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  1. We pick up after the POV ceremony. Ryan says Derek doesn’t use the veto…surprise! So he’s on the block for the fourth straight time but this time he doesn’t think he’ll need Canada’s vote. Johnny says he’s a bigger target than Ryan, but he will not go out without a fight.


    Derek and Kaela talk and they are counting votes. Derek tells Kaela that Ali and Liv are trying to keep Johnny and not telling them. Kaela thinks they have Maddy, Paras, and Will.


    Ryan goes in to talk to Johnny and says let the smear campaign again. Ryan says he doesn’t play that way and Johnny says he doesn’t either. Johnny says he’s telling Ryan he isn’t going to play dirty, but he’s in a tough spot. He started the game with the sad puppy dog routine but his life is on the line and he’s going full bulldog on these people.


    Will is talking to Paras and he is telling her he’s thinking of sending Johnny home. He thinks this might be the only chance to get him home. Will tells us after last week he might as well take the shot. Will says they have to get rid of Johnny.


    Johnny says being on the block sucks, he feels like he has the plague because no one wants to be around him. He goes to talk to Liv and Ali and asks what they think the odds are and Ali says 50/50. Liv says she thinks it’s tied but Derek is not going to keep him. Ali says keeping Johnny would be great for them because he would help take a shot at Daela when the time comes. Ali tells Johnny that Paras might be closer to Ryan than she’s letting on, but if Johnny can get Will then maybe he can get Paras.


    Paras and Ryan are playing pool and chatting. Ryan is telling Paras that pool is a lot like Big Brother. He says you are only ever in control of one ball at a time. And sometimes when you swing wildly sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. Paras asks if stripes are an alliance and solids are an alliance and Ryan says and you have to take the other team out.


    Liv tells us she doesn’t want to be seen around the house campaigning for Johnny because someone like Paras will shut down and think you’re pushing your agenda too hard. Liv is talking to Paras and mentions Ryan has escaped the block three times and if he does it again he could make it to the end and win. Liv leaves and Paras mumbles this game is so funny, but she’s not keeping Johnny.


    Big Brother has finally revealed what is in the crypt in the catacombs. Will is the one who discovered it and things came to a screeching halt. We see Will going into the catacombs and the crypt top flashing. He says he’s really puzzled. He says is this like Harry Potter or what? He hears something inside the crypt and he’s trying to figure out what it’s saying. He finally slides the top off. Inside is a mummified moose. The moose says Will doesn’t look happy to see him, was he waiting for a secret power? He doesn’t have a power but he does have a secret mission. He has one hour to get the entire house to screech and kiss a cod and if he succeeds the house will get a kitchen party. If he fails, then the entire house will be on slop. At the same time, the HG are getting instructions that Will is getting a secret mission and it is their job to make sure he fails.


    Will first talks Derek into doing it but the others are not cooperating. Ali says their strategy is to delay and stall until Will goes nuts. Kaela says it’s hilarious to watch Will suffer and maybe they should give him a break. Johnny, Maddy, and Kaela all participated. Olivia helps out too. Ali and Ryan are the last two Will has to get to participate. Ali finally comes down and she participates. Their entire plan hinges on Ryan holding out. There is 2 minutes left and Ryan says he has this because he’s going to enjoy making Will suffer. Will is very persistent. Will is taking everything upstairs since Ryan won’t come down. Ryan finally refused to do it and Will says he did not complete the mission and he feels like he let everyone down.


    Will goes and talks to the moose and the moose asks what happened and Will says big red wouldn’t cooperate. The moose says he failed and now the whole house will be punished. Will is going to break the news to everyone. Will tells them they are on slop for the rest of the season and they could have had a house party. Johnny asks why Will didn’t try harder. Ali is upset and says she’s self-evicting because she can’t do slop. Ali is yelling at Will and they tell him they had a secret mission too. They get the kitchen party and the HG are dancing and eating. Ali says even Ryan had some dad moves.


    Arisa tells us Ryan still thinks he’s pretty safe but Johnny is still trying to rise from the ashes. Derek and Ryan are talking and Derek doesn’t think Johnny has a chance of getting the votes he needs.


    Ali says right now the house is leaning towards keeping Ryan, but she needs to keep Johnny focused and have him talk to Will and get his vote. Maddy comes in and asks if they are chatting and Johnny says they were and Maddy leaves. Ali says come on Johnny, I need you to pull this out.


    Johnny goes to talk to Will and says Ryan will never be Will’s ally and Will says he doesn’t care about Ryan. Johnny says if he goes then Kaela and Derek have the power to stay with Will and their side or they can go with Liv and Ali. Will wants to have a chat with Ali. Ali tells Will that Daela is making her and Liv feel quite comfortable. Ali says Will needs to think about what’s best for his game. Will needs to see where Paras’ head is at. Johnny says he doesn’t have anyone in the game, he has Paras but that could go bad too.


    Will pitches to Paras about keeping Johnny. He says without Johnny they have no shot of getting rid of Daela and he doesn’t trust Kaela at all. Paras agrees. Ali joins Paras and Will and they are discussing their options. Ali says as long as Johnny is in the game he will always be a bigger target than them, but if Ryan stays he goes on the backburner. Paras feels like Ryan is a number for them though. Will says it’s up to Paras and she should just let him know.


    Ryan comes in to talk to Paras and Will and he does a little shimmy. Will wants to know where Ryan’s head is at and what he will do if he wins HOH. Ryan swears he will not go after Will and Will asks if Ryan has a deal with Daela and Ryan says no. Ryan says Daela has told him they want Johnny to go home, but they haven’t offered a deal. Ryan says they both have kids and he is not going to knife him because they have kids. Ryan says it’s been white room vs red room for awhile and they need to get out there and win HOH and put two of them up. Paras says she believes Ryan after he leaves.


    Arisa greets the HG. She says so far 7 HG have been evicted and she has a little surprise…they aren’t totally done with them just yet.


    Rozina says hello and she misses them and she is proud of them. Have they been missing her cooking.

    Andrew advises them to change their socks a bit more.

    Jesse says life outside the house is pretty good and he’s going to Coachella this weekend.

    Veronica tells them to be nice to each other…on second thought be mean.

    Hamza wants to see someone stir it up a little bit.

    Merron says BB legends are made in that house.

    Erica says they are all doing great and she can’t wait to see them on the other side.


    Arisa then tells them jury starts tonight and the HG evicted will be the first member.


    Johnny says it’s not every day you get to live your dream, but please know he wants to stay and play and he loves all of them…most of the time.

    Ryan says he’s played with honesty and integrity and he thinks Canada backed him up on that a week ago. If he does get evicted tonight, they need to own their game, stand by their game because that’s the only way they are getting his vote.


    It’s time to vote!

    Alejandra votes to evict Ryan.

    Olivia votes to evict Ryan.

    Will votes to evict Ryan.

    Paras votes to evict Ryan.

    Maddy votes to evict Ryan.

    Kaela votes to evict Ryan.


    By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Ryan has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


    Ryan hugs the suit of armor as he leaves and tells everyone to own their lies.


    Arisa greets Ryan and asks where did he fall apart after being on the block four times? Ryan says he fell apart weeks ago and no one trusted him.


    Arisa asks what he has to say Canada? Ryan thanks them so much for saving him, it was an incredible experience and he’s glad he gets to help pick the winner and he’s sorry for only making it another week.


    It’s time to find a new HOH! Each HG will climb their rope to the top of their candy and try to stay on as long as they can. Last one on their candy wins HOH. All HG look solid and their candy squirts liquid at them.


    Arisa tells us next week, not one, not two, but three HG will be evicted…it’s time for the triple eviction!


  2. Voting is now open for Team Kelly!


    Up first is Kaleb Lee who is going to perform Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. Kelly is chanting she loves her team. She says Kaleb is so ridiculously talented and in her opinion the best country singer on this show. He’s a solid country singer and he’s so good.


    Next is Alexa Capelli singing Stop and Stare by OneRepublic. Kelly is crying and she says she is so proud. She says please vote for Alexa because she shocks her every time she is on stage. Kelly says she is so captivating and she has a really powerful way of bringing people to her.


    Next is D.R. King and he sings All On My Mind by Anderson East. Kelly says he is seriously so talented. Not only his range, but he gets that intimacy and it’s so refreshing to see. She says he is so talented and she really hopes America is listening.


    Dylan Hartigan is next to perform and he has chosen to sing Last Dance With Mary Jane by Tom Petty. Kelly says Dylan is super talented and his range is just as great as everyone else’s. She says he is such a talented dude and he’s capable of taking a pop song and making it his own.


    The last to perform for Team Kelly is Tish Haynes Keys and she sings At Last by Etta James. Kelly is such a gifted singer and she loves her head voice. She’s so good, she’s a phenomenal singer.


    Voting for Team Kelly is now closed and voting for Team Adam is now open!


    The first artist for Team Adam is Reid Umstattd and he is singing Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies. Adam says that was some old school classic and no one has done that yet. He says it felt so genuine and he couldn’t possibly be happier with the outcome.


    Next we have Jackie Verna taking the stage and performs Once by Maren Morris. Adam says he’s beaming with pride. She is one that people underestimated, but there is no one in the competition right now that can carry long, pristine notes like her.


    The next artist is Drew Cole performing Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. Adam loves that he performed that. Adam says that was so, so good it was unbelievable.


    Next we have Mia Boostrom and she is singing Either Way by Chris Stapleton. Adam says it’s really crazy that it was just the two of them the whole time. He says she has beaten the odds each time and she has continued to surprise them. He applauds the ambition and he feels like she will continue to grow.


    The final artist to perform is Rayshun LaMarr and he has chosen to sing I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J. Blige. Adam says if only he could have a little more energy! He is just a one of a kind, he just destroyed the evening and he won the week.


    Voting for Team Adam is now closed! It’s now time to get the results!


    Only two artists per team will advance. Let’s start with Team Blake!


    It’s time to see who received the most votes! America has saved…Pryor Baird!


    Blake has to save one more artist. He thanks them all and says this sucks. This is awful. The artist he is going to move forward is someone he has high hopes can make a difference in a genre and that is Spensha Baker!


    Team Kelly is next! America has saved…Kaleb Lee!


    Kelly must now save one more artist. Kelly says she totally loves each of them and would love to help them all. She chooses to save…the one person from the beginning that she had to know who it was…D.R. King.


    Team Alicia is next! America has saved…Jackie Foster!


    Alicia has to save one more artist. Alicia says this is absolutely atrocious. She says this is one stop on their journey. She’s going with her heart and she chooses…Christiana Danielle!


    It’s time for Team Adam. America has saved…Rayshun LaMarr!


    Adam will choose his final artist. Adam says he’s going to save and he’s probably going to surprise everyone, but he can only choose one and he has to go with Jackie Verna!

  3. We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Derek says he nominated Johnny and Ryan and they may seem like “safe choices” but him and Kaela have alliances on both sides and they really were his only options.


    Johnny says he blew up his game with lying about the vote and he’s in serious danger. Ryan says he’s on the block again…surprise! But he put him on the block Johnny, who is a huge target, and he might be able to pull this off this week.


    Johnny and Derek talk and Derek says only Johnny and Ryan’s names came up and he has no hard feelings with Johnny and if Johnny pulls himself off the block then they can just play the game. Johnny jokes that Derek should just throw him the POV. Johnny knows he has to buckle up and get in the game.


    Ryan talks to Alejandra and she tells him he needs to fight like hell. Ryan tells us Ali and Olivia have made it clear they want to work with him and considering this is his fourth nomination, he’ll take any help he can get. He tells Ali that Johnny told him not to trust Ali.


    Johnny tells us he realizes he needs Olivia and Ali on his side if he has a chance to stay in the game. He talks to Olivia and he says he doesn’t know if Liv and Ali are working with Daela and Liv says they aren’t working together but they’ve been in power two weeks and her and Ali haven’t been on the block. Johnny says he just thought their bond was so solid.


    Johnny then talks to Ali. Ali tells him truth be told he needs to figure out for himself if it’s loyalty or game. Johnny says he realized Daela’s only other alternative for the block was them. Ali says she doesn’t know if she necessarily believes that. She tells him that several people told her that Erica and Johnny had doubts in her.


    It’s time to pick players for the POV! Johnny tells us that clearly he is alone in the house. Derek draws Maddy. Johnny draws Paras and she is very excited. Ryan draws Olivia. The host for the veto competition will be Alejandra.


    Maddy was hoping to play in the veto competition. Derek says he and Kaela are in a really good spot in the house right now. He has an alliance with Olivia and Ali and one with Maddy and Paras. Johnny is in the red rose room and he’s talking to himself. He really wants revenge.


    It’s time for the veto competition and it’s a medieval set up. They will be firing at a target, the HG closest to the center wins a buy to the final. Johnny is the closest in round 1 and he moves on automatically to the final round. Now that they are ranked, everyone else will fire cannonballs at their opponent’s army and will go against the next ranked HG.


    Olivia and Paras are the fifth and sixth ranked players. Olivia and Paras are both struggling. Olivia knocks down her first target and then Paras knocks down one. Paras gets her second then Olivia gets one and they both have one target each. Olivia hits her target and is moving on to the next round. Paras has been eliminated.


    Derek is now going to battle against Olivia. Derek needs to make it to the final round against Johnny and win POV and keep his nominations the same. Derek knocks down his first target. Derek says Johnny is his target and what’s helping him is he’s picturing Johnny’s face on each target. Derek knocks down his last two targets and he moves on.


    Ryan and Derek will now face off against each other. Ryan says first order of business…a medieval stare down. Derek quickly knocks down his first two targets. He says the disadvantage is he has to play in so many rounds, but the advantage is he gets better. Ryan is disappointed he can’t compete against Johnny, but go Derek.


    Maddy will now go against Derek. Maddy gets her first target. Derek gets his first and then Maddy gets her second. Derek gets another target and they each have one target left. Maddy says he’s not even paying attention because she doesn’t need to win. Derek gets the last target.


    Final round is Derek vs. Johnny and the winner wins the POV. Johnny says there is no way Derek is beating him two comps in a row. Derek says Johnny has been a target since Day one and it’s the perfect time to take him out. Johnny has the lead then Derek takes the lead. Derek needs one more target and Johnny needs two.


    Johnny says Derek is ahead and he needs to pick up his pace and win this veto. Johnny connects and they both have one target remaining. Derek has barely missed the target twice. Johnny is also coming very close. Derek hits the last target and has won the POV!


    Derek says he has all the power in the house. This is his kingdom and they will all bow to him. Johnny says he is feeling absolute defeat and he loves this game so much.


    Ryan tells Johnny he really is sorry he lost. He says he was very conflicted. Ryan is commiserating with Johnny and says it’s not over. He tells Johnny to convince Derek to use the veto and put someone else up. Johnny says he won’t use the veto on me. Ryan says it’s bus chucking time.


    Derek is talking to Kaela in the HOH and he says he’s just glad he doesn’t have to do a replacement nominee and their alliances are fine. Kaela says he’s so hot.


    Johnny knows he needs to talk to Ali and Liv and get them to turn against Daela. Johnny is curious if he has a chance. He feels like with Erica out of the house there is a consensus it should be him. But he feels like they could use someone like him who could be loyal. Johnny tells them he knows Daela is also working with the other side and Ali says she knows that. She says it sucks to think of him leaving. Ali tells Johnny to give them the evening to absorb everything and she will talk to Liv later. Johnny thinks they trust him and he knows they can blow his game up. Johnny just has to trust them.


    Johnny leaves and Liv and Ali talk. Ali wonders if that was genuine or if they are being played. Liv doesn’t think they have Ryan, that he’s just trying to be good with everyone. Liv says to pull this off, they’d have to throw Daela hard under the bus.


    It’s game night and Derek has invited Kaela, Johnny, and Ali to play Jenga.


    We see Liv laying on a bed and she tells us she’s moping around and she’s in a horrible mood. She says she misses her family and she’s not an emotional person but this game is taking a toll on her. Paras and Olivia are talking and Paras asks if she could see one person from home who would it be. Olivia starts crying and she just misses her dad. She says this is a lot more mentally straining than she thought it would be. Paras agrees.


    Ali goes in while Johnny is laying down and wants to talk to him. Ali tells him she and Liv feel good with Daela but she knows they can take a shot at any time. Ali says getting rid of Johnny will appease them, but she knows it loses a number for them. She wants to Johnny to bait Daela and tell them he thought him and Erica had something solid with Ali and Liv, but if he stays he will help them take Liv and Ali. Ali wants to see what happens and where they stand. Liv comes in and says Johnny has nothing to lose by doing that.


    Ryan is downstairs talking to Kaela and he says they are where they are and he tells her he doesn’t hate sitting next to Johnny. Ryan tells us Johnny is a very attractive target and if it were someone else sitting next to him he could be leaving. Ryan asks Kaela if she could vote to keep him and she says he’s not looking that bad to her right now.


    Johnny goes to talk to Kaela and Derek. He pitches getting rid of Ryan for them and he’d be appreciative of that. Johnny says keeping threats in could be good. Derek says Johnny is a very good player, but he’s also an emotional guy. Johnny says if he stayed he’d leave the emotions outside. He says he does want to play smart. Johnny says if they can find a way that he could be beneficial to their game, please keep him in mind.


    Johnny thinks he might have convinced Kaela and Derek to keep him and he didn’t even have to use Ali and Liv’s plan, he did it Johnny’s way. Derek pitches keeping Johnny because he likes him as a person better and Kaela says she doesn’t like Ryan at all. Derek says it could be a huge risk but it could be fun.


    It’s time for veto ceremony. Derek heads to the throne room and he says the nominations he made were the best decisions at the time. He says Johnny made a pretty good point, keeping him could help them out a lot. If he uses the veto, then he risks exposing his alliances. He has no clue what to do.


    Derek heads to the living room. Ryan says as a golfer he knows it’s one great shot that makes a round and he had to make 16 shots to win that necklace. He hopes not to be on the block, but he expects to be.


    Johnny says right now he’s alone stranded in a desert and the rest of the vultures can swoop down on him, but he has the power to save him. His choice.


    Derek has chosen NOT to use the power of veto. He says they continue to get deeper and deeper into the game and they have both proven they can win under pressure. If any of the other HG want to win the game, they need one of them to leave. Let the campaigning begin.


    Johnny tells us it’s looking like it’s the end of the road but he refuses to believe it. From the ashes, the phoenix will rise. Ryan says Derek doesn’t use the veto, shock. Here he is for the fourth time but he thinks Johnny is an attractive target and the other HG might take him out.

  4. Tonight, Team Blake and Team Alicia will perform for the final two spots on their teams. Voting will be open for about 30 minutes for each team.


    Spensha Baker from Team Blake is first and she sings Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood. Kelly says the fact Spensha can sing a Carrie song like that and nail it is amazing. Kelly says she will be a force in country music, she’s a big fan.


    Blake says it’s hard to not have favorites along the way and Spensha is one of his favorites. He thinks her performance tonight is the lane she needs to be in, it was high energy and she had a big voice.


    Wilkes takes the stage next and he performs Don’t Speak by No Doubt. His mic stand falls as he’s finishing his song and he kneels to get it and finishes his song. Adam says he deserves to get voted through because that was the illest improvisation he’s ever seen in his entire life.


    Alicia says he’s special, he has something he doesn’t try to do it he just does it. Alicia says his range is ridiculous and she really thinks he deserves to be here. Blake says these guys chose the songs they are doing and what a great song choice. He says the mic drop, Wilkes is just a pro.


    Pryor Baird is next and he performs 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. He has all four judges on his feet. Adam says he’s always been a huge fan of his and he’s amazing.


    Blake says he agrees. He thinks Pryor deserves to be on the show and it’s hard to believe he won’t get through. He doesn’t know where he gets the range from, but it’s unbelievable.


    Austin Giorgio has chosen to sing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Alicia says he has such a light inside of him. Every time he comes on stage he’s enjoying what he’s doing and it shows that he loves this. She loves that he has his own style.


    Blake says Austin also has earned his place moving forward because there is no one else like him, not only on the show but out there. He says that’s something exciting for him as a coach and as a fan of the show.


    All of the results will be revealed tomorrow night. The final artist from Team Blake is Gary Edwards and he is singing America, the Beautiful. He also has an ovation from all of the judges. Kelly says his runs are insane and so is his range. Kelly loves last night he did Bruno Mars and then comes out and did this, it was really cool.


    Blake says Gary has made his presence known. Blake says that was a big move on his part and he did a great job. He loves that song so much. Team Blake voting is open for just a couple of more minutes.


    Voting is closed for Team Blake and voting is now open for Team Alicia!


    Terrence Cunningham has chosen the song Ain’t Nobody by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam says wow. He says that was another planet. He doesn’t know if people truly understands what he does, but he is what the show should epitomize.


    Alicia says she’s going to take this opportunity to explain to America why they should vote for Terrence. She says he’s so special. He arranges all his own music and creates it how he hears it. He marches to his own drum and his own beat. Alicia says that was amazing!


    Christiana Danielle sings Take Me To Church by Hozier. Kelly says she might be the greatest person on this show. She loves her team, but if she’s looking at everyone else’s team Christiana is the one to beat. She is so good and so ridiculous.


    Alicia says Christiana is a special soul. She has this energy that is so pure and her voice is a one of a kind voice. You will not hear another Christiana anywhere you go. She is amazing.


    The next artist to perform is Jackie Foster and she’s singing Alone by Heart. All four judges are on their feet. Alicia says Jackie has a very clear sense of who she is and that’s very rare. She effortless goes to these places and she is so unique and powerful. Alicia says it so hard what she just did.


    Kelsea Johnson takes the stage and performs Need You Bad by Jazmine Sullivan. Alicia says she loved it, she’s in her essence and her center. She is a one of one and she has her own space kind of like Lauryn Hill. She is a unique voice and she’s carving out her own space. 


    Voting will close for Team Alicia at the end of the show. If you want to vote, now is the time.


    The last artist to perform is Johnny Bliss and he has chosen the song One and Only by Adele. Alicia says Johnny has the most beautiful energy and everyone has seen how versatile he is. There is not one style of music he cannot conquer.  His voice is a one of a kind voice, it is so powerful and strong. He sings in the original keys, even that the women sing in. He’s so unique.

  5. For the first time this season, The Voice is live for the playoffs! The judges are all introduced and they take their seats. Tonight, all 24 artists will perform and you get to vote in real time! The artists with the most votes from each team will advance to the top 12. We’ll find out the results all throughout the show. The remaining artists aren’t done, they will have a chance tomorrow and Wednesday to get into the top 12. There are two ways to vote this week. You can either use The Voice app or follow them on twitter. You can retweet to vote!


    Alexa is up first! Alexa sings It Hurt So Bad by Susan Tedeschi. Kelly was on her feet during the performance.


    Kaleb Lee sings You Don’t Even Know Who I Am by Patty Loveless. Kelly looks very happy.


    Tish Haynes Keys is next and she is performing Nothing Left For You by Sam Smith.


    Brynn Carelli is next and she sings Unstoppable by Sia. She starts out playing the keyboard.


    Next is Dylan Hartigan has chosen to sing Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams.


    The last artist from Team Kelly is D.R. King and he performs Home by Meghan Linsey.


    The first artist from Team Adam is Drew Cole with a unique take on the song Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.


    Now, Mia Boostrom is singing Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin.  


    Next, we have Jackie Verna singing Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift.


    The next artist to perform is Rayshun LaMarr with the song Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder.


    Now, we have Sharane Callister singing Never Enough by Loren Allred.


    The last artist from Team Adam is Reid Umstattd singing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2.


    Voting for Team Adam is still open but now we’re going to get the results for Team Kelly.


    Kelly says she’s so excited about her team and they are so different and even if they aren’t picked, they’ve all done remarkably well. She loves each and every one of them.


    It’s time to find out which artist received the most votes. America has saved…Brynn Cartelli. Brynn is in the Top 12. The rest of the members of Team Kelly will perform Wednesday to fight for the 2 remaining spots.


    The first artist from Team Blake is Austin Giorgio singing Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin.


    Next is Pryor Baird who will perform I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton.


    Next up is Kyla Jade singing the Christian hymn How Great Thou Art.


    Now we have Gary Edwards singing Finesse by Bruno Mars.


    Spensha Baker is taking the stage to perform I Still Believe in You by Vince Gill.


    The last artist from Team Blake is Wilkes and he is singing Brother by Needtobreathe.


    Voting for Team Blake is now closed!


    It’s time to get results for Team Adam. Adam tells them he is proud of them and he has no idea what is about to happen, but they all impressed everyone.


    The artist America saved is…Sharane Callister.


    Team Adam will perform on Wednesday for the final two spots for his team.


    Voting for Team Alicia is now open!


    Team Alicia’s first artist is Johnny Bliss performing America, America.


    Kelsea Johnson is next and she sings You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse.


    Next is Terrence Cunningham who has chosen the song How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince.


    Now we have Jackie Foster performing Never Tear Us Apart by INXS.


    Christiana Danielle is up next and she’s putting her unique stamp on Hey Ya by Outkast.


    The last artist from Team Alicia is Britton Buchanan and he’s going to sing Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad.


    Now it’s time for the results for Team Blake!


    Blake says he thought he had a good team, but he didn’t realize they were all that freaking good! Every single one of them stepped up to the plate and great job all of them. He says there is nothing obvious there to him.


    Time to find out who America sent to the Top 12. America saved…Kyla Jade.


    Team Blake will perform tomorrow for the remaining two spots for his team.


    Voting for Team Alicia is now closed!


    Alicia says they are all so spectacular and special. She says they are all extremely talented and they are all so beautiful. She says they are all artists and they each have their own unique way of expressing their passion.


