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  1. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a grueling POV challenge, Erica burned the fuel and earned the jewel! Then HOH Ryan pressured Erica to use her veto so he could backdoor Olivia. But when Erica shut the door, Andrew and Hamza were still on the block. With Hamza laying low, Ryan tried one last time to flip the house against him, but his pitch sank like a stone.


    With the vote looming, the battle of the bedrooms began. With Kaela and Derek in full swing, Olivia got a Paras agreement on a touchy subject…L’Amour. On eviction night, there was one thing the entire house could still agree on, but Andrew didn’t stick around to hear it. Tonight, with the HG “boxed in” who will win the cratest HOH competition of all time? Who will be “singled out” as the next have nots? Will a showmance end up on the block? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up on day 13 after Andrew’s eviction and Will says what a poor sport. Ryan tells us he’s feeling incredibly guilty about Andrew going home because that wasn’t his plan. His plan to backdoor Olivia backfired and he doesn’t know where he fits in the game.


    Jesse tells us Andrew just got evicted and he feels fantastic! He’s working with Derek, Kaela, and Paras and he has good relationships with everyone in the house. He’s feeling pretty good. Hamza is feeling good about the vote being unanimous, he made some solid social moves this week, but now it’s time for him to get some power. He wants to win this HOH because he wants people to scramble in this game. He just came off the block and it’s time to turn up the house.


    We see the start of the HOH competition and Erica is safe for the week. Welcome to the BB Can petting zoo, where you are the precious cargo. Working together and from inside your crate, each team will work together to transfer 8 pieces of each fruit from one end of the yard to the other. One HG will take the fruit halfway and then pass it to their partner through the hole in their crate who will then deposit it at the other end of the yard. The first team to transfer all of their fruit will win and they will decide amongst themselves who will be the new HOH.


    The pairs competing in this competition are: Hamza and Veronica, Jesse and Alejandra, Olivia and Maddy, Will and Johnny, Paras, and Merron, and Derek and Kaela. Veronica wastes no time getting started. Erica says it’s like bumper cars on steroids. Alejandra really wants to win HOH because she’s been on the block before and it sucks. Paras doesn’t want to win HOH because she’s been working both sides of the house and she doesn’t want to be forced to take a shot at either side.


    Will barely fits in his box. Kaela says this competition is right up her alley. Kaela says working with Derek is perfect because they are both physically fit and competitive. Ryan announces that in the lead right now are Hamza and Veronica and Kaela and Derek.


    Hamza wants to win this HOH because he’s tired of people being nice. He wants to pit people against each other. He likes that he’s paired with Veronica because she seems pretty athletic and seems pretty determined to win. Veronica says she’s hell on wheels out there, she’s not losing this one. She’s new to the house but she wants to show people what she’s capable of.


    Olivia wants to win HOH because the newbies are huge threats and the only way to make sure Veronica or Merron are out the door is if she is in charge. Ryan announces Olivia and Maddy are in last place. Olivia says this comp is ridiculously hard. She can’t see where she’s going and it’s like bumper cars. She doesn’t understand why they have to transfer so many pieces of fruit.


    Olivia realizes halfway through the competition they aren’t going to win, so they need a new strategy. They decide to block people. Olivia says if they can’t win, then they need to block the newbies to make sure they don’t win. Olivia goes to block Veronica. Veronica tells us she’s putting her blood, sweat, and tears into this competition and nothing and no one is going to stand in her way.


    Erica and Ryan are discussing how close the competition is. They see Derek and Kaela don’t have many left to transfer. Derek tells Kaela one more red apple and Kaela says all they have to do is get it across the yard and the HOH is theirs. Hamza and Veronica need one more banana. It’s a race back and Hamza and Veronica have won the competition.


    Ryan congratulates Hamza and Veronica on the win and now they have to decide who gets the HOH. Veronica says she knows Hamza wants to see Carolyn, so she’s giving this one to him. Veronica says this competition was a huge win for her, but it was a selfless thing to do to give the HOH to Hamza and it least it will benefit her game by keeping her safe this week and maybe she can influence his decisions moving forward. Hamza says there are people in this house that feel safe, but this is Big Brother and no one should feel safe.


    Hamza tells us he just won HOH and he wants to divide the house. He doesn’t like the showmances, and he doesn’t like the floaters. He wants to make everyone feel uncomfortable. He’s sick of tired of everyone going with the house and he’s not afraid to piss anyone off. He’ll hear everyone out, but he’s going to do what’s best for his game.


    Veronica says even though Hamza is HOH, she propelled him to that win. She showed the other HG what she’s capable of and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She talks to herself and says this is her house and they are all scared of her.


    Alejandra is mumbling to herself that Hamza might be best case scenario for her, but not with Veronica in his ear. Alejandra is extremely relieved it’s Hamza and not Veronica as HOH. She says it’s going to be a tough week and it’s time to go play nice.


    Paras says she’s working both sides of the house. She has the “real deal’, and then she has the white room. And in the white room she feels closest with Will and Maddy. Will and Maddy and Paras are talking and Will says Hamza is ready to flip the house upside down. Paras realizes the white room is targeting Olivia. Paras is planting seeds of doubt about Olivia and Will says the white room is about to bounce back and rule the game.


    Erica and Olivia talking and Erica is saying Hamza is so unpredictable. Olivia tells us Hamza winning is not ideal because she doesn’t know where his head at. He’s a wildcard. Erica says it seems Hamza has gotten closer with Jesse and Derek since they all went to the catacombs. Erica says she doesn’t think Hamza would go for Merron because they are buddies, but that’s who she would like to see gone and Olivia agrees. Olivia tells Erica she doesn’t think she’s on Hamza’s radar and Erica agrees. Olivia tells us she knows nothing about Hamza’s game and that means she could be a potential target. Erica says she’ll talk crap about Olivia saying she’s a horrible competitor and isn’t great socially and if Hamza targets her it’s a waste of a week. Erica will encourage ‘big moves’.


    Who wants to see Hamza’s HOH room? He has pictures of his parents and his fiancé. He says seeing the picture of Carolyn just made his day so much better. They got the game Hearing Things. Veronica says it’s fun and Ryan agrees. Hamza settles in to watch his video.


    It’s from Carolyn and she says: Hamz in the cam! She points out her shirt which says Team Hummus. She misses him like crazy, these days feel like years and it has definitely made it even more clear to her how much she loves him and how important he is to her and how excited she is to spend the rest of her life with him. She can’t wait until the day she sees him so she can run and give him the biggest hug and tell him don’t let go. Have fun and she can’t wait to see him.


    Everyone claps and say how much they love her. Hamza is emotional and tells us this is the hardest thing he’s ever been through. Being so far away from her for this long, she’s his life and he’s a lucky guy.


    Merron says his first real week of Big Brother has begun and he wants to talk to Hamza. He’s asking if Olivia is the target or if they are getting a showmance out. Merron wants to know Olivia is the back-up plan or the showmance? Hamza says the showmance is the back-up plan. Merron wants to know why Olivia is a threat. Hamza says Olivia is a marathon runner she’s just lingering and getting good with everyone. Plus, she’s napping all the time saying she wants alone time, but she’s really analyzing everything. Hamza says she’s a law student so she’s not dumb and she’s the type of player who can fly under the radar and slide into the end. Merron says but those type of players don’t get any love in the end, so anyone up against her, she’s going to lose. Merron doesn’t feel like Olivia is a threat and people are making her seem more mischevious than she is. Hamza says at the end of the week she’ll be up against Derek or Kaela and we can decide who we want to get out. Merron says that’s a nice feeling and Hamza is the one person he 100% trusts and they agree to have each other’s backs.


    Welcome, from the BB Can house, it’s Will You Showmance? Please welcome your host, Hamza. We have a newlywed style game set up. This is Will You Showmance, the game that shows you how well you know your partner, whether you’re in a showmance, bromance, or nomance. As HOH, Big Brother asked Hamza to choose four couples to compete and the four couples he chose are: Erica and Merron, Paras and Jesse, Kaela and Derek, and finally Veronica and Will. He’ll ask one member of each team a question and their partner will try and guess the answer. If they get it right they will earn a point. The two teams with the most points will be haves for the week. The two teams with the fewest points will be have-nots for the week. Get ready to play Will You Showmance?


    First question-If you were taking your partner on a first date outside the Big Brother Canada house, do you think they’d rather go for a romantic dinner or BB Can and Chill? Merron guesses romantic dinner and he is correct. Jesse guesses romantic dinner and he’s correct. Derek guesses BB Can and Chill and he’s wrong. Will guesses BB Can and Chill and he is correct. Erica and Merron, Jesse and Paras, and Will and Veronica all have 1 point. Derek and Kaela have 0.


    Second question-What did your partner think you would say is their best physical feature? Merron says Erica has very beautiful eyes and he is correct. Jesse guesses Paras’ eyes and he is correct. Derek says they’ve all seen the Kaela twerk so he has to go with “dat booty” and he is correct. Will says her beautiful ass and he is wrong, she said breasts. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras each have 2 points. Derek and Kaela and Veronica and Will have 1 point. Will is getting frustrated because he was a have-not the first week and he doesn’t want to do it again.


    Third question-Does your partner think you’ll be remembered as a comp beast, a strategic mastermind, or a floater? Veronica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Kaela guesses comp beast and she is incorrect, he said mastermind. Paras guesses floater and she is correct. Erica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras have 3 points. Veronica and Will have 2 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


    Fourth question-What emoji did your partner say best describes you? Veronica makes a face and sticks her tongue out and she is correct. Kaela guesses the heart eyed emoji and she is incorrect, he said laughing face. Paras guesses a smiley face and she is incorrect, he said weird/funny face. Erica guesses two girls holding hands and she is incorrect, he said cool smiley face with sunglasses. Merron and Erica, Jesse and Paras, and Veronica and Will each have 3 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


    Fifth question-Your partner was asked if they’d be willing to be handcuffed to you for an extra point. And if both of you answer yes, then you have to do it for the rest of the night. What do you think they answered? Erica guesses heck yes and she is correct. Paras guesses yes and she is correct. Veronica says yes absolutely and she is correct. Kaela and Derek are too far behind to catch up. They will be have-nots for the week.


    All the remaining teams are in a three-way tie for first. Final question-Did your partner think you’d be more embarrassed by coming in last in an endurance competition or have your parents see you fool around with someone on the live feeds? Veronica guesses if she came last in an endurance competition and she is correct. Paras guesses her parents seeing her fool around on live feeds and she is correct. Erica guesses her parents seeing her fool around and she is incorrect. Merron and Erica are have-nots for the week. Erica is not happy about being a have-not two weeks in a row.


    Hamza hands out the handcuffs to the teams. Veronica and Will seem to be good natured about it, Erica and Merron are less than thrilled because they lost, and Paras is excited and Jesse looks less than thrilled.


    Veronica wants to chat with Hamza. She tells us she’s a big part of the reason Hamza is HOH this week because she was a driving force in that competition so she feels she should have 50% of the say this week. Veronica tells Hamza everyone is down to send Olivia home if that’s where his head is still at, but she also wanted to know what Hamza thinks about putting Alejandra on the block with her. Hamza wants to know why Veronica doesn’t like Ali so much and she says because all she does is play both sides and she’s sketchy about her. Veronica just wants Ali on the block. Hamza says he’s here to cause some chaos so he has to decide if those the best options.


    Hamza says him and Derek kind of bonded last week so he selects Derek for the Wendy’s meal. Derek says he was on slop last week and he’s going to be on it again this week, so he’s ecstatic to be eating Wendy’s because he knows it’s going to be his last delicious meal for awhile. Derek tells Hamza it sucks being on slop, but it will be better this week because he’ll have Kaela to cuddle with in the catacombs. Hamza says he’s liking his time with Derek right now and he’s thinking Derek could be someone he could work with in the future. Derek tosses out him and Jesse with Hamza and Will as an alliance. Derek is floating Olivia and Ali’s names to Hamza because they were working together, but they’ve been sketchy since.


    Veronica and Will are taking a bath together and they are squirting bubbles on each other. Veronica says she’s in her happy place when she’s in a bubble bath. They are laughing and having a good time and Hamza comes in and tells them to be quiet and not make a noise because Olivia is coming in next. Olivia says she’ll keep it short and sweet but she feels like they are both straight shooters. Olivia says she hasn’t really talked game with anyone except for basic strategy. Olivia says she has talked and she was thinking the consensus was to get the newbies out. Hamza says he doesn’t want another unanimous vote. Olivia wants to know if she’s going up she’d like to know so she can mentally prepare for it. Hamza says he doesn’t have just one target, he has a bunch of targets in mind, but he’s going to make his own decision. Veronica and Will heard the entire conversation and they high five each other.


    Jesse and Paras are talking to Hamza and Jesse asks if everyone is talking his ear off. Jesse says why is it I never talk to the HOH? Hamza says Paras wanted to talk to him and she says but he’s here, indicating Jesse. Hamza suggests Jesse could go to the restroom and Jesse says he’s pretty sure they are on the same page. Paras asks Hamza if his mind is already made up. Paras tells Jesse to go to the restroom because she can’t talk with him there. He heads off and she says she only needs two minutes. She whispers to Hamza that she’s down with taking a shot at the other room if that’s what he wants. She just didn’t know how the votes would go and she didn’t want to say anything in front of Jesse. Hamza says they are taking a shot. They high five and hug. Hamza says I promise we’re taking a shot at the other room. Paras also tosses out Olivia and Ali’s names and Hamza asks if she has anyone else in mind. Paras says she thinks Jesse and Derek and Kaela would work with them, but if he has to take a shot she understands.


    Jesse and Paras switch places and Jesse says he doesn’t talk game a lot, just let him know what he’s thinking and he’ll vote that way. Hamza wants to know what Jesse is thinking though and he responds Ali, Liv, and Ryan are the names getting tossed around the house. Jesse says targeting anyone other than those three would be a mistake because Hamza is in a good place. Jesse thinks they are all in a good place moving forward for another four or five weeks. Paras returns.


    Alejandra tells us Olivia is her right hand in the house and the person she trusts the most. She needs to talk to Hamza and make sure Olivia isn’t on his radar. Alejandra tells Hamza he can trust her in the game, not just this week but moving forward. Hamza tells Ali that her name has been mentioned a lot. Alejandra says she is tight with Olivia and if he needs an extra number she could be it because her and Olivia think alike. Hamza says he’ll consider it. Alejandra asks if he knows who he’s putting up and he says he has an idea and she’ll see. She asks if it’s people from the red room and he says yeah. People from the red room until now have been feeling pretty safe and it’s time to shake things up.


    Olivia is in the red room talking while Jesse is listening and laying on a bed. She’s recapping her conversation with Hamza and she says Hamza said he knew who his target was, but he didn’t know who he was putting up. She thinks Hamza is coming for them and she says they have the numbers but she couldn’t tell Hamza that without giving away that there were a bunch of them working together. Jesse says Hamza is the kind of guy who just goes against the house. Jesse wants to know if Hamza would put one of them up and she doesn’t think so. Jesse says he talked to Hamza for maybe five minutes.


    Hamza tells us he was on the block last week and people were ready to get rid of him, so everyone in the house should feel unsafe. Hamza says the last two weeks have been unanimous votes. This week he’s going to get out who he wants to get out.


    Hamza is considering nominating Ryan because he put him on the block last week, made him a have-not, and sent Andrew home.


    He’s considering nominating Olivia because she’s a smart player, she knows what she’s doing, and she’ll float by until the end. She has to go.


    He’s considering nominating Alejandra because she’s a flippy floppy player. One day she’s against you and the next she’s with you. She has no loyalty and that’s what is most important to him.


    He’s considering nominating Jesse because he’s a physical threat and he’s got a good social game. He’s smarter than people perceive. Aside from that, putting him on the block will split the house in half.


    A line is going to get drawn in the sand. He’s going to out the person that he wants out.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Hamza has nominated Olivia and Jesse. As Jesse takes his seat he says “Jokes!”. Hamza says he chose to nominate Olivia because she’s smart and strategic and it’s week 3 and he doesn’t know where her allegiances lie. Hamza says he nominated Jesse because he’s a physical and social player and at this point in the game, he doesn’t know where his head is at. Sometimes in this game, you just have to trust the process. Jesse gets up and says it doesn’t make any sense man but he goes to give Hamza a hug.


    Jesse tells us Hamza just nominated him for eviction and he is shocked! He thought they were on good terms. What the hell?!? Now he has to go out and try his hardest to win the veto so he can take himself off the block this week.


    Olivia tells us she didn’t think she’d be on the block this early, but she did see this coming. She feels like her back is sort of against the wall at this point and she really feels like she has to go out and win this POV.


    Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Jesse or Olivia fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  2. Tonight, get ready for battles like you’ve never seen before. For the first time ever, you’ll see the artists pairings revealed and our coaches will take the training further than ever before. Joining the action will be some of the hottest names across music: Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels, Hailee Steinfeld, and Trace Adkins.


    Expectations will be high, leading to some of the best battles we’ve ever seen. Decisions will be tougher. The steals will be bigger. The most exciting round of battles yet starts right now!


    Let’s meet the first artist from Team Alicia as he learns which artist he’ll be battling, Jamai. He goes to find out who he has been paired with and he sees on screen Sharane Calister. Shawn Mendes is Team Alicia’s advisor.


    Alicia gave Jamai and Sharane the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. Shawn says Sharane is talented, she had such control and she was just flawless. Jamai had sheer strength, especially in the higher octave. Alicia gives Sharane tips on tempo and Shawn advises Jamai to get emotionally invested in his verse.


    We then see Alicia at the stage rehearsal with Sharane and Jamai. Alicia gets to see their outfits, how they interact with each other, and they also have vocal coaches and choreographers. Alicia thinks this battle is going to steal the show because there is so much power in it and so much energy.


    Jamai and Sharane have just taken the stage to perform Mercy by Shawn Mendes and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. It’s time to see what the coaches have to say. Adam is feeling Jamai’s trench. Adam says there were moments with Jamai where he was like wow and Sharane has a fullness in her voice that fills the room. Adam says it’s a dead heat.


    Blake says Sharane doesn’t even need a microphone and they are both incredible vocally and he doesn’t know what Alicia is going to do. Maybe he’d go with Jamai. Kelly says they really complemented each other and they could also both be forces. Kelly gravitates more toward Sharane.


    Alicia has the final words. She is supremely proud of that performance and she thinks Shawn will be blown away. Alicia says Jamai is a shocker for her and Sharane’s performance was wow.


    Alicia is ready to pick her winner. She selects the winner…Sharane.


    Now it’s time to look at Team Kelly and her advisor, Hailee Steinfeld. They away Team Kelly’s first pairing, Brynn Cartelli vs Dylan Hartigan. Kelly has given them the song …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. Hailee says Brynn is the real deal, you can just feel her presence and energy. Dylan has the swagger and she loves it. Kelly gives Dylan tips on styling on notes. Kelly advises Brynn on stance to ensure her vocals don’t seem strained.


    Kelly gets a look at Brynn and Dylan’s stage rehearsal. She thinks Dylan came in more solid than he did in rehearsals. Kelly says these two did their homework, they are nailing it and she thinks either can take this battle.


    Brynn and Dylan have taken the stage and performed …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. The crowd is pumped up from that performance. Alicia says that voice inside of Brynn is crazy and Dylan has all kinds of swag. Adam says Brynn is a star and Dylan’s energy is so infectious. Adam would go with Brynn.


    Blake says Dylan is like one of the dude’s from Grease. Blake thinks Dylan is a really good singer and Brynn doesn’t sound like anyone else and she has a lot of power and energy and she’s a star.


    Kelly says Dylan does have a really solid voice and there’s this old soul, really cool vibe about Brynn. The winner of the battle is…Brynn.


    Carson reminds the coaches that Dylan is available to steal. He thanks Kelly for working with him and it’s been a pleasure. Dylan heads off stage and Blake hits his button. Dylan will be joining Team Blake.


    Let’s take a look at Team Blake and his advisor, Trace Adkins. They are waiting for Blake’s first pairing of Jesslee vs Kyla Jade. Blake has given them the song One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Blake tells Kyla that she’s not background anymore and Trace tells her to hit the song full voice. Trace says Jesslee is just powerful.


    Jesslee and Kyla step on stage to perform One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Kelly gets out of her seat to dance as they perform. Kelly says she loved that. Kelly loves that Kyla makes it look effortless. Adam says he was thinking the same thing. Kelly says Jesslee is amazing, she is phenomenal. Kelly is a fan of Kyla.


    Alicia says that was a beautiful testament what Jesslee just did and she did an incredible job. Alicia says Kyla needs to work on not closing down her greatness and she did a beautiful job.


    Blake says says Jesslee had a grip on the song and that’s what Kyla needed to figure out for herself. He says they were both incredible. The winner of this battle is…Kyla.


    For Team Adam, he brought in advisor Julia Michaels. Adam chose to pair Rayshun Lamarr and Tish Haynes Keys. Adam is giving them the song Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam says the harmonies in this song are crazy. Adam advises Rayshun not to try and outdo Tish, just be himself. Adam says this will be one of the best battles. Julie says they are both incredible.


    Adam is heading to Tish and Rayshun’s stage rehearsal. Adam advises them to keep the magic. He also tells them to keep the energy and original intent of it. Adam says this is the dumbest and smartest decision he’s ever made because they are going to blow everyone away.


    Rayshun and Tish are now stage performing Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam stands through most of the performance. Adam says that moment that just happened couldn’t have happened if they both weren’t together.


    Kelly says their range is in the stratosphere. If she had to pick, then she’d pick Tish, but she’d love them both on her team. Blake says it was equal and Tish is such a phenomenon but Rayshun stepped up. Alicia says this sucks. She says Rayshun’s voice is really special and fresh. Alicia says there was a moment in the earlier parts that was tender for Tish.


    Adam says this song was in Tish’s range but Rayshun really stepped up and showed who he was. Adam is choosing the winner as…Rayshun.


    Tish is up for grabs and she thanks Adam for turning for her, and Kelly, and she thanks Adam for the advice. Kelly hits her button and steals Tish. Tish is now on Team Kelly.


    Next we have Shana Halligan and Christiana Danielle from Team Alicia. Alicia has given them the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gives the band some tips and then advises Shana and Christiana on arrangement tips. Shawn says Christiana has an incredible tone and he couldn’t look away from her. Shawn says Shana has one of the most unique voices he’s ever heard in his life.


    Alicia is now with them at the stage rehearsal for Shana and Christiana. Alicia says Christiana added more of herself and Shana continues to bend and change the melody. Alicia says this is going to be a really hard choice.


    Shana and Christiana take the stage and perform Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gets on her feet as they finish. Adam says there’s something about Christiana that draws him in to what she does. Adam says Shana is a very unique singer. Adam would pick Christiana.


    Kelly says you don’t get those types of performances at award shows. Kelly says Shana is mythological and Christiana is Nefertiti-like. Blake says that performance was very equal and they were different in their approach. Blake would pick Shana because she cast a spell on him.


    Alicia loves this version of that song and she loved they could deconstruct it and take it to another place. She loves the battle rounds because you can be creative. Alicia picks as her winner…Christiana.


    Let’s meet Kelly’s final pairing of the night, Jackie Foster vs D.R. King. Kelly has given them the song Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Hailee says they were absolutely incredible and when they had their solo parts they made it their own. Kelly gives them both tips on building the song and notes. Hailee says what they did with this song is absolutely amazing.


    Kelly is with Jackie and D.R. at their stage rehearsal. Kelly says D.R. has incredible range and Jackie took her by surprise. Kelly says they are nailing the harmonies. She says it’s a toss-up because they are both so talented.


    Jackie and D.R. take the stage and perform Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Kelly is on her feet very quickly. The crowd and all four coaches are on their feet. Alicia says that was her favorite battle today. Alicia says D.R. is a total stunner and Jackie has a gorgeous roundness to her voice.


    Adam says that was a special, special thing and they are both just that good. Adam says he couldn’t take his eyes off Jackie, and no disrespect to D.R., but Jackie was a revelation. Blake says there’s so much pressure in these battles and the confidence they have goes a long way. Blake agrees with Adam that Jackie is the discovery for him.


    Kelly says she loves both of them. Kelly says when D.R. hits those notes it’s effortless. But then Jackie comes in and Kelly says she’s so screwed. Kelly chooses the winner as…D.R. King.


    Jackie is available to steal and Adam hits his button, with Blake and Alicia right behind. It’s a triple steal. Adam says he thinks they can win this thing and it’s a definitive moment for this season. Adam knows how to win this show with her.


    Alicia says she didn’t compete with D.R., she stood on her own and Alicia turned in the blinds for her too and this is a chance for her to make it right. Blake says he loves Jackie and it was about this point in the show when a little girl named Chloe last year took a chance and picked him and they won the show.


    Jackie now gets to pick her new coach. She says this is such a hard decision and she picks…Adam. Jackie now joins Team Adam.    

  3. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Andrew’s aggressive assault failed to flip the house, Big Brother sent out one HG then brought in two more! No one bought the Gate Crashers story, least of all Olivia. At the HoH competition, the HG hit the bar, and the bar hit back.  In the end, Ryan was toasted the new HoH.  Thinking his bearded buddy had his back, Andrew wasn’t ready for the news.  Feeling cornered, the Grizzly Bear got steamed, which made him an easy target.  Then, Lone Wolf Hamza joined the hunt when he volunteered for the block. And for Ryan, the hunt was over. At the nom ceremony, Ryan followed the script and put up Andrew and Hamza for eviction.


    Tonight, is Big Red’s power play all that it’s quacked up to be? Who will raid Big Brother’s tomb for the most valuable jewel of all? Is Big Brother’s Back Door open for business? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up with Ryan’s nominations of Andrew and Hamza. Ryan tells us he nominated the two people he’s closest to because the house is against them., but that’s what the house wanted. Ryan says he has to think long term and the only way to get the HG behind him is to go with what they want. He says don’t worry, Canada, he has a plan so neither of these guys home.


    Hamza says he nominated himself because he wanted to make sure he could play in the veto. That way he can play in the veto, win, and keep himself in the house. Andrew says he knew he was going to be nominated but at the end of the day he doesn’t want to go home.


    Andrew says he is humbled, but annoyed and he thinks this is a weak move by Ryan. He thought they were loyal to each other but obviously, he was wrong. Andrew is talking to Alejandra and she tells us if he’s looking for sympathy, he won’t get it from her. He put her in that position last week.


    Andrew says he has to talk to Ryan because he’s his boy. Andrew tells Ryan that Canada is going say Ryan put his buddy up. Ryan says there’s still veto and Andrew says what if he doesn’t win. Ryan says let’s see what happens, but he’s trying to put something in place, but he can’t do it without Andrew or Hamza pulling themselves off.


    Andrew tells Hamza that Ryan says he has a plan and he has to trust the beard. Hamza says putting them both up is risky. He’s confident he’ll win Veto. Andrew says he’s comfortable, having a good time. He compares himself to Shaq and gets no reaction (or recognition from Hamza). He tells Canada he learned his lesson and is going to be calm and play it cool.


    Time to pick the POV players! Johnny (Ryan), Erica (Hamza), and Jesse (Andrew) have been chosen and they will join Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan. Ali will be hosting the POV competition. Ryan grossly reveals he hasn’t showered because he’s been too busy chatting.  Ryan says since the three chosen to play in veto stand in the way of his plan so he has to ask them to throw the comp. Ryan has to go to each one of them and convince them to throw the competition. He thinks he’s convinced Johnny to throw the comp, now he has to do the same with Erica. He thinks she believed his claim that she would get a target on her back if perceived as a comp threat.


