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  1. 12:00 AM BBT James, Natalie, and Paul in the HNR. James asks Paul what happened between him and Michelle this morning when they exchanged batteries. Paul tells them the story. Paul says think I should make a F2 with Michelle.  He says he’d just want to tell Michelle to fuck off every day, but he’d rather just ignore her.

    Victor, Michelle, Nicole, and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Vic says the voice that calls them to the yard for the care package pisses him off. He says the voice is too loud. Nicole says her heart was pounding when Zingbot came in.

    Talk then turns to Paulie and laughing that he went to jury house and no one talked to him for four days. They are glad he didn’t come back. They say that’s why he didn’t want to go to jury with the women he was responsible for getting evicted. Nat says Paulie can talk his way out of anything.

    Michelle asks Corey if he’s sleeping upstairs and he says hmmm, I don’t know. Michelle says you should so I can have Tokyo all by myself. Victor tells them how late it is and that it’s after midnight. Nicole says her mom told her that her brother would write her a letter this season because she won three times last time and no letters from her brother. She also mentions the pictures she’d like to see. They talk about the comp and Nicole says you could tell when some were going to fall because their arms and torsos would shake. Victor thinks the care package was prepared last night and it’s all ready.

    Talk then turns to James’ previous season and how much harder this season was than last season. James says he felt like he had to work this season. Paul starts talking about the previous evictions, starting with nominating Bridgette, then saying the worst move was keeping Tiffany and evicting Bronte. Nat heard people say that Frank wanted to take Nat out and James says it was to get me closer to the guys. Paul asks if it was James, Paulie, and Frank at one point and James says no, it was the 8 pack though. Paul asks who blew the 8 pack up and James says Frank. Paul asks who was in the 8 pack and they laugh because they didn’t know Paulie was not in the 8 pack. Paul can’t believe Tiffany was in the 8 pack. Paul keeps asking who and Nat says everyone but us. Paul says literally the house against us? They talk about the agreement to get the vets out. They said Glenn wanted to get the vets out and then Jozea took it up after that. Nat says Zakiyah was in the 8 pack and Paul says what?!? Nat says she observed all of this and knew everything. James says Zakiyah told them everything. James says Jozea would have house meetings with like 10 people and Paul says half the 8 pack there and James said yeah. Jozea would lay out the plans and we’d run back to the 8 pack. Jozea said something to Nat about Da’Vonne being evicted because she was black.

    Natalie says Jozea asked her to wax his butthole. Paul said he was gross. Nat says Jozea put her through hell and then says Jozea asked her if she was bi-polar and she said that was hurtful. She said he was aggressive. Paul says Jozea says James a master manipulator. Nat says James, really, you’re just using me. Natalie says she didn’t talk game with James at all for like a month and a half. Nat said she didn’t even know what game talk was. Paul says she’s playing a good game.

    Natalie says whoever gets the next care package is loved the most by America. Because it’s a popularity contest.


    12:25-1:00 AM BBT Nicole is called to the DR.  Natalie and James just talking general chit chat. They circle back to talking about Paul and that he should know right from wrong. Nat saying calling a woman the c word is just wrong and she’s arguing with James about it. Nat says Michelle was hurt by it. Natalie is arguing with James that she’s not in love with Victor. James says he’s a nice guy and Natalie says it wasn’t meant to be. She hurt him, but it is what it is. She ended things. FotH.

    Paul, Corey, and Victor in the KT eating. Vic and Paul go to work on Corey about them out to get Paul and Vic. They are pushing hard to get James put up. Paul and Victor are telling them things that happened last week.

    Paul gives a shout out to live feeders. They go back to talking about previous comps and then the wall comp. Paul says fuck that wall comp and Corey says yeah fuck that. Victor says they got boned on the endurance comps. Paul says Corey was already at a disadvantage because he had to crouch down to grab the handle.

  2. 4:03 AM BBT Vic goes into the Safari room and says what’s up to the live feeders. He’s talking about being a have not and only being able to eat slop and pies. He hasn’t eaten much today and he can’t sleep now because he’s nervous about tomorrow. But he thinks he has a better chance than he did yesterday to stay. He says it’s 4am there and he wonders what time is where we are and asks how we’re doing. He talks about block paranoia and you can’t control what people are going to do in the game. He says it sucks to be on the block but it’s not as bad before veto as it is being on the block come eviction night. He talks about people being weird around you while you’re on the block. He says it’s like having an A on him. (Referencing The Scarlett Letter) He says only one person can win the game. He wishes he could answer questions for us but he can’t think of any right now. He then comes up with what is eviction day like? He says typically it’s a chill day and a normal day where everyone gets ready for the show. He talks about the HOH comps and how intense they are. Vic is now studying the safari room noting what’s in there and how many of each of the things.  He says hi to the people in Europe who are watching. He cannot sleep in that bumper car, he doesn’t wish that on anyone. He wants to have one more conversation with James tomorrow. He’s going to tell James he’s 100% sure they’re working together and he’s going to find that out real quick. He tells the women of America and worldwide that he’s single. He gives his Instagram again and snapchat on there too. He wants to go party in Miami and he wants to go to Ibiza. He just wants to take trips and not pay for them. His favorite color is red, his favorite number is #8. He’s not giving us his phone number though. His favorite type of food is a tie between Chinese and Mexican food.  It might just be Chinese food though because it’s the bomb. He’s happy with everything he’s done so far. He thinks it’s bizarre he’s moved up 7 spots since being evicted third. Victor hopes he or Paul wins HOH and the other will get the care package and next week will be a cake walk. He says even if he does have a bad day tomorrow, you never know there could be a buy back. He says it’d be wild for him to win that and then win the season. He is homesick though. Not enough to go crazy, but he does miss his family. Camera 1 keeps flashing back between Vic in the safari room and his picture on the memory wall.


    4:40 AM BBT Vic says Big Meech is hilarious. She can be moody and erratic, but she’s funny. Paul doesn’t like her at all. He says she doesn’t annoy him but she is messy. Vic says Natalie is a really sweet girl to the point where it can be annoying. He says she’s nice but he doesn’t know much about her. He doesn’t have anything to say about her. Vic loves Nicole to death, she’s awesome, but she’s annoying when she’s with Corey. He’d hang out with her outside of the house no questions asked. Vic likes Corey and he’s excited to hang out with him outside of the house. Vic says what can I say about Paul. He’s been my boy since forever. He’s had to do stuff in the game to stay ahead but it’s who he’s the closest with in the house and he feels like a brother to him. He’s excited to meet his family and his dogs and cat and see his business. That’s his bud. James he’s ok with. He thinks James respects his honesty with him and they have a mutual respect for each other. Vic likes Corey and Paul a lot. Vic is excited for football season. He gives a shoutout to SEC south.


    4:54 AM BBT Victor goes back to the HNR to lay down in his bumper car.

  3. 1:55 AM BBT Michelle and Natalie still talking. Natalie thinks Nicole and Corey have a deal that if Paul wins he won’t put them up and Michelle says I know they do. Natalie says I have to talk to James tomorrow and Michelle says she just thinks James is too trusting of Nicole. Michelle says didn’t you think they were acting kind of weird? Natalie says I’m going to tell James I want Vic to stay. Michelle says really? Nat says I don’t know it’s a hard decision. Michelle says it is, I’m like 50/50. Nat says James is a gamer and experienced and he knows the right move to make and at the end of the day he’s going to make the right move for him. Natalie says at the end of the day Vic can win the next HOH and then we can win the one after and send him home. Michelle says exactly, he’s not that hard to take out. Michelle just feels like they have better odds if Vic stays and she really doesn’t trust Nicole and Corey because they would be stupid not to work with Paul. Natalie says her gut is saying Corey needs to go and her brain is telling her to keep Victor. Michelle says logically though it’s better for Vic to stick with us because think about it. Let’s say if Vic does win HOH and doesn’t go against Paul he’s going to piss all of them off and he can’t play in the next one so it’d be stupid. Michelle asks Nat what her thought process is. Nat says I feel like it’s a big gamble but she trusts Vic more than she trusts Corey. Michelle knows Paul has told them that all three of them are going after Nicole and Corey. Michelle doesn’t think Nicole and Corey would Paul up and that’s why James needs to win. Nat says yeah James needs to win. Michelle says if James doesn’t win one of us three will be going home. Nat says if I tell James I want Vic to stay and he still votes him out…then she sighs. Natalie wants Corey out but statistically speaking Vic is a better person to get out and Michelle says no statistically speaking it’s better for Vic to stay. Michelle says if James win they can put Paul and Victor up again. FotH.  


    2:05 AM BBT Natalie and Michelle continue to talk in circles repeating the same things over, and over, and over, and … They think they are thinking too far ahead in the game and they need to play week by week.


    2:20 AM BBT All HG now seem to be asleep.


    3:52 AM BBT Vic is up and going to the WC. He goes and sits in the KT with the lights off. Vic goes into the storage room to get something to eat. When he walks back through to the KT the lights come on for him.

  4. 1:00 AM BBT Natalie, Michelle, and James in the HOH room. They are talking about Natalie’s sister and her sister’s girlfriend. Natalie wants to be there when her sister proposes to her girlfriend. Natalie really likes her sister’s girlfriend. They start talking about Nat’s cousins and we get repeated FotH.


    1:04 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in Tokyo BR and Nicole is telling Corey the types of questions they ask to F2.


    Natalie is talking in Spanish and Michelle is saying a few things. They say tomorrow is a big day and an important day. Nat says something in Spanish and asks them if they know what it means. She says James likes blonde girls in Spanish and Michelle gets it right. James says he’s getting ready for bed and Michelle says go rest up big boy. Natalie says go lay down and go vote out Corey. He tries to pop her pimple, he says it has a white head on it and Natalie tells James to stop because he’s embarrassing her. He tickles her again and she says she’s going to throw up. James turns the lights out for the girls and Nat says are you going to miss and he says yeah and Nat says how much. James says a lot. Michelle is singing Kiss you through the phone and we get no feeds off. Natalie tells America goodnight. James is standing by the door and the camera looks straight down on him. He asks for a kiss and Natalie says no because he’ll move his head. He swears he won’t move and she kisses him on the cheek and he turns the light on.


