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  1. 2:09 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah go into the Tokyo Room. Nicole can't sleep so she thinks if she sits up until she's tired then she can crawl into the bumper car and sleep. They talk about Paul and they don't trust him and he's loud. Nicole says Tiffany has to go and Zakiyah says yes and then Frank. Zakiyah is ready for him to go. Nicole asks why Paul is so loud all the time and so is Frank. Zakiyah says her team needs to win HOH or Nicole's team and Frank's team needs to be Have-Nots.


    2:13 AM BBT Bronte comes in and joins Nicole and Zakiyah. Nicole asks about her ankle and Bronte gives an update.


    2:17 AM BBT Corey goes in to try and lay down again. Nicole wants to go and try to fry some slop.


    2:21 AM BBT Natalie is called to the Dr. She's still putting on make-up. (She was called the first time at 1:47 AM BBT. This is her second call)


    2:22 AM BBT Frank gets called tot he DR because Natalie is still putting on make-up.


    2:25 AM BBT Bruno Mars is BAE to Natalie and Bronte.


    2:34 AM BBT Zakiyah and Natalie teaching "Patty" (Paul) a dance routine.


  2. 1:31 AM BBT Bridgette is saying it doesn't matter what Tiffany might be plotting because it's a numbers game and she's confident that they have the votes. They have Frank, Michelle, Paulie, James, and Natalie and that's all they need. She said it's in Michelle's best interest to get away from Tiffany, Paulie wants to please Frank and that's who wants Frank gone, and James and Natalie are combo. And once Tiffany sees that Natalie isn't going up she will say all kinds of crap and let her because she's gone and shes confident. And if someone flips their vote and Bronte goes home Bridgette would go after whoever the hell sent Bronte home. Because she's one two comps now and she will take them down. Bridgette says we're golden. Bronte says James is falling for Natalie and Frank realizes we're loyal and they see we can be numbers for them. Bridgette says it makes sense for Frank and James to stick with the three girls. Bridgette says we're safe and we're golden for awhile.


    1:33 AM BBT Tiffany, Nicole, and Corey in the Have-Not room and Corey says this week is going to be brutal. Tiffany is upset she lost the competition because it's the one her sister won last season. Nicole gets up to refill her water bottle and holds the door closed with Michelle so Corey can't get out. He finally gets out and calls her a brat. Tiffany lays down in her bumper car.


    1:37 AM BBT Corey can't sleep and comes in to chat with those in the KT and get some popcorn.


    1:40 AM BBT Natalie says Bridgette was awesome winning two comps and America knows who she is now. Natalie called to DR and Bridgette asks her to turn the lights off.


    1:44 AM BBT Nicole says she can't watch them eat anymore and heads off to bed.


    1:48 AM BBT James gets called to the DR and James said I didn't play in a comp today. He sits there for another minute and Frank says James didn't you get called to DR and he says no. Franks says oh I think they said Jamie someone from the back. And you hear the voice says James! They all laugh.


    1:50 AM BBT Frank, Paul, Bronte, Paulie, and Zakiyah in the KT eating pizza and general chit chat going on.


    1:56 AM BBT Corey can't sleep and comes in to chat with those in the KT.


  3. 1:01 AM BBT Corey asks Nicole if she's going to go on that date with Victor. She says no and Corey asks why. Nicole says he's not my type. Corey says well what's your "type". Nicole says she doesn't know. She says her type has varied, they don't have to be good looking but she has to be attracted to them. She finally says she likes someone goofy, fun, someone who's a good person and has a good heart because she doesn't want to be hurt.


    1:02 AM BBT Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie, and James in HOH. Bronte asks if Natalie has been in DR yet and she says no and Bronte says it's a long one.


    1:03 AM BBT Paul, Paulie, Frank, and Zakiyah in the KT and they are making pizza. They make two pizzas and Zakiyah says they are greedy.


    1:07 AM BBT Natalie says the UKBR is scary. She has nightmares in there and sweats a lot in there. James says try a bumper car.


    1:10 AM BBT Michelle says she'd put up two pawns and BD Frank. Nicole says would you like that? Michelle says I wouldn't get joy out of it, but I'd do it for you guys and for my game. Michelle says it's a big move and Nicole says it'd be a HUGE move. Nicole says it's something you can use in your speech and Michelle said it would be hard to choose. Like if Michelle had to choose between Nicole and Corey it would be a hard choice. Nicole says really? You're considering voting for him?


    1:13 AM BBT We get a brief FotH and when feeds come back Nicole says I think it will be a new houseguest. [Maybe they're getting hints about a returning houseguest?] Michelle tells them the boys are making two pizzas for three of them.


    1:15 AM BBT Zakiyah comes in and sits down. She gives a shoutout. Michelle is afraid if they tell Tiffany she's going she might tell Frank they are gunning for him. Corey asks if it gets easier to sleep in the bumper car and Zakiyah shows him how to lay so it's tolerable. Michelle and Zakiyah aare both able to fit in the bumper car.


    1:17 AM BBT Bronte tells Paul if she won HOH she would never put him up as a pawn like other people. Paul says he doesn't talk to anyone, he just bakes muffins. Paul says Tiffany is very confident and that makes him wonder. Bridgette says let her be herself but she doesn't want people to be mean to her. Paul is pretty sure Tiffany HATES Frank. Paul says homegirl is strange. Paul says Tiffany thought he was the roadkill. Natalie says she doesn't believe he got roadkill. Bronte knows her and Paul are friends and he wouldn't have put her up if he'd won a roadkill.


    1:20 AM BBT Michelle tells Nicole Bridgette was talking game upstairs and Nicole said like what. Michelle says it was just about Jozea and Victor nothing current. They said they wanted to keep it low-key that Tiffany was going.


    1:22 AM BBT Michelle says she felt like Jozea didn't clean that much and Zakiyah says no he just walked around in his panties. Michelle said she remembers the first day Jozea walked around in his underwear and she thought it wasn't appropriate for TV. She said it's something a male stripper would do and Zakiyah said that's what he was going for.


    Bronte tells Paul and Bridgette in the HOH that she went up as roadkill because she'd already been up and they don't get blood on their hands. She doesn't think anyone is coming after her because all she wants is to make it to jury. Paul says we only need to make it two more weeks and Bronte says that's if no one else comes back. Paul says they won't do that until jury. Bridgette says you never know and whoever comes back will go right back out. Bridgette doesn't want Glenn to come back because he's a wild card.


    1:24 AM BBT Natalie downstairs in KT and Frank is hiding behind the luggage and jumps out to scare her.


    1:26 AM BBT Paul says the best case scenario is for Bronte to win HOH next week. Bridgette says we still need to get through this week and she will be damned if Bronte or Paul goes home this week.


    1:28 AM BBT Bronte says Natalie finds a way to leave whenever Paul comes and talks to them. She doesn't like Paul.


