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  1. 11:00 PM BBT Rachel, Haleigh, and Rockstar are all in bed in the pink bedroom with general chit chat about wanting to win comps. Bayleigh is in the HOH room. Kaycee and Angela are getting ready for bed and Faysal is in the shower. Sam is in the KT. JC and Brett are talking and Brett is heading to the WA to take a shower. Tyler is in the DR. 11:05 PM BBT Sam needs a hug so she gets a hug from JC. JC starts singing and he is asked to stop singing. Brett gets in the shower and throws his clothes out on the floor. Faysal is out of the shower. Sam and JC are talking about coffee. Scottie is getting ready for bed. Tyler is out of the DR. Rachel and Angela talk for a minute through the movable walls saying good night. 11:10 PM BBT Tyler is getting something to eat and Sam is still piddling around the KT. JC is brushing his teeth. Scottie is taking the trash out and Sam thanks him. JC says he’s going to take a shower after Brett. Tyler in the KT says 11:11, make a wish. Brett is giving JC workout advice. JC has some sort of injury with his shoulder and he says this house is going to destroy him and Brett says he’s right there with him. There are some towels hanging on the shower door and he asks Brett if it’s his. Brett says no and JC pulls a sports bra down and says this is one of the girls and throws it in the cold shower side. 11:15 PM BBT Sam is wiping off the counter and says to Tyler she’s just been kind of hanging out by herself. Sam is talking about her pet spider. We hear in the background to please stop singing twice. Sam says there will be more dishes. She says she fixed the garden. Sam is explaining the garden to Tyler and tells him where to put water in it. Sam says they might actually get some tomatoes. We hear stop singing in the background again. Tyler has a basil plant and its name is Bay. Sam has lavender and basil in big containers because she loves the smell. She loves the smell of garden dirt. Sam says if there was a perfume that smelled like dirt, she’d wear it. 11:20 PM BBT Tyler tells Sam the next time she wins HOH to request a fresh earth scented candle. Sam says she has a long list of things she wants. She says she changed her request for an album to something by Moby. Tyler joins JC and Brett in the WA and Sam is in the WC. Sam is called to the DR and she says for what? Tyler goes to the WC. JC starts singing again and we hear humming is the same as singing and JC says I wasn’t humming, I was straight up singing. 11:25 PM BBT Tyler is outside at the pool table and he says hello live feeders! He says he’s sorry he’s not entertaining today, he’s on slop. He says it’s probably boring now that Kaitlyn isn’t here right now and he hopes she is watching. He hopes she is watchingggg. Tyler says they talked about karma, Kaitlyn. She did him dirty, she tried. It didn’t work so he doesn’t trust girls. It’s why he doesn’t date. Sam comes out and Tyler says he was just talking to live feeders. Sam says she is just going to smoke a cigarette and then go DR competition stuff. JC says he knows he has to be nice to “them” but they make it so hard. JC says it’s the small things, F’ing girls, things everywhere. Angela is up and asks what’s wrong? No answer.
  2. 10:30 PM BBT Scottie is asking Haleigh which balls he should take a shot at. Tyler and JC are a team in pool. Haleigh thanks whoever put her clothes in the washer and Scottie says he thinks it was Angela. Bayleigh and Sam are hugging in the KT. Bayleigh just got out of the DR. Bayleigh is going around giving everyone hugs and saying goodnight. Tyler asks Rockstar if she wants to take over for him and he heads inside. Bayleigh heads upstairs. Faysal is in the HOH room listening to music. He starts sings and the camera changes. Haleigh and Scottie are a team against Rockstar and JC. Rockstar says she sucks at pool. 10:35 PM BBT Faysal is still in the HOH and he starts singing again and he gets the warning to stop singing. Bayleigh comes in and Faysal gives her a hug and leaves the room. Rockstar and JC win pool and they say good game and high five everyone. JC and the girls head inside and Scottie is cleaning up the pool table. Scottie starts just shooting around. JC says he’s going to shower and go to bed. Rockstar and Haleigh are staring in the mirror watching their pupils. 10:40 PM BBT Rockstar and Haleigh are brushing their teeth. Faysal has just gone outside with clothes and Scottie behind him. JC is eating cereal and Kaycee is eating some yogurt. Faysal and Scottie are playing pool now. Brett wants to know if the hot tub is on and Faysal asks if he’s been to DR to ask them to turn it on. Tyler is in the DR. Rockstar is heading to bed and Sam blows her a kiss and everyone says good night. Sam says her and Winston spent a morning in the KT sounding like Mrs. Doubtfire. 