    When Ryan talks to Jesse, Jesse doesn’t seem like he’s on board and he’s immediately suspicious of why Ryan wants him to throw it. The three Veto players start to think there’s a backdoor plan in play. Ryan comes in and says, “Hey Kid…”  He talks to everyone in the red rose bedroom and tells them it’s better to throw the comp and let one of them pull themselves off because the other will go home. Ryan says “Dad says” he’s seen every season on of Big Brother and the backdoor does not work. They laugh at him after he leaves.


    Ryan then goes to Andrew and tells him that whatever he hears, he needs to know Ryan has his back. Ryan says if something goes wrong, then just know whoever sits next to Andrew will be the one going home.


    It’s the veto competition! It’s a Tomb Raider themed comp. It’s time for the HG to channel their inner Lara Croft. They will start with their hands tied and they’ll have to free themselves. They will then use a bow and arrow to get their first puzzle piece. Then they’ll have to search through the jungle for the rest of their puzzle pieces. They will then assemble their puzzle and memorize the code on the puzzle to unlock the Tomb of the Mother of Death. The winner will also get an advanced screening of the movie before it hits theaters and $5000!.


    Hamza says it’s time to put up or shut up. Andrew says it’s up to him to save himself. Ryan says they had a plan to throw it, but $5,000 is a lot of money so the plan is out the window. They all start freeing themselves and they  get moving. Johnny is the first to get free and Andrew is the last to free himself. Erica is motivated to win and is the first to knock off her first puzzle piece and now she’s off to find the rest. Jesse is the second to knock off his puzzle piece and quickly finds his first puzzle piece from the jungle.


    Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan all knock their pieces off. Johnny is still struggling with his bow and arrow. Johnny finally gets his piece off and everyone is searching the jungle for their puzzle pieces. The rules say you can only bring one piece back at a time. Erica is trying to find as many pieces as she can so she doesn’t have to expend a lot of energy going back and forth plus searching.


    Andrew and Ryan are breathing heavy and Ryan says he does not work out like this. Andrew is exhausted. Ryan says he can barely stand and he can barely breathe. He has no chance of winning. In order for him to backdoor Olivia, he needs Hamza or Andrew to win and pull themselves off the block. Hamza is struggling too, he says this comp is no joke.


    Andrew is barely moving and says he can’t do this he rolls over the hill on the other side of the wall and he’s breathing heavy. He doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through. He’s going back over and falls hard and is struggling. Ryan asks if he’s ok and Andrew is just moaning. Pulling himself up from the ditch leaves him too tired to search for puzzle pieces.


    People are still cheering Andrew on and tell him to keep fighting. He says he’s trying his best, but this is not the competition for him. Ryan says since Andrew is out, he needs Hamza to pull out the win. Hamza is starting to work on his puzzle. Erica now has all her pieces and is working on her puzzle. Hamza says he sees that Erica is in the lead and there is no way she’s taking it from him. It’s time to kick it into a higher gear so he can win and take himself off the block.


    Jesse and Johnny are also working on their puzzles. Erica has her puzzle together and she’s memorizing symbols so she can input them into the lock. She leaps over the wall but doesn’t get it on the first try. Hamza sees Erica’s mistake but he’s still working on his puzzle. Erica takes a second look and runs back and this time she is successful. Erica wins POV!  And $5000!  Tomb Raider is about a female powerhouse and that’s her in the game right now.  Hamza says she beasted and feasted but this sucks.


    The HG go inside in the living room and they see a message from two of the actors from Tomb Raider and everyone congratulates Erica. Ryan says he needed Andrew or Hamza to win the veto, but they didn’t do it. He blames BB for offering the $5k.  Hamza says he was two pieces away. Ryan says Erica winning ruined everything he set in motion and it’s going to take awhile to get over it.


    [Not as long as it will take for Andrew. – Morty]


    Veronica is rapping and Merron is providing the beat for Will, Hamza, and Andrew. Ryan comes in and joins in as well. Veronica says she loves to rap. Will joins in for a couple verses and everyone is laughing.


    The HG come downstairs and there are snacks and balloons and a huge twister mat on the floor. Jesse says twister is one of those games that brings HG together…literally. Kaela says she is enjoying watching Derek, all she could do was stare. Will says twister is like Big Brother, you always have to be aware and you can’t let your guard down. One by one the HG fall until Paras is the winner of twister and she says it was fun to step away from the game for a moment and get closer to Jesse.


    Paras and Jesse are in the red rose room and they are having a pillow fight. Paras says Jesse is not the type of guy she typically goes for. Jesse says she’s cute and they jive well, but he doesn’t think a public showmance is good for his game. Paras says she doesn’t know what to think yet. She knows what she came here for. Neither wants a showmance and yet they cannot help flirting with each other.


    Ryan tells Hamza if it wasn’t for that $5,000, everyone would have thrown it. Or at least that’s what everyone was telling him. Ryan tells Hamza some people lied to his face. He’s still going to try and make it happen and have Erica pull him down.. Hamza says those chances are slim.


    Erica and Hamza are talking and Erica is reassuring Hamza they have the numbers. Hamza tells her he thinks they need Andrew in the game and she disagrees. She knows she can bounce ideas off him and that he’s super cool and not bothered by anything. She thinks they will be fine without Andrew and if she thinks Hamza is the target she will let him know. Hamza says he’s happy Erica won, but he would be happier if he won himself.


    Ryan talks to Erica and asks if she’d pull someone down if she knew the replacement nominee would go home. Erica says it depends on who. Ryan throws out Maddy and says he thinks people would vote her out. Erica doesn’t believe people would vote out Maddy over Andrew. Ryan says he thinks because of the conversations he’s having, they would. She could remove an actual power player.  Ryan asks if she would make that move and she says she’d think about it.


    Erica talks to Andrew and she says she’s proud of him. Andrew says it’s all love and Erica says she’s just been trying to keep emotions out of the game and just stay in her head. Andrew says he understands but he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t say he’d be thrilled if she pulled him off the block. Erica can see he’s a genuine and honest person, but she has to do what’s best for her personal game. Andrew says whatever happens, he’d just love to stay another week.


    It’s time for the veto ceremony. Erica is in the throne room and she’s reviewing her options. Erica knows the house wants Hamza and Andrew nominated and she’s not sure she wants to ruffle feathers yet. Ryan wants Erica to use the veto and if she doesn’t he’s screwed.


    Erica is now in front of the HG and she gives them an opportunity to tell her why she should use veto. Andrew has a little poem and says he’s given her meals filled with love and held her in his arms with big bear hugs and he’d love for her to put the Veto in his hands. Hamza congratulates her for winning the Veto and asks her to save him because there’s still more episodes of Hamz in the Cams to come.


    Erica has decided not to use the power of veto. Erica says their game play has landed them in the position they are in. She says she has decided to respect Ryan’s nominations and the overall consensus of the house. Andrew feels betrayed and like a sucker and it’s looking pretty rough. Hamza feels pretty safe on the block against Andrew and it’s going to be a unanimous vote and Hamza is going to stay in the house. Ryan says he’s screwed. He tried his best but has a lot of work to do to recover but. he’s like a duck in water, calm on top, and furious underneath.  

  4. Tonight, it’s the biggest night of the season yet as the coaches complete their teams with some of the best voices they’ve ever heard. Adam needs 2 more artists to fill his team, while Alicia, Kelly, and Blake have one spot each. Who will get the final spots and the opportunity to work with our super star coaches in the upcoming battles? Let’s find out!


    Our first artist of the night is Genesis Diaz from Miami, FL. Her parents were both in a band in Cuba when they were children. They gave up music for their children. Genesis is going to perform Praying by Kesha. The audience seems to love the performance but the judges are listening closely. Adam hits his button at the end with Blake immediately behind.


    Adam says he was the spark and Blake came smoldering after and Genesis should remember that when she’s picking her coach. Adam says he thinks Genesis is tremendous. Blake says he has one spot left on his team and he would love to have her complete team Blake. Adam says as he listened he came up with all of these ideas for her and he’d love to be her coach.


    Kelly asks Genesis who she picks as her coach? Genesis says she’s going to have to pick…Adam.


    The next artist is Sharane Calister from Des Moines, IA. She grew up on gospel music and sang with her twin sister in the choir. She was placed in foster care at age 10 and she was adopted, but she was separated from her twin. She sings Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran. Alicia hits her button. Alicia tells Kelly to push her button and Kelly gets in at the last second.


    Kelly says she turned around because it’s disrespectful not to turn around for some like Sharane. Kelly says she’s just weary of not getting picked over Alicia. Kelly says she can tell she’s a fan of Alicia. Alicia says that was so powerful and her voice was perfection. Alicia says whatever her journey has been has led her to share that performance. Kelly says her type of story is what makes great artists.


    Blake says who do you pick as your coach, Sharane? Sharane says she loves Kelly, but she has to go with Alicia. Team Alicia is now full.


    Next, we have Dallas Caroline from Santa Rosa, CA. She was named after a country song. She was able to play CMA fest last summer and that was a dream come true for her. She’s going to sing Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Kelly hits her button fairly quickly. Adam hits his button a little over halfway through. Blake is the last to turn.


    Adam says he doesn’t know how it looks for him, but Dallas is so great and the core of who she is as a singer is there and he’s going to fight for her because she’s awesome. Kelly says they each only have one more spot on their team and that speaks to her talent that they all turned. Kelly says she has a quality that is missing in country music.


    Blake says when he sees someone young like Dallas performing Always On My Mind, it’s a sacred country song and he can go wow, that’s the next Leann Rimes. That’s why he wants to be her coach on the show. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Dallas thanks them all and says this is crazy. She picks…Blake. Blake’s team is now full!


    The next artist to take the stage is Allen Pride Bowser from Philadelphia, PA. His grandmother got him a keyboard and that was his outlet. He got into an altercation at 17 and he was sent to a disciplinary high school and ended up getting straight A’s and graduated early. He takes the stage What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell. Kelly is listening and she tells Blake she wants him to go high. He does not get a chair turn.


    Adam thanks Allen and he finds himself married to that song and it’s not fair. Adam says he’s fantastic. Kelly says she loved his voice but she was waiting for the next level or a little more variety and she thinks he’s a great singer.


    Next, we have Jackie Verna from West Chester, PA. She’s a country pop artist. She had a car accident before she went off to a college and she was unable to go. She’s always loved music and it was the drive that kept her going while she was recovering. She struggled with self-image because of the damage caused by the accident. She steps up and sings Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini. Adam hits his button. Kelly is sitting still listening.


    Adam is excited and runs around and dances. He gives Jackie a hug and returns to his seat. Adam says she is the best country singer he’s heard. Alicia says it was so good and so beautiful. Adam has never been more excited about a 1-chair turn in his life. Kelly says she was freaking out and she only has one spot left. Team Adam is full!


    Our final artist of the blind auditions is Amber Sauer from Paradise, CA. She was from a very small country town in California and so she moved to Los Angeles when she could and booked her first gig within two weeks of moving. This is her first chance to step out as a solo artist and prove she is good enough. She takes the stage to perform Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Kelly listens for quite awhile and hits her button towards the end of the performance.


    Kelly says she is so happy that no one could turn their chairs for Amber. Alicia says that was crazy. Kelly says she can pretty high, but that performance was pretty high. Kelly says she would have fought like hell for Amber. Blake wants to see the people who are cheering her on and they all come out. Team Kelly is full!

  5. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Andrew and his posse safe in heaven, a hellacious HOH competition left Johnny fired up by the win and the losers feeling the heat. When the campaigning began, Johnny turned on the waterworks. Then Johnny dried his crocodile tears and put up Alejandra and Rozina, but lone wolf Hamza howled at the idea.


    At the POV competition, every inch counted. In the end, Johnny wormed his way to the win, then locked down his nominations. On the first eviction night of the season, a unanimous vote sent Rozina packing. Then Big Brother dropped a second bombshell…with a catch. Tonight, will the gate crashers get their story straight or will it go up in flames? Who will make a splash as the next HOH? Can the have nots handle their tomb with a view? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up after Rozina’s eviction and Alejandra says she is sad to see her go, but she’s so glad it wasn’t her. Jesse says the vote made the house look united, but it’s a totally different story. Jesse tells us Andrew was relentless on eviction day trying to flip the house to save Rozina and that rubbed people the wrong way. We see Andrew going to different groups and trying to sway them to evict Alejandra.


    We then see Arisa explaining the rules to the gate crashers and them entering the house. Olivia says what they heck? They just got rid of one person and now Big Brother is adding two more. Merron and Veronica are telling them they were in the audience and they were randomly selected to enter the house. They were made-up over a break before entering. Olivia is immediately skeptical. Veronica is explaining there was a super fan draw and they thought it was for front row, but it was a twist.


    Olivia says if they were in the audience then they seen the first eviction, but they said they don’t know who was evicted. There is speculation they are lying because their bios were out a week before the show was started and so the new people should know at least who was there. Jesse tells Derek he doesn’t believe their story and they are holding something back. He is going to try and get to Merron before Andrew does and bunk with him so he can keep an eye on him.


    Merron tells us he can’t believe he’s in the Big Brother Canada house, but he doesn’t think people are buying their story. Merron and Veronica are talking in the red rose room and Merron tells her their story was awful. Veronica says it will be horrible if they get called out. Merron says when they were asked if they seen everyone’s bios he knew it was a wrap.


    Erica comes into the red rose room so Merron leaves to put stuff in the WA and Andrew is in there and he tells Merron he’s got his back and he will not send any votes his way. Andrew says if he hears anything he’ll pass it to Merron and vice versa. Andrew tells him to play dumb and say less. Andrew tells us he’s at the bottom but he’s going to come through and make something happen.


    It’s time for the HOH competition! Welcome the BB Canada Cocktail Lounge! Earlier, Big Brother had us all fill out a survey based off our first impressions of each other. The results will be the basis of tonight’s HOH competition. This competition is called Right in the Kisser and here’s how it works:


    Johnny will ask a question and the first to buzz in will bring their martini glass to him. Johnny will pour them a drink and the HG will answer by throwing their drink right in the kisser of the HG they think is the answer. If correct, they will choose a HG to be “cutoff”, eliminating them from the competition. If incorrect, they will be “cutoff”. The last person remaining in the competition will be the new HOH. Merron and Veronica will not be playing and they are safe for the week.


    Question #1-Who did the house decide smells the worst? Andrew buzzes in and answers Ryan. The correct answer is Ryan and Andrew is correct and he chooses to cutoff Olivia.


    Question #2-Who did the house decide is only here for a showmance? Erica buzzed in first and she answers Derek. The correct answer is Derek and Erica eliminates Andrew.


    Question #3-Who did the house decide is most likely to cry when nominated? Maddy buzzes in and answers herself. The correct answer is Kaela and Maddy is eliminated.


    Question #4-Who did the house decide is the easiest to manipulate? Jesse buzzes in and answers Kaela. The correct answer is Paras and Jesse is eliminated.


    Question #5-Who did the house decide would have the least amount of people to attend their funeral? Paras buzzes in and answers herself. The correct answer is Olivia and Paras is eliminated.

    So far, 5 HG have been eliminated and they are Olivia, Andrew, Maddy, Jesse, and Paras. Remaining in the competition is Erica, Kaela, Derek, Ryan, Alejandra, William, and Hamza.


    Question #6-Who is the house most surprised to see cast this season? Kaela buzzes in, apologizes, and breaks her glass as she answers Hamza. The correct answer is Hamza. Kaela is correct and she chooses to eliminate Hamza.


    Question #7-Who did the house decide is the dumbest HG? No one wants to ring in but Derek buzzes in and answers William. The correct answer is Paras and Derek is eliminated.


    Question #8-Who did the house decide is the least trustworthy HG? Ryan buzzes in and answers Andrew. The correct answer is Andrew and Ryan eliminates Kaela.


    Question #9-Who did the house decide would have the least people at their birthday party? Erica buzzes in and answers Ryan. The correct answer is Hamza. Erica is eliminated.


    Question #10-Who did the house decide would cause the most drama this season? Alejandra buzzes in and she answers Andrew. The correct answer is Erica and Alejandra has been eliminated.


    Ryan and William are the last two HG remaining and one of them will be the next HOH. It’s time for the final question. Who did the house decide was least deserving of the grand prize? William buzzes in and answers Hamza. The correct answer is…Olivia. William is eliminated and Ryan is the new HOH!


    Paras and Alejandra are talking and Paras tells Alejandra her feelings are a little hurt. Alejandra tells us Paras has been struggling a little with her confidence and she’s glad Paras is opening up. We see Paras go into the white rose room and she celebrates that people thinks she is dumb and easy to manipulate. Paras says it’s part of her strategy to play dumb.


    Hamza asks Ryan if he’s ready for the whole house to kiss his butt. Ryan says he’s ready and he’s going to play everything by ear. Hamza says next week will be a physical competition so he needs to plan for that. Erica comes in and wants to speak to Andrew after eliminating him from the HOH competition. Erica tells him everyone beforehand wanted Andrew out first. Andrew wants to know who said it and Erica said everyone, the entire house. Andrew says Erica jumped ship on him and she says it was just numbers. Erica says it doesn’t change how she feels about him as a person.


    Erica and Olivia are sitting on the couch downstairs talking about what a weird day it’s been and Andrew comes down. Olivia asks what’s up and Erica asks if he’s just going to follow her around the house now and Andrew says maybe. Things are tense and Olivia changes the subject and says the house is pretty messy. Andrew tells us he’s shooting daggers at her and she’s uncomfortable but she shouldn’t have done that to him. Andrew is bringing up she was the one of the first people he put in heaven the first week and saved and fed her. She asks how she’s supposed to stand beside him when he’s saying questionable things like trying to flip the house week one. She says those are things she can’t associate herself with. Andrew says we’ll figure it out, but don’t be surprised when the time comes.


    Everyone is hanging out in the living room and Alejandra is dancing and singing it feels good to be off the slop. Ryan comes out and says who wants to see my HOH room? He has a picture of his wife and son and he got a shirt his son made for him with his Ryan’s face on it.


    Ryan picks up a card and reads: HG, Canada will vote each week and choose a Hasbro game for you to play. The first game choice went to Big Brother and he chose Twister.


    Ryan sits down to watch his video. His son, Carter, comes and says Hey Dad! If you’re seeing this you won HOH! Congratulations! So far you are doing great and now he has something to tell him about himself. Their hockey team is doing very well. They have two tournaments left and he is going to practice very hard. I love you! Bye for now!


    Several HG have tears in their eyes and Ryan is emotional. He says he’s so proud every day to be Carter’s dad.


    Alejandra and Jesse are talking and she asks if he feels good with Ryan. Jesse doesn’t know who he’s targeting but he wonders if Ryan will go with Andrew. Alejandra thinks he does. Alejandra tells us Ryan winning HOH makes her nervous because she doesn’t know where his head is. Alejandra and Jesse are talking about how smart Ryan is. Alejandra thinks Ryan has been laying low and no one should underestimate him.


    It’s a new day and Andrew says he went to bed mad but he got up and put on his dad’s sweater and it’s time to go to work. It’s time for hug city. Andrew pulls Erica to the side first and apologizes. He says with the questions from the competition and then Erica taking him out it made him lash out and snap at her. They hug.


    Next, Andrew goes to Olivia. He didn’t mean to get mad at her, she was a victim of circumstance. But he messed up and it’s time to go to work. He apologizes to her and Olivia says it’s all good, apology accepted. And we have another hug. Andrew is giving out hugs today and hugs Maddy and William.


    Everyone is in the living room and Merron and Veronica are standing in front of everyone. Merron says HG, it’s time to name the first four have-nots of the season. Veronica reads: Ryan since you’re the HOH this week, it is your responsibility to decide who will be eating slop and sleeping in the most hellish have not room ever! Merron and Veronica will be haves for the week.


    Ryan stands and says he already decided if he had to choose it was only going to be heaven people because he didn’t want to put anyone on slop for back to back weeks. Ryan says Andrew saved him from slop last week so he can’t put him on it. The four HG he chooses are Jesse, Derek, Hamza, and Erica. That’s the decision for the week.


    Merron says have-nots, it’s time to enter Big Brother’s catacombs. They are all grossed out. Hamza says it’s his first time in the have-not room and he’s already shaking in his pants. There’s skulls everywhere, a tomb, nowhere to sleep, and funky water that smells bad. Erica climbs onto the tomb and says she can sleep on that.


    Ryan and Erica are talking in the HOH and Ryan is glad he gets time alone with her. Ryan gets to share a meal from Wendy’s so he wants to sit down with Erica and see what she’s all about. Erica says Ryan has knowledge she doesn’t and she finds that very valuable. Erica tells us she could potentially see herself working with him. Ryan chose Erica for two reasons, he made her a have not and they might be able to build connections to use down the line.


    Ryan orders Wendy’s through an order thing and their order is ready in the pantry. Ryan goes down to get it. There is a Wendy’s window with an employee handing out the food. Erica is annoyed she’s on slop this week, but she’s excited to have one last meal. She thanks Ryan.


    Kaela and Derek are laying down in bed in the red rose room and they are basically playing twenty questions to get to know each other. Kaela says they’ve been spending a lot of time together. They seem to be on the same page game wise and they are having a great time together. Derek says Kaela is super cute. Kaela says she is definitely a little smitten.


    Merron and Veronica are talking and Merron says people think they have like some weird power or something. Merron tells us he doesn’t think him or Veronica are in the clear but being safe gives them some time to figure things out. Veronica says they have to win HOH next week. Merron says whether he likes or not Veronica is with him because no one understands where he is like she does. Veronica says even though it puts them in a bad spot, they are the ones stirring the pot.


    Ryan is talking to Paras and asks if she thinks it’s red room vs white room. Ryan wants to put up who the house wants because that’s going to gain him trust. He needs to gather as much information as he can before nominations. Paras says Liv is very smart and she’s afraid of her because she plays a good game and she’s quiet and listens and she’s smarter than she lets on. Ryan says he’s concerned about her physically. Paras also tosses out Erica. Ryan says he thinks Liv is the most dangerous.


    Andrew is talking to Hamza about who Ryan is meeting with. Hamza says you realize he hasn’t talked to us at all. Andrew says he’s distancing himself from us, which is smart for his game, and the writing is on the wall. Hamza says Ryan will never get in with the others and they have the numbers, but someone like Ryan doesn’t want to go against the house. Hamza tells us no one wants to play the game and if he hears one more time they want to do what the house wants he’s going to lose his mind. Andrew is going to try and go eavesdrop on some conversations.


    Hamza tells us he knows Ryan is putting up Andrew this week and he doesn’t trust anyone in the house. If he doesn’t get put up next to Andrew, then he knows he’s being backdoored, and no one is going to backdoor him. He decides to nominate himself to guarantee he can play in the veto competition. He tells Ryan he wants to be put up. Ryan says asking to be nominated is asking to be evicted. Why anyone would willing do that is crazy to him. Hamza says he wants to go up because he wants to make sure he can play veto. Hamza tells us he knows it was a risky move, but he’s a smart guy and he doesn’t want to be backdoored.


    It's time for nominations. Ryan heads to the throne room. Ryan says this week is tough. Does he take a shot or play it safe? He has to play it right. He says no matter who you fire at early in the game, you have to deal with the repercussions of that. He says the house wants Andrew up but he has to decide what’s best for his game. He says the house doesn’t trust Hamza and the guy asked him to put him on the block. Ryan says Erica is in the mix for a nomination because she has a lot of friends in the house and he’s not certain where she stands. Ryan says as a marathon runner and a law school student, Olivia is a threat and could be dangerous. Ryan has locked in his nominations.


    Everyone gathers in the living room for nominations. Ryan has nominated Andrew and Hamza. Ryan nominated Andrew because of the events last week and it was a house consensus to put him up. Ryan nominated Hamza because he asked to be nominated. They both get to play in veto and good luck.


    Hamza says he’s playing the game with a bunch of sheep so he decided to nominate himself so he can play in veto. He says the only way they are going to get him out of the house is to backdoor him.


    Andrew says seeing his face burning in hell was not what he wanted to see. He’s going to work super hard for the POV and he’s ready for action. Hibernation is over and Canada is about to see the grizzly bear!


    Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Andrew or Hamza fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  6. Tonight, the final week of the blind auditions begins. Coach Kelly Clarkson, who has been a force to be reckoned with in her debut season needs 3 artists. Adam needs 6, and Alicia and Blake also each need 3 artists. And before the night is over, Kelly will use the final block. The biggest season of The Voice yet begins right now!


    Let’s meet the first artist of the night, Stephanie Skipper from Nashville, TN. She had a band with her husband and they started to tour, but her husband was offered a job in town. She thought they were going to do it together, but she’s going to pick it back up as a solo artist.


    Stephanie steps on stage and performs Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly immediately gets emotional. All the coaches are looking at each other. Kelly seems like she wants to hit her button and Alicia tells her to just do it. Adam hits his button at the end and Blake says he’ll go too. Stephanie is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly says she’s so sad and she’s mad she didn’t turn for Stephanie. Kelly says it was cool she picked that song. Adam says one of his favorite things about her is she brought his attention to the song. Blake says he thinks every song Kelly writes is extra personal, and that song has a little extra dose in it and he applauds her for coming out and laying out a passionate performance that connected to all of them, especially Kelly.


    Adam says he’s excited to work with Stephanie technically. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Stephanie says this is really hard, it’s a tough decision, but she picks…Adam.


    As Stephanie celebrates, let’s meet the next artist of the night. Tish Haynes Keys is next and she is from St. Louis, MO. Her father was a pastor, and her mother was a gospel singer. She has chosen the song Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. Kelly seems immediate impressed. Adam hits his button and Kelly hits right behind. Tish is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly is excited, and on her feet and she wants to know what is wrong with Alicia and Blake because Tish just killed Aretha Franklin. Kelly goes up to give her a hug. Blake says he’s being strategic because his team is almost full. Kelly says her team is almost full and didn’t care. Kelly says if Tish were on her team she’d just let her fly and if she don’t win the show she can tour with Kelly anytime.


    Alicia says the only reason she didn’t turn is because she has other soulful voices on her team and she didn’t want to put her in the position where that would be a hindrance for her. Adam says he pushed his button because it would be disrespectful to the art of singing to not push it for her voice, which is the reason of the show. Adam says he’d love to have her on his team.


    Alicia asks who Tish picks as her coach. Tish says she’s watched Kelly since she started and she means so much to her musical career, but she wants to grow and be different and she picks…Adam.


    Our next artist is Branson Ireland from Fairview, TN. He works on weekends at an Apple store and he pursues music through the week. He appreciative of his wife for her support and allowing him to follow his dreams. He sings Tulsa Time by Don Williams. Kelly is singing along in her chair. Adam says he likes it and Kelly says he’s good. Blake hits his button and Adam follows. Branson is a 2-chair turn.


    Adam says Branson sang a song that clearly said he’s not going to be on Adam’s team, but if by some chance he has a bigger scheme and shock the world, then he’d go with Adam. Alicia says Adam is trying to say Adam recognized the power and brilliance in Branson’s voice before Blake.


    Kelly says Blake does work with artists after the show, but Branson also wouldn’t have much competition on Adam’s team. Blake says Kelly is right but if he picks Blake, then he’ll have to work harder and it will make him a better singer. Adam says he does not take this lightly.


    Alicia asks Branson who he picks as his coach. Carson tells Branson’s wife if he picks Adam that will be the craziest moment ever. Carson picks team Blake.


    Adam and Blake are both off to a strong start, while Alicia and Kelly continue to be selective with their final few spots. We see Teddy Chipouras sing Ophelia by The Lumineers and Kelly says she didn’t turn because she’s looking for something super specific. Then Arlo Montenegro performs Attention by Charlie Puth and Alicia says some of the lower notes were a little tricky. Next up is Daniel Garcia and he sings Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Kelly he was brave to come out and bare it all.


