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  1. Hello Survivor fans! They are live behind the scenes with the cast of Survivor 33. Jeff says they’ve given them a great season of game play, including great tribal councils and blind sides. They are going to show us what they are doing for the next season of Survivor and show us who will be playing. 6 people left, 3 millenials, 3 gen-x and any one of them could win. For 35 days, it has been a battle between clashing cultures, Millenials vs Gen-X. Two groups with two different approaches to life. It was clear this would be a season unlike any other. At tribal council, the game play was intense leading to an epic rock draw and a string of devastating blind sides. Only six remain, three Millenials and 3 Gen-X. Adam, this survivor superfan has won challenges, found an idol and a reward steal. The only thing left to do is win for his mom. Jay, since the merge he’s managed to avoid the vote. Now without an idol to protect him, he is vulnerable. Can he win his way to the end, or will he finally have his torch snuffed. Hannah, early in the game she suffered a panic attack merely watching a challenge, but she has matured into a dangerous player. If she makes it to the end will her resume be strong enough to convince a jury. Brett, the likeable Boston police sergeant. His game is focused on relationships and he has a lot of friends on the jury. If he could survive the last three votes, it could be worth one million dollars. Ken, a single father playing for his daughter and with the legacy advantage in his pocket, he has at least one edge on everyone else. Ken has never strayed from his alliance from David, but will being loyal pay off in the end. David, a self-described fearful neurotic oddball has transformed into a strategic powerhouse. Ironically, his impressive game play is now his biggest obstacle. Who will have what it takes to outwit, outlast, and outplay all the rest to win the million dollars and the title of sole survivor? We’re back after tribal council and they are talking about flushing out Jay’s idol. He says he has to go around tomorrow and search for a new one. Brett says tribal council was horrible and he can’t believe they didn’t take David out when they had the chance. Brett says he’s working with morons because Jay or David are going to win this thing if they don’t vote them out. David is surprised he survived another vote. He says he needs to create chaos and he’s been stealing beads and he’s making a fake immunity idol. He says he has to do everything he can to end up in the final three. He hides the fake idol in a coconut in hopes someone else will find it. Jay is out looking for an idol and Ken walks up with David. They are walking back and Jay sees the coconut and David is smiling and thinks Jay seen it. Jay goes back and finds the idol David hid. He says he had a train of losers following him and they didn’t even see it. Ken gets to open his legacy advantage. The advantage guarantees him immunity at the next tribal council. He is not going to tell anyone about until tribal council. We get to the immunity challenge and Jeff takes immunity back from Ken. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge they are going to race through a series of obstacles while collecting a bag of tiles. They’ll use the numbers inside to solve a combination lock that will release a key. They’ll cover their numbers, go under a net, up a wall, and use the key to unlock a set of puzzle pieces. They’ll then race to assemble a bat puzzle. First to finish wins immunity, guaranteeing themselves a 1 in 5 shot at winning the game. Losers tribal council where someone will become the 8th member of the jury. In addition, the first to finish wins reward. Want to know what you’re playing for? First to finish will get a big juicy steak waiting for them at camp with all the fixins. Jay has his tiles and is trying a combo. Everyone else is getting their tiles. Jay gets the combination and doesn’t cover his numbers. David goes to look at the combination and everyone else looks as well. David and Adam are dead last and Jay and Ken are in the lead. Everyone is now working on the puzzle. Jeff says Jay had a big lead but gave it up when he didn’t cover his combination. David and Jay are both battling for immunity. Jay drops his puzzle and loses everything and David calls Jeff over, he thinks he has it. David wins immunity. David gets to choose two people to have the steak dinner with him. But Jay pulls out his reward takeover and takes it over. He says he won’t take it away from David because he won and Jay chooses Adam since he gave him that reward takeover. David thanks Jay for not taking the reward from him. Jay says now he has to sit down with David and Adam and try and save himself. They have a table set up in the woods and go to enjoy their steak dinner. Jay makes his pitch saying he’s a bigger threat and he promises if he keeps winning he’ll take them to final three. Plus he points out Brett has friends on the jury. David says it’s very tempting because he’ll have a bigger shield in front of him. Jay is pitching Brett going home. Back at camp Brett is talking to Ken and Hannah and they talk about voting out Jay. David, Adam, and Hannah meet on the beach and talk about Brett or Jay. Adam wants Jay and Hannah talks about Brett because of his friends on the jury. Brett says it should be simple but he’s working with crazies. Hannah and David talk to Jay and say they’re down, but he has to get Adam on board. Jay makes his pitch to Adam and asks for one more shot. Adam says he and Jay have a weird relationship and he believes Jay would take him to final three, but could he beat him? Time for tribal council. Jeff asks about Jay stealing the reward and they talk about Jay’s pitch. They talk about friends on the jury and Brett says he hopes the others didn’t buy what Jay sold. Brett says he sees a lot of Jay’s friends on the jury too. Jeff asks Hannah about the choice and taking the wrong person to the end and Hannah says it’s tough because you have to be sure you read the jury correctly. Jeff asks about Jay forgetting to cover his combination and Jay says if he had just lifted the cover he’d be sitting there a champion. Ken says day 6 you remember to lift that cover, day 36 it’s not as easy. Jeff asks David about the advantage winning a reward is at this point in the game. Jeff asks Ken if there’s been talk of idols and if any will be played. Ken says anything is possible. Jeff asks Hannah what her take is on tonight’s vote. Hannah says there are six of us and every vote is a huge decision. Time to vote. Jeff goes to get the votes and says if anyone has an immunity idol, now is the time to play it. Jay pulls it out and everyone is dumbfounded. Jeff says this is NOT a hidden immunity idol. He says it is a work of art, but it has no value in this game. Jay is shocked. Ken gets up and asks if he can give something to Jeff. He pulls out the legacy advantage from his book and everyone is stunned. Jessica in the jury is shocked and says she hates the game. 15th person voted out and the 8th member of the jury is Jay. Jay says they’re all warriors and it was mad fun. He then says go ahead Jeffrey, snuff my torch. Jay walks away saying that was a million dollar lock combination. Jeff says and we’re down to five. Jay says you got me, it sucks to go out. He says it was a great experience and much love for everyone. Everyone voted for Jay. Day 37 and we’re at the immunity challenge. David is extraordinarily worried because Jay was his shield. He feels like he is going to be voted out next if he doesn’t win. Jeff takes the idol back and David says why did it have to be water Jeff? Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, they’re going to maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles. They’ll then use two handles to transport puzzle pieces across a teeter totter. Once they have all the pieces they’ll use the pieces to solve a word puzzle. First to finish win immunity and a spot in the final four. Everyone is very close at the first obstacle. Ken is first to finish, then Brett, then David, then Adam, and Hannah is last after the first obstacle. Jeff talks about David’s struggles in the water. Ken is through the second obstacle and on the beach. Brett and Adam are right behind. David is through. Hannah is last out of the water. Ken takes a lot of tiles and drops them and has to start over. Brett is going with fewer tiles and makes it. Ken drops the tiles again and Brett is going with his second set. Adam is going with his set and Ken goes again and they have their first. David is going with his and he barely makes it with his first set. Hannah drops on her first attempt and has to start over. Ken quickly has his second set and David and Adam behind. Brett has his last tiles and he is the first to start working on the puzzle. Ken is next, then Adam, then David. Everyone is on the word puzzle except Hannah. They are all struggling to finish the puzzle and Hannah catches up so everyone is now on the puzzle. Ken thinks he has it and the answer is not a participation trophy. Ken wins immunity. Brett congratulates Ken and says he won’t lie he wanted that one. Adam says the fact that David didn’t win is huge for his game because he needs David to go home tonight. Adam is looking for an idol just to make sure if there is one, it is not in David’s pocket. David, Hannah, and Ken are talking and David pitches Adam as the person to go. Hannah asks why Adam vs Brett. David says he has to get Adam before Adam gets him. Adam finds the immunity idol and says two idols for you mom. David pitches to Brett about voting Adam out and Brett tells Adam. Adam shows Brett the idol. Adam says he has total power over tonight’s vote. Adam tells Hannah about his idol and tells her to vote out David. Hannah says the guys don’t even realize she is the one with the power. Hannah says her vote is based on who she thinks will help her get to the end. Tribal council time. Jeff says Ken gets another win and asks Hannah how long before people scurry into the jungle. She says people want to talk and look for idols and Adam says he was the first to take off. Jeff says they often talk about Survivor is a marathon of sprints and asks David what part of the game they’re at. David says it’s about the final three at this point and Jeff asks Brett about that. Brett says he isn’t thinking about final three, he’s just trying to get to tomorrow and he’ll think about tomorrow, tomorrow. Jeff asks Hannah if there’s any way Brett isn’t thinking about final three combinations and Hannah says she definitely thinks he’s thinking about final three and how he gets there. She says they all are. Jeff asks who the biggest threats are right now to Hannah. Hannah says we’ve heard over and over that David is a threat. Brett pointed at David and David says he thinks Brett would be hard to sit next to. Jeff says David if I felt your pulse would it be racing. David says he thinks he might be going tonight, but you have to just rely on the people you trust and rely on their loyalty and hope it does mean something. Jeff says if it is the end tonight, what is the end of your story. David says he really, really wants to be the sole survivor but he wants to take from the game and apply it to his real life. Adam says that’s why he’s such a threat because he’s a great guy and he’s got a great story. Jeff asks Brett how much pressure there is when you realize you’re this close to winning the money. Brett says you don’t want it to end and if it’s him he will be devastated. Jeff says Hannah the last woman standing and the youngest, are you nervous about the vote. Hannah says yeah, we’re all nervous, because we all think we have a game plan and one of us is wrong. Time to vote. Jeff gets the votes and says if you have an immunity idol, now would be the time to play it. Adam pulls it out and says he really, really wants to make final four and he thinks a few bullets are coming his way. Jeff says this IS a hidden immunity idol and votes cast for Adam will not count. Dave, Brett, Dave, Brett, and the 16th person voted out and the 9th member of the jury is Brett. Brett says the flipper flips again. Adam looks at Hannah in shock. Brett tells David congratulations and the rest just lost a million dollars. Jeff says there is only one reason to continue to blind side people and that’s because you all are a legitimate threat to win the game. Brett says it sucks going out of the game. He says if those two people had some sort of a brain they would realize David is going to eat them alive and voted him out. But it’s a great game, it brought him out of his shell, and he’s lucky to have been a part of survivor after being a fan for so many years. Adam says he didn’t realize loyalty ran so deep in the game. Dave says Ken and Hannah saved him. Adam tells Hannah he can’t imagine what she could possibly say to justify her making a mistake. Jay says they put David one challenge away from the final tribal council. Jeff takes back immunity. For today’s challenge, they’re going to use a long pole to maneuver a bowl through a channel. When you get to the top, you’ll place the bowl and head back for the next one. The entire structure sits on a spring which means if they hit it too hard, it will wobble and the bowls drop they have to start over. The first person to stack 13 bowls or the person with the most bowls at the end of 30 minutes wins immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council. Adam drops the first bowl, David and Ken place their first bowls. Hannah and Adam still working on their first. David has his second and Hannah has her first. Jay has his first. Ken has his second. Adam, Ken, and Hannah are tied with 10. David hit his and has to start over. Ken has 11 and Hannah hits her structure and loses everything. Adam stops and watches Ken and hopes Ken’s falls over. Adam stops thinking he won and the wind carried his structure and everyone has now lost everything. Hannah is now in the lead. 2 minutes left and Hannah is in the lead with 10. Ken is trying to catch her. Adam has 8 and watching. Ken