said but definitely me and Da.


    Paulie and Tiffany in the safari room re-hashing the same conversations as well.


    Natalie and James on the upstairs landing re-hashing the Victor story. Nicole joins them upstairs.


    Paulie says after the last person votes, hes going to lean over and whisper to Jozea tell Julie I said hi.

  10. 1:15-1:30 AM BBT Nicole tells Frank Bronte came in and asked Tiffany who upset her and she started asking everyone. Michelle asks why Bronte has to be so nosy. Frank says if Tiffany doesn't want to be part of the group for the next few weeks, fine she can pull and Aubrey or Audrey, and mope.


    Downstairs Tiffany says she sometimes says things she doesn't mean. She doesn't think Frank is a chauvinist, but she was venting. Bridgette says people will love you for standing up for yourself and Tiffany says America doesn't like cry babies. Da, Zakiyah, and James still trying to talk to Tiffany and get her laughing. Tiffany asks Da not to tell people she was crying, just say she was upset. Tiffany says she know she's getting so much shit right now for crying and that its her first on feed cry.


    Paul comes up and asks Frank if he was the culprit and Michelle says it was me. Paul says really? Michelle says no. Paul asks why Tiffany is crying and Frank says I don't know. Michelle said Bronte's apparently finding out go ask her. Paul said she was mad and he wanted to get the 411. Michelle said I missed everything because I was in the shower. Paul leaves.


    Natalie comes in and sees Tiffany and asks if she was ok. Then she came over and hugged her and said don't cry.  Natalie tells her to get her head out of the game. Paulie comes in and hugs and comforts Tiffany.


    Nicole says Bridgette was in there so she knows everything. Frank says Bridgette isn't going to spread anything I tell her. Michelle says she still doesn't trust Bridgette. Corey comes back up and Da'Vonne. Frank says Paul was just up here trying to figure out what was going on. Da says nosy asses. And they start re-hashing again.


    Zakiyah in the Tokyo room with Victor, Jozea, Paul, and Bronte. But we get FotH and then we see Zakiyah running upstairs. Jozea tells Bronte Zakiyah and Da are good and that he doesn't know why Natalie and Bridgette are even worrying. Bronte said she thought Natalie and Bridgette were going to give her an actual conversation they overheard, but it was just a gut feeling. Bronte said they are losing it and taking her down with them. She says she got frustrated with them because there was nothing substantial. Jozea said Zakiyah and Da, Natalie, Bronte, Paul, and Victor are all voting for Jozea to stay and Victor says we have Frank. Paul says Frank is doing weird stuff, but Victor says Frank told them they were good. Jozea said if he sees six votes, he'll know who flipped, but it won't be Zakiyah or Da. Paulie comes out of the UKBR and Paul asks if Tiffany said anything and Paulie said no she doesn't want to talk about it.


    Frank just said Vanessa used to try to intimidate people and when they pushed back then she'd cry. Frank said that's what just happened with Tiffany. Nicole says she looked just like her sister while she was crying. NIcole said they got a lot to use for tomorrow's show and Michelle said it wouldn't be the night before eviction night if stuff didn't go down. Zakiyah just came in and said they still think Frank is on their side. Frank said the questions were fine, it was the way she was asking them.


    Zakiyah tells them Jozea said if he gets evicted he's going to raise hell. They say how, he's going to be out of the house, and Zakiyah said he's going to do it before he leaves the house. Frank says Bridgette just sided with them because she thought they were majority.


    Jozea calls Bridgette a dumbass idiot. They send Bronte back in the UKBR and Jozea tells Bridgette to not let them get in her head.

  11. 1:00-1:15 AM BBT Tiffany says she hadn't even raised her voice. Bronte comes in to get her water and Tiffany says what's the saying F me over once shame on you F me over twice shame on me. Bronte asks who F'd her over and Tiffany says she doesn't want to talk about it. Tiffany said she wants to let it die and Bronte says I got you girl don't worry about it. Bronte leaves and Tiffany continues saying she's not an aggressive person but may he feels guilty for saying what he did. She studied psychology so she knows what he's doing. Frank feels guilty and he got defensive. Nicole says she understands. Tiffany refuses to come talk to him and James says give her time to sleep on it and cool down. Tiffany says great this is what I want America to see because she's crying. Tiffany says they better show other people crying. FotH. James says if he can cry he would. Nicole asks Tiffany what she wants Nicole to tell Frank and Tiffany says I'm fine I just don't want to talk right now. James said he understands where Tiffany is coming from because he's done it to James and he's like that with everyone. That's just how Frank is.