    1:14 AM BBT James goes down to the HNR to go to bed. Michelle and Natalie in HOH bed chatting and Nicole and Corey in Tokyo BR chatting. Paul is in UKBR asleep. James talks to Nicole and Corey on his way through and we get FotH.


    1:17 AM BBT Michelle says she thinks Paul is trying to be an Evel Dick. Vic comes out of the HNR and goes to the DR. Michelle and Natalie talking about James voting out Victor and the care package. They are speculating what the care package might be. Michelle doesn’t want him to get it. Michelle says if Paul wins HOH they are fucked. Natalie says that care package could be something silly. Michelle wonders if it’s the sole vote to evict. Michelle doesn’t think Corey and Nicole trust her anymore because she’s afraid Paul told them stuff. Michelle hopes James tells Vic tomorrow and Natalie says he will tell him. Michelle just doesn’t want him to wait until the last minute. Michelle says who knows Vic might come back. Natalie says yeah. Michelle says what if Paulie comes back. Natalie says no because Julie said when he didn’t have the round trip ticket she was NOT coming back. Natalie says Paulie is just not pleasant to have around. Michelle says he’s so cocky. She says it’s so funny that every time someone leaves someone else becomes public enemy number one.


    1:24 AM BBT Nicole says Natalie is similar to Amber from her season. FotH


    1:26 AM BBT Michelle says Paulie wanted them to get Paul. He told them this word for word. Natalie says it would have been awesome for Corey to go so their whole little crew could be squashed. Michelle is worried they might skim by and Natalie says it won’t, don’t worry. They won’t let it happen. Michelle says she’d be really sad if Nicole, Corey, or Paul beat her out. Natalie says Nicole doesn’t know her days so they need to study harder. Michelle says don’t underestimate her either. She plays up the ditz act too. Natalie says do you think fish can talk to each other. Michelle says maybe but she thinks fish are stupid. Natalie says maybe they talk in bubbles or something. Michelle doesn’t like the fish, they scare her.


    1:29 AM BBT Nicole and Corey are talking about the HG who’ve been voted out. Nicole says Paulie will be happy to see Vic and when they ask who got him out and he says Natalie, they will be like what happened? Michelle in HOH room says there are only 4 more live shows after tomorrow. Natalie says really?


    1:30 AM BBT Michelle asks Natalie if she’s going to watch the show and she says yes.  Natalie says tomorrow is in destiny’s hands. Michelle says no use pondering anymore. She says James is going to vote Victor out and Natalie says do you think that’s the right choice? Michelle says we might be safer if Victor stays but if he flips we’d be in trouble. Michelle says forgive and never forget so he could put them on the block. Michelle got to brush her teeth so she gets back up to do that.


    1:35 AM BBT Natalie thinks Michelle’s was the best care package. Nicole had supersafety and had to wear the suit but she got no perks and didn’t have to get blood on her hand. Michelle says she had to nominate someone. Michelle says if Paul gets the care package anyway then they should go ahead and get out Nicole. Natalie says if your gut is telling you to get out Nicole, then that’s what we should do. She says James said he’d put up Paul and Nicole. Paul first, then Nicole. Michelle says Nicole was her number one target from day one and then she talked to James and said they should all work together.  Natalie says imagine if the pinky promise to get vets out had happened. Nicole says she manipulated her whole team off the bat to go to that side. Natalie says everyone that’s been associated with Nicole has blown up. Michelle thinks Nicole is playing a feisty dirty game. Natalie says she’s going to look so hot if she goes to jury because she’s going to run on the treadmill all day. All they’re going to do is run, tan, go in the pool, watch movies, listen to music, and play monopoly. Michelle thinks Zakiyah might be mad at her but Natalie doesn’t think so.


    1:42 AM BBT Michelle tells Natalie she should tell Corey what Paul told her about the comment he made and tell Nicole about the chicken thing and they will never trust Paul. Natalie says don’t you worry. Natalie tells Michelle about the spy girls and said they would have ruled the house.


    1:46 AM BBT Michelle and Natalie talk about Tiffany, Bridgette, and Bronte. They don’t mind Zakiyah or Da’Vonne coming back because they can’t win comps and Nat and Michelle would just beat them and send them out again. Natalie says it would just have been awesome for Corey to go because Paulie would have been devastated. Michelle says then Nicole and Paulie would be like damn.

  5. 12:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Nicole is asking Corey “trivia questions”. She asks him what “NSAID” stands for and he doesn’t have a clue. (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). She then asks what the capital of Michigan is and he gets that immediately. She then asks what the capital of California is. He struggles with this one. We get FotH. (We don’t know if Corey ever got the capital of California)


    Nicole tells Corey comps that might be coming up, including in another D/E. But she doesn’t think it will be a D/E because neither Michelle nor Natalie can play. They talk about whether they should win HOH with the care package up for grabs. Nicole is worried if Corey wins HOH, she might go home if Paul gets the care package and it’s an HOH takeover. James comes in and lays next to Corey to hide under the blanket. Nat comes in looking for him and Corey lies for him but Nat says she sees his body.


    12:06 AM BBT Nicole and Michelle in the LR talking about it being their last night of HOH. Natalie plays to the cameras smiling and making peace signs. They are waiting for James to come out of the DR. Natalie says maybe they can stand upstairs and throw stuff at James. Michelle is looking at Bronte’s picture on the memory wall and Michelle says what is that, her shoulder? Nat says yeah she poses like Bronte and says she has more fat on her bone than Bronte. James comes out and says what’s up you little pranksters. Natalie has a bottle of baby powder. Michelle walks towards him and James runs away. Michelle says they should go turn the lights on in the UKBR and piss off Paul. They are waiting for James to come back out. He comes out with a can of air freshner and Natalie says no that’s chemicals! James says seriously, you guys messed with my pie? The only thing I can eat. James says you let them mess with my pie Big Brother. Natalie says James you’re going to get me in trouble. They all go up to the HOH room.


    12:12 AM BBT Nicole tells Corey night and Corey says oh. Nicole says I want to get some sleep. She tells Corey to get some rest because it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.


    12:12 AM BBT Natalie and James get in the bed in the HOH room and Michelle lays on the couch. James starts to tickle her and Nat says James that’s my fat stomach. He continues to tickle her and she tells him to stop she loves him. She tells him to stop crying about his pie too because he’s going to get her in trouble. He tickles her some more and she says she hates him and she’s going to vomit.


    12:14 AM BBT Michelle asks what day it is and Nat says 71. Michelle tells James he has to win HOH. Michelle thinks Nicole and Corey are still playing the game because if she had found out five people were coming after me, she’d go after them. James says Nicole and Corey owe you guys for keeping them safe this week. James says they just have to keep Paul from winning veto and Corey can’t win HOH because Paul would get the care package.

    12:17 AM BBT Nicole and Corey decide to talk game. They start strategizing on who to go after next. Corey wants to put Nat and James up but Nicole is afraid that would get too much blood on their hands. Corey says if we go to 5 with Michelle, Nat, and James, we will never get Michelle on our side. Nicole says she wants Michelle out.


    12:18 AM BBT James says he’s gunning hard for HOH this week, he’s not going to throw it. Michelle says you just never know if Corey and Nicole are going to work with Paul. James says Paul told Nicole and Corey that he has to be a veto king because his game is blown up. Michelle says she feels Paul is banking on that care package and he’s so sure it’s a HOH takeover. Michelle says the care package could be insignificant. Natalie says America knew I was HOH before Michelle got the care package and we’re friends now so America gave her the co-HOH. Natalie says they gave you co-HOH so we could have fun together. America knew Nat and Michelle would vote the same way. Michelle says another worst case scenario would be Nicole winning HOH and Paul winning the care package. Natalie says Vic keeps saying he doesn’t deserve to be on the block. James says well did Bronte deserve to be blindsided. They bring up other players who were voted out. James says Bronte didn’t even make it to jury and she got shafted. Natalie says and people who made it to jury don’t even want to be there.


    12:23 AM BBT Paul comes in with Nicole and Corey.  Paul tells them that Vic told him that they are shitting their pants about him. Paul asked Vic if they mentioned Corey and Nicole and Vic says no but James wants to talk to Nicole to see if Paul said anything to her. Nicole says he already asked me. Corey says we just told James you were worried about Vic going home. BB tells Paul, Nicole, and Corey the bedroom lights must remain on.  Corey says call us out, are you serious. Nicole says they hate us. FotH.


    12:23 AM BBT Natalie says Paul still makes fun of Bronte for throwing the math comp. James says and Vic won the pectacular spectacular package, so he’s not going home empty handed. James says he has a cell phone, a tablet, and a tv. James says Vic already battled his way back, he gets his full stipend, plus the prizes he won, and he may get a chance for a jury buy back. He just needs to go. He says he’s going to talk to him in the morning and tell him he’s voting him out.  Natalie says they made it so far in the game and they survived D/E. James says if I win HOH we’re guaranteed final 5.


    12:27 AM BBT Nicole is worried for Corey now and Corey says James won’t vote him out over that. Corey calms Nicole down and they stop worrying.


    12:28 AM BBT Michelle says America please whoever wins HOH vote the way Paul can go home. Natalie says are feeds on right now? James and Michelle says yes and Natalie says really?? James says and we’re on Big Brother After Dark right? Michelle says yeah. Natalie says ok America this is what we need to happen this week. We need Paul to go home next, so we need Corey to get the care package. James says do not give it to Paul. Natalie says Paul is just all around sneaky and Corey said some mean things about me but I want him to get it. Natalie says maybe it will be a veto and James says why would there be two vetos in play. Natalie says expect the unexpected, maybe there won’t be a veto comp.  Michelle says what if it’s you get to cancel votes.


    12:30 AM BBT Natalie says Paul will get a veto because he’s the veto king. The doggy one, like this one. Michelle says he’s not a veto king by any means, if anyone was a veto king it was Paulie. James asks how many vetos he won and Michelle says 3 and James says it could have been 4 because he threw the ice cream one to corey. Nat says he 100% threw that one and Paul was doing his best to get me out. She says Paul I’m coming for you bro. Michelle says he called me buzz lightyear and called her FTs, get him out. Nat says he called her FTs behind her back and to her face and she had no knowledge of what that meant. Michelle says Paul is egotistical and sits in a room for hours and talked about himself. Michelle says Paul thinks he’s America’s favorite and Nat says he’s too much of a jerk to be. James thinks there will be three people in the running for AFP James, Michelle, and Natalie or Nicole. Just because of their fans. He only threw himself in the mix because he won it last season. Michelle says Jeff got AFP twice.