and Hannah have 10, Adam has 8, and David has lost all of his again. Ken and Hannah are tied. They will have a showdown. It's a 5 minute showdown. Whoever has the most bowls win, or the first to 13. Ken is aggressive and Hannah is slow and steady. Ken is in the lead and the wind is blowing so Ken waits. Hannah ties Ken with 4 but Ken places his 5th. Hannah places her fifth and Ken has 6. Hannah is right behind and there is 30 seconds left. Ken placed his sixth bowl and runs back for one more. Hannah has her sixth bowl. Ken places the seventh bowl and wins immunity. Everyone congratulates Ken on his immunity win. David has faith in Ken and he’s glad if he didn’t win, it was Ken. David says he doesn’t mind going to a fire making challenge against Adam. Adam talks to Hannah to make sure she will vote out David. Hannah says she set up David for the kill with the last council but they have to get Ken or they go to a fire challenge against the guy who’s made fire the whole time. Ken tells Hannah how close he and David is and asks Hannah to have faith in him. Hannah says it’s frustrating because Ken works by a different code, even when it’s not the smartest game move. David tells Adam it might be smarter for him and Hannah to go after each other and Adam says absolutely not. Adam says no way because if David doesn’t go home, then Adam can’t win anyway. Adam goes to practice making fire because he’s so nervous. David and Ken talk and David says he’s vote out Adam and he trusts him 100%. Ken says he can vote out his closest friend or they can make fire and see who comes out on top. Tribal council. Jeff says the penultimate tribal council. It’s not the last but the most important. Jeff says let’s start with one of the most dramatic challenges he ever seen. Jeff says the first tribal council Hannah took forever to vote and he thought she got lost, and now she marches up with authority, she also almost passed out watching a challenge, but today she almost took out Ken. She said it was crushing to be taken out that way, but they fought it out. Jeff says Adam so when it came to sudden death he couldn’t do anything but watch. Adam says he put himself in that position. His only goal was to make sure Dave didn’t win immunity. David says Adam is a good player but Adam realizes it played a better game all along. Adam says he’s been way at the top and everyone realized it but they just fell short of taking out David. Jeff says Ken you’re the only one who’s guaranteed to be here tomorrow. Ken says yeah they all wanted to talk but he wanted to be himself and he went out and fished. Jeff says David what was your pitch and David says loyalty and they made a final three since day 3. Adam says there is only so much you can do to get people to the end and try to win the game for their family. Hannah says any of the three of us could be going and Hannah says they seen truth at the last tribal council when Brett congratulated one person. Jeff says Ken you’re nodding as each of the three talk as if you agree with everything they’re saying. Ken says every one of their points if valid and these people are bright and none have had an easy game and they’ve all grown. Ken says at the end of the day you have to figure out what is most important and how that affects your decisions. Time to vote. Jeff goes to get the votes. First vote is for Dave. Second vote Adam. Third vote David. One vote left. 17th person voted out and the final member of our jury, David. Jeff congratulates the final three. David says obviously he wanted to be the sole survivor, he wanted to win the million dollars. But he had so much personal growth and he’s going to walk out of the game a new man and that’s worth more than a million dollars so in a way, he really did win. Hannah is talking about being on the beach on the last day. Then we see Ken and he says he’s tired of that generation because they don’t know how to be quiet and just appreciate what they’ve done. He says he’s played an old school type of game. He says he has to win to give him and his daughter a better life. They go to get tree meal and they get their breakfast baskets. Hannah says she started the game with the millennial stereotype and neurotic but she’s grown into the player she is. She says the final council will be a test for her because she believes she played a better game than Ken and Adam. Adam thinks he’s played a good game and he’s won challenges and found idols and he’s done it in a way where he hasn’t been a target. He wants to do everything he can to win for his mom. Jeff welcomes them to tribal and explains the power has shifted. He gives them a minute to collect their thoughts. Time to begin final tribal council. Taylor is first. Taylor says he’s one of the more spontaneous millennials and his vote isn’t set. He wants them to make their pitch to him. Hannah says she hopes everyone is as open as he is. She says her game wasn’t as flashy, but she played strategic and put every one of them on the jury the same way Adam and Ken did. Ken talks about loyalty and he thinks that deserves some credit. Adam says he feels he played the best game and he kept his alliance safe and was never in a target position. Sunday is next. Sunday says they talked a lot between the millennials and the gen-xers. She wants to know if they played more like a millennial or a gen-xer and how adaptable they were. Ken says he was rigid and as adaptable as others who might be called a flipper. Adam says you had a gen-xer who wasn’t movable and then you had someone who’s allies didn’t know what they were going to do at tribal council and then there’s me a combination of both. Hannah says for a point of clarification Adam just said she was unpredictable, but Hannah tells Sunday it was her that thought Sunday and Brett were a dangerous pair. So to them it might feel unpredictable and Adam as usual went along with me. Adam says those were two times she actually went rogue. Hannah says I made a decision I felt was right at the time. Adam says we talked about those two times later and he felt they were bad strategic moves and Hannah says she believes they were the right ones and that’s why she made them. Jessica is next. Ken you came into this game putting yourself on a pedestal based on being loyal and honest and I’m shocked at the decision you made on day 38, to take out David. The one person that you promised on day 2 you would bring to the end. Ken says the decision he made on day 38 was the hardest thing in this game. David, you were my number 2 alliance, number 1 is my daughter. That’s the only reason. Jessica says thank you, I appreciate the honesty.
  2. 5:00 PM BBT We have a final recap of the final 4 and see the competition between Justin and Morgan and Justin being sent home. Now, after a season of fun, cheers, tears, and confrontations, it all comes down to this. Only one will win the quarter of a million dollars. Who did America choose to win, Jason, Kryssie, or Morgan? Find out right now on Big Brother: Over the Top. 5:06 PM BBT Good evening! I’m Julie Chen! Welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother: Over the Top. 65 days ago we embarked on a historic journey launching a completely new version of Big Brother, and it has definitely been over the top, giving you America more access and more opportunities to influence the game. America’s Care Package, America’s nominee, and America’s eviction vote allowed you to impact the game and forced the houseguests to play like never before. But your biggest move has yet to be made. For more than 24 hours you at home have been voting on who you want to win BBOTT. So, who do you think is worthy of the grand prize? We’ll find out soon enough. But first, Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan, three very different houseguests, played three very different games. 5:07 PM BBT First up, Jason. He beat out Jozea in a viewer vote to get a second shot at playing this game. Now, just Kryssie and Morgan stand in his way of winning it all. Jason says his journey in this house has been a very steep mountain. He was voted in by America and he was the only veteran in the house making him an immediate target for the first HOH, Monte. But he won the first veto competition securing his safety. Quickly, the house became very divided and he found himself with Kryssie, Shane, Danielle, Neeley, and Justin and they called themselves the Late Night Jamboree. In week 2, his girl Kryssie won the care package, and she does the smart thing and saves me. The house was totally divided, and me and Shelby were majorly divided. And guess what, I was not afraid to tell her. Week by week, every side started to dwindle in numbers and when Shelby won HOH, I knew she was going to do one of two things and target me or target someone in my alliance. But America’s Care Package came to the rescue again. And as co-HOH, I got out one of Shelby’s closest allies, Alex. 5:10 PM BBT At the final six, I was nominated with my girl Danielle. But I got Kryssie and Justin on board to cut her loose. This final veto was so important, one of the sides was going to lose a number, and I did what I had to do and won that veto. So when I won the veto, it gave us the power to vote out my archnemesis, Shelby. With everything on the line I won the final HOH and I decided to bring Kryssie into the final three with me. She’s been pretty loyal but when it comes down to it, I think I can beat her. Here I am, a superfan who lives in their mom’s basement, but I could potentially be the first winner of BBOTT. 5:11 PM BBT Next up, Kryssie. She stayed true to her alliance all season long, and her closest ally Jason rewarded her with a spot in the final three. When I first walked into the Big Brother house the only thing on my mind was 250 g’s. I definitely didn’t think I’d walk into such a kick ass group of friends. But, just like high school if you pal around with all the weird kids, the popular kids don’t know what to make of you. And lo and behold, I’m on the block the first three weeks of the game. But I survived and after three weeks in a row of sitting on the nomination couch, I was over it. I was ready to take that HOH key. I was ready to smash whatever the next competition was. My alliance was definitely out for Alex’s blood that week, but she was safe with a safety servant care package. So the professional waitress had a servant all week. Thanks Alex. With Alex off the table, it came with a green light to go after Alex’s right hand Scott, with Morgan as a pawn. But America must have seen something that I didn’t and they nominated Neeley, one of my trusted allies, and she went home on my HOH. Thankfully, the tides changed for the Jamboree and we stayed in power and kept me off the block week after week. But as the game progressed, numbers dwindled and I had to make a deal with the other side of the house, even if that meant jumping into an alliance with a really stupid name. Obviously, the Jambalaya gang was as dumb as I thought it was because Morgan won HOH and put me on the block. After a crazy week full of surprises Shelby ended up next to me on the block. But I knew my fellas wouldn’t send me home. I may not have won that final HOH, but Jason did and he chose me to go to the final three with him. So, here it is America. The girl who thought she was going home week one is sitting her at the end of the first BBOTT. I really hope that’s enough to earn me to 250 g’s. 5:14 PM BBT And finally, Morgan. She played the game with her sister Alex, but now she stands alone as the only one left from the other side of the house. When I first walked in to the BB house, I had no idea how I was going to play this game. Then things got even more complicated when a familiar face walked in the door and, surprise, my sister Alex is in the house playing the game with me. Things really started off on the right foot when my friend Monte won the first HOH. And then my sister Alex was the next HOH, and then Scott. Even though my friends were in power, America nominated my allies, and they went home. And then I formed the ball smashers and it was us versus them. We set our sights on taking out the other side of the house starting with Shane and Neeley. But then things started to go downhill a little bit. I was nominated week 4 and had to win the veto to pull myself off. Then we started to notice our alliance member Whitney started to get a little too close with some of the people on the other side of the house. All of these events led to Alex walking out the door at the beginning of the double eviction. I felt hopeless going into this double eviction, but America awarded with me a care package. I was awarded the veto and was ultimately able to keep me and Shelby safe that night and Whitney went packing. That’s what she gets for jumping ship. When it was only me and Shelby left in the house, we formed an alliance with the other side of the house called the Jambalaya gang, but in the end they weren’t loyal and it just fell through. But even when my last alliance member, Shelby, won HOH that week, America threw me a curve ball and I was America’s nominee. But then Shelby came through and pulled me off the block. I think the biggest turning point for me in the game, honestly was winning HOH. I wanted so bad to return the favor and help Shelby out. But then Jason won the veto and I had no other choice but to nominate Shelby. I knew I was truly alone in this game when I had to watch Shelby, my best friend, walk out that door. With my back against the wall, me and Justin went head to head and I came out the big winner. This money would be huge, winning would mean the world to me. 5:19 PM BBT So, Kryssie, Jason, or Morgan. One of them will leave the house tonight as the first winner of BBOTT. But all three had to beat out some formidable opponents to make it to finale night. Please welcome back, Cornbread, Monte, Shane, Neeley, Scott, Alex, Whitney, Danielle, Shelby, and the most recent evictee Justin. Welcome back, hello everyone. Well, you ten were evicted and your dream of being the first winner of BBOTT was cut short. However, Kryssie, Jason, and Morgan are still in the game and before we do anything we need to reunite the ten of you with the three of them. Hello final three! Now I am here with all of the evicted HG and as you know everything played out live for our viewers at home and that means all the evicted HG are caught up on what went down inside the house, so I’m sure they have a lot to say. Are you three ready? They answer yes. Julie asks if you ten can hear them and they respond yes. 5:21 PM BBT Let’s get started. Neeley, you were the fourth person evicted from the BB house, I’m curious, if after watching from home if your opinion of anyone changed? Neeley responds, Absolutely. Being in the mix, of course I was aligned with one side of the house, but going forward after my eviction, I was very impressed with Danielle’s game play. Like, she just really kicked it into high gear and I was impressed with her and how she was playing the game. 5:22 PM BBT Scott, I want to turn to you because after you were evicted I told you that two members of your alliance were sisters, Alex and Morgan, and you were shocked. Dumbfounded. Was that the most shocking thing to you this season? That was really surprising Julie, but I got to say I think Shelby’s secret caught me for a little bit more of a surprise. I mean, to know that she’s a lawyer, that’s so impressive finishing a year early. I was impressed with all the ladies in my alliance and how well they kept their secrets. Julie says she told everyone she was a waitress and you believed her and Scott says of course. 