    Da in the HOH saying Tiffany is fragile and cracks under pressure. Frank says if she wants to hop on the short bus that's fine. He says anyone can questions him but her because he can't handle it. Frank said Tiffany has been getting to him. Da said she can't with all these girls. Da says they're panicking. Frank says he's ready to do work. Da said they don't realize the seeds Frank is planting isn't just for tomorrow but for later in the game.


    Tiffany continuing to complain to James and Bridgette. Tiffany says Frank is rude all the time. Zakiyah comes in and they try and figure out sleeping arrangements. Zakiyah and Da were going to sleep in the Have not room, but James said i'll sleep in there and you can have this bed because Tiffany is sleeping upstairs. Da'Vonne comes in and tries to reason with Tiffany. Da says when you question people you are very aggressive and Tiffany tells Da why he reacted that way. (The guilt theory) Tiffany again going over the conversation with Frank, this time with Da'Vonne. Tiffany says this is the third time Frank was aggressive with her. Da says she should talk to him one on one after she sleeps on it. Da and Zakiyah trying to talk Tiffany down.


    Cory and Nicole join Bronte, Victor, Paul, and Jozea in the Tokyo room and they think Frank made a joke that upset Tiffany. Paul says she's in their bawling. Paulie said Frank probably said something funny. Corey said Tiffany doesn't like being excluded from stuff and Frank does that and that might be what it is. Victor says no one is watching us, the HOH room is and the UKBR is. Paul says he wishes he could ask the live feeders what happened.


    Back to HOH with Michelle, Nicole, and Frank. Nicole says she's pissed and won't come up. Frank said that's fine I already apologized to her once this summer. Frank fills Michelle in on the argument. Nicole says what are we going to do from here on with her. Frank says what is she going to do hop on the short bus?

  12. 12:45-1:00 AM BBT Paulie and Corey in safari room still re-hashing conversations. Frank, Nicole, Tiffany, Zakiyah, and Michelle in HOH room and Nicole tells Frank she didn't care if Jozea knew he was going home, she didn't want Victor to know because she doesn't want him to be prepared for the competition. Frank says if there are any repercussions it's going to be on him. Michelle said Paulie was over exaggerating because they weren't freaking out. Corey comes in.


    Flashback 12:55 AM BBT Frank said me and Tiffany went at each other for a minute and Tiffany says she didn't say anything. She seriously didn't but Frank got a little freaking loud. Tiffany says Frank screams a lot for no reason and he goes on the defensive. Frank says he doesn't like being grilled over everything. He said she got defensive with him and asked if he knew the name of their alliance, were you in there on that meeting. Frank says that's grilling him unnecessarily. Tiffany says no that's asking questions, that's literally asking specific questions. Frank says why, those are unnecessary questions. Tiffany says this is a miscommunication, maybe my style of communication is different than yours and you don't understand it so let me explain it to you. Tiffany says unless you don't care to because right now you don't look like you even want to hear me out. Frank says I really don't right now. Tiffany said see that's the attitude you have. I can stand that attitude and she stands up and tells him to chill the fuck out and leaves the HOH room.


    Nicole tells Frank you can't stir stuff up like that. Frank says he can't deal with her but he'll apologize to her. Frank says one vote isn't going to change anything. Da'Vonne pops in and says Corey I told you to snatch Frank and come downstairs. You had one job. Da tells Frank he should have followed her out and Frank says he can't deal with it. Zakiyah comes in and Da says she is pissed. Frank says he doesn't need the third degree from her. Da said she's like a kid and she's probably in her room crying. Frank said if she wants to go willy-nilly then Tiffany can go on the block next week.


    Meanwhile, Paul, Victor, and Jozea in the WA. Paul leaves and comes back and says James is alone with Bridgette in the UKBR and one of them should go sit in there.


    Paul, Victor, Jozea, and Bronte all in the Tokyo room. Victor says if it's just him and Bridgette it doesn't matter. (Since Bridgette can't vote). Victor tells Bronte we'll just tell Natalie when she's out of DR that they are just trying to get in their head.  Paul said what he didn't like was everyone in the safari room and he noted Zakiyah went in and came out, and then Frank, and then Tiffany. Jozea said if gets evicted he's cussing everyone out as he leaves the house. Know that. He's going to say F you, and F you and he's going to tell Julie to shut the F up. He doesn't want to talk to anyone he'll leave out the backdoor. Paul said when he went into the safari room the conversation changed to about a vegan cookie. He's skeptical. Bronte tells Paul paranoia will get him kicked out of this house, he needs to control it. Victor doesn't think Jozea is going to get voted out and he's annoyed because everyone is paranoid.