    Next we have Teana Boston from Stockton, CA. Her genre is R&B and Alicia Keys is one of her biggest motivations when she was younger. She takes the stage to perform Unfaithful by Rihanna. The coaches are all looking at each other. Kelly seems to want to hit her button and she finally does. Teana is a 1-chair turn.


    Kelly says it wasn’t until the very end when she was in her head voice and it was gorgeous. Alicia says it was super beautiful and that was a hard song to sing. Adam says Kelly did an amazing job of picking her because she’s going to be one of the ones to watch in the competition. Blake says they are all going to regret not hitting their button.


    Up next, we have Miya Bass from Jamaica Queens, NY. Both her parents work for the NYPD, her sister works as a police offer, and she also worked in law enforcement, but turned down being an officer because she wants to sing. She sings Issues by Julia Michaels. Adam hits his button. Miya is a 1-chair turn.


    Blake congratulates Miya. Adam says if she was a cop and pulled him over with that hair, he’d be like he wasn’t messing with that lady. Alicia says she didn’t turn because there’s a few things she’s looking for but she’s on team Adam. Adam says when he turned she got in her head a little and that’s a good thing because it may have deterred the others from turning.


    Livia Faith is next and she is from Stanton, KY. She has always wanted to sing. Her mother is her best friend. Her audition song is Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Alicia says it’s sweet. Kelly hits her button and Blake hits right after. Alicia seems to be enjoying the performance. Alicia finally hits her button at the end. Livia is a 3-chair turn.


    Kelly says she would love to have Livia on her team and she’s different from everybody else. Kelly would like to see her voice on a contemporary song but with a twist. Alicia asks if Livia plays any instruments and she answers she plays the ukulele. Alicia says she likes oldies and classics and twist them and she thinks together can come up with a few new songs and take over The Voice.


    Blake says he knew he was going to hit his button when she started singing. Blake thinks with the right coach they can take songs and twist them and make them different with the sound of her voice. Alicia says she thought of the song Earth Angel for Livia and she starts to sing it. Kelly sings along with Alicia.


    Adam sings Livia, who do you pick as your coach? Livia hesitates and says oh man…she has to pick…Alicia.


    The next artist is Jordan Kirkdorffer from Nashville, TN. He has an accounting job and he loves spread sheets. He’s from a small town in Indiana, a small farming community, and he liked singing to the pigs. He moved to Nashville after high school. He sings In Case You Don’t Know by Brett Young. The coaches are listening closely. Adam hits his button and Blake hits towards the end.


    Adam says just tell me, do I have a chance? Adam says Jordan’s performance was multi-faceted. His performance was beautiful and it touched him. Blake says he could hear that Jordan was different and special. Adam says he did hit his button before Blake. Kelly says Jordan will stand out on Adam’s team.


    Alicia says at the end of the day you get this incredible opportunity, Jordan who do you pick as your coach. Jordan thanks them both but he picks…Blake.


    Carson travelled to west Los Angeles to meet the next artist, Shana Halligan from Los Angeles, CA. Her dad was one of the founding members of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. She started a band when she was 30 and when it ended she was very depressed. She says she hopes the coaches like her voice because it’s unique.


    Shana steps up on stage and performs Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra. The coaches are listening very carefully. Alicia finally slaps her button. Shana is a 1-chair turn.


    Alicia felt there was something unique about Shana’s voice and she was very excited to experience that. Adam says she is so different and she’s so happy for her. Blake says she looks like a goddess.


    The next artist is Gary Edwards from Lewisville, TX. He’s a choir director with young children. His grandmother was very instrumental in his music when he was young. He’s an also an IT assistant and he sings with two cover bands. He’s going to sing What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Adam hits his button. Blake hits his button before the song ends.


    Adam thanks Gary for singing that song and it was like he was singing them to sleep. Adam wants to meet his grandmother. Blake says his voice is soft and flows and then sometimes it punches you in the face. Alicia says his voice is so superb. Kelly says he has a beautiful voice hands down. Adam says there’s something about him that transcends everything.


    Kelly asks Gary who he picks as his coach. Gary picks…Adam.


    The next artist is Mercedes Ferreira-Dias from Miami, FL. She was driven to singing since she was a child. She takes influence from Latin artists. She performs All I Ask by Adele. All the coaches are listening closely. Blake has his head tilted to the side. Kelly seems impressed. Kelly says she’s good. None of the coaches hit their button and Kelly immediately regrets not hitting her button.


    Adam says Kelly was closer than he was to hitting his button and he tells Mercedes to come back again. Kelly says she was so close and Blake says physically. Kelly says that might be the dumbest thing she’s ever done. She says she was looking for something specific and maybe that’s why she hesitated.


    The final artist of the night is Hannah Goebel from Omaha, NE but she now lives in Nashville. She had a learning disability in school but music helped her focus. Hannah is going to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Kelly immediately looks at Alicia. Kelly hits her button and blocks Alicia, and Adam hits his right behind. Blake hits his button. Alicia hits her button at the end and sees she’s blocked. The audience boos.


    Adam says Kelly crushed Hannah’s dreams today and Kelly says she had no chance unless she blocked Alicia. Kelly thinks she could be a really great coach for Hannah and since she used her only block on her she’d be the best choice for her. Blake says doesn’t it make you feel special that your dream was to work with Alicia Keys and she crushed your dream by blocking her.


    Blake says he loves Hannah, but he would love to be her coach. Adam says he covers that song all the time and if you get an artist to turn for you singing their song, that’s special. Kelly reminds her she used her only block. Alicia asks Hannah who she chooses as her coach. Hannah smiles and she picks…Kelly.

  7. Last night, 14 HG entered Big Brother Canada’s version of Heaven and Hell. Right away, they were rocked by the massive impact of the first bombshell. Tonight, not only will one person be evicted, but we’ll find out which two gate crashers got voted in.


    Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when 14 hopeful HG entered the house they thought they entered heaven. But when Big Brother charmed a chalice, all hell broke loose. With the power to put half the house in heaven and half in hell, Andrew gave seven lucky HG immunity for the week and then sent the rest straight to hell to face the fire of the first HOH competition. Alejandra was the first to burn out. One by one the rest saw their hope go up in flames except Johnny who held on for the win. Tonight, who will Johnny nominate for eviction? Will anyone worm their way off the block? Which two gate crashers will you vote into the house: angels or devils? It all happens now on Big Brother Canada.


    In just moments, one HG will begin their Big Brother afterlife. After that will be a huge reveal. We’ll find out which two gate crashers Canada voted into the house. Let’s see what happened after the HOH competition. We begin with seeing the end of the HOH competition and Johnny winning. Paras feels awful because Johnny wouldn’t take her deal. Hamza doesn’t care who Johnny nominates because he’s safe and he doesn’t care about anyone in hell.


    Johnny and Alejandra are talking about Andrew laughing during the HOH competition. Alejandra knows she’s an easy target since she fell first so she’s hoping to sway Johnny. Alejandra throws Paras’ name out as a potential nominee and also tells Johnny Rozina wanted a girl to win. We see the HG sleeping and Johnny is pacing and thinking who he’s going to nominate. Johnny says there is an angel and devil fighting in his mind. The angel is saying he’s really a nice guy and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The devil is saying no, they are there to win $100,000.


    Day 2 dawns and all the HG are in the living room chatting and getting to know each other. Johnny comes out and it’s time to see the HOH room. He loves seeing his pictures. He then says he needs to nominate the two people who will get the least amount of blood on his hands. He wants to make people think he’s incapable of making this decision and he wants them to feel sorry for him. He’s using the sad puppy strategy to not make himself a target and people won’t see him as a threat.


    Johnny meets with Rozina and he tells her he will probably nominate her and she wants to know why. He says because the other girls told her Rozina wanted a girl to win. Rozina says the other girls were cheering for Paras as well and she tells him the other girls called him weak. Rozina pleads with Johnny to reconsider his decision and maybe target one of the other girls.


    It’s time to find out who’s in danger tonight. Johnny goes in to sit on the throne and lock in his nominations. He then goes to the living room to face the HG and reveal his nominations. His first nomination is Rozina and his second nominee is Alejandra. He nominated Rozina because he thinks she was cheering against him in the first HOH and he nominated Alejandra because she was the first to fall. He wishes them both the best in the veto competition.


    Alejandra says this week couldn’t be off to a worse start and Rozina can’t believe she’s nominated because she was cheering for a girl. Alejandra goes to lay down and she tells herself to stay focused. Paras comes in and says she doesn’t think she’s the target. Hamza says Johnny nominated Rozina, and wow what a great game move to nominate the oldest person in the house. He’s on Rozina’s side because she’ll be a vote for him, she’s a good cook, and she can’t do anything in competitions.


    Kaela is attracted to Derek and she likes Paras and Jesse. Kaela, Derek, Jesse, and Paras form an alliance. They think they will have the most influence in the whole house. They name their alliance the “Real Deal”. Paras says they should not tell anyone about their alliance because it puts them all in jeopardy. Kaela hopes the alliance is the ‘real deal’ because her and Paras could still be replacement nominees, but it’s nice to have two allies in heaven.


    It’s time for the veto competition! Kaela is in a butterfly costume and Derek says she’s the sexiest butterfly he’s ever seen. Competing in this competition will be Johnny, Alejandra, Rozina, Jesse, Olivia, and Hamza. They are all in inch word costumes. On go, they will slide down their leaf and grab an egg and then nudge it inch by inch to the other end. At the 5 inch mark they can no longer use their hands to push the egg where they’ll try and land it in one of the five holes. Each HG also has one golden egg and the first HG to land their golden egg will freeze the other HG for 30 seconds. The first HG to land all five eggs will win veto.


    Alejandra lands her first egg. Alejandra lands a second egg. Hamza has his first egg. Hamza scores a second egg. Rozina looks exhausted. Johnny lands his first egg. Hamza has his golden egg and is going to attempt to land it. Hamza misses the golden egg and Alejandra lands her third egg. Alejandra misses on her golden egg. Johnny gets his golden egg and he scores. Everyone else is frozen and only Johnny can play. Johnny scores an egg. Johnny has 4 eggs and is in first place and everyone can continue again. Hamza gets his third egg. Alejandra just misses her fourth egg and Johnny scores his fifth egg. Johnny has won the POV!


    We go straight into the veto ceremony where Johnny decides he will not use the power of veto. Hamza can’t believe they are going to vote out the oldest person and he talks to a few people to try and sway them to keep Rozina. Hamza says Alejandra could be a threat in future competitions. Hamza says he came to play and he’s going to try and dictate every single vote this season and if it backfires and ruins his game, then so be it.


    It’s time for the first eviction vote of season 6. Arisa gives Alejandra 30 seconds to plead their case. Alejandra apologizes for the dress and she appreciates all the HG and she’s not ready to go home and she’s here to compete. Rozina is next and she tells the HG she loves them and she wants them to keep her in the game because she’s a great cook and she’s weak. She’s not a strong player but she can be the vote they need to move themselves forward in the game.


    It’s time for the vote. Johnny will not be voting. The magic number for eviction is 6 and there is no talking or communicating in any way during the vote.












    By a unanimous vote, Rozina has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


    Rozina joins Arisa on stage. Arisa tells Rozina she was trending across Canada and people have strong feelings about her. Arisa says Rozina, you made a compelling argument, why didn’t they listen? Rozina says it’s because they are youngsters. Arisa asks about her relationship with Hamza and Rozina says they were close and everyone is playing scared and if she were in there she’d make big moves.


    Coming up, we’ll find out which two gate crashers Canada voted into the house. Arisa says just moments ago Rozina was evicted, but if the 13 remaining HG think the night is over, they are mistaken. Arisa brings out the four gate crashers.


    Arisa asks before they enter what would they want people to know or not to know about them inside the house. Kirsten would not want people to know she’s a big fan of the game. Veronica doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a newbie and has only seen two seasons. Merron wants people to know he’s trustworthy. Mikey wants people to know he’s a fun guy and that’s it.


    Arisa has some news. She reveals they are a little late to the party and their new roomies have no idea they are coming. Only one man and one woman will be heading in. Arisa reveals the woman going in is…Veronica. The man who will be going in is…Merron.


    Arisa tells Veronica and Merron they may NOT tell their fellow HG they were voted in by Canada. They will enter through the diary room and they have to come up with their own believable story why they are there. The good news is they’ll both be safe for a week. Arisa sends them off to go in through the diary room where they start working on their story. What story will the gate crashers come up with? And how will the 13 HG react?


    The story they concocted is there was a draw for a superfan and instead they were selected to enter the house. Merron says Veronica can scope out the girl situation and he’ll scope out the guys. Arisa reminds them they can’t tell their HG Canada voted them in. Arisa says they can now officially enter the Big Brother Canada house. Those who were upstairs head downstairs to greet the new HG and introductions are being made.


    Join us Monday to find out who will be the next HOH.

  8. Enter the new realm of Big Brother, where he controls everything, both in the light and darkness. Witness the resurgence and step into a season of mythic proportions! When you’re on top, it’s magical. But in a flash, your wildest dreams can descend into nightmares forcing the question: Are you an angel or a devil? Destined to triumph or fail? Big Brother will make you confront the darkness inside of you, because if you want to be the last one standing the only way to survive is to fight. This season on Big Brother Canada, the battle between Heaven and Hell rages on, but once the dust settles the only one with ultimate power is you!


    We welcome our host, Arissa Cox. We are back and there’s just one thing Arisa wants to say, thank you to all the fans for making it happen. The fans saved us and for the next ten week, we plan on thanking you in a big, bad way! Unlike ever before, this is your season. Starting tonight, Big Brother is prepared to give the fans unprecedented new powers. Let’s take a look inside the house. Welcome to Heaven and Hell, Big Brother style!


    Even before the houseguests move in, the house has been divided like no other seasons. Upstairs it’s heavenly, but downstairs it’s pure hell. One house. Two completely opposite realities. The two worlds are built to be the angel and devil inside of each HG. Lucky HG will roam the angelic accomodations, and those few fortunate enough to gain power will have access to an HOH oasis. But down in the fires below, the unlucky have nots will endure the torment of Big Brother’s catacombs, and little do they know a ghost lurks within its crypt. In the house’s darkest corner lies the blinding power of the throne, a power so great that it will unleash the good and evil within each HG. But in this mythic clash, what the HG won’t know is that’s it’s Canada that holds the ultimate control in Big Brother Canada’s most epic season ever!


    It’s time to meet the HG. First we meet Erica who is 21 from Toronto, ON and she’s currently a server at a restaurant. Her motto in life is why not and she’s down with anything fun. Next we see Will who is 25 and from Trepassy, NL and he works on an oilfield tanker. He had a son when he was 19 and it’s forced him to grow up and he wants to stay focused for his son.


    The next HG we meet is Kaela who is 25 from St. Johns, NB and she’s a wine ambassador. She’s very competitive, she plays ice hockey, touch football, and rugby. We then meet Hamza who is 27 from Thunder Bay, ON and he’s a soccer coach. He’s loud, obnoxious, and he talks with his hands and he’s going to crush the competition. Finally, we meet Alejandra Martinez who is 30 and now lives in Vancouver, BC and she is a personal trainer. She’s a spicy Latina.


    We bring out the first five HG who will enter the house for season 6. Arisa greets them and tells them not to talk to each other until they are in the house. Arisa tells them they can now enter the house. Alejandra says it’s so pretty as she enters and the introductions begin. They say this is the coolest house yet. They head downstairs to look and then head back up to find the bedrooms.


    While the first five get settled into their divide new home, let’s meet the next five HG. We meet Rozina who is 49 is from Toronto, ON, and is a religious educator. She’s a story teller and if you have to lie, you have to lie. You want a Big Brother? Well you got yourself a Big brother, it’s Andrew who is 36 from Scarbrough, ON and he’s a not-for-profit founder. What you see is what you get with him, he just wants to be his authentic self.


    Next we meet Johnny who is 28 from Victoria, BC and he’s a house husband. He considers himself to be a stay-at-home dad, he just doesn’t have kids yet and he’s going to leave all his good qualities at the door, and take a key and unlock all the demons inside of him. Then we have Jesse who is 24 from Saskatoon, SK and he’s a sales executive. He deals with big egos with a lot of money and power and dealing with people in the house will be easy. Finally, we have Olivia who is 21 from Guelph, ON and she’s a beauty consultant who is high maintenance. Skin care is a must, her hair down and nails done and everything and she comes off controlling.


    Arisa brings out the five HG we just met and she sends them into the house. More introductions begin as the new 5 meet the first 5 in. Rozina seems to be extremely excited and is screaming. Arisa lets them get settled as we prepare to meet the final HG who will be entering tonight and get ready for the first HOH competition of the season. BB HG are competing for a $100,000 cash prize, a European dream vacation for two, and a $30,000 home furnishing makeover.


    The first 10 HG are already inside and it’s time to meet the rest. First, we meet Maddy who is 25 from Ottawa, ON and she’s a bartender. When people first meet her they think she is sweet, but she has a petty and manipulative side to her. Next is Derek who is 27 from Beaumont, AB and he has his own lifestyle brand. He is a small town boy, and he loves country music. He’s small town meets big city.


    Next is Ryan who is 39 from Calgary, AB and he is a fire safety technician. He intends to be BB super villain and he has an IQ of 153. Finally, we meet Paras who is 23 from Port Coquillam, BC and she’s a law student. She loves video games and she’s not going in there with the thought to meet a guy, her goal is to win.


    Arisa welcomes the last four to the stage and sends them on into the house. They enter and more introductions ensue. Coming up is the first bombshell of the season. One HG is about to send 7 other straight to Hell!


    Arisa is back and the one of the fourteen HG is about to be given an enormous amount of power. Before the HG went in, Big Brother placed several goblets on the table. One of them is different from the others. The person who chooses it randomly will be given a huge decision to make. Arisa tells them they need to toast and to go grab a goblet from the dining table. Andrew’s goblet is a little different and he needs to head to the diary room right now. Maddy is the one who handed him his goblet.


    Andrew is going into the diary room and he says this is crazy. Arisa tells him he’s about to make an enormous decision. She tells him he will be splitting the house in half. He’ll send seven HG to heaven where they’ll be safe for the week. The other seven will live in hell. That means they’ll be living on slop and without their personal belongings for the whole week. They’ll also be the only HG competing in the HOH comp and two of them will be nominated for eviction. In other words, the next HOH and the person who will be evicted will be in this group.


    Andrew puts himself in heaven first. He puts Rozina in hell because she talked too much. Andrew has placed a few people but seems to be reconsidering the placement. He thinks he needs to switch things around. The other HG’s are speculating that it’s nominations. Andrew finally has his decision ready and goes out to join the others.


    Arisa explains to the HG what Andrew has just done. Everything becomes serious and none of them look too happy. Andrew apologizes to them. It’s time to find out what Andrew decided. If the HG hears their name, then it is not good news. They’ll be in hell for the week. Johnny, Will, Alejandra, Paras, Kaela, Rozina, and Maddy are the seven selected to live in hell. They need to get ready for the first HOH competition of the season.


    It's time for the first HOH. The seven HG competing are standing on a ledge and it’s called Feel the Burn. The goal is to hold on as long as they can. The competition begins and the ledge tilts forward. They have rocks to hold onto and there is a fire behind them. Paras says she has a condition where she gets sweaty palms and now she has to hold on with fire behind her. Rozina is struggling and even though she’s older than everyone else she wants to prove she can do it and win. Alejandra is struggling and she is the first to fall.


    The wall tilts forward even more and Maddy struggles and she is the next to fall. The wall tilts forward more and Rozina and Kaela fall. Will tells Paras they are good and they are discussing who wants it. Johnny doesn’t want to make a deal because he doesn’t trust them. Will and Paras are both struggling and Paras tells us she just wants to Johnny to take the deal so they have to stay there forever. Will finally loses his grip and it’s down to Johnny and Paras. Paras wants to drop but every time she hears Rozina screaming at her. Paras finally drops and Johnny is the first HOH of the season.


    Next, we’ll meet the four gate crashers that need fan votes to enter the house. First we meet Kirsten and she says she’s an acquired taste and she loves BB and watches live feeds. She says she could be compared to Cassandra. On the other side we have Veronica, who may have tattoos and crazy colored hair, but she’s kind and genuine and that’s how she’ll be in the house.


    We meet Mikey and his strategy is to find flaws in people and exploit them and lying and manipulation. He says it’s already in the bank and he’s counting his money. On the other side we have Merron and he will be legendary, iconic, humble, and confidence. He’s aiming to make his family proud and he’s not looking for a showmance. So which gate crashers will be going in? It’s up to Canada! The 14 HG already inside have no idea about this new bombshell.

  9. As the coaches get settled, let’s meet our first artist of the night, Spensha Baker from San Antonio, TX. She signed with a major record label as a gospel singer at age 11 and toured for three years but the labeled decided to part ways. She is going to sing Blackbird by The Beatles. Blake and Kelly both hit their buttons at the same time.


    Adam says he loves the way Spensha took one of his favorite songs and did it her way. Alicia says she is incredible. Kelly says her favorite thing is to see an artist feel everything she’s singing. Kelly can’t wait to see more of her. Blake loves her slow vibrato and she would be the greatest gift to him on the anniversary of his 14th season as a coach.


    Kelly says they seem like they have similarities and Blake asks her what music she wants to pursue and Spensha says country. Alicia asks who she picks as her coach. Spensha says she can’t believe this is happening and she picks Blake.


    Up next, we have Alexa Cappelli from Upland, CA. She is in a music program at an Orange County School and she has a twin brother. Alexa sings I’ve Got the Music In Me by Kiki Dee Band. Kelly hits her button and Adam hits his a moment later.


    Adam says that wasn’t just really good, it was also really soulful. Adam says he loves Alexa. Alicia says she is sic and phenomenal and the only reason she didn’t turn is because she’s looking for something specific. Alexa tells Kelly to get into the Orange county school she auditioned with Kelly’s song People Like Us. Kelly wants to hear her sing it and she sings with her.


    It’s time for Alexa to choose her coach and she picks…Kelly.


    The next artist is Adrian Brannan from Ventura, CA. She’s a cowgirl and sings cowboy music. She’s also been classically trained in opera. She’d really love to work with Blake or Kelly. She sings Two More Bottles of Wine by Emmylou Harris. Kelly mouths to Blake she can’t hear the words she’s singing. She doesn’t get a chair turn.


    Blake says Adrian’s personality is incredible. Blake didn’t push his button because a little bit of a problem with diction. He advises her next time to enunciate the best she can. Adrian says this is a big honor just to be out here. Alicia loves her vibrato and she has a beautiful tone.


    Next we meet Wilkes from Waleska, GA. Wilkes was in a band after high school but he’s a stay-at-home dad now. He takes the stage and performs One Headlight by The Wallflowers. Adam tells Alicia if Wilkes sings the chorus good he’s going to turn. Blake leans forward to look at Adam and they both hit their buttons at the same time.


    Adam thinks Wilkes is a singular singer and he thinks he’s the coach for Wilkes. Kelly says she hears a little country music in him too. Blake says his voice was sneaky and the longer he sang the more he turned it up. He’s a fan.


    Alicia says who do you pick as your coach, Wilkes? Wilkes says…well..I’m sorry Adam but I’m going to pick Blake.


    After a big win over Adam, we hear Jesslee sing I’m With You by Avril Lavigne and Blake goes head to head against Kelly and Jesslee picked Blake as her coach. Then we hear Jordyn Simone who sang Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton and Alicia was inspired to turn her chair. Megan Lee was next and she sang Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack and Alicia pushed her button for her too.


    Next we have Jaron Strom from Shelby, NC. He’s a web designer by day and a performer by night. He was introduced to Motown by his grandfather when he was growing up. He’d love to work with Adam, but all the coaches have a great ability. He’s singing This Magic Moment by Ben E. King. Blake hits his button as Jaron is finishing his song.


    Jaron is on Team Blake. Jaron does a happy dance and Adam says Jaron has to see Blake’s happy dance. Blake says he knew from the second he started singing he was into it. The longer he sang the more he knew he had to turn because Jaron didn’t deserve to go home.


    Our final artist of the night is Terrence Cunningham from Washington, DC. He’s been singing all his life but mostly he’s a piano player. He’s going to sing My Girl by The Temptations because it reminds him of his daughter. He plays the keyboard while he’s singing. Adam is the first to hit his button. Alicia follows behind and laughs when she sees the keyboard. Kelly and Blake both hit their buttons as well. Terrence is a 4-chair turn.


    Blake tells Terrence they are all speechless. They have never heard a performance like that on any level of The Voice. Alicia asks what made him sing that song and she says she felt it, it was so beautiful. Kelly wants to sing with him and she’s curious why he’s not already on the radio.


    Kelly says Terrence has the most amazing voice, but these shows are about strategy and she’s been through that process and wants to help him succeed. Alicia says it feels like a vacuum in this space and in this moment and there was a beautiful honesty and artistry to his performance.


    Blake thinks Terrence is special and he’s been doing it a long time and he’s never seen anything like that. Adam says Terrence doesn’t need them, they need him. Adam wants to coach him more than he’s ever wanted to coach another person on The Voice.


    Adam says it’s time for him to pick a coach. Terrence picks…Alicia.

  10. Different backgrounds, different reasons, all with one goal…to be named The Voice. Tonight, the blind auditions continue. With talent this good, our coaches will have to raise the bar to build the team they want. Making it even harder, Adam and Kelly have yet to use the block. Prepare yourself America, tonight anything can happen!


    Let’s meet the first artist of night three. We meet Christiana Danielle from Fort Wayne, IN. She listens to gospel and her mother is a gospel rapper. She got into jazz in high school. She’s going to sing Hotline Bling by Drake, but a different version to show her versatility. Adam hits his button before she finishes the first line. Blake looks interested and so does Kelly. Kelly finally decides to hit her button. Alicia seems to enjoy her voice and finally hits her button. Christiana is a 3-chair turn.


    Kelly says she loves Christiana’s voice and she doesn’t want her to listen to Alicia. Adam says Christiana is a champ and she’s one of the greatest gifts they’ve been given on the show and he wants to be a guiding light for her on the show. Adam says she is one of the greatest singers he’s ever heard. Kelly says she has a chance at winning no matter who she picks. Alicia says she would be great from Adam or Kelly, but Christiana was crazy and she’s so excited. Kelly says she loves country. Alicia says she brought in Ella Fitzgerald with Drake. Alicia says she gets her.


    Blake says Christiana, it’s time to pick your coach. Christiana hesitates and looks at her parents and then picks…Alicia.


    Next we meet Brett Hunter from Pasadena, CA. He lives with his brother and they sleep in the same bed. He appreciates his brother’s sacrifice and he wants to be able to give back and make an impact in music. He performs She’s a Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton with a ukulele. Kelly seems to enjoy it and Adam is dancing in his seat. Blake finally hits his button towards the end of the performance.


    Brett will be on Team Blake. Blake says he has the next Tiny Tim and everyone else is a bunch of idiots. Blake says he’s never been more surprised because he didn’t expect to see someone up there playing a ukulele. Adam says if Brett had played and sang with just the ukulele, then they all would have turned. Blake says he couldn’t be happier for Brett to be on his team.


    Carson is on his way to meet the next artist, Jamai who delivers singing telegrams from Chester, PA. When he’s not doing singing telegrams he’s in the studio and he’s ready to take it to the next level. He takes the stage to sing U Got it Bad by Usher. Alicia is singing along in her chair. Kelly looks like she’s on the fence. Alicia and Kelly both look at each other and hit their buttons at the same time.


    Jamai says hi to Alicia and Adam notices how he said her name. Jamai says Kelly is a versatile singer and the epitome of success for artists who have won a singing show. Alicia says she turned around because she could tell he had variety and a style of his own. Kelly says she’d pick songs for him so he wouldn’t be compared to original artists. Alicia says she wants to make sure he’s a success, not only on the show but in the real world.


