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  1. Ready? Set…Go! We see Tara and Joey as team number one from the previous leg and we find out they are still racing. Phil tells us Tara and Joey will be the first team to kick start the next leg of the race, flying to the Republic of Italy, known as The Boot. They can purchase tickets on the fast and easy Travelocity Mobile App. After landing in Milan, they must travel to Piazza Fontana where they’ll find their next clue. Phil hands them a phone so they can book their flights. Tara has been there with the military and she speaks a little Italian. They show the various teams booking their flights and we see Liz and Michael at the mat. They are still arguing and bickering. Liz apologizes and Michael isn’t happy and is still arguing. They finally hug it out and Michael says he’s embarrassed by the way he acted and they book their tickets. All teams are headed to the train station so they can head to the airport. Brooke and Scott are confused why they keep ending up at the back of the pack. They have decided Ashton and Vanck are the targets to U-Turn. Everyone has talked about it and they want to Ashton and Vanck because they rub people the wrong way and they aren’t as social. They also agree they would block out a second U-Turn option so Ashton and Vanck could not U-Turn someone else. All teams are now in Italy and running for taxis. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive and it’s a roadblock. Roadblock: Who’s hungry for their next clue? Italy is known for its amazing culinary delights, but what makes the experience really special in this restaurant is that you’re treated to a moving view. This mobile restaurant offers pleasures of the palate while travelling through the heart of Milan. Teams must try to spot three different words: Cernobbio, Concordia, and Lago. And they must do it while completing one lap around the city. And just to make things interesting, they’ll need to polish off this meal as they go. Liz and Michael have arrived at the roadblock as well. Tara is doing the roadblock, as is Michael. Vanck, Scott, Floyd, and Redmond make the second tram. Logan has to wait until the next tram because there is a four-person limit on each tram. London is upset because they are in last. Tara missed the first word, but Michael seen it and spells it for her. The guys on the second tram have all seen the first word. Michael gives Tara the second word as well. The second tram also has the second word and they are looking for the last word. Logan is still waiting for a tram. Scott believes he found the third word. Tara and Michael have all three words. Tara gets her clue first and Phil tells us Lake Como is Italy’s most popular lake, a romantic destination featured in numerous films. And this beautiful lakeside town, Cernobbio, is where teams will find out they’re in for a big night. Michael gets his clue right after Tara. Logan is getting on the tram and going to look for his words. Scott says the words are in Italian so he’s not sure he has them all correct. Vanck missed a word and has to go back again, Scott also doesn’t have them correct and has to go again. Floyd is also wrong. Redmond was the last to try and he is also incorrect. Logan has two of the words he’s sure on, but he has two others written down and he’s not sure which is correct. Logan chose the one wrong word of the two others he wrote down so they all get back on the tram for their second trip. Tara and Joey have arrived at the steamboat to take them to their next stop. There is a banquet on the steamship. Teams are staggered by 5 minute intervals. Tara and Joey will leave at 7. Vanck, Floyd, Scott, and Redmond all have their words and get their clues. Michael and Liz arrive and will leave at 7:05, Becca and Floyd 7:10, Matt and Redmond 7:15, Vanck and Ashton 7:20, Brooke and Scott 7:25. Logan gets back on the last tram and has the words correct. They are the last to get there and will depart at 7:30. They are in the village of Varenna waiting for their departure time to get their next clue. Tara and Joey head out first and Tara asks directions from a taxi driver and they are told it’s three minutes by foot. They are undecided if they are going to use the U-Turn and neither is sure if they want to do it again. Tara and Joey decide not to U-Turn anyone. Detour: Make a Mold or Grab a Hold. Make a Mold: Castello Di Vezio is famous for being haunted and is what inspired artists to create spooky looking ghosts. If they can make one of them appear, they can give up the ghost for their next clue. Grab a Hold: Italy is mostly mountainous and part of Europe’s Alps. The rock from the limestone and granite mountains extends down to the shoreline of Lake Como and attract climbers from all over the world. If teams want to climb for their next clue, they’ll have to make their way up a vertical rock face ninety feet above the ground. Tara and Joey decide to Make a Mold. Michael and Liz are looking for the U-Turn and they use it to U-Turn Vanck and Ashton. They decide to Grab a Hold. Becca and Floyd are heading out and Michael and Liz run by and tell them where to go and tell them to U-Turn Michael and Liz to burn it. Becca and Floyd decide to use their U-Turn on Michael and Liz to ensure Vanck and Ashton get U-Turned and they can’t U-Turn anyone else. Liz and Michael are going the wrong way and Liz stops to ask questions and Michael takes over and tells them which direction they should go. Becca and Floyd are going to Grab a Hold. Matt and Redmond are going to Grab a Hold too. Vanck and Ashton are looking for the clue box. Brooke and Scott have just departed. Tara and Joey are watching a demonstration on how to do a mold. Becca and Floyd asked directions and they went the wrong way. Matt and Redmond arrive and they go the right direction for Grab a Hold. Brooke and Scott head out to Grab a Hold and they’ve seen they aren’t U-Turned and Vanck and Ashton are. London and Logan have gotten to the clue and they are going to make a mold. Brooke and Scott arrive behind Liz and Michael and they celebrate with them on the U-Turn. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have arrived for their climb. Becca is excited because she’s a climbing instructor. Vanck and Ashton have finally found the U-Turn and their clue and see they have to do both detours and they know they are the only ones who will have to. Teams will now travel in style to the pit stop in a famous Italian regal watercraft known as the Ferrari of the Seas. Phil will be waiting for them in the town of Tremezzo, here in this beautiful park. The last team to check in at the mat may be eliminated. Ashton says they were going to get U-Turned no matter when they arrived. Vanck says we’re not going home until Phil tells us we’re going home. Brooke is getting emotional because she’s scared she won’t be able to do the climb. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd are neck and neck going to the pit stop. Scott is encouraging Brooke and she’s still nervous. London and Logan decide to Make a Mold. Michael is encouraging Liz and he tells her she can pass Brooke. Brooke asks Scott where Liz is and he says she’s fine. Brooke is panicking because she can’t find a hold. She yells at him because she doesn’t think he’s holding the rope firmly enough. Matt and Redmond and Becca and Floyd have all spotted Phil and they know it’s a footrace. Becca and Floyd get off the boat first because of the way their drives pulled up to the platform. Becca and Floyd are team number won and as the winners of this leg of the race, they have won a trip from Travelocity to Argentina. Matt and Redmond are team number two. Tara and Joey finished their mold and London and Logan are just getting started. Brooke is still panicking and yelling at Scott and he tells her where her holds are. Liz gets the clue and she heads back down. Brooke finally gets her clue and yells at Scott to lower her slowly. She says she didn’t know she was being so vocal and Scott looks surprised. Vanck and Ashton run by Liz and Michael and say thanks and they appreciate them. Ashton is doing the climbing. Tara and Joey are team number three. Liz and Michael are team number four and Scott and Brook are team number five. Ashton gets her clue and they head to the other detour. London and Logan have finished the mold and get their clue and head out. Phil asks about the U-Turn and Brooke says there are people you like and want to keep around and Vanck and Ashton are on the B list of people they want around. Ashton says she is proud of them. They were very different but were able to work together. Vanck and Ashton are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Phil tells them for whatever reasons, the other teams decided to get rid of them and you just got to a point where you felt like everything was gelling. Ashton says they were really getting there, but this is where the road stop. Ashton is disappointed and mad and sad. Vanck says they were very different, from different backgrounds and they were able to overcome it and begin to work together. On the next episode of The Amazing Race, teams head to Venice, Italy where some carry a tune and others carry a grudge.
  2. Back at Maku Maku after tribal council and Debbie says what she wanted to happen happened and it happened flawlessly. Debbie says they are firmly in charge and now that Sarah is with them, they will just pick off the other five. Andrea says tribal was a shocker and she realizes she’s in the minority. She asks Zeke if he wants to know why she wanted to vote for him and he says he knows and he didn’t think her or Cirie were going to take him deep into the game. Andrea says they are all shady. Zeke says he feels like he needs protection from the majority alliance. Sarah comforts Zeke and says Andrea showed her true colors and she still wants to work with him. She says she may have went with that alliance, but that doesn’t mean she will stay with them. She apologizes to Zeke for not filling him on the majority vote, but she needed them to trust her. She says the line may have been drawn in the sand, but that line can get washed away. Time for today’s reward challenge! The show a close-up of a secret advantage on one part of the challenge. For today’s challenge, they’ll be divided into two teams of five. On Jeff’s go, one person at a time each will race through a series of obstacles to the platform, then the next person goes. Once all five are at the end, they’ll dive down and grab a grappling hook and use it to retrieve five rings floating in the water. First team to finish wins reward. Here’s what they’re playing for: the winning team will be taken by sea plane to the Yasawa Islands, truly one of the most stunning island chains in all of Fiji. They’ll enjoy a picnic with enough variety for everybody. We’re going to do a school yard pick which means one person will not participate, one person will have no shot at this reward. We have our two teams. Culpepper was captain and he chose Debbie, Sierra, Andrea, and Aubry. Cirie was a captain and she chose Zeke, Sarah, Troyzan, and Tai. Michaela was not picked and has to take a seat. Jeff asks how she feels and Michaela is not happy they chose their alliance members instead of playing to win so she doesn’t care what happens, she’s just watching. Survivor’s ready? Jeff gives the go! Culpepper has a slight lead on Tai. Tai is struggling and Culpepper is at the platform and Sierra is going. Jeff notes Michaela’s frustration again over not being picked. Troyzan is in the water for their team and Sierra is on the platform and Aubry is in the water. Troyzan makes decent time, but the other team is still in the lead. Aubry falls and has to go back and Sarah has a chance to catch up a little bit. Michaela is sitting on top of the secret advantage and hasn’t seen it yet. Zeke and Debbie are both out for their respective teams. Debbie is across first and Zeke falls. Andrea is the last one out for their team and Zeke falls again. Andrea is across and they now have all people on the mat. Culpepper is diving for the grappling hook. Zeke makes it across and Cirie is the last in the water. Culpepper has the grappling hook and Sierra begins tossing the grappling hook. Cirie is in the water but moving slowly and she’s very exhausted. Sierra has three rings for her team. Sarah swims out to help Cirie and they both have to run the last part of the course. Michaela is encouraging Cirie and Jeff notes that. Sierra has one ring left to retrieve. Sarah is still pushing Cirie to get across the beam. Culpepper has the last ring for blue and they win reward. Jeff says Cirie is the woman who over a decade ago got up off the couch to come try this game of Survivor. These are the moments she was looking for. This challenge is over, but they will stay here with her if she wants to try and conquer this. Everyone encourages her and Troyzan and Tai swim out and Troyzan encourages her and tells her she can do it. Cirie gets across the beam and everyone is applauding her. Aubry and Sierra help her up on the final platform. Cirie says she does things for her kids, to show them even if they fail, if they try she’s proud of them. Jeff brings a boat in to take them back to camp. Michaela never seen the secret advantage, but Sarah sees it and climbs up and grabs the advantage. Cirie says even though they didn’t win, if she hadn’t tried to complete that challenge she would have regretted it. Tai says her kids would be so proud of her and Sarah says she isn’t even mad. Cirie says even though they are all playing for the same prize, they are all good people and they showed it today. Cirie says she’s not going to let her mind tell her she can’t do it anymore. Sarah is talking about the secret advantage she found and says Michaela was not very observant. She reads the advantage and she now has the right to steal a vote from someone at tribal council, and the vote is non-transferrable and can’t be stolen from her. Sarah says in the past the extra votes have not been played correct. She will be the first person to use it correctly. The others are at the reward eating and Culpepper says Survivor 101, never take your entire contingency on a reward so they have eyes at both sides and their alliance can’t be contaminated. Sierra asks Andrea about her and Zeke and Andrea says he turned on her for no reason. Sarah talks to Cirie back at camp and asks who she thinks is running things. Cirie says Brad and Sierra. Sarah asks if she were to make a final three with them could she win. Cirie says honestly? No. Because they will be nice to her so they can count on her vote, but if they make final tribal they’ll say they carried her. Sarah says she didn’t come to make the same mistakes as last time. Last time, she let everyone run things and all that got her was on the jury and nowhere near winning. Sarah asks Cirie if they can do an alliance with Michaela, Cirie, Sarah, Aubry, and Zeke. She wants to know if they can repair things with Andrea. Sarah says this game is all about timing and she’s not sure the time is right to make a big move. But she’s ready for it when it is. Immunity is back up for grabs! For today’s challenge, you’re going to pull on a rope balancing a wobbly table. You’ll then race to stack wooden blocks on that table one letter at a time spelling immunity. If the table wobbles and your stack falls, then you have to start over. First person to finish wins immunity. Guaranteed safety at tribal council. Losers, after 26 days, someone will be voted out and become the third member of our jury. Here we go, for immunity. Survivors ready? Go! Everybody but Tai is working on their first letter. Andrea is coming back with her second letter. Tai falls and realizes he headed out with a block. Andrea places her second letter. Tai is still messing with his blocks at the very beginning. Troyzan has two letters. Andrea has an early lead and coming back with her third letter. Aubry and Michaela have their second letters. Tai finally has his first letter. Andrea has her fourth letter and Troyzan is right behind. Culpepper is right behind as well. Andrea has placed her fifth letter and Troyzan is steps behind Andrea. Sarah drops her blocks and has to start again. Andrea reaches for her sixth block. Aubry drops and has to start again. Right now it is Andrea and Troyzan and they are neck and neck and Troyzan places his first, then Andrea. Debbie is rooting for Troyzan and tells him to take his time. Debbie says aww! Culpepper has placed his seventh letter and then drops. Culpepper says Troyzan has plenty of time and to go slow. Troyzan gets on the platform and wins individual immunity. Troyzan gets the necklace and Debbie says it looks so good on him. Troyzan hugs Jeff. Sierra says luckily one of her power six won immunity so they have the power to choose who goes home. She says they can vote Andrea out because she’s smart in this game and she’s someone who needs to go. Back at camp everyone is telling Troyzan good job. Culpepper says they need to get more coconuts and Michaela and Aubry go to get more. Sierra says all Michaela does is eat and it drives her crazy. Culpepper says at this point they are all so sick of Michaela and it’s tempting to vote her out, but he thinks there’s a bigger threat first. Debbie says let’s vote Michaela but Culpepper says just wait and explains that Andrea is a threat in the game. Debbie says she’d love to vote out Michaela because she’s annoying and has a bad attitude, but she’s a team player. Culpepper fills in the entire alliance and says they vote Andrea and tell everyone else it’s Michaela in case she has an idol. Debbie says don’t worry, everyone wants to work with us now. Sarah is not happy the plan was made without consulting her and she realized at that point she’s not high in the pecking order of that sixsome, so it might be time to make her move. She goes to Zeke and asks if he wants to make a move and Zeke says he’s always ready to make a move. Zeke says he could stay with the power alliance and just vote how they tell him to vote but that’s not how he wants to play the game. Sarah says they will need Andrea to make a move. Zeke agrees they have to make it work, but he has no desire to work with her, but he’s going to have to deal with it. Andrea talks to Sarah and Andrea says she has no play and she wants to work with Sarah and Zeke. Andrea says they need to take out the power alliance and Sarah says she’s in that alliance. Andrea says but you’re on the bottom and Sarah says she knows and being with the enemy is a good thing. Andrea won’t trust Zeke again fully, but right now she’s looking for anyone who wants to play. Sierra and Sarah are talking on the beach and Sierra is talking about how close and connected they are and she thinks it would be amazing if they were final three together with Debbie. Sarah is now nervous and rethinking her plan that maybe she’s not on the bottom of the six. Debbie tells Aubry that those six made a plan who to vote out and that Sarah doesn’t trust Aubry, but Debbie does. Debbie tells Aubry that Michaela is going home. Debbie wants Aubry to think she trusts her even though she screwed her over on their last season. Aubry tells Michaela and Andrea and Sarah what Debbie says. Sarah says she thought she might want to sit in the final three with Debbie, but now she’s spreading lies. Aubry says she has Sarah’s back, she swears. Sarah says if she could control Debbie she could be in the top six, potentially top three. Sarah says she swore to herself coming out here she would make big moves and she’s going to decide at tribal. Jeff says as our jury starts to grow, the game gets more complicated because you have to use tribal to make your case. Jeff asks Cirie about the reward challenge. Cirie says that was humiliating and the fact that people came back to help inspired her to not end on a failure. Jeff says to Sarah she went from frustrated tribemate to human seeing someone trying their best and failing. Sarah says watching her struggling she didn’t know how anyone could leave anyone behind like that. Sarah says she proved it to herself and everyone else that she could do it. Jeff switches to the immunity challenge and asks Andrea about losing. Andrea says she’s very vulnerable because she’s on the bottom. Andrea and Zeke point out the alliance of six and they decided together, everyone got to speak and give input on who they would vote out and it took ten minutes. Jeff goes back to Andrea and she says she heard it was Michaela but when she dropped her blocks everyone was cheering so there were clues it was not Michaela and it’s going to be her. Jeff asks Sarah how it feels to be part of the group making the decisions. Sarah says it’s about being on the right side of the numbers and you can see clear frustration from those not on the right side of the numbers, but can you blame them for feeling secure. Jeff asks Debbie if what Sarah said was a fair statement about perception plays a role in who’s happy with how the game is going. Debbie says it is inconceivable that anyone would think there is anything but a strong six sitting there tonight. So is perception reality, well it is. Debbie says they have a six that has a very accurate perception of themselves and they just click. Jeff asks Troyzan how the six manage to stay together with everyone believing they’re at the top when that’s impossible. Troy says if you’re smart enough to get yourself to six take it. That’s a huge plus, why not. Anything can happen after that, it happens all the time. Jeff asks Zeke about that and he says yeah. He says he always thought at six the deck reshuffles. He says that’s what he’s hoping for tonight. That the deck will reshuffle and who knows who’s going to be upset within the six tomorrow and maybe that’s his moment to strike. Jeff asks Sarah and says that’s an interesting way for Zeke to describe it. Sarah says yeah, you could look at it like that, but as Troyzan said if you are six, maybe you can get to five, four, and three so it’s wishful thinking to hope the deck reshuffles. Jeff says Michaela you had a reaction to that. Michaela says she’s basically saying, you all have no shot so you can just sit here and keep watching us play this game, or you can make a move. Michaela says she didn’t get no marching orders today so they must think she’s about to march herself out. Either way, she’d rather go out swinging and telling the truth than sit there and act like she don’t know what’s going on. Michaela says they all know who’s running the show and you can either do something about while you have numbers or sit there looking like booboo the fool. Time to vote! Jeff will go tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person voted out will leave the tribal council immediately. First vote…Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. Andrea. Debbie. 5 votes Andrea, 5 votes Debbie, 1 vote left. Tenth person voted out…Debbie. Well based on the shocked reactions, maybe the deck WAS reshuffled. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night! Next time, on Survivor…the tide has turned. But the line in the sand is washed away. Debbie says that was absolutely a blindside. She did not see that one coming. She thought she had a lock, stock, and barrel final six and twenty minutes ago she would have told you that six was not going to break. What surprises her is that anyone would flip and now is going to be in a worse position. She’s stunned.
  3. According to twitter accounts, here is how the tweets and retweets look from the artists, their coach, and the voice accounts: Mark's account had 10.5k retweets Troy's account had 9,332 Adam's account had 12.2k Gwen's account had 9,377 The Voice's account had 17k for Mark and 14.4k for Troy Here's how Morty's followers retweeted: Mark had 22 retweets and Troy had 88 retweets.
  4. We are live with your results tonight! We’re going to find out some of the results from last night! Center stage, here’s your Top 12! The first artist America has saved is… America has saved…from Team Gwen…Brennley Brown! America has also saved… America has also saved…from Team Adam…Jesse Larson! The third artist America has saved…from Team Blake… America has also saved from Team Blake…Lauren Duski! Brennley Brown, Jesse Larson, and Lauren Duski are all save and moving on to the Top 11! Everyone else is still in jeopardy. As you know family is very, very important to us here at The Voice. Last year, we tragically lost one of our own, the incredibly talented and beautiful Christina Grimmie. Tonight, in memory of our good friend and along with Christina’s family, we are honored to help announce the creation of The Christina Grimmie Foundation benefiting those impacted by gun violence and families, just like her own affected by breast cancer. Carson thanks her family who is there for allowing them to be a part of this very important moment. As you know, Christina was a finalist for Team Adam season 6. Adam says he loved her so much and he misses her and they are going to sing her a little song and he’ll sing every song to her in her honor and he thanks the family for being there. The next artist America has saved…from Team Alicia… America has saved from Team Alicia…Vanessa Ferguson! America has also saved…from Team Blake… America’s fifth save from Team Blake…Aliyah Moulden! For more information on the Christina Grimmie Foundation or to get involved, go to Christina’s family also just released a new EP called Side B, it’s on iTunes right now. Proceeds go towards this amazing cause. Also a full album of Christina’s music will be released on June 2. Here are the seven remaining artists! It’s time to see who else America has saved. America has saved…from Team Adam… America has saved from Team Adam…Lilli Passero. America has also saved…from Team Alicia… America has also saved from Team Alicia…Chris Blue! After America voted on Snapchat to select a winner, Ignatious Carmouche from Lafayette, Louisiana, he meets Adam Levine and he’s invited to participate in the blind auditions for next season. Time for more results, here’s our remaining 5 artists center stage. We have left Troy Ramey, Stephanie Rice, TSoul, Hunter Plake, and Mark Isaiah. America has saved…from Team Gwen… America has saved from Team Gwen…Hunter Plake! America also saved… America has also saved…TSoul from Team Blake! One more name, America also saved… America has saved…Stephanie Rice from Team Alicia! It’s time for the Instant Save! Voting will open after BOTH artists perform. Don’t vote until we post you can vote! If you do, then your vote will not count, so stay patient and watch for voting to open! Troy Ramey from Team Gwen has selected the song Drift Away by Dobie Gray. Blake says Troy has a classic sounding voice and he hopes people vote for him to go through and he hopes they can find a way to show his personality. Gwen says that had to have been enough because he’s so easy when he sings, it’s so natural. She says it’s one of her favorite performances he’s ever done. Mark Isaiah from Team Adam has selected the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. Adam says that choice of song was a testament that he should still be doing this. Adam says Mark reminds him of Chris Jameson and this kid is so young and he’s on a mission and getting better every day. He’d hate to see him go before everyone can see his full potential. Voting is now closed and it’s time to find out who won your Twitter Instant Save! America instantly saved… Mark Isaiah is moving on to the Top 11 by America’s Instant Save!