    Tiffany stomped into the UKBR and got in bed with James and got under the blanket. James gets up and Tiffany says don't even ask. Tiffany then says guys and their egos. They always feel like they're being one upped and sorry she's smart. I don't know what I'm talking about and act like an idiot. Nicole comes in and says Frank wants to talk to you and Tiffany says no, hes a male chauvinist asshole and he's done this twice to her already. Tiffany says Frank is threatened by her. It's so obvious because she has a brain and she actually knows what she's saying. She doesn't like his reaction to her and she doesn't like that he screams at her. Nicole trying to smooth things over saying he knows he was wrong and Tiffany says no he's done it twice already. Tiffany getting teary and says hes playing with fire and he's so rude. She says she was talking to him completely rational and he's a male chauvinist and she can't stand that crap. Tiffany says at least Jozea isn't like that, he's going home, but he isn't like that. Nicole says Frank knows he was wrong and wants to apologize and Tiffany says no this is the third time and if she has something to say she's going to say it and she doesn't respond to that well. All it does is put him in a bad situation and she will one up him. She's not a typical girl and Nicole trying to calm her down. (Bridgette has been in the room the entire time Natalie in DR). Nicole says he's embarrassed and Tiffany says something about their argument about the win while she was in the hammock.

  13. 12:30-12:45 AM BBT Paulie says he trusts Frank when he does stuff like that. Tiffany says you can trust him, but things like that can have repercussions. Paul comes in a chat stops. Tiffany leaves the safari room.


    Corey thinks they'll get woken up early. We get FotH.  Paulie and Corey talking and Paulie says when they have ideas, they should keep them away from the girls because they get too panicky. Paulie said he wished Frank would have waited though because they could stay up late now.


    Frank and Bronte in the WA and having a similar conversation to the one Frank and Natalie had. Paul comes in and asks Bronte if she wants him to stay in the room with them. Because he'd rather be in the room than James be in there. Bronte and Frank chatting again. Tiffany interrupts and Bronte decides to go off to bed.


    Jozea asked who Tiffany was sleeping with and Tiffany says probably James or Michelle and Jozea says or me.


    Paul and Bronte go to the SR. Paul asks what's happening and Bronte says people are freaking out, specifically Bridgette. Paul asks why is she freaking out and Bronte says she doesn't know that they are just going cray-cray. Paul asks Bridgette and Natalie? Bronte says Bridgette. Paul says in the event Jozea goes home we have to go Rambo mode and win HOH. Bronte says we're screwed and Paul says we just have to win HOH and put James, Paulie, and Corey on the block. Jozea comes in and Paul leaves.


    Bronte tells Jozea that Bridgette has a gut feeling and calls her an idiot. Bronte says it's fine, its not hard and Jozea says it's not rocket science. Bronte says they're both a little more emotional than Bronte is and Jozea says he's not going to stay. Bronte tells Jozea that James said to Natalie he wasn't lying. Jozea says it's their last ditch efforts to save Paulie. Bronte told Natalie not to trust Bridgette and not to trust James. She says if you trust James then you're idiot. Jozea says Natalie says if she does that's her own idiotic fault, but she won't do that. Because that would be turning against her alliance and Natalie won't do that.


    Frank comes back into the safari room. He fills in Paulie, Corey, and Tiffany about his brief convo with Bronte and what Paul said when he interrupted. And we get FotH.


  14. 12:15-12:30 AM BBT Bridgette says Frank was on a season with a coach who was a winner. More re-hashing of the conversations. Natalie says they know the game and the newbies don't. Bridgette says Victor, Paul, and Jozea were bullying people to vote out Paulie (specifically Frank and Bridgette). Bridgette says its dangerous going to the bathroom in the house and she doesn't trust either side.


    Bridgette doesn't think we're watching on the live feeds, but then she gives a shout out to her mom and says she's going crazy.


    Paulie's priority #1 is Victor and #2 is Bronte or Natalie. Michelle says hers is Bronte.