    Adam asks Jamai who he picks. Jamai sings it…Alicia.


    Next we meet Mitch Cardoza from Dartmouth, MA. He grew up in a musical household and both of his parents would sing to him. He got into reggae music in middle school. Mitch sings No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley. The coaches are all nodding and swaying in their chairs. He did not get anyone to turn.


    Kelly says she loves the song and he sang so well. Alicia says he had some beautiful runs and she advises him to show more uniqueness. Adam says this song is so hard and so untouchable, but he is talented. Blake says there was a big not he hit and he should have incorporated that more into his performance.


    The next artist is Mia Boostrom from Boston, MA. She started singing in middle school and began writing her own music. She stopped doing music for awhile because people started not paying attention to her music and commenting on her weight. She decides this is her time to try again. She steps up to sing Pillowtalk by Zayn. Adam hits his button as she’s almost finished.


    Mia is on Team Adam. Adam says she is going to be the best one chair turn of the season, maybe ever. He knew from her last line he had the best kept secret of the moment. Alicia congratulates her on a great performance. Kelly says she’s looking for something super specific and her highs were beautiful, but her lows were sexy. Adam says there is a lot of great stuff to work with, she is so good.


    Jackie Foster is our next artist from San Diego, CA. She’s the lead singer of a band based out of Boston. Her mom has been watching since season one. She is going to sing What About Us? By P!nk. She gets through the first chorus and Kelly decides to hit her button. Blake reaches for his button and Alicia smacks hers. Jackie is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly points out to Jackie that she turned first. Kelly says she’s been waiting for someone with depth and versatility and Jackie has that. Alicia says her voice had so much texture and was so genuine and her tone was accurate. Kelly says she thinks she would be a good coach for Jackie and she’s glad she will pick her. Alicia thinks there is a lot they can explore if she picks her.


    Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Jackie hesitates and picks…Kelly.


    The next artist is Kayla Woodson from Waggaman, LA. She works at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. She finds it inspiring as a country music artist to work there. She’s going to perform Turn on the Radio by Reba McEntire. The coaches are listening intently. Adam looks like he wants to hit his button but he’s watching Blake. She does not get a chair turn.


    Blake says she has incredible range and what kept him from hitting his button was she was sharp sometimes. Alicia would love to hear a little more dynamic throughout the song. Adam says he’s guilty of watching Captain Country which is stupid because a great voice is a great voice. Adam tells her to come back again.


    Next, we have Reid Umstattd from Austin, TX. He’s a bartender, but he misses singing and performing. He was in a band after college and then he met his wife. Touring was hard on them so he quit the band. This will be the first solo performance he’s ever done. He sings Take Me to the Pilot by Elton John. Adam recognized the song immediately. Adam is the first to hit his button with Alicia right behind. Adam is dancing and singing along as he watches. Reid is a two chair turn.


    Kelly says she loved Reid’s vocal but it’s her first season and she’s looking for something specific. Adam says he’s glad that was the Elton song he chose. He has a killer voice, killer range, soul for days, and pocket, he loves him and he wants Reid on his team so badly. Alicia says she could play the piano that Elton played and Reid could sing. Alicia says his voice was powerful and so much fun. Alicia thinks they could do craziness and go all the way and have fun the whole time. Adam believes he can win the show and he’s his guy. Alicia wants to showcase that greatness and lift him up.


    Kelly says as a fellow Texan, who are you picking as your coach. Reid appreciates them both…but he picks Adam.


    The next artist is Jorge Eduardo from Guadalajara, Mexico. His dad is a mariachi singer. He grew up watching his dad perform and he always dreamed of doing what his dad did. He was on The Voice Mexico and got all four chairs to turn and got fourth place. Jorge sings Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. Kelly wastes no time hitting her button and then gets out of her seat to dance. Alicia is dancing in her seat. Alicia seems to enjoy the song and seems like she wants to hit her button. No one else turns.


    Jorge is on Team Kelly. Adam feels like Kelly picked him before he started singing and Alicia says Kelly scared her because she turned so fast. Kelly says she is so excited and she wants Jorge to teach her that song. Blake says it would be monumental if he could teach him to sing that song.


    As the night wore on we see Jamella who sang Dive by Ed Sheeran and Kelly and Blake both turned and Jamella chose Kelly as her coach. Then we see Angel Bonilla who sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and Adam was the only coach who turned.


    The next artist is Austin Giorgio from Rochester, NY. He loves Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and he was introduced to music through his father. Austin sings How Sweet (It Is To Be Loved By You) by James Taylor. Blake hits his button to turn. Kelly hits her button right at the end. Austin is a two-chair turn.


    Kelly loves the old standards and she won a singing competition and you have to have a little bit of strategy. She advises him to choose a contemporary song and make it that old style. Blake says he too has won a show like this and Kelly says not as a contestant. Blake says one of his favorite vocalists is Michael Buble and they’ll face time him.


    Adam tells Austin it’s time to pick his coach. Austin hesitates and he says he has to pick…Blake as his coach.


    The last artist of the night is Johnny Bliss from New York, NY. He’s a karaoke host and he hopes to be an artist who can sing in English and Spanish. He wants to make his family proud of him. He takes the stage to sing Preciosa by Marc Antony. Adam hits his button very quickly. Alicia and Kelly both turn right after and Adam has blocked Kelly. Blake turns next and he sees Kelly is blocked and starts laughing.


    Johnny thanks them for turning. He loves Adam’s shirt and Adam says he can have it if he picks him and Kelly says he’s the only one. Adam says he blocked Kelly and he thinks Johnny has not only the voice, but he also had a moment where he got lost and he wants to be part of his journey. Alicia says he sounds like he’s been singing lifetimes and he’s been put on this planet to do what he just did. Blake says he doesn’t know what he was singing but he’s pretty sure it was about drinking beer and eating fried chicken. That may not have been what he was singing about but it got him excited and that’s why he turned.


    Alicia says this is very important, Johnny, she thinks he should know she was named after her Puerto Rican godmother. She sings If I Ain’t Got You in Spanish. Johnny goes down to give Alicia a hug. Kelly says that was the sexiest thing. Adam says as amazing as that was and you’re picking a coach. Blake says it’s time to pick your coach. Johnny says all he hears, in Jesus’ name, he picks…Alicia.

  11. Last night, the greatest season of The Voice yet kicked off with the return of season 12 champion coach, Alicia Keyes, and the debut of new coach, Kelly Clarkson, who proved to be more than a match for our veteran coaches. And changing The Voice forever was the arrival of the block, giving each coach just one opportunity from getting an artist they want. Blake was the first to strike, followed by Alicia, who gave Blake a taste of his own medicine, leaving Adam and Kelly the only coaches still able to block.


    Let’s meet our first artist, Davison from Little Rock, AR. He’s a worship leader at his church and he’s also a local stylist. Musically, he gospel, with a little soul and grit. He’d love to work with Adam. His mom likes Blake. He’d also like to work with Alicia and Kelly is great. Davison steps and sings To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees. Blake and Adam hit their buttons at almost the same time. Kelly started to hit her button at the end and missed her opportunity.


    Adam says he’s going to kill Blake. Alicia says she’s out of her mind because he’s Davison is outrageous and he did a beautiful job. Blake says he loves that song and says it was an old Bee Gees record and Adam says no and Davison corrects Adam. Blake says he would be honored to be his coach.


    Adam says that’s shocking that Blake knew something about music he didn’t. He says Davison embodies what the whole point of the show is and his voice speaks to all of them. He says before he started recording he was listening to Lauryn Hill records and he knows who Davison is. Blake says Davison would be the centerpiece of Team Blake.


    Alicia asks who Davison picks as his coach. He takes a minute and says he loves them both, but he picks…Adam. Alicia and Kelly both talk about regretting turning around and Adam says that’s where he takes advantage.


    The next artist is Jaclyn Lovey from Placerville, CA. She is hoping to make her community proud because they have all been supportive and helpful for her as she follows her path. She is going to perform Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. Kelly looks at Alicia and says that’s pretty. All the judges are listening as she sings through the chorus. Blake finally hits his button and Alicia follows. Jaclyn is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly tells Jaclyn no one on the show sounds like her. Alicia says sometimes we feel like we have to overperform and she just showed you can be simple and pure. Blake says her voice makes her feel every word. Blake says for the first time in his life he pictured himself riding a unicorn holding a care bear. Blake says they may have artists who can blow the roof off, but what she just did was more powerful than that.


    Alicia says to Jaclyn that she’s a huge lover of the classic songs and she sees what they can do together. She can keep the performances honest and genuine and keep it all about her.


    Adam says it’s time for Jaclyn to pick a coach. Jaclyn says she’d love to work with either one of them, but she picks…Alicia.


    Our next artist is Sophia Dion from Park City, UT. She sings What A Man by Linda Lyndell. The judges are listening and Kelly and Alicia start to sing along. She does not get a chair turn. Kelly says she didn’t even recognize the song at first but she was waiting for a little extra. Blake says if he can’t understand what people are saying when they are singing it drives him nuts. He says he could understand her most of the time, but it might need to be little cleaned up.


    As the auditions continued, both Blake and Kelly had something special in mind, and these singers just missed the mark. We see Brittney Spencer who sang Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina who Kelly says they could hear her nerves in the pitch.


    Next we see Karianne Jean who sang Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban who Blake says the song got away from her. He says she went for something big and it didn’t land correctly. Finally, we see Wildee Fusard who sang Legends by Kelsea Ballerini and Kelly doesn’t think that was the best song to showcase what she was capable of and Blake says if she could have put together a start to finish more solid audition, they’d be fighting over her.


    Let’s see if the next artist is the one Kelly has been waiting for. Molly Stevens is from Raleigh, NC, and she kind of puts herself in country, but she sees herself more in the Americana realm. Molly takes the stage with a guitar and sings Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin. Blake immediately hits his button and tells Kelly she is not blocking him. Kelly turns right after. Molly is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly asks Blake if he knew who sang that song and he didn’t. Kelly knows that song. Kelly tells Molly you don’t have to have Blake as a coach to be successful in country. Blake says he doesn’t move from genre to genre, his life is country that’s all he does.


    Kelly says she loves all genres of music. Adam tells Molly that he thinks Kelly is a good fit for her. Alicia says her chances are higher with Kelly, but she likes Blake as well. Kelly says Molly is unique and she’d sound great in country music and be great on her team.


    Adam asks Molly who she’s going to pick. Molly says oh man…she picks Kelly. Blake says the other three coaches are ganging up on him and he has no one his team yet today and he’s starting to feel left out.


    The next artist is Dylan Hartigan from Wyckoff, NJ. He’s done some acting and been in a few commercials and had some experience in a boy band called NY5. He takes the stage and performs Danny’s Song by Anne Murray. The judges are listening and Kelly is saying it’s pretty. Kelly keeps acting like she wants to hit her button but hesitates. Kelly finally hits her button.


    Kelly tells Dylan he has a solid voice and she can’t wait to see what his range is and what he can do. He says he’s more folk rock and Kelly says yes, she loves it. Kelly says she doesn’t even have to fight for him. She doesn’t know if he wanted her but he got her.


    Our final artist of the night is Pryor Baird from Nashville, TN. He says you don’t choose the Blues, Blues chooses you and he says that’s right because you don’t play the Blues for the money. He’s a project manager for a home restoration company. He has chosen to sing I Don’t Need No Doctor by Humble Pie. Adam is the first to turn. Blake hits his button a minute later with Alicia right behind. Kelly hits her button as well, and we have a 4-chair.


    Kelly says she loves all of it, the soulfulness and the way Pryor rocked out and she’d love to have him on her team. Adam says he’s glad he turned first and the way he makes the guitar song is singular and unique and amazing. He doesn’t usually sing the way he does and play the way he does and he thinks Team Adam should be Pryor’s home.


    Blake says when he heard Pryor’s guitar playing he thought of Pete Anderson and that’s who made all of Dwight Yoakam’s records, a little loose and a little wild. Blake says he’s an incredible vocalist and he wants Pryor on his team. Alicia says she felt there was such a power and such a range and it felt so good and she’d love to help him explore that. She feels like she’s the only one who can sing in the range Pryor just did.


    Adam says he has to be Pryor’s coach and he sees him holding on to that guitar like it’s an extension of him and he understands that. Kelly asks who he picks as his coach. Pryor says this is tough…he picks Blake.

  12. America’s favorite, The Voice is back and better than ever. Kelly Clarkson joins The Voice as the newest coach. She’ll be joined by returning coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Alicia Keyes. But this season, there is a big game changer. It’s called the block. Each coach can block one of their fellow coaches from getting an artist. But the coaches must choose wisely because they only get one chance to make it pay off.


    Prepare yourself America, the talent this season will have the coaches feeling more and going wilder than ever before. The most exciting season of The Voice starts right now! The coaches are settled in and Kelly is talking about how excited she is.


    Our first artist of the night is Britton Buchanan from Sanford, NC. He’s 17 and has been compared to a young Matt Damon. He is going to play guitar while he sings. He takes the stage and sings Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. Alicia hits first before he gets to the chorus with Blake right behind and Blake hits his block Adam button.  Adam also hits behind them but hasn’t realized he’s been blocked yet. Kelly is still listening and swaying in her seat. Britton got a 3-chair turn.


    Alicia has noticed Adam has been blocked and points it out to Adam. Blake denies it was him but Adam says he’s out because Blake blocked him. Adam says they are afraid of him, but he thinks 100% Britton should go with Alicia. Alicia says his voice has so much honesty in it and she goes on emotion and she’d love to help him bring that out. Blake says he sounded like he was angry at the song and he heard a little gravel to his voice and a little bit of country. He says he did block Adam because he really wants Britton on his team.


    Adam tells Britton he knows how Adam feels, he wants to be on Alicia’s team. Who does he pick as his coach? Britton takes a moment and picks Alicia. Alicia says he was fantastic, there was something very pure about him.


    Our next artist is Brynn Cartelli from Longmeadow, MA. She heard Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway when she was young and that’s when she knew she wanted to keep going with singing. She also plays field hockey. She sings Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande. Kelly hits her button first at the chorus. Blake moves like he’s going to hit his button but waits. He hits it at the very end.


    Kelly tells Brynn she is the first person she’s turned for. Kelly likes there are a lot of different elements to her voice. Kelly says Blake hit at the last second. Blake says it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you finish. Alicia says she has a beautiful voice. Blake asks her if she’s seen the show before and Brynn says yes. Blake says it’s Adam’s mission to derail him every time he hits his button for an artist. Blake says you know I have had more success with young females than any other artist and Kelly doesn’t have any experience on the show. Kelly says she had enough experience to mentor his team in season 2.


    Adam says it’s time to choose, who do you want as your coach? Brynn says she loves them both, but she has to pick…Kelly.


    Let’s meet the next artist. His name is Rayshun LaMarr and he’s from Fort Washington, MD. He was in a band and travelled with them. He was diagnosed with cancer, but now he’s cancer free. He is going to perform Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Adam immediately hits his button and Alicia hits a moment later. Blake is listening intently. Kelly is bobbing her head and mouthing the words. He’s a 2-chair turn.


    Adam and Alicia are on their feet. Alicia says Rayshun was singing with so much joy and Adam says seeing it was different. Adam says the sheer bliss he sings with is really infectious and he’s torn because he can see both him and Alicia in Rayshun. Alicia says she does too. Kelly says she’s so mad she didn’t turn around. Adam says as his coach, it’s important to have some who can match his energy and someone who can be critical because there were some things that could be better, and he likes to help people get better. Alicia says his story is very inspiring and he needs someone who will not let anything stop him and she’s dedicated to helping his story come to life.


    Alicia says she’s ready for her second consecutive win and Adam says technically not consecutive. Alicia gets up to give Rayshun a hug and then goes to stand next to Adam. Adam says he’s the guy who’s never going to stop to make sure Rayshun gets as far as he can get on the show. It’s time to choose. Rayshun hesitates and looks back to where his family is. He says he loves them both…he picks Adam.


    Our coaches are getting ready for the next artist, Kyla Jade and she lives in Nashville, TN. She has sung background for Carrie Underwood and Wynonna Judd and she’s also sung background for Jennifer Hudson. She’s going to sing See Saw by Aretha Franklin. The coaches are listening and Kelly is swaying and singing in her seat. The coaches all seem to be enjoying the singing but no one has turned. Blake finally hits his button and says she’s too good not to turn. Kelly hits hers a moment later.


    Alicia says Kyla was so spectacular and she’s so happy for her. Kelly says she loves that song and she loves her hair and her look. She thinks every part is sassy and confident and so good. Blake says he wants her on his team so bad. He asks what she’s doing in Nashville and she tells him she’s been singing with Jennifer Hudson. Blake says hopefully she says something good about him. Blake takes an oxygen tank and mask out and Adam staggers over while Kelly talks. Blake says the first time he won the show was with Alicia Keyes backup singer, Jermaine Paul.


    Adam asks who Kyla picks as her coach. Kyla says she is kindred with Kelly because they share Aretha Franklin, but the first person to give her an opportunity was Wynonna Judd so she has to go with Blake.


    Next, we have Blaise Raccuglia from Austin, TX. He loves the water and during the week he’s a pool technician but he knows there’s more for his life. He takes the stage with Wanted by Hunter Hayes. The coaches are listening closely but no one turns their chair.


    Kelly says she could feel Blaise’s nerves a little bit and it was pitchy in places. Blake says it wasn’t put together as tightly as it could be, but he was really close. Alicia thinks he did a great job and she’s excited for his future. Alicia says his nerves just got the better of him.


    The next artist is Kelsea Johnson from Newark, DE. Kelsea’s grandfather was in a mariachi band and she knows that he brought music to the family and it passed on to her. She sings Like I’m Gonna Lose You by John Legend by Meghan Trainor. Adam hits his button very quickly with Kelly right behind. Alicia finally hits her button as Kelsea is getting close to the end. Kelsea is a 3-chair turn.


    Adam says Kelsea is absolutely stunning from the way she sings to the way she looks. He says they can do this. Kelly says she could make a record now and release it and have a career. She’d like to help her find songs to perform to get air time to reach as many people as possible.


    Alicia says she has won the show and she’s ready to win it again. Alicia says she has a gift and there’s a reason she was given that gift. She’s been in the studio with Chris Blue and she’s dedicated to what happens. Blake says it’s time to pick her coach. Kelsea thanks them for their kind words. She then picks Alicia.     


    Carson is on his way to meet their next artist, Drew Cole from Los Angeles, CA. He’s a bartender and he’s had a viral video and that’s why he went to California from Connecticut. He plays in bars and small venues and this is a big opportunity for him.


    Drew takes the stage saying he’d love to work with Adam Levine, but Blake could give him a different perspective. He performs Sex and Candy by Marcy’s Playground. Adam hits his button after the first line of the song. Blake hits his button near the middle of the song. Kelly is again singing along but she hasn’t turned. Drew was a 2-chair turn.


    Adam says he doesn’t know if Drew knows he did a cover of that song that was similar to that and Drew says yes. Adam says he’s hoping that cover has something to do with why Drew performed it. Blake says he’s won the show with all kinds of different artists because he tries to take the focus off of him. He sees a cowboy hat on Drew’s head and he would love to be his coach.


    Adam says he sang the lights out without even trying and he doesn’t just see him as the winner, but far beyond the competition. Alicia says it’s time to pick his coach. Drew takes a moment to think…he picks…Adam.


    The next artist is ready to take the stage. His name is D.R. King and he sings Believe by Imagine Dragons. All the coaches are listening. Kelly finally hits her button. Blake hits his a minute later. D.R. is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly loves that D.R. brought his soul to that song and his runs were sick. He was a school teacher and Kelly gives him an ovation. Kelly thinks they can do something fantastic together. Alicia says she’s glad that Kelly and Blake turned around. Adam says it’s hard to fill a room with a voice like that. Blake says his voice is explosive and any song he sings is going to sound like D.R. King. Blake says he’ll be beside himself if he picks him as his coach.


    Adam asks D.R. who he picks as his coach. D.R. looks to where his family is and thinks about it…and picks Kelly.


    Time to meet the next artist, Kaleb Lee from Ormond Beach, FL. He’s there to show his kids to pursue their dreams. He had given up music to care for his family. He has two biological daughters with his wife and they adopted a son. Kaleb heads up the stage with his guitar and sings Never Wanted Nothing More by Chris Stapleton. Blake immediately looks down at the other coaches. Everyone is looking back at Blake and then Kelly hits her button. Blake hits his a minute later. Kaleb is a 2-chair turn.


    Kelly says she knows enough about country music to hit her button. Blake says his voice and style reminds him of Texas red dirt kind of music. Kelly says that’s weird, because I’m Texan. Blake says his voice would stand out on country radio. He asks if he ever made the trip to Nashville and Kaleb says he did but he set it aside to take care of his family.


    Kaleb asks if he can bring his kids up and they say yes. Kelly says his family is so beautiful. Kelly says Kaleb should shock everyone and pick her as his coach. She sings to him don’t you want to stay here a little while? Blake says his wife is right there. Kelly says it was good enough for Jason Aldean.


    Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Kaleb says his kids watch the show and they are huge fans of Blake…so he picks Blake.


    Next, we have Makenzie Thomas from Wallingord, KY. She says believe it or not she grew up listening to R&B. She’s going to sing Redbone by Childish Gambino because it will allow her to be creative. The coaches are dancing in their seats. Blake is listening intently. Adam says so close and Alicia agrees.


    Adam says there is so much magic in Makenzie’s voice. Kelly says she’s so unexpected, which if fabulous. Alicia says she was not what she expected to turn around to but stay on the path because she’s so close.


    The next artist is Justin Kilgore from Buffalo, TX. He joined the cheerleading team in high school in a very conservative town. He started getting interested in country music while he was in college and he moved to Austin, TX. The Voice is the first opportunity for him to be himself. He performs by Tomorrow by Chris Young. All the coaches look at each other and Blake makes to hit his button. Alicia and Kelly both hit and turn at the same time and Alicia has blocked Blake. Blake shakes his head. Adam hits his button at the very end.


    Kelly and Adam go tease Blake about being blocked. Adam lays down on the Blocked light and he’s making a snow angel. Alicia says she used her only block on him because she knew he was that special. Blake tells Adam to get away from him. Kelly asks how Justin got into country and he says he was a fan of Reba McEntire. Kelly says that’s weird because Reba is her mother-in-law.


    Alicia would love to help bring the best out of him. Adam says he’s so good he won’t even be mad if he doesn’t go with him because he can’t go with Blake. He tells Justin to do whatever he wants to do, he is amazing. Kelly says she knows country music and Blake says she doesn’t know anything about country. Adam says the sheer amount of words that come out of her mouth and she says he does the same thing.


    Adam says, Justin, who do you pick as your coach? Justin hesitates and he picks…Kelly. Alicia says she was waiting to use her block on Blake. Kelly feels like Justin has a lot of potential. Blake says he hates them all.     

  13. This season on The Amazing Race, our most competitive season began with a photo finish. For the first time ever, teams went head to head and swapped partners. Teams made strategic moves and game changing mistakes. Along the way, seven teams were eliminated, leaving team IndyCar, team Extreme, team Big Brother, and team Yale with a shot at the one million-dollar prize. Tonight, one of these four teams will win The Amazing Race.


    Alex and Connor are the first to depart and they are flying to Hong Kong. Once to Hong Kong they must find Victoria Peak and a photographer’s kiosk to find their next clue. Alex and Connor and Cody and Jessica share a ride to the airport. They don’t mind they are arriving in Hong Kong at the same time, but they know Henry and Evan have a speed bump and that’s who they want out.


    They arrive at the airport with Kristi and Jen. Kristi and Jen say if they had predicted the strongest teams at the beginning it would have been the four remaining. Henry and Evan are grateful to be in the race still, but it’s worrisome they have a speedbump. Cody says he’s not counting Henry and Evan out but they are working with Alex and Connor to get out Henry and Evan.


    All teams have now arrived in Hong Kong and they are racing for Taxis. Alex and Connor are the first out of the airport. Kristi and Jen are behind them. Cody and Jessica and Henry and Evan fought over a taxi and they are out. Kristi and Jen hope a night leg will do wonderful things for them. Henry speaks Mandarin and he thinks that could be an advantage for them.


    Alex and Connor are looking for the kiosk. Kristi and Jen are lost and their driver needs to turn around. Jessica and Cody have arrived and are also looking for the kiosk. Kristi and Jen decide to walk because it’s only 8 minutes away. Alex and Connor see Henry and Evan’s speed bump and they find the kiosk. The photographer takes their picture and he goes to print it and they are waiting for their clue.


    Henry and Evan have arrived at their speed bump. They must illuminate 40 Chinese lanterns representing happiness and good wishes, something they’ll need if they want to survive this leg of the race. Cody and Jessica have arrived at the kiosk and they inform Alex and Connor Henry and Evan are at the speed bump. Alex and Connor are impatient waiting and they have to travel by taxi to their next clue.


    Jessica and Cody get their picture taken and Kristi and Jen have arrived. Henry and Evan are still working on their lanterns and their taxi driver came to cheer them on while they are doing their task. Jessica and Cody are right behind Alex and Connor and they are staying right on their tail. They are searching for the next clue box with Kristin and Jen right behind and it’s Kristi and Jen who find the clue box first.


    Detour: Hairy Crab-Teams must work like local fisherman and properly secure a basket of hairy crabs for transport to the fish market. Wrangling these uncooperative crustaceans will be a challenge. And just to ramp things up, teams will have to prepare 50 crabs in a typhoon! Grub Grab-One team member will take an order in Cantonese and then relay the order to their teammate in the kitchen who must decipher the correct dish. When the customers get what they want, teams will get what they want…their next clue.


    Alex and Connor and Kristi and Jen have chosen Hairy Crab and they have to take water transport to their detour. Henry and Evan have finished their speed bump and they get their picture taken. Jessica and Cody have also chosen Hairy Crab. Jessica doesn’t like crabs, she doesn’t like seafood and Cody says they are going to get slimy.


    Alex is struggling with the crabs and he’s not good at knots. Connor is also getting aggravated and they decide to switch. Kristi and Jen have gotten started and Cody and Jessica have arrived as well. Connor and Alex go back to get on the water transport and decide to go to the restaurant because they are sick of this.


    Henry and Evan have found their next clue and they think the other three teams have decided to freeze them out. They are going to do Grub Grab. Cody says the rope was slippery and the crabs were fighting while they were getting tied up. Kristi and Jen note that it’s a lot of crabs. Henry and Evan see Alex and Connor as they are headed to the restaurant. Alex and Connor say Henry has a big advantage because he speaks Mandarin.


    Henry is taking the first order and Connor is working on his. Connor says it was a very difficult detour. They had to take orders in a language Connor will probably not understand. Connor says it’s impossible. Alex says they have to do this because they can’t switch. Connor asks Henry if he’s writing in English and Henry says he’s doing it phonetically. Henry says they speak so fast.


    Kristi and Jen are working on their knots. Cody and Jessica have about 15 done so far and she thinks they should have switched detours. She says this challenge sucks and she hates it. She thinks the restaurant one would have been the better choice. Connor is working on his order again and he goes back to translate to Alex and he struggles with the first one. Henry is delivering some of his food. They have to serve 8 plates and he takes back the plates he served.


    Connor says he’s going to deliver four at a time and he serves 4 of 8 and he’s laughing because he has no idea if he’s right. Kristi and Jen have 36 and Cody and Jessica have 31 done of their crabs. Connor on his first attempt has 3 wrong. Henry has all of his correct and him and Evan get their clue and head out. They wish Alex and Connor luck. They have to take a taxi and search for their next clue. Connor has all of his correct on their second attempt and they are done.