5:22 PM BBT Well someone who didn’t believe that the two sisters were sisters was you Kryssie. I want to turn to you, you were in denial. Read my lips, Alex and Morgan are full blooded sisters. They show a picture of Alex and Morgan to the HG. We’re not pulling your leg, this is not a twist, why didn’t you believe Morgan when she told you, Kryssie? Kryssie says you know, this whole experience was designed to make you not trust anyone, ever. So when it came to Morgan, she had already kind of lied to my face before, and I made peace with the fact that Morgan was never going to tell me the truth again. Even after she told the house, I was like there’s no way. She’s lying, there’s no way they are sisters and the more she talked about it I was like oh, I’m dumb. I believe it now. Julie says so you’re with us now? Kryssie says yes. 5:23 PM BBT Monte, I want to turn to you because you were close with Morgan in the house and she didn’t reveal the secret to you. Is there anything you would like to say to Morgan? Monte says First of all that was a good twist, I had no idea, that’s hilarious. Just overall, congratulations, I’m very proud of you. I’m happy you were number one alliance and you’re in the final three, good choice. You got great family and friends all supporting you no matter what. You got a great character, a good person, everyone loves you. Best of luck! Julie says very nice. 5:24 PM BBT Julie says well there was another secret in the house. Whitney, were you surprised to find out that your alliance member, Shelby, was a law school graduate and not a waitress? Whitney says I definitely did not see that coming. But I always thought that Shelby was so smart, a lot smarter than she led people to believe and so it really didn’t shock me that much that she just graduated law school. But she hid it very well. Julie says and for the record, clearly there are so many brilliant waiters and waitresses out there. Kryssie’s sitting in the final three, she’s a waitress also a singer so let’s put that out there. 5:25 PM BBT There was another twist this season when a previous HG came back this season to play with all you newbies, of course that person is sitting in the final three, Jason. Jason, why do you think you made it so much farther this season than you did the last time you played this game? Jason says I don’t know Julie, that’s a good question. I am such a fan of this show, I was sort of blinded last time I was here by the glittering lights of being in here and making friends, but this season I was just totally more serious and unfortunately to some of the people you’re sitting with, I do love them as friends, but I was like it’s time for you to go, I’m here for some money. Julie says that’s the name of the game I guess. 5:25 PM BBT Julie turns to Alex. You are a gamer, you love this game, you love all games, you talked early on we got to get this guy Jason out, he knows the game, he has a following, but yet, your housemates chose to keep him so far he made it to the final three. Why do you think that was? Alex says you look at week one when Monte targeted Jason and then he was nominated by America and sent home. My alliance and me were scared to touch Jason. We were uncomfortable targeting him and we didn’t want to go home because of that so it was let’s wait until America’s power ends and get him out then, but it was too late to do that. Julie says so you feel like if we target him, America will hate us. Alex says yeah I feel like he was protected by America. 5:26 PM BBT Julie turns to Morgan. We all you know you played the game with your sister, Alex. Do you think having her in the house helped you get to the end? Morgan says well I am sitting her at the end, so I’m going to say yes it did help me some. We came into the game and we thought we were going to be in separate alliances, I don’t want to work with her, let’s divide and conquer. But it just happened we clicked with the same people, like hey Shelby, hey Whitney, we just connected with them. Honestly, I think having Alex here did help me because she was the only one I could fully trust, and you know I learned a lot from her and she’s a super hard gamer. I picked up some things from her that I probably wouldn’t have if she wasn’t in the house with me so hey Alex, I miss you. Julie asks Alex if she’s proud of how Morgan did. Alex says I am so proud of her, she’s really impressed me with how well she’s composed herself this season and she made the final three, so props to her. 5:27 PM BBT Julie asks Alex if as a result of BB, the two of them were not close when they moved in, do you think you will be close now? Alex says oh absolutely, we have stuff to talk about for a lifetime now. So I can’t wait to hang out with Morgan outside the house and reminisce over all this great stuff. Julie asks Morgan what she has to say. Morgan definitely thinks they are going to be way closer after this. You know, we lived in a house for like 43 days together and we didn’t like kill each other and we really didn’t argue that much, I think I put her in a headlock once in the storage room. But that was it! It was such a good experience, we really bonded, it made a great experience even better by having her here with me. 5:28 PM BBT Julie turns to Shelby and says a unique element of this season was that everyone had a chance to address America directly in the diary room, the diary room sessions. Do you think this helped your game, or hurt your game? Shelby thinks it helped her game, she had a lot of fun in those DR sessions and I also think they helped eliminate revisionist history, you have to reveal your plan to America before whatever competition happens so you couldn’t go back in the DR and say well I meant for that to happen. It made everyone a lot more honest and they were a lot of fun. 5:28 PM BBT Well, the DR was the place to get away from the rest of the HG and have some alone time, if you will, with America. And it was pretty funny to watch. We thought it would be fun to share some of those DR highlights. Let’s all take a look. 5:31 PM BBT Julie says now some of you have very dirty mouths. Potty mouth, potty mouth, that would never make it on the broadcast version, but that’s the beauty of the internet. You can say what you want, then she says sh*t. Parents, I am sorry, Kids, that was a joke. Cursing is bad, let’s move on. 5:32 PM BBT Julie turns to Justin and says you’ve had your own very unique moments, for example we saw your pizza song and dance. Well, here’s another one that shows your love of salsa dancing. We see the clip of him dancing. Julie asks was that strategy to win over America or is that really just who you are? Or both? Justin says honestly, it wasn’t to win over America. I just zoned out and was in my own little world most of the time in the house. It was just me being me. That’s me 24/7. Julie says ok. 5:34 PM BBT Julie turns to Shane and says when you were evicted you were sitting on the block side by side with Danielle, your girlfriend in the house, and it looked like you sacrificed your game for Danielle who you had just met a few weeks earlier. Looking back, any regrets? Shane says no, everything I did I would do it again. I came into the house to have fun, he had a strategy but when he met Danielle it went out the door. Julie says by the way your hair looks great. Julie says to Danielle I want to know what you think. When Shane came out of the house he professed his love for you, so what is the status of your relationship now? Danielle says well he finally made it official. I said it was just a showmance because he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend but he did and we came home. We are in a relationship. When I came out of the house I was worried he wasn’t going to like me anymore, but when I watched his interview and he said he fell in love with me I was really excited to tell him those exact same things before he left the house, but I kind of chickened out. So yeah, I definitely fell in love with him in the house and we’re doing good! I’m definitely making a trip to North Carolina soon. 5:35 PM BBT Final question is to you Cornbread. Between Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan who are you most surprised to see sitting in the final three? Cornbread says Kryssie. He gave her a pep talk in the first week and didn’t think she’d make it another couple of days, but look at her now. He’s just blown away. Kryssie says me too. Cornbread says then I went out the door two days later, so thank you. Julie says now are you like blown away impressed or blown away like why are you there? Cornbread says I’m not negatively blown away, I’m happy for her. They all three deserve to be up there, they worked hard, and it is what it is. 5:36 PM BBT Julie says as we know America has been voting, and since they’ve been home they got to vote too. By a show of hands, who voted for Jason? Whitney, Shane, Danielle, and Neeley all raise their hands. No one raised their hands for Kryssie. Julie says raise your hand if you voted for Morgan to win? Alex, Shelby, Scott, Monte, and Cornbread all raise their hands. Julie says Justin you didn’t vote? Julie says we didn’t even let you sign in to anything to vote? Justin says he didn’t even have an opportunity to. Julie says if you could vote, who would you vote for? Justin says all three of them! Julie says it will be interesting to see who America agreed with. 5:37 PM BBT Julie replays the pleas from the final three. You can check it out here: 5:46 PM BBT Julie says the votes are closed and have been tallied. Julie says the winner will get a quarter of a million dollars, second place will get $25,000, and the third place person will be evicted and walk out empty handed. Julie reads the third place person is…Kryssie. 5:47 PM BBT Julie asks Kryssie if she wants the envelope that says her name and she says yeah! Julie says you said when I said your name that you saw that coming. Why did you say that? Kryssie says she elected to throw comps and she was embarrassed to admit it and she flew under the radar. Julie asks how she feels and Kryssie says she’s stoked, she’s so happy. Julie asks why she thinks Jason and Morgan got more votes? Kryssie says she won exactly one competition and they pulled out win after win when they needed to and she never really had to win and she was more interested in the social aspect. Julie asks who she thinks should win and Kryssie says Jason. Julie says because he deserves it or because he was her ride or die? Kryssie says a little bit of both and he’s been fighting since week one too. He says Big Brother means the world to him. Kryssie says she never thought of turning on Jason. Julie says early in the game it looked like she wanted to throw in the towel. Kryssie says she was super homesick and she’s not good at change and she has anxiety. Kryssie says the longer she was there the more she realized it meant to her, but mostly she was homesick. Julie says so you’re happy you did it? Kryssie says oh yeah. Julie talks about the fight between Justin and Kryssie and her saying he was only in the final 4 because of her. Kryssie says it was true because on D/E Danielle and Jason were ready to cut him and she cried. Julie asks if she will be friends with anyone in the house. Kryssie says Whitney and Danielle and Neeley, and obviously Jason. Kryssie tells Justin she loves him to bits but she was mad at him on Thanksgiving and you too Shane. Julie tells her it’s time for her to join the other evictees. 5:54 PM BBT Jason and Morgan, it’s down to you two. Morgan representing the ball smashers and Jason representing the Late Night Jamboree. Julie says they survived the game and all the twists and turns and it’s not time to find out who America chose as the winner. In a game that was so divided, it seems the fans were divided as well. It has been one of the closest votes in the history of the game and less than 20,000 votes separated them. The first winner of Big Brother Over the Top is…congratulations Morgan, you are the winner of BBOTT. 5:56 PM BBT Julie congratulates both Morgan and Jason. Julie asks Morgan how it feels to be the first winner of BBOTT? Morgan says her mind is blown. Julie asks if she thought Jason one and Morgan says yes, 100%. She looked at him and said Jason I didn’t win and Jason said yes you did. Julie said wait! Jason, you thought she won and not you? Jason said he was hoping he won, but Julie said her name not his. Julie congratulates Jason and everyone. Julie wants to thank all the viewers and wants to remind everyone the regular season will return for its 19th season this summer. 5:57PM BBT From outside the Big Brother OTT house, I'm JC. Good night.