  5. Tonight, it’s the biggest episode of The Voice yet, as 4 chairs becomes 5! Helping to advise the teams, then taking a chair to watch live, she’s the top selling female country artist of all time. With more than 100 million albums sold world-wide and 5 Grammy awards, breaking the release of her first studio album in 15 years, the queen of country pop, Shania Twain! The artist’s will have to give the performance of their lives, because tonight, the power is in your hands. As the top 12 artists sing live for your votes. America, the decision is yours! Welcome to the live shows! It is a history making night at The Voice. For the first time ever, we do have a fifth chair. She advised the top 12 this week, we’re so lucky to have her, ladies and gentleman, the one and only country pop megastar, Shania Twain! Shania, along with the coaches, will be giving some thoughts throughout the night. Shania says she is beyond excited and so honored to be sitting there with the coaches. Voting is now open for all artists by all methods. We’re going to kick off tonight with Team Adam’s guitarist who’s going to show his softer side. Adam wants him to completely emote. He is going to sing Make You Feel My Love by Adele. Adam says he was the only one to turn for Jesse and Shania says she would have turned for him. Shania advises him to show a little desperation towards the end of the song when it calls for it. Adam says this is going to put Jesse on the map. We start with Shania. Shania says what a start! She says he hit the peak in the song at the right moment and got there with perfection and he’s a stunning vocalist. Adam says that was incredible and it’s just shocking that he’s so good as a guitar player and maybe even better as a singer. Adam says Jesse is the best pure singer in the competition, but he has to show what he’s got. Up next is Mark Isaiah who is tackling a massive song this week. Adam tells Mark this is where he has to go into another gear. Mark says he wants to introduce America to his R&B side, he’s going to sing One Dance by Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla. Adam thinks he needs to simplify it, and Shania says if he has all the words and notes he risks making it a run-on sentence. Shania says Mark has the technique, it’s about the performance at this point. Shania says Mark has a natural star quality and he presents himself with dynamics and he has a really good sense of where he is in the song. She says he really came to life. Adam says he is blown away because he was a little concerned and he surprised him. Adam says this kid just came out and he acted like he was visiting The Voice and had an album coming out, it was crazy. We’re going to continue with the folk rocker who’s showing her fighting spirit with a powerful hit song. Stephanie Rice is going to perform White Flag by Dido and she wants to make it the most eerie version we’ve heard. Shania says she’s making it her own and it’s a great rendition. Alicia says it’s a Lana Del Ray/Fiona Apple feel to it. Shania says Stephanie’s emotion was just pouring out of her and her voice was crying and she was extremely convincing about her emotions. Gwen says wow, she feels like Shania is right and that inner pain she has is her gift and she loves the way she used her voice tonight and she did a beautiful job. Alicia says Stephanie is the purist artist on the show and she is taken by her range and how she brings people into her world. Our performances will continue with Team Gwen’s Troy Ramey and he is going to sing Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. Shania says Troy has some really beautiful bluesy, soul qualities in his voice. Gwen says the verses are beautiful, but the chorus is kind of a let down. Shania says the chorus is such a sing along chorus. Gwen says this song is a great choice for him and represents his style. Troy says he was waiting for Shania to say that don’t impress her much. Shania says she was so blown away and she loves all the subtleties in his voice and she was really captivated by his style. Adam says that was awesome and he was hoping in the second chorus that he would go up into the big notes and it was pretty in the beginning and he really liked that he made it his. Gwen says something about his personality came through and she felt like he was free falling and it was really good and so fun to see what he actually ended up doing. She says he was really creative and cool and he did a great job. We’re going to continue now with an energetic 15-year old, Aliyah Moulden. She was given the song Love is Like a Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas. Shania wants to hear a little bit of the song a capella so she can tone it down and simplify the song. Blake says he hears her nerves. Shania says part of it is adrenaline and she should burn off some of it before she comes out to perform. Shania says she came out and commanded the stage and has such poise, she is a professional. Shania says Bravo Blake and Aliyah just took it all in stride and came out and rocked the stage. Blake says she blows him away every time she gets on the stage because every time she gets on the stage she takes another step towards becoming an incredible artist. He says she is becoming a performer in front of America’s eyes and that’s incredible to be a part of. Voting is open for all artists on all methods. We’ll continue with back to back performances. First up from Team Alicia the soul singer who’s turning into an incredible story teller, Chris Blue. Chris is going to sing Love and Happiness by Al Green. Shania says she loves it when she hears someone talk about the story first. Alicia says maybe we need to explore a little of the tender side, the softer, gentler side. Shania says it needs to come down and give him another side to jam things out in a sexy, intimate way so the song has some dynamic. He gets a standing ovation from all the coaches and the mentor. Shania says he made it look so easy and he could sing anything and he brought everyone from a real cool collected place and built the room up and exploded. Alicia says it’s just incredible to watch him and he has this ability to make things electric and he made that a Chris Blue song and the audience could not stop clapping. Alicia says there are just some things when you feel it, you feel it. We’re going to continue right away from Team Blake, a Shania Twain super fan, Lauren Duskie. Lauren is going to sing Lord, I Hope This Day is Good by Lee Ann Womack. Shania advises Lauren to be aware of not rushing. Shania tells us she has hints of Emmylou Harris in her voice. Lauren got to harmonize with Shania and Blake and she’s introducing an entirely new generation to this song. Shania says that song was so perfect for Lauren, and that song is a song she could have written. Shania says her voice was so pure and she stayed true to her voice and she didn’t try to be something she wasn’t. Blake says he’s so excited right now. Blake says this is the artist they have been waiting for on the show. He says all she needs is a microphone and a country song and she lights the place up. Remember to download and listen to this season’s song on iTunes and Apple music. We’ll continue with Team Adam’s LA artist who had a setback this week, Lilli Passero. Shania says Lilli has some really beautiful qualities in her voice and she was looking forward to hearing her in person. Adam says he wants Lilli to do Man, I Feel Like a Woman. Lilli says, great, no pressure but she’d love to sing it. Shania says when she does the song live she’s conscious of not over singing the verses because they are meant to be sultry and more bluesy and the chorus is meant to be pop sassy. Shania says that was just awesome and she really had the sass and she’s so happy that she’s better. Shania says it was great to hear it in person and it’s a huge compliment to hear it done so well. Adam says he’s just so surprised to see she’s alive and then he gave her the ambitious task to perform a Shania song in front of Shania. Adam says they are going to do some amazing things going forward, this was just the beginning. We’re back and going to continue with Team Gwen’s 15-year old country singer, Brennley Brown. Brennley is going to sing Long, Long Time by Linda Ronstadt. Shania says Brennley could go pop with it or country, she’s not limited vocally. Gwen says Brennley doesn’t need to do trickery, her voice is so incredible. Shania says people will always be impressed with power notes, but she needs to do what’s true to her. Shania says the emotion came all the way through and her technique was amazing and that was really as good as it gets no matter what age you are. Blake says Brennley ended up with the right coach and that was a brilliant move with that song and she blew him away. Gwen says that was perfect and she doesn’t know what she would do different. Gwen says that was just beautiful. We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s R&B vocalist, TSoul. TSoul is going to sing Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Shania says TSoul has all this technical ability and his voice is incredible. Shania advises to have more of a balance between the big notes and the verses and chorus. Blake says they were going to have him play the piano but something magical happened with TSoul just singing. Shania tells TSoul he felt his emotion and he got lost in his own world and it was very captivating and touching and he has a true soul, voice, and heart. Blake says TSoul is looking at one extremely proud and happy coach. He’s never seen anyone get lost in his performance like TSoul does and he admires that as a fellow artist and loves it as a fan. Blake calls on all the TSoldiers to vote for him because he deserves to be on the show. We’re going to continue now with Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake. Hunter is going to sing Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. Shania says he has nice control and tells him not to lose the rasp when he performs because it adds character. Shania says Hunter captivates her because he has a style that no one else has. Gwen says she’s so excited to see this. Shania says she loved the way Hunter has a mild, calm personality and then when he performs she felt like she was at a full-blown concert. She says he has incredible range and she believed him, he delivered well. Gwen says that was so exciting to see him perform that and the way he produced it was so creative. Gwen thought that was so great and she’s so proud of him. Closing out the night, from Team Alicia is Vanessa Ferguson singing a soul classic. She is going to perform A Song For You by Donny Hathaway. Alicia says this is a classic song and you have to be able to have the right emotion to make the song come alive. Alicia advises her to explore how it feels to lay back a little bit. Shania says she’s such a soulful singer and it’s easy to take a story for granted, but if she is thinking about the lyrics while performing the audience will connect. Shania says Vanessa is pure class inside and out and she has a sense of style about her and she really knows who she is. Alicia says the way she performed that song was so special, and you don’t just come out and sing that song. Alicia says to America if you want magic on the show, then you vote for Vanessa. If you want to vote, you can vote on all platforms or by downloading any of their songs on iTunes. Voting closes at noon Eastern time tomorrow!
  6. Eight teams remain, who will be eliminated next? Ready, set, Go! Vanck and Ashton at the pit stop and Ashton and talking about it was a good day. Matt and Redmond come in and Ashton says weak teams finished in second and third and there’s still a little friction between the two teams. Matt says hopefully this thing is over and Ashton says it is. Michael and Liz rip their envelope. Stone Town was the center of the spice trade in the 19th century and today is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s most famous son is Farrokh Bulsara, also known as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen who lived her as a kid. Teams will find their next clue here in his house. Tara and Joey leave second and they aren’t confident the driver knows where he is going. Liz and Michael were told the house was torn down. Tara and Joey get their clue and it’s a detour. Detour: Lock or Knock. The houses of Stone Town are connected with a confusing maze of alleyways that teams will have to navigate either side of the detour. Lock: Zanzibar chests are known for their intricate carvings and brass ornamentation, but what really makes them unique is that they all have a secret compartment. If they can find one with a key inside, they can use it to open this tricky lock and get their next clue. Knock: Zanzibar’s most famous pieces of architecture are the more than 500 one-of-a-kind doors that were designed to represent a family’s social standing and there are only three royal doors in town. These enormous royal doors are distinguished by this carving of a lion, a serpent, and falcon. Teams will have to go door-to-door to retrieve three wood carvings and then bring them to the shop on Gazanga Street for their next clue. Tara and Joey decide to do knock and they are knocking on every single door. Tara found one. Vanck and Ashton and Matt and Redmond head out. Liz and Micahel are at the wrong location and looking in rocks for a clue. They go and ask for help and get directions. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott take off. Liz and Michael have chosen to do Lock. Tara and Joey are still knocking on random doors. They find the Lock detour and decide to switch. Vanck and Ashton decide to do Knock because they have a map. London and Logan and Matt and Redmond and Brooke and Scott all choose Lock. Michael quickly found there was a secret compartment so he’s caught on. Vanck and Ashton are still trying to find Knock and get directions. Vanck wants to look at a map to make sure they are right and Ashton wants to go and they have a little argument. Becca and Floyd and Shamir and Sara have taken off to find the Freddie Mercury house. Liz finds a key and they begin looking for a lock that matches the tag on the key. Michael unlocks their lock and they have their clue. Phil tells us teams are leaving the islands of Zanzibar and heading back to the mainland of Tanzania to the city of Dar Es Salaam, where they’ll need to find a metal shop. Liz and Michael go for their taxi. Tara and Joey switch back to the Knock detour and Joey thinks they are making a mistake. Vanck and Ashton are having trouble with the royal doors and Vanck wants to switch and Ashton is refusing. They are arguing and someone helps them by telling them where doors are and how to identify them. Becca and Floyd decide to do lock and Shamir and Sara decide to do Knock. Tara and Joey are arguing over the royal doors and Tara asks for assistance and a guy tells her what to look for. Vanck and Ashton have found their first door and retrieved their first item. Everyone in the lock detour is struggling to find the keys. Brooke is looking through doors and she finally realizes there is a hidden compartment and some of the other teams are looking to figure it out and Matt and Redmond figure it out as well. Matt and Redmond have opened their lock and head out. Brooke and Scott are struggling to open their lock. Vanck and Ashton have all three of their items and go to get their clue. Shamir and Sara have two of their items. Tara and Joey are still bickering with each other still looking for their doors. Tara and Joey have found their second item. London and Logan are getting frustrated. Becca is trying to figure out how they found those keys. Brooke found a second key and that opened their lock. Becca asked if they could have the other key and Scott gave it to them. Shamir and Sara struggle to find their third door and they start bickering. Vanck and Ashton have their clue and head to the ferry. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd are at the ferry terminal getting tickets. Tara and Joey have their three items and get their clue. Shamir and Sara are still trying to find the last door and bickering. London and Logan are just looking around and not really looking in the chests. They leave to do Knock and ask about the royal doors. When they came back outside, there was a woman who knew where all three doors were and gives them directions. The teams at the ferry are figuring out who’s missing and they hope if one of them doesn’t make the ferry it takes the pressure off of them. London and Logan have found their first item and Shamir and Sara are still bickering. London and Logan have their second item. Sara asks for help and someone tells her the Sultan’s palace. Shamir asks to switch detours. London and Logan have their last item. The ferry is pulling up to pick up the teams that are waiting. London and Logan make the ferry. Everyone has made the ferry except Shamir and Sara. The ferry is leaving and Shamir and Sara have missed the ferry. We come back to Shamir and Sara still wondering the alleys and Shamir is very frustrated. They finally make it to Lock and they are still arguing. Shamir wants to at least try this challenge because he’s followed Sara all day. The ferry is pulling up to Dar Es Salaam and all the teams are off looking for a taxi. The teams have quickly found the metal shop. Roadblock: These skilled craftsmen can turn aluminum sheets like this into just about anything, including these popular ladle strainers. Working in this ear-splitting cooperative workshop, teams must cut, punch, and pound metal into this useful cooking utensil. When their work meets the standards of Secretary Mohammed, he’ll serve up the next clue. Becca and Vanck both decide to do the road block. Brooke is going to do the road block for her team, Michael is going to do it, and Joey. Redmond is also doing the road block for his team. Michael is impressed with the craftsmen and their talent. Brook is frustrated and doesn’t think she can do it. Logan is doing it for his team. Vanck is struggling a little bit and asking a lot of questions. Brooke is frustrated and crying and saying she can’t do it. Shamir and Sara are still looking through chests and saying they are dead last. Shamir has found the hidden compartment and finds a key and quickly opens their lock. They find the clue and head out to the ferry. At the roadblock, Brooke is still upset and frustrated and she goes to Scott and tells him he has to tell her she can do it because she doesn’t think she has the strength. She asks Becca for help and Becca helps her cut the circle because they helped them with the key. Vanck is struggling a bit and says it’s not easy work. Becca finishes cutting the metal for Brooke and says they are even and Becca goes back to her own ladle. Shamir and Sara are now on a ferry and headed to the mainland. Joey takes his for a check but they said the edges are too rough. Brooke is panicking again because she can’t get the holes in the metal and Redmond shows her how to do it and he tells her to calm down. Redmond takes his for a check and Joey follows right after. Redmond is told no and the holes aren’t good. Joey is successful and has completed the road block. Becca takes hers for a check. Tara and Joey get the clue and rip it open. Pit stop: This is Dar Es Salaam’s favorite place to go for a swim, Coco Beach, and now the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here at the mat may be eliminated. Becca is finished with her and they are headed to the pit stop. Vanck is piecing his ladle together. Brooke is still upset and saying she can’t do it. Shamir and Sara are still on the ferry and Sara says they haven’t given up yet because you never know what can happen. Tara and Joey are team number one and as winners of this leg of the race, they have won $5000 each. Becca and Floyd arrive second on the mat. Michael has successfully completed his ladle and they get their clue. Michael goes to give a little assistance to Brooke, offer support, and tells her she can do this. Logan has completed his ladle and Redmond is right behind. Brooke is taking hers for a check so they can tell her it’s bad. Brooke says they will have to take a penalty. They tell her no and tell her the holes aren’t good and edge is rough. Vanck takes his for a check and he has completed his. Michael and Liz are team number 3 and Matt and Redmond are team number 4. London and Logan are team number 5. Shamir and Sara are headed to the metal shop. Brooke goes to haves her checked again and she is begging please let it be good. Brooke apologizes to Scott and says she is trying so hard. They give her the ok and her ladle is complete. Brooke celebrates. Vanck and Ashton hit the mat in sixth. Shamir is doing the road block for his team. Brooke and Scott check in as team number seven. Brooke says she is so grateful to the other teams because without them she just would not have finished. Sara tells Shamir to stay focused, she knows he will not give up. Phil comes to the road block to see them and says it’s a tough day and a long way. Phil says he’s sorry to tell them all the other teams have checked into the mat and they have been eliminated from the race. On the next episode of The Amazing Race, Norway has Liz and Michael going the wrong way and team fun going one way, straight down. Liz and Michael say they are getting along great. Tara and Joey rip their envelope. Phil tells us Tara and Joey will be the first to fly from the continent of Africa 5,000 miles north to Europe and the kingdom of Norway, home to the highest concentration of fjords in the world. When they arrive in Alesund, they will drive to Hogsteinen Fyr Lighthouse and be treated to rock fish, something locals just can’t get enough of. Tara says they are glad they did well last leg, but they have no idea who has the express pass. Becca and Floyd are behind with the express pass and say it has to be used by leg 5 and they want a first place today. Liz says it’s getting a little bit cutthroatish. All the teams are on the same flight headed to Alesund, Norway. The teams are remarking how beautiful it is as they drive. Michael is nervous they are going the wrong way so they stop and ask for directions. There is a fisherman cutting up the rock fish and he tells the teams when they finish their plate, they get their next clue. Brooke doesn’t think she can eat all of it. Becca and Floyd are finished and get their clue. Brooke says she can’t eat it because she can’t breathe. Phil tells us that teams must now drive themselves to the village of Slinningen and search for the Slinningsbalet. There is also a fast forward in the envelope and Becca and Floyd want to do it. Phil says Becca and Floyd have decided to try for the Fast Forward which begins with a trip in a helicopter. What they don’t know is that the fast forward requires them to do a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet. It’s called Jump for Joy. Brooke and Scott wanted to do the Fast Forward but they see Becca and Floyd. Vanck is checking their map before they head out and Brooke and Scott follow them because they don’t have a map. Brooke and Scott are bickering in their car because she wants him to drive faster and not lose them. Brooke and Scott have lost Vanck and Ashton and they aren’t sure where they are going and Brooke wants to stop and ask for directions and Scott doesn’t want to stop because they’ll be in last. Floyd and Becca are flying over a valley and Floyd says they won’t have to use their express pass and ruin trust with other teams because they kept it a secret. Matt and Redmond and Tara and Joey are at the Roadblock: Who wants to help break a world record? Road block: Every year, Norwegians attempt to break their own world record for the tallest hand stacked bonfire, made with about 31,000 wooden pallets that are stacked about 13 stories high creating this rickety tower. One person must carefully climb to the top, then place and nail down a pallet so this place is ready to be lit up. Joey says he’ll do it and Matt is going to do it. Ashton and Vanck arrive and Ashton wants to do it. Matt is climbing quickly and Joey is a bit slower because he has a slight fear of heights. Scott is going to do this task and London is going to do it. Matt has reached the top and is nailing down his pallet. Liz is going to do this road block. Matt heads back down and Joey has reached the top. Matt and Redmond rip their envelope and it’s time for the detour. Detour: Trolls or Troll. Trolls: according to a fairy tale, an evil professor was responsible for the great fire of Alesund in 1904. When the town was rebuilt, these little trolls were trapped in the building. Teams must search for fire trolls like this around town, and then recite a spell to free them. They’ll be rewarded with a giant firework. When they collect six rockets, they’ll find out the name of the next pit stop. Troll: One of the great things about living in Alesund is that you get to go fishing from the comfort of your own home. Teams must kayak through this canal and check the lures of local fisherman until they figure out they’ve found one with the name of the next pit stop. Matt and Redmond decide to Troll and they say Becca is going to be bummed she missed out. Floyd says he’ll do anything right now for the Fast Forward. They land on a strip and find out they’re going skydiving. Joey is at the top nailing his pallet and he heads back down. Ashton has reached the top and Scott and London are neck and neck. Tara and Joey also choose Troll. Liz is a bit behind but she catches up and she reaches the top with Scott and London. Ashton is headed back down and almost to the bottom. Ashton and Vanck decide to do Trolls. Scott and London are back down at the bottom and Liz is about halfway down. Ashton has lost her fanny pack and they don’t have their map. Ashton goes back and grabs her pack. Liz and Michael decide to do Trolls. Matt and Redmond are kayaking quickly and checking lures. Becca and Floyd are heading back up for the skydive and they are both scared but they are ready. Matt and Redmond find an orange lure but they toss it back. Tara and Joey are there to kayak and they are looking. Joey has found it and they read it. Tara looks at another one just to make sure. Tara isn’t sure if it is right and Joey says it is. Matt and Redmond are still looking. Joey says they found the clue but they weren’t sure what to do with it. Vanck and Ashton are at their detour and get their instructions. Liz and Michael see the kayak challenge and Michael wants to do that but Liz doesn’t want to. Brooke and Scott have arrived at the Trolls challenge as well. London and Logan have also arrived. Vanck and Ashton have found the first one and they recite the riddle and get their first rocket. They quickly find their second Troll and get their second rocket and they decide to take them back to the story teller so they don’t have to carry them around. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott are working together. London and Logan and Brooke and Scott both have their first firework. Michael and Liz are starting to argue. Michael and Liz are arguing over directions and Michael doesn’t want to do the challenge. Liz is staying calm and giving directions and they find their first rocket. Liz leads him around the corner to find the second and Michael apologizes. Ashton and Vanck are driving for their third troll and find the building and bicker if they’re at the right place. Ashton is looking for their third troll and Brooke and Scott and London and Logan come up while they are looking. They find their third rockets. Becca and Floyd are doing their tandem skydive. Becca and Floyd land and complete their Fast Forward. Phil tells us after the 1904 fire, Alesund was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style architecture and this view on top of Mount Aksla is the perfect place to take it all in. The last team to check in here with me at the mat may be eliminated. Tara and Joey ask Matt and Redmond if they understand the clue and Matt and Redmond say they don’t have it. Tara and Joey head back so they can go out and ask what Askla is and Tara asks why he told them. Vanck and Ashton have their fourth rocket. Brooke and Scott and London and Logan have their fourth, and Liz and Michael are right behind. Becca and Floyd ask for directions to Mount Aksla. Matt and Redmond and Tara and Joey get directions as well and are headed to the pit stop too. There are a ton of stairs leading up the mat. Joey and Tara are first to hit the mat. Matt and Redmond are team number two. Becca and Floyd get there and Phil says they had the express pass in their pocket and they did the Fast Forward, however they are team number three. They are stunned because they were laughing and happy they thought they would be first. Phil tells them yes, he’s serious. Vanck and Ashton have all 6 of their rockets, Brooke and Scott and London and Logan. Michael and Liz need one more and they are going to grab it on their way back to the story teller. They are all struggling to carry all the rockets. Liz and Michael got theirs and when they go to leave they hit a car. They were going to drive to the Mount instead of climbing the stairs, even though they told the stairs were faster and not that hard. Michael tells the driver of the van he hit them and he says it’s not too bad and he thinks it’s ok. They head back out. Brooke just turned the corner and she is saying she doesn’t know if she can do it. Vanck and Ashton are team number 4. Brooke tells Scott he needs to slow down and Scott tells London and Logan they can head on up. Brooke starts yelling at Scott. London and Logan keep encouraging Brooke. Michael found an elevator and they use it to go up. Brooke needs water and her back hurts. Scott keeps encouraging her. London and Logan are team number five. Phil says Brooke doesn’t look happy and she says just tell me. Brooke and Scott are team number six. Michael and Liz are arguing again in the elevator and Liz says they should go back out, park, and climb the steps. Liz and Michael are the last team to arrive. Phil tells them to lift their heads up because they are still racing and he has their next clue. Phil says keep on racing, don’t give up because they can still win the race. Liz says there’s a lot of negativity and Michael says it goes both ways and Liz says she didn’t do anything. Phil says they have to work it out and work together. They still argue for another minute or two and Michael says he is done and Liz says that’s it, she’s done and it’s over. To be continued… Next time, on The Amazing Race will Liz and Michael overcome their differences? And when the race heads to Italy, teams face another U-Turn, and their fears.