    Kristi and Jen are getting their crabs checked, but they had several done improperly and had to redo almost half their basket. Cody and Jessica are getting theirs checked and some of the claws were out so they had to fix them. They are done with all 50 and they get their next clue.


    Henry and Evan have arrived at the next clue box and it’s time for a road block. Phil tells us people in Hong Kong like to blow off steam, and its rage art. Who Wants to Get Smashed? They have to break use a bat to break old electronics to find two halves of a clue. And just because they can, they will splatter what they’ve destroyed with a gallon of paint to create their own masterpiece. Henry is going to do it for their team. Evan is handcuffed to a briefcase. Evan is cheering Henry on. Kristi and Jen are at 48 and Jen has gotten her first bite. They think they are done and they get their next clue.


    Connor is going to do it for his team and Alex says he’s jealous. Connor broke his bat. Henry found one half of a clue. The other half is behind Henry but he hasn’t seen it yet. Connor can’t find his yet either. Henry finally finds the other half and he throws the paint on it. Teams have their next clue handcuffed to their wrists. To unlock it, they need to search Lan Kwai Fong for signs representing specific leg numbers. The leg numbers are the code to unlock the brief case. And to make it more difficult, the brief cases all have different combinations.


    Cody is going to smash for their team. Kristi and Jen have arrived and Kristi is going to smash. Alex and Connor have already left. Kristi is struggling because she is in pain. She’s frustrated and doesn’t know if she can do it and she takes her mask off.


    Jen and Kristi note they have to stay ahead of one team and it happens to be Big Brother. Jen is concerned. Jessica says this is her worst nightmare to be competing against Kristi and Jen. Henry and Evan are in the taxi and they are going over their legs and cities and their driver says they have arrived. Evan says the area is chaotic because of everyone is partying and drinking and they didn’t know exactly what they were looking for. Alex and Connor are in their taxi and they say Cody will get through that quickly.


    Cody is finishing and has his clue and they head out. Kristi is still struggling. Alex and Connor have arrived and they are looking around too. Evan and Henry are struggling to figure out their code. Alex and Connor feel like the signs will be obvious. Henry and Evan have found 3 and Alex and Connor have found 5. Alex and Connor have also found 3.


    Krist is still smashing stuff and Jen is mumbling please read the clue. Kristi thought he had to get something checked. She finally goes back and reads her clue and she found the first half. She’s looking through the stuff she smashed for the second half. She finally finds it and they head out. Henry and Evan have found their second number. Alex and Connor wonder if they should work with Henry and Evan. They both have 5 and 3, but they can’t find the last number. They see signs but they’re unsure of which signs they should use. Henry and Evan are trying 3-2-5. (The correct combination will be a combination of 1, 3, and 5).


    Jessica and Cody have arrived. Henry and Evan see them and they realize their lead is gone. Alex says they have 5, 4, 3, and 6 and it’s just random. Cody is trying to figure out what the signs look like and Alex and Connor show them the bull. Henry and Evan see the Arc de Triomphe from Washington Square Park where they started the race and it’s the last number they need for their combination. Jessica sees Henry and Evan and Alex says they were trying to come up with combinations. Henry and Evan have their clue.


    Their pit stop is on the corner of Johnston and Wan Chai Road for this leg of the race. The first three teams to check-in will be racing for one million dollars in the last leg and the last team will be eliminated. Henry tells Alex and Connor tell them to go the other way and Evan yells at Henry. Alex sees the sign and thinks it’s France. Cody tells Jessica they seem to know something. Evan tells Henry in the taxi she likes IndyCar but it’s too tight to help them.


    Kristi and Jen have arrived and they see Big Brother and they feel more comfortable. Jessica and Cody say they can’t find another sign to save their lives. Kristi and Jen found 2 numbers and they say they are close with Big Brother but it’s an us or them situation. Cody has found the sign Henry and Evan needed and it has given them their second number. They start guessing by process of elimination. Kristi and Jen are trying combinations too. Cody and Jessica have their case open and they have their clue.


    Kristi and Jen see Alex and Connor and they are still struggling to find their last number. Jessica says Kristi looked so upset and she’d never seen her like that. They know Henry and Evan have left. Alex says they haven’t seen Jessica and Cody in awhile.


    Kristi and Jen see the sign with the Arc de Triomphe, but they also think it’s France. Henry and Evan are hoping they will hit the mat first and Jessica and Cody are looking for the pit stop. Henry and Evan have found Phil but they almost get hit by a train and have to wait for it to pass. Henry and Evan are team number one and they have made Amazing Race history. Only two other teams have ever completed a speed bump and won the leg and they are one of the three teams who will be racing to the finish line.


    Phil tells them they are going to San Francisco and they will be pampered all the way home because the next leg will be tough. Phil asks Henry and Evan if they felt they were isolated. Evan says maybe but they tried not to focus on it. Jessica and Cody have arrived at the mat and they are team number two. Phil notes they don’t look happy and Jessica says losing friends gets harder. Cody says they wanted the other two teams with them.


    Kristi and Jen are bickering and they are back to trying numbers. Alex and Connor are by the sign with the Arc de Triomphe and they talk about the other teams being there when they opened their case. Connor says they’ve found the sign but either they are doing something wrong or the answer is right in front of them. Alex thinks the bull is the wrong sign. Kristi and Jen have their case open and they are off.


    Kristi and Jen hit the mat and Jen gives Kristi a hug before anything is said. Phil says this leg was their toughest leg, but there’s good news. They are team number three and they are one of the final three teams who will be racing to the finish line. Phil says there is one thing about them, they don’t give up. Phil asks if there is anyone on the race they can’t beat and they say no.


    Phil comes out and meets Alex and Connor while they are still looking for their numbers. Alex says this isn’t good. Phil tells them the other teams have checked-in and they have been eliminated. Phil tells them they should hold their head high because very few teams make it through 11 legs of the race.


    All teams are on their way to San Francisco where they’ll race to the finish line. Their first stop is AT&T Park where they must find the Say Hey Kid statue commemorating the legendary Willie Mays. Henry and Evan and Cody and Jessica are at the airport wondering who is racing with them and they see Kristi and Jen come around the corner. Henry and Evan check their bags so they won’t have extra weight. Cody just wants to win and Jessica wants the money. Kristi and Jen have beaten all the other teams before and they know they can do it again.


    The plane has landed in San Francisco and all teams are out for a taxi. Cody says it smells like America, this is his place. He’s not a world traveler. Kristi and Jen are comfortable going up against these three teams in challenges. Cody and Jessica are the first to get to the clue box. Teams must now search among hundreds of baseballs and find the numbers that represent the number of career home runs Willie Mays hit, which is 660. They are searching McCovey Cove which is where home run baseballs are often hit. Kristi and Jen ask someone to look up the information and they come up with 661.


    Cody twisted his ankle and they are looking for kayak’s. Cody says he twisted it bad. Henry and Evan have arrived at the kayaks. All teams are out in kayaks looking for balls. Lou Seal, the mascot is throwing balls into the water. Cody realizes they don’t know the correct number. Kristi and Jen have the correct number, 660 they are looking for and they have found the first number. Henry and Evan crash into Jessica and Cody.


    Henry and Evan have found a couple of 6’s with other numbers. Kristi and Jen have a 0 now. Henry tries 936 first and they are wrong. They try a few different combinations and they are wrong and they are trying to figure out what they need to do. Cody and Jessica try a few combinations and they aren’t correct. Jessica and Cody ask someone standing next to the water and Evan overhears the answer.


    Henry and Evan just need a 0, Kristi and Jen need another 6, and Cody and Jessica need them all. Jessica gets her 6 and 0 quickly. Kristi and Jen have their numbers and they take them for the ump to approve and they get their clue. Cody and Jessica also have theirs and they get their clue. Henry and Evan are bickering and still need their last number.


    Road block: Who has an extra pair of underwear? In the center of the Golden Gate Bridge is an anchorage and it has more concrete than the Empire State building and is larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. It will serve as the highest ascender climb in the history of the Amazing Race. Once they get to the top they must go inside and face the world’s most terrifying free fall. Once complete, they can reunite with their partner and continue on.


    Kristi is going to do it for their team and Cody for theirs. Henry and Evan have their numbers and they catch up and Evan is going to do the road block for their team. Cody says this is the perfect challenge for him. Cody has a lead with Kristi not far behind. Evan is the furthest behind. Kristi has almost caught up to Cody. Cody’s arms are burning. Cody has reached the top and Kristi is right behind. Cody says Kristi is right behind him and he’s not sure who Yale picked, but they are way behind.


    They have put Cody into a glowing green suit and they tell him to take small steps off the edge. He goes out and he walks slowly off and Jessica is wondering what is happening. Cody has landed and Kristi is next. Cody and Jessica are off to what they guess is the Golden Gate Cheese Factory. Evan is still struggling on the climb. Kristi hates tall buildings but she walks right off and she lands safely and they are off. Evan has reached the top and she thinks they are about 15 minutes behind Cody.


    Jessica says she can’t tell if it’s cheese or bread, but they know it’s some kind of factory. Jen suggests maybe some kind of pancake. Cody and Jessica are off their boat and Kristi and Jen are right behind. Jessica stops to ask for assistance on where they are going. The stranger tells them it’s the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. If teams can make 102 perfect cookies, their fortune will be their next clue.     


    Evan is doing her free fall with Henry encouraging her. She lands safely and they head out. Cody and Jessica and Kristi and Jen have arrived at the cookie factor and they cookie master is showing them how to make the fortune cookies. Each teammate has to make a full tray of the cookies. Henry and Evan grab a taxi and ask if he knows what the clue might be leading them to. Cody and Jessica ask for a check on his tray and he needs 14 more cookies. Kristi gets a check and she needs a few more and she’s done.


    Henry and Evan have arrived and Cody doesn’t know how they caught up to them. Cody has his tray done. Jen asks for a check and they are done and they get a fortune cookie with their clue. They will find their next clue at the USS Hornet. Jessica says this is frustrating. She says they were the first team to arrive but things change quickly. Evan asks for a check of Henry’s tray and he is done. Jessica asks Cody what she’s doing wrong. Henry and Evan seem to be doing pretty well. Jessica has finished her tray and they head out to find a cab. Henry and Evan are done also and they head out to look for a cab too.


    Henry and Evan have found a cab and Cody and Jessica are struggling to find one. Henry and Evan drive by and Cody sees them and realizes they are in last. Evan hopes to put a little distance between them. Jessica is frustrated and says this is ridiculous.


    Cody and Jessica have now found a cab and they are in third place. Kristi and Jen arrive first and they open their clue. The USS Hornet will serve as the finish line as for this season of the Amazing Race. But first, teams will have to build an airplane at the other end of the runway. First they’ll have to search the hornet for 12 pieces of a plane which are spread out among more than 1000 compartments over seven decks at length of more than 900 feet. Then assemble it so all 12 legs of the race are represented by symbols and it will be this season’s most difficult test of physical endurance as well as mental strength. The first team to complete building their plane and land on the mat will win one million dollars and the Amazing Race.


    Kristi and Jen selected the red plane because they think it will be easy to see and they begin searching for their pieces. They have found their first piece and when taking it back they find their second. Henry and Evan have arrived and Cody and Jessica have arrived right behind them. Henry and Evan have selected the blue plane leaving Cody and Jessica with the yellow plane.


    Kristi and Jen have 4 of their 12 pieces. Henry and Evan have found their first piece and they decide to take it back. Cody says this is massive and you could get lost because it’s like a maze. Jessica and Cody have 2 of their parts. They find a third and Kristi and Jen have 6. Henry and Evan have 4 pieces. Kristi and Jen are up to 7.


    Cody and Jessica have 6 pieces. Henry has noticed that some pieces have two stickers on them, one on each side. Kristi and Jen are trying to be as thorough as possible. Jessica says they did not make this easy, it’s almost like there’s a million dollars on the line or something. Kristi and Jen have now found all of their pieces.


    Jessica and Cody have found their final piece and Jen has to assemble the plane because Kristi did the last road block. Jessica has to do it by herself and when Henry and Evan get their pieces, Henry will have to do it for their team. Jen notices they have 12 pieces of their plane but they only need 6 of them and you have to find the right combination in order to have a symbol for each leg represented on the plane.


    Cody says they are neck and neck with Kristi and Jen. Henry and Evan have their pieces and they are heading back. Jen is trying to figure out the parts and the symbols. Jessica is working on hers and figuring out symbols also. Jessica says the pictures were difficult. Henry and Evan are still struggling to get all their pieces back. Jen asks for a check and she is not cleared for takeoff.


    Henry and Evan finally have their pieces back and Henry is now working on his plane. Jessica is asking for a check. She is not cleared for takeoff. Henry is rushing to hurry up. Jen and Jessica are going over the symbols in their head and what country they represent. Evan is cheering Henry on and Jessica says she’s so annoying. Henry is also unsure about some of the stickers. Jessica wishes Evan would stop talking and Cody starts encouraging Jessica. Henry is asking for his first check. He is not cleared for takeoff.


    Jen has failed a second time. Henry asks for a second check and he’s not correct. Jessica has a third check and she’s not cleared either. Jessica has also missed check 5 and Jen missed check 4. Jen is getting frustrated and Evan is still encouraging Henry and Jessica wishes someone would tell her to shut up. Henry tells her he’s got it and asks Evan to be quiet for a second. Jen miss check 5 and Henry misses his as well.


    All teams are still working on their plane. Jen asks for check #6 and it’s not cleared. Jen has 4 incorrect of the 12. Henry has his correct but hasn’t asked for a check and he changes something making two incorrect. Jen has moved a few things around. Jessica ask for check #9 and she is not cleared for takeoff. Jessica has 2 incorrect. Jessica makes a change and asks for check #10. Jen is making a check. Jessica is cleared for takeoff. Jessica has to push the plane to Cody and they run off.


    They run up to Phil and asks did they do it? Phil says Cody and Jessica they have won the Amazing Race and they have won one million dollars. Phil says Cody looks kind of stunned right now and he’s speechless. Phil says his teammate came through for him in the end and he says she’s the foundation of his strength.


    Henry and Evan have finally completed and they come in and they congratulate Cody and Jessica. Jen is so disappointed in herself and Kristi hugs her and comforts her and they jog to the mat. Phil asks how they feel right now and Jen says she feels horrible and she feels like she let Kristi down. Kristi and Jen never finished below third and they will eventually be able to look back and be really proud.

  14. 10:00 PM BBT They are speculating what the evicted HG are doing. They think Shannon might be watching live feeds and Keisha is playing with her baby. Ross says Shannon probably isn’t watching and is in a hotel. Omarosa says Shannon was talking to Metta and explaining why she was all alone and Omarosa says it was important for her to listen and understand Shannon’s thought process. Metta says he was just listening because he was worried about her. Omarosa says Metta just kept her talking. They think she didn’t adapt to the game well because she was a solo child.


    10:05 PM BBT Ross and Marissa go to the BR and are talking. Ross says Brandi lied to him about the vote. Ross thinks it will be him and Brandi on the block and Ross says he needs to Marissa to help him if it is. Marissa says she’ll need him to help if it’s her. Ross says if he goes home, it’s ok. He’ll still get the same check, it will be fabulous.


    10:10 PM BBT Metta is laying down and Marissa asks if he’s ok. Brandi comes in and asks for some pills from Metta. They talk about pain from the HOH comp again. Marissa tells Metta that Ari is really upset about Brandi’s vote. Metta asks why she did that and Marissa says to get Shannon’s vote. Metta says Shannon didn’t deserve to go 7-0 because she played too well.


    10:15 PM BBT Marissa tells Metta Omarosa is going to break up their alliance because she’s going to go after the pairs. Marissa says she thought Brandi made a stupid move. It just makes her sad because Ari is so upset. Metta says Omarosa has to have four votes to get out who she wants and Marissa says she doesn’t have to have anything because she’s the HOH. Marissa says she might have to make a deal to avoid going up. Omarosa walks through and they ask her to come back and talk after she’s finished what she’s doing. They are trying to figure out the upcoming schedule for the week.


    10:20 PM BBT Metta and Marissa have turned to talking about their family videos and Omarosa comes back. Metta loved Mark’s speech and Omarosa says it was epic. Omarosa says it was the longest she heard in BB history. Mark comes in and he says Shannon’s was longer. Metta says Shannon is passionate about animals and she’s a special lady.  The speculate there will be a double eviction Monday and Friday.


    10:25 PM BBT Omarosa thought today would be a D/E. Talk has returned to the HOH comp and Omarosa says she was solid on the wall. Marissa says she could tell. Metta is asking what D/E’s are like and Omarosa says they are an experience. Omarosa is asked to move her hair away from her microphone. Ross is experimenting with the slop and brings some in for Metta to try and he says it’s good. Ari has joined Marissa, Metta, and Omarosa. Metta, Mark, and Ross are all eating some of the slop. Ross made slop biscuits and they are calling them “sliscuits”. Brandi has joined the room as well with her glass of wine.

  15. 9:00 PM BBT Ross is in the KT cooking. Mark is putting stuff away in the bedroom. Metta, Ari, and Marissa are all also in the KT looking in the refrigerator and washing hands. Ross is reading the nutritional information on the slop. Mark is putting his suitcase back in the SR and Marissa is in the refrigerator and asks who voted for him. Mark thinks it was Omarosa or Metta. Marissa says she knows it wasn’t Metta and she tells Mark it wasn’t Omarosa either.


    9:05 PM BBT Marissa has grabbed a pizza and most everyone is in the KT talking about the competition. Marissa tells Brandi she did good for having no tushy. General chatter about the competition going on and everyone cooking.


    9:10 PM BBT Ross and Marissa head into the lounge. Ross and Marissa are talking about Brandi’s rogue vote and Marissa tells Ross that Ari is upset. Ari comes in and they are asking where everyone’s twitter handles are so they can tweet out.


    9:15 PM BBT Marissa and Ari talk scenarios and Marissa says Brandi might have to go. Marissa thinks she could go up thought. Ari gets a little emotional and Marissa comforts her.


    9:20 PM BBT Most everyone is in the KT still chatting. Omarosa is in the bedroom putting her stuff away.


    9:25 PM BBT Everyone is still in the KT except Omarosa. Mark asks Ross if he likes oatmeal. Ross likes it and Mark says he’ll be ok. Metta wants to know if Big Brother is watching them and what they eat.


    9:30 PM BBT Ross wants to know if he can fry them in coconut oil. He says he’s not trying to add flavor to it, he just wants to fry it in that because there is more of that available. There is speculation there will be a double elimination on Monday. And they think there will be another double Friday.


    9:35 PM BBT Omarosa has joined the KT. Everyone is now eating and a few are trying the slop. Omarosa says they can survive off that. They are eating slop nuggets and dipping them in ketchup. Omarosa reads the slop list of instructions and she tells them condiments will not be replenished.


    9:40 PM BBT Ross says they are going to be very regular after having slop. Metta says he bet Shannon would have loved slop. General chatter all around while everyone is eating.


    9:45 PM BBT More talk about the HOH competition. They are telling Omarosa James was shaking.


    9:50 PM BBT They are talking about slop and Ross asks Omarosa if people are usually on slop for a week and she says yes and sometimes they can get 2 weeks in a row. She also says there’s a competition where they can choose to take slop the rest of the summer. Marissa says she would have volunteered and Mark asks why she just didn’t drop then. Marissa says she thought she was doing good. Talk turns to their videos from home.


    9:55 PM BBT Everyone still in the KT talking about family videos and slop. Omarosa says you can lose weight on slop, but not in 48 hours. Marissa says the numbers on their jerseys were their birthdays. Ross says Metta was shaking the whole wall.

  16. Jessica and Cody are going to attempt to buy sneakers at a local mall because after they checked in her sneakers got lost. Jessica is racing in flip-flops and Cody says if he has to he’ll carry her. Jessica talks about being U-turned by Brittany and Lucas and Brittany saying she hopes there were no hard feelings. Cody says they just wants make them feel uncomfortable and Jessica says or get them eliminated. 


    Teams are leaving Harare, Zimbabwe and will fly to the Kingdom of Bahrain, a middle eastern country never before visited on the Amazing Race. They’ll have to pick up cars when they arrive and drive themselves to the capital port city of Manama.


    Brittany and Lucas are the first to leave and they grab a taxi. Kristi and Jen are the second to leave and they are focused and note they haven’t finished below third. Alex and Connor are leaving in third and Connor says he’s been there a few times. They talk about coming up on the white flag soon. Alex has raced in Bahrain. Henry and Evan talk about not having any animosity towards Alex and Connor. 


    Brittany is concerned about a flight being cancelled and the travel agent says they can’t guarantee anything. Everyone is on the same flight. At the Dubai International Airport, Lucas seems to have lost his passport. Brittany is telling someone they went back to their previous flight, but they wouldn’t let them check the plane. It’s 45 minutes until boarding and Lucas and Brittany are asking for help. 


    The other teams are talking about how they feel bad and it’s not a good way to go out. Jessica says karma is coming around sooner than she anticipated. Alex and Connor say that’s cold. Everyone is boarding the next flight except Lucas and Brittany. Brittany is comforting Lucas but he says it’s not ok. 


    The teams, except Brittany and Lucas, have arrived in Bahrain and select their cars and take off. Jessica doesn’t know what Brittany and Lucas are doing and she doesn’t have time to focus on them because she’s focusing on her and Cody. Brittany and Lucas are trying to get a rushed passport from the U.S. Embassy in Dubai.


    Alex and Connor have arrived at the next stop and teams must carry heavy pieces of timber across a shipping yard to a scale and weigh out 300 pounds for the foreman to earn their next clue. Jen and Kristi arrive behind them and they get started. Alex and Connor carry a piece of timber together and Kristi and Jen decide to grab a piece each and drag out. Henry and Evan have arrived and Cody and Jessica are asking for directions. 


    All the teams are complaining about the heat. Kristi and Jen think they have enough so they decide to weight it by Henry and Evan and Alex and Connor run back. Alex and Connor can’t believe the girls did it so fast. Kristi and Jen do have what they need and they get their clue.


    teams must drive themselves to a sweet shop and sample a local treat to get their next clue. Alex and Connor are weighing theirs and Henry and Evan decide to get another piece to make sure they have enough. Cody and Jessica arrive at the timber and Cody says this is his challenge. Jessica can’t believe they need 300 pounds and complains about her timber being heavy. 


    All four teams are headed to the sweets shop and Jessica is cleaning dirt off of Cody. Kristi and Jen arrive with Alex and Connor to find the sweet shop. They look around and can’t find it. Alex and Connor ask for help and they find it and they decide to help Kristi and Jen. They quickly eat and say it’s good and they get their next clue. They have to drive themselves to a Delmon Pottery Industry in a village.


    Henry and Evan are bickering trying to find the sweet shop. Cody and Jessica are looking for the sweet shop and Jessica asks why there are so many candy shops. They ask for help and quickly eat and head out. Alex and Connor are stuck in traffic and Kristi and Jen are looking for the right place. Henry and Evan arrive as Jessica and Cody are leaving. Jessica says Henry is really nice but Evan wears the pants in that relationship.


    Henry and Evan talk about their navigation difficulties and that safety could disappear quickly. Evan hopes Brittany and Lucas don’t get their passports. Back in Dubai, Brittany and Lucas have gotten their passports and are now looking for a flight out. They says there’s a flight leaving every hour and it’s a short flight so they are hoping everyone else is lost. Back in Bahrain, all the teams are struggling to find the Pottery place.


    Jessica and Cody have found the Pottery place and find their clue. Phil tells us the teams are going to play a game of memory. They have to open a pouch of original relics and search through thousands of vases to find their matches. Jessica has picked up a cat to cuddle and Cody tries to get her to focus. They begin looking through the bases for the items they need. They talk about frustrating it was because there are so many pots. They can only take one pot up at a time and they try their first pot and it’s not correct. Jess is complaining about the heat.


    Alex and Connor are still trying to find the Pottery place. Cody and Jessica have found their first match. Kristi and Jen have arrived, with Henry and Evan have arrived as well. Jess and Cody bring another pot, it’s the right item but the wrong color. Alex and Connor have arrived. Connor says the hardest part was paying attention to detail. Brittany and Lucas are back at the Dubai airport and they are getting ready to head out. 


    Jess and Cody have 6 pieces and Kristi and Jen have 5, Henry and Evan have 4, and Alex and Connor have 3. Kristi and Jen hit 8 and Cody and Jess hit 9. Henry and Evan are at 7 and Alex and Connor hit 6. Kristi and Jen hit 9. Jessica and Cody and Kristi and Jen both think they have their last one. Jessica and Cody have theirs and they get their next clue to drive themselves to the Bahrain Endurance Village and search for their next clue.


    Kristi and Jen have also finished and they head out. Alex and Connor finish shortly after and they head out. Henry and Evan are still looking through vases and Henry seems disoriented. Evan asks if he’s ok and he says it’s so hot.


    Evan says they were a little frustrated because Alex and Connor left before them even though they arrived after. Henry says he was hot and maybe wasn’t being as methodical as he should have been they finally find their last item and they head out. Jessica is complaining about being lost. Kristi and Jen talk about they are enjoying themselves except for the being lost part.


    Alex and Connor have arrived and they open their clue and read milk a camel. Phil tells us not only do camels provide transportation, but also nutritious milk. They have to fill a cup last a line the old fashioned way, by milking the camel. Connor says today is the first time he’s ever had to milk a creature. Alex wants to know if he can get Malaria from a camel.


    Alex and Connor are finishing as Kristi and Jen arrive. Alex and Connor are to find a 400 year old tree, the Tree Of Life and the next pit stop. The last team to check in may be eliminated. Kristi and Jen see a baby drinking and they are oohing over the baby. Jessica and Cody stop and ask for directions and they haven’t gotten any assistance yet. 


    Kristi and Jen finish milking the camel and they head out. Phil greets Alex and Connor at the Tree of Life and they are team number one and they have won $7,500 each too with the $5,000 they already won. Cody and Jessica have stopped elsewhere to ask for direction and the person doesn’t know where it is. Henry and Evan have arrived to milk the camels. Evan notes she talks to animals the way she talks to Henry.


    Kristi and Jen arrive at the pit stop in second. Henry and Evan are working on getting their milk. Jessica and Cody have arrived and Jessica says it smells great out there. Henry and Evan have finished and Jessica and Cody begin. Jessica says she was out when she saw testicles and Cody says they’re udders. Jess and Cody finish and Cody takes a drink and jess says that’s gross.


    Henry and Evan hit the mat in third place. Jessica and Cody arrive after and they are in four5. Brittany and Lucas arrive at the airport and it’s full dark. They are trying stay optimistic. They are met at the shipyard by Phil and he tells them they are last and unfortunately they have been eliminated. Lucas feels like he let everyone down and he gets emotional and Brittany says he didn’t, he’s been amazing. 


    Alex and Connor rip their clue to depart and they are to fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand. After touching down, they’ll make their way to some gardens to find their next clue. Kristi and Jen arrive at the airport behind Alex and Connor. Henry and Evan arrive shortly after and Cody and Jessica are right behind. Henry and Evan are discussing their flight options and Cody and Jessica along with the other two teams already have their flights booked. 


    Alex and Connor says they are friendly with Jessica and Cody and Kristi and Jen and would rather race with them. Henry and Evan have noticed the others are a group and they are content doing things independently. All teams are on the same flight and they are all focusing on the next leg.


    All teams have arrived in Thailand and they are going to the Royal Park. Jessica is enjoying the view of Thailand. Kristi and Jens driver went a different way. The other teams arrive at the correct place and they are looking for the elephants. Teams must present their garland to one of the ladies in the area Royal Pavillion. If she accepts their garland, then theyll get their next clue. 


