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  1. Up first we have Henry Richardson, and he’s going to be doing some magic. He’s 15 from New York and he started getting interested in magic by watching AGT. He gave up doing magic for awhile because it reminded him of his dad, but he decided to pursue and tonight he’s going to imagine his dad is encouraging him. He comes to stand in front of the judges table to do his act. He is a success and has impressed the judges and the audience. Simon says a little Harry Potter and he thought it was brilliant. Heidi loved the presentation, his confidence, it was fantastic. Mel says he made it so slick, and he’s so young, it was just great. Howie thinks he is the shining example of their audience and then coming to perform. Time to vote. Simon says yes. Heidi gives him a second yes. Mel says it’s a definite yes. Howie says he made four yesses appear. Up next is a married couple who attempted to do an act together, but it didn’t work out. They are here to perform individually. Up first is Maksim and he is greeted by Simon. He stacks chairs on a table at odd angles and climbs up on them. He then does a handstand at the top and the crowd applauds and gives a standing ovation. He also gets an ovation from Mel and Heidi. Mel says he is a true entertainer and he is absolutely brilliant. Heidi says she loved it he was great at showmanship. Howie says he was brilliant. Simon says he’s going to be followed by someone who may be better, his wife. Howie votes yes. Mel says yes. Heidi says it’s a yes from her. Simon gives the final yes. His wife, Maria is up next. She has a curvy contraption that she climbs on and does a handstand and then slides down the curves. She then climbs back up and does a handstand while contorting her body. She then has a mouth grip that she uses to balance with no hands. She also gets an ovation. Mel says she is speechless. Heidi says her husband is a very lucky man, but she might be a tiny bit better. Howie says she was good and he can’t believe they couldn’t work together. Simon is interested to see where it’s going to go. Howie votes yes. Mel votes yes. Heidi votes yes. Simon gives the fourth yes and she is through. Up next we have a trio called The Masqueraders, a group of elderly gentleman who are going to sing. They met in 1959 and they could just never catch a break. They are still dreaming though and AGT could be the step they need to get back where they wanted to go. All the time they’ve been together, this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. They sing A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. The crowd seems to be enjoying, as do the judges. They get an ovation as they finish from the audience. Heidi says never stop dreaming, she loved them and they did a fantastic job. Mel says they are what she calls the three feel good brothers, she loved it. Howie loved them and he thinks they are the new boys to old men. Simon says he absolutely loved them and he doesn’t understand why they put age limits on talent shows. Howie says yes. Mel asks if they are all single, and two are married. Mel says yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon says they got four yesses. Up next is Dionte Diggs and he is a law enforcement officer, but the other side of him is a performer. Simon greets him and asks how long he has been a deputy and he answers eight years. He dances to Confident by Demi Lovato. The crowd seems to be enjoying it. The judges laugh and Mel B and Simon buzz him. He continues and Howie and Heidi both also buzz him. Mel says she thinks he’s a nice guy but his dancing wasn’t up to standard. Simon says Mel could choreograph him. Howie says no. Heidi says she likes him but it’s a no. Mel says for AGT, it’s a no. Simon says Mel isn’t giving him enough credit. Mel throws her drink on Simon, then Heidi offers her drink and Mel throws that too. Simon says no also. Next we have dancing Dave who is booed by the crowd. Simon, Howie, and Heidi all hit their buzzers and then Simon goes and hits Mel’s buzzer. We then have Harmony and she is a dancer and Mel buzzes her. Mel says she didn’t get it and Simon says she’s jealous. When Mel talks Simon makes cat noises to aggravate her. Next is Sarah and her dog, Hero. She was shy as a child but she always loved animals. She says performing in front of America is a dream come true. Simon greets her and he asks for their names. She is “sword fighting” with her dog and he is doing some tricks, such as walking on hind legs and jumping through her arms as she holds the sword. The crowd really enjoyed it and Simon gave her an ovation. Simon says that was fantastic. Howie says it reminded him of medieval times and he didn’t see one unique trick. Heidi would like to see more because she liked the flips. Mel agrees with Howie and if she goes through to the next round she needs to focus on the performance. Simon says he’s never seen anyone have a sword fight with their dog before. Simon loved it. Howie doesn’t understand and he votes no and gets booed by the audience. Mel says sorry, but no and she also gets booed. Sarah gets emotional and Simon goes up to the stage and asks Mel or Howie to please change their minds. The crowd is chanting Howie and he changes to a yes because he knows people like dogs. Heidi she wanted to see Sarah again in any case and Simon says she got a yes from Howie and Heidi and a no from Mel, boo, but she has a yes from Simon. Up next is Johnny from Michigan. When he was 14 he recorded a cover of a Run DMC song and he ended up on tour with Lil Bow Wow, but all of the sudden he was just dropped. He’s been building back towards his dreams for years and this is where he is at AGT. Simon greets him and asks a few questions and then wishes him luck. Johnny sings I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. The crowd is skeptical at first, but when he begins to sing they are impressed. He gets a huge round of applause at the chorus and the judges seem impressed. Howie says wow as Johnny finishes the song. He gets an ovation from the crowd and Howie, Mel, and Heidi. Mel says he is so powerful and she thanks him for showing that. Howie says he was not expecting that and that was a jaw dropping moment on AGT. Heidi says that’s not what it sounds like when she sings that song in the shower, he’s incredible. Simon says he was surprised Johnny is a little diva, but he’s someone who can nail and sell a song. Howie says yes. Mel says she loved it, yes. Heidi says of course it’s a yes from her. Simon says he’s going through with his fourth yes. Next is The Amazing Hoover. He hopes to bring joy and happiness to people who inspired him when he was a kid, like Howie. He begins by blowing into a turkey baster and gets buzzed by Simon. He then begins making sounds on his arm and gets booed and Heidi also buzzes. He then taps on pots and pans and Howie buzzes. Finally, Mel buzzes. Simon says that was the most annoying act on the show this year. Up next is a trio, Babham, Emilio, and Ejve. They say they are acrobats and they take the stage. Howie greets them and asks what they do and they say acrobats like they’ve never seen before. They begin their act. One has a “torch” and a megaphone while the other two have ribbons used in gymnastics. They have a “tv” on a screen and they lay on the floor and “run” and “balance on a stick” held by the other two. Simon buzzes the act. Howie and Mel seem to love it and they are laughing. The audience is laughing and seems to enjoy it. The audience loved it and Heidi and Mel give an ovation. Simon asks if that was a joke and the crowd boos. Simon says that was the worst act they’ve had on this year. Mel boos and says Simon doesn’t get it. Mel says they kept everyone entertained and says they are great. Heidi loved it so much, she says it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. Howie asks if they know who the three stooges are and he says they are the new three stooges. Simon votes no. Heidi gives the first yes. Mel says yes, yes, yes. Howie says like the stooges they need three yesses to move on and he’s giving it to them. The next act is Final Draft from Atlanta, Georgia. They are a quartet who have been together for six years. They sing It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown. The crowd seems to enjoy the performance. They get an ovation from the crowd and Howie. Mel says what they’ve got you can’t teach someone. She thinks they have something really, really special. Heidi loved everything about it and they all have great voices. Howie says he feels like this group wants to be here because this is their life and they are really talented and their life will never be the same after tonight. Simon says he thinks it was a great, great audition. Simon says he saw real passion, ambition, and they have absolute talent. He thinks there is a real shot with them. Howie gives them their first yes. Mel says yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon says he’s got a good feeling, this is four yesses. Next we hear some phones ringing and people checking their phones. We meet three gentlemen, Eduardo, Reuben, and Giome who are representing Oskar and Gaspar and they are twin brothers and the minds behind the performance. They don’t like to be seen in public. The twins sent them because they have something huge they want the world to see. They are going to try and turn a human body into something magical and they want Heidi to join them. They take Heidi away and when they come back Heidi is in an all-white jump suit with white gloves. She stands in the middle of the stage and the lights go dim and you can see the outline of Hedi and her jumpsuit becomes colored and it changes to different colors or “outfits”. The faces also morph over Heidi’s to the other judges and Tyra. Then we have animals too, a lizard and then space and earth elements. There are also some robotic images and then a superhero like costume with AGT on it. They get a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges. Mel thought it was incredible. Howie says it was so creative and so phenomenal he could have watched it for much longer. Simon says it was sensational. He says it’s the most original, most beautiful think he’s seen on the show to date. Heidi doesn’t know what went on so she needs help from the audience and they cheer loudly. Howie gives a yes. Simon says obviously it’s a yes. Mel gives the third yes. Heidi asks the audience if they are saying yes, and they are. We see a montage of a couple of magicians who go through. Then we meet Vinnie who is also a magician. He’s 41 from New York. Simon greets him and wishes him best of luck. He calls Howie up to the stage with him to help him out. He has Howie pull a card out and not look at it and he puts it in his pocket. He gives Howie a flashlight and has him look in his ears for a listening device. Nothing there. Vinnie then says he could be wearing a wire but he’s not and he takes his suit off and he strips down while standing behind a screen. Tyra comes out to stand behind and look and says motions he’s really wearing nothing. Howie says he’s not wearing a wire and he can’t unsee that. Vinnie then tapes his eyes shut and he’s going to stick his tongue out and he wants Howie to tap the card on his tongue. He licks the card and he says he can tell the card is not just red, but it’s also a heart. It’s the three of hearts and Howie shows the card and he is correct. Heidi wants to know why he didn’t pick her or Mel. Howie says he’s seen too much tonight. Mel says he’s never seen that combo for a magic trick and he guessed the card. Heidi says he was charming and funny and he did a fantastic job. Simon says he can’t help thinking where does this go? Howie thinks he performed an amazing trick and he votes yes. Mel enjoyed it and votes yes. Heidi says he’s very entertaining and gives a yes. Simon says he was going to say he wanted to see more of him, but he takes that back. But he will give the fourth yes and he moves on. The final act of the night is Carlos from Florida. He drives a car, but he wants to be a professional singer. He sings for his passengers all the time. He comes out on stage and he looks very excited. Heidi greats him and she asks what he does for a living. She wishes him good luck. He sings Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s Turandot. The crowd loves it and he gets an ovation from the crowd and all four judges. He gets emotional and everyone seems to love it. Heidi says he’s so good. Howie says that was amazing because his character, he is so giving. Mel says he sings with such passion that comes right from the depth, it was brilliant. Simon says he doesn’t know a lot about classical music, but he loves doing this show because the only people that matter are the audience. Simon says he is one of the most likeable contestants they’ve ever had on the show. Simon would love to vote first so he can be the first person to say yes. Howie says everyone is America I love you and it’s a yes. Mel gives him his third yes. Heidi gives the fourth yes and he moves on.
  2. Our first act of the night is a gospel choir named Greater Works. They are from all around the country, and people from various careers. They do a lot of rehearsing online and this moment means everything to them. This performance could be life changing. Simon greets Greater Works and asks a few basic questions about their act and where they are from. Simon asks if they think they could win and the leader says he thinks they will. Simon says he loves choirs and wishes them luck. The choir starts with a soloist who really impresses the crowd and Howie. They are singing This Little Light of Mine. The crowd seems to enjoy it and is really behind them. Greater works gets a standing ovation and Mel says that hit her in every single way. She says they gave her more purpose. Howie says the soloist’s voice was just insane and she is a star on her own, she’s amazing. Howie generally doesn’t like choirs, but they took this Jew to church. Heidi says in the 5 years she’s been there they are the best choir they have had. She loved their energy. Simon says they were fantastic, he likes them, and they have a little Aretha as a secret weapon. Simon asks her name and says if she ever leaves the choir to get ahold of him. Howie gives them a yes, Mel gives them a yes. Heidi gives them a yes, and Simon gives their fourth yes. Next we have JJ who is a rock ‘n roll keyboard player. He just broke up with his girlfriend, which really sucked. He’s going to play a song that’s dedicated to the last heartbreak he went through. He thanks God he has his cat and his music. This is his rebirth moment, and when she sees him she’s going to be so jealous. Simon asks his name and where he’s from and how old he is. Simon wants to hear a little about him and he says he’s a rock ‘n roll keyboardist. JJ says he’s a one-man band and he can put his spin on any song. Simon wishes him best of luck. He starts playing I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett and the audience is enjoying his keyboard playing. Heidi realizes he isn’t singing and she isn’t impressed. Heidi eventually buzzes him and the crowd boos her. JJ gets a huge round of applause from the crowd. Simon asks Heidi about buzzing him and she says he was good but he didn’t sing and she got bored. Mel says he plays that keyboard really, really good. Howie says on one hand he thinks he’s an amazing musician, but on the other hand it’s so dated and so goofy. Simon says there’s something about him, but what will he do within the act. Howie says he put a smile on everyone’s face and he’ll say yes. Mel also says yes. Heidi says no. Simon says he likes him and he’s really cook, and he compares him to Wayne’s World and he also says yes. Next we have a dance group called Light Balance Dance Group from the Ukraine. They talk about how people are losing their jobs and it’s difficult to get food for their table. Dance gave them hope for a better life in America and they can change the lives of their families and bring them to America. They are an illuminated dance group and they dance to 24K by Bruno Mars and the crowd cheers for them as they come out and start. The song switches to 5 More Hours by Chris Brown featuring Deorro. As they finish they get a standing ovation and the crowd seems to have loved it. Heidi loved it and says she’s seen lighted dance groups, but none as good as they were. Howie says he loved it and people tend to miss the synchronization of the lives, and they were great and they should be proud. Mel loved the whole thing and she says it was perfection. Simon thought the act was incredible, imaginative, it was great! Time to vote. Tyra comes out and says it was incredible and crazy good and she’s going down to hit the golden buzzer. Next we have Anthony who is a 58 lawyer from Florida. Before he had law as his dream job, he always wanted to be a singer and have a number one pick. He’s the total package. His wife is his muse. He wants to be as large as he can in the short time he has in order to make it into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Simon greets him and begins to ask a few questions. The name of Anthony’s song is called Young Enough and his wife is 25 years younger than he is. Simon asks if his wife is there and she comes out and he asks if Anthony is good and she says he is awesome. Howie, Mel, Heidi, and Simon all buzz immediately within about 10 seconds and the crowd is booing. Heidi says she thinks he holds the record for fastest to be buzzed. Simon asks if he has a second song and he starts singing and the crowd continues to boo. Mel and Howie are trying to hit their buzzer again, but it’s still on from the first buzz. Simon says he doesn’t think they need to say too much. Howie says no, but he has a beautiful young lady. Mel and Heidi both say no. Simon says he likes him, and he’s very nice, it didn’t go to well, but thank you. He sings backstage with his wife and Tyra. The next hopefuls are up and they are dancers. They are a dance group from South Korea and they dedicate themselves to their craft. Synchronization is a big part of their act. Making a career out of dancing in South Korea is unimaginable, but here in America they can change their lives. Howie greets them and asks what their name is and why they decided to come on AGT. The crowd is enjoying the performance and the judges seem impressed. They get a standing ovation from all four judges. Howie says they are by far the best dance crew he’s seen this season. Mel says they’ve taken the choreography to a place she’s never seen before, they gave it everything and then some. Heidi says they weren’t lying, they have never seen anything like that before. It was in sync and it was so good. Simon says they made themselves standout and they had a great personality. Mel says yes, Heidi loves them and she says yes. Simon asks what yes is in Korean and they tell him. Howie gives them their fourth yes. Next, we have Celine who is 9-years old and she loves to sing. Her father realized she could sing when they were in the car and he was surprised. They named her Celine because they love Celine Dion very much. She wants to grow up and be like Celine Dion because she’s beautiful and has great singing techniques. Mel greets her and asks her name. Her younger sister’s name is Dion. Celine sings My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Everyone seems to enjoy her voice and the crowd cheers. Simon is listening intently to her performance. She gets an ovation from the crowd as she hits the big part in the song. As she finishes she gets a standing ovation and she thanks everyone. Simon says he knows that’s not her singing and she says it’s her and he says there’s no one behind the screen? She says no. Simon says she is incredible. Heidi says she knocked it out of the park. Howie says he can’t get the smile off of his face, that was amazing. Mel was impressed with how confident she was and how she wasn’t nervous, and she controlled her notes. Simon gives a yes, Heidi gives her a yes, Howie says yes, and Mel also says yes. Up next we have a couple of chefs with an act called Men with Pans. They’ve performed together for ten years. People have said after seeing their act, they never cook the same way again. Simon wishes them luck. Heidi thinks they are going to juggle. The chefs run off and come back out naked with the pans covering their private area and their chest. Simon buzzes them. They turn and have pans over their bottoms. Mel buzzes them. They wind up down to one pan and Howie is cracking up and is on his feet and Heidi seems to have enjoyed it as well. The crowd is laughing and cheering. They head off towards Tyra and she runs on stage because of their nudity. Heidi says that was the funniest thing she’s seen all day and can’t believe Mel and Simon buzzed. Mel was not amused and it was weird. Simon says no, Heidi says yes, Howie says yes and their fate is in Mel B’s hands. Heidi says it was hilarious and Simon gives them a chance to say something to Mel and they say if they come back they have beautiful things to show them. Mel says she’ll give them another chance and says yes. As we come back from commercial we have a strength, acrobatic act with guys standing on each other and balancing and doing flips off. They were called the Godfathers and Howie says they kept escalating and it kept getting more dangerous and Mel interrupts and says it was so exciting. They get all the judges to say yes and they advance. Up next, we have a Robert De Niro look alike. Howie greets him and Howie says he’s very good with the impression. He does a Christopher Walken impression next, followed by John Travolta. The crowd is booing. He moves on to Jack Nicholson and puts on some sun glasses and the crowd is booing even louder. He then reads nursery rhymes and the crowd boos loudly and Simon buzzes him. Mel and Heidi then follow with boos. Howie says he didn’t want to buzz him, but it didn’t go that well. Simon says he’s funny, but the act is terrible. Simon says no, Heidi says no, Mel says no, and Howie says yes because it doesn’t matter. We have a magician next named Tom and he’s 25. His dad has been his inspiration and if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be able to do what he’s about to do. He wants to try and do something he’s never done before. He asks everyone to hold up their phones. As they hold them up the phones begin flashing red, white, and blue. Tom asks Simon to choose three cell phones that are red and ask those people to join him on stage. He asks three audience members questions about how many hit artists Simon has had on his label, how many millions of records did Mel B sell while with the Spice Girls, and what year did Heidi began modeling. The audience members say 52, 102, and 1987. Tyra has a calculator and follows Tom’s directions and they come up with the number 73, 928, 547. Tom plays a video from a few hours earlier and he holds up a board with the number they came up with. Tom then says Simon had 47 artists and circles the last two numbers, Mel B actually had 85 million records and circles those two numbers, and Heidi started modeling in 92, but Howie married his high school sweetheart and has been married to her for 37 years and underlines the first two numbers. He gets a standing ovation. Mel says she is speechless and she’s so amazed and he’s kind of hot. Heidi loved what he just did. Howie says he’s amazing and he loves the variety and he’s really good. Simon says Tom has taken something that is perceived as old-fashioned and made it current and it was one of the best things they’ve seen today. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a yes, Heidi gives a yes, and Simon gives the fourth yes. Next we have Bello Knock and he’s 47. He’s not an average clown, he’s a comic daredevil. He could ride a unicycle before he could ride a bicycle. His act is very unique and it’s something they’ve never seen before. Simon greets him and asks if he’s married. He’s hoping to change everyone’s perspective of a clown because he’s different. Bello has a 37-foot high pole in front of the stage and he climbs it and as it gets to the top it sways back and forth. He sits on top of it and then does a hand stand. He then stands on it as it sways back and forth. Simon looks uncomfortable. He then hangs from it upside down by his feet. He takes his hands off the pole and slides down with just his legs. The crowd is on their feet cheering loudly. Howie says sometimes he screamed like he was in trouble and his neck hurts and he was scared. Mel is on the fence because she found it a little bit cheesy, but it was dangerous. Heidi really enjoyed it because he made it fun, but it’s dangerous. Simon likes him, he’s a nice guy, but he finds the act as something he’d like if he were 2-years old. Howie says he’s crazy and dangerous and it’s a yes. Heidi gives him a yes. Simon says no. It’s up to Mel B. Bello asks if they would give him a chance if he doubles the height of the pole. He’s willing to do even more, like getting shot out of a cannon and over a helicopter. Simon changes his mind and gives him a yes and Mel also gives him a yes. Coming back from commercial we have a young man playing the keyboard and singing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. The crowd cheers and Simon seems to be enjoying it. Heidi gives an ovation and the crowd liked it. Simon says he has an amazing voice and was curious why he chose that song and he says it’s for his dad who flew in from Australia. He moves through to the next round. The final act of the evening is Evy Claire whose father is her biggest supporter. Simon asks why she came to AGT this year and she says it’s always been her dream and she starts to get emotional. She says her father was diagnosed with cancer and they gave him a 5% chance to live. He continued working and supporting their family and she’s here to sing for him. Evy is going to sing Arms by Christina Perri. Simon gives her a moment to compose herself and Tyra brings her some water. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says there was so much meaning and he felt like America and everyone from AGT would like to give her a hug. Mel says she’s so special and her voice is so amazing. Heidi thinks she has a beautiful voice. She gets a yes from all four judges and she moves on.
  3. We start the show tonight with Simon asking Tyra how she’s enjoying being on the show and she loves it. We meet Oscar and we hear a little about his backstory. He says his father was a traditional guy who believed guys Oscar’s size should be a football player, but Oscar wants to perform. He meets the judges and Simon tells him good luck. Oscar is a dancer and has a routine to Anaconda by Nikki MInaj. Mel seems to really like the performance and the crowd is cheering and behind Oscar. Simon is shocked and as Oscar finishes his performance the crowd is on their feet cheering. Simon says well we weren’t expecting that! Howie says it’s like he was possessed by tiny Laker’s girls. Heidi says she likes those moves coming from him than those girls. Mel says he has sass and swagger and he owned the whole entire stage and she was surprised he went into the splits at the end. Simon says that was amazing! Simon says he’s the person that could start a new trend. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a definite yes, Heidi gives a definite yes, and Simon gives the fourth yes. Up next is Elena and Sasha, she’s American and he’s from the Ukraine. They had to use a translate app to communicate when they first started dating. They’ve been married for almost four years. They explain to another contestant backstage that he balances her on his face. They take the stage and are greeted by Simon. Simon asks how dangerous is the act, has she nearly died and Elena says oh yeah, millions of times. Sasha has a long pole and Elena climbs it and puts a harness around her neck and he spins her around. She then comes down and gets some hula hoops. He puts the pole on his head and she climbs to the top and Sasha lets go and Elena spins one hula hoop on her arm while holding one leg and then does a hand stand while he continues to keep the pole on his head while not holding it. The crowd seems to enjoy it and the judges give a standing ovation. Howie says he liked it and it was probably one of the most dangerous things that’s ever been done on his show. Mel did like it and Elena seemed so child while being on his head. Elena says she had to get over her fear of heights to do this. Heidi thinks they are incredible and she loved it. Simon says Elena is kind of nicely stupid, but that makes her human and the act becomes more recognizable. Howie loves it and votes yes. Mel votes yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon gives the fourth yes. Up next is Shemika who is going to limbo. Her grandmother and mother were both limbo dancers. She grew up watching her mom perform and that’s when she discovered her love for limbo. She starts with a stretch which shows her flexibility. Her mother comes out and sets the limbo bar and she says lower and she slides under it and Howie is impressed and the crowd is too. She then goes under a series of bars while balancing a bar on her face. Heidi is curious how she’s doing it. They then bring out a car and she’s going to limbo underneath the car. The crowd is cheering and the judges are shocked. Simon has never seen anything like that in his life. Heidi loved it and she thought it was fantastic. Mel says her 9 year old showed her a video of her and she’s going to be so jealous she got to see her live. Howie was amazed when he went through the first one. He says she’s amazing. Simon says obviously he votes yes. Heidi gives the second yes. Mel says yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Howie gives the fourth yes. Up next is Kechi. She wants to share her voice with AGT and she’s been singing since she was 7 or 8. She was in a plane crash when she was 16 and she was one of two survivors back in Nigeria. Music was her escape and that’s why music means so much to her. Simon turns the stage over to her. She sings Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Everything is quiet for the first verse, but as she gets to the chorus the crowd starts cheering. Howie and Simon gave a standing ovation. Howie says she’s one of the most beautiful people he’s ever met and she blew him away. Mel says she’s very brave and she’s going to inspire millions of people and she has a great singing voice, but she could feel Kechi was nervous. Heidi loved her energy and she loved her voice and she really enjoyed it. Simon says what he’s most proud about is the show gives people a platform they don’t normally get and he thinks there is more to come from her. He thinks there’s more she can do than she realizes she’s capable of. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a definite yes and Heidi is excited to see her again and she gets her third yes. Simon gives her the fourth yes and says congratulations. We meet Big Benji, the one and only. She’s been dreaming a long time to get on AGT because she loves Simon. She asks her husband if she can flirt with Simon and he says yeah, he might steal her. She takes the stage and Simon asks how old she is and she says she’s 73-years old. Benji tells Simon he is as handsome as her husband. Heidi asks what she loves about Simon and Benji says he acts tough, but on the inside he’s juicy with love. Simon asks what she’s going to do and she responds she’s going to sing and asks for a kiss later. He says if she does well. She sings L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. The crowd and judges are laughing but giving applause. Howie says she’s adorable and wonderful but it’s a no from him. Mel says she thinks she got to do what she wanted which would serenade Simon, but it’s a no from her. Heidi also says it’s a no from her. Simon says he would have said yes, but it’s a no. They let her come down and Simon gives her a kiss and Benji says kids, you have your dream and you make your dream come true! Howie tells Benji’s husband if he wants to come kiss Heidi he can. He comes down and Heidi gives him a couple of kisses on his forehead. We see Joan who is 82 and she is single and loves Simon and asks if Simon loves older women. Howie says you two go get a room and Joan says she’s willing. Joan sings to Simon after taking her long skirt off to reveal a shorter skirt. Mel buzzes Joan and says she didn’t like it and Joan asks if Mel is jealous, but the other three give her yesses and she gets to move on. We see another woman in a super hero outfit who asks where Simon is from and says he’s gorgeous. We get another group of older women who are sitting and clapping and kicking and apparently either aren’t wearing underwear or you can see their underwear. Simon says they are seeing the ugly side of show business, jealousy from Heidi. Simon says yes, but the others say no. Simon says it’s tough being a heart throb. Next we have a magician named Tony and he’s 21 and he’s French. He wants to show to America his kind of magic. Simon asks if his parents support him and he says honestly, his parents hate magic. He wants to prove to the judges and his parents that he can become a magician. The crowd is impresses and the judges seem to be enjoying it. The crowd like it and they get an ovation from the crowd and all four judges. Simon is speechless and goes to Howie. Howie says it’s because of moments like this that he believes they are experiencing the best season ever. Mel asks if they are identical twins and she says they are hilarious and magically brilliant and she absolutely loved it. Heidi says it was amazing, very entertaining, and full of surprises. She thought it was fantastic. Simon says this 100% a Vegas act and it was a really, really special audition. Howie votes Oui! Mel says yeah! Heidi says it’s a definite yes from her. Simon says they have four Ouis. Next up we meet In the Stairwell which is an a capella group from the United States Air Force Academy. They talk about their future potential to go into battle and protect the country. They want to show the judges something they’ve never seen before with precision and exactitude. They take the stage and are greeted by Simon. He wishes them the best of luck. They perform Nobody Can Drag Me Down by One Direction. Howie buzzes the group. The crowd cheers and gives an ovation, as does Simon and Heidi. Simon goes to Howie and he is booed by the crowd. Howie thanks them and respects them for their service, but on talent alone he was bored. The crowd boos again and Simon says they aren’t booing him loud enough. Mel says she wasn’t bored but what they did with the harmonies they made it full and fresh and new and she liked that. Heidi thinks they are very talented and tells them well done. Simon thought the choreography was too much, but he thinks people are really going to like them but they have a lot of work to do. Mel gives a yes, Heidi gives a yes, Howie says for the service it’s a yes, but for the talent it’s a no. Simon gives the third yes and they are through to the next round. We see a montage of no’s. Some of the people backstage are saying the judges must be in a bad mood or having a bad day. Up next is Daniel and Wyatt, two separate acts. Both are talking about how nervous they are. Wyatt is dreading his performance and Daniel has never performed in front of people before. Wyatt is up first and is greeted by Mel. Wyatt is a comedian and the crowd is quiet and isn’t very receptive. Simon buzzes and the crowd is now starting to boo. Wyatt says it’s not going well for him and Heidi also buzzes. He finishes and says he will throw himself on the mercy of the judges. Simon and Heidi both say no and Howie advises him if he really wants to do comedy to not give up and use this experience. Daniel is up next and he is super, super nervous. He takes the stage and is greeted by Mel. He is going to sing for them and Mel asks if he’s performed a lot and Daniel says this is his first time in front of an audience. Mel advises him to not think about it and just do it. He sings Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, but he does it in character voice. He starts in the Goofy voice and the crowd boos to start and as Daniel continues they start to warm up. His second voice is Scooby-Doo and the crowd is starting to get into a little bit and the judges are laughing. The next voice as he hits the chorus is Kermit the Frog and the crowd loves it. Next is Peter Griffin and then Simon Cowell is performed next. Mel and Heidi are cracking up. Next is Mickey Mouse and the crowd is into it and Heidi is laughing. The crowd gets on their feet and so do the judges. Mel says she’s never seen anything like that and he killed it, he nailed it. Howie says this is what he loves about the show, it shows the variety they offer and he loves seeing things he’s never seen before. Howie says he is awesome. Heidi says he put the biggest smile on her face. Mel asks Simon if he realized Daniel did an impression of him really well. Simon says thank goodness for him because he was losing the will to live and then Daniel comes out and everyone is going to love this act. Howie loved it, it’s a yes. Heidi gives him a second yes and Simon says obviously yes. Mel gives the fourth yes and we’ll see him in the next round. Next we have a family with six dogs with them to perform. It’s the Pompeyo family and they are from Florida. They have 18 dogs all together and most of them come from shelters. They love their dogs like their kids. They want their own show in Vegas. Simon wishes them good luck. The crowd immediately cheers for them and the judges are smiling and seem to love it. The crowd and judges love it and they get an ovation. Mel says the dogs are so excited. She says that made her smile it seemed like they were having a ball. Heidi says she’s never seen a dog do a handstand, it was amazing. Howie says the little girls is just stunning and everyone enjoyed themselves. Simon says this is the natural follow up to Keeping up with Kardashians. He could see this as a reality program. He wants to know if they could get all 18 dogs on next time and the mother says all 18?!? This stage would be crazy! Howie gives a yes. Mel gives a definite yes and Heidi says a definite yes from me as well. Simon gives the fourth yes! Up next we have Dancing Pumpkin Man. He says dancing is his life and he wants to test himself against the best in the world. He takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon asks for his real name and he says his name is Jack and he’s married and has kids. Simon asks what the dream is and he says to bring the magic of dance to the world. Simon wishes him good luck. Dancing Pumpkin Man dances to Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell. Simon buzzes him pretty quickly. Mel says he’s actually quite good. The crowd is laughing and seem to be enjoying it. Howie is also laughing. Heidi is singing along and dancing in her chair. Mel loved it and she gives a standing ovation and the audience seemed to love it. Simon looks stunned. Simon asks why Mel would stand up for that and she says that was incredible. She says her tummy hurts because she laughed so much. She wants to see more because it’s brilliant. Simon says it’s not. Heidi says she enjoyed it but to be honest she seen it once and she doesn’t need to see it again. Howie loved it and he loved the way he moved and he loved his repartee with “Simes”. Simon thought it was stupid so he’s obviously saying no. Howie says it was stupid, but he loves that stupid and it’s a yes. Mel says he made her laugh so hard, yes, yes, yes! It’s up to Heidi and the crowd is chanting Heidi. Heidi says it’s going to be a no, sorry. Mel is begging Heidi and she gets up and goes to the stage and says she isn’t leaving until someone changes their mind. The crowd cheers. Simon asks what the audience would say, yes or no. They cheer and Smon says he’s not going to change his mind because it was stupid, but he does have a 3-year old who will get it better than him so he will give Mel the third yes. Our final act is Christian and he’s 16 from New York, and he’s a singer. His mother is a nurse and his father is a pizza man. His parents met when his mother was in Italy. His mother tells us when he was 6 they knew something was wrong and they were told he was going to completely blind, but he doesn’t give up and the only thing he ever wanted to do was music. They found an experimental therapy when he was 12 and it worked. His mother says it’s a miracle. His dream is to become a singer. He feels nervous. Simon greets Christian and Christian says he’s nervous and Simon tells him not to be nervous. Simon asks when he first started singing and Christian says he’s been singing for as long as he can remember. Simon wishes him the best of luck. Christian sings Who’s Lovin’ You by The Jackson 5. The crowd is on their feet and cheering and Howie also stands for Christian. He gets a complete ovation and Christian thanks them and is emotional. Simon says he needs 10 seconds because he’s speechless right now. Mel says what just happened? He was so nervous but then started singing and he was bright light. Heidi thinks he’s incredible and there’s no reason for him to be nervous. Heidi says he’s going to go very far in this competition. Simon asks if he was being funny when he said he was nervous and Christian says no. Simon says he was like a mouse that turned into a lion. Christian is one of Simon’s favorite people he’s met this season. Howie says he agrees with everything Simon said he asks if Christian could make one wish right this second what would it be? Christian says right this second? Probably the golden buzzer. Howie says well your wish just came true!