  7. At Nuku, the next day after tribal Sarah is talking to Tai and says she doesn’t forgive Varner yet but she doesn’t care that the others did. Tai says he took so much from Zeke and he feels very emotional. Sarah says she was raised in a conservative family, but she got to know Zeke and she loves that guy and nothing has changed. Zeke says the reason he didn’t want to tell people is because he wanted them to know him. He says when he tells people they want to ask questions and it becomes about that and not about who he is. Zeke says Survivor makes you tough, resilient, and adaptable. Ozzy says he’s glad we’ve move passed that. Zeke says he likes the people he’s playing with and it’s heartening that in someone’s lowest moments they came to his defense, but he’s there to play a game. He’s there to win a million dollars so let’s get back to it. Jeff calls the tribes in and Cirie sees a buffet on a table and she says it’s a merge feast and she’s happy, but at the same time Jeff is standing there next to a covered table so something ain’t right. Sierra says her heart is pounding. Jeff asks Ozzy how important is food right now. Ozzy says they are all incredibly hungry and hyper aware of that as well as what’s under the cover on the table. Jeff says that’s interesting because that’s about to come into play. Before they officially merge, they have one last decision to make as tribes. In order to enjoy this beautiful meal, one person from each tribe must volunteer to not take part. Culpepper shakes his head and Debbie says Oh my God! Jeff says if we don’t have two volunteers, one from each tribe, to sit out of the feast, the feast goes away and instead you will celebrate the merge with an individual cracker and a swig of iced tea. Big dilemma! Jeff says Zeke this decision is quite complicated. Zeke says on one hand I could give my allies a chance to eat and take the burden upon myself. He continues but on the other hand I might need that fuel because everybody might be coming after me. Culpepper volunteers from his tribe. He says he can catch fish and Jeff says Culpepper you immediately said you would do it. Culpepper says it’s what Monica would do. Zeke tells us here’s the thing with Culpepper, he didn’t like the way he came out looking in Blood vs Water, so he volunteers to fall on the sword to be like the hero and the great provider. He thinks this is the Culpepper brand to sacrifice himself for others. Jeff says ok we have Culpepper, is there anyone from Nuku that is willing to do this? Ozzy says he doesn’t think he can do it. They look at each other and Tai volunteers and he already decided. Jeff asks Andrea if she’s surprised that two people stood up and said it’s not that big of deal? Andrea says it doesn’t surprise her that Tai would do that because he’s so selfless and caring and she’s so thankful. Jeff says allright we have our two volunteers. Brad from Mana, Tai from Nuku make the last tribe decision because we are officially merged. Everyone can drop their buffs. Everyone starts to hug and Cirie tells us Tai and Culpepper got brownie points by providing for everyone but it makes her suspicious because everything in this game is calculated. Jeff tells Culpepper and Tai to head down the beach where they’ll find a log with two yellow merge buffs. Head out! Jeff tells everybody else to enjoy the feast and they run for the table. Sierra says she is going to come out guns blazing, plus she still has the legacy advantage but she wants to keep until they are down to 6. Cirie says yeah they are feasting, but everyone is talking and reuniting and this is where she needs to step her game up. They shout they love Tai and Brad. Culpepper says he and Tai connected prior to the merge and he thinks he’s taken Caleb’s spot. Culpepper tells Tai they have Troyzan and Sierra so they have a lot of numbers and Michaela and Hali are a target because they don’t need them. Tai says he loves Culpepper and he’s more comfortable in this game. Debbie is a little tipsy and dancing with Cirie and others. Debbie says she’s ok with other people thinking she’s drinking but she never had a sip. Debbie mooned Tai and says if she has to act drunk and twerk and shake her booty to make people feel comfortable with her, then that’s ok. She says relationships mean everything and if anyone thinks their camp isn’t going to be pandemonium, then they are a fool. The merge tribe is at Nuku’s camp. Debbie apologizes and hugs Brad. Debbie says Cochran suggested she extend the olive branch and she did that. They are talking about who got voted off and Zeke says he will tell the Varner story and explains what happened at their tribal council. Aubry says she’s proud of Zeke. Ozzy pulls Culpepper and Troyzan to talk about what they might want to do. Ozzy says we can do whatever we want at this point and Culpepper says Michaela or Hali, preferable Michaela and Ozzy is on board with that. Culpepper doesn’t feel good about Michaela because her reputation precedes her a little bit. Michaela’s name is being spread around camp and everyone is nodding and agreeing. The merged tribe is Maku Maku. Sierra talks to Sarah and fills her in about Michaela. Sierra tells us her and Culpepper don’t want to work with Michaela because she’s shifty and not trustworthy. Sierra then talks to Zeke and Michaela walks up and Sierra is aggravated because Michaela won’t let anyone talk. Zeke, Cirie, and Andrea are talking in the hut and he says it’s them three and Sarah to the end. They are discussing Michaela being a number for them. Zeke says there are two natural groups trying to get in the power position moving forward. It’s Cirie, Sarah, Andrea, and Zeke and then there’s Culpepper and Sierra’s group and Zeke says everyone is wondering is the other going to strike first and I’m going to be caught with my pants down. Zeke says they have to strike first and this is the last moments of everyone pretending to get along. The smiles before the bloodbath. Andrea is coming out of the water and Troyzan pretends to take her picture and Andrea falls. Hali says going into a merge people are everywhere and she doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of people working with her. She tells us Michaela is on the chopping block, but Hali wants to work with her and she wants to light a fire under Michaela’s but to get strategy going and help her. Hali lets her know she’s heard Michaela’s name. Michaela says it kind of made her mad that she’s out of the loop and she’s going to have to find some people she can trust, and maybe that person is Cirie. Michaela talks to Cirie and says she’s hearing her name and it makes her mad. Cirie says she’s a smart girl but she needs to conceal her emotion and not shut down and she used to be like Michaela herself. Cirie says she was a hothead and she thought she knew everything and when you put your guard up you push people away, which is not conducive to being successful at Survivor. Michaela says she doesn’t know how to navigate the merge because she’s never been here before. Michaela tells us she is extremely excited to play with Cirie. Jeff calls them for immunity. First things first, he’ll take back tribal immunity. Tribal immunity is no more and individual immunity is what you covet. With this around your neck you are safe, without it you are not. Ready to get to today’s challenge? For today’s challenge you’re going to stand on your toes with a block wedged between your head and the top of a frame. The longer the challenge goes, the more fatigued your legs will become. When they finally give out, the block will drop and you’re out. Last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from tribal council. Losers someone will be the eighth person voted out of this game. We’ll draw for spots and get started! Jeff instructs them to put the block above them and he counts them in and tells them to drop their hands. Hali is the first one out and within second Troyzan and Zeke are out. Down to 10. Jeff says it’s going to hurt instantly and fight through the pain. He tells them they cannot touch the block or the frame. Cirie drops her block and she is out. Michaela is talking to herself to relax and focus. Debbie drops. Michaela struggling again and is now out. Down to 7. Ozzy fidgets a little and drops and he is out. Aubry is out right after Ozzy. There are 5 left. Culpepper begins shaking and his block drops. 25 minutes in with Tai, Sierra, Sarah, and Andrea left. Jeff says this challenge has never been won by a woman. Sarah drops her block and Sierra drops as well. We are down to two Tai and Andrea. Tai hasn’t budged and Andrea is wobbling. Tai begins to shake a little. Tai drops. Andrea wins immunity! Back at Maku Maku people are congratulating Andrea. Sierra feels like she’s the person in charge and she likes having control and she thinks Michaela going home tonight is best. However, she’s a little worried about Hali because she’s extremely confident this time around and playing a different game and she thinks Hali has an idol. Sierra wants to split votes between Hali and Michaela. Cirie walks up on Sierra and Debbie talking and Sierra fills Cirie in on the plan to split the votes. Culpepper asks who should we tell them who we’re voting for and Sierra says Zeke. Michaela walks up at this point and say she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and Sierra tells her Zeke because he’ll win the game and Debbie says because he has the best story. Hali says everyone else is saying Zeke so she’ll put his name down, but she’s not comfortable. Michaela says she doesn’t care but she feels like her name is going to get written down. Cirie doesn’t want to vote for Michaela just because Sierra said so, she’d rather vote for Hali. Cirie talks to Zeke and says the reason they want to vote Michaela is so they can bring in Hali and she doesn’t want to set them up. Zeke says he thought the concern was over her having an idol and Cirie says that’s what they’re saying but she doesn’t know. Zeke says tonight’s vote is an opening shot and this vote is making sure the other side is one man down. Zeke questions Sierra why not put a majority of the votes on Hali instead of Michaela. Sierra says they just need to stay calm. Cirie says you can’t win the war if you don’t have a sufficient army and if Michaela goes home that’s one less number for her. When Zeke walks away Sierra asks what his problem is if he wants to be in charge. She says guess what, there’s a new sheriff in town. Cirie tells Michaela she is trying to save her life right now. Michaela says she trusts Cirie right now and Cirie tells Michaela to stick with the plan and vote for Zeke. Cirie says she needs the numbers to fall on her side and if she pulls it off the future is looking good. Cirie is the last person to make it to tribal so she grabs a torch and gets her fire. Jeff says 13 people, Zeke the game goes from two tribes to this mass of individuals and how big of a shift is it. Zeke says there are so many people to watch and so many people you can’t watch. You just have to get used to the fact that there is going to be a lot happening around you. Jeff says Andrea how do you explain the merge to someone who’s never seen Survivor? Like this is the point in the game where what happens. Andrea says this is the point in the game where lines are drawn and the first couple of votes after the merge are huge. It will show where the alliances are and it sets the tone for the rest of the game. Jeff asks Debbie if it’s like musical chairs where you’re circling waiting for it stop and hurry and grab a seat. Debbie laughs and says not tonight it won’t be, she doesn’t expect to be shocked tonight. Jeff asks Hali if when she hears Debbie say well I’m not going to be shocked tonight, does that make you feel good or uneasy? Hali says she’s in the dark on this tribal vote. She feels like she’s in a room with people carrying rifles and three or four of them is blindfolded and one of them is going to get shot and she doesn’t know which one it is. Jeff says wow! Jeff says Michaela you were nodding your head. Do you agree with Hali? Michaela says yeah, basically people weren’t trying to talk to her today. Jeff says so you’re worried tonight? Michaela says of course! But if people were playing a truly individual game they would look at all these different relationships that are here and look at who’s a threat to them and who plays this game more strategically. She’s trying to understand what’s guiding people’s votes but she feels a little in the dark. Jeff asks Tai how he figures out what vote to make tonight when there are so many people, and yet this could be a very significant vote. Tai says you can’t just look at the vote tonight, but look at the next two or three votes down the line. Jeff says Ozzy at some point a name has to be said. From your point of view what’s the criteria? Ozzy says risk, also the possibility of an idol being played and if it’s possible to put the vote to the person who may or may not have an idol. Those are big questions in this game. Jeff asks Debbie if idols has been a big topic and if someone has one and if so should they target though. Debbie says she loves tribal. This is the coliseum and you live or you die here and tonight she still finds it exciting and she always thinks the present is a good time to try and flush an idol. Jeff asks Cirie if there’s ever a point where someone offers to strip down, let them look through their bag, and walk to tribal naked to prove they don’t have an idol? Cirie says the person who is thought to have an idol may not know they are thought to even have an idol and have an opportunity to do all that. Hali raises her hand and says if this is an opportunity to do that she’ll shake down in front of everyone right now and everyone starts to look at each other. Jeff says so you’re concerned they think you have an idol and that’s why you’ve been blindfolded. Hali says if I am someone can tell me if that’s necessary because I’m here to die another day, not this day. Jeff asks Zeke why wouldn’t you take someone up on that offer because it’s just more information? Zeke says no one wants to be the one to say well yeah, go ahead and dump your bag out. Hali says well if you want to be more secure you can man up and tell me and we can do a pat/strip search here to settle things, but she’s not going to do it on her own accord. Jeff says Aubry, bring me some clarity. Why would Hali say I’m willing to empty my bag and prove I don’t have an idol, but I’m not willing to do if no one is going to ask me to do it? Aubry says she thinks that’s a good sign of a good Survivor player. Aubry says they can say they want to be upfront and clear as possible, but there’s always a shred of mystery in this game and things can change on a dime. Hali says she would invite people to look at the blindfolded people and ask are they really the weaklings in this game, are they really the game changers, and is that the wrong side of the numbers guys? Jeff says to Sierra Hali is saying if you’re targeting her you’re making a big mistake. Take a target out, not me. Sierra says yeah, that makes absolute sense and free agents are key in this game because they do make numbers, but there’s a time and a place to gather those numbers and is it now? Is it the beginning of the game? You don’t know. Alright, it is time to vote! It’s time to tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. First vote…Zeke. Zeke. Michaela. Hali. Michaela. Hali. 2 votes Zeke, 2 votes Michaela, and 2 votes Hali. Michaela. That’s three votes Michaela. Hali. Michaela. Hali. 4 votes Michaela, 4 votes Hali, 2 votes Zeke. Hali. Eighth person voted out and the first member of our jury…Hali. With tonight’s vote we have our first member of the jury which means every person voted out from now becomes part of your resume should you make it to the end. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Hali says these people are dumb. Why did they vote her out? You want to sit with the big, strong strategic players? Or you want sit with the herd of goats? She’s thankful to be on the jury and be part of the game and she doesn’t know what she did wrong. But she’s out and they’re still in so more power to them. It’s the next morning at Maku Maku and Michaela says Cirie stuck her neck out for her at tribal council and if she can do the same, she will. Cirie talks to Michaela and says you have to make sure you don’t tell them of my involvement. Michaela says the last thing she wants to do is mess up Cirie’s game after her help. Cirie, Aubry, and Zeke are walking and Cirie asks what’s the word and Zeke says I think you’re more in the know than I am. Cirie says she has her own agenda and she wants to play her own game and the next tribal council everything is going to be out in the open and the war is going to start. Cirie says Sierra and Culpepper are one and Zeke says if it’s one of them he’ll skip to the voting booth. Cirie says she sees Sierra as the Godfather and she is controlling Culpepper who is controlling Troyzan. If they cut the top link off the chain, then it will shatter. Zeke says if they wanted to vote Brad or Sierra out he doesn’t think a single person besides them wouldn’t be on board with that. Cirie says Zeke is willing, Andrea is down, and she trusts officer Sarah and she knows Michaela. She says they’re ready for war. Aubry says she feels like she is in the middle of a big Italian family brawl. Zeke and Andrea are in a hammock and Andrea says she is dying to take out Sierra or Culpepper. Andrea says she doesn’t think they can tell Debbie and she really likes Sierra. Zeke says he’s typically in control, but he can’t see the big picture and something isn’t right because he isn’t in the position he wants to be in. Andrea says Debbie isn’t with us and she’s a wild card. Zeke says the last time he played he might have shot for the moon too early. But you either live to regret making the move too early or not making it all, and you have to regret making the move. You have to play. Zeke says he sees Sierra and Culpepper as a threat, but not the biggest. Zeke sees Cirie and Andrea as much bigger strategic threats than Sierra because they are trying to control the game and he could get out Cirie or Andrea with the vote right now. Why wait? Time for reward! For today’s challenge, they’ll be divided into two teams of six. On his go, two members from each team will swim out and retrieve a net filled with wooden fish. Bring it back to shore where two other members will untie those fish and hook them to a pole and carry them to the finish where the two remaining tribe members will use the fish to solve a puzzle. First team to get it right wins reward. Reward is a day of luxury. The winning team will be taken to the Marshall’s lounge where they will enjoy a shower with soap and shampoos and dry off with Egyptian cotton towels and relax in robes. When they’re good and clean they get burgers and apple pie. Sarah was a captain of team orange and picked Culpepper, Aubry, Michaela, Cirie, and Sierra. Andrea was a captain of team blue and chose Tai, Troyzan, Ozzy, Debbie, and Zeke. Survivor’s ready? Go! Sarah and Culpepper for orange are swimming and Troyzan and Ozzy for blue. Sarah and Culpepper have their fish free and Ozzy and Troyzan are struggling. Sarah and Culpepper lost a fish and Sarah has to go after it. Troyzan and Ozzy have caught up and passed Culpepper. Andrea and Tai are untying fish for blue. Orange just hit the mat and Michaela and Aubry are untying fish. Andrea is hooking her fish and Tai is untying them. Michaela is hooking fish and Aubry is untying. Andrea and Tai have their fish and take off. Troyzan yells they are missing one and Andrea and Tai have to go back. Michaela and Aubry head out with all their pieces. Cirie and Sierra are working on the puzzle. Zeke and Debbie are a bit behind and getting their pieces. Cirie and Sierra have one puzzle complete, if it’s right. They are struggling with the second. Zeke thinks he has their puzzles and they pick it up. Cirie and Sierra think they have it. Zeke and Debbie think they have it and they do. Zeke, Debbie, Troyzan, Tai, Ozzy, and Andrea win reward. Back at Maku Maku and they are discussing their loss and how they forgot how hard it was. Cirie says she feels responsible because she feels worthless and feels like she couldn’t provide for her team. Sierra tells Cirie it’s not her fault. The other team is coming up to their spa experience. Tai says he heard about streaking in the 80s and he goes running around naked. They go to eat and Zeke says he’s having a great time but he’s not “in the game” right now. Zeke talks to Tai and Debbie and mentions they could go after Sierra or Culpepper but he thinks Cirie and Andrea are a better target. Zeke tells Debbie what Andrea said about not telling Debbie about taking out Sierra or Culpepper. Debbie seems skeptical though and it’s hard for her to take anything Zeke says at face value. She tells Zeke she’s ready to make a big move but tells us she doesn’t need Zeke to make it. Time for immunity! Andrea has to give it back and it’s back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, you’re going to hang onto a pole for as long as you can. When you drop, you’re out. Last person left hanging wins immunity. Losers tribal council where someone will be the ninth person voted out of this game. They draw for spots. Everyone has chosen their starting spot and there are a lot of different opening strategy and this challenge is on. Jeff says it’s not easy and you struggle right from the beginning. Sierra has done this challenge once and has not won, Ozzy has done the challenge twice and has not lost. He is undefeated in this challenge in his Survivor career and no one else there has done this. Culpepper starts to slip and Cirie slips quickly. She tries to hold on but Cirie is the first one out. Sarah is starting to slip. Culpepper slides down and he is now out. Debbie slides down and Sarah slides farther down the pole. Aubry slips and slides off. Debbie slides down also, leaving some skin behind. Down to 8. Zeke slides down and down to 7 very quickly. Sierra says it’s a lot harder than it looks. Sierra is now out. Troyzan and Sarah are down to their last footholds. Troyzan slides off and Sarah is off right behind. We are down to 4, Michaela, Andrea, Tai, and Ozzy. 20 minutes has gone by and Jeff says there is nowhere to grip on the pole. Jeff says Michaela looks like she’s standing on the foothold is amazing. Andrea is struggling and Ozzy says he plans on breaking his record. Michaela adjust down the pole and steps off the pole. Jeff asks what happen and Michaela says Ozzy is coming off that pole and she has to pick and choose her battles. Andrea begins to slide but readjusts. Tai and Ozzy haven’t moved. Andrea takes a huge drop straight down and Jeff asks if she’s ok. She says she didn’t want to slide down. Faceoff between Tai and Ozzy. We are now at the hour mark. Zeke says that probably puts Ozzy in the legends category staying up there like that. Both Tai and Ozzy are readjusting. Jeff asks Ozzy how comfortable he is knowing he’s won the challenge twice. Ozzy says he knows what’s to come, you get sweaty and start to slip. He says if he wins he will go fishing today, and if he doesn’t win he won’t go. Jeff says that’s using leverage. Tai says sorry buddy! He’s chancing it. 1 hour and 35 minutes have passed. Both guys are still at the top. Ozzy readjusts and slips. Tai has been moving a lot and struggles to get a foothold. Ozzy starts to slide and slides all the way down. Ozzy is out of the challenge and Tai wins individual immunity and dethrones Ozzy who has never lost. Tai walks over and gives Ozzy a hug. Ozzy is bleeding. Tai says he can’t believe he beat Ozzy the two-time champion. Jeff says that was an epic challenge. Brad says sides are starting to form and if you aren’t on a side you better do so quickly or you’ll end up on the small side. Brad says tribal will be crazy because it could dictate the future of the game. Back at camp, Ozzy is showing his wounds. Zeke is happy Andrea didn’t win individual immunity and he’s ready to get rid of her. Zeke tells Sierra her name is being thrown out to go home by Cirie, Andrea, and Aubry. Zeke says he’s not interested in seeing that happen and he would like to see Andrea go home. Sierra says I thought you were pretty close with them and Zeke says you think I would be, but I’m not. Sierra says Zeke is acting like he wants to switch sides all of the sudden, but when she talks to him she feels like he thinks she’s stupid and she doesn’t like that. Sierra talks to Cirie and tells her Zeke says she threw her name out. Cirie is stunned and tells Andrea and Ozzy about it and Andrea asks why he would do that. Andrea is furious and she thought not only were they alliance members, but also friends. Ozzy says he’s learned about this game that timing is everything and Cirie is good and he wants her on his side voting with him against other people like Zeke. Cirie fills in Sarah and she is stunned. Debbie and Sierra are talking and asks what she is going to tell Zeke and Sierra says Aubry? Debbie says if you really want to blow people out of the water, you vote out Ozzy. Debbie is game for that and Sierra says she would. Sierra says those idiots are like herding cats and Debbie says we make the decision and dictate to them. Debbie fills in Troyzan about taking out Ozzy. She follows up with Culpepper, Sarah, and Tai. She says if they all listen to her, things will go off and they will be massive game changers tonight, largely thanks to her and she has an extra vote. Sarah says at this point she’s in the middle of two groups that are starting to surface. Sarah is weighing all of her options. She says if you take Ozzy out you take out a good social game who’s good at challenges and you want to do that early in the game. She follows up if you vote out Zeke, he’s smart and willing to make moves and that can get you voted out of the game. She’s in a tough position, but a line will be drawn in the sand this vote. Tribal council and they bring in the first member of their jury, Hali. Jeff says Ozzy you’ve played this game as many times as anyone has ever played it, what’s unique about this season? Ozzy says for some reason the stakes seem higher. Everyone is trying to play a secret agent, espionage behind every coconut tree, there’s just more of a cutthroat mentality. Jeff asks Sarah with all the changes is it hard to know where the real relationships lie? Sarah says yeah you don’t know who’s with who and it seems like they’re all a bunch of single people waiting to hook up and everyone laughs. Sarah says if anyone wants to go on a date, she’s available. Jeff says Tai in a game this cagey, winning immunity becomes so important. Tai says yeah, it still surprised him but he felt like he had to do it for himself. Jeff says Ozzy you’ve never lost that challenge, you go back to camp, you have to feel some pressure. Ozzy says always you just talk to as many people as you can and trust the people who say you can trust them. Ozzy says he does have value in this game because there isn’t anything to eat at camp. He’s going to be working his ass off to make sure people stay fed and it’s a big thing to be able to offer, especially with 15 days left. Jeff says Aubry you’ve played the game once so you know what that feels like. 24 days in, could you make it without people catching fish? Aubry says this is much harder than the first time she played, despite everyone being cagey, it’s tough. All the protein only comes in when Ozzy brings it in. Jeff says so Zeke, you want to get to the end and put people on the jury who will vote for you. Is that still the approach to take? Zeke says I think you still play by the same rules. You think can you beat this person or this person, you also have to think do they think they can beat me. Jeff asks Tai if he can tell a difference in the way the game is played as far as the subtlety and nuance of communication in which English is not your first language? Tai says it’s incredibly different and it all makes sense to him when he hears people talking about it. Jeff says you mean what Zeke just said and Tai says yeah he sees things from a different angle and it never occurred to him to think it that way. Jeff says Zeke, when you hear another person say at tribal he’s incredible is there a part of you saying oh no, please don’t say that right before we vote? Zeke says there’s always a modicum of worrying for sure, but there are times that he thinks he’s ok and he has to have those moments of peace or he wouldn’t make it for 24 days, he’d be a nervous wreck the entire time. Jeff says to Debbie that Survivor is ultimately about strategy and game play. Who does she vote out that she thinks will vote for her if she gets to the end. She says absolutely, being in the Air Force Auxiliary, they have to gather facts, assess information, come up with a plan, and carry out. The difference is those people have your back and these people have daggers aiming for her back. It’s insane so she doesn’t know who she’s with, it’s crazy. Jeff asks Cirie what ran through her mind as she contemplated who to vote for. Cirie says well who do I think has displayed a certain level of trust to believe what this person is saying or vice versa and that’s how she’s basing her vote tonight. All right, it is time to vote! Jeff goes to tally the votes. Debbie says Jeff before you do that. While I was in exile, I gave up the basic necessities of life so I could have an advantage in the game. Jeff says and the advantage is? Debbie says an extra vote sir and she’s going to use it tonight. Jeff says go cast your extra vote. If you have a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. Once the votes are read the decision is final. First vote…Ozzy. Zeke. Sierra. Aubry. 1 vote Ozzy, 1 vote Zeke, 1 vote Sierra, and 1 vote Aubry. Zeke. Ozzy. Zeke. Ozzy. 3 votes Ozzy, 3 votes Zeke, 1 vote Sierra, and 1 vote Aubry. Zeke. Ozzy. Ozzy. Ninth person voted out and the second member of our jury…Ozzy. Ozzy tells them good job and good luck eating. Jeff says well it’s very clear from all the reactions that all the talk of caginess, a punch was just thrown. Grab your torches head back to camp. Good night! Next time on Survivor, the gloves are off! An alliance seems invincible, but nothing is set in stone. Ozzy says he didn’t see that coming, but he knew it was inevitable. He played his hardest but he thinks he overestimated his worth, but if you don’t have immunity and you don’t have an idol, you’re sitting where I’m sitting. Survivor as a way of life has changed him in ways he’ll never forget.