    It’s time to find out which artist America saved from Team Alicia. America has saved…Britton Buchanan.

  6. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Kaela outlasted and outfoxed everyone and won her first HOH of the season. From minute one it was game on for the pint-sized punisher. Her play spread paranoia and descension throughout the house and when the blitz was over she tossed Will on the block as her pawn and Ryan as her target.


    At the veto competition, with the odds stacked against him, the beard beasted out. But in the final showdown with Johnny, Ryan fell just short. With Johnny’s desires to use the veto threatening Kaela’s noms, Kaela laid a trap for Johnny to see if he would flinch. And if he crossed her she’d backdoor his bestie. Johnny decided to back off and Erica dodged a bullet leaving Will and Ryan locked to the block. Or were they?


    Tonight, will Canada drop the ultimate bomb shell and save Will or Ryan from the block? And who is next on Kaela’s hit list? And who will become the new HOH?


    We pick up after the veto ceremony. Will says he’s still on the block but he’s not worried about it. He trusts Johnny and the rest of the houseguests. Kaela is going to be so satisfied if Ryan is the one walking out the door this week. Olivia doesn’t care who goes home, but she doesn’t want to see Will gone because he’s the last good looking guy this season.


    Ryan is talking to Paras in the white rose room and he thinks he’ll be alone a lot. Ryan says he only has one shot to take next week and if they don’t get Kaela when she is HOH, then she will likely win. Ryan says Derek has never beaten him in anything and he knows Paras is in a worst case scenario, but he’d like to stay. Ryan says at the end of the day Will is a big friendly target and if she’s sitting next to Will who goes home? Paras says me. Ryan says and if you’re next to me, I go home. Ryan says the longer Will stays in the game the deeper the relationships get.


    Earlier this week our friends at Wendy’s challenged the HG to get a little “fresh” with each other. The HG will be divided into two teams of four and they will be cutting vegetables for 100 salads. The winners will received dinner from Wendy’s and videos from their loved ones. Olivia has found a secret message and she has to complete three secret missions in order to win videos for the entire house. She must take a shower, take a nap, and eat a salad. It’s a secret and no one can know. She read the message upstairs saying she needed to get a hair elastic.


    Will, Derek, and Erica are on a team with Olivia. Olivia says she’s over it and she wants to take a shower. She heads upstairs and Erica is like is she serious? Olivia says she’s too tired. Will asks if she’s really going to take a shower. Olivia takes her shower and then lays down in the WA on the couch.


    Paras is the judge and she goes to check on Olivia and Olivia says she just wants to sleep. Olivia goes to eat her salad and gets a plate. Will tells us he wants the videos from home and she just needs to chop some vegetables. Will, Derek, and Erica think they are done and Paras has to check everything and approve it.


    Alejandra is upset. She feels getting her video was ripped away from her. Ryan is on the stairs with his head down. Olivia then has everyone gather in the living room and she informs them about the secret mission. Olivia tells them what she had to do and she says since she was successful everyone gets dinner from Wendy’s and videos from home.


    Alejandra gets her video first, then Erica, then Johnny, then Kaela, then Liv, then Ryan, then Will, then Maddy, Paras, and finally Derek. Maddy and Johnny are in tears and everyone is emotional.


    Ryan is talking to the cameras and he says it’s looking grim. He thought there would be someone older than him in the house and there was, it was Rozie and she was voted out because of it. He will be competitive the longer he stays in the game and he loves Canada. And anything he can do for Canada he is going to do and anything they can do for him will be so appreciated.


    Olivia, Alejandra, Derek, and Kaela are in the HOH room talking about Erica. They think it’s odd Erica doesn’t want to talk game with them and they think she is closer to Johnny than them. Kaela says it’s very clear that Johnny is not with us. Derek has noticed Johnny and Erica are the last two to come out of the bedrooms. Derek doesn’t think Erica would put them up yet, but he thinks Johnny would take a shot.


    Will is moving into the other room and Paras says loyalty speaks volumes in the house. If Will moves in with Johnny and aligns with him, then she would have no problem voting him out.


    Ryan says he feels like there’s still a lot of game for them to play. Now he just needs to convince people to keep in the game instead of the tall guy who everyone likes. He starts making his rounds to the HG. Ryan says he has no trouble in the outside world putting his boots on, picking up the toolbox, and going to work and being in the house is no different.


    Ryan says he feels like he deserves to be in the game more than Will does because he’s had to fight in the game since week 2 and has won an HOH and pulled himself off the block and Will is getting his first taste of it this week. Ryan makes his pitch to Johnny and he says he’s been the guy who’s floated along and no one really wants to work with him and maybe now is the time. Johnny says he wishes he’d use veto save Will and then maybe they could both be safe. Will interrupts their discussion.


    The plot is about to thicken and it’s time to let the HG know Canada has decided to use a little power. She greets the HG and says she has huge news that will rock the house and put them all on edge. She fills them in about the vote. Arisa says they decided to vote and the voted in a huge way and they decided to save one of tonight’s nominees. The HG Canada voted to save this week is…Ryan!


    Ryan thanks Canada. Kaela now has to decide who will be the replacement nominee. She cannot nominate Derek because he won immunity for the week and Johnny can’t be nominated because he is the POV holder.


    We see the last minute meetings. Kaela has asked Erica if she’d vote Will out and she wants him to stay. Kaela talks to Ali and wants to put up Erica and vote her out and Ali thinks it’s hasty.


    It’s time to decide. Kaela has named Erica as the replacement nominee. Will doesn’t know where to start but please keep him, he doesn’t want to go home. He respects their decision but he doesn’t want to go home.


    Erica says she can’t say she doesn’t see the irony in the backdoor. Please keep her, it’s hard to campaign against her boy Will.


    It’s time to vote.

    Johnny votes to evict Will.

    Alejandra votes to evict Erica.

    Olivia votes to evict Erica.

    Ryan votes to evict Will.

    Paras votes to evict Erica.

    Derek votes to evict Erica.

    Maddy votes to evict Erica.


    By a vote of 5-2, Erica has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


    Erica is irritated and she says screw both Kaela and Derek. Kaela says she was told she was Erica’s number one target. Erica says cute. Kaela says she respects Erica and Erica says she doesn’t care. Kaela and Johnny get into an argument as Erica is leaving. Kaela says Johnny wanted Will to stay and Johnny says he did. Johnny says emotions are running high and it sucks it happened this way.


    Arisa says that was an emotional exit, do you feel betrayed. Erica understands why Kaela had to do it, she can’t play as well as Erica can. Erica says she’s not great socially and she can’t win a comp to save her life. She won a comp by pushing a button.


    Arisa says you won comps you didn’t even want to win, do you think that created a bigger target? Erica says yeah but she wanted to play hard.


    Arisa asks how she thinks Johnny will do without her? Erica says she’s nervous for him because besides her he won most of the comps.


    Arisa asks how she thinks Ryan will do? Erica is worried about Ryan too. She doesn’t know if he can come back but he knows the game better than anyone.


    Arisa asks who’s going to win? Erica says Johnny!


    It’s time for the HOH competition! The competition is called before or after. Arisa will read events that happened and they have to decide if the first event happened before or after the next event.


    On the first question, Will is incorrect and eliminated.


    Did HG untangle themselves in a POV competition before or after the guys tangled the girls hair in a task? The answer is before and they are all correct.


    We’ll find out Monday who won this HOH and one more thing, jury starts next week.

  7. Previously on Big Brother Canada, at a buttoned-up HoH comp, the houseguests were hardpressed to keep pressing. And when Big Brother tempted Will with a call from home, Kaela sweetened the deal, "Take the phone call and you're safe and I'm HoH." The toast of the coast spoke to his son and the smooth operator [Kaela] dialed up her first HoH win of the season.


    With the two power duos riding high, and Ryan feeling low, Kaela pulled the strings and Ryan spilled the beans.


    Fueled by fresh intel, Kaela went to work raising hell. The pint-size puppetmaster reveled in the ruckus; but after the fireworks and Maddy's waterworks, Paras worked her magic.


    Then, at the nomination ceremony, the girl with the pearls put up Will as the pawn and Ryan as her target.


    Tonight, in a trippy veto comp, who will win Big Brother's passport to safety? Where there's a Will, is there a way-- off the block? Or has Ryan punched a one-way ticket out the door? Buckle your seatbelts, it's time for take-off on Big Brother Canada.


    We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaela says she just called out Ryan in the ceremony and as HOH she’s going to continue to stir the post.  She doesn’t care who she has to lie to, what stories she has to make up, or how she makes people feel. She loves playing off people’s emotions. Emotional players are easy to manipulate and there are a lot of emotional players in there.


    Ryan says with this being his third straight nomination it confirms what he’s already known for awhile…no one has his back. He knows this time it’s worse than any before. He’s going to have to get in there and win the veto or do a lot of scrambling to stay in the house this week.


    Will says he thinks Kaela is a dirty liar. She said in her speech that Ryan was a manipulator and liar and he thinks Kaela is the exact same. She stabbed him in the back and used him as a pawn and thinks everything is ok? He’s going after her and he wants her blood on his hands.


    Paras can’t believe she saved Maddy and got Ryan on the block. Paras pulls Maddy to the side and says she needs to act sad and cry and blame everything on Ryan. Maddy says me? Cry on command? No problem. And she smiles for the camera. Maddy leaves and Paras celebrates and can’t believe she did that.


    Ryan wants to talk to Kaela and he says despite telling people all day that he wouldn’t go up but he needs to reinforce his version of events and remind her that it wasn’t him that set everyone against her. He tells her that her speech was harsh and it’s not true. He says the idea that he manipulated everyone is a little strong and Kaela says she does feel strong about that. Ryan says he’s been on the outside looking in and just doing what everyone has told him to do. Kaela says she’s just going off the information she was given. Ryan says she was given false information.


    Kaela wants to know who he is claiming the ring leader was and Ryan says it was Maddy and Johnny was the second person he was supposed to and then Paras and Will. Kaela tells him she was told Ryan convinced Johnny and then he went to Maddy. Ryan says that’s not true and they’ve been telling him all along Daela. Kaela asks all four of them and Ryan confirms. Ryan says if they all four sat down and told her he was the ring leader, they all lied to her. Kaela says at this point she doesn’t know who’s lying and who is not.


    Will and Maddy are downstairs and Maddy says she didn’t know that was going to happen. Will says at least she is safe and she says so are you. Will says he’s on the block, you’re never safe on the block. Will says Ryan is cuddling up to her right now right? Maddy confirms and Will says Ryan isn’t beating him in that veto competition. Will wants Maddy to go up and interrupt their conversation and thank Kaela for saving her.


    Maddy goes into the HOH and says she’d like to have a conversation when Kaela has a chance. Ryan stands up to leave and Kaela says just to confirm all four of them and Ryan again confirms.


    Ryan goes to ask Will to chat with him in the white rose room. Will says how was that for TV and Ryan says he’d rather have not been called a manipulative liar on in front of the entire country, but it is what it is. Will says no one saw that coming and now he has a huge target on his back as a pawn and Ryan says no he doesn’t, not this week. Ryan asks Will if his name came out of his mouth today and Will asks if she told him it did. Will says he’ll swear Ryan never slipped out of his mouth. Ryan says she told him that all four of them, Maddy, Paras, Johnny, and Will told her he was the ring leader behind trying to get them out. Will asks Ryan if he takes his word for it and Ryan says he takes his over most. Ryan says this is his third straight nomination and Will tells him to fight for his life tomorrow. Ryan doesn’t know that he wants to play. He lives in an honest world and this game, he has everyone lying to his face.


    Kaela and Derek are downstairs with Erica, Maddy, Alejandra, Johnny, and Paras and she tells them Ryan threw Maddy, Paras, Johnny, and Will under the bus. Kaela tells Maddy that Ryan was very adamant she was the ring leader. Maddy says she’s furious. Maddy tells us well, yeah, I was the ring leader, but Ryan is a grown man and if he thinks he can go up and blame it all on her with no implications on himself, he’s wrong. Maddy says she needs to put out this fire quickly and what better way to do that than with big crocodile tears.


    Maddy goes to talk to Ryan and asks to talk with him alone. She starts to cry and says how dare he and that she stuck up for him. Ryan says Maddy told him he needed to shift his target and she says then why did you Kaela and Derek’s name before that? He says he didn’t and says he shifted to Ali and Olivia. Maddy says Ryan says he didn’t want to go after Ali and Liv, he wanted to go after Kaela and Derek. Ryan says what do you mean I’m throwing you under the bus? She says because you said I was the ring leader. Maddy says I don’t believe you, this is heartbreaking. Maddy tells Ryan he sewered the people who voted to keep him last week.


    The HG head out to the veto competition and it’s Air Transat. Erica, Johnny, and Derek are joining Kaela, Ryan, and Will to play for the veto. Olivia is hosting and is dressed as a stewardess. Will says of all the airports he’s been in Canada, she’s the hottest customs officer he’s seen yet.


    Houseguests: Grab your passports and get ready for an adventure as you’ll be jetsetting through three of Air Transat’s 26 fabulous European destinations. The winner will win the POV, but that’s not all. The winner will also receive a trip for two to London, England. Kaela would love to go to London and she’d probably take Derek.


    First stop, the city of love, Paris, France. Each of them will transfer one champagne glass at a time to their tray and lap around their table to pick up their next glass. Once they have all 21 of their glass they must stack them in a pyramid shape. If at any point you drop one glass, you must start all over. The first four HG to successfully stack their glasses will continue on to the next destination.


    Ryan says this competition is stacked against him. Erica and Johnny have 7 comp wins between them. Kaela is a professional server. This isn’t looking good. There’s no way he survives an eviction vote, this is do or die. Johnny says this is about staying calm, cool, and collected and keeping that laser focus going. Johnny is down and has to start over. Erica also has to start over. Derek is starting over as well. Then Will. Will says it’s ten times harder than it looks.


    Kaela says she’s been a server for several years and she’s won server of the year, there is no way she has this. Kaela doesn’t think Ryan has the upper hand in this one and she doesn’t think he’ll do well at all. Ryan is the first to start on his pyramid. He takes his time as he’s shaking and he’s the first to move on. He says he beat Kaela at her own game. Sorry, not sorry, mon Cherie. Will drops again and let’s out a scream of frustration.


    Will says he needs to win this veto because if Ryan wins someone else will be next to him and he’ll be the next to go. Johnny says Will and Ryan can’t win this veto because he’s pretty sure he was on Kaela’s radar. Erica begins working on her pyramid. She finishes and moves on. Johnny begins his pyramid. Kaela says the longer she does this her arm hurts. Johnny finishes his pyramid and moves on.


    Who will get the last spot, Kaela, Derek, or Will? Will drops again and lets out another scream of frustration. Kaela starts working on her pyramid. Derek is starting his pyramid and Will drops again. Derek says he and Kaela are working and he thinks he’ll let her win because she’s his HOH and he doesn’t want to end up in the dog house. Kaela finishes her pyramid and is the final HG to move on to the next destination.


    Will is frustrated and says if Ryan wins veto and takes himself off, then Will is in trouble.


    Welcome to London! Ryan, Erica, Johnny, and Kaela, must maneuver their stick through a maze that represents London’s underground subway system. The first two HG to succeed will then move on to the final destination.


    Kaela says Ryan is her number one target and if he stays he’s definitely targeting her so she needs to make it to the next round. Erica says she’d love to go on a trip to London with her girlfriend so she’s going for it. Johnny makes quick work of the puzzle and is the first to move on. Ryan completes his puzzle and moves on with Johnny. Ryan says there is a new comp beast in town! Cheerio Kaela, you’ve been eliminated!


    Welcome to Rome, the final stage of this competition. It’s Johnny vs Ryan for the POV! Here you two will race to put together a veto symbol. First, you must smash the clay pots to uncover your puzzle pieces. Once you collect all twenty of your pieces, you can begin your puzzle. Be careful! If you smash a clay pot with black sand you will receive a time penalty! The first person to complete their puzzle will win the POV, as well as the trip to London!


    Ryan says he WILL win the veto, he WILL earn his freedom, and he WILL have his vengeance.


    Johnny recaps what they are doing and Ryan says this is Big Brother’s house and he’s trying to treat it with respect, but tell him he can smash something?!? Johnny breaks a pot and it has black sand and he has a time penalty. He says this is valuable time he’s losing and if Ryan takes himself off the block he could be Kaela’s next target. Ryan breaks a pot with black sand just as Johnny’s penalty is over. Johnny breaks a pot and he has a time penalty again and Ryan goes back and he gets a penalty back to back. Ryan says he cannot lose to Johnny because there is no way he’d use the veto on him.


    Johnny has all 20 of his pieces and is starting his puzzle. Ryan is not far behind. Johnny is frustrated and he says he needs to use his brain. Ryan is mumbling that he has to focus and figure out the pieces. Johnny says something isn’t right and he’s rearranging things. Johnny thinks he has it and he does. Ryan is devastated and kneels at his puzzle podium. Johnny tells us sorry Ryan, but he had to keep himself safe this week. Will tells Ryan good try.


    Ryan says close isn’t good enough. It means he failed his family and that’s a pretty heavy burden to carry. Alejandra goes to comfort him and Ryan says he needs time. Ryan says six years of waiting, six years of anticipation and he’s going home without even coming close.


    Kaela and Derek are in the storage room talking and she says she was thinking that if Johnny didn’t win that then he was going to be Ryan’s replacement nominee. Derek says he was thinking the same thing and Kaela says they were both literally fighting for their lives there. Derek says this is good because Ryan goes home and Johnny is even more of a target.


    Ryan, Will, Johnny, and Erica are outside and they tell Ryan good try. Johnny says Ryan doubled his time on that puzzle and Erica says Ryan caught up hugely in that puzzle. Ryan says nice try doesn’t mean squat, nice try means go home. Erica says at least you made it past the first round. Ryan says it doesn’t matter and Erica says you don’t think it matters? Ryan says it doesn’t matter if you get close if you don’t win. Today was win or go home and he is going home. Erica says there could be a secret veto out there. Canada votes are out there. Ryan says no one is using it on me, I’m toxic.


    Will tells us he just lost the veto and he’s on the block and he needs to talk to Johnny and see if he’ll use the veto on him. Johnny says he doesn’t want Will out of the game because he trusts him. Johnny tells Will he can’t ruin his entire game if Ryan is going home anyway. Johnny tells us he really likes Will and he could be a huge asset in the game to him.


    Alejandra is in the WA with Olivia and she asks her to dance. Olivia is waiting for her hair to dry. Alejandra says they escaped the block again this week and they are sitting pretty so they can be a couple of ding dongs without a care in the world. Alejandra says her and Olivia are from two very different worlds, but she’s exactly what Ali needs in the house to balance herself.


    Kaela invited Derek, Ryan, and Will to play monopoly on their game night. Kaela fleeces Will out of a property and Ryan tells Will why it was a horrible deal. Ryan says he can’t stop talking strategy. Ryan says Monopoly is like Big Brother and you have to work with people’s personalities. Ryan says Kaela believes she’s a manipulator, and Will is too trusting, and Derek….is just Derek.


    Johnny and Erica are in the red rose room talking and Erica says she thinks Johnny narrowly escaped a backdoor this week. Erica says this game looks so much easier without Daela. Johnny agrees but doesn’t know if the veto should be used. He says it’s a power he has in a game where he hasn’t enacted any power. Erica says Johnny could present facts to Kaela. Johnny says they could tell her Will is nervous. Johnny tells us saving Will could be good for his game, but he has to convince Kaela it’s also good for her game.


    Johnny goes to talk to Kaela. Johnny begins floating the idea of maybe saving Will. He asks Kaela if she thinks people want her and Derek out so bad they might be willing to keep Ryan around. Kaela thinks he has crossed too many people. Johnny tells her he had a conversation with Will and he’s bummed and feeling not safe. Kaela tells us she doesn’t know why Johnny is messing with her nominations? If everyone is on board to get Ryan out, there is no need to change anything. Kaela tells us Johnny thinks he can outsmart her, but watch her outsmart him.


    Kaela discusses putting Maddy up and then Ali. Johnny isn’t saying any names and Kaela wants to know what Johnny’s heart wants him to do. Johnny says his gut wants him to save Will.  Kaela says no one wants to be on the block. Kaela says Johnny is starting to annoy her so she’s going to drag his name around and put a huge target on his back.


    Kaela tells Ali that Johnny mentioned her as a replacement nominee. Kaela says he wants to save Will to get Will on his side. Kaela says Johnny said he wants to save Will because Will feels like he has no one and everyone is in pairs and Johnny could be a pair with Will. Kaela then says Johnny told her she could throw Ali up and made it sound like if Ryan didn’t go home, she could still get out someone she wanted to instead of an accident. Kaela then tells Ali Johnny called her sketchy. Kaela tells us Johnny didn’t really call Ali sketchy. Kaela says Johnny didn’t mention anything about Erica though. She asks Ali if she thinks Johnny has Erica more than they do and Ali says 100%. He’s in her ear and Kaela says he scares her. Ali says Johnny has go next week. Kaela says if Johnny uses that veto, maybe she’ll take a shot at Erica.


    Johnny heads to the throne room. He’s earned the right to pull down Ryan or Will or keep the nominees the same. This is his third veto and he would love to make a power move. Time is ticking in this game and the power move would be to save Will, but it could destroy his game. As for Ryan, everyone wants him out so to keep in the game and throw a bomb in everyone’s face would be hilarious. But whatever he decides will be for the big picture. He’s not playing week to week, he’s playing for the finals and if this week can help build his position for that, then he will go for it.


    It’s time for the POV Ceremony! Ryan speaks first and says in competition one mans victory is another man’s defeat. He won and Ryan didn’t and his game was on the line. His game is still on the line. Help him Johnny Mulder, he’s his only hope.


    Will says congratulations. He says if he doesn’t use the veto on him he’s going to come after him next week and send his ass out the door. All jokes aside, he trusts the decision he will make and all the HG to keep Big Willie safe and send Big Red out the door.


    Johnny has decided…not to use the POV. He realizes he has an opportunity to reach out a hand and bring one of them out of the darkness into safety. But when one hand pulls, another hand pushes and he doesn’t believe the benefits outweigh the risks. He feels like they are both great people and he wishes them the best of luck in their fight this week.


    Ryan’s head is down and he says this is going to be the toughest battle he’s faced yet if he wants to stay. Will is well liked and he is not. Will says even though everyone is telling him he’s safe and he’s a pawn, you still never feel 100% on the block. Especially when there are so many shady people in the house.


    Now that you know who’s up for eviction, Canada can save someone from eviction or keep the nominees as is. If they decide not to use it, then they will get one more chance to use it next week.

  8. Tonight, the final Knock-Outs will be fought and the most difficult decisions will lead to second chances. But with two other steals left in play besides Kelly’s save and steal, anything can happen. The biggest night of Knock-Outs starts now!


    We start with Team Alicia and her advisor Chris Blue. Alicia has paired Britton Buchanan and Dallas Caroline. Britton is going to sing New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. Chris says Britton has a nice bluesy, soulful, out of this world swag. Britton tells Alicia he performs this in his shows and he plays piano so Alicia encourages him to play while he performs.


    Dallas is going to sing Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Chris gives Dallas a few tips on the last couple of lines. Chris says vocally he thinks Dallas has a lot, but she’s young and there’s a lot more exploring she’s got to do. But Britton has something nice he’s working with. Alicia says the winner of the Knock-Out will be the one that wows them the most.


    Britton performs first at the keyboard. Adam says he loved that to Alicia at the end. Dallas is up next to perform. Adam says he couldn’t get Britton, but at least he wasn’t on Blake’s team. Adam says Dallas broke his heart also. He sees the progress in both of them, but he’d have to go with Britton.


    Blake says there is something pure about Dallas’s tone and he thinks she did a great job. Blake says every time Britton gets on stage he has a style that’s undeniable. Blake says if he had to choose he’d have to give it to his girl, Dallas. Kelly says Britton is almost like a really soulful crooner, he has an almost old school rat pack type thing. Kelly says Britton is a story teller and if she could just reign in that pitch when she’s pitchy, she thinks she could be really cool and represent something almost Dolly like.


    Alicia says Dallas did a beautiful job of listening to her tips. Alicia says Britton wanted to try something new and get more confident and he did that. She is proud of both of them. The winner of this knock-out is…Britton.


    We’re going to check-in with Team Kelly and her advisor, Cassadee Pope. Kelly has put D.R. King with Tish Haynes Keys. D.R. has chosen the song (I Know) I’m Losing You by Rod Stewart. Cassadee says he’s a beast. Kelly gives tips on breath control.


    Tish steps up and she has chosen to sing Lady Marmalade by LaBelle. Cassadee says being able to come back to The Voice is eye opening because they inspired her to get better because these two are so good. Kelly says she is 100% sure one of them will get stolen if she doesn’t pick them.


    D.R. steps up first to perform. Tish is up in the background while D.R. performs and is dancing and clapping. Kelly is on her feet as he finishes and Blake says what in the world? Tish steps up to perform next. All the judges are on their feet when Tish finishes and crowd loved it. Alicia says first of all…this is crazy! She is speechless. She loves D.R. He took that song to a whole other space, he has a magnificient voice. And then Tish! She had sass and flow and it was amazing, she loved it.


    Adam says D.R. took that Rod Stewart and he did a version that was different and in any other situation that would have been the illest thing he’s heard in his life, but then Tish comes along and ruins it. Adam says he loves Tish and he misses her. He thinks they are both beyond phenomenal and Kelly can’t go wrong. Blake says this is world class talent. He says D.R. every time he is on the stage he knows it will be exciting, but there’s Tish who comes in and it’s crazy.