  4. To start the show, we meet Edna from Florida and her dog Mia. Edna thinks Mia was born to be a mathematician and numbers come naturally to her. Edna says Mia is her K-9 Einstein and she thinks Mia can see the world in a different way. Edna says Mia can count any number between 1-50 and she can read flashcards. Simon gives her the greenlight to begin her act. Howie asks her to count to the number four. After a moment, Mia barks four times. Edna asks for another number and Simon says 16. Mia complies and barks 16 times with the audience counting along. Edna calls Tyra out. Tyra has flashcards and Edna tells her to choose a card with a number on it. Tyra selects the flashcard with the number 20. Mia begins barking and the audience counts along. The crowd gives a standing ovation and Howie says that’s amazing. Howie asks if Mia has a favorite judge and Mia barks once and Edna says Mia has a crush on Simon. Simon says he has a little crush on Mia as well. He says Mia is like a super dog and he’s really blown away. Mel says she hasn’t seen anything like that before and that’s why she loves America’s Got Talent. Heidi says she loves the act, she loves Mia. She thought the act was a lot of fun and there were a lot of great tricks and they were really good. Simon says it’s time to vote but he wants Mia to do it for him. Edna asks Mia if she wants four yesses and Mia barks four times. The judges agree and Mia goes through with four yesses. Simon welcomes the next act, a large group all in white. They are Diavolo: Architecture in Motion. They mix a lot of different movement types together. The leader of their group, the person who came up with the concept, is the creative director Jacque. Jacque says he got his inspiration for this type of act from an earthquake he experienced. Simon tells them best of luck. The judges are watching the group on a large platform that rocks back and forth and they seem to be in awe. The audience is also excited and they give gasps of shock as Diavolo performs. They get a standing ovation and Simon says he feels they need to bring Jacque out. Howie says when he sees people dance and do acrobatics he wants them to take it to the next level, and he says they did take it to the next level. Heidi says they brought them something different with the piece they built and it made it dangerous looking and the timing and people flying off of it, it was incredible. Mel says it was so exciting, it was too short and it needed to be longer. Simon says this was something he will remember, it was incredible. They get four yesses and they are through to the next round. Up next is Chase from Tennessee. He says growing up he was shy until he started taking music lessons and it changed his life. He says he has a love music and it turned into song writing. He’s going to perform an original song about a real-life situation about a friend who is in a bad relationship with a guy who isn’t perfect for her and she should get into a relationship with him, because he is the right guy. He’s going to sing an original song called Hurt and Simon thanks him and says good luck. The crowd cheers for him and they seem to enjoy the song. He gets a standing ovation from the audience and the judges and Simon says wow and Mel says that was brilliant. Howie says they look for these moments that excite them and surprise them, and when Chase started rapping he thought it was a unique sound that he will never forget. Heidi says he’s super talented, she loves his confidence, his song, and he’s very cute on top of it. Simon says it was bloody fantastic. Chase did something Simon wasn’t expecting in the middle, he’s a great writer and he thanks him for coming on the show. Mel says he is a great writer because he took a topic that isn’t talked about often and it was spot on. She says that song is going to mean so much to so many people. The judges vote and he gets 4 yesses and he moves on to the next round. We see a montage of four couples who dance together and one is also a strength act. All four get sent through. Up next is Jimmy from Chicago and he does a hand balancing act with his partner Judy. He says what they do is incredible technical and difficult and this is the break they’ve been waiting for. His partner is not there yet and the producers tell him to call her because at this point it’s now or never. Mel welcomes Jimmy to the stage and he goes out alone. Simon says he bets the partner is weird. As the act starts, a blow-up doll descends from the ceiling. After a moment, Simon hits his buzzer. Howie is laughing and says he loves it. Heidi says this can’t be it. The audience is laughing. Mel is also chuckling. Heidi also hits her buzzer. Jimmy kicks her at the end of the act and she deflates and floats around and he holds her for the audience to see. Howie says this was comedy, it was hysterical, and he’s a great character. Howie says his partner seems out of breath and Jimmy says she seems a bit deflated. Heidi says she doesn’t mind that’s his partner, but he needed to so something unbelievable. Howie says No!, this is comedy, this is funny. Mel says it was hilarious and Howie says she gets it. Simon asks when he decided to do a weird dance with a blow-up doll. Howie says yes, Mel says yes, Heidi says no. Howie is upset because Heidi won’t listen to him. Simon asks what would come next and Jimmy says I don’t know, helium? Howie says it’s going to be funny. Simon says categorically never! We get a little montage about Simon and how he will tell you if you he thinks you are bad. Up next we have two kids, Paige who is 8 and Artyon who is 9 and their act is called Artyon and Paige. They head out to the stage Heidi greets them and says they are so excited and they are smiling from ear to ear. Howie says this looks like Heidi’s wedding photo. They tell the judges they will be dancing. Simon buzzes the act and Heidi pushes him in the arm and Mel asks what’s wrong with him. The crowd is seeming to enjoy the act and they are cheering. Mel is singing along to the song they danced to which was Barbie Girl by Aqua. The crowd chants put them through. Heidi says they were so well rehearsed. He swung her around and it reminded her of mornings at home with Seal way back when. Heidi really loved it. Simon says he liked them and they’re talented, but they needed more experience and that song is not fun. He thinks they need experience, but they have great chemistry. Mel says Simon is very grumpy and she loved it, and their song choice, and they were so good. Howie says he loved how expressive they were and it was so exciting to watch and it made him smile the whole time. He actually did like the song. Mel says they’re going to play the song over and over again in the dressing room for Simon. Heidi and Mel both say yes and Simon says no, even though it’s not going to make him popular. The crowd boos. Howie gives them their third yes and they go through. Up next is Nick Uhas and he’s a science teacher from Ohio. He went to college for science and he’s a published Chemist. Simon asks Nick why he entered the show and Nick says because he loves science. Simon tells him good luck and he comes to stand before the judges to begin his act. Nick gives the judges balloons to suck in the helium and they are having a blast talking with their voices deeper. The audience is cracking up and the judges had fun. Nick then has Howie and Mel come to the stage to help him. He explains the chemicals that are on the science table and he says they’re going to mix them and make some reactions go really fast. Nick calls Howie over for a third trick and has him put on a faceguard. Howie is going to boiling hot water with an extremely cold chemical (carbon dioxide?) and they get a big explosion of steam. Howie sucks in the balloon and says he thought it was wonderful and he’s giving him his first yes. Mel sucks in the balloon and gives him a second yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon thought it was absolutely terrible, but it’s a yes from him. Did you catch the last act? Did he look familiar or the name sound familiar? It was Nick Uhas from Big Brother 15. We see a “family” montage. We have a family of kids, around 8 kids and they sing We Are Family and Simon really liked them. They get through. We then see the judges arguing like children and siblings. We then have a pair of siblings, a brother and sister and they are on roller skates. They are Emily Billy and they are acrobatic roller skaters. Emily says they like roller skating because it’s elegant and graceful, like ballet. Simon says Billy and Emily came on Britain’s Got Talent two years ago and he always hoped they would come over to America one day and show them what they could do. They live in America now. They have a head piece connected to their next as he skates and spins and she rotates. Mel is shocked. Billy then takes Emily by one arm and one leg and spins her and does a headbanger (spins her while moving her in an up and down motion. He then does picks her up by her legs and does the headbanger and Howie can’t believe how close her head is coming to the ground. They get a standing ovation. Howie says people don’t realize how dangerous that was for them and at any moment she could have flown off and hit them. They blew Howie away. Mel says what just happened? The speed of everything was just crazy, but crazy good. Heidi says she has never seen anything like that before, it was incredible and they are both so nice to look at. Simon says they are incredible and it literally is death defying. He says what they did when he first saw them was good, but this was even better. They get four yesses and move on. Next we have Angelica who is in fourth grade. She started singing when she was 2 years old. Singing is her dream and her parents are there and they think she’s pretty special. Howie welcomes her to the stage and asks how old she is and she is 9 years old and she just found out she’s going to be a big sister. She wants to be the next Whitney Houston. Howie gives her the green light to begin. Angelica sings Rise Up by Andra Day. She immediately shocks the crowd and the judges. Simon is impressed and he is smiling. Her parents are off to the side and crying. The audience is on their feet. Howie is up and the other judges stand and she gets an ovation. Angelica is overcome with emotion as she finishes. Howie says OMG! Simon says this shouldn’t actually happen. She’s tiny, her voice is huge and he has a feeling they may be looking at a star of the future. Heidi says wow, she had goosebumps. Mel says she is so special and her voice is so amazing and she thanks for sharing today. Angelica says Mel is her favorite judge and Simon hits his buzzer. Mel goes up to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Howie says he predicts all of her dreams are going to come true. Mel says yes, Heidi says yes, Simon says who did you say your favorite judge is? Simon gives her a third yes and Howie gives her the fourth. Next we have a pair of brothers, Azeri Brothers, and they are super humans. They have a spokesman and he says they don’t talk very much but one look from them tells them exactly what you need to know. Their act is incredibly dangerous. Mel welcomes to the stage and their spokesman introduces them and says they are going to do something impossible. One of the Azeri brothers’ stabs four nails into a board while the other two hold them. They have a new board and he has two nails and he hammers them into the board with his head. Next we have a small board of nails and one brother lays down on them and then there is a stick to stand on with nails they put on top of him and one of the brothers stands on it. The judges look away and Heidi hits her buzzer. They ask for a volunteer from the audience. We have a brother laying on the floor and one other brother with a shovel at his neck with pegs to stand on. They have the audience stand on the pegs while it’s at the brother’s neck. Heidi says that was disgusting, that was horrible to watch. Howie says it was like a buffet of torture. Simon says it was disgusting but he loved it. That’s what he likes about the show, you aren’t going to see this anywhere else. Howie says it’s too much too far, it’s ridiculous, and this was way too dangerous. Mel says she didn’t like it, but she knows there’s a lot of people who did like it. Simon says he needs to see more and he says yes. Heidi says no, it’s a no. Mel says she’s going to give them their second yes. It’s up to Howie. He asks the audience if they enjoyed watching it and they stand and cheer. Howie says he hates it, he doesn’t think they should do it, but he’s a man of the people so it’s their third yes and they move on. Next is Colin Cloud and he’s been described as the real Sherlock Holmes. What he does is the closest thing to a real life mind reading and today he’s going to show the world what the judges are really thinking. Mel welcomes him to the stage and he explains his act. He gives a quick demonstration and points out a lady in the audience and asks if she is a teacher, and she is. He then says the man next to her by his body language is a police officer, and he is. Tyra comes out to assist and is holding a prediction that may prove very important. His background is in criminal profiling and he wants to teach them how it works with a simple game he learned as a child. He gives Howie a coin and an anti-bacterial wipe. He is guessing which hand the judges are holding the coin in. He gets them all correct, with the help of a little audience participation. He takes the scroll from Tyra and the scroll wants Tyra to open the lid of the stool she was sitting on and see what’s inside. It corresponds to what the audience yelled out which was white, cat, and Oscar and he pulls out a white cat named Oscar. How is mesmerized by Colin. Heidi loves him and thinks he’s fantastic. Simon thinks they could become partners and they could take over the world. Mel says she’s not quite sure what she saw but he was mesmerizing. Howie says yes, Heidi says yes, Simon says yes, and Mel gives the fourth yes and we’ll see him in the next round. Our final act is Mandy and she has an interpreter named Sarah. She’s deaf, she lost all her hearing when she was 19 years old. Simon asked how old she was and she says 29. Simon asked how she lost her hearing. She has a connective tissue disorder and she got sick and her nerves deteriorated. She always wanted to sing and she went to school for vocal music education. She was waiting for a test to start, but she realized she didn’t hear enough to start the test and that was the last day she was a part of the music program. She’s going to sing a song she wrote called Try. Simon asks her to tell him about it and she says she gave up after she lost her hearing, but she wants to do more with her life than just give up. Simon wishes her good luck. She has a couple of people accompany her on keyboard and guitar. The crowd applauds as she begins. The judges seem impressed and we see a few members of the audience wipe tears away and they applaud and give a standing ovation. Howie also stands before her performance is even over. All the judges stand as she finishes. Simon says I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this. He stands and hits his golden buzzer. Her dad runs out to give her a hug and Simon goes on stage to also give her a hug and a thumbs up. He says it was one of the most amazing things he’s ever heard. He says he never thinks he’s going to be surprised or amazed by people, but then she shows up. She is straight through to the live shows. Howie is doing the sign for applause and the audience follows.
  5. We’re ready to race our final leg of season 29. Ready, Set, Go! Phil starts off and tells them they’re going to fly more than 6,000 miles to the windy city, Chicago, Illinois. They will all be pampered in premium class and they are going to need the rest because the last leg WILL be brutal, and there will be only one winning team! The teams are reflecting on their partnership and discussing their focus to win the final leg. They each talk about how they are only there to win. Once they land in Chicago, teams will start the final leg with a pit stop, known as “The Pit” here in Chicagoland Speedway. Scott and Brooke decided to gate check their backpacks so all they’re carrying is a fannypack. Scott says as superfans they know it’s common for the last teams to check their bags so they don’t have to carry them and the other four people didn’t figure that out. Scott and Brooke are the first to arrive and Scott reads join an official racing team. Phil tells us this is Chicagoland Speedway, a 1.5 mile NASCAR racetrack where the best drivers cover almost the length of a football field every second. It’s time for teams to really get their adrenaline pumping as they start the engines in one of these high powered professional stock cars. One team member will head behind the wheel, while the other will get their hands dirty in the pit changing a hard to handle racing tires in under 40 seconds. When they’re ready to roll, teams will take to the racetrack one at a time and attempt to clock a lap in under 48 seconds. If they move fast enough, they’ll get the checkered flag and their next clue. Scott and Brooke are being shown how to change the tire. Scott is going to drive and Brooke is going to change the tire. Tara tells Joey she will drive because she can’t change a tire. Brooke is yelling at Scott the tire is stuck and she knows they have to start over. London and Logan arrive and Logan is going to drive. Brooke makes her second attempt and is frustrated. Logan says he’s ready to drive fast. Brooke makes her third attempt and still struggles and gets frustrated and says she gives up on this one. Joey is ready to make his first attempt and Brooke is on her third attempt. Brooke gets hers done in 36 seconds and Joey gets his done in the same amount of time. Scott asks for a high five and London is set to make her first attempt. Scott heads out to make his first attempt driving. London finished but forgot to drop her gun and she wasn’t fast enough, she finished in 51 seconds. Scott did not complete his lap in 48 seconds, he hit 58 seconds instead. Tara is making her first attempt. Tara’s first attempt was even slower at 1:06. London finishes her second attempt but is still over 50 seconds. Logan gives her encouragement to keep her from getting frustrated. Scott is now on his second attempt and he finishes with a time of 49 seconds and missed by 1 second. Tara is making her second attempt and London is now on her fourth attempt at changing her tire. Logan is telling her not to give up. London finished in 38 seconds. Tara finished her second attempt at 49 seconds also. Scott is now on his third attempt and he finishes in 45 seconds and has completed this task and they drive in to victory lane. Logan is making his first attempt. Brooke and Scott get the winners treatment and they get their next clue. Phil tells us teams must now make their way to downtown Chicago and find the Monroe Street Station, one of the few below ground stops on the city’s famous L train. There they must find a worker to receive their next clue. Logan’s first attempt finished at 50 seconds. Tara is now on her third attempt and finishes in 46 seconds. Logan completes it on his second attempt with 46 seconds. All teams are now headed downtown. Brooke and Scott are looking for a clue box and Scott says it might not be a clue box. They walk right by the worker with the clue. Tara and Joey have arrived and they are also looking. Brooke and Scott see the worker and get their next clue. Phil tells us teams must solve three riddles to identify these iconic city landmarks, collecting post cards containing letters as they go. Once they unscramble the letters, they’ll discover their next destination. Brooke and Scott are reading the riddles as Tara and Joey run by and get their clue. Brooke and Scott are asking for assistance from a local and borrow their phone. Tara and Joey also go to ask for help from another woman with a cell phone. Tara and Joey think they have the destinations and ask for directions. Brooke and Scott also think they have the landmarks and they decide to get on a train. London and Logan arrive to get their clue. Brooke and Scott end up not taking the train and find their first destination. They can’t find the post card but Scott spots someone wearing yellow and red and they get their first postcard. London and Logan ask some people for a map and get directions. Scott and Brooke think they have found the second destination and they get their second postcard. Brooke doesn’t think she can run it but Scott asks her if she wants a million dollars. Tara and Joey are at their first destination and are looking for their postcard and Joey spots a guy on a bike and they have their first postcard. London and Logan arrive at their first destination and they get their first postcard. Brooke and Scott arrive at the last destination and Brooke spots the guy on the bike and they have all three postcards. Phil tells us teams must make their way to Chicago’s historic city hall and then find this secret garden on the rooftop where Michael, the city beekeeper will hand them their next clue. Brooke is crying and Scott asks what’s wrong. Brooke says she doesn’t want to let him down but she’s going as fast as she can. Tara and Joey are at their second destination and now have their second postcard. London and Logan have arrived at their third destination and they have all three of their postcards. Scott offers to give Brooke a piggyback ride but Brooke takes offense. Tara and Joey have arrived at a third destination, but it’s not the correct one and Tara tries to tell Joey they aren’t in the right place. Tara realizes the building isn’t tall enough and a woman gives them directions to the correct destination. Scott and Brooke have reached the rooftop and give find the beekeeper. Scott reads they need to travel by taxi to Wrigleyville Dogs. Once there they must search for their next clue and they head out. Tara and Joey are running to their third generation and they see the guy outside and they now have all their postcards. London and Logan are taking a subway to the city hall rooftop. Brooke is in the cab still telling Scott she doesn’t want to let him down. They find their next clue. Phil tells us teams need to deliver ten world famous Chicago style hot dogs to this rooftop overlooking Wrigley field. Once there, they must hand them out to these hungry Cubs fans, and then Amazing Race winners Ernie and Cindy (season 19) who happen to be from Chicago will swap their franks for tickets to Wrigley field. Brooke and Scott get their hot dogs and head out to make their delivery. Tara and Joey have arrived at the city hall rooftop and have found the beekeeper and get their next clue. London and Logan get off the subway and they get to the rooftop and find the beekeeper and get their next clue. Brooke and Scott make their delivery of hot dogs and Scott is asking for extra tickets and Ernie hands them to him. Scott reads they are to make their way to the marquee entrance of Wrigley Field located at the corner of Clark and Adamson. London and Logan get a cab and ask to go to Wrigleyville Dogs. The cab driver asks for the address and he doesn’t know where it is. Logan says should we get a different cab and the driver says that would be best. London asks Logan to get her bag and she goes to find a different cab frustrated. Tara and Joey are off to deliver their hot dogs. Brooke and Scott have arrived at Wrigley Field and find their clue: Who’s been keeping score? Roadblock: Wrigley Field is more than 100 years old and home to Chicago beloved baseball team, the 2016 World Series Champion Cubs. Here in the friendly confines, teams will take on their final challenge of the race. They’ll use this iconic hand operated scoreboard displaying eleven destinations they visited during the race. Working from opposite sides of the stadium, teams need to finish what place they finished at each location and communicate that information through a one-way radio. They must then haul the corresponding giant sized numbers up these steep stairs and place them in the proper position. When they’re in the correct order, they can solve an equation that reveals a three-digit number representing an aisle in the ballpark where teams will find their final clue on The Amazing Race. Brooke is going to communicate with the radio and Scott is going to climb and put the numbers up. London and Logan have found a second cab and are headed to Wrigleyville Dogs. Brooke is giving numbers to Scott through the radio and she’s hoping she’s right. She has a pair of binoculars also. London and Logan have arrived and get their hot dogs and leave to make their delivery. Brooke and Scott are working well so far. Brooke tells Scott to put up a 5 and Scott puts up a 6. He fixes it and they keep going. Tara and Joey have arrived to deliver their hot dogs and Brooke sees Tara and Joey and tells them they will be headed over. Joey gets their tickets and says go Red Sox and their crowd boos. Brooke and Scott are starting to struggle just a little bit because Brooke isn’t very loud and Scott can’t hear very well. Brooke asks for a check from the usher. Brooke gets the ok and they both head to home plate to figure out their equation. They are to use the specific destinations and the numbers that correspond to get their numbers to find the corresponding aisle. Tara and Joey have arrived and read their clue with the instructions. Brooke and Scott are looking for their clue and Brooke is wondering what they’re doing wrong. Brooke sees the clue and read it’s the finish line. Phil tells us along the way these 8 teams were eliminated, and now the final three are racing here to the finish line with a chance to win one million dollars and The Amazing Race. Brooke and Scott take off and Scott says to stay focused. London and Logan have arrived to make their delivery and they get their tickets. Tara and Joey are still working and Joey says Fenway is so much easier because it’s all the ground floor. Scott and Brooke grab a cab and Scott says they deserve this. Tara finishes her last couple of numbers and asks for a check and they get the approval and go to home plate. They get their seat number and head to find the clue. London and Logan have arrived and see Tara and Joey and they know they have to catch up. Joey finds the clue and they read it. London is giving the numbers and Logan is going to place them and they are struggling. Brooke is realizing they are going to win and they are so excited. They head into the final mat and everyone is there cheering when they hit the mat. Phil says they started this race as strangers, and now after 9 countries, 17 cities, and more than 36,000 miles racing around the world together, he is pleased to tell them they have won one million dollars and are the winners of The Amazing Race. Phil asks them how their first impression changed and Scott says they are very different people but they wanted the same outcome and they used their skills to come out on top. Phil congratulates them again. Tara and Joey run up and they give a hug to Brooke and Scott. Phil tells them they had an incredible race, some great moments, and he’s glad to tell them they are team number two. Tara says they’re elated. They ran a really good race and she couldn’t have asked for a better partner and she’s proud of what they accomplished as a team. Joey says it’s been an epic ride, it’s just been awesome. London and Logan arrive and Phil says he is pleased to tell them after travelling 36,000 miles and Logan interrupts and says are we done yet? Phil says the race is over for them but they are team number three and they should be very proud. London says it’s lucky they got paired up because were farther apart and to finish in third was great. Logan says it as an honor to race with her and she’s like family at this point. All the teams come in to say their congratulations. Joey says The Amazing Race was epic for him. Tara says it’s one of her proudest accomplishments, after serving in the military and being a mom. Scott says he opened himself up to new experiences and pushed himself to new limits and he’s fulfilled a dream of a lifetime. Brooke says the race made her a better person, a stronger person. She says the money is gravy, the experience is priceless.
