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  1. Julie says JC is in power and Level Six is about to be levelled. Previously, on Big Brother, after HOH Angela put JC and Sam on the block, JC had revenge on his mind. At an a-maze0ing veto competition, Kaycee was knighted with another win and she continued to stick to Level Six’s playbook. At the surprise live eviction, Sam was curb stomped straight to jury. With only four remaining, the power was back up for grabs and JC derailed Level Six’s final three plans. Tonight is the most important and powerful final veto of the summer. Plus, tensions are high in the jury house and a member of level six will be evicted live. All this right now on Big Brother!


    Julie greets us and says JC has secured his spot in the final with his first win of the summer and level 3 is about to lose a member. The winner of the final POV will have a chance to name the nominations live and they will determine who will cast the sole vote to evict. But first, JC is in power and has revenge on his mind.


    We pick up on day 91 after the HOH and JC says his first win of the summer! He says he doesn’t like what’s going on between Angela and Tyler and now he can get Angela out. Kaycee says this sucks. They had one target to get out and they lost HOH and now her, Tyler and Angela won’t be going to final three.


    Tyler says level six is the most solid alliance in there. They’ve made big moves all summer and he thinks they deserve it, but hopefully JC wants to stick with him. Angela says well, she’s going up. Angela tells us his first comp win is at final four? Really? No one saw this coming. Ruins all of their plans.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! JC’s first nominee is Angela. His second nominee is Tyler. He’s nominated Angela and Tyler because since the beginning of the season Angela has been his favorite person and then she wins HOH and she secluded him and nominated him and that was a very, very b*tchy move. Tyler says very smooth speech JC, but the veto holder is the only person who has power this week and he’s not prepared to choose between Kaycee and his girl.


    One by one Level Six has sent their enemies to the jury house…or should I say Foutte House. Faysal says things have been relaxing and they’ve been getting along great. We see Scottie come in and says he’s home! Bayleigh says are you serious? Why are you here again? Bayleigh wants to know what happened. They go to watch the DVD of the HOH comp, nominations, POV competition, and eviction. Faysal says he’s mad that they keep winning comps. Bayleigh says Faysal was stupid and he says telling the other side about her power was pretty stupid.


    Haleigh joins the jury house and hugs go all around. Faysal says as much as it sucks she isn’t in the game, he’s glad to see her. Scottie asks if it was unanimous? Faysal says they look like idiots. We see the DVD with Kaycee winning POV. They are excited over BB Comics. Rockstar says Kaycee is playing the best game and she’s winning when it counts. Haleigh says there is a hierarchy of who’s on top and she thinks Brett was on the bottom and Sam is there with him. Haleigh says it was a double eviction. Rockstar would love to see Angela or Tyler, but that’s not likely to happen. Haleigh thinks next will be Brett or Sam.


    Brett’s allies turned on him. As he enters the jury house, will he now turn on them? Brett arrives and says what’s up losers, who missed me? Brett says getting evicted by his own alliance sucks. He shouldn’t have included Tyler in his plans to go after the girls. Rockstar says he is going to ruin her jury experience.


    Brett says let’s go see the DVD. Bayleigh says how bad is it and Brett says hold on to your panties. Brett tells them that Tyler said he was going to backdoor Angela. Brett says Tyler told him to throw it and he should have known he was lying because he gets wide, wild eyes. Scottie says adorable. Bayleigh says two steps? Brett says maybe he should get his fitbit out for three steps. Haleigh says Tyler is making more moves than she gave him credit for. Bayleigh says Tyler and Angela’s bond is stronger than she thought. Bayleigh says Kaycee is playing the best game.


    Brett says being at the jury house with those losers sucks. He’s stuck with the nerd herd and he voted them all out. Sam says she wishes she had continued to fight for herself and been a little selfish because trusting someone else…look where it got her. Time to watch the DVD. Sam says Angela and Tyler have both been HOH’s three times. Sam says Kaycee is a beast as they see Kaycee win POV. Sam says when she lost that veto competition, she knew that was it.


    Sam says she felt very secure that Tyler would follow through with his promise. On day 3, they made a final 2 and she thought it was the right thing to do. Brett says he had a final two with Tyler too. Scottie says Tyler was his friend and he respects the game move. Sam says the pinky promise is null and void. Sam says she’s not sure she will ever fully trust Tyler again. Bayleigh says Tyler has had a F2 with everyone on their side of the couch. Haleigh doesn’t dislike Tyler on a game level, he’s had good gameplay. Rockstar says Tyler never did her wrong, he just knew she was targeting him.


    Time for the final and most important POV competition of the summer. The winner guarantees themselves final three, they could hold all the power tonight for the live eviction.


    They will hear clues about competitions they played this summer. They will then maneuver a ball into the thumbs up symbol corresponding with their answers. When they have their answer, they need to buzz in and if they are correct they’re box will light up. If they are incorrect, it’ll turn red. The HG will be eliminated after they get two strikes.


    Tyler wants to secure his spot for final three, but then would come the harder choice between Kaycee and Angela. JC wants to win so he can get rid of Angela. Kaycee needs to win to secure her F3 spot. Angela needs to win or she might be going home.


    Like the competitions on the wall that were hacker comps! Kaycee says she knows the comps because she won one of them and there were two. Kaycee rings in first, then Tyler, and then Angela. The answers were Crack the Code and Hack the House. JC has a strike against him.


    Like the competitions on the wall in which previous HG visited the house. Tyler is a BB superfan and he knows this. Kaycee rings in first, then Tyler, and then Angela. JC has two strikes and he now out. The answers are Chomp, bonk, spank, and houseguestsonly.com. JC is upset he lost.


    Like the competitions on the wall that were played on the day of the double eviction. Angela says this is super easy. The competitions are buffering, block n roll, and BBflix and chill. Angela rings in first. Kaycee rings in second. Tyler has his first strike. Tyler says he’s going up against two of the best female athletes he’s ever met.


    Like the HOH competitions on the wall that were won by someone who is no longer in the house. The answers are Glow and Flow and #hashtagtoolong. Angela rings in first. Tyler says he just needs to be smooth with it because he needs to secure his F3 spot. Kaycee rings in. Tyler gets his third strike and he is out of the competition.


    Angela says it’s down to her and Kaycee and neither of them has a strike out. She needs to win so she can pull herself off the block. Kaycee says JC and Tyler are out and Angela is the only person who can’t win. She needs to step it up and pull through.


    Like the competitions on the wall that were veto comps. Kaycee knows all the veto competitions. Block n roll, chomp, bonk, and spank, houseguestsonly.com, and OTEV. Kaycee rings in first and Angela got her first strike.


    Like the HOH competitions on the wall that were won by women. BBFlix and Chill, Shell or High Water, #hashtagtoolong,. Angela says she needs the competitions by women and she knew there were six of them. Angela realizes she missed the word HOH and now she has to start over. Kaycee keeps putting the ball in buffering and she realizes that was won by Tyler. He has long hair, but he’s not a woman. Kaycee finally rings in and she came through with her fifth veto win.


    Angela says this means either her or Tyler go home this week. She says at this point it’s not about personal relationships, it’s about game and she respects that. Tyler says Kaycee deserves to be in the F3 and so does Angela and she doesn’t deserve to leave. Tyler says it just sucks. He loves her. Kaycee says this is such a hard decision but she has to do what is best for game. Julie says the veto queen reigns again and she has punched her ticket to the live finale. It’s time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest!


    So which of her Level Six allies will be sent to jury? Let’s go find out who Kaycee will be evicting. Angela thanks her family and friends for all the love and support and to CBS. To Kaycee, her little peanut, they knew this day was coming and she knows this is the hardest decision in the game. She’s lucky enough to be standing with her three best friends and she won’t campaign against Tyler and she loves Kaycee.


    Tyler shouts out to CBS and his friends and family. He says Kaycee and JC, he loves them and he’s proud of them for representing the LGBT community. He says Angela, she’s beautiful and she’s taken shots and people would have to be crazy not to be 100% in love with her.


    Kaycee stands at the front of the living room and says here we are at final four, soon to be final three. It’s been craziness for 93 days 24/7, they’ve been dreading this moment. They are both competition beasts, and between the three of them, they’ve won 19 competitions. On a personal level, she loves them both. Tyler is like her brother, he appreciates him every morning and Angela they have been so close since the beginning and people have been attacking her personally, those people have no idea who she is. She’s so loving, smart, and talented and she’s so honored to have met someone as special as Angela is. Kaycee says this is the hardest decision, and it’s strictly game, but she has to evict Angela.


    Angela gives hugs and they hold the door as she leaves. Julie says her and Kaycee have been close, why does Angela think Kaycee evicted her. Angela says she didn’t know, but she supposes she thought it was best for her personal game. Julie asks about her and Tyler. Angela doesn’t know what the future holds, but she’s so excited to start the next chapter. She’s head over heals obsessed with him and she can’t wait to get out of there.


    Kaycee says she’s sure she’s wondering why she picked Tyler over her. Kaycee says they made a F2 deal on day 2 before they even formed Level 6. JC says he’s sorry they got so distant at the end and no matter what he’ll be her friend and he hopes they hang out. Tyler says this is the toughest good bye message all year. He says he had a F2 with Kaycee since day 2. He also tells her about his power app. He loves her and he can’t wait to spend time with her outside of the house.


    Julie asks about Angela about her finding out about Tyler and Kaycee’s F2. Julie says she’s not surprised, it was a game move and made before Level 6 and she respects that.


    Julie gives us a preview of the next two shows. Jeff Schroeder will be visiting the BB house on Sunday and finale will be Wednesday night.

  2. We kick the show off with KISS and the judges come out while they perform. They are doing their farewell tour and they discuss that.


    We see a recap of the previous night’s acts as they take the stage for their final performance for America’s votes.


    Tonight, we have the top 10 performing with some of the world’s biggest stars and we’ll find out tonight who got America’s votes to become season 13’s winner of America’s Got Talent!


    We get a look at the Dunkin’ Lounge and they are there with two of the stars of I Feel Bad. We see the contestants having a good time.


    Our first performance of the night is Bebe Rexha with Glennis Grace. Bebe takes the stage and performs part of her new song I’m A Mess. Then Glennis joins on her stage and they perform Meant to Be.


    Samuel and Howie talk with Mel B about being funny and doing comedy. They give her tips on comedy because she wants to see if she can do it. We see Samuel come out and take the stage and it was recorded earlier. He invited Mel B on stage to do his set. Samuel goes to sit in Mel B’s chair and Simon says this could be permanent as he sits down. Mel B goes to change and she comes out in a unicorn costume. She has a joke book and she’s going to read from the book. She reads why did the mushroom have so many friends? Because he was a fungi. Simon buzzes Mel B.  


    Mel B continues and reads what do you call a dog who can do magic tricks? She laughs while she reads it and then says a Labracadabradog. She says this is really cheesy. What do you call me on Halloween? The audience and Heidi say what? She says Pumpkin Spice! Samuel sends her to the next round. Mel B says she is so funny.


    Next is our shy singer, Courtney Hadwin, and she performs with The Struts. They perform part of their song Could Have Been Me. They then perform Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin.


    Next up is our super hot opera singer, Daniel Emmet and he’s performing with Placido Domingo.


    Vicki Barbolak takes the stage with David Spade and they perform a set together. Vicki says she’s gets people saying one thing but they mean something else and he translates a few for her. David Spade has a new movie called Father of the Year.


    We see Michael Ketterer talking to Garth Brooks and Michael says there is no better way to leave the Dolby than singing a song written by Garth Brooks.


    We see clips of previous acts Hans and Yumbo Dump discussing how AGT can change someone’s life. We also see some of the acts that got buzzed in the audition round.


    Next, we have Shin Lim doing some magic with the hosts of American Ninja Warrior, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and Matt Iseman.


    We then see some clips of Tyra and her interactions with contestants and the audience.


    Next we have Brian King Joseph performing with Lindsey Stirling and Duo Transcend is also on the trapeze to perform.


    Zurcaroh is up next and they are doing a forest themed performance.


    We’re close to getting the first results of the night and we’ll find out who the top five are. We see clips of the top ten acts as children when they were first “discovering” their talents.


    It’s time to learn who made it to the top five and this has been one of the closest votes in AGT history!


    Zurcaroh and Duo Transcend are the first two acts to be called forward. America has voted and the act taking the first spot in the top 5 is…Zurcaroh.


    Next up to learn their fate is Brian King Joseph and Glennis Grace. The second act taking a spot in the top 5 is…Brian King Joseph.


    Daniel Emmet and Shin Lim are the next called forward to hear their results. The third act taking a spot in the top 5 is…Shin Lim.


    Samuel J Comroe and Vicki Barbolak are pulled forward next. The act taking the fourth spot in the top 5 is…Samuel J. Comroe.


    The last two acts to learn their fate is Michael Ketterer and Courtney Hadwin. The act taking the final spot in the top 5 is…Michael Ketterer.


    We’re about to find out who finished in 5th place. The act finishing in fifth place and leaving the competition is…Michael Ketterer.


    One more act is about to leave. The act finishing in fourth place is…Samuel J. Comroe.


    We are down to three and we’re about to be down to two. The act finishing in third place is…Brian King Joseph.


    We are down to our final two. Zurcaroh and Shin Lim are the final two acts and we’ll find out who wins in just a few minutes!


    The winner of AGT will win one million dollars and will headline a show in Las Vegas. We see clips of past Zurcaroh and Shin Lim performances.


    America has voted…the winner of the 1 million dollars and the star of a headline show in Las Vegas is…Shin Lim! Zurcaroh has finished in second place.

  3. Tonight is the finals of AGT! The final 10 acts will perform and only one will come out on top. Each act will get one final performance for America’s votes. We welcome the judges in and get ready for our first act of the night.


    Simon says this is going to be the most open finals and this is the night they need to bring it and he thinks a few acts will have life changing moments tonight. We see a recap of highlights from the entire season.


    The first act to take the stage to perform for America’s votes is violinist Brian King Joseph. He takes the stage and performs Heartless by Kanye West. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


    Howie says what an amazing…he can’t believe they opened the show with what he considers a closer. He says that was epic and it was truly amazing. He says it was a drop the bow moment and he set the bar for the evening. Mel B says he is 100% the best violin performer of all time. Heidi says Brian King Joseph fiddled his way into the finale and he’s so lovable she has her fingers and toes crossed for him. Simon says last week was sensational and this was better and this was everything this show should be and it was amazing and Simon thinks Brian has a real shot.


    Next to the stage is opera singer Daniel Emmet. He performs Perfect by Ed Sheeran but he performs it in a foreign language. He gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


    Mel B says that was amazing and she is in heaven right now. Heidi says Daniel has been unstoppable and he has a beautiful voice. Simon says he needed that performance, not just for the show but for himself. Simon says this was by far his best performance and it was powerful and he doesn’t like Daniel’s jacket. Howie says he has fought and he deserves to be here and what he did was probably considered perfection, but unfortunately he followed Brian and there are things coming so we’ll see if he sticks out.


    The next performer is comedienne Vicki Barbolak. Vicki makes her entrance and begins her set. She begins by taking her robe off and she’s in a swimsuit and the audience and Howie stand and clap. Vicki gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Heidi says Vicki is hilarious and she loves her. Simon says Vicki was brilliant. Simon says her trailer park friends are all hilarious too. Mel B says she was funny and still edgy and she’s a naughty girl. Howie says she did great and it was her best act yet.


    Next to the stage is singer Glennis Grace. She performs Light Up by Leona Lewis. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Simon says Glennis, that was absolutely sensational. It was fantastic. Simon says this is the greatest night and that was immaculate. Howie says he’s at a loss for words and this stage has given her a career for the world. Mel B says she can sing, sing, sing. She has a beautiful perfect pitch voice. Heidi says her voice is incredible and this was a flawless performance and she’s the real deal.


    Zurcaroh is the next act to take the stage to perform their routine. It is an African themed performance. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Howie is talking about Zurcaroh but we can’t hear a thing because the audience is so loud. All we hear from Howie is O..M..G. Mel B has a funny feeling they can win the entire show. Heidi says the performance was jaw dropping and they are all so amazing. Heidi says they are ready for Vegas. Simon says it was a sensational performance. He says it’s not America’s Got Talent, it’s America Welcomes talent.


    We’re going to continue with another comedian, Samuel J. Comroe. Samuel takes the stage to begin his set. Howie seems to be enjoying Samuel’s set. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says her cheeks are hurting because she was laughing so much. Mel B says she loves Samuel’s delivery and he’s amazing and brilliant. Heidi says Samuel, Samuel, he won her over tonight. She thinks was his best performance this far. Simon says the great thing about watching a comedian is you can tell if their good by the audience’s reaction and they all loved him. Simon says he has a shot to win this. Howie says comedy is all subjective but he loves Samuel, he brought his A game and that was his best act. He wishes him the best of luck and he says Samuel’s career just took off tonight.