    12:37 AM BBT Nicole and Corey hear a loud thud or boom. Corey gets up to go check on Paul in the UKBR. He heard it too and says it sounded like it came from upstairs. Nicole says yeah it was above us and it sounded like a bowling ball. Corey goes to get more water and goes back to lay down. Nicole says it didn’t sound good, it made the ground shake.


    12:38 AM BBT Natalie says Michelle is a superfan and America loves her. Natalie says they sent her a care package so America loves her. Natalie says they voted for you out of everyone and Michelle says well out of four and Natalie says no out 16. They think voting for the care package doesn’t begin until after HOH is shown and then America votes. [Do they really not get the logistics of this? How do they get a care package on Friday if we don’t see HOH until Sunday?] Michelle is skeptical. Natalie says if a guy had gotten co-HOH they would have opened that other side room.


    12:41 AM BBT Nicole says she’s getting a headache and Corey says he can help with that. He tells Nicole to lay on her back and Corey starts massaging from the sides of her eyes to the top of her head. She asks what he does for a living in real life and he says don’t worry about it. She laughs and Corey says what and she says it feels good. She asks what it’s called and Corey says I don’t know. Nicole says how did you learn about it and Corey says you can get rid of headaches by rubbing them out through pressure points and he read about it somewhere. Nicole says where and Corey says just shut up.


    12:42 AM BBT James gives Natalie a massage. Natalie thinks Corey might be a masseuse. Natalie says if James wins HOH she’ll make out with him and James says liar. She then says she’ll give him a kiss on live tv. James says it needs to be a more passionate one. Natalie says the feeds aren’t on because they don’t want America to know what we’re saying. James says the cameras are down and Michelle says no they’re pointed at us.


    12:48 AM BBT Nicole asks Corey if he liked the move The Vow. They then talk about the movie and Corey says he likes Rachel McAdams and he liked her in The Notebook and they start talking about that movie too. Nicole didn’t like her in Mean Girls though. Corey asks if she’s seen Sherlock Holmes and Nicole hasn’t seen that one. Corey says she would love it. They move on to Robert Downy, Jr. movies.


    Natalie says after the show is over she’s going to run, run, run. She’s not going to see anyone until she runs 20 miles and loses all this weight. Michelle is going to go Vegan when she goes home.


    12:53 AM BBT Michelle asks James how many tweets were tweeted at him after the show. James says it’s a lot. They asked when it was at its slowest, how may did he get. James says 15-20 and Natalie says that’s a lot.


    12:55 AM BBT Natalie says what if someone says I’m ugly and James says never comment on something negative. He says your fans will fight your battles for you, but when you respond back they know they got you. Natalie says James’ massage made her feel less fat. Natalie says if it’s a wall comp are you ready to win it? Michelle complains about Nicole again. Natalie says she’s going to go back to her doctor after the show is over and get her boobs a little bigger. Michelle wants to go too. Natalie says be prepared because for six months after you can’t work out. Michelle says she’s going to go off birth control when she gets home.


    12:57 AM BBT Corey and Nicole adjust to maybe get some sleep and they talk about spooning.

  6. 9:38 PM BBT Paul and James still in the UKBR. James says Victor has a stigma around him, but he knows that. Paul says yeah that’s his game and if that’s how he wants to play it, then so be it. He said it’s not what I would do but… James mentions how tough Victor is in competitions and Paul says he can’t win them all. They re-hash the Paul and Nicole fight. Paul doesn’t understand how in 24 hours he became public enemy number one and a liar and a manipulator. He asks James when Nicole told him about the Tokyo Room. James says like right after the HOH. Paul says oh, right after the HOH comp that Corey and Nicole lost. James says he thinks Natalie knew before though because she was mad about something before the comp and Paul says yeah he remembers that. Paul says he’s tired of Nicole saying Paulie told them stuff and he’s tired of hearing about Paulie because he’s not there to confirm stories. He says he wants to cross-reference stories. James says he’s going to change and maybe call it a night. He mentions that he wants to give Natalie her space and not hang out in the HOH room so much.


    9:47 PM BBT Michelle in the safari room and James and Paul ask where Victor is. Michelle says he’s in the DR. They ask well then where is Natalie and Michelle says she went back upstairs. Paul says he’s going to take Michelle’s birth control. Michelle says get boobs and Paul says grow tits. James says those are just basically hormone control pills, right? Michelle says she doesn’t know the logistics. James says you’re a nutrition specialist. Paul is reading the package and says it’s manufactured in Spain. James says you know there are placebo pills in there, fake sugar pills. Michelle says yeah she doesn’t take them. Michelle says that’s when you get your period when you take the fake sugar pills. Paul says you take the pills and still get a period? What’s the point then? Michelle says the point is to make sure you’re not pregnant and since she’s not sexually active, she just continues a new pack so she doesn’t have her period. Paul says so like you don’t have to have periods. Michelle says no. Paul says I wouldn’t have periods. Michelle says sometimes she’ll like naturally clean her system out.  James asks what she means and she answers and Paul says he’s going to puke. She then goes further with description and Paul gags and says they need to stop.


    Natalie is in the HOH room putting make-up on.


    9:51 PM BBT Michelle asks what Corey and Nicole are up to. James says in the bed and Paul says where else. Michelle says what’s their deal and Paul says I don’t know but they’re being very nice to me. Paul doesn’t think they would have voted him out. He thinks they would have voted Victor out. Michelle says poor Victor is still on the block. Paul says damn no one feels sorry for me. Michelle says you won veto and you’re not a Have Not. Paul says what is it shit on Paul week. He seriously thinks they would have voted Victor out because Paulie coached them and left them with a plan. Paul says Paulie was advocating Victor all the time and making it a point to point out Victor’s comp wins.


     9:55 PM BBT Michelle asks James if him and Nicole are still close and James says we don’t talk much anymore. Paul talking again about Nicole and Corey and the fight. They also start talking about the comp. Michelle says she beat Victor. She got 20. James scored 13. Natalie scored a 10. Victor scored a 19. James mentions maybe putting Corey up and Michelle says I think I will go with you all. She says she’s doing it for them because she thinks Nicole is a bigger threat to her than anyone else. Paul says Nicole would put up him and Victor before Michelle. 

    10:00 PM BBT Michelle says if Nicole does win she’ll take sixth place. Paul says that won’t happen. Even if Nicole wins the care package can only go to him or Victor. James says what do you think the care package will be. Paul says HOH takeover. He says he’d bet money on it. Michelle says they wouldn’t do that because that would be shitty. Paul says but look at the packages. He then lists them and says it’s not that farfetched it could be an HOH takeover. Paul says it doesn’t make sense for it NOT to be a takeover. James says but then why bother with HOH. That doesn’t make sense. Michelle says it could be like a coup d’etat. Michelle says that would still suck if Nicole was HOH because she’d still be untouchable.


    10:05 PM BBT Paul says we’d still rather go against Nicole in HOH than Corey because she’s horrible. Michelle says she could be holding back and Paul says no way. Paul says if they get rid of Nicole, she has a lot of fans and they might hook Corey up with the care package because he might seem like the lone wolf. Paul thinks the risk is significantly lower with Nicole than Corey. He said if you take Corey from Nicole she’ll be a lost puppy. Michelle says I think you all are underestimating her and she will hate them if Nicole takes her out. Paul says statistically she hasn’t beaten us all in a comp. Michelle says she’s coasting right now. James says look it’s your HOH and if you want to put Nicole up, we’ll vote her out. I respect your decision and no one is going to be made at you. We’ll deal with it. He says don’t let anyone pressure you, it’s your HOH you do what you want to do. Michelle says I don’t think you can underestimate her at all. She thinks if Nicole had been in the POV she would have won. Paul says yeah, I don’t think so. James says since this was a mental comp, you can almost bet the next one will be physical. Paul says we’re all strong as fuck and I don’t think we’re giving ourselves enough credit.


    10:07 PM BBT Natalie still in the HOH room but she’s finished putting make-up on and lays down.


    10:11 PM BBT Michelle complaining about Zakiyah again and her taking Natalie’s stuff.


    10:20 PM BBT They talk about the after parties and stuff. James says he won’t go to Vegas because he’ll go and see his little girl. But he might be back later. James wants to do Survivor. He says CBS hook me up with that, Survivor, next summer. Michelle wants to do the Amazing Race. James says they’ll get video messages at 5 or 6 and they’ll all get teary eyed. Paul says he’ll cry like a baby. Michelle says do you think they’ve done hometown visits yet and James says yes. They talk about when they had alcohol during the season. Paul doesn’t think they’ll get alcohol anymore.


    10:29 PM BBT Paul says he just wants no stress for the next two weeks. Michelle asks do you think someone else could come back. James says NO. Paul says dude not at this point, we only have 28 days left at this point as of next Thursday. Michelle says that’s so weird that they don’t do another double though. Paul says unless they have someone come back in a D/E. James says no they will play out these weeks. He says they had 2 D/E’s last season. James says that’s like cheating if someone comes back. James says there will be no more backdoors. Michelle says how many times have we backdoored someone? Twice. Paul says if people consider Da a BD, then too. Michelle says well this will be a backdoor too. James says not really, then he says yeah it will be.


    10:33 PM BBT Paul says he was contacted and they asked him to send a video in for the show. James says they find a lot of people on social media. James tells them they found Becky on Tinder and Paul says they check Tinder too? James says they check every…FotH.


    10:35 PM BBT Feeds come back and Paul is talking about calling a number and we hear BB tell them Paul, Michelle, and James you are not allowed to talk about production. Michelle wants to know when they can reveal they are working together. Michelle wants to do it at nominations and tell Nicole they’ve been working together since they kept Michelle. James says look, you know how I feel about secluding people, there’s no need to seclude her and push her into a corner. Michelle says no no, we won’t do that. Paul feels like it’s better if she has no idea. Michelle says me and Natalie will like definitely hang out with her. Michelle says she’s going to talk to them tomorrow about the veto. James says they should all go to Disney World after the show and wear their Big Brother shirts. They start talking about going to casting calls next year and they get warned again about talking about production. James says I’m out, I’m going to bed.