    Kelly says they both equally killed it and she would dream of having a performance like that. The winner of this Knock-Out is…D.R. King.


    Kelly immediately hits her save button and Adam hits his button to steal. Carson says Tish is in a tough spot. Kelly says Tish was trying to show something different that she hasn’t been trying to do yet and she wants to be right there with her. Adam says Tish is one of the most fun, positive human beings and she really truly does have it all and he wants to push her to change it up. Carson says ok Tish, who’s your new coach. Tish says she loves Adam so much. Tish says she thinks she wants to take this to the top with her new coach. Tish remains on Team Kelly.


    Time to take a look at Team Blake and his advisor, Chloe Kohanski. Blake has paired Dylan Hartigan vs Wilkes. Dylan is going to sing You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne. Blake advises Dylan to project the entire performance and let it fly. Chloe tells him to be direct with the eyes.


    Wilkes is going to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Chloe says Wilkes was soaring through those notes, he gave her chills and he’s making his own moment with that song. Blake says he likes to understand every lyric someone is singing so he advises him to make sure he does that. Blake says this is going to be a difficult decision for him.


    Dylan is up first to perform. The crowd seemed to enjoy the performance and Kelly gets on her feet and says he was showing his range. Wilkes is set to perform next. Adam, Kelly, and Alicia are on their feet. Kelly says she thought he was already there. When she saw the song she thought that was awesome. Kelly says she loves Dylan and he showed his range. Kelly would go with Dylan because he was on her team.


    Alicia says Dylan is super dynamic and he has energy about him where he wants to bring everyone along. And Wilkes he dialed it all the way back and then the music takes over him. Adam says Dylan gets noticed more and more every time he sings. And Wilkes is so crazy with his range and his tone. Adam would go with Wilkes, but Dylan is great.


    Blake says he thought they both did everything they could do. He says Dylan had a lot of personality and Wilkes, they are sure if he’s conscious between songs. The winner of this Knock-Out is Wilkes.


    Dylan thanks Blake for giving him another shot. Kelly looks at Blake and says she has so many guys. Blake says it’s tough but she has time. As Dylan is walking off Kelly hits her button. Kelly says she couldn’t let him go home. She says it’s turning out to be a guys club on Team KC.


    Now we’ll check in with Team Adam and his advisor, Jordan Smith. Adam has paired Gary Edwards vs Rayshun Lamarr. Gary is going to sing Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff. Adam says this is an ambitious song to sing. Jordan tells Gary this is his first chance to show what he wants to be as an artist. Jordan says the important thing for Gary is not to worry about the technical aspects of the song and just have a moment on stage.


    Rayshun has chosen the song Fallin’ by Alicia Keys. Jordan says it’s a bit of a risk to sing an Alicia Keys song in front of Alicia, but that’s good for him. Adam says Rayshun’s voice just crackles and sizzles, it’s so good. Jordan just advises Rayshun to just go for it.


    Gary steps up first to perform. As he finishes Alicia cheers and Adam says church. Kelly says no pressure! Rayshun steps up to perform. Adam gets on his feet as Rayshun is performing and as he’s finishing all the judges are on their feet and Alicia looks impressed. Kelly says Rayshun is ballsy is heck. Kelly says his vocal was insane. Kelly says Gary’s low tones were like butter and she’d go with Gary.


    Blake says Rayshun was so full of energy, so full of passion, he’s full of it. And Gary sang the hell out of that song. Alicia thinks Gary did such a beautiful job, his tone is so pure. Alicia says Rayshun hit those notes!


    Adam says how funny is that? Alicia was wondering if you could hit those notes and you could! He’s glad Rayshun went for that and he has that fire. Adam says Gary came out today and that was a transformation because that was not happening in rehearsal. Carson says Adam, who is the winner of this Knock-Out and Adam says good question. Adam says the winner of this knock out is…Rayshun.


    Gary says this is musically the toughest thing he’s ever done. Adam says good things are going to happen to him because he’s a good person. Blake hits his button to steal and Gary looks stunned. Blake says he was excited to be able to use his steal for Gary. Gary has joined Team Blake.


    Next we have Team Kelly and she’s telling Cassadee about her next pairing and says they are totally different. Kelly has paired Alexa Cappelli vs Jorge Eduardo. Alexa has decided to sing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. Cassadee says it’s a big task to sing an Elton John song. For her to feel confident enough and strong enough to take that on is very telling. Kelly says she’s bold and super talented.


    Jorge has decided to sing Adorn by Miguel. Kelly says she didn’t know Jorge could sing like he sang today. Jorge says he isn’t sure about the falsetto at the end and Kelly says don’t you dare lose that and Cassadee says that was sick. Kelly says Jorge really went for some big stuff. She says the winner will come down to who can handle the pressure.


    Alexa steps up to perform first. Kelly gives an ovation as she finishes. Jorge is up to perform. Blake laughs and says that wasn’t fair because Jorge pointed at Kelly. Alicia says Jorge came out and was completely in his zone. She says Alexa has a really powerful voice and she made it feel effortless and she continued to surprise. She thinks Alexa took it.


    Adam says that was a good song for Jorge. Adam says Alexa is someone he has been noticing and she has potential and everything it takes to be an incredible singer. Blake says it’s undeniable when Jorge is on stage and he hears the reaction from the crowd. Blake says Alexa has an unusual sounding voice and it’s powerful and maybe she didn’t navigate the melody as well as she could have, but she’s one of the best singers in the competition.


    Kelly says she loves Jorge. She says even when he switched it up he’s still cool. Kelly says that was a crazy hard melody which was bold. The winner of this Knock-Out…keeps shocking her…is Alexa.


    As the night went on, Adam advanced Reid Umstattd, who sang Let Him Fly by Dixie Chicks, to the live playoffs, losing Jordyn Simone. Adam says he had to go with Reid because he has a connection with what he was singing.


    It’s time for our final pairing of the Knock-Outs from Team Alicia, Kelsea Johnson vs Sharane Calister. Kelsea is going to sing Rise Up by Andra Day. Chris advises Kelsea to not sing to him, but to talk to him. Kelsea says she’s a little nervous because she’s trying to make everyone proud. Chris tells her not to put that pressure on herself, Alicia picked her and she has nothing else to prove.


    Sharane has chosen the song All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James. Chris says Sharane is a beast for sure. He can just sense through that song she’s gone through a lot, but he thinks there is more to her. Alicia says it’s scary to open up all of those feelings and Sharane says she needs to open up to the audience. Alicia says this Knock-Out is going to come down to whoever is ready to shed it all.


    Kelsea steps up to perform first. Alicia and Kelly both give an ovation for Kelsea. Sharane is ready to perform next. Sharane also gets an ovation from Alicia and Kelly. Adam says Sharane was so connected emotionally with what’s going on there is no turning back and she was great. Adam says Kelsea the only difference between close to perfect and perfect for her is belief. He doesn’t know if there’s a better in this knock-out, there are just two amazings.


    Kelly says with Kelsea she gets a little raspy and she shouldn’t get in her head about that because she still nailed it. And Sharane is one of the most emotional singers on the show and she has some kind of intensity. Blake says Sharane has those pops, like w-t-f. Blake says Kelsea has a voice like Chloe’s and Chloe figured out that’s what people like.


    Alicia says Kelly brought up something interesting and she sometimes there’s a wall between Sharane and the audience. Alicia says Kelsea has been in her head a lot and she sees so much in her and being able to break through. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Kelsea.


    Carson reminds the coaches Sharane is available to steal and Adam slaps his button. He says Sharane belongs on his team and he truly believes that. He believes he hasn’t the seen the best of her which is scary. Sharane has joined Team Adam.


    Next week, The Voice goes live and the power shifts to America!

  9. Coming up in the next hour if Ryan or Merron will be saved. And they have another bombshell to drop and Canada will be involved. Arisa says Merron the pawn has turned into Merron the target and new targets fall into the crosshairs.


    We pick up after the POV ceremony and Johnny hugs both nominees. Ryan says he’s still on the block next to Merron which has been death to those who have been there before. But he just needs to lay low. Erica says there are 8 votes this week and if there is a tie she will have to vote and she hopes it doesn’t come to that.


    Merron says he’s on the block next to Ryan who is too smart for his own good and he has to secure some key votes. Paras tells us so far the house has been unanimous in votes, but this week is different and you have to decide which side of the house you are on.


    Merron is talking to Kaela and telling her that Ryan is confident he is safe and Merron is going home. Kaela tells him Ryan is trying to get Merron to freak out and put a target on his back. Merron says he doesn’t freak out. Kaela says she is voting to keep Merron because she doesn’t trust Ryan. Kaela advises Merron to throw Ryan under the bus because people are saying he doesn’t talk game.


    Alejandra, Paras, and Olivia are talking and Ali is pitching voting Ryan out and Olivia is focusing on her leg muscles. Talk returns to who they should vote out and Ali says she needs Ryan out because he’s not good for any of their games and he’s cocky and arrogant, they just need to get him out.


    Ryan is sitting upstairs on a bench and Erica comes out of the HOH room and invites him in. Ryan says he needs to make sure he has Erica’s vote, even if he has to throw Kaela under the bus. Ryan says he thinks Erica wants Daela out and if she thinks Merron is working with them maybe she’ll vote him out. Ryan tells us he thinks he has Will, Paras, Maddy, and Johnny, as well as Erica if needed to vote for him to stay. Ryan wants to throw his apple away in her garbage and Erica asks him not to. Erica says this decision this week is not so cut and dry. She says keeping Ryan might be good because he’s an open book and his targets are not her. She says keeping Merron might be good because he’s proven not to be good at comps.


    Erica is talking to Johnny and Will about her thoughts on if Merron is working with Kaela and Derek and she doesn’t think Kaela would recruit Merron because she’s too smart to align herself with someone who can’t win a competition. As she’s talking, Merron, Kaela, and Derek sneak up to the HOH and come in to do a step routine. Erica says Merron is sleeping with the enemy right now. 


    Arisa reminds Canada they can vote for which game to put in the HOH room each week. The HG love their game nights. Arisa then turns to the nominees and says we’ll check out their campaigns to stay.


    Kaela, Olivia, and Alejandra are talking in the red rose room. They are talking about what they would do if they were outside of the house. Olivia says hang out with family, watch a movie, and go to her favorite restaurant…and find a guy to sleep with. They look at Kaela and she says maybe in jury. Kaela says Derek hasn’t even French kissed her yet.


    Ryan and Paras are talking in the white rose room and they are talking about her home life and family and how she grew up. Her family moved from Iran and they were permanent residents of Canada for three years and then they became Canadian citizens. She loves the people in Canada, the open mindedness, and how people are so kind. Paras says coming from a religious background and conservative family but having liberal ideas it’s hard to find a balance. She wonders what her family is thinking watching her in the BB house because it’s important to her to make the two most important people in her life proud.


    Erica and Johnny are talking in the storage room and they are discussing who Maddy and Will are voting for and if they’d vote the other way. Erica says up to this point she’s been trying to keep the peace between the power duos of Daela and Ali and Olivia, but she’s going to have start burning bridges soon and keeping Ryan will light some fires. Erica tells Johnny if the vote is four-four she will be voting to keep Ryan.


    Merron is stressing about this vote and he has to talk to Erica because if there is a tie, she will be the tie-breaker vote. Erica tells Merron she wants to be honest with him. With Ryan she knows where his target is aimed, but with Merron she has absolutely no idea. Merron pitches working with Erica if she keeps him in the house. Merron tells Erica how confident Ryan is and Erica says she doesn’t understand how someone so smart can be so dumb. Erica says she hates that at this point it feels like it’s out of her control.


    Ryan and Merron are in the red rose room and Merron says he’s doing a bad job of campaigning. Ryan says it will either happen or it won’t. Merron wants to know why Ryan is still talking to him and acting like they are friends and it pisses him off that Ryan feels so safe. Ryan and Merron talk about how they aren’t at each other’s throats. Ryan leaves and Merron talks to himself and says Ryan is all talk and he’s too obvious. Merron says he’s walking around the house so confident. Merron says he is at Ryan’s throat, he just doesn’t want him to know that.


    This season started with 8 independent, opinionated strong women. Now there are 6 left and it’s clear they are running the show. Johnny says he loves women, they run the world. Olivia says the women are stronger than the men in the house. Hamza has said Paras has some game. They say Kaela is smart and Alejandra is so strong. Erica says Maddy has proven to be a strong woman and Ryan talks about Olivia being dangerous, he thinks she’s the smartest.


    It’s time to head back inside to see who wants it more, Merron or Ryan. Erica and Kaela are talking and Kaela says she loves have Erica for a friend, but they don’t see eye to this week. She needs to make Erica see that Ryan is not good for her game. Kaela says Ryan will be a threat in comps that require intelligence, where Merron won’t. Kaela says it’s starting to feel like there are fractures in the alliance and she needs to rally everyone and get them on the same page…her page.


    Kaela, Olivia, and Alejandra all talk about getting rid of Ryan and Kaela says Ryan has a better chance at making an alliance than Merron. Alejandra says Ryan needs to go.


    Paras tells Ali that Ryan heard her say they can’t trust that b*tch and she needs to get to the bottom of it. She talks to Ali and Ali says it didn’t happen, that it’s false. Ali says Ryan talks to much and he needs to get his butt out of the door. Ali goes to Erica and Will and says she’s going to call out Ryan and she wants them to have her back.


    Johnny, Will, Erica, Maddy, and Ali are in the white rose room and Paras comes in with Ryan and Ali confronts him. Ryan says he knows he heard her say and she wants to know who she said it about. Ryan says well he doesn’t think she’d call a man a b*tch, so by process of elimination it had to be Paras. Ali says she didn’t say that and Ryan made an assumption. Ryan says she’s been trying to get him out all week and Ali says so you’re making an assumption of an assumption? Ryan says he believes what he heard and Ali says she’s done walks out. Ryan asks the rest of the room if they are ok and things are uncomfortable.


    As we go to commercial, Arisa tells us she’s going to make another announcement that involves Canada keeping someone safe.


    It’s time to head inside for a few surprises and eviction votes. Arisa goes over what the winner of Big Brother Canada will win. She says she knows who stressful and long the weeks seem and she let’s them know they are proud of her. Arisa but they still manage to have fun and she shows them various clips of them goofing around.


    Arisa says the time for fun and games is over for now. Ryan gets to speak first and he thanks his wife and son and he can’t wait to see them and his boss. He’s lost 28 pounds and gained 15 new best friends and he can’t wait to have them as HG in his own home. Whatever the results of the vote today he’s enjoyed his experience.


    Merron gives shout outs to those at home. He says people want to know who his targets are and this is their chance to figure it out. If they vote for him to stay, then they will have his 100% loyalty.


    It’s time to vote.

    Derek votes to evict Ryan.

    Kaela votes to evict Ryan.

    Johnny votes to evict Merron.

    Maddy votes to evict Merron.

    Paras votes to evict Merron.

    Alejandra votes to evict Ryan.

    Will votes to evict Merron.

    Olivia votes to evict Merron.


    By a vote of 5-3 Merron has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. As Merron leaves he tells them he and Veronica were voted in by Canada and they just got rid of Canada’s boy.


    Arisa says Canada voted him but why couldn’t he win a comp? Merron says it pains him so much, he apologizes for letting them down. He feels so blessed to be there and so grateful.


    Arisa says people were strategizing all around him, why did it take him so long to talk game, where’s his killer instinct? Merron says it must have been missing. He didn’t want to go too aggressive and he just didn’t trust anyone.


    Derek is going to miss his energy and Olivia says he’s a great guy and this gam just wasn’t for him. Alejandra says she tried to save him but it wasn’t enough and she will be seeking revenge. Ryan says it sucked they were on the block together and any campaigning he had to do was strictly game. Erica says on a personal level it sucks he had to go, but she can’t win a game of chess with a board full of pawns. Kaela says he was one of her best friends in the house and it’s going to suck without him.


    It’s time to find a new HOH. It’s called buttoned up. They will reach up and push the button above them and keep it held. When they let go, they are out of the competition. There is also a temptation and the first HG to hit their button for the temptation will win it, but they will be eliminated from the competition. There will be no have-nots this week, but for every 5 minutes they are in the competition, they will be on slop for 1 hour.


    Paras switches her arms already. All HG look strong to start and Ryan asks if anyone has any good stories. Paras says her arm is already falling asleep.


    Arisa tells Canada that they will have the opportunity to save one HG next week. After Wednesday’s show they will be able to vote to save a nominee or leave the nominees the same. If they leave them the same, they will get ONE more chance to save a nominee the following week.

  10. We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Erica says she chose to nominate Ryan because he’s not popular with most of the HG and she’s trying to switch gears from making big moves to smaller moves. She nominated Merron because he’s bee a great pawn and those types of people get taken to the end and she can’t have that. Merron says this is his third time on the block and he feels nothing but frustration at this point and he has no one to blame but himself.


    Ryan says back to back nominations and he feels a little more comfortable this time. He thinks Erica has his back and wants Merron to go home, but you can never fully trust anyone in this house. Erica and Ryan talk and she tells him he’s a pawn and Ryan says Merron might be trying to pawn it to the end. Ryan’s only concern is if Merron wins veto and he thinks if Merron comes down she has to make a big move or he will go home against almost anyone.


    Olivia and Alejandra are talking and they are discussing pulling Merron in. Olivia tells us her and Ali have become a power due and they will stop at nothing to win this game. Ali is concerned about Ryan’s relationship with Erica and he might be loyal to her, but Merron will be a number for Olivia and Ali because he has no one.


    Merron is in the red rose room talking to himself. He says Erica has been having the best Big Brother experience and he’s having the worst. He’s hitting his head lightly against the wall and saying he needs to win the veto over and over. He says he needs to win the veto because he doesn’t think anyone will pull him off the block. Paras comes in and tries to pump Merron up. Merron says it really makes him angry that Erica put him up again. He wants to get off the block and do some crazy crap. Paras says he’s a really nice guy and if she’s nice to him and gives him attention and he stays he might want to work with her. She’s pumping him up and saying he can do it and Canada’s rooting for him.


    It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Erica draws Alejandra. Merron draws Maddy. Ryan draws Johnny. Erica chooses the host as Paras.


    Ryan and Merron talk and Ryan says he doesn’t want to be nasty to each other and Merron agrees but says it’s still him vs Ryan. Ryan isn’t sure what kind of comp it will be and he’s working on shaking Merron’s confidence. He says he’s ready to win and Maddy will be motivated to win because she’s 0 for 9. Ryan says Erica might want to win it so she can do something like she did with Veronica. Ryan tells us Merron is a confident kid, but there’s some self-doubt and he’s going to keep poking at it. Ryan says he’s a nice guy, but at this point it’s him or Merron and he needs to shake him.


    It’s time for the veto competition and Alejandra is up first. They’re playing a game called Skip the Dishes and they have to scroll through ten orders on a tablet and deliver the food. If someone answers they are correct. But if someone answers and they don’t deliver the correct order, then they will have to try again. If no one answers they are incorrect and will have to try again. However, some of the orders have important information missing so they may have to scroll through the orders to get more information. The winner will win veto and $5,000.


    Alejandra goes first and she seemed to do pretty well. Maddy is next and she begins by scrolling through the orders and seems to be off to a slow start. Maddy goes to make her first delivery of a pizza, but doesn’t take it out of the bag and it gets handed back. She tries again and is still wrong. She finally realizes she has to take the pizza out of the bag. She completes her deliveries.


    Johnny is up next and he says he uses Skip the Dishes all the time at the home. He seems to be off to a good start and he says he’s not worried about time right now, he just wants to get everything right. He wants to win to protect his people and have some control. He finishes.


    Erica is up next and she wants to win because she put up her nominations for a reason and she doesn’t want them to change. She seemed to do well.


    Merron is up next. Merron feels like he will be faster than most of the people in the competition. He seems to get off a good start but then tries to make a delivery to the wrong address. He then switches the item thinking that’s what is wrong and he is wrong. He decides to skip it and go back. He does well with all of the rest of his deliveries and goes back to the one he skipped. He’s still trying to figure out what’s wrong with the order. He’s getting frustrated and says he doesn’t know what he’s missing and they highlight the worst “Use the Door Knocker”, which will help him with the address that is missing.


    Merron is still looking at the screen of the tablet and finally realizes his mistake. He’s frustrated and runs to make his delivery and buzzes in to stop his time. He is frustrated and is talking to himself asking why he rushed. He says he’s never been more disappointed himself.


    Ryan is up and he’s ready to take this one. Ryan says when he was younger he had a paper route and that experience will help with this. He says he wouldn’t have been able to do this two weeks ago and he’s dropped about 20 pounds since he’s been in the house and this is the competition where his exercise will pay off. He finishes and says he’s proud of his time because he ran every step.


    Paras is ready to reveal the times. The HG with the worst time of 11:23 is Maddy. Merron came in fifth and Ryan came in fourth. The winner with a time of 5:44 is Johnny. He has won the POV and a $5,000 gift card from Skip the Dishes.


    Merron says having the POV slipping through his fingers sucks. He doesn’t want Canada to feel like he is letting them down. He’s in the white rose room talking to himself and he says at least he wasn’t last. He’s done beating himself down, he’s over it. It is what it is.


    Olivia tells Johnny she wishes she could have watched him do that competition that fast. She tells Johnny she can’t understand why Erica wants Merron out over Ryan. Olivia wants to convince Johnny to use the veto on Merron to ensure Ryan goes home, but she’s trying to be subtle about it. Olivia can see that Johnny’s gears are turning and thinking about it and that’s exactly what she wanted.


    Erica has invited Merron, Alejandra, and Kaela to play Speak Out with her in the HOH room. Kaela says the three hardest letters to say are the B’s, R’s, and T’s. Ali says when Kaela can’t pronounce the word her eyes get really big. Erica says this game is comedy gold. Kaela and Ali won. Erica says that game was so fun.


    Ryan, Will, and Maddy are all outside talking and they are talking about how long they’ve been there already. Maddy says it’s the halfway point of the game. Will says it just makes you realize how close you are to winning and how that money could change your life. Will and Alejandra are talking about what they would do with the money in the HOH room while Will is listening to music. Ali wants to help her parents and pay off their debt and hers, but if she doesn’t get it, she’d like to see Will get it for Parker. She tells Will he’s a good dad.


    Johnny and Merron are in the white rose room talking. Merron would love for Johnny to use the veto on him. Johnny tells us Merron gets some points for asking him directly, and that’s what he wanted to hear. Merron says Johnny can trust him and he’s not gunning for him. Merron says if he stays this week he’d love to work with him. Johnny tells us Merron is saying Johnny can trust him, but Big Brother says 101 is you can’t trust anyone.


    Johnny says he needs to make sure if he uses the veto it’s the right time. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his game if he uses it. He wants to gauge the temperature of the house before making a decision. If he wants to use it, then he has to get Olivia and Alejandra on board because he realizes they are a voting block and will back him. Olivia says at least Johnny is thinking about using it, which is great for her and Ali because it means they are on the same page.


    Will comes in with Olivia and Alejandra and Johnny wants to know if they should take a shot at Daela. Will says if that’s what he wants to do. Johnny says they are on board, but he needs to talk to Ryan and see where his head is at. Ryan wants Johnny to use it on him and take out a big target. Johnny says Ryan is only worried about saving himself, but he has to worry about Erica because she might put up the wrong replacement.


    Johnny says he’s talked to everyone in the house, but now he has to talk to Erica because she’s the most important because she is the one who has to name the nominee. Johnny asks Erica if she would take a shot at Daela. Erica says she feels like they are on an island by themselves. Johnny questions that. Erica says she’d probably put up Maddy because she’s not as workable as some of the other people. But then Erica says Daela is smarter than they are letting on, Kaela is definitely smarter than people think. Johnny wants to use the veto but he needs to make sure it lands on Daela and not one of his allies.


    Johnny heads to the throne room to decide if he’s going to use his veto. He could use the veto and roll the dice and see if Erica puts up a bigger target, but he’s not sure she will and he’s not sure what to do.


    It’s time for the veto ceremony. Ryan says in a game where people’s word doesn’t necessarily mean they are truthful, but he thinks he’s proven to certain people that he is loyal and he thinks that might be important for Johnny.


    Merron says he understands Johnny may be concerned if he uses veto on him he will get blood on his hands, but they can be blood brothers and work together moving forward and if not he respects his decision.


    Johnny has chosen…not to use the power of veto. While he’d love to be the hero and swoop down and save one of them, he has to do what’s best for his game and he thinks this is the best decision for him right now.


    Merron says this puts him directly in the danger zone. That veto was his last hope to give him safety and he has no choice but to dig deep to stay in this game.


    Ryan says Johnny chose to leave him on the block so he has to go into full scramble mode to stay in the game.


    Johnny says he wanted to use veto, but the timing just wasn’t right to make a big move. But Evil Johnny is lurking inside of him waiting for the right time to come out.

  11. Tonight, it takes a champion to make a champion. Chloe Kohanski, Chris Blue, Jordan Smith, and Cassadee Pope will help the teams create some of the most memorable knock-out performances of the season. Leaving one coach looking to save an artist, while our other coaches hope to steal. The biggest round of Knock-Outs yet continues…right now!


    Let’s look at Team Kelly’s first pairing of the night, Brynn Cartelli and Jamella. Brynn is going to sing Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts. Cassadee says she was completely blown away by Brynn, she put her heart and soul into the lyrics. Kelly says every time Brynn opens her mouth she is floored. Cassadee says Brynn’s tone is great but advises her to work on the last goodbye.