  8. Tonight, it’s Team Adam and Team Gwen’s turn to perform for a spot in the top 12. Team Alicia and Team Blake are in the audience and just like last night you get to pick in real time who will advance. We’ll reveal your votes at the end of the night. Adam and Gwen both have chosen comeback artists. Congratulations to Johnny Gates from Team Gwen and Johnny Hayes from Team Adam. Johnny is going to sing Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez. Gwen says she brought Johnny back because he’s so relatable. Johnny says he wants to do songs you wouldn’t expect. Gwen says just tell a story and let people in to see a side of you they haven’t seen before. Johnny says he needs to make sure he shows himself as an artist. Alicia says she feels the same thing that Gwen feels and she believes he’s the male version of Gwen in some ways and she thinks he gave his all in this performance. Gwen says she is so excited he got to come back and he’s a great singer and a great performer. Carson announces to the artist’s advancing to the top 12, next week joining them as an advisor will be Shania Twain. Up next is Troy Ramey who was given the song A Case of You by Joni Mitchell. Gwen offers advice on singing style and changes the melody a little bit so people can hear Troy sing out. Gwen tells him they can’t be cautious right now because this performance needs to stand out. Adam says he’s a huge fan of Troy’s and he is one of the more intriguing artists on the show and he’s one of the best in the competition. Gwen says she felt like he conquered the melody and she could see him at his own show and he was so incredible. Results will be coming up tonight and we now have back to back performances. Next is the youngest artist ever, 14-year old Quizz Swanigan. Quizz is going to sing My Girl by The Temptations. Gwen suggests trying different versions of tone and facial expressions so people can connect to him. Alicia says she loves watching Quizz perform and his confidence and he did an amazing job. Gwen says that was incredible and she can’t believe he could do that and he’s magical. We have a second artist right away, Brennley Brown. Brennley is going to sing Fly by Maddie and Tae. Gwen says that’s a great song and has a great message and she needs to sing it like she’s talking to herself, like she’s telling a story. Gwen says if she can tap in emotionally, she’ll for sure go to the top 12. Blake says he’s been doing the show a long time and he’s man enough to say he made a mistake in letting her go, but Brennley and Gwen together is a deadly combination. Gwen says she’s learned a lot from her and Brennley has so much style and personality. Up next is JChosen and Gwen has given him the song Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince. Gwen offers advice on when to add runs and when to back off. JChosen says the song was intimidating but Gwen believing in him makes him more confident in himself. Gwen says she just knows that was super challenging for him, but he is so magical and gifted and he tapped into that place in his heart and did an incredible job. She is so inspired by him. It is time for the final Team Gwen artist, Hunter Plake. Hunter is the only artist to ever be in the top 30 of iTunes twice. Hunter is singing Elastic Heart by Sia. Gwen says his voice is crazy but people want to know him now and he needs to open himself up to that. Hunter says coming from singing to church to this he is working on opening up. Adam says Hunter is so good and it’s crazy because he doesn’t know if they’ve ever had anyone like Hunter. Adam says he can see exactly where he is going to go because he is so superbly talented. Gwen says she is so blown away by everything he just did and what he did is unbelievable. Gwen says he just mastered the whole thing on stage and it was so good. Voting for Team Gwen will close right after the break. Voting is now closed for Team Gwen. Remember only three artists will advance to the top 12 which means teams will be cut in half. Team Adam is up and voting is now open for Team Adam. We’re going to start with Adam’s comeback artist, Johnny Hayes. Johnny is going to sing Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Rolling Stones. Adam helps with the arrangement and he is stoked to have him back. Adam says he’s so proud of his entire crazy up and down ride on the show. Adam says Johnny is amazing and for him to come out and act as if nothing negative ever happened is amazing. Live playoffs continue and voting for Team Adam is still open. Next up is the bubbly 15-year old pop singer, Hanna Eyre. She is going to sing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. She wants to be an R&B pop artist. Adam says Hanna has always been strong but you can see her growing up. Adam says she has a powerful voice and she needs to flesh out the quieter parts a little better so she can really hit them with precision. Adam says she is the sweetest human being and she is genuinely adorable. Adam says has such a powerful voice and she’s young and they need to keep working together so they can continue to work on control. Next up is Josh West who is taking on one of the biggest rock songs of all time. He is singing More Than a Feeling by Boston. Adam says this is a tough song but he thinks Josh can do it. Adam gives tips on the key to sing in and the arrangement. Josh says the song is definitely a challenge and he needs to focus on delivering the detail and precision. Adam says that’s probably one of the hardest songs for a male to sing and he’s 18 and he’s so good. We’re going to continue right away with Mark Isaiah. He is performing All Time Low by Jon Bellion. Adam says this isn’t a garden variety pop song, but it’s cool and he can get a lot of people on board with this song. Adam advises him on breath control and the chorus. Mark says he enjoys working with Adam because he helps build up his confidence. Gwen says she’s a big fan of him and his voice is so good and modern and he did a great job. Adam says that was great but he asks everyone at home to give him more time with Mark because he’s going to make him the best version of himself. Voting is still open for Team Adam and results will be given later tonight. Next up is Adam’s steal, Lilli Passero. Lilli is going to sing the song It’s Too Late by Carole King. Adam says this is the perfect song for Lilli. He advises her to play a little towards the end, but not to overdo it. Adam says she is one of the better people on the show conveying emotion. Alicia says she loves that song and she’s always had a connection to Lilli and her favorite thing about Lilli is that she never breaks her gaze. Adam says it’s so weird because he’s campaigning for his team and it’s easier with Lilli because she is a world class singer. She’s very subtle and she never breaks and she always shows what she feels. We’re closing out with Team Adam’s final artist Jesse Larson. Jesse is going to perform Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. Adam says this is the perfect song for his voice and his guitar. Adam says he hears Jesse tightening up on the chorus and he needs to let it flow. Jesse wants to show America he can express himself through a song that accurately represents who he is. Adam says that was by far the best vocal of the night and was soulful and he’s like a wizard from another planet. Carson calls out Team Gwen to reveal the results. Carson asks Alicia if she HAD to pick two from Team Gwen, who would she pick. Alicia says Troy because he had such an emotional performance and Hunter. Carson says tough choice. America has saved…Brennley Brown. America also saved…Hunter Plake. Time for Gwen to pick one to move on. Gwen says her heart is racing right now. She says they are all so gifted and such great people and she’s been blessed to work with them. Gwen says this is so crazy hard and Carson says unfortunately you have to save one. Gwen says it’s nearly impossible and she’s thought about it a lot. Gwen decides to save…Troy Ramey. Not a lot of time left and Team Adam is on center stage. Adam says they joke around and laugh and have a good time and he really cares about them doing their best. Adam wishes the best for every one of them because they are all amazing. Carson is ready to reveal which two artists are safe. America has saved…Jesse Larson. America has also saved…Lilli Passero. Adam says he loves them all but he’s going to save…Mark Isaiah. Representing Team Adam going into the Top 12 is: Jesse Larson, Lilli Passero, and Mark Isaiah. Representing Team Alicia going into the Top 12 is: Chris Blue, Vanessa Ferguson, and Stephanie Rice. Representing Team Blake going into the Top 12 is: Lauren Duski, Aliyah Moulden, and TSoul. Representing Team Gwen going into the Top 12: Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake, and Troy Ramey.
  9. For the first time this season, we are live! Welcome to the playoffs and let’s welcome our coaches: Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, and the cowboy Blake Shelton. Well, well, well, we’re finally live and it’s the live playoffs and tonight it’s all about Team Blake and Team Alicia. Although Team Gwen and Team Adam are in the audience and will be going tomorrow. You get to choose who goes to the top 12 live and the results for both teams will be revealed at the end of the night. Each coach got to pick a comeback artist to rejoin the competition. So quickly, from Team Blake, we have Felicia Temple and from Team Alicia Jack Cassidy returns tonight. Let’s get to it. VOTING IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR TEAM BLAKE! We’re going to start off the night with a determined country pop singer, Casi Joy. Casi loves Chris Stapleton and she has selected the song Parachute. Blake says they need a powerful female artist in country music right now and advises her to watch her enunciation. Adam says that was awesome and she was really fiery and engaging. Blake says she brings so much energy to the stage and her pitch is accurate and her voice is playful and she put her own spin on the song that’s popular and he can’t imagine her not moving forward. We’ve got real time voting and results at the end of the show. We’ll continue now with Blake’s powerful comeback artist, Felicia Temple. Felicia had selected the song Defying Gravity from the Broadway musical Wicked. Blake advises her on a few notes to ensure she stays on pitch. Alicia says she is so happy for Felicia’s evolution on the show and she loved the message and what she represents. Blake says he has no idea what Carson just asked him but he can’t believe Felicia just did that and she killed it and the message is incredible. Welcome back and voting is still open for team Blake. Up next is the 14-year old singer from Utah who Blake stole, Aaliyah Rose. Aaliyah has been given the song Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders. Aaliyah says she connects with the song because it’s about letting people know they’re special. Blake says the challenge for her will be selling the personality. Gwen says that song was so great because she is really special, unique, and adorable. Blake says she is so special, but her singing tonight was her best performance yet and this is when you want to have a moment. We’re continuing with an artist with a throwback voice, TSoul. TSoul is going to sing Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd. Blake advises TSoul not to hold back because he feels like he’s holding something back. He tells him to go for it and there seems to be an interest in throwback style artists and TSoul fits that. Adam says he is amazing and he’s almost not mad anymore that he didn’t go with him, but he has a real soulful voice. Blake says the energy that TSoul brought to the stage was so much fun and if people didn’t like that, then there is something wrong with them. Right now we have two more artists from Blake’s team. We have a 15-year old California pop singer, Aliyah Moulden. Aliyah is singing Mercy by Duffy and she loves the song because it has an old school vibe but is a newer song. Blake advises her on singing full voice instead of falsetto. Blake says he can see her being a young pop artist right now. Blake says she is such a firecracker on stage and that was a great song for her to sing to show her love of vintage sounding music. He also says that’s the best he’s seen her sing on the show. The last artist from Team Blake is Lauren Duski who is taking on a challenging country hit. Lauren will be performing Someone Else’s Star by Bryan White. Blake says Lauren is important to country music because she’s different from the artists out right now because she doesn’t belt it out, but is more laid back. He advises her not to hold back on the high notes. Adam says he thought her vocal was amazing and he heard her breath was steady and he knew she could make it and she did an incredible job. Blake says she is going to see a tidal wave of support from country music fans and he will be shocked if she is not voted through by America. Voting for team Blake will close right after the commercial break! Voting is now closed for Team Blake. Only three artists will advance to the top 12 so be sure to vote for your favorites and we’ll find out who goes through later tonight. VOTING IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR TEAM ALICIA! We’re starting with the Tennessee soul singer, Chris Blue. He’s singing Love on the Brain by Rihanna. Alicia says it’s crazy he’s singing in the same key as Rihanna. Alicia advises Chris to do what he feels and not what he thinks people are going to like. Gwen says it’s unbelievable what he does and it’s mesmerizing and she’s so happy for him and he’s so natural. Alicia says she’s been so excited and she says he’s a beautiful soul and he’s so gifted. Voting is still open for Team Alicia and results will be revealed later tonight. Next is the 17-year old pop singer, Anatalia Villaranda. Anatalia will be singing Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Alicia gives her tips on modulation and says this can be a playful song for her to do. Alicia says she manages to be a burst of energy even if she’s doing a slow song and she really showed America she has range inside of her and she did a beautiful job. Incredible back to back performances coming up. Up next is Alicia’s comeback artist Jack Cassidy. Jack is going to sing Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John. Alicia brought him back because America hasn’t seen what she has seen. Jack says he’s been doing this song for years because he learned all of Elton John’s songs on the piano. Alicia says it’s such a blessing because they all have this greatness inside of them and she saw that in Jack and she knew he would have that moment. Alicia says if nothing else he rose to greatness on the stage tonight. We’re continuing right away with Vanessa Ferguson. She’s going to sing Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake Featuring Mo. Alicia tells her to leave the piano for the second verse and then she can go back to it. Alicia says Vanessa is the complete package. Adam says he thinks Vanessa is ready now and that was a performance worth getting up and hollering for. Alicia says she loves that she is so ready and next week we’ll see something completely different. Next up is Ashley Levin and she’s going to sing I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles. Alicia gives tips on the musical arrangement and wants to make sure it’s soul and country. Alicia tells her to be more desperate and then let go at the end. Alicia says Blake would not have thought of this for her. Alicia says that was her favorite song and she loved the delivery and it’s difficult to give all the power and emotion and she loves her voice. We’re going to close out tonight’s performances with Alicia’s final artist Stephanie Rice. She is performing Every Breath You Take by The Police and is doing her own arrangement of the song. Stephanie’s only goal is to connect to the song. Gwen says she is so happy for her but she feels like for her she is so confident and it came from Alicia. Alicia says she is a pure, beautiful artist on the stage tonight. Voting for Team Alicia IS still open for a bit longer. It’s the moment of truth for Team Blake! Congratulations to them for awesome performances. Carson asks Adam who his top two would be and Adam says he didn’t want to do this, but Lauren stood out and Casi can’t be ignored. It’s time to see which artists were saved by America. America has saved…Lauren Duski. America also saved…Aliyah Moulden. Congratulations. Blake, you get to pick one more to move on. But first do you have anything you want to say? Blake says this changes week to week and they shouldn’t take it hard because they are all doing what they are meant to be doing. Blake says we all plan who we’re going to save if this should happen and it never happens the way we plan. Blake is going to save…TSoul. Voting just now closed for Team Alicia. Carson asks Gwen who she would choose as her top two artists from Team Alicia. Gwen says that’s so hard because they all blow her mind. Gwen says Jack was unbelievable and Stephanie is in her heart and the confidence she brought was incredible and Vanessa has talent that is beyond. Gwen if she had to choose Chris and Vanessa because Carson is making her. Alicia says she loves her team because they each have something so unique to say and overcome. Alicia says they are all so incredible. Carson is ready to reveal who was saved by America. America saved…Chris Blue. One more save to go and then coach will make a save. America also saved…Vanessa Ferguson. Four artists remain and Alicia has to save…Stephanie Rice. They are in the top 12. What a night! Tomorrow we’ll see Team Gwen and Team Adam.
  10. As we start the episode we see Sara and Shamir after the previous leg walking up and greeting the other racers. Sara tells us that she told herself that whoever her partner was she was going to make the best out of the experience. However, she thinks she’s being tested because they were welcomed by everyone and then he goes in a corner and starts talking about his junk again. He is talking to Scott and Joey talking about the harness. Tara tells us she is happy with her partner and Scott says he and his partner are learning each other’s personality. Ready, Set, Go! Michael and Liz rip their envelope and they are going to fly to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Phil tells us Liz and Michael will be the first to fly more than 6,000 miles to the east coast of Africa and the nation of Tanzania. Once there, they must head to Askari Monument, a statue commemorating the African soldiers that fought in World War I. Teams will find their next clue nearby buried in the news. They have $320 for this leg of the race. Caution: Blind Double U-Turn ahead. Vanck and Ashton head out second and Matt and Redmond and in third. Seth and Olive leave in fourth. Ashton says her initial thought is to U-Turn Matt and Redmond. Matt tells Redmond they need to get Ashton and Vanck back on their side in case they are in front of them, that’s the only team he’s worried about. Ashton recalls their agreement leaving Panama about flipping the coin to see who would be first and second at the helipad. Ashton doesn’t like it when people screw her over. Becca and Floyd leave in fifth and Brooke and Scott leave in sixth. Tara and Joey are in seventh and Tara tells us if they have to use the U-Turn then they will because they aren’t here to make best friends, she’s here to win money for her family. London and Logan leave in eighth, and Shamir and Sara are the last to leave in ninth. Everyone is on the same flight. They all head to find a taxi and they are off. Logan says this is bucket list type stuff, he never thought he’d be in Tanzania. They all find a newspaper stand and are looking for their clue in the newspaper. They go to buy tickets and Matt and Redmond skipped everyone in line because a new window opened up and others got upset. They are going to Zanzibar via a ferry. They all head for a cab and they know there is a U-Turn directly ahead. Phil tells us teams are about to face a blind U-Turn, the first opportunity that teams have to slow down another team forcing them to perform both sides of the detour. Michael says there are unlimited U-Turns this season so they are going to use it. Tara and Joey are the first there and they U-Turn Seth and Olive. Vanck and Ashton chose to U-Turn Matt and Redmond. Detour: Build it or Weave it. Build it: Phil tells us it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, education is a priority. And here in Tanzania, school supplies and desks are in short supply. Teams can now help supply a valuable seat for the students by piecing together these donated supplies. When the carpenter approves of their handy work, they must deliver the desk to a classroom for a quick Swahili lesson. Weave it: Phil explains there are more than a million plastic bags used around the world every minute. These toxic bags are now banned on the island of Zanzibar. Locals have replaced them with a green, sustainable solution made with coconut leaves. Each team must weave two baskets to get their next clue. To reach both detours, teams will travel across the bay in a traditional sailing vessel called a Dhow. Tara and Joey, Ashton and Vanck, and Michael and Liz all choose build it. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd run up and see they aren’t U-Turned. Matt and Redmond arrive and they see they have been. Brooke and Scott and Becca and Floyd choose build it. London and Logan choose weave it. Matt and Redmond say they can handle it and say they are going to get Vanck and Ashton. Seth and Olive arrive and see they too, have been U-Turned. Shamir and Sara arrive. Matt and Redmond are behind Vanck and Ashton and they say they’re going to get them and Ashton tells them they should have been nice to begin with. Redmond tells Vanck to look at him and he hopes he’s scared, because he should be scared. Redmond says you only U-Turn if you’re weak so they are weak. They have to wade through the water to get to the Dhow. The other teams are talking about Redmond being mad and the way he was talking to Vanck. Redmond says they are just afraid of them because they are so strong and Vanck and Ashton are a weak, pathetic team. Ashton says he’s trying to be hateful and aggressive and he’s trying to get inside of their heads right now. Seth and Olive discuss they are going to be neck and neck with Redmond and Matt. Matt calls out and asks if Tara and Joey U-Turned Seth and Olive and Joey denies it. Matt says you’re lying, you had to have U-Turned them. Seth and Olive don’t want Matt and Redmond to see them because it will only push them to go faster so they go to build it and Matt and Redmond go to weave it. Shamir says he’s not good at building things and his sister builds all of his IKEA stuff. Michael is taking the lead with his and Liz’s desk. Matt and Redmond stop to watch a local climbing a tall palm tree to get them some tools to do the weaving. They realize the weaving is going to be hard. The local is showing off jumping on the tree and London and Logan are impressed. London is confident she can weave quickly because she is an artist. Brooke is getting frustrated with her project. Shamir got a splinter. London says she thought she would be good at it but she’s freaking out a little bit. London and Logan decide to switch and go to build it. Becca notices Brooke is very negative and she says her team is trying to stay positive. Liz says she is glad Michael is her partner and they call for a check. It is no good and Liz notices there is a peg missing. Seth and Olive call for a check and they are approved and go to deliver the desk. Liz and Michael call for a second check and they are approved. Matt is working on finishing on his first basket and Redmond is still working on the second one. Liz and Michael struggle and a piece falls off. Brooke and Scott call for a check and they are missing a piece. Shamir is getting frustrated because others are ahead of them. Seth and Olive make their delivery and they sit at the desk because they have to learn four phrases. They have to learn Habari njema which means Good News. The second is Safari njema which means Good travels. The third phrase is Asante sana which means Thank you very much. The final phrase is Kwaherini which means Goodbye. Seth and Olive head to the baskets. Redmond says he thinks Seth and Olive will get to the basket station first and they didn’t want to be against them in a U-Turn. Redmond thinks Seth might not do well with the basket. Tara and Joey have delivered their desk and Tara says the children are so beautiful. Liz and Michael are making their delivery, but Liz is struggling. Liz struggles with the phrases and the kids are giggling. Liz and Michael finish and are leaving first. Matt and Redmond take their baskets to be checked out and they are good and head to the building task. Tara and Joey finish their phrases and are leaving in second. Matt and Redmond showed up expecting to be last and alone and they weren’t. Brooke and Scott are making their delivery. Vanck and Ashton get their approval, as do Becca and Floyd. London and Logan get their approval and they are off to make the delivery. Shamir is snapping at Sara. Roadblock: Who’s ready to do some market research? Phil tells us due to lack of refrigeration, most locals buy their dinner fresh daily in vibrant market places. Following a shopping list, teams must purchase an assortment of local items, then deliver it all to the family chef for their next clue. Joey and Michael decide to do it for their teams. They are given the lists in Swahili and need Nyanaya chungu (a pepper), Pomelo (a melon), Mchicha (lettuce), Mkonowatembo (Bananas), Haluwa (, and Tungule Dogo (Tomatoes). Joey is worried about the language issue. Seth and Olive are trying to stay calm. Vanck and Ashton are learning their phrases and they learn Habari Yako which means How are you? Becca and Floyd get their clue and head out. Shamir and Sara are still working on their desk and still arguing. Matt and Redmond call for a check and get the approval. Olive says they need to hurry up because she is getting stressed. Shamir is yelling at Sara to hurry up because if Seth and Olive finish the weaving, then they are last. Back at Darajani Market, Michael and Joey are still shopping the market. Joey is frustrated, but Michael seems to be enjoying the experience. Vanck and Ashton have arrived and Vanck is going to do the shopping. Shamir and Sara are approved with their desk and they are going to make the delivery but they are struggling to even pick up the desk and they are not working together well. Seth and Olive are almost finished. Floyd, London, and Brooke are doing the shopping for their teams and they decide to work together. Vanck has gotten some help from some locals and he is getting most of his items. Vanck and Joey are haggling over the prices for their items. Matt is going to do the shopping for his team. Joey thinks he has everything and is taking his items to the chef. Tara has her fingers crossed. Joey is missing one item and has to go back. Michael is looking for his last item. Shamir and Sara finally delivering their desk and they head out to the market. Seth and Olive are getting their baskets checked and they are done and they head off to the market as well. Michael delivered his items and they are all correct and they rip the envelope and are ready to make their way to the next pit stop. Phil tells us Zanzibar is famous for its rooftop hotels. This one, the Emerson on Hurumzi, built in the 1870s overlooks Stone Town and is now the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated. Liz says she is so proud of Michael. Joey has finished and hugs the chef and they head out. Vanck is looking for his last item. Matt only has a few items left. Floyd, London, and Brooke are arguing over how much each spent. Each one got an item for all three while the others were looking for other items and are now arguing over money. Shamir and Sara are running low on money and they have to use their leg money for the items on their shopping list. Liz and Michael are climbing stairs and are the first to arrive at the mat. Phil has great news for them, as the winners of this leg of the race they have won a trip from Travelocity to Amsterdam. Phil says so far they are the best performing team on the race. Vanck is making his delivery and he gets their clue. Matt thinks he is done and is going to check the items and he is finished and they get their clue. Tara and Joey are the second team to arrive at the mat. Floyd is finished and gest his clue. London and Brooke are also finished and they all head out. Seth and Olive have arrived at the market. Sara ran out of money and is going to ask for money back from other places. Olive is also low on money and doing the shopping. The vendor for Sara says he will not give her the money back. Sara has someone translating for her saying she was overcharged and needs some of her money back. The guy who is translating say his brother will give her ten thousand back. Vanck and Ashton hit the mat third and Phil asks about the U-Turn and Ashton says there is some bad blood between them. Matt and Redmond come up right behind and hit the mat fourth and Redmond says they did both detours and still come up four minutes behind them. Matt asks why they U-Turned them and Ashton says they made the most sense because they lied to their faces and Redmond says they didn’t. Redmond says this is cool because he didn’t think he’d have any drama. He says everyone likes them except for her. Redmond says he likes Vanck, he just doesn’t like Ashton. Ashton says she has plenty of friends. Becca and Floyd are fifth and Phil asks where the fun meter is and Floyd says off the chart. Olive pays in Brazilian currency and explains how much it is U.S. and the vendor says he doesn’t know what the money is. Sara is done and goes to make her delivery. London and Logan are sixth place and Brooke and Scott are seventh place. Sara gets her clue and they head out and they ask if a driver can take them for free because they have no money. Olive is coming out to make her delivery and Seth says they are going to try to run to the pit stop and see if it’s faster. The vendors that received the Brazilian money are following Olive and she explains why to Seth and says she has no more money. Seth says they have to settle it before they can check-in. Olive says she explained they can exchange the money at the corner. Becca and Floyd when they checked in thought they had their passports. Since then they have discovered they do not have them and Phil cannot check them in until they have their passports. Phil tells them whatever you need to do, go do it. Floyd had gotten the taxi driver’s business card and he says they need to call him. Becca says he’s an idiot because he didn’t zip his fanny pack. Sara and Shamir are looking for the pit stop and Seth and Olive are running to the pit stop. Becca is making a phone call to the taxi driver. The driver has their passports and gives them to Floyd. Shamir and Sara are checking in as team number seven. Becca and Floyd are back and Floyd shows them the passports and they check in 8th place. Phil tells them if they lose the passport the race is over. Seth and Olive make their way to the mat looking disappointed, tired, and dejected. Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. Next week on a two-hour episode of The Amazing Race, Vanck and Ashton work on their communications and Brooke hits her breaking point.