  4. 12:30 AM BBT Bridgette and Bronte in HOH and Bridgette says she's going to take a shower. She says her ankle hurt so much at first she thought she broke it. Bronte says she's glad people came up and Bridgette is glad Michelle is opening up to her. Bronte is upset with herself that she believe all of Jozea's lies about Nicole and Michelle. Bridgette is glad her and Michelle got to talk because she's been stressing about it for two weeks and she blames it on Jozea and his lies again.


    12:31 AM BBT Frank walks in on James the WC and Paulie and Zakiyah start laughing. Michelle is getting ready to take a shower.


    12:33 AM BBT Frank says another successful week in the Big Brother house. He says you know what it is? Loose lips sink ships and we don't have any loose lips. Frank wants Tiffany to ask him where her vote is.


    12:34 AM BBT Bridgette says she needs laundry done and she can get it done as HOH, but she doesn't want a stranger doing her laundry. That's pretty weird. (Her words not mine)


    12:35 AM BBT Bronte says it's good that Bridgette won twice this week because people will think twice about coming after them because Bridgette is a good competitor.


    12:40 AM BBT Corey, Tiffany, and Nicole talking about dating and relationships still. James popped in to say hi and sits in an extra bumper car. Paulie pops in and asks how they're doing. Paulie says Nicole looks pretty comfortable and she says it's not bad. Paulie asks how Corey is doing and Corey says not good.


    12:44 AM BBT Natalie goes up to the HOH to use the WC. Bridgette is in the shower and Bronte is laying on the bed. Bronte says her and Bridgette hang out with Michelle and Zakiyah and said they're very sweet and seem really nice. Bronte says everyone is being so nice to her and Natalie gets into bed with Bronte. Bronte says Paulie did a 180 and Michelle is talking to her and Tiffany is all by herself. Michelle told Bronte that she had been close to Tiffany but Tiffany has been really paranoid. Bronte feels like she is no longer the target. Natalie tells her not to stress because she's not going home. Bronte says it was nice to hang out with Michelle that she's really sweet and funny.


    12:45 AM BBT James goes back out to fill his water bottle. Nicole asked Paulie to describe how the muffins tasted. Tiffany gets up to go to the WC.


    12:47 AM BBT James comes up to check on Bridgette's ankle. Bridgette says it's better but that it's still swollen. Bronte asks if Natalie believes in demons and talk ensues about the ghost in the back room.


    12:48 AM BBT If Nicole won the money, she'd buy her brother a tractor for his land, pay off her student loans, and take her parents on a vacation. Tiffany comes back in and settles in. Nicole asks what everyone is doing and Tiff says Michelle is taking a shower. Tiffany gets called to the DR.


    12:51 AM BBT Bronte wants to watch those things that everyone watches, the Live Access or whatever. James says Live feeds? Bronte says yes. Bridgette says I watched some live feeds with season 17 but there was never anything going on and she was bored as hell.


    12:52 AM BBT Nicole said when the producers called she was excited and was ready to go. Nicole said Frank thought about it for a few days.


    12:56 AM BBT Paul comes in to say hi to Nicole and Corey. He advises them to take everything out of the car because it will annoy you while you sleep. He then tells them good-night.


    12:59 AM BBT Natalie asks if Frank is sleeping upstairs with Bridgette and she says no and asks if Natalie wants to stay upstairs with her and Bronte. Natalie says she'll stay upstairs.

  5. 12:00 AM BBT Paulie and Frank in the KT and Nicole comes in. Nicole says she doesn't want to blindside Tiffany. Frank said you want to tell her and Nicole said not now, but maybe the day before. Frank says I'm good with that I don't mind rubbing it in for a day.


    12:06 AM BBT Tiffany and Corey in Have-Not room and Tiffany says she has two people she'd put up with no hesitation and no qualms. Nicole comes back in and Tiffany repeats that and says I bet you can guess. Nicole says Frank and Bridgette and Tiffany nods.


    12:08 AM BBT Frank and Paulie in the KT. Frank suggests if they win roadkill they put up Da'Vonne. Frank won two roadkills and he kept them safe and he doesn't want them to take out Bridgette.


    12:10 AM BBT Nicole asked Corey if he could change tires and oil and stuff. He says he's added oil but never changed it out. Nicole tells Tiffany her and Vanessa look so much alike and Vanessa says we are siblings.


    12:15 AM BBT Michelle, Zakiyah, Bridgette, and Bronte in the HOH room. Chatting about Paul and his stories.


    12:17 AM BBT Bronte can't believe people come out of the box just lying right away. It just blows her mind. Chat turns to Jozea and the first eviction.

    Paulie and Frank say today proved Natalie and Bronte will likely never win anything.


    12:19 AM BBT Frank joins the girls in the HOH room. They talk about making pancakes in the morning.


    12:20 AM BBT Paulie tells James in the WA that Frank wants to take a shot at Da'Vonne if they get a chance.


    12:23 AM BBT Paulie tells James Frank wants to win all the team challenges to make sure he's safe. Paulie says him, Corey, and James need to meet once in the morning or at night and discuss their game plan so people aren't on to them.


    12:27 AM BBT Paulie is trying to figure out a way to present to Frank to throw the HOH. Paulie suggests James goes to Frank and says maybe he should throw it so they can take a shot at Paulie and Corey.


    12:30 AM BBT Frank hugs Bronte and Bridgette and says he's going to bed.

  6. 9:35 PM BBT Frank, Bridgette, and Natalie in the HOH. General chit chat. Frank tells them about the punishments on his season, the carrot costume and the chum bath. They talk about the Outback dinner Bridgette won for her team.


    9:44 PM BBT Paul comes in and Frank says he's going to take a quick shower. Paul wants to make real muffins, not slop muffins.


    10:22 PM BBT Bronte, Zakiyah, Bridgette in the KT getting ice cream. Paul and Frank also in there chatting. Corey, Nicole, Michelle. and Tiffany in the LR chatting. Corey goes off to try to go to sleep.


    11:00 PM BBT Still General chit chat through the house. Talk about food, the Outback dinner, tv shows, relationships, and comps.



  7. 9:03 PM BBT Corey, Paul, Michelle, Zakiyah, Natalie, Nicole, and Bronte in the safari room. General chit chat about alcohol.


    9:04 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Paulie, and James in the UKBR. Chatter about Frank and who they can and cannot trust.


    9:07 PM BBT Frank and Bridgette in the HOH room. General chatter about the veto competition and whether Bridgette is going to save Bronte. Bridgette has told Frank she will not use it. Frank says Tiffany is 100% going home and he'll be surprised if it's not a unanimous vote.


    9:10 PM BBT Paulie, Da, and James talking about Tiffany and the way she's tried to compare herself to Vanessa and she drove herself crazy. 