    Jamella has chosen the song Girl Crush by Little Big Town. Cassadee says the song choice is really bold and what Jamella did with it is really special. Kelly tells Jamella to make sure there are big notes in there because she’s trying to get to the next level in the competition. Kelly says this is going to be really tough, maybe she’ll use her save on this one.


    Brynn is up first. Adam and Alicia look impressed and Kelly gives a standing ovation as Brynn finishes. Brynn steps up to perform. Jamella also gets an ovation from Kelly Clarkson. Alicia says Jamella really has a style about her, a flow and a vibe that’s really cool. Alicia says Brynn continues to impress and she has a maturity beyond her years. They both did a beautiful job.


    Adam says for Brynn to be as good as she is at her age is remarkable. Adam says Jamella, it’s a tough one, he’d have to go with Brynn, but they are both awesome, amazing, and they both did a great job. Blake says interesting song choices. Blake says Jamella took that song and put her spin on it which is notable and Brynn, the vibrato in her voice is one of the favorite things he’s heard this season, it’s awesome.


    Kelly says Jamella really does bring more and more of her A game and she has such an emotional connection to the songs that you can’t teach people. Kelly says Brynn, she was so excited by the song choice and it was insane. She says they both did a great job. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Brynn.


    Let’s check-in with Team Blake’s next pairing, Jaron Strom and Pryor Baird. Jaron is going to perform the song Grenade by Bruno Mars. Chloe says Jaron has stage charisma and movement and he knows exactly what he wants to do as an artist. Blake gives tips on his notes.


    Pryor is going to sing Will It Go Round in Circles by Billy Preston. Blake is glad he chose this song because it shows where he wants to go at an artist. Chloe gives Pryor advice on how to have a moment and pull the audience in. Blake says the winner of this battle is going to come down to whoever owns the stage and puts their best foot forward, and gets the audience going.


    Pryor is up first with his guitar.  Kelly and Alicia look at each other and nod their heads. As Pryor finishes, Kelly says the audience is going to start throwing bras or something. Jaron steps up next and the crowd seemed to enjoy his performances. Kelly says she loves Pryor’s tone and Jaron has a growl, and she digs him as well.


    Alicia says she was just impressed that Pryor’s range was that diverse and it’s cool to embody that energy, and with Jaron maybe he was too concerned with getting the crowd brought in than the delivering the song. Adam says they are both talented, but he’d probably go with Pryor because he’s more ready.


    Blake says Jaron likes to move around on stage and sometimes it feels like he’s trying to release some nervous energy. Blake says he knows it’s hard for Pryor not to start at the top of his range and him working on that, it really paid off this time. Blake says he hates this part of his job, but the winner is…Pryor.


    We’re ready for Team Alicia’s first pairing of the night, Christiana Danielle and Terrence Cunningham. Christiana is going to sing Elastic Heart by Sia. Alicia says this is a cool song for her because it’s her first time not singing worship music. Chris says he felt like chocolate under a hot lamp, she has a way of sucking you in to every single word.


    Terrence is going to perform Tell Me Something Good by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Alicia says Terrence has this mysterious, ethereal style and he needs to continue to show them who he is and evolve. Chris tells him when he was there he realized the nice guy had to go and Alicia pushed him. Chris says this Knock-Out is going to be a crazy fight and he can’t wait to watch it.


    Christiana takes the stage first. Christiana is excited as she finishes and the crowd seemed to appreciate the performance. Terrence is up next and he’s behind the keyboard. As Terrence performs, Kelly gets out of her seat and says oh, my, God. Adam says so much to talk about, holy crap. Adam says Christiana was great since the blind auditions, but there’s still more and she’s going to be fantastic. Adam says he can’t believe what was going on with Terrence’s upper register and this decision is terrible and he’s glad he doesn’t have to make it.


    Kelly says it was the perfect song, the style, how Terrence did it. It moved her. Kelly says Christiana is insane and the intensity in her eyes is so captivating and she thinks they are both equally talented. Blake says he’s a fan of Christiana’s and he thinks it was more of a challenge for her in the first verse and Terrence is pretty good.


    Alicia says Christiana is so special and this song was done to express a part of her story and that’s what artist’s do. Alicia then says Terrence sang that in the original Chaka Khan key and that was wonderful. She says they are both magnificent and the winner is…Terrence.     


    Christiana is available to steal and Alicia immediately hits her button to Save her and says there is no winner here. Kelly then hits her button to steal. Kelly says Alicia didn’t pick you! Carson says she can stay loyal and stay with Alicia or switch teams now to Kelly.


    Kelly says she’s loved her in the blinds and she thinks she’s incredible. Kelly says she grew up in church too and she thinks it would be fun to experience new songs with her. Adam goes and slaps his button to steal as well. Blake stands up to watch and says this is about to get good.


    Adam says he had to press so she knew that she was incredibly talented and she deserves all three of them to be fighting for her. Alicia says it would be devastating for her to lose Christiana and asks her to please stay. Carson says she can go back home or try a new team. Christiana says she picks…Alicia. Christiana remains on Team Alicia.

  12. Tonight, for the first time ever, our coaches will call on four Voice champions to help their teams prepare for the most crucial and competitive Knock-Outs yet. Kelly Clarkson brought back Cassadee Pope, Adam Levine has Jordan Smith, Alicia Keys has Chris Blue, and Blake Shelton brought in his latest champion, Chloe Kohanski. Our advisors know the importance of choosing the right song, they know what it takes to face their own teammate, and how a second chance can change everything.


    In a new twist to the Knock-Outs we’ve added the Save which gives each coach one chance to keep a deserving artist on their team. But with the steals in play, the artist can go with a different coach. America get ready for the Knock-outs.


    Let’s check in with Team Blake and his advisor, Chloe Kohanski. Blake paired Jaclyn Lovey and Kyla Jade because they are both equally powerful in their own ways. Kyla has chosen the song You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Chloe says Kyla is a tiger of a woman. Everything she did was so intentional and there is such a large presence in her voice. Blake says she needs to figure out what she’s going to do with the ending.


    Jaclyn has chosen the song Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. Blake says she’s really afraid to let it fly and it’s keeping her in a box almost. Blake says she has to be believe she’s a great singer. Chloe says she has a beautiful voice, it’s jazzy, yet modern. Blake says this Knock-Out round will come down to whoever has the most confidence and Kyla has to step into the role of being front and center and Jaclyn has to shake her nerves off.


    Jaclyn takes the stage first and Kelly says she likes her. Adam says it’s amazing and Alicia agrees. Kyla steps up to perform and Kelly notes Kyla has her hands on her hips. They get an ovation from all four judges. Adam says there has be no stranger pairing in the history of the Voice. Adam says Jaclyn is the sweetest most beautiful and Kyla was incredible.


    Kelly says she loves that song that Kyla performed and she’ll be singing in her shower tonight. Kelly says Jaclyn has a great head voice. Alicia loved how Jaclyn just performed and Kyla says they just all died. Carson turns to Blake and Blake says the song Jaclyn chose allowed him to learn something about her and her voice is so good. Blake says he feels like Kyla is beginning to own the stage.


    Carson asks for the winner. Blake says he appreciates them both and the winner of this Knock-Out is…Kyla. Jaclyn thanks Blake and she’s appreciative of working with two incredible coaches. Blake says Kyla won because she made them feel something.


    Time to look at Team Kelly and her advisor, Cassadee Pope. Kelly has paired Justin Kilgore with Kaleb Lee because they are her two country people and she’s thinking of strategy. Justin is going to sing Shameless by Billy Joel in the style of Garth Brooks. Cassadee says there is this awesomeness to his voice that is kind of scratchy, but when he’s singing in his high register she felt he was struggling. Cassadee says she felt he was captivating but was pushing and he just needs confidence.


    Kaleb Lee has decided to perform Free by Zac Brown Band. Cassadee says those big notes were so tasteful and Kelly says she wants one more money spot. Cassadee says this Knock-Out will be really tough and she hopes Justin settles his nerves and Kaleb is a true artist. She says there is a lane for both of them in country music and she’ll bring them on tour if they want.


    Kaleb takes the stage first to perform with his guitar. Adam says he likes it. Blake looks at Kelly and says wow. Justin then steps up to perform. Alicia says Justin showed more of his range and Kaleb continues to show he’s a force to be reckoned with.


    Adam says they are choosing their own songs so they are putting themselves out there. Adam says he was trying to figure out who Justin was and Kaleb is the real deal, there is something purely country about him. Blake says he’s going to come to Justin’s defense because he did the Garth Brooks version of that song and it’s kind of an intense. Blake says at the same time he was lost somewhere in the middle of both versions and he thinks nerves got to him. Blake says his biggest regret this season was letting him go, especially now after seeing him perform like that.


    Kelly says she is a fan of Justin’s voice and he’s been working on his nerves and he was less nervous this time. Kelly says she looked at Blake and he’s stupid for letting Kaleb go. Kelly says based on the Knock-Out performance, the winner is…Kaleb. Kelly apologizes and Justin says he had an incredible experience and he’s honored just to have been picked for her team.


    Let’s check out Team Adam and his advisor, Jordan Smith. Adam has paired Jackie Foster and Mia Boostrom and he thinks this will be his toughest decision. Jackie has chosen the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Adam says the quiet parts of the song are the hard parts and Jordan says he thinks it’s going to be important for her not to give away all the power of her voice the entire song. Jordan would like to see her show he has two sides to her voice, the tender and beautiful and the belting and powerful side.


    Mia has decided to sing Wade in the Water by Eva Cassidy. Jordan says Mia brought out the soul of someone much older than she is. Adam says Mia was a one-chair turn and the other coaches are not going to believe they slept on this one. Adam advises her to go big at the end and Jordan tells her to commit to everything she is doing.


    Jackie steps up first to perform. The judges seemed to enjoy her performance. Mia steps up to sing next. Adam is on his feet before Mia finishes. Blake tells them great job. Blake says Jackie is as good as it gets and Mia is the surprise and that performance was brilliant and he’d go with Mia. Kelly says Jackie has this crazy range and Mia is a dark horse for her and she doesn’t think Adam can go long, but she’d go with Jackie.


    Alicia says Jackie’s voice got stronger and strong and the places she can go with her voice is very fresh and Mia, it was exciting to hear a warm passionate voice. Alicia would pick Jackie. Adam says Mia was going to be the big surprise and Jackie did an incredible job with that song and he truly believes this is a tie because they are both talented enough to be in the finale. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Mia.


    Kelly immediately hits her button to steal Jackie and Adam hits his save button. Kelly says Jackie should come back home to her team. Blake then hits his button to steal. Adam says they are just messing with him and Jackie told him she thought he could help her with rock and roll music. Kelly knew one of them was going to get stolen and Adam is a great coach, but home is nice.


    Blake says Adam was faced with which one of the two was he unwilling to walk away and risk the other and that’s what happened. Blake says out of the three coaches that pushed their button, he is the only one that hasn’t kicked her out of the house and he’s the guy that wants to take her to the live shows. Alicia then hits her button. Adam is shaking his head and tells her not to make the wrong decision.


    Alicia says she didn’t want to be left out because this is so exciting. Alicia says when Blake used the line he never kicked her out, well she didn’t either and she turned for her in the blinds and she tried to steal at the battles. Carson says this is an incredible moment for Jackie and who does she choose as her coach. Jackie hesitates…the coach that she picks…is Alicia! Jackie has joined Team Alicia.


    Let’s meet Blake’s next Knock-Out pairing, Austin Giorgio and Spensha Baker. He paired them because they both are very specific in knowing what they want to do. Austin has opted to sing Almost Like Being in Love by Nat King Cole. Chloe says his voice is so rich and smooth, like caramel. Chloe advises him to not sing the song like anyone else, it’s his song. Chloe says he has an incredible gift and embodies the spirit of the people he looks up to and that’s so cool.


    Spensha is going to perform Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton. Blake thinks this is a great song choice for Spensha. Blake says she’s quick to fall off of notes and advises her to hold out a bit longer. Chloe says it has to be a wave of a dynamic and the last one should be at a 10. Chloe says both Spensha and Austin are unique and you never know what can happen in a pairing like this.


    Austin performs first. He plays to the crowd and they love it. Blake looks at Kelly after Austin finishes and says what am I going to do here? Spensha steps up to perform next. Kelly says that was so good, that soulful vibe and that country thing, she can’t wait to buy Spensha’s album. Kelly says she loves Austin’s confidence.


    Alicia appreciates how Austin uses the stage and talks to the audience, and Spensha getting emotional is very telling how she feels about this moment in her life. She’d go with Spensha. Adam says Austin is so pure in his intention, but he’d like to see a bad boy side, something to make them wonder what he’s up to. Adam says there is so much undiscovered in Spensha and with Blake as her coach it’s an explosive combination.


    Blake says we’re down to the best of the best and this is a tough one for him. Blake says Austin has a passion for entertaining and Spensha has a connection with a song. Blake says stylistically he is a fan of both of them, but the winner of this Knock-Out is…Spensha.


    Carson gives Austin a chance to speak to his coach and Austin thanks Blake for his time and consideration and he’s really like what people say behind closed doors. Blake says he’s one of a kind and he’s not letting him go and hits his Save button. Carson says Austin, your coach just used his one and only save on him and Austin thanks him so much.


    It’s time for our first look at Team Alicia and her advisor, Chris Blue. Alicia has paired Johnny Bliss and Miya Bass because they both have big voices and big personalities. Johnny has decided to sing Alive by Sia. Chris says Johnny had this nice soft texture to his voice and he immediately became drawn in to his story. Chris tells Johnny he should be so lost in the song, in the story, he should be barely breathing.


    Miya has selected the song Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Chris says when she hits the line I’m on my way, she needs to go there. Chris says Miya attacks the stage with love and joy and she may come out on top. Chris says Johnny needs to remind himself of why he’s there and what he’s been through.


    Johnny takes the stage to perform first. The coaches seemed to enjoy the performance. Miya takes the stage to perform. Adam says Johnny Bliss has a dynamic voice and he’s amazing. Adam says the song might have presented Miya some problems but he’s always rooting for her. Blake says Johnny stayed on point, especially with that song. Blake would like to see Johnny get back to the fun stuff. Blake agrees with Adam about Miya and he’d give this one to Johnny.


    Kelly says she wishes Miya would have gone somewhere different because of her voice and it’s potential. Kelly says Johnny was cool and she liked him doing something serious. Alicia says Miya’s runs are beautiful and this song put her in another space and Johnny poured everything into that performance and it was so emotional. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Johnny Bliss.


    We go back to Team Adam and his advisor Jordan for the pairing of Drew Cole and Jackie Verna. Adam says they are very different, but this is a battle for who has the most potential going forward. Drew is going to sing Slow Hands by Niall Horan. Adam says he has a beautiful old school feeling to his voice combined with modern ideas. Jordan says the Knock-Outs are a really important week and you have to have a certain swag with this song. Jordan loves his voice but he has to find moments where he really shines.


    Jackie is going to perform American Honey by Lady Antebellum. Adam says Jackie’s voice is unknown potential. Jordan advises her to make sure the lower notes are really supported. Jordan says Jackie has the sweetest voice and it’s important for her to stay in the story and pull the audience in with her. Adam says Jackie gets more confident every day.


    Drew steps up first with his guitar to sing first. Jackie performs next. Blake says it’s good to see artists get on the stage and realize what this moment is and this is pretty evenly matched. Blake says Drew has things about his style that makes him think Adam might be leaning towards him, but Jackie is a country artist and Adam has a weird fetish about beating him with a country artist.


    Kelly says Drew has a really cool voice and Jackie has a quality that is pure and angelic and she has a huge voice. Alicia thinks Drew’s voice is really special and Jackie has a pure tone and at the end she got really powerful too, which is cool.


    Adam says he loves them both very much and they both made great strides. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Jackie. Drew is available to save or steal and Adam hits his save. Blake hits his steal button. Blake says Drew is an incredible vocalist and musician and a true artist. Blake says this is the second time he has hit button for Drew and he has never turned his back on him.


    Adam says he’s pushed his button twice, and if they want to have a button pushing contest, it’s a dead tie. Adam says he’s one of his favorites on his team. Carson says it’s up to Drew…who does he pick as his coach. Drew says he’s been conflicted with this decision before…this is crazy…but he’s a loyal man…he picks Adam…again!

  13. We come back and everyone is still outside with Merron and Olivia talking. We go inside and Ryan does remove himself from the block. Olivia names Hamza as the replacement nominee.


    It’s time for speeches. Merron says he won’t campaign against him. Hamza says the same. If they want to keep him, then keep him. If they want to get rid of him through the backdoor fair game.


    It’s time to vote.

    Maddy votes to evict Hamza.

    Johnny votes to evict Hamza.

    Erica votes to evict Merron.

    Kaela votes to evict Hamza.

    Derek votes to evict Hamza.

    Will votes to evict Hamza.

    Paras votes to evict Hamza.

    Ali votes to evict Hamza.

    Ryan votes to evict Hamza.


    By a vote of 8-1, Hamza has been evicted. As Hamza leaves he stops and says everyone, shout out Caroline. Everyone does.


    Arisa says Hamza was incredible to watch and he made some special connections and his vote came from Erica, she was devastated. Hamza says Erica is an amazing person and Merron is one of the most amazing people he’s ever met. Arisa asks who his pick to win is and he says Erica or Merron.

  14. We pick up after the veto ceremony. Maddy tells us she is safe and for one of the first times in her whole life, she is speechless. Veronica is totally pissed off. Erica made it seem like she was a phony and a liar. There is only one thing she can do and that’s go to war and rally as many troops as she can. Erica says that was an A+ backdoor and she feels like the baddest B in the house and she just reminded them. Merron is dumbstruck he and Veronica are on the block together. Veronica tells Will and Merron if you take a shot at me, you better not miss. She came here to play.


    Olivia and Alejandra are talking and they are glad they weren’t the ones to have to do it. Alejandra tells us the best thing is she and Olivia orchestrated the whole thing and the best thing is she’s wanted Veronica out since she stepped foot in the house. Maddy tells us this is her game and Veronica lost.


    Erica and Hamza are talking and Hamza says that was great. He says he has Erica until the end and all they have to do is get one more big target out and they can sail to the end. Hamza says he has mad respect for Erica. He’s so happy. He tells Erica she gave him a shot of adrenaline.


    Paras goes in to talk to Veronica and Veronica says she has mixed emotions. Paras tells her she has to campaign hard. Veronica says she’s going to and if she stays she’s going to wreak havoc in the house and if she stays she’s gunning for Erica. Johnny comes in and says he’s counted the votes and he doesn’t know how she’ll do it. Veronica it just starts with you or Will and if she stays come Thursday she’s starting a war.


    Former Big Brother Canada player, Cassandra stopped by the house this week for a makeover. Let’s take a look at their “hair raising” good time! She goes around and wakes everyone up. Merron thought he was dreaming. Cassandra tells them it’s makeover day and the guys will be giving the girls an 80s makeover. The winning team will receive a $2000 cash prize and a years worth of L’Oreals. Cassandra sends the ladies upstairs. After they leave, Cassandra informs the guys there is a twist…they have to do the WORST makeover for the win. Erica did not participate because she’s the HOH.


    They do a catwalk with all of the ladies. Cassandra then informed the ladies of the twist and she chooses the winners as Veronica and Johnny and they also win a dinner for two. Erica is their waitress and shows them into the red rose room. Johnny gives a toast to Veronica.


    Hamza tells us it’s been awhile since Erica put Veronica on the block and things are getting boring. He says it’s time for your boy to create some chaos. Hamza is encouraging Veronica to call people out at a house meeting and she can leave with her head high. She says it’s a good idea, she’s pumped. Hamza tells us he’s here to stir the pot and everyone should get their popcorn ready.


    Veronica calls everyone to the living room and she says she has nothing to lose and she’s pretty angry right now. There’s a lot of people being fake to her and telling her things she wants to hear. Veronica says if you want me out of the house then stop being fake and tell me. She says if you choose to keep me she’ll have their back and she’s the only one with something to give. She says use her as a shield in the house and stop acting like they are at summer camp. Veronica says they have a girl on the block who can be in their corner and they need to keep her in the house.


    Paras says that was really intense and she might have to keep Veronica around because she’s a huge target and she can hide behind her. Paras makes a pitch to Maddy and Maddy doesn’t seem on board. Paras says Veronica would not come for her and Maddy before some of the others. Maddy says Veronica could be a tool to go after Erica and that could be useful for her game. Paras tells Maddy they really have to think this one out.


    It’s time to head into the living room. Merron gets to speak first and he says he’s not ready to see his family yet and he’s humbled to be sitting next to such a strong woman and he loves Veronica and everyone.


    Veronica says she loves Will and she wouldn’t be surprised if she walked out the door because everyone is sheep and she’s the big bad wolf and she’d hunt them all down and probably win. If they have to get her out then so be it, but she’ll be the one sitting at home saying baaaaaaa witches.


    It’s time to vote.

    Derek votes to evict Veronica.

    Olivia votes to evict Veronica.

    Will votes to evict Merron.

    Hamza votes to evict Veronica.

    Kaela votes to evict Veronica.

    Paras votes to evict Veronica.

    Ryan votes to evict Veronica.

    Maddy votes to evict Veronica

    Alejandra votes to evict Veronica.

    Johnny votes to evict Veronica.


    By a vote of 9-1 Veronica has been evicted from the BB Canada house.


    Arisa says tough break. She says a week ago she was in a very different position and does she regret that rogue vote? Veronica says absolutely not. She says everyone is thinking they are at summer camp and she wanted to take a risk. Arisa says she did not go down with a fight.


    Arisa says let’s drop another bomb shell on the remaining HG. It’s time for a double eviction!


    The HG are in the backyard and it’s time to find a new HOH. Arisa explains two at a time the HG will face-off at the podiums and answer questions about their time in the house. It’s an elimination game and they get to choose two to go head to head. The answer will be 1, 2, or 3. The last person standing will be the new HOH.


    Earlier, they drew for the first two spots and Olivia and Ali are up first. How many male HG competed in the fisherman’s wharf. Olivia answered 2 and is correct. Olivia chooses Ryan and Merron.


    How many times has the POV been used this season. Ryan answers 1 and he is correct. Ryan selects Olivia and Maddy.


    How many former HG visited the HG on day 26. The answer is one and Maddy answered wrong. Olivia chooses Paras and Hamza.


    How many pairs of HG wore handcuffs after the have-not competition? Paras is correct and she selects Ryan and Johnny.


    How many votes were cast to evict Olivia at the time of Jesse’s eviction. Ryan is correct and he selects Olivia and Paras.


    How many of the exhibits at the BB Can museum featured a former female HG? Olivia is correct and she selects Ryan and Kaela.


    How many evictees have been male? Ryan is correct with 2 and he selects Olivia and Derek.


    How many times has the POV been won by the reigning HOH? Olivia won and she selects Ryan and Will because they are the last two left.


    How many HG did NOT compete in handle with care? The answer is 2 and Ryan is up against Olivia for the final round.


    How many POV competitions have been won by a female? Ryan rings in with 1 and the answer is 2 and Olivia is the new HOH.


    Arisa tells them all to head back inside and there are quick meetings between Olivia and the others. Hamza is upstairs praying. Arisa calls them all back to the living room and Olivia must now nominate two house mates for eviction. Olivia nominates Merron and Ryan.


    It’s time for an arcade POV. They have to knock down targets and the first to knock down all five will win the POV. It’s a pinball style game. Paras, Alejandra, and Hamza were all drawn to play. Ryan is the first to knock them down and he wins POV. Arisa thinks Ryan will use that POV, but who will the replacement nominee be? We’ll find out in a few moments.

  15. Previously on Survivor, at the Naviti tribe there was a war between Chris and Dominique and the original Naviti were turning on each other. The Malolo tribe was facing tribal council and the original Naviti were a united front against Jenna, Michael, and Stephanie. At tribal council, the Naviti alliance stayed strong leaving Michael and Jenna fighting to stay alive. 15 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


    Jeff calls both tribes in and Naviti gets the first look at the new Malolo tribe. Naviti has been on a winning streak and Malolo on a losing streak, let’s see what happens now. Everyone drop your buffs, we are switching tribes. Jeff asks Michael how he feels right now and he says from a game point of view it’s his saving grace. He says maybe it’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel for him and Jenna.


    Jeff asks James what’s happening right now from a game point of view. James says they’ve survived this first phase of the game and it’s a race to the merge and beyond and based on what happens today could be critical in everyone’s game play. Jeff hands out the new buffs.


    They open their buffs and they discover there is a third color. They are switching from two tribes to three tribes. Orange and Purple are still in play, but now there is a green tribe. The tribes head to their new mats and introductions are going around. Dom says Chris was still after him so getting away from him is such a relief and the ball is in his court and he can decide which way the game goes now.


    Jeff says what a flip flop! There are now three original Naviti and two original Malolo on all three tribes. Jeff says Bradley at this point it’s really tough to rely on purple or orange because now there’s been enough inter-connecting between people that you don’t really know where anybody stands. Bradley says yeah, do the original divisions stand or are there new things happening? He looks forward to finding out and seeing where everything stands.


    Jeff asks Donathon if this is good for him or bad or neutral? Donathon laughs and says he doesn’t know. He’s never met two of them before and he looks forward to seeing what they are all about. He just doesn’t know what’s going to happen.


    Jeff says one of the things that comes with a new tribe is a new beach Sebastian? Sebastian says yeah, you have to start over but they have some strength on their team and he doesn’t think it will be a problem.