    Courtney Hadwin is preparing to take the stage next. She steps on stage and performs River Deep Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Howie says that was amazing and Courtney was on fire. She’s a superstar and he loves everything about her. Mel B says she killed it! Heidi says the teenagers have been winning America’s Got Talent and maybe it will be her tomorrow. Simon says the most important part of being a star is being remembered and that’s what she does. She’s going to inspire people and she’s a trendsetter.


    It’s time for some magic with our next act, Shin Lim. He begins his performance playing piano and does some quick making cards appear tricks at the piano. A fire then starts at the piano after he gets up and it has left a deck of cards. He steps to a table where Tyra is sitting and has her roll some dice. She rolls a 5 and a 4 for a total of 9. He has her watch a deck and only the 9’s remain.


    Shin asks Tyra to choose which 9 she wants and she choose the 9 of hearts. He stacks them up and snaps and they are all now the 9 of hearts. He shuffles them out and on the back is a 9 and a heart shape. He then makes cards appear on his mat and they are the 9 of hearts. He then has about 10 cards that are the 9 of hearts and 2 larger cards that are also 9’s. There is card off to the side with a question mark on it and It’s the 6 of hearts. He shakes his head no and we see the hearts shift and the card changes into a 9 of hearts while we watch.


    Shin then motions to the stage and there are cards floating in the air. There are a lot of cards and they are moving. He then snaps his fingers and the cards are in a 9 and a heart shape. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Simon says Shin has been consistently great and he had great showmanship tonight. Simon says this was so good he could actually win the competition. Howie agrees with everything Simon said. Howie says this is a one-million dollar act. Howie says it really was a winning act. Mel B says Tyra could have picked any card and Shin made a whole entire act off of that and it’s pure magic. Heidi says he is one of the best close-up magicians she’s ever seen and nothing would make her happier if he got the million dollars tomorrow.


    Next, we have the danger act of Duo Transcend. They begin their act on the trapeze and she blindfolds him and he stays that way the entire act until the very end where she holds him for a moment and then he drops. They get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


    Heidi says that was exciting, sex, hot, and dangerous. Simon says the last drop was part of the act, right? Duo Transcend say yes. Simon says normally he’s not a fan of this type of act, but they are a different level, but they are absolutely sensational at what they do and best performance they’ve done so far. Howie says he was blindfolded the entire act and the production and this was the best show he’s ever seen, nevermind been on. Howie says every act is a winning act. Mel B says her favorite part was when she dropped him, but they are so strong and they make it look so easy and seamless and flawless.


    The final act of the night is a singer and Simon’s golden buzzer, Michael Ketterer. He performs Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.  


    Heidi says Michael is a man with a lot of integrity, heart, and talent. Mel B says that was a very brave thing to do and she’s not sure if it 100% worked or not, but she knows his voice and it’s not up to her, its up to America. Simon says this has been an unbelievable night and this is the best final he’s been on and he’d love to give Michael’s family the million dollars because he’s an amazing guy.

  4. Previously, on Big Brother, with Kaycee holding all the power she had Haleigh in her sights. With Level Six speculating a double eviction was coming, Brett pitched an idea to Tyler to backstab Kaycee and Angela. But not knowing Tyler was more loyal to the ladies, a new plan to backdoor Brett was formed.


    Before the live eviction, the houseguests suspicions were confirmed and Haleigh was the first casualty of the night. With the Head of Household up for grabs, Tyler took control and he confirmed operation Get Brett out was under way. Tyler nominated two pawns and Angela won the veto setting the stage for an epic blindside. At the veto meeting, Brett was 86’d from Level Six.


    At the second eviction of the night, the bro had to go. Tonight, see all the drama you missed during the double eviction. And with only five remaining, the HOH competition is do or die. Will Level Six keep dominating or will Sam or JC turn the tide?


    We pick up after Brett’s eviction and they are celebrating they made it through the double. JC is shocked. He’s annoyed. He should be happy and he’s not. This is the first time in 86 days he didn’t know what was going on. It was a good move but Tyler didn’t tell him and now he doesn’t trust Tyler.


    Angela says Brett tried to come up with a plan to go against Level Six. Angela says if you stay loyal and don’t go rogue, then you get to stay. Otherwise, you’re gone. Tyler says oh my God! The biggest blindside of season 20 and he made it happen. Tyler reviews that he told Brett if JC or Sam won the veto then he would make a move against the girls. He then let the girls in on the plan. Then he told JC and Sam to stay calm so they could make the blindside happen.


    We see Sam throw Angela under the bus, she says she doesn’t deserve to be there, she’s a B, she’s only been a have not once, she acts like she’s better than everyone else. Tyler interrupts and tells her to trust him. Tyler says Angela won the veto and the biggest blindside of the summer was on. Tyler and Angela plan what they were going to say. Tyler says Brett crossed Level Six so he had to drop the hammer on him.


    JC says he was shocked when Tyler put up Brett. He didn’t know what he was thinking and this is the first time he didn’t know exactly what was going on in this game. We see Brett asking what happened. Tyler says he’s sorry brother and Tyler and Angela make a motion at each other. Tyler says there are five left and they just have to stay on the winning streak. Sam says so we’re top five, what do we do now, do we eat supper? They all laugh.


    Sam goes to Angela in the SR and she comes clean about calling Angela the B word. Sam says she’s sorry and she knows Angela has her back. They hug it out. Angela says oh Sammie, she’ll give her a hug and smile but eventually, this B is going to send her a** home.


    We see Tyler hugging Sam and he says he has to explain himself to Sam and JC because he can’t play in the next HOH and if they wanted to take a shot back at him and won HOH, they could. Tyler needs Sam to think Brett was coming after her, but Brett never said any of that.  We then see Tyler and JC go to the SR. Tyler says Sam was easy, but JC is more of a handful. Tyler is telling JC he was going to be the next one to go. JC just keeps shaking his head and he says he didn’t know Tyler was working that closely with the girls.


    JC tells us he doesn’t believe Tyler that Brett wanted him out. He says he won’t trust Tyler because he betrayed him in a way he never expected. JC says the girls are totally coming for him. Tyler apologizes and gives JC a hug. JC feels completely alone in the game and he’s probably going to go on the block and it’s his fault for trusting one person. If he wins HOH, payback is bad person.


    It’s time for the HOH competition! It’s a movie theater set-up with movie posters, but they are posters of BB comps. This competition is called BBFlix and chill. In each round they’ll see 3 movie posters and they’ll hear three friends talking about a movie they want to watch and what they are saying are clues to the one movie they want to watch. When they think they know the answer they lock in and the player with the most points will win.


    JC says he really needs to win this competition because he was just put on the block by the person he’s supposed to work with and he has trust issues right now. Tyler says this competition is basically Level 6 vs JC and Sam. Tyler says the plan worked, but JC isn’t happy about it. Sam says this HOH might just be the most important competition of the whole summer and if she won, how great would that be?


    They get their first set of clues and all HG get the answer correct, but Angela was first and she gets a point.


    They get their second clue and Kaycee says this is kind of hard. Three of the HG are correct, but Angela was the first to ring in. Angela has 2 points.


    They get their third clue and three of the HG are correct. JC was first to ring in and he gets a point.


    They get their fourth clue and three of the HG are correct. Sam is the first to ring in and she gets the point. Angela has 2 points, JC and Sam have 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points. Tyler says Kaycee is sitting there with a goose egg, come on comp beast.


    It’s time for their fifth clue and 2 of the HG are correct. Sam was the first to ring in. Angela and Sam have 2 points, JC has 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points.


    On to round six and all of the HG are correct, but Angela was the first to ring in. Angela has 3 points, Sam has 2 points, JC has 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points.


    Tyler says it’s down to Angela and Sam. Sam says she’s either going to tie it up or Angela wins and Sam wants that final four. Angela rings in first, but she realizes she is incorrect. She’s hoping Sam does not win.


    Sam says she’s only down one and if she gets this right she can force a tie breaker. Angela knows she is wrong and all she can do is hope Sam got it wrong. JC is the only one who got it correct. Angela has won HOH with 3 points. Angela says guess who’s HOH? Not once, not twice, but three times. Looks like she has to get a little more blood on her hands.


    Sam says all she can do now is put her trust in Tyler. JC says he can’t win a comp and he’s so frustrated. Tyler says he knows JC and Sam are going on the block, but they have to figure out who’s going to go and how he’s going to manage that. Angela says Level Six are running the house at this point, and now her, Tyler, and Kaycee are that much closer to F3. Angela wants Sam out because jury loves her because she becomes friends with them and then doesn’t vote them out. If Angela is lucky enough to be F2, she does not want to be sitting next to Sam.


    Tyler says it’s getting closer and closer to the end and he has to start thinking about who he wants to sit next to. He says you get close to these people and it gets harder and harder. He didn’t think it would be this hard. Angela says they are running it and they are so close and Kaycee says let’s do the damned thing.


    We see Tyler and Angela in the beds in the PBR. Angela has a secret she doesn’t want Tyler to tell anyone and she whispers in his ear that she’s in love with him. Tyler says he can’t believe they have the same secret. Tyler can’t believe that came out of her mouth, he’s speechless. We have music playing over the scene. Angela says this game made her grow a heart. Ughhh. It’s been years since she’s had anyone in her life that is significant enough to call boyfriend. She feels like an old lady who’s dating again. It’s weird. Tyler says she said she loved me! He guesses he’s in love with Angela and he’s the happiest person in the whole world right now. He’s not going to lie.


    JC and Tyler are in the WA and JC says he’s trying hard but he’s mad. He says that was a huge mistake. It was not a game move. Tyler tells JC to calm down. JC says he’s going on the block tomorrow with Sam and if Tyler wins veto he has to use it on him and she’ll put Kaycee up and they’ll vote her out. Tyler says he just has to trust him. JC says he’s so stupid for trusting Tyler he just wants to slap Tyler so hard. JC is so disappointed in himself. Tyler says it’s getting harder and harder to convince JC he has his back and if he’s not comfortable, he’s going to make himself the number one target going in to next week.


    Angela has an announcement and she gathers everyone in the living room. HG, congratulations on making it to the top 5. To celebrate the milestone, Big Brother has something very special for you. You are invited to a concert by Bebe Rexha. Sam says did I hear that right? They’ll be heading to the concert very soon. Have a blast!


    The HG go out to the backyard and it’s set up for a private concert and they have seats. Tyler says one of the biggest artist’s in the world and she’s about to play for them. They are so excited. They give air high fives. Angela says this is like incredible. She loves Bebe Rexha, she loves all her music and she’s gorgeous.


    Bebe Rexha performs her new single called I’m a Mess. Tyler says this is one of the coolest moments of his entire life. He says she has the voice of an angel. This is one heck of a first date. JC says she’s talking personally to him, he’s a mess and he knows it. Sam is singing along. Kaycee and JC are waving a flag. Kaycee says they rock! The HG clap for them. Bebe asks if their mind feels clear without social media? They all say yes. Bebe says it must be refreshing. Sam says she’s sitting across from one of the most talented people she’ll ever meet.


    Bebe sings Meant to Be next. They clap and say beautiful. Bebe comes down to hug them. Angela says that concert was amazing, but stick around for the encore because Sam and JC are about to go up.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Angela has nominated Sam and JC. Angela says unfortunately for her she’s had to get so much blood on her hands and their hands are clean and she doesn’t stand a chance sitting next to either of them. She knows they’ll understand the logic behind her decision.


    Angela says her target is Sam. One day she’s calling her a B and one day she’s hugging her and she’s over it. Sam is now on the block for the third consecutive time and she’s going to go out and win the veto and hell, she might win the whole game. JC says he had Tyler’s back the whole game and if he wins veto he’s going to finally be able to come for Angela.

  5. Previously, on Big Brother, Kaycee dominated the week first by winning head of household, and then by crushing the veto competition. Level Six wanted their final nemesis Haleigh gone, so Kaycee left her and Sam on the block. Tonight, will Haleigh join the rest of her alliance in jury? Plus, which HG will be the second sent packing. It’s double eviction night baby! Will Level Six turn on one of it’s own? Find out right now on Big Brother!


    Julie greets us and tells us over the course of the next hour, level six could be put to the test. Will they take advantage of double eviction night to take out one of their own, or secure their numbers. Everyone is planning for what happens next with Haleigh still on the block.


    We pick up on day 83 after the veto ceremony. Kaycee says she feels like a superhero winning three POV’s in a row. Haleigh has been on the block three weeks in a row and it’s time for her to. She put the wrong peanut up. Haleigh tells us her back is against the wall and she has no more cards to play.


    Level Six are in the HOH room planning in case it’s double eviction. They are discussing pawns and Angela says if she doesn’t win HOH, she’ll go up. Brett says look at that, Angela offered herself up as a pawn. She must be feeling safe. But maybe it’s time for him to make a move. Kaycee says we’re almost there.


    Brett and Tyler are in the SR talking about the double. Brett says Haleigh is leaving and he wants to make sure they evaluate everything. Tyler says jury hates all of them. Brett says they can beat JC and Sam in the final HOH comps, maybe they should Angela out and make the jury very happy. Brett tells Tyler that all those votes that were gone will be back, but Kaycee will be coming after them. Brett says Kaycee is strong.


    Tyler says he has a F2 with Brett that he proposed, he has a F2 with Kaycee, and he’s in a showmance with Angela. Brett is at the bottom of the totem pole. He needs to flip things around on him and put a stop to it. Tyler then goes to HOH and tells Kaycee about the conversation. Tyler tells her Brett thinks it’s better for Kaycee to go. Kaycee tells us she should have known. She says Brett thinks he’s two steps ahead, but they are 5, 6, 7 steps ahead.


    Kaycee and Tyler talk about taking the shot at Brett in double. Kaycee says he vocalized going against the alliance. Tyler says Kaycee has been his number one this whole game and Brett is good at talking and the jury might give him a vote. Tyler says he isn’t comfortable sitting next to Brett in the end and he might have to go, even before Sam and JC.


    Julie is ready to tell the HG it’s time for double eviction. There is no time to waste. Haleigh says they have to stop running into each other like this, but she’s amazing. Haleigh does her shoutouts. She says she’s running out of content but she’s going to keep this as Haleigh as possible. She hopes they all know she’s not ready to leave and she’ll hug them each and tell them she loves them, but she hopes she gets to stay and she thinks she has a lot to offer them.


    Sam says she doesn’t have a speech prepared and she’s only done this once before and it’s been awhile. She thanks everyone and she’s proud to be standing there still and she’s not ready to leave. If she goes she’ll be taking a piece of each of them, but she’s not ready to go.


    Time to vote!

    Tyler votes to evict Haleigh.

    JC votes to evict Haleigh.

    Brett votes to evict Haleigh.

    Angela votes to evict Haleigh.

    By a vote of 4-0, Haleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Haleigh gives hugs to everyone and says she loves them all. She says if she forgot anything she’ll be coming back for it. She loves them all.


    Julie pays Haleigh back a compliment and says she looks gorgeous. She asks Haleigh why she couldn’t get the target off her back. Haleigh says she put it there herself and she says it went downhill since she admitted she was the hacker. Julie asks why she told them? Haleigh says her conscience would allow Bayleigh to take the fall for her.


    Julie says they seen her and Faysal come to the conclusion they were the worst players, would she says telling them she was the hacker her downfall? She says either that or HOH, they were both pretty bad. Julie asks about Faysal and Haleigh says he’s a good guy. She says they had ups and downs in the game, but she’s looking forward to seeing him again.


    Good bye messages: Kaycee says she’s sorry she’s seeing this message, but Brett told her Haleigh would come after Angela and Kaycee again. Angela says the same thing as Kaycee and she can thank Brett. Brett says Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee wanted her out and they will go out to a football game after they get out of the house. Haleigh says uninvited. Julie asks who she believes? Haleigh believes Angela and Kaycee because she DID say that to Brett.


    Earlier, the HG watched short video clips that are the key to becoming the HOH. Kaycee sees movement on the monitor and they see the clips. They see clips from previous competitions. Brett says they see Steve struggling and Winston, and then Blockstar blowing OTEV…fond memories. Tyler says all this stuff is hilarious but it’s probably for an HOH competition so he has to pay attention because he wants this HOH.


    This competition is called buffering. They will be shown the clips and then they’ll stop and they’ll be given two options as to what happened next and they’ll select A or B. Player with the most points after 7 questions wins.


    Question 1: Will Steve fall off the balance beam or continue to the end. Sam and Tyler answer A and Angela, JC, and Brett answer B. Sam and Tyler each get 1 point.


    Question 2: Will Scottie get hit in the face with the red ketchup or glide by it without getting hit? Everyone answers A except JC who answers B. JC got a point.


    Question 3: Will Rockstar fall in the water and drop her medicine bottle or grab the rope? Tyler and Brett answer B, everyone else answers A. Tyler has 2 points, Sam, JC, and Brett have 1 point.


    Question 4: Will Faysal catch the kalimartian in his mouth or miss the kalimartian? Everyone answers A except Angela. Everyone but Angela gets a point. Tyler has 3 points, Angela has 0, and everyone else has 2.