    9:16 PM BBT Paulie says as soon as he found out Tiffany was Vanessa's sister, he made it his personal mission to know what she was thinking.



  8. 2:30 AM BBT Bridgette says Paulie hasn't talked game with her at all the entire time and then when she wins HOH and they are talking about replacement nominees he suggests Bronte. Bridgette says are you f'ing kidding me. Natalie says she was livid when Bronte got put up and Bridgette says Frank is on her side for now. If it was between Michelle and Bridgette, then Frank would pick Bridgette, but she doesn't know about Paulie. Bridgette says if Bronte stays this week she feels successful. Bronte doesn't want Paulie to think she's coming after him. Bronte thinks long term it would be better for Corey to leave long term, but Frank would have to pull some strings to get that to happen. Natalie says all the girls kiss Nicole's ass because she's smart and loyal. Bridgette says she respects her game. Natalie says if Tiffany goes home just know the girls are on their side. Natalie says Tiffany is feeling really alone right now and Bronte says that's why she feels bad. Bridgette says she's Vanessa's sister and that's scary. Bridgette says she put up Tiffany because she doesn't trust her and she's sketchy.


    2:37 AM BBT Bridgette was worried Natalie would be upset because she put up a girl. Natalie said I just have to roll with the punches. Bridgette says once teams are done it will be a free for all. She said none of the vets have even gone on the block because everyone is afraid to put them up. [Is she including herself? Because her and Paulie and Victor are the only non vets to win a comp and had the power to nominate someone.] Natalie says she wants Mama Da in jury because she's a mom and Bridgette says yeah I want her in jury. Bridgette doesn't feel Da is out for the half million to be honest. Bronte says she'd vote for Da if she was in the final two and Bridgette says I wouldn't because it's a floater game. Bridgette would vote for the other girl against Da. Bridgette doesn't respect floaters and that's why she couldn't vote for Da. Bronte says we're the biggest comeback kids out there. Bronte talking about the NSA again. Paul comes up into the HOH. James follows a few second later. Bronte said she knew from Day 1 because she met Vanessa last year.


    2:43 AM BBT Bridgette says she watched Vanessa's season twice. Tiffany looks just like her, her kneecaps are just like hers, and her hands are just likes hers. Bridgette, Bronte, Natalie, and James do facials.


    General chatter the rest of the night. James, Natalie, Bridgette, and Bronte all asleep in the HOH bed. Everyone else downstairs. Everyone in bed by 3:56 AM BBT.



  9. 2:00 AM BBT Paul, Bronte, and Bridgette still taking. Paul says if I won HOH what would be the smartest play and Bridgette says we'd have to talk about it that day so no names get spread out there. Bronte says honestly with some of these people you have to backdoor them. Bridgette says if she's up and gets to pick she'll pick Paul to fight for her. Bronte says if I'm HOH and roadkill puts up Paul she'll say if they send Paul home she'll still be here next week and she'll come after them. Paul says that's not a good idea to threaten people. He says it's a nice gesture but people won't like that at all because it's not a smart approach. She said ok not a good idea but I will still be here next week and everyone likes to do what the HOH wants because they don't want them mad at them. Paul says but you can't compete and Bronte says but my team can. Paul says but your team could not win so...don't do that. Bronte says at the same time people want to please the HOH. Bridgette looks around and says are the live feeds even on us? I hope not. She says she's not cut out for the f'ing game. Bronte says she would not go around threatening people, she's just getting fired up right now. Paul says calm down and don't let your emotions rule you.


    2:03 AM BBT Paul says the rest of the house has slowly been getting on other peoples nerves. Bridgette says can you tell us more. Paul says I don't have information it's just observations. Bronte says she's had a stressful day and she's venting but she's laying low. Paul says all these little love bugs are going to implode just like Vic and Natalie did. Paul says none of that lasts especially when it gets personal.


    2:06 AM BBT Paul says he's seeing eye rolls and comments about the other houseguests. Paul says problems will arise on their own if you let them. Paul says right now he's not aligned with anyone, he doesn't talk game with anyone, and he doesn't trust a lot of people. Bronte says we just need to keep doing what we're doing and not throwing each others names out. Paul asks if the other side is after them and Bronte says yeah, it's a matter of time. Bridgette said she was put on the block because she was the flip vote and Paul says he doesn't think that's why. Bronte says we just have to get by this week and hope one of them wins HOH next week and turn the tables around and if they don't win HOH next week, they just need to lay low. Worst comes to worst they get to jury and party it up and get paid for the next two months. Natalie comes in.


    2:11 AM BBT Paul leaves the room and Natalie says again that whatever Frank says just follow the plan. Bronte says she can win over Tiff in the POV and Natalie says yeah you will, you'll be safe this week. Natalie again tells Bridgette she trusts here but her relationship with Frank makes her nervous. Bridgette says as long as Bronte is safe she doesn't give a crap. Bronte says we just have to ride it out and see what happens with POV. Bridgette said if Tiffany comes down Frank said they'd have to go ahead and get Paul out or backdoor someone bigger and he winked at her because he knows she wants to get Corey out. Bridgette trusts Frank! Bronte says if Corey goes we will have Nicole for sure. Bridgette says no she'll flee over to Tiffany and Michelle. I won't have her. Bridgette says she doesn't want a girls vs guys because that's not what Big Brother is about. It's about social ingenuity and the other girls in the house don't trust her. Bridgette says trusts you two girls and that's it. Natalie says just do what Frank says for now but just be cautious. She says I have your back a million percent with whatever decisions you make. Natalie says she's getting a lot of info, she's not flip flopping on Bridgette. Bridgette says she respects their opinions too and she wants to prove she trusts them and respects their opinion and if they just could stick to one thing that'd be great. Natalie is saying Bronte is safe this week so just go with the plan. Natalie wants Bridgette to be safe too. Natalie says to pretend like the conversation never happened. Tiff just can't pull herself off. Bridgette says best case scenario is Natalie and Frank playing for POV. Bridgette says if she pulls their name great and if she pulls her own she's going to pick Frank because he promised to use veto on Bronte and she trusts him.


    2:13 AM BBT Michelle comes into the safari room and asks if we get picked to play do we throw it or try and win. Paulie says win it so we can keep the noms the same. Paulie says Frank knows he pissed people off when he smacked people's ass. Michelle says forgive but never forget. Paul comes in and they talk about HG from previous seasons.


    2:16 AM BBT Bridgette says overwhelmed and she's frustrated with herself and she doesn't want to give a bad vibe on television like she doesn't f'ing know what she's doing, which is true, (her words not mine) Natalie says in the long run just know Bronte and I have your back. Bridgette says I know you're scare of Frank but I'm scare of James and she doesn't feel like the girls in the house like her. Natalie says Michelle is one person and Bridgette says but she has Nicole and Tiffany. Bronte explains that if they get Corey out she thinks Nicole will be more willing to get out Frank. Natalie tells Bridgette if you want to trust Frank fine and Bridgette says I trust him for now and I will let you know. Bridgette says I want Tiffany out. Bronte says it's going to be all of us against Tiffany.