    Jeff says here’s the facts: Turning points are where the strong players shine and the weak players fade. Regardless how you’re feeling right now, your odds of getting to the end with only 15 people left are better now than they were when the game started. Brand new start to Survivor Ghost Island. The game has changed again.


    The green tribe reaches their new team flag and they are called Yanuya. The green tribe is Sebastian, Chris, Jenna, Wendell, and Laurel.  They have fishing gear, rice, and a pot. They talk about they have skills in every category. Jenna says it’s a bit of a shock knowing they are going to start from scratch, but she’s ready to be on a tribe where she can win a reward.


    Wendell hands a shell to Sebastian and he gives him a hug and thanks him. Sebastian says he collects reminders and Wendell brought it back with him and he loves him for that. Sebastian says he wasn’t very close with Wendell because Wendell was working with Dom and Sebastian was working with Chris, but he has been that buddy who was never his buddy.


    Chris goes up to Wendell and says he’s glad to be off that island and Wendell was just next to the wrong person. Wendell says he was so ready to drop his buff because he was tired of managing two dominant egos. He was disappointed to be separated from Dom, but he was excited to be with Chris because of his winning track record, but he doesn’t look forward to Chris bragging about himself.


    Sebastian is talking Laurel and says she used to be a volleyball player? She says yeah, she used to be and Sebastian says he has played sand box on the beach and Chris says he’s played volleyball too. Chris talks about playing in a few places and his team won a tournament in Chicago. Chris tells us when you have an athletic and charismatic guy like him, it’s exhausting. Some people can chill and sit around and let the game evolve where he is thinking ahead and developing bonds because he has an X on his back since day 1.


    Chris and Laurel are talking and Chris says he looks at himself as an entrepreneur. Even though he’s not investing in a million things right now, he sees himself investing in him. Laurel tells him she could see him being a motivational speaker. Laurel tells us she’s having a hard time biting her tongue around Chris. He’s a guy that likes to hear himself talk but she’s trying to find a way to fit in and get along with them.


    Chris says he models and he hasn’t told anyone except Livi. Chris says he hasn’t told anyone because people think models are self-absorbed and dumb, things that might not be “beneficiary” to him in a tribe setting. He doesn’t tell people, but he’s singed in Chicago, Miami, and New York. Laurel says it’s nice to have him because he’s such a competitor, but the tribe is starting to get rubbed the wrong way by him. Jenna and Laurel are talking about it getting old. Laurel says they are ok with Chris just digging his own grave and as long as they win great. But if they do lose, Laurel thinks Chris will be in a world of trouble.


    We’re at Malolo with Michael, James, Desiree, Angela, and Kellyn. Michael says he is happy with this five and James says he thinks they have a mix of all different skill sets. Desiree says switching up the tribes again is crazy. But it’s all good. At their old tribe the Naviti were sticking together and voting Malolo out one by one, and now it’s her, Ang, and Kellyn still have the numbers. The only question mark is Angela because she’s been on the same tribe with James for a while now.


    Angela lays out the battle between Chris and Dominique and James supports her and they basically give the struggle on the old tribe between the two sides. Kellyn says it turns out Dom and Chris couldn’t just take a deep breath and get along for a few votes and keep Naviti strong and instead they tried to vote out Angela. Kellyn gets a feeling in the pit of her stomach this could be trouble. Angela tells what happened after the vote and how mad she was. Michael says he thought it was just him and James and they were going to be in trouble, but now he finds out Angela got stabbed in the back by her own tribe and she’s angry. Michael says this is huge, there are cracks in the Naviti group and maybe him and James can work with her.


    Michael and James talk and he says he was in the hot seat. James asks what he thinks about Kellyn and Desiree and Michael says they are unbreakable and you will not believe how tight the five are. James says not only is he back on the bottom and he’s not that close with Michael, but he thinks they are still on the same page because they are the only two Malolo. James says they saved her that tribal council when Morgan got voted out and hopefully she’ll feel indebted to them, but they’ll have their work cut out for them.


    At the Naviti camp, we have Donathon, Dominic, Bradley, Livi, and Chelsea. Bradley says coming back to the Naviti beach is like going to a resort after living in a slum. Bradley from a game standpoint Dom is a good ally and Chelsea has been voting with him so old Naviti has the advantage, but there are a lot of unknowns coming in. Chelsea is getting emotional because she says it feels like home. Chelsea talks about being drained after losing four challenges in a row.


    Dom says he’s having a moment of relief because he doesn’t have Chris on his tail now. He says he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Dom says he doesn’t have to play defense anymore and he feels like he’s in control because there are three original Naviti and he feels safe with them but they could play him. Dom says no more training wheels out here, time to get dirty.


    Dom says Livi is a devil in an angel’s body and he knows what game she is playing. Dom says she has to go almost as bad as Chris has to go. Dom talks to Bradley about Livi. Dom calls her Parvati 2.0. Bradley says Dom warned him that Livi is dangerous, so if they go to tribal she is the better option to get rid of. Bradley says they have Chelsea. Bradley feels like he’s better than he thought he was, or at least as good as he thought because he’s fantastic and playing an A+ game.


    Immunity is back up for grabs! We now have two idols for the two tribes safe from the vote. For today’s challenge, one person will be your caller and the rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will lead the blindfolded pairs to retrieve three bags of puzzle pieces. Once you have all three bags, the caller will then lead one pair of blindfolded tribe members to solve the puzzle. The first two tribes to get their puzzle finished will win immunity.


    Callers will be: Desiree for Malolo, Wendell for Yanuya, and Dom for Naviti. All tribes are on their way. Wendell has guided Laurel and her partner to the first bag and they start working on it. Kellyn is working on her first bag as well. Desiree is screaming at Michael and. Kellyn has released the first bag and Donathon and Chelsea are working on the wrong bag. Chelsea and Michael are fighting over the bag and Michael gets it because it’s their bag.


    Dom is yelling directions to Donathon and Chelsea. Naviti still does not have a bag, Malolo has two bags, and Yanuya have one bag. Malolo are in the lead and they have all three bags. Desiree is leading them to the puzzle tables. Naviti is working on their third bag. Malolo has a huge lead and they are at the puzzle table. Yanuya has all three bags and Wendell leads their tribe out. Chelsea and Donathon are on their way back and Chelsea hits a post hard. Dom is now leading Naviti to the puzzle tables.


    When they get to the puzzle tables Wendell has forgotten a bag at the start and has to run all the way back to get it. Dom is guiding his tribe to start their puzzle. Jeff notes that Malolo has made no progress on their puzzle. Wendell is quickly making up time as he has their puzzle started. Desiree who couldn’t get the puzzle done on day one is now leading the puzzle on day 13. Yanuya is back in it and they are in the lead.


    Naviti is competing against Malolo now. Malolo has gotten some momentum. Jeff says it has come down to communication. Wendell has Yanuya close to winning the challenge and they have it. It’s down to Naviti and Malolo. Naviti is getting closer and so is Malolo as both are down to two pieces. Desiree is yelling frantically and Dom is yelling as well and they think they have it. Naviti has the puzzle and they win immunity. Malolo has lost and is going back to tribal council.


    Michael says that challenge was a complete and utter failure and he’s going to his fifth of six tribal councils. He says this season is about erasing curses, not creating new ones.


    At the Malolo camp it’s a somber mood and Desiree apologizes. Kellyn is emotional and Angela shakes her head. Desiree says the challenge today is the worst moment of her life. She feels like she failed and she feels like the biggest loser. Kellyn talks to Angela and Desiree about voting out James. Desiree says it’s either James or her. Desiree says because of her one of them is going home, but she’s still a player in this game. Desiree says no one has a connection to James and even though she feels like it should be her, James is going home.


    James and Michael are talking and James says Desiree choked. Michael agrees that it wasn’t Kellyn, it was all Des. James needs to talk to Angela. James says they are in a tough spot, but sometimes you’re dealt a bad hand and you have to make it work. James talks to Angela and she says it seems maybe Malolo is cursed. James tells us they moved to South Korea when he was 2 and when he turned 16 he chose to come back to the U.S. and he had to adapt to a new life, a new language, and learn how to connect with people and that prepared him for this moment.


    Angela tells James that Kellyn and Desiree do have a close relationship and she’s probably on the bottom. She says look what happened last time. James says if she works with him he promises she will not be on the bottom of anything. Angela says she does trust James and this game is all about relationships. She talks about her military experience and her personal struggles and being alone. She was raised to focus on everyone else’s happiness and now she’s focused on her. She asks if he and Michael are on the same line and James says yes. Angela says they definitely have to move forward with strength. Angela would like to stay loyal to Naviti, but she has to look out for her first and decide what will get her further in the game.


    Angela and Kellyn are talking and Kellyn says when they were together with the old Naviti on the Malolo tribe they stuck together and there was no question about it. Angela says what are your thoughts now and Kellyn says she’s hoping she wants to work with her. Kellyn thought Angela would be willing to work with her and Desiree and that makes her super nervous. She could see Angela wanting to save James and come after her or Desiree.  Kellyn says they have been together the whole time and she knows her and Des will vote together and she’d love Angela to work with them. Kellyn feels more uncomfortable going into this tribal than she has the whole game.


    Kellyn tells us she has never 100% trusted Angela because she’s all over the place and she doesn’t know if Angela understands what’s going on in her own head. Someone like that is just dangerous. She prays to God this works out and tonight will tell her if Naviti has finally broken down, if it’s about orange and purple or if everything has turned brown.


    Time for tribal council. Jeff says we all know the headline, Malolo may be one of the worst tribes in terms of challenge performance. They may never win a survivor challenge as a tribe. He asks Desiree how it feels inside when you’re down and going to tribal after tribal after tribal. Desiree says when things aren’t great you get an opportunity to reflect who you are and she feels like today was her responsibility. She says what makes a winner is how you get back up after you fall.


    Jeff says James felt responsibility for a loss and he got votes and he felt he deserved them. Is it fair to vote someone out for blowing an immunity challenge? James says that’s tough because he was given a second chance and it depends what people prioritize their vote on.


    Jeff asks Kellyn the ability to win has to go through their head when making these decisions, because if you don’t win then you won’t make the merge. Kellyn says it just feels awful and it’s coming into all of their minds and she thinks they all want to win.


    Jeff asks Angela where she weighs in on this because no one wants to criticize someone who is giving their best. Angela says absolutely, and if you have that strength great. But if you step up to the plate you can’t strike out because they are expecting you to hit a home run.


    Jeff says Desiree, it can’t feel good to hear that. Desiree says it doesn’t feel good, but if they are thinking ahead and the future and strength is not something they want to go up against in individual challenges.


    Jeff tells James Desiree is throwing it right back to the group and saying maybe you need strength, but it’s a long game and there are a lot of layers to it. What do you read into that? James says Desiree has a point, but they feel like they are so close to the merge and they know how to get there.


    Jeff notes that Michael is nodding and says does he think they should just get to the merge and then decide who to vote out for strength? Michael says of course, you have to have the big picture in mind but if you don’t get close then what’s the point anyway? He wants to win and he knows everyone here wants to win and to get to the merge you have to keep the tribe strong.


    Kellyn cuts in and says the other part of this, which is crazy they made it this far into tribal council and it hasn’t come up is there are three original Naviti members and two original Malolo members. You start to play the game in your head and you look at the math and it’s not lost on her that long term relationships are just as important as brute strength.


    Jeff asks James how concerned is he that old tribal alliances are what flips the vote tonight? James says it looks dangerous for him and Michael, but when it comes to those old tribe lines, which are random anyway, you can’t be so myopic. You have to look at different types of bonds with different people. James says crossing the aisles to the other side is pretty critical he thinks.


    Jeff says Angela, that’s really interesting what James said that the tribes were random and they don’t bleed Naviti or Malolo, it’s just a buff, it opens up when and how you can make a relationship that could last. It doesn’t have to be day one. Angela says absolutely. Her being on Naviti was just a chance and every one of her original tribe voted against her. Malolo didn’t directly save her, but indirectly that’s the reason she is sitting here today.


    Jeff says curious. Just a question for all of you with a quick answer. In life typically, do you lead with your head or your heart? Angela answers head. Michael says heart. Desiree says head. James says head. Kellyn says to her, her gut is the perfect mix of her head and her heart. When you find and follow what your gut is telling you, it’s because you let your head speak a little bit and your heart speak a little bit. Find where that settles in and make your decision from there. Jeff says 36 seasons into Survivor and he’s still being taught how the game is played by the players and he loves it. It’s time to vote!


    Jeff will tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol now is the time to play it. No one moves. Time to read the votes. First vote: James. Desire. One vote each. James. Sixth person voted out of Ghost Island…James. That’s enough. James is stunned and looks down at Angela. He looks back and says great blindside and it’s been a true pleasure playing with them and best of luck.


    Well, your head, your heart, and ultimately your gut led you to vote out one of the strongest members of this tribe. Time will tell if you made the right call.


    Next time on Survivor: There's fire at Malolo. We see Desiree say they should burn the Malolo flag because it's bad juju and Michael says he could be the next to go but there could be light at the end of the tunnel. And fury at Naviti. We see Bradley say the test for him is to not be a total jerk and then we see Dom saying he's a nasty son of a gun. Donathon says the fire in his body was raging!

  16. We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Erica says she just put up Merron and Maddy and says it was hard and Merron is not her target this week, but Maddy is. Veronica thought she might get put up, but she’s not and her plan worked and she stirred the pot! Merron is pumped and ready to fight for veto. Maddy is emotional and she is ready to fight and pull herself off the block.


    Maddy is upstairs crying and Johnny comes in and comforts her. Maddy says when she gets upset she gets emotional, but if it’s seen as a weakness that works too. Olivia comes in and says it’s overwhelming until you play in the POV and then it gets better. Maddy says let them think I’m weak and not threatening and they’ll forget how passionate she is about the game.


    Ali gives Maddy a hug and they go to the WA to talk. Ali is telling Maddy she still has the POV so not to give up. Paras comes in to talk. Maddy says obviously she has work to do with the house. Maddy says she’s crying on the outside, but on the inside she’s thinking there is no way she is going home week 4.


    Johnny is in the red rose room and Merron comes in and asks what’s wrong. Johnny says he gets this is the game, but he feels bad. Merron says he thinks this is moment because he wants to win a comp and scream and cheer. Merron says this is the Big Brother experience. Johnny says Merron’s perspective is probably the best mind frame to be in. Merron says regardless of what happens he will not let his head hang low. Johnny says you could not have two more different people on the block. You have Merron who is Mr. Sunshine and Maddy who is staining his clothes with her tears. It’s so emotional and he just can’t take it anymore.


    It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Erica picks first and draws Olivia. Merron draws Alejandra and Maddy draws Ryan. Erica also selects Will to be the host of the veto competition.


    Alejandra is talking to Olivia. If she wins POV, then she wants to use it. She’d talk to Erica first. Ali says there are much bigger targets than Maddy and Merron. Olivia says Veronica is a threat in the game and she could go after anyone and she knows V was the rogue vote against her. Ali tells Olivia that she’s been passionate about getting Veronica out since she stepped foot in the house.


    It’s time for the POV competition and the HG head out to the backyard to a fishing themed competition. To start, each 6 players will have their own docks and there is “fishing line” around a series of posts. When the go is given they will be attached to one end of the fishing line and will have to wind their through the course. The first three HG to untangle their fishing line will move on to the next part.


    Erica doesn’t think she needs to win this because she’s won too many comps already. Maddy is going to win this veto to show how much of a fighter she is and how much she deserves to be there. Ryan seems to be getting dizzy and he says these vetoes are hell, just leave his chip in the bag. He’s not a comp beast, he’s a couch beast. They get squirted with water periodically through the comp. Erica says there is just something inside her where she can’t throw a comp. Erica is at her second post and Maddy is not far behind. Olivia is the first to complete and rings her bell and she is the first to move on to round two. Erica is number 2 and there is one spot left. Maddy and Alejandra are neck and neck. Maddy says that third spot is her and Ali needs to back off. Maddy finishes and makes it through to the final round.


    For Round 2 they each have a big reel in the middle of the platforms and they have to jump over to reel in their fish. The first to reel in the fish will win the POV. Olivia is tired and wants to know if she can take a break. Erica seems to have a good form. Maddy is also struggling. Erica says this competition is harder than it looks and it’s even harder to throw against these lame competitors. Erica is taking deep breaths and she stops to fix her ponytail. Maddy says Erica looks like she’s about to be sick and she feels bad for her…not.


    Maddy is struggling but she wants the veto and the other HG are encouraging all three girls to keep going. Erica finally reels in her fish and she has won the POV! She says she won the POV which means she has complete control and she also has people to talk to. Maddy says am I happy for Erica? No. But am I happy for her? Of course! Maddy wants to talk Erica into using the POV on her. Maddy and Erica are talking in the WA and Erica says Maddy went so much harder than Merron. Erica says Maddy should be so proud of herself.


    Merron, Hamza, and Ryan are talking about whether or not Erica will use the POV. They don’t think she’ll use it and Hamza says if she does, then she has to take out a big target. Merron says he’ll be shocked if Erica uses it and Hamza says that’s a gamers move.


    Alejandra, Olivia, Veronica, and Erica are talking about music in the HOH. Veronica leaves and Olivia immediate pitches taking down Maddy and putting up Veronica. They are worried about who Veronica would go after in a D/E situation. Erica says she doesn’t like to BD someone, but she understands that’s the game. Erica says she wants to make sure she has the votes because if she takes the shot and Veronica stays she will come after her. Ali says this is one of those times where people look back and say they should have taken the shot. Merron comes in and Olivia asks for another couple of minutes and he says he just wanted the MP3 player.


    Johnny is talking to Alejandra about how he’s been playing such a nice game, but he’s ready to just let go and bring chaos into the house. Ali is laughing.


    Erica has her Wendy’s meal and she invites Will to join her. Erica says he’s been missing his son a little bit and maybe this will remind him of home. Erica goes to get the food and while they eat they talk about Will’s son. Will says it’s hard, but you have to remember why you’re here. Erica says it was great to connect with Will on a friendship level.


    Olivia goes and wants to talk to Veronica. Ali says her and Olivia are trying to talk Erica into backdooring Veronica, but they don’t want her to get suspicious. Olivia wants to know if there is any way to maybe work with her. Veronica tells them it’s best to vote the way Hamza wants and she feels like she owes Hamza her loyalty. She tells them it’s a good way to build trust. Ali says Veronica is buying everything they are selling right now. Veronica leaves and Olivia says she thinks we’re dumb. Ali looks at the camera and says we’re not stupid.


    Ryan goes in to talk to Erica. Erica says even though she tried to throw the veto competition, she won and now everyone is trying to influence her decision. Ryan says if it were him, he’d try to backdoor someone. We see a series of HG knocking on the door to talk to Erica and she says BB should have just put a revolving door on the HOH room.


    Erica is talking to Maddy. Maddy says she turned on the waterworks, she showed up at the comp, and she’s not done yet. She thinks Erica needs to play to her ego and she needs to pitch that if she doesn’t use veto on her it’s a weak move and a waste of her HOH. Maddy tells Erica she has to consider whether she’ll get a chance to win another HOH and if not, they will be further in the game and people may be less forthcoming with information. Will talks to Erica and she says she can’t see herself using it, but it’s not the ceremony yet.


    Erica and Hamza are talking and she says people are throwing everything at her. Erica says she doesn’t want to grow the target on her back anymore. Hamza says but if you use it, go out swinging because that will get you more respect. Hamza says there could a double coming up, and people will take a shot at her. Erica says they should, she’s a comp beast.


    Erica says today is the veto ceremony and she really has no clue what she’s going to do. She says if she takes Maddy or Merron off the block it could put more blood on her hands and she’s not sure she wants to do that. She doesn’t think Merron will hold a grudge if she leaves him on the block, but if she saves Maddy that could be a number on her side. She says everyone wants her to make the move, but is it best for her game or theirs?


    It’s time for the veto ceremony! Merron would love for her to use the veto on him because he has a lot more game to play, especially since he came in a week later than everyone else.


    Maddy says she is standing out not due to a lack of a relationship, but a game relationship. Using the veto on her will help with that relationship that has grown over the week.


    Erica has decided…to use the POV on Maddy. She says she played with a lot of heart and proved she deserved to be here. Now Erica has to name a replacement nominee and her replacement nominee is…Veronica. Erica chose her because last week she chose to play a shady game and she doesn’t respect that. Erica says Veronica thinks she’s running the house and she’s here to remind Veronica that she does not.


    Veronica says she is shocked and her game is on now more than ever. Veronica says Erica should have thought about it a little longer because she just started a war.


    Erica says she debated to make the move, but playing it safe just isn’t her style.


    Find out Thursday who will be evicted!

  17. Previously, on Big Brother Canada: The King of Chaos dropped the hammer when he nominated Olivia and Jesse. Then at a farm-tastic PoV Hamza bagged a win and kept the power to himself.

    But when Jesse called out the King, the hammer nailed a target to the stud's back.

    With the house falling in line, the writing was on the wall, but Derek couldn't read it, so Kaela spelled it out for him.

    While Olivia, the serial (cereal) floater, just drifted along, Jesse played every card he could to stay in the house.

    Then, in the dying moments before the vote, Jesse named and shamed the enemy.

    As expected, Derek backed his buddy, and in a shocker, so did Veronica. But in a nine to two tally, Jesse was jettisoned.

    Tonight, who will make history as the next HoH? And can the fallen angel [Veronica] keep her vote a secret? And who will end up on the block? It's time to raise a little hell, on Big Brother Canada!

    We pick up after the eviction with everyone wondering where the second vote to keep Jesse came from. The girls' huddle and Veronica acts shocked and demands to know who cast the vote that is causing everyone else to look shady.

    In the DR, Veronica tells us her plan to shake things up is working just as she hoped.

    It's time to crown a new Head of Household. Tonight's competition is called, "Night at the BBCAN Museum." Earlier, the HGs got to walk through the BB Hall of Fame Museum where they got to see three former BBCAN HG legends reenacting iconic moments from past seasons of BBCAN. The current HGs had just minutes to memorize details from the museum reenactment displays.

    Arisa: "You will now be tested on how much you remember from these exhibits. The answer to each question will be either 'A' or 'B'. If you answer incorrectly you will be eliminated from the competition. The last HG standing will become the new HoH."

    First question: "What was the name on the envelope that Ika was holding in her hand?" A for Neta, B for Jon. The answer was Jon Pardy. Everyone was correct.

    Next question: In Sabrina's display, which hand did she have pointed up in the air? The answer was right. Merron and Will were wrong and they are eliminated.

    Next question: True or False, Kevin had the veto around his neck in his exhibit? The answer is false, everyone is correct.

    Next question: True or False, the title of Sabrina's exhibit was "Sabrina Delivers Good TV" Kaela, Veronica, Johnny, and Olivia were wrong and eliminated.

    From the DR, Paras tells us she knows all the answers but it's too early in the game for her to start looking like a threat, so she's going to throw this HoH.

    Next question: On the table behind Ika, how many envelopes did not have stamps on them? A for two, or B for three? Paras picks B, the answer is A. We now have Erica, Maddy, and Alejandra remaining in the competition.

    Next question: How many times did we hear the clip of Sabrina saying, "You want good TV?" A = 3, B = 4. The correct answer was B, but everyone answered A, so everyone remains in the contest.

    Next question: How many times did the word "triple" appear on Kevin's plaque? A for 2, B for 3? The correct answer is B, three times. Maddy got it wrong and was eliminated.

    Erica, Ali, and Derek are all still in the competition in a three-way tie.

    In the tie-breaker question, the players have chalkboards. The answer will be a number, and the contestant that comes closest without going over will be the winner.

    The tiebreaker question: "At the end of the competition, 'Handle With Care,' was how many pieces of fruit were successfully passed across the backyard to the other side in total? The correct answer was 206. Erica guessed 150, Derek: 420, Ali: 243. Erica is the new HoH.

    From the DR, Erica tells us it is now time to get down to business, "Tonight has just proven there are some major trust issues in the house, and now that I'm HoH I need to figure out exactly who I can trust, and what kind of move I plan on making in this game."

    In the red room, the girls assure Derek that he has nothing to worry about, that Erica has bigger targets to go after. They assume that Ryan will be going on the block.

    Meanwhile, in the white room, Merron and William try to figure out what Erica's agenda might be.

    From the DR, Merron tells us that on a personal level, he and Erica get along very well, "but from a game perspective, I'm not very sure where her head's at."

    The girls, including Erica, talk about how certain they are that Veronica was the hinky vote. They tell Erica they'll support whatever decision she makes regarding the nominations.

    Hamza asks Ryan if he thinks the hinky vote was cast be the same person he's thinking of. Kaela says Ryan thinks it was her, and Ryan says he thinks it was Kaela too, "I can tell you why I feel like you and Derek feel isolated from the house and that you are targets. So, by sitting in a room and telling everybody you're not going to vote for Jesse, it makes everyone else distrust one and other, which may take the focus off you."

    Ryan asks if Kaela thinks he was the hinky vote and she replies, "Part of me does, just because you're the one saying it's someone else." Ryan says he understands the point of a rogue vote, but it wasn't his.


    Kaela adds again the rogue vote wasn’t hers and Ryan says he’d rather it be Kaela for a strategic reason than think someone else is lying to everyone’s face. Kaela says someone else is lying. Upstairs, Veronica goes into the WA and she tells us her rogue vote is doing exactly what she wanted it to do: make everyone question everyone else. She then does a little dance meant to show she stirred the pot. She says the house is completely flipped upside down right now and she’s loving every minute of it.