10:45 PM BBT Angela and Kaycee are at the counter trying to hide behind some large jugs. One camera is zooming in on another camera as we hear JC start to sing. Scottie and Faysal are still playing pool. Scottie has noticed the door wasn’t closed all the way. 10:50 PM BBT Haleigh, Rachel, and Rockstar are in the pink bedroom and they are talking about orgasms. Rachel says she doesn’t want to talk about that right now because she’s not getting any right now and she’s not happy about it. Rachel is holding Orwell and she says she’s going crazy this week. Haleigh say Rachel is doing way better than Rockstar. Rockstar says it’s not fun being on the block and Rachel agrees. Rachel says Kaitlyn didn’t think she was leaving. Rockstar says Kaitlyn didn’t even pack all of her own stuff. Haleigh says Kaitlyn told everyone to give her one of each of their items so she could pack them in her bag and then no one would vote her out. 10:55 PM BBT Rachel says she doesn’t want to be relevant at all in the next few episodes because this was way too much and way more than she expected. Rockstar got stung by a bee today and JC asked her why she was crying, if she got her period? Haleigh says Rachel is actually handling being on the block very well. JC and Brett are outside talking. JC gave him a cookie and Brett says he feels like JC poisoned him. Brett says he needs a shower. He wants to get in the hot tub. The cookies JC gave Brett were cookies he hid while he was a have-not and he forgot about them. JC says he will pee in the hot tub if he gets nominated. JC says no one will be getting in the pool.
  3. 10:00 PM BBT The HG are outside in the BY. Haleigh, Tyler, and Rockstar are talking about vans, and travelling. Tyler wants to go back to Bali and try and clean up that place because the ocean is dirty. Scottie and Rachel are playing cornhole. Haleigh says if she hadn’t made Big Brother she was going to Peru to help out their community. She had already paid the deposit. Tyler says he’d go with her after Big Brother. Haleigh and Tyler both have friends who go to Haiti. Rockstar says her kids are like Tyler, they just want to go. Rockstar wanted to be like Tyler but her mother was cautious and worried she’d get hurt and talked her out of it, but she wants her kids to do things. Rockstar says she’d just like to take off and go and Haleigh says you can…in about 18 years. They laugh. 10:05 PM BBT Tyler says Rockstar’s mom was right. Everything happens for a reason and because she didn’t get the opportunity before now she is here. JC comes out and joins them. Haleigh says she wants to go to a festival with Rockstar. Scottie and Rachel are trying to figure out what score they play to and Tyler tells them 15. Tyler asks if Rockstar has any other family throughout the country and she says yes. But she doesn’t know them. She has half siblings but she doesn’t know them all and would like to know them. All cameras switch to Rachel and Scottie. 10:10 PM BBT Scottie and Rachel are still playing their game. Angela and Kaycee are playing pool and Faysal and Brett are running down and back in the BY. Kaycee and Angela are just talking about pool and Scottie and Rachel are just keeping track of points. 10:15 PM BBT JC, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Tyler are still chatting about things they want to do. Sam is in the KT and Faysal and Brett go inside after their workout. Sam is building what appears to be an indoor garden. Angela and Kaycee have finished their game. Tyler has joined the KT crew. Tyler and Brett are looking at the peg wall in the lounge. Faysal is headed to the SR and Sam asks him to grab some paper towels. Tyler and Brett are both in the lounge. 10:20 PM BBT Brett heads back outside. Haleigh goes inside and Rockstar and JC are stretching. Scottie joins them. General chatter and HG moving around to various rooms. JC is laughing at Scottie because he’s been on slop a lot. 10:25 PM BBT Tyler goes into the SR with Kaycee and he has a conspiracy theory. Tyler thinks Scottie and Rockstar are related. He says they have the same nose and Rockstar won’t ever say her last name. Kaycee laughs. Angela is mixing something in a bowl in the KT. JC and Scottie are playing pool.