    10:38 PM BBT Paul asks Michelle what she’s going to talk with them about. She says she’s going to tell Nicole she won’t put her up if she’ll keep her safe next week. Make a deal. She asks Paul if he cares and he says no. Paul says seriously, it’s the best move and Michelle says stop manipulating me. Michelle says she will do what everyone else wants but don’t fuck her next week. Paul says says the person who pulled dee-hay move and fucked me and put me on the block. Michelle says her hands were tied. Paul says she’s had a change of heart yes? (talking about natalie) Michelle says yes.


    10:41 PM BBT Paul is back on repeat about being a manipulator. He says he didn’t even run his own HOH. He says whatever, we unfucked the situation. Michelle says Corey wasn’t even close. Paul said he genuinely doesn’t think Nicole and Corey deserve to win.


    10:45 PM BBT Victor comes into the safari room with Paul and Michelle comes back in. Victor just got out of the DR.  Victor says he will talk to Natalie again and make sure everything is good with them. Paul says he thinks Natalie is already on board. Paul says just be careful when you talk to Nicole and Corey. Vic says it’s hard for him to be fake, so he’d rather not be around someone if he’s going to vote them out or nominate them. They are complaining about Nicole and said she was rude when she first came out of the trunks. Michelle says if she’d have won HOH she’d have put up Michelle. Vic thinks Corey is the least strategic person in the house.



  7. 9:13 AM BBT Feeds back. Nicole will MC the veto competition and everyone else will play. James and Nicole in the WA doing ADLs. Nat goes up to the HOH. Paul says no way their two heads can retain as much as five heads. They start going over the messages. James comes up and says he already knows everything. Michelle eating cereal in HOH. Corey still laying down.


    9:17 AM BBT Vic in WA and Nicole asks if he stayed up all night. Vic says yeah and it sucks because he’s going to be in a bumper car now and he has to eat pie. Nicole says are they frozen or do you have to make them yourselves? Vic doesn’t know. She goes to the Tokyo BR. Corey says hi host. Nicole says she hates being on the outside again 2 seasons in a row. She says she was on the outside in 16 too with Donny. She says James won’t look her in the eye. Nicole asks if Corey wants to study at all or if he isn’t worried. He says no.


    9:35 AM BBT Michelle in WA brushing her teeth and Nicole brings her make-up back. Michelle asks if she’s happy to host two and Nicole says yeah. They speculate what her costume will be, maybe a snowflake. Michelle says did you think Jozea’s was hilarious. Nicole says yeah I cracked up at a few. They talk about the messages. Michelle says she’s going to lay down in the HN room. Nicole tells James who comes in it’s funny people like to sleep in the HN room. James likes it there, he just doesn’t like the cold showers. Nicole says she might just wear her hair in a bun and asks James if weather people wear something on their head. James says you’ll probably just get a cute little outfit, maybe some heels. Nicole says or be a giant sun or a storm cloud. James says he might have to eat slop this week because he can’t live on just pies or he’ll get diabetes.


    9:40 AM BBT James goes into the HNR with Michelle and says I bet you they don’t even know. Michelle says it doesn’t matter because Nicole isn’t playing. Michelle says Nicole remembered old man winter though and James says ohhhh, watch out. Michelle laughs and says game changes. James says we have nothing to worry about. Paul or Victor is going to win that or you. Michelle says I want to win. Michelle says there’s no way Corey knows it. James says if Vic or Paul wins HOH we’ll put up Nicole right and Michelle says she volunteered as a pawn. James says damn you already volunteered? Michelle says I will, I trust you guys. James says that’s the plan for next week then. James says one of us will win veto and vote Nicole out. He says after that it’s fucking game on I guess from there. Michelle says there will be no more care packages either. James says Victor and Paul are the only two who can get a care package. He says so it might not really matter who wins HOH next week. Vic pops in. He says they’re studying upstairs but he might come down in a little bit. Michelle says yeah, she’s tired as crap and James says he’s tired of seeing Natalie and putting up with her crap too. Michelle says her and Natalie doing DR together was fun. She asks if James did any with someone else. He says no and he never watched his season but when he gets home he’s going to watch both seasons back to back. James has never targeted Michelle or even mentioned her name in DR except the time she threw up. Michelle says which time? James says you can watch the whole season and you’ll never hear me say your name.


    9:46 AM BBT Nicole is going over the messages with Corey and quizzing him in the Tokyo BR. Paul and Natalie still reviewing in HOH. Nicole again tells Corey she’ll go home for him and he should keep his cool. Nicole says James won’t even look her in the eye and the other five studied together. She thinks they are working together and Corey thinks James has their backs.


    9:51 AM BBT Michelle, James, and Victor in the HNR. Victor does not fit in the bumper car very well. Michelle asks if James is excited to make it past where he placed last year. James repeats what he said to Michelle about the plan for next week to get Nicole. He says then after that it’s game on. Vic says whoever wins and gets put up, it’s whatever. James says yeah it’s really about veto wins at that point. He talks about the places people finished in last season. Victor says it must hurt to finish in 3rd. James says Austin made a mistake when he voted out James over Johnny Mac. James says jury round table is after the 4th player is evicted. Michelle asks what that is and James says is where Dr. Will comes or a previous HG. He tells them about their round table and mentions they asked raise your hands if you think you’re here because of Vanessa and James said they all raised their hands. Michelle says this season, they’ve gotten rid of a lot of the people who got others out. She says Paulie was the biggest one. James says he was a huge one because no one knew he was that good. Michelle mentions Paulie’s zing and what he said in DR. Vic says he didn’t shit on Paulie because Paulie didn’t shit on him. Paul comes in and asks if they’ve been practicing. Vic says never cared. Paul says he’s going to take a nap. He goes up to the HOH room and the Have nots settle in to take naps.


    10:02 AM BBT Paul goes up to the HOH room to nap. Paul says he thinks they’re going to do one or two more reports. Nat says for last minute memory? Paul says yes. Nat says dude if we don’t win this comp, I’m going to be really sad. Paul says he’d rather have Michelle nap up there so there are three of them in the room. Nat says It’ll be ok she’ll get the information. Paul says I don’t know. Paul tells Nat to keep reciting them. Nat straightens up her HOH room and then goes in to take a shower. In the HNR, Vic ends up draping his legs over the top of the bumper car. Everyone is napping. After Nat’s shower she goes to lay down in the UKBR.


    11:17 AM BBT Nat back up and in the WA doing hair.

  8. 6:40-7:00 AM BBT Paul stayed up all night and woke up the HG in the HOH to listen when there were updates. Eventually, Natalie went downstairs to get some sleep because Paul stayed up studying. James also slept downstairs in the UKBR. Nicole and Corey also got some sleep in the Tokyo BR and woke up for the updates, repeated them a couple of time, and laid back down. Natalie came back upstairs and slept in the bed with Victor, Michelle laid on the couch and Paul laid on the floor.


    7:01 AM BBT We now have Jeff Reels.

  9. 6:36 AM BBT This is a BB storm watch update! The convergence of Super Storm Jozea, Tiffany, and Frank have caused problems throughout the region. Super Storm Jozea hit the key region, notsburg, and lostveto. Super Storm Tiffany closed down the power peninsula, safetyville, and the Toezarks. Adding to the havoc Super Storm Frank caused RV’s in backdoor country to get stuck. Authorities caution residents to stay off the streets to avoid becoming BB roadkill. Stay tuned for the next BB storm watch update.

  10. 5:56 AM BBT This is a BB storm watch update! An update on Super Storm Tiffany. It’s now producing freezing rain conditions with gusts up to 64 mph. Tear sized hail is expected from this storm. The BB weather history center has filed a report on Super Storm Glenn, they know this system was a force for less than 29 hours and peaked at a high temperature of 73 and a low temperature of 65 with a very distinct Boogie down Bronx accent. Some question whether it should be considered a weather event at all. Stay tuned for the next BB storm watch update.

  11. 4:46 AM BBT This is a BB storm watch update! As Super Storms Jozea and Tiffany continue to pester the immediate BB area.  And if things weren’t bad enough, Super Storm Frank is coming down from the chilltown area bringing a cold surge.  Looks like it’s time for Old Man Winter the likes of which haven’t been seen since 2012. Super Storm Frank is producing high pressure systems and unpredictable weather patterns. It is predicted to bring a combination of snow, sleet, rain, hail, and sun. And to make matters worse Super Storm Frank is being trailed by a smaller storm, Super Storm Bridgette which is expected to hang around in Super Storm Frank’s wake. Stay tuned for the next BB storm watch update.

  12. 3:30-4:00 AM BBT Still general chatter and quizzing. Natalie says Corey and Nicole aren’t even practicing because they don’t think they’re going home. James says they aren’t studying. Michelle says how can they not know all five of us are up here. Nat says they think we’re just shooting the shit. James says no..


    3:56 AM BBT This is a BB storm watch update! An update now on Super Storm Jozea.  Earlier reports of the storm being called the Messiah of bad weather are now being called a serious exaggeration. But the BB weather center is tracking yet another system. Large raindrops seem to be the call sign of what’s being dubbed Super Storm Tiffany. Super Storm Tiffany is rolling into the area bringing non-stop rain. It has an impressive cloud canopy. BB storm trackers report that it’s a similar but lesser version of last years Super Storm Vanessa. Stay tuned to BB weather for further updates.


    And the immediate quizzing begins.

  13. 3:00-3:30 AM BBT Still general re-quizzing. Paul hopes they don’t do all the evicted HG. James says they will do all of the evicted HG. Corey in bed alone in Tokyo BR sitting up repeating in his head or just staring at the wall. Nicole in WC.  There really isn’t much chatter besides general chatter and quizzing. HOH crew is cramming basically and Tokyo is taking a more laid back approach.

  14. 2:30-3:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR just talking about making out vs hooking up. A random quizzing over the message. The others are all in the HOH room talking about how much America and the live feeders are loving the feeds and them. They talk about the backdoor plan, re-hashing the confrontation from earlier, talking about the nomination speeches, and random quizzing. Paul says a name and that person is supposed to repeat the message back.  Paul and Victor keep berating Nat and Michelle on putting them up together.