    Paras tells us everyone doesn’t know who the second vote was and the house is a mess because everyone is freaking out. Will is talking to Paras and he’s questioning her and he’s not sure if he can trust her. Paras says she thinks someone did it to stir the pot. Veronica comes into the SR where Will and Paras are and Paras asks for a minute. Will and Paras are bickering about her loyalty and it turns into an argument over Paras talking loudly. Paras says she doesn’t like Will questioning her loyalty and her character.


    Paras goes up to the red rose room where Veronica is laying down and Paras is venting to Veronica about Will questioning her. Alejandra comes in and asks what’s going on and Veronica says everyone is just freaking out over the vote. Paras says Will is not someone she cares enough about to allow him to talk to her like that.


    Who wants to see Erica’s HOH room? She has pictures of her girlfriend and her family. She gets a stuffed elephant from her girlfriend, Shea and she starts to get emotional. They got Catchphrase from Hasbro.


    Erica sits down for her video:


    It’s her girlfriend, Shea and she says “Hi Babe! Congratulations on your HOH win! I am so proud of you, you deserve this so much. I watch you every day on the live feeds morning to night, at work, at the gym, it’s pretty much on 24/7. I miss you so much and life is not the same without you. It honestly kind of sucks. For now, enjoy your week as an HOH! I love you to the moon and back, forever and always. I cannot wait to see you! I’ll talk to you very, very soon. I love you babe!


    Erica says seeing the video is so overwhelming. It’s all the more motivation she needs, but obviously it’s hard to see someone you love so much that you just want to be with all of the time.


    Maddy says every week with the family videos, it’s great to see someone’s family member in front of them. But it’s impossible to forget they haven’t seen their own families. Maddy is downstairs crying and Olivia goes to comfort Maddy. Maddy says it’s not about her though, it’s about Erica and her win. Olivia says she understands it’s hard not to get frustrated though. They talk about who their family videos might be from if they got HOH.


    Will and Paras are outside talking and Will apologizes for being a jerk. Paras says she understands. She just doesn’t want Will to question her loyalty. Will says if Paras were up against Maddy or Veronica, he’d take her down. Will says no one has ever brought Paras’s name up to him, but Maddy’s name has been brought up to him. Will says she always walks in on people’s conversations and she’s getting herself in trouble. Paras says Maddy is making herself a target and that worries her a lot because she’s tight with Maddy and Will.


    Erica and Merron are talking in the HOH room. Merron is trying to figure out where Erica’s head is at because a lot of people are uncertain what she’s going to do. Erica says there are a few people she doesn’t know about, but with Merron, she is obsessed with him as a person, but they never talk game. That worries her a little bit and she’s basing her decision on people who she doesn’t know where they stand. And she tells him his name on the short list. She says there is one person she really wants on the block and the other person will be there to fill a chair.


    Erica tells us she is considering using Merron as a pawn because he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone and he doesn’t have many close relationships so it won’t make waves in the house. She’d love for him to win veto and there might be a bigger move in the works. Merron tells us Erica is considering putting him on the block and he thinks it’s a weak move because he’s not gunning for her and she knows that.


    Erica got to invite some friends to play Catchphrase and there is fruit to snack on. She invited Maddy, Ryan, Alejandra, Olivia, and Johnny. Erica says Ali is carrying the team, she’s really good at the game.


    Paras, Will, and Maddy are in the white rose room and Paras is looking forward to a relaxed week. Maddy says her relationship is blossoming, but she knows there are better relationships in the house. Maddy is concerned because she’s not sure if their relationship is enough to keep her off the block.


    Erica and Hamza are talking and Erica says they could beast through the house. Hamza says he has her until the end and she says the same. Erica tells us she is close with Hamza and he’s someone she feels like she can trust to discuss nominations with. Hamza is trying to convince Erica to put him on the block to stack the veto and Erica isn’t going for it. Erica wants to keep as many straight shooters as she can because she wants someone who will come at her from the front and not the back. Erica does not want to risk Hamza going home because the HG are too fickle.


     Erica pitches putting up Maddy and Hamza says that’s a waste of an HOH. Erica asks who else besides that and then she asks how he feels about Veronica. Hamza says she’s a bit of a wild card and that’s a great game move, but she’s a strong player so if Erica is going to take a shot then she has to win. Hamza tells her if she takes out Veronica that’s a huge target.


    Veronica wants to talk to Erica and reassure her she can trust her. Veronica thinks it would be a great move for them to work together. They discuss the rogue vote and Erica tells Veronica that Jesse told her V would vote for him. Veronica is still denying it and says what would be the point of me doing that? Veronica says she’s stronger and faster than a lot of other people in the house and if they stick together they could run the house. Veronica says she is willing to put herself on the line in comps to keep Erica safe. Erica tells us she is 100% convinced the rogue vote is Veronica and she’s been lying to everyone’s face.


    Alejandra and Erica and Erica is telling Alejandra she’s convinced the rogue vote is Veronica. Erica tells Ali that she is getting Veronica to think she believes her to get more information because she wants to see how far V will go with a lie. Ali says she is dangerous. Erica tells us it’s clear to her that Veronica not only poses a huge threat to her game, but the gave of the entire house. But what’s not so clear is if she should be the one to take her out of the game. Erica tells Ali if she takes that shot and it doesn’t land then she screws her own game. Ali says it would be sick if Erica gets Veronica out this week.


    Maddy tells us Erica being HOH this week makes her nervous because they don’t have a strong game connection and they both know that. Maddy wants to get in her ear before nominations. Erica tells Maddy she feels like she’s going to put her up and there’s nothing wrong with what they have, it’s just not where others are. Maddy says she’s disappointed this is the result because she feels like things could get better. Maddy tells Erica she doesn’t have to pit them against each other and she never wanted strong women to be against strong women. Maddy thinks her and Erica on the same team would be a shock to everyone and she doesn’t think it’s ideal for either of them for Maddy to go home. Erica appreciates that and she is listening. Maddy says she hopes she doesn’t see her name on the screen, but if it is it draws a line and she doesn’t want that. Maddy says if she sees her name on the screen, Erica has no idea how vengeful she can be and if she crosses that line there is no forgiveness for her.


    Erica heads to the throne room and she says now that she’s HOH it’s time to start putting plans in motion, not just for this week but for weeks to come. Now she has to decide if she wants to make big and rash moves, or something safer that still benefits her.


    She’s considering Merron as a nomination because they got a late start in forming a relationship and they have no game relationship at all.


    She’s considering Maddy because she’s playing a game she doesn’t understand or respect and she doesn’t want to play with people like that.


    She’s considering nominating Hamza because he’s interested in being on the block and that could be good for her if they pull out the veto win and secure control for the week.


    She’s considering nominating Veronica because she’s sure she’s lying about last week’s vote and she can’t work with dishonest people and she could be dangerous to her game.


    This is the first time she’s had to get her hands dirty in the game and she wants to make sure it’s worth something.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Erica has nominated Merron and Maddy. Erica chose to nominate Merron because even though their personal relationship has begun to develop, their game relationship hasn’t. Erica has chosen to nominate Maddy because she is an extremely social player and that coupled with their own lack of game chats has left her wondering where her head is at. She respects them both as people and players and she expects them to kick butt in the POV.


    Merron says he’s pumped to be on the block. It’s part of the Big Brother experience and he’s ready to go out and win the POV and take his fate into his own hands.


    Maddy says Erica did exactly what she would have done in her position. She respects the move, but she won’t forget the move either.

  18. Tonight, the final battles will be fought. The toughest decisions will be made. And one last artist will be stolen. Before the artists take the stage, they’ll get coaching from some of the best in the business. They will create some of the best battles of the season. The biggest and most exciting round of the battles yet…concludes tonight!


    Let’s meet Adam’s first battle pairing of the night, Stephanie Skipper vs Jackie Verna. Adam has given them the song These Dreams by Heart. Julie loves Jackie’s twang she had in her voice, and Stephanie when she hit the high notes it was almost like Celine Dion.


    At their stage rehearsal, Adam notes how hard Stephanie and Jackie worked. He’s pretty blown away and he says it’s cool to see people grow in front of your eyes.


    Stephanie and Jackie take the stage to perform These Dreams by Heart. Blake congratulates them and he felt like that song didn’t fit in either of their wheelhouses, but because of that they each got to take a moment to showcase what they can do. Blake says it was even, but if he had to choose he’d go with Jackie. Kelly says she felt like the both captured country via Heart. Kelly says she’d probably pick Stephanie, but she thinks both singers are pretty fantastic.


    Alicia says she loves that song and Stephanie has more of an awareness of who she is and Jackie has raw, untapped talent that’s ready to evolve. Adam says this song was a huge challenge and they both did a fantastic job. Adam says the growth he seen in Jackie was astounding, but they are both incredible singers and that was an amazing duet. Adam says sometimes this boils down to a feeling and the winner of this battle is…Jackie.


    It’s time to meet our next artist’s, Livia Faith vs Terrence Cunningham. Alicia has given them the song Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Alicia asks Terrence how he feels about playing the song. Shawn says the second Terrence’s hands touched the piano his vocals opened up because he felt calmer. Shawn says the creativity level with those two is through the roof and there is going to be a beautiful connection to happen on stage.


    Alicia says Livia and Terrence really worked on this piece and it’s really a beautiful moment. She says she’s in a reverie right now and this is going to be a really hard choice for her. It’s going to be about what gives her the chills.


    Livia and Terrence take the stage to perform Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Adam says Terrence is a ridiculous musician and an incredible singer and Livia came out and surprised everyone because she held her own. Adam says she’s a diamond in the rough. Kelly says Livia has a story teller kind of voice and she thinks Terrence was so respectful during the performance and they did a good job together as a team.


    Blake says he didn’t even feel like he was at the Voice. They worked so hard on creating a moment together, it was hard to separate the two of them. Alicia says they are both complete individuals. She says Livia revealed herself in that battle and was really impressive. Alicia says Terrence draws people in in a quiet way that’s really powerful. Alicia has to decide the winner and she says it’s the most difficult battle to choose from. The winner of this battle is…Terrence.


    As the night went on, the battles continued to impress our coaches. We see Angel Bonilla vs Gary Edwards from Team Adam who sang When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Adam says Gary went above and beyond and he’s the winner of the battle.


    Next, we see Austin Giorgio vs Brett Hunter from Team Blake and they perform Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul. Blake thanked them both working so hard and it came down to which one of these two could move forward and not let the pressure get to them. The winner of this battle is Austin.


    From Team Kelly, Alexa Capelli WAS paired with Hannah Goebel, but unfortunately Hannah Goebel had to leave for personal reasons so Alexa performed the song Pray by Sam Smith solo.


    The final battle pairing of the season from Team Blake is Dallas Caroline vs Spensha Baker. Blake has given them the song I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris. Blake says Dallas is a very accurate vocalist. Trace says of all the performances he saw, Spensha was his favorite. Trace says some of the things Spensha did at the end made him smile. Trace tells them on the verses to maybe be a touch behind the beat.


    #VOICE Dallas and Spensha take the stage and sing I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris. Kelly says Dallas is a tiny little package with a huge voice and all she needs is confidence and Spensha has an undeniable, huge presence. Kelly would go with Spensha if she had to pick. Alicia says she could sense nerve from Dallas, but she did her thing and Spensha has unlimited abilities and that was so special. Alicia might go with Dallas.


    Adam says Dallas an untapped potential and that’s hard to not want to discover. Adam says Spensha has a chameleon aspect which is really special and they are both fantastic. Blake says Dallas is a great singer and she stepped up to the plate. Blake says Spensha has the opportunity to blow the minds of Nashville and turn the country music industry on it’s ear. Blake says there isn’t a clear winner. Blake has to choose a winner and the winner is…Spensha.


    Carson reminds them Dallas is available to steal and before Dallas gets a chance to talk to Blake, Alicia hits her button. Alicia says she sees something special in her and she can help her explore what she wants to say. Dallas has joined Team Alicia!


    Next week, the Knock-out rounds are about to change the game because each coach can now keep one artist from leaving their team with…The Save!

  19. Tonight, week 2 of the battles begins. Helping to create some of the greatest battles in Voice history will be, Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels, Trace Adkins, and Hailee Steinfeld. With the Knock-outs looming, every decision will be impactful, and every steal will be crucial. The battles continue right now!


    Tonight’s first battle pairing will be from Team Blake, Kaleb Lee vs Pryor Baird. Blake gave them the song Don’t Do Me Like That by Tom Petty. Trace says Pryor has a voice that gets your attention and Blake says Kaleb is a great country vocalist. Blake gives Kaleb notes on phrasing and gives notes to Pryor tips on breath control and scaling back to let it build. Trace says they are doing it like a duet and it’s cool and to go out and do this song like a tribute.


    Blake says being able to go into rehearsals and see what’s happening is helpful so they can see what’s going on and give them a little edge before the battle. Blake says they really took his notes and they are doing great. Blake says Kaleb and Pryor are blowing his mind because something has built up inside of them and now it’s all coming out.


    Kaleb and Pryor take the stage to perform Don’t Do Me Like That by Tom Petty and both gentlemen are playing guitars. Kelly says that was real good and they both have such cool tones. Kelly says it was an evenly matched battle. Alicia says that was such fun and they both had a vibrant energy. Alicia would go with Kaleb. Adam says Pryor is a beastly man, but Kaleb has a certain subtleness to what he does.


    Blake says both Pryor and Kaleb have put music to the side and it’s shocking because of how talented they are. Blake says Kaleb stepped up to it and Pryor came out here and he is for real and he brought again. Blake says this is the suckiest part of this job for him. The winner of the battle is…Pryor.


    Kaleb tells Blake he’s so grateful and thankful the opportunity. As he starts to walk off, Kelly hits her button. Kaleb is joining Team Kelly.


    The next battle pairing is from Team Adam, Mia Boostrom vs Genesis Diaz. Adam has given them the song Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. Julia liked Mia’s deep tone which you don’t hear too often. Adam says Genesis can pierce through a band, she has a very strong tone. Adam tells them to sing back and forth because it’s important for him to hear each of them. Julia says they both have really intense, soulful vibratos and that’s very unique. Julia tells them to figure out a way to make it their own and put themselves in it.


    At rehearsals, Adam says there are always variables that can happen and they both have to do the best they can to get past them and put their best on the stage. Adam says this will come down to confidence and who breaks through on the song. He thinks Kelly will love it.


    Mia and Genesis take the stage to perform Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. Blake says they are both great singers and hearing them perform that song made him realize how hard that song was. Blake would pick Mia as the winner. Alicia says Mia is more earthy and Mia is a lioness and she thinks the song better suited Mia. Kelly loved hearing the song and she says Genesis is a piston and she’s ready for Pat Benatar. She also felt the song was better suited for Mia and she had some low ends that she would die for.


    Adam says he loved how almost out of control Genesis was, where Mia has control and excellence when it comes to technical singing. What they both have, he loves and it makes this decision difficult. Adam is thinking hard and says the winner…of this battle…is Mia.


    Next, we have Team Kelly’s pairing of Justin Kilgore vs Molly Stevens. Kelly gave them the song of Burning House by Cam. Hailee says Molly’s voice was so captivating. It had the ability to make you hold on to every word she sang. Kelly says Justin is an old school country voice she loves, but he’s also go this R&B thing too. Kelly says there are not country males doing what Justin can do with his voice. Kelly tells Molly to not get too introspective, but to look out at the audience or Justin.


    At rehearsals, Kelly says the winner needs to connect to the song. She wants Justin and Molly to be believable. Kelly advises them not to be too rigid. Kelly says this song is about the body language and owning it while they are performing.


    Justin and Molly take the stage to sing Burning House by Cam. Alicia says there was a real tenderness between them that was beautiful. Alicia says this is a tough one for her, but she’d probably pick Molly. Adam says he appreciates they made him feel something, it was a nice moment. Adam says he would probably go with Justin, but no one sings like Molly.


    Blake says he turned his chair for both of them. Blake says Justin’s voice probably fit better with the song and with Molly it’s odd to hear her go soft to hard. He was impressed by that and he would go with Molly. Kelly says their voices are very different, but they are both so emotional. Kelly says Molly has this Melissa Etheridge greatness to her and Justin is an untapped well with something waiting to come out. Kelly is having difficulty choosing the winner, but she goes with…Justin.


    Our next pairing is Miya Bass vs Drew Cole from Team Adam. Adam has given them the song Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Adam says Drew has a voice that can be on the radio now or 40 years ago, he has a timeless voice. Julia says what makes Miya special is her range because it’s really cool she can go from the very bottom of her range to the very top. Adam wants to change the arrangement a little and he says Axl Rose gave his version a lot of pizazz.


    Julie says for Drew and Miya, it’s going to take them both to make this song as unique as possible. Julie says it’s nice they both have their own identities in the song and this is going to be a tough one for Adam. At rehearsals, Adam says this is a song that’s going to boil down to the performance and the urgency of it. Adam says there has been more growth in this duo than any other. Adam gives some final advice on note selection and control.


    Drew and Miya take the stage to sing Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Blake says that didn’t feel like a battle but a Grammy performance. Blake says that was an obvious choice for Drew and Miya was creative with it, but still honored the original. He would probably go with Miya. Kelly says Drew has a voice that has a story teller vibe and the freedom that Miya performs with is amazing. Kelly regrets not turning for Miya in the blinds.


    Alicia says it was fantastic to see two different interpretations of the same song. Alicia says that song was in Drew’s wheelhouse and Miya made that her own. Alicia says it doesn’t matter what she thinks, all that matters is what Adam thinks. Adam says the two of them encapsulate everything he loves about music. Adam congratulates them on making this a special moment and making him proud. They both did an 11 out of 10 and he’s going to choose as the winner…Drew.


    Miya thanks Adam it was thanks to him she made it this far and she thanks everyone. Alicia hits her button. Cason says Miya is stunned. Alicia says she was waiting and waiting and here she comes. Alicia can’t wait to explore things that are unexpected. Miya is joining Team Alicia!


    Time to meet Blake’s battle pairing of Jordan Kirkdorffer vs Wilkes. Blake has given them the song Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton. Blake tells Jordan to own the song with his sound and be him. Trace says Wilkes has been doing this awhile and he has a lot of confidence. Blake says this is in Wilkes wheelhouse, but he tells him not to get too comfortable with it.


    Trace says sometimes it’s the right time for things to happen like Chris Stapleton. Trace says Wilkes is very conversational and that’s something you can’t teach people. He says Jordan has a really good range and control and he thinks this will be the toughest call for Blake because there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner between the two. At rehearsals, Blake says Wilkes is in his wheelhouse, but Jordan has taken extra steps to make this fit in his lane. Blake this is going to be a tough decision and one of the other coaches could steal one of his better artists.


    Jordan and Wilkes take the stage to perform Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton and Wilkes plays the guitar. Kelly says Jordan’s style is so on point and Wilkes has a cool vibe. If she had to pick one, she doesn’t know. Alicia says that was really electric and she loved Jordan’s energy and Wilkes is a little more husky and raw. Alicia would choose Wilkes.


    Adam tells Jordan that Wilkes is one of his favorites and he’s a huge fan of him, but Jordan is a fantastic singer. Blake says they worked their butts off on that and did a great job. Blake says Jordan took every note that was given to him and he nailed it and he has a great energy. Blake says Wilkes has an energy to him to, just in a different way. They both delivered a perfect performance. Blake says he just has to make a gut decision and the winner of this battle is…Wilkes.


    Our final battle of the night is from Team Alicia, Britton Buchanan vs Jaclyn Lovey. Alicia has given them the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Alicia gives tips on phrasing and Shawn says Jaclyn did a couple of falsetto breaks and they were nice and she should let them shine. Shawn says she has a beautiful tone. Shawn tells Britton to smile because it will help him calm down. Alicia says Britton can push himself and reach notes he thinks he can’t reach.


    At rehearsals, Alicia says Jaclyn seems comfortable and she’s owning it and Britton sounds great too and they complement each other because they are different. She’s going to make this decision based on who makes this song their own and who’s ready for the next step.


    Britton and Jaclyn take the stage to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Adam says he blames Blake for not getting a shot at Britton in the blinds, and Jaclyn is a revelation to him. Blake says both of their performances and stage presence is timeless. Kelly thinks Britton is an insane vocalist, but she thinks they are underestimating Jaclyn. Kelly says if she had a steal, she’d be stealing Jaclyn if she were up for grabs.


    Alicia says she is so proud of them. She says Britton has such a lived in voice and that’s something that is so powerful and she was far better than he was in rehearsal. Alicia says she is a fan of Jaclyn’s voice and she makes people feel there is a sweetness in the world. The winner of this battle…is Britton.


    Jaclyn thanks Alicia and says she taught her so many things and she’s just thankful for the opportunity. Blake hits his button to steal. Blake says she reminds him of a young Cher. Jaclyn has now joined Team Blake!

  20. We pick up after the POV ceremony. Jesse tells us he had no choice, Hamza swore on his fiances life that he’d save him and he went back on his word. He had to let people know. Hamza says Jesse brought his wife into the game and he thinks he’s so slick. He says keep the game, game and don’t make it personal. Olivia says now that Jesse has made a scene, she can just sit back and let him dig his grave a little deeper.


    Will and Hamza are talking and Hamza says he’s disrespectful and he was fine with the speech until he made it personal. He says it made it so much easier to vote him out. All Hamza has to do is sit in his HOH room and chill.


    Maddy asks if Jesse planned that and Jesse asks how she felt about the speech. Maddy doesn’t know if that was smart or if it put a bigger target on his back. Jesse says it might not have been smarter but if they feel more comfortable siding with him over Hamza, then they should do. Jesse says it’s a win win to keep him around. Maddy says she doesn’t know.


    Merron says as HOH, you get your own bed, an MP3 player, and when someone else wins HOH he wants to see what they have on their MP3 players because that’s how he’s going to judge them. Merron says Hamza has the fire on the music player.


    Paras tells Derek she doesn’t know about this. Derek says they have the votes, they have him, Kaela, and Paras so that’s three. Derek says Hamza is the one who brought his wife into the game. Paras says she’ll see how it works out. Derek says we know we’ll be here next week, but we want to go as far as we can. We’re playing the game now.


    Kaela is in the red rose room changing and Derek comes in and says Olivia never talks to him, but she told him today nice sweater. Kaela says Derek is getting emotional over Jesse. Kaela tells him not to ruin his game over Jesse. Kaela is not going to ruin her game if the house chooses to throw Jesse out. Kaela says if Olivia gets HOH next week, they will be up. Kaela says she isn’t here to protect anyone else except for her and Derek.


    Arisa says Hamza was HOH this week and by the end of the night, the house will send either Jesse or Olivia packing. A few days ago it was Veronica’s birthday and the HG wanted to make a cake and do something special, but it got out of hand.


    They have yellow balloons and they bring Veronica in blindfolded. She wants to know if Will is going to strip for her and he says Magic Will. Alejandra says hang on everyone, this party is about to get weird. The HG are in the hot tub and they are playing truth or dare. It’s a lot of daring the girls to kiss each other.


    Upstairs in the WA, Jesse is talking to Olivia and he’s saying he likes a girly girl, the make-up and hair. They start talking about why Jesse is target. Olivia says she’s been trying to keep from getting distracted by Jesse and she is trying to keep herself from toughing him. It’s not personal, it’s just her trying to play the game. Jesse looks frustrated and Olivia says they had chemistry at the start, but she backed off because he can be persuaded so easily. Then Paras wonders in and back out. Jesse and Olivia stare at each other and then Jesse says ok, let’s hit the hot tub.


    Kaela, Paras, Veronica, and Erica are talking about their make-out session. Kaela says Veronica was her first make out with a girl and Veronica says she’s a great kisser. Kaela says tell that to Derek. Erica says girls are much better kissers than guys.


    Will, Paras, Kaela, and Maddy are talking and Will tells them Hamza wants Jesse out. Paras says Hamza already put up who wanted to target. Kaela says Hamza doesn’t get a vote. Paras says they aren’t there to play Hamza’s game, Paras doesn’t get why Hamza wants to switch anyway.


    Arisa says before we get to the vote, let’s see how they handle the task of cleaning a very dirty house. Merron calls everyone to the living room. He reads that it’s time to put their cleaning skills and their dancing skills to the test. When the music plays they must clean and dance. If they complete the task, they will get a tasty reward. Paras says this is pretty cool, but she’s kind of tired of it already. They are complaining about they are exhausted and their heads hurt. The music ends and they said it wasn’t easy but they rocked out. Their reward is to order from Skip the Dishes. The delivery guy rings the doorbell, enters, and reveals their food. The HG thank Big Brother and dig in.


    Alejandra and Olivia are talking and Ali says she thinks Olivia is ok. Olivia doesn’t want to campaign because she thinks it’s tacky and it seems like begging. She wants to keep her pride. Olivia goes to talk to Maddy and Maddy says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet, but it’s cool Olivia did come and talk to her.


    Hamza and Jesse go to the HOH room and Jesse tells us he’s at a point where he’ll say or do anything to stay in the game. Hamza tells him he has a few who will vote however he wants them to. Jesse says if he stays and wins HOH, he’s willing to put up whoever Hamza wants. Jesse says he knows Hamza wants a big move, but that only last temporarily. Hamza tells Jesse he respects Jesse coming to him. Veronica comes in and Jesse continues his pitch by saying he doesn’t want to be affiliated with big targets in the house. He’d work with them and he thinks they should trust him 100%. Hamza says if we keep you, then you have to put up the showmances. Jesse says done and Hamza says you’re ok with that? Jesse says they are good people, but whatever. They have to go at some point. Veronica says that was the smartest thing he’s ever said. Jesse says he was playing for the wrong team.