    Question 5: Will Bayleigh land her ball in the tube or miss the shot? Everyone answers B except JC. Everyone except JC got it right. Tyler has 4, Brett and Sam have 3, JC has 2, and Angela has 1.


    Question 6: Will Scottie fall down or exit without falling? Everyone answers A. Everyone is correct. Tyler has 5 points, Bret and Sam have 4 points, JC has 3 points, and Angela has 2 points.


    Question 7: Will Faysal fall down or remain on his feet? Sam, Tyler, and Angela answer B and JC and Brett answer A. Sam has 5 points, Brett, JC, and Angela have 3 points. Tyler has 6 points. Tyler wins HOH.


    We listen in before nominations and Sam says she acts like she’s better than everyone and Sam is a good person and deserves to be there. Tyler says it’s ok, it’s not going to go the way she thinks it might. Time for the live nomination ceremony! Tyler nominates JC and Sam. We’ll be ready for veto in just a few moments.


    Haleigh has already been evicted, Tyler won HOH and put up Sam and JC. Now it’s time for the veto competition. This competition is called Block and Roll. They must strategically place their colored blocks on their game board so when they drop their ball until it rolls down the board. The ball must be rolled through the tube first. Julie gives the go.


    They start moving puzzle pieces. Sam is a little slower than the others. Tyler takes his first shot and fails. Brett tries his first shot and all fails. They keep readjusting pieces. Kaycee seems to be struggling. Angela got it out and Angela has won POV!


    Angela goes to the HNR and hugs and celebrates with Tyler. Tyler tells her to take JC down. Kaycee comes in and they just confirm things. Brett comes in and says he’ll vote Sam out.


    Angela has just won the power of veto, but will she use it to save one of the two nominees? Let’s find out! Angela would like to use the POV on JC. She calls this move being just one step ahead. Tyler must now name a replacement nominee. Tyler says he calls this being two steps ahead…Brett take a seat.


    Haleigh has already been sent packing and either Sam or Brett will be following. Let’s go the living room. Sam apologizes to Angela and Tyler’s friendship and Kaycee and JC’s friendship. She hopes to stay. Brett says he wasn’t ready for this, guys they have their mind made up and he played a loyal game. He loves them all and he understands they have to make a game move and he begs them not to send him to the house with Blockstar. Please have mercy and change their minds.


    Time to vote:

    JC votes to evict Brett. He says sorry man.

    Kaycee votes to evict Brett. It’s a must.

    Angela votes to evict Brett.

    By a vote of 3-0, Brett has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Brett looks at JC and he asks them to pack his things please. Sam says they will with great respect and great care. He gives quick hugs and heads out. JC apologizes.


    Julie tells Brett he got played son. She asks why he didn’t expose Level 6? Brett doesn’t have a good answer to that. He was loyal to them. He says he figured he could tug on their heart strings. He says they were playing some other angle.


    Julie says he broke ranks and told Tyler he wanted to target the girls? Brett says he knows he can beat JC, but he didn’t know if he could be Kaycee and Angela. Julie says he was loyal but he broke ranks midstream. Brett says they don’t know that but obviously Tyler made a move.


    Julie asks who Brett feels most betrayed by? Brett says Tyler, he was his ride or die. Julie says but they made the alliance recently and Brett says they slept in the bed week 1. Brett says he either solidified his F2 with Tyler or shot himself in the foot, and obviously it was the latter.


    Julie asks if he will vote emotional? Brett says we’ll see. Julie says anything else to say before you head off to join Rockstar in jury? Brett says ummm…can I take someone with me? Julie says you know the rules.


    Bebe Rexha will visit the house for a special performance on Sunday. Then on Wednesday, we’ll surprise the house with a surprise eviction. Then a new HOH will be crowned and the second live eviction will be on Thursday.

  6. 2:32 AM BBT Brett is up and in the WC. Brett is out and washes his hands and stops in the KT for a snack. Brett sits at the counter in the dark while he eats.


    2:50 AM BBT Brett has finished his snack and is cleaning up afterwards. As he finishes cleaning his dishes the lights come on and he checks to see if someone else is awake. He puts his dishes away and then heads back to bed.  


    3:27 AM BBT Tyler stretches and Angela turns over and says something. On the other side of the wall, Brett sits up and starts to listen. Brett listens for a few more minutes to see if anything is going on and then he lays back down.

  7. 12:00 AM BBT Haleigh is brushing her teeth and Sam is talking about her eviction speech. She’s going to go with whatever comes to her. She says Haleigh has done an excellent job with her speeches and she thinks Haleigh is very well spoken and she doesn’t seem nervous and she thinks she sounds lady like and she does a good job. Haleigh says thank you and she says Sam had a very good veto speech. Sam says she respects Haleigh. Haleigh says she’s going to try and get some sleep and they tell each other good night and say they’ll see each other in the morning. Haleigh tells Sam to get some sleep. Angela and Tyler are in their own beds but they are close to the edges and they are holding hands. Sam goes into the shower and closes the door so she can put lotion on.


    12:05 AM BBT One set of cameras is on Tyler and Angela holding hands. The other set of cameras is on the shower doors waiting for Sam to emerge. Tyler rolls onto his side and blows Angela a kiss. She blows one back. Sam is out of the shower and scrubbing at her hands.


    12:10 AM BBT Tyler and Angela are still each in their own laying and facing each other. Tyler motions that he loves her and Angela mouths that she loves him and then leans over to give her a kiss. Tyler then kisses her hand. Sam is mumbling to herself in the WA. Tyler and Angela whisper to each other. Tyler asks if she wants to sleep with him and she says that’s not what she said. More whispering.


    12:15 AM BBT Tyler leans over and gives Angela a kiss and then lays back in his bed. Sam is drying her hair in the WA.


    12:20 AM BBT Sam is the only one still up and she is still drying her hair.


    12:25 AM BBT Sam has finished drying her hair. Angela has been tossing and turning. Tyler reaches back out to hold her hand and then leans over to give her some more kisses.


    12:30 AM BBT Sam is still in the WA cleaning up after her shower and still getting ready for bed. Tyler and Angela are holding hands and rubbing each other’s arms with their fingers. Tyler appears to be attempting to sleep but Angela is just staring at him. Sam goes to the WC and the camera zooms in on the door.


    12:35 AM BBT Sam is out of the WC and is washing her hands. Tyler and Angela are in bed and they are still holding hands. Sam gathers her clothes, grabs her drink, puts her slippers on and heads through the house to BR’s. Tyler and Angela pull their hands apart while Sam walks into the HNR. After the door is closed they reach out to hold hands again.


    12:40 AM BBT Sam is in bed in the HNR and she says tomorrow is her big day. The camera zooms in on her. She says wish me luck. Say a prayer. She says I love you and see you soon. She says I miss you and thanks for hanging in there with me. She says sorry for being a pain in the ass. Crazy. She’s going to try and go to sleep. She says good night big brother, love you. Angela and Tyler are each laying in their own bed but their hands are stretched out and they are holding hands and rubbing their fingers along each other’s hands.


    12:45 AM BBT Tyler leans in and kisses Angela’s hand. He turns over and all HG are tucked into bed.

  8. Previously, on Big Brother, the Level Six alliance has been running the game, and their domination continued when Kaycee took power. Level Six had Haleigh in their sights, but Kaycee needed a pawn, so she enlisted Sam. At the nomination ceremony, Kaycee executed her plan. Tonight, can the power of veto save from Level Six’s wrath? Plus BB Comics is back and a special surprise leaves the house in tears.


    We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaycee says she nominated Haleigh and Sam. She says Haleigh put her on the block twice and Sam is just a pawn and she’s staying loyal to level 6 and they are riding it out to the end. Final Four! Sam says Kaycee has assured her she is a pawn and she is safe.


    Haleigh says she’s nominated again. Shocker. She says if she thought she needed in the past, she definitely needs it now. Tyler goes to touch base with Sam in the SR and he asks if she’s ok and Sam says she’s fine, she going to keep going about her routine. Tyler says Sam has been on the block for 2 minutes now and she’s already starting to go into freakout mode. He needs her to stay calm and not make herself a bigger target because he needs her to stay and Haleigh to go.


    Haleigh comes in and Sam and Haleigh both hug it out and they commiserate with each other. Haleigh says she’s going to go full force in the veto, but if she loses she needs Sam to freak out so she makes herself a bigger target. JC and Brett are talking and Brett asks how his hair looks. They have a little spat ending with JC saying he looks great. Talk turns to Sam and how she’s going to fare being on the block. Brett says he’s worried if Haleigh or Sam win veto who would go up and JC says it’ll be himself or Brett.


    Brett tells us JC doesn’t know about Level Six so if there has to be a replacement nominee, it’ll be JC. But he wants to win POV because the only way to ensure he stays safe. JC says he hopes he gets drawn for veto because he wants to win and make sure he doesn’t get put on the block. Kaycee and Tyler are talking in the HOH about Sam and keeping her calm and they have to beat Haleigh in the POV.


    The HG are just milling about and Kaycee gathers everyone in the LR. Kaycee reads HG, congratulations on making F7. Hopefully this will help with your final jury. We see Angela’s mom and dad and they send their love and wish her luck. Angela is in DR crying and says 82 days and she hasn’t seen her parents and knowing they are proud and they are with her really means everything.


    Brett sees his mom and his two sisters. One of his sisters says she can smell him from where she is and she feels sorry for everyone in his house. They are proud of him and love and miss him. Brett says his sisters…they think they’re funny like him, but they aren’t that funny. Sam sees her dad, mom, and brother. They are proud of her and love her and they are all thinking about her. Sam says she really needed that, that is her family. She says they are her whole world and that video made her feel so much better. It was a great comfort.


    Tyler’s mom and stepdad send his message and they say it has been fun to watch him and everyone is so proud and they can’t wait to see him. Tyler says he misses his dad more than anything and hearing those words from his mom. He knows his dad is watching and he’s doing it for him. He gets all his strength from his dad. HE went through so much and he gets every single thing from him.


    Kaycee’s dad and brothers say hi little peanut. They all love her and are proud. Her brother says their mom is in the Philippines. They love her and let’s go! Kaycee says her dad called her peanut, she’s never going to live it down.


    JC’s friend sends his video and says he’s a winner in their eyes and tells him to bring home that check! JC says it was weird for him because everyone else got messages from family and his was from a very good friend, Regina. He just doesn’t have a great relationship with his family. He says Kaycee is a gay woman and her family supports her, but his family just doesn’t and he doesn’t understand why.


    Haleigh’s mom and dad says they miss her like crazy and she should live every minute of the experience and they love her very much and they’ll see her soon. Haleigh says she misses them and loves them and she’s so thankful for them. She says she was burning out and didn’t know if she could fight anymore, but that gave her the fight she needed.


    Brett and JC are laying in the sun in the yard and the lay next to each other. JC says he used to have a big dumb puppet named Faysal, but he got out of control and he had to let him go. But now he has a new bromance in the house, Brett. JC loves to give Brett a really hard time and we see clips of him annoying Brett. JC says it’s like having a little brother in the house.


    Brett says JC and him have grown pretty tight in this game and he literally can’t imagine not being friends with him. He’s the only other ball of energy in the house and if he goes, it’s just him annoying everyone. JC loves Brett, but if he has to go home, dude they’re done. Brett says JC is great but everyone has an expiration date in this game and unfortunately, JC’s may come sooner.


    Time to pick players for the veto competition. Kaycee would love for all of Level Six to play. Sorry JC, she hopes you sit this one out. Kaycee draws Tyler. Haleigh draws Angela. JC really wants to get drawn so he can win and make sure he can’t be a replacement nominee. Sam draws the last chip and draws HG choice. Sam chooses Brett. Sam says she picked Brett because she knows he’ll have her back if he wins.


    Tyler and JC are talking what to do if Haleigh or Sam win veto. JC says they’ll use it on themselves. JC says if one comes down then Brett has to go up. JC tells Tyler that if Brett wins HOH that Brett will put Tyler and Angela up. JC tells us he doesn’t know if Brett would do that but he needs to make Tyler suspicious of Brett. JC tells Tyler that he tells him stuff and Tyler comes up with dumb crap. Tyler tells us he’s starting to have suspicions about Brett. He says JC tells him about his conversations with Brett, but it might just be JC trying to get in his head. JC is telling Angela needs to be on the block with Kaycee. Tyler tells us JC has been dragging Angela and now he’s bringing Kaycee into it. All that makes Tyler do is what JC as the replacement nominee.


    It’s time for the veto competition! They all head to separate rooms and they’ll be called when it’s their turn to compete. It’s time for BB comics. Tyler is up first. On go, the screens in the subway station will show the BB comics. They will have to look at them and they will have to go through BBtropolis. While going through they’ll encounter a BB superhero and an imposter. They need to knock down the imposter at each spot and then hit their button. If they are correct, their time will lock in. If they are incorrect, the superheroes will reset and they’ll have to try again.


    JC’s comics is The Yatus. Angela’s was The Wrathlete. Tyler wants to study each comic for at least 5 seconds. Rockstar’s is Rockczar. Tyler says the hardest thing about this is remembering the small details. Faysal is Hamazonian. Scottie is Snottie. Tyler moves on to the fourth station. Kaitlyn is The Spirit Guide. He guesses on the last one and he’s wrong and he has to go back and start over. Tyler knows Rockczar was the imposter because of a different belt. He looks again at Twinston and he realizes the hands are different. He gets it correct the second.


    Sam is up next. Sam is The Welder. Steve is Mr. Badwrench. Sam doesn’t approve of Steve tossing wrenches around like that, tools are expensive. Her comic is awesome. Brett is The Beefcake. Sam begins and she says she feels like a little kitten stuck out on a tree limb. Sam gets the first two correct. She isn’t sure on the third one and knocks Scottie down. She knows Kaitlyn is the imposter and she slapped the crap out of her. She then hits her button and she realizes she completely breezed by Winston in her eagerness to hit her button.


    Haleigh says she has no choice but to win the veto because she’ll be going home. Haleigh’s comic is Slamlet. Haleigh is impressed with Faysal’s comic. Haleigh is not seeing differences. Angela is up next and she says she needs to win veto because if someone from Level 6 doesn’t win it could ruin their plans to send Haleigh home. Angela is over Swaggy Sea and his t’shirts. Tyler is The Life Guardian. Bayleigh is Queen Bay.


    Kaycee is the Health Nut and she’s up next. She says this is so cool awesome. She’s studying the comics as much as possible and she takes her time studying the comics. She knows it’s a risk to use her time like this but she thinks it’s super important and she hopes it pays off. Rachel is the Dance-Saur. Kaycee goes to make her run and she hits them all and she’s on the last one staring at Winston and she says they are exactly the same!


    Brett says he has to win this veto and make sure nominations stay the same and they get their target out, which is Haleigh. Brett says The Beefcake rules, but he’s haunted by memories of granny. Brett picks Swaggy because who is this guy? Was he even in the house? Brett sees Winston!!!! No one imposters his boy! He broke the Winston imposter and falls down. He’s wrong and has to try again. He has the answers now, so this Grade A, premium beefcake just needs to breeze through this as fast as possible.


    It’s time to see how they did! Haleigh knows her game is on the line and she’s pretty sure if she doesn’t win she’s going home. Tyler wants to win the veto because people are acting weird in this house and he’s going to have to make a big move and take someone off the block.


    Time to see how they did. Tyler finished with a time of 6:35. Brett finished with a time of 7:30. Tyler is in the lead. Kaycee finished with a time of 2:17. Everyone is shocked and Haleigh says are you serious?!? Kaycee is in the lead. Sam finished with a time of 15:48. Kaycee is still in the lead. Angela finished with a time of 9:53. Kaycee is still in the lead and comes down to her or Haleigh.


    Kaycee says Haleigh cannot win this power of veto. If she pulls herself down she’ll have to name a replacement nominee. Not good. Haleigh finished with a time of 18:56. Congratulations Kaycee. Three times in a row. Sam says this is the best thing that could have happened if she didn’t win. It’s her HOH and she promised her she was safe. Haleigh says not only did she lose veto, she’s going home. And she had the worst time in the competition. She’s embarrassed and feels stupid. She had one thing to do. It sucks.


    Tyler is in the HOH with Kaycee and they are laughing. Tyler says they’re the comp beasts. Tyler is telling Kaycee about JC. Tyler tells Kaycee JC wants him to come for Kaycee and Angela. Tyler doesn’t like the confidence JC has and that he has Brett. Tyler isn’t saying they should get Brett out. Kaycee says they are at a point in the game where every single move matters and this week she needs to make sure the right person leaves this house.


    Time for the veto meeting. Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto. Obviously, these are her original nominations and it wouldn’t make sense for her to change it. She loves them equally, but she couldn’t save them.