  6. Simon introduces America’s Got Talent’s new host, Tyra Banks, and the show is off and running. We get a quick review of the buzz’s and the golden buzzer. And we immediately get into the first act. We meet Shannon, Sahi, and Jokgu. Shannon and Sahi have a chicken named Jokgu and they gave her music lessons, and she plays the xylophone and they keyboard and they say she’s a natural. They think she’s a musical protégé and love to watch and listen to her play. They say she’s ready and this is her time to shine! Simon asks them their names and what they are going to do and they tell him Jokgu is going to play the keyboard and Simon wishes them good luck. The chicken seems to have stage fright and the judges look bored and the crowd boos. They finally get Jokgu’s attention and she plays America, the Beautiful and the crowd begins to cheer. Heidi says just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a chicken play the keyboard. Howie tells Simon he has a new band of chicks. Simon says this is historic and he calls for a vote. Howie says yes. Mel says yes. Heidi says a definite yes. Simon says it’s the most incredible things he’s ever seen on any of the shows, it’s a yes. Jokgu gets four yes’s and Simon says they’ll never see that on any other show and they’ll never see it again. Next up is Preacher Lawson, and he’s a standup comedian. He talks about how great his mom was raising four kids by herself and says she’s super creative and she influenced him. He’s been doing comedy for 8 years, but it’s hard to get stage time. He’s says this won’t make all his dream come true because money doesn’t bring you happiness, but yes it does. Simon has him introduce himself and then asks if he’s single, which he is not. He begins his routine and has a little bit of a slow start. The crowd seems to warm up a little more and then Mel asks for more. Simon asks Preacher for one more joke and Preacher looks surprised but begins one more joke. Howie says he knocked it out of the park because nothing is harder for a comedian than to be asked for another joke, and he delivered. Mel says he’s brilliant. Heidi says his timing is good and he’s funny and she wants to see more. Simon says the last joke he adlibbed was the best and told him so much. Howie gives a yes. Mel also gives a yes. Heidi says yes. Simon asks if Preacher’s grandmother is still around and Preacher says yes and Simon says to give her his love because he’s got a yes from Simon. Preacher calls his grandmother to tell her the news and thank her for letting him make fun of her on television. Next is Yoli Mayor and she is going to sing. She doesn’t know who she would be without singing. She’s struggled her whole life being a big girl and she always thought she had to change who she was to be successful. She says at this point in her life she realized life without singing would be devastating and she wants to live her life. Simon asks Jolie for her name and age and what she’s going to do. She begins to sing I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone. Simon stops her after her first line and says it’s not working for him. Simon says this is feeling very old-fashioned with the cocktail dress and she’s only 21. Tyra yells at her to keep it young. Simon asks if she has a second song and she says Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran. Tyra comes out and fluffs her hair up and takes her jewelry off. She starts again with her second song and she’s getting a better reception. By the time she finishes she has the crowd cheering and she gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Simon apologizes for what they went through, but he’s glad they did it. Simon says they may have just found a solid gold star. He says she has something special about her and he thinks she’s fantastic. Heidi says she adores her and she has no doubt she’ll go far in the competition. Mel says this is your time, young lady. Howie says something she has already won. They vote and Howie says yes. Mel says she’s giving her a second yes. Heidi says a definite yes. Simon says four yesses. Simon says she is a dark horse. Next we have a man of mystery and he can’t reveal what he’s going to do. He says the greatest escapologist they’ll ever see. He says he’s going to bring a little danger, excitement, and mystery. He says it’s only gone wrong once and everything will go right tonight. If not, it will go left. Howie asks him who he is and what hotels he performs at and the man of mystery responds the ones people stay out. Howie tells him to proceed. He calls Tyra out and Howie up and asks Howie to lock him and asks Tyra to make sure he’s doing a good job. He left the keys backstage and Tyra ropes the Man of Mystery and takes him out. They come back, with the keys and Howie resumes locking his wrists up. Tyra ties him up and the put him in a red bag. Simon remarks on how long it’s taking and Howie buzzes him. Mel and Heidi both all buzz him. Simon finishes buzzing him and they call for him to come out. He finally emerges and he’s wearing a leopard dress. Simon says he might have buzzed him a little early and he tells them to take his X off. Mel also tells them to take her X off. They both give a yes. Howie says based on what he saw it wasn’t good enough to go on and he says no. It’s up to Heidi. Heidi says he’s funny but she doesn’t know if it’s good enough to be a million dollar act. Everyone is cheering and chanting and Heidi says it’s going to be a no. We next get a guy named Ruddick and he dances, but not well. He gets 4 X’s and Tyra says she’s never seen anyone so happy about rejection. Next we have a unicorn dancing and that’s “pooping” balloons and that act did not seem to go over well. Then we get a group of older ladies called the Kazoo Queens and they are booed and buzzed. They don’t stop despite Howie trying to get their attention. Next up is Junior and Emily and they are a brother and sister salsa duo. They were raised by their father and he sacrificed everything for them. Junior says he was a troublemaker and their father put them in dance classes to keep them out of trouble. Junior says he was hanging out with a bad crowd and he got arrested. Emily says Junior was destroying his life and she felt like she lost her brother. Junior says he couldn’t see his sister’s dreams because of him and Emily says dance saved both of their lives. Mel welcomes them and has Junior and Emily introduce themselves. Simon asks why their father put them in dance and Junior explained a little. Mel wishes them good luck. The begin their routine and the crowd seems to really be enjoying them. The judges also seem impressed. They also get a standing ovation. Mel says wow. Heidi says they were spinning, and spinning, and spinning and she loved it, it was incredible. Howie says they sometimes hear dance is their life, but this is the first time their art form saved their life. Mel says it was so exciting and they were brilliant and so precise. Simon says he’s trying to think of a word beyond sensational. Simon says people like them make the show special. Simon gives them their first yes. Heidi says of course they get a yes. Howie says yes and Mel says I’m going to give you your fourth yes, I can’t wait to see you again. Up next we have a magician named Will. Simon asks if he has any kids and Will says no and Simon asks if he has pets and Will says yes. Simon asks why America’s Got Talent and Will says this is his dream and he hopes this will be a turning point for his life and he wants to make it happen for his family. His family moved to the United States when he was 16, but the language barrier was difficult and that’s when things went bad. He said for a good period of time, he was homeless. He says normally magician’s do things in a box or under cover, but he’s going to do things out in the open. Simon asks if it’s something they’ve seen before and Will says it’s something he created just for the show. He has a camera put right in front of him and he’s on a large screen for the audience. The crowd is impressed and the judges look at each other in awe and surprise. The crowd is completely in awe by the end and he gets a huge round of applause and one more time we have a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges. Howie says this is by far, the best close-up magic he has ever seen in his life. Heidi says it was exciting and she thought it was incredible. Mel says her brain didn’t catch up until halfway through and it was amazing when she got it. Simon says Will doing the act for the first time was even more incredible and he’s with Howie, this is the best magic he’s ever seen on the show. Mel says yes. Heidi says of course, it’s a yes. Howie says his family will be so proud, it’s a yes. Simon says Will has four gigantic yesses. Our next act comes out and we hear boo’s immediately and Mel hits her buzzer. It’s someone who looks like Donald Trump. He considers himself a native New Yorker, but presently he’s in Washington D.C. for work. He’s trying to make the world a better place. He says the president on AGT, you don’t get better than that. He says he’s there to make America’s Got Talent great again. It’s going to be yuge! Howie asks if he thinks he can win and he knows he can win it. He’s here on a mission of love. Howie says this better be good or they’re going to build a wall around him and the audience is going to pay for it. Mell wishes him good luck. He’s singing 24K Magic by Bruno Mars and he’s dancing. He stops and the judges wonder if that’s it, but he says wait, there’s more. He then switches to Uptown Funk. The crowd is on their feet clapping and they give a huge cheer. He says if he doesn’t make it to the next round after that, this thing is rigged. Howie thinks it’s funny and in these times this is the kind of performance they need. Heidi says it’s not about like Donald Trump or not liking him, this is about AGT. Mel says it was not enough good singing. Simon thinks Mel is missing the point and that is the thing everyone is going to remember and it was original and what they’re looking for. Howie gives a yes. Heidi says it’s crazy but she’s giving a yes. Mel says no. Simon says he’s won for the second time, three yesses. We are getting a montage of acts that didn’t make it. We have a male and female dancing and Simon says they needed better choreography. We have a second act, but it’s an aerial act and Simon says it was quite boring. We meet 12-year old Merrick, and he’s a dancer. He’s really excited but he needs to stay calm because apparently the buzzers are really, really loud. He comes out and Mel has him introduce himself and ask what he’s doing. She asks who influences him on his dance style and he says his grandmother because she takes four dance classes a week. He’s doing robotic dancing to a slow song. It’s very quiet during his performance so it’s difficult to gauge how the judges and audience are reacting. The audience cheers very loudly at the end and he gets an ovation from the audience and Simon and Howie. Simon says that was one of the best dance performances he’s ever seen on the show and he’s someone he would put in a pop video to tell a story. Simon says it’s clever and very well done. Howie doesn’t think anyone has come on stage and told a story that gets that kind of emotion and he says he’s amazing. Heidi also loved it and Mel says everyone has said it except she wants to add he’s incredible. Simon says he’s actually going to show his record label a video of Merrick because he thinks it’s meaningful and new so it’s his first yes. Howie says tomorrow he’s going to show this to his wife and he gets a second yes. Heidi says she’s going to show this tape to her children and tell them to get off their iPad and start dancing and it’s a yes from her. Mel says she’s giving the fourth yes and she’ll see him in the next round. We have a sad clown up next and his act is called Puddle’s Pity Party and he apparently doesn’t talk. Puddle’s comes out and Mel is asking questions and he’s still not talking so Mel turns the stage over to Puddles. He begins singing Chandelier by Sia. He gets a surprised reception initially, but by the time the chorus hits, the crowd is cheering and on their feet. Simon, Howie, and Mel give ovations. He’s crying and the judges notice he has real tears. Howie says this is not a pity party, this is an envious party. He has so much talent, he’s so original, and it’s amazing. Heidi says it was unexpected and different and she wants to see more. Mel says she thought she’s seen everything on the show and then he comes along and she loved it. Simon says he never, ever wants to know who he is because he has a problem with clowns, but he may have turned Simon. Simon says that was originality at its best and that’s why he loves the show. Howie gives a yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon thinks he’s fantastically brilliant, yes. Mel gives Puddles his fourth yes. Next up, we have an escape artist named Damien. His wife is there and she’s very scared that something will go wrong. He says one day everything went wrong and he had nails stabbed into hand and he had to go to the hospital. His wife tells him to make sure he re-checks everything. He has to escape in two minutes before all the and he’s under falls and crushes him. They have medics on stand-by and he says the act is dangerous and not to try it at home. Howie asks how long he’s been doing this and Damien says this is the second time. Howie says so he is risking his life for this and he says yes. Simon wishes him good luck. He has his hands bound in handcuffs, he’s chained to the box and has shackles around his ankles and neck. His wife covers her face and sand begins to pour in with a cover between him and the sand. He has his first arm free. He has both arms free now and he begins working on the shackle around his neck. He seems to be struggling with it. The cover gives and the sand is dropped and everyone is screaming and Howie gets up and asks if that’s a problem. We see two men come in and check the box and one takes a sledgehammer and breaks the glass, and that someone is Damien. The crowd is screaming and the judges are amazed. Heidi says he scared the bejeezus out of her and visually it was incredible, it was mind blowing. Mel says it took her a minute to figure out what was going on and he took her on a roller coaster ride, she loved it. Howie says he’s never been so thrilled he’s alive. Howie gives a yes and Mel says it’s a definite yes. Heidi says it’s a yes and Simon says he was ready with the axe and it’s his fourth yes from the panel. We see some dancers and Simon hits his buzzer. Simon says he thinks they’re talented but he won’t remember them in an hour. Next is Darcy and she’s 12-years old and she’s a ventriloquist. She’s shy, it’s always been hard to talk to people. She first saw ventriloquism at church and she decided she wanted to do that. She got her first puppet on her 10th birthday and it helped her find her voice. Without her puppet with her, she would never have imagined walking out onto the AGT stage. Darcy comes out and she introduces Petunia, the bunny. Simon wishes her the best of luck. Petunia decides to sing and Darcy looks nervous. The crowd laughs and applauds and the judges are impressed. Darcy cuts in and starts singing, but Petunia covers her mouth. The crowd and judges seem to love it. The crowd gives a standing ovation, and the judges follow. Howie asks her how long she’s been doing this and Darcy says two years. Howie says he believes that rabbit is a real separate person and he loves her and he thinks she’ll go far. Mel asks what made her start doing this and she says because she used to be shy and she asked for a puppet and her mom surprised her with one on her tenth birthday. Simon says shortly before Darcy they had an act that he wouldn’t remember. But he will remember her in a day, a week, and a year. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Heidi thinks what she does is really special and it was perfect from beginning to end. Mel says what’s really sweet is her puppet is exactly like Darcy, very charming and adorable. Mel says they made her heart melt and she’s trying to explain how amazing it was and she hits her golden buzzer sending Darcy straight to the live shows. Darcy’s mom comes out and hugs her and Mel congratulates her. Tyra comes out and says Darcy is going straight to the live show.
  7. Ready, Set, Go! Matt and Redmond are the first to leave and they are heading to Seoul, South Korea. Phil tells us teams will now leave Vietnam and will fly 1600 miles north, over China, to Seoul, South Korea. Teams must make their way to the Gangnam District. Matt and Redmond are saying this leg will determine the final three, they believe one more team will be eliminated. Only one of the four remaining teams has beaten them, and that’s “Mom and Pop”, so that’s who they’d like to see eliminated so their competition isn’t as tough. Brooke and Scott say they are the underdog team and they are only one of two teams to never win a leg. Tara and Joey are on their way and they say they had no expectations coming in. They say the last leg was the toughest, but they aren’t focusing on anyone but themselves. London and Logan are the last out and say South Korea is going to be a change of pace. All teams are the same flight. Brooke and Scott are first out and they head to get a tax, with Tara and Joey and London and Logan right behind. Matt and Redmond decided to go to the subway because everyone they talked to told them not to take a taxi. Tara and Joey are talking and they say the pros of the subway is it could be faster, but it’s very confusing knowing which line to ride. Matt and Redmond think the subway is faster than the taxi and they said the taxis could be going through rush hour right now, so they think they made the right decision. Scott says he’s telling Brooke patience is a virtue. Matt and Redmond get off and head to a second line, but they missed it and have to wait. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive at the Gangnam District and they get their clue. They are to take a taxi to Hanyang University Olympic Gym and search for their next clue. Tara and Joey head back out just as Brooke and Scott arrive and get their clue. London and Logan arrive and celebrate with Brooke and Scott. Matt and Redmond are still hoping they’re first and that they made the right decision. They get out in two stops. Tara and Joey have arrived at the gym and it’s time for the Roadblock: Who stacks up? Phil tells us this is sport stacking, a highly competitive event that takes fast and furious to a whole new level. Teams will give this high speed sport a go, racing against the clock, they must complete a sequence in less than seven seconds. And by the way, the world record is less than two! Joey is going to do the roadblock and he begins to practice. Brooke and Scott arrive and Brooke says she can do it before seeing the roadblock, so she decides to do the roadblock. Joey and Tara are talking about how amazing those kids are doing the stacking. Several of the kids are doing it in 3 and 4 seconds. Matt and Redmond have arrived at the Gangnam District and get a taxi and head out. Matt has a bad feeling because there were four girls on stage and only one had a clue. Joey and Brooke are both getting close around 8 and 9 seconds. Brooke went over by just a little at 7.044 seconds. London and Logan arrive and Logan is going to do the stacking. Brooke is trying again and she gets it right on the dot at 7 seconds and gets her clue. They are to make their way by taxi to the Mugyewon Arts and Cultural Center and search for their next clue. She says good luck as they head out screaming because of their excitement. Joey tries again and just misses with a time of 7.076 seconds. Joey is going again and hits the clock at 6.962 seconds. Logan gets his at 6.699 seconds and they head out right after Tara and Joey. Matt and Redmond still have not gotten to the gym yet. Matt and Redmond are in the taxi and they are not going the right way. The taxi driver offers them a discount and Matt and Redmond are upset. Matt and Redmond are hoping they aren’t in last but they say they just have to get through the roadblock. Scott and Brooke have arrived at the Cultural Center and they are to make kimchi. Phil tells us kimchi is a spicy dish made from cabbage that is a part of almost every meal. Teams must properly make six servings of kimchi, pack it into ceramic jars, and bury it to begin the fermenting process. Brooke tells Scott not to mess this challenge up and he says he cooks at home. Tara and Joey have arrived and Brooke and Scott go to watch the demonstration and Brooke says they already messed up and she wants to dump it and Scott does not. Tara and Joey realize they have to wait until the woman starts again so they can see the mix. London and Logan arrive and they begin watching the demonstration. Redmond and Matt have reached the roadblock and Redmond is doing the roadblock. Redmond says he has done cup stacking at a party to impress the ladies, but never in a professional setting. Brooke asks if they are supposed to do the servings one at a time and Scott says it doesn’t say that. Tara and Joey think they are done and ask for a check. The judge says four are perfect, but two aren’t good. London and Logan ask for a check and they need more sauce. Brooke and Scott ask for a check and they have three done and three are not good. Tara and Joey ask for a second check and they have it and they start putting it in the ceramic jar and go to bury it. London and Logan ask for a second check just as Tara and Joey finish burying their jar. They get a sample of the kimchi and get their next clue. They now need to take a taxi to Seoul OGN E-Stadium. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott are both burying their jars now and they get their samples. Redmond is struggling with the cup stacking but he’s hitting around the 8 second and 7.2 second mark. Redmond says it’s a puzzle and he likes puzzles. He hits it at 6.976 seconds and heads back out to the cultural center. Brooke and Scott passed Tara and Joey in their taxi and London and Logan also slid past them and then they get past Brooke and Scott too. All three teams get there at essentially the same time and are at the next clue box and it’s another roadblock: Who’s ready to take control? Phil tells us E-sports is South Korea’s national pastime, the gamers here are household names and have millions of fans around the world. They also attract audiences in excess of 100,000 who turn up to watch them play live. Teams need to win a round of this popular martial arts game, Street Fighter 5, against professional gamers. And just to be nice, every ten rounds, they’ll give our racers an advantage (one armed or blindfolded). The racer who performed the first roadblock cannot perform this one. Scott, London, and Tara must do this roadblock. They all get a crash course in how to play the game and Scott is ready for his first try. Tara got beat by a perfect KO. All of them are now on round 3. Scott is talking trash to his gamer but he still got beat, but he’s getting better. They all hit round 11 and each professional now has an arm tied behind their back. London almost had her opponent, but got beat at the last second. All of them are now on round 15 and Tara is still struggling. Matt and Redmond have arrived at the cultural center to make the kimchi. Scott is on round 19 and he is close. London is on round 20 and she gets beat as well. Tara is on round 19 and she is still struggling. London is the first to do it with her gamer blindfolded on round 21. Scott beat his on round 20 with his gamer having an arm tied behind his back. Scott and London open their clues with their partners and they must make their way to the roof of Gavit Some. Phil tells us Sevit Some are Seoul’s three floating islands on the Han River. Teams must find this one which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Tara changes character’s as her opponent is being blindfolded. Tara is still struggling and getting frustrated as is Joey in the audience. Matt and Redmond are still working on their kimchi and telling the ladies they are making them the best kimchi ever. Redmond says he thinks they buried it because they were so embarrassed by their kimchi. Matt and Redmond head out and Matt says it isn’t over yet. Tara tells her opponent she is going to have nightmares about him for the rest of her life. She is on round 31 and Matt and Redmond have now arrived and see they have caught up and Tara is disappointed it’s going to come down to a video game. Tara says this is her worst nightmare. Joey says this comes down to a kid with an ego trip and Tara has lost about 100 matches. Matt is now beginning his fights. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan have arrived at the pit stop and it’s a race. London and Logan take the stairs and Brooke and Scott take the elevator. Brooke and Scott hit the mat and they are the first team to arrive and they are one of the three teams to race to the finish line. London and Logan come up and they hit the mat as team number 2. Phil says the underdogs are now the top dogs and he tells London and Logan they are one of the teams to race to the finish line as well. They celebrate together. Joey is still upset with Tara’s opponent. Tara is close and about five hits from winning. She is trying hard and her opponent gets a few hits in. Tara finally KO’s her opponent and she gives them a hug, get their clue, and they head out looking for a taxi. None of the taxis are stopping. Matt has completed his fight before his opponent was blindfolded and they head out. Tara and Joey have found a taxi and Matt and Redmond also have a taxi. Tara is upset and says she didn’t race around the world to lose to a video game. Tara and Joey have arrived at the pit stop and are in the elevator. Matt and Redmond hit the stairs. Tara and Joey hit the mat as team number three and they are the third team to race to the finish line. Joey says he’s proud that Tara didn’t give up. Matt and Redmond arrive and they are the last team and they have been eliminated from the race. Matt says this wasn’t the way we wanted to lose and Redmond wanted to shock the world and show them that no matter what is holding you down, you can succeed. London and Logan say they don’t think they would have made it as far as they did with anyone else. Logan says they are in the last leg of the race for a reason and their communication has been exceptional and they have 100% faith in each other. Scott says his bickering with Brooke will not hurt them and Brooke says she hopes not. Scott says together they bring everything to the table. Brooke says there is no stopping us. Tara says for being strangers it’s been interesting, but they made it work. They relied on one another and Joey says they don’t complain and they don’t fight. Joey says going into the final leg, they are the only team that has come back from the brink of elimination. They’ve shown throughout the race how much heart and strength they have. Tara says she is there for her family and there is no other option than to win. Next week on the season finale of The Amazing Race, teams get revved up as they sprint through the windy city. Who will win one million dollars and The Amazing Race?
  8. Immunity is back up for grabs! It’s the final immunity challenge! For today’s challenge, you’re going to race through an obstacle and won a giant water slide collecting bags of puzzle pieces as you go. Once you have all three bags, use the pieces inside to solve a lighthouse puzzle. First to finish guarantees themselves a spot at the final tribal council. Losers, tribal council where one will be the 17th person voted out and the 10th and final member of our jury. This is the biggest challenge of the game, win you go to the end, lose you may not. Good luck! Jeff gives the go! Culpepper is first out, then Sarah, then Tai, then Troyzan. Sarah is through the first obstacle and has her first bag and is out. Troyzan gets his first bag. Sarah is heading out for her second set of keys. Troyzan heads out for his second set of keys. Culpepper and Tai are side by side and head out for the keys. Sarah has her second set of keys and she’s down the slide. Troyzan has his and heads down with Culpepper shortly behind and Tai bringing up the tail. Sarah releases her second bag and she extends her lead and heads back for her third set of keys. Culpepper and Tai are both heading back for their final set of keys. Troyzan is struggling with his second bag. Troyzan has his second bag and is back out. Sarah and Culpepper are working on their last bag. Culpepper gets his quickly and Sarah is right behind but has lost her lead. Tai has his third bag and Troyzan has his last set of keys. Culpepper, Sarah, and Tai are opening their bags with their puzzle pieces. Troyzan has his bag and is back in it. Everyone is working on their puzzle. Tai has his first piece with Culpepper behind with his first. Culpepper has his second and third pieces. Sarah is looking to get on the board. Culpepper has his fourth and fifth pieces. Tai has his third piece. Sarah is still struggling. Culpepper adds another piece and starts working on a combination lock to get his final piece to his puzzle. Culpepper has it and wins immunity! Culpepper says after winning five immunity challenges he’s clearly in control of the game. He’s in the final three and he thinks he can beat every single one of them. But as for tonight, Tai betrayed him the entire game and he’s going home. It’s good to be the King. Back at camp after immunity and Culpepper and Troyzan are celebrating. Troyzan says it was close and Culpepper says Tai did better than he thought he would. Culpepper says he knew he was going to win before they started and that necklace makes him bulletproof. He’s final three and it’s his decision who is going home and it comes down to who has done him wrong the most and that would be Tai. Troyzan thinks they should just tell him and Culpepper doesn’t want to. Culpepper wants Tai to think he has a glimmer of hope and then let him down at tribal. Tai has done nothing but backstab Culpepper the whole game and he had a chance to go to the end but Tai wouldn’t give Culpepper the idol. Culpepper says as far as the jury is concerned after winning five immunity challenges he knows he can beat both Troyzan and Sarah because after football he became a trial attorney. He thinks he can sell his case better to the jury and he’s in control and Tai is going to get what he deserves. Tai and Sarah are talking and Tai knows he’s in trouble. Sarah says it’s whoever those two vote for and Tai pitches creating a Tai and making fire. Tai says he and Sarah could both beat Troyzan in a fire making challenge and they could both make it to final three. Sarah says Culpepper and Troyzan have been tight the entire game so clearly they are going to make a move against Sarah or Tai. She says she has to consider creating the tie even though it scares the crap out of her. Sarah says Culpepper is cocky right now and thinks he’s calling the shots. Sarah considers the options and notes that Tai has made moves and found idols, but he’s also all over the place with the jury. Troyzan hasn’t done anything without Culpepper’s permission, but he also hasn’t made anyone on jury made and Sandra won twice by not making anyone mad. Sarah has Tai refresh her memory on how to start fire. Sarah says if she does this and wins, she could rack up points with the jury, but it’s a risk. Tribal council and we bring in the members of the jury. Last big decision is who to send to the jury and which three will get to face the jury. Jeff congratulates Culpepper and he says it’s an amazing feeling. Tai brings up forcing the tie and Jeff asks if they talked about it. Sarah says they did talk about it and she says her decision will come from who she wants to sit with in a final three. Tai tells Jeff about Culpepper asking for the idol and Tai says he’s not naïve. Culpepper says he has the necklace, Tai is in the minority, and nothing is for free. Tai says Culpepper treated him like simpleton, or a child and he decides on his own terms how his destiny ends. Troyzan says this is the first he’s heard about a tie happening and it wouldn’t be out of the normal for him to say wow. Jeff says to Culpepper this isn’t a revolutionary idea to force a tie and build a fire. Culpepper says if they both feel uncomfortable they can do that. Jeff says to Troyzan this is a simple vote but now all this other stuff is coming in. Troyzan says it’s never a simple vote and he’s just going to trust himself and his intuition and if it’s right, he’ll walk out here a final three guy and if not he’s building a fire tonight. Time to vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. First vote, Tai. Troyzan. Tai. 17th person voted out and the final member of our jury, Tai. Jeff says congratulations you made it to the final three. You have one more night in Fiji. Tai says he’d like to be in the final three and possibly win, he did a lot a couple big moves, idols, and people liked him. This is a really tough game but he bounced back and he’ll just go stronger. Troyzan marks his 39th day on a tree. He says this is part of a dream from the first time he watched Survivor. Troyzan says his social game was real, he has the ability to speak to people. He thinks people trusted him and they never wrote his name down and he’s at day 39. He has a good feeling about this. The final three have their final three breakfast. Sarah says knowing she made final three is the best feeling in the world. She says it’s what you dream of when Jeff says go on day one. She says she made moves other people were scared to make. She made moves SHE was scared to make and she’s proud of how she played. She says as a police officer she doesn’t respect being lied to, but she’s the criminal tonight and the people on the jury are the police offers. She says if they ask for honesty, she will tell the truth because she rewards honesty and she hopes they’ll do the same. Culpepper