    Jesse is in the red rose room talking to Paras, Maddy, Kaela, and Derek and he’s telling them they are screwed if they vote him out. He tells them there’s a tight four on the other side with Hamza and they are gunning for Derek next.


    It’s time to check in and get the live vote. Olivia thanks everyone for her being there and she tells the HG she wants to stay and play. Jesse talks to the group he previously talked to and tells them to put the plan in an action and keep him.


    It’s time to vote!


    Merron votes to evict Jesse.

    Derek votes to evict Olivia.

    Alejandra votes to evict Jesse.

    Maddy votes to evict Jesse.

    Paras votes to evict Jesse.

    Veronica votes to evict Olivia.

    Kaela votes to evict Jesse.

    Will votes to evict Jesse.

    Ryan votes to evict Jesse.

    Erica votes to evict Jesse.

    Johnny votes to evict Jesse.

    With a vote of 9-2 Jesse has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


    Arisa says tough break! She says you went from completely safe to evicted. What happened? Jesse says he spoke all the logic he could to those people, but they didn’t want to hear it.


    Arisa says Veronica and Derek voted to keep him, but the others didn’t. Why do you think that was? Jesse says he knew Veronica was because she told him she would and he was banking on it. But Kaela and Paras wouldn’t commit.


    The HG go into the backyard and there are three “displays” set up with three former HG, Ika, Sabrina, and Kevin. The HG are screaming and excited. Derek doesn’t understand why everyone is so excited. There are plaques in front of the “displays” and they are trying to memorize what they are wearing and the “rooms” around them. They only had 5 minutes to look at the displays.


    It’s time for the HOH comp!


    What was the name on the envelope that Ika was holding in her hand? The answer was Jon. Everyone was correct.


    In Sabrina’s display, which hand did she have pointed up in the air? The answer was right. Merron and Will were wrong and they are eliminated.


    Kevin had the veto around his neck, true or false? Answer is false, everyone is correct.


    That’s all for tonight! Join us Monday to find out who is the new HOH! And next week is a Double Elimination!

  21. We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Hamza tells us he put up Olivia because the whole house wanted her up. Then he shocked the house by putting Jesse on the block. It’s time to break up the popular kids who had it too easy for too long. He’s tired of them controlling the votes. Jesse is pissed that he’s nominated. He didn’t know until a minute before the ceremony. We see Derek talking to Jesse and Jesse saying it doesn’t make sense to nominate him. Jesse says he had no time to talk to Hamza and this doesn’t make sense.


    Jesse thought they made an alliance and he doesn’t know what Hamza is doing. On the inside he is freaking out a little. He wants to talk to Hamza and see if he’s the target or if there’s another plan. Hamza tells Jesse if it’s close in a POV he’ll bow out and let him have it. Hamza tells us he’s just telling Jesse what he wants to hear. He doesn’t know who his target is and he wants to see how Jesse handles the pressure. Jesse leaves and Hamza whispers shots fired.


    Olivia goes and talks to Hamza and says she totally gets his decision and it makes complete sense. She tells him if she wins, then she’s going to take herself off. She asks if Hamza wins veto if he’s going to keep it the same and he says he has a bigger plan. He wants to see how the veto plays out, but he’s not here to do what the house wants. He wishes her luck and if she takes herself off, then it makes his plan easier.


    Paras is talking to Jesse and she says she’s afraid Hamza would take Olivia off and put Derek next to him. Jesse says Hamza is an idiot. Paras tells us she has been playing both sides, but now that Jesse is on the block she’s kind of freaked out. She says wake up Jesse, you’re a target! Jesse tells Paras about the alliance he made with Hamza along with Derek and Will. Jesse tells Paras he’s good, he’s not worried, everything works out. Paras says Jesse! You should be worried!


    Derek goes to talk to Hamza and Hamza tells him that move was not meant to be a shot at him. Derek wants to know if Hamza is wins veto if he’s going to take Jesse down and Hamza says yes. Derek says I don’t want to ask you to swear on Caroline and Hamza says I will. Hamza tells us if Derek wants to bring his fiance’s name into the game, then he’ll tell him what he wants to hear.


    Will peeks in and leaves and they call him in. Hamza tells us he’s telling Derek Jesse is safe, but no one is safe. He’s trying to cause as much chaos and confusion as possible. Will comes in and Hamza says if they’re going to be in an alliance together they have to keep it low key and take jabs at each other. Will says ok and Derek says he feels a lot better. Derek leaves. Will asks Hamza if he was just feeding Derek bull. Hamza says the best case scenario is to leave nominations the same and make up their mind later in the week who they want to get out. It’s time to sit back and eat hummus and watch what happens.


    Jesse, Derek, and Kaela are talking and Kaela says she thinks Hamza wants to backdoor someone, her or Derek next to Jesse. Derek doesn’t think so. Derek recaps his conversation with Hamza to Jesse and Kaela and Jesse says that doesn’t make sense. Derek says Hamza has never waivered that Olivia was the target and Kaela says it’s a game and you say anything. Alejandra comes in and Jesse says he just doesn’t understand the noms at all and she says she doesn’t either. Jesse says well Big Brother is starting, start your engines.


    It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Hamza draws Derek’s name. Olivia draws Ryan. Jesse draws Erica. Hamza chooses Maddy to be the host.


    Jesse, Hamza, and Derek all go into the catacombs and Jesse says it doesn’t make sense to go after each other. Hamza says if we all suck and don’t win veto, Olivia still goes home.


    It’s time for the veto competition! We have a garden in the backyard and there are balls frozen in ice. Maddy comes out dressed as a tomato. The HG have to run across a balance beam and some vegetables to “the other guys” freezer and use a tool to chip through the block of ice to free their ball. Once they have their ball they have to run back and throw it to knock down targets in their garden. After they knock down 4 targets, they can search their garden for a key to unlock a larger tool. The first HG to knock down all of their targets wins the power of veto. AND, Wendy’s will also give the winning HG $5,000.


    They are all over at the freezer chipping away. Olivia says she’s stronger than the average woman and she isn’t make much progress. Erica says the guys are ice cold psychos. Hamza is the first to get a ball free. Hamza throws his ball three times before knocking down his first target. Jesse makes it across and he gets his first target. Hamza and Jesse go back to get another ball and Derek knocks down his first target.


    Derek tells us Hamza swore Jesse was safe, but he wants to win this to take his boy off the block. Hamza has his second ball. Hamza and Jesse both have their second ball and Olivia is frustrated because she’s still on her first ball. Ryan says Hamza is a mad man as he gets his first ball. Hamza has his third ball. Ryan gets his first target and says someone pass him a bacon cheeseburger already and he will call it a day.


    Hamza knocks down his third target. Jesse gets his third. Hamza comes back and gets his fourth target and Jesse is right behind. Jesse starts searching for the key in the garden because he thinks the bigger tool will help him take home the win. Hamza has another ball and has knocked down his fifth target and he has two more. Jesse says Hamza is running away with the veto and he needs to find that key.


    Jesse is still looking for his key and he tells us he needs to take this risk to make up some time. Hamza gets another ball and he knocks it down and he has one target left. Jesse can’t believe it and says searching for that key was a huge waste of time. Jesse says his only choice is to burn through the course and try and catch up. Jesse has a ball and Hamza has his final ball. Olivia is hoping Hamza wins and takes her down and puts a bigger target up next to Jesse. Both Jesse and Hamza miss their targets. They both miss a second time. Hamza hits his last target and he has won the Power of Veto and $5,000.


    Hamza says he has all the power in the house and King Hamza is going to make this a week to remember. Jesse is super pissed. This is his fifth competition and he hasn’t been able to pull out the win. He doesn’t think anyone has had a worse day. Erica wants to know if he’s more upset about the money or the competition? Jesse says both. He says he’s been crying because he can’t play in comps and he gets to play in two and he doesn’t win either. He says this is brutal! He says Hamza promised to pull him down if he won, but he doesn’t trust him and it sucks that his life in this game is in his hands.


    Jesse and Derek are talking and Jesse is sure he will stay this week. Jesse says the thing with Hamza is because he’s not kissing his ass Hamza doesn’t like that. Derek is telling Jesse he needs to stay calm. Jesse says he doesn’t want to ask people not to vote him out and Derek says he needs to swallow his pride and talk to people.


    Hamza says he’s been causing chaos, but he decided to be nice for once and he’s invited the have-nots and a few other friends to Hasbro game night and pizza. Will, Veronica, Merron, Paras, Hamza, Erica, Derek, and Kaela enjoy the pizza and play Hearing Things. Veronica says Will does not make a great partner and Kaela says Derek is good with lips at other things, but not this.


    Jesse tells us he heard that Hamza has told people that he disrespected him in some kind of way so he wants to talk to Hamza and see if he is still going to use the veto on him. Jesse says he’s just super pissed that he’s sucked in comps and he thinks they have a good crew of strong guys and he hopes they feel the same. Jesse says if you don’t feel that way, just let me know. Hamza says he’s a straight up person and would tell him to his face. Hamza says Jesse is on the block and he’s wondering if he should stay on the block. Hamza says he’s been a big baby and buckled under the stress and he’s failed the test miserably.


    Hamza talks to Derek and says they don’t want to make waves and piss the house off. Hamza says maybe they should leave things the same. Derek isn’t receptive and says he doesn’t think taking Jesse down would bother the house. Hamza thinks it would and people are lying to Derek. Derek says if Hamza doesn’t take Jesse down it will leave a sour taste in his mouth. Derek tells Hamza if he’s loyal then he needs to stick to his word. Hamza tells us Derek is acting annoying and no one is going to tell him what moves to make.


    Hamza is talking to Merron and they are discussing Hamza’s talk with Derek. Merron says he is down for getting Jesse out now. He says if Hamza doesn’t take Jesse down or even if he does, Jesse is going to be hunting him regardless. Hamza says it would be a big game move to take him out. Hamza wants to see people’s faces if they make it happen. Hamza and Merron discuss putting Derek up, since Derek is so concerned about Jesse staying. Hamza says he can take Olivia down and put up Derek and see if he still wants Jesse to stay.


    It’s time for the veto ceremony. Hamza heads to the throne room. He knows he promised Jesse he’d take him off the block, but he’s been pissing him off. He says Olivia hasn’t seemed to be a big threat and maybe he should take her down and put up Derek. Jesse says Hamza promised to take him down and he just hopes he goes through with it.


    Hamza takes his place at the front and gives Olivia the chance to plead her case first. Olivia says she wouldn’t hate it if he used the veto on her. But he won it fair and square. Jesse congratulates him and he beat them fairly. Jesse says he doesn’t think there’s any debate because Hamza promised to use it on him and he knows Hamza is a man of his word.


    Hamza has chosen to not use the power of veto. He thinks they are both great competitors, but right now he has to do what’s right for Team Hummus. He starts to complete the meeting but Jesse stops him. Jesse wants to point out a few things that are untrue from Hamza. Jesse says if he won veto he’d use it to pull him off the block because there’s a bigger plan and they promised on personal things and it went to a deeper level and Jesse wouldn’t put his trust in someone who does that. Hamza says this POV ceremony is complete.


    Jesse says Hamza is all talk and he just started a war. He’s going to do everything in his power this week to stay and take Hamza down. Hamza says Jesse keep running your mouth, but now you made it personal. Hamza says Jesse pack your bags and say goodbye to your buddy Derek.

  22. Tonight, the most exciting rounds of battles yet continues. Helping prepare the artists will be some of the biggest names in music: Hailee Steinfeld, Julia Michaels, Trace Adkins, and Shawn Mendes. The challenges will be greater, the training more intense, and the performances some of the greatest our coaches have ever seen. Get ready America, the epic season 14 battles continue right now!


    Going head to head from Team Kelly is Amber Sauer and Jorge Eduardo. Kelly paired them because they are her two most passionate ones. Kelly has given them the song Starving by Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee says they have a certain chemistry and that’s awesome. Hailee gives staging tips. Kelly says Amber has sass for day and Jorge has a killer voice.


    Kelly says she has paired two very compelling artists and she’s hoping one just knocks it out of the park and stands out. Amber and Jorge take the stage to perform and the crowd seems to enjoy it. Jorge is playing the guitar. Alicia says she loved their energy and it was cool to see Jorge with the guitar. Alicia would go with Jorge.


    Adam says they couldn’t be more different. Adam says Amber is a fantastic singer and Jorge playing and singing and doing a duet is so diverse and he thinks he’ll go far in the competition. Adam would go with Jorge. Blake says Amber has an incredible voice and he thought she was having the most fun and he’d go with Amber.


    Kelly says this was her dumbest move by far. Kelly says Amber rose to the challenge of singing in Spanish and Jorge playing the guitar, and playing well, was impressive. Kelly has chosen the winner as…Jorge.


    Adam’s first pairing is Davison vs Reid Umstattd. Adam has given them the song Love On the Brain by Rihanna. Adam says they are both amazing and he’s thinking of them like a Blues Brothers or R&B duo. Julie tells them to sing it like they are singing it to someone. Julie says she loved Reid, she was super impressed he could switch from full voice to falsetto, but Davison you could tell he was feeling everything he was singing because of his emotions.


    During their stage rehearsal, Adam takes their microphone stands and tells them they are too stiff and that they need to sing to the audience. Davison and Reid take the stage to perform for the audience and they get a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.


    Blake says Reid dipped into his falsetto and came out of it and it made him go woah! He says Davison was so good and every time he thought Reid was taking it, Davison would come back with a run. Blake says it’s even, but he’d probably go with Davison, but Reid shocked him. Kelly says Davison had some crazy runs and Reid’s intensity was surprising.


    Kelly says Davison’s runs are like warm biscuits on a Sunday and Reid’s favorite part of that song was so intense and it bites quietly. Kelly could not choose a winner. Alicia says that song totally fit Reid’s vibe and Davison just owned it and flowed with it. Alicia couldn’t pick a winner either.


    Adam says Reid had incredible confidence and some of that could rub off on Davison and some of Davison’s passion and fire when singing could rub off on Reid. Adam is going to go with the person who surprises him every time he sings, and the winner is…Reid.


    As the night continued one, the coaches were faced with more tough decisions. We see Team Blake’s pairing of Bransen Ireland vs Jaron Strom performing Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi and Blake says the song was more in Bransen’s zone, but Jaron had the ability to step up to the plate and he appreciates that kind of work ethic. The winner of that battle was Jaron.


    We then see Team Alicia’s pairing of Johnny Blizz vs Megan Lee singing Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars and Alicia says Johnny has a phenomenal voice and a huge personality and Johnny was named the winner of the battle.


    Next is Team Kelly’s pairing of Jamella vs Teana Boston singing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles. Kelly says she has to realize in the Knock-outs who can hold their ground against the others on her team and the winner is Jamella.


    Time to check in with Team Alicia and her advisor Shawn Mendes and her first pairing of Jordyn Simone vs Kelsea Johnson. Alicia gave them the song Don’t Let Go by En Vogue. Alicia says these two seem similar until you listen to their voices and see how different they are. Shawn says Jordyn had a confidence, like a full grown woman came out of her which is impressive. As soon as Kelsea started singing, Shawn was like who is this girl? Shawn says Kelsea needs to be a mega star. He thinks they are both so good, they could be the best performance of the night.


    Alicia changed a few staging things at their stage rehearsal and she says the rehearsal is excellent, but Kelsea’s voice is sore and she could lose her voice. Jordyn and Kelsea take the stage to perform for the audience and the coaches. They get an ovation from the crowd and Adam.


    Adam says when he hears Kelsea, he hears a lot of Alicia. Jordyn’s power is incredible and he’d probably go with Jordyn, but they are both phenomenal. Blake feels they were evenly matched. Blake says Kelsea has a scratchy, sultry tone and that’s who he’d pick.


    Kelly says they are both young and for Kelsea to have that tone is insane, and Jordyn’s power is wow. Kelly might go with Kelsea, but they are both rad. Alicia was really impressed with Jordyn’s performance, she felt like she gave it all. Alicia says he knows Kelsea is dealing with what goes with singing long hours, but she handled it with tremendous grace. Alicia is choosing the winner and she selects…Kelsea.


    Jordyn thanks Alicia for all of her support and Adam hits his button. Kelly hits her button a moment later. Adam says he paved the way. Some lead others follow. Adam says he said decisively before Alicia chose that he’d go with her. Kelly says she only had one steal left and she chooses her for that. Kelly says even if she doesn’t pick her she will steal her later. Adam and Kelly get into a squabble over Jordyn and Carson says it’s time for her to pick her coach. Jordyn picks…Adam. Jordyn joins Team Adam!

  23. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a grueling POV challenge, Erica burned the fuel and earned the jewel! Then HOH Ryan pressured Erica to use her veto so he could backdoor Olivia. But when Erica shut the door, Andrew and Hamza were still on the block. With Hamza laying low, Ryan tried one last time to flip the house against him, but his pitch sank like a stone.


    With the vote looming, the battle of the bedrooms began. With Kaela and Derek in full swing, Olivia got a Paras agreement on a touchy subject…L’Amour. On eviction night, there was one thing the entire house could still agree on, but Andrew didn’t stick around to hear it. Tonight, with the HG “boxed in” who will win the cratest HOH competition of all time? Who will be “singled out” as the next have nots? Will a showmance end up on the block? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up on day 13 after Andrew’s eviction and Will says what a poor sport. Ryan tells us he’s feeling incredibly guilty about Andrew going home because that wasn’t his plan. His plan to backdoor Olivia backfired and he doesn’t know where he fits in the game.


    Jesse tells us Andrew just got evicted and he feels fantastic! He’s working with Derek, Kaela, and Paras and he has good relationships with everyone in the house. He’s feeling pretty good. Hamza is feeling good about the vote being unanimous, he made some solid social moves this week, but now it’s time for him to get some power. He wants to win this HOH because he wants people to scramble in this game. He just came off the block and it’s time to turn up the house.


    We see the start of the HOH competition and Erica is safe for the week. Welcome to the BB Can petting zoo, where you are the precious cargo. Working together and from inside your crate, each team will work together to transfer 8 pieces of each fruit from one end of the yard to the other. One HG will take the fruit halfway and then pass it to their partner through the hole in their crate who will then deposit it at the other end of the yard. The first team to transfer all of their fruit will win and they will decide amongst themselves who will be the new HOH.


    The pairs competing in this competition are: Hamza and Veronica, Jesse and Alejandra, Olivia and Maddy, Will and Johnny, Paras, and Merron, and Derek and Kaela. Veronica wastes no time getting started. Erica says it’s like bumper cars on steroids. Alejandra really wants to win HOH because she’s been on the block before and it sucks. Paras doesn’t want to win HOH because she’s been working both sides of the house and she doesn’t want to be forced to take a shot at either side.


    Will barely fits in his box. Kaela says this competition is right up her alley. Kaela says working with Derek is perfect because they are both physically fit and competitive. Ryan announces that in the lead right now are Hamza and Veronica and Kaela and Derek.


    Hamza wants to win this HOH because he’s tired of people being nice. He wants to pit people against each other. He likes that he’s paired with Veronica because she seems pretty athletic and seems pretty determined to win. Veronica says she’s hell on wheels out there, she’s not losing this one. She’s new to the house but she wants to show people what she’s capable of.


    Olivia wants to win HOH because the newbies are huge threats and the only way to make sure Veronica or Merron are out the door is if she is in charge. Ryan announces Olivia and Maddy are in last place. Olivia says this comp is ridiculously hard. She can’t see where she’s going and it’s like bumper cars. She doesn’t understand why they have to transfer so many pieces of fruit.


    Olivia realizes halfway through the competition they aren’t going to win, so they need a new strategy. They decide to block people. Olivia says if they can’t win, then they need to block the newbies to make sure they don’t win. Olivia goes to block Veronica. Veronica tells us she’s putting her blood, sweat, and tears into this competition and nothing and no one is going to stand in her way.


    Erica and Ryan are discussing how close the competition is. They see Derek and Kaela don’t have many left to transfer. Derek tells Kaela one more red apple and Kaela says all they have to do is get it across the yard and the HOH is theirs. Hamza and Veronica need one more banana. It’s a race back and Hamza and Veronica have won the competition.


    Ryan congratulates Hamza and Veronica on the win and now they have to decide who gets the HOH. Veronica says she knows Hamza wants to see Carolyn, so she’s giving this one to him. Veronica says this competition was a huge win for her, but it was a selfless thing to do to give the HOH to Hamza and it least it will benefit her game by keeping her safe this week and maybe she can influence his decisions moving forward. Hamza says there are people in this house that feel safe, but this is Big Brother and no one should feel safe.


    Hamza tells us he just won HOH and he wants to divide the house. He doesn’t like the showmances, and he doesn’t like the floaters. He wants to make everyone feel uncomfortable. He’s sick of tired of everyone going with the house and he’s not afraid to piss anyone off. He’ll hear everyone out, but he’s going to do what’s best for his game.


    Veronica says even though Hamza is HOH, she propelled him to that win. She showed the other HG what she’s capable of and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She talks to herself and says this is her house and they are all scared of her.


    Alejandra is mumbling to herself that Hamza might be best case scenario for her, but not with Veronica in his ear. Alejandra is extremely relieved it’s Hamza and not Veronica as HOH. She says it’s going to be a tough week and it’s time to go play nice.


    Paras says she’s working both sides of the house. She has the “real deal’, and then she has the white room. And in the white room she feels closest with Will and Maddy. Will and Maddy and Paras are talking and Will says Hamza is ready to flip the house upside down. Paras realizes the white room is targeting Olivia. Paras is planting seeds of doubt about Olivia and Will says the white room is about to bounce back and rule the game.


    Erica and Olivia talking and Erica is saying Hamza is so unpredictable. Olivia tells us Hamza winning is not ideal because she doesn’t know where his head at. He’s a wildcard. Erica says it seems Hamza has gotten closer with Jesse and Derek since they all went to the catacombs. Erica says she doesn’t think Hamza would go for Merron because they are buddies, but that’s who she would like to see gone and Olivia agrees. Olivia tells Erica she doesn’t think she’s on Hamza’s radar and Erica agrees. Olivia tells us she knows nothing about Hamza’s game and that means she could be a potential target. Erica says she’ll talk crap about Olivia saying she’s a horrible competitor and isn’t great socially and if Hamza targets her it’s a waste of a week. Erica will encourage ‘big moves’.


    Who wants to see Hamza’s HOH room? He has pictures of his parents and his fiancé. He says seeing the picture of Carolyn just made his day so much better. They got the game Hearing Things. Veronica says it’s fun and Ryan agrees. Hamza settles in to watch his video.


    It’s from Carolyn and she says: Hamz in the cam! She points out her shirt which says Team Hummus. She misses him like crazy, these days feel like years and it has definitely made it even more clear to her how much she loves him and how important he is to her and how excited she is to spend the rest of her life with him. She can’t wait until the day she sees him so she can run and give him the biggest hug and tell him don’t let go. Have fun and she can’t wait to see him.


    Everyone claps and say how much they love her. Hamza is emotional and tells us this is the hardest thing he’s ever been through. Being so far away from her for this long, she’s his life and he’s a lucky guy.


    Merron says his first real week of Big Brother has begun and he wants to talk to Hamza. He’s asking if Olivia is the target or if they are getting a showmance out. Merron wants to know Olivia is the back-up plan or the showmance? Hamza says the showmance is the back-up plan. Merron wants to know why Olivia is a threat. Hamza says Olivia is a marathon runner she’s just lingering and getting good with everyone. Plus, she’s napping all the time saying she wants alone time, but she’s really analyzing everything. Hamza says she’s a law student so she’s not dumb and she’s the type of player who can fly under the radar and slide into the end. Merron says but those type of players don’t get any love in the end, so anyone up against her, she’s going to lose. Merron doesn’t feel like Olivia is a threat and people are making her seem more mischevious than she is. Hamza says at the end of the week she’ll be up against Derek or Kaela and we can decide who we want to get out. Merron says that’s a nice feeling and Hamza is the one person he 100% trusts and they agree to have each other’s backs.


    Welcome, from the BB Can house, it’s Will You Showmance? Please welcome your host, Hamza. We have a newlywed style game set up. This is Will You Showmance, the game that shows you how well you know your partner, whether you’re in a showmance, bromance, or nomance. As HOH, Big Brother asked Hamza to choose four couples to compete and the four couples he chose are: Erica and Merron, Paras and Jesse, Kaela and Derek, and finally Veronica and Will. He’ll ask one member of each team a question and their partner will try and guess the answer. If they get it right they will earn a point. The two teams with the most points will be haves for the week. The two teams with the fewest points will be have-nots for the week. Get ready to play Will You Showmance?


    First question-If you were taking your partner on a first date outside the Big Brother Canada house, do you think they’d rather go for a romantic dinner or BB Can and Chill? Merron guesses romantic dinner and he is correct. Jesse guesses romantic dinner and he’s correct. Derek guesses BB Can and Chill and he’s wrong. Will guesses BB Can and Chill and he is correct. Erica and Merron, Jesse and Paras, and Will and Veronica all have 1 point. Derek and Kaela have 0.


    Second question-What did your partner think you would say is their best physical feature? Merron says Erica has very beautiful eyes and he is correct. Jesse guesses Paras’ eyes and he is correct. Derek says they’ve all seen the Kaela twerk so he has to go with “dat booty” and he is correct. Will says her beautiful ass and he is wrong, she said breasts. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras each have 2 points. Derek and Kaela and Veronica and Will have 1 point. Will is getting frustrated because he was a have-not the first week and he doesn’t want to do it again.