  11. This is an interview that Zeke gave in response to the tribal council from last nights episode of Survivor.
  12. This is a post from Jeff Varner on twitter after last nights episode of Survivor.
  13. We start the night at Nuku after tribal council, Debbie says tribal was scarier than Exile Island. They ask her how it was and Zeke says he hope it wasn’t too terrible. Debbie says it was but that’s why she’s playing the game. Debbie says she has no intention of letting herself or Mr. Cochran down. Her lips are sealed. Ozzy says he was about to vote Tai out and Tai asks if he was really worried and Ozzy says yeah. Tai is worried that he’s at the bottom based on tribal and Debbie says she was praying they wouldn’t turn on Tai. Tai says even though he has two idols, he’s still nervous. Varner says he just got blind-sided and he’s mad but he can’t let them know it. Zeke apologizes to Varner and he says it’s ok, but they could have told him and he would have voted for her. Zeke says he’s going to be honest with Varner and says he wants to work with him. Zeke promises no more lies from here out and Varner thinks they have bonded. Jeff calls the tribes in for the reward challenge and Mana is getting their first look at the new Nuku tribe. For today’s challenge, you’re going to work together to unspool ropes releasing a key. You’ll then build a ladder, climb to the top, and use the key to unlock a bag of balls. You’ll then squeeze through a net sling to the finish, where you’ll attempt to land the balls in a series of targets. First team to get one ball in each of the five targets wins reward. Want to know what you’re playing for? Pizza and Soda. Varner asks for a bit just to taste it and Jeff says no samples, you have to earn it. 10 pizzas and there is a variety of toppings. Sierra is leading Hali and Michaela for Mana and Ozzy, Sarah, and Andrea for Nuku. Nuku is in the lead and Mana is having some trouble. Nuku has their key and they get to the mat. Tai is untying ladder rungs and Mana has their key released. Aubry is working on the knots for Mana. Ozzy and Zeke are working together to build the ladder and Troyzan and Culpepper are working to build the ladder. Debbie climbs up for Nuku to get the bag and drops it and Nuku heads over the ladder. Nuku is starting their net sling. Cirie is now climbing to get to their bag. Nuku is at the final mat and Cirie has their balls. Ozzy is untying the bag with the balls and begins launching. Mana is getting through the net sling. Ozzy connects and gets their first point. He gets a second point and Sierra is working on getting her balls out. Ozzy has his third ball and Sierra begins launching. Culpepper comes to take over. Culpepper gets his first target. Ozzy has four and Culpepper has one. Ozzy hits the last target and wins Pizza and soft drinks for Nuku. Back at Mana, it’s very quiet and they are disappointed. Cirie and Sierra seem to be taking it the hardest. They are getting emotional and are talking about their reflection on their first experiences and how they were different when they got back. Culpepper says he ever understood what Monica went through and he tears up too. Aubry thanks Culpepper for opening up and she thinks he’s the most genuine person. Cirie talks to Culpepper about the same thing and Culpepper says it really galvanized their relationship and he says it solidifies their people. Ozzy says that win was important for the tribe morale. Varner says it felt so good to jump up and down to say they won but he’s on the bottom and it doesn’t really mean anything. Debbie says Ozzy is a beast and he says it was due to his team guiding him. Varner says he needs to find a way and throw shade on Ozzy because if he makes merge, he will walk away with all the immunity challenges. Sarah and Varner talk and Sarah thinks they can pull Varner in. Varner points out how much of a threat Ozzy is and Sarah wants to be careful because that’s a huge move. Sarah says it might be time to cut Ozzy’s throat. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, four members of each tribe are going to swim out to a raft. You’ll then pull yourself to a series of stations. At each station, you’ll dive down to release a set of buoys and place them in a bag. Once you’ve collected all the buoys, the three remaining tribe members will use them to solve a 13-letter word puzzle. First tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. Losers tribal council where someone will be the 7th person voted out of Survivor. In the water for Nuku, it is Tai, Zeke, Sarah, and Ozzy. In the water for Mana, Aubry, Hali, Culpepper, and Troyzan. For immunity, survivors ready, go! Nuku is first to the raft and Mana is right behind. Nuku is at their first station and Ozzy dives down. Culpepper dives down for Mana. Ozzy is back quickly with the first bag. Culpepper pops up without the first bag and has to go back down. Nuku is at the second station and Culpepper has his first bag and still trying to get them back to the raft. Ozzy has his second set of buoys. Mana is now moving to their second station and Nuku is going to the third. Aubry goes for Mana and Ozzy is quickly down and back up for Nuku. Nuku has a big lead and Mana is heading for their third station. Varner, Debbie, and Andrea are working on the word puzzle for Nuku. Mana has their final set of buoys and Cirie, Sierra, and Michaela are working on the word puzzle. Varner thinks it’s shipwreck and Cirie suggests shipmaster. Hali giving a suggestion to her puzzle makers and Andrea is moving things. Mana thinks they are right with the word metamorphosis and they are correct. Mana wins immunity. Varner says he knows he’s in trouble and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure he’s not the one going home. Back at Nuku, it’s very solemn and Varner asks for one on one time with everyone and he’ll be at peace and he tells them he doesn’t have an idol. Debbie says her gut is Varner and they take an unofficial vote. Sarah throws Ozzy’s name out, but says she’ll vote however they want. Zeke wants to save Varner, but he doesn’t want to lose Ozzy. Varner asks Zeke what the odds are he’s going home and Zeke tells him 50%. Varner asks Zeke if he would get rid of Ozzy and Zeke shuts him down. Varner realizes Zeke is working with Ozzy and Varner fills Sarah in on that conversation, and then follows up with Andrea. Varner says if he’s going home tonight, then he’s going to cut them off at the knees. Varner says he will not go quietly off this island. Sarah and Andrea talk and Sarah is mad and Andrea thinks Zeke is still with them. Sarah says it may be a huge mistake, but they need to get rid of Ozzy. Jeff begins tribal council and says Sandra was voted out at the last tribal council and Varner, you think you were on the bottom. Varner says yeah that’s safe to say and it’s logical. He says he tried his best not to be next and it looks like that didn’t work and he knows he’s going home tonight. Jeff says Debbie that got a reaction from you. Debbie says when someone is that certain a wave of unease goes over her and she is preparing herself to be shocked tonight. Jeff says what happened at camp, Varner? Did they just tell you that you were going home? Varner says he talked to everyone one-on-one and he’s been talking to people the last two days and he felt like he knew where people stood and he thought he’d found a crack, but it was revealed to him today how little he knew about what actually is going on. Varner says they are NOT 6 strong because he’s been arguing all day long, who do you want to vote out? Half the group says if you get enough votes to vote Ozzy, I’ll vote Ozzy because Ozzy is a strategic threat. He’s a total package. Varner says that’s when it started to reveal itself there’s a secret alliance between Zeke and Ozzy. There is deception going and the rest of the tribe are the victims of it. He proposes tonight to vote for Ozzy. Debbie says he’s good. Varner says there’s more. Jeff says continue. Varner looks at Zeke and says why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender? Zeke is very quiet and the tribe is shocked. Varner says what I’m doing is showing deception and Debbie says but that is personal. Tai says that was so wrong and Andrea says that was personal and he didn’t have to do that. Varner says I’m showing deception, I’m not being negative and Tai and Andrea adamantly disagree. Andrea is in tears and Tai says that was not right Jeff. Varner says he argues for the rights every day for transgender people of North Carolina. Varner says he’s arguing for his life and he feels like he’s go to throw everything out. Tai says he had no right to out anyone and Debbie agrees with Tai. Zeke says he didn’t tell anyone in the two seasons he’s played survivor. Varner says he wasn’t doing it to show he’s evil and Andrea asks what was his goal in doing that. Varner says to show the deception. Debbie says that isn’t deceiving strategically in a game and Varner says it reveals the ability to deceive. Jeff asks Varner if he’s saying that because Zeke is transgender he is deceptive. Varner says I am not saying transgender people are deceptive. Jeff says no, by saying he’s not revealing it he’s capable of deception. That is a giant leap of logic and do you honest not see that? Varner says he does see that and he feels horrible about it and he’s trying everything he can and he apologizes to Zeke. Ozzy says Varner should be ashamed of himself for what he’s willing to do to get himself further in the game for a million dollars and he’s playing with people’s lives at this point. Varner apologizes again. Jeff says when you look at Zeke and see his expression, which is normally connected, but now he looks like he’s on an island of his own. Varner apologizes again and says that was not the intention he had. Zeke says here’s the thing, I liked Varner and he thought they connected over the last couple of days and its tearing him up he has to vote him out. Jeff asks Varner what the LGBT community will think of this. Varner says the people around him and his friends know what he supports and they know he’s not a horrible monster. Jeff says essentially you’re saying if you’re desperate enough there’s no line you won’t cross. Varner says it’s a game for a million dollars and he clearly made the wrong choice and his conscience is in pain and he feels horrible and he didn’t think that would be the reaction. He thought Zeke was out and proud about it and he did not understand why no one had talked about. Sarah asked if Varner thought he was out and proud then why make it a point to bring it up to show deception. Varner again apologizes and says he was clearly wrong. Jeff says Varner you can’t have it both ways that you pointed it out to show deception and then say you thought he was out and proud. Varner apologizes again. Jeff asks Tai as a player in the game and as a gay man himself, he was clearly very upset and asks how he’s feeling now. Tai says he can understand Varner was desperate and trying to save himself and didn’t realize he crossed a line. Tai says he thinks he sincerely feels bad about it but when someone comes out it should be their choice not be outted. Jeff asks Andrea about her emotions and how she’s feeling. Andrea says she’s been playing with Zeke for 18 days and didn’t know, but she understands Varner feels on the outside and was desperate and regrets it and that was really tough. Jeff asks Varner if it’s starting to hit him, the gravity that he didn’t just tell 6 people, he told millions of people, is that what’s happening. Varner is clearly upset and crying and says he assumed everyone in Zeke’s world knew and that’s his ignorance and he thought Zeke was just deceiving these people and it never dawned on him no one knew and he’s devastated. Jeff says to Zeke that he’s been amazingly strong through this, was this something that was a part of your life? Were you out to your friends or was it even something that part of your daily life? Zeke says certainly being trans and transitioning is a long and difficult process and there are people who know. But then he got to a point he stopped telling people because when people know that about you, that’s sort of who you are. They ask a lot of questions and it overwhelms everything else. Jeff says you’re no longer Zeke. Zeke says you’re the trans person. Zeke says he’s been fortunate to have played Survivor for as long as he has and not have the label and he didn’t lead with that because he didn’t want to be Zeke the trans Survivor player, he just wanted to be Zeke the survivor player. Debbie says and you are. Zeke says he is prepared to talk about it and be part of his experience. It’s kind of crappy the way it came out and Varner apologizes again. Zeke points out the word for the episode was metamorphosis and he’s done that himself over the last 52 days he played survivor. Zeke says what Varner did wasn’t cool, but he’s fine. Varner says he doesn’t have a bigger cheerleader but him and Zeke says he doesn’t need a cheerleader. Varner says he’s shocked and he can’t believe he did that and he feels horrible. Jeff says Sarah, you’re still shaking your head at Varner. Sarah says that’s not her and she felt it was a malicious attack and Varner says that was not malice and Sarah says that was your opinion and I have mine. Sarah says I don’t treat people that way and Varner says I don’t treat people that way. Sarah says she is just thankful she got to know Zeke for who he is and she’s from the Midwest and comes from a very conservative background and she’s not exposed to it like most of the others are and the fact she can love him so much has changed things for her. Zeke says he’s certainly not a role model, but maybe him being out on the show helps someone watching and maybe that will lead to a greater good. Jeff says I think I know the answer to this question on who’s going home tonight and he asks them one by one and they all say no, it’s Varner. Varner says he’s ready to go and Jeff says we don’t need to vote, just grab your torch. He hugs Zeke and apologizes again and Zeke says it’s alright, they’ll be ok. Jeff says Varner, the tribe has spoken. Jeff says well tonight was a complicated but ultimately beautiful night that will never be forgotten and he sends them back to camp. Varner tells us in his confessional he doesn’t even know what he was thinking. It was a horrible move. It was him wrapped up in this game trying to do everything he possible could. But nobody on this planet should do what I did tonight, ever. And he’s so sorry to anyone he offended, especially Zeke and his family and his friends. He can’t even talk, he’s sorry and we hear him sob.
  14. Tonight, the Knock-Out rounds continue. The artists pick the songs they hope will help their coaches pick them to represent them in the live playoffs. Tonight, the remaining artists will get intensive one on one training with their coaches. And with Alicia holding the last steal, the pressure to deliver will be high. The final night of Knock-Outs starts right now. Blake’s first pair of the night is Andrea Thomas and Lauren Duski. Andrea has chosen to sing Cry by Faith Hill. She wants to bring a mix of country, pop, and soul. Lauren says when she hit one note it sunk in that this is real. Blake advises Andrea to watch her pitch because she’s a bit sharp on some notes and bit flat on others. Lauren has decided to sing When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss. Andrea says Lauren’s voice is amazing. Blake says her instinct is to sing a bit behind the beat and she can get lost in the song so she needs to mind her tempo. Alicia tells Andrea she really liked the way she delivered the song and sometimes it felt like she was singing more than she was feeling and Lauren might have been feeling with her song. Gwen says she thought Andrea is such an unbelievable singer and she felt Lauren could release that record and it would do well. Gwen would choose Andrea. Adam says Andrea impresses him and Lauren comforts him. Adam says Blake does a good job finding a diamond in the rough with Andrea and Lauren is like a dynamic, don’t fit the mold and he would go with Lauren. Blake says Andrea was amazing and Lauren and the honesty and comfort you feel is the artist she is. Blake says the winner is…Lauren. Alicia’s final pairing for her team is Jack Cassidy and Vanessa Ferguson. Jack is going to sing the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors. Alicia says she doesn’t feel like he’s feeling the emotion of the song and he needs to let go. Vanessa says she has years of experience on Jack, but he’s definitely a force and he’s gifted. Vanessa has selected the song If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Alicia says it comes out beautiful but she needs to sell the desperation and make it real. Gwen says she loved the song choice from Jack and it was really, really good and then Vanessa came along and knocked her out. Adam says he’s a fan of Jack’s but he could see the struggle and it was off. Adam says he would have to give that round to Vanessa because he didn’t know her depth. Blake says Jack gets so wrapped up and sings so freely and Vanessa was remarkable and she should have saved that for the finale. Alicia says for Blake to feel Jack got lost was what she wanted for him. Alicia says there is no way in the world that someone could say Vanessa didn’t rise to the occasion. Alicia says the winner of this Knock-Out is…Vanessa. Adam’s first pairing of the night is Davina Leone and Jesse Larson. Davina has chosen the song Toxic by Britney Spears. She’s singing a slower version and Adam says he likes the idea and shows she’s not a cookie cutter kind of artist. Adam says the delivery of the song in this way requires a lot of darkness and calm. Jesse says Davina is an amazing singer and listening to her was great. Jesse has selected the song The Letter by Joe Cocker. Adam says to throw in a couple of moments and step back from the mic while he’s playing the guitar. Davina is a little nervous going against Jesse because he slayed it at rehearsals and she feels like she has to give it 100% and slay it. Blake says Davina’s performance was good and fun and it was obvious she was having a blast. Blake says Jesse just burned the house down and sang the crap out of that song. Alicia says she had a face with Jesse where she can’t believe what she just heard and she really liked what Davina did to that song. Alicia says she’d like to feel a little more while Jesse is performing and tells him to never hold back. Gwen says Davina is not scared to go for it and she did a great job and with Jesse she never heard anyone command their own voice the way he has. Adam says clearly he didn’t pair them because of their striking similarities and he liked that Davina stayed true to what she wanted to do and Jesse can make anything sound good and likens Jesse to Cee Lo Green. Adam says the winner of this Knock-Out is…Jesse. Jesse wasn’t the only one to advance from team Adam. Malik Davage took on Mark Isaiah. Mark sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Adam says Mark is scary with what he can do and it was a pleasure to work with both of them but the winner is Mark. Gwen’s first pairing is Brandon Royal and JChosen. JChosen has selected the song Without You by David Guetta featuring Usher. Brandon says JChosen is an amazing singer and it’s very intimidating. Gwen says that was intense and advises him to plan his runs to ensure it’s an emotional performance. Brandon is going to sing Redemption Song by Bob Marley. JChosen says watching Brandon rehears and seeing his vocal ability and how smooth he is showed how much he was going to have to step up. Gwen says he took the spirit of it and let his talent deliver the message. Gwen advises to use the moment to deliver a message and make it powerful. Adam says Brandon did a cool job and it takes courage to leave himself that expose and on the other side JChosen and he crushed it. Adam says he’d pick JChosen. Blake says what Brandon did in the battle rounds blew his mind and he wished he had done that again and JChosen showcased what he was capable of and he’d also pick JChosen. Alicia says she loved the way Brandon sang Redemption Song and JChosen is so charming when he sings and his voice was so pure. Gwen says she is blown away. Gwen says Brandon took her to this modern place and it was a great way to deliver the message from Bob Marley to a new generation. Gwen says to JChosen that the song has a real message and he had a lot of courage to deliver a powerful message. Gwen says the winner is…JChosen. Blake’s final pairing is Aliyah Moulden and Caroline Sky. Aliyah has selected the song Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Blake says he was surprised by the song choice and she needs to relax and lose the nerves the better off she will be. Caroline says she sounded so good and she’s nervous because she’s a great singer. Caroline has decided to sing At Last by Etta James. Aliyah says she’s nervous and has to give her performance 110% because Caroline is an amazing vocalist. Blake advises Caroline to make sure each lyric is as enunciated as it can be. Blake says Caroline is under pressure taking on an iconic song. Alicia says Aliyah was surprised by her song choice and she has a beautiful, strong voice and Caroline’s voice was well-suited to her song choice. Gwen says Aliyah’s song choice showed a mature side to her she hadn’t seen before. Gwen says that song showed how flexible as an artist she was and if Gwen had to choose it would be Caroline. Adam says Aliyah did well and it was pretty amazing. Adam says Caroline was ambitious but it was a great song choice but he’d chose Aliyah. Blake says neither one made it easy on themselves. Blake says Caroline is the kind of singer who can do anything. Blake says it’s crazy hearing Adam talk about Aliyah doing a country song and she did it well. Blake’s choice for the winner is…Aliyah. The final pairing of the Knock-Out rounds from Team Gwen is Troy Ramey and Stephanie Rice. Stephanie has decided to sing Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars. Gwen says she was in shock and she chose the perfect song. Gwen advises her to get all the way up on the high notes and not to be nervous. Troy says Stephanie has an honesty to her voice and he got chills. Troy has selected the song Chandelier by Sia. Stephanie says she can hear the authenticity in Troy’s voice from the artist’s aspect. Gwen suggests sticking to the melody of the song because people like to hear what they know. Adam says this is an interesting one because he’s growing to love Stephanie more and more and from the beginning they all wanted Troy and he would never be able to let go of him. Blake says they are both intense performers but coming from two different lanes of music. Blake feels like every time Troy gets on stage he sees a new element to him and he’d have to give it to Troy. Alicia says Stephanie has a real truth that comes out of her and she likes that she has her own style. Alicia tells Troy his song choice was ambitious and making it his own was great. Gwen says she relates to both of them in different ways. Gwen says Stephanie has a powerful way of delivering her soul to people and connecting. Gwen says Troy is so emotional and has really big range and she feels there is so much more he can do that she hasn’t seen yet. Gwen decides the winner is…Troy. Stephanie never thought she’d make it this far and she thanks Gwen for believing in her. Alicia smacks her button several times and Stephanie has been stolen by Alicia. Going into the live shows Team Adam consists of Hanna Eyre, Josh West, Jesse Larson, Mark Isaiah, and Lilli Passero. Team Alicia has the following artists to represent her: Chris Blue, Ashley Levin, Anatalia Villaranda, Vanessa Ferguson, and Stephanie Rice. For Team Blake, Blake chose Casi Joy, TSoul, Lauren Duski, Aliyah Moulden, and Aaliyah Rose to represent him in the live shows. And going to the live shows for Team Gwen is: Hunter Plake, Brennley Brown, JChosen, Quizz Swanigan, and Troy Ramey.
  15. On your mark! Get set! Go! The teams are reflecting on their partners and how well they work together, or what they need to do to move forward. Seth and Olive, the first team to arrive is the first team to leave. They rip the envelope and they need to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. They have to book tickets through a travel agent. All teams are now booked on six different flights to Brazil. Vanck and Ashton are on the first flight with Matt and Redmond, Seth and Olive are on a second flight with Shamir and Sara and Brooke and Scott, Liz and Michael are on the third flight, London and Logan are on the fourth flight, Becca and Floyd and Joey and Tara are on the fifth flight, and Jessie and Francesca are on the last flight. Once in Sao Paulo, the teams must make their way to a helipad and sign up for helicopter ride over the congested city to a skyscraper. Then they’ll have to travel to Praca Da Se and pick up their next clue. Ashton and Vanck made an agreement with Matt and Redmond they would do a coin flip when they got to the helipad on who would go first so they wouldn’t kill themselves to get there. Matt and Redmond arrived first and decided not to wait and signed up for the first helicopter flight. Ashton and Vanck are second and asked them about the agreement and Matt says he would have expected them to do the same thing. The rest of the teams arrive in the same basic order as their flights. Matt and Redmond take off first and they are enjoying their flight over Sao Paulo. The teams are looking over the buildings and talking about how excited they are to be in Brazil. Matt and Redmond have arrived at Praca Da Se and hit the detour: Work your feet or keep your beat. Phil says this music is the most recognizable music in Brazil, the Samba. For keep your beat: teams will now find out if they have what it takes to keep up with the beat. They must master two samba instruments and perform a routine with the samba group to get their next clue. Work your feet: This is how you go to the gym, Sao Paulo style. With a highway for a roof, plenty of cheap square footage, and world champion athletes lining up at the door, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to buy a gym membership. Teams must build a work out stations using rudimentary equipment including a refrigerator, a giant truck tire, tin cans, and spare auto parts to the exact specifications of heavyweight boxer Flavio Henrique. Matt and Redmond decide to work their feet. Shamir and Sara decide to keep the beat and Ashton and Vanck choose work their feet. Matt and Redmond look over the example and get started immediately. Shamir and Sara are excited and get changed into a uniform to perform in and begin to learn the instruments. Seth and Olive choose work their feet and Liz and Michael choose to keep the beat. Matt and Redmond are working well together. London and Logan decide to keep the beat and Brooke and Scott choose to work their feet. Matt and Redmond are looking things over and they think they are done. Flavio says they are not done. They forgot the water in the barrel. Ashton and Vanck have arrived and Liz and Michael arrived at the keep the beat. Sara didn’t stop when she was supposed to so they have to try again. Matt realizes they forgot the water in the barrel and go to correct it. Seth and Olive arrive at the work their feet detour. Matt and Redmond ask for another check and Flavio checks the amount of water and gives the thumbs up. Matt and Redmond rip the envelope and they have to make their way to the Avenida Paulista and find the marked bicycle. Brooke takes a spill running and bruises her elbow. She says pain is temporary, elimination is forever. Seth and Olive and Ashton and Vanck are still working on their gym stations. Shamir and Sara are on their second attempt and Shamir forgot to stop this time. Becca and Floyd decide to keep the beat and Tara and Joey pick work their feet. Ashton and Vanck got their water and are trying to block it so Seth and Olive can’t see it. Ashton and Vanck think they are done and ask for a check and they are done. They get their clue and grab their bags. Seth and Olive ask for a check and they are also finished. Brooke and Scott get to the work your feet detour and Brooke is having difficulty helping life things. Michael and Liz and London and Logan are ready for their first try at keeping the beat and Shamir and Sara are on their third attempt. London and Liz weren’t holding their instrument correctly so they have to try again. Shamir and Sara completed theirs and get their clue. Jessie and Francesca are behind and they are trying to stay positive. London messed up again and they will have to retry. Michael and Liz successfully complete their task and get to move on. Tara and Joey arrive at work your feet. Becca and Floyd have reached the keep the beat and Floyd says being a drum major is about keeping the beat. Matt and Redmond are still struggling to find the marked bicycle. Vanck and Ashton are the first to reach and find the bicyclist. Road Block: Who likes things squeaky clean? Phil tells us Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America with more than 5,000 high rise buildings, and all of them need their windows cleaned. After rappelling down the side of a building teams must thoroughly wash a marked window. When their window is squeaky clean, they will receive their next clue. Ashton decides to do the road block. Jessie and Francesca finally reach the detour and decide to keep the beat. London and Logan complete keep the beat and get their clue. Becca and Floyd are making their first attempt and successfully complete it. Brooke and Scott get their gym area checked and they are done leaving Tara and Joey alone. Liz and Michael reach the bicyclist and Liz is going to do the road block. Tara and Joey are done with their gym and move on. Shamir and Scott are going to do the road blocks. Scott has a fear of heights and falling and he’s nervous and getting emotional. Scott is really nervous and starts to rappel. Brooke is yelling encouragement and says she’s proud of him. Seth and Redmond are both also doing the road block. Francesca and Jessie are practicing for keep the beat. Redmond is getting a little frustrated but he says he’ll get it. Seth asks for a check and he is told no and he has to rappel all the way down and start over at the top. Liz finishes and gets her clue. Ashton also gets hers done. Becca is going to do the road block. Liz and Michael rip the envelope and they have to find the next pit stop in the urban rainforest. Phil tells us Trianon Park is a rain forest located in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities. Teams must find me in the middle of this lush 11-acre reserve. The last team to jump on the mat may be eliminated. Liz and Michael grab a cab and Vanck tells Ashton they can run. Tara is going to do the road block and she says people would be surprised if they knew she had been a paratrooper. Scott is mumbling to himself saying he can do this. Logan is going to do the road block. Michael says they are racing for first and Liz tells him to carry her bag. The race for the mat is on. Welcome to Sao Paulo Brazil. Liz and Michael hit the mat. Phil says you arrived on the third flight, you went past five teams, and you are team number 1. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for Travelocity and you are going to Barbados. Michael says they crushed it and they want to keep the momentum. Ashton and Vanck hit the mat second. Ashton is glad they beat Matt and Redmond. Redmond finishes his window and get his clue. Jessie and Francesca complete their detour and are excited. Matt and Redmond hit the mat in third place. Shamir missed a spot and has to go down and start back over. Shamir thinks his harness is too tight. He goes back and he doesn’t last long before saying he’s in pain and he needs to get down and he hits the window and breaks it. He says he feels like he’s bleeding and asks for a doctor and an ambulance. They close the door on the cameras and Sara is concerned. Logan says Shamir at the road block got a little “testy”, no pun intended, he was definitely losing his temper because of the injuries he was experiencing. Seth and Olive are fourth on the mat. Scott finished the road block and is excited he did it. Becca finishes right after, then Logan, then Tara. They all take off together and Brooke says she’ll keep up as much as she can but her arm is hurt. Shamir emerges from the ambulance and dances in the hall as he goes back up. Jessie and Francesca and the bicyclist rides just past them. The bicyclist passes them again and Sara sends them down the block to buy time for them. Brooke and Scott race Becca and Floyd for the mat. Scott hit the mat first but Becca and Floyd hit the mat before Brooke. Becca and Floyd are fifth and Scott and Brooke are sixth. Tara and Joey are team number seven, and London and Logan are team number eight. Shamir does not complete his window again and has to go back down. Jessie and Francesca finally see the bicyclist and Shamir is taking a break. Francesca is going for her first attempt at the window. Sara is frustrated with Shamir. Francesca and Shamir are racing to finish and Francesca failed and has to do it again. Shamir finally completed his task. Sara and Shamir are running for a cab. Francesca is going down for her next attempt. Shamir and Sara hit the mat in ninth and he complains to Phil about the harness and his pain. Phil asks if he has worn a harness before and Shamir says no. Shamir is mad and Phil can tell and Sara is emotional and Shamir says he’s not mad at her. Jessie and Francesca finally hit the mat and Phil tells them he’s sorry to tell them they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race. On the next episode of The Amazing Race, teams visit the island of Zanzibar where Shamir and Sara’s problems persist and the U-turn gets teams seeing red.