    Bronte comes into the room  Natalie asks Bronte not to repeat anything to the guys. Bronte doesn't understand what's going on. Bronte says no one has come up to her. Bridgette counts votes. For Paulie to go home for certain-Bronte, Natalie, Paul, and Victor. Voting for Jozea-Corey, Tiffany and Frank. She says flip votes are Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, and James. She forgot one (Michelle) and the feeds switch to the KT.


    Tiffany and Nicole go into the safari room with Paulie and Michelle. Tiffany is upset that Frank told Natalie because it wasn't a group decision and now everyone who didn't tell Natalie and the girls is a target except for Frank.


    Tiffany says it doesn't change anything and Michelle says I think it does. Paulie said he trusts Frank and Tiffany says it won't change the outcome. Corey comes in and says Bronte pulled Jozea off to the side and Tiffany said see? Paulie says no reason to get paranoid about it. Zakiyah comes in and Nicole asks if Jozea knows. Zakiyah says I don't know what's going on. Paulie says he doesn't think it's anything crazy. MIchelle and Nicole leave and Frank comes in. Paulie fills Frank in and James comes in. Nicole comes back in and says Frank everyone is going to know now. Frank says Jozea doesn't know. Tiffany says Bronte just told him and Frank said you don't know that, you're just speculatin. All of you are just chill the fuck out. [Starts at 12:29 AM BBT] Frank says he doesn't think they know. Frank leaves the safari room.


    Nicole goes up to the HOH room. Paul says good night birthday girl.

  15. 12:00-12:15 AM BBT All HG are in the LR wishing Nicole a happy birthday. FotH again. General chit chat again about house activities. Nicole says it's cool to have her birthday in the house and Paulie says for the second time. Shout outs to radio stations they listen to. Jozea talking about a radio show that used to call people and prank them early in the morning. HG are dispersing. Some in the kitchen getting snacks, some in the LR, and a couple went to the BRs. Natalie says her stomach has been hurting and she wants to go to bed. Paul goes to take a shower.


    Nicole and Corey in WA and she's filling him in on the conversation with Victor. Nicole also tells Corey Frank told the girls to gain some trust in case one of the girls gets HOH next week. Nicole says everything Frank does is for a reason, it's strategic.


    Michelle waiting in safar room and tells Tiffany that Nicole got her birthday present early because Bronte was sent to DR.


    Michelle and Paulie in the safari room and Michellle tells Paulie that Bronte was waiting to go into the DR and didn't tell Nicole happy birthday or give her a hug. Paulie fills in Michelle the information Frank gave him regarding his conversation with Natalie. [Might as well play telephone]


    Bridgette relays her brief conversation with Frank to Natalie and Bronte.


    Quick meeting in SR with Jozea, Victor, and Paul. Victor says he talked to Nicole and she didn't know until three hours ago about the drama from last night.

  16. 11:45-12:00 PM BBT Bridgette comes into the WA to wash her hands. Corey asks why Victor would even want to get him out? Frank says because he's intimidated. Frank and James leave the WA and leave Nicole and Corey alone in the WA.


    Paulie comes back in he's walking back and forth. Paulie starts singing Happy Birthday and Corey says she gets 24 kisses. Tiffany comes in. Tiffany says Natalie told Bronte but Jozea still has no idea.


    Da'Vonne making a crown for Nicole's birthday out of aluminum foil.


    Bridgette asks Natalie if Frank was trying to flip her. She says she thinks the other side of the house has Frank. Bridgette asks what's best for us three. Natalie says #1 stick together and just wait until tomorrow. James comes in and talk stops.


    Natalie says everyone is trying to throw everyone under the bus and Bridgette asks what's her gut telling her and Natalie says she thinks their the targets and there's a bigger alliance. Natalie says we have to be careful because they are gunning for the guys on our team. Bridgette said whatever I tell you guys don't tell anyone else.  Natalie says we have to see how the votes go. Bronte says she is not voting to send Jozea home. Bridgette doesn't trust them at all. They say Paulie has to go home. Natalie says they're fishing to set her against Victor. Bridgette says Frank was berating Natalie and she did a good job of sticking up for herself. Natalie says they have to pray Jozea stays. Frank comes in and asks Bridgette if she thinks they'll keep their mouth shut and she says yeah.