  4. Previously, on Big Brother, the BB App Store gave 3 HG powers. With Kaitlyn and Rockstar on the block, Sam told the house that one my return. At first, the house seemed split on who to vote out. But JC was set on sending Kaitlyn packing. At the live eviction, JC cast a surprising vote, but he was the only one. As Kaitlyn said good-bye, the bonus life said hello. So Kaitlyn competed to get back in the game, but even her spirit guides couldn’t help her beat the clock and the life coach’s Big Brother life officially ended. Tonight, the battle for HOH begins again, and loyalties are questioned. Plus, two HG will be nominated for eviction. All this right now on Big Brother. We pick up after eviction on Day 37 and they are talking about how heartbreaking it was to watch Kaitlyn do that comp. Rockstar tells us she is still in the Big Brother house and she’s so excited. She doesn’t know if they really didn’t like Kaitlyn or loved her, but whatever. So now it’s time for her, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Faysal to dominate this house. Sam tells us as she watches Kaitlyn walk out the door it was with a heavy heart. She had so much game it came back to bite her in the butt. What goes around comes around. Faysal tells us getting Kaitlyn out is a big relief. He and Kaitlyn were close but she was not good for his game and she caused a lot of commotion in the house and it was time for her to go. We see Sam apologizing to Tyler and he says it’s ok. Tyler says honestly he’s feeling pretty sad in the moment and now his head goes back to that one random vote and he needs to clear his name and get to the bottom of it. We see Tyler in the bedroom with Haleigh and Faysal and he swears on his life he evicted Kaitlyn. They begin speculating and Haleigh asks Faysal if it was him and he asks if she’s serious. Faysal tells us really Haleigh? I used veto on you and you think I voted to keep her? JC comes in and gives hugs. It gets quiet. JC and Tyler are whispering in the WA and JC says he didn’t vote Rockstar out. JC says he’s going to find out. JC tells us he voted to keep Kaitlyn because he knew would bring paranoia and drama, but Tyler is his buddy and he doesn’t want him blamed for it. JC tells Tyler he will tell people Tyler didn’t vote to keep Kaitlyn. Tyler says everyone thinks he was close with Kaitlyn and she was his number one, but in reality they weren’t “that close”. He tells HG in the KT that he didn’t vote to keep her. JC, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, and Tyler are in the HNR. Kaycee says someone voting that way is done, but it gives them ammo. Brett says Scottie got uncomfortable and he was staring at him the entire time. They think Scottie was the rogue vote. JC tells us he campaigned hard to get Kaitlyn out and no one is blaming him. JC says he is doing such a great job. Sam and Bayleigh are talking in the WA and they are discussing the rogue vote. Bayleigh says she thinks it was Scottie because he did the same thing to Swaggy. Sam asks why and how she knows and Bayleigh says he told her. Bayleigh says she thought it was Tyler, but she thinks Scottie did it to frame Tyler. Sam comes out and it’s time for the HOH comp. Brett says walking out into the yard and they are speaking his language. Brett is going to take this one home. Kaycee says hopefully at the end of this she has someone sliding into her DM’s or the HOH key. Sam reads welcome to the information super highway. This competition is called Perfect Timing. One at a time, they will sit on their email and send themselves from the Outbox to the Inbox. But it’s not about being the fastest! Because this competition is all about accuracy. Your goal is to get there in exactly 8 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you’re over or under, it’s just whoever is the closest. The HG who gets their email to the inbox closest to 8 seconds will be the new HOH. JC feels like he’s been making a lot of decisions behind the scenes and it’s his time to make some decisions open to all the HG. He wants to win. Tyler says Level Six has been doing a decent job of staying together, but the other side is definitely dying to pick them off so someone from Level 6 needs to win HOH so they have some control this week. Bayleigh says herself, Rockstar, Faysal, or Haleigh cannot lose another number this week. They need to have the power because they have to go after the other side. So it’s time to put on the “nice nasty” face because they are out for blood. The order has been chosen by random draw and Bayleigh is up first. Bayleigh recaps the competition directions for us. Kaycee says to Bayleigh, you can slide into my DM girl! Bayleigh says she needs to win this HOH because she is tired of being the last person to know what’s going on. She wants to make decisions for herself and know that she’s safe. She finishes with a time of 8.08. She screams in the HOH and says she is so excited and she is so hyped for herself right now. Tyler is next. Tyler says how am I supposed to follow that up? Tyler tells us Bayleigh gets a perfect score basically and this is not good for Level 6. He just has to be really precise and send his glider down with the right amount of force. Next thing you know he’s bouncing off walls like a pinball machine and he finishes with 10.98. Tyler is just hoping anyone from