    Haleigh says as expected Kaycee didn’t use veto. She’s tired of fighting, but she’s not dead yet. She’s survived it before maybe she can do it again. Kaycee says she nominated and didn’t use veto, duh. Haleigh is a huge threat to Level Six so she has to go. Sam says everyone is telling her to stay calm and she doesn’t think people realize how much she’s holding back. Tyler says Haleigh will be gone this week and that leaves him with only his allies and he might have to make the first big move. Time to go to war!

  9. 10:30 PM BBT JC and Brett are outside sitting on the couches talking. Sam is by the washer and dryer eating. Angela is in the HOH room listening to music. Tyler joins her in the HOH. JC is told he can’t talk about his DR sessions. Haleigh comes back out. Tyler tells Angela that Haleigh has heard them at night and Angela wants to know how he knows. Tyler doesn’t want to say. Angela asks again how Tyler knows Haleigh knows and he says he overheard a conversation between her and Brett. Angela wants to know what Brett said. Angela asks if he was like Haleigh is making crap up. Angela wants to know if Haleigh is going to say that in her eviction speech? Tyler doesn’t know and Angela literally can’t take another person attacking her. Tyler tells her it’s ok and Angela wants to know when it happened. Tyler says Brett tested him to see if it was true.  


    10:35 PM BBT Angela is wondering what Brett could do with that information and Tyler says it will be fine. Tyler says it’s Angela’s fault and she says how is it my fault? Tyler says look at her! She says it’s so awkward. Brett, JC, and Haleigh are talking about food outside. Angela wants to know how she could have heard it and Tyler says Haleigh has made comments about hearing whispering through the walls. Angela doesn’t know if all of them will hang out all that much and Tyler says they will. Angela says when she won her first HOH Brett ran into the room and said he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Tyler says so she’s in a showmance with Angela and she laughs and says no. Tyler says it’s Angela, Brett is probably in love with her too. Tyler says he’s still just denying everything. He says it’s all part of their strategy. Tyler scrambles off the couch to sit in the chair as Kaycee comes into the HOH. Brett comes in too. Angela says Haleigh is driving her nuts. Tyler says she’s been following him around too.


    10:40 PM BBT Brett thinks it has to be a double and Tyler agrees. Kaycee also agrees and Tyler says they have the odds in their favor. They are discussing who is more of a threat and Tyler feels like they are both even. Kaycee says they have one that sucks at comps and one just throws comps. Brett says Sam won a hardcore endurance comp and then hasn’t come close since. Brett says Sam is preaching how her memory has been bed. Angela says if JC stays she feels like he’d put two of them up and Tyler says so would Sam. They say Sam would never put JC up because he is her child. Brett says he hasn’t talked to Sam in weeks. Tyler says he keeps trying to reassure her. Kaycee thinks Sam would put two of them up and JC would put one of them up with Sam. Angela says well Sam goes then. Angela feels like JC is up to something, he’s scheming. She says he’s been acting weird around her. Brett says JC treats him like he’s an idiot and Tyler says that’s how JC treats him too. Angela says JC drives her nuts. Brett says JC hasn’t given him anything tangible. Brett says when he does talk to Sam her answer is completely irrelevant to what he asked her or it’s a rant about something. Angela says she had a good talk with Sam the other night. Kaycee says and then Tyler told her he’d let her know if anything changes. Tyler says he felt dumb afterwards.


    10:45 PM BBT Angela says Haleigh’s pitch to her was who will braid her hair if she’s evited. Tyler says Haleigh has been trying to corner her too. Brett says he has Haleigh feeling safe. Angela just doesn’t want Haleigh blowing up because she just can’t handle another eviction speech with someone throwing her under the bus. Brett says Sam hasn’t even asked him or said a word to him about it. Kaycee says they need to figure out what happens if JC or Sam win veto. Angela says she thought they were going to draw straws. Tyler says it doesn’t matter because they control it. Angela asks if they pack and they tell her there’s no time. Kaycee says it doesn’t matter who goes up. Kaycee says 1, 2, 3, not it. Angela says the only fair way to do it is to draw straws. Kaycee says she pulled the HOH and POV this week she doesn’t want to go up and Brett says he volunteered to be on the block with Scottie. Angela says it sounds like me and Tyler. Angela says if she’s on the block with JC she might just call out their alliance. Angela is now saying her and Tyler will rock, paper, scissors it. Tyler says he won’t announce the alliance because JC will go nuts and cut his hair. Kaycee asks if they’ve made speeches. Tyler says they’ve both been on before veto but not after. Angela says she’ll do it, she’s not afraid of JC.


    10:50 PM BBT Tyler says it will be down to who won HOH out of them. Haleigh and JC are in the KT talking. Angela says if she wins HOH, Tyler goes up and if Tyler wins HOH, Angela goes up. No hard feelings. Kaycee says whoever goes up we’re totally good. Kaycee says she’s running out of eviction speeches. Tyler says he has a picture of JC punching people in the nuts. Angela says she’s not afraid to say in her speech against JC, sorry there’s no saving you in this one. Tyler says you guys can say that but I’m not. They talk about how shocked JC will be when he finds out about their alliance. Brett says he doesn’t think he’ll be shocked, he’ll be furious. Angela wants to know if they should tell him Winston and Rachel were also in it. Brett wants to know what they think JC will do? What kind of interview he’ll have with Julie.


    10:55 PM BBT Brett thinks there is going to be another twist. Kaycee says if there’s a temptation should we do it or not? Brett says if there was one before Haleigh leaves she’d grab it. They are trying to think what Haleigh might do in her eviction speech.

  10. 9:30 PM BBT Haleigh and Tyler are talking about doing a marathon together and training for it and doing it before Christmas. Tyler says then they’ll go on their trip. They start talking about the Iron Man. Sam is in the hammock and it looks like she’s trying to sleep. Kaycee is still watching JC and Brett are playing pool. Haleigh and Tyler say they should just do the color run. Neither have done it and they think it will be fun. Tyler says they should take a snow ski trip and Haleigh says she’s down for that. Tyler starts singing and Haleigh picks it up and they get the please stop singing warning. Haleigh says she wants to start thinking about what she’s going to wear to the wrap party. Tyler says hopefully they get their clothes back. Haleigh says she’ll have to borrow a dress from Angela. One camera is zooming in on Sam as she lays in the hammock.


    9:35 PM BBT Tyler asks Haleigh if she’s going to stay around after the show. Tyler wants to try and move out there. Haleigh says Angela and Kaitlyn have both said she can stay with them, but she doesn’t want to impose on them and she’s not sure what she can afford. Tyler says they are going to be so busy after this. Brett and JC have finished their game. Brett and JC are going to play pool against Tyler and Kaycee and Haleigh has come over to watch. Sam is still alone in the hammock. Angela is in the HOH listening to music.


    9:40 PM BBT The pool game is still going on with a lot of locker room chatter. Sam is in the hammock and seems to be annoyed with the chatter. Angela is in the HOH listening to music.


    9:45 PM BBT The pool game is still continuing. Sam is still laying in the hammock. Angela is still in the HOH room. Brett asks them how many text messages they will have waiting for them.


    9:50 PM BBT Tyler heads inside. Kaycee and Brett are now going to play a game. Brett is singing and they get the please stop singing warning. Sam is still mumbling to herself in the hammock. Tyler comes back out to the couches with JC.


    9:55 PM BBT Sam wonders who she reminds live feeders of. If it’s someone good or bad. JC is talking about a road trip and Tyler says he’d be down for that. Tyler says he has friends in Australia and he thinks it would be fun to go back. Tyler wonders if an Australian girl is mad at him. JC and Haleigh, who has come back out, asks why she’d be mad and Tyler says because he didn’t tell her about this. Haleigh asks JC where he’s living after this and he says he’s 100% homeless after this. Haleigh says they can be homeless together. JC says they can live in his car and Haleigh says they can get a van.

    10:00 PM BBT Angela is in the HOH room listening to music. Kaycee and Brett are playing pool. Tyler, Haleigh, and JC are on the couches talking about what they’ll do after the show. Sam is in the hammock. Kaycee says life is going to be so weird when they leave. They are going to go from doing nothing for three months, only competitions, and then have to go back to their normal lives.


    10:05 PM BBT Tyler says he worked on the beach for three weeks this summer, that was it. Kaycee says everything is going to smack them in the face when they get out of the house. Brett is talking about all the stuff he’s going to have to get straightened out in his life. Kaycee says she doesn’t know either. Brett says he’s not sure if there will be opportunities when they get out or if he’ll have to go run and hide. Tyler, Haleigh, and JC are talking about Are You the One? Haleigh says she’d go on Bad Girls Club and Kaycee laughs and says she can’t see Haleigh on that show. JC has never seen it and Tyler and Brett want to know what channel it’s on.


    10:10 PM BBT Haleigh and Kaycee are explaining Bad Girls Club to Brett, Tyler, and JC. Kaycee and Brett have each won a game and Brett wants to take a break. Kaycee is going to do her laundry. Kaycee heads upstairs to the HOH and Angela is told to put her mic on.


    10:15 PM BBT Kaycee takes her clothes downstairs. Talk has moved on to the Kardashians and Haleigh asks if Kaycee watches it when she comes back out. Kaycee says her dad watches it. Sam has gone inside to the WC. Brett has folded his clothes and is taking them inside. Tyler hides and tries to scare Brett. Tyler says he scared himself more than he did Brett. JC goes to switch his laundry around and Haleigh asks if he needs help. Kaycee has gone to check-in with Tyler and Brett in the BBR.


    10:20 PM BBT Tyler and Brett are putting clothes away. Kaycee and Sam are getting snacks in the KT. JC is in the WC. Angela is in the HOH listening to music. Haleigh is outside on the couches. JC takes his clothes inside to put away. Sam and Kaycee are talking about doing laundry. Brett heads back outside. Haleigh says she’s sad they are losing the yard. Haleigh and Brett are talking about the weather.


    10:25 PM BBT Sam, Kaycee, and JC are in the KT talking. Sam says she’s super f’ing horny and after that phase she sleeps like a baby. Brett says she campaigned for Haleigh by throwing Sam under the bus by saying she has every jury vote and she can do whatever she wants and no one ever gets mad. JC comes back out and joins Haleigh and Brett. Sam asks if they want any dessert and Haleigh does and she thanks Sam as she goes inside.

  11. 9:00 PM BBT Angela and Kaycee are in the HOH room talking about triple eviction or some other crazy twist. Angela says she just doesn’t want to be the first person from their side in the jury house. Brett and JC are outside playing pool and Sam is playing corn hole. Angela and Kaycee start talking about JC and wondering what he’s thinking. Kaycee says she’s just ready for this to be over. The game is fun, but stressful. Angela says since they’ve been shutting the yard down for so long, maybe they’ll take them on a field trip. Kaycee says maybe they’ll set up the backyard for an Outback dinner. Angela says what if whoever wins a luxury comp only gets to pick two people? She knows who her two favorites are. Kaycee if that happened, they’d have to be worried about JC and Brett. Brett’s favorite food is steak and he’d feel left out. Angela says if Thursday is D/E they’ll be down to five. Kaycee says maybe they’ll do something for all of us. Angela says there hasn’t been a lot of drama this season and Kaycee says everyone came to play. She says they have to be so entertaining. Kaycee talks about the bullying from last season. Kaycee can’t remember why Jessica went off on Christmas. Kaycee says it was all petty stuff too.


    9:05 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are sitting outside on the couches. Kaycee and Angela are still in the HOH talking about last season and that there haven’t been that many fights this year. Brett and JC are still playing pool and they are playing best 2 out of 3. Angela says she’s hasn’t fought with anyone but she’s been personally attacked. Whatever JC and Brett are doing it has prompted three Stop That’s! from BB. Angela says it’s funny how Haleigh talks crap about the people in the jury house, like B, you love them, they are your alliance. Kaycee wonders how safe Haleigh feels. Angela says she told Haleigh she has to make them trust she wouldn’t put them up again. Angela says she’d go off on JC more than she would Faysal because she doesn’t give two craps about Faysal, but she cares about JC. Angela says if Haleigh hadn’t won HOH she’d be in a much better position because she wasn’t even on their radar. She got so much blood on her hands and accomplished nothing except to make mad Tyler, herself, and Kaycee. Kaycee says at the end of the day it happened how it was supposed to happen because we had to get the bigger targets out. Kaycee says it didn’t really change anything because she was never much of a threat.


    9:10 PM BBT Kaycee says Haleigh going is a game move so she doesn’t feel bad about it. Angela says JC has been acting differently towards her. Kaycee says if we win the next HOH and POV we’re golden. We’re so close. Angela says back to back to back, it’s been a long time coming. Angela says it’s been such a nail biter of a season. Kaycee says this season as a whole is a good season, especially after what happened last season. Kaycee wants to go outside since they aren’t going to have it much for the next two weeks. Tyler is asking Haleigh outside if she’s freaking out and she says she just appreciates everything more. Haleigh says they don’t have long at all.


    9:15 PM BBT Kaycee and Angela head downstairs to head outside. Sam is in the hammock. JC and Brett are playing pool. Haleigh and Tyler are on the couches talking. Kaycee goes to watch the pool game and Angela joins Tyler and Haleigh on the couches. Haleigh is filling Angela in on the conversations they’ve been having with Brett and JC and Tyler goes to check his laundry. Sam is talking to herself in the hammock about racing planes the way they used to race dirt bikes. She says maybe that’s how she’ll travel, she’ll fly her own plane. That would be so cool. Sam wonders if there is a difference between a license for a helicopter and a commercial plane. Tyler says he was good at basketball and he would have made the team, but he didn’t have any interest in it. He’s playing corn hole by himself.


    9:20 PM BBT Angela heads inside. JC starts singing. Sam is in the hammock still. JC scratched on the eight ball and he says that’s not even fair. Tyler starts humming The Addams Family theme and they get the please stop singing warning. Sam is singing softly in the hammock. JC and Brett are going to play another game and break their tie. Kaycee asks Tyler if he wants to play next.


    9:25 PM BBT Haleigh starts a line to a song and JC finishes and they are asked to please stop singing. Angela has come back to the yard and she says that was a good break about the pool game. Angela says she’s going to go back upstairs and listen to music and Kaycee tells her to go ahead. JC starts singing again and he’s asked to stop singing. Kaycee asks Brett and JC if they want to play two on two in a little bit. They agree. Sam has been trying to see the helicopter and it finally flew over the backyard where she can see it because she says oh, there it is! The helicopter keeps flying overhead and Brett is annoyed by it.

  12. Our first act of the night is Christina Wells. She will be singing (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Heidi gives her a standing ovation.


    Howie says she is an amazing woman and that he loves her. Mel B says she loves her and that her voice was spectacular. Heidi says that she is the only singer that has the moxie to win. Simon says that is wasn’t her best performance.


    Our second act of the night is the dance group De Republik. They start dancing to Hit the Floor by Pitbull, then to Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot, then Get Ugly by Jason Derulo. Simon buzzes them.


    Simon says that the routine was generic and boring. Mel B says that she somewhat agrees with Simon but that they did bring more tricks to the performance. Heidi says that she disagrees with Simon and that she never gets tired of them. Howie says that they had minor mistakes and that it is in America’s hands now.


    Noah Guthrie is the next act to take the stage and perform. He sings I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton. He gets an ovation from the audience and Howie.


    Heidi says she loved the way he stripped down the song and he sang with a lot of heart and she enjoyed it. Simon says he thought it was a smart idea, but when he first started it was horrible, but the last part his voice sounded great. Howie thinks he made the absolute right decision. He thinks it was perfect for his voice and he loved it and so far he Noah was the best of the evening. Mel B says his voice is soulful and rich and powerful, but she personally didn’t like that rendition.


    The next singer out is Daniel Emmett. He sing Somewhere from West Side Story. He gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi.


    Simon says he really understands how important it is for everyone to do great. He says the first half for Daniel was ok and the last 20 seconds was great. He looked confident tonight. Mel B says she’s confused because she expected him to perform in a different language. But his voice was incredible. Heidi says she doesn’t understand Simon and Mel B. She loved it. She says this was the best performance so far. Howie says thought it was musical theater and he didn’t love it.

    Angel City Chorale is ready to perform. They sing The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. They get an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


    Howie says he enjoyed Angel City Chorale. He says they make them feel the song they are singing and he loves the choreography and the lights. Mel B says that was just so beautiful from start to end. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Heidi says they consistently fill the room with happiness and they should keep bringing the joy. Simon says he was thinking on a day like this they perform a song with a message like that. It’s joyous and optimistic and they are probably one of the best choirs they’ve ever had on the show.


    Next to the stage is Aaron Crow. Howie is not in his seat and Aaron goes up and touches Mel B’s shoulder. He has a box that he sets on the judges table and he sets a pair of glasses on top of the box. We see Howie give Aaron his glasses backstage. Aaron walks around to the front of the judges table and puts them in his shirt pocket. He then has 4 blocks labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4 and we see 4 boxes with large rocks suspended above the boxes that have the same numbers. Howie is in one of the boxes with headphones on.