    Kristi and Jen have arrived shortly after the other teams. Alex and Connor have given their garland to a lady and received their next clue. It’s time for the detour. In Size It-they need to take height and weight measurements of elephants. In Seize It-they have to go to muddy rice fields and collect 20 “unhoppy” frogs. Henry and Evan have gotten their clue and Kristi and Jen get theirs. Cody and jess are struggling. 


    Cody and Jess are frustrated when Jessica finally spots a lady. Kristi and Jen and originally chose Size It but they change their mind. Their vehicle stop and for some reason so does Henry and Evan’s. Alex and Connor have arrived at Seize It. Jessica and Cody also arrived at Seize It. Kristi and Jen arrived as well. No one seems to be catching frogs and Kristi and Jen decide to switch detours.


    Henry and Evan have arrived at the elephants and they are excited to be with the elephants. They feed the elephants fruit to become friends. They get charts and they look it over and get a tape measure and they are walked through the steps to what to measure. They are struggling with measuring the elephants foot. Jessica finds a frog and Cody says to grab it and Jessica says gross. Connor and Alex have started finding frogs too, but are having a hard time holding on to them. 


    Kristi and Jen are looking for the elephants and they drive by Henry and Evans transportation and they say they don’t understand why they can’t find where they are going when they have the same map. They then realize they passed it and go back. Both teams are getting their measurements. Evan climbs up on the elephant to measure the ears. Alex and Connor are struggling to get frogs still, but Cody is doing a good job of grabbing frogs.


    Alex wants to try one more time and he catches a frog but it slips out of his hands. Connor has one and manages to get it in the basket and they have one. Cody has found 12 frogs. Connor says all it took was finding where they hang out and then how to grab them to get going. Kristi is climbing on the elephant to get measurements and Evan has gotten the girth measurement and her elephant sits down to let her off. 


    Henry and Evan do their measurements and go to check and see if they’re right. They are not correct and they have to figure out what they did wrong. Alex and Connor have 14 frogs. Jessica finds a frog and calls for Cody because it’s staying at her. Jessica says this is a boys detour. Kristi and Jen are doing math and a baby elephant comes to “help”. Henry and Evan decide to do some new measurements. Kristi and Jen see one of their measurements doesn’t make sense so they go measure again. Kristi and Jen do the math and go to get it checked.  Kristi and Jen are correct and they both get to get on an elephant and ride along a trail.


    Jess and Cody think they need one more and so do Alex and Connor. Cody and Jessica are good and they are making their way to a restaurant and searching for their next clue. Alex and Connor also finish and head out. Henry and Evan came up with the same measurements and they re-calculate their math and try again. They are still wrong. 


    Henry remeasures and they come up with a new number and they recalculate and check again and they are correct. Alex and Connor pass Jessica and Cody. Henry and Evan are bringing up the rear. It’s a roadblock. Who wants to Thai Something New? They have to eat three scorpions and a frog while live scorpions are crawling on their partner. Alex is eating and Connor will have the scorpions crawling on him.


    Jessica and Cody have arrived and Cody is eating. Jessica freaks out as soon as she seen the scorpions. Cody is eating quickly while Jess is holding a clue over her mouth to keep from crying out.


    Cody says the exoskeleton was chewy and that was the hard part. Alex finished the scorpions and now has to eat the frog. Connor noticed he didn’t get to trade out the scorpions for frogs. Kristi and Jen are trying to get their driver to hurry. Henry and Evan note the margin for error is very small right now. Alex gets his clue and they head out. They are off to the next pit stop, Wat Chedi Luang, a Buddhist temple.


    Cody has finished and Jessica is crying and freaking out. Kristi and Jen arrive at the roadblock and Jen is going to eat. Alex and Connor and Jessica and Cody are racing for first. Jen is trying to eat quickly. Traffic is holding up the first two teams. Jen says at one point she just started stalling because chewing wasn’t getting her anywhere. Kristi and Jen head out. Henry and Evan arrive and Evan is going to eat. 


    Alex and Connor note they can’t run inside and Cody tells Jessica the same thing. Alex and Connor finish first and they have won a trip to Curaçao. Jessica and Cody arrive seconds after Alex and Connor. 


    Henry and Evan finish their task and they note they’re still in it until they’re not. Kristi and Jen arrive at the mat in third place. Henry and Evan are hoping there’s a next leg and they head out to find the mat. They are the last team to arrive, but it’s a non-elimination leg. They will have a speed bump in the next leg. 


  17. We’re on leg 7 and teams will now fly to Harare, Zimbabwe. When they arrive, they’ll take a train to a small town called Marondera to a wildlife conservatory. Jen and Kristi are the first team to leave. Eric and Daniel are second to depart. Evan and Henry, Jessica and Cody, Alex and Connor, and Lucas and Brittany all leave right after.


    The teams have arrived in Zimbabwe and they are off to the train. Jessica and Cody would like to see Henry and Evan eliminated and they see Kristi and Jen as strong competitors. The teams have to build a tent as fast as they can and settle in. The order in which they finish their tents will have a huge impact on the rest of the leg.


    Jessica is noting she has nothing to contribute to putting the tent up. Henry and Evan have no experience with camping so they look at the sample. Eric and Daniel seem to be doing well. Alex and Connor are getting close. Jessica and Cody have finished and are getting their tent checked and they are successful.


    Lucas and Brittany are the second to get their tent checked and they are good. Henry and Evan finish and are third, with Kristi and Jen in fourth. Eric and Daniel were fifth and Alex and Connor finished last. All teams settle in and wait for the sunrise.


    Phil arrives at their camp and wakes them up at 4 am. Phil says it’s time for a twist...it’s called partner swap. None of the teams look thrilled by this news and Phil says it’s as simple as it sounds.


    Phil tells them they will be racing as these new teams until further notice and they should race hard because how they finish could have a big effect on their game. Jessica and Cody get the first pick and they pick Kristi and Jen. Cody pairs with Jen and Kristi pairs with Jessica. Lucas and Brittany partner with Alex and Connor and Brittany pairs with Alex leaving Connor with Lucas. That leaves Henry and Evan and Eric and Daniel. Henry partners with Eric and Evan partners with Daniel.


    The newly formed teams must use a make-shift raft to navigate Imire Lake and search small islands for canteens with clues. Connor says they have no clue how long the swap will last, but he’s glad Lucas and Brittany picked them. Cody says this was his worst nightmare because he didn’t want to do this unless he was with Jess and Jen says she’s his worst nightmare come true.


    All teams are looking around for the canteens. Brittany and Alex found theirs and they must now race across the lake to a lookout tower. That’s where they’ll find their next clue. Kristi and Jessica have found theirs. Jessica points to the canteens so Cody and Jen could find them. Lucas and Connor still can’t find their canteens. Brittany is a champion rower and she taught Alex how to row properly. 


    Brittany and Alex have reached their clue and it’s the detour. Rhino Track-Teams will need to follow a track looking for 8 pieces of evidence of poachers and recall where they found the items and mark them on a map to get their next clue. Bush Whack-Following an off-road trail, teams must replenish a ranger station with water. But first they have to get through the bogs.


    Brittany and Lucas choose a Rhino Track. Cody and Jen and Kristi and Jessica select Bush Whack. All teams have found their canteens now with Daniel and Evan the last teams to get theirs.  Back at the detour the driver asks Jessica and Kristi who will drive their 4X4 and it’s a stick shift. Neither can drive a stick so they decide to change detours. Kristi and Jessica ask of Cody and Jen were going to switch detours but Jen could drive a stick so they stayed. 


    Brittany and Alex have found their first evidence. Brittany asks what they’re supposed to memorize and Alex doesn’t think you have to memorize anything. Brittany reads the clue again and decides they have to memorize the order they found them. Henry and Eric decide to do Bush Whack and Henry and Evan do Rhino Track. Henry and Eric got the last 4X4. 


    Kristi and Jessica has found the first evidence as well. Alex found a campfire and Brittany takes a piece of coal from the fire. Cody and Jen are at a water crossing and they have to walk it because if they can’t walk it they can’t drive it. Evan and Daniel have found the first evidence.


    Brittany have found their third evidence. Cody drives through the bog and they are through. Lucas and Connor are also at the water crossing and Henry and Eric are right behind. Cody and Jen have reached a supply station and they replace empty water tanks with full ones. Lucas and Connor also have their supply station done. 


    The teams doing the Rhine Track detour are enjoying the scenery. Cody and Jen are at a second water crossing and one side is deep. Cody says they can go left and they make it through. Jessica and Kristi have four pieces of evidence, Brittany and Alex have six pieces. Lucas and Connor are at the second water crossing and they get stuck. Brittany and Alex have 7. Evan and Daniel have 3. Cody and Kristi finished their detour and they are headed to the pit stop at the Savannah Plains Overlook.


    Connor and Lucas are trying to get out of the bog and Connor is sitting behind the wheel and Lucas is alone trying to get them unstuck. Cody and Jen have arrived at the pitstop and Phil says that was fast, but they have to wait for their teammates before they can check in. 


    Kristi and Jessica have 6 pieces of evidence and Jessica says that’s enough evidence and Kristi asks her to read the clue again. Jessica says it doesn’t have a specific number they have to find Kristi says we just have to take what we find. Brittany and Alex have all 8 pieces of evidence. Henry and Eric are at the supply station changing the water jugs. Connor and Lucas are still stuck and Henry and Eric catch up. Henry and Eric try to go by Connor and Lucas and they also get stuck.


    Brittany and Alex reach where they have to put the evidence on the map. They put their evidence on and ask for a check and they are incorrect. They have the last two wrong. They switch them and they are correct. Lucas is still trying to get Connor out and they are close. Henry and Eric are struggling. Eric says he has winching experience, but the ones they have are automatic. Connor is cheering Lucas on from the 4x4. 


    Phil sees a team coming in, but it’s Alex and Brittany and Phil tells them they have to wait for their teammates too. Kristi and Jessica have arrived at the map and Kristi realizes they need to know where they found the evidence. They start putting the evidence on the map and they’re not sure they have the order right. They have the last three mixed up and have to try again. Henry and Eric are still trying to get out of the bog. Jess and Kristi are still trying to figure out their order and now they have the last four wrong.


    Lucas and Connor are the third team to arrive and they get to check in with their partners and they are still racing with their original partners. They head out and they have to make their way to a haberdashery. They have a shuttle to drive them out. Jessica and Kristi have asked for another check and now they also have the first two mixed up and have 6 wrong. Henry and Evan are still on the trial and trying to think of a hybrid team name. 


    Kristi asks Evan and Daniel if they want to work together and Evan says she wants to try it on her own first. Jessica is frustrated by Evan because she’s never a team player. Kristi says they should just focus on theirs. Evan and Daniel get a check and they are correct. Kristi and Jessica have asked for another check and they are wrong. Kristi says it’s disheartening.


    Jen and Cody are at the mat a little frustrated. Jessica makes another adjustment and they ask for another check and they are now correct. Evan and Daniel have arrived at the mat and they have to wait for their teammates. They see another team running in and they all look to see who it is. It’s Henry and Eric and Henry and Evan and Eric and Daniel head out.


    Jessica and Kristi run in and are greeted by their teammates and they head out with their original partners. Jessica wants to know if punching Evan in the face is allowed. Teams are making their way back to Harare with their regular partners. 


    Brittany and Lucas and Alex and Connor already have cabs and are headed to Harare. Henry and Evan and Eric and Daniel are off the shuttle and Jessica and Cody and Kristi and Jen can now see them. Brittany and Lucas and Alex and Connor run into a double U-turn and they decide Brittany and Lucas U-turn Jessica and Cody and Alex and Connor U-turn Henry and Evan. 


    it’s time for the detour. Handle with Care-teams will head to a mail room and grab 7 packages to deliver through a confusing maze of corridors and suspension walkways to the businesses in a wall in exchange for their outgoing mail. Once all 7 packages have been delivered, they’ll get their next clue. Just get it There-each team must deliver two tires like the locals do, by rolling them. They’ll have to travel a half mile through a bustling market and roll them onto the back of a delivery truck to get their clue.


    Kristi and Jen have arrived at the double U-turn and they see who has to do both detours. Jessica and Cody see the U-turns and see it was Lucas and Brittany. Jessica doesn’t get “ocean spray’s” logic on U-turning them. Eric and Daniel and Henry and Evan arrive. Henry and Evan realize they are U-turned. 


    Teams are headed to the detours and their is congested traffic. Alex and Connor have arrived at the tires and they realize this task is not going to be as easy as they thought it might be. Kristi and Jen and Brittany and Lucas have arrived at the tires and they decide to work together. Jessica and Cody have arrived at the mall. Cody thought he was going to grab one at a time and Jessica grabbed like five. Jessica asks for directions and they start looking.they make their first delivery and then their second. 


    Henry and Evan say even though they’ve been U-turned they aren’t giving up. They do the tires first. Alex and Connor seem lost, but they find a tunnel and head through it. Brittany is struggling with her tire. Jessica and Cody have now made 4 deliveries. They go to get the rest of their packages. Eric and Daniel have arrived at the mall and they ask for directions and head out, but they only take one item for their first delivery. 


    Alex and Connor pass the store they are supposed to deliver their tire to. Brittany and Lucas and Kristi and Jen make it through the tunnel. They see the store. Kristi and Jen try to get Lucas and Brittany’s attention to show them the marked truck but they aren’t paying attention. Kristi and Jen see Lucas and Brittany as they leave and tell them where to go. They are to head to Harare Gardens and look for their next clue. 


    Kristi and Jen are running for a cab and they see Henry and Evan and Jen tells them what to look for as they come out of the tunnel. Henry thanks them and Kristi asks why she helped them after Evan didn’t help her this morning. Alex and Connor ask for directions and they find the store, but they put them in a truck that’s not marked. They realize they’re wrong and take the tires back out. Henry and Evan have made their delivery and they head to the other detour. 


    Cody and Jessica are struggling to make a delivery because they can’t find the store. Eric and Daniel have made three deliveries. Cody and Jessica ask for directions and head out again. They still can’t find the store and they are getting frustrated.


    Cody and Jessica have now found the store and made their final delivery. Eric and Daniel deliver their sixth package. Henry and Evan have arrived and they ask Eric and Daniel for help and they give directions. Cody and Jessica get a cab and head out to do the tires and they discuss they haven’t seen Henry and Evan so they don know how they’re doing. 


    Henry and Evan have made their first delivery. Kristi and Jen have arrived at the park and they get the clue. They are going to get down in Zimbabwe. They must learn a popular song in the native language and perform it in front of the audience. Once the band manager approves, they’ll get their clue. They will be judges on pronunciation and showmanship. 


    Brittany and Lucas have arrived to learn the music and Lucas says this is his biggest fear. Alex and Connor are still looking to deliver their tires and they finally find the store. As they are leaving they see Cody and Jessica and Cody asks where the store is. Alex and Connor tell them what to look for and they’ll see it when they come out of the tunnel. Cody thanks them and says he appreciates it. 


    Eric and Daniel have finished their deliveries and Henry and Evan are still making theirs. Eric and Daniel head out. Jen says she’s not as good at singing and dancing as she is at skiing. Kristi and Jen decide to make their first attempt. Alex and Connor have now arrived at the park. They say music was their worst fear because they have no rhythm. Kristi and Jen are performing and people are chuckling and they need to work on pace. Eric and Daniel have arrived and they say this is terrible.


    Brittany and Lucas are making their first attempt and they don’t do well either. Jessica says he marketplace is crowded and Cody notes it’s hot and it was a distance. Henry and Evan have made their final delivery and Jessica and Cody have delivered their tire. Kristi and Jen are on their second attempt and they are still too slow. Brittany and Lucas attempt it a second time as well and they have to work on pace too. 


    Alex and Connor are making their first attempt and Alex is freaking out. They don’t succeed either. Eric and Daniel see the other teams trying and failing and they know they are going to have trouble. Kristi is a little frustrated and Jen tries to give her tips. All teams seem to be struggling with this task.


    Kristi and Jen have made another attempt but they missed on pace again. Henry and Evan have arrived and grab an instructor and Cody and Jessica have arrived as well. Connor says it was surprising to see all the teams there. Henry and Evan say it was a great feeling seeing other teams still there. Eric and Daniel are ready to make their first attempt. The crowd is chuckling because they are out of tune. 


    Brittany and Lucas are up again performing and the crowd seems to like them. Lucas gets into the performance aspect and they get their clue and are the first team to head out. Teams will now make their way to the next pitstop at First Street Pedestrian Mall. Lucas and Brittany decide to head out on foot.


    Kristi and Jen are making their 6th attempt, and this time they are successful. Brittany and Lucas hit the mat and they are team #1 and they win a trip to St. Lucia. They also get ice cream as Kristi and Jen arrive at the mat in second and they get ice cream too. Henry and Evan take the stage for their first attempt and it’s no good. Alex and Connor are up for their second attempt and they made it further but they don’t pass. Jessica and Cody make their attempt and they don’t pass and Jessica says he’s off beat and the coach says he didn’t pronounce the words right. Alex and Connor succeed on their third attempt and they get their clue.


    Henry and Evan are on their second attempt and Cody wants too again but Jessica says he’s not ready. Alex says accomplishing that task is in his top three accomplishments. Henry and Evan have succeeded and they are off. Cody and Jessica try again and they don’t pass. Jess says it’s because he’s offbeat and he just needs to pay attention. Cody is drinking water and Jessica says you just don’t want to rehearse now? Cody says what more can I do to rehearse and Jessica lets out a frustrated growl.


    Eric and Daniel make another attempt and they don’t succeed. Alex and Connor hit the mat in third place. Henry and Evan are right behind in fourth place. Phil asks Alex and Connor about U-turning Henry and Evan and they say they’re standing here in fourth, that’s why w 7-turned them. Henry says it just makes them more determined.


    Jessica and Cody take the stage for a third attempt and Jessica gives Cody a hug and a kiss. Eric and Daniel are watching and they say Jess and Cody are good. Jessica and Cody succeed and get their clue. Eric and Daniel realize they have to get it on this attempt, Eric and Daniel make their third attempt and they too are successful and get their clue. Jess and Cody are asking someone for directions. 


    It’s a footrace to the mat and Jessica and Cody hit the mat in fifth place. Eric and Daniel run in and they say they went down dancing and they figure they are out of there. Phil says they will miss their smiling faces and they are eliminated. 

  18. We begin with chatter of the proposal from last week. Then Phil tells us the teams are booking their flights to the Czech Republic and the capital city of Prague is the Travelocity app. There is a double U-turn ahead. Teams will find their first clue and the double U-turn in front of the Rudolfinum.


    The teams are headed to the airport. There are two flights and they will arrive an hour apart. Jessica is nervous they will be U-turned. Henry and Evan say that the race is getting more contentious and whoever gets to there will probably U-turn someone.


    The first flight has landed and the teams run for the taxis. Jen and Kristi, Brittany and Lucas, Eric and Daniel, and Henry and Evan all arrive at the U-turn about the same time. None of the four teams U-turned anyone.


    Phil tells us teams must now choose heir detour from “This” or “That” with no other information. Kristi and Jen have reached a brewery and request their taxi driver to stay. Phil tells us the Czech’s love beer, they drink more beer per capita than any other country on earth. Teams must restack empty kegs and search among dozens for a full keg of beer. They must then tap their keg and pour a perfect mug. After they’re approved by the brew master, they’ll have to navigate the maze of streets of Prague to reach an address that will lead them to the riverbank to find the party boat Fidelio. They’ll deliver their keg to the captain to keep the party going.


    Kristi and Jen immediately get started and they talk about how physically demanding this task is. Brittany and Lucas have arrived at the other detour. Phil tells us Copernicus ignited the golden age of astronomy in Prague. Teams will have to listen to two astronomical lectures, one stating the earth is flat and the other stating the earth is round. They’ll need to pay attention to the facts, figures, numbers, and details in order to pass an oral exam and receive their next clue.


    Brittany and Lucas are listening, but they are concerned because they were both solid C students. Back at the brewery, Kristi and Jen are finishing stacking the empty kegs and they’ve found the full one. Henry and Evan are also doing the brewery detour. Lucas looks like he’s about to fall asleep during the lectures. The second lecture has started and Brittany asks if he wants to switch. They end up going to the brewery as Eric and Daniel arrive at the lectures. 


    Kristi and Jen have poured their first beer to be checked, but it did not have enough foam. The other flight has arrived and the teams scramble for taxis. Kristi and Jen have their beer and they are off to find the boat. Henry and Evan are pouring their beer. Eric and Daniel are still listening to the lectures and they go to take their oral exam. They realize they don’t have the answers and they opt to stay and listen to the lectures again. Henry and Evan have their first beer, but they also don’t have enough foam.


    Kristi and Jen are struggling to find the building they need to find. Eric and Daniel get their first question, and then their second, but miss the third and head back to listen again. Henry and Evan have poured their beer and they are off to deliver their keg. Brittany and Lucas have stacked their kegs and have moved on to pouring their beer. Eric and Daniel get another question right, but then one wrong so they go listen again.


    Kristi and Jen asked for help and they realize they are looking for the river and they just need to figure out what the Fidelio is. We see the other three teams still heading to the U-turn and they have arrived and looking for it.


    Alex and Connor arrive first and they do not U-turn anyone. Jessica and Cody arrive and they choose to U-turn Trevor and Chris. Lucas and Brittany have their beer and they are off to deliver their keg while Alex and Connor arrive to begin their task. Eric and Daniel are on their 9th attempt on the oral exam and they have passed. They must head to a unique spa where t patrons experience a classic treatment, bathing in beer.


    Eric and Daniel are leaving as Jessica and Cody arrive. Jessica and Cody go into a classroom and see a screen in Czech and they decide not to stay and head to the other detour. Kristi and Jen have delivered their keg and Brittany and Lucas are frustrated. Trevor and Chris have arrived at the lectures. Henry and Evan find the Fidelio and make their delivery.


    Kristi and Jen arrive at the spa and get their clue. They are heading to Stara Cistirna Odpadnich Vod and search outside for their next clue. Alex and Connor are tapping their keg and they are pouring their beer. Eric and Daniel have arrived at the spa and get their clue. Brittany and Lucas are arguing and they are frustrated. Jessica and Cody get to the brewery. 


    Henry and Evan get their clue from the spa. Trevor and Chris begin their oral exam and they do well, but miss one towards the end and have to listen to the lectures again. Kristi and Jen have reached the roadblock. Phil is in a room with a bunch of phones ringing. Teams must figure out which phones have someone else on the other end of the line and then decipher what they have to say in the cacophony in the room. They then need to figure out a famous Kafka quote, fill it in on a form, and hand it in to the mysterious man at the end of the room.


    Jen goes into the room and begins. Alex and Connor have poured their beer and are getting it checked. Trevor and Chris are on their second attempt of the oral exam and they have passed and they head to the brewery. Alex and Connor are off to make their delivery. Jess and Cody are pouring their beer. Eric and Daniel arrive at the road block. Jessica and Cody have their beer approved and head out to make their delivery. Brittany and Lucas are still looking for the Fidelio. Alex and Connor are bickering. 


    Brittany and Lucas are still lost and they have finally realized they are delivering to a boat. Trevor and Chris have arrived at the brewery and begin stacking. Brittany and Lucas have finally found the boat and Alex and Connor see them and they get their clue. Cody and Jessica also have found the boat and they get their clue. Trevor and Chris are tapping their keg. Evan has arrived at the roadblock and is doing it for her team. Jen is filling out her form and Evan asks Daniel if he wants to work with her. 


    Trevor and Chris are pouring their beer. The other three teams have arrived at the spa and Jessica is grossed out. Jen is trying a second time and she is approved and she heads out. They will now go to Letenske Park and the last team to check in may be eliminated. Trevor and Chris make their delivery and they are off.


    Evan and Daniel have all their words and they are trying to figure out the order. Daniel goes first and he is correct. Evan is also correct and they all head out. Kristi and Jen have arrived at the pit stop and are the first team to arrive and they have won a trip to Perth, a Western Australia. 


    Phil tells them they’ve had some surprised on the race and tells them to be ready for anything. Jessica is doing the roadblock and Alex and Brittany are also doing it for their teams. Trevor and Chris arrived at the spa and get their clue. Jessica asks Brittany how many words she has. Jessica says she has 5 but she’s missing three. Brittany is wary of working. With her because of what happened in Morocco. Eric and Daniel are the second team to the mat with Henry and Evan are right behind. Phil warns them to be ready for anything as well.


    Jessica gets the clue first and then helps them as she’s leaving. Brittany realizes what she’s done. All teams head out to the pit stop and Alex tells Connor Jessica screwed them over. Trevor and Chris arrive at the roadblock as the teams are leaving. Cody and Jessica are having trouble finding a taxi. They ask another taxi to call them one. Jessica is frustrated and says it would suck to lose because a taxi wouldn’t pick them up.


    Trevor and Chris are at the roadblock. Trevor gets a few words and then guesses life because Kafka is dark. He is correct and they ask for direction and they use mass transit and hope they are going the right way. Cody and Jessica have finally found a cab and all teams are headed to the pit stop. Trevor and Chris are off the subway and grab a taxi. Alex and Connor get out of their taxi and Jessica and Cody pass them. Alex and Connor still get to the pitstop first and they are team number four and Brittany and Lucas are right behind in fifth. Phil warns them about surprises too.


    The last two teams are having trouble finding the pit stop. Jessica and Cody find the mat and are the sixth team to arrive. Phil asks them about the U-turn and they said they were ok throwing the first punch. Phil warns them about surprises to come, just as he did the other teams. Trevor and Chris hit the mat last and have been eliminated from the race.

  19. We are still in Tangiers, Morocco and we see Henry and Evan read their clue and they are going to Nice in the south of France. They will have to drive to Saint-Tropez and find their next clue.


    Henry and Evan have gained a little confidence after finishing in first. Alex and Connor are behind Henry and Evan talking about being able to self drive, but they discuss still have to follow the rules and obey the laws. Kristi and Jen talk about doing well under pressure.


    All teams are in cabs going to the airport. Cedric and Shawn bring up the tail and they are discussing they have a Speed Bump they will encounter. Cedric says there is no way you can prepare for a race around the world. 


    The teams have landed in Nice and scramble for their cars. Eric and Daniel are struggling a bit to dive the car, the one driving can’t figure out reverse. All teams are on their way. 


    Kristi and Jen are the first to arrive at the roadblock. They will attempt to sail a dinghy without a lesson. If they can pick up two halves of a clue tied to some buoys they can return to their partners and choose a detour. Kristi is going out for their team. Alex and Connor have arrived and Alex is going for his team.


    Cody and Jessica arrive and Cody is going to do it. Connor and Jen note how far away the buoys are. Jessica has noticed Henry and Evan aren’t there yet. Kristi has reached the first buoy and Henry and Evan arrive. Jessica offers Cody a massage when he’s done, but Connor says he won’t offer the same for Alex. 


    Trevor and Chris, Cedric and Shawn, and Tim and Joey are struggling to find the roadblock. Lucas and Brittany are also struggling and they are bickering. Kristi now has both halves of her clue and she’s heading back. Jessica is laughing at Cody as he’s struggling to get their clues. Alex has his first clue. 


    Evan is going for their team and she is struggling. Kristi and Jen read their clue to select their detour. Bread-Teams must use 30 pounds of dough to make 50 traditional baguettes to the satisfaction of the master baker. Tread-Teams will have to make sandals under the watchful eye of the sandal maker.  