    Corey says that's what Frank wanted and Nicole said Natalie swore she wouldn't tell though. NIcole wants Paulie to go out and see what Bronte knows. They want to see how she acts around Paulie. Nicole doesn't understand why anyone even said anything. James comes back in and said he went into the UKBR and Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette were talking and they just stopped when he came in. Frank comes in and James tells him the same thing and Paulie said Natalie couldn't even keep it a day.


    James and Paulie talking about the upcoming comp. They hope it's not a crapshoot. James wants to go last so he can see what everyone else does.


    Paulie wants to get Paul to flip on James and James said Paul won't flip. He's moving in with Victor after they are out of the house.


    Bronte comes through to use the WC and Natalie comes in to do the same. Natalie makes James and Paulie leave the WA.  And we get FotH.

  17. 11:30-11:45 PM BBT Tiffany, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette in the UKBR. General talk about the pixels, what they think the comp would be, what previous comps were, and food. They all go out to get snacks and Paul scares them as they come out of the BR.


    Paulie, Nicole, James, Frank, and Corey still in WA and still re-hashing conversations. NIcole fills James in that Victor said he'd throw the HOH to Jozea to get James out. Frank tells them they think they have Zakiyah and Da on their side. Nicole tells them Victor thinks it might be a tie because he thinks Bridgette will get one vote. Frank laughs. Chatter stops as Paul walks through to use the WC.


    Nicole says she doesn't want cake, she just wants one of them to win HOH. Victor comes in to use the WC and talk stops again. They talk about James doing an atomic sit-up for Nicole's birthday.



  18. 11:15-11:30 PM BBT Victor tells Nicole that while Paulie was alone with newbies he didn't say anything about being Cody's brother. It wasn't until after Nicole popped out that he told them they were related. Nicole goes down to see Tiffany's braids.


    Natalie again says she's sticking to her word because she's not going to backdoor someone. Bridgette tells Natalie Frank, James, and Corey are in the bathroom chatting. Bridgette said she's been going in and out of there and the conversation didn't change until Corey came in. Tiffany comes in and the other girls oohh and aahh over her hair.


    Tiffany asks what the girls are going to wear tomorrow. If they're going casual or what. Natalie wants to wear heels.


    Bridgette comes into the WA and Frank says out loud so the plan is to blindside Bridge. Frank farts and Bridgette leaves. Frank tells James not to say anything else because he promised Natalie he wouldn't say anything.


    Da'Vonne comes in and says Victor and Nicole? What is that? Frank says I don't know I think he thinks he's got a vote. They start filling Da in on the convos with Natalie.


    Frank tells Da that Natalie won't change her vote, but he's got her on the fence about throwing the comp. Da asked what Bronte and Natalie are talking about. James said they need to get Bronte out and Frank says maybe next week put up Victor and Paul and if Victor wins BD Bronte. Frank said he doesn't think Victor will be good at HOH comps. James said the only people we can't have win are the people on my team. James talking about Bronte calling Nicole a bitch and saying they have to get all of these people out of here.


    James said there's bad blood between him and Victor and he doesn't care. Paulie comes into the WA. They see Nicole come downstairs and call her in. Victor comes in and Frank asks if he's been to the DR yet and he said no, he wants to soon and go to bed. Paulie asks if they should bake something for Nicole's birthday and Frank says it's too late for that.


    Frank asks how the talk went and Nicole says how do you guys let that crap happen all the time.







  19. 11:00-11:15 PM BBT Frank said he was cordial in his goodbye messages. He said he was on the block most of the time and he talks about his goodbye to Brittany.


    Natalie asks if Bronte would be safe next week and Frank said he can't guarantee anything with Bronte. James comes in to brush his teeth. Natalie says she won't be happy with whoever is lying. James says he didn't want to tell her, but that he doesn't make stuff up. Frank says Bronte is harder to read. Paul comes in and interrupts things.


    James says he won America's favorite because he didn't change his character for the game. Frank says they are scared to death of losing Natalie and Bronte because they'll be by themselves. James says he didn't mean to start anything but he didn't want Natalie to get played. Bronte comes back in to the WA. She asks Natalie to go help her pick out something to wear.


    Frank and James in WA talking and Frank fills in James about the conversation. We switch back to the UKBR with Natalie and Bronte and Natalie fills Bronte in on the conversation with James. Natalie says she feels Jozea is going home and Bronte asks if it's a feeling or if she's heard things. Bronte says the most he would get would be Frank, James, Cory, Tiffany, and Michelle. Bronte says the only way Paulie stays if Da or Zakiyah flips. Natalie thinks after tomorrow they need to collect their thoughts and think about their game plan. Natalie says the guys could ruin their game. Bronte knows Natalie isn't a target. Bridgette comes into the room.