    2:21 AM BBT Bronte and Bridgette fill Natalie in on their conversation with Paul. Bronte doesn't think Paul would put them up. Natalie says she just wants to know who won today. Bridgette says Michelle or Paulie and Bronte says or Zakiyah. But the three of them were in the back room deciding who to put up. Natalie again saying they just need to look out for each other. Bronte thinks if Paul gets HOH he'd use it to go after someone like Paulie and Natalie says no I don't think so because he's trying to keep his ass safe. Bronte thinks they're doing well because they are being sociable with people.


    2:24 AM BBT Bridgette says she trusts Frank for now because they are on teams, but she also think he has the exact same relationship with Paulie.  She said it's great game play and she respects that. She says they have to wait and see which way Frank goes. Bronte says she'll be more than happy to be first to jury if she can take a swing at Paulie.  If she can get Paulie out and be the first member of the jury, she will be pleased. Bronte says me trying to get him out is between the three of us and she'd likely backdoor him. Bronte says Paulie is the one running the game, he's the head honcho. Natalie says really you think Paulie is running the game. Bronte is positive Paulie is the puppetmaster in the house and Bridgette says he's running a lot of it. Bronte says he's head honcho. Bridgette says he has a lot of people wrapped around his finger. Bronte says on season 16 Cody and those guys used the girls and plucked them off and not one of them stood up to them except Nicole, and she would give up a half million dollars to take down a player like Paulie. Bronte says she'd give up the money to show America a woman can have the balls to go after a man like that. Bridgette says when Bronte talked to Paul she got excited because she'd like to take a swing at Paulie but she can't because he's on her team. Natalie says you talked game with Paul and they both said no. Bridgette says she doesn't want America to think shes a weak player or an asshole. That's what she's scared of and Natalie says you're doing great you got HOH. Bridgette says a crap shoot comp and Bridgette says no it wasn't a crap shoot it was skill. Bronte says if I win HOH next week I think I can get Nicole on our side. She said I'll tell the girls a girl will not be leaving and when a girl doesn't leave they'll trust them and they can knock out the rest of the big players. Bridgette thinks she'd be the first target of the other girls. Bronte says Nicole told Bronte if she doesn't win POV she's ok Nicole won't vote to send her home and Bronte believes her.


    2:27 AM BBT Michelle, Paulie, and Zakiyah ask Paul if he voted to evict Bronte and Paul says no. Michelle says they're blaming me and Paul says I didn't vote to evict her. He said Bronte thanked him for throwing a vote at her so Victor would go home unanimously and Paul said he didn't. Paulie said he just didn't like the number 9. Paul is very adamant he did not do it. Michelle said who did it though and she asked about Natalie and Paul said no.


  10. 1:30 AM BBT They talk about being full and their stomachs are hurting. Natalie asks James if they cooked as much on their season and he says kind of. Natalie says she thinks Nicole said they didn't cook as much because they had a young cast. Paul comes in and asks if he can take a shower because there's a line downstairs.


    1:31 AM BBT Corey and Frank talking in the Tokyo room with the lights out and talking about Tiffany not winning. Frank tells Corey he thinks Bronte might pick him from POV. Frank said he told Nicole in his goodbye speech to Tiffany he'd say your sister got third place and you got thirteenth? Have fun talking about that at Thanksgiving. They say good night and minor complaints about the size of the beds.


    1:33 AM BBT Natalie asks Paul if he has any stories and he asks if they've ever been to Berlin. Natalie says the story cannot be over five minutes and can't be less than one minute. And it can't be about sex. Paul jokes then nope he doesn't have a story. He starts a story about a Spanish teacher and we get FotH.


    1:35 AM BBT When feeds come back we get the KT with Paulie and Zakiyah. He says Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette, James, and Paul are all upstairs and most everyone else is in bed. Paulie and Zakiyah go into the safari room. Nicole and Michelle in the LR whispering. They are talking again about Corey and Natalie flirting and them talking about showmances. Natalie is called to DR. Michelle then tells Nicole about her conversation with Frank in the SR about winning POV if she plays. Natalie walks by and tells Michelle and Nicole they should come upstairs and hang out sometime.


    1:38 AM BBT Paulie and Zakiyah in the safari room and Zakiyah asks Paulie if their team is going to try and throw it or try and winning. Paulie said it depends on what the challenge is. Paulie says either way though his team has to throw it.


    1:42 AM BBT Paul, Bridgette, and Bronte in HOH talking about POV and Tiffany. He says he wants to put a laxative in her eggs. Paul says he doesn't want HOH because he doesn't want to put anyone up. Bronte tells Paul he needs to play because the others sure are. She wants HOH next week and she thinks HOH's will be like last week and they won't be able to throw them anymore. Paul asks Bronte if her or Natalie wins who would they put up and Bronte says she hasn't gotten that far. Bronte says she would have an idea of what she wanted to do, but she's just trying to get through this week. She doesn't care if she brings out the big guns as long as she's guaranteed first jury member. Paul thinks Nicole and Corey winning HOH is slim. Paul thinks if his team wins he won't get HOH because one of the girls will take it. If Bridgette wins POV she is going to pull Bronte down because she has heard her name getting tossed around. They tell Paul he's safe, Bronte thinks it's between her or Tiffany and they think Natalie is safer than Bronte. Paul doesn't understand why Natalie wouldn't be a target or Bronte, he thinks they are equal. Bronte assures Paul he's safe and they need to just stick to the plan. Bridgette says if Tiffany gets pulled down then crap will go down. Bronte says someone in the house is out to get her. Bronte says if she gets HOH, then Paul is good and if Paul wins HOH, they need to work together. Bronte says Tiffany is clearly a target and there is also someone else wants Bronte out. Paul asks Bronte who is targeting Tiffany and she says it's just a feeling she has. Paul says who's the head honcho and Bronte says I'm not sure but if I win HOH, I'm going to try and take down the head honcho even if I'm first to jury and lose the half million. Bronte says if someone offered a half million dollars to be passive aggressive toward "this person" or take 15, 000 to get their ass out, she'd take the 15, 000 and take them out. She'll make her half million somewhere else thank you. She's not afraid to be the first jury, but she is afraid someone else will win who doesn't deserve to win this game. Paul says if it comes down to him and her he'll throw the HOH to her.