    Aaron takes the blocks and places them face down and shuffles them around and then asks Heidi to shuffle them while he turns around. He has an axe in his hand and he Heidi select a block, and then Mel B select one and he’s using the axe to slide the blocks to them without touching them. Heidi has chosen #3 and Mel B chose #1. He cuts the rope over the first box and third box and the rocks fall and they are empty. He goes back and slides the final two blocks to Simon and motions for him to choose a block. Simon has chosen a block and puts the glasses on the block and then he changes his mind and then changes it back. Aaron hits the final block with the axe and it’s #4. He cuts the rope and it’s empty and they lift the #2 box and Howie is seated inside.


    Aaron drops the final rock after Howie is out to show it would smash the box. He seems to have gotten a lukewarm response. Simon says he is slightly disappointed in the ending. He says Howie owes him a thank you. Simon says Aaron is a great entertainer and a showmance and it was a great act. Mel B really enjoyed it because he kept it moving and she liked being involved. She really enjoyed it. Heidi thinks he’s very handsome but she gets really scared. There’s like a big black cloud over his head of danger and suspense.


    Vicki Barbolak is ready to perform her set. The audience seem to be enjoying the set. Mel B is laughing. Simon and Howie seem to be enjoying the set as well. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says every time she sees Vicki she puts an instant smile on her face. She says she’s funny, talented, and a great lady. Howie says he thinks Vicki is a true comedian and she is a great character. He imagines America will vote for her. Heidi says her heads hurt from laughing and if the comedy thing doesn’t work out, she has an idea for her. Simon say he does like her, he has a crush on her, and he wants to take her for a Grand Slam at Denny’s.


    We Three is the next act to take the stage and to perform. They are performing a song called Make Up. They get an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


    Simon says he really, really likes them and he thought that was a mess. He says it was all over the place and he couldn’t hear the song properly. Howie agrees and he says he doesn’t think it was a mess, but it didn’t pop. Mel B says she got into it and the guys are being harsh. She says they have a sound and it’s a feel good sound and they speak to the masses. Heidi says she likes them and she thinks they are amazing, but she doesn’t think their vocals were as strong as in the past.


    Glennis Grace is up next and she sings Make It Go Away by Sheryl Crow.  She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says Glennis sang one of her favorite songs and she did it beautifully. Heidi says every moment with her is a special moment and she shows them time and again she needs to be at finale. Simon says he thinks was the best performance of the night so far. Howie says she just brought it home, it was great.


    Next up is Brian King Joseph. He’s standing on a platform in the audience that starts to lower as he plays. He plays Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Heidi says Brian was on fire and his bow was on fire. Simon says it’s been an interesting night and this was in such a different league than every other performance. Simon says he’s incredible and that was so good, so dramatic, and so powerful, he thinks he could actually win the show. Howie says he is an amazing person, artist, musician, and that whole performance was amazing. That was beautiful. Mel B says yes! She absolutely loves him! She says he gives them his all and she absolutely loves him.


    The final act to take the stage is Howie’s golden buzzer, Courtney Hadwin. She steps up and performs Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf. She gets an ovation from the audience and Howie and Simon.


    Howie says he can’t sit down and she was amazing and he’s predicting she’s going to win. Mel B says there is no doubt she is out there and she loves it. Tonight, it was a little bit off and she could feel her nerves. Heidi agrees a little with Mel, but she does love having her on the show. She says she’s authentic and original. Simon says he saw her backstage shaking like a leaf and she takes the stage and she’s a maniac. Simon thinks she absolutely stands a shot to win.

  13. Previously, on Big Brother, things were heating up between Tyler and Angela and they chose to keep their showmance on the DL. But the house suspected they were more than just friends. With Scottie and Haleigh on the block, everyone wanted the geek to go bye-bye. At the live eviction, Scottie was booted for the second time. With power back up for grabs, it came down to Brett and Kaycee, but the wide receiver was too quick on her feet. With Kaycee in power, will Level 6 ride together and target the remaining outsiders? Or will the alliance start to implode. Plus, BB18’s Nicole is back and you’ll never guess why. And it’s all tonight, on Big Brother!


    We pick up on day 79 after the HOH competition and with Julie telling them good night. Kaycee says check it out baby, she’s on a roll and she’s racking up competitions. They’re in the fourth quarter and there’s no stopping her. Brett says he came so close to winning HOH. This could have been the week to stir the pot and make some moves but he’s safe this week and he doesn’t get any blood on his hands. Hopefully, Kaycee doesn’t call an audible.


    Tyler says with Kaycee as HOH, it might mean Level 6 might make it to final six. They’re almost there. Haleigh goes into the SR to get her luggage and she collapses in frustration. Haleigh tells us she needed to win that competition. Haleigh says back on the block again. She knows she’s going to see the block this week, it’s just a matter of who she sits next to. She just has to keep smiling and just keep swimming.


    Sam is upstairs laying down and talking to herself and says it’s another Thursday day and she’s still here. She says she must be doing something right, but she’s in here all alone and it’s really hard. Kaycee and Angela are in the lounge and Angela says Kaycee won HOH and that’s what is keeping her happy. Kaycee says all they have left is Haleigh and then Sam. Kaycee feels the best move is to put up Sam as a pawn and Haleigh because she put Kaycee up and she can go right back up.


    Who wants to see my HOH room! We see everyone head upstairs and make lots of noise. We see Kaycee’s basket and pictures. Angela is asking what a box is from and it says will you be my. Kaycee says she’s always been super close with her family and she’d do anything for them. She says her mom is still trying to understand her sexuality, but she knows they are supporting her and they have her back and she hopes she is making them proud.


    We see Kaycee read the letter from her brother and we hear her read about him asking her to stand next to him at his wedding. Kaycee says yes of course and the HG all clap for her. Tyler says Kaycee might come off as a tough football player, but on the inside the real Kaycee is a teddy bear and she’s the most kind-hearted, genuine person. We see everyone give her hugs. Kaycee says she absolutely needed this and it fuels her so much to make it to the end. Nothing is going to stop her and she’s going to keep going until she gets there.


    We see Angela and Tyler laying in the HOH bed and they are asking each other questions like what their favorite food is and what their least favorite food is. Angela says she’s had this acute strange sense of smell and it’s hard being in the house because some of the smells are foul. We see a montage of her smelling stuff, but she says a keen sense of smell can be a good thing sometimes. She says it’s one of her super powers. She can smell Kaycee cooking from the DR. She says Haleigh smells good, she smells like Moroccan oil. Angela says JC smells like sweat and Sam smells like her grandmother. Angela says Kaycee has a mild smell and Tyler smells amazing. Angela says Brett smells like beans and beer on a fraternity night.


    Brett and Angela and Kaycee are talking in the BBR and they are talking about putting Sam up as a pawn and talking to her and making her feel comfortable. Kaycee says she’s not going to put anyone from Level 6 so that leaves Sam and JC. JC has been working with them more than Sam so she’s going to talk to her. Brett is talking to Sam and tells her no matter what, the house wants Haleigh out. Brett says she has to stay calm and Sam says so you’re saying it’s me? Brett says it could be him, but if it’s her she needs to stay calm. Brett says he’s trying to bond with Sam so if she wins HOH next week, she doesn’t look at him.


    Sam tells us she trusts Brett. She says when he says something she takes his word for it. She recaps her conversation with Brett and says he tells her not to freak out. She says me? Freak out? Never! She tells Brett she appreciates the friendship. We then see Kaycee pull Sam into the HOH and she asks Sam how she’s feeling. Sam says her plan was just to say congratulations, she’s happy for Kaycee, and other that that she doesn’t know what to say.


    Kaycee says Sam has a history of being paranoid and she needs to make sure Sam knows deep down she’s not the target. Kaycee starts talking and she says she has a target and that person has to go. Sam says she’s not as stupid as everyone thinks. Sam says Haleigh is going to do things to make her snap, like leave two pieces of fruit in the Tupperware. Kaycee tells us fingers crossed that she stays calm. Kaycee says she’s glad she got that over with.


    We then see Haleigh go into the HOH room and she says it makes sense for Kaycee to put her up and she feels bad she put Kaycee up. She tells Kaycee she has her, she has her in her corner, and if she needs someone she has her. Kaycee tells us in DR, I have you, I have you, I have you. If she had me she wouldn’t have put me on the block. Not just once, but twice. She doesn’t trust Haleigh. Haleigh is continuing with her you have me comments a few more times in her pitch. We get an awkward moment of silence and then Haleigh says she’ll go downstairs, but Kaycee has her. Kaycee says Haleigh, yes I do have you…as my number one target.


    Nicole comes in and she’s here to host today’s luxury competition. She goes in and she’s looking for the HG. She looks in the HNR and both bedrooms. All the HG are in the HOH room. She starts running through the house and says they don’t like her. The HG in the HOH room see her on their TV screen. As Nicole hits the LR, she sees Victor on the screen and tells her she’s not there for a luxury competition and he has a special message for her.


    Victor says they met in the BB house and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and he feel in love with her. The developed a friendship in the BB house, but their relationship blossomed in the real world. They had a solid friendship and he knew the moment they had their first kiss in New York that he was in love with her. The last place he thought he’d end up is Ubly Michigan, and now he lives in Ubly Michigan. Where she is is where he belongs. She’s the most kind and generous person he’s ever knows. She’s his soulmate and his lover and his best friend and even if he didn’t win BB, he walked out with the best prize of all. Their story began in the BB house and he doesn’t know where the next chapter will take them, but he knows it will be with her.


    Victor comes around the corner and he got a hair cut and he’s clean shaven. Nicole says he changed his whole look she’s going to cry. He says she’s his everything, his soulmate, and he loves her and will he marry her? She says yes, of course. She says the ring is so cute and pretty and she says she loves him. They are both in the DR and she says they’re engaged she’s so shocked. Victor says you’re looking at the future Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo. He had the ring custom made just for her. The HG in the HOH room saw everything on the TV screen and they clapped. We hear a ding dong. Nicole says oh my god! We go to commercial.


    Nicole and Victor are talking and the door bell rings and Vic says he got some friends of theirs to come and celebrate. Derreck and Paul carry in a huge cake, Josh has flowers, Danielle comes in with Brittney. Tyler says he needs a nice shirt in the HOH. Paul congratulates Victor. Paul says he had no idea they were dating because he was busy with shenanigans on 19. But his two favorite people are together. Josh is freaking out. He’s back in the BB house, but he couldn’t be more happy to celebrate the proposal of Victor and Nicole. He’s going to cry.


    Derrick says he knew Nicole since 16 and they’ve become very close and stayed in touch and Victor is a great guy. Brittney says they are so cute together and so in love. Brittney says they have farm girl Nicole and strong man Victor and they are just cute together. Daniele says it’s very interesting to be back here, but she’s upset Dom didn’t propose to her here. She’s kidding…kind of.


    Paul says should we invite more guests and he calls the HG down from upstairs. Tyler has changed his shirt. Hugs all around. Haleigh says this has been the worst month of her life, but these are iconic BB players and meeting them makes it worth it and she feels very grateful right now. Brett can’t believe he’s a part of something so beautiful, but he wants to ask them if he’s making himself look like a jackass or does he look as totally cool as he thinks he does.


    Sam congratulates Nicole and Victor. She says she’s a hopeless romantic, she lives for stuff like this. She should have been in a Nicolas Sparks novel. Tyler says the house if full of legends right now. He only hopes he can be half the players they were. This moment is so surreal. Nicole says it’s crazy how much Big Brother has affected their lives, it couldn’t get any better. They pop champagne and Paul gives the toast. He says he was lucky to play with them both but he and Victor are buddies and his two buddies are merging. Derrick says he’s very happy to be there with her. He says playing with her was one thing, but her friendship outside the house is so special. Josh says we love you guys! Paul says he’s so happy he could be part of this and he can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them. Nicole cuts the cake and it’s strawberry filled and it has Nicole and Victor’s faces on them.


    Josh says wedding crashers has nothing on him. He’s going to crash the wedding and bring meatballs and pots and pans. Angela says Derrick smells really good and you can tell a lot about a person by the way they smell. Victor grabs everyone’s attention and thanks them all for being there. Nicole seconds that. Josh starts the circus song from season 19 and they all kind of dance. Nicole says she got the money and the guy! Life is great! Derrick says they have to go because he thinks the HG have a nomination ceremony. Josh says bummer. Derrick said have fun with that. They do group hugs and the former HG leave.

    JC has a hula hoop and he’s entertaining Sam and Brett. He has it around his waist, then puts it on her arm, and then he jumps rope with the hula hoop. Brett says he gets around…Get it. We then see Tyler and Angela in the hammock and Tyler wants to know her life story. Angela says her parents put her in gymnastics when she was 5 and started competing. She was fearless as a little kid. She got to a level she couldn’t be coached in Hilton Head so her mom drove her and she was still competing. She says she had no childhood and no life. She didn’t want to be the center of attention and she hated it. She says she doesn’t remember anything good from the sport and her relationship with her mom is weird. Plus her brother never got to see her mom so he resented her because she took their mom away.


    She says that’s why she doesn’t have emotions now because she’s been forced to hide them for so long. She says she doesn’t know who she was without gymnastics and that broke their family apart. She felt like it was her fault and she felt like she needed to repay them by making them proud. She quit when she was 17 and she felt free. She decided her happiness was what was important. She then joined the track team and she decided to do pole vault. Her first pole vault meet she broke the women’s record and the men’s record. Tyler says hearing what she’s been through and it’s shaped her into an incredible person and he’s lucky he got to meet someone like her.


    We see Haleigh go upstairs and ring the HOH doorbell, but Kaycee has her headphones on. Haleigh rang her doorbell six times and then peeks in and Kaycee says she didn’t hear anything. Haleigh says the last time she talked to Kaycee she didn’t get any answers so she’s going to go back in and give it the old college try. Kaycee says she really hasn’t been talking to anyone, but to get the least amount of blood on her hands, she’s sure Haleigh knows what she’s going to have to do.


    Haleigh says she didn’t know if she’d be a target or what. Kaycee says she doesn’t have a target, so it comes down to veto and what the rest of the house wants to do. Kaycee says I know it’s not what you want to hear. Haleigh says she’s not mad and Kaycee says it’s going to be ok. Haleigh starts to get emotional and Kaycee comforts her and tells her not to stress. Haleigh says she feels like she has minimal people in here and Kaycee is one she enjoys and cares about and she keeps taking shots and she doesn’t want to go through this again. She apologizes to Kaycee and Kaycee says she’s fine. Haleigh says she’s just emotionally drained.


    Haleigh says she has Kaycee again and she is just frustrated. Kaycee says she does love Haleigh, she really does. But she’s never worked with Haleigh in the game and she’s been loyal to Level 6. But for her to win the game she has to take out Haleigh. It’s nothing personal, strictly game.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kaycee’s first nomination is Haleigh. The second HG she has nominated is…Sam. Kaycee has nominated Haleigh because she put her on the block twice and Sam voted against the house twice. At this point, she doesn’t have many options and this feels like the best game move her. She loves them.


    Kaycee says this week has gone perfect. She has who she wants on the block, Haleigh as her target and Sam as the pawn and as long as Haleigh doesn’t win veto she gets to go to jury with the rest of her alliance. Sorry kid. Haleigh says her alliance has been sent home week after week and if they think she’s going to roll over and die, they have another thing coming.


    Sam says it doesn’t seem real, but Kaycee has promised her she’s safe. Sam says if at the end she is standing there looking like a fool she’s going to rip these b*tches to shreds and tear every door off its hinges on the way out. They will regret it.

  14. 10:19 PM BBT Kaycee gets her letter and sees it’s from her brother. She is extremely emotional. Sam keeps asking if she wants to read it alone first. Kaycee says what the hell and she says ok.


    My seastar, my kaycedilla,

    She says something is in her eye and everyone laughs. I’m super proud of you beyond words. After mom and dad, I’m your number one fan. Family back in the Philippines and Utah are supporting you. This is your time, your time to shine. This all worked out perfectly for timing in your life to win in a big way. You were made for this and you deserve this W.


    This part of the letter is for a different purpose. I have always looked up to you as my big sister. I’ll always look up to you because of the person you are. You are amazing at so many things. A lot of the best memories in my life are from you and us being the best of buds from young. Throwing many things like grapes and spaghetti, playing sports together throughout our lives, and even doing business together as adults. We’ll always have the exact same sense of humor and can laugh nonstop for hours. We will laugh together for the rest of our lives. Just know that I will always have your back. I will always support you in anything you do, and you can talk and come to me for anything and everything. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Always having my back, supporting and being there for me, and always being the person I can trust and count on. I’m beyond lucky to have you as an older brother, I mean sister. I can’t imagine life without you. You will always be my best buddy for life and I’m kind of choking up writing this and my throat hurts so I know yours does too by now, lol.