    Victor upstairs with Nicole on the landing. Victor says he never asked Nicole and he wanted to wring James' neck and Nicole says let it go. NIcole says she doesn't want to be brought into the middle of anything. Victor says he doesn't play dirty. Nicole wants everyone to stop acting weird. Victor says he's not even comfortable sleeping down there. Victor says he's protected by Big Brother and he's protected by his team. He says James is the target to go and that if it comes down to his team, he'll throw the challenge to get James out. Victor asks how the votes are going to go tomorrow and Nicole says she doesn't know. Victor says Natalie still has feelings for him and she doesn't want to admit it.


    Victor says he heard Nicole has a thing with Corey and she says no we really don't. Victor says people are so petty. Victor asks what she would be doing back home for her birthday. She says she doesn't know maybe have a glass of wine. A few moments of silence and the Victor says he's not a bad person. Nicole says he's just not used to being locked in a house with personalities that don't mix.


    Victor asks what she wants for her birthday and Nicole says I don't know, not go on the block. Victor says she's ok he wouldn't worry. Victor says Cory is his teammate and if he and her are seen as duo it's not good. Nicole says you'd put me and him up? Victor says I wouldn't but someone would and Nicole asks who. Victor says you haven't told me anything, I'm not telling you anything. Victor says he'd put up Tiffany and Michelle. Nicole says would Bronte? Victor says Bronte would, but she's the backup if James isn't available. But he said Nicole wouldn't go home, Corey would because they have bigger fish to fry right now. Victor then says let's not talk game. Corey comes up looing for his water bottle and talk stops until he goes back downstairs.


    Victor says even Natalie is mad at James right now and they are supposed to be buddy buddy. Feeds switch to Frank and James in the WA. Frank still filling James in on his conversation with Natalie. Frank trying to get as many people throw HOH as he can. Corey comes in and says Nicole and Victor are having a serious talk. James says probably about what happened earlier. Frank repeats the conversation with Natalie to Corey.







  20. 10:45-11:00 PM BBT Jozea comes up and wants to play chess with Nicole. She doesn't want to play. Jozea offers to do her make-up for her in the morning for her birthday. Jozea says he'll make her pretty. He talks about doing a fish braid, but Nicole says she's going to straighten her hair. Jozea wants Nicole to pick out something to wear that's nice and fitted so he can give her a "red carpet" look. Jozea wants to give her an entire makeover and NIcole just wants her make-up done.


    We switch to LR and Da is finishing Tiff's braids. Michelle still sitting there with James and Zakiyah and Jozea joins them. Jozea says she likes the braids on Tiffany.


    Natalie in the kitchen getting something to eat. Natalie pulls Frank into the WA and says this is her first rodeo, his second, and can he not tell people what they talk about. She has a lot of thinking to do. She asks if she can trust Frank and he said yeah. Natalie says she's not gonna flip-flop on people because she's not like that. She just wants to take info in and Bronte is her best friend in the house. Frank said that's why he told her about the girls being expendable thing. Natalie says she can't go against her word. Natalie says they do their own thing and come to her and Bronte for votes and she has to find out second hand about things they are saying. Natalie says she knows there's an alliance and Frank quickly says there's not an alliance, just a majority of people who want Jozea gone.


    Bronte comes into the WA and asks if Natalie is ok. Frank says goodbye messages make you emotional and Natalie says she doesn't know what she's going to say. Bronte laughs and says I know what I'm going to say. Frank says you have to be careful because you want to be nice, maybe funny, but if you say the wrong thing and they come back they could hold it against you. Bronte says people who come back are from jury and Frank said on his season the ones who could come back were pre-jury and he explains about sequester to Bronte.

  21. 10:30-10:45 PM BBT Natalie repeating again she doesn't want to do a DR looking like a troll. General chatter still about facial hair care. Natalie finally ready for her DR. Bronte and Natalie in the UKBR and Victor comes in. Victor asks how the talk with Zakiyah went and Bronte says all is good. Victor says he doesn't feel comfortable sitting out there and Bronte says it's been awkward with Nicole and James. Victor says hopefully everything goes according to plan tomorrow.