    1:55 AM BBT Paul says here's an alternative. Let's say you put two head honchos up and they win roadkill and they put me up. Bronte says she will probably try to backdoor someone. When Bronte is HOH, if she wins HOH next week, she is guaranteed first jury member [Maybe...] which she is fine with. She doesn't care what she has to do to protect her own because there are people in this house that she thinks deserve to go home and she's going to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. She would do a backdoor plan like they did with Victor, very discreet, or a need to know basis. She wouldn't be dumb about it. She doesn't care what she would have to do to keep Paul safe. She just has to make it to jury. She has to. Bronte says this has to stay between us or i'm toast this week. Paul says he doesn't talk to anyone.



  11. 1:05 AM BBT Paulie, Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie cleaning up the kitchen. Zakiyah and Nicole at the DR table chatting. Tiffany, Frank, Corey, and Paul in the Tokyo room. They must be talking about production because we keep getting FotH.


    1:21 AM BBT Bridgette in HOH and Natalie comes in. Natalie says to Bridgette I'm begging you with my life not to tell Frank and Bridgette says why don't you trust me. Natalie tells Bridgette to stick with the plan because Bronte is safe. Bridgette says she feels like Natalie doesn't trust her and Natalie says she's just nervous. James comes in to the HOH room. James asks Bridgette if the fish have been fed yet and she says no. Natalie says she called downstairs and James answered and Bridgette said really?


    1:26 AM BBT Natalie says do you have a story to tell us James and Bronte comes in. Talk turns to the roadkill comp. They talk about it being some sort of memory competition. Then we get FotH a few times.

  12. 12:36 AM BBT Tiffany and Frank in the Tokyo room talking about food. Nicole comes in and says she thinks she's going to get sick. Her burger was raw and Frank is laughing at her and said she reminds him of the kid off of Jerry McGuire. Michelle comes in and sits down. Frank says Nicole will be fine. Tiffany says you'll have a little irritation in your stomach but you won't get sick. Tiffany gets called to the DR.


    12:39 AM BBT Franks asks Nicole what her and Tiffany were talking about in the LR, if it was game talk and Nicole and Michelle say no it was guy advice and he makes a face. Nicole says well life advice. Paul and Corey come in. General chit chat continues.


    12:40 AM BBT General chit chat in the DR and cleaning up from dinner.


    12:51 AM BBT James comes in and lays down between Nicole and Michelle.

  13. 12:02 AM BBT Have-Nots time to eat! Tiffany and Nicole still in the LR talking about relationships and everyone else in the KT getting ready to eat and Da is still in the DR.


    12:06 AM BBT Natalie and Bronte in SR. Natalie tells Bronte that Bridgette needs to keep her mouth shut to Frank this week. Natalie tells Bronte she's safe as long as Bridgette doesn't tell Frank anything. Bronte asks how Natalie knows she's safe, Natalie just says Tiff is going to be the target. Bronte asks if James told her that and if he's on board with sending Tiff home. Natalie says James didn't say anything but a lot of people are on board with getting Tiff out. Bronte says if I have to choose someone to compete for me I'll choose you and Natalie says yes. Natalie says don't trust anyone else to compete for you and I will never trust anyone else to compete for me. Natalie tells Bronte if James were to win POV and pull her off then Natalie would get put up. Natalie says if she wins and pulls Bronte down James will go up. Natalie says she doesn't care if she gets put up. Natalie says no more game talk just lay low, stay sociable, and don't tell Bridgette anything. Bronte says what if Tiffany pulls herself off and Natalie says that's what we need to worry about. Bronte says she wants to show America girls can trust each other.


    12:10 AM BBT All HG sitting around the table eating. Da is out of DR and eating. Paul did most of the cooking.

  14. 11:31 PM BBT Paulie and James in the Tokyo room. Paulie says he talked to Corey and they want to work with James. Paulie says once Tiffany and Frank are gone, they'll be protected by the bigger group because they'll go after the remaining four (Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette, and Paul). Then it's all about winning comps and Paulie says that's when they'll turn up.


    Michelle and Nicole in the LR chatting. Michelle walks away for a minute and Da'Vonne joins Nicole and Michelle comes back.  Nicole says James told her Natalie and Corey have been flirting and now she notices it a little more. Talk turns to food briefly and then Frank comes in and sits down on the opposite couch of the girls and pulls the table in the LR over to him so he can clip his fingernails.


    11:32 PM BBT The phone rings and James answers Sheriff's office this is the 911 operator what's your name and what's your emergency. He then says what's going on babe and said he just took a nap and he was going to give her a holler. Natalie is on the phone upstairs in HOH and she said she went upstairs to call him and James said he had a feeling he was going to get a phone call. Natalie says she's not even kidding she only called to talk to him and James says are you serious? Natalie says she was downstairs eating French fries but she came upstairs so she would stop eating. James said he ate her food and it was the bomb. It was so good it put him in a food coma. Natalie says they had a GT session upstairs. James asked what the topic was and Natalie said secrets. James says do you have any secrets and Natalie says she's not a secrets person. James says he feels like he hasn't seen her all day. Natalie says she was really upset today and she's really pissed off. James asks how Bronte's doing and Natalie says she's ok, that she just cried a little but she's doing really well because she's a really strong woman. James said I hope you don't think I had anything to do with this and Natalie said I thought you might.


    11:36 PM BBT Nicole did not know Vodka was made out of potatoes. Michelle says she can't remember what Agave is made out of and Frank says it's a cactus. Michelle tells Nicole she needs to look up Aaryn on Season 15 and Michelle says she watched it live when Aaryn drank the nail polish. Tiffany joins them in the LR. They are talking about the feeds being good in the beginning and talking about Gina Marie winning HOH. 


    11:38 PM BBT Natalie tells James about Frank telling Bronte he'd play in POV for her if she picked him and Bronte says that's so nice of him. Natalie then says Frank looked at her and asked what if she gets put up and she doesn't want Frank to go throw her name around but she said she's not afraid to go up for her friend. James says he only found out who was going up 15 minutes before the reveal and he wanted to give her a heads up. James assures Natalie Bronte isn't going home this week and Natalie says just one more week. Natalie says Paul was in the alliance with Victor and Jozea and causing trouble and peer pressuring and being rude to people and he's safe? She says that's not fair. Natalie says people in this house think I'm dumb, but I'm not dumb and James says I don't think you're dumb, it's just hard to tell who's being shady.


    11:40 PM BBT Frank says don't look a gift horse in the mouth and Nicole doesn't understand what he's talking about. Corey joins them and Da is called to the DR. Michelle says she's winning HOH next week and Frank says he's down with that. General chit chat about clothing they've brought, specifically hoodies and sweatshirts.