  3. 5:38 PM BBT In this competition, you must match the photos of the 9 evicted HG to the correct clues in order to solve the puzzle. You will begin at the start mat. When the air horn sounds, you may look at the clues on the game board, race through the metal fencing and over the hay bales to retrieve a HG photo. Once you have a photo, return back through the obstacles and race back to the puzzle board to place the HG photo above the clue that you think is a match. You will repeat this process, retrieving only one photo at a time until you think you have the HG’s photo matched to the correct clues. Be warned! Some of the clues may match multiple HG, but there is only one correct solution to the puzzle. When your puzzle is complete, run through the obstacles and hit your button to see if you’re right. If you hear a buzzer, you must continue playing until you figure out where you went wrong. The first player to correctly place all 9 HG photos on the puzzle board and hit their button will guarantee their spot in the final 3 and a shot at the $250,000 grand prize. Unfortunately for the loser, you are evicted and you will have just a few moments to collect your belongings, say your good-byes, and head out the door. The stakes have never been higher. Are you ready to play End of the Road? 5:40 PM BBT Additional rules: You must run through the metal fencing each time in both directions. You must not go over or around. You must go over the tiered hay bale obstacles in both directions, you can’t go around it. You may retrieve one photo at a time. You must stay in your designated play area. You may not go around the wall and look at the other player’s game board. 5:41 PM BBT The clues are: Evicted with 10 votes, 5th HOH, Not infected, Won HOH Day 15, Lost “Not Fitting In”, Only on the Block 2 times, Evicted day 43, Taken off the block, only won 2 competitions. 5:41 PM BBT Justin places Alex’s and Cornbread’s photo on the board. Morgan is going to get the photos and bringing them back and putting them on the ground. Justin gets Danielle’s photo and places it on the board. Morgan comes back and places Cornbread’s photo on the board immediately. Jason telling them both good job and to keep going. Justin is a touch behind, but has Monte on the board. Morgan has placed Danielle’s photo on the board. 5:45 PM BBT Justin is slowing down and wheezing. Morgan is still keeping up a steady pace. Justin has placed Neeley and Scott on the board. Morgan has added Scott to her board. Justin has placed 6 photos and Morgan has placed 3. However, Morgan has more photos by her board to work with. 5:48 PM BBT Justin places Shane on his board. Morgan is placing more photos on her board. Morgan now has all of her photos placed and Justin still has 2 to go. Morgan finished first and secured her spot in the Final Three. She finished in 7 minutes. Justin still had 2 more to go. 5:52 PM BBT They all head inside and Justin says his good-byes and says he loves them all. He gets his inhaler so he can say good-bye again. Everyone tells him he did a good job and he should be proud. Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan have a group hug. Justin exits the house and the F3 watch his photo turn grey. 5:55PM The HG assemble in the LR and Morgan put's Monty's arm around her shoulder. JC comes on the screen and says hello F3. For almost 10 weeks you've been playing BBOTT and America has been watching. They will soon cast their votes for who they want to win BB OTT. But we thought we'd give each of you a chance in a formal setting to tell them why you should get their vote. Wednesday night at 7pm ET (4pm BBT), you will make your live pleas to America. This is your opportunity to plead your case to your viewers and explain why you should win over the 2 HG sitting next to you. Think hard about what you what you want to say - it could be a speech worth a quarter of a million dollars! Good luck, HG! 5:59PM BBT The F3 get champagne and sit in the LR to talk about the comp, the game and stuff. Monty is not drinking.
  4. 7:03 PM BBT It is time for the final HOH competition of the season! Since this is the last HOH of the season, we are all eligible to compete. The winner of tonight’s competition will earn a spot in the final 3 and will have the power to choose one other HG to bring with them to the finale. The remaining two HG will compete in the final competition of Big Brother: Over the Top, where the winner advances to the finale and the loser will be immediately evicted. It’s felt like an uphill battle to make it to the final four, and tonight you will face another uphill battle to become the final HOH of the season. Here’s how it works: Each of us will play on our own game board on the other side of this hedge wall. Each of the game boards has the same questions on it. To answer the questions, select color coded HG balls and maneuver them up the game board in the correct answer pockets. To do this, you will need to place one ball at a time onto the bar, then pull the ropes to raise the bar up the board to land your ball into the correct answer pocket. But beware! There are pitfalls on the board that you must avoid for your ball to land in the correct answer pocket. Once you have balls in all the answer pockets, press the button to see if you’re correct. If you’re incorrect when you press the button, your red light will turn on and you must try and correct any incorrect answers on your board. If you are correct, your green light will turn on. The first person to correctly complete their game board and hit the button will win this final HOH competition. Here are some additional instructions. To remove a ball from an answer pocket, use your stick to push the ball out of the answer pocket from behind the playing board. Before the competition begins, we’ll each choose an available playing board and stand next to the button. We may begin on the air horn. Alright HG, it’s time to play uphill battle.
  5. 1:00 PM BBT Morgan comes out of the DR and calls everyone to the living room. It’s time for the veto competition. Today’s game will be played one at a time in the backyard. So let’s draw to see the order we compete in and what room we wait in. Shelby draws 2 in the London room. Jason is 5 in the yoga room. Justin gets 1 in the HOH room. Kryssie is 4 in the storage room. Morgan is 3 in the have not room. They have a few minutes to grab snacks and go to their designated rooms. 1:17 PM BBT Justin is saying this is crazy and giggling. He’s getting ready to read his directions. 1:22 PM BBT The path to victory in the Big Brother has many twists and turns. You never know what choice will lead you to the finish line and what choice is just a dead end. Today’s veto competition will be played one at a time. To begin, press the green button to start your clock, then crawl into the maze. Your goal is to race through the maze to find three ears of corn inside. Once you have all three ears of corn in your possession, race to the designated exit and press the red button to lock in your time. You must be holding all three ears of corn when you hit your button for your clock to stop. The player who makes their way through the maze to find the three ears of corn and successfully exits to hit the red button in the fastest time will win the Golden Power of Veto. 1:23 PM BBT A couple of reminders: You may not exit through the entrance to hit the red button or you will be disqualified. Also, don’t exit the maze until you have all three ears of corn or you will be disqualified. Are you ready to play Maize Maze? 1:25 PM BBT Justin is pretty quick. He laughs and says Oh God! Throughout his crawl. He finds the first one quickly. Crawls to the second and finds the third quickly. His time is approximately 1 minute and 57 seconds. Official times will be posted at the end. 1:34 PM BBT Shelby is up and reads her directions. Shelby passed the corn closest to the start and found the ones furthest. She had to go back and struggled to find the third corn. She says at one point she feels ridiculous. She finally finds her way out with an approximate time of 4 minutes and 4 seconds. Official times will be posted at the end. 1:48 PM BBT Morgan reads her directions. She also missed the corn towards the beginning and finds the other two. She struggles to find the last one and goes back but doesn’t look around the corner. She crawls back toward the end and starts to say this is BS. She says she’s literally been everywhere. She misses it a third time. She says again she’s been everywhere and says sorry Shelby. She says there is not another ear of corn in there. She says there is literally not a third ear. She says screw this competition and screams she has been everywhere in here! She crawls right by it again. She says it’s in plain sight my ass! She says this is the most frustrating experience in her whole entire life. She crawls back to the start and says Big Brother there is not a third ear of corn. She can guarantee us there’s not a third ear of corn. She finds it and says Oh my God! I hate myself! I’m an idiot! She crawls out and her approximate time is 11 minutes. Official times will be posted at the end. 2:08 PM BBT Kryssie is up and reading her directions. She finds the first, then gets to the second. She finds the last one quickly and heads for the exit. She has an approximate time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds. Official times will be posted at the end. 2:18 PM BBT Jason reads his directions. He gets started and is quick to find the first one. He does well with finding the second. He’s very quick crawling through. He finds the last one and crawls very quickly out. His approximate time is 1 minute and 30 seconds. Official times will be posted at the end. 2:24 PM BBT After Justin’s run he went back to the HOH and started reviewing stuff. After Shelby’s run she went back to the London room and laid down. After Morgan’s run she paced in the have not room for a bit and sat down. Morgan was really disappointed in herself. After Kryssie’s run, she says she hopes it was enough to save Jason. She breathes heavily but hopes she did ok. She’s pretty sure she did it in 4 minutes or less and it’s the first time she’s completed a comp in a timely manner. After Jason’s run, he pleads that he did well. He says he’s bleeding and he hopes that was enough to save him or he knows he’s going home. He pleads for himself, Justin, or Kryssie to win. He really wants to stay. 2:49 PM BBT Justin’s official time is 1:56. Morgan had 11:00. Kryssie’s time was 2:05. Shelby’s time was 4:24. Jason’s final time was 1:30. Jason has won the Power of Veto.
  6. 7:01 PM BBT It’s time for the Head of Household competition! Today’s competition is called Keep You Posted, and here’s how it works. Your ultimate goal is to be the last houseguest standing on one of your posts. But before we get into the endurance portion of the game, Big Brother wants to talk about sex! Here’s how it works: Before we begin the endurance portion of the game, you will be asked seven questions to which the answer will be either males or females. The correct answer to each questions will not be revealed until the endurance part of the competition. Once all seven questions have been asked, we’ll move on to the endurance part of the competition. You’ll begin by standing on the largest post in your lane. After five minutes, the answer to the first question will be revealed. If you answered correctly, you’ll remain standing on your current post. If your answer was incorrect, you must move forward to the smaller post in front of you and that will be your new standing position. Every five minutes, the answer to the next question will be revealed and the same rules apply. Get it right, stay where you’re at, get it wrong and move forward to the next smaller post. If you reach your final post by getting four questions wrong, you will stay on that post for the remainder of the competition. If after seven questions you have not reached your final post, BB will move you forward one post every five minutes until everyone reaches their final post. The last HG standing on the final post will become the new HOH. Here are some additional rules: Only your feet may touch the top and sides of the post, you must play from a standing position. It’s understandable that you may need to bend your knees and occasionally crouch to catch your balance, but you must immediately return to a standing position. When moving from one post to the next, an official clock will give you 10 seconds to make the transition. If you have not completely left your previous post when time’s up, you will be eliminated. When moving from one post to the next, you may only touch the post you’re leaving and the post you’re going to. You may go back and forth between those posts as you see fit during that 10 second period. HG that answer questions correctly must stay on their current posts. Who’s ready to play Keep You Posted? 7:03 PM BBT Question 1: Who made the most answer attempts in the BB Barcode competition? Males or Females. All HG answer females. 7:04 PM BBT Question 2: Who received the most votes to evict over the course of the season? Males or Females. All HG answer male. Morgan switched at the last minute. 7:05 PM BBT Question 3: Of the first 5 HG who were eliminated in the Live by the Sword HOH competition, who were in the majority? Males or Females. Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason all answered Male. Justin switched to Female at the last minute. 7:06 PM BBT Question 4: Of the first 7 HG infected by the BB bug, who were in the majority? Males or Females. Morgan, Justin, and Kryssie answered female. Jason answered male. 7:07 PM BBT Question 5: In the Haunting of Clementine O’Grady veto competition, if you combine the times of all the males and combine all the times of all the females, which group had the higher total time? Males or Females. Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason answer female. Justin answers male. 7:08 PM BBT Question 6: Who took more shots in the veto for sale competition? Males or Females. Morgan, Jason, and Kryssie answer male. Justin answer female. 7:08 PM BBT Question 7: When the second question was asked in the one strike you’re out competition, who were there more of still in the game? Males or Females. All HG said female. 7:21 PM BBT The answer to question 1 was Females. They were all correct. 7:26 PM BBT The answer to question 2 was Males. They were all correct. 7:31 PM BBT The answer to question 3 was Males. Justin was incorrect and has to move forward. Justin has no trouble adjusting. 7:37 PM BBT The answer to question 4 was Females. Jason was incorrect and has to move forward. He also has no trouble moving. 7:42 PM BBT The answer to question 5 was Females. Justin was incorrect and has to move again. He goes slowly, but has no trouble adjusting. 7:48 PM BBT The answer to question 6 was Males. Justin you are incorrect, move to the next post. He makes the move just in time. 7:54 PM BBT The answer to question 7 was Females. You are all correct. You have completed 7 questions. Starting in 5 minutes you will all be prompted to move forward one post. This will continue every 5 minutes until everyone has reached their smallest post. 7:59 PM BBT It’s time to transition to the next post. Jason steps forward, wobbles, and falls forward. Jason is out. 8:02 PM BBT Justin wobbles and steps down. Justin is out. 8:04 PM BBT It’s time to transition to the next post. Morgan and Kryssie both make the transition. Kryssie wobbled but stayed on. 8:10 PM BBT It’s time to transition to the next post. Both wobble and make the adjustment. They both make it in time. 8:11 PM BBT Morgan offers Kryssie a deal. The room to herself and all say in what Morgan does. Kryssie says she can’t throw a comp though, it feels disgusting. Morgan says she just wants one, she wants a letter from home. Kryssie says pry it out of my cold, dead hands. 8:15 PM BBT It’s time to transition to the next post. Morgan moves first, Kryssie right after. Both wobble but Morgan makes it to the last post first. Kryssie gets on, but wobbles and falls. Kryssie out. Morgan is the new HOH!