    Third question-Does your partner think you’ll be remembered as a comp beast, a strategic mastermind, or a floater? Veronica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Kaela guesses comp beast and she is incorrect, he said mastermind. Paras guesses floater and she is correct. Erica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras have 3 points. Veronica and Will have 2 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


    Fourth question-What emoji did your partner say best describes you? Veronica makes a face and sticks her tongue out and she is correct. Kaela guesses the heart eyed emoji and she is incorrect, he said laughing face. Paras guesses a smiley face and she is incorrect, he said weird/funny face. Erica guesses two girls holding hands and she is incorrect, he said cool smiley face with sunglasses. Merron and Erica, Jesse and Paras, and Veronica and Will each have 3 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


    Fifth question-Your partner was asked if they’d be willing to be handcuffed to you for an extra point. And if both of you answer yes, then you have to do it for the rest of the night. What do you think they answered? Erica guesses heck yes and she is correct. Paras guesses yes and she is correct. Veronica says yes absolutely and she is correct. Kaela and Derek are too far behind to catch up. They will be have-nots for the week.


    All the remaining teams are in a three-way tie for first. Final question-Did your partner think you’d be more embarrassed by coming in last in an endurance competition or have your parents see you fool around with someone on the live feeds? Veronica guesses if she came last in an endurance competition and she is correct. Paras guesses her parents seeing her fool around on live feeds and she is correct. Erica guesses her parents seeing her fool around and she is incorrect. Merron and Erica are have-nots for the week. Erica is not happy about being a have-not two weeks in a row.


    Hamza hands out the handcuffs to the teams. Veronica and Will seem to be good natured about it, Erica and Merron are less than thrilled because they lost, and Paras is excited and Jesse looks less than thrilled.


    Veronica wants to chat with Hamza. She tells us she’s a big part of the reason Hamza is HOH this week because she was a driving force in that competition so she feels she should have 50% of the say this week. Veronica tells Hamza everyone is down to send Olivia home if that’s where his head is still at, but she also wanted to know what Hamza thinks about putting Alejandra on the block with her. Hamza wants to know why Veronica doesn’t like Ali so much and she says because all she does is play both sides and she’s sketchy about her. Veronica just wants Ali on the block. Hamza says he’s here to cause some chaos so he has to decide if those the best options.


    Hamza says him and Derek kind of bonded last week so he selects Derek for the Wendy’s meal. Derek says he was on slop last week and he’s going to be on it again this week, so he’s ecstatic to be eating Wendy’s because he knows it’s going to be his last delicious meal for awhile. Derek tells Hamza it sucks being on slop, but it will be better this week because he’ll have Kaela to cuddle with in the catacombs. Hamza says he’s liking his time with Derek right now and he’s thinking Derek could be someone he could work with in the future. Derek tosses out him and Jesse with Hamza and Will as an alliance. Derek is floating Olivia and Ali’s names to Hamza because they were working together, but they’ve been sketchy since.


    Veronica and Will are taking a bath together and they are squirting bubbles on each other. Veronica says she’s in her happy place when she’s in a bubble bath. They are laughing and having a good time and Hamza comes in and tells them to be quiet and not make a noise because Olivia is coming in next. Olivia says she’ll keep it short and sweet but she feels like they are both straight shooters. Olivia says she hasn’t really talked game with anyone except for basic strategy. Olivia says she has talked and she was thinking the consensus was to get the newbies out. Hamza says he doesn’t want another unanimous vote. Olivia wants to know if she’s going up she’d like to know so she can mentally prepare for it. Hamza says he doesn’t have just one target, he has a bunch of targets in mind, but he’s going to make his own decision. Veronica and Will heard the entire conversation and they high five each other.


    Jesse and Paras are talking to Hamza and Jesse asks if everyone is talking his ear off. Jesse says why is it I never talk to the HOH? Hamza says Paras wanted to talk to him and she says but he’s here, indicating Jesse. Hamza suggests Jesse could go to the restroom and Jesse says he’s pretty sure they are on the same page. Paras asks Hamza if his mind is already made up. Paras tells Jesse to go to the restroom because she can’t talk with him there. He heads off and she says she only needs two minutes. She whispers to Hamza that she’s down with taking a shot at the other room if that’s what he wants. She just didn’t know how the votes would go and she didn’t want to say anything in front of Jesse. Hamza says they are taking a shot. They high five and hug. Hamza says I promise we’re taking a shot at the other room. Paras also tosses out Olivia and Ali’s names and Hamza asks if she has anyone else in mind. Paras says she thinks Jesse and Derek and Kaela would work with them, but if he has to take a shot she understands.


    Jesse and Paras switch places and Jesse says he doesn’t talk game a lot, just let him know what he’s thinking and he’ll vote that way. Hamza wants to know what Jesse is thinking though and he responds Ali, Liv, and Ryan are the names getting tossed around the house. Jesse says targeting anyone other than those three would be a mistake because Hamza is in a good place. Jesse thinks they are all in a good place moving forward for another four or five weeks. Paras returns.


    Alejandra tells us Olivia is her right hand in the house and the person she trusts the most. She needs to talk to Hamza and make sure Olivia isn’t on his radar. Alejandra tells Hamza he can trust her in the game, not just this week but moving forward. Hamza tells Ali that her name has been mentioned a lot. Alejandra says she is tight with Olivia and if he needs an extra number she could be it because her and Olivia think alike. Hamza says he’ll consider it. Alejandra asks if he knows who he’s putting up and he says he has an idea and she’ll see. She asks if it’s people from the red room and he says yeah. People from the red room until now have been feeling pretty safe and it’s time to shake things up.


    Olivia is in the red room talking while Jesse is listening and laying on a bed. She’s recapping her conversation with Hamza and she says Hamza said he knew who his target was, but he didn’t know who he was putting up. She thinks Hamza is coming for them and she says they have the numbers but she couldn’t tell Hamza that without giving away that there were a bunch of them working together. Jesse says Hamza is the kind of guy who just goes against the house. Jesse wants to know if Hamza would put one of them up and she doesn’t think so. Jesse says he talked to Hamza for maybe five minutes.


    Hamza tells us he was on the block last week and people were ready to get rid of him, so everyone in the house should feel unsafe. Hamza says the last two weeks have been unanimous votes. This week he’s going to get out who he wants to get out.


    Hamza is considering nominating Ryan because he put him on the block last week, made him a have-not, and sent Andrew home.


    He’s considering nominating Olivia because she’s a smart player, she knows what she’s doing, and she’ll float by until the end. She has to go.


    He’s considering nominating Alejandra because she’s a flippy floppy player. One day she’s against you and the next she’s with you. She has no loyalty and that’s what is most important to him.


    He’s considering nominating Jesse because he’s a physical threat and he’s got a good social game. He’s smarter than people perceive. Aside from that, putting him on the block will split the house in half.


    A line is going to get drawn in the sand. He’s going to out the person that he wants out.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Hamza has nominated Olivia and Jesse. As Jesse takes his seat he says “Jokes!”. Hamza says he chose to nominate Olivia because she’s smart and strategic and it’s week 3 and he doesn’t know where her allegiances lie. Hamza says he nominated Jesse because he’s a physical and social player and at this point in the game, he doesn’t know where his head is at. Sometimes in this game, you just have to trust the process. Jesse gets up and says it doesn’t make any sense man but he goes to give Hamza a hug.


    Jesse tells us Hamza just nominated him for eviction and he is shocked! He thought they were on good terms. What the hell?!? Now he has to go out and try his hardest to win the veto so he can take himself off the block this week.


    Olivia tells us she didn’t think she’d be on the block this early, but she did see this coming. She feels like her back is sort of against the wall at this point and she really feels like she has to go out and win this POV.


    Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Jesse or Olivia fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  24. Tonight, get ready for battles like you’ve never seen before. For the first time ever, you’ll see the artists pairings revealed and our coaches will take the training further than ever before. Joining the action will be some of the hottest names across music: Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels, Hailee Steinfeld, and Trace Adkins.


    Expectations will be high, leading to some of the best battles we’ve ever seen. Decisions will be tougher. The steals will be bigger. The most exciting round of battles yet starts right now!


    Let’s meet the first artist from Team Alicia as he learns which artist he’ll be battling, Jamai. He goes to find out who he has been paired with and he sees on screen Sharane Calister. Shawn Mendes is Team Alicia’s advisor.


    Alicia gave Jamai and Sharane the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. Shawn says Sharane is talented, she had such control and she was just flawless. Jamai had sheer strength, especially in the higher octave. Alicia gives Sharane tips on tempo and Shawn advises Jamai to get emotionally invested in his verse.


    We then see Alicia at the stage rehearsal with Sharane and Jamai. Alicia gets to see their outfits, how they interact with each other, and they also have vocal coaches and choreographers. Alicia thinks this battle is going to steal the show because there is so much power in it and so much energy.


    Jamai and Sharane have just taken the stage to perform Mercy by Shawn Mendes and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. It’s time to see what the coaches have to say. Adam is feeling Jamai’s trench. Adam says there were moments with Jamai where he was like wow and Sharane has a fullness in her voice that fills the room. Adam says it’s a dead heat.


    Blake says Sharane doesn’t even need a microphone and they are both incredible vocally and he doesn’t know what Alicia is going to do. Maybe he’d go with Jamai. Kelly says they really complemented each other and they could also both be forces. Kelly gravitates more toward Sharane.


    Alicia has the final words. She is supremely proud of that performance and she thinks Shawn will be blown away. Alicia says Jamai is a shocker for her and Sharane’s performance was wow.


    Alicia is ready to pick her winner. She selects the winner…Sharane.


    Now it’s time to look at Team Kelly and her advisor, Hailee Steinfeld. They away Team Kelly’s first pairing, Brynn Cartelli vs Dylan Hartigan. Kelly has given them the song …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. Hailee says Brynn is the real deal, you can just feel her presence and energy. Dylan has the swagger and she loves it. Kelly gives Dylan tips on styling on notes. Kelly advises Brynn on stance to ensure her vocals don’t seem strained.


    Kelly gets a look at Brynn and Dylan’s stage rehearsal. She thinks Dylan came in more solid than he did in rehearsals. Kelly says these two did their homework, they are nailing it and she thinks either can take this battle.


    Brynn and Dylan have taken the stage and performed …Ready for It? by Taylor Swift. The crowd is pumped up from that performance. Alicia says that voice inside of Brynn is crazy and Dylan has all kinds of swag. Adam says Brynn is a star and Dylan’s energy is so infectious. Adam would go with Brynn.


    Blake says Dylan is like one of the dude’s from Grease. Blake thinks Dylan is a really good singer and Brynn doesn’t sound like anyone else and she has a lot of power and energy and she’s a star.


    Kelly says Dylan does have a really solid voice and there’s this old soul, really cool vibe about Brynn. The winner of the battle is…Brynn.


    Carson reminds the coaches that Dylan is available to steal. He thanks Kelly for working with him and it’s been a pleasure. Dylan heads off stage and Blake hits his button. Dylan will be joining Team Blake.


    Let’s take a look at Team Blake and his advisor, Trace Adkins. They are waiting for Blake’s first pairing of Jesslee vs Kyla Jade. Blake has given them the song One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Blake tells Kyla that she’s not background anymore and Trace tells her to hit the song full voice. Trace says Jesslee is just powerful.


    Jesslee and Kyla step on stage to perform One Last Time by Ariana Grande. Kelly gets out of her seat to dance as they perform. Kelly says she loved that. Kelly loves that Kyla makes it look effortless. Adam says he was thinking the same thing. Kelly says Jesslee is amazing, she is phenomenal. Kelly is a fan of Kyla.


    Alicia says that was a beautiful testament what Jesslee just did and she did an incredible job. Alicia says Kyla needs to work on not closing down her greatness and she did a beautiful job.


    Blake says says Jesslee had a grip on the song and that’s what Kyla needed to figure out for herself. He says they were both incredible. The winner of this battle is…Kyla.


    For Team Adam, he brought in advisor Julia Michaels. Adam chose to pair Rayshun Lamarr and Tish Haynes Keys. Adam is giving them the song Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam says the harmonies in this song are crazy. Adam advises Rayshun not to try and outdo Tish, just be himself. Adam says this will be one of the best battles. Julie says they are both incredible.


    Adam is heading to Tish and Rayshun’s stage rehearsal. Adam advises them to keep the magic. He also tells them to keep the energy and original intent of it. Adam says this is the dumbest and smartest decision he’s ever made because they are going to blow everyone away.


    Rayshun and Tish are now stage performing Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Adam stands through most of the performance. Adam says that moment that just happened couldn’t have happened if they both weren’t together.


    Kelly says their range is in the stratosphere. If she had to pick, then she’d pick Tish, but she’d love them both on her team. Blake says it was equal and Tish is such a phenomenon but Rayshun stepped up. Alicia says this sucks. She says Rayshun’s voice is really special and fresh. Alicia says there was a moment in the earlier parts that was tender for Tish.


    Adam says this song was in Tish’s range but Rayshun really stepped up and showed who he was. Adam is choosing the winner as…Rayshun.


    Tish is up for grabs and she thanks Adam for turning for her, and Kelly, and she thanks Adam for the advice. Kelly hits her button and steals Tish. Tish is now on Team Kelly.


    Next we have Shana Halligan and Christiana Danielle from Team Alicia. Alicia has given them the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gives the band some tips and then advises Shana and Christiana on arrangement tips. Shawn says Christiana has an incredible tone and he couldn’t look away from her. Shawn says Shana has one of the most unique voices he’s ever heard in his life.


    Alicia is now with them at the stage rehearsal for Shana and Christiana. Alicia says Christiana added more of herself and Shana continues to bend and change the melody. Alicia says this is going to be a really hard choice.


    Shana and Christiana take the stage and perform Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Alicia gets on her feet as they finish. Adam says there’s something about Christiana that draws him in to what she does. Adam says Shana is a very unique singer. Adam would pick Christiana.


    Kelly says you don’t get those types of performances at award shows. Kelly says Shana is mythological and Christiana is Nefertiti-like. Blake says that performance was very equal and they were different in their approach. Blake would pick Shana because she cast a spell on him.


    Alicia loves this version of that song and she loved they could deconstruct it and take it to another place. She loves the battle rounds because you can be creative. Alicia picks as her winner…Christiana.


    Let’s meet Kelly’s final pairing of the night, Jackie Foster vs D.R. King. Kelly has given them the song Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Hailee says they were absolutely incredible and when they had their solo parts they made it their own. Kelly gives them both tips on building the song and notes. Hailee says what they did with this song is absolutely amazing.


    Kelly is with Jackie and D.R. at their stage rehearsal. Kelly says D.R. has incredible range and Jackie took her by surprise. Kelly says they are nailing the harmonies. She says it’s a toss-up because they are both so talented.


    Jackie and D.R. take the stage and perform Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Kelly is on her feet very quickly. The crowd and all four coaches are on their feet. Alicia says that was her favorite battle today. Alicia says D.R. is a total stunner and Jackie has a gorgeous roundness to her voice.


    Adam says that was a special, special thing and they are both just that good. Adam says he couldn’t take his eyes off Jackie, and no disrespect to D.R., but Jackie was a revelation. Blake says there’s so much pressure in these battles and the confidence they have goes a long way. Blake agrees with Adam that Jackie is the discovery for him.


    Kelly says she loves both of them. Kelly says when D.R. hits those notes it’s effortless. But then Jackie comes in and Kelly says she’s so screwed. Kelly chooses the winner as…D.R. King.


    Jackie is available to steal and Adam hits his button, with Blake and Alicia right behind. It’s a triple steal. Adam says he thinks they can win this thing and it’s a definitive moment for this season. Adam knows how to win this show with her.


    Alicia says she didn’t compete with D.R., she stood on her own and Alicia turned in the blinds for her too and this is a chance for her to make it right. Blake says he loves Jackie and it was about this point in the show when a little girl named Chloe last year took a chance and picked him and they won the show.


    Jackie now gets to pick her new coach. She says this is such a hard decision and she picks…Adam. Jackie now joins Team Adam.    

  25. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Andrew’s aggressive assault failed to flip the house, Big Brother sent out one HG then brought in two more! No one bought the Gate Crashers story, least of all Olivia. At the HoH competition, the HG hit the bar, and the bar hit back.  In the end, Ryan was toasted the new HoH.  Thinking his bearded buddy had his back, Andrew wasn’t ready for the news.  Feeling cornered, the Grizzly Bear got steamed, which made him an easy target.  Then, Lone Wolf Hamza joined the hunt when he volunteered for the block. And for Ryan, the hunt was over. At the nom ceremony, Ryan followed the script and put up Andrew and Hamza for eviction.


    Tonight, is Big Red’s power play all that it’s quacked up to be? Who will raid Big Brother’s tomb for the most valuable jewel of all? Is Big Brother’s Back Door open for business? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up with Ryan’s nominations of Andrew and Hamza. Ryan tells us he nominated the two people he’s closest to because the house is against them., but that’s what the house wanted. Ryan says he has to think long term and the only way to get the HG behind him is to go with what they want. He says don’t worry, Canada, he has a plan so neither of these guys home.


    Hamza says he nominated himself because he wanted to make sure he could play in the veto. That way he can play in the veto, win, and keep himself in the house. Andrew says he knew he was going to be nominated but at the end of the day he doesn’t want to go home.


    Andrew says he is humbled, but annoyed and he thinks this is a weak move by Ryan. He thought they were loyal to each other but obviously, he was wrong. Andrew is talking to Alejandra and she tells us if he’s looking for sympathy, he won’t get it from her. He put her in that position last week.


    Andrew says he has to talk to Ryan because he’s his boy. Andrew tells Ryan that Canada is going say Ryan put his buddy up. Ryan says there’s still veto and Andrew says what if he doesn’t win. Ryan says let’s see what happens, but he’s trying to put something in place, but he can’t do it without Andrew or Hamza pulling themselves off.


    Andrew tells Hamza that Ryan says he has a plan and he has to trust the beard. Hamza says putting them both up is risky. He’s confident he’ll win Veto. Andrew says he’s comfortable, having a good time. He compares himself to Shaq and gets no reaction (or recognition from Hamza). He tells Canada he learned his lesson and is going to be calm and play it cool.


    Time to pick the POV players! Johnny (Ryan), Erica (Hamza), and Jesse (Andrew) have been chosen and they will join Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan. Ali will be hosting the POV competition. Ryan grossly reveals he hasn’t showered because he’s been too busy chatting.  Ryan says since the three chosen to play in veto stand in the way of his plan so he has to ask them to throw the comp. Ryan has to go to each one of them and convince them to throw the competition. He thinks he’s convinced Johnny to throw the comp, now he has to do the same with Erica. He thinks she believed his claim that she would get a target on her back if perceived as a comp threat.


    When Ryan talks to Jesse, Jesse doesn’t seem like he’s on board and he’s immediately suspicious of why Ryan wants him to throw it. The three Veto players start to think there’s a backdoor plan in play. Ryan comes in and says, “Hey Kid…”  He talks to everyone in the red rose bedroom and tells them it’s better to throw the comp and let one of them pull themselves off because the other will go home. Ryan says “Dad says” he’s seen every season on of Big Brother and the backdoor does not work. They laugh at him after he leaves.


    Ryan then goes to Andrew and tells him that whatever he hears, he needs to know Ryan has his back. Ryan says if something goes wrong, then just know whoever sits next to Andrew will be the one going home.


    It’s the veto competition! It’s a Tomb Raider themed comp. It’s time for the HG to channel their inner Lara Croft. They will start with their hands tied and they’ll have to free themselves. They will then use a bow and arrow to get their first puzzle piece. Then they’ll have to search through the jungle for the rest of their puzzle pieces. They will then assemble their puzzle and memorize the code on the puzzle to unlock the Tomb of the Mother of Death. The winner will also get an advanced screening of the movie before it hits theaters and $5000!.


    Hamza says it’s time to put up or shut up. Andrew says it’s up to him to save himself. Ryan says they had a plan to throw it, but $5,000 is a lot of money so the plan is out the window. They all start freeing themselves and they  get moving. Johnny is the first to get free and Andrew is the last to free himself. Erica is motivated to win and is the first to knock off her first puzzle piece and now she’s off to find the rest. Jesse is the second to knock off his puzzle piece and quickly finds his first puzzle piece from the jungle.


    Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan all knock their pieces off. Johnny is still struggling with his bow and arrow. Johnny finally gets his piece off and everyone is searching the jungle for their puzzle pieces. The rules say you can only bring one piece back at a time. Erica is trying to find as many pieces as she can so she doesn’t have to expend a lot of energy going back and forth plus searching.


    Andrew and Ryan are breathing heavy and Ryan says he does not work out like this. Andrew is exhausted. Ryan says he can barely stand and he can barely breathe. He has no chance of winning. In order for him to backdoor Olivia, he needs Hamza or Andrew to win and pull themselves off the block. Hamza is struggling too, he says this comp is no joke.


    Andrew is barely moving and says he can’t do this he rolls over the hill on the other side of the wall and he’s breathing heavy. He doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through. He’s going back over and falls hard and is struggling. Ryan asks if he’s ok and Andrew is just moaning. Pulling himself up from the ditch leaves him too tired to search for puzzle pieces.


    People are still cheering Andrew on and tell him to keep fighting. He says he’s trying his best, but this is not the competition for him. Ryan says since Andrew is out, he needs Hamza to pull out the win. Hamza is starting to work on his puzzle. Erica now has all her pieces and is working on her puzzle. Hamza says he sees that Erica is in the lead and there is no way she’s taking it from him. It’s time to kick it into a higher gear so he can win and take himself off the block.


    Jesse and Johnny are also working on their puzzles. Erica has her puzzle together and she’s memorizing symbols so she can input them into the lock. She leaps over the wall but doesn’t get it on the first try. Hamza sees Erica’s mistake but he’s still working on his puzzle. Erica takes a second look and runs back and this time she is successful. Erica wins POV!  And $5000!  Tomb Raider is about a female powerhouse and that’s her in the game right now.  Hamza says she beasted and feasted but this sucks.


    The HG go inside in the living room and they see a message from two of the actors from Tomb Raider and everyone congratulates Erica. Ryan says he needed Andrew or Hamza to win the veto, but they didn’t do it. He blames BB for offering the $5k.  Hamza says he was two pieces away. Ryan says Erica winning ruined everything he set in motion and it’s going to take awhile to get over it.


    [Not as long as it will take for Andrew. – Morty]


    Veronica is rapping and Merron is providing the beat for Will, Hamza, and Andrew. Ryan comes in and joins in as well. Veronica says she loves to rap. Will joins in for a couple verses and everyone is laughing.


    The HG come downstairs and there are snacks and balloons and a huge twister mat on the floor. Jesse says twister is one of those games that brings HG together…literally. Kaela says she is enjoying watching Derek, all she could do was stare. Will says twister is like Big Brother, you always have to be aware and you can’t let your guard down. One by one the HG fall until Paras is the winner of twister and she says it was fun to step away from the game for a moment and get closer to Jesse.


    Paras and Jesse are in the red rose room and they are having a pillow fight. Paras says Jesse is not the type of guy she typically goes for. Jesse says she’s cute and they jive well, but he doesn’t think a public showmance is good for his game. Paras says she doesn’t know what to think yet. She knows what she came here for. Neither wants a showmance and yet they cannot help flirting with each other.


    Ryan tells Hamza if it wasn’t for that $5,000, everyone would have thrown it. Or at least that’s what everyone was telling him. Ryan tells Hamza some people lied to his face. He’s still going to try and make it happen and have Erica pull him down.. Hamza says those chances are slim.


    Erica and Hamza are talking and Erica is reassuring Hamza they have the numbers. Hamza tells her he thinks they need Andrew in the game and she disagrees. She knows she can bounce ideas off him and that he’s super cool and not bothered by anything. She thinks they will be fine without Andrew and if she thinks Hamza is the target she will let him know. Hamza says he’s happy Erica won, but he would be happier if he won himself.


    Ryan talks to Erica and asks if she’d pull someone down if she knew the replacement nominee would go home. Erica says it depends on who. Ryan throws out Maddy and says he thinks people would vote her out. Erica doesn’t believe people would vote out Maddy over Andrew. Ryan says he thinks because of the conversations he’s having, they would. She could remove an actual power player.  Ryan asks if she would make that move and she says she’d think about it.


    Erica talks to Andrew and she says she’s proud of him. Andrew says it’s all love and Erica says she’s just been trying to keep emotions out of the game and just stay in her head. Andrew says he understands but he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t say he’d be thrilled if she pulled him off the block. Erica can see he’s a genuine and honest person, but she has to do what’s best for her personal game. Andrew says whatever happens, he’d just love to stay another week.


    It’s time for the veto ceremony. Erica is in the throne room and she’s reviewing her options. Erica knows the house wants Hamza and Andrew nominated and she’s not sure she wants to ruffle feathers yet. Ryan wants Erica to use the veto and if she doesn’t he’s screwed.


    Erica is now in front of the HG and she gives them an opportunity to tell her why she should use veto. Andrew has a little poem and says he’s given her meals filled with love and held her in his arms with big bear hugs and he’d love for her to put the Veto in his hands. Hamza congratulates her for winning the Veto and asks her to save him because there’s still more episodes of Hamz in the Cams to come.


    Erica has decided not to use the power of veto. Erica says their game play has landed them in the position they are in. She says she has decided to respect Ryan’s nominations and the overall consensus of the house. Andrew feels betrayed and like a sucker and it’s looking pretty rough. Hamza feels pretty safe on the block against Andrew and it’s going to be a unanimous vote and Hamza is going to stay in the house. Ryan says he’s screwed. He tried his best but has a lot of work to do to recover but. he’s like a duck in water, calm on top, and furious underneath.