says he controlled his destiny the entire game. He won five immunity challenges. Culpepper says he doesn’t need the money, but he really wants the win. He says no one drug him there, he went to the end with who he wanted. Winning the game means everything to him and he can argue his case at the end of the day and walk thinking it’s a slam dunk. But he hasn’t been to trial in a long time. We bring in the jury. Jeff says it’s been a season of first. Most idols ever played at one tribal: three. Most people ever safe at a tribal: 5. First person in Cirie ever voted out simply because there was no one else to vote for. First time the steal a vote was played effectively to knock out Michaela. Culpepper with five immunity wins that includes an elite group that includes Ozzy. We also have a new leader in most days played on Survivor, Ozzy with 128 days followed right behind with Cirie at 121. Jeff says so given this a season of game changers and there have been so many first it seems only appropriate that we end with another first. We’re going to change tribal council up this year in a way that will allow for a more open discussion between the jury and the final three. We’re going to center it around the three aspects of the game. Outwit would be the social part of the game. The emotional intelligence, the alliance, the relationships you had outside of those alliances. The outplay portion would be how you responded to the conditions put on you by the game. You have to build shelter, you have to compete in challenges, there are switches, there will be twists, how do you respond to the hand you’re dealt. The final aspect, outlast. Did you put people on the jury who respect how you outwitted and outplayed more than the other two and if not tonight is your last chance to sway them. I’m going to give you a moment to take it in. We’ll get started. Let’s start with the outwit portion of the game. Who wants to address them first and Zeke volunteers. Zeke says on day three of the game he gave Sarah his jacket and then he was blindsided and every night she wore his jacket to tribal council and all he could think was hot damn! That was badass! She made such amazing relationships. Sierra, who she was responsible for voting out gave her the legacy advantage because she didn’t process Sarah was responsible for controlling the game. So Sarah, Zeke says he is her champion. Andrea says she is in such a dilemma. She says Sarah had some brilliant game moves, like Sarah convinced everyone there they were her best friend. She brought people’s personal feelings into it and their emotions and she feels kind of gross. Andrea asks if she knew she was going to have that effect on people? Andrea says yes, in one side she can respect Sarah fooled them all, but she isn’t going to feel good about that vote. Sarah says she wants everyone on the jury to know her personal relationships were 100% real from the bottom of her heart. Debbie and a couple of others start laughing and Sarah says she’s being honest. Ozzy says the problem is why should we trust what you’re saying to us right now? He’s played the game more than anyone else. There is a way to play the game without going as low as Sarah had to go. Sarah says yeah, she lied but it’s what she had to do to sit there and she was willing to do whatever it took. Ozzy says then again I have someone like Culpepper, he gives him props because he was in a position where he had to win, win, and win and no one understands how hard that is and he didn’t have to get his hands dirty. Ozzy says he’ll be Culpepper’s champion at this point. Jeff says Cirie says outwit part of the game, what’s on your mind. Cirie says most of them sitting there voted Sierra out because they knew she was the brains of their operation and that without her, Culpepper and Troyzan would bump into each other. Cirie wants Culpepper to explain how Sierra didn’t run the first half of their game. Culpepper says when he landed on the beach he started working with people like Tai, Sierra, and most importantly JT. Culpepper explains how that tribal went when Malcolm was sent home and how it was he who saved Sierra and if that hadn’t happened none of them might not be here. Michaela added from her side it did look like Sierra was the brains of the operation, but this is a social game built on relationships and she wants to know how much Culpepper actually knows about her. Culpepper says she’s from Texas and works with a sales company for vacation and he wants to know what she wants to know and she says no further questions. Andrea says maybe that’s where you were lacking because while we feel gross about it, Sarah made personal relationships. However, Andrea is curious how Sarah managed people’s personal feelings and emotions. Tai interrupts before Sarah answers and says he’s shocked to learn about Sarah doing all these things because what he had with her he thought was real, but now he’s not sure. Sarah says her first season she played who she was in real life and that got Sarah nowhere and her support systems at home basically gave her the permission to open the floodgates and do whatever she needed. Aubry says what she thinks Andrea is asking is what specifically allows her to say this is real Sarah and this is game Sarah? Sarah says it comes from working undercover as a police officer. When you’re undercover you have to hide things who you are, if you’re undercover for a drug bust, then you’re a drug user. Debbie says if the ends don’t justify the means, then what does? Debbie says Machiavelli, think Lady Macbeth. You know you want to win and you will do it all costs and that’s why she has zero respect for her or her game and that’s why she’s Ozzy’s lieutenant in arms and is a champion for Culpepper because Sarah would never have been sitting there without him. Jeff says Michaela has a look on her face in reaction to Debbie. Michaela says she doesn’t understand the emotional feeling that people have for Sarah. Even when Sarah used the advantage to vote her out she didn’t take it personally. Michaela did want to ask Troyzan a question. She wants to know what Troyzan did from a social perspective in the game. Troyzan says he talked to every single one of them and was ready to have an alliance with all of them if that was to his benefit, but it was difficult for him to play out because he felt like he was playing with two loved ones. Ozzy says hold up! From my stand point there’s a difference between being a passenger and being a driver. Troyzan says he’s sitting here and Ozzy is sitting there. Basically, Troyzan made moves to help his game. When he made it to the merge he got together with six people that he knew he could trust at that point and if they wanted to vote him out, of course he was going to do that. Cirie says but you said THEY wanted to, you didn’t say I wanted to so you were a passenger like Ozzy is saying. Aubry asks Troyzan what role he played in the decision making. Troyzan says he wasn’t as direct by saying this person or that person, he did things more sneaky by making suggestions. Aubry says she’s hearing so it’s an anyone but him, a little bit of Sandra without the sass. Troyzan says it’s a little bit anyone but him and he could make moves from the middle or the bottom just as easy. Ozzy says it sounds like you’re sitting in the right place. Sierra says people who weren’t in an alliance with you maybe didn’t see the way he played. He was a part of votes but he it was a more subtle way. Aubry says own it, it’s not done yet. Jeff asks Andrea to weigh in on Culpepper’s social game, the outwit portion. Andrea says he played a solid game, he’s loyal and won immunities, but he never reached out and tried to form relationships with people on the bottom. People like Michaela, you were very nasty towards, people like Tai. Culpepper says as far as Michaela they were like oil and water and he doesn’t know why they didn’t connect. Culpepper says as far as Tai he must have been doing something right because Tai told him he had two idols. Culpepper says he was doing everything he could to get Tai to give him one of the idols. Tai says do you know how you talk to people? The way you approach people? Time after time he says he controls who goes home next and that’s how he came across. Culpepper says Tai tried to go with the girls instead of staying with his alliance, which was fine, but after that he gained a lot of power winning immunity and he was trying to use it to manipulate him and his idols. Hali says so excuse me Culpepper, did you just say you used condescension as a strategy to control Tai? Culpepper says he did condescend to him, he gave him an option, that was a choice he had he was just trying to make a deal and it came with a price. Jeff asks Debbie to weigh in on Culpepper’s social game and she says she has three brothers and she’s surrounded by people in the military. She understands his testosterone is 100x the average male. She gets he’s not the warmest, fuzziest, cuddliest teddy bear and she loves him anyway. Zeke says let’s be honest this ship, this game, had one driver and that was Sarah. Sarah always voted the right way because Sarah always knew the right way to vote because Sarah was always directing the right way to vote. Hali says she wants to throw out there this is so informative and so helpful, her mind is even less made up than when she stormed into that tribal council. Jeff says obviously there are varying opinions on the outwit portion of Survivor, let’s move into the outplay. Ozzy says the outplay portion goes to him. He never stopped working and if he hadn’t won immunity the last five times, the chances of him sitting there would have been zero. He took a risk playing in a way Ozzy respects and a lot of them will never know what it means because you brutalize your body to play this way. Ozzy says he thinks he deserves to win because he relied on himself when he needed to. Ozzy says we are the authors of our destiny, we are the authors of our story in this game, and Culpepper played from the very beginning to win and that’s what he did. Jeff asks Debbie how much weight she gives to camp life and providing. Debbie says she agrees with Ozzy completely. Debbie says Troyzan and Sarah would not be there without Culpepper. Sarah says I just want to point out Culpepper is a professional athlete. Culpepper says he’s 47 and puzzles aren’t athletic. Michaela asks for him to let Sarah finish please. Sarah says she isn’t trying to take anything from Culpepper at all, but winning five immunities is tough. What she had to rely on was her tools in the outplay department. She mentions Sierra telling her about the legacy advantage and she had to figure out how to get her out but do it in a way to get her to will it to her. She had to adapt. Sarah also mentions Cirie getting across that beam was emotional for everyone, but the game didn’t stop and she explains Michaela sitting on the bench right over the secret advantage and not seeing it but Sarah paying attention to detail was what got her right there. Jeff explains to Michaela about the secret advantage. Michaela says that makes Sarah badass because if your working people so well that the advantage was for her and she got it and then top it off and use it against her was brilliant. Jeff asks Cirie about the varying opinions and what it says about all the elements that go into deciding who wins. Cirie says they have to look at every single aspect because if someone is lacking somewhere they have to bring it up. They are about to award someone one million dollars and they want to make sure they are giving it to the right person. Jeff says game is still clearly alive. Now we are at the outlast portion. Did you put the people on the jury that respect your outplay and outwit more than the other two? Culpepper we’ll start with you. This is your last chance to sway anyone you think might not be on your side. Culpepper doesn’t think you have to lie and deceive every single person in the game. He let people come to him that changed the game at certain points and at certain points he had to rely on his athleticism and his brain. He didn’t provide around camp to get votes, he did that because that’s the type of person he is. Sarah says you have to strike first in this game. The reason you are there and these two aren’t is because I truly believed you guys couldn’t beat me. I just hope you guys respect the game play and how hard it was to play with 20 people at such a high level and be one step ahead every time. Sarah says she is the one person here who was in on every vote. Sarah says history shows the training and ability to adapt was what has saved her life at work, and she applied that to the game to save her life in the game. Troyzan says he’s going to keep it light because he thinks he knows where they stand. He says he might not have been the strategist, or the best game player, but he appreciates them all for the adventure. They are a part of his dream. He’s watched from season one where Richard Hatch was running around naked and people were eating rats, whatever that is he wanted to be a part of it. The jury votes and Jeff gets them and we get the results live. Jeff thanks them for another amazing season of Survivor. Time to read the votes. First vote, Sarah. Culpepper. Sarah. Culpepper. Culpepper. Sarah. Tied again. Sarah. Sarah. 5 votes Sarah, 3 votes Culpepper. The winner of Survivor game changers… The winner of Survivor: Game Changers is Sarah. Jeff says it was an epic win and he gives it to her husband. Live Reunion is up next! Jeff asks for a big shot of the entire cast and thanks them all. Jeff says to Sarah thought the switch to play officer to criminal, the way Tony played was a game changer. Sarah says you seen how well it worked out for Tony vs her on Cagayan. Jeff asks why Sarah had to get permission from her friends to play that way. Sarah says no one wants to play in a way that would make their family or colleagues look bad. She got that permission and she came out guns blazing and it was good to have their blessing. She says she’s proud of how she played the game, but she’s not proud of the way she treated people. Jeff reminds Culpepper he said he could beat anyone and did he miscalculate the bitterness of the jury. Culpepper says he obviously needed snickers out there because he hated that he treated like that and he gives Tai a hug and he says he loves him. He says he was frustrated and he feels awful. Culpepper was going to answer Jeff’s questions but Jeff says forget what I just asked let’s talk about that frustration. Jeff wants to see what happens if Tai is in and Sarah is out and Culpepper doesn’t like that game. Culpepper keeps interrupting. It might have been a five five split if there had been a tie with Tai and Culpepper. Jeff says everyone asks and this is the rule. The person who is not in the tie goes to the jury and decides the vote. So Troyzan in this case, you would choose and he says he would have voted for Culpepper. Jeff says the point he was trying to make is this game is hard. You have to make a decision in this instance he made the wrong decision. He played a game good enough to win. Jeff says Sarah realizing that and maneuvering what needed to happen shows her social play at work. Jeff asks Tai why the game is so hard for him emotionally. Tai says it’s in his nature. Tai says it’s easy to be kind to people, but it’s not as easy to lie and deceive people and manipulate them. Jeff says but why? Why does Tai feel the need to be nice? Tai says he gave himself permission to lie and deceive it’s just not in his nature. Jeff goes to Cirie and notes the reception she got earlier. Jeff asks what does she think it is about her and what she represents. Cirie says she thinks because she has had so many insecurities, she’s her harshest critic, and she doesn’t come into any situation judging anyone. She thinks because she’s not up here like a big athlete and she’s not a challenge beast, she’s more like the people at home so she’s easy to relate to. She’s not threatening to everyone. Jeff says let’s boil it down. There are people watching from home debating whether they should do it. Cirie says they should absolutely do it. Cirie says the first time Jeff asked her that same question she said to stay on the couch. She says get off that couch! They should absolutely do it, get out and live and do it. Jeff asks what is an ingredient for a good player, just in general. Cirie says you have to be able to connect with people on general, person-to-person level. You have to listen and hear what these people have to say, you have to learn about their families, and their fears. You have to learn how to relate them otherwise it’s like talking to a brick wall and you’re never going to get their vote. Jeff starts to touch on the Varner/Zeke tribal council where he was outted. Jeff asks Zeke to take him back to that moment as it was unfolding. Zeke says he was scared because he didn’t know what the reaction was going to be. But what this experience has shown him is he has so much love in his life. He watched with his family and friends and he never felt as loved as he did then. Jeff says where Zeke is now with the experience. Zeke says when he first transitioned he was hit with a huge bout of depression and he started watching Survivor and it took him away. He got to go on adventures with Ozzy and Cirie and Sandra and he found the courage to go play Survivor. He says in so many ways Survivor gave him his life back. Jeff brings in Sarah and her reaction and she says she was nervous how people around her would react to it. She says it’s been positive and she talked to her dad about it before the show aired and he was proud of the way she handled it. Sarah says her grandmother was the one she was most concerned about, but when she voted Zeke out she scolded Sarah for it and they were accepting and Zeke was the one person her grandmother wanted to meet. Jeff mentions Zeke has been doing a lot of writing for the Hollywood Reporter. He’s so thankful for the platform he’s been given. He’s also been working with GLAD and he feels like their partnership is a model for how trans stories should be approached. Jeff says he feels there’s a little bit of pressure of expectation. Jeff says in a perfect world what comes from this. Zeke says he felt being trans there were things he couldn’t do and he doesn’t believe that anymore. He doesn’t want any trans person to believe they are limited and the journey might be harder, but the adventure is worth taking. Jeff addresses Varner and he says Varner has been vocal about owning his mistake. He asks what the reaction is to him since his apology. Varner says it’s been a difficult situation for them both and he doesn’t ever want to talk about his journey without acknowledging the real victim is Zeke. It’s about him and it always has been. He got hit hard, he knew he would and it was ugly for a period of time. But then it changed and the way he reacted and handled it, he was always taught to stand up and admit his mistakes and own them and turn them into something positive and he did that. Varner says he got fired, but he has a new job and he’s so grateful for the support in his life. All his clients went with him. Jeff brings up the immunity challenge Aubry won and mentions her saying she has a crush on Cochran. Aubry says she was a little crestfallen that Debbie stole her man, but everyone has a crush on Cochran. Jeff goes to Sandra and says the game seems so easy for her. Is it as easy as it appears? Sandra says it’s a job to her. She’s got 39 days to win a million dollars and she’ll do whatever to whoever to get to the end because that’s her job. Jeff goes to Michaela and asks what advice does she give to Michaela? Michaela says to recognize the outplay part of the game is not just a physical part of the game. It’s responding to the situation you’re put in and learning how to do it with style and grace when you need to, and in your face when you need to, but without isolating yourself. Jeff says she was so blinded by rage she didn’t see a million dollar opportunity. Michaela says she’s checking her stump right now. Jeff goes to Sierra and says he has a quick question. Why did she tell Sarah about the legacy advantage? Sarah says at that point she made the biggest mistake because she was being honest, she had just seen her father and she was in a weird place, and ultimately it was trust and she dug her own grave. Jeff goes to Malcolm and says you come out and you do everything you have to do to get into this game, and then you’re blindsided in a crazy tribal. How hard is it to recover from that? Malcolm says you cry for a few days and everyone chuckles. Malcolm says we’ve all done this and know how unpredictable it can be but it’s part of the reason we love playing it and people love watching it and 17 years later it’s still the greatest thing on television. Jeff goes to Ozzy before the break and says Ozzy seems to be a great spokesperson on whether they liked the new tribal format. Ozzy says they all come together and the game changing theme for the tribal council and give them an open forum to discuss and express these ideas, it’s really amazing they had an opportunity to choose the right person to win. And it shows the rest of the world they need to unite as a people to make better decisions on how the United States should be run. Here’s a sneak peek at next season…For our 35th season, Survivor returns to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Fiji. And for the first time ever we’ll divide the tribes by positive traits most often associated with them by others. Heroes, they are heralded for their courage, their achievements, and ideals for which they stand. Healers, they receive gratitude for their acts of service in helping people heal their emotional and physical pain. Hustlers, they are respected for their work ethic, get it done no matter what, they stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Three very different approaches to life will once again be tested in the greatest social experiment on television. It’s Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers on CBS this fall! Jeff gives Varner a chance to add something. Varner says he’s been living in shame and he wants to be able to help people. There’s a book in the works called Living in Shame and Jeff will get the first copy. Jeff thanks everyone for viewer loyalty and for staying with them.
  9. It’s the season finale of The Voice! Tonight we will find out your winner! It’s going to be a star-studded night. They’ll have Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Zedd, Alessia Cara, Gladys Knight, and Chris Stapleton. Plus, previous coaches Cee-Lo Green, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and one future Voice coach Jennifer Hudson. We’re going to kick-off a collaboration with Mark Isaiah performing Despacito with Luis Fonsi. Up next is Brennley Brown who is on stage with Rascal Flatts singing their song Yours. There’s a secret language that seasoned musicians speak that not everyone understands that Jesse and Adam seem to speak. Tonight, there is no one more perfect to join Jesse on stage than Cee-Lo Green. They are performing Shining Star by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Howie Mandell and Derek Hough are visiting and they are talking about America’s Got Talent and World of Dance. Howie talks about their new host and Derek says World of Dance is like the Olympics of dancing. They both premiere May 30th. Tonight, singing Better Man, Lauren Duski will join Little Big Town on stage. Gwen is such a dedicated coach and never stops thinking about her team. She is performing Don’t Speak with Hunter Plake. Next up is Zedd and Alessia Cara performing Stay. Now from the moment Alicia heard Chris Blue’s voice, she knew he had something special. In light of the recent tragedies in the news, our next two incredible artists want to sing a song to lift people up all around the world who may be struggling tonight. With Everybody Hurts, here is Chris Blue and Usher. Now, he’s a two-time award winning country superstar, here is Chris Stapleton. The music just keeps on coming. Your two most soulful favorites join the Empress of Soul herself. Here are TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson with Gladys Knight! All four finalists get a brand new car from Toyota. They all get a 2017 RAV4. Aliyah can’t even drive, she says. Miley Cyrus is performing next with her new single Malibu. Next is Alessia Cara and Aliyah Moulden singing Scars To Your Beautiful. Our new coach who will be on next season is about to take the stage. Jennifer Hudson will be performing her single Remember Me. We’re about 20 minutes away from revealing your winner of The Voice! Let’s bring out the four finalists. Monumental voting on iTunes last night. Carson tells them great job and they are proud of all four of them. It is time to find out who will win it all! Carson will first read the name of the artist in fourth place. Here we go… The finalist in fourth place is…Jesse Larson, Team Adam. Now Carson will read the name of the artist in third place. Here we go… The third place artist is…Aliyah Moulden, Team Blake. Lauren Duski and Chris Blue, one of you is The Voice! We’ll find out who it is after a moment. The moment has come for one of these incredible artists, Lauren and Chris, their lives are about to be changed. Carson add this is the closest voting has ever been on the show. One more time, here we go! The winner of the voice is… Chris Blue, Team Alicia, is the winner of The Voice! The very last artist in the blind auditions goes on to win it all! Alicia Keys, after two seasons, gets her first win! We close out with Chris very emotional but asked to sing his original song, Money On You.
  10. Tonight, your Top 4 take their shot at being named the voice. From Team Blake, Aliyah Moulden. Blake says she’s the youngest to ever make the finale and the way she moved people, this kid will be around for a long time. Representing Team Alicia, Chris Blue. Alicia says it’s so exciting to see an artist do something that surprises you. Representing Team Adam, Jesse Larson. Adam truly believes Jesse is the most talented in the competition. No one can play and sing like Jesse. Representing Team Blake, Lauren Duski. Blake says there is no one else like Lauren, she tells a story and is a one of a kind country artist. Before we get going, on behalf of everybody at The Voice, our hearts go out to the people of Manchester, England at the Ariana Grande concert where incident has occurred, lives have been lost and many have been hurt. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Here, it is the most important night of competition. Tonight, you are going to pick the winner of The Voice, and here is how we are going to do it. We’ve got 4 finalists. They are going to perform three times, a new cover, a special duet with their coach, and they’re also going to debut a brand new original single. Every vote matters. We’re going to kick the night off with Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden who’s going to perform a song that’s a perfect fit for her. Her first original song is called Never Be Lonely. Blake says it has a vintage throwback sound and it’s just fun. Blake thinks it sounds like it could be a radio hit and he says there’s nothing more for him to say to her. Gwen says she thinks the funnest thing is watching Aliyah evolve. Gwen says with this song she can finally see where she’s going and she thinks she did such a great job tonight. Blake says that sounds like a hit and it’s so perfect for Aliyah. Blake says her singing has improved so much and to see that kind of performance from her is so awesome. He's so happy to see her there because she’s an awesome person to be around. Voting is open now on all platforms for all artists. Up next is Jesse Larson. Jesse thanks Adam for always having his back and his wife for being so supportive. He’s going to sing Takin It To the Streets by The Doobie Brothers. Adam says no one is going to do a song like this and he advises him to just get into the song and be in the pocket. Alicia says that was dope and fresh and his voice has never sounded better. Alicia says he was in his element and she respects what he and Adam are doing together, it’s very authentic and genuine and Adam is helping him stay in this space that is all his own. Adam says he’s so happy they managed to get through this whole thing without deviating from who he is. Jesse says Alicia was right, Jesse never sounded better. Adam believes Jesse should win the whole thing, but the coolest thing about Jesse is he does it with a humble attitude and he kills it every night. Chris Blue from Team Alicia is up next and they are going to sing Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and the New Power Generation. They are both excited and Alicia says this will not be the last time she performs on stage with Chris Blue. We’re going to continue right away with Team Blake’s country singer, Lauren Duski. Blake doesn’t think there’s every been anyone on his team who is believable as Lauren. Lauren is going to sing The Dance by Garth Brooks. Blake offers some advice on the melody and says this is a great song for a great story teller. Blake thinks Lauren can have a huge impact on the country music industry. Adam says Lauren has a voice they all have loved since the beginning and it’s very familiar and comforting. He thinks what is great about her that she can relate to the audience and it’s been a joy to see her throughout the competition. Blake says he can’t stop smiling. He says that’s one of the most important country songs in the history of country music and Lauren literally made her feel like he was hearing it for the first time tonight. Blake says, country fans, music fans, Lauren Duski is the one we’ve been waiting for this entire time. Remember, all the live show songs will be on Apple iTunes music and if any of the artists are in the Top 10 of iTunes at the end of voting, their votes will be multiplied by 5. Next, Blake Shelton and Aliyah Moulden are going to sing Dancing in the Street by Martha & The Vandellas. Now a perfect debut song for Team Alicia’s Chris Blue. Chris’s original song is called Money On You. Alicia says the thing that is going to sell his song is his energy. She says he is so ready and there isn’t a soul in the world who won’t dance to this song. Chris says that’s what he wants is people getting up and dancing and he’s excited. Alicia says wow! When she watches his perform she feels like she’s already at his show and listening to his music. She says there is like an electricity when he comes into the room and everyone here was clapping for him because it was the first time they heard the song and they could feel him. Alicia says Chris performed like the stage was his and he is ready. Now two seasoned musicians with a love of music come together to perform. Adam and Jesse are going to sing Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. They are both excited. Jesse says they approach things from a musician’s stand point because they wanted to play guitar first and singing was an afterthought. Up next is Lauren Duski and Blake Shelton singing one of Blake’s favorites. They are going to sing There’s A Tear in My Bear by Hank Williams, Sr. Blake says he’ll be the senior and Lauren will be the junior. Jesse is up next to debut his original song Woman. Jesse says he’s going to think about his wife while singing to pull the right emotion for the song. Adam tells him to plan it out and follow it and not get lost. Jesse says this is the first time he’s ever done a song on his own. Adam says he has a good vision of who he is, where he is, and where he wants to go. Adam says he’s been doing the show for 12 seasons and the show has evolved and there’s many different ways people become successful from the show. Adam says the show is called The Voice and he wants to get back to thing that embodies what The Voice was intended to be about. Adam says Jesse is the man. Now another performance by Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden. She is going to sing Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by Stevie Wonder. Blake says this song brings her full circle to the beginning to the Aliyah they were introduced to in the blind auditions, but she’s a way better singer. Aliyah wants to make Blake proud. Blake thinks Aliyah could be the next big popstar. Blake says he thinks balloons coming down are a sign. He says there’s not much left to say about her that’s great. Every time she’s on that stage she makes people smile and makes them forget their life. Lauren is up with her original song that she has a personal connection to. Lauren says she hasn’t had the confidence to record on her own before. Her song is called Déjà vu. Blake says she’s going to be some record producers dream. Lauren says she feels like she’s back to where she was to sing, let it go, and have fun. She says it feels good. Blake says having the number one song on iTunes is hard and this is what she is born to do. He says this is going to be incredible. Blake says let me congratulate you for writing your first number one hit song. He doesn’t know if they’ve every had an artist come out and sing something they wrote that was that beautiful and that perfect. Chris Blue will close out the night with an iconic Janet Jackson song. Chris is going to perform Rhythm Nation. Alicia says she is so excited because the song has the epicness and the fun, but also the soul that suits Chris. Alicia gives advice on tone and breath control and sings along with him. Chris says he needs to leave everything on the stage so when he walks off he knows he gave it all he had. Alicia is on her feet screaming and the crowd is fired up. Gwen is on her feet too. Alicia says Chris came out and showed people that he is everything. That he can be as quiet in his power, as he was in Diamonds and Pearls, and he can be alone like he was on his original song, and he can come out and rule the stage. Alicia says America, we can say we started Chris Blue’s career tonight.