    Bronte wants tomorrow to hurry up and come here. Victor says he's ready to compete. Bronte says she hopes its not a crap shoot. Bronte says if we win James is safe and Victor says yeah but we'll go after Nicole and Cory. Victor wants Jozea to win HOH. Natalie tells Victor Jozea is going home tomorrow that she just has a feeling. Bronte says if Jozea goes home they have to scramble and Victor thinks Frank will vote against Paulie. Victor says Frank has been with them since the beginning.


    Bronte says it doesn't matter how Frank and James vote and Natalie says Zakiyah and Da'Vonne will vote against Jozea and Victor doesn't think that will happen in a million years. It wouldn't make any sense at all. Natalie says she can't talk game anymore, she just wants tomorrow to happen. Bronte comments that Paulie looks sick or he's nervous and scared.


    Paul and Nicole talking on the upstairs landing by the chess board. Paul says Jozea keeps saying Nicole is sneaky and Paul says she's not. That she was genuinely happy Paul won veto. Paul thinks Nicole is rad. Paul is saying if it comes to a tie Nicole will have to break the tie. Nicole says she doesn't think that would happen. Paul thinks Victor is more loyal. Paul wants to vote with the majority, which he thinks is Paulie. He says if he voted a different way then the house would see the numbers and want to know who voted the opposite way.


    Frank joins them and Paul says he was giving friendly words for Nicole's birthday. Frank says they should have saved the alcohol from last night. Paul can't wait until they are all out and they can party and he wants to see Nicole get wild. Nicole says what he sees is as wild as she gets. Paul asks if Frank has been arrested. Frank says he was arrested for B&E and Paul says he doesn't believe him. Frank says he's a G. Paul says he hasn't been arrested and Franks says I have warrants. Paul says he doesn't want to do any more comps he's tired. Paul says he's played 4 out of 5 and Nicole says there have been 6. Paul says oh I've played 5 out of 6 but oh you've played them all. Then Paul says you can't play next week and Nicole says no. Paul says you can still be put though? Nicole says yeah and Paul said that sucks but I get it. Frank thinks they'll keep the teams for a few weeks.



  22. 10:15-10:30 PM BBT Zakiyah asked if everyone knows the plan and Jozea and Paul say yes, everyone knows the plan. Jozea says no one even needs to vote for Bridgette. Jozea said it was good that Bridgette was nominated because she wasn't a secure vote for Jozea. Jozea said she'll be out and Bronte says Bridgette is a flip flopper. Zakiyah says the HOH room has a nice bed and Jozea says you won't have to leave because we'll be rotating. Paul says when he's HOH no will be allowed to use his bathroom. Bronte goes to get ice cream. Paul says he's a nice guy but he f'in hates Michelle and Tiffany. He says he works so hard not to turn to her and say he hates her and she's an idiot. Jozea asks if she's really a nutritionist or if she's lying. Paul says no because she eats microwave sausages and lays out in the sun. Jozea says would you pay her to be your nutritionist and cook for you and Paul says I wouldn't pay her to do anything.Paul thinks her mom dropped Michelle on her head real hard. Jozea gets called to the DR.


    Corey, Paulie, Paul in the green chairs in the LR, Zakiyah and James on one couch, Michelle on the floor next to Tiffany, while Da is on the couch doing Tiff's hair. They guys are talking about wanting to shave or trim. James doesn't think they'll get to dress up tomorrow. Zakiyah whispering to Da a little bit about her conversation with Jozea.


    Back in the WA, Frank and Natalie still discussing the vote. Frank suggests Natalie throw HOH because she won't be nominated. Frank basically telling Natalie she won't make any enemies if she keeps her promise and she's safe next week no matter what happens. Frank doesn't blame her that she made a promise. Bronte comes in and remarks on how done-up Natalie is. Chatter turns to general talk about make-up and DR sessions.

  23. 10:00 PM BBT Natalie and Bridgette in WA and Natalie asks Bridgette if she trusts Frank. Bridgette says yes, for now. Bridgette says Frank knows more than he's telling her but right now he's keeping her safe. She only trusts him 80%, maybe 75%. She knows there's stuff he'll never tell her. Natalie says she doesn't understand why Frank would vote against Paulie because he's on Frank's team. Bridgette says because Frank wants to vote with the majority. Natalie says she made a promise and she's going to see it through. Natalie says that's the majority for now. Bridgette asks what and Natalie says for Jozea to stay and asks Bridgette if she's heard anything else. Bridgette says no. Natalie says Frank very fair last season but she's not sure if he's playing dirty this time or not. Bridgette and Natalie talking about Victor "asking' Nicole out. Natalie says she couldn't care less.