Level 6, please he needs them to win a competition. Haleigh is next and she says she got her first taste of the block and she doesn’t want to be there again. She finishes with 8.50. Brett is next and he says it seems super simple, but you have to pay enough attention to minor details and he knows he has to hit it perfect. He hits 10.00 and Tyler says he got a perfect ten. Brett says well he is a perfect ten. JC is next and he gets 8.48. JC says are you kidding me right now? He was that close to HOH? He’s over this. Rockstar is next and she lays down and she finishes in 6.58. Angela is next and she says she’s a pole vaulter and she’s familiar with timing and accuracy, but she doesn’t want to win because she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands and lay low, so hopefully someone else from Level 6 wins this one. She finishes with a time of 8.71. Bayleigh says she can’t believe no one has been able to beat her time. She’s so excited. 6 down and 4 to go. Kaycee is up next. Kaycee says she wants to win this HOH competition so she can keep Level 6 safe. She says 8 is her lucky number, it’s her jersey number, and it’s tatted on her arm. She finishes with 7.66. Scottie steps up for his turn and he says he really wants to win. He says since he made the big move of splitting up the bros, he’s been laying low. But if he were to win, that would change and he’d go after another pair and put Rachel and Angela on the block. He finishes in 5.81. Bayleigh says 8 down two to go. The queen is close to claiming her crown. Faysal says when he seen Bayleigh’s time, he knew no one was going to beat that so he decided just to have fun with it. He pushes himself very forcefully and finishes with 4.0 seconds. Everyone is laughing. JC says Faysal threw himself down this thing and he was trying to crash the internet. Sam says the new HOH is going to be either Rachel or Bayleigh. Rachel says she really wants to win this HOH to guarantee her safety. But now that it’s down to her and Bayleigh and she feels like she’s carrying the weight of Level Six on her shoulders. This is a lot of pressure. Rockstar says we’re down to the final round and Rachel is the last person who could take this HOH from Bayleigh. She really hopes Rachel screws this up. Tyler says Rachel is their only hope right now for Level Six to pull out a win and they need this bad. So please Rachel do something. Bayleigh tells us she has been on the leader board for ten rounds and her heart is pounding out of her chest right now. She is one person away from being the new HOH. Rachel finishes in 10.04 and she goes and jumps on Bayleigh. Bayleigh says your girl is HOH. She is so excited and her key is not going to leave her side. Rachel is really worried that Bayleigh is going to put up two members of her alliance and they can’t afford to lose another alliance member. Scottie says Bayleigh deserves this HOH with a near perfect score and he really, really trusts her. So her being HOH is absolutely perfect for him. Brett says he’s already been on the block once, he’s been chased around the house with pots and pans, and he knows his name is in everyone’s mouth so he’s not feeling very secure in his safety. The HG all come in from the HOH competition. Bayleigh says she’s HOH and you have no idea how excited she is. There has been too much chaos, too many lies, and nobody has been telling her the truth. So she needs to know what’s going on in this house and then she’s going to regulate. Faysal, Scottie, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Bayleigh are in the SR and they are jumping around. Sam comes in and says what’s going on in here and Bayleigh says they are celebrating. Bayleigh is happy in the SR, but she’s looking around wondering what Scottie is doing there. Bayleigh goes into the HNR and says that was for Swaggy and hopefully he’s proud of her. Rachel walks in and interrupts and Bayleigh says I was talking to Swaggy! Rachel starts to leave and Bayleigh says that’s ok, I’ll talk to him later. Rachel and Brett are now in the HNR and Brett is saying he has no idea where her head’s at. Brett is doing jumping jacks and Scottie comes in and leaves. Rachel says she’s going to do her best to push Scottie under the bus to her. She’s going to try her darndest. Bayleigh and Tyler are talking in the lounge and Tyler says he’s in a weird spot. He says he looks like the biggest idiot and Bayleigh says you think you do, but you don’t. Tyler says this week was a roller coaster and Bayleigh says she knows that Tyler was trying to be loyal and he was put in a tough spot. She starts rubbing his back and he says he was just trying to protect her. Tyler tells us he’s trying to make Bayleigh believe that Kaitlyn was his number one, when she was really pretty low. Like 9 or 10 maybe. Sorry