  11. Ready, Set, Go! Tara and Joey are the first to depart and the rip their envelopes and reads they need to take a taxi to the bridge at the Corinth Canal. Teams must head to this manmade wonder, the Corinth Canal, a 4-mile waterway cutting through an isthmus in the middle of the country. Joey is not happy with Brooke and Scott for their U-turn last week. Tara and Joey reach the clue box and it’s a roadblock: Who is ready for the long stretch? Road block: To kick start this leg, teams will take on a challenge last seen on Season 9 of The Amazing Race. Today, there can be no hesitation. Joey is going to do the road block and he doesn’t seem thrilled. Tara goes up with him and she says she feels sick because she doesn’t like heights at all! Joey makes his jump and says it was awesome. Now it’s time to fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once there make your way to Ly Thai To and search for your next clue. Tara asks him if it was fun and he says yeah. Brooke and Scott are talking and Scott says they have split the road blocks, so whatever today’s is, he has to do it. (If you recall, he is afraid of heights and had to do the window washing road block) Scott closes his eyes and says please don’t be bungee jumping, it’s the only thing he doesn’t want to do. Matt is doing the road block for his team. Matt has never bungee jumped, but he has jumped out of planes. Matt makes his jump and says it is beautiful. They get their clue and move on. Matt also says he enjoyed it. Redmond says Scott is afraid of heights and he is going to cry so hard. Scott asks if they are kidding because it’s the one thing he did not want to do. He says he has a fear of heights and falling and bungee jumping is his number one fear. He can’t cross the bridge to get to the platform and Brooke is trying to calm down and Scott is freaking out. He gets to the platform and is rigged up and steps to the edge but he says he can’t do it. Scott is still not sure he can do it and the guys who are run the bungee jump tell him it’s a mind thing. Brooke is encouraging him and he finally makes the jump and screams and says Oh My God! He says that was horrible. He will never do that again in his life. Ever. If he doesn’t win a million dollars for doing that… When he comes back he says it was actually ok. Logan is going to do it for their team. She asks Scott if he did it and he says yeah and she says she’s so proud of him. Becca is doing it for her team. Both of them make their jumps. Everyone is ready to make their flight to Hanoi and they are all on the same flight. Becca and Floyd and London and Logan are the first two with Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott following behind. Tara and Joey are in last and Joey isn’t feeling well and Tara isn’t feeling great. They didn’t get much sleep. They are remarking on how crowded it is and the traffic. Becca and Floyd arrive first. Phil says after travelling 5000 miles to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, teams will pick up their next clues in this park where locals are starting their day with morning exercises. Becca and Floyd are walking through the people and Floyd sees someone with a yellow stick and she gives them their clue. Brooke and Scott ask if they found anything and Floyd tells them to look for a yellow stick. Phil says Buddhism was first introduced to Vietnam about 2000 years ago and is now this country’s most popular religion. Practiced at temples like, Quan Su Buddhist Temple. Brooke and Scott get their clue and London and Logan come in. Brooke tells them to get their clue from a person, but not what to look for. Brooke says she will always help London and Logan. London and Logan get their clue and Matt and Redmond also get theirs. Tara and Joey show up and they also find their clue. Becca and Floyd have reached the temple and it’s the detour. Bamboo Climb: Some species of bamboo can up to an inch an hour, and is as strong as steal. Teams must pick up one of three bamboo ladders and then navigate these busy streets to a nearby apartment. They will squeeze their way up a narrow stairway and retrieve a birdcage from the roof. That is just the half of it! They’ll then have to return the ladder and drop off the birdcage where they started. Window Design: To get the attention of shoppers, a good window display like this is an important selling tool. Teams need to pick up three mannequins, find Chan Cham Street, and then use a photo to dress an empty window to match. When their display is picture perfect, they’ll get their next clue. Becca and Floyd decide to do Bamboo Climb and head out just as Brooke and Scott arrive. Brooke and Scott also decide to climb and London and Logan arrive just as they are getting directions. Matt and Redmond are also there and London and Logan are doing bamboo climb and Tara and Joey decide to do window design. Becca and Floyd get their ladder and head out and ask for directions. Matt and Redmond pass Brooke and Scott running and Matt and Redmond go for a ladder and Scott tries to grab it but Redmond gets it. They see one more ladder at the top and Brooke sees it but London climbs to get it first. Everyone got a ladder except Brooke and Scott. Scott is mad at Redmond and Matt and Brooke tells him to quit yelling. Scott says they have to switch detours because there are no more ladders. Scott is still complaining and realize it’s a limited number and he wants to know where the other detour is. London and Logan get directions and say they were on the ladder to grab the last one and the friendship is over. They say they need to do what they need to do to win. Brooke says Scott wasn’t holding her ladder like Logan was holding London’s ladder and that’s why she couldn’t get the ladder first. They decide to switch and they bicker with each other. Becca and Floyd are running through the streets and say it’s mayhem. Becca says there are no stop signs or stop lights so it’s a mad rush of pedestrians and scooters. Matt and Redmond also say it’s mayhem on the streets, it’s unreal. Brooke and Scott are trying to find the other detour and Scott and Brooke are still arguing and they stop to argue in the street. Tara and Joey run by and ask what’s the matter and Brooke says she’s losing her mind. Becca and Floyd have found the apartment and are squeezing up the staircase. Floyd says it’s easy just as the ladder gets stuck trying to move up the stairs. They are struggling to get it moved up. Tara and Joey found the Bamboo Climb but see there are no ladders and realize they have to go back and try and beat Brooke and Scott. Brooke is freaking out they have to carry three mannequins and Scott gives her one that’s not very heavy. Brooke wants to wrap the limbs in a scarf so they drop and break anything. Brooke and Joey have found the mannequins, but they only got two of the three. Joey drops the female mannequin and it falls apart. Becca and Floyd have finally gotten the ladder up to the roof and they are now climbing for the birdcage. They get the birdcage and Matt and Redmond arrive to climb and they have to wait for Becca and Floyd to come down. Matt decides to help them down so they can get going. Matt says he’s got some experience moving furniture so they are fairly quick getting up the stairs and they get their birdcage and head back down. London and Logan have arrived and they pass Matt and Redmond already down and they start their climb. Scott drops his mannequins and Scott yells at him to figure it out. Tara and Joey are still going and they are having difficulty with the mannequins. Becca and Floyd are headed back and they decide to run in the street. Matt and Redmond are still behind. London and Logan are having trouble with their ladder. Brooke begins crying because the mannequin is hurting her back. Scott asks for directions and Brooke says she is angry because they were at the other one and she doesn’t think Scott is supporting her. Scott tries to restack the mannequins and Brooke says no it won’t work and Scott says Brooke is the worst. Brooke says the mannequins will slide right out of her hands because she’s sweating like a maniac. Becca and Floyd get the clue and Matt and Redmond are immediately behind. Becca and Floyd get their clue. Pit Stop: This serene lake in Thong Nhat Park offers locals a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Phil will be waiting for teams under some trees in the middle of the park. The last team to find me may be eliminated. Becca and Floyd find a taxi driver who says he knows where to go. Matt and Redmond grab a taxi and the race is on to the pit stop. Tara and Joey have arrived at the marked store front and they realize they forgot the man. They start dressing the two mannequins they have. Scott asks Brooke how she’s doing and she says they’re going to fall and to stop asking her how she’s doing. Scott says you have to tell me what you need and Brooke says I NEEDED you to hold the ladder and he says you didn’t even grab the ladder, so shut up about the darned ladder, it’s your fault we didn’t get the ladder. Brooke says Scott is so abusive it’s disgusting and he says it’s reality. Scott says no chance at a million because he does all the work for the team. Brooke drops the mannequin and say she can’t because she is soaking wet. She is crying and says she needs this to be over. London and Logan finally get their ladder up the stairs and they climb to get their birdcage. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd are neck and neck to the finish line. Becca and Floyd are the first out and Matt and Redmond are on their tail. Becca and Floyd are first to the mat and Phil checks them in. Phil says as the winners of this leg of the race they have won a trip for two from Travelocity to the Galapagos Islands. Matt and Redmond run up a minute later and they are team number two. Brooke is still complaining because she is in pain and she’s screaming Ow! Brooke can’t believe Tara and Joey are there. Brooke has stopped again in the street still struggling with the mannequins. Scott says he used to be a retail manager. Tara and Joey ask for a check and they are missing the man and they can’t figure out what they’re missing. Brooke and Scott are working and trying to get it right the first time. Tara and Joey have realized they are missing the male and they have to go back. Tara says it’s her fault and they leave to head back. Scott realizes they only have two mannequins. Tara apologizes to Joey again and says they are done. London and Logan have arrived back with their ladder and bird cage. Tara keeps apologizing and they get their man mannequin and head back. Tara is trying to stay positive. Scott thinks they have theirs right and they ask for a check. The judge is looking and they got it. They grab a taxi and head out. London and Logan have found Phil and they are team number three. Brooke and Scott are at a standstill in traffic and Brooke is freaking out because she says Tara and Joey always get places before them. Tara and Joey are quickly back and dress their mannequin. Brooke and Scott arrive at a park but they aren’t sure it’s the first one. Brooke is freaking out because she doesn’t trust her driver and she is asking for help. They ask for directions from another taxi driver. Tara and Joey finish their task and head out and Tara is visibly upset. They get a taxi and head out to the park also. Brooke and Scott hit the mat and they are the fourth team to check in. Tara and Joey run up just about two minutes later and Joey collapses to his knees at the mat. They help him take his bag off and get him some water. Brooke asks if they are ok and Tara says now you care? Tara and Joey are the last team to arrive and this is a non-elimination leg. Joey says Brooke and Scott have been devious the whole race. They have a speed bump next time, but they just have to crush it and move on. Phil says while some relationships were destroyed beyond repair while showing Tara and Joey and Brooke and Scott, Phil tells us others were mended and we see Scott hugging London. He wants to talk about the ladder situation later and London says they don’t have to talk about it. Scott says they are still in alliance and the race is all about alliances, but you drop them when it’s time to win. Ready, Set, Go! Becca and Floyd are the first to depart and they rip the envelope and read: Race to the spectacular limestone mountains of Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Phil tells us teams will now catch a bus to the ancient city of Ninh Binh, famous for its rugged topography. Matt and Redmond head out and they note they have $30 for this leg of the race. London and Logan are out and they say last leg was disappointing because it was the first time mom and dad came in last and of course it was a non-elim. But they have to look on the bright side they are starting in last place and they have a speed bump. Scott says they are going to a bus stop and hopefully they all catch up. Brooke says she hopes just they catch up. Then she complains about not moving in the taxi and it’s going to take three hours to get there. Scott asks if she wants to stay in the taxi and she says the other option is to walk and they aren’t going to walk six kilometers. Becca and Floyd arrive and the team bus leaves at 9:00 am. Becca says at least one team will not catch the bus, maybe multiple teams. Tara and Joey are heading out and they are positive. Joey says it’s going to be a comeback like the Red Sox and the Yankees. Matt and Redmond are on the bus and they hope Becca and Floyd are on the bus and they are. The first bus leaves carrying Becca and Floyd and Matt and Redmond. London and Logan get their tickets and they will leave at 9:30 am. Tara and Joey arrive at the same time as Scott and Brooke and they all get tickets. Scott says their driver was fast. London and Logan feel good that no one will be on the bus with them. Brooke and Scott get on and London tells them to tell the driver to go. Brooke and Scott offer to pay the driver if he will leave. Tara and Joey get their ticket and they make it by about a minute. The first bus has arrived and Matt had hoped it would be cooler but he notes that it is still hot. Becca and Floyd find the clue box. Phil tells us teams must now travel by bicycle to Bich Dong Temple where they will meet up with their travelling companion, the Travelocity roaming gnome, who will join them for the rest of the leg. Matt and Redmond are there and they get directions and head out. They have found the temple and run to find their gnome. Becca and Floyd get their gnome and open their clue and they have to take a ride to Thon Hai Nham and once there they must search for their next clue. Matt and Redmond grab their gnome and get the clue. The second bus is stuck in traffic. London says she is sure Becca and Floyd and Matt and Redmond were probably stuck in traffic too, so she isn’t worried. Becca and Floyd and Matt and Redmond have arrived at the next clue box and it’s the road block, who’s feeling trapped? Road Block: There are more than a billion bicycles in the world and here in Vietnam just one bike can carry hundreds of shrimp traps. For some people, this is a balancing nightmare. We see a flashback to Season 3. If teams can transport the correct number of traps to this fisherman they’ll receive their next clue. Matt is going to do and Floyd is going to do. Matt and Floyd are working together to figure out how many traps they need to take. Matt says they need to work together so they can stay in front of the others. Becca says she hopes Brooke and Scott and London and Logan work together to stay ahead of mom and dad. Becca says mom and dad are a strong team and they U-turned them and they’re tricksters. The second bus has arrived and they all head out. Matt says it’s hot and Floyd says he’s not used to temperatures like this. Floyd says he’s so confident right now he’s not even worried. Matt counts his and he thinks they got it and Floyd does as well. Floyd goes to head out and immediately has trouble with balance. Matt is going and he says it’s shaky but he’s making progress. Floyd has dropped a couple of traps. Floyd tells Matt he’s doing great. Matt is swerving all over the road. Floyd is making his way, but he’s behind and he’s dropped more traps. Becca says she might have been better at that than him. Floyd is fighting through but has dropped more and then his bike completely falls over. Floyd is struggling to get his bike up. Becca says she bikes everywhere and she could tell she would have been more stable than Floyd. Matt says he’s got it because as long as you keep your speed up you’re alright. Redmond is glad Matt took this one because he might have struggled with balance. Tara and Joey arrive first and they get their gnome and they see the speed bump. Tara reads they have to collect six dozen duck eggs for a local farmer before continuing on the race. Phil explains that ducks are an essential part of farming here in Vietnam. For one thing, they help to fertilize the rice fields and provide nutrient rich eggs. Tara and Joey will need to collect six dozen of them before they can continue racing the other teams. London and Logan get their gnome and find their clue and head out. Brooke and Scott are behind. Brooke is struggling on the bike. Matt arrives to make his delivery and he falls as they get there so he is nervous while the guy is counting. He gets the thumbs up and gets the clue. Matt begins unloading his bike. Floyd says he knows he’s missing some but it’s ok because he can go back and get the rest. Floyd falls over again and Matt rides by and stops to help Floyd lift his bike back up. Matt says Floyd is struggling and sees how many traps he’s dropped and realizes Floyd is in trouble. Brooke and Logan have arrived and get their gnome and Brooke is struggling to breathe, she’s sweaty, and she’s saying it’s hot. Matt is back and they read their clue. They are riding to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh to search for their next clue. Becca asks about Floyd and Matt says he’s going to have to come back because he’s dropped more traps. Tara and Joey are looking for their eggs and they each grab a basket and decide to split in half to make the work quicker. London and Logan have arrived at the road block and London is going to do the task. Becca says Floyd has been gone a long time. He is told no good and he has to take the entire bike back and reload everything. Floyd thought he could drop off what he had and now he has to go all the way back. Tara and Joey have found their eggs and they go back and head to the road block. Matt says making that bus changed everything for them today. Matt and Redmond find an arrow and we see a woman rowing a boat with her feet. Matt and Redmond reach the clue box. Redmond reads: Row the boat the way the locals do by using your feet instead of your hands and they laugh and Redmond says great. Phil says considering your legs are three times as strong as your arms, it makes sense that when you row a boat you row them with your feet. This technique was developed so that rowers could protect their faces from the sun using an umbrella. With their gnome leading the way, either team member may choose to row. If teams can master the method and deliver these offerings to a ceremonial dragon boat, they’ll be rewarded with their next clue. Matt and Redmond are getting their offerings and get on the boat and Matt is going to row. Redmond says he doesn’t like to complain, but realistically some things just hold him back. Matt struggles with the technique but he says there is a trick and he is going to find it out. Brooke and Scott have arrived at the road block and Scott is going to do the road block. Becca is worried Floyd is lost and Floyd pulls up and Becca realizes he had to come back. Logan feels bad for Floyd and Becca notes Floyd is struggling. Scott heads out and Becca encourages Floyd. Tara and Joey stop and get directions and they realize they overshot their turn by two kilometers and they have to go back. Matt has gotten the technique and they deliver their offerings. Matt starts back slowly. Scott makes his delivery and he prays he’s right and he gets the clue and asks for a hug and the guy doesn’t give him a hug. Scott starts to unload the traps. Matt and Redmond come back and they get their clue. Pit stop: This is Hang Mua Peak where locals climb almost 500 steps for these spectacular views. The last team to find me at the pit stop may be eliminated. Matt and Redmond head out to find the pit stop. Scott gets back and they celebrate and head back out. London and Floyd head back out to make their delivery. London’s bike falls over and she is frustrated that she can’t do it. Floyd is also struggling. Floyd tells London to calm down and he moves forward to help her and in the process his starts to tip. When he gets his up London’s tips over again. They see a guy walking by and they ask for help. Floyd encourages London. Tara and Joey have arrived at the road block and Joey is going to do it. Joey says it’s like a big puzzle and you have to hook them the right way. Matt and Redmond grab a taxi and they head out. London is asking how much farther and Floyd is struggling and has lost some more traps. London says they have the right number of traps and asks if they are almost there. Brooke and Scott have arrived to do the rowing with their feet which Scott is trying to master. Scott is frustrated because the current is sending them the wrong way and then they start arguing. Matt and Redmond arrive at the pit stop and see they have to climb up. They yell to Phil they are coming. Joey heads out with his bike. Floyd and London have arrived to make the delivery and Floyd is told his is not good. London starts to worry and begs and hers is good. London gets her clue and Floyd rests for a minute and says he doesn’t want to give up and he doesn’t think he can do that again. Joey pulls up and gets his checked and he gets a thumbs up. London hugs Floyd and says she is so sorry. Floyd says he was just exhausted and feeling light-headed. He stops to drink water and lays down. Matt and Redmond are climbing the steps and encouraging each other. London is riding back and she says her bike is broken. Joey unloads his traps and heads back out. London says she doesn’t want to lose this for Logan but she knew something was wrong with her bike when she started riding back. She thinks something snapped and it was the icing on top after such a hard challenge and she had to run in the heat and Joey passes her. Becca sees Joey back and she can’t believe. Tara cheers and says Joey smoked that. London gets back and tells Becca that Floyd has to do it again. Matt and Redmond almost reach the top and Phil yells down they are team number one. He tells them to come up to the mat because he has good news. As winner of this leg of the race they have won a trip for two from Travelocity to Costa Rica. Floyd has found that one of his things has fallen off so he goes back to get it and puts it back on. Becca doesn’t understand how they were the first there and every other team passed them. Becca changes her fun meter and sends it down. Floyd is finally successful with his delivery and he heads back to Becca. Brooke and Scott have delivered their offerings. Floyd makes it back and he apologizes and they are staying optimistic. As they’re riding and Floyd rides off the road and hits a tree. Becca is concerned and she carries Floyd’s bag for him. Tara and Joey have arrived and Tara is doing the rowing. Brooke and Scott arrive back and they get ready to head to the pit stop. Logan is trying to row but he seems to be too tall. Joey is coaching Tara on the rowing. Becca and Floyd are still going and Floyd rides off to the side and he is dizzy and he passes out. Becca runs back to check on Floyd and they have a race medic come in and help him. They give him water to help cool him down and he takes his helmet off. Becca is coaching him through telling him to take deep breaths. Tara tells Joey to keep his mouth shut and be positive. Logan is frustrated because when he rows the oar gets stuck under the seat. Brooke and Scott are riding and Brooke is screaming and saying she can’t go. Scott says she’s giving birth again. They pull up and return the bike and get a taxi. Tara and Joey deliver their offerings and head back and Tara encourages London and Logan and ask about Floyd and London tells them he had to do it again. Brooke and Scott have arrived and see the steps and she can’t believe that’s right. Brooke says that’s torture. Tara and Joey head out to return their bikes while London and Logan deliver their offerings. Brooke and Scott have reached the top and they are team number two and Phil agrees. London and Logan are heading to return their bikes. Floyd stands up and the medic asks if he is dizzy and Floyd says yeah and the medic says he’s overheated. Floyd says his head is starting to hurt and Becca is emotional saying she can’t believe this is happening. She says she’s never seen anyone in this state before and it’s scary and she doesn’t know what happens at this point. Tara and Joey have arrived and start up the stairs. London and Logan have arrived and see the steps and London can’t belive it either. Tara and Joey arrive at the top as team number 3. Tara says Joey creamed the traps. London and Logan come up and they are team number four. The medic is getting Floyd back up and ask how he feels and he says he’s a little dizzy. Floyd isn’t sure if he can keep going and Becca says, yeah don’t hurt yourself. She’s crying and she feels sad they made it this far and this is the way things panned out. It’s not the way they wanted to go out. Phil comes to where Becca and Floyd by the side of the road and tells them all the other teams have checked-in at the mat and it is an elimination leg and they have been eliminated. Phil asks what happened, if they just got to a breaking point. Floyd says he kept trying until he physically just couldn’t. Becca says Floyd has been the best teammate for the race. Becca says once upon a time, Floyd and Becca were total strangers. Phil says and? Becca says and now Floyd and Becca are great friends. Next week on The Amazing Race, the pressure stacks up as teams fight it out to earn a spot in the final three. We see Redmond stacking some cups and teams playing a fighting video game.
  12. We’re back at camp after tribal council and Cirie, Andrea, and Aubry are talking about Sarah’s reaction after Sierra was voted out. They are discussing she looked surprise so maybe she can look like she didn’t know Sierra was going. Andrea says maybe it’s time to get out someone like Sarah because she has lied to her before. Cirie says Sarah has been getting her work in with a lot of people and she says that’s ok because all the people Sarah has screwed over might vote for whoever Sarah goes to the end with. Sarah tells us Sierra had told her about the legacy advantage and it was a good thing to get her out. Sarah says she looked like she was shocked with Sierra going in hopes Sierra would keep her word and will the advantage to her. Sarah now has two advantages, the legacy advantage and she can steal a vote. She wants Andrea gone because she can’t stand her, but it has to be the right time. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, with one hand you’re going to stead a balancing board while simultaneously building a house of cards with the other hand. The first person to build their house of cards high enough to reach the finish mark wins immunity, safe from the vote. Losers, tribal council where someone will be the 13th person voted out and the 6th person of our jury. Jeff gives the go and says this is a Survivor classic, last won by Cochran who set a record at 17 minutes. Aubry is off to a quick start. Michaela is not far behind and Andrea is off to a good start. Michaela drops. Everyone is moving slowly and being careful. Andrea drops. Aubry is in the lead by herself. Culpepper drops and has to start over, Sarah drops right after. Aubry is taking her time and Michaela is close behind. Tai is still at the bottom and Cirie drops here small stack. Aubry hasn’t faltered yet but Michaela is quickly back in this. Troyzan has made progress. Michaela loses everything once again and Aubry is still in the lead. Jeff notes we’re 5 minutes in and at a record pace. Troyzan drops one on the ground and bends to get it and loses everything. Aubry has used all her tiles and is not able to reach the top. She starts taking some off so she can rebuild. Andrea is back in it. Michaela is doing well but she drops again. Jeff notes that the wind is blowing. Andrea is doing well, but the wind blows her stack over. Aubry is close and trying a new strategy. Aubry has it and wins individual immunity. Jeff says Aubry set a new record by doing it in six minutes. Andrea says Sarah is good at pulling people in and they need to get her when she least expects it and the next tribal might be the time to strike. Sarah asks Aubry how she did that so fast. They are congratulating Aubry on the win. Aubry says she needs to build a resume and now she needs to do something and maybe Troyzan is someone she can work with and he is likeable. Aubry thinks Culpepper is a big threat and she wants to get rid of him. Cirie says everyone is on board and Michaela wants Culpepper to go fishing so they can eat. Michaela notices Culpepper is nowhere to be found and she wants to make sure Culpepper isn’t looking for an idol and she wants him to go fishing so they can eat. Michaela finds Culpepper and “suggests” to him to go fishing. Culpepper asks what she means and she says go fish and bring back fish at low tide. Culpepper didn’t take well to the “suggestion” and thinks Michaela is blackmailing him and he’s not going to kowtow to a diva’s demands. He’s just looking for a way to get back into the game and make it another day. Andrea and Aubry are talking and Andrea is talking about Sarah again and the look she gave Sierra at tribal council. Andrea is worried Sarah is pandering to the jury to get votes. Aubry thinks Culpepper is the next step logically. Aubry says she is not acting on that gut feeling with Sarah and she really believes it’s time to send Culpepper home. Cirie says Andrea is trying to work her, but she needs Sarah to stay in order for Cirie to make it further. Cirie goes to Sarah and suggests it might be time to get rid of Andrea because Andrea and Aubry might be trying to do something slick. Sarah thinks they are trying to pit Cirie against Sarah. Cirie says everything is about timing and when to make a move. Cirie says it now is up to her and Sarah to decide if they want to vote out one of their own and drop their numbers or keep five strong and vote out Culpepper because he’s too dangerous to keep around and he can win challenges. Cirie says it’s a difficult position to be in, but timing is key. We bring in the members of the jury. Jeff asks Aubry about the last tribal council and Andrea and Sierra both being worried they were in trouble and if it signified a turning point in the game where people are a little more willing to put a name up and let them battle it out. Aubry says there might be a solid “we” than they’ve had before. Jeff says to Sarah it’s tricky because you have to account for everyone else’s best move and figure out where you fit within that. Sarah says right but if you have your support behind you, it ain’t broke, what is there to fix? Jeff turns to Troyzan and says when you hear Sarah saying if it’s not broken, don’t mess it up, what is your move. Troyzan says you go to the bottom people and say here I am and if you get me now, you have the most loyal person on the planet. Jeff says Aubry, it’s a pretty good argument. Aubry agrees, but there are still 8 people left in the game and a lot can happen. Jeff asks Cirie what the vibe in camp was after the immunity challenge. Cirie says it’s uncanny it’s so quiet there. There’s no scrambling, deal making, conversations going on and she’s never seen anything like it. Jeff notes that Andrea was nodding her head. Andrea says there was no scrambling going on, or at least no one came up to her because you start to feel uneasy and you start to wonder why people aren’t trying harder. Jeff says to Culpepper if you look at the number of players in the game now, there is a move, what is his? Culpepper says he hasn’t talked to Andrea because he wrote her name down twice, but he’s talked to other girls here and at some point maybe it will click with one of them and maybe it is the chance to make their move, they’ve got someone else that is willing to go with them to the end and he doesn’t know what else to do. Jeff asks Sarah when it comes to the jury does your gut tell you they are going to respect game play. Sarah says this is game changers and it’s about playing the game and playing it hard and she’s sat over there and it sucks, but at the end of the day she rewarded game play giving credit where it was due. Jeff asks Aubry if she agrees with that and she thinks a lot of people underestimate the emotions involved, but when you’re voted out of the game, the first thing you feel is something that’s human. People aren’t robots. Jeff says Tai, on one hand you have people saying the jury will reward game play, blindsides or not and on the other people saying that’s crazy, you blindside someone their feelings get hurt. Tai says to him the game is built on personal relationships. Tai thinks jury will reward who played the best game, not because they are best friends with them. Jeff asks Andrea where she sits on this and Andrea says for this season she would hope they would reward good game play, but it’s also not rubbing salt in the wounds. If you’re going to blindside someone but then be their best friend that entire day, that seems a little vicious and some people do that. Jeff turns to Michaela and says big picture, tonight’s vote is about what? Michaela says tonight’s vote is about advancing your group and keeping yourself as safe as possible without screwing your end game. Culpepper says but Jeff, here’s an argument against waiting until the end to get rid of your big “we”. You guys are final five. Someone is going to get got and you’re gonna wish at 7 you could have got who got you at 5. Jeff says alright, it is time to vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so. No one plays an idol. Jeff reads the votes. First vote Andrea. Culpepper. Andrea. Culpepper. Andrea. Andrea. 4 votes Andrea, 2 votes Culpepper. 13th person voted out…Andrea. Andrea points at Cirie and says you! She says it in a playful manner. She says good job to everyone. Jeff says even when all hope seems lost, keep talking because someone might be listening. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Andrea says it’s frustrating going out on day 33. She thought she was playing a better game, a smarter game and she thought she had real relationships, but it’s Survivor and you can’t really trust anyone! Back at camp Aubry apologizes to Culpepper saying it was the only plan she knew of. Cirie says they sent Andrea to the jury but they still have a lot of people that need to go and although Aubry is in her group she can’t trust her that much. Aubry says it was a standard day for her in Survivor. She felt good that she’d won immunity, which she’d never done before, and she had a good relationship with Andrea so naturally she got killed off too. She says her pattern in Survivor seems to be really high highs and really low lows. Cirie notes that Tai ran right to Aubry’s side which was weird to him. Cirie says Tai works people and he works their emotional side. Immunity is back up for grabs! For today’s challenge, they’ll be perched on top of a pole in the ocean. On Jeff’s go, they’ll use a bucket to retrieve water and pour it down a chute raising a key. Once they have the key they’ll swim back to shore and use the key to unlock a bundle of puzzle pieces. They will then use those pieces to solve a block puzzle. First to finish wins immunity and is safe at tribal council. Losers someone will become the 14th person voted out and the 7th member of the jury. Everyone is standing on their platforms except Cirie because she’s nervous. Jeff gives the go to start! Michaela is doing a great job. Troyzan is doing a good job. Cirie’s bucket is stuck. Aubry’s key is moving. Michaela has enough water and gets her key and begins her swim. Troyzan gets his key and jumps for his swim. Cirie has to climb down to free her bucket that is tied up in the ladder. Aubry gets her key with Culpepper right behind. Tai and Sarah still working on getting their keys and Cirie is climbing back up so she can get a shot at her key. Michaela is back and is unlocking her puzzle pieces with Troy, Aubry, and Culpepper right behind. Tai has his key and is swimming towards shore. Michaela and Culpepper are working on their puzzles. Sarah has her key and Cirie gets her and Jeff asks if she’s going to jump or climb. Jeff encourages Cirie and she jumps for her swim. Cirie is swimming towards shore and everyone has their pieces and is working on the puzzle. Cirie is last to get to the pieces and begins her puzzle. People are making progress but they are rearranging pieces. Sarah is close and is down to two pieces if she’s right. Sarah doesn’t think something is right and she takes some pieces off. Tai is down to a few pieces left, but he has a gap at the bottom he hasn’t seen. Sarah is rebuilding. Culpepper is making progress but he also has a gap he hasn’t seen yet. Michaela has figured out what she thinks is wrong and races to finish and calls for a check. Jeff says no, she has two pieces reversed. Culpepper is close and asks for a check. Jeff checks and Culpepper wins individual immunity. Jeff says Culpepper is guaranteed a spot in the final six and he says darn right! Pick someone else people. Jeff says he clearly felt in trouble tonight. Cirie says Culpepper is safe and they have to re-calculate who to take out and she wants to take out someone who is a threat to her. Back at camp, everyone congratulates Culpepper. Troyzan says he’s going to tribal with his idol and if he thinks he’s in trouble he’ll play it. Tai says he feels like with the jury he has to do something to prove he’s a player and he needs to break away and do something that’s best for him. Aubry says look at the people who’s made moves and Tai says Sarah. Tai says he has to show the jury a big move and Sarah is a big move. Aubry thinks Tai has been drinking the kool-aid that he needs to make a big move in the game, but if she wants to make a big move for her resume, she has to get Tai before he gets her. Aubry goes to Cirie and says Tai sees Sarah as a threat. Cirie tells Sarah and Sarah asks if Cirie thinks she’s lying. Sarah says for some reason Cirie wants to believe Aubry and everything that’s coming out of Aubry’s mouth. Sarah says she believes Tai over Aubry and says if she gets voted out she’ll give Cirie the advantage to steal a vote, because if it doesn’t scream loyal, she doesn’t know what does. Cirie says when we come back and nothing has gone wrong she’ll give the advantage back and never question her judgement again. Cirie says Sarah is so confident in Tai that she can’t even get her to use her own advantage, but does she play it tonight and save Sarah and risk her being mad. Cirie says she’s from the old school and if you got it play it, so she’s going to play it. Cirie tells Michaela about the advantage and says Sarah trusts Tai so much. Michaela says officer Sarah is confused because if she’s wrong about Tai, it doesn’t just screw up her game, it screws up Michaela’s game and Cirie’s game as well. Cirie says she will take Sarah’s vote away because she’s going to vote for Aubry. Cirie starts running numbers and scenarios and explains how the advantage works and realizes someone could play an idol and she thinks Tai has an idol. Cirie says she has to get Tai comfortable enough to trust her and wonders if she could pull it off. Cirie goes to Tai and tells him about the advantage (she pulls the tears out). Tai says what Cirie told him about being targeted took him by surprise and he’s freaking out. He isn’t sure if he should believe Cirie and he wonders if he should play one of his idols. He’s terrified inside. Tribal council and we bring in the jury. Jeff asks Sarah what happened when they got back to camp. You can’t vote off Culpepper and there’s only six people. Sarah says there was a lot of sneaking around and lies being told and for her she had to get to the bottom of who’s telling the truth and they’ll find out if she’s wrong or not. Jeff asks Cirie if it’s common knowledge or is it happening in private. Cirie says it’s both. There are several lies being told, there are several untrue stories going around and she thinks tonight will show where the deception is coming from. Jeff asks Culpepper if he felt the same way, that there were a lot of lies because not everything can be true. Culpepper says you expect the lies, and then try to piece out the truth in the lies. Michaela says she doesn’t think everyone is lying to everybody. She thinks there are a couple of people in this group who get caught in lies and the problem is when you start telling the truth, people remember you from your past. Jeff says to Tai the game is about deception. How do you determine when to trust someone you know is deceiving you because you knew they were and now you can come together. Tai says he gives people the benefit of the doubt first and he’s scared all the layering and he hopes he’s on the right vote tonight. Jeff says to Troyzan it sounds like fear is leading the group. Troyzan says if you say too much people use it against you and even if you do something good for someone, the favor is rarely returned. Troyzan says his hope is he stays and gets into a position where he has more control of what his game will be like. Jeff asks Michaela which is more likely to happen after tonight’s vote, the deck will start to re-shuffle or will the deck stay intact. Michaela says that before we vote people need to decide what’s best is now the time to try and make a big move and try to make a name and risk going home next time. Or is now the time to be happy with what you have, play for a “we” and get to the end of this game. Jeff says it’s time to vote and Cirie says Jeff, there is a rat in this group and by me exposing it the person I’m saving will wake up tomorrow and thank me. She wants to use the advantage and she takes away Sarah’s vote. Sarah says that’s her advantage and it says it can’t be stolen. Cirie says it wasn’t stolen, it was given to her and Sarah says it’s not transferrable. Jeff asks Cirie to read the advantage and the rules that go with it. Cirie reads the advantage and the rules and Jeff says the key word is non-transferrable. Sarah is the only person who can use that advantage. Jeff tells Cirie things are crazy now because her intention was revealed. Sarah gets up and whispers something to Tai. Cirie tells Sarah why she was going to use the advantage and says she can ask Michaela if she thinks she’s lying. Culpepper asks Tai what Sarah said and Troyzan gets up to listen in on Michaela, Cirie, and Sarah talking and Michaela and Troyzan argue because Michaela wants Troyzan to back up. There is a lot of whispering going on back and forth and Sarah uses her advantage and she takes Tai’s vote. Jeff says how she’ll vote and she says she’s ready. Jeff says another crazy and unpredictable tribal. Time to vote! Jeff will tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and want to play it, now would be the time to do so. No one plays their idol. Jeff reads the votes. First vote, Tai. Tai. Aubry. Michaela. Michaela. Michaela. 3 votes Michaela, 2 votes Tai, 1 vote Aubry, one vote left. 14th person voted out and the 7th member of the jury…Michaela. She doesn’t know how that makes sense Sarah, but good luck to everyone else. She leaves before Jeff finishes snuffing her torch. Culpepper points at Cirie and Sarah and mouths to Tai that they voted for him. Jeff says well tonight’s tribal clearly a game changer. And with only six players and four days left and very little trust, I can’t wait to see how it finishes. Next week, on the season finale of Survivor, the final six and the biggest game changing move of the season. It’s a 2 hour season finale and live reunion show. Michaela says she was kind of bummed, but she was excited she made it to day 35 and it was a wild experience. She says it’s a compliment to be voted off because people think they can’t beat you. She wanted to win a million dollar so maybe she has to come back and play a third time to get to the end.