  16. We’re back at Nuku after tribal council and Aubrey tells them nice move and she’s impressed. She feels like she’s constantly on the bottom. Aubrey asks why JT over her and Sandra explains it was because of his betrayal and he needed to be held accountable. Aubrey says she feels like Sandra is cutting her legs out from under her and it’s a slow death. Aubrey says Sandra is the best player here, she is the queen of the game, and she needs to learn a thing or two from her. We’re at Mana and Tai is up and he found the clue and he thinks the board is by the water well. So he goes before anyone wakes up and goes to look at their water well. He pours water on the boards trying to find the clue to the idol. After he gets all the boards wet, he sees a symbol of an anchor and digs below that board and finds the idol. Tai says he doesn’t see using this idol any time soon. Jeff calls the tribes in and Mana and Tavua get their first look at the new Nuku tribe, JT voted out. Jeff takes back immunity. Everybody drop your buffs! We’re switching things up again. Shall we get to it? Don’t open it and grab one. Everybody reveal your buffs. We have orange and blue, there is no green. Debbie does not have a buff and she’s without a tribe. Jeff says lots of celebrating on both ends. The new Mana tribe is Troyzan, Michaela, Sierra, Hali, Aubrey, Cirie, and Culpepper. The new Nuku tribe is Sandra, Sarah, Varner, Andrea, Tai, Zeke, and Ozzy. The game turns so quickly. Sandra and Varner now in the minority spot. Jeff says Sandra you’re in the back row, hands are in your pocket, you’re not saying much, what are you thinking. Sandra says she hopes they get to know her first before they decide, if something goes left that she ends up right. Jeff says stuck in the middle without a home is Debbie. Jeff says let me catch you up. You are going nowhere, except to Exile Island. She’ll leave here and live on Exile Island alone. She’ll then return to the game at the next tribal council where you will join the tribe that loses a member. The good news is obvious you can’t be voted out at the next tribal. The bad news is equally obvious you cannot bond with anybody. What’s going through your head right now, where are you focusing your thoughts. Debbie says as a youth she went off on her own a lot and she’ll be ok alone and she’ll be optimistic about who she winds up with. Jeff tells Debbie to grab her stuff and head down to the water. Mana and Nuku can head back to camp. Varner says he went from the top to the bottom in a New York minute. We’re at Mana tribe and Troyzan is feeling better. Culpepper says Jeff threw them a curve ball and now he’s on a tribe where he doesn’t know anyone. Culpepper thinks since Troyzan played with Monica and they are the only two men on the tribe and maybe they can make something work. Troyzan says he doesn’t want to get bamboozled by women again. Culpepper says he has Sierra and Troyzan but he needs one more. Over at Nuku Jeff strikes up a conversation with Zeke, but he realizes they are in a bad spot. Sandra says she’s staying calm and collected and she’ll see what they can do. Zeke tells Ozzy he wants Sandra out now. Zeke tells us you have to get Sandra out before merge or she’ll win the game. Ozzy asks how they want to play Varner and Sandra and Zeke says we have to make them feel safe. They realize they have to blindside Sandra to get her out. Andrea says Tai is the perfect decoy because he’s really sly and can find idols and it makes her nervous with him there. Andrea says even though they are targeting Sandra, it makes more sense to get rid of Tai. Zeke talks to Tai and mentions about getting rid of Sandra and Tai says he’s afraid of Sandra. Zeke is going to tell Sandra and Varner Tai is the target, but he wants to be careful about Tai finding out. Tai says he’s going to look for another idol, just in case they decide to try and blindside him. Tai goes to the new water well and pouring water on the boards thinking it might be the same clue. This time he reveals a ships wheel and digs and finds the idol. He tears the boards with wheel off and hides them in some brush. He says he’s more paranoid because of his idols. Debbie is on the boat and says today is a low point for her and she can’t be in a worse position right now. Exile Island is a yacht, complete with food, including wine, alcohol and dessert. She says nobody is expecting she is getting treated like a queen. A boat is approaching with Cochran on the boat. Debbie says she’s relaxing and here comes Cochran. Cochran was one of her favorite winners. Cochran is here as part of her exile experience and she can pick his brain and talk strategy. Cochran says when he seen Debbie he realized he has his work cut out for him. Cochran asks her if she has any fears about anyone and Debbie says no. Cochran thinks Debbie is over confidence and that can be poisonous in the game. Cochran asks if there is tension with anyone and she says Culpepper and explains their issue. Cochran says sometimes swallowing your pride and pandering to them could be a better strategy to win. Debbie says she thinks having Cochran to talk to was an amazing experience. Cochran has one more game changing twist. He pulls out a box with an advantage options and Debbie kisses and hugs him. She starts crying and Cochran comforts her and says she’s in a good position. Debbie gets to choose the advantage she thinks will help her the most. Debbie gets to pick one of three advantages, they are: a fake hidden immunity idol kit which contains everything she needs to make a fake immunity idol, an extra vote, or a tribe challenge advantage. Debbie chose the extra vote. She thanks Cochran and he says if she goes back to the game with the right mindset, he thinks she has the potential to do really well. Varner and Zeke are laying around and talking. Zeke says he’d be the first one to admit that he likes Varner and he sees him as a potentially desperate person he could trust and keep in the game. Zeke says he needs to convince Varner Tai is the target. Varner says he’s not sure he trusts it completely yet, but he doesn’t know if he has a choice. Sandra asks Varner what he talked to Zeke about and tells Sandra they’re ok. Sandra says as long as it isn’t her, she’ll vote Tai out, but it’s not adding up and it would be stupid of them not to get rid of her or Varner. She says the only way to ensure they’re safe is if they win immunity. She says if they think she isn’t going to take control of the situation, then they don’t know her because she’s the queen. Jeff calls them in for the challenge. For today’s challenge, you’re going to dive into the water and race through a series of monkey bars. You’ll then lift heavy puzzle pieces into a sled, pull the sled to shore, and drag it to the finish. Three tribe members will then work together to solve a barrel puzzle. First tribe to finish wins immunity and safe from the vote. Losing tribe goes to tribal council and will receive Debbie. For immunity, Survivors ready, Go! Nuku is working together and so is Mana. Mana has an early lead. Culpepper is first across quickly. Ozzy is across for Nuku. Mana is working very efficiently and Sandra is taking a long time for Nuku. Michaela is the last for Mana and they are all through the monkey bars and Nuku has two left. Culpepper and Sierra are lifting the puzzle pieces. Nuku is working quickly and efficiently. Mana has one left and Nuku is at their second set of pieces. Mana is struggling to pull the sled and has it to shore. Nuku is still behind but getting theirs to shore and closing the gap. Mana is struggling to get the sled to the finish mat. Varner is pulling their sled and has made up some time. Mana is first to the mat and Sierra, Cirie, and Aubrey are solving the puzzle. Nuku has hit the finish mat and Zeke, Ozzy, and Sandra are working together. Mana thinks they have it as one of the fastest finishes in Survivor history and they have it. Mana wins immunity. Nuku will be at tribal council tonight. We’re at Nuku and they are all very solemn. Zeke says that immunity challenge was a butt kicker and they got their tushies handed to them. The only solace he takes is Sandra is the target. Varner talks to Sandra and he feels safe and Sandra doesn’t believe it and she needs to assess the situation and work her magic. Sandra tells Zeke they have to be worried about Tai, Debbie, and Aubrey getting together after merge. Sandra says Ozzy and Zeke are strong males and she’ll help them and keep her ears open. Sarah says the reason Sandra has won twice is because she doesn’t come off as a threat to the game. Ozzy says Sandra is so good, she even considered what she was saying. Ozzy is talking to Andrea and Sarah and says they’re keeping Sandra going a secret, but he is worried about Tai and that potential threesome. Tai is getting really nervous because he sees conversations going on. Tai goes to talk to Varner and Ozzy and fills Varner about Sandra going home. Ozzy is upset because he spilled the beans to Varner about Sandra going home. Sandra says coming into the game she knew she had the biggest target on her back. She has to make sure Tai is enemy number one. Jeff has those who haven’t been to tribal get fire, which is Ozzy, Andrea, Sarah, and Zeke. Jeff asks Andrea what is the state of the game and Andrea says to get rid of big threats. Jeff says Ozzy, there are all really a threat and Ozzy says you can fit in with a target like him and take the hit before him. Sandra says it’s been 16 great days but she thinks this is it for her and she says since she’s been there no one has talked to her. Jeff says Tai is watching Sandra while she’s talking and Tai says what she said was accurate. Jeff says to Tai so you think Sandra is going home. Tai says not necessarily because he’s worried because he took out Malcolm and just made a game changing move. Jeff says Tai seems like he’s lost in thought and Tai says he’s in the presence of big names like Ozzy and Sandra and he just hopes him safe. Jeff asks Sarah if the same was for and if she’d heard any names and Sarah says she’s heard a few names but some of them are still open on who to vote for. Jeff looks at Tai and says that’s why you’re so nervous and Tai says yes the only name he heard was Sandra and Sarah heard another name. Jeff says Sandra that’s what you want to hear. Sandra says yes and if Tai wants throw out a name, I’ll vote with him. Tai says can I do that in secret and Sandra says you can whisper in my ear and he says yeah. He whispers and Sandra says ok. Tai then whispers to Varner and he says we need one more to make that happen. Tai then says Ozzy name because of keeping the tradition of voting out the biggest guy because he can’t compete against him because he’s a God. There is whispering going on and Sandra whispers to Andrea she will vote with Tai. Zeke asks Tai who he does trust in the game. Varner says can we just vote? They all agree to vote and Jeff says ok time to vote. Jeff says he will go tally the votes. If you have a hidden immunity, now would be the time to play it. No idol was played. Jeff goes to read the votes. First vote Tai. Tai. Sandra. Sandra. Sandra. 6th person voted out is Sandra. She wishes them luck and it’s ok, they knocked it out. Jeff says Sandra, for the first time in 94 days of Survivor, the tribe has spoken. She says don’t do it Jeff and he pauses then snuffs her choice. Sandra tells them good job and good luck. Jeff says and once again, I have no idea what just happened and it’s a feeling I’m starting to get used to. Debbie, a torch and a Nuku buff will be waiting for you back at camp. The rest of you grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night!
  17. Last night, the season 12 Knock-Outs began and the artists came ready to fight for their spots in the live shows. Adam and Gwen each used their final steal to fortify their teams. Tonight, with the seasons new twist artists will get one on one training with their coaches. And with only two steals left, get ready for the shock of the Knock-Outs. Let’s see who Alicia paired up for the first Knock-Out of the night. Anatalia Villaranda against Dawson Coyle will be the first pairing and they come for their rehearsal. Anatalia is singing Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood. Dawson says the level of talent on Team Alicia is insane. Alicia tells her to think about how to make the song personal to her. Dawson has chosen the song Demons by Imagine Dragons. Anatalia says Dawson is one of her best friends and seeing him perform for the first time rushed some waves of nervousness towards here. Alicia tells him to think about where the best places are for his breath. Gwen says she loves Dawson’s voice, he’s really talented and Anatalia has so much confidence and power. Adam says Dawson picked a song that is really hard to do and Blake says but it’s the best he’s heard it. Adam says he’d have to give it to Anatalia. Blake says Dawson was one of his biggest regrets because he has a special voice and Anatalia there is no way to not get excited about Anatalia. Alicia says Anatalia surprised her with the song choice and it’s great she wants to keep evolving. Alicia says Dawson she really loved hearing him sing that song. Alicia chooses as the winner…Anatalia. Team Blake has paired Enid Ortiz and TSoul together for his first pairing of the night. Enid has selected the song When We Were Young by Adele. TSoul says Enid is a great singer and he gives her a standing ovation. Blake says he doesn’t think he’s there with the confidence. TSoul has decided to sing the song These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding. TSoul is not happy with his performance and is getting emotional. Blake says he loves that the emotion is coming through, but the emotion can almost derail the performance. Enid says she loves his voice but he’s intimidating because he’s a Unicorn. There is no one like him. Alicia says she loves his bravado and he showed a unique side of his voice. Alicia says Enid surprises her every time and she is impressive. Gwen says she feels like she knows who he is right away because he sounds so retro. Gwen says Enid was so emotional and the low notes were very good. Adam says he would choose TSoul, but there is something emotional about Enid. Blake says Enid is amazed she is the only person that pushed for her in the auditions and she really stepped up tonight. Blake says it’s fun to watch TSoul sing and his bravado is crazy and he had a cool little spin move. Blake decides his winner is…TSoul. The next pairing from Team Gwen is Aaliyah Rose and Brennley Brown. Aaliyah is going to sing Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend. Gwen says Aaliyah is own her world and she needs to tell a story with her face. Brennley says Aaliyah puts so much passion into what she sings. Brennley has chosen the song Up to the Mountain by Kelly Clarkson. Aaliyah says she’s really anxious because they are close and she wants to see her succeed also. Gwen says sometimes she gives off the wrong emotion so she needs to be more mindful of that and reach people. Alicia looks shocked by Brennley’s performance and Aaliyah. Adam says the difference between Aaliyah and Brennly is 16 months. Adam says Brennly gave a grammy performance and Aaliyah is almost there and Adam would go with Brennley. Blake says Brennley is doing what she was born to do and it hurts him to see her on someone else’s team. Blake says Aaliyah came out and she doesn’t sound like anyone else in the world. Alicia says she loved Aaliyah’s song choice and her range. Alicia says Brennley had a way of zooming in on her space and what it is she wanted to say through the song. Gwen says she is devastated. She thinks Brennley is an unbelievable surprise and she impacts people. Gwen says Aaliyah is so unique and she would listen to her records. Gwen says both are amazing but she has to make a decision who the winner is and she chooses…Brennley. Aaliyah is available to steal. Aaliyah tells her coach she’s dreamed of this since she was young and she thanks Gwen so much. Blake hits his button as she’s giving Gwen a hug. Blake says he stole Aaliyah because she has this incredible presence and this old voice that is fascinating to him.
  18. Tonight, the fight to go live starts with the Knock-Outs. This round, the artists’ make the critical choice of what song to sing and get intensive one on one training from our coaches. And in a Voice first, they are going to watch their opponents rehearse. These Knock-Outs are the most competitive we’ve ever seen. As the artists’ hope to represent their coaches in the live playoffs, or prove to another they deserve to stay. America get ready, the biggest night of the season yet is a Knock-Out. Team Alicia’s first pair is Chris Blue and Quizz Swanigan. Alicia tells them they will be watching other and get to see the coach’s interactions with their opponent. Chris Blue has selected the song Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Quizz says he’s nervous after seeing Chris because he’s a great performer, but that just means he has to work a little harder. Alicia suggests to do the second verse in halftime and break it down a little bit. Alicia says the challenge will be finding the space to both vocally and musically to dance and make it feel natural. Quizz is up and he has chosen the song Chains by Nick Jonas. He feels like maybe he can relate to the song and Chris says Quizz is amazing. Alicia tells Quizz to stretch and focus on hitting a high note. Alicia says Quizz is getting better and better and everything she throws at him, he nails it. Chris is up first for the coaches. He gets a standing ovation and Quizz is up next and he also gets an ovation from the female coaches. Gwen says she might be Chris’s biggest fan and can’t believe he sings like that. She thinks Quizz is adorable and she had no idea he had a deep sound. Adam says Quizz had the hardest task because Chris killed it but Quizz had a superhuman response and it was incredible. Blake says after Chris’s audition that he was going to win the Voice and he was upset he didn’t have a chance to turn for him. He says Quizz has really done well under Alicia’s tutoring and she’s done a good job setting him on his path. Alicia says Quizz is amazing and incredible. Alicia says Chris was a wild, crazy animal but it was so incredible to watch. Alicia chooses as the winner…Chris. Quizz thanks Alicia and says it was an honor. Gwen pushes her button and steals Quizz from Team Alicia. Quizz’s dad says he’s so proud of Quizz and Gwen says she’s ready to win. Quizz’s dad says he’ll work hard. Team Adam’s first pairing are Autumn Turner and Hanna Eyre. Autumn is going to rehearse first and she has decided to sing Respect by Aretha Franklin. Adam says she doesn’t need any help with the feel or the pocket, but maybe tone back the growl a little bit. Hanna says she’s nervous because Autumn has a powerful presence and she needs to bring her best. Hanna is singing the song Bleeding Love by Leona Love. Adam says it’s a simple song so keep the vocals nice and clean. Autumn says she was taken aback and got goosebumps and she needs to step her game up. Autumn performs first for the coaches. Hanna is up to perform. Blake says it’s so shocking what Hanna does because she has such great control and range. Blake says she did a song that’s a bit untouchable. Alicia says she loved the ruggedness of Autumn’s voice and Hanna has a beautiful voice and she gets exponentially better every time. Gwen says this was her favorite performance by Hanna and she was disappointed by Autumn’s song choice. Adam says he’s so proud of both for applying what they talked about. Adam says Hanna is impressive for 15 and Autumn is so surgical and it was an ambitious choice. Adam has decided to keep…Hanna. Team Gwen has decided to pair Hunter Plake and Johnny Gates. Hunter has chosen the song I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. Johnny says Hunter is a great singer and has these quarks to his voice and that makes him nervous. Gwen says he needs to try and open up a little bit so it doesn’t sound like he’s pushing. Johnny has selected the song Million Reasons by Lady Gaga. Hunter says watching Johnny he realized it wasn’t going to be easy to get through the round. Gwen advises Johnny to focus on his facial expressions and live the lyric. Hunter performs for the coaches first and he is playing a keyboard and has slowed the song down and changed the chorus a little. Johnny takes his turn without his guitar. Adam says Hunter his ear found him and he tried to get him in the battle rounds. Adam says Johnny is the consummate performer and Hunter is more creative and taps into something deeper. Blake says Johnny has a presence about him but Hunter came out and did a song they all know and honored the original but completely made it his own. Adam and Blake both pick Hunter as the winner. Alicia says Hunter created intimacy is not easy to do and she liked the way Johnny bops around the stage and he has a strong vocal capacity. Alicia would go with Johnny as the winner. Gwen says there is something so positive about Johnny and he really put it all together tonight. Gwen says she feels like she got to know Hunter fast and he took a song and what he did was so good. Gwen is choosing the winner as…Hunter. Team Blake is next and has paired Casi Joy and Felicia Temple. Casi has decided to sing My Church by Maren Morris. Felicia says Casi is awesome and she feels like she has to step up her game. Blake gives advice on hitting the notes and saving her moments. Felicia is singing the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Blake says Felicia has some big shoes to fill with that song. Casi says she’s intimidated against Felicia, but if she nails that song then she’s done her job. Blake advises her to watch her breath control and vibrato so she doesn’t fail on the notes the audience will be expecting because the song is so well known. Casi performs first and plays the guitar. Felicia steps up for her performance and stays with the original. Felicia asks Blake why he paired those two up? Felicia says she feels like Casi had great control and the end note was super killer and she had chills on her arms while Felicia was singing. Gwen says she feels like Casi had a lot of confidence and she was shocked with Felicia and was scared but she was unbelievable and she had chills. Adam says he’s a fan of Casi but hearing Felicia say she was going to sing that song was like saying she was going to climb Mount Everest and she did. Blake says it was a stand-out performance for Felicia. Blake says there is no stopping Casi Joy because she is so confident. Blake says he guesses the winner is…Casi. Adam’s next pairing is Johnny Hayes and Josh West. Johnny has chosen the song Statesboro Blues by The Allman Brothers Band. Adam advises him to work on his enunciation and use all four corners of the stage. Josh says being paired with Johnny is tough because he has a strong presence and has been doing it a lot longer. Josh is singing the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. Adam says Josh’s voice is pure and powerful, but he needs to build to an 11 instead of staying at 11 the entire time. Johnny says he didn’t rock like Josh when he was 18 and he’s going to have to prove he can keep up. Johnny performs first followed by Josh. Blake says this is going to be tough for Adam. He tells Johnny he has an edginess to his voice and such great stage presence and then Bruce Lee comes out and his vocals jumped up to a new level. Blake would go with Josh. Alicia says Johnny did an incredible job and worked the stage and Josh has a lot to learn but she was really taken with him and liked how he didn’t hold back. Gwen says Josh that song is almost impossible to sing and it was super impressive and Johnny is so natural and engaging and so much personality. Gwen says she’d go with Josh. Adam says Johnny keeps getting better and Josh sang a very hard song and is a maniac. Adam says he has to make a tough decision, but the winner is…Josh. The final pairing of the night is from team Alicia and she has paired Ashley Levin and Lilli Passero. Ashley has decided to sing the song Fancy by Bobbie Gentry. Alicia says the song is wordy and she needs to make sure it all comes through. Alicia says she needs to connect with the song and Ashley got emotional because she can relate. Lilli says Ashley has a voice that carries and now the pressure is on. Lilli has selected the song Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse. Ashley says Lilli’s voice is pretty flawless. Alicia asks Lilli what the song means to her and advises her to break down each line and relate it to her. She also says maybe slow it down a tiny bit. Ashley performs first and then Lilli. Gwen says Ashley is so strong and confident and she really thinks Lilli played the role of the song. Gwen would probably choose Ashley. Adam says Ashley has progressed and grown but he thinks Lilli can win. Blake says Ashley has a rawness about her to when she performs and Lilli is just calm, cool, and collected as she performs. Blake would go with Lilli. Alicia says this is hard. Alicia says the words were so complex and it was so hard and she did it. Alicia says Lilli is ready to be a performer. Alicia chooses as the winner…Ashley. Lilli is available to steal and Adam hits his button ten times. Blake hits his button a moment later. Adam says he can’t believe Lilli was let go and he believes she has what it takes. Blake also thinks she can win and he pushed his button in the blind auditions and Adam did not. Adam says it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. Lilli picks as her new coach…Adam.