    But I say all of that to say this. Out of all the people in my life and friends I’m close to, I couldn’t think of anyone better to stand next to me when I say I do to the woman I love. Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you like no other, would you do me the honor and be my best brother, I mean best man, woman thingamajic, whatchamacallit. You know what I mean. Get it? Best brother because you’re on Big Brother. Nevermind. Anyways, I hope you say yes. Really you don’t have an option so say yes to the camera and I’ll expect a big hug and yes when you get out.


    Love you forever,

    Your best buddy for life,

    Kenny Clark.


    She says yes! Everyone claps.

  15. Haleigh was told she was safe. Scottie was told he was the pawn. Spoiler alert: Someone is lying. Previously, on Big Brother, Scottie won the jury battle back and made his triumphant return to the game. After Tyler helped himself to a slice of power, he put up two obvious targets. Tyler told Scottie that he was a pawn, but JC made it clear the former juror had to go. Wanting to keep their budding showmance a secret, Tyler and Angela hid their relationship from the rest of the house.


    With the veto on the line, Kaycee was a comp beast emoji. Tyler assured Haleigh she wasn’t the target, but after Scottie told Haleigh he was the pawn she didn’t know who to believe. At the veto meeting, the girl and the geek remained on the block. Tonight, will Scottie be blindsided and sent back to jury or will the house turn on Haleigh? Plus, BB legend Derreck returns!


    It’s day 79 and it’s déjà vu all over again as Level 6 is in control of the vote and Haleigh is back in the nomination chair and Scottie may be returning to the jury house. Who will be walking out the front door? We’ll find out before the hour is up. But first, the not so secret showmance has allies questioning where they stand.


    We pick up on day 76 after the veto meeting. Tyler says Kaycee did what he thought she would. That’s his girl. But he wants Haleigh gone and the house wants Scottie gone. Scottie says he was told he was the pawn, but pawns go home and he’s going to do everything he can to stay. Haleigh says Scottie told her he was the pawn, but Kaycee is telling her she’s safe. She doesn’t know what to think.


    Haleigh talks to Tyler in the HOH room and she asks if Kaycee told him about the incident. She tells him Scottie told her he said he was told he was a pawn and Tyler says he never said that, he just made him believe that. Tyler tells us Haleigh isn’t the target, but if she doesn’t calm down she might become one.


    Scottie is talking to Tyler and Tyler says Haleigh hasn’t been leaving her alone and Scottie says he’s not happy about it. Tyler says she’s been trying to get him to tell her if she’s the target. Tyler says Scottie might be feeling some blindside heat this week. It’s been awhile…


    Tyler and Angela are laying in bed and Angela says they are so concerned it’s so funny. Tyler says JC has definitely asked. We then see JC going upstairs and Angela does the scramble out of bed move and scurries over to the couch to avoid being caught as JC comes in. Angela leaves and JC asks Tyler what’s going on between him and Angela. JC says he heard her running towards the couch and Tyler says she was walking in from the WA. JC says she 100% ran from that bed to that couch and Tyler laughs. JC says he’s not stupid and Tyler says he knows JC isn’t stupid. JC wants to know where Angela stands and he wants to know what’s going on. Tyler says they are from the same place.


    JC says Brett keeps asking too and he’s not that stupid. JC tells Tyler Brett wants to put up Kaycee and Angela and get Angela out. JC says he needs to get through to Tyler somehow because this is just a nightmare. Tyler says he just really needs JC to stop wanting to taking shots at Kaycee and Angela. Tyler says he has a F2 with Kaycee, he has one with JC, and he doesn’t think Angela would ever put him up. He needs all three of them in this house. Tyler tells JC it’s too early to take shots.


    Angela sneaks up to the HOH room with Tyler and crawls into bed and Tyler tells her JC heard her running to the couch. She says she’s so sick of JC because he frustrates her. She says JC is the gossip queen in the house. He’s a little diva and when he hears something he runs with it. Angela says she thinks it’s his strategy but it’s starting to piss her off a little bit. Angela tells Tyler that JC is going to try and split them up and she asks Tyler if he thinks Brett and JC would flip. Angela asks if JC is more threatening than Haleigh. Tyler says allright, hold on, back it up a little bit. We can not be taking shots at JC for a little bit because that is not good for his game. He says this is when it gets tricky for him! Oh no! He likes Angela is a lot and he knows JC wants to come for her. He says it’s best if JC goes for Angela and he feels selfish, but he came here to win and he can’t throw away his game to keep her safe.


    The battle back may have given Scottie a second life in the house, but the intel he provided could cost someone else their game. We see them talking in the KT. They are teaching JC how to pronounce words. They are teaching him how to pronounce turtle.


    Scottie is outside with Brett and Brett asks what Scottie’s plan is for the rest of the week. Scottie says he was told he was the pawn. Brett says of course he’s going to evict Scottie this week, but Scottie has information no one else has. He’s been to the jury house and he knows how their thinking. Of course, he’s going to pump him for information. Feed me, I feed on big data.


    Scottie says Rockstar isn’t happy with his GBM, but she hates Angela’s even more. Scottie says Bayleigh told him Angela wanted to keep Brett as a shield for her. Brett says he’s in an alliance with Angela, but they are at a point where every eviction causes a ripple effect. Brett says the only other person jury would rather see evicted than Brett would Angela. So maybe if he can serve her up on a platter and evict Angela, he might just win some jury votes.


    JC and Brett are in the hammock and talking about Tyler and Angela. Brett says he always feels like an intruder when he goes to hang out with Tyler because she’s there. JC says if they win the next HOH they definitely need to go for Angela. Brett says it makes him nervous because she has two people in her pocket, and we see Kaycee and Tyler. Brett says it would have to be a backdoor because Tyler and Kaycee could save Angela. Brett says maybe they nominate Haleigh and Sam and then put Angela up. Brett says his loyalties are to Level Six but maybe if he feeds JC’s paranoia he’ll take the shot and he’ll have his hands clean.


    We’re back with Derreck and Julie. Julie says they want to pick his brain. What has surprised him the most? Derreck says this is a great season and there were two big alliance. What has surprised him is how well Level 6 worked together competitively and strategically. Julie asks what you attribute that to? Derreck says some of it’s luck and some of it’s chemistry.


    Julie says don’t they have to turn on each other? Derreck says they are waiting for the right time. Julie asks who he would pick as a winner? Derreck says they all have an argument with jury. Tyler has won comps, Angela has won comps as well, Brett has played the intel role, plus Kaycee won a couple of comps and she has a great social game. Derreck says Haleigh has won comps and she’s working on integrating herself. JC has been using paranoia to target who he wants out. Derreck really believes anyone can still win it.


    Julie says she doesn’t think they’ve ever been at this point in the game and someone could say that. Derreck says that’s because this is a great season. Julie mentions Derreck’s F2 with Cody and what he thinks of Tyler’s multiple F2’s. Derreck says Tyler will have explaining to do with jury, but he hopes jurors remember they have side deals too. Derreck says jury management is so important and how Tyler explains it. Derreck thinks Tyler is leaning towards taking Kaycee and he doesn’t think that’s a good decision. He would lean toward Angela. Derreck thinks he can beat anyone, but maybe Kaycee, especially if she pulls out a couple of more comp wins.


    Julie asks how crucial are those GBM’s? Derreck says it’s not necessarily what they say, but how they make them feel. Because if you leave them feeling good, they will remember that when they are in the jury house and when they are getting ready to turn a key for a vote on finale night.


    It’s now time for the live vote and eviction! Scottie says doesn’t know if he and Julie are hanging out tonight. He hopes the HG make a smart move, and if not they can suck it. Except Tyler because he already gets a ton of it. Haleigh says Julie is captivating. Shout outs to the family and friends. HG, to evict or not to evict. That is the question. To keep her here in this warm home with the people she loves or to cast her out in the cold with no food, no shelter. That’s the question. She hopes they want to keep her, but no matter what she’s staying grateful and God Bless.


    Time to vote:

    Brett votes to evict Scottie.

    Kaycee votes to evict Scottie.

    Sam votes to evict Scottie.

    Angela votes to evict Scottie.

    JC votes to evict Scottie.

    By a vote of 5-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


    Scottie hugs Haleigh and says peace out girl scouts and heads out the door. He throws something into the audience and he hugs Julie. The remaining HG seem dumbfounded and Brett can’t believe his vocabulary and they are all hugging.


    Julie says he was evicted by unanimous vote? Why him and not Haleigh? Scottie says because he’s “unpredictable” and they don’t know what to do with him. Scottie says they just don’t know where his head is at. Julie asks why he didn’t change his behavior if that’s what cost him his game? He says he tried so hard. He says there were times he would have loved to have popped off, but it got him nowhere.


    Scottie says he had a feeling they were going to get rid of him because they aren’t very good liars. Julie mentions what Scottie’s strategy when he went back in? Scottie says Tyler was his next best option but he was obviously wrong about their connections. Scottie says Tyler is kind of a coward. Scottie says whatever the house wants is what he does. Julie says is that good game or being a coward? He says it’s being a coward.


    Julie asks what Scottie did to try and get in with them? Scottie says he tried to give them information in the HOH, but he didn’t want to live up there. Julie asks if he could have chosen between Haleigh and Tyler who would he have wanted to play with. Scottie says Tyler because he had numbers, but he would have preferred Haleigh. Scottie says if he had won, he would have put up Tyler though.


    Good-bye Messages: Haleigh says he is one of the most creative, intelligent people she’s ever met. She loves him and he’s awesome. Tyler says the truth is he’s kind of known the entire time what’s going on and people needed him. Tyler says he got the power app week 2, tell your friends because he didn’t need it. JC says they do every week what the HOH wants and that’s what he’s doing this time too. Brett says he tried to rally votes, but Tyler got to them first.


    The power is back up for grabs! This competition is called Shell or Highwater. On her go, they will maneuver their pearls one at a time down their seaweed ramp into one of the three oysters. The first person to get all three and hit their button will win HOH. If no one gets all three in three minutes, whoever has the most will win.


    JC was close, but his fell off. Kaycee is doing pretty well. Kaycee has her first one in. Brett also has a pearl in. Angela has one as well. Kaycee has her second one and so does Brett. Haleigh has her first. Sam has one as well.


    JC has two pearls and so does Angela. Kaycee has her third pearl and she has won the HOH!


    Julie congratulates Kaycee on her first HOH and she says she’s so excited. Julie tells her she beat Brett by less than one second. 79 days everyone, congratulations on making it this far. Julie asks Kaycee what she’s looking forward to the most in her basket and she says a letter from her family and pictures.


    Sunday, we’ll see who Kaycee nominates for eviction. Wednesday we’ll see the POV. Thursday, you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. Double Eviction night.

  16. Previously, on Big Brother, the first four jurors competed in the jury battle back and it was Scottie who earned a shot at redemption. With the geek back in the game, he and Haleigh were the odd ones out. Down at the county fair, power was up for grabs and it came down to two rivals. But a pie to Haleigh’s face put Tyler on top. The house wanted to send Scottie right back out the door, but Tyler knew Haleigh was a big threat to his game. So at the nomination ceremony, Tyler put them both up. Tonight, will the power of veto save either Haleigh or Scottie? Plus, things heat up between Tyler and Angela.


    We pick up on day 73 after the nominations. Tyler says he nominated Scottie because they already voted him out and it’s what the house wants and Haleigh is the only one with balls to come after him and nominate him. He just wants to keep them both calm so whoever stays isn’t coming after him. Haleigh says she’s not surprised but she’s not going anywhere this week.


    Scottie says Tyler has assured him he is the pawn and he didn’t fight to come back in to go right back out. He’s going to do everything he can to win that veto. Haleigh and Scottie are talking and Haleigh tells him about seeing Brett, Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee celebrating after Angela won HOH the week before.


    Haleigh says now that she’s on the block, she needs to check-in with Tyler so she can get a clear idea who the real target is so she has an idea how to move forward. Haleigh goes to talk to Tyler in the room and Tyler is telling her he doesn’t know who people want to vote out. Haleigh says she thought he and Scottie were tight and he says they are. Haleigh says then why would you put him up? Tyler says because it’s what the house wants.


    Haleigh says Tyler isn’t giving her any clue as to who the target is so she just needs to go out and win this veto so her game is in her own hands. JC goes to talk to Tyler in the HOH and he tells Tyler that everyone thinks Haleigh is the target. JC says Tyler is his guy and JC has controlled who has been nominated and who goes home every week and he hopes to keep that up until the end.


    JC says Tyler has been acting weird. Tyler says he’s on a power trip and JC says he can see it. Tyler says he definitely has to keep his eye on JC now and he can see how his game is trying to go and there can only be one winner in Big Brother. Tyler says if JC is trying to play tricks on him, he needs to watch him.


    Sam is in the WA and she tells Tyler he can’t freak out when she starts doing stuff. Sam says she’s a hair dresser and she’s licensed in two states and today Tyler asked her to straighten his hair. He puts a towel over his face and she is using a straightener. Brett and JC come in and are watching and Sam says Brett is next. Sam says it looks amazing and Brett says it really does look good. Kaycee has joined for the reveal and Tyler says WTF? Kaycee says it looks good.


    Tyler says he doesn’t know why he let Sam do this to him. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He says he looks like Kid Rock and Joe Dirt had a baby. Tyler says this is on national television. JC says omg, are you serious right now? What are these girls trying to do? That’s a woman right now. Fabio. Fabio go home.


    Tyler and Angela are laying around in the HOH bed and talking. We then see JC come upstairs with Bret and interrupt and they say they can sleep. We see Angela in a towel and Tyler is on the bed with her and they are making up a game. One point if they barge in on them and two points if they note them being together directly. Brett comes in again and then JC follows. Angela is counting 3 points. We see Kaycee ask Tyler if they’ve made it official yet.


    Angela says it’s driving them crazy and the only way to deal with it is laugh because it’s to the point that it’s ridiculous. Angela says these points are sure adding up fast. We see JC asking Tyler about a showmance and Haleigh interrupting. Tyler says nothing is going to happen. We see them cuddling and canoodling and they are talking about having a crush on each other. Tyler says everyone’s asking about a showmance so we might as well give them what they want. We then see Angela and Tyler in bed at night and we see them kiss.


    Time to pick veto players! Tyler draws Kaycee’s name and she says she does want to win this competition so Level Six can have full control this week. Scottie draws HG choice and he picks Steve. Everyone laughs and Scottie picks Sam. Scottie picks Sam because he knows how much she despises Haleigh in the game. Haleigh then draws JC.


    Haleigh says she doesn’t think she can count on anyone to take her off. She’s going to give it everything she has and she’s going to compete and win this veto so she can secure her own safety.


    We see Angela and Sam in the KT. Angela tells us that Sam’s emotions are annoying. Angela says Sam is going bat crap crazy. We see clips of Sam cleaning and fixing things. JC says every day with Sam is different, she’s an emotional rollercoaster and she’s driving him crazy. Sam says she looks like a crazy woman who cut her own hair and she’s wearing sweatpants 24/7. Brett says he doesn’t know if Sam if fine. We see Sam yelling that she’s cleaned a lot and she’s going to shower and make something and JC says she’s low energy. She tells him to jump off the balcony and she’ll catch him. Kaycee says Sam definitely brings the energy vibes down in the house.


    Haleigh says she’d like to sleep in the blue room with the rest of them and Kaycee says maybe she can sleep with Sam. Kaycee then offers Haleigh to sleep with her. Haleigh is reflecting on her game and she is telling Kaycee she wishes she’d done things differently. Haleigh says she still really likes Faysal, but he’s not in the game and she needs to cut that tie.


    Haleigh says she feels like Kaycee and her are getting closer. Kaycee says she’s good. Kaycee tells us she has to build a relationship with Haleigh just in case she wins next week. That way she doesn’t think about putting Kaycee up. Kaycee is in the KT talking to JC and Brett and says they need to win POV. Kaycee says the only one standing in the way of Level 6 making it to the end is Scottie because he’s a competitor and he’s smart.


    Brett comes out and he’s wearing a huge emoji costume. JC goes to give him a hug and Kaycee hugs him too. They head to the BY where there are emojis and balance beams that are see saws. Brett reads the directions and they have to crawl under a bar, then go across their seesaw beam and take an emoji to their message bubble. If they fall or drop an emoji they have to reset and start over. The first HG to complete will win the POV.


    Scottie says he would absolutely hate himself he goes back out this week so he needs to control his emoji and get himself off the block ASAP. Tyler recaps the rules. Tyler gets one emoji and drops his second and has to start over. Tyler wants total control this week so he’s going for this thing. Haleigh doesn’t know if she’s the target or not, but it doesn’t matter. She needs to win and take herself off. JC wants to win this competition to keep nominations the same and show the house he’s a good competitor. JC drops an emoji and he has to restart.


    JC says he’s going to change his strategy and go really slow and be careful as can be. Haleigh is in the lead with three, but then she drops and has to reset. Kaycee says she needs to win this veto so Level 6 has control. She’s trying to find the right rhythm with the see saw. Tyler is in the lead with 4 and he says he’s starting to find a rhythm and he just needs to keep it up so he can win.