    Frank comes in and asks if Natalie is all right after their little convo. Natalie says it's good and gravy and Frank asks what that means. Natalie says her heart is with God and she's a happy girl. Nothing can hurt her feelings. Frank says Bridgette is his little "do" girl. Frank asks Bridgette if she's been to the DR and done her thing. Bridgette nods and Franks asks if she said goodbye to herself. Natalie said that wasn't nice and Bridgette said he's mean. Bridgette asks Frank if she can paint his nails and he says No because tomorrow is live show day.


    Frank asks Natalie what she's going to do about tomorrow and she says kick someone home. Frank asks who she's going to send home. She says I don't know, someone. She then asks him who are you going to send home. Frank asks you think I'm going to let one of my teammates go home. She says no obviously not, she knows that for a fact. Frank says he goes to bat for his team. Natalie says she knew from the get-go he wasn't going to vote out his own teammate. Frank says I'm going to try and keep my team safe and Natalie says what you are trying to tell me. Frank says you should vote our way. Frank says he doesn't want to see Natalie in the wrong boat, but no one is coming after her if she votes that way. Natalie asked well then why did you wait until today to ask me to vote your way. Frank says he was waiting to see what was going to happen with the majority because he wanted to vote how they were and he wasn't sure how the vote was going to go. Frank says he also wasn't sure where Natalie was, that he thought she was with them (Victor, Jozea, and Paul) and he didn't want to talk to her and have her go back with information to them. Frank figured once the Victor news came out maybe Natalie would want to work with him and he needed to bring something to the table to have her work with him. She doesn't understand what he's bringing to the table. He says the truth and that he's putting himself out on a limb by talking to her. She says yeah. Brief awkward silence then Natalie says you're not being nice to me right now and Frank says how am I not being nice to you. Natalie says you're being weird right now and Frank asks how. She says I don't know you're delivery is really weird and again Frank says how. Natalie says you made promises to people you don't think it's weird to not keep them. Frank says you don't think it's weird for them to ask me to vote out my own teammate? Natalie says yeah, I wasn't part of that convo. Frank says they lied to me too and Natalie asks how. Franks says they said they wish Glenn would have stayed and Frank says he don't. Frank says they asked why and Frank said because he knows he was going to go OTB and they pretended they didn't know that was the plan. When Frank called them out they finally told the truth and that's how he knew he couldn't trust them.


    Meanwhile, Paul, Jozea, Tiffany, and Zakiyah talking about things from previous seasons (Pandora's box and the red button). Tiffany says she's going to have Da'Vonne do her hair and Zakiyah says she's going to go watch the process. Bronte comes in and sits down as Tiffany and Zakiyah leave and Jozea sends Bronte after Zakiyah.


    Jozea wants to know if Zakiyah has heard anything or observed anything or if James has said anything to her. Zakiyah says she hasn't talked to James because he's from South Carolina and she's from North Carolina. Zakiyah says everything is still the same but she can feel a clear division in the house. Pau; asks who's where and Jozea says before you answer Frank came to us and said they're still on. Zakiyah says she trusts him and she knows Da is on their side. Jozea asks Zakiyah what she feels from Paulie and she says she flirts with him. That Paulie thinks he has her in the bag.


    They start to re-hash things from the day concerning Paulie. Jozea says Paulie is copying him. Bronte again re-hashes her telling Paulie he won't be here to see her in the hot seat.


    Jozea says he and Paulie are similar because they both work with women, except Jozea is gay and Paulie is straight. Paulie flirts with women and wants to take them out and have sex, but Jozea wants to make women beautiful. Jozea preaches that he's faithful and super, super, super honest in everything he says. Jozea knows for a fact those people upstairs don't give a crap about Zakiyah or Da and they are going to take them anywhere in this game. Jozea says he's a sweet, humble person.


    This is Jozea's list of people to evict: James and Nicole nominated, third nominee Tiffany or Corey. Step 2-POV-odds are Jozea's alliance will win, but if not, Tiff or Corey will be the replacement. If they have to put someone up from their own, its Paul and they vote out the others. And they repeat they process until they are gone. When they are down to their alliance, they shake hands and draw m&m's for who to nominate. And they vote based on who won comps. And when they're all in the jury house they can all have fun and get paid double.