    11:41 PM BBT James pulls the phone into the UKBR to lay on the bed and talk. James says he wants to build trust with Natalie and he has trust with a few others because he doesn't run around telling other people's business. James says he wants to help them, but sometimes there's a bigger plan. Natalie says she just doesn't want Bronte to go home this week and James says Bronte just needs to lay low and especially don't tell Frank anything. James asked if they knew who won roadkill and Natalie says she was guessing Paulie or Zakiyah or one other. James said it wasn't either of them and she says was it Frank and James said right and I never said his name. James said he's playing dirty and most of the house is going to try and get him out next week. Natalie says she seen a few girls snap at Frank and she wants to know how to get Bridgette to see Frank's true colors. James says when we lock Frank in as nominee next week everyone is going to blow him up to Bridgette. James says you just can't blow the whole plan up and it cannot leak out and if Frank gets wind of it, then they are all screwed. Natalie says she doesn't repeat what James tells her and she wants to know how did James know. James says because he's cool with a lot of the people in the house and they tell him a lot of things. Natalie says Bronte is smart and we should do what we can to keep her. James says just don't pick Frank for POV and Natalie says Bronte already said she was picking her and Frank also said they could pick James. James said well do that then. Natalie says well who's more likely to win and she doesn't want James to get in trouble for helping Bronte out. James says Natalie needs to figure out who Bridgette would use as a replacement nom if Paul or Bronte comes down. Natalie tells James that Bridgette will not put him up. He says cool but Frank doesn't want anyone to use the veto. Natalie says whatever James is doing is what she'll do. James said everyone is going to vote for Tiffany and Natalie says I can still be friends with her right. James said yes but don't get too close because people will see that and Natalie says she feels bad because Tiffany is always paranoid.


    11:53 PM BBT James says the only way Bronte goes home is if the house hears of this plan to keep Tiffany. Then they might do something crazy. Natalie says she doesn't mind going up since Bronte has already been on the block and it's just so stressful. James says come Thursday night Tiffany will be gone and Natalie says she's fine with that as long as it's not Bronte and James says no one has said they are voting out Bronte. James tells Natalie she cannot tell Bridgette because she might tell Frank. Natalie says she's glad she got to talk on the phone and have a real conversation with someone. Frank interrupts and asks James if he's going to come help cook the burgers.


    11:55 PM BBT Tiffany asks Nicole if she would be jealous if Natalie and Corey were flirting and Nicole says no. Tiffany tells Nicole if it does bother you, don't let it show. Tiffany giving Nicole and Michelle guy advice in general.

  15. 11:02 PM BBT Natalie and Tiffany in the Tokyo room. Tiffany wants to talk to Natalie but she wants to clear her head first. Tiffany asks if Natalie knows who won roadkill and she said no. Tiffany says they are being really tight lipped. Natalie says she's nervous and Tiffany asks why and Natalie says it's just the game and she doesn't want Tiffany or Bronte to go home. Natalie keeps saying she's just nervous. Bronte comes in and asks Tiffany how she's holding up and Tiffany says she's ok and Bronte says me too. Bronte says we're strong girls we'll make it through this. Paulie comes in and Tiffany says she just woke up. Paulie asks if they want burgers and Natalie says she does if there's enough. Paulie says they're making 13. They're going to be ready for when the Have-Nots can eat.


    11:06 PM BBT Bronte says they made it out alive last week and they'll hopefully make it through this week. Bronte says she had a feeling she was going up and Tiffany asked why. Bronte says it might be because she was already up last week so it doesn't get any blood on someone's hands. Tiffany says at least she isn't being backdoored, at least they have a chance. Bronte says we're strong ladies and we can stick together and she thinks it will be ok. Tiffany says you just have to take it day by day and Bronte says yeah things change with the snap of a finger. Bridgette is called to the DR.


    11:15 PM BBT All HG either in WA or KT with general chit chat. Paulie taking a shower.


    11:18 PM BBT Frank and Michelle in the SR. Frank says Michelle is the one who voted for Bronte and she says no it was Paul. Frank says Paul promised him he didn't vote for Bronte and Michelle says she crosses her heart, swears, and promises she didn't do it. They are speculating who did it and Michelle says maybe Bridgette promised Vic her vote so maybe it was her. Frank says he might have Bronte willing to pick him if her name gets picked tomorrow. Michelle says Tiffany asked her if she gets picked for POV if she'd use POV on her, but Michelle said yeah but she'd throw it. Frank says no you should play to win and not use it on her. She's gone before jury and her vote won't count. Michelle wonders what Tiffany was talking about with Bronte and Natalie. Frank said he warned Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie to skip the facials tonight and get some rest for the POV. Frank wants as many of their people to play in it to keep Tiffany from winning so she can go home. Michelle asks who they think won roadkill and Frank says they think it was Paulie. Frank is telling Michelle that last night Paulie was telling Bridgette she should put Bronte up even thought Bridgette said she wouldn't go after Bronte and that's why they think it's him. Frank wants Tiffany broken tomorrow. Frank wants to rattle Tiffany for the POV and he wants to confront her and tell her he knows she's tossed his name it. Michelle doesn't think Tiffany is a physical competitor and she says Tiff is already rattled. Michelle asked what if it's a count the items or estimate and Frank says he's good at that type of thing, but it's too early for that. Michelle says she wants HOH next week because she wants to get Bronte out or maybe Paul.


    11:22 PM BBT Da'Vonne and James in the Have-Not room. Da says Michelle and Paulie think Frank and went told Bridgette and the girls that one of them won the roadkill. James says honestly if Frank is trying to pull Bronte and Natalie on his side it's not going to work. Da says once Frank is on the block and locked in she's spilling EVERYTHING. Paulie and them will make sure that happens and James says it's a done deal. James says Bridgette can't play HOH and Paulie and Michelle are going to try and throw it. Da says Frank came and apologized to her today, that back home he and his mom and grandma they pinch each other's butts but he won't do it anymore. James says Natalie is acting different today by being real distant. Da says maybe she's afraid  because her friend is on the block. James told her Bronte was going up before the nomination. He gave her a warning. James said he told her Tiffany is the target and she needs to not freak out. Da tells James that Frank will not allow him and Paulie time alone to talk. They'll have to work to figure out how to meet. Da told Tiffany to pick her for POV. James says they need to stop worrying about this week and focus on next week because this week is already done as far as he's concerned.

  16. 10:30 PM BBT Paul, Corey, Paulie, and Zakiyah in the KT. General chit chat about food. Frank goes upstairs with Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie. Frank says he doesn't know who voted against Bronte the previous week. He says Paul swore to them he didn't vote for Bronte. The girls want to keep Bronte safe and we get the Bronte story that she just wants to make it to jury. Frank says if Bronte wants to pick him to play he'd use it on her if Bridgette wanted him to. He then asked what would happen if whoever is roadkill put Natalie up in Bronte's place and they think she's safe. Frank says worst case scenario if Tiffany wins and comes down, then Paul would go home. Talk turns to the roadkill and Frank says he didn't get it the first time, he got it the second time and he just knows someone got it on their first try.