    Kristi and Jen have decided to do Tread. Alex is coming back with only one half of the clue and Cody is still struggling. Alex realizes he missed there were two halves and he has to go back out. Cody blew back to shore and has to empty water from his boat. Tim and Joey have now arrived at the roadblock. Cedric and Shawn are going the wrong way and still haven’t found the roadblock. Brittany and Lucas are struggling and Brittany is crying. Eric and Daniel are still struggling with their car. 


    Lucas and Brittany are at a gas station getting directions. Lucas apologizes to Brittany and get back on the road. Alex now has his second half of the clue and Cody has his first. Evan is struggling and she’s frustrated. Trevor is out for his team and he’s struggling to learn. Joey is also struggling and his boat sinks. 


    Cedric and Shawn have reached their speed bump. They must complete the speed bump before continuing. They have to stack 15 boats in numerical order and they can continue to the road block. They begin and Cedric says it was perfect for them. Joey has figured out sailing the boat and Trevor is paddling. Trevor has his first half and Joey is right behind. Evan is still struggling and she gets smacked in the face and her tooth is broken.


    Kristi and Jen have arrived at the detour and they are going to tread sandals. Alex and Connor have arrived at the detour with Jessica and Cody and they decide to do bread. Trevor has his second clue and so does Joey. Cedric and Shawn are still working on their speed bump and they finish and get to move on.


    Cedric is going sail the boat and Lucas and Brittany have arrived and Lucas is going out for them. Cedric is out but his boat has too much water and he’s sinking. Eric and Daniel have arrived at the roadblock. Evan and Lucas both have their first half of the clue. Alex and Connor are struggling at the detour and Connor is frustrated quickly. Jen takes her sandal for a check and they have to fix something and try again.


    Lucas has the second half of the clue and Evan is close behind. Shawn is frustrated and concerned Cedric can’t do the roadblock. Daniel is out for his team and he’s struggling as well. Daniel has figured out how to maneuver his boat and Cedric has also started to figure it out. Cedric gets his first half of the clue.


    Kristi and Jen get their sandals checked and they are good. They rip their clue and it’s time for another head to head. Their pit stop is at Place Des Lices and it’s where they’ll go head to head for the second time. They will face-off in a game of Pétanque, which is similar to boules. The winner will check-in and the loser must wait for the next team to arrive.


    Alex and Connor are getting theirs checked and Cody and Jessica are right behind. Trevor and Chris have chosen Tread for their detour. Tim and Joey arrive right behind at Tread. Daniel has the second half of their clue and Cedric gets his too. Cedric and Daniel just have to get back to shore. Kristi and Jen arrive at the pit stop and wait for their first competitor.


    Trevor and Chris are getting their sandals checked and they are good and head out. Alex and Connor have arrived and they are going against Kristi and Jen. Each teammate has three balls to try and get it closest to the jack and whoever is farther away after the first round goes first in the second round. So the team with the ball closest to the jack wins.


    Kristi and Jen vs Alex and Connor are the first pairing and Cody and Jessica are waiting for the loser. Connor wins the first round and Alex and Connor are the first to arrive at the pit stop and they have won $5,000 each.


    Lucas and Brittany are at Tread with Joey and Tim and Joey and Tim are finished. Henry and Evan arrive just as Joey and Tim leave. Kristi and Jen vs Cody and Jessica in the second match-up to finish this leg of the race.


    Jessica has thrown a ball that is inches away from the jack. Kristi and Jen will have to get closer or move Jessica’s ball. Jessica and Cody win and are the second team to arrive and Kristi and Jen will have to battle again.


    Lucas and Brittany have finished Tread and have headed out. Kristi and Jen vs Trevor and Chris for the third match-up. Kristi and Jen have finally won and they are the third team to arrive at the pit stop. 


    Trevor and Chris vs Joey and Tim in the fourth match-up. Trevor and Chris are struggling and Joey and Tim win and they are the fourth team to arrive. Henry and Evan have finished their sandals and are headed to the pit stop. 


    Trevor and Chris vs Lucas and Brittany in the fifth match-up. Trevor and Chris finally win and they are the fifth team to arrive at the pit stop. Cedric and Shawn and Daniel and Eric are at the detour doing Tread. 


    Lucas and Brittany vs Henry and Evan for the sixth match-up. This match is so close they have to break out the measuring tape. Henry and Evan have won and are the sixth team to arrive at the pit stop. 


    Eric and Daniel get their sandals checked and they are not done. Cedric and Shawn get their checked and they are good and they head out to find the pit stop. Eric and Daniel finish and leave shortly behind. Cedric and Shawn are lost and can’t find the pit stop. Eric and Daniel arrive.


    Lucas and Brittany vs Eric and Daniel are going for the seventh match-up. Eric and Daniel win and they are he eighth team to arrive. Brittany and Lucas are now waiting on Cedric and Shawn and Brittany is crying. 


    Lucas and Brittany vs Cedric and Shawn for the final match-up. Shawn and Cedric shake hands with Brittany and Lucas and the game begins. Lucas is in a very old spot. Brittany and Lucas have won and are the eighth team to arrive. Cedric and Shawn are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. 


    Teams are driving themselves to Les Baux. Teams will find their first clue at Chateau Les Baux, which teams might remember from season one. Alex and Connor are the first to leave, with Cody and Jessica and Kristi and Jen right behind. All the teams have left early in the morning and Trevor and Chris talk about being sleepy. 


    Lucas and Brittany are the last to depart a little over two hours after Alex and Connor left. Alex and Connor are walking around the castle and learn it’s closed until 8:30. All the teams have arrived, the sun is up, and the gate opens and the teams head inside. 


    We see people dressed in medieval armor and it’s the roadblock. In this roadblock, teams must make a catapult and transport it to be approved by a soldier. While they are making the weapon, their teammate will be in the stockades until they get it finished correctly. 


    Connor, Kristi, Cody, Eric, Chris, Henry, Lucas, and Tim are going to build. Kristi seems to be doing well competing against all guys. Connor doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing,  it he had legos once. Tim is also struggling. Lucas is first to get his inspected and it’s no good. Cody gets his checked and it’s no good either. Lucas did a quick fix and asks for a check and it’s approved. 


    Teams must now go to Cafe De La Fontaine and find a man drinking red wine to get their next clue. Cody gets a second inspection and he’s done. Jen is in pain in the stockade. Kristi requests a check and she’s good also. Eric and Daniel are also done. Henry is also done. Chris, Tim, and Connor are still struggling.


    Lucas and Brittany have reached the cafe and they get their clue and it’s a detour. Full of Bull-the teams have to grab three different colored ribbons, red, blue, and white, from between different bulls horns and give it to the guy with the clue. Colorful-teams will have to move some pieces around on a piece of artwork to unlock their next clue. 


    Lucas and Brittany choose full of bull. Kristi and Jen also pick full of bull. Chris is at the roadblock asking for a check and it’s done. Connor asks for a check and he’s wrong. Tim asks for a check and he is also wrong. Connor and Tim are both frustrated.


    Joey feels bad that he can’t help Tim and Alex sees Connor has made some mistakes. Tim requests a check and he is now good and they head out. Connor has figured out what he did wrong and he fixes it and asks for a check and he’s good. 


    Jessica can’t believe they are losing to the lifeguards. They have arrived at the cafe with Eric and Daniel right behind. Kristi and Jen are the first to arrive at the road block with Lucas and Brittany right behind. There are cutout bulls scattered around the marina and they have to find the flags. Kristi and Jen have the red flag and Lucas and Brittany have red also. 


    Kristi and Jen found white with Lucas and Brittany also finding white. Lucas and Brittany are bickering again. Jessica and Cody are bickering a little too. All teams have been to the cafe and are trying to find the detours. Lucas has found their last ribbon and are taking turn them to turn in. Kristi and Jen find theirs too and he’d back down. Lucas and Brittany rip their clue and they are going to Hotel Benvengudo, their next pitstop. 


    Eric and Daniel have arrived to find the ribbons as Lucas and Brittany and Kristi and Jen head out. Eric and Daniel quickly find their red ribbon. Joey and Tim drive by the marina and decide not to do that one because it might involve a lot of running. Eric and Daniel have found all of their ribbons and they head back down.


    Trevor and Chris are heading to the detour and they think the puzzle might be hard so they are going to do the bulls. Alex and Connor and Jessica and Cody follow each other and they are at the marina. Henry and Evan are also at the marina looking for ribbons. All three teams at the marina have two ribbons. Henry and Evan are the first to get their three ribbons. 


    Alex and Connor have their three ribbons and Cody and Jessica also have theirs. Kristi and Jen and Lucas and Brittany are headed to the pit stop. Lucas and Brittany are the first to arrive and have won a trip to Bali. Kristi and Jen come in and they are the second place team. Lucas decides this is the perfect time to propose. Eric and Daniel run up in third place as Lucas is getting down on one knee. Brittany says yes.


    Henry and Evan run up in fourth place while everyone is still on the mat and Evan offers her congratulations. Alex and Connor are team number five and they are filled in on the engagement. Trevor and Chris are still trying to find the detour and they are turning around because they think they missed the sign. Joey and Tim arrive at the puzzle. They immediate struggle with the puzzle.


    Cody and Jessica arrive at the mat and are team number 6. Trevor and Chris still haven’t found the detour. Joey and Tim have figured out some of the pieces on the puzzle slide. They have the pieces but they can’t figure out how to open the box for the clue. They are missing the latch at the top. Trevor and Chris are still lost. 


    Trevor and Chris have finally found the bulls and start looking for their ribbons. Joey and Tim have figured out the puzzle but still can’t open it. Trevor and Chris have their ribbons. Joey and Tim have found out how to open the box. The last two teams are on their way to the pitstop. 


    Trevor and Chris are the seventh team to arrive and they are late, according to Phil. Joey and Tim are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. 

  20. Previously on The Amazing Race, our most competitive season ever began with a splash. In Iceland, Team Goat Yoga got off to a rocky start, while others were steady as a rock. Team Big Brother's Cody sped through the Roadblock and Team Slam Dunk was called for a foul and received a penalty. Extreme skiiers Kristi and Jen gave it their best shot and took the gold. Cedric and Shawn were spared from elimination.  In the end, it came down to inches in the closest finish we've ever had.  And the Ring Girls got knocked out of the game. 10 teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?


    We see at the end of the last pitstop that Kristi is sick and Jen is sitting with her. Jen says they are all in for the race and Kristi says they are glad to be there and she is good as new.


    Kristi and Jen depart at 8:08 and will be the first team to leave the sparsely populated country of Iceland. After flying to Amsterdam, they will board a train and fly to Antwerp, Belgium where they’ll need to find a chocolate shop by 9 AM. Chocolate is so revered there that 10% of the entire population makes it. They’ll get their next clue from Stan, a Chocolatier in downtown Antwerp.


    Cody and Jess head out with Henry and Evan right behind. All teams have left and have gotten their tickets and they are all on the same flight.


    All teams are at the chocolate shop and are waiting to run it at 9 AM. Roadblock: What do you get if you take a 100 plus foot crane and some rope ladders? An opportunity to get so high you can almost see all of Belgium. This is sky climb, the latest, greatest, death defying adrenaline rush in town. Now a roadblock for teams here in Belgium…their next clue looks very small from here. That’s a long way up!


    Cedric and Shawn are first to the crane, with Chris and Trevor quickly behind. Jessica and Cody arrive next with Joey and Tim behind them. April and Sarah are lost. Brittany and Lucas saw the cranes but Brittany wasn’t sure if it was the right one.


    Shawn, Chris, Jessica, and Joey climb the ladders for the respective teams. Shawn’s clue falls off, but he still has to climb to the top and touch the top rung of the ladder. Cody shouts encouragement to Jessica and says he’s proud of her because she’s so fearless. All four of them have completed the Roadblock.


    Detour: Old Print: Phil tells us few inventions have had more impact on civilization than the printing press, which made it possible to distribute information to the masses for the first time. When you think about how easy it is to send a message around today, this gives you a real appreciation for just how painstaking this pioneering printing process was. Something teams will now experience when they try and print a clue.


    Diamond Glint: Phil explains what he is holding is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, pure carbon formed by heat and pressure. 80% of the world’s rough diamonds come here to Antwerp to be cut, a multi-billion dollar business. He shows a necklace worth $44, 565, based on it’s carat, color, and clarity, three factors teams will need to consider when evaluating three diamonds. They’ll then add those values to the cost of an unfinished necklace and calculate the total value for their next clue.


    Trevor and Chris and Tim and Joey choose diamond glint and Shawn and Cedric and Jessica and Cody choose old print. As they are leaving for the detour, no other teams have yet arrived. We see the other teams who are still looking for the crane’s and seem to be lost.  


    Alex and Connor grab a cab and the driver says it’s only 100 meters away. Henry and Evan are 4th. April and Sarah are 6th with Lucas and Brittany and Kristi and Jen right behind in 7th and 8th. Alex and Connor arrive in 9th, with Eric and Daniel the last to arrive.


    Evan, Sarah, Lucas, and Kristi are climbing for their respective teams. They all got their clue and all of those teams except Sarah and April choose old print. Cody and Jessica are the first to arrive at old print and Shawn and Cedric come in right after.


    Alex and Connor are the final two to climb the ladders and they both have their clues. Alex and Connor are doing diamond glint and Eric and Daniel are doing old print. Brittany and Lucas are struggling to get a taxi and they are bickering a little.


    All teams that have arrived for the detours are figuring out what they need to do and begin working. Cody says this task is meticulous and he’s not too worried about the other teams right now. They take theirs to check if it’s ready and they have made a mistake and have to start over.


    Cedric and Shawn think they are ready for their printing and they are. They get their clue printed but see they have some letters backwards and wrong and have to fix that. They fix it and Cedric and Shawn have their clue and they look for help to translate it.


    Trevor and Chris get a check and their estimation is $78,896 but the actual value is $98,620. They are wrong and have to try again. Joey and Tim try and they are wrong on theirs as well. Kristi and Jen are getting their printwork checked and they are right and they have their next clue. Cody and Jessica have completed their clue and they are done.


    Cedric and Shawn have arrived at the next clue box. It’s time to go head-to-head! Phil tells us that it’s believed what we call French Fries were actually invented by Belgiums and they called them Frites. They love them so much they sometimes dress up in giant Frites costumes to race. Now the most competitive group of racers ever assembled will face their first ever head-to-head competition on The Amazing Race.


    A member from each of these highly competitive teams will race around the obstacle course. Winners will check in at the pitstop and the losers will have to wait for the next team to race again. If they lose the final race, they will be eliminated. They may switch partners between races.


    Henry and Evan are done, but Brittany and Lucas had theirs backward. Eric and Daniel also had theirs backward and they think they chose the wrong detour. Jessica and Cody arrive second at the pitstop cluebox. Henry and Evan arrive in the third. Cody is racing against Cedric. Cedric has dropped a bag and has to go back and pick it up. Cody is leading. Cedric goes around a turn and drops all of his bags off his dolly. Cody crosses the line and is the winner. Cody and Jessica are the first to hit the mat at the pit stop. They have won $2,500 each.


    Cedric and Shawn have to go again against the next team. Trevor and Chris have figured out the value of their necklace and they have their clue. Brittany and Lucas have a few letters wrong and they have to try again. Eric and Daniel are struggling and they decide to switch to diamond glint.


    We have Shawn against Henry in the next race. Henry has lost his shoe and he’s struggling a little bit. Shawn is struggling a little bit too but he’s in the lead. Shawn has finished the race and they are the second team to check in at the pitstop.


    Evan is now against Kristi for the next race. Evan is struggling quickly and runs into a barricade. Kristi is going slow and steady. Phil says it’s a little like slalom skiing. Evan has lost a bag and Kristi finishes first. Kristi and Jen are the third team to check in at the pitstop.


    Trevor and Chris have arrived and Chris is going against Henry. Chris steers off track quickly but recovers. Henry is going slow and Chris passes him and Henry drops some of his bags of Frites. Chris has crossed the finish line. Trevor and Chris are the fourth team to check-in at the pit stop.


    April and Sarah are still at diamond glint. Alex and Connor finish diamond glint and they are off. Joey and Tim also finish and they are off too. Brittany and Lucas finish old print and they have their clue. April and Sarah and Eric and Daniel are the last two teams at diamond glint.


    Alex and Connor have arrived and Alex is going against Evan for the race. Both of them are off and Alex is in the lead very quickly. Sarah hits an obstruction but she keeps everything on the dolly. Evan has lost a bag on another turn and Alex finishes for their team. Alex and Connor are the fifth team to the mat for the pitstop.


    Lucas and Brittany have arrived and it’s Lucas vs Henry. Henry struggles and recovers and then Lucas struggles and Henry loses a bag. This is a very close race but Henry runs into another barricade. Henry hits the bridge and Lucas crosses the finish line. Brittany and Lucas are the sixth team to arrive at the pitstop.


    Tim and Joey are at the race and Tim is going against Evan. Tim is out of control a bit, but slows down to maintain the lead. Phil notes that Evan and Henry are both tired and exhausted from them losing so many races. Tim crosses the finish line and Tim and Joey are the seventh team to hit the mat at the pitstop.


    Back at diamond glint, April and Sarah finish their task and they get their clue and they are able to move on. Eric and Daniel try and they also have finished and they are on their way to the race.


    Henry is going to go again and he’s going to use a different strategy against April. Henry cut in front of April and he is leading, but April is not far behind. Henry is focused. Henry is at the bridge and gets over it and he falls as he’s crossing the line, but he recovers and Henry and Evan are team number 8 at the pitstop.


    Eric and Daniel have now arrived and it’s time for the last race. Sarah thinks April should run again. Phil explains this is the last race, they have one shot and if they lose then they are out of the race. April vs Daniel are off. Daniel has lost some Frites but he recovers and is right behind April. April gets twisted and they hit each other. Daniel takes the lead. Daniel crosses the finish line. Daniel and Eric are team number 9 and they check-in at the pitstop.


    April and Sarah come in and Phil gives April huge props for going out a second time. Eric and Daniel say April and Sarah finished the diamonds first and they were the better team today. April and Sarah have been eliminated from the race.

  21. After a global search, four of the best artists have been chosen to sit in the hottest seats in music. But each week, new artists will come in hoping to challenge The Four in a head-to-head battle to claim their seat. Before they can take on The Four, the challengers must prove they’re good enough by auditioning for a panel of industry experts.


    Before they can take on The Four, the challengers must prove they’re good enough by auditioning for a panel of industry experts:  chart topping hit maker and super producer, DJ Khaled; star maker and record executive, Charlie Walk; Grammy award winning singer/song writer, Meghan Trainor; and music icon, Sean “Diddy” Combs.


    To start the competition they have hand-picked the four artists they think best reflect the charts today: Lex Lu; Blair Perkins; Elanese Lansen; and Ash Minor. Starting tonight, these four are the ones to beat. Their goal is to hold onto their seats over the next six weeks, as incredible artists try to replace them.


    In the end, only one of The Four will go onto win the ultimate prize: a career guided by the panel of hit makers who are all committed to creating a break-out star.


    We welcome our host, Fergie, from The Black Eyed Peas. Fergie introduces the panel of experts to the audience. This panel was put together to specifically launch the career of this season’s winner.


    Diddy is looking for something fresh, something new. Something he can feel in his soul and something he can obsess over when he’s on the treadmill or doing yoga. He’s looking for that next big superstar.


    Fergie introduces the four to beat and they come out and sing Can’t Stop the Music by Justin Timberlake as a group. Fergie sends them to their seats and tells them not to get too comfortable because tonight they will have to fight to stay in them. As of right now, they are in control of their seats.


    We get to meet our first challenger, Tyler Griffin from New Jersey. Tyler sings Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo. DJ Khaled does not look impressed, but Meghan Trainor seems to enjoy the performance and says to Charlie she is in love.


    DJ says he had the crowd involved and he enjoyed the dancing, he’s a performer, but you have to be great. Diddy says Tyler made him smile with his energy and his voice, but we’ll see.


    Charlie says as a record executive, he’s bringing what he does during the day to the show. He says they’re in the great business. Tyler was good, but The Four are great. Meghan disagrees and asks if he was nervous at all and Tyler says no. Meghan says Tyler seemed likes he’s been performing for years.


    It’s time for the panel to vote. Surrounding Tyler is four rings and each ring represents a panelist. If a panelist votes yes, the ring will turn blue. If a panelist votes no, the ring will turn red. An artist needs all of the panelists to vote yes to get through to challenge. One red ring and the artist is out. The panel is now voting.


    The verdict is in. Let’s see if Tyler did enough to challenge one of the four. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The final ring is red and Tyler does not get to challenge The Four.


    Charlie says everyone enjoyed the performance, it’s just not good enough right now to take on The Four. Diddy says that’s one thing you have to know about The Four. The bar is raised and better luck next time.


    The next challenger is Zhavia from California. We got to see a sneak peek at her in the preview. Zhavia sings Location by Khalid. The panelists seem to be enjoying Zhavia. Charlie is swaying back and forth and DJ Khaled seems impressed. Charlie gives a standing ovation when Zhavia is finished.


    DJ Khaled says this is why he’s here. He says she sang amazing and her swag was amazing. Charlie feels like he was listening to the future here tonight.


    Meghan says she’s 16! Imagine her at 18. Meghan looks at The Four and says they should be terrified right now. Diddy says he’s going to be honest, he doesn’t think she can take a chair. Diddy says this is what we came here to do.


    The panel is now voting whether Zhavia will get an opportunity to challenge one of The Four. It’s time to find out the results. The first ring is blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The four ring turns blue and we have our first challenge of the show. DJ Khaled comes out clapping and gives Zhavia a high five and says this is what we’re here for.


    Fergie says Zhavia has earned the first challenge and tells her to look at The Four. Zhavia says she knows who she’s going to choose. Fergie asks who she’s coming for and we head to commercial.


    We’re back and Zhavia is about to announce who she has decided to challenge. She is coming for Elanese. Fergie says Elanese will perform first and then it’s up to Zhavia to beat her performance. But this time, it’s not up to the panel. Ultimately, in the music business, the power belongs to the fans. So the audience will decide who claims a seat on The Four and who goes home.


    First up is Elanese. Elanese performs Echame La Culpa by Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato. The panelists are bobbing their heads and the crowd seems to enjoy the performance. Zhavia steps up to perform Unforgettable by French Montana. Charlie seems to be enjoying the performance and Diddy is bobbing his head. Elanese does not look impressed and she’s shaking her head as she’s watching Zhavia perform.


    Meghan thinks they both did an amazing job. She loves what Elanese did, but the 16-year old girl just came up here like what? DJ says he’s excited that the fans are going to decide so he’s going to hold his opinion and just say they are both great. Time for the audience to decide and they are voting now.


    Will Elanese hold on to her seat? Or will she be the first of The Four to go home? The winner of this challenge is…


    The winner of the challenge is…Zhavia! It’s time for Elanese to give up her seat and Zhavia gets to go claim her seat with The Four. Her seat is now locked. Zhavia is now safe for the night and cannot be challenged for the rest of the show.


    Charlie tells Elanese that on this stage she has to come and bring it every single time and you have to compete at the highest level and she didn’t do that.


    Fergie welcomes us back and one seat is locked and three up for grabs. Zhavia is safe for the night. But Lex Lu, Ash Minor, and Blair Perkins have yet to be challenged. The next artist is Anthony Hall from Florida. Anthony will be singing Feet It Still by Portugal, The Man.


    Meghan says it’s her favorite song right now and she loved it. Diddy says if he gets a second chance to bring it more. The first ring is blue. The second ring is blue. The last two were red.


    Charlie says no because he doesn’t think he can entertain a whole crowd. Diddy says no because he feels that he didn’t bring everything to the stage.


    The next artist is Chris from Dallas, Texas. His stage name is Illakriss and he is performing Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind, and Fire.


    Meghan says his stage presence is something she’s never seen before and she loves his originality. Charlie says he thinks he’s interesting, maybe for other shows. That’s not what they are doing there.


    Diddy says maybe they just have different tastes. Diddy says originality is key and Illakriss came out and did him. DJ Khaled is about passion and he didn’t get no feeling. Diddy is advocating for Illakriss to go through.


    Lex Lu says put him through. Diddy asks her if she’s ready to eat and she says yeah, put him through. Diddy says does he look like a chicken wing or steak dinner? Lex Lu says he looks like a cake walk. It’s time for the panelists to vote.


    Voting is over. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The fourth ring turns blue and we have a challenge. Fergie says Zhavia cannot be challenged tonight, but he can choose any of the other three. Ash says he won’t pick Lex Lu because she’ll eat him up. We head to commercial.


    We’re back and Illakriss is deciding who to challenge. He selects Lex Lu. Lex Lu will perform first and she performs Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled. Illakriss is attempting to beat Lex Lu’s performance and he takes the stage with Special Delivery by G. Dep.


    DJ Khaled liked that performance by Illakriss better than the first one, but he did like Lex Lu’s song pick. DJ says he wants to be honest and he feels like it could be greater. Diddy says this is hip hop and you have to come with you’re A game. If he had to put his money on anyone, it would be Lex Lu, but he’s not happy with either of those performances.


    The audience is voting. The winner of this challenge is…


    The winner of the challenge is…Lex Lu. Her seat is now locked for the night and Illakriss is sent home.


    The next challenger is Valentina Cytrynowicz from California. Valentina sings Green Light by Lorde.


    Charlie says he’s had the privilege to work with Lorde, since she was 16 and they had a song called Royals. He’s impressed she sang the song and he saw a real artist on the stage and that’s what they do, they work with real people. Meghan says it was a beautiful performance and music is subjective and she’s just not a fan of her.


    Diddy thinks it’s a cold, cruel world and the truth will set you free. He didn’t like it one bit and he thinks she can do better. He says it just wasn’t a great performance. DJ Khaled asks Zhavia what she thinks about Valentina. Zhavia thinks if you’re going to sing someone’s song, you have to sing it better than them and she didn’t think Valentina did that. DJ Khaled agrees.


    Charlie is pushing for Valentina and thinks she should have a second chance to sing. Ash thinks Valentina will challenge him if he gets a chance. The panelist’s are voting.


    The verdict is in. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring and fourth ring are both red. Charlie doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t let her challenge. Diddy says the honeymoon is over and he wants greatness now.


    The next artist is Saeed Renaud. Saeed sings Run To You by Whitney Houston.


    Meghan is crying, and she says she’s never had that experience in her life. DJ Khaled says this is what he calls he’s securing the bag. If anyone says no on this panel, he’s out of there.


    Charlie says there is a place for him in the music business for sure. Diddy says thank you for setting the bar so high. He wants to see a challenge. It’s time for the panelists to vote.


    The verdict is in. The first ring is blue. The second ring is blue. The third ring is blue. The fourth ring is blue and we have 4 yes’s and we have a challenge!


    Ash says he’s a little nervous, but if he lost to an artist like Saeed he’s got to say he’s great and he respects him. Blair says he worked hard for the seat and he doesn’t plan on losing it. Fergie asks who Saeed is going to challenge and we go to commercial.


    We’re back and Saeed is decided who to challenge between Ash and Blair. Saeed says I want you and he points to Blair. Blair performs first, and he sings Stay With Me by Sam Smith. Saeed has to try and beat Blair’s performance, and he sings Love Me Again by John Newman.


    DJ Khaled says he’s so excited to be on this show. He asks Saeed if he is ready for the big time? He asks Blair if he’s ready for success? DJ says this is what you call talent. Meghan loved both performances, but she thinks Saeed won it.


    Charlie says Blair was pitch perfect tonight and he thinks Blair should keep his seat. Diddy says Blair brought the drama, but he didn’t close the show. Now it’s up to the audience. They will vote for Blair or Saeed.


    The verdict is in…


    The winner of this challenge is…Saeed.


    Diddy says Blair should keep doing what he’s doing, he’ll get there. Blair is leaving the show tonight.       