  19. For over a decade, teams of two have raced over a million miles around the world testing their relationships to the limit. Today, in an Amazing Race first, 22 complete strangers are meeting each other for the first time at the starting line. Welcome to Grand Hope park in downtown Los Angeles, the start of an Amazing Race unlike any race we’ve ever had before. This is all about first impressions, so take a really good look at the people standing around you. Have a good look. Because you are about to pair up with a complete stranger for a 9 country, 17 city, 36,000 miles race around the world for one million dollars. Olive says they’re in a race for a million dollars, she definitely doesn’t want to be dragged down by somebody. Brooke is nervous who her partner will be. She says they’re strangers no matter what, but there are certain strangers that you want more than others. Michael says ideally, I’d like someone with a little more charm than me because I can be a pain in the butt. Phil says the question is who is going to be your teammate. Shamir says it doesn’t matter who he gets paired up with, he’ll throw them over his shoulder to make sure they win. Jenn says she’ll definitely use her looks to her advantage to win the race and a million dollars. Jessie says oh my God, I really don’t want to be partners with the Asian Barbie because she’s only here because she thinks she looks good. Phil says at this point, nobody has spoken to anybody, but you’re going to see how everybody performs. Because the game starts now. Before you pick your teammate, I have a challenge for you. I need you to pick up a piece of luggage that has a tag on it with the Panamanian flag. To get to the luggage store, you’re going to go through that gate, you’re going to go 2 blocks southwest, and 7 blocks southeast. The sooner you come back with the correct piece of luggage, the more likely you are to choose your ideal partner. What are you waiting for? Go get your luggage! Go for it! Seth is a police officer in Bellevue, Washington. As a police officer he’s trained to work well with a partner right off the bat. Same thing on the race, he’s going to have a partner he hasn’t met, he doesn’t know them, and they’re going to have to work well together right off the bat. Brook is a criminal attorney and she thinks she comes off looking like a high stress, wound New Yorker. She likes to be in control of situations, but if she thinks someone knows better she’s able to step aside and let them lead. Probably. Scott says he is a big achiever. He graduated Harvard University near the top of his class. It can be hard for him to build a relationship with another Type A personality quickly because they’re trying to get at the same objective with very dominant ways. He says so I might be easy to snap, I mean I am a gay redhead. Redmond was a navy foreman with marines for five years. He stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his leg. He immediately started competing in every sport he could imagine because he wanted to show the world that no matter what happens to you, your goal should be to continue to succeed and that’s what he’s going to do on the race. Vanck thinks he is intellectually oriented. He likes thinking about how things work, multiple time lines, are we alone in the universe, does the outside world exist? For a race partner, a pretty girl never hurts in terms of success on the race because people look at him like he has two heads or something. Jenn is a model in Los Angeles, and she predominantly does swimwear. An ideal partner for her would be the surfer kid from Hawaii. She doesn’t know if he’s very smart, no offense, but she feels like he’d be really fun. Jessie is the very first woman K-9 police officer in the police department where she lives. She’s 6 foot 3 and that’s intimidating to most people. She says I’m an alpha male, I can’t help it. Francesca is an army drill sergeant. She enlisted when she was 17, and when she was 19 she went right into Iraq. She’s been in the military for 15 years, 6 years of that as a drill sergeant. The first contestant has gotten to the luggage shop. They are looking for the tag. Floyd finds one and is the first out. A couple others are behind him. We meet Matt, who’s a professional snow boarder, and he won the 2016 X games in halfpipe. To win the gold meant so much to him, and to win the race, he’d feel pretty unstoppable then. Floyd tells us it’s a good thing he memorized all the flags of the world before he came on the show. He tells us he’s a college drum major and he’s watched the Amazing Race since the 5th grade and it’s always been his dream to win the race. People tell him he’s the most positive and optimistic person they’ve ever met. His perfect race partner would have to be positive and be able to enjoy this incredible experience they’re having together. We see one of the contestants has the wrong luggage. We see Becca at the luggage shop climbing on suitcases to reach one. Becca is a rock climbing instructor and she says she’s an enthusiastic, fun-loving, and goofy. She’s wearing a “fun meter” and she says it’s pretty much always in the red zone. If her partner isn’t into the fun thing, then what are they doing there? Liz is an auctioneer and says she can be in the city, but she’d rather be out on the farm with her horse. She’s wearing boots and she says these boots were made for walking, not running. She’s a fifth generation auctioneer, and whoever is partnered up with her better be ready to enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Michael is a butcher and says his appearance is his secret weapon. He started growing his beard the day after he stopped his last job and that was over three years ago. He now owns and operates a butcher shop with his wife and his IQ is right around 140, so don’t judge a book by its cover. People start coming in and checking their luggage with Phil. He checks to make sure it’s correct and then has them get in line. Olive is a Providence firefighter and rides one of the busiest firetrucks in the country. She says she gets some funny looks, but she’s always trying to challenge herself and she definitely thinks she’s going to win the Amazing Race because she’s a maniac and she’s willing to do whatever it takes. Joey has the wrong luggage and has to come back. Joey is a police sergeant and says he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born the third of four kids to a single parent and he grew up in the projects in Boston. He’s had to work hard for pretty much everything he’s had and today he’s a police sergeant. He’s looking for the luggage and says to himself no one will want to be his partner. He likes to drink beer, that’s one of his weaknesses. He makes it back with the correct bag. Phil says welcome back everybody. You all are standing in the order that you finished this particular challenge. Seth that puts you in a very powerful position because you get the first pick and your first pick is who? Seth looks down the line and picks Olive who came in two spots behind him. Phil asks why he picked Olive and Seth says she’s probably a better dancer than him and she was the first lady to arrive. Olive says when Seth picked her, she was excited because he was the first finished and she knew he was going to be a strong competitor. Matt gets the next pick and picks Redmond. Matt says Redmond seems like a guy who believes in himself and when the going gets tough he will not give up. Redmond says Matt is obviously really fast and he’s really smart because he chose him. Shamir picks Sara. Scott selects Brooke. Becca picks Floyd. Ashton is a residential real estate agent and she tells us what she’s looking for in a race partner is someone who brings even more visible strength to the relationship. So a guy that would be taller and stronger than her would be great. Vanck picks Ashton. Tara picks Joey. London gets the next pick and chooses Logan. Jenn picks Kevin. Michael picks Liz, leaving Jessie and Francesca. Phil says their first clue is inside the luggage in front of them and hidden in one of these pieces of luggage is the one and only express pass. When I say go, run out of the park, grab a taxi to Los Angeles International Airport, there are two flights to your first destination. So if you want to get on that first flight, which gets there sooner, you’re going to need to hustle. Now one more thing. Jessie and Francesca, since neither one of you got to pick a teammate, I’m going to take you to the airport. They ride with him. Is everybody ready to race? The world is waiting for you. Good Luck! Travel safe! Go! Everyone is running to get to a taxi. They start opening their luggage. Floyd has the express pass and Becca celebrates with him. They all begin opening their clues and they are going to Panama City. Logan is a sales rep for a surgical company. London is an artist. Scott tells Brooke he’s gay and she says team Will and Grace. Matt and Redmond are the first to the airport and are first on the flight. Becca and Floyd are second on the flight. Scott and Brooke are third on the flight. London and Logan are the fourth on the flight. Seth and Olive are the last team on the first flight. Everyone else is on the second flight and Liz and Michael are the last to the airport. Olive says she loves cops, but her mom always told her to never date a cop. Someone asks since she’s with a cop if there’s a romance going on and she says she doesn’t think she’s his type. Seth has told Olive he’s gay and Olive has a roommate who’s gay so Seth thinks they’ll get along. All teams are now flying from Los Angeles to the country that’s known as the Bridge of the World, Panama. When they land, they’ll need to pick up a rental car and then navigate their way to the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal. The first flight has landed and all teams are headed to their first stop. Seth and Olive figured out they’re going the wrong way and turn around. Brooke and Scott have stopped and asked for directions. London and Logan have also stopped and asked for directions. All the first teams to land seem to be lost. Olive says she could not be as calm as Seth and they have reached the destination first. Phil is at there and says this is the Panama Canal, a 15 mile stretch of water that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and where Seth and Olive will pick up their first clue in Panama. Route info: Drive to the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center in Gamboa and search for your clue at the canopy tower. Floyd and Becca reach the first clue second. Scott and Brooke get there and celebrate and say they’ve been lost for three hours and they can’t believe they’re not in last place. London and Logan are 4th to reach the clue, followed by Matt and Redmond in 5th. We see the second flight has landed and they are headed to the Locks. Seth and Olive are at their second destination and going to search for their clue. They have reached the first Detour: Shoot or Scoot. Both sides of the detour require teams to use a traditional dugout canoe that has evolved into a high tech racing machine. Shoot: Gliding down the Chagres River in a traditional canoe, teams must use a bow and arrow to knock over two silver fish to receive their next clue. Scoot: Powering their way along a course on a sleek, modern canoe teams must go head to head against a professional team to try and win their next clue. Seth and Olive select Scoot. Becca and Floyd decide to Shoot. Brook and Scott also decide to Shoot. Joey realizes they are going North and they have to turn around. Jenn tells us her Spanish is actually better when she’s drunk because that’s when she learned her Spanish. Seth picks a team to compete against. If Seth and Olive lose, then they get a head start the second try and a further head start the third try. Seth says their competitors were very skilled rowers and pulled away immediately. Seth started to think they picked the wrong detour. Brook and Scott and Becca and Floyd are on the canoes attempting to shoot the fish. Becca is just missing but Scott is struggling to properly shoot the bow. Becca gets her first fish. Scott and Brooke decide to switch detours. Olive is frustrated with their task. London and Logan have arrived at the detour. Seth and Olive are on their third attempt and they completed the task. Route info: Make their way to the next pitstop. Phil says the Cinta Costera is the coastal beltway that wraps around Panama City, allowing access from one end of the city to the other. Teams will find me here, under this enormous Panamanian flag. The last team to check in with me here at the mat will be eliminated. Seth and Olive take off. Becca hits her second fish and they get their clue to head to the pit stop. Scott and Brooke make their first attempt and fail. Brooke says they started out well and she’s a better rower than runner and Scott is frustrated and just wants to get through the detour. Michael and Liz have arrived at their first stop at the Locks. Kevin and Jenn are stuck in traffic. London is also struggling to shoot the bow and they decide to change to the other detour. Matt and Redmond have arrived and they are doing Scoot and are making their first attempt. Matt and Redmond got it on their first try. Shamir and Sara are at the detour and so are Vanck and Ashton and Joey and Tara. Liz and Michael are in 10th and heading towards the detour and Jenn and Kevin are lost. Becca and Floyd are singing in the car and Seth and Olive are heading towards the pit stop too. Seth and Olive are the first team to arrive at the mat. Becca and Floyd came in second. Brooke and Scott are on their third attempt and completed the detour. Matt and Redmond came in third at the mat. Scott and Brooke came in fourth. Phil asks them if they think they made a wrong choice and Scott says no but Phil noticed a hesitation. Joey and Tara capsize their canoe, followed by Vanck and Ashton who decide to switch to Shoot. Ashton acknowledges they got on each other’s nerves and are very different people. Vanck shoots first and struggles. Ashton steps up to try and Vanck gives her advice and Ashton tells him to maybe just be quiet so she can try. Ashton and Vanck choose to switch back to Scoot. London and Logan are on their second attempt at Scoot and just lose. Kevin and Jenn are looking for the tower but can’t find it. London and Logan are in 6th, Tara and Joey in 7th, and Vanck and Ashton in 8th. Jessie and Francesca also finish and they are in 9th. Michael and Liz are trying to shoot and they are struggling so they decide to switch to Scoot. Shamir and Sara are 5th at the mat. Kevin and Jenn head back towards the tower. Liz and Michael are getting ready to start Scoot and their canoe capsizes. Joey and Tara meet Phil at the mat in 6th. Vanck and Ashton finish as 7th. London and Logan hit the mat in 8th. Kevin and Jenn have finally found the tower and decide to Scoot. Liz and Michael are on their first attempt and they did not do well and end up capsizing again. Michael says he’s at the end of his rope. He doesn’t think anyone who has run the race hasn’t thought about quitting the challenge ten times in one day because it’s brutal. Liz encourages Michael and they agree to try and finish. Michael says there was no way he was going to quit. They attempt Scoot a second time and fail. Francesca and Jessie hit the mat in 9th. Michael sees Kevin and Jenn have arrived. Michael and Liz are on their third attempt and they complete the task. Kevin and Jenn begin their first attempt while Michael and Liz head out. Jenn and Kevin have to try again. Due to the darkness and safety, the detour has been closed so Kevin and Jenn are given the clue. Kevin and Jenn are the tenth team to arrive at the mat. However, for not completing the detour they’ve incurred a two-hour penalty and they have to wait out the penalty before Phil can check them in. Michael is going the wrong way again. They head the right direction and head to the map. Phil says Liz and Michael, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive. However, Kevin and Jenn incurred a two-hour penalty which they’ve been waiting out and they got there before their penalty was up. Liz and Michael are officially team number ten. Phil calls Kevin and Jenn over to the mat and says he’s sorry to tell them they have been eliminated from the race. Jenn says thank you, they tried their best. They ran as hard as they could and she tells Michael and Liz good job. Jenn says as a team they never fought once and that actually was a major issue. One of them should have stepped up and been more authoritative and that definitely would have been a game changer. This season on the Amazing Race, strangers become teammates as they race through breathtaking countries and face three U-turns. Will first impressions turn into lasting impressions, and who will win the Amazing Race?
  20. Nuku is returning to camp from tribal council. Sandra asks how Tai knew to give Sierra the immunity idol and why Malcolm? JT says Culpepper he was good and Varner asks what else he told Culpepper and JT denies he told him anything. JT thought it was a great opportunity to vote out Sandra, but they voted out their strongest player. JT says they can’t prove what he said, he’s going to deny and keep it to himself. Sandra says JT’s hands are all over this and it’s his dirty deed and he crossed her, it’s payback time. When they wake up JT realizes he’s in trouble if they have go back to tribal council and he needs to get his hands on immunity idol. He finds the clue to the immunity idol hidden in his camp and while everyone is swimming he finds the idol. He says he isn’t going to tell a soul and that idol will keep him in the game. Time for a reward challenge. Tavua gets their first look at the new Mana tribe and they are shocked they are still intact. Tavua gets a look at the new Nuku tribe and they are also surprised Malcolm was voted out. Jeff asks Ozzy why is Malcolm significant. Malcolm says he’s a huge, huge player in the game and for him to be gone changes the game. For today’s challenge, each team will use a grappling hook to retrieve a bow. They’ll then dig up a bag containing a ball. They’ll then balance the ball on the bow through a series of obstacles. Place the ball at the finish then it’s back to the start where the grappler will hook a bag containing a handle. You’ll dig up another ball and balance the ball on the handle through the same obstacles. Once both balls are at the end, one person will race to complete a slide puzzle. First two tribes to finish win reward. The first tribe to finish wins peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plus cookies and milk. Second tribe to finish wins just the sandwiches. Last tribe to finish, nothing. Tavua has one extra member and they sit out Troyzan. The teams strategize and figure out who they want to put where based on their strengths. For Tavua, Zeke says he’ll do the slide puzzle because he does them all the time on his phone. For Nuku, Michaela says put her anywhere and Sandra says she can dig for the bags. For Mana, Debbie says she’s good at balance so she’ll do that part. Varner from Nuku, Sarah from Tavua, and Sierra from Mana are the grapplers. Sierra hooks the bow on her second toss from Mana and Tai starts digging. Sarah gets her bow and Cirie starts digging. Varner hooks his bow and Michaela starts digging. Ozzy for Tavua goes through the obstacles, Hali for Mana, and JT for Nuku. Ozzy finishes first and Sarah quickly hooks the handle and Cirie starts digging. Hali finishes and Sierra gets the handle and Tai quickly finds their second ball. Cirie finally gets their ball. Andrea and Debbie are doing the obstacles. JT still struggling through the obstacles. JT finishes and they start their second. Tavua has Andrea through and Zeke starts the slide puzzle. Nuku gets their handle and Michaela quickly finds their bag. Aubrey is behind trying to catch up. Both Debbie and Aubrey are on the same second of the obstacle course. Aubrey gets through and Sandra starts working on the puzzle. Zeke thinks he has it and he does. Tavua wins reward. Sandra is working for second place and Debbie is still on the last second of the obstacle course. Sandra thinks she has it and she does and they win the second place reward. Mana comes up empty handed. Sierra tells Tai and Culpepper she’s tired of losing. Debbie says once again they lose. She says they don’t strategize it’s a dictatorship with Culpepper telling everyone what position they’re going to take. At Tavua they do a cheers with their milk. Ozzy says peanut butter in survivor is like gold. Sarah is still nervous the comraderie won’t last. Sarah says she doesn’t like a set four and she talks to Troyzan and she wants to play the game like a criminal this time. Troyzan says Sarah working with him would be a huge plus and that would be the golden ticket. At Mana, Debbie is walking away and Hali says Debbie comes talk with us. Debbie comes back and says why don’t the four of you talk and make decisions and then let me know and when you vote me out give Hali my clothing. Tai says he thinks Debbie is really upset and Culpepper asks is she acting? Sierra says no, I think she’s mad. Culpepper says the only predictability about Debbie is that she’s unpredictable. Sierra goes to talk to Debbie and Debbie says she knows she’s at the bottom of the totem pole and she’ll just shut up and listen to what she’s told. Debbie says Culpepper is very disrespectful and she thinks Hali lose the peanut butter and she zoomed across and she’s irritated. Hali says she’s confused because she thinks Culpepper is good in challenges because he’s a leader. Tai tries to comfort Debbie, but he got scared because she’s a crazy lady and he thinks Hali is better in challenges than Debbie. Debbie keeps calling Hali, Princess Hali. Debbie says she doesn’t explode in anger and puts it into her workout. She’s just venting, she’ll get over it and she’ll make a strategic, calm decision and it may be him. She’d rather die fighting than live on her knees so it makes perfect sense to her to make Culpepper her next target. Culpepper apologizes and Debbie says he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. Debbie tells Culpepper he’s so used to being in charge of things he doesn’t even realize it’s a dictatorship. She tells him he didn’t realize she totally had his back and was loyal to him and he crushed her heart. He then laughs but she tells us why not take him out? Over at Nuku, they are making coffee and JT says Michaela is unstable and starting to lose her bearings. Sandra knew JT was irritated at Michaela for wanting one spoon of sugar with seven drips of coffee. So Sandra decided to eat all the sugar thinking JT would blame Michaela because they are the only two to eat sugar. JT notices the sugar is gone and he says I know who did it, it’s Michaela. Varner seen Sandra do it and he’s laughing at JT. Michaela and JT start arguing about the sugar. Michaela says the worse she holds stuff in the worse it gets, especially in that environment and she wanted to kill JT. Back at Mana, Tai says he can feel the tension and now he doesn’t know where he stands. So he decides to go look for an idol since he played it and he thinks a new one is hidden. He starts looking around and finds a clue in a tree. The clue says: To find the idol that can save your game you’ll need to soak a wooden board. When your tribe motif magically appears dig below and see if you have scored. He’s not going to look for the idol yet because he’s been gone too long. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, you’re going to race up and over a tall wall. You’ll then work together to roll a massive wooden cube to a post. You’ll then unwind a ring of keys which you’ll use to unlock a chest full of sandbags. You’ll then transport the sandbags across a balance beam. When you get to the finish, you’ll use a giant sling shot to knock down five targets. First two tribes to finish win immunity. Losers, tribal council where someone will be the fifth person voted out. Tavua has one extra member and they can’t sit out the same person in back to back challenges so they sit out Cirie. Mana is strategizing and Culpepper says Hali and Tai should do the balance beams. Tai says he feels like he should do it and Debbie feels like she should do it. Tai says you guys decide and Debbie gets irritated. Culpepper says they need a positive attitude and Debbie says yeah she has a bad attitude. She’s taken gymnastic for 10 years and she made it across the last beam in 2 minutes and it took Hali 10 and she’s not doing it. Now she’s decided. Mana is over first and they are moving the cube. Tavua is right behind, then Nuku right after. Mana gets to the post first, then Tavua and Nuku. Debbie is arguing with Culpepper while Sierra is unwinding the keys. Sierra has her keys and Tai starts working on the locks. JT and Sarah both have theirs. Ozzy and Michaela are working on the locks. Michaela is first to start the beam. Ozzy is right behind and Tai is right after. Hali is first across for Mana and Andrea and Ozzy for Tavua both get across. Tai struggles and falls and Debbie says aren’t you glad you didn’t send the gymnast? She’s tired of defending herself. Tavua has all their bags and is across with a massive lead. Ozzie is launching the sandbags for Tavua. Tai has the last of the sandbags for Mana and Sierra starts launching for Mana. JT starts firing for Nuku. Sierra knocks down a target. Sarah takes over for Ozzy. Sierra knocks down her second. Sarah gets her first for Tavua. JT gets his first for Nuku. Mana now has three targets. Culpepper gets four targets for Mana. Ozzy gets his second. Culpepper gets the last target and Mana is safe from tribal council. Ozzy hits the third target for Tavua. JT has the second target for Nuku. JT then gets three and Tavua and Nuku are tied. JT hits the fourth target and Ozzy hits the fourth. JT misses and Ozzy hits the last target and Tavua wins immunity. At Nuku, Michaela goes off to get water. JT starts talking and says he thinks he offers a lot to the tribe. JT throws out that it would be good to get Michaela out because they wouldn’t have to baby-sit and she’s won’t steal anymore sugar. JT says he doesn’t want to play his idol but he will. Sandra says JT knew he had to win for himself because she needs to get revenge for what happened at the last tribal. She talks to Michaela and Michaela is onboard to get JT out. Sandra goes to talk to Varner about voting out JT. Varner realizes he’s in that spot where he holds the power and he questions whether JT has an idol because anyone can have one at this point. He says he can get rid of someone with an attitude problem or a big threat. Time for tribal. Jeff says to Sandra last tribal council they came in with the numbers and Malcolm is blindsided. What happened when they got back to camp? Sandra says they thought it was JT because he talked to Culpepper. Sandra says somebody leaked the name because how would Tai know who to give the idol to. Jeff says JT, you had to feel the pressure because you kind of started that ball rolling. JT says no doubt about it I feel guilty. Malcolm was the last guy he wanted to go home and he was hinting around to Culpepper and JT told him he was safe. JT says he didn’t say anything about Sierra he just gave away too much information. Jeff asks Michaela what happens now to the tribe dynamic. Michaela says they went from being a tribe where everyone is on the same foot to a tribe where someone things he’s running things all the time. JT laughs and Jeff says so you have to be talking about JT. Michaela says of course. Jeff asks JT if it surprises him or are they going at it. JT says he’s not surprised at all. JT thinks everyone is tired of baby-sitting so camp life is tough. Jeff asks Sandra if she knows what JT is talking about when he says camp life is tough? Sandra says well their feud started over the sugar because JT uses the sugar for the coffee and he thinks Michaela licked the container with the sugar. They all laugh and Sandra says this is for real. Michaela says why would I put my tongue in a sugar jar. Jeff says so it’s been on since then. Michaela says exactly. Jeff asks Sandra how she bases a vote tonight knowing there will only be four of them left because who they vote out is just as important as who they keep in the tribe. Sandra says they’re going to keep their strongest player in the game and with him they’re going to move forward. Jeff says so Michaela, that’s a clear reference to JT. I don’t think we need to pretend right? Michaela says I know why people acting like I’m stupid all day, it’s an insult on my intelligence. Michaela say she’s not surprised and JT says they are tired of baby-sitting. JT says Michaela lays in the shelter all day long and then asks for 7 drops of coffee and a scoop of sugar. Michaela says wait has anyone seen me wash dishes? Sandra says she has washed dishes. Michaela asks if she’s cooked food and delivered a plate to anyone. Sandra says she has done that. Michaela tells JT to shut up. JT says he hasn’t seen any of those, simple as that Jeff. Michaela says like he speaks for the whole tribe. Jeff asks Varner if JT speaks for the whole tribe? Varner says I think more often than not he does, yeah. Jeff asks Aubrey if JT speaks for her, is she tired of Michaela. Aubrey says yeah, she’s tried really hard but she’s at a loss at this point. Jeff asks Sandra if JT speaks for her, is she tired of Michaela. Sandra says JT doesn’t speak for her as far as his issues with Michaela, but she does listen to what JT says and he makes valid points about them moving further in the game. JT says Jeff, some of us aren’t game changers, some of us are just filling space. Jeff says wow, then says to Aubrey she seems distressed by this. Is it because she’s worried about the tribe or is it because she just doesn’t like conflict, what is it? Aubrey says she genuinely likes Michaela, she has a lot of respect for her and how she runs her life, that she is an intelligent, independent female, but it’s clear from this tribal they have a quality of life issue going on. Jeff asks Varner how complicated tonight’s vote is or is it at all? Varner says it’s incredibly complicated, there’s arguing going on at camp and arguing going on at challenges, and it’s very uncomfortable. Jeff says Aubrey, just since we’ve been here at tribal have you flip flopped on which way you want to vote? Aubrey says this vote for her has become abundantly clear. Jeff asks very clear to you Sandra and she nods. Jeff asks JT and he says yes sir. Jeff says and Michaela clear to you? Michaela says it’s not like it matters. Jeff says alright, it is time to vote. Time to tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they want to play now would be the time to do so. JT holds on to his idol. Jeff reads the votes. Michaela pours herself a cup of water and Jeff says first vote, Michaela. Michaela takes a drink and the second vote is JT. Two votes Michaela. Two votes JT. Michaela takes another drink. Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Game changers…JT. Michaela says tell Malcolm you sent him home too. Jeff snuffs JT’s torch. Michaela laughs and Aubrey says you guys are good. Michaela says and I didn’t steal the sugar, I don’t know where it went and Sandra raised her hand. Jeff says well, this is the level of game play you expect in a season called game changers. The only rub is, as we just saw, it’s only a matter of time until the game is played on you. Grab your torches head back to camp. Good night!