  13. We are live right now! The top 8 will go to the top 4! We are revealing the name of the first artist to be safe and who will advance to the Top 4… Chris Blue from Team Alicia is the first artist going to the finals! We’re about to find out next artist who is moving on to the finals… The next artist moving on to the finale is…Lauren Duski! It’s time to find out the third artist who will be moving on to the finals… The third finalist is…Aliyah Moulden! We have found out who three of the finalists are. America will save the fourth artist via the Instant Save. Stay tuned for the cue to vote! We are bringing out the 5 remaining artists. We are about to find out the THREE artists who will be performing for the Instant Save. The first artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Jesse Larson! The second artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Hunter Plake! The last artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Brennley Brown! That means we have to say good-bye to TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson. Brennley Brown is singing first and she has chosen the song Warrior by Demi Lovato. Carson asks Gwen if that was enough to keep her around and Gwen says that was absolutely enough. Hunter Plake is singing Love Runs Out by One Republic. Gwen says Hunter is ready! She says who doesn’t want to buy that record and she doesn’t understand how someone so gifted and she wants people to understand how rare and unique and talented he is. Jesse Larson is the last to perform and he has chosen to perform Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Adam says Jesse is a guitar player who decided to try singing and it’s staggering to him that people can spend their whole lives wanting to be a singer and Jesse has only been doing it for a short time. Adam says if Jesse goes through he will be the first one chair turn to be in the finale and he thinks Jesse is one of the most pure artists in the competition right now. The time has come to find out who the last finalist is! America instantly saved, your fourth finalist…Jesse Larson! That means we say good-bye to Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake. Team Blake will have 2 artists in the finals, Alicia will have 1 artist, and Adam will have 1 artist. Team Gwen will not be represented in the finals.
  14. This is the Top 8 semi-finals! They’re each going to perform two songs tonight, one new song by themselves and they’re also pairing up with each other for duets. In a Voice first, these duets are eligible for votes. Tomorrow only four artists will advance to the finale, which means tomorrow four artists will be going home. It is all on the line tonight! Voting is open for all artists on all methods. We’re starting the night with Hunter Plake from Team Gwen. Gwen wants Hunter to step it up to keep his momentum. He is going to sing With or Without You by U2. Gwen says this is going to be a vocal performance for him. Gwen says she is glad he is sticking close to the original and Hunter says he wants to make an emotional connection to the song and honor Bono and U2. Blake says that was by a mile, that was Hunter’s best vocal performance and he honored the original. Alicia says she was swept away and she thinks that what music is supposed to make you feel and she’s super excited for him. Adam says that was the most straight-forward production he has done and that was so great to hear that song and do the vocal the way it was supposed to be done. Gwen says she wants America to realize Hunter is so talented. He has so much heart and personality and doing the song was enough to change it but it was amazing tonight. Our first duet is two Team Alicia artists. Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue is going to perform If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Chris thinks Vanessa’s voice can fit any mode and Vanessa says Chris is a Michael Jackson type performer when he hits the stage. Carson tells them great job and says they are a super duo. Alicia was on her feet and Carson explains the ways to vote. TSoul from Team Blake is next. He is going to sing Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin. Blake says there’s no better time to swing for the fence. Blake says this song is soulful, emotional and it will allow TSoul to come to life on stage. Blake says TSoul’s performances are epic and TSoul says he wants to be able to create a legendary moment on stage to take him to where he needs to be which is the finale. Alicia says that’s one of her all-time favorite songs and TSoul has a showmanship about him. Blake says he’s proud of TSoul. Blake says TSoul once told him he knew if he could get on The Voice and that stage he could show America what he could do and Blake is so proud of him because he’s in the semi-finals. Up next is Brennley Brown from Team Gwen. Gwen says they need to speed it up and show a different side to Brennley America hasn’t seen yet. She is going to sing Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans. Brennley is excited to show a different side but there is some fear behind it. Gwen tells her to show her attitude in the song and this is her chance to show Nashville where she wants to be. Blake says he feels like for the first time her personality and visually she seemed she was 15 and it was what she needed to do to remind America how young she is. Gwen says she is so proud and emotional songs can sometimes be easier, but to entertain and do a song that’s uptempo takes a lot of confidence and she did a great job and it took a lot of courage to tackle it. Hunter Plake and Aliyah Moulden are our next duet. They are going to sing Let it Go by James Bay. Aliyah says when she first heard Hunter she wanted to know where to buy an album and the first time Hunter heard Aliyah he thought she was so good and he is honored to sing with her. Carson says both duets have been awesome so far. If you vote for a duet, both members of the duet get one vote. Up next is Team Blake’s artist Lauren Duski. Lauren says there is a larger country following in Michigan than she expected. She’s going to sing Ghost in This House by Shenandoah. Blake says America connects to her storytelling and this song is perfect for that. Blake advises her to sing out because he thinks the song needs strength. Blake says if Lauren does what she does every week he has no doubt she’ll have a spot in the finale. Adam says it seems sometimes these days grace and simplicity is going out of style and it’s so nice to see Lauren do that. Adam says he thinks she’s amazing. Blake says there’s a handful of song that are untouchable and she picked one of them. Blake says what she just did was absolutely monumental and he can’t wait to see how country fans respond to that. The next duet is TSoul and Jesse Larson. They are going to sing I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Jesse says he loves everything about TSoul, his personality and his approach to music. TSoul says the first time he heard Jesse he thought he was incredible and he was going to win, his voice is awesome. The two say they are single handedly going to put soul back on the map. Adam and Blake are on their feet for their artists. Carson says the crowd loves it and TSoul and Jesse are rubbing each other’s beards. Next is Team Alicia’s Chris Blue. Chris is going to sing Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann. Alicia says it feels like it’s back home for Chris and we haven’t seen that tender, sensitive, higher-power connected Chris. Alicia says she knows he’s going to be emotional and they are going to be crying. Chris says he’s nervous and he’s going to be vulnerable and open up and express in this song. Chris gets a standing ovation from the coaches and he is visibly emotional. Alicia says she knew he could do it and let all the walls down and tap into that place that is so pure. Alicia says he just did that and she is so proud of him because he got out of his way and he let the words come through him and that was moving. Next is the artist America instantly saved last week, Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson. Vanessa is going to perform Superstar by Luther Vandross. Alicia says this is the type of song that is emotional and beautiful. Alicia offers advice on one part of the song and demonstrates for her. Vanessa says her grandfather wants to see her in a dress, so she may wear one this time. She says she is representing her entire family this time. Alicia says she knew what Vanessa went through to find that beautiful place and for her to uncover herself in that way is amazing. Alicia says she is blossoming and she couldn’t be more proud of that incredible, unbelievable performance. Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown are paired together. They are singing Good Hearted Woman by Leann Rhimes. They sang against each in the battle rounds, but now they can just have fun. Lauren says Brennley has an old soul and it’s been great to see her evolve. Brennley says Lauren is like a big sister to her. We’re going to continue with Jesse Larson. He is going to sing I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton. Jesse says this song reminds him so much of his dad and he thinks this song will allow him to show his genuine self to America. Adam says he thinks he can win and advises on phrasing. Adam says Jesse is out of this world talented and he genuinely thinks he’s the best singer in this competition, he’s the real deal. Carson asks Adam what does Jesse need to do right now? Adam says they found a gold mine in this song and thanks Chris Stapleton and he thinks he deserves to win. Adam says his belief in Jesse is so real, and he was the only one who turned around for him. He genuinely believes Jesse is the best they got and the fact there is a slim chance he may not be in the finale is a crime to him. Adam says if America votes him into the finale, Adam promises they will blow America’s minds. Aliyah Moulden is closing out the night from Team Blake. She is going to sing I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. Blake says he gave her this song because it’s emotional and inspirational. Blake says her voice is so powerful and every week her confidence level goes up and she’s singing out more. Aliyah says having Blake as a coach and like a father figure to her is incredible. Blake says he hoped someday he’d get to meet and work with an artist like her. Someone they could watch change and see grow throughout the competition. He says she is the model Voice contestant, bar none.
  15. Ready? Set…Go! Matt and Redmond are the first to depart and they are getting ready to travel to Greece. Matt and Redmond talk about how much fun they are having. Becca and Floyd are right behind leaving the mat and they talk about how staying positive has helped them do well. All teams have now departed and are talking about how they are doing with their partners. Liz is hesitant on self-driving because that’s when her and her partner fight. All teams are now travelling by plane to Bari, Italy where they’ll take a 16-hour ferry ride across the sea to Patras, Greece. They’ll then drive themselves nearly 100 miles to the small mountain village of Arahova and a traditional Greek wedding where teams will have their last chance to U-Turn another team forcing them to perform both sides of the detour. All teams are on their way to the village. Liz and Michael work together and agree on a direction and Michael says they are going to take it nice and slow. Becca and Floyd realize no one is going the same way they are so they turn around. The teams are discussing the U-Turn and Scott says to Brooke that they might target Michael and Liz because they have a speed bump and if they get U-Turned it might help him and Brooke stay in the race longer. Liz and Michael see some cars behind them and Liz tells Michael to go left and Matt and Redmond go right and say Liz and Michael turned the wrong way. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan also turned right behind Matt and Redmond and they are discussing Liz and Michael going the wrong way. Michael realizes the other three teams turned and Liz says they can turn around and Michael doesn’t want to do that and they start bickering. Becca and Floyd are still behind. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive in Arahova and they go to find the clue box and they can’t find the clue. Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott are still heading in the right direction, but they’ve lost London and Logan who are struggling with their car. Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott have arrived and Brooke and Scott are the first to find the clue. Brooke and Scott U-Turned Michael and Liz. Tara and Joey decide that Michael and Liz are their friends so they U-Turn Becca and Floyd to give Michael and Liz a chance. Detour: For the Bride or For the Groom. Greeks love to celebrate life at traditional festive weddings. Both sides of the detour require teams to deliver a gift to either the bride or groom. For the Bride: Delivering two big tins of sheep’s milk to two cheese makers, teams can exchange them for some local specialty cheese which they can then give to the bride. For the Groom: Teams can take part in a sporting custom where they’ll be joined by locals as they race up the steep staircase, 252 steps, past the Church of St. George to find this shepherd, who will give them a gift for the groom. Brooke and Scott and Tara and Joey decide to do For the Bride. Tara says she can’t believe Brooke and Scott U-Turned Liz and Michael. Becca and Floyd get directions and they realize they can’t turn around where they are. Becca says oh well, at least they aren’t on target for the U-Turn. Liz is telling Michael they are getting too far up the mountain and they are going the wrong direction which they need and Michael gets frustrated. Liz apologizes and Michael still is frustrated. Liz is trying to get Michael to turn around and Michael does not want to turn around and go back down. Liz says she hopes no one turned them. Becca and Floyd have found the bridge they need to go over to head in the correct direction. Matt and Redmond also chose for the bride and they are getting their donkeys ready with Tara and Joey and Brooke and Scott. Tara and Joey are the first to head out with their donkey. Matt and Redmond head out with their donkey. Brooke and Scott struggle with their donkey and Brooke pulls on the lead until the donkey goes. Becca says it doesn’t feel good to be behind like they are. Liz and Michael are still arguing because Liz still wants to turn around and Michael does not. Tara and Joey have made their first delivery and got their cheese. Scott and Brooke and Matt and Redmond both find the same delivery and both get their cheese as well. Tara and Joey have made their second delivery and they left the donkey behind. Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott are trying to find their second delivery. London and Logan arrive at the detour and celebrate they weren’t U-Turned, but they are surprised Tara and Joey U-Turned Becca and Floyd. They also decide to do for the bride. Tara and Joey have given their gift to the bride and they break a dish and find their clue in the broken remnants of the dish. Teams will now drive themselves to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens where they will find their next clue. Brooke and Scott are still struggling with their donkey but they find their second delivery with Matt and Redmond. London and Logan are starting to get their donkey prepared. Matt and Redmond give their gift to the bride, followed by Brooke and Scott. London and Logan make their first delivery. Becca and Floyd are talking saying it’s been impossible to navigate but Liz and Michael still have a speed bump and they’ve also struggled driving and who knows where they might be. Liz and Michael are lost in the mountains and Michael says they are dead north where they are supposed to be. Liz is upset with herself for not saying something sooner. London and Logan have made their second delivery and they deliver the gift to the bride. Tara and Joey have found the stadium and get their clue. Phil tells us the Greeks invented the Olympic games and the first modern Olympics where held there in 1896. Teams must complete one lap of honor around the track to get their next clue. Tara says the stadium was incredible. Phil says the oldest team in the race is on track for a win here in Athens. Tara and Joey finish and they must make their way on foot to The Zappeion and search for their next clue. Matt and Redmond have arrived with Brooke and Scott right behind and they go to run their laps. Redmond falls and trips over his bag but gets right back up. Matt and Redmond finish in second and Brooke and Scott are in third. Liz and Michael have parked and they see they got U-Turned. They are upset with Brooke and Scott and Michael is frustrated that he helped Brooke with her ladle at a previous road block. Becca and Floyd arrive and see they are U-Turned as well. Floyd says they never expected to be U-Turned and even though they know they’re a strong team they didn’t know they were perceived as that. Michael and Liz are still complaining about Brooke and Scott but they have found their first cheese maker and make their first delivery. Becca and Floyd have named their donkey Speedy McSpeederson. Liz and Michael have found their second delivery and go to take the gift to the bridge. Becca and Floyd have found the first cheesemaker to make their delivery. Liz and Michael head to do the other detour and they pass Becca and Floyd and they realize they are still in it. Tara and Joey found their next clue and it’s the Roadblock. Roadblock: The changing of the guard is a tradition that takes place all around the world. But those who keep watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier here in Greece could be the most unique. Working around the clock, they perform this complicated choreography with extraordinary precision. Teams must master a small part of it under the watchful eye of a no-nonsense command instructor. Tara is going to do the road block. Matt and Brooke are also behind and going to do it. Liz and Michael have arrived at the stairs and begin. Michael struggles on the stairs he’s out of breath and Liz says her legs feel like jelly. Becca and Floyd make their deliveries and give their gift to the bride. Liz and Michael finally make it to the top and Liz gets a goat to give to the groom and they head back. Becca and Floyd head to do the other detour. Liz and Michael make their delivery to the groom, but they realize Michael also had to get a goat. Michael and Liz are heading back to get their second goat and Becca and Floyd are starting their climb. Michael gets his goat and they head back down. Becca and Floyd have reached the top and go to get their goats and they both get them and head down. Liz and Michael give their gift to the groom and get their clue and they head out. Liz and Michael see Becca and Floyd as they leave and see they got both goats. Becca and Floyd give their gift and get the clue and are shortly behind. London and Logan have finished their lap at the stadium. We see the first three teams practicing their routine in a practice area. They are given strict instructions on the choreography. Tara is out to make her first attempt. Joey hides behind a column so Tara doesn’t get nervous or lose focus on what she’s doing. Tara is told no good and she has to make a second attempt. They have a line because only team can make an attempt but no one else is ready so Tara gets to try again immediately. She is successful on her second try. Pitstop: Teams must make their way to The Acropolis, an ancient Greek citadel which represents the pinnacle Western Civilization. They’ll find Phil nearby at Areapagus. The last team to check-in may be eliminated. Brooke is making her first attempt. She makes a mistake in the step and is told no good. She goes back in to practice. Brooke comes out to make her second attempt. She is successful and gets her clue. Scott says they could get first, but it’s a foot race, then he says second is fine. Matt is making his first attempt and is successful and gets his clue. London and Logan have arrived at the roadblock and London is going to do it. Liz and Michael are driving to the stadium and still complaining about Brooke and Scott and Michael says he will tell Brooke she wouldn’t be in the race if he hadn’t helped her. Becca and Floyd are right behind and saying they are still in it. Tara and Joey have found Phil and are team number one. They have each won $7500 to take home. Brooke and Scott are looking for Phil. Matt and Redmond have found him and are team number two. London is making her first attempt and she is successful and got her clue. Brooke and Scott still haven’t found the pit stop, but finally see the arrow and find Phil and are team number three. Phil asks them about the U-Turn and Scott says they had to push someone down to keep themselves in. Liz and Michael are still looking for the stadium. Becca and Floyd aren’t sure if they found it but they got there first. Michael sees them and wonders how they got there so fast and he says it’s do or die. Becca and Floyd go to run their lap. Liz and Michael are at their speed bump. Prepare Kokoretsi: Phil explains after wrapping these prize meats in a web of intestines, it will be inspected by the chef who will decide if it’s ready for the kitchen before they continue racing. Liz and Michael find the stand to start their speed bump. Becca and Floyd have finished their lap and get their clue. Michael says the challenge was right in his wheelhouse because it’s basically what he does every day. Liz is grossed out and says it smells like anatomy class. They finish pretty quickly and head out to go back to the stadium and they say they are still in it because Phil hasn’t told them to go home yet. Becca and Floyd have found their next clue. London and Logan have found Phil and are team number four and London celebrates because that’s their highest finish yet. Becca is doing the roadblock and Liz volunteers. Becca has made her first attempt and made a mistake and is told no good. Liz is in the practice area. Becca is making her second attempt and is told very good and she gets her clue. Liz is out making her first attempt and Becca and Floyd are off to look for Phil. Liz completes it on her first try and they head out. Becca and Floyd took a cab and they found the arrow and head to find Phil. They are team number five. Liz and Michael hit the mat and Phil says they survived eight legs of the amazing race. Unfortunately, with all the obstacles they had today they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. Michael says he appreciates everything they did and with a partner who was a stranger and is now like a sister. Liz agrees and says he’s like a big brother. Michael says he’ll be checking out her Facebook page to make sure there aren’t any creepers. Next week on a two-hour episode of The Amazing Race, in Hanoi teams get “hung up” and Brooke and Scott “fall to pieces”.
  16. We begin at Maku Maku after tribal council. Tai questions what happened and them voting for Zeke and asks if they want to talk about it. Culpepper says it was a blindside and he thought his alliance were on the bottom. Culpepper says unfortunately they all wrote down Tai’s name and Culpepper thinks he lost Tai. Michaela says them turning on Zeke so early means there is nothing solid in a big group. Cirie points out they voted Tai and they could pull him in. Sarah asks what the next move is and Cirie says they need to break up a pair, maybe Sierra and Culpepper. Cirie says if that couple stays together they might be able to pull someone in and they could be in trouble. Sierra says she’s in an uncertain spot in the game and she feels burned by Sarah, but she needs to put that behind her and see if they can still work together. Sierra tells Sarah about her legacy advantage. Sierra says she can’t use it until six and maybe it can help them and if she gets voted out Sarah is going to get a pretty present. Sarah says Sierra telling her about the idol makes her want to keep Sierra because she’s sharing information and Culpepper’s game is over. It’s time for the reward challenge! The winners of today’s challenge will have a good old-fashioned American barbecue. Burgers, hot dogs, and cupcakes for dessert. There’s more! You are also playing for your loved ones. It immediately gets serious and emotional as Sarah breaks down. Jeff says clearly Sarah is ready for this and Sarah is up. Out comes Wyatt, Sarah’s husband. Sarah says Wyatt and her son are the two most important people in her life. Jeff asks if Wyatt gave her an update on how her son is doing and he says yes and they are ready for her to be home. Andrea is up and her mom Linda is sent out. Her mom says she is so proud of Andrea. Jeff asks Andrea what it is about her mom that connects her so strongly to Linda. Andrea says she is so loving. Linda says Andrea had some hard things happen in high school, she lost her sister, but it’s because of her sister why Andrea is here. Aubry is up and Jeff asks who’s here and Aubry says her sister Kerri. Jeff asks Aubry outside of food and the hierarchy of needs, there’s a bond of siblings unlike any other bond. Aubry says that’s right because it’s someone who’s seen every shade of you and loves you unconditionally. Sierra is up and Jeff says she was lucky enough to see her loved one last time she played and it was her dad, Dan, and he’s back. Sierra hugs him and says everything is so hard and Jeff says this is the first time in 30 days he’s seen her body language, like she feels safe. Dan says he’s proud of her for playing with such a high level of competition. Michaela is up next with her mom, Candy. Her mom says she’s shocked to see her cry and Jeff asks Michaela what it is about her mom. Michaela says she works hard every day and she’s one of those people who did everything she was supposed to do and sometimes life knocks you down. She says seeing her in Fiji without her worrying about how to pay for it is awesome. Troyzan is up and Jeff who he’s expecting to see. He says his brother but he didn’t know if he could make it. Jeff says come on out and it IS his brother. Jeff says he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a brother reunion like that and Troyzan says they’ve always been very close. Jeff says Tai looks like he could use some love and Tai wants to see the love of his life, Mark. Tai asks how the cats are and everyone chuckles. Jeff asks Mark to tell him about Tai. Mark says he’s incredible person and he brings out the best in him and he’s so lucky to have found him. Culpepper is up and Jeff says he’s in a unique situation because he’s the only one with a loved one who’s played the game. Monica comes out and Culpepper runs to her. Culpepper says Monica is tougher than nails and strong, and he never realized how tough it was on Monica. One person left, Cirie. Jeff says she made a giant sacrifice this time and Cirie says her youngest graduated high school while she was there and Jeff calls for Jared to come out. He says his graduation was good and he’s so lucky because he has friends who can’t talk to their mom and he and his mom are like two peas in a pod. Cirie says she has a relationship with her kids where they can come and talk about anything. Jeff says now you know what you’re playing for, your loved ones will go with you and enjoy that barbecue. Here’s what you have to do to earn the loved ones. For today’s challenge, you’ll be tethered together in groups of three. On my go, you’ll race through a series of obstacles to a table where you’ll untangle braided rope to release a key. That key will open a chest full of sandbags and you’ll use them to knock down a series of targets. The first team to win will go with their loved ones, you’ll have a nice barbecue, a nice afternoon. Big stakes. We’ll draw for teams and get started. We have our three teams. It is Culpepper, Aubry, and Andrea as red. Cirie, Troyzan, and Sierra as green. Tai, Sarah, and Michaela as blue. For barbecue and love, Surivor’s ready? Go! All teams are even at the first obstacle. Everyone pushing hard. Teams are still dead even coming out of the second obstacle. Troyzan drags Cirie and Sarah drags Tai. They are digging under a log at the third challenge. Andrea is the first through and they are starting to pull ahead. Tai gets stuck and Sierra is mostly through. The red team is entirely through and are at the table. Tai is still stuck and Cirie is trying to squeeze through and she makes it. Red team has the keys and moving on to the sandbags. Blue is through and Green is right behind both teams working on the table. Culpepper has a huge lead and finishes before anyone else even gets their sandbags. Michaela slams her chest shut and kicks it and her mom tells her to calm down. Big decision. The three of them can choose ONE player and their loved one. Andrea chooses Cirie and Jared comes over. Cirie apologizes and says she knows how they feel. They get to choose one last person to join them and they choose Sarah and Wyatt comes over to join. As they all leave, Andrea tells us Michaela looked defeated but she’s a smart girl and knows it’s a game. They’ll give her a day and she’ll get over it and they’ll be back on track. The winners are enjoying their barbecue and lots of loved one conversations. Cirie says her son is like his mom, he’s not an island boy. Culpepper talks to Monica and tells her about them flipping on Zeke. Culpepper is hoping Michaela is ready to flip and Troyzan and Sierra are working on her. Michaela is telling Tai she was disappointed and Tai says it’s very telling on who they pick for reward. Michaela says you can see where people’s loyalties lie and she’s a loyal person, but maybe people are taking advantage of that and maybe they don’t see her in their plans. Michaela says she saw a huge opportunity to move herself forward in the game and Tai has no one and maybe they can work together. Sierra is talking to Troyzan and says she is ride or die with him and Culpepper. Troyzan suggest Michaela and Sierra isn’t sure she’ll turn on them. Sierra doesn’t want to turn her back on Troyzan and Culpepper. Sierra says maybe they can pull Tai back in and maybe they can pull Michaela back in. Michaela says she’s trying to figure out how to make these last days work. She says she doesn’t understand voting Zeke out and she’s just been doing what she’s been told so far. Tai thinks Andrea should be next to go and they all seem on board and Michaela says she’s in a good position. She can go with the group that votes out Andrea, or the group that votes out Culpepper and she’ll make that decision when it comes to it, but from here out it’s all about Michaela. Immunity is back up for grabs! For today’s challenge, you’re going to balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy between two handles. If at any point the buoy drops or you fall off the perch, you’re out. Last person left standing wins immunity and safe at the vote. Everyone else tribal council where someone will be the 12th person voted out and 5th member of our jury. Let’s draw for spots. Jeff has them take their spots and counts them in. Sarah wobbles quickly but recovers. Aubry squirms a little, but drops and she’s the first out. Sierra is squirms also is out right after Aubry. Culpepper is wobbling and recovers. Sarah wobbles and almost falls but recovers. Andrea out of nowhere drops and is out. Sarah is wobbling again and steps down and she’s out. Down to 5 now. Cirie is now squirming and she’s out. Troyzan squirms and is out and he throws down his handles. We are down to Tai, Culpepper, and Michaela. Michaela has not budged at all. Tai readjusts and Culpepper squirms and almost drops but recovers. Tai is moving a little again. Michaela shows a little movement in her feet and she’s shaking. Michaela drops out of nowhere. Down to 2. Tai squirms a little more and Culpepper is wobbling. Out of nowhere and Tai drops and Culpepper wins individual immunity and is safe at tribal council. Back at camp after immunity and they congratulate Culpepper. Andrea says Culpepper winning immunity limits their choices. They are targeting Sierra and Tai says he’s weighing his options because the others want to vote out Andrea. Tai says right now he’s closest to Michaela and both groups need them. Michaela and Tai agree at the waterhole it will be Andrea and they tell Sierra. Sierra says Michaela told her that her name is being thrown around and she’s terrified. But she has an alliance and if they keep their word, it should be Andrea and she’s hoping people are looking at the big picture right now. Sarah talks to Aubry and they agree on Sierra. Sarah says she didn’t want to vote out Sierra but since Culpepper won immunity she’s ok with Sierra going. Sarah says it’s not all bad because Sierra told her about the legacy advantage and that she would will it to her if she leaves. Now she needs to confirm with Sierra that they are good to ensure she gives it to Sarah. Sarah says she doesn’t want to vote out Sierra, but this isn’t about making friends, it’s about winning a million dollars. Sierra tells Sarah that Michaela is going to vote Andrea. Sarah is surprised and says she needs them to help her vote Sierra out because she needs that advantage. Sarah talks to Michaela and says she thinks they need to get Sierra out because Sierra told her about the legacy advantage and what it is, it is an immunity idol. Michaela says initially it was just get Andrea because she might win everything, but the fact that Sierra has an advantage further convolutes what’s the best move to make right now. Sarah encourages Michaela to vote out Sierra because of that advantage. Michaela says her and Tai need to decide which way to go tonight. Sierra is a good person to get rid of, but they want Andrea to go sooner or later. The question is, is now is the best time. Michaela says it’s a great thing to have a decision in your hand, as long as you make the right one. Otherwise you end up on the jury looking stupid. Time for tribal council. We bring in the members of the jury: Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, and Zeke voted out at the last tribal council. Jeff starts with the loved one visit. Jeff asks Andrea why they chose Cirie and Sarah. Andrea says it was tough and you enjoy your loved ones, but you wonder if there will be consequences. Jeff asks Sierra and she points out the four left out were left out the previous reward and it gives them a chance to get even closer. Jeff says to Aubry the game can change on emotion, you make one wrong decision and someone doesn’t like and the game pivots. Aubry says yes that holds true with every interaction, all the little things add up. Jeff talks to Culpepper about immunity and says it’s his first big win in Survivor. Culpepper says it helps him, but not necessarily the four on the bottom. Jeff asks Sierra when she falls out of a challenge do you cheer for someone to win or your pitch back at camp. Sierra says she didn’t worry about winning, she worried about her and she hopes people see there are bigger targets. Jeff says like who and Sierra hesitates and then says Andrea. Jeff says to Andrea she was singled out and Andrea says she gets what Sierra is saying that she’s won two immunities and that looks threatening, but the people on the bottom are big underdogs and if they sneak by they have a huge chance at winning. Jeff says Aubry, big point. Aubry says yeah we all view Survivor through a lens and we’re all at the center and we have to decide who is most threatening to me. Jeff asks Sarah if it’s hard to put this season in its spot because it has been so uneven and unpredictable. Sarah says yeah, just when you think you know what’s going on you realize you don’t know what’s going on. Sarah says we have a solid group right now and hopefully they all stick together but has the deck reshuffled. Jeff asks Michaela if they can ever trust anyone who says they have a group, isn’t that often how blindsides happen? Michaela says “we” is relative to whoever feels like they’re in the big W at the moment, and the W can flip upside down and be a “me” if you don’t watch it. Michaels continues you stick with the We until it’s about to turn and bite you and then you run. Jeff says to Andrea one of the toughest things about tribal is you can’t believe a single word, so what do you do? Andrea says she’s already heard things tonight that have raised a lot of red flags, but then you wonder if they’re really good and bluffing. You just have to think about the conversations you’ve had and the people you feel good about and hope it’s sticking true tonight. Sierra agrees that the people who spoke to her today she’s believing in them and sticking with them and that’s how she’s voting tonight. Andrea says she’s talked to the same people Sierra talked to and either they are lying to Andrea, or they are lying to Sierra. Jeff says Michaela that’s exactly what you were talking about. As long as the we is a we, and not a me and it’s about to become a me for somebody. Time to vote! Jeff will tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and want to play it, now would be the time to do so! Jeff will read the votes. First vote…Sierra. Andrea. Sierra. Andrea. Andrea. Sierra. Sierra. 12th person voted out and 5th member of our jury…Sierra. Sierra says it’s been a privilege guys. Sierra gets to will the legacy advantage and she gives it to Sarah because she was honest and real with her. With 8 players left and several seats still on the jury, it might be time to prepare for a storm. Because it’s coming. Grab your torches head back to camp. Good night! Next time on Survivor, tensions are high. Michaela says she’s making sure Culpepper isn’t looking for an idol and Culpepper says he’s not going to kow tow to some diva’s demands. And it forces Cirie to make a tough decision and we see her talking to Tai. Sierra says she thought she was a part of the “We” but she was not. She thinks what got her in the end was her being a little too comfortable, but she came in with guns blazing, gave it hell, and she made it further than she thought she could. She wanted to go further, but she couldn’t be prouder of herself right now.