  7. 10:15 PM BBT Danielle is called to the DR. 10:17 PM BBT Danielle comes out. Hey everybody please gather in the living room! 10:18 PM BBT It’s time for the head of household competition. As the outgoing HOH, I will not compete. Tonight’s competition will be played one at a time in the backyard. At this time, each of you will draw a chip to determine the order in which you’ll compete and what room you will wait in before being called to the backyard. Kryssie will go third and wait in the have not room. Jason will go first and will wait in the diary room. Justin will be going fifth and he will wait in the yoga room. Morgan will be going second and she’ll wait in the London room. Shelby will go fourth and wait in the storage room. You’ll have a few minutes to grab snacks, go to the bathroom, and head to your designated room. When it is your turn Big Brother will call you to the diary room to read the rules before sending you to the backyard to compete. Once you have finished the competition, BB will send you back in the house. Once everyone has finished, we’ll all meet in the backyard for the results. Good Luck! 10:46 PM BBT You’ve been in the house for over 40 days, and seen 7 HG evicted, and survived the dreaded double eviction. Now it’s time to reflect. The goal of this competition is to use four of the mirrors to reflect the laser beams around the obstacles so it hits the target. The HG to correctly solve the laser puzzle, then hit the button with the fastest time wins. To begin, press the button to start your clock. Then you may enter the laser grid to begin placing mirrors. You’ll place the mirrors by inserting them into any stand on the laser grid floor. To solve the puzzle, the laser beam must reflect off all four mirrors and hit the square target. Even if all the mirrors are correctly placed, some fine tune adjustments may be necessary to hit the target. This is very important. Once you’ve hit the target, press your button to stop the clock. Remember, the laser must remain on the target as you press the button for your clock to stop. If you are correct, you will hear a ding sound and your clock will stop. If you are incorrect, a buzzer will sound and your clock will keep running and you must go fix any mistakes. You’ll have 20 minutes to complete this competition. After 20 minutes, if you have not completed this competition, you will be disqualified. Are you ready to play It’s Time to Reflect? 10:48 PM BBT Jason is first. He struggled a bit but finished with an approximate time of 8 minutes and 14 seconds. Official times will be posted when results are given. 11:13 PM BBT Morgan is up next. She reads the directions. Shelby started and got frustrated. She kept moving things and mumbling. She hears a ding and keeps on working. She asks why are there these stupid obstacle things. She struggled some more and finished with an approximate time of 12 minutes and 50 seconds. 11:41 PM BBT Kryssie is up next and reads through the directions. Kryssie began placing the mirrors. She also struggled and cursed a lot. She said if she doesn’t get it she doesn’t deserve to be there. She continued to struggle past Jason’s time, then past Morgans. Her approximate final time was 15 minutes and 6 seconds. 12:09 AM BBT Shelby is up. She is reading the directions and is ready. She starts out pretty well but struggles with getting the mirrors in the right spots. She starts to struggle but she keeps rushing. She finished with an approximate time of 11 minutes and 52 seconds. 3:40 AM BBT Justin is finally up and reading the directions. Justin begins and also struggles a bit. He says this is crazy and it’s harder than it sounds. Justin continued to struggle and eventually timed out. Justin has been disqualified. 5:12 AM BBT Big Brother tells the houseguests to please gather in the living room. 5:13 AM BBT Danielle has the results. She reads Justin, you did not complete the challenge in 20 minutes and have been disqualified. Kryssie, your time was 15 minutes and 5 seconds and are currently in the lead. Morgan, your time was 12 minutes 49 seconds which puts you in the lead. Jason, your time was 8 minutes and 14 seconds and you are currently in the lead. Shelby, at the 7 minute 23 second mark you experienced a technical difficulty when you’re mirror broke. Therefore, we can’t determine the final time. This means you and Jason will compete against each other again tomorrow night, where the winner will become the new HOH.
  8. 9:54 PM BBT Julie’s voice comes on and says houseguests, please gather in the living room. 9:54 PM BBT Julie says congratulations. You have all survived double eviction night, but the evening is not over yet. There will be another HOH competition beginning soon. So get ready, and good luck houseguests.
  9. 9:43 PM BBT It’s time for the live eviction. Please gather in the living room. Before the HG cast their votes, the two nominees get a chance to sway their votes. 9:44 PM BBT Justin, you’re up first! How ya’ll doin? It was very nice meetin every last one of ya’ll. I love ya’ll very much, very true and dear to my heart. New Orleans what’s up! 9:45 PM BBT Whitney, it’s your turn. Sorry, I look a hot mess. Mom, please stop crying at home. I know that this is a game that I’ve loved and also hate. But whatever you all decide, know I love you and this experience. 9:46 PM BBT Morgan votes to evict Justin. Kryssie is next and votes to evict Whitney. Shelby votes to evict Justin. Jason is last and very sadly votes to evict Whitney. 9:48 PM BBT Danielle will go get the results. Danielle reads with two votes each we have a tie. As the HOH, I must break the tie. I told myself coming into this game I was going to be as loyal as possible as I could, and if that meant I could go home, at least I could go home knowing that I played an honest and loyal game. So with that being said, I’m so sorry, I choose to evict you Whitney.
  10. 9:26 PM BBT Morgan reads this is the veto meeting. America has voted to give me the veto in this week care package. Justin, Whitney have been nominated for eviction. But I have the power to veto one of the nominations. I want to give everyone a chance to tell me why I should use the veto to save them. 9:27 PM BBT Whitney, you go first. Morgan, if you use the veto on me, I would owe you so much in this game, but I respect your decision. 9:27 PM BBT Justin, now it’s your turn. Morgan…He says something in French. Do what you wanna. Thank you guys. I have decided not to use the power of veto. This veto meeting is adjourned.
  11. 9:01 PM BBT Danielle is in the HOH getting ready for the safety ceremony. Morgan is already safe. Shelby’s badge lights up, she is safe. Jason is talking and says he’s going to leave there and have no highlights anymore, they’re all going to be gray. His badge lights up, he is safe. Danielle is crying and says please let this be the right choice. Kryssie’s badge lights up and she is the final one safe. Danielle comes downstairs. 9:05 PM BBT Danielle says she doesn’t really have much to say. She never thought winning HOH would put her in this position. I don’t really know what to say except I don’t want either of you to go tonight. This HOH really sucks, but I adore both of you, personally and in this game. It’s up to the house to decide. You can put your block passes away.
  12. 8:31 PM BBT Special delivery! Everyone head to the backyard. 8:32 PM BBT The care package is for Morgan! Danielle tells her congratulations! As always, the care package is delivered prior to the safety ceremony. In tonight’s double eviction, there will be no veto competition. Instead, America has awarded you, Morgan, the power of veto with this care package. Since the veto holder cannot be put on the chopping block, that means you are safe tonight. You also have the power to veto one of the nominations at the veto meeting. Congratulations on winning this potentially game changing power. Morgan says thank you America!
  13. 6:26 PM BBT The doorbell rings and they all go to the door. Rachel Reilly enters and they all hug and say hi. Rachel asks them if they are ready for the HOH. They all head outside. 6:30 PM BBT Rachel says ok it’s time to begin. Jason and Shelby, as outgoing heads of household, you guys will not be competing. Attention Shoppers! Here’s what’s in store for you today. You will be asked seven true or false questions about the Big Brother Shopping Network program that you just watched. Answer the question correctly, and you will be given one point. Answer incorrectly, and your score stays the same. The player with the most points after seven questions will be the next HOH. If there’s no winner after seven questions, then we’ll go to a tie breaker. Who’s ready to play the Big Brother Shopping Network? 6:31 PM BBT Question #1-True or False. The white chain is priced at 50% off. Everyone answers false. Answers are locked. The answer is false, only the plastic balls are half off. You all get a point, please reset. 6:32 PM BBT Question #2-True or False. The hairbrush is the second most expensive item for sale. Everyone answers true. Answers are locked. The correct answer is true. You all get another point. 6:32 PM BBT Question #3-True or False. If you include the shipping and handling cost in the total price, only 2 items are under 10 dollars. Danielle, Kryssie, Morgan, and Whitney all answer false and Justin answers true. Answers are locked. The correct answer is false, only the white chain is under 10 dollars. That means Kryssie, Whitney, Danielle, and Morgan all get a point. Please reset. 6:33 PM BBT Question #4-True or False. The plastic balls and the big brother tokens are the same price. Everyone answers true. Answers are locked. And you are all correct, the correct answer is true. Everyone gets a point and please reset. 6:34 PM BBT Question #5-True or False. The BB bug necklace item is #10. Everyone answers false. Answers are locked. The correct is false, the BB bug necklace is 12, the same number of people who wore it. Please reset. 6:35 PM BBT Question #6-True or False. No major credit cards are accepted for the Big Brother tokens. Everyone answers true. Answers are locked. And once again you’ve all gotten it correct, the answer is true. You all get a point and please reset. 6:36 PM BBT We’re down to the final question. True or False. Only three of the five items for sale have the same shipping and handling costs. Everyone answers false. Answers locked. And the correct answer is false. Add a point please. At the end of seven questions it looks like we have a four-way tie. Kryssie, Whitney, Danielle, and Morgan all have 7 points and Justin has 6 points. Justin please sit down. 6:37 PM BBT Justin says good job guys and Rachel says get ready for the tie-breaker question. Please get your chalkboards out. If you add up the price of all 5 items, and each items shipping and handling costs, what is the total amount in dollars and cents? The player who is closest without going over will be the next HOH. 6:39 PM BBT Rachel says ok I need an answer. Make sure you write it nice and big for me. Kryssie answered $84.76. Whitney answered $91.60. Danielle answered $99.04. Morgan answered $65.99. The correct answer is $100.40 which means Danielle you are the new head of household. Jason tells everyone good job.
  14. 5:56 PM BBT It is now time for the live eviction. Before we vote to evict, the three nominees get a chance to plead their case. Whitney, you’re first. 5:56 PM BBT Hi Mom! Hi Winston! Houseguests, I’m in no way ready to go back to Kentucky just yet. At the end of the day, this is a game, I love and respect all of you all, and you have to do whatever is best for you. I respect your decision no matter what. 5:57 PM BBT Alex, it’s your turn. Hypocridiots, all of you, I really don’t have much to say. Ya’ll have wanted me out for awhile and here I am put up by America. A lot of ya’ll are some pretty insufferable people but at the end of the day I think you should look back and make sure your own fingers are clean before, ahhhh, I messed it up. Make sure your fingers are clean, I don’t know the Bob Marley quote. Insert the Bob Marley quote. 5:57 PM BBT Morgan, now it’s your turn. Allright. First off, Mom, Dad, everyone back in Texas, I love you guys! Thank you for all your support. To all of ya’ll, I’m not going to stand here and beg for your votes. I’m not going to campaign against Alex, and why I should stay and she should go, but I just kind of have a message for ya’ll that I want to say and take a chance because ya’ll can’t yell over me like I feel like you would do in any other situations. 5:58 PM BBT Morgan continues Kryssie, I’m proud you haven’t quit the game yet. You’ve only threatened a couple of times, good job. Danielle, I’m happy you realized there are other people in this house besides just yourself. Jason, the real twist of this game would be if something came out of your mouth that was actually true. Justin, you should probably stop throwing competitions unless you want to keep riding Jason’s coattails all the way to the finale just to lose. And Whitney, you’re the last person to join their alliance so unfortunately I’m going to have to have a “celebratory” dinner when you’re the first person I think they’ll kick out. And Alex and Shelby, thank you guys for having my back. Bikini Girl out! 5:58 PM BBT It is not time to vote. The nominees will not vote and in the event of a tie Jason will cast the vote since he did better in the veto competition. And remember, America has been voting for which nominee they want to evict. The nominee who received the most online votes will receive America’s eviction vote. That means America will also be casting one vote to evict tonight. 5: 59 PM BBT Kryssie is first and she votes to evict Alex. Justin is next and he votes to evict Alex. What up New Orleans? I love you baby. Danielle is last and she so happily votes to evict Alex. 6:01 PM BBT Jason goes to get the results. By a unanimous vote, Alex, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.