  21. Tonight, everything is on the line. For the final artist’s battling there will be no room for error because only one steal remains. The final night of battles starts right now. Team Alicia is up first with their final pairing of Lauryn Judd vs Lilli Passero. Alicia gave this pairing the song Every Little Bit Hurts by Brenda Holloway. DJ Khaled advises them to fade the vocals out to give it a vibe. Alicia advises them on breath control and paying attention when to take a breath to not break up the lyrics. This battle starts right now! Gwen says Lauryn has a signature sound and Lilli is mesmerizing. Gwen thinks Lilli took the battle. Adam says this is about experience to him because he was enamored by both, but Lilli is a seasoned vocal. Blake says what Lauryn did was amazing because her voice is so different, but he thinks Lilli sang the crap out of the song and her voice is amazing and Lilli is a star. Alicia says that was so fly and she loves the two of them. Alicia says the winner of the battle is…Lilli. It’s time to look at Adam’s final pairing, Jesse Larson vs Taylor Alexander. Adam selected the song Shameless by Billy Joel for this pair. John advises Taylor to breathe under notes a little bit more and Adam says to embrace it and not to hide behind it. John tells Jesse he loves his bravado and Adam advises him to learn from the melody. The battle starts now. Blake says he thinks Taylor had more work cut out for him, but he stepped up to the plate and Jesse really raised the bar for himself. Blake thinks Taylor stepped up and won. Alicia liked that Taylor stepped out and Jesse has a unique voice. Gwen says Taylor’s look is unforgettable and Jesse is gifted and can do anything with his voice. Gwen would go with Jesse because something about his spirit is fun to watch. Adam says Taylor really impressed him and he did an incredible job. Adam tells Jesse he is gifted and the music flows effortlessly out of him. Adam selects the winner of the battle…Jesse. The final pairing of the night and the battle rounds, from Team Gwen is Brandon Royal vs Davina Leone. Gwen has given her pairing the song In the Night by The Weeknd. Celine tells Brandon he did amazing and advises how to keep control on the high part. Celine tells Davina when she comes after Brandon she has to open up a little bit. Gwen gives tips on stage presence and performing to the audience. The final battle begins now! Adam says Brandon is unbelievable and Davina was like damn! He said there was a lot of chemistry. Blake says they both gave it 110% and Davina surprised him because she came out of nowhere and Brandon is unbelievable. Blake would go with Brandon. Alicia says Davina had a lot of Gwen’s energy and Brandon had spectacular control of his voice. Gwen says Davina is fearless and that impresses her. Gwen tells Brandon it was fun to take him out of the Stevie Wonder range and he’s a natural at working the stage. Gwen decides the winner is…Brandon. Davina is available to steal and she thanks Gwen for her advice. Adam says blah blah blah and hits his button. Adam says it makes no sense for Davina to go home. Adam says he needed a girl and she’s perfect.
  22. Ahead of tonight's show, are you curious how the teams are stacked up and who might have a steal left? Morty's has you covered! Here is what Adam’s team looks like ahead of tonight’s battle rounds. Adam kept from his initial team: Mark Isaiah, Josh West, Johnny Hayes, Malik Davage, and Hanna Eyre. Adam has stolen Autumn Turner from team Alicia. Adam has one spot to fill from his team and the only remaining steal in the competition. Here is what Alicia’s team looks like ahead of tonight’s battle rounds. Alicia retained from her team: Anatalia Villaranda, Quizz Swanigan, Chris Blue, Vanessa Ferguson, and Jack Cassidy. Alicia has stolen Ashley Levin and Dawson Coyle, both from team Blake. Here is what Blake’s team looks like ahead of tonight’s battle rounds. Blake decided to continue to mentor: Lauren Duski, Casi Joy, Andrea Thomas, Aliyah Moulden, TSoul, and Enid Ortiz. Blake stole Felicia Temple from team Alicia, and Caroline Sky from team Gwen. Blake’s team is full and ready for the Knockouts. Here is what Gwen’s team looks like ahead of tonight’s battle rounds. Gwen has held onto: JChosen, Johnny Gates, Aaliyah Rose, Stephanie Rice, and Troy Ramey. Gwen has stolen Brennley Brown from team Blake, and Hunter Plake from team Alicia.
  23. It’s time to continue the battle rounds. The mentors are John Legend, Luke Bryan, DJ Khaled, and Celine Dion. America it’s time to battle. We start with Blake’s first pairing of the night, Josh Hoyer vs TSoul. They have been given the song In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett. Luke says TSoul has these incredible runs and Blake says they are cut from the same cloth musically. Blake tells them to work on their harmony parts for their final rehearsal with the band. Blake says Josh and TSoul are two peas in a pod. The battle starts now! Alicia says she loved their harmonies and they lit up this place. Gwen says the stage presence was another level. Gwen says TSoul is so natural and it was fun to watch. Adam says they’re both so natural. Adam says he was impressed with what Josh did vocally. Blake says Josh needs to spend a little more time on the stage. Blake says TSoul can do all of those runs. Blake says the winner of the battle is…TSoul. It’s time to look at Alicia’s first pairing, Autumn Turner vs Vanessa Ferguson. Alicia picked the song Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack for her pairing. DJ Khaled says they don’t want it to sound like a cover, but you don’t want to mess it up either. Alicia also tweaks the musical arrangement a little. The battle begins now. Gwen says Vanessa’s voice was calm and cool and Autumn has a powerful voice. Adam says they both did a superb, amazing, fantastic job. Adam says Autumn is a surprise to him, and the one he would want on his team. Blake says they are the reason they have the show and that performance was equal. Gwen says she has a steal left as well. Alicia says it was pleasurable to see Vanessa to come out and Autumn has ridiculous range. Alicia is going to make her choice, and she decides to keep…Vanessa. Autumn is available to steal and both Gwen and Adam press their buttons immediately. Adam says she was a four chair turn and he thought she was so much better than she was in the auditions. Gwen says she could help her with style and personality and bringing that out. Autumn decides to go with team…Adam. Adam’s first battle pairing of the night is Johnny Hayes vs Julien Martinez. They were given the song Hard to Handle by Otis Redding. John Legend tells Julien has a good growl and not to be too precise on the lyrics. Adam tells Johnny to be super conscious about his pocket. Adam says they both need a little work. John tells Johnny he’s a little ahead and needs to pull back a little and Julien he needs to look like he’s having a little more fun. The battle begins now! Blake says Julien is such a good singer, but he wished he’d have been more involved. Blake thinks Johnny had that battle. Alicia says Julien was so lost in what he was doing and Alicia was split between them both. Gwen says Julien didn’t hold anything back, but Johnny seemed like he had so much experience. Adam says Julien did an incredible job of doing his own thing. Adam says what Johnny does is so special. Adam says the winner of this battle is…Johnny. Gwen’s first pairing of the night is Caroline Sky vs Stephanie Rice. They were given the song The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens. Gwen tells Caroline to exaggerate every now and then to stand out. Celine says they have such different voices and it was so beautiful. Celine says yesterday Stephanie was strong and Caroline was not so they asked her to step it up a notch and she did incredible. The battle starts now! Adam says Caroline is so young and she’ll be able to do so much more and Stephanie is really good at conveying emotions. Adam would probably choose Caroline. Blake says Caroline has a beautiful voice and she can go different directions where Stephanie has a clear direction where she’s going. Blake would pick Stephanie. Alicia says she’s personally interested in Stephanie, but Caroline too the performance because her voice came off really strong in this song. Gwen says she’s curious about Stephanie because of her story and she looks like a star. Gwen says Caroline takes direction very well and she was incredible tonight. Gwen’s choice as winner is…Stephanie. Caroline is available to steal. Caroline thanks Gwen and Blake presses his button. Adam says congratulations you went from team Gwen to team Gwen. Blake says her voice is amazing and has so many different elements and welcome to my team. Team Adam’s next battle pairing is Kawan DeBose vs Malik Davage. Adam selected the song Love Me Now by John Legend. John tells Malik to take the runs down because sometimes you can lose the song a little bit. He tells Kawan his voice is very subtle but he wants to make sure it’s going to convey enough power in a big setting. John also tells them to mind the lyrics because if you change a pronoun it can change the meaning of the song. Adam wants them both to succeed because they are both incredible talents. John expected them to make progress from day one to day two but they didn’t. Adam says it seems like they aren’t totally prepared and that upsets him because that’s a big deal. Adam tells us it doesn’t seem like they’re taking it seriously, but they’ll just have to wait and see. The battle begins now! Blake says he didn’t feel it came together until halfway through. He says Kawan’s falsetto is really good and Malik has a good stage presence. Blake would probably give it to Kawan. Alicia says Malik came out with all the energy physically and Kawan came out with all the energy in his vocal. Gwen couldn’t keep her eyes off Malik and vocally Kawan could do so much. Gwen says there’s something about Malik that she was really drawn to. Adam thanks them and says they did an excellent job. Adam says this boils down to who he thinks he can work best with moving forward. Adam says it’s a tough one but the winner of this battle is…Malik. As the night went on, our coaches were faced with more tough choices. From team Blake, Enid Ortiz vs Valerie Ponzio singing Love Triangle by RaeLynn and Blake chose as the winner…Enid. From team Adam, Hanna Eyre vs Sheena Brook singing Try by Pink and Adam chose the winner as…Hanna. From team Gwen, Jozy Bernadette vs Troy Ramey singing Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healy Band and Gwen chose the winner as…Troy. Alicia’s last pairing of the night is Hunter Plake vs Jack Cassidy. Alicia chose the song Dancing on My Own by Robyn. Alicia feels like Jack is restrained and is on the verge of unleashing. Alicia tells Hunter he should be under him just waiting for his moment. Alicia tells Hunter to work on his breath control so he doesn’t sound deflated and she tells Jack to just commit. The battle starts now! Gwen says Jack sang tenderly and did very good and says Hunter has to make a record because his voice is incredible. Adam says Jack is fantastic and was drawn in from the first note that Hunter sang. Adam says Hunter took it for him, hands down. Blake says when Hunter started he was like and when Jack came in and his voice broke he was like yeah. Alicia says Hunter is a very internal individual and it’s very intriguing and interesting. Alicia says Jack has this thing that he’s so bright and she wants to untame him. Alicia says the winner is…Jack. Hunter is available to steal. Adam and Gwen both hit their buttons. Adam says today Hunter completely changed how Adam perceived his voice and he thinks he’s really special. Gwen says he sings from his heart and she can offer to help people get to know who Hunter is. Hunter says he looks up to Adam a lot and Gwen pushed her button twice and he thinks he needs to pick Gwen.
  24. We’re back at the Mana camp and they are thanking Tai for staying loyal. He says it was hard to write down Caleb’s name, but he is here to play his game. Hali is hoping to ingratiate herself to Debbie and throw Tai under the bus and show she might be a better asset. Debbie says it’s too early to make Tai a target and Hali has no options. It’s time for reward challenge. Only two members for each tribe will run the challenge. The first member will run through a series of obstacles while balancing a ball on the end of a pole. At the end of each leg, you’ll add more pole making it more difficult. Once you reach the end, the next player will use that ball to release a key that will unlock a box. You’ll use the sandbags inside to knock down nine bamboo targets. First two tribes to finish win reward. First place gets everything they need to make coffee, including cups, sugar, iced tea, and chocolate chip cookies. Second place gets a thermos of ice coffee. Running for Nuku is JT carrying the ball and Malcolm throwing the sandbags. For Tavua Ozzy will carry the ball and Troyzan throwing sandbags. For Mana Tai will carry the ball and Culpepper will throw the sandbags. Jeff gives the go. JT and Tai drop at the first obstacle, but Ozzy makes it through the first section. JT makes it through the first section with Tai shortly behind. Ozzy is through the second section and is starting the third section. JT is just ahead of Tai. JT makes it through the second section. Ozzy drops his ball and has to go back. JT and Ozzy are both starting the third section. Tai is a little behind. Ozzie is through and Troyzan is unlocking the box. JT is through and he is unlocking the box. Troyzan hits his first target, then his second. Malcolm also hits two back to back. Tai drops his ball again and has to go back. Malcolm is in the lead with four and Troyzan ties again. Malcolm and Troyzan both have two left and Tai finally finishes the obstacle. Culpepper tries to catch up. Malcolm wins reward for Nuku. Culpepper is catching up and has three left. Troyzan has two left. Culpepper comes from behind and comes in second. Tavua walks away empty handed. Back at Tavua Ozzy says losing reward was ok with him because without him they wouldn’t survive in the game. We see Ozzy fishing and hear him talking about how much fish and protein he can provide that makes him valuable to his tribe. Ozzy comes back with a stingray and his tribe is excited. At Nuku, everyone is thanking JT and Malcolm. Sandra is telling us she is running the show and she has everything in line. JT and Malcolm go off and JT says Sandra is dangerous in the game and Malcolm agrees. JT says if they lose immunity he can make his move and get rid of Sandra. Immunity is back up for grabs! Here’s how today’s immunity challenge works: One person will be the caller and the rest of the tribe will be blind folded and tethered together in pairs. Using only verbal commands, the caller will guide their tribe through a series of obstacles to a tower. They’ll pull on a rope and dump the water along with a bag. Once you have all three bags, you’ll use the balls inside to maneuver them through a table maze. Your goal is to get all three balls in their final resting spot. Nuku has one extra person, they’ll sit out Sandra. Tavua will sit out Troyzan. The first, and only the first, will win immunity. Losers, BOTH tribes go to tribal council. Jeff gives the go! Varner, Culpepper, and Cirie are the callers. Nuku and Mana send all their pairs at once. Cirie sends one at a time. Ozzy and Zeke are the first to get their bag for Tavua. JT and Michaela get their first bag for Nuku. Sierra and Hali have the first bag for Mana. Ozzy and Zeke head back out. Malcolm and Aubrey have their second bag for Nuku. Andrea and Sarah got their second bag for Tavua. JT and Michaela have their third bag for Nuku and head back. Debbie and Tai have their second bag for Mana. Nuku is back with all three and they can start on their table puzzle. Malcolm falls while running to the table puzzle. Ozzy and Zeke have their third bag for Tavua and head back. Sierra and Hali have their third bag for Mana and head back. JT is working on the puzzle for Nuku. Tavua is heading towards the puzzle and Ozzy starts working on the table maze. Ozzy drops and has to start again. Sierra is the first on the table maze for Mana. JT has the first ball and Michaela comes in for the second ball. Sierra drops and trades off with Hali. Ozzy has Tavua’s first ball and Sarah steps in. Malcolm gets their second ball and Varner steps up. Hali struggles and Culpepper takes over. Sarah gets their second ball for Tavua. Andrea steps in for the third ball. Culpepper gets the first ball for Mana. Varner and Andrea are very close to finishing. Varner slides by and drops the ball. Andrea moving slowly and drops the third ball. Tavua wins immunity and is safe from tribal council. Nuku and Mana will go to tribal council as one group and will vote out one person. Back at Nuku, JT says we get to decide who goes home on their tribe. Sandra says that’s what she thought they said. Malcolm says they could do that, but it looks good on paper and you never know what Jeff will do. Sandra doesn’t not want anyone to flip. Sandra tosses out Sierra’s name because she thinks Sierra is the strongest female. JT thinks Tai is a better choice and he doesn’t think he has an idol. Malcolm asks who they think the other tribe will target and JT says Sandra. JT says he’s pretty sure that’s what Culpepper will do and he could be the swing vote and vote out Sandra. Over at Mana, Debbie says they need to convince them to take out Sandra. Culpepper says they have four voting the same way, but Hali is a wild card. He says if they can keep five unanimous that will speak volumes. Hali says she suddenly has options. Culpepper thinks JT will go Sandra but Sierra thinks they should go Malcolm. They think it’s stupid not to get Malcolm out. They realize it’s going to come down to JT. Tai goes to look for an idol. Tai finds the clue to an idol. He starts looking and begins digging and finds an idol. Tai tells them he found the idol and Sierra is excited but terrified. Jeff has whoever doesn’t have a torch get their fire, and that is JT. Jeff asks Malcolm about the twist and the feeling at camp. Malcolm says this is very different from a normal council and you have to go through every scenario to figure out how to play it. Jeff says it’s easy to see numbers 6 to 5, but everyone also has their own agenda. Culpepper says it’s what he calls a Mexican stand-off in his line of work where everyone has guns. But is one of their guns pointed at themselves and is one of his tribe’s guns pointed back at them. Sandra says all their guns are pointed at them. Jeff asks Debbie what the five of them could do to upset the six. Debbie says one of those 6 used to be really, really closed to four of them. Jeff asks who is that and Debbie says JT. Sandra says she said the magic words, “USED TO”. Jeff says JT, it really is a tough game to play because you started the game with one group and now on a tribe with different people changes your game. JT says people who expect me to do something to put myself at risk would be a shot in the dark for him to land in the right place. Culpepper says look at the big picture, there are a lot of threats out here and he thinks there are more threats on their team, like Malcolm and a two-time winner and that’s the biggest threat here. Jeff asks Sandra he’s not surprised that she’s clearly a threat. Sandra says she isn’t worried. She knows she’s not going home tonight, how about that? Jeff says Malcolm, Culpepper mentioned Sandra and he mentioned you. Malcolm says it sounds like the kind of thing you say when you’re scared. You’re trying to get the target off your back, but when these twists happen, it’s part of the game but if it sent him home, he’d be cussing his way down the ramp. Jeff asks Varner if there’s been much talk about idols. Varner says yeah, they talked about what could happen, what would happen, if each individual one of them had the idol and how that would go. They ran through everything. Sierra says as much as the other tribe looked at the big picture, they looked at the big picture too and it’s about evaluating who is best to go with tonight. Jeff asks Debbie what she’s thinking right now. Debbie says she has two big questions, does he flip and points to JT, or does she flip and points to Hali. Culpepper says for Hali, should she not stay with them, she’ll be public enemy number one. Hali says that’s not a good speech to groom her in and Varner says that’s true. Hali says they are in a potential throwing rocks situation and more information could avoid that. Sandra says they don’t have any concerns about their plan. Sierra says it sounds like they don’t need you Hali and Debbie says we need you and want you. Sierra says you stand with us Hali and Michaela says yeah, on the outside where they put you. Jeff says JT that got a reaction from you. Are you genuinely distressed and he says very much so and he’s had a lot of things going through his head. Sierra whispers to Hali she has to stay with them. Jeff says as JT is talking, Sierra and Hali are having a conversation that Malcolm is just eavesdropping on. Hali says she wants to say something and says she thinks this is a stupid time in the game to be thinking about anything other than physical threats. Sandra begins whispering to everyone on her tribe that Hali wants Culpepper out and Jeff says Culpepper, football term, there’s an audible. Potentially a change from their original plan. Culpepper says maybe even though they came in lock stock on their original plan. Sierra whispers that she thinks it’s her and Culpepper says no and Tai says stick with the plan. JT goes over to whisper to Brad that he loves him, but they want to vote Sierra out. Hali says if that’s what we’re going to do she gets up and goes to whisper to Sandra they have to vote Brad, it’s what’s best. Several players are getting up and whispering. Jeff is amazed. Culpepper tells his tribe it’s Sierra and there are conferences on both teams. Jeff asks what just happened? Aubrey says a bunch of carrier pigeons were going back and forth. Jeff says he’s never seen anything like it. JT whispers to Culpepper to vote for Sandra. Jeff asks if they’re ready to vote and they all say they’re ready. It’s time to vote. Jeff tells Hali it’s her turn and she says it’s not ready. There is a back and forth and Sandra tells Hali it’s ok to just vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. If you have an immunity idol, now is the time to play it. Tai pulls out his idol and gives it to Sierra. Sierra gives it to Jeff. Jeff says this is a hidden immunity idol and any votes cast for Sierra will not count. First vote, Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Sierra, does not count. Malcolm. Malcolm. Fourth person voted out of Survivor game changers, Malcolm. That’s enough bring me your torch. Jeff says tonight’s tribal council is a shining example of why Survivor is so entertaining and devastating. Because no matter how many times you play, no matter how certain you are, the game can still smack you in the face. Grab your torches, head back to camp.
  25. Night two of The Voice battle rounds starts now! The first pairing of the night from team Gwen is Johnny Gates vs Sammie Zonana. Gwen has chosen the song I Drove All Night by Celine Dion. They get a chance to practice the song before seeing their advisor. Gwen says they need to work the room a little bit. Celine says it’s so original and she is really thrilled. Gwen says Johnny has a lot of character in his voice and Sammie is so honest in her vocals. The battle begins now! Adam says it was nice to listen to a great song and they are both really unique. Adam would pick Johnny, but Sammie is awesome. Blake says he would also go with Johnny, but Sammie too. Alicia says she loved that Sammie was moving and had individuality. Alicia would also choose Johnny. Gwen says she is impressed they made the song their own. She says Sammie sang from her heart and it was the best she’d ever seen her. Gwen says Johnny has great stage presence and she doesn’t have anyone like that on her team. Gwen says the winner of the battle is…Johnny Gates. Team Alicia’s next pairing is Chris Blue vs RJ Collins. Alicia has given her team the song Adorn by Miguel. Alicia says tells them to stay focused the first half of the song and then they can add themselves into the song. DJ Khaled says he wants to see the two voices mesh together. He adds they have a lot of good energy. DJ Khaled says they have a New Edition sound or Jodeci. Let the battle begin! Gwen says she was mesmerized by Chris’s body and she had a hard time paying attention to RJ because she was distracted. Gwen says RJ’s voice was beautiful but she would pick Chris. Adam says they were both really comfortable and he really thought it ended up being super even. Blake says RJ’s stage presence is incredible, but Blake thinks Chris will be in the finale. Alicia say she was taken by RJ’s voice and his emotion. She says she’s proud of both of them. Alicia picks for her winner…Chris. From Team Adam, the pairing was Josh West vs Nala Price and they sang Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears. Adam chose Josh as the winner for that battle. From Gwen’s team, the pairing was Aaliyah Rose vs Savannah Leighton and they had the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. Gwen picked the winner as Aaliyah. From team Blake the pairing was Andrea Thomas vs Micah Tryba and they sang What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts and Blake chose Andrea as the winner. Team Blake has the last pairing of the night and he has paired Aliyah Moulden vs Dawson Coyle. Blake has given them the song Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. Blake tells Aliyah she was pitchy on the versus but spot on during the chorus. Blake tells Dawson to make sure he’s not flat and focus on getting to the note. Luke says if they start relaxing and having fun with the song it will be hard for anyone to let them go. Let the battle begin. Alicia says the chemistry was amazing. She says Aliyah had a presence and Dawson has a charisma. Alicia tells Blake she doesn’t know how to help him decide who to keep, but maybe she would choose Dawson. Gwen says she could tell Dawson was having fun with it but Aliyah was adorable. Gwen says she would hold on to Aliyah. Adam says they were both good but he would choose Dawson. Blake says Dawson was getting the girls to react and he says Aliyah was adorable. Blake says the winner of the battle is…Aliyah. Dawson is available to steal. Dawson tells Blake he pushed him to be a better vocalist. Alicia hits her button as Dawson goes to shake Blake’s hand. Alicia says she felt an energy that was pure and strong and he’ll have his own world and spot on her team.