  17. Tonight, our most intense night yet as two artists will be going home. We are live! Results from last night are in and we’re going to reveal the first two to advance here in a minute! The first artist America saved…from Team Blake… America has saved from Team Blake…Aliyah Moulden. America has also saved…from Team Alicia… America has saved from Team Alicia…Chris Blue. We’re back and Carson asks the judges about working with their artists. The next artist America has saved…from Team Blake… The next artist America saved from Team Blake…Lauren Duski. The fourth artist America has saved…from Team Gwen… America’s fourth artist from Team Gwen…Hunter Plake. America has also saved…from Team Adam… America has saved from Team Adam…Jesse Larson. All four coaches now officially represented in the semi-finals of the voice. America also saved…from Team Gwen… America has also saved Brennley Brown from Team Gwen. America has saved…TSoul from Team Blake. Remember not to vote until the cue is given or votes will not count! Lilli Passero from Team Adam has chosen the song Stormy Weather by Lena Horne. Mark Isaiah from Team Adam has chosen the song Sorry by Justin Bieber. Vanessa has chosen the song For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder. America has saved with their Instant Save… Vanessa Ferguson is moving on to the Top 8 and next week’s semi-finals with America’s Instant Save!
  18. We are live with the Top 10! These artists are going to do everything they can to make it to the semi-finals which are next week. Tomorrow night, two artists will be eliminated, and it doesn’t matter whose team they are on. Voting is more crucial now than ever and voting is open now on all methods for all artists! Mother’s Day is this coming weekend and all of the artists got to bring their moms to their rehearsals to meet their coaches. Tonight, the Top 10 will be singing dedications to their mothers throughout the show. We’re going to kick things off with Jesse Larson. Adam gets to meet Jesse’s stepmom and Jesse says his stepmom was nervous but he calmed her down. Jesse says his stepmom sacrificed a lot to get him through his career. Jesse is performing Jungle Love by The Time. Adam says this is going to be a lot of fun for Jesse to play, he’s in his element. Adam wants Jesse to look like a Blues Brother. Blake says it got so good he started watching Alicia to see if she really was going to combust. Blake says it was really good. Alicia asks Jesse if Adam asked him to say her name in the song and he says it was all him. Alicia says it’s sometimes harder to sing songs like this but it was incredible to see him perform like that and when he played, she loved seeing all sides of him. Adam asks Jesse if he felt what just happened in the room. Adam says he might have made a mistake when he said Jesse wasn’t a superstar. Adam says he’s the most talented dude in the competition and he blew Adam away. Up next is Team Blake’s, Aliyah Moulden. Aliyah brought her grandmother to meet Blake because she’s a big fan and her mom. Aliyah is going to sing Jealous by Labrinth. Blake says this is a big deal because it’s her first slow song. Blake says this song shows an emotional side, but also has strong she is as a vocalist. Blake advises her to put some of her emotion into the song so the audience can feel how she feels. Aliyah struggled at the end because of her emotion. Gwen says her doing that song that people weren’t expecting and it was really good. Gwen says the second half was beautiful and they all have cried during a song because songs take you to an emotional place. Blake says he couldn’t be more proud of her right now because she did what she needed to do and she did what he asked her to do and she got lost in the moment. Blake says she cried during the song and he thinks we all cry with her. Next up is Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson. Vanessa says her mother is going to tell everyone about meeting Alicia Keys. Vanessa is going to sing Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill. Alicia says she picked that song because it’s the closest to showing America what type of artist Vanessa is. Alicia had to call Lauryn to get permission to use the song. Alicia suggests making the end bigger and she thinks for the first time, we are actually going to see Vanessa. The audience seemed to really enjoy Vanessa’s performance. Adam says Lauryn Hill is impossible to emulate, but Vanessa really did an amazing job and she should think about starting to rap a little bit. Alicia says Vanessa looks stunning. Alicia says learning how much Vanessa has to her has been exciting, and she is everything and tonight she showed exactly who she is just in case America hadn’t seen all of her. Alicia says she’s so proud of her and Vanessa is so special. If an artist’s song is in the Top 10 at the close of voting, their downloads could be multiplied by 5 and that could help your favorite win it all. Up next is Mark Isaiah from Team Adam. Mark’s mom says she is proud because he hasn’t let being in the bottom two bother him. Adam says he thought Mark’s mom was his sister and his mom thanks Adam for all the support he has given Mark. Mark says he is thinking of playing piano and he’s going to perform Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. He wants to put more emotion into the song so America can see that from him. Adam advises him to sing this song differently than the way he has the previous couple of songs. Adam says Mark has to fight really hard to make Top 8 this week. Gwen says she’s going to download that because that was a whole different side to him and she can’t wait to hear his recorded voice on that song. She thinks he did a really great job. Adam says it was Mark’s idea to do that song and he doesn’t think Mark has deserved to be at the bottom, but he continues to impress and surprise him every week. Adam says Mark gets better every week and no one works harder than he does. Up next is Team Alicia’s Chris Blue. His mom is so excited to meet Alicia Keys. Alicia says you can see where Chris gets all his personality from. Chris is going to sing 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. Chris says he wants to be free and have fun. Alicia says this is the type of performance can show America what type of artist Chris can be. Chris says he’s going to listen to his mom and shake what his momma gave him. Blake says he thinks Chris will be in the finale. Blake says there was a time when he thought if someone didn’t see how talented Chris was they were deaf. But now he thinks they must deaf and blind to not see how incredible talented he is. Alicia says she is just flying through the sky right now. She says this was Chris’s vision and he wanted everyone to see what he can do. Alicia says she didn’t even know he had that in him and he just showed her and all of America that he is unstoppable. The finale is only two weeks away! Next, from Team Adam is Lilli Passero. Adam tells Lilli’s mom he’s proud of her and she says she’s proud too. Lilli is going to perform Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Adam says everyone will know this song and it’s never been done on the show. Adam tells Lilli to make sure she works on her phrasing because everyone will be hanging on every word. Lilli says Adam is teaching her how to be timeless and current at the same time. Adam says the timing on the choruses has to be really good and he works with her on them. Alicia says she loves how she interprets songs and she understands the type of artist that she is and it’s beautiful to see her sing a classic, timeless song. Alicia says she loves what she did and she looks beautiful. Adam says that made him feel like he was listening to it on a whole different level. He says sometimes they have a lot of bells and whistles with the songs, but this was just singing and he hopes America can understand she’s singing it in a classic, retro way. It’s the biggest night of competition yet and artists are giving it their all so they don’t go home. Next is Lauren Duski from Team Blake. Lauren brought her mom to meet Blake and Lauren says she feels super blessed that Blake has been her coach. Lauren is going to sing Tell Me Why by Wynonna Judd. Blake says Lauren has done a lot of ballads and it’s important for her to show a more energetic side. Blake plays with the production of the band and Lauren says seeing that made her feel like he was invested. Lauren got a call from Wynonna and she gives Lauren encouragement. Gwen says Lauren is a living country Barbie doll with a guitar and she was so beautiful tonight. Gwen says that song was perfect and Blake is such a good coach and she loved it, and she did a perfect job. Blake says every time she gets on the stage she’s accepting the fact she can do this. Blake says Lauren is the missing piece in country music right now and everyone is starting to figure that out and he’s so happy for her. Now it’s Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake who will be taking the stage. Hunter tells Gwen his mom taught him how to play drums and his mom says he always played music around the house. Hunter is performing Higher Love by Steve Winwood. Gwen says this gives more dimension to him and America can see a side they haven’t seen yet. Gwen thinks Hunter should go to the original melody so he can get the emotional feeling that is the intention of the lyric. Gwen says America is seeing his artistry and gravitating towards him because he is the real deal. Adam says it’s one thing to fit a song like that into a new context, but it didn’t feel forced and that’s a testament to Hunter’s ability to turn it into something that made something that made sense. Gwen says she’s very proud of Hunter and she’s glad she gets to watch him do his art in front of America. Gwen says it was very interesting to see him on the stage and he looked so comfortable and he did a great job. Next up is TSoul and he brings his mom to meet Blake. TSoul’s mom thanks Blake for everything he’s done for her son. TSoul is going to sing At This Moment by Billy Vera & The Beaters. Blake says TSoul is going to go back and do something that is more of a vintage sound. Blake says TSoul needs to “decorate” the song up and put his stamp on it. TSoul says he wants to use this song to make his mother even more proud. Alicia says TSoul is really genuine and he has a unique voice and every time he comes on the stage he gives it 300,000%. Blake says he has sat in that chair for 12 seasons now and Blake believes TSoul just bought a ticket to the Top 8 because that’s the best he’s done so far. We’re going to close the night with Team Gwen’s Brennley Brown. She is going to sing Anyway by Martina McBride. Brennley says this is an important week because two people will be cut. Gwen says she has to be invested in the song and let the song be about her. Brennley says her mom encouraged her to be the best that she can be and she appreciates that. Brennley’s mom feels like what Brenley’s gaining from Gwen is that she can be herself and she thanks Gwen for that. Blake says Brennley made a believer out of him and it’s too late for him now. Blake says she is inspirational out there for a lot of young people and he’s glad she did that song with that message because it’s important. Blake says Brennley is going to continue to defy the odds and he’s happy for her. Gwen says her biggest struggle is trying to find the right song for a 15-year old girl and she did such an incredible job and it was Brennley’s song choice. Gwen says it was beautiful and better than she ever imagined. That does it! Voting closes noon eastern tomorrow.
  19. Ready? Set…Go! We see Liz and Michael talking and he’s missing his daughter and she misses her family. Becca and Floyd rip their envelopes and get ready to head to Italy. Phil tells us Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country on earth. Becca and Floyd will be the first to visit perhaps the most famous of them all, Venice. Spread out over 118 isles, 150 canals, and 400 bridges, Venice is known as the floating city and a street sweeper in Piazza San Marco will hand them their next clue. Matt and Redmond head out second and Becca and Floyd have found a stand with tickets for the racers. Becca and Floyd, Matt and Redmond, and Tara and Joey will all be on the first bus to depart. Liz and Michael, Brooke and Scott, and London and Logan will be on the second bus that leaves twenty minutes after the first. The first bus arrives and the first three teams depart. The second bus arrives shortly after and all teams are now taking a four-hour bus ride headed to Venice. Scott says the race is exponentially harder with someone with a glass half empty mindset and he just learned any reaction he has sends her further into negativity. The first bus arrives and they head out to some water taxis. Matt and Redmond are trying to get out front and stay there because they really want first. Tara speaks Italian and explains to Joey what they are looking for, a street sweeper in a green shirt, and he says it has helped she speaks the language. The second bus has arrived and are also on the water taxis. They find Piazza San Marco and Tara and Joey find him first and run away. It’s a detour. Phil tells us it’s early morning in Piazza San Marco, a place where it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture and where teams will choose a detour. Sing It: The international language of music is Italian, something you’ll hear performed around the canals of Venice. If teams can learn this Italian song, and hit all the right notes for a couple in love the mandolin player will give them their next clue. Bring It: If you book a room in Venice, then make sure you pack lightly because getting your luggage to the hotel can be a nightmare. Most hotels can only be accessed by narrow alleyways connected by bridges that require porters to use a special technique to navigate the stairs. Teams will now become porters. They must stack a cart with suitcases, make their way through these narrow passages, and deliver it to the hotel listed on the luggage tags. Tara and Joey and Matt and Redmond decide to do Bring It and Becca and Floyd choose Sing It. London and Logan have arrived and got the clue and run to hide and they decide to do Bring It. Liz and Michael are looking for the clue and walk right by the street sweeper. Brooke and Scott ask London and Logan for help and they just tell them to go towards the square. London and Logan feel bad for not helping them and say they did a bad thing. Brooke and Scott ask Liz and Michael if they found the clue and Michael tells them where the street sweeper is to help them. Scott says to Liz and Michael there is something shady about Logan and London and they decide they won’t help them moving forward. Tara and Joey ask for help and have been looking for the detour on foot, which has taken longer. Matt and Redmond have arrived at the Bring It detour and start stacking the cart. Becca and Floyd have arrived at Sing It and go to dress in costume. Matt and Redmond have their cart stacked and begin looking for the hotel. Matt and Redmond ask for help and she guides them in a different direction and they drop suitcases a few times and have to restack. Matt wonders if they have to go up the steps and Matt says probably not. They go over some steps and drop half of their luggage. Tara and Joey are still on foot and they are debating on whether or not to take a water taxi. Tara and Joey and London and Logan have all arrived at Bring It and begin loading their carts. Both of these teams also struggle getting up and down the stairs. Liz and Michael and Brooke and Scott have arrived at Sing It. Becca and Floyd are making their first attempt at the song on the gondola. They have to try again and the mandolin player tells them more together. Liz and Michael and Brooke and Scott are all learning the song. Tara and Joey are working well together and London and Logan go down some stairs and drop all of their luggage. Matt and Redmond have arrived at the hotel and unload their cart and get their clue. They are to make their way by water taxi to Ca’ Zenobio and search for their next clue. Liz and Michael leave to make their first attempt and Becca and Floyd are on their second attempt. Becca and Floyd fail again even though their couple clapped and he tells them more together again. Liz and Michael also fail and must make another attempt. Tara and Joey are still trying to find the hotel and he’s dropped some luggage this time. Tara and Joey find the hotel and unload their cart and get their next clue. Matt and Redmond find their clue and it’s a Roadblock. Roadblock: Many believe that improve theater was created at Commedia dell’ arte as early as the sixteenth century. Teams must choose an actor from this performance and then re-create a copy of their intricate mask. This is all about precision and attention to detail. Who has masked attentions? Redmond decides to do the roadblock and Matt tells him to pay attention to the detail. Becca and Floyd have completed their third attempt and have successfully finished it this time. Liz and Michael have failed their second attempt and are told more together. Brooke and Scott have made their first attempt and failed and have to try a second time. London and Logan have delivered their luggage and are headed to find a water taxi. Redmond is still working on his mask and he’s distracted by the performance and says it’s funny. Liz and Michael have to make another attempt but Brooke and Scott have completed their attempt and have their clue. Liz and Michael successfully complete their next attempt and they are looking for water taxis. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott are still looking for water taxis and Liz and Michael, Tara and Joey, and Becca and Floyd all have water taxis. London and Logan finally find a water taxi and they share with a family. Brooke is frustrated trying to find a water taxi. They have found one but there is a line and she’s frustrated and says this is stupid. We’re back and Brooke and Scott go back to the detour so they can find a water taxi there. Redmond gets his masked check for the first time and he is told it’s not shiny so he goes to work on it. Tara and Joey have found the clue and Tara is going to do the roadblock. Redmond thinks he has the mask completed so he takes it for a second check. He is given the ok and they rip their envelope. Pit Stop: Phil tells us Venice offers spectacular views around every corner. It’s the perfect place to go for a stroll with hundreds of beautiful pathways that lead to beautiful plazas like this, Campo San Vio. The last team to find me at the mat may be eliminated. Matt and Redmond head off to find the pit stop. Tara is working on her mask and says it isn’t her favorite, she only does finger painting with her children. She wants to pay attention to detail to get it done right the first time. Becca and Floyd have arrived and Floyd is doing the road block. Brooke and Scott finally have a water taxi. Liz and Michael have found the clue and Liz is going to do the road block. Liz says she loves to paint at home and she knew this was her challenge. Michael is outside with Joey and Becca and complaining about London and Logan. Floyd is working on his mask and he thinks it’s cool. London and Logan have arrived and London is going to do the roadblock and she says this is perfect, she’s going to do really well. Matt and Redmond have found Phil and they are the first team to arrive. They have won a trip for two from Travelocity and they are going to the Caribbean island of Grenada. They celebrate and say this is the best leg so far. London is saying this is right up her alley. Brooke and Scott have found the clue and Scott asks if Brooke wants do it and she says she doesn’t feel good about it, but she’ll do it. Tara is getting her mask checked and she is told no, it’s not blended. Tara is starting all over again with a fresh mask. Brooke is looking for a mask to do and she chooses a mask. Floyd takes his mask for a check and is successful and gets his clue. Floyd explains to Tara what she needs to do to blend her colors. Brooke asks the woman doing the demonstration if she can start over because she doesn’t know how to start. She asks a few people for help and Liz says Brooke is always asking for help and she’s starting to freak out a little. London says Liz isn’t doing very well with her mask because she’s doing it different than they’re supposed to. London wanted to give her a heads up but because of where they are in the race, she just couldn’t help her. Tara goes for a second check and she is successful this time. Liz says she’s starting to feel the pressure. Becca and Floyd arrive at the mat in second place and Becca says she couldn’t be happier with her partner. Liz is taking her mask for a check and she is told no because it’s not blended. London says hers looks right and she knows she’s on the right track. Liz is starting to panic and is getting teary as she starts fresh with a new mask. Liz says she was really bummed out when she was told her mask wasn’t any good. Tara and Joey have arrived at the mat in third place. London, Brooke, and Liz are all still working on their masks. Brooke takes her for a check and she is approved and gets her clue. Scott is surprised and they head out. London is going to take hers for a check and she is also given approval. She gives Liz encouragement as she leaves and Liz is now nervous. London and Logan head out and London tells Michael Liz will get it because she knows what to do. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan both ask for directions and London says they need to hurry because Liz will be done any minute. Michael is hoping someone gets lost on the way to the pit stop and Liz takes the mask for a check and she is given approval. She heads out with the clue and she apologizes to Michael. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott have gone over a wrong bridge, but they are all together looking for the mat. Liz and Michael are looking for the mat too. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott hit the mat in fourth and fifth and Michael and Liz come up at the same time and hit the mat in sixth and they are the last team to arrive. However, this is a non-elimination leg and they are still in the race. Liz is very emotional and she was very discouraged when the others completed their masks. Phil asks her what got her through it and she replies Michael and Pearl, she didn’t want to let her partner down. Since they are the last team to arrive, at some point on the next leg, they will encounter a speed bump and they need to complete that before they continue racing with the other teams. Next time on The Amazing Race, a confusing self-drive opens old wounds, and a U-Turn rears its ugly head.
  20. Back at Maku Maku after tribal council, it is a very solemn atmosphere and Brad tells them good job and Tai says bravo. Brad says he was in a great position before tonight, but now he’s in not great shape with the four. Sarah asks if people are confused on who flipped and Brad indicated he was. Sarah admits she did and she will talk to any of them if they want to talk to her. Sarah tells us she was the deciding vote on where the majority would be and this is Survivor game changers and if she makes it to the end she hopes the jury will reward her. Lots of chatter in little groups with people talking about how happy they are. Cirie says tonight they took control from Brad and Sierra, but in Survivor there’s never any rest. You have to be an eagle eye and watch everything because if you’re not watching, it just takes a second and you could be sitting on the jury. It’s time for the reward challenge. For today’s challenge, they’ll be divided into two teams of five. On Jeff’s go, one person from each team will race through a series of obstacles to a chair where their team will lift the chair for them to retrieve ten numbered bags. Once you have your ten, the next person goes. Once you’ve collected all 30 bags, you’ll use the letters inside to solve a word puzzle. The phrase is “Reinventing how this game is played”. The winning five will be taken by chopper to a luxury resort where they will enjoy a nice meal of beef, chicken wraps, and cheesecake for dessert. There’s more. They will spend the night and sleep in a real bed. This will be their first good night’s sleep in 27 days and clearly, they need it. They do a schoolyard pick. We have our teams. Running for blue, it is Andrea, Sarah, Aubry, Zeke, and Culpepper. Running for orange, it is Sierra, Troyzan, Cirie, Tai, and Michaela. Survivor’s ready? Go! Michaela and Culpepper are the first to go through the obstacle and Michaela is in the lead. Culpepper takes a lead retrieving his first ten numbers, but Michaela is catching up. Culpepper has his ten and Michaela is shortly behind. All ten bags are on the puzzle table. Andrea and Troyzan are on the course. Orange is very slow on their progress and Blue is doing very well. Andrea is working on 18 and Troyzan is just behind at 17. Andrea has through number 20 and she takes her pieces to the table. Troyzan is shortly behind and takes his to the table. And it’s still very close. Sierra and Sarah are on the course and both hit the chairs at the same time. Orange is struggling again and Blue is still working well. Sarah has through 30 for the blue team. Orange is struggling and Sierra is going for 30. Sarah has to make two runs to take her puzzle pieces up and Sierra does it in one run. Blue is working on the puzzle, and it is Zeke, Culpepper, and Andrea working on it. For orange, it is Cirie, Sierra, and Michaela working on the puzzle. Both teams are working on figuring out the phrase. Jeff says their cognitive skills are lacking. 15 minutes have elapsed and Troyzan is offering suggestions. Zeke is tossing out ideas and trying to figure it out. Both teams are struggling. 50 minutes have now elapsed and both teams are frustrated and stumped. Jeff is giving clues and Andrea tosses out the word reinventing based on Jeff’s clues. Michaela tells Cirie to look at blue. Blue has figured it out and Jeff tells them to say it and they are correct. Blue has won reward, Zeke, Andrea, Aubry, Sarah, and Culpepper win. Culpepper tells us he’s excited because not only does he get to go on the reward, but he is with the people he needs to be with in order to change the game. The blue team is on the helicopter enjoying the view. Sarah remarks how many islands there are and how beautiful they are. There are drinks ready when they get off the helicopter. There is an infinity pool and as they walk up they see the table with food. Zeke says they have a beautiful meal and they gorge themselves. Culpepper and Zeke are talking about college football and Andrea notices the chatter and the bonding and is nervous he’s going to try to do something with Brad. Back at camp, Sierra is talking about how tired and hungry she is. It’s the next morning and she’s tired and she’s still trying to figure out what happened at tribal and she wants to do something to get into the numbers. Troyzan and Tai are talking and they discuss having each other’s back. Tai says it’s the first time this season he has really felt at the bottom and if he hears his name come up he’ll play an idol. The other tribe members are back at camp and they talk about the reward. Aubry tells us she’s nervous also about Brad and Zeke bonding at the reward. Cirie and Andrea talk in the hammock and Andrea discusses taking Zeke out and they’d still have numbers. Andrea says you don’t want to be the person throwing out names, but you also don’t want to wait until it’s too late so she tries to put the target on Zeke because he’s the biggest threat right now. Cirie says Zeke is the smartest person out there and he knows the game better than anyone, but she knows Sarah will be tough to get on board. Cirie discusses the option with Sarah and Sarah says she’s not concerned with Zeke. Sarah says she wants to keep Cirie calm so she decides to tell her about her advantage. She tells Cirie she gets to steal a vote, and it will be easier to get rid of Zeke with fewer numbers. Sarah says she finds herself sitting in the middle again and she wants to go with the side that is going to get her the farthest in the game. Everyone is in camp and it is quiet and Zeke says he’s nervous because there’s an eerie calm about camp. He doesn’t know what to make of these people and it’s hard to get a read on where the lines are drawn and he feels like he’s not been able to play like he wants to play. He says now the game has been broken open and he finally gets to use his Survivor skill set which is running around, plotting, and voting people out. Sarah and Zeke are getting water and Sarah tosses out getting rid of Sierra, Andrea, then Tai and Zeke says he loves that. Sarah suggests that should be their outline, their blueprint of how they want it to go and she says she feels good with Zeke. Sarah says right now they are sticking with the girls, but she doesn’t trust them, she trusts Zeke. Zeke says they need to bring Culpepper and Troyzan in. Zeke wants to make a final five deal with Troyzan and Culpepper. Zeke says he feels locked in with Sarah, but he doesn’t trust Andrea and Aubry and they are very tight and he wants more options. Zeke approaches Culpepper and Troyzan about a final five, but says the door isn’t closed at five. He can’t tell them what the next vote will be, except it’s not them and then with the following vote, they can do something interesting. Culpepper says that’s music to his ears. Culpepper says it will bother him if he has to vote for Tai or Sierra, but he is here to win the game. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s immunity challenge, you’re going to stack a series of blocks on a beam while trying to avoid a trip obstacle. If you hit the obstacle, your blocks will fall and you’ll have to restack. Your goal is to stack the blocks so they fall like dominoes ultimately hitting the arm at the end. First person to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. Loser are not safe at tribal and someone will be the eleventh person voted out of the game and become the fourth member of the jury. For immunity, Survivor’s ready? Go! So far everyone is doing a very good job at being nimble and Jeff says he’s very impressed. It’s a very close challenge out of the gate for quite a few. Culpepper hits his trip obstacle and has to start over. Andrea and Sarah are dead even, with Michaela and Sierra right behind. Sarah has a bit of a lead and Michaela is on her tail. Andrea has taken the lead with Michaela in second and Sarah has slowed down. Andrea has discovered she may not have spaced correctly. Andrea is readjusting all her blocks and Michaela and Sarah are still racing with their blocks and Michaela has one left. Sarah has two blocks left. Andrea is still re-spacing. Andrea thinks she has and she gives it a go. Andrea’s blocks fall and she hits the arm and wins individual immunity. Sierra feels like she needed it today and she doesn’t feel safe and she hopes to get back to camp and make a big move to keep her here one day longer. Back at camp after the immunity challenge and Andrea wants to make a bigger move and go after someone coming for her. Initially, they were targeting Sierra but she still doesn’t trust Zeke and she can’t wait to get him out of the game. Cirie and Andrea walk off and talk and Andrea again suggests getting Zeke out. Cirie says how are we going to do it with Sarah? Cirie thinks Sierra will vote with them, but she doesn’t know about Brad. Sierra says she comes in to plead her case. Sierra says she’s willing to turn her back on her alliance, throw any of them under the bus, and do what the girls want her to do. Cirie tells Andrea they have to go really, really easy with Sarah. They are discussing what they want to do and Andrea mentions to Sarah about taking out Zeke and Sarah is not down for her it and she needs him for a few more votes. Sarah says she has to stay calm because if she scrambles to save Zeke, she’ll be in hot water. Andrea then goes to talk to Aubry and Michaela about taking Zeke out. Aubry agrees and says you have to strike before he can. Michaela doesn’t think getting rid of Zeke right now is not a good idea and she can trust him to some level. Michaela doesn’t want to vote out Zeke at this point and she feels one of them has to go home. Michaela goes to talk to Sarah about her issue about keeping four on the bottom together. Sarah says the vote for their alliance is a huge decision right now and if they vote out one of their own and one person flips over, the minority becomes the majority. Sarah also knows she can’t push to keep Zeke because it will create trust issues and she has a feeling the vote will come to down to Michaela and her. It’s time for tribal council. They bring in Hali, Ozzy, and Debbie voted out at the last tribal council. Jeff says after the last tribal council it was clear something big went down judging by the looks on everyone’s faces. He asks Sarah what happened back at camp. Sarah says she owned up to flipping and talks about what happened and Debbie flips her off from the jury. Jeff asks Brad what he’s thinking when it all becomes clear and Brad says we went from being with the numbers to being on the outs. Jeff asks Tai if he feels on the bottom with Sierra, Troyzan, and Culpepper. Tai says he feels like he might be going home tonight. Sierra says she feels the same but she feels like she has connections with others. Jeff asks Zeke if it rings true that the six in power are playing cat and mouse with the other four. Zeke says yeah, it’s similar to what happened at the last vote and if you’re in a group and you want to protect them, the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut. Jeff asks Andrea if she can compare what’s happening now to any other season she’s seen or been a part of. Andrea says no, she’s used to there’s a majority alliance and you pick off people and there might be a couple of flippers. But now it’s like you’re trying out majority alliances and see which one will stick and she’s assuming the new six will stick together but you never know. Jeff asks Michaela if she could predict the future what does she see tonight. Michaela says she sees their six sticking together to a point where they have solid numbers and sometimes you have to make the simple move to advance everyone in the game. Jeff asks Zeke if he agrees with Michaela and Zeke says he does. The game is all about timing and having numbers and now is certainly not the right time. Jeff asks Cirie if when she hears Michaela and Zeke talk about timing if there’s a grid in her brain with various options and she’s deciding which option it should be tonight. Cirie says there’s a built in grid and you’re running numbers and situations and is it time, or not time. Cirie says even while Jeff is asking questions the grid is still moving until it’s time to decide. Jeff asks Sierra what do you try to do to make sure it’s not you. Sierra says she tried to plead her case and they may need her vote in the future. Her hands are tied and she’ll go where they want to go. Jeff asks Sarah is there something someone could say to make you think good point, I’ll keep you around. Sarah says they bring up good points, but they’re trying to sell themselves and no one is going to make a bad pitch and say I’m the worst one so pick me. Jeff asks Michaela if she gets swayed by what people say at all. Michaela says she listens to what people say and she’s learned they can be friends outside of the game after day 39, but if you’re here playing and starving like everyone else you might have to turn the heart down to make sure you get further and make the most of the experience. Michaela says unfortunately, to get to the end, other people have to go and not her. Jeff says to Andrea that the flip side can also be a factor because if you leave the heart on, that relationship can be the one that gets you to the end. Andrea says exactly, you have to have genuine friendships and relationships, because if you treat everyone like human chess pieces, you could come across cold and not get to the end. It’s time to vote! Jeff will tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they want to play it, now would be the time to do so. No one plays an idol. Jeff reads the votes. First vote, Tai, Sierra, Tai, Sierra, Tai, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke. Last vote, and the eleventh person voted out, Zeke. He says oh my god and Michaela is crying. Tai is shocked. Zeke tells them to keep playing hard. Michaela is visibly upset. Jeff says once again, a tribal council with a lot of shocked faces and a lot of emotion and it proves an undeniable truth in this game. Just because you have the numbers doesn’t mean you have trust. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night! Ozzy whispers game changers and Debbie says idiots. Next time on Survivor, a willingness to trust can form an unbreakable alliance, but no bond is stronger than blood. Andrea tells Sarah about her legacy advantage and a new alliance seems to be formed. Zeke says it was smart of Andrea to come after him, because he was about to come after her. It was a great move worth of the title of the game. He says playing this game, he’s confronted so many fears and moved beyond boundaries that he’s long kept in his life and it was a tremendously significant experience and he’ll forever be a better person because he played Survivor.