  15. 3:36 PM BBT Jason says Whitney hasn't shown him anything in comps to be afraid of her. Alex then offers Jason another person to keep safe. If they win HOH in D/E, then they will allow Jason to keep someone else safe. So if Jason wants to keep Kryssie safe they would honor that as well.
  16. 3:30 PM BBT Alex and Shelby talk to Jason and offer two weeks of safety if they will vote Whitney out. Alex promises Jason will be the last one they touch and Morgan offers to share her care package. Jason says it's a lot to think about. He says I'm never going to get into your fold if you're a tight three, and it's the same with Justin, Kryssie, and Danielle. He says if I go along with this, I will be exposing myself as a traitor to them and he makes himself vulnerable. Shelby says if you leave Whitney and she wins HOH in D/E you're going up. Jason says he's thinking past D/E, he's thinking long term. Jason says he'll find them later and hash it out some more because it's important and he needs to take time to think about it.
  17. Some drama after the fact! 1:47 PM BBT After Jason won the comp they all go back into the house. Shelby heads up to the HOH room and Alex comes up and says she’s coming to comfort. Shelby has started crying. She says she would have had it. Fuck she’s such an idiot. Alex says it’s ok, she just didn’t like how Danielle celebrated. That really rubbed her the wrong way. Shelby is so upset because she would have had the 20 but she ran back on the ground instead of across the beam, and if she wouldn’t have done that, she would have won. Alex says they only have one option and Shelby will have to be the one to do it but go and make Jason a deal. Shelby says she doesn’t want to deal right now. She’s sick of being the girl that cries every day in the house. Alex keeps saying it’s ok. Alex says Jason had a major advantage being in the shade because she was in the sun and literally couldn’t see. She had sweat in her eyes, and she was blinking and couldn’t see what she was doing at all. Shelby keeps repeating herself that she would have won if she hadn’t screwed it up. Alex said she had to be beside Danielle the whole time was screaming yes Jason, yes baby! (She didn’t scream and only told him good job when he banked his balls) Alex swears Big Brother put her on Danielle’s side for a reason. Shelby says well they put me and Jason next to each other for a reason and Alex swears that was done on purpose! Alex says the way Danielle celebrated, she is such a horrible human being. She just sucks. 1:50 PM BBT Alex tells Shelby they’d have to make a two week deal with Jason and guarantee final five in order to get rid of Danielle and maybe they could use Morgan’s care package. Shelby is again repeating herself that she would have won the comp if she hadn’t run across the grass. Maybe she should have paid more attention to the rules. Morgan comes in and says she’s going to start crying now. Shelby says she had that comp, she literally had it if she hadn’t run across the grass and banked the 20. Morgan says she sucked at it. Whitney also comes in and Alex repeats her idea to make a deal with Jason to try and get rid of Danielle. Morgan says that won’t work, look at the way she celebrated. This whole thing had to have been a lie. Whitney says you guys think he’s going to use and Morgan and Alex say yes. Shelby says he’s the tie breaker even if he doesn’t. Shelby yells she fucking had that comp while she hits the pillows on the couch and says she’s so frustrated. She wants to shower but she doesn’t want her naked body on the live feeds and she screams and sits back down on the couch. Morgan hates the way Danielle celebrates. 1:55 PM BBT Shelby still talking about how she had that comp and punches the pillow several times. Alex says they cannot let Danielle win and they need to take her out. Just the way she celebrated…the bad sportsmanship and rubbing it in people’s faces. That’s just horrible! Morgan says Danielle is one of those people when her friends win she can celebrate and rub it in people’s faces, but if the roles are reversed she runs to a corner and bawls hysterically. Shelby says she wouldn’t have been so upset if she hadn’t been about to win that comp. Shelby starts sobbing again and the other girls tell her it’s not her fault. Alex gets chills when she thinks about the things Danielle said on the balance beam, something about her just makes Alex cringe.
  18. 1:18 PM BBT Living in the Big Brother house can be a difficult balancing act. One misstep and you may find yourself evicted. In this week’s veto competition your skills and endurance will be tested. Your goal is to carry balls across a balancing beam and get them in the score containers on the other side. When the air horn sounds, you may begin by loading two balls into the center of your clear tube. Once both balls are inside the tube, you may walk across the balance beam to the other side. You must then transfer the balls into the first of three score containers and return back on the balancing beam to retrieve two more balls. Each score container holds ten balls. Once you fill the first container with ten balls and walk back across your beam to the start platform, those balls are locked and you may move on to the next container. So you’ll start with container one, then move to two, then move to three. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not. Once you place a ball into the tube, that ball is in play. Drop a ball that is in play, or touch the ground, and any balls in your unlocked container must be reset back to zero before trying again. The first player to successfully fill all three of their containers and return on the beam to their start platform will win the golden power of veto. Here are some additional rules. If you drop a ball before it’s loaded into your tube, it is not in play and does not require reset. You must transfer exactly two balls on each trip. You may not transfer more or less than two balls at a time. Once you’ve placed a ball inside a tube and it’s officially in play, you may not touch it with your hand or body. If you do so you’ll be asked to reset any unlocked balls. Also, if your tube touches the ground while walking on the balance beam you’ll be asked to reset any unlocked balls. It is okay for the tube to touch the start platform. If you wish to reset your balls, you may step on the ground to do so. Also, during a reset, you may pick up the balls on the ground and put them back into your basket on the start platform. Each of you has 40 total balls to begin the game, so be sure to manage your balls throughout the game. If you run out of balls in your start basket and have to step onto the ground to collect balls that will trigger a reset of any unlocked balls. Again, once you have filled a score container with ten balls and successfully return to the start platform, those balls are locked and do not need to be reset if you fall off or drop a ball. This game has a two-hour time limit. If no one has been declared the winner at the two-hour mark, then the person at that time with the most balls will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the person who has placed the last ball first wins. Are you ready to play “Balance of Power”? 1:21 PM BBT Shelby and Jason, as co-HOH’s there is even more at stake in this competition. Whichever of you has the most balls in your container at the end of the game will hold the tie breaker vote if it is needed on eviction night.
  19. 9:02 PM BBT It’s time for the Head of Household competition. Tonight’s competition will be played one at a time in the backyard. There will be a random draw to determine the order in which you will compete. After the draw, you will all wait inside until Big Brother calls you to the backyard to compete one at a time. Once you have finished the competition, you will join Danielle in the HOH room to watch the others. Once everyone has finished, we will meet in the backyard to crown the next HOH. 9:02 PM BBT Morgan will be 5th. Jason is 6th. Whitney will go 1st. Justin picked 7th. Alex will go 2nd. Shelby will be 4th. Kryssie selects last and will go 3rd. 9:03 PM BBT So the official order is Whitney, Alex, Kryssie, Shelby, Morgan, Jason, and Justin. 9:03 PM BBT Danielle tells them they can wait in the have not room or the London room, it doesn’t matter which one. They all go into the London room. 9:21 PM BBT Whether you are a geek, a jock, a slacker, or something else, you all remember the high school cliques you grew up with. Currently concealed from view are 7 high school year book photos. The memory wall photos of two houseguests have been morphed together to create each of these classic high school characters. Your goal is to correctly identify the two HG in each of the 7 photos in the fastest time. To begin, press the button to start the clock before revealing the photos. To answer who you think is in the photo, hang their names on the pegs below. When you think you have all the names correct, press the button to see if you’re right. If you’re correct, you’ll hear a bell and the clock will stop. If you are incorrect, a buzzer will sound and the clock will continue to run while you fix any mistakes. You will have 30 minutes to complete this challenge and lock in your time. The next player must beat your time, or their game is over. If you fail to complete this challenge in 30 minutes you will be disqualified. The HG with the fastest time will become the next HOH. It’s time to play The Yearbook BBOTT, freshman class. 9:22 PM BBT Whitney begins by throwing the HG name tiles on the ground between the photos and the board and then goes to uncover the photos. She puts Shane and Morgan on the first photo. She starts putting names on each photo, but switches some and changes her mind on others. She rings in and she is wrong. She changes one and rings in and gets the buzzer again. She makes another change and rings in and again gets the buzzer. She rings in again and is wrong. And she rings in one more time and is wrong. She makes several changes then rings in and is wrong. Makes one quick change and rings in again and hears the buzzer. She rings in one more time and is wrong and she says God Almighty! Whitney continues to struggle and is at 22 minutes and still trying to figure out what she’s done wrong. Whitney has timed out and has DQ’d. 10:13 PM BBT Alex is up for her turn. She reads the directions. She immediately goes to uncover the pictures. She rings in the first time at a little after 5 minutes and is wrong. She buzzes in again at over 7 minutes and she hears the buzzer. She rings in twice more quickly after and is wrong both times. She buzzes in again over 8 minutes and is wrong. She rings in at over 10 minutes and is incorrect. Alex changes a couple and rings in over 11 minutes and is wrong. She’s also struggling with a few photos. She buzzes in at just under 13 minutes and is wrong again. She rings in at just under 14 minutes and is incorrect again. She’s just under 15 minutes and is not correct. 10:28 PM BBT Alex is now over 15 minutes and she rings in again and hears the buzzer. Alex rings in at over 18 minutes and isn’t right. She rings in again quickly after making a change and is wrong. She tries again at just under 20 minutes and gears the buzzer. She tries again just over 20 minutes and is wrong again. She rings in at just under 21 minutes and is incorrect again. She tries again at over 22 minutes and it’s wrong. She buzzes in again around the 26 minute mark and is wrong. She has finished in 27 minutes and 4 seconds. 10:50 PM BBT Kryssie is up next and is reading her directions. Kryssie starts out very well to start, but then gets tripped up by a few photos. She rings in the first time around the 5 minute mark and is wrong. She rings in again around 7 minutes and is wrong. She rings in again just under 9 minutes and is wrong. She has 2 wrong. She makes a switch and now has 3 wrong after ringing in under 10 minutes. She’s at about 12 minutes and only has one wrong. She has made several changes back and forth and is second guessing herself on one and struggling with two others. She rings in again just under 14 minutes and is wrong. She makes changes again and rings in at under 17 minutes and has 1 wrong. She is struggling with the 5th photo, which is Alex and Monte, but she thinks it’s Alex and Whitney. She finally takes Whitney down, but puts up Jason instead. She rings in and is wrong. She changes the second photo again and rings in and is wrong. Kryssie is now over 20 minutes. She’s at 23 minutes and has one wrong again. She rings in again and has 2 wrong now. Kryssie hits Alex’s time and is eliminated. Alex is still winning. 11:30 PM BBT Shelby is up and is now reading her directions. She grabs one of each of the name tiles and pulls the covers off and puts up names as she knows them. She’s off to a very good start. She gets them all right in 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Shelby has taken the lead. She got them all right the first try and runs in side saying Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha. 11:46 PM BBT Morgan is up and reading the directions. Morgan started well, then struggled. She did one name at a time and ran out of time. 12:00 AM BBT Jason is up and reading the directions. Jason takes all the name tiles but ends up dropping them. He has a false start and has to start over. He grabs the tiles again and starts dropping them. He drops them in front of the photos and pulls all the covers off. Jason struggled and timed out. 12:15 AM BBT Justin is reading his directions. Jason put one name on each picture and rung in. He didn’t realize he needs two names on each picture. He never figured it out and he ran out of time. Shelby is the new HOH.