    2:55 AM BBT This is a BB Storm watch update! While residents are still feeling the effects of Super Storm Glenn, another storm is rolling in. Super Storm Jozea is a fierce weather system with swirling winds of 25 mph and gusts up to 40 mph. People are already calling this the Messiah of bad weather. This storm caused higher than normal water levels in eviction county, but despite initial claims the seas have not actually parted. Super Storm Jozea is a noisy storm travelling toward the BB house at 22 mph. The system is 78 miles wide. Stay tuned to BB weather for further updates!


    2:58 AM BBT The two groups HOH and Tokyo BR immediately repeat and start quizzing on BOTH messages.

  15. 2:01 AM BBT Nicole says hopes her and Corey get to play in the POV and James sits out because he would probably throw it. Nicole says she’s really sorry, she just wants Corey to win the game really bad.


    2:10 AM BBT Nicole goes to the WC and Corey tells her not to get into any fights on the way. Paul walks through and says it’s just a game and there’s no animosity.


    2:15 AM BBT Nicole says Natalie brought up the dates again to Victor. Corey said she did that to get the heat off of them for next week. Corey wants to vote Vic out if noms stay the same. Nicole does shoutouts to her family. Corey says you’re such a big threat Nicole. Nicole says I’m a manipulator. She says she’s getting credit for some of the things Corey is doing. Nicole says Derrick called her a pathological liar to get her on the block. He apologized to her after the season, but he did it to get Cody to put her on the block. Nicole says in 16 she didn’t lie once which is funny.


    2:20 AM BBT Paul in the KT yelling loudly several curse words. He yells apparently I’m an atheist, I’m an arsonist, I set shit on fire, I manipulate. James is eating at the table. Paul says it smells like cigarettes in the house.  Nat says her and Michelle’s care packages were better. They got baked goods and she got popcorn. [Yes folk, this is real. We are now analyzing the contents of care packages to determine who is better liked] Nat says she’s going to tell Paul he has to take one for the team if he doesn’t win the veto. Nat says James is going to fuck Victor, because he isn’t going to fuck her. Nat says it’s crazy because if she’d put them on the block she wouldn’t have cried. Victor says hindsight is 20/20. Natalie says there’s going to be #Nataliesboobs, #Nataliesass, #NatalieFTs. Paul says they’re shitheads. Just direct attacks on him. Nat says America loves them and this cast. Michelle says they have sex. Legit boning, under the covers. Paul says 100%.   

  16. 1:34 AM BBT Big Brother has messages for the Houseguests. This is a BB storm watch update. Everyone runs downstairs and Nicole and Corey go from the Tokyo room to the LR. FotH. The BB area is encountering a slow moving storm front. Authorities are calling it super storm Glenn. Countless coconuts have been falling to the ground. Doppler radar shows that it’s raining cats and well-groomed dogs. Forecasts for superstorm Glenn are that this low pressure system will quickly dissipate. Superstorm Glenn originated in the north east leaving in its wake a half inch of rain and two pounds of dog hair. This type of rainfall has not been seen since superstorm Jodi. Stay tuned to BB weather for further updates.  FotH


    1:40 BBT This is a BB storm watch update. It’s a repeat of the first message and Nicole and Corey are in the Tokyo BR in bed. Paul, Nat, and James in the HOH. Paul is pacing and memorizing the message. Victor and Michelle in the downstairs WA brushing their teeth. Nicole thinks they’re all together. Corey says don’t worry about it. Nicole says I have to do good. Paul upstairs and berating Natalie for stating “obvious” stuff. Paul is continuously repeating every little part of the message and tells them to keep saying it.  Paul is not allowing them to say anything else to him to distract him. Nicole gets up to grab some foil. They want to use it somehow to memorize stuff. She said they tried to use rice before and got in trouble. Nicole says she feels so guilty about lying about things, especially the Da stuff. Michelle comes out of the UKBR and Nicole asks what everyone is doing. Michelle says some people are eating. Nicole asks where Michelle is sleeping and Michelle says in the London room with the wolves. She said she’s giving James and Nat the HOH because it’s the last night before James is a HN.


    1:52 AM BBT Nicole says they got the two smartest people on the freaking block. Nicole says Michelle loves the drama but she hates it. She just wants to go home at this point and Corey likes it. Corey asks if they were going to do just the evicted HG. Nicole says probably but it’s different. Nicole says she is just paranoid because they are all up in the HOH studying together. Nicole quizzes Corey on the message and he repeats it back. She corrects a few things and she said you know it as Jodi because it was and he says season 14. She says he thought he didn’t watch that season and Corey says I’ll never tell.  Corey says you’re supposed to say it seven times to remember it. So he starts to repeat it. Paul still repeating it and quizzing the others. He’s going to make coffee.

  17. 1:00 AM BBT Vic tells Michelle let’s go to the safari room. Right as he says that Nicole and Corey come downstairs. Nicole decides not to eat. She’s not hungry and she doesn’t feel good. She’s going to get ice cream and cookie dough though with the others. They talk about whether there were call outs on Nicole’s season. They talk about the entertainment value for the live feeders. Vic says they have no responsibilities in the Big Brother house. Michelle in the real world you’re a liar! Ok see you never. Never cared. Michelle talks about her DR and how she shouted and she had to redo it. FotH.


    1:01 AM BBT Paul in the HOH shower and James and Nat lying on the bed. James asks how Natalie’s neck is and she says better. He feels her cold pack and says it’s not cold anymore and she says she just popped it. She says it’s the stress. James says you need another one and Nat says she doesn’t know how much longer she can last in the game. James says come on now it’s me and you. Nat says Paul threw her name under the bus about the Jacuzzi. James says well I think Corey thinks I said it.  Nat says thank God and James says I’ll take some heat for you. James says he doesn’t think Corey remembers Nat was there in the Jacuzzi too. Nat says Corey lied to Nicole to her face about throwing the comps. James says he’ll just say he was joking when he said it. James says if you don’t have to win, then don’t win. Nat said she was blowing him to the top and she doesn’t respect them. Nat says what if they win and they put us up. James says they won’t put us up. He says if I don’t have Corey, I have Nicole. He says Nicole really likes him.


    1:06 AM BBT Nat says America I beat James in a comp. She says James is the only thing that keeps me in this game.  She says she’s really competitive, like in comps and she says she won one of the hardest comps this season. Paul out of the shower and saying Nicole turned red and had no answers and shitting feces. Paul says they should use their phones to call jury house to cross-reference their stories. Nat laughs. Paul says now do you mother fuckers trust me now. And he re-hashes the conversation with Nicole again and said they denied everything and Nicole shit her pants.


    1:12 AM BBT Nicole says Paul could convince her to put herself up on the block. Victor says in a malicious manner.  They talk about HOH blogs. FotH.


    1:15 AM BBT Michelle and Victor go to the HOH room. Nicole and Corey in the KT. Nicole says if she gets put up that’s fine. She’ll gladly bite the bullet on this one. She tells Corey not to stick up for her and throw her game away.  Michelle comes back down to get water. Michelle says Paulie was loyal to the five guys and Michelle says I think they all were.  Nicole tells Michelle that Paulie said Victor was going to backdoor James the week Zakiyah went and that’s why he didn’t use POV. Nicole says she was never going after James.  Michelle goes back upstairs.


    1:15 AM BBT Vic says it was priceless when he joins the HOH. He denied everything. Vic says they blamed James and Natalie for everything. Paul says when you make up shit about me I’m going to fuck you up. James says when he’s on the block he has to match this shit. He going to kick shit over and throw a fit. Natalie says we signed up for the Bad Girl’s Club. Paul is now re-hashing the entire conversation again. Paul says Corey said Natalie is sucking James’ dick to the top, and he’s letting it happen. Natalie says the BD better go through she’s getting heated. Paul says so do you guys see now? Who’s full of shit? Michelle repeats everything they just told her downstairs why she was getting water.


    1:22 AM BBT Nicole says she hopes it her that goes up and not Corey. She said the fact that Paul is still denying the Da thing, it’s like dude. Corey asks Nicole if she wants to cuddle. Nicole wonders why they put all the heat on them. They go into the Tokyo BR. Nicole says she felt guilty because she did lie about the Da thing because she was trying to help Frank out. Nicole tells Corey to keep his cool and she will take full responsibility for anything they get blamed for. She says if anyone has a chance it’s him because she’s been called a snake since day one. Corey says she doesn’t deserve that. Nicole says it’s ok I’ll take it. She tells him don’t lose your cool, don’t stick up for me, don’t throw away your game. Nicole says Paul is probably up because of her. She says it is what it is. She says he’s attacking my integrity and morals. Corey says don’t get upset and don’t raise your voice. Nicole says I couldn’t help it. I got so defensive because I got scared. Corey says you can’t look scared, that’s shady. Corey says don’t freak out. Nic says Paul is intimidating because he raises his voice. She didn’t know what to do in the KT. Corey says call him bud and roll your eyes, that’ll get him. Nicole says they told him she was trying to annoy him during the comp and you can’t tell them anything. Nicole says I was just saying that as fun and he says no you weren’t you were being malicious. Nicole says she thinks James tells him everything and Corey says I don’t know.


    1:26 AM BBT James says it’s time to drop it and just focus on tomorrow’s veto. Vic says don’t listen to anything they have to say and I won’t listen to anything they have to say. Paul says nobody throw anything and sit in their Jacuzzi and throw comps, let’s get the veto and finish the plan. Paul keeps asking them if they liked the things he said. Nat says this is the season of call outs. Michelle says she’s the call out queen and Paul is the call out king. Michelle says you’re welcome live feeders.

  18. 12:10 AM BBT Paul has rehearsed what he wants to say to Nicole in the HOH room. He’s ready to go downstairs. Michelle wants them to talk loud enough so she can hear. James wants to leave the door open a little bit and Natalie doesn’t want them to do it. Paul says they’re getting ready to sleep so they can rattle them. James is down with whatever. Vic says snake we have a question for you. Nat says she’s going to be sick. Corey is in the DR and Nicole is alone in the KT making pizza to eat. She sitting at the table in the KT.