    10:49 PM BBT Bronte asks if POV is ever endurance and Frank says not normally. They talk about the spelling comp and Bridgette can't spell Mesopotamia or Mississippi. Frank says he learned the crooked letter, humpback phrase for spelling Mississippi and Bronte says she's never heard that before.

  17. 10:03 PM BBT Frank and Nicole in the safari room. Frank would rather keep Bronte around over Michelle. He says Michelle is too comfortable in the numbers and sleeps too much. He says someone from his team or Nicole's needs to win next HOH and Nicole points out it will just be her and Corey. Frank says they will need Da to throw HOH so they can put Paul up as an option. Frank says Tiffany's an emotional wreck. Frank also told Michelle she needs to learn three new facts about Bridgette this week. Frank also thinks Michelle voted against Bronte last week. Nicole says she talked to Bridgette and Frank says she's a good girl. Nicole says she'd never put Bridgette up because she feels like it's be a waste of an HOH. They talk about various comps. Nicole says she competed against boys in the OTEV comp and she couldn't do it because they could climb the thing faster. Frank says he wanted to win roadkill to keep his alliance safe and he doesn't want people to think bad about him because of his personality.


    10:15 PM BBT Natalie and Bridgette in HOH talking about they want Tiffany to stay and they'd like to rally the girls to get Paul out. They want to get the guys out and they think no one will suspect they are strategizing and playing the game. Natalie says the guys want a girl out and Paul will do whatever Paulie and Corey want so they want him gone. Bridgette thinks James will vote for Natalie and Natalie says he has to.


    10:25 PM BBT Bridgette says she's going to talk to Paulie and ask him to quit campaigning against Bronte. She respected his play to get Victor out and he needs to respect hers to keep Bronte safe. She agrees with Natalie that Paulie can't know about the plan to get Paul out, but she wants to make sure Bronte is safe.


    10:27 PM BBT Frank and Nicole still in the safari room talking about Tiffany feeling comfortable and thinking whoever isn't in the 8 pack will be the one going home. Frank leaves to get mac n cheese.

  18. 4:06 AM BBT Paulie says he doesn't understand why Frank wasn't solid because he had the two most loyal guys in the house. Paulie says Frank is even ok with Zakiyah winning HOH. Paulie says we have the best chicks in the house with Zakiyah, Da, and Nicole. Corey says they need to get some sleep. Paulie says it's going to be an interesting week and it's such a damn shame. He would have had no problem tagging Tiffany and they could have done whatever they wanted.


    4:10 AM BBT All houseguests are snug in their beds and have fallen asleep.

  19. 3:51 AM BBT James says we just have to hope Frank doesn't get picked for the POV. Nicole says they might be ok if Paulie and James gets picked as well. That way it's all strong guys playing for it.


    3:58 AM BBT James, Nicole, and Michelle in the KT while Nicole gets a snack. James tells Michelle to make sure she throws the HOH. He gives a tip about if it's a puzzle to knock it over. James said he knows Frank has been dropping his name too. Michelle shares information with James. Paulie and Corey both in the HOH bed talking before they go to bed. Neither Paulie nor Corey sees Paul as a threat. Paulie says he hasn't been sharing info with Paul because he doesn't want him to be able to blow up his game.


    4:01 AM BBT Paulie says Frank told him he didn't want James to be in the F2 because he doesn't want anyone with a kid there. Corey says oh yeah he did say that, but they'll talk about that tomorrow. Corey says tomorrow Michelle is going to throw HOH and if Zakiyah, James, or Corey wins then they will be good. Paulie says I don't want Tiffany because Michelle asked Tiff who she would put up and Tiffany says she didn't know. Corey says Frank is Vic this week and Paulie asks who will you put up as the pawns if James wins and Corey says Paul and Bridgette. Paulie says it would be better for Da or Corey to win so they have Bronte and Natalie as an option to put up on the block. Corey tells Paulie about Nicole is uncomfortable around Frank and that's why she was crying. Paulie says that's just his personality and Corey says yeah but they are all uncomfortable. Paulie is concerned because they said Victor made them uncomfortable and now they are getting him and then they start saying Frank is making them uncomfortable. He's wondering if it's a set up to have an all girls alliance and get rid of all the guys.

  20. 3:33 AM BBT Da'Vonne, Nicole, and Corey in the WA and Da tells them no one is throwing the comp. Nicole asks if James still wants to talk to them or not and Da says maybe tomorrow. Da goes off to bed. James comes into the WA. Frank wants James to put up Corey and Paulie. Then we get FotH.


    3:38 AM BBT Feeds back. James says Frank wants to throw the right people against each other at the right time. He wants everyone going at each so Frank can sit back and watch. Corey said that's stupid when we still have five clear targets. James asks is there a separate five person alliance with Paulie and them. James says Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da. Corey says no. Corey says Frank wanted that to happen and be the fifth wheel. James says Frank is stirring up a lot of crap and people were afraid to talk to each other and now they're starting to find stuff out. James said he doesn't even want to tell Paulie because he's afraid he would go back and tell Frank. Paul and Paulie come in. Nicole and Paul say good night and head off to bed.


    3:41 AM BBT James said what we do from this point with Frank. Corey says nothing at this point he's Victor. Corey says if James wins James could put up Tiffany and Bridgette and backdoor him. If they can't get Frank, then they might get Bridgette. James says Da will throw the comp so Corey can win and Corey said will Da do that? James said Da is on board to get Frank out. Nicole tells Corey she feels like she has to hide when she eats because Frank told Nicole and Michelle they look disgusting when they eat. Nicole says he makes her feel uncomfortable and she doesn't like it and Corey says he doesn't mean it, hes nasty and farts all the time. James thinks Zakiyah and everyone will vote Frank out.

  21. 2:59 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR crying. Michelle asks if she's ok as she walks by.


    3:02 AM BBT Nicole and Da'Vonne in the safari room talking game. Nicole says she doesn't trust Paul as far as she can throw him. Da says she feels like they are playing someone else's game and Nicole says she doesn't like feeling like she has to throw a competition. She said it's selfish for Frank to expect 6 players to give up HOH so he can do what he wants.


    3:07 AM BBT Michelle comes in and asks Nicole if she's ok. Nicole says she was just frustrated and didn't realize she was feeling the way she did. Michelle starts talking about Frank being disrespectful to the women in his alliance and Michelle says he's worse than Victor. Da said that's a good point because Frank smacked her on the bottom. Michelle said she is so disappointed in Frank.


    3:11 AM BBT Nicole says Zack was an angel compared to some of the guys in the house. [Not sure if she means Frank or Paul]


    3:21 AM BBT Michelle asks Da if Frank has mentioned a final 3 or 4 to her. Da says her, Frank, Paulie, and Zakiyah.