  20. 9:01 PM BBT It’s time for the head of household competition. Before we head outside, Big Brother will reveal 10 baseball cards on the memory wall. You will have 10 minutes to study them before heading to the backyard to take a swing at becoming HOH. Please head to the memory wall now. 9:13 PM BBT They are told several times to go outside and take the field. 9:19 PM BBT Hello HG, it’s a perfect night for a baseball game, Big Brother style! You’ll be asked a series of true or false questions about the baseball cards that recently appeared on the memory wall. Answer a question correctly, you stay in the game. Answer incorrectly, and you’re out of here! If you’re out, go take a seat on the bleachers. If everyone in the game gets the question wrong, then everyone stays in the game and the next question is asked. The game will continue until only one player remains, making that player the next HOH. If there is no winner after 10 questions, we’ll go to a tie breaker question. Let’s find out who’s going to knock this competition out of the park. It’s time to play, one strike, you’re out! 9:20 PM BBT First question, True or False, In down the line, there’s a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. Answers please! Scott, Alex, and Shelby all select false and everyone else selects true. The answer is…True. There IS a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. Scott, Alex, and Shelby you’re out! 9:21 PM BBT Question two, True or False, in 7th inning stretch, the words cold drinks are visible. Answers please! Morgan answers False and everyone else answers True. The answer is…True. The words cold drinks are visible on the tub. Morgan, you’re out of here! 9:22 PM BBT Question three, True or False, in box score, the care package box lands in the shade. Answers please! Everyone answers false. The answer is True, the box clearly lands in the shade. You’ve all answered wrong so you’re all still in the game. They all celebrate. 9:23 PM BBT Question four, True or False, in crowd goes wild, there are no bananas in the picture. Answers please! Jason and Justin answer True and Danielle and Whitney answer False. The answer is…False. There ARE bananas on the counter top next to Shane. Justin and Jason, you’re out of here! 9:24 PM BBT Question five, True or False, in dust the plate, Kryssie has sunglasses on her head. Answers please! Both answer true. The answer is True…Kryssie’s sunglasses ARE resting on top of her head. You both got it right and continue on! 9:24 PM BBT Question six, True of False, in breaking ball, there are four green balls on the ground. Answers please! Both hesitate. Danielle finally selects False and Whitney selects True. Then Danielle quickly switches her answer to True then back to False. Answers are now locked with Danielle on False and Whitney on True. The answer is False, there ARE less than four green balls on the ground. Danielle, you are the winner! Congratulations!
  21. First up, from team Blake is Bindi LIebowitz and Courtney Harrell. Blake paired them because they both have bluesy sounding voices. Courtney has chosen the song River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner. Faith says Courtney has so much vocal talent, she can just lay it all out on that stage. Faith pulls Courtney to the side and gives her some technical tips. Blake says he wishes he knew what Faith was telling his artist. Bindi chose the song Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. Blake says the energy she had at the end he wanted the whole song. Tim says to start that song out like she’s in the middle of the show. Faith says she has a great voice, but she felt like Bindi was on a straight line like vanilla ice cream and she should be rocky road. Courtney is up first and belts out her song and gets a standing ovation from Blake and Miley. Bindi is up next and stays very true to the original. Alicia says she felt like it was the first time she really got to hear Bindi, but she thinks Courtney grabbed that battle. Miley says Courtney just exploded. Adam says Bindi had some struggles and thinks her talent is tied directly to her confidence. Blake says it’s hard not to smile when he sees and hears Bindi and he felt like Courtney was a volcano. Blake’s winner for this round is…Courtney. Billy Gilman and Ponciano Seoane are up next from team Adam. Billy chooses the song Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Faith says it felt like that was his song. Tim says to make sure he emotionally connects with the song. Adam tells him to stay connected. Ponciano’s song choice is I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. Faith says he sounded amazing but he came alive half way through. Adam wants him to kick it up another gear. Ponciano is first and sang a solid rendition of I See Fire. Billy is next with Fight Song and stays true to the original but really picks it up halfway through the song. Blake says Ponciano did a great job, but he felt Billy’s performance. Alicia enjoyed Ponciano’s performance. She felt a tentativeness from Billy but then a lion came out. Miley thinks Billy’s voice is amazing and likes listening to people like Ponciano. Adam says this was by far the best Ponciano has sang. He also says Billy has a special gift and he’s proud and honored to have them on his team. Adam’s choice to stay is…Billy. Team Alicia is up next with Belle Jewel vs Christian Cuevas. Belle has chosen the song Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House. Alicia says Belle is totally unique. Faith says she was so confident and Tim says she has a freshness the way she delivers the song. They give some technical tips to help her enhance the song. Tim says Belle has very stylistically carved a niche out for herself on the show. Chrstian selected the song Superstar by Luther Vandross. Tim says he couldn’t believe the velvet smoothness of Christian’s voice. Faith says he’s going to be great, he just has to decide how he wants to interpret the song. Alicia says when the chorus came, she felt like he was feeling, but when the verses came he was singing. Belle is first and stayed true to the original but had a more toned down version. Christian sang an emotional version of the Luther Vandross song Superstar. Miley says she loves everything about Belle, and she felt Christian was looking at her and she was falling madly in love with him. Adam says Christian looked at him like he looked at Miley, but he is obsessed with him. Adam says Belle made fans out of all of them. Blake says he’s mad at Alicia for putting those two together. Alicia says they both completely delivered. Alicia says Belle is so dope and Christian had to work for this, and he did. Alicia has chosen…is Christian. Belle is available to steal and Miley hits the button and Carson says that might be the fastest steal in Knockout history. Miley is stoked to have Belle on her team because she has her own style. Next Monday and Tuesday are the last of the Knockout rounds and Alicia is the only one with a steal left. She says she’s waiting for something fiery. Who will move on? Who will go home? And who will get the final steal?
  22. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be the mentors for the Knockout Rounds. Josh Gallagher and Sundance Head from team Blake are the first matchup of the season. Sundance is going to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Blake says he’s doing it acoustically which is risky, but not when you’re Sundance Head. Josh is going to sing My Maria. Blake says Josh is singing the mother of all country songs, but he has that new sound and definitely fits in with today’s country. Josh is up first and is pretty consistent with the Brooks & Dunn version. Sundance goes second and he slowed it down a bit and made a bit more soulful. Blake says it paid off that Sundance did an acoustic version and Josh just fits in with today’s sound. Blake says he’s going to have to get technical and give it to who he feels had the more solid performance. He gives it to…Sundance Head. Carson reminds them Josh is available to steal and Adam immediately presses his button. Adam says it was the easiest steal. Kylie Rothfield vs Whitney and Shannon from Alicia’s team are next. Kylie chose the song Hound Dog the Big Mama Thornton version. Alicia says she has a bluesy, rootsy style that you don’t expect. Tim tells her to keep it thick and swampy. Faith says Kylie blew her away, she just interprets songs as an artist. Whitney and Shannon chose I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Alicia loves their song choice and Faith says it was almost like one voice. Alicia has them sing a small part individually so they don’t lean on each other. Tim says they need to own it individually so when they come together they are more powerful. Kylie is first and has a bluesy sound. Whitney and Shannon kept their version pretty close to the original. Alicia says Kylie was not who she expected her to be and Whitney and Shannon impressed her with the way they sang. It’s time to choose and Alicia chooses…Kylie. Ali Caldwell and Lauren Diaz are up from team Miley. Ali has chosen Ordinary Love by Sade. Faith and Miley both give tips on things she should do differently to obtain a big moment. Tim says give the words a little sensuality because it will set her up nicely. Lauren chose the song Rise Up by Andra Day. Tim says Lauren was a great singer, but he said it felt like she didn’t know what she wanted to do or how to do it. He tells her to sell it. Miley tells her to just be her and enjoy her time on stage. Lauren is first and stays true to the Day version of the song. Miley mouths to her it was perfect. Ali Caldwell is up and she belts the song out staying true to the original also. Adam says he loves Ali, but he believed every word Lauren sang. Blake says both did really well and he doesn’t know what Miley is going to do. Miley thanks Lauren for letting them in on her emotion and thinks Ali is a total start and could win the show. Miley chooses…Ali. Dave Moisan and Simone Gundy are both up from Adam’s team. Dave has chosen the song Like I Can by Sam Smith. Adam says Dave has incredible range and a lot of power, but Sam Smith is ambitious. Adam thinks he needs to work technique wise how to get the higher notes in full voice. Faith also says the same thing. Simone is going to sing Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Adam says her voice is very vibrant and she smiles and has fun. Faith says she believed everything Simone sang. Tim says her energy is so great. Dave is up first and sings a heartfelt version of the song. Simone follows and belts out her song and gets a standing ovation from Adam. Blake says he’d pick Simone after that performance. Miley says they should both be proud of their performance. Adam respect both of their performances. He thinks they both made progress. Adam says he’s judging them on this Knockout and he chooses…Simone. Courtnie Ramirez and We McDonald are up next from Alicia’s team. Courtnie is going to sing If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. Alicia likes the song because it shows off her range. Tim tells her to watch where she takes her breath and Faith gives some technical tips. Tim says she needs to keep some body in her vocal and that’s the key to her having a successful performance. We comes in and she has chosen No More Drama by Mary J. Blige. Tim says he was shocked and Faith says she had tears welling up in her eyes. Courtnie goes first and stays close to the original but adds some extra flourishes. We comes and stays true to Blige’s version and belts out that song. Miley says every time Courtnie sings she out does herself and We has some new confidence and she was blown away by both of them. Alicia points out these are two 17-year-old girls and she has everyone stand up and give an ovation. She says she is in awe of both of them. Alicia chooses…We. Jason Warrior and Riley Elmore are up last from team Adam. Riley has chosen the song Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble. Tim thought Riley was fantastic and any time you can set yourself apart stylistically is a bonus. Adam does not want him to be too buttoned up and Tim wants him to use his legs more to dig into the song. Faith tells him not to look down too much. Jason has selected the song I Want You by Luke James. Faith tells him when he goes from Falsetto to normal, there has to be a bridge. Adam says this is going to a really hard one for him to choose from. Riley goes first and stays true to the Buble version in his unique throwback tone. Jason is up next and shows his range and belts out the James version. Alicia says she liked that Riley looked uncomfortable and totally fell for him again. Alicia says Jason was in the zone and hitting crazy notes that even women can’t hit. Miley says the way Jason performs is completely genuine and she loves watching Riley’s youthfulness and innocence. Adam says Jason is an incredibly talented singer. Adam tells Riley shocks him every time he sings. Adam chooses…Riley. Adam says the choice was hard but when Riley starts to sing and you hear his voice, you know it’s him. Jason is available to steal. Blake hits his button. Blake asks Adam what is wrong with him. Blake says what else can you say? You can win this thing. Jason thanks him so much. Blake says Jason has this amazing range and he’s willing to try things and that’s why he stole him.
  23. 1:33 PM BBT Welcome to the Wall of Shame! Nothing is more shameful than being one of the three first HG evicted. The goal of this competition is to answer one question about each of the three evicted HG, but you’ll have to scale the wall to travel back and forth to answer the question. When the air horn sounds, your clock begins and you must climb across the wall to uncover at least one of the facts. Once you’ve uncovered one or more of the facts, you may return to the start platform to retrieve an answer tile. You may only transport one tile at a time. You must stay on the wall or platform at all times. Each time you touch the ground you’ll hear a buzzer which means a three minute time penalty will be added to your score time, and you must run back to the start platform to continue playing. Also, if you drop a tile, you can climb back across the wall to retrieve another one without a penalty, or you can take a time penalty by stepping off the wall, picking it up, and returning to the starting platform with it. When you think you have all tiles correctly placed, return to the start platform to hit the button. If you are correct, you will hear the ding sound and your clock will stop. If you are incorrect, you’ll hear the buzzer sound and you must keep going until you are correct. You’ll have 30 minutes to complete this competition. However, your final score could be over 30 minutes depending on how many time penalties you incur. If after 30 minutes you have not completed the competition, you will be disqualified. The player to complete the wall correctly with the fastest score time will win the golden power of veto. The game will begin when the air horn sounds. Are you ready to play Wall of Shame?