    Paul comes downstairs and Nicole is eating chips. Nicole says what’s up guys. Paul says hook me up Nicole. Nicole says we didn’t make fries tonight and Paul says I’m not making fries tonight. Paul says so I heard…how am I a manipulator. Nicole looks up at him and says I just know you lied about the one Da thing. Paul says I lied but you voted so how did I lie. Nicole says yeah Paul ok I just know that you knew that she was going to go home. Which is fine it’s not a bad thing and Paul talks over her so how am I a manipulator if that’s not a bad thing. Nicole says a manipulator. Paul says I’m on the block right now because of you. You know that right. Because you know what you’re doing. So why am I on the block right now, tell me how am I a liar, how am I a manipulator. I want them to come from your mouth. How. Nicole says you’re literally on the block because of something I said? Paul says because of you so how am I a liar and how am I a manipulator because that’s what you told them and that’s what I want you to tell me to my face what I’ve lied about and what I’ve manipulated people about.  Because if you’re so ready to say it behind my back, you can say it to my face. Nicole says honestly I didn’t know I was the reason you were on the block. Paul says you knew I was the reason I was on the block. Because you were going to save yours and Corey’s ass. By making something up about me. Nicole says I didn’t, I have never made one thing up about you. Paul says really? Because let’s flashback to the comment made that I told Paulie that James is going after you and Corey. When did I tell Paulie that. Nicole says Paulie came to me and told me, I told them it came from Paulie. Paul says right, it’s really easy to say it came from Paulie. Can I ask Paulie that? No because he’s gone. That sucks dude. That sucks. Nicole says I get that. I get that but I don’t want them to think I’m coming after them because I’m not coming after James and I NEVER said that I was going after James. Paul says really? Because in the Tokyo room when Paulie pulled me you and Corey aside, Nicole interrupts and says I went and told Natalie and James about that because I was not on board with that. I’m going to sit there and nod my head because Paul interrupts and says because what? I didn’t nod my head. Nicole says I just sat there I don’t even think I nodded my head. Paulie says you all fist bumped each other. Nicole says we did not fist, and I swear to God he came back after and it was not a real thing. Like he was probably trying to see where your head was at. I am never, ever have wanted to go after James and I knew that you would probably run back and try to make a big deal out of it. Paul says so you were trying to cover your tracks so you wouldn’t go on the block. Nicole says I am not going to argue about you with this because I Paul interrupts and says because you’re caught.  Nicole says I did not lie Paul. Paul says you didn’t. Then why am I on the block because of I lie. Because I’m pretty sure I never told Paulie that. Why would I tell Paulie that you guys were, that I, why would I say that. Nicole says I know for 100% fact that you were coming after me too anyways. Paul says how do you know that for 100% fact? Nicole says cause I heard it. Paul says from who. Nicole shrugs and says it doesn’t matter. I just want you to know that I did not make anything up about you. That everything that I said Paul interrupts but but but you said it’s made up because I never said that to Paulie.  Paulie’s not here to vouch, so to my knowledge you made it up. And if you’re 100% sure I was coming after you, did you ask me? So how could you be 100% sure about something that you didn’t ask me about that I was involved with. Because I’m on the block right now, I got shit on because of you. Nicole says I don’t get why you think it was because of me. I’m going to go ask why and Paul interrupts and says no you don’t have to go ask anybody, this is a conversation between you and I. [Then why not pull her aside privately instead of doing it in front of the house and while Corey was in DR?] Nicole says so I’m the sole reason you’re up on the block right now. Paul says the sole reason I’m on the block is because of you and Corey. That’s the 100% reason.


    12:15 AM BBT Corey comes out of the DR and he yells his Patriotard punishment is done. Corey runs in to the KT and Nicole says I’m getting yelled at right now. Paul says it’s over? Corey says yeah baby. Lucky you. Then he looks at Nicole and says you’re not getting yelled at, I’m asking some questions. Nicole says I never made one thing up about you. Paul says yeah you did because none of that is true. Corey says are you all fighting? Nicole says yes and Paul says we’re not fighting I’m asking questions. Corey says you all can fight later. Paul says congrats on that though. Paul says then that means mine will be coming off shortly. Nicole says Paul says he’s on the block because of her because of things that she’s said. Corey throws his shorts at Paul. Paul says congrats I’m next. Corey says you all can fight later. Paul says no I’m not fighting, I’m asking questions because out of the words of your mouth I’m a manipulator and I’m a liar.  So how am I a manipulator and how am I a liar? Corey says you all are a buzzkill.  Paul and Nicole start going in loops. They are back on the Da thing. Nicole says he lied about the sympathy vote. Paul says so he’s a manipulator because he tossed a sympathy vote for his homie. So how am I a manipulator and how am I a liar? He tells Nicole not to look at Corey because he’s not talking to Corey he’s talking to her. Nicole says she never said he was a manipulator he just agreed to it. She says I think you’re very good at this game and Paul says I think YOU’RE very good at this game. Nicole says I don’t think you’re because of me. Paul says I never said your name, I was never coming after you. Paul says you’re why I’m on the block and frank stuff Corey said too. Corey says that’s not true. Paul says she’s no longer a credible source to him. Nicole says Paulie has been telling her stuff for week, but he repeated stuff last week so she knew what to do going forward. Paul says no one is telling him he’s a manipulator but he’s a liar. Paul says the manipulator and liar is sitting in front of him because she made shit up and got him put up on the block. He says they were whispering before noms but he and Victor weren’t doing that. He says don’t play a low blow game and if she’s going to play the game, then play it with integrity. He doesn’t make up lies about other people to save his own ass. Paul says I could Da told me X, Y, and Z and Nicole says that’s been happening to me all season. Paul says yet you’ve never been on the block and here I am on the block. Nicole says she’s heard from several people he was going after her. Paul says you still won’t name any names. Nicole says she’s not going to throw people under the bus. Paul says but you’ll make shit up to get me on the block. Nicole says she doesn’t remember ever saying Paul was a manipulator {she didn’t) but Paul says she did. Corey says you need to ease up dude. Paul says it looks like you’re giving me the same responses when Frank called you out during that HOH comp. He says it was “cross-referenced” through the whole house. Nicole says it was not “cross-referenced” through the whole house. Paul says if you can talk shit about me behind my back then you can say it to my face. He says he’s confident enough to call everyone into a room and “cross-reference” my shit. Victor asks if he brought the date thing up again last night and Corey says no. Vic says yeah you did. Corey says are you serious did. Victor says I just thought that was squashed. (This goes in circles for like 40 minutes) Paul says she made up stuff with malicious intent to get them up on the block.


    12:37 AM BBT Nicole goes upstairs and tells them she made pizza. Then she takes a minute to vent to them about Paul.  Corey and Paul continue talking about Paulie telling them Corey threw comps. Paul says someone else said and Corey asked who and Paul says why does it matter? Paul says I’m going to be like Nicole and not throw names out. Corey says he doesn’t throw comps, that it breaks his heart when he loses them. Vic and Corey talk about the dates thing again.


    12:40 AM BBT RED ALERT! SECURITY BREACH! Paul comes in and says Big Brother hooked him up with a red alert so he can make sure Nicole isn’t spreading more bullshit about it. So let him come into the HOH room and make sure none of that’s happening. Paul pats Michelle down, then Nat and Nat says she’s going to self-evict and Paul says don’t do that. He says hook me up Nicole and Nicole stands up and he pats her down and says she’s clean this time, then goes to James who hid in the bathroom. Michelle says and the drama continues and Paul says no but I’m a manipulator. After he leaves, Nicole asks if they were trying to get him mad at her for some reason? They all said no and Nat says she wanted to know the truth. She literally wanted to know if he threw James’ name under the bus and he got heated. Nicole says my heart seriously can’t take this and Nat says I can’t either. Nicole says I literally got off have not and I can’t even eat and he’s literally probably going to wake me up with pots and pans. FotH


    12:44 AM BBT Feeds back and Michelle, Nat, James, Nicole, and Paul in the HOH room and Paul and Nicole are going again. They are back on the sympathy vote and the manipulator and liar thing. Nicole believes Vic and Paul are the strongest duo in the house. Nicole thinks their smart and beasts comps. Paul says the two people that claim we are the strongest couple and Nicole was never on the block and Corey was on the block and pulled himself right off. Paul says he was on the block 4 times and Vic was evicted and came back and they are stronger? (I guess Paul forgot Corey was on the block last week) Paul doesn’t make shit up to get someone nominated. That’s where morals come in play and she plays a low dirty game and I don’t.  He leaves the room. Michelle says you have to love Big Brother. Nicole says Vic looks like he wants to punch Corey because of the dates thing. Nicole says she thought she was making valid points about how strong they were as a duo. Corey comes in. Nat says she was told a lot of stuff and holy shit. She was told inappropriate things and that’s what bothers her. Nicole says just now and Nat says yeah.


    12:45 AM BBT Corey says to Vic out of all the stuff Paul has said do you think none of it’s true? Vic says it doesn’t apply to me. Corey says but do you think he’s lying, yes or no. Vic says I don’t know I wasn’t there. Corey says Paul is very good at talking and very convincing. He says maybe manipulative isn’t the right word because it has a negative connotation, but he’s very convincing. They re-hash the Da’Vonne thing again. Paul comes downstairs and says operation call everyone out on their bullshit is complete. He asks if he can keep one of the markers on the floor as a souvenir. He says no hard feelings to Corey as he walks away. He goes to talk to Paul.


    12:51 AM BBT Paul and Victor in the UKBR. Paul says she is shitting her pants. (He says it like 5 times) Paul says if he goes out he went out with a bang. He says mama didn’t raise no bitch. Victor and Paul say they are too fucking nice. They wouldn’t have done this. Vic says they should have taken the shot at Paulie earlier and then went after James. Vic says he did a good job. Paul says I’m going to shower, I’m going to shit on Nicole some more. Vic says he’s going to get something to drink. Vic goes to the WC and Paul goes to get his shower things. Paul says we have to go up there right now because shit is going down.


    12:52 AM BBT Nicole thinks she’s going to be tortured for the rest of the week and she doesn’t understand why Paul thinks she’s the sole reason he’s up on the block. Corey says he’s very good at BSing. Nicole says am I the only one who and Nat says no I said it to his face everything I needed to say. Michelle says you never called him a liar and a manipulator. Nicole says she doesn’t remember saying that and Michelle says he’s making it up. Corey says everything he just said made zero sense. They are re-hashing the conversations.