  22. At just over 10 miles long and a few miles wide, the tiny island of Manhattan is home to 1.6 million people and is the starting line for the momentous 30th season of The Amazing Race. Hundreds have gathered in Washington Square Park to witness the beginning of the adventure. Making their way through the city to the starting line right now are the most competitive ever assembled for the Race. They are champions, gold medalists, life savers, and music sensation, but above all competitors.


    We have Joey and Tim and they are world champion competitive eaters. They are both excited to be competing with each other instead of against each other.


    Cedric and Shawn are next, and they are former NBA players. The only thing they are thinking is don’t get eliminated first and they think running the race will be a slam dunk.


    Dessie and Kayla think people will call them the underdogs and they want to prove them long. They are both models and they both work in the boxing industry. They are ready to knock-out the competition.


    Alex and Conor says competition is what fuels their souls and they are driven to do, compete. They live in Indianapolis, and Alex won the 100th running of the Indy 500. They want to cross the finish line first and get that checkered flag.


    Jen and Kristi and they are professional skiiers. Jen is a two-time world champion and Kristi is one of the pioneers of their sport.


    Cody and Jessica met on Big Brother and Jessica says the race is going to continue their journey. Cody says Jessica is the love of his life and is extremely loyal.


    Phil greets the racers and fans. He brings in the fans and the crowd cheers. Phil allows the competitive eater to enjoy a hot dog before starting the race. Phil talks briefly to a few of the teams and then says let’s get the race started! Their first clue is in the fountain they are standing in front of and Phil gives the Go!


    Conor says Alex won the biggest race in the world, but hasn’t won the biggest race around the world yet. We then meet Lucas and Brittany and they are both ocean rescue lifeguards. They have been dating for nine years and he plans on proposing somewhere along the race.


    April and Sarah both do Goat Yoga in Arizona. But they have many talents and they say they will win the race.


    Henry and Evan have been dating for a year and a half and they met freshman year when they were both on Yale’s debate team.


    Eric and Daniel are twins and they are both firefighter paramedics. They have been fans of the race for years and they are ready to get it done.


    Trevor and Chris are violinists and they have been in a group for five years and have been together for three years.


    All teams are now headed to Iceland. Phil tells all teams are now making their way to Iceland, and the capital city of Reykjavic. When they land, they must drive themselves to a river canyon waterfall, known as Geitargljufur, and pick up their next clue.


    Conor and Alex are out and Conor says he has an IndyCar driver driving and he has no complaints. Cody says he was hoping it was going to be a walk in the park against these guys, but they are shockingly not dumb. Jess says they aren’t on Big Brother anymore and Cody says well, we lost that.


    Lucas and Brittany are driving and Brittany says if Lucas steers her wrong she will hold it over his head for the rest of his life. April and Sarah got different directions than everyone else because a stewardess told her the other way was the long way.


    The sun is rising and the teams are appreciating the view. Henry and Evan are the first to arrive. Phil tells us Iceland is one of the few places on earth where you can see tectonic plates pushing against each other, creating spectacular canyons. Teams will now get to see this from the air after picking up an Icelandic flag while dangling high above a raging river.


    Evan goes out for their team. Cody and Jessica have arrived and Jessica is going across. Cody tells her to go hand over hand and don’t even think about it.


    Henry and Evan rip open their clue and they have to drive themselves to Esjumelur and search for their next clue.


    A few teams are having a difficult time finding the canyon. Alex is out for their team. Cedric is out for their team. Kristi is out for their team. Shawn is struggling to pull Cedric back in. April and Sarah are aggravated with each other and they are already bickering.


    Dessie and Kayla are at the canyon with Trevor and Chris and both complete their task.


    Henry and Evan have reached the road block. Phil tells us teams will face their first road block here in the foothills of Mount Esjan. Riding along in one of these off-road buggies with an expert driver, teams will race back and forth across this river bed as many times as they need to looking for letters that spell out Ingolfstorg, the name of a square in downtown Reykjavic. The trick is figuring out the numbers on the letters give them the correct order of the letters. Henry is going out for their team.


    Henry has spotted the numbers on the letters, and he figures it’s the order the letters should be in. We hear him ask the driver to drive a little slower. Cody is going for their team. Henry is trying to assemble his letters and asks for a check and he is missing 2 letters, both O’s.


    Conor is going for his team and says he’s comfortable in the suit he has to wear because he wears similar for IndyCar driving. We see Joey and Tim and Lucas and Brittany back getting their flag at the canyon.


    Jessica is encouraging Cody. Alex is encouraging Henry to take his time. Conor has missed the numbers on the letters and he has no idea what’s going on. Henry has rearranged his letters and is wrong. Cody is the first to finish and Jessica says Conor finished. Alex says that’s not Conor.


    Cody rips their clue and Phil tells us these modern-day Vikings are famous for dominating international lifting competitions. Teams must find Katrin who will ask them to identify two popular national tonics. Jessica tells Cody he just beat a Yale graduate in a spelling competition. Cody says some say he is smart and Jessica says she hasn’t met those people.


    April and Sarah and Eric and Daniel have reach the canyon for their flags and they realize they are the last two teams. Henry asks for another check and he is correct this time. Alex realizes Conor is getting stressed and he needs to relax. Shawn has done his letters and he asks for a check and is wrong. One of the O’s has an accent mark and the other does not. Conor missed the numbers that would give him the order he needs for the word.


    Cody and Jessica have arrived at their next stop. Jessica has found Katrin and Katrin has two questions for them. Question #1 is what do Icelanders call the “black death”? Question #2 is What is Porskalysi? Katrin tells them to come find her when they have the answer.


    Cody and Jessica ask for help from citizens on the street and quickly get some answers. They say black death is coffee, but they are incorrect. Cody asks if the answer to the second question is cod liver oil and Katrin says that is correct. They have to find out what black death is. Cody asks another man and he says it is something called Brennivin. Cody gives Katrin the answers and she says they are correct. They each get a shot. Jessica gets the cod liver oil and Cody gets the Brennivin.


    Cody rips the clue and says they have to make their way on foot to the pitstop. Phil tells us first settled by Vikings, this is the northernmost capital city in the world. And in the heart of Reykjavic, Reykjavikurtjorn is the pitstop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in will be eliminated.


    Cody and Jess have headed out and Jessica thinks they are going the wrong way. Cody is leading the way and Jess says maybe the lake is a shore and Cody says no. Jess says it’s disheartening because they were just in first and now they are lost.


    Kristi and Jen have also completed the task and they are also looking for the pitstop. Jessica mumbles that Cody is not listening to her. Kristi and Jen hit the mat and have finished in first place. As the winners of this leg, they have won a trip to Greece.


    Jessica says the lake was right next to the square. We go back to the roadblock and see teams still working on their words. Conor is going back for a second attempt. Trevor asks for a check and he’s wrong. He switches two letters and he is correct and gets his clue. Dessie and Tim are out in the buggies and Daniel and Sarah are right behind.


    Conor is back to try to find the word again. He has found the numbers on the letters and asks for a check and he is correct. Alex and Conor head out. Shawn can’t figure out what’s wrong with his word. He has all the letters in order, except for the two O’s. Shawn goes back out to look at the letters again.


    Jessica and Cody hit the mat in second place and Phil notes they took a detour and ran a few extra miles than necessary. Cody apologizes to Jessica and Henry and Even run in and hit the mat at third. Trevor and Chris come in and are the fourth team to arrive.


    Shawn is frustrated because others are getting it and he’s stuck right now. All that is left is Shawn and Cedric and April and Sarah. Shawn doesn’t want to go back out. Alex and Conor are on the mat in fifth place. Shawn helps Sarah and she gets the right answer because her O’s are in the right place. Shawn goes back and looks at his and says it’s the same as hers.


    Shawn is beyond frustrated and he goes back and looks at Sarah’s again. Cedric encourages him to get it done. Shawn has finally realized one of the O’s has the accent and switches them and he is correct.


    We see some teams asking for directions. Cedric and Shawn are arguing because Shawn says Cedric is driving too fast and he can’t see signs and Cedric says Shawn should tell him the word.


    Joey and Tim have hit the mat in sixth place. Cedric and Shawn are at the square. Brittany and Lucas hit the mat in seventh place. Cedric and Shawn realize they aren’t in last when they see Dessie and Kayla who are looking for where to park. Cedric and Shawn have hit the mat in 8th place. However, they are not allowed to get any help from a teammate at a roadblock, which he did because Cedric yelled out encouragement to pay attention to P’s and O’s. Shawn says he didn’t hear Cedric but Phil says it doesn’t matter. They have incurred a 30 minute penalty.


    Eric and Daniel are officially team number 8. April and Sarah have arrived at the square and Dessie and Kayla are struggling to park. The girls have finished their task and are on their way to the pitstop. Phil pulls Shawn and Cedric over to the mat with 30 seconds left on their penalty clock. If the girls don’t make it to the mat before that time is up, Cedric and Shawn will still be in the race. Phil says it has never been this close.


    Phil says this is as close as it gets, but he is pleased to announce Cedric and Shawn are team number 9 and now there is a foot race for the last spot. Phil says they’ve never had a finish this close as all four girls scramble for the mat. It is a photo finish and we see snapshots. Phil says Dessie was the last to land on the mat. April and Sarah are team number 10 and unfortunately, Dessie and Kayla are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.


    Dessie and Kayla are bummed and wanted to continue racing, but it was an amazing experience.


    This season on The Amazing Race, the most competitive cast of racers square off in an epic season unlike any other. Where they’ll face the first ever head-to-head competition and other shocking twists. Who will win season 30 of The Amazing Race?           

  23. Desi is first and she says hats off to Chrissy for winning the individual immunities and hats off to Ben for finding idols. Then she says Ryan, it seems like everything they could beat you and that’s why you are sitting there. She wants to give Ryan an opportunity to convince them what he did to sit there and his social game.


    Ryan responds to Desi that everything emanated from his social game. He found the advantage day one on the boat and he used that to build a relationship with Chrissy and Devon. Ryan also takes credit for the alliance of seven and says he made that alliance because he had good inclinations and he had to depend on the social relationships he built with people.


    Ashley addresses Ryan and wants to know if that’s true, why he never had a strategic conversation with her. She says that shows a fault in his social game because he put her on the jury.


    Ryan responds to Ashley that he didn’t have a strategic relationship with her, but he relied on the social aspect that was parlayed through Devon.


    Joe asks Devon if he can co-sign any of that and Devon says yeah. Lauren says Ryan is sitting in the hot seat and Devon might make or break what happens. Devon says up until the final 7, Ryan’s social play was used through him. JP asks if there was communication with Ryan when he got blindsided and they flipped and Devon says Ryan did not know about that. Ryan agrees he did not know about the rogue vote and JP was one of his closest allies.


    Joe says he’s glad they started with the outwit because he didn’t realize Ryan was the puppet master and he respects the play. Joe says to Ben that his social game was horrible and his and Chrissy’s relationship was like butting heads. Joe says they are both fans and they just focused on challenges and idols and they forgot about the social aspect of Survivor.


    Ben owns up to the fact that his social game was difficult for him and he’s out there learning how to interact with people and how to better himself. Chrissy thinks she had a totally different social game and she got to the F3 by staying loyal to her alliances the whole time. Her game was not to go out and make a million different moves and she did try and get to know each of them individually.


    Joe wants to know what Chrissy knows about him and she mentions that a reason he doesn’t want to get married is because of his parents divorce when he was young and that was horrible for him. Jeff asks where Cole weighs in on the social part of the game. Cole wants to start with Ben and says he knows he was a target of Ben’s based on food issues. Cole wants Ben to clear his name because he painted him as thief because of the food.


    Ben says he did paint him as a target because he was physically strong and that was the only way he could get people to turn on him. Ryan says it went beyond that because he was painting a target on his back. Ben says it was a strategic move. Ben says he knew he had to work on his social game. Ben says he sat on the beach with Lauren and Devon and told them stories he hasn’t told anyone else and he’s opened up with Mike.


    Ashley says Ben just said he told people stories, but Chrissy reached out and asked questions because she genuinely wanted to know them and that’s huge. Ashley remembers hearing some of Chrissy’s conversations and thinking she was a genius. Chrissy mentions about Cole’s score on the ACT’s and Ryan says she’s just throwing out random facts.


    Cole says you can go making friendships with people, but it’s how you use those in the game and he doesn’t know any of that about her. Chrissy says getting to know people was truly part of her game play and learning how people played. Chrissy and Ryan start bickering back and forth about their social games. Cole says the back and forth over small stuff doesn’t make any impact on their decisions. Desi wants to say something to each of them on a human level and remind them they need to take a step back and realize this is just a game and outside the game they can still trust the people around them. Lauren thanks Desi for saying that and says she was saying that to all of them.


    Jeff says we move on to the outplay part of the game, how they respond to the conditions of the game. Cole says as a wilderness guy himself, those survival skills are important to him. Cole says Ben did great finding idols and Chrissy killed challenges, but Ryan didn’t do anything around camp. Ryan says he can’t argue any of those points. Ryan says he had never been camping before and he knew he couldn’t be a provider like JP and he didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.


    Desi says she had never done a lot of different survival skills, so that isn’t an excuse. Lauren says Ryan said he didn’t want to mess up, but neither did anyone else. Chrissy starts pointing out that Ryan never went for water.


    Joe says let’s get to the advantages and the idols. Ryan says day 1 he found the advantage on the boat and he used that to advance to the end of the game. He then begins to talk about finding the hidden immunity idol and the chaos ensued and Cole says that was well-played.


    Ashley says she’d like to say she’s proud of every female, as well as Chrissy who blew them all away with winning four immunity idols and she wants to give her credit for that. Chrissy says she was terrified when challenges started because she was never athletic when she was young and she found the courage to do that. Lauren also congratulates her and Joe says we have a queen and he respects her four immunity challenge wins.


    Joe says he loved seeing Ben last night build fire and he liked that Ben worked to find idols because his back was against the wall. Ben says he chose to get up early every morning to find those idols. Desi says the better questions is there was a point where Ben was with four others, how did they let him go alone to find idols. Ben says he was one step ahead of them all the way. Chrissy agrees that was a game flaw for all four of them.


    Jeff says time to move on to the outlast part of the game. Jeff says this is their last moment to make sure the jury will put their name down. Ryan goes first and says he knew he couldn’t win challenges to get through the game so he knew he had to build the social relationships to get him through. He says he went to 13 of the 15 tribal councils and his name was never on the chopping block. Ryan thinks he had more deals to the end than anyone else and he never gave up and that’s why he is sitting there.


    Mike asks Ryan what he learned playing the game. Ryan says he learned a lot and he got rejuvenated when his dad came out. He realizes about himself he values the simplicities of life, of having people close to him and his family.


    Ben says his will be short and sweet. He says he hand in putting every single one of them there because they were a hurdle and a threat to his game and he respects them, but he had to put them on the jury. Mike says he played one of the best games in Survivor history and he’d like to know why Ben should be the winner tonight. Joe says he wants to piggy back that questions because it seems like Ben fought so hard when his back was against the wall and he’s kind of giving up now when he’s so close to winning. Joe says he knows he’s a fight and he needs more.


    Ben says the reason he should be the sole survivor is even after being deemed a king and a dictator by Chrissy, he never quit looking and he never quit battling. He didn’t get put there, he brought himself there. Ben talks a little about his PTSD and he wants veterans to know you can get through it, but you have to work hard.


    Chrissy’s turn and she says she came into the game underestimating herself and she realized she needed to acknowledge she was awesome. She thinks she truly did make connections with each of them and she played a clean game without leaving destruction behind. She continues all moms are heroes because they put people before themselves and they are also heroes and also hustlers. Her game and who she is was all part of that and you never give up on your dreams.


    Jeff says a very healthy, candid tribal. He gives them a minute to think and vote. Live, Jeff says it’s down to the jury votes and asks a girl in the audience who she would vote for and he gives her a parchment and pen and asks her to write the name down so they can see if she agrees with the jury.


    Jeff reminds the jury they are voting for the winner, whoever they believe played the best game. It’s time to vote. We see Lauren’s vote for Ben. Lauren hopes Ben helps a lot of veterans. We see Devon’s vote for Ryan. Devon wishes him luck and hopes he wins. We see Cole hesitating over the parchment. We see Ashley’s vote for Chrissy. Ashley says she has reasons to not vote for any, but she believes Chrissy is a representative of their season. Jeff thanks them for a great season of Survivor.


    We are now live and Jeff thanks them all again. Jeff says to Ryan that he played with such heart, they could see it beating through his chest. Jeff says to Ben his back has been up against the wall and we could see what he was playing for. Jeff says to Chrissy, a working mom applied for 16 years and she dominated and set records and they saw a different side of her when her husband came out. Three completely different reasons for playing, but they all got them there.


    Time to read the votes!  First vote, Ben. Ryan. Chrissy. Chrissy. 2 votes Chrissy, 1 vote Ben, 1 vote Ryan. Ben. Ben. 3 votes Ben, 2 votes Chrissy, 1 vote Ryan. The winner of Survivor…Ben!


    Ben goes to hug everyone and Jeff calls him over and congratulates him. He hands the check to him and calls his family over for hugs. Jeff calls the family over and they show a recap of all the moves Ben had to make to get to the end and earn the win.


    Jeff asks Ben if he remembers how arduous the journey was and Ben says it was so hard. He fought day and night and he says you had to go out and look for the idol, and keep looking. He says he never gave up and kept looking and the early bird gets the worm he guesses.


    Jeff wants to give a sneak peek of next season and we see a very quick flash with the words: One bad decision can haunt you forever.


    Jeff goes back to the girl in the audience and she wrote down Ben’s name and agreed with the jury. Everyone is now onstage for the reunion. Jeff says Ben, every hero needs a worthy adversary and he had one in Chrissy. Jeff remembers that first challenge when Chrissy was sick and he wants to know if when she got out there if it was overwhelming. Chrissy says she was terrified that she wouldn’t do as well as she could have.


    Jeff says Ryan, everyone joked about his tiny body. Did the lack of food surprise even him. Ryan says yeah, the deprivation was a complete shock to him. Ryan says it’s so real, but you sign up for it and you can’t prepare for it. Ryan says he came up short, but he proved to himself he can hang with the best.


    Jeff says sometimes things that are happening in society are brought into the game. He says we seen it last year with Zeke. Jeff says this year we had another emerging story line and we see a clip of Ben discussing his PTSD. Jeff asks if Ben has heard from a lot of people. Ben says a lot of vets reached out to him and they understand what he was going through.


    Jeff says Ben was the only person up there that kept a secret this season and Survivor kept one too. They bring out three of Ben’s former marine buddies. Jeff says this is a legit surprise and he tracked some of them down to see what impact Ben’s story had on them and they wanted to come to the finale. They say when they last saw Ben, he wasn’t in a good place and it’s not just for them, but any vet who is struggling seeing Ben be successful can be helpful.


    Jeff says if you’re struggling with PTSD reach out and ask for help. www.ptsd.va.gov


    Jeff says when the started the season it was supposed to be a season of secrets with the advantages and idols, but then no one could keep a secret. After we see a clip, Jeff pulls out the shell Mike threw in the fire from Lauren’s advantage. Jeff asks if she regretted that or if it was a move that just didn’t work. Lauren says yeah, she regrets it. Can she have it back. Jeff holds up the square idol from Survivor: China and talks about James having two idols and getting voted out with both of them. Jeff says they are clues to next season. Bad decisions from former players coming back to haunt. All will be revealed when they return.


    Jeff says for the 36th season, they decided to do something that speaks to the past 35 seasons and gets at the reason Survivor is so fun to watch, but difficult to play. Survivor, it is the most complicated game of social politics every created. There is no one to rely on, no one to trust. Everything rests on your ability to make the right decision at the right time because one bad decision can haunt you forever. This is Survivor: Ghost Island. The graveyard for bad Survivor decisions and after 35 seasons, there have been a lot of them. For the first time ever, a new group of players will have a chance to reverse the curse of some of the worst decisions in Survivor history. An entire season centered around the bad decisions of past players. Using the actual haunted advantages and idols that did them in. Will these new players learn from the mistakes from others? Or will the past come back to haunt again? Join us this spring for Survivor: Ghost Island.

  24. It’s the big Voice finale! We’re going to find out who’s going to win it all! Everybody in the Top 8 returns to sing with a superstar. We’re going to kick-off the night with one of those great collaborations. Tonight, Adam Cunningham, Keisha Renee, and Bebe Rexha team up to perform the number one country song in America, Meant to Be.


    Throughout this competition, no one has embraced Chloe’s uniqueness, power and love for the 80s quite like the Blake. We then see a clip of Chloe and Blake’s relationship throughout the show.


    Next to the stage is Charlie Puth and he performs How Long.


    Adam told Addison that she would make a great album like Norah Jones. So its only natural that they sing together. Singing her hit song Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones and Addison Agen.


    Now Adam and Blake may be a picture perfect romance, but things have changed in season 13, or at least for one coach. We see Adam talking to a “therapist” and seeing “flashbacks” of Blake making fun of him.


    Noah Mac is back to sing World Gone Mad with Bastille themselves.


    Kelly Clarkson is next to the stage to preform her new song Medicine.


    Last season’s winner Chris Blue is next to the stage. Chris wanted to make this performance special for the voice stage. Chris will be singing his new song Blue Blood Blues.


    As soon as Adam heard Addison sing, Adam knew she could win the whole thing. We see clips of Addison and Adam’s relationship through the show grow.


     Next is Sia and Brooke to sing Titanium.


    Chris Weaver is next to the stage. Chris has brought some of his friends, who are also drag queens. We see a video of Chris and his friends in drag.  Chris and his friends sing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicky Minaj.


    Now, Chloe Kohanski has proven she can rock the stage so tonight she joins forces with a legend who epitomizes rock music. With his hit White Wedding, here is Chloe Kohanski with Billy Idol.


    Our four finalists join Carson center stage and they are minutes away from finding out who won the whole thing. Miley and Jennifer come up to the stage and give the four finalists a Christmas present and it’s a new car. They each get a 2018 Toyota Camry.


    We see clips of Red and Blake’s friendship.


    Now the music keeps on coming and next up is Demi Lovato performing Tell Me You Love Me.


    Voice favorite Davon poured his soul into every song. Tonight, Davon is going to team up with Jessie J for her new single Not My Ex.


    Next, we have a member of the country music hall of fame joining one of Team Blake’s artists for one of his biggest songs. With When I Call Your Name, here is Red Marlow and Vince Gill.


    Now, from the very beginning Miley predicted Brooke could make it to the finale. We see Brooke and Miley’s relationship as it grew throughout the show.


    Now, Pharrell Williams takes the stage with N.E.R.D. to perform Lemon from their new album No One Ever Really Dies.


    Our friend Sia returns to spread some holiday cheer with a song called Snowman.


    Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s do it. Carson brings back the four finalists to the stage. Every single finalist hit the top 10 on iTunes at the close of voting. In fact, 8 of the top 10 were from last night’s show.


    Carson is going to read the name of the artist in fourth place. The finalist in fourth place is…


    Finishing in fourth place is…Red Marlow from Team Blake.


    Carson is now going to read the name of the artist in third place. The finalist in third place is…


    The third place finalist is…Brooke Simpson from Team Miley.


    Chloe and Addison are the final two to learn their fate. Carson asks the coaches for final words.


    The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The winner of The Voice is…


    The winner of The Voice is…Chloe Kohanski from Team Blake.

  25. Tonight is the most important night of the competition, the finale! Tonight, we have four finalists and they will each sing three times, a new cover, a special duet with their coach, and a brand new original single. Every vote counts and voting is now open for all artists on all platforms.


    Let’s kick off the finale with Team Adam’s Addison Agen. Carson and Adam talk with Addison about her progression throughout the experience. Addison is going to sing Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Adam says Addison has the ability to make everything sound like it’s hers.


    Jennifer says Addison, that’s what moments like this are about. When you break down and make it more real to us and allow us in to experience that moment with you. Jennifer says Addison is humble, beautiful, and kind.


    Adam says in a way, the fact Addison lost it at the end was beautiful because her connection to life is more important than her connection to music. To say he is proud is the understatement of the year and every time she gets up there, she blows him away.


    We’re going to continue with the first original single of the night from Team Blake’s Chloe Kohanski. Her song is called Wish I Didn’t Love you. Blake says every lyric and note sounds like something Chloe experienced. Chloe says she feels connected to the song because it tells a story. Blake says he thinks this is the right original song and he loves it.


    Blake says America, he wants you to think of every superstar you can remember in music and remember those people aren’t like anyone else. And then he wants America to think about Chloe’s performance. Blake says ladies and gentleman, this is a superstar right here.


    Next will be the first duet, Blake and his finalist Red. They are going to sing I’m Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley. Blake says he thinks Red is more country than he is. Red says working with Blake has been like hanging out with his brother. Blake says they are going to have fun on stage.


    Just a reminder that all artists who have a song in the top 10 on iTunes at the close of voting get their votes multiplied by 5. Now a debut song for Team Miley’s Brooke Simpson. Brooke’s song is called What Is Beautiful. Brooke says she loves this song and it rings true to where she is right now in her life. Miley says she sings with such conviction.


    Adam says he has loved Brooke since day 1. Adam loves watching her go through all this to see where she’s going to wind up. He’s happy this moment culminates for her in who she is and this song represented who she wants to be.


    Miley says this moment right here is what she meant when she said Brooke is a necessary artist. Miley says everyone has to vote because this girl is the voice and she is a superstar.


    Next, we have another duet, Adam and Addison and they are going to sing Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Adam says this song is an actual duet that will pull at your heart strings. Addison says she never thought she’d call Adam Levine a friend.


    Our final four are one step away from winning it all. Next, Miley joins Brooke for the perfect collaboration. They are going to sing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Brooke says Miley has helped her grow so much.


    Let’s continue immediately with a debut song with Team Blake’s country singer, Red Marlow. Red is going to sing a song called I Pray. Red wrote the song with a friend of his. Red says even though it’s a sad song, it can also be a celebration. Blake says it’s going to be a good one and he deserves to be here.


    Jennifer says anyone who can get on stage and sing a song called I Pray is alright by her. Jennifer says she’s a fan of Red and she’s not surprised to see him in the final and she thinks he represented country well.


    Blake says the reason Red is in the final is because of simple relatability and with this song, a song about real life experience, was great. Blake says Red is a country star.


    We’re going to continue with an awesome duet, Blake and Chloe. They are going to perform You Got It by Roy Orbison. Blake says Chloe is the same as you see on television.


    Next Is Red Marlow. Red will be singing Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan. Red says he will be doing Garth Brooks cover of the song. Blake says Red is swing for the fence on this song.


    Blake says he was thinking about how Red can just set on the stage with nothing but his guitar and his voice it blows him away.


    We will continue with Brooke Simpson singing a classic Christmas song. Brooke will be singing O Holy Night. Brooke says she’s love this song since she was little and when she sings it she thinks of her family. Miley says she knows how much this song means to Brooke and she thinks the audience will enjoy the vocal arrangement.  


    Jennifer says that is one of her favorite Christmas song and she is happy about the performance. Miley says that she can’t express how much she wants everyone at home to vote for Brooke.


    Next up is Addison Agen. Addison will be sing Tennessee Rain, her original song. Adam tells her to sing it like a powerful women.


    Jennifer says Addison is only 16 and just knows when to be passionate about the song and to soften the notes. Adam says all the songs she has sang have best represent her as an artist and a person.


    We’re going to close the finale with the rocker from team Blake Chloe Kohanski. Chloe will be singing Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Cranes. Blake says Chloe is the total package from this show.


    Blake says ladies and gentlemen, we have a superstar in front of us. Blake says vote for Chloe. As Carson closes the show Blake yells Vote for Chloe.