    3:24 AM BBT James comes into the safari room and asks where Michelle is going to sleep. Michelle says she doesn't want to sleep with Bridgette and that she might sleep with Paulie. James said Frank told him Paulie hasn't had the bed to himself this week and Michelle said yes he has because Frank came back down a few days ago. James says yeah he stayed up there long enough to make sure Paulie did what he wanted him to do. Nicole goes to get Cory and Paulie and Paul come in too.



  22. 2:30 AM BBT Paulie says I'm not sure if Frank has said it out loud to anyone but he's hinted at it. Paul says Frank has said he wants Tiffany out and Paulie says she's trying to fish and find out who he's told and who he's tied to. Paul said Nicole told him she didn't put him because she liked him and he couldn't figure out why Paulie was put up. Paul said he knew that Victor was going to piss the girls off because of all the flirting. Paul says these girls are strangers, not girls you grow up with and know. You don't know which girls are ok with being touched and which ones aren't. Paulie says anything you say doesn't leave this room and anything I say doesn't leave this room. Paul says I don't even talk to anyone that much. Paul said Natalie is so worried about being dumped on live TV and Paulie says she can't be trusted.


    2:49 AM BBT We get a reminder for James that sleeping isn't allowed in the LR.


    2:53 AM BBT Michelle, Paul, Paulie, and Corey all in the LR chatting.

  23. 2:00 AM BBT Corey says he just wants to confront Frank about everything and James said that's not a good idea because he'll tell everyone Corey is a threat. James says he knows a lot of stuff right now and he doesn't run his mouth. James said he just wants to know who he can talk to.


    2:10 AM BBT Nicole and Corey re-hashing their conversation after James leaves and discuss further whether to throw or not. [This may come down to a last minute decision]


    2:25 AM BBT Paulie and Paul in HOH. Paulie telling Paul Tiffany is gunning for Frank and letting him know Frank is in some danger. Paul says he thinks Paulie is in a good spot and Paulie says you are too. Paulie is telling Paul for the next three weeks to just lay low. Paulie says there's too much talk going on and he's enjoyed his time in HOH. Paul says he was talking to Tiffany and she was trying to get information and Paulie says that's what she's trying to do and that's how she's playing the game.

  24. 1:34 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah in the SR and Nicole telling Zakiyah that she talked to Michelle about watching what she says to Paulie.


    1:41 AM BBT James, Corey, and Nicole in the SR deciding if they are going to throw a comp. They realize if they do Frank's team will be intact and the rest of them will be down team members. They are also questioning why Frank is so dead set on getting Tiffany out when Bronte is still in the house. Nicole is nervous about throwing a comp and doing Frank's dirty work. James says if he throws another comp, it will be one more but he won't do it after that. James says this is the last week we can throw a comp if we're going to do it and Corey says if we do then Frank's team is going to be very powerful with 4 and everyone else will only have 2 or 3. Corey says we should just throw it tomorrow. James asks if their team wins who it will go to and Nicole says Michelle, but Corey points out Bridgette will not want Michelle to get HOH and Nicole says Frank said a few days ago he wanted it. Corey says Frank wants layups at the end.


    1:51 AM BBT Corey tells James that Frank thinks Nicole and James has a thing and mentioned their names together. Corey says Frank has been talking about everyone and mentioning names and he's talking too much. James says he has information, but he wants to verify it before he shares. James says if it's true that Corey will not like it. James says Franks stories aren't straight and Nicole said she hopes James knows she's not lying and Corey agrees. Corey says Frank lied to Paulie about the 8 pack and said Michelle came up with the alliance. Corey said no Frank stepped out of the shower and said the 8 pack. James said Frank is trying to do something with everybody. Corey says maybe we'll meet up tomorrow at some point. He tells James to confirm whatever his information is because Corey is afraid to throw it for next week.


    1:57 AM BBT James says Frank is playing his game and he wants everyone to help him. James said but what is good for Frank's game may not be good for our game. He's playing his own game. Brief FotH. Corey says I knew the alliance would break up, but after a week? James says he thinks Victor will be his last act as the 8 pack.

  25. 1:00 AM BBT Nicole advises Michelle in the safari room to watch what she says to people. Da says her circle of trust is very small right now.


    1:08 AM BBT James comes in and says he's not supposed to trust Nicole and the girls. James says just assume that I know everything. James says the walls have ears. James asks what the plan is for tomorrow and Michelle says what's YOUR plan? He asks if the votes will be 10-0 and Da says we don't know how those other girls are going to vote.


    1:13 AM BBT Michelle wonders if there's another twin in the house. Then she suggests Paul. Tiff said if there's a twin it would be someone like Bronte. Michelle says she does talk about her sister a lot.


    In the HOH room, Paulie and Zakiyah talking and Paulie says he only trusts Zakiyah and Corey. He doesn't mind the alliance of 5 because Zakiyah trusts Da and Nicole and Corey trusts Nicole, and 5 is a good number. But he will only believe information that comes directly from Zakiyah and Corey.


    1:14 AM BBT Bridgette tells Natalie to watch out about being caught up in a showmance. They said if they target James, then they will target Natalie and she needs to be careful. Bridgette and Bronte said they will say anything they need to and campaign for Natalie. Natalie says James has a great personality. Bridgette is trying to explain what the Vanessa and Frank fight is about and didn't get any details right. Bridgette says Tiffany is using Vanessa's strategy on getting into fights with people and getting the whole house against that person.


    1:17 AM BBT Paulie says he wasn't expecting information to come about Frank. Zakiyah says she's glad Paulie is keeping his eyes open and he's on to Frank's game. Paulie said that his strategy was to find one or two people to trust and align with and share information with.


    1:20 AM BBT Bridgette says Victor and Paul are only on the show to get their Instagram followers up. Bronte says Victor is a personal trainer and went to school for four years to figure out he didn't like finance. Natalie says she thinks Victor is still in finance because he's intelligent and solved the roadkill challenge in 20 seconds.


    1:22 AM BBT Natalie says she went around and told everyone Victor hurt her feelings. Natalie says she told Mama Da and after they talked Victor went to talk to Da and she wasn't nice to him because he hurt Natalie's feelings. She said she planted seeds that he hurt her feelings and she's wanted him out since day 1.


    1:25 AM BBT Michelle, James, Da, Tiffany, and Nicole talking in the safari room. James says to Michelle her and Bridgette are a trip. He says he feels like when Michelle nominates Bridgette her speech is going to be funny. Michelle says she falls asleep every night thinking about it.  James wants to hear a sample of the speech and Michelle says she knows what Bridgette's game is and she is not baking her way to the end. She was trying to make them obese and wheezy so she could win, but they don't like Bridgette's cookies as much as they like Michelle's. She continues I can see right through your fake little get together and I know you're a spy. Da says 22 nights of thinking that up? Zakiyah comes into the safari room.