    Sam seems to be struggling. She says she hasn’t been on a see saw since elementary school. She says it’s harder than it looks but it’s kind of fun. Tyler and Kaycee are in the lead, but JC and Haleigh aren’t far behind. Scottie has to start over again. He says the emojis keep coming out of the tray. Brett says he doesn’t know what Scottie’s end goal is but he isn’t doing so well right now and he’s pretty happy about that.


    Brett says it’s neck and neck between Kaycee, Tyler, JC, and Haleigh. Kaycee then drops her emojis and she has to reset. Brett says it looks like the emoji had a mood swing, look out for the emoji’s tears. Haleigh says she was doing ok, but then the tears made the beam all slippery. Haleigh and Kaycee both have to reset. JC makes a sudden movement and he almost slips but saves himself. He says the water is making this competition harder.


    It’s neck and neck between Tyler and JC for the lead with Kaycee right behind. Kaycee says even though she’s had a big reset, she’s getting a feel for it and it’s looking good. She’s starting to catch up now. Tyler says he’s doing ok, he’s getting one after another and it’s starting to add up but his legs are getting tired and more shaky and it’s getting harder. Haleigh says she’s trying to catch up and all she can do is hope Tyler has a reset. Tyler then drops and he has to reset again.


    Haleigh says she knows she can still win this if she can just concentrate and keep her pace. JC is in the lead, with Kaycee and Haleigh are right behind. Brett says it’s all about emoji control. Kaycee says Tyler had to reset so she has to step up and not make a mistake so she can pull through and keep Level 6 in control. JC says look at this, he’s in the lead. He needs to go slow and steady and not make a mistake. Haleigh says she needs JC or Kaycee to drop just one emoji because she needs this.


    Kaycee says she’s moving back and forth, but she has no traction. She says it’s getting ridiculous. She has a couple of emojis right on the edge of her text bubble about to fall out as the seesaw drops. The emojis hang on the edge and we go to commercial.


    Kaycee’s emojis hang on and she’s freaking out. She says if that thing falls she’s out of the game and Level 6 will not be in control. JC adds another emoji and Haleigh is consistently adding hers. Kaycee decides to go on the other side of the beam and bounce a little to get the emojis back away from the edge. Haleigh falls again and she has to reset again. She says she slipped and her foot touched the ground. Her heart is in her stomach and all she can do is hope someone else drops.


    Kaycee is going for her final emoji. Kaycee has it and goes back and she heads to the other side and slowly lowers the see-saw. She gets it down and she crawls under the sign and hits her button. Kaycee has won the POV! She’s excited! Two weeks in a row and Level 6 is still in control.


    Scottie is mad at himself. The last thing he wanted after battling back is be back on the block, but he’s been told he’s a pawn. Haleigh says she’s a fighter and she’s not going to roll over and die. This is not the week to do it. Tyler is in the HOH with Haleigh and he tells her not to freak out. Haleigh tells Tyler she’s not coming after him because she doesn’t have a person. Haleigh says she knows he’s in a showmance with Angela and she doesn’t want to come between them.


    Tyler tells her the house wants Scottie to stay. Everything gets quiet and then Tyler says I mean they want Scottie to go. Tyler says the only reason Haleigh is safe is because the house wants Scottie out. Haleigh is asking Tyler if she’s safe and avoids the question. Haleigh says Tyler lives in a bush and he beats all around it. He won’t look you in the eye or answer a direct question. Tyler just tells Haleigh not to freak out because this is not the week to do it.


    Haleigh and Scottie are talking and Haleigh says they are out of moves. Scottie says they don’t seem worried about jury votes. Haleigh says they don’t care. Scottie says with the five in jury, they control who wins and they don’t seem to think about that. Scottie tells Haleigh that he was told he was a pawn. She says so Tyler didn’t have the balls to tell her she was the target and they took Faysal out last week so it makes sense.


    We see Haleigh in bed crying and Kaycee comes in to comfort her. Kaycee asks Haleigh if she trusts her and Haleigh says she does. Kaycee says she cares about Haleigh on a personal level and if she can do anything to comfort her then she will. Haleigh tells Kaycee that Scottie told her he was the pawn and Kaycee says she is good.


    It’s time for the veto meeting! Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto. She says she loves them both so much but for the game she feels this is best. Kaycee says Scottie and Haleigh are still on the block. Everything is going according to plan and all they have to do is send Scottie back to the jury house.


    Tyler says Kaycee kept nominations the same and he’d rather Haleigh go home but Level 6 seems to want Scottie out. But this is HOH and we’ll see how things go. Scottie says he just needs to stay social this week and remind everyone he’s better for their game. He says he just needs to play cool man pawn. Haleigh says she didn’t roll over and die next to Faysal, and she sure isn’t going to do it against Scottie.

  17. Tonight, the semi-finals begins! Tonight is the first round of the semi-finals and 11 acts are going to perform, but only 5 will move on to the finals.


    Our first performer is Amanda Mena. She takes the stage and performs Happy by Pharrell, but she has slowed the beginning down and has changed the beat a little. She gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B and Heidi.


    Mel B says she adores Amanda. Well done, well done, well done. She’s here. She says it’s a brave choice and she killed it and she wants everyone to vote for her golden buzzer. Heidi says she seems so sophisticated for age and she loves what she did to the song. She thinks it was her best performance yet.


    Simon says Amanda wants to become a pop star and it’s a massive achievement to make the semi-finals. He thinks that was her best performance and he thinks people will get behind her. Howie says wherever this takes her she has to go with confidence. A lot of competition tonight and he wishes her luck.


    The next act is a dance crew, Junior New System. They take the stage and they are starting out with their heels on unlike previous performances. They dance to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj. They take their heels off halfway through and dance to Lose Control by Missy Elliott featuring Ciara. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B is still screaming and says that has to be by far, 100% Junior New System’s best performance ever! Simon says that’s what we call a semi-final performance. Heidi says someone call the bomb squad because this was explosive. They created so many wow moments. Howie says how exciting is it to listen to him and get this kind of reaction. He is fantastic!


    Tomorrow we will be revealing the 5 acts America puts through to the finals with 6 acts going home. But next, we have Us the Duo ready to take the stage. They perform another original. They get an ovation from the audience.


    Simon says they are probably the kindest, sweetest people they’ve ever had on the show. However, he didn’t like the song they performed and he hopes America gets behind them so they can come back and show them what their capable of. Heidi says she loves them, but she agrees with Simon that it wasn’t one of her favorite songs. Howie says they are stuck with they dynamics before them, and maybe their song didn’t rise to ten guys in high heels doing flips. Mel B says she loves they have their own unique sound and she really hopes America votes for them. Mel B really liked the song.


    The next act is a children’s choir with over 70 members. Voices of Hope is ready to take the stage and perform. They perform Defying Gravity from Wicked. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon.


    Howie says it’s in this time we live in we look for moments that are uplifting and Voices of Hope just makes them feel good. Heidi says she thought it was Wicked! She says they put so much joy on to the stage and they are her happy place. Mel B felt like the timing was off at the start but they made it up in the middle and they make her feel all warm and fuzzy. Simon says this is exactly the kind of act he loves to see do well and they are so far his favorite act of the night. Simon says America, please put the guys into the finals, they are amazing.


    Next up is an incredible close up magic act, Shin Lim. He has Tyra and Heidi on stage with him and he has a fresh deck of cards. He has Heidi pick a card and show it to the audience. He then has her open a marker and asks her to write her name on the card. He sits it next to the mat with the deck of cards. He then makes the marker disappear from his hands. He takes Heidi’s autographed card and flips it face down on the mat. He shows his arms to prove there is nothing up his sleeves and we see the card face down on the mat start to smoke and he flips it over and it is blank. He opens his mouth and smoke comes out and Heidi’s card comes out of his mouth. He puts the card in a baggie and confirms it is Heidi’s card.


    He then has Tyra pick a card and show it to America and then write her name on the card. He then places it in a deck and the deck disappears except for Tyra’s card. The deck has ended up back in the box. He then has Tyra’s card in his left hand and the deck in the right and they switch. Then Tyra’s card is in his vest pocket. He makes it disappear again and this time it’s in his back pocket of his jeans and he makes it appear in his hand and then out of his mouth again. He then has Tyra’s card in his mouth where we can see and he picks up Heidi’s card in the baggie and they switch places and then they switch back. He then has both cards and places them both in the baggie and they disappear. He puts the deck of cards in the box and it starts to smoke and he presses down and the deck disappears. He gets an ovation from the audience and the remaining three judges.


    Simon says anyone who doesn’t believe in magic…hello? He says that was sensational and Shin Lim’s best performance. Howie says he needs to be in the finals. He says the whole time he’s up there it’s like how does he do that with the card, the marker, his hair. He is truly amazing and he’s on top of his game. Mel B says she was trying to figure out and she witnessed true, classy, mysterious magic. Heidi thanks him for picking her and it was insane and she feels he will be a household name.


    Next is Heidi’s golden buzzer, Makayla Phillips. She takes the stage and performs Who You Are by Jessie J. She gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi and Mel B.


    Heidi says she believes in Makayla so much, she has the total package and she has the most beautiful voice, she just needs one more thing. America’s votes. She deserves to be here. Simon says she has guts. He says the song was a really smart choice, but he thinks it was overproduce towards the end and they lost her vocal there. He says this is her best performance yet though. Howie says he agrees with what everyone is saying, but he has to say it’s so much more than just singing and if you want to win you have to blow the roof off the place. Heidi says she just did and Howie doesn’t agree. Mel B says she understands what Howie is saying, but she disagrees. She says it was over produces, but her voice still shone through.


    The judges got to bring back one act they thought deserved one more shot, Front Pictures. They have a space themed performance this time. They also have some animals in the production. Simon buzzes the act. They get an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


    Howie says what Front Pictures do technically is amazing and he doesn’t know how it’s done. He says no one is experiencing what he’s experiencing because Mel B asked what jellyfish were doing in space. He says he was confused but it was beautiful. Simon says he buzzed because he didn’t understand if it was space or underwater and he hated the music. Mel B thought it was breathtaking and she felt as though she were right there, she thought it was very clever and interesting. Heidi says she liked it too because they create this magical world for them.


    Next up is a danger act, Duo Transcend. They start on the trapeze and they begin their performance. Halfway through the performance he drops her and then he falls and they are now on roller skates with fire around them. They do a head banger trick and then a few other tricks on roller skates. They then do one last trick where she puts her legs around his head and they are spinning and he lets go. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Simon asks how many ways he’s trying to find to murder his wife. Simon says he almost had a heart attack twice. He says when they ask people to step up for the semi-finals, they just stepped up and America has to vote this act through because it was the best act of the night. Howie says it’s just wow. They delivered everything they need to deliver, America needs to deliver the votes. Mel B says she lost her voice, she was screaming and yelling and it was nail biting from start to end and that was their best performance to date and it was flawless. Heidi loves them but she’s so happy when it’s over, but they started with the most dangerous thing with the drop and catch and then everything was lighting speed and then the roller skates…it was insane.


    Next up it’s time for some comedy with Samuel J. Comroe. He gets a nice response from the audience and he gets an ovation from three of the judges.


    Howie says he’s so happy and he brought it. He needs to make it to the finals, they need to have a comic in the finals and he is funny. Mel B says she needed a good belly laugh and this was the best performance of the night. She loves him. Heidi says she likes him as a person, and she thinks the jokes are better but she wasn’t laughing as loud as Mel B. Simon says it’s the hardest thing to do to follow the previous act and nail it and Samuel did nail it. It’s not just that he’s funny, but people like him and he thinks they’ll see him in the finals.


    Next we have Simon’s golden buzzer, Michael Ketterer. He performs When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four of the judges.


    Simon says Michael is an extraordinary person. He does a shout out to Garth Brooks to write him a song for the finale. Mel B says he really touches her everything. She relates to him and she just connects with him and he has to go through. Heidi says he really is a special person and every time they’ve seen him he comes better and better. Howie says he deserves every hope and dream he has and America deserves to be watching and listening to him far beyond this show.


    The final act is Tyra’s golden buzzer, Zurcaroh. They are doing a Grecian themed performance this time. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says she was completely wowed and stunned. That was incredible by Zurcaroh. Heidi says it was an epic, grand spectacle. Every single one of them is truly amazing. Simon says they are going to call the director the greatest showman from now on. He never dreamt in his wildest dreams that they would find talent like this. It was sensational. Howie says this has been an amazing season and this is an amazing nice and he thinks they saved the best for last. He doesn’t think any other act they saw tonight could follow that. He is so amazed by what they do.

  18. 5:00 PM BBT Kaycee is out of the DR. Sam wants to know if JC knows who John Denver is and he doesn’t know him. He asks her to name some songs and she does. He tells her to sing some of the song and she says no and he says then he doesn’t know. We can hear Brett eating in the background. Scottie is still putting his clothes away. JC starts to sing and we get FotH. Feeds are back and then we hear humming is the same as singing. Please stop. Scottie is going to the WA and then he’s going to eat a “brownie”. Angela says it’s kind of crumbly and Scottie says it’s a slop crumble then. Kaycee comes into the WA and she says she has to go back in the DR. Kaycee asks if anyone is in the WC and Angela says Scottie is.  


    5:05 PM BBT Scottie is out and Brett has brought his dishes in from outside. Angela is drying her hair. Kaycee is out of the WC and she is called back to the DR. JC goes to the WC. Angela says again? Kaycee says she was in there without her comp shirt. Brett goes back outside and sits at the corner of the pool with legs in the water. Tyler is back out and laying in the hammock. JC asks Scottie what he’s eating and if it’s any good and Scottie says it’s pretty good. Sam is leaning against a window sitting on the washing machine. We hear please don’t block the windows. Sam scoots over.


    5:10 PM BBT JC and Scottie are inside talking about how many days are left. Brett and JC are playing cornhole in the BY. Scottie is getting another piece. We hear Haleigh, HG are to remain awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. JC asks Brett if he wants to go scare Tyler in the panic. They are discussing options. Brett suggests pouring a bucket of water on him.


    5:15 PM BBT Angela is drying her hair in the WA. Haleigh is still laying down in the PBR. Kaycee is in the DR. Sam is still sitting on the washer outside. Brett and JC are playing cornhole. Scottie is cleaning up after himself in the KT. Tyler is in the hammock. No chatter.


    5:20 PM BBT Angela is still in the WA and she’s talking to Scottie who’s in the KT. JC and Brett still playing cornhole. Tyler still in the hammock and Kaycee still in the DR. Brett asks JC what he has left to lift. JC is called to the DR and he tells Brett he’s in a really bad mood. JC asks Angela what she put in the “brownies” and she says protein powder. JC thought it was sugar. Angela walks through the house with her pink towel on. We hear wakey wakey HG.


    5:25 PM BBT Brett is laying on a blanket in the yard. Sam is standing on the washing machine to reach the last spot of sun. Tyler is in the hammock. Scottie is washing dishes. Haleigh is still laying down. JC is in the DR. Kaycee and Haleigh are headed to the BY and Brett says sleeping beauty awakes. They see Sam and laugh and Sam says it’s the last little bit of sunshine. Kaycee says she couldn’t figure out who was on the hammock in those short little shorts. Tyler says what the heck are you doing Sam? Brett asks Tyler if he was dreaming about JC.

  19. 4:00 PM BBT Angela goes inside and Sam asks if she can use four big drops of her eyelash glue and Angela says she can use the clear one and tells her where it is. Sam is called to the DR. Tyler, Scottie, and Brett are outside by the pool talking about the bears and football. JC is in the hammock still. Haleigh is laying down and Angela is back to running laps.


    4:05 PM BBT JC has gotten up and is doing some laps with Angela. Tyler, Brett, and Scottie are still talking about football. Sam is periodically humming and we get FotH. Sam mumbles she wouldn’t put this stuff anywhere near her eyeballs.


    4:10 PM BBT JC only ran a few laps and went to sit with the rest of the guys. Still chat about football.


    4:15 PM BBT The guys are still talking football. Sam is getting frustrated with her hummingbird feeder. Angela is breathing heavy and she’s inside talking to Sam.


    4:20 PM BBT JC is going to bench and Brett is his spotter. Brett has gone to lay back down in the shade by the pool. Sam is still frustrated with her feeder.


    4:25 PM BBT JC is laying on the bench press, Tyler, Brett, and Scottie are in lawn chairs by the pool, and Sam is inside messing with her feeder.

    4:30 PM BBT Angela is laying down in the WA. JC is talking about someone outside and we get FotH. Tyler is in the hammock. Scottie is laying in the shade. JC and Brett are over by the weight bench. Sam is still messing with her hummingbird feeder. They can hear sirens outside and Tyler says it reminds him there’s a real world out there.


    4:35 PM BBT Brett goes to stand under the outside shower and starts screaming. Scottie makes some noises too and Sam can hear him inside and she starts laughing. Sam is talking about her feeder to Angela.