  21. Tonight we find out America’s Top 10! Gwen and Alicia will take the stage with their teams tonight and from season 10 Alison Porter. But let’s get right to some results. Every single artist charted on the iTunes singles chart, with 2 of them in the Top 10 at the close of voting. The first artist America saved…from Team Blake…. America has saved from Team Blake…Lauren Duski. America has also saved…from Team Adam… America has saved from Team Adam…Jesse Larson. The next artist America has saved…from Team Alicia… The next artist America saved from Team Alicia...Chris Blue. The fourth artist America has saved…from Team Gwen… America’s fourth artist from Team Gwen…is Brennley Brown. All the coaches have one artist representing them so far in the Top 10. America has also saved…from Team Blake… America has saved from Team Blake…Aliyah Moulden. The sixth artist America has saved…from Team Adam… America’s sixth artist is from Team Adam…Lilli Passero. That leaves five artists still in jeopardy. Straight ahead we’ll find out who else is saved and who will be singing for the Instant Save! The next artist America has saved…from Team Alicia… America’s next save from Team Alicia…is Vanessa Ferguson. America has also saved… America has saved…Hunter Plake from Team Gwen. America’s last save before the instant save is… America’s final save is TSoul…from Team Blake. Stephanie and Mark had the lowest votes and they will be competing for the Instant Save. Get ready to vote everyone! It’s time for the Instant Save! Voting will open after BOTH artists perform. Don’t vote until we post you can vote! If you do, then your vote will not count, so stay patient and watch for voting to open! Stephanie Rice from Team Alicia has chosen the song Issues by Julia Michaels. Alicia says they have all watched her become her own woman. She is a producer, a musician, she plays multiple instruments, she’s a writer, and she’s what an artist is supposed to be. Alicia implores America to save Stephanie tonight. Alicia says Stephanie is so special and she is so proud of her. Mark Isaiah from Team Adam is singing 7 Years by Lukas Graham. Adam says Mark is a fighter. Adam says he’s had his back against the wall three weeks in a row and he still comes out with a smile on his face and performs with grace. Adam says he tells a story without once getting rattled and he wants Mark to stay so he can fight again next week. The Instant Save is now closed everyone! It’s time to find out who your Twitter votes saved! America Instantly Saved… Mark Isaiah is moving on to the Top 10 by America’s Instant Save!
  22. Welcome to the live show for the Top 11! Big night tonight, coaches and artists pulling out all the stop and all the performances are bigger. We’ll kick things off tonight with Team Alicia’s Stephanie Rice. She has chosen the song Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. Alicia offers advice on the chorus because it seems to miss something and advises no drums at the end. Alicia says this performance will set her apart from everyone else. Carson goes to Gwen for comments on Stephanie and Gwen says it’s amazing to watch her grown and see her discover herself. Gwen says she seen confidence tonight. Adam says it’s nice to see this side because it’s a different side, and it’s good to see her just have fun. Alicia says she’s blossoming like this powerful, feminine phenomenon and she’s so happy for her. We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s California spitfire, Aliyah Moulden. She’s going to be singing Take It Back by Reba McEntire. Blake says this song is tailor made for Aliyah and her voice. Blake says the way she bends her notes, to get there a little faster. Blake says she has a strong voice and so much charisma. Alicia says she loved that and she’s starting to get a signature. She loves the raspy voice she has and it felt really great and she’s incredible. Gwen says Blake is an amazing coach but Aliyah is doing such a great job and she’s very talented. Blake says he’s blown away and America is falling in love with her and they are becoming invested in her as an artist. Blake says don’t forget she is 15-years old. We’ll continue with Team Blake’s R&B vocalist who’s taking on a modern hit, TSoul. TSoul is going to sing Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. Blake says this is a big step because it’s his performance with a current hit song and he’s going to be playing the piano. Blake says TSoul gets so lost in the moment and he can’t wait to see what he’ll do live. Alicia says it was unfortunate that she was sitting where she was while TSoul was laying across the other side of the stage. Alicia says he has a beautiful bravado and she loved him on the piano and he has something special. Blake says TSoul is a beast. Blake says he’s never heard him sing like that. Blake says he always gets lost in the moment but he’s never let his voice go like that before. Blake says that was incredible. Up next is Team Adam’s LA pop singer, Lilli Passero. Adam gave Lilli the song Town Without Pity by Gene Pitney. Adam says Lilli is a great singer and advises her at the end to slow down a little bit and give a break on the last line. Lilli says she enjoys just being able to be herself. Adam says he still thinks Lilli can win The Voice. Alicia says she was so, so feeling that and every lyric was relevant. Alicia says she was magnificent and Lilli lost herself in her own world and she loved that. Adam says he’s so happy and he felt like they were in another time and felt like they were transported to a different era. Adam says they found this song out of nowhere and Lilli made that her song and everyone will want it. We’re going to continue with Team Gwen’s Louisiana vocalist, Hunter Plake. Hunter is going to perform All I Want by Kodaline. Gwen says this is such a simple song, so mellow and slow that he might want to do something to change it up. Gwen says Hunter is such an emotional singer and he’s a great musician. Gwen says this performance has to be legendary, every note counts. Adam says that was so great. Adam says he has a voice that is so cool and he’s happy Hunter is there. Adam says the best thing about Hunter’s voice is there is no mistaking his voice. When you hear him, you know it’s Hunter. Gwen says this is the real deal. He’s an incredible artist who is full of music and there is no one like him on the show. We’re continuing with Team Alicia’s North Carolina vocalist, Vanessa Ferguson. Vanessa is going to sing Diamonds by Rihanna. Alicia says she’d like her to play the piano, at least for the first part. Alicia suggests she add to the song where she feels it’s right and offers advice on the closing of the song and making it dramatic. Alicia says she feels like she’s hearing Shirley Bassey on a current record. Adam says he loves Vanessa’s vibe and he always smiles when she comes on stage. Adam says it’s rare that she stands alone being in a competition, but he thinks she’ll be hugely successful. Blake says Vanessa is the one who he’s the most intimidated by. Alicia says she has thing when she sings where it seems so effortless. Alicia says she has such a powerful voice that is unmatched and it’s so refreshing her style and performances. Next is an intimate performance with Team Blake’s Lauren Duski. She is going to sing Somewhere In My Broken Heart by Billy Dean. Blake advises her to do an acoustic version so she can showcase her voice. Blake also advises a few tips on which notes to hold out. Blake says Lauren is a story teller and she has an honesty and clarity that no one else has. Adam says Lauren is going to be in the finale because she just has what it takes and there’s nothing he loves more than someone who can just get up there and sing a beautiful song. Blake says he’s running out of great things to say about Lauren, but she’s special and different and her voice is classic and doesn’t sound like anyone else. Blake says it’s exciting and her story is continuing to build and America should vote for her because she’s important to country music. Up next is Mark Isaiah from Team Adam. Mark is going to perform How to Love by Lil Wayne. Adam says it’s an atypical Lil Wayne song. Adam advises him not to over sing because he’ll run out of breath and he advises on a place where to take a break. Gwen says there’s something about Mark and she loves those song choices. She says to watch him make his truth and she believed him, she’s so happy for him and he’s so gifted. Adam says he can’t believe it because he was a little worried because that song was tough. Adam says he’s chosen every song he’s done in the live shows and he hasn’t been able to do with almost anybody. Adam says he trusted that Mark would come out here and blow him away. We’ll continue with Team Adam’s Jesse Larson is coming out of his comfort zone a little this week. He’s going to sing Human by Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. Adam advises them to work with the arrangement so the performance doesn’t get swallowed up by the band. Adam also works on the staging. Jesse says the lyrics are very relevant. Alicia says that doesn’t even make any sense. She loves how they arranged that and he made her remember how special that song is and he took it to a whole new place. Alicia says she looks forward to hearing more from Jesse. Adam says he is so proud of Jesse. Adam says Jesse is not a pop star and he reminds him of last year’s winner, Sundance Head. Adam says Jesse just comes out here and sings and that should propel him to victory and he is the best singer in the competition right now. Next is Team Gwen’s Brennley Brown with a twist on a Joni Mitchell song. She is going to sing River by Joni Mitchell. Gwen says she stuck to the melody and it was so emotional and she thinks they can make it sound like a country song. Gwen suggests background singers to make it more country. Gwen says she’s excited about Brennley and she’s doing what people want her to do. Adam says he’s so happy that she’s with Gwen because it’s so cool to hear her sing a Joni Mitchell song and it’s nice to see someone think outside the box. Adam says it was beautiful and it was original, and she made it a country song while staying loyal to the original. Gwen says she’s so excited about her and her voice is so beautiful. Gwen can’t believe she’s 15 and can channel a Joni Mitchell song. We’re going to close out the night with Team Alicia’s Chris Blue with an iconic song that hits close to home. He’s going to sing When A Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge. Alicia suggests Chris not to ad lib anything at the beginning and save it all for the end. She says he should be in tears by the end. Alicia says this week he gets to uncover layers of himself and this will be a statement performance that shows America how great his voice really is. Carson goes right to Alicia. Alicia says heaven sent him to her and they are all blessed to hear his voice. She felt like she was watching Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke, it was like watching the greats. She hopes America sees how great he is and America should vote for Chris Blue.
  23. Ready? Set…Go! We see Tara and Joey as team number one from the previous leg and we find out they are still racing. Phil tells us Tara and Joey will be the first team to kick start the next leg of the race, flying to the Republic of Italy, known as The Boot. They can purchase tickets on the fast and easy Travelocity Mobile App. After landing in Milan, they must travel to Piazza Fontana where they’ll find their next clue. Phil hands them a phone so they can book their flights. Tara has been there with the military and she speaks a little Italian. They show the various teams booking their flights and we see Liz and Michael at the mat. They are still arguing and bickering. Liz apologizes and Michael isn’t happy and is still arguing. They finally hug it out and Michael says he’s embarrassed by the way he acted and they book their tickets. All teams are headed to the train station so they can head to the airport. Brooke and Scott are confused why they keep ending up at the back of the pack. They have decided Ashton and Vanck are the targets to U-Turn. Everyone has talked about it and they want to Ashton and Vanck because they rub people the wrong way and they aren’t as social. They also agree they would block out a second U-Turn option so Ashton and Vanck could not U-Turn someone else. All teams are now in Italy and running for taxis. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive and it’s a roadblock. Roadblock: Who’s hungry for their next clue? Italy is known for its amazing culinary delights, but what makes the experience really special in this restaurant is that you’re treated to a moving view. This mobile restaurant offers pleasures of the palate while travelling through the heart of Milan. Teams must try to spot three different words: Cernobbio, Concordia, and Lago. And they must do it while completing one lap around the city. And just to make things interesting, they’ll need to polish off this meal as they go. Liz and Michael have arrived at the roadblock as well. Tara is doing the roadblock, as is Michael. Vanck, Scott, Floyd, and Redmond make the second tram. Logan has to wait until the next tram because there is a four-person limit on each tram. London is upset because they are in last. Tara missed the first word, but Michael seen it and spells it for her. The guys on the second tram have all seen the first word. Michael gives Tara the second word as well. The second tram also has the second word and they are looking for the last word. Logan is still waiting for a tram. Scott believes he found the third word. Tara and Michael have all three words. Tara gets her clue first and Phil tells us Lake Como is Italy’s most popular lake, a romantic destination featured in numerous films. And this beautiful lakeside town, Cernobbio, is where teams will find out they’re in for a big night. Michael gets his clue right after Tara. Logan is getting on the tram and going to look for his words. Scott says the words are in Italian so he’s not sure he has them all correct. Vanck missed a word and has to go back again, Scott also doesn’t have them correct and has to go again. Floyd is also wrong. Redmond was the last to try and he is also incorrect. Logan has two of the words he’s sure on, but he has two others written down and he’s not sure which is correct. Logan chose the one wrong word of the two others he wrote down so they all get back on the tram for their second trip. Tara and Joey have arrived at the steamboat to take them to their next stop. There is a banquet on the steamship. Teams are staggered by 5 minute intervals. Tara and Joey will leave at 7. Vanck, Floyd, Scott, and Redmond all have their words and get their clues. Michael and Liz arrive and will leave at 7:05, Becca and Floyd 7:10, Matt and Redmond 7:15, Vanck and Ashton 7:20, Brooke and Scott 7:25. Logan gets back on the last tram and has the words correct. They are the last to get there and will depart at 7:30. They are in the village of Varenna waiting for their departure time to get their next clue. Tara and Joey head out first and Tara asks directions from a taxi driver and they are told it’s three minutes by foot. They are undecided if they are going to use the U-Turn and neither is sure if they want to do it again. Tara and Joey decide not to U-Turn anyone. Detour: Make a Mold or Grab a Hold. Make a Mold: Castello Di Vezio is famous for being haunted and is what inspired artists to create spooky looking ghosts. If they can make one of them appear, they can give up the ghost for their next clue. Grab a Hold: Italy is mostly mountainous and part of Europe’s Alps. The rock from the limestone and granite mountains extends down to the shoreline of Lake Como and attract climbers from all over the world. If teams want to climb for their next clue, they’ll have to make their way up a vertical rock face ninety feet above the ground. Tara and Joey decide to Make a Mold. Michael and Liz are looking for the U-Turn and they use it to U-Turn Vanck and Ashton. They decide to Grab a Hold. Becca and Floyd are heading out and Michael and Liz run by and tell them where to go and tell them to U-Turn Michael and Liz to burn it. Becca and Floyd decide to use their U-Turn on Michael and Liz to ensure Vanck and Ashton get U-Turned and they can’t U-Turn anyone else. Liz and Michael are going the wrong way and Liz stops to ask questions and Michael takes over and tells them which direction they should go. Becca and Floyd are going to Grab a Hold. Matt and Redmond are going to Grab a Hold too. Vanck and Ashton are looking for the clue box. Brooke and Scott have just departed. Tara and Joey are watching a demonstration on how to do a mold. Becca and Floyd asked directions and they went the wrong way. Matt and Redmond arrive and they go the right direction for Grab a Hold. Brooke and Scott head out to Grab a Hold and they’ve seen they aren’t U-Turned and Vanck and Ashton are. London and Logan have gotten to the clue and they are going to make a mold. Brooke and Scott arrive behind Liz and Michael and they celebrate with them on the U-Turn. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have arrived for their climb. Becca is excited because she’s a climbing instructor. Vanck and Ashton have finally found the U-Turn and their clue and see they have to do both detours and they know they are the only ones who will have to. Teams will now travel in style to the pit stop in a famous Italian regal watercraft known as the Ferrari of the Seas. Phil will be waiting for them in the town of Tremezzo, here in this beautiful park. The last team to check in at the mat may be eliminated. Ashton says they were going to get U-Turned no matter when they arrived. Vanck says we’re not going home until Phil tells us we’re going home. Brooke is getting emotional because she’s scared she won’t be able to do the climb. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd are neck and neck going to the pit stop. Scott is encouraging Brooke and she’s still nervous. London and Logan decide to Make a Mold. Michael is encouraging Liz and he tells her she can pass Brooke. Brooke asks Scott where Liz is and he says she’s fine. Brooke is panicking because she can’t find a hold. She yells at him because she doesn’t think he’s holding the rope firmly enough. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have all spotted Phil and they know it’s a footrace. Becca and Floyd get off the boat first because of the way their drives pulled up to the platform. Becca and Floyd are team number won and as the winners of this leg of the race, they have won a trip from Travelocity to Argentina. Matt and Redmond are team number two. Tara and Joey finished their mold and London and Logan are just getting started. Brooke is still panicking and yelling at Scott and he tells her where her holds are. Liz gets the clue and she heads back down. Brooke finally gets her clue and yells at Scott to lower her slowly. She says she didn’t know she was being so vocal and Scott looks surprised. Vanck and Ashton run by Liz and Michael and say thanks and they appreciate them. Ashton is doing the climbing. Tara and Joey are team number three. Liz and Michael are team number four and Scott and Brook are team number five. Ashton gets her clue and they head to the other detour. London and Logan have finished the mold and get their clue and head out. Phil asks about the U-Turn and Brooke says there are people you like and want to keep around and Vanck and Ashton are on the B list of people they want around. Ashton says she is proud of them. They were very different but were able to work together. Vanck and Ashton are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Phil tells them for whatever reasons, the other teams decided to get rid of them and you just got to a point where you felt like everything was gelling. Ashton says they were really getting there, but this is where the road stop. Ashton is disappointed and mad and sad. Vanck says they were very different, from different backgrounds and they were able to overcome it and begin to work together. On the next episode of The Amazing Race, teams head to Venice, Italy where some carry a tune and others carry a grudge.
  24. Back at Maku Maku after tribal council and Debbie says what she wanted to happen happened and it happened flawlessly. Debbie says they are firmly in charge and now that Sarah is with them, they will just pick off the other five. Andrea says tribal was a shocker and she realizes she’s in the minority. She asks Zeke if he wants to know why she wanted to vote for him and he says he knows and he didn’t think her or Cirie were going to take him deep into the game. Andrea says they are all shady. Zeke says he feels like he needs protection from the majority alliance. Sarah comforts Zeke and says Andrea showed her true colors and she still wants to work with him. She says she may have went with that alliance, but that doesn’t mean she will stay with them. She apologizes to Zeke for not filling him on the majority vote, but she needed them to trust her. She says the line may have been drawn in the sand, but that line can get washed away. Time for today’s reward challenge! The show a close-up of a secret advantage on one part of the challenge. For today’s challenge, they’ll be divided into two teams of five. On Jeff’s go, one person at a time each will race through a series of obstacles to the platform, then the next person goes. Once all five are at the end, they’ll dive down and grab a grappling hook and use it to retrieve five rings floating in the water. First team to finish wins reward. Here’s what they’re playing for: the winning team will be taken by sea plane to the Yasawa Islands, truly one of the most stunning island chains in all of Fiji. They’ll enjoy a picnic with enough variety for everybody. We’re going to do a school yard pick which means one person will not participate, one person will have no shot at this reward. We have our two teams. Culpepper was captain and he chose Debbie, Sierra, Andrea, and Aubry. Cirie was a captain and she chose Zeke, Sarah, Troyzan, and Tai. Michaela was not picked and has to take a seat. Jeff asks how she feels and Michaela is not happy they chose their alliance members instead of playing to win so she doesn’t care what happens, she’s just watching. Survivor’s ready? Jeff gives the go! Culpepper has a slight lead on Tai. Tai is struggling and Culpepper is at the platform and Sierra is going. Jeff notes Michaela’s frustration again over not being picked. Troyzan is in the water for their team and Sierra is on the platform and Aubry is in the water. Troyzan makes decent time, but the other team is still in the lead. Aubry falls and has to go back and Sarah has a chance to catch up a little bit. Michaela is sitting on top of the secret advantage and hasn’t seen it yet. Zeke and Debbie are both out for their respective teams. Debbie is across first and Zeke falls. Andrea is the last one out for their team and Zeke falls again. Andrea is across and they now have all people on the mat. Culpepper is diving for the grappling hook. Zeke makes it across and Cirie is the last in the water. Culpepper has the grappling hook and Sierra begins tossing the grappling hook. Cirie is in the water but moving slowly and she’s very exhausted. Sierra has three rings for her team. Sarah swims out to help Cirie and they both have to run the last part of the course. Michaela is encouraging Cirie and Jeff notes that. Sierra has one ring left to retrieve. Sarah is still pushing Cirie to get across the beam. Culpepper has the last ring for blue and they win reward. Jeff says Cirie is the woman who over a decade ago got up off the couch to come try this game of Survivor. These are the moments she was looking for. This challenge is over, but they will stay here with her if she wants to try and conquer this. Everyone encourages her and Troyzan and Tai swim out and Troyzan encourages her and tells her she can do it. Cirie gets across the beam and everyone is applauding her. Aubry and Sierra help her up on the final platform. Cirie says she does things for her kids, to show them even if they fail, if they try she’s proud of them. Jeff brings a boat in to take them back to camp. Michaela never seen the secret advantage, but Sarah sees it and climbs up and grabs the advantage. Cirie says even though they didn’t win, if she hadn’t tried to complete that challenge she would have regretted it. Tai says her kids would be so proud of her and Sarah says she isn’t even mad. Cirie says even though they are all playing for the same prize, they are all good people and they showed it today. Cirie says she’s not going to let her mind tell her she can’t do it anymore. Sarah is talking about the secret advantage she found and says Michaela was not very observant. She reads the advantage and she now has the right to steal a vote from someone at tribal council, and the vote is non-transferrable and can’t be stolen from her. Sarah says in the past the extra votes have not been played correct. She will be the first person to use it correctly. The others are at the reward eating and Culpepper says Survivor 101, never take your entire contingency on a reward so they have eyes at both sides and their alliance can’t be contaminated. Sierra asks Andrea about her and Zeke and Andrea says he turned on her for no reason. Sarah talks to Cirie back at camp and asks who she thinks is running things. Cirie says Brad and Sierra. Sarah asks if she were to make a final three with them could she win. Cirie says honestly? No. Because they will be nice to her so they can count on her vote, but if they make final tribal they’ll say they carried her. Sarah says she didn’t come to make the same mistakes as last time. Last time, she let everyone run things and all that got her was on the jury and nowhere near winning. Sarah asks Cirie if they can do an alliance with Michaela, Cirie, Sarah, Aubry, and Zeke. She wants to know if they can repair things with Andrea. Sarah says this game is all about timing and she’s not sure the time is right to make a big move. But she’s ready for it when it is. Immunity is back up for grabs! For today’s challenge, you’re going to pull on a rope balancing a wobbly table. You’ll then race to stack wooden blocks on that table one letter at a time spelling immunity. If the table wobbles and your stack falls, then you have to start over. First person to finish wins immunity. Guaranteed safety at tribal council. Losers, after 26 days, someone will be voted out and become the third member of our jury. Here we go, for immunity. Survivors ready? Go! Everybody but Tai is working on their first letter. Andrea is coming back with her second letter. Tai falls and realizes he headed out with a block. Andrea places her second letter. Tai is still messing with his blocks at the very beginning. Troyzan has two letters. Andrea has an early lead and coming back with her third letter. Aubry and Michaela have their second letters. Tai finally has his first letter. Andrea has her fourth letter and Troyzan is right behind. Culpepper is right behind as well. Andrea has placed her fifth letter and Troyzan is steps behind Andrea. Sarah drops her blocks and has to start again. Andrea reaches for her sixth block. Aubry drops and has to start again. Right now it is Andrea and Troyzan and they are neck and neck and Troyzan places his first, then Andrea. Debbie is rooting for Troyzan and tells him to take his time. Debbie says aww! Culpepper has placed his seventh letter and then drops. Culpepper says Troyzan has plenty of time and to go slow. Troyzan gets on the platform and wins individual immunity. Troyzan gets the necklace and Debbie says it looks so good on him. Troyzan hugs Jeff. Sierra says luckily one of her power six won immunity so they have the power to choose who goes home. She says they can vote Andrea out because she’s smart in this game and she’s someone who needs to go. Back at camp everyone is telling Troyzan good job. Culpepper says they need to get more coconuts and Michaela and Aubry go to get more. Sierra says all Michaela does is eat and it drives her crazy. Culpepper says at this point they are all so sick of Michaela and it’s tempting to vote her out, but he thinks there’s a bigger threat first. Debbie says let’s vote Michaela but Culpepper says just wait and explains that Andrea is a threat in the game. Debbie says she’d love to vote out Michaela because she’s annoying and has a bad attitude, but she’s a team player. Culpepper fills in the entire alliance and says they vote Andrea and tell everyone else it’s Michaela in case she has an idol. Debbie says don’t worry, everyone wants to work with us now. Sarah is not happy the plan was made without consulting her and she realized at that point she’s not high in the pecking order of that sixsome, so it might be time to make her move. She goes to Zeke and asks if he wants to make a move and Zeke says he’s always ready to make a move. Zeke says he could stay with the power alliance and just vote how they tell him to vote but that’s not how he wants to play the game. Sarah says they will need Andrea to make a move. Zeke agrees they have to make it work, but he has no desire to work with her, but he’s going to have to deal with it. Andrea talks to Sarah and Andrea says she has no play and she wants to work with Sarah and Zeke. Andrea says they need to take out the power alliance and Sarah says she’s in that alliance. Andrea says but you’re on the bottom and Sarah says she knows and being with the enemy is a good thing. Andrea won’t trust Zeke again fully, but right now she’s looking for anyone who wants to play. Sierra and Sarah are talking on the beach and Sierra is talking about how close and connected they are and she thinks it would be amazing if they were final three together with Debbie. Sarah is now nervous and rethinking her plan that maybe she’s not on the bottom of the six. Debbie tells Aubry that those six made a plan who to vote out and that Sarah doesn’t trust Aubry, but Debbie does. Debbie tells Aubry that Michaela is going home. Debbie wants Aubry to think she trusts her even though she screwed her over on their last season. Aubry tells Michaela and Andrea and Sarah what Debbie says. Sarah says she thought she might want to sit in the final three with Debbie, but now she’s spreading lies. Aubry says she has Sarah’s back, she swears. Sarah says if she could control Debbie she could be in the top six, potentially top three. Sarah says she swore to herself coming out here she would make big moves and she’s going to decide at tribal. Jeff says as our jury starts to grow, the game gets more complicated because you have to use tribal to make your case. Jeff asks Cirie about the reward challenge. Cirie says that was humiliating and the fact that people came back to help inspired her to not end on a failure. Jeff says to Sarah she went from frustrated tribemate to human seeing someone trying their best and failing. Sarah says watching her struggling she didn’t know how anyone could leave anyone behind like that. Sarah says she proved it to herself and everyone else that she could do it. Jeff switches to the immunity challenge and asks Andrea about losing. Andrea says she’s very vulnerable because she’s on the bottom. Andrea and Zeke point out the alliance of six and they decided together, everyone got to speak and give input on who they would vote out and it took ten minutes. Jeff goes back to Andrea and she says she heard it was Michaela but when she dropped her blocks everyone was cheering so there were clues it was not Michaela and it’s going to be her. Jeff asks Sarah how it feels to be part of the group making the decisions. Sarah says it’s about being on the right side of the numbers and you can see clear frustration from those not on the right side of the numbers, but can you blame them for feeling secure. Jeff asks Debbie if what Sarah said was a fair statement about perception plays a role in who’s happy with how the game is going. Debbie says it is inconceivable that anyone would think there is anything but a strong six sitting there tonight. So is perception reality, well it is. Debbie says they have a six that has a very accurate perception of themselves and they just click. Jeff asks Troyzan how the six manage to stay together with everyone believing they’re at the top when that’s impossible. Troy says if you’re smart enough to get yourself to six take it. That’s a huge plus, why not. Anything can happen after that, it happens all the time. Jeff asks Zeke about that and he says yeah. He says he always thought at six the deck reshuffles. He says that’s what he’s hoping for tonight. That the deck will reshuffle and who knows who’s going to be upset within the six tomorrow and maybe that’s his moment to strike. Jeff asks Sarah and says that’s an interesting way for Zeke to describe it. Sarah says yeah, you could look at it like that, but as Troyzan said if you are six, maybe you can get to five, four, and three so it’s wishful thinking to hope the deck reshuffles. Jeff says Michaela you had a reaction to that. Michaela says she’s basically saying, you all have no shot so you can just sit here and keep watching us play this game, or you can make a move. Michaela says she didn’t get no marching orders today so they must think she’s about to march herself out. Either way, she’d rather go out swinging and telling the truth than sit there and act like she don’t know what’s going on. Michaela says they all know who’s running the show and you can either do something about while you have numbers or sit there looking like booboo the fool. Time to vote! Jeff will go tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person voted out will leave the tribal council immediately. First vote…Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. 5 votes Andrea, 5 votes Debbie, 1 vote left. Tenth person voted out…Debbie. Well based on the shocked reactions, maybe the deck WAS reshuffled. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night! Next time, on Survivor…the tide has turned. But the line in the sand is washed away. Debbie says that was absolutely a blindside. She did not see that one coming. She thought she had a lock, stock, and barrel final six and twenty minutes ago she would have told you that six was not going to break. What surprises her is that anyone would flip and now is going to be in a worse position. She’s stunned.
  25. According to twitter accounts, here is how the tweets and retweets look from the artists, their coach, and the voice accounts: Mark's account had 10.5k retweets Troy's account had 9,332 Adam's account had 12.2k Gwen's account had 9,377 The Voice's account had 17k for Mark and 14.4k for Troy Here's how Morty's followers retweeted: Mark had 22 retweets and Troy had 88 retweets.