    12:55 AM BBT Paul comes in and asks if he can shower or if he can’t be present for that conversation. Paul says he’s a liar and a manipulator and he keeps getting hooked up with compliments that’s he going to win the game. Corey says we’ll I’m going to throw every comp from here out and win the game. Things quiet down. Corey says that was the worst strip tease ever when he took off his Patriotard.  Michelle says she sucks at painting her nails. Victor comes in. FotH


    12:58 AM BBT Vic and Michelle go downstairs. Vic says she shit a brick. Michelle says Nicole said Victor looked like he wanted to kill Corey because of the date thing. Nicole kisses my but by making pizza. Victor says hey, clean backdoor, let’s get this shit done. Michelle says I just hope Nat and James aren’t buying the shit. Vic says me too otherwise we’re screwed, aka you’re screwed.

  19. 10:01 PM BBT Paul, Vic, James, and Michelle still in the safari room. Paul says when Michelle says he goes from side to side, he said he does because he goes here and gets boned, over here and gets boned, back over here and gets boned. He said everywhere he goes he gets boned. Vic says if they get a chance they should pull the trigger and take it and go back to the plan. Paul says if he stays on the block he’s not pulling any of the BS Paulie did, he’s just here to have fun. Michelle says get this James, even if they do want revenge and put you up, guess who’s voting next week, me and Natalie. Paul says he doesn’t want revenge he just wanted to understand the situation. James thinks Natalie is on board with that. Paul asks James are you comfortable with me do you trust me. James says yeah. James thinks Natalie put them up because of the Nicole comment and that’s been eating at her. James says and then Nicole confirmed what Paulie said. Michelle says do you remember Nicole cheering Natalie on in the comp when she’s never done that before.


    10:06 PM BBT Michelle says Paulie told them stuff because he wanted revenge on Paul and Victor. Paulie told Nicole and Corey stuff and those are the people you have to worry about. James says after Nat gets out of diary they can talk about it because Nat has a soft spot for Victor. Michelle says she called Paul an atheist so she’s probably getting shit on for religious reasons. Paul says he’ll save her in the DR. Vic says he’s not mad at Natalie at all. James says he should have been more in touch with her because he didn’t want to be a Frank and run her HOH. James says Natalie didn’t say much to him about doing that. Vic says last week we executed our plan perfectly and now this week? Vic says this was only favorable to Nicole and Corey not anyone else’s game. Paul is going to shit on Nicole. Michelle says Paul is going to do pots and pans. Paul says it’s one thing to take a shot at your game but it’s another thing to make shit up and try and fuck your boy.


    10:30 PM BBT Paul walks around the house studying things on the house and then heads upstairs where Michelle and Victor are. Michelle and Victor are re-hashing conversations in the HOH room. Victor goes in to take a shower.


    11:06 PM BBT James and Natalie come upstairs to the HOH room. Nat complaining in HOH about Zakiyah taking her stuff, like her hair extensions and eyelashes. Paul comes in and Michelle and Vic re-hash the same conversation for Natalie about backdooring Corey and about confronting them in front of everyone.


    Nicole and Corey in the KT talking about getting Michelle on their side for when they’re down to five. Nicole doesn’t think she can get through to Michelle because she put up a wall because she doesn’t trust her after the Da eviction.  Corey says she has to try. Nicole talks about eating at midnight when she’s no longer a have not.

  20. 9:43 PM BBT Victor and Michelle in the safari room. Michelle says she can’t say she’s sorry enough. She pushed Natalie to give Vic a heads up. He had to beg her to tell him because she couldn’t put Victor up. Vic said that conversation was hard. Michelle didn’t know until she talked to Natalie and Natalie told her all the stuff she found out about Paul. Michelle said guess who told her all that stuff and Victor says Paulie and Michelle says Nicole. Vic says they wanted to do that to put Michelle at a disadvantage. Michelle says she feels stupid to be manipulated. She wanted to put up Nicole, but if she’d done that it would have been James and Corey voting. She said it wasn’t in her best interest to do that, she had to go along with Natalie. Vic says this situation only works in Natalie’s favor and he had a hunch last night that they were going to be targeted. He said when he was lying in bed with Paul he said the only person it benefits for him and Paul to be in the game is Michelle. Vic says if we can put a plan in place to BD and Michelle Paul already did that because he made Natalie cry. Michelle says you only need to get James. Michelle says she told them what’s worse carrying two people who show their cards about what they lie about and win comps or two people who hide everything. Michelle says she had to agree to the plan because it would have been going against Nat and James and Corey and Nicole. Michelle says Natalie is really upset and feels bad especially about Victor. Victor says it’s not the end of the world yet. Michelle says if she wins veto she’ll use it on Vic hands down. Vic says if it ends up him and Paul still on the block he is NOT going to talk game at all. He has never heard his name in Paul’s mouth and Paul has never heard his name in Paul’s math. And Natalie knows Paul would take him. Michelle wants to get the five of them in a room because they are on for the backdoor. Michelle says it’s a really shitty situation. Victor was so set on Nicole and Corey going because everything would have been perfect. Michelle says it scares her that they are so good at what they do because they made them flip like that and she felt her hands were tied.


    9:48 PM BBT Paul comes in and Vic says we have to get James on board. Paul says we will do that why wouldn’t he be on board. Vic says he’s afraid we would go after him and Paul says why the fuck would we go after him. Vic says I know we were never going after him which makes it even more crazy.  Michelle says if you look at past winners like 17 Steve never won any comps [He won 4 HOH’s and 2 POVs] 16 Derrick never won a comp, no he won 1 HOH that’s it [He won 4 HOH’s but was dethroned on one] 14 Ian never won any comps [He won 4 HOH’s and 2 POVs]. So the people you have to be scared of in this game are the people that sit in bed whispering the whole time. Paul says which is why and Vic says this is why it was a blindside to us. Paul says we’re not mad we’re hurt and Michelle says I know I would be too. Vic said Natalie was gun set on putting Paul up that’s why Michelle had to go along with it. Paul says do you really think Nicole and Corey aren’t going to fuck you over. Vic says James would be playing for dear life at that point. Michelle says it’s a shit situation. Victor says it’s ok we just have to regroup and Paul says if we don’t win veto there is no regrouping. Michelle says who do we want to play and Paul says Nicole because Corey is good at comps. Paul says are you sure they’re open to the idea or are they just saying that. Michelle says she made a promise to Victor if she wins veto she will take him down. Michelle says Nat wants Corey up over Nicole hands down and she thinks Nicole is the talker not Corey. Paul says we aren’t worried about the talker at this point because the care package will come to him or Vic with Corey gone. They don’t care about closing the door and keeping Nicole and Corey out. Paul says he wants to call Nicole and Corey out so they can watch them squirm and rattle them before POV.


    9:53 PM BBT Paul says Nicole will be frozen just like Frank froze when he called her out during that comp. Paul says that was true too. Paul is not a fucking liar and it was about one thing because he tossed a vote to his fucking friend. He goes out to get James. Vic says we are in a pickle because if Paul goes it will literally be me and you, James and Nat, and Corey and Nicole. Michelle doesn’t think Natalie wants to work with them though and Vic doesn’t think Natalie wants to go after him. Vic says it’s stupid if Natalie to go after him because if he’s a strong player why not use him to get people out for her especially since she can’t play next HOH. Michelle says it’s funny because they’ve been a target all week. James comes in.  Paul comes back in and says he’s going to take his fucking glasses off so they can see his eyes because they might equate that to him lying. Michelle says Tiffany.  Vic says we’re talking about the possibility of backdooring Corey. James says yeah that’s what Natalie was also talking about. Vic says we were never going for you. Paul says that’s why we’re legitimately bummed out. Paul says if you don’t think it’s detrimental to your game I’ll call them out so you can see them squirm. He says he’ll say this shit to their face. James says he supported Natalie in the decision she made and she feels bad that Vic got nominated. Paul says they made up shit and they fucking pinned it on me. Vic says it’s perfect for them because one of us goes home and only one of this playing HOH. Paul says Corey is beating him in comps, he turned up. James says first of all one of us has to win veto. Vic says he feels like they got to James and Natalie and that sucks. Vic says 2 HOH’s and he didn’t put up James and Natalie and he put up Paulie for them. Paul says he James everything Paulie said and did last week. Vic says if they win the veto we’re fucked. One of us. James says our odds are still in good favor. James says it could just be him and Nicole and Paul says that would be amazing. Michelle says don’t you think they want revenge on Nicole over everyone else. Paul doesn’t like being called something he’s not and he doesn’t like being lied on. He says he just wants everyone to know Corey and Nicole are full of shit.

  21. 5:00 AM BBT Nicole and James and Natalie have a brief discussion (about 5 minutes) on working together and possibly targeting Paul. After they chat, Nicole goes down fills Corey in on the conversation and sends him to talk. Same basic conversation and it sounds like Nat and James are considering targeting Paul and Vic for nominations. Michelle goes to lay down, as does Vic and Paul. Nicole and Corey both pointed out they think Vic and Paul and Michelle are working together. Corey says Paul is a manipulator and Nat says nothing he says he will leave the room. They hope to work as a foursome and they start re-hashing the same scenarios. Corey tells them if they don't get Vic this week they are handing him 500 grand and 100% they have a final three deal. Corey's convo lasted about 20 minutes and was basically giving information for Natalie to considered with a little chat about Paulie thrown in.