  24. Summary-Anything not covered in the above questions that you want to tell America about your strategy, personal relationships, or yourself? Justin: Well, America, as you know I’m just a Creole cat from New Orleans. I’m just trying to keep it real, do my thing, bring a little flavor in the house. For the most part, I’m just going to keep on being who I am and just expressing myself the best way I could. I’m just keeping it real and raw, basically, I’m just going to keep on being me. I’m not really tripping on nobody up in here, and I’m not worried about any of them, and they shouldn’t be worrying about me. For the most part America, believe in yourself, believe in who you are, and be what you can be and don’t let nobody tell you nothing different. Just be who you are, and if you don’t know who you are just try and find yourself. And when you find yourself, never change. Do not let anyone out there tell you cannot do what you want to do because anything is possible. Shout outs to family, New Orleans, and the Saints. Neeley: I feel awful that Shane left this past week. Shane is an exceptional person, he seems like he has a very, very kind heart and just a good person overall. It really pained me to see him go and when I got emotional Wednesday night after the eviction, you get so torn in this game because you make these relationships so quickly. And then when you’re all on the block and your friend leaves, but you’re saved, it’s such a mix of emotions because I was super happy. Because you don’t know, people can switch on a dime and I could have been the one going home. So I’m super happy that I’m here to stay and play this game, but at the same time someone I really liked and admired left. It’s hard, it’s really hard when you built these friendships, these relationships. I hope America knows Shane is awesome and they keep rooting for the late night jamboree, even when we acting crazy and do crazy stuff that you all still want to play with us and hope we can win and give you the best show possible. Thank you for everything, thank you for letting me be a part of this experience and journey, and I hope we are giving you a great show. Scott: He did not get to this question. Morgan: Not really anything. I’m just praying I can get through to Kryssie to keep me off the block, if she’s smart she gonna listen. I’m about to, like I said, balls to the wall if I’m on the block this week. I’m not going home without a fight. You’re about to see a whole new Morgan if I’m up on that block. Oh! America, please, please, please nominate someone from the other side of the house if you want to see this game shaken up. Justin, Jason, eh probably not Jason, anybody from the other side of the house, let’s not make this an easy week for everyone. Let’s keep the game interesting. Jason: America, I am just here doing the best I can. Julie asked me the other day why I’m not having as much fun as last time, and you know I really didn’t have that good of an answer. But I think the answer is, I’m really playing harder this time. I got blinded by friendships and having fun last time and enjoying being in this house, and this time if I enjoy being in this house, then I’m going to be missing things, I’m going to be playing a less intelligent or less paying attention to things type of game. So I’m definitely on it all the time, I definitely hope you guys don’t think I’m no longer fun at all, but I’m definitely just more serious about this. I kind of feel like, not that I squandered my opportunity last time, but I could have done more and the last thing I want to do is leave this time feeling like I could have done more. So I’m doing everything I can to progress myself in this game, because honey, I need this money. But with that America, I will bless you a good night, thank you very much, holla at your boy. Don’t make me a have not! Much appreciated, don’t nominate me either. Peace. Whitney: I just want to tell America that when you consider putting up a nominee, let’s make this game interesting, it would be so easy for three people in my alliance to go up on the block, one of us is for sure going home, but to really throw a mix in the game, and you know Kryssie being HOH, throw someone up there that no one expects and just give me a shot America as to keeping myself alive for another week and maybe even a member of my alliance because we’re not ready to go home. We’re here to play the game, some people are not, so I’m going to leave you with that. Family shout outs. Danielle: The last three weeks have been really, really tough for me, last week was really emotional. You don’t ever want to think America doesn’t like you and it really sucks, especially since America has such a big hand this game. Losing Shane was really, really difficult. I hope that over this next week, America you can see the gamer in me, you can see that I adore the LNJ, even whenever I’m feeling kind of iffy on them you know that that’s where my heart is. That’s where my loyalty lies at the end of the day, it’s the five of us. I miss my son like absolutely crazy, and we get FOTH. I hope you really get to know me America, no hard feelings and if any of you happen to see Shane, tell him I miss him. Shelby: One of my favorite plays this week is trying to blow up Neeley’s game. Neeley claims she’s been working at Nordstrom for 5 years as a sales associate, when I have a friend who worked there part time for about, I don’t know I’m not sure, I don’t remember much, but that doesn’t make sense to me, it doesn’t line up, I would think she would be promoted by now. So I’m like fairly sure that she’s lying. Alex told me she would blow up Neeley’s game and say she was lying about her job on her way out since she was a target but then she got the safety costume. I just think it’s funny and ironic that I’m trying to blow up Neeley’s game saying she’s lying about her past, when I’m the one lying about my education and my job. I don’t have a job. I told everyone I work as a waitress. I did work at the restaurant I’ve been lying about before that’s why I can lie about it so well, but yeah that’s just my favorite thing this week is trying to blow up Neeley’s game and convince everyone she’s lying about her job. Go ballsmashers! Alex: This week is really hard for me because I really do love working with Scott and I obviously love working with Shelby, she’s my girl in this house. But at the same time, I don’t necessarily think they are best for my game, in a sense. Especially Scott, because I think he’s trying to flip from me to working with a Justin and Jason type thing and so if I have to send one of my friends home, it has to be Scott. I feel terrible even saying that because I do not want him to go home because I really do enjoy working with him. So I’m really hoping, praying, that somehow something with the America’s nom can happen and I can like, save my sister, make some magic happen, and go to town next week and win HOH and continue shaking up this game. I’m having the time of my life being here though, I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity, so thank you all. Oh! Shoutouts. Bye America! Kryssie: At this point, not really. I’ve got a lot of interesting plans for nominations. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I know everybody wants to know that ahead of time, but I’m interested to see who is put in the have not room tomorrow, and if we have any repeat offenders, because that may have an impact on who I end up nominating. I’ve got a lot to think about, I’m excited to be HOH. Mike, I miss you and your letter made me cry and I love and hate you for it at the same time. I’ve become that person who’s crying on BB, who I’d never thought I’d be. If anyone wants to know what album I asked for I got Bad Religion, Stranger than Fiction. If you don’t know who they are, you need to go check them out. Thank you everyone that’s been voting and thank you for keeping this interesting and throwing Alex the silly care package this week. I know there’s strategy in it too, and it’s fun to keep things lighthearted in here and if you’re watching the feeds you know things get real crazy in here real quick. Little things like that mean a lot to me, I can’t speak for everybody else, but it means a lot to me as a player because it’s really easy to get trapped inside your head and just lose it. Thank you for all of your input, thank you for doing what you’re doing in terms of checking HG when you need to nominate them and putting them in the have not room. I appreciate your game and I think you’re playing even harder than we are. I miss everyone back at home, Mike, I love you to little pieces, and we’ll do this again soon.
  25. Question #9 (Everyone not the HOH)-What’s your strategy this week for staying off the nomination block? Justin: He skipped this question. Neeley: I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot. One of my best friends in the house, and one of the people in my alliance and my core alliance, won HOH, so I’m good. I just have to make sure everything stays cool and in a really pleasant place. Try not to let any of our personal issues affect us in any way negative way. Just play it real cool, play it chill. Give her advice if she needs it, but just kind of be a listening ear and a backbone for her and I should be good. I feel like maybe I had a slightly emotional day and I need to put that in check, but she is still one of my best friends in the house and I will be there for her and hopefully help her in whatever decision she makes. Scott: Basically, I went up to Kryssie and I told her three things. A. You’re working with people who you cannot beat if you get to the end of this game. If you don’t want to betray any of your allies and you want to make it to the end with all of your allies, then you’ve already lost the game and you’re playing into a losing hand. So hopefully, she took that to heart and she realizes she does need to actually bring people to the end that she can beat, if she actually wants to beat them. 2. I told her I was one of the first have nots so she should just keep me off the block that way I might potentially be America’s nominee. Also, she feels like back dooring is a dirty strategy because she’s never seen the show before, so I don’t really care what she thinks anyway. But if she does feel like I did Shane dirty by back dooring him, then she should keep me off the block so she can back door me. So those were my three points to Kryssie to keep me off the nomination block. We’ll see if works, it probably won’t, but I don’t really care. Kryssie’s my number one enemy, I’m Kryssie’s number one enemy, but hopefully she realizes we’re pretty close in popularity ratings and we basically need each other if either of us wants to win this game. Thank you America. Morgan: Obviously, stay tuned after this because me and Whitney are about to go up to Kryssie, plead our case and offer her a deal, that if she is smart, she is going to take. But you know, as we’ve seen so far, Kryssie is someone who thinks with her heart, doesn’t think about the end game, and you’ll know we’ll see if we can get through to her. But you know, we’re going to offer her a deal, and Kryssie if you’re smart, then you’re going to take this deal. Jason: My strategy this week is just be myself. I just have to keep rolling with Kryssie, because Kryssie’s my girl and I think everything will be fine. I’m going to support all of Kryssie’s decisions and keep the drama to a minimum and definitely keep my ears out for what other people are talking about and I’m definitely going to be telling Kryssie what she needs to hear. Whether it’s what these people have told me or what I think is best for Kryssie because I know what’s going to be good for Kryssie this week in the game is also going to be good for me now. It may not be the most perfect move for me long term game, but that’s why Kryssie won HOH and not me. It really is her week to decide what she wants to do, so I’m not going to be pushing my agenda, I’m simply going to be supporting her. I think that by supporting her Kryssie will realize that obviously, I’m on her side and that I roll with her hardcore so there’s no reason she would put me on the nomination block. I’m hoping America is not like we hate Jason by now and throw Jason up, I’m hoping America will nominate someone from the pretty girl side so it kind of be pay back for last week. We had three of us last week with no chance of anyone to stay, I would like three of them up this week with no chance for them to stay. I mean it is the back and forth ping pong in this house, and it definitely keeps things interesting, so that’s where I’m hoping it goes, but nominations from Kryssie I’m thinking I’m good. Whitney: My strategy is to embed in Kryssie’s mind that I am not going after her. For her personal game, it is not strategically right for someone who has never attacked her, never lied to her, it would not be in her best interest to put me up. So that’s what I’m going with, that’s what I’m rolling with, and hopefully she listens and hopefully she keeps me off the block. I’m willing to vote whoever she wants out this week because I know it’s going to come down to someone in my alliance, and that is very unfortunate, but it’s whatever I have to do to stay in the game. Danielle: I have been very blessed to be very close to the HOH, I’m a part of her alliance, and she knows that I am here to support her. She knows that I’m here to bounce ideas off of, and ultimately do what she needs me to do, and so I’m pretty confident I’m not going to be on the block this week, which is a huge blessing because I’ve been there three weeks in a row and my strategy is just to continue to support Kryssie and continue to be an ear for her and that’s really basically it. Shelby: Honestly, it might be better this week to be on it because potentially three of us could be going up. I told her I would rather be on the block than back doored, but she also told me she might want to use me in a pawn situation. I told her I don’t want to be a pawn, but I told her I’d rather be a pawn than a target. She also offered that I could offer up my friends as pawns, and I said uh no, I’m not that terrible of a person. I swear America, I’m a good person, but I’m not a nice person. Hopefully, those two things aren’t, what is it? Mutually exclusive? I don’t know, I haven’t eaten in six days. So honestly, I might want to be on the block. It’s going to depend on who the have nots are. That’ll give us a better look as to who might be the America nom, and then I’m going to talk it through with my group, but yeah, I might want to be on the block, so I have a chance to fight in veto for my life. Alex: Well, since I have my costume, and I’m safe thanks to ya’ll, there isn’t a whole bunch of strategy for staying off the block. Right now, I’m so focused on trying to keep Morgan and Whitney safe right now because I feel like they are loyal to me 100%, and I need them to further me in this game this week. And obviously, I want my sister to be here because I think that’s a fun twist, no one is smart enough to have caught on yet, and I just think there’s a lot of fun to be had with it. I think I could completely announce it later on in this game when I wanted to and freak people out and I just don’t want her to go home this week because there are people in this house who are less deserving of staying. I don’t want that to sound harsh, but I think she should stay because she has a lot of game left to be played too.