    4:40 PM BBT Sam is explaining to Angela that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red and that’s why their food is basically red sugar and most feeders are red. Sam says once they know where a feeder is, they return to that feeder. Tyler is still swinging in the hammock. Sam says she may need to take a break and return to it when she’s bored. Brett has gone inside and Scottie is playing cornhole by himself.


    4:45 PM BBT Sam heads outside to see what’s going on with laundry. Scottie is asking her why the feeder didn’t work. Angela asks where Kaycee is and Brett thought she’d be with Haleigh. Angela says Haleigh is asleep. Brett says maybe Kaycee is in the DR.


    4:50 PM BBT Angela asks Brett if there are any clean towels and he doesn’t know and says she should ask Sam. Angela yells outside and asks if there are clean towels. Sam says no, we should probably do a load of towels. Angela goes back inside and Sam mumbles meaning I should do a load of towels before they close the yard and we have no clean towels. JC starts humming and we hear humming is the same as singing. Please stop! JC says oh my F’ing G. Sam is standing against the wall where the sun is and is drinking out of a cup. Brett is cooking something. JC starts singing again and he gets another warning. Sam and JC are laying down head to head in the small patch of sun that is still in the BY. Brett goes to look in the SR. He comes out and Scottie walks by and Brett says they are out of avocados. JC hums again and gets yet another warning.


    4:55 PM BBT JC says no one is watching him right now. Tyler comes in and Brett has overcooked whatever he is cooking. All is quiet and we hear a plane flying overhead. Whatever Brett is eating, he put a banana on top of it. Scottie is inside putting his clothes away. We hear a no napping HG, followed by Haleigh! Haleigh moves and Scottie says see she’s not napping.

  20. 3:30 PM BBT Sam and Scottie are outside on the patio. Everyone else is inside cooking or eating. Sam is outside attempting to fix something or make something. Angela goes out to the BY to run laps. Tyler wants to take a cold shower.


    3:35 PM BBT Brett has joined Scottie and Sam and Brett says he’s hot. Scottie says he did 135 laps and Brett says yeah. Angela is still running laps.


    3:40 PM BBT Brett and Scottie are talking about some of the veto competition set-ups and how nice they were. Scottie is talking about the mazes on double evictions with the table maze where you have to get peg through it.


    3:45 PM BBT Brett, Scottie, and Sam are outside on the patio while Angela runs laps. Kaycee is in the KT cleaning.


    3:50 PM BBT JC has gone to lay in the hammock. Sam has gone inside and Kaycee says she wants to play pool and Sam wants to play too. Sam has made a humming bird feeder and she wants to see a humming bird. Scottie and Brett have moved to a lawn chair by the pool and Scottie is laying on his stomach in the shaded area.


    3:55 PM BBT Scottie and Brett are still by the pool and Tyler joins them laying in the sun. They are talking about the episodes that are being aired and the schedules conflicting with football. The guys outside are talking about football.

  21. 1:00 AM BBT JC didn’t know what a wetnap was so Brett and Angela explain what it is. JC says Scottie looks extra tan. Brett is eating rice hoping it will settle his stomach. Tyler asks if he made it with taco seasoning and Brett says yes. Talk in the KT has turned to Faysal’s eviction speech again. JC says they can keep it game but taking it personal isn’t acceptable. Haleigh says he made himself look like a dumb A. JC screams who’s in the shower and Brett says Sam. Angela says she and JC can shower together. JC says Scottie’s nipples are small they look like a mosquito bite.


    1:05 AM BBT JC is asking Scottie questions about the jury house and they get a warning about not talking about production. Haleigh runs by and JC says what was that? I felt a breeze. Kaycee has gone to brush her hair. Sam says her hair is so beautiful. JC still asking Scottie questions and they get another warning. JC says they aren’t talking about production, they are asking questions. Tyler has gotten something to eat.


    1:10 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela in the WA. Kaycee is talking about the comp and she says she threw up a few times. She thinks she might have been ok if she had eaten something. Sam says she’s going to sleep like a baby. Sam can’t wait to see Charlene. Sam asks Haleigh if she’s ok. Haleigh is bent over by the sink. She says the protein shake was a bad idea. Brett says he has medicine if Haleigh wants it and she says she already threw up. Haleigh is called to the DR. Scottie says rumor has it we get to sleep in tomorrow and Tyler says yeah. Scottie says what a good first day back. Haleigh rinses her mouth out and Kaycee asks if she’s ok. Angela says she’s mad at Faysal. Kaycee says that makes him look like an A. Scottie and Tyler are talking about their strategy during the comp.


    1:15 AM BBT Sam is still in the shower and she asks if someone is cooking and Angela says Brett is. Tyler is talking to Scottie about his HOH basket and what might be in it. JC went to get hot dogs and Tyler says we just had those outside. JC says those were inedible. Angela and Brett are both back in their respective beds and Tyler is in there. Angela is talking about the Faysal speech again. Brett is advising Haleigh to eat rice and chicken broth. Haleigh says she can’t. Brett says she’s probably dehydrated too. Haleigh says she probably just drank milk too fast. Brett says that was a bad idea. Brett forgot she was a have not.


    1:20 AM BBT Haleigh says she really didn’t have any food to throw up. Tyler, JC, and Scottie are in the KT. Kaycee, Angela, and Brett are all laying down and Haleigh is in there with them. Scottie starts singing and we get FotH. Scottie says he hasn’t heard that all week. Scottie leaves and Tyler tells JC he said he wasn’t losing an endurance comp. JC says he was just worried Scottie would win because he was afraid he’d go up. JC says Sam is literally out of control. JC and Tyler laughing about Sam during the comp. JC asks if Tyler wants to know if he knows what he’s going to do and he says he thinks so. JC says he thinks they should backdoor Scottie. He doesn’t want Tyler to get blood on his hands. Tyler is grooming himself in the KT in the windows.


    1:25 AM BBT Scottie is getting ready to take his shower. Tyler has moved to the WA to groom himself. Haleigh goes to grab a bucket to take with her to the HNR. All is quiet throughout the house.

  22. 12:30 AM BBT Kaycee is telling Haleigh she did so good and Haleigh says her whole body is shaking. Brett is laying down in bed in the PBR and he’s talking to Angela. Brett says Haleigh and Scottie should go up and then Scottie goes. It’s the least amount of blood. Angela says what if Scottie wins veto and Brett says JC. Tyler comes in and still hasn’t gotten in the shower. Haleigh comes in and says everything hurts and Angela says she crushed it. Brett asks JC how he fell and he says something about the DR and we get FotH. Scottie is in the WA and he’s talking to Kaycee while she’s in the shower. Kaycee is talking about how Asians sit. Tyler tells Kaycee he’s after her for the shower and she says she just got in and Tyler tells her to take her time. Tyler is back talking to Brett and Tyler is jumping because he’s cold. Brett asks why he’s not in the shower and Tyler says Kaycee is in there. Brett tells him he should take the shirt off and at least wrap up. Haleigh asks if they have rope burn and they all do. Tyler says he’s going to be bruised and Haleigh says she already has some showing up and shows them to Tyler. Haleigh says she didn’t care that she was spinning, but the hits hurt and they were jarring her neck. Tyler says yeah, one of them smacked him so hard it hurt his head.


    12:35 AM BBT Haleigh says she had another 5 or 10 minutes left in her and Tyler says his arms were going out or he was afraid he was going to slip. Brett says he thought he was going to throw up his protein shake the entire time. Brett says he was burping up and he was very, very close. Scottie is cleaning up a little bit in the sink. Haleigh is complaining about her neck. Kaycee asks Scottie if he was getting nauseous and he says he was ok.


    12:40 AM BBT Scottie, Tyler, and Kaycee still in the WA. Scottie thought the jury battle back would be with the HOH. Haleigh is complaining to Brett about Sam rooting for Tyler. Haleigh is telling JC, Brett, and Angela about Sam telling her that she didn’t want Haleigh to go, but then she heard Faysal’s speech and she was hurt and she voted with emotion. Scottie is explaining the jury battle back to Tyler in the WA. Haleigh says she knows Sam doesn’t like her. JC says yeah she should have just kept her mouth shut because it was just rude. JC says she doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. JC says the lesbians are all rooting for Kaycee and the others are rooting for him and he can’t win anything.


    12:45 AM BBT Sam says this is the second double HOH. Scottie says Kaycee was confident up there and she says she’s always like that. Kaycee says she wasn’t expecting her fall and Tyler asks how she fell. Scottie says she slipped when she got hit by the pie. Scottie says he ended up sitting on the disc too. JC and Angela are talking about Scottie and JC thinks they are going to have backdoor him. JC says if Haleigh draws HG choice she’ll pick Scottie. Angela is confident Tyler can beat Scottie in the veto. JC says after Tyler gets his room they’ll see where his head is at. JC says Brett needs to play, like strong competitors who can win. JC says he could control Faysal, but he can’t Scottie so he needs to go this week. JC says you can’t risk putting Haleigh and Scottie up like Faysal did because the next veto can be a crap shoot and Scottie could win. Tyler says he couldn’t sit down anymore because his feet were covered in goo. Tyler thought he was going to fall before Kaycee because he lost his footing. Sam asks Scottie how it’s back to be in the big bathroom and she welcomes him home. JC says Scottie really, really wants Sam out. Sam can’t wait to put on dry, clean clothes.


    12:50 AM BBT Brett is still saying he was so close to throwing up. He says he was dry heaving. Haleigh has rejoined JC and Angela and talk has returned to Sam. JC is talking about Sam’s crazy face. Haleigh says Sam’s been complaining about Tyler and she doesn’t like her and she’s such an F’ing B. JC says he’s going to try to shower. Kaycee says everyone did amazing on that comp. Brett says he thinks they were targeting him with the goo because he didn’t get any squid in the face.


    12:55 AM BBT Still general chatter about the comp and Scottie’s return and Tyler is still in the shower. JC says his feelings are hurt because he hasn’t done well in comps. Brett said that was JC’s comp. JC says he doesn’t think he’d have won, but he could have done better. Haleigh says she didn’t even realize she fell off until she hit the ground and Brett says he was the same. He didn’t know anything until he was on the ground. Sam asks Scottie if she can shower first and he says go for it.

  23. 12:04 AM BBT Haleigh is sitting on the steps and Brett is in the shower. Tyler hugs Angela and says he did that for her. Tyler says his arms were about to give out and Haleigh says she knew as soon as it were her and Ty he would beat her. Tyler says it was only going to take one hit to knock them out. Haleigh is hoping she can take a hot shower and Sam says they will let her. They have fair type food like popcorn and licorice and Sam says that answers what they are going to have for dinner. FotH.


    12:10 AM BBT Tyler is going to take his shower next. Sam says everyone is going to want to talk to him. FotH. Kaycee and Haleigh are running their arms under water in the KT sink.


    12:15 AM BBT Tyler has to go into the DR. Haleigh is shivering and she goes to the PBR to get some clothes. Haleigh asks if anyone else wants to shower first and Kaycee says she’ll go after Haleigh and Scottie tells her to go ahead. Sam is talking about the tree comp. Sam is asked to put on her microphone. Sam has never heard of elephant ears and Scottie explains what they are. Kaycee is asked to put on her microphone. Scottie asks how many people sat out of last week’s veto competition. JC tells him Brett and Tyler did not play.


    12:20 AM BBT Tyler is out of the DR. Sam offers Tyler some cotton candy. Angela is in the BBR with Kaycee and she says that was epic. Sam is saying she loves the carnival. Angela thinks Haleigh would have put up Tyler and her because Scottie would have told her to. Brett still isn’t feeling well. Kaycee and Brett are told to put on their microphones. Tyler comes in and they do a mini celebration and say another one. Brett says he’s always naked for the celebration. Tyler thought Brett was going to win. Brett says he was sick at first, but then he got in a mind over matter thing and he wasn’t tired at all. Tyler says he didn’t see him fall, he heard it. Haleigh tells Kaycee she took some hard hits and her neck hurts so bad. Brett says the goo guy must have hated him.


    12:25 AM BBT Brett says every square inch of him was gooed. Tyler says at one point he was dangling and his feet were hanging off and he couldn’t get his footing. Tyler says he ruined his shirt. Brett says his shoes are ruined. Kaycee is told to put on her microphone again very sternly. JC is told to put on his microphone. Haleigh tells Kaycee she wanted that. Kaycee says she was the only one to throw up. Haleigh says she wanted to. Angela says she has to work out tomorrow because she ate so much crap while she was sitting there. Kaycee says they are going to sleep good tonight. Scottie says he got nauseous at the start but then he was ok. Haleigh is out of the shower and Kaycee is getting ready to get in.

  24. 11:30 PM BBT Sam tells Kaycee to hang in there. Tyler is taking the hits and spinning. Haleigh is getting hit and spinning a bit. Kaycee is screaming at each hit. Kaycee slips and sits on her disc. Haleigh is getting hit hard and her neck is snapping. Brett is telling them to keep their feet level. Kaycee tells them good job and they are doing great. Sam tells them to hang in there. Tyler asks Haleigh if her neck is ok and she says it hurts. Kaycee can’t figure out how she slipped off. Kaycee says it’s all mental and temporary. Kaycee says they are doing so good and Sam says hang in there. Haleigh squats and leans back after another hit.


    11:35 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are the final two remaining. Everyone else is telling them they are doing great and to hang in there. Tyler takes a minute to shake his arms out. Kaycee tells them to stay focused. Kaycee says let’s go baby! Angela says they are so solid and Kaycee agrees and repeats it. Kaycee is cheering for them each time the pie hits them. Kaycee says they are doing amazing. Sam says doing good Tyler. The pie is starting to hit them again.


    11:40 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are still hanging on and neither are talking to each other. They are both quiet but everyone else is encouraging them. Haleigh says let’s go Tyler. Angela says they are killing it and Kaycee says they are doing great. Kaycee keeps telling them temporary pain. JC says it’s almost done. Tyler spins and hangs on by one arm for a minute. Haleigh takes a hard hit and starts spinning. Angela tells them to stay solid. Sam says she hates it for them all. Haleigh takes a hard hit and Kaycee says good job Hales. Tyler takes a hard hit too. Kaycee tells them to keep it up they are doing so good.


    11:45 PM BBT Kaycee is telling them to do it for the pictures, the snacks, the letter, and do it for the alcohol! Tyler and Haleigh are still holding strong. Haleigh is breathing hard and starts squatting down and standing up. Haleigh takes another hard hit and Tyler does too. Kaycee says they are beasting it. Haleigh takes a hard hit and slides right off and Tyler and Scottie check to make sure she’s ok. Tyler says let’s go! Sam and Kaycee tell Haleigh that was the most impressive thing they’ve ever seen. Tyler tries to help Haleigh up and then he slips. Tyler is the new HOH! FotH.

  25. 11:00 PM BBT Feathers have started falling and Scottie says there we go baby. We have chicken clucking sounds as well. Angela says it looks kind of pretty. Like it’s snowing. All the HG are squatting except Sam and Haleigh. Brett is looking down and holding the back of his head. Tyler says they are speeding up a little bit. Angela says it hurts to watch this.


    11:05 PM BBT Angela says this is going to be a long one. Sam says she is about to be done, everybody. She’s about to be done. Sam is down and out. Everyone tells her good job. Sam says she was losing circulation. Scottie says he’s out of control. He’s spinning around and around. Tyler asks what he did that for. Scottie says he didn’t do it on purpose. Scottie says he doesn’t know where he is right now and Angela says he’s on Big Brother. Scottie says didn’t I get evicted? Scottie slides and lands on the disc and he is out.


    11:10 PM BBT Sam and Scottie is laying down. Sam says Brett needs to win it or it will be another double HOH. Angela says or Kaycee. Angela says they are doing so well and JC says Brett doesn’t even look tired. Kaycee screams let’s go. FotH. JC says coffee was not a good idea and Sam agrees. Feathers have started again.


    11:15 PM BBT Sam says Brett looks solid as a rock and JC says this is his comp. Brett is pumping himself up. All is quiet except for the occasional cheers from those out. Scottie starts singing and we get FotH. Sam says she can’t imagine still being up there, she can’t even look at them.


    11:20 PM BBT Kaycee says she’s doing it for pictures. It’s her brother’s birthday. Brett slips and is down. Scottie says Brett’s feet were dripping. Brett says he came so close to getting sick. JC says he did really good. Sam says Haleigh is doing great. Haleigh takes time to stretch her arms out. Sam is telling them they are doing great. Angela tells them to find their happy place and Sam tells them to take it a minute at a time. Tyler is leaning back, Kaycee is squatting, and Haleigh is gripping the rope tight. Angela says it’s so hard to watch.


    11:25 PM BBT Kaycee is squatting and Tyler and Haleigh are standing. Sam says there’s a hot shower at the end of it so not to give up. Sam tells them to hang in there. The pie has started moving and it hits them. Kaycee takes a hard hit. Brett tells Haleigh to stay strong. Haleigh squatted down and stood back up. Haleigh squats again to stretch her arms then she stands back up.