    5:50 AM BBT Nat asks James what she should. Not him tell her what to do but his opinion as her BB boyfriend.  James says he would never tell her what to do even if it was to put him on the block. She needs James' BB expertise. James goes over all the different people and talks about all their games. James says Paul is playing a similar game to him (knowing when to throw comps). He is discussing scenarios and odds. James says if you don't swing at Victor and Paul now and if you miss, which you could, but if you don't swing and take out Corey or Nicole, you can't play now him and NIcole to protect her against Vic, Paul, and maybe Michelle. Nat says she will not put a girl up on the block. Nat throws out Paul and Victor and one wins veto she will ask Michelle to be her pawn. And if they can get rid of one of them they can pull Michelle in and it will be 5 against 1. Nat's target is Paul and she doesn't trust him and she used him to get Paulie out. James says you might hint to Victor he might be going up. They toss scenarios around and if one of them wins veto they take out Victor. But if they can't get Victor, they want Paul. (This is all summarized because they talk in circles for an hour)

  22. 4:31 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH ROOOOOM!!! (With a squeal) I never thought this would happen to me in a million years. Never, ever. Paul taking his time coming upstairs. She got a pictures of herself, her sister, and her mommy. Paul is picking at her snacks. Michelle says she has good moisturizer. Natalie’s HOH Letter:

    Dear loving Natalia, so easy to write, so difficult to have the understanding of having you far away but there are reasons for you being away which fill me with excitement and pride. I’m sending you positive waves to make you endure and succeed in your goals. Even though you very seldom go (we get an emotional moment) everybody in tango is asking me for you. They miss having my sparklinglyly, glittering daughter around. This is the third year Ethan and I danced tango in the Latin fair. As usual, I made pinatas for the children and I have a blast with my criminals breaking it.  (Natalie stops and says told you we make pinatas guys) This is what I call the older boys, they love it. Once they have that stick in their hands, they get transformed into beasts and good-bye piñata in no time. Actually, Fiffy (?) is inspiring me to develop a business with my piñata making skills. Esteffy (?) is in the limbo without you. We are very busy with daddy trying to publish his books about little Natalia. Mommy, Esteffy, Courtney, and the rest of the troops from Venezuela, Italy, Spain are busy getting ready for the summer festivities. Remember our trip to Venezuela to see Grandma Gladis (?) is a done deal. (Natalie says so I will see my grandma after this) The plans you gave me have produced zucchini’s to feed the country. Some of your friends have stopped by and enjoyed some of your truce peace zucchinis. (Her and her mom got in a fight so she brought her a zucchini plant) These zucchini plants from this truce peace present remind me of my Natalia. This present represents just how much you adore me and now I adore my zucchini’s. Oh my God, you have to see the garden, it’s a forest of flowers, it feels like a nature celebration. Remember Nata, don’t expect all around you to be beautiful. Your true power is when the beauty is generated by you and like dad, don’t be afraid of falling. This will teach you to recognize what went wrong and make you be wise and be afraid no longer, since you will have pursued a different path. I love you, I miss you, I adore you, you are in my heart, you are my life. I love this priceless piece of perfect work, my Natalia. Love, Mommy.

  23. 3:31 AM BBT Nat says the comp was pitch black, it was scary, there were cobwebs, what else James. She says there was goop and they got showered on with cold water. They start to drift off.


    3:38 AM BBT Natalie please go to the DR. She asks James if her face looks pasty. OMG, I can’t freaking believe I’m HOH. He says she looks good.


    3:41 AM BBT Michelle in the KT making slop. Vic sees her and asks she’s awake. She says she just got out of the DR. She goes into the WA and asks what’s up. She asks Michelle how she’s feeling and Michelle says good. Vic says do you think Natalie will go with Natalie and Corey. Michelle says I think she will. Vic says remind her of all the stuff Nicole and Corey did. Michelle says Nicole denies it but she says she witnessed it. FotH.


    3:44 AM BBT Vic says she could take a shot at me. Michelle says she wouldn’t she really wants the five and I believe her. Vic says his worst scenario is they have a deal with Corey and Nicole and come after Paul and Vic. Michelle says I can ask. Vic says we’ll just see what happens, I can just fight my way off. He points out that he cleaned the shower. Michelle says what do you think. Vic says well it would be whatever, but it would be smart for her to do Corey and Nicole because they will all have her back. If Vic gets the care package and if she doesn’t do what he wants he will go after and he has a good chance at winning and he hates flip floppers. Michelle says so do I and I am never going back to them because they screwed me over. FotH.


    3:47 AM BBT Vic says me and Paul could go up and we’d be like what the fuck. And Michelle would be on the outside again. Michelle said blindsided again. Vic says she wouldn’t have been able to get Paulie out without him. Vic says if he or Paul get a care package tomorrow he will wonder why he got one. Michelle says it might just be because people like you. Michelle says they vote all week and Vic says they do? Now he says he would love to get a care package tomorrow, or any of them except Corey. Michelle says she was crying in the DR. FotH.


    3:50 AM BBT Michelle says I want to talk to Natalie.  She asked what Nat said when Victor and Paul talked to her and Victor said she was vague. Michelle says she would be stupid to do that. Victor says we have to get through the care package first. Michelle says if Vic gets the care package why on earth would she nominate him. Vic says then they just have to see what she’s going to do. Michelle says she could put me and Nicole up. Vic says she could, but I don’t think she would do that. Vic says the only way he sees her putting him up is because she wants to take out a big target. Michelle says I don’t see how you’re a big target. [Really???] Vic says it wouldn’t make sense to him but you know how the paranoia sets in when you’re on this side. Vic says lets go to the KT because it’s hot in here. Vic says even Paul is feeling a little sketch. Michelle says I hope you wouldn’t feel like that if I won. Vic says he would feel great.


    3:54 AM BBT Michelle asks where Paul is and Vic says he’s in London. Michelle asks if Vic and Jozea ever actually had an alliance, or if they were working together. Vic said we were just trying to get out Paulie. Vic said he didn’t get to play in the HOH and he’s a HN. Michelle says she’ll meet Vic in the UKBR but when they go in James and Paul are sleeping.

  24. 3:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. They are talking about Paulie and him saying his strategy was to get sympathy and not have to bake pies. Corey and Nicole now on repeat about noms, the care package, and the HOH comp.


    3:02 AM BBT Victor can’t take it anymore. He’s going to clean the shower. Victor, Paul, Nat, and James in the WA. Paul tells her to do what’s best for her game and he’s proud of her and he’s glad she didn’t quit. More talk in the WA about the HOH comp.


    3:10 AM BBT Victor says he’s going to vomit and James starts making gagging sounds. Nicole asks what outfit she should have on when she reads her HOH letter. Victor says something to relax in. James says you dress up for noms, not reading your HOH letter. Nat says it’s my first hoh. Nat says her back hurts. Nat asks about her hair again, should she put in a bun. She said it’s a really big deal for her it’s going to be on tv and her family is going to watch it.  They talk about comp wins and Vic mentions Nicole hasn’t won a comp. She just got her HOH on the best of the worst.


    3:15 AM BBT Nat says she’ll be up all night with DR’s and Vic says no just one long one. Nat squeals and says omg you guys get to see my family. Who do you think my letter will be from? Lauren, my mom, or my grandma. James says probably whoever you told them you were closest to. Nat hopes noms will be later in the afternoon so she can rest, and think about things, and think about what she wants to say. Nat asks James [AGAIN] if she threw the comp. Victor says it wouldn’t have made any sense for him to toss it.  Nat says she lied about how many she had during the comp. She said less so people wouldn’t know she had as many as she did.


    3:18 AM BBT Corey thinks James wants them to work together. Corey says there is no point in Nat and James gunning for them. Nicole thinks Nat might be afraid to make a bold move and just put up Corey and Nicole.


    3:25 AM BBT They are talking about information they have shared with Natalie about the guys wanted her up next to Bridgette as a pawn during D/E. General re-hashing again. Nicole wants to talk to James and Natalie when she’s confident. Nicole says Natalie has never given her a reason not to trust her.


    Nat and James talking again about the HOH comp and Victor is taking his shower now that he’s done cleaning it. Vic says the shower is gross, he was just pampered. Nat and James go to lay down but she asks him to crack her back. She still doesn’t believe this is real. James and Nat go and lay down in the UKBR.


    3:29 AM BBT Nicole starts asking if Corey has a crush on her. And they start having their same relationship talk.  

  25. 2:30 AM BBT We get Jeff Reels again for some reason.


    2:37 AM BBT Feeds are back. Paul gets in to take his shower. No one else in the WA. All feeds switch to KT/DR area. Nicole is out of her safety suit now but Corey is still in his Patriotard. Nat asks James to come with her while she does her hair and make-up and tells Vic she’ll wash her dish, she promises. Nat and James in the WA. Nat says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do right now. She does want James to stay with her tonight since he’ll be HN the rest of the week. She says this is a surreal moment in my life and she didn’t think she was going to win that competition. She legitimately thought she’d never win HOH. James says he’ll sleep a bit easier in his bumper car. Nat hopes America is really happy and James says they’ll be ecstatic. FotH


    Michelle in the KT says ok everyone has to throw the next HOH to me so I’m not the only person in the house to not win HOH.


    2:45 AM BBT Nat still can’t believe she won this HOH. James says he knew she could do it. He said every week she kept getting closer and closer. Nat says now she’s really tired. Vic says we get to switch places. Nat says I’m coming for your room and you’re going to have your first HN experience. He says he’s happy for her but not his HN situation.


    2:47 AM BBT Nicole in the Tokyo BR talking to herself that Corey needs the care package. Corey comes in and they talk about whether Nat will keep them safe or not. Nicole and Corey talking strategy on what will happen if she puts them up together. Corey says if he goes that would be bad for Natalie next week because those guys would put her and James up. (The pretty much have Paul and Victors plan figured out) The both do a little begging for the care package. Nicole says she won’t talk to Natalie until tomorrow because she doesn’t want to bombard her. Nicole says she thinks if Nat puts one of them up she won’t put them up next to each other. Nicole says Nat only promised her she never said anything about Corey. Nicole says what if the care package is to pick someone to sit out of the veto comp. That would be powerful.


    2:51 AM BBT Vic says any idea what you’re going to say in your speech yet? Nat says no I didn’t think I was going to be HOH to have to do a speech.  Nat says we got Paulie out and I won HOH. James says Paulie will shit a brick when the next person walks in the jury house and Paulie says what happened and they say Nat clipped me. Nat asks do you think they showed Paulie my good-bye? They think yes after the back and forth before he was nominated.


    2:56 AM BBT Nat says I’m literally HOH this week, I don’t have to worry about going home. James says unless there’s some crazy twist. They speculate about the care package. Paul says it’s a 3-1 odd. Natalie asks James how she should do her hair. James says I don’t know however you want to wear it. Natalie says what do you think I should do?


    2:57 AM BBT Nicole says Nat was pretty made at Paul prior to this but they’ve been so nice since. Corey says I can’t believe Natalie beat me and Nicole says she smoked me.