Kaitlyn. Bayleigh says Tyler is a lonely island and she doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Tyler tells us if Bayleigh believes he’s this lone wolf now it really would be pointless to target him now when she can use him as an asset going forward and put him in her pocket. Bayleigh says she thinks he has great loyalty, but his loyalty hasn’t been towards her. She doesn’t feel like Tyler’s been targeting her, but she also doesn’t feel like he’s going to take her farther in the game. Tyler says whatever she needs from him to let him know and Bayleigh tells him she wants him to be loyal to her. She’d rather him on her team and he says he’d rather have her on his team. Bayleigh tells us talking to Tyler is opening her eyes to a lot of things, one he’s wounded and she doesn’t want to kick him while he’s down. And two, Tyler is a free agent and a competition beast and hopefully they can work together moving forward. Bayleigh says moving forward she just wants to make sure he has her back because this game is about to get crazy and she doesn’t want any mess. Tyler says he doesn’t want a mess either and he’s a free agent. Bayleigh says she is scooping him up. They get up and hug each other and leave the lounge. JC and Faysal are in the lounge playing with the Jenga blocks. Faysal says he’s tall and he fits the criteria. Faysal says time in this house can pass by slow sometimes, but thank God for JC to help pass the time when he needs it. We see The Tall & Short of It starring Fessy and Jay Cee. Faysal asks JC to put lotion on his back and JC says no, but then we see him doing it. We see other clips of Faysal and JC. We then see an “episode” of their show and it’s called “Bed Bugs’ and we see Faysal and JC at night in one of the bedrooms and he knocks over a water bottle, but we hear glass sounds. JC says who has a water bottle in the middle of the bedroom? We then see Faysal lay down on the edge of the bed and JC tries to get it on the same edge and push Faysal over. JC is laying on the edge while holding onto the other bed and eventually Faysal moves over. We hear a laugh track and then we hear someone tell them to go to sleep, both of them. Faysal is then called to the DR and we hear the laugh track. Bayleigh and Haleigh are in the HOH and Haleigh says she has no preference. Bayleigh says the only people that threaten her are guys in this house. She has Haleigh guess the two guys are who would put her up. Haleigh guesses Brett and Tyler and Bayleigh says Brett and JC. Bayleigh then says Scottie is being shady and she thinks he was the rogue vote. Haleigh says maybe you can convince Scottie to be a pawn. Bayleigh says she’s thinking of putting Brett up and she doesn’t know yet. She knows she’s putting up Brett, but she needs to figure who to put next to him that won’t cause trouble for her. Bayleigh asks Scottie if he did the weird flippy thing again and Scottie says no. I did not flip my vote. Scottie tells us that Bayleigh would even fathom to keep Kaitlyn is absolute crap. Scottie thinks Rachel was the rogue vote because she was flipping out afterwards. Bayleigh says Scottie is crazy and he does a lot of weird stuff and she needs him to be Team Bay. She tells him what he did to Swaggy wasn’t cute or funny and if he flipped and didn’t tell her she’ll find him and gut him. Scottie says 100% I did not flip and he’s looking her in the eyes. Bayleigh tells us she knows Scottie is shady and she knows he does crazy stuff, but she doesn’t think the crazy side is directed towards her. So she’s just going to let him be and deal with him later. JC and Bayleigh are talking now and JC says he’s not going to kiss her butt. Bayleigh says she’s just weighing her options and she says she needs to know JC is not going to turn on her. JC immediately says he’s not going to turn on her. Bayleigh says if she doesn’t put him up, he better remember. Bayleigh says out of everyone in the house he was going to be a pawn because that’s what people suggested to her. Bayleigh says everyone loves him and trusts him but she needs to make sure he’s not making promises to everyone in the house. Bayleigh tells us she and JC have had their issues in the past, but he is definitely not her target this week. But she is considering using him as a pawn and she needs to see how he’s going to react because she doesn’t want him to freak out. Bayleigh tells JC she is trying to see where his head is at because she doesn’t want have to use him as a pawn. JC tells us are you crazy girl? Is this how you want me to start working with you? You must be out of your mind right now. He came here to play, not be some kind of puppet. JC says if you and me are working together and running this crap, then we are the brains and we put them to play and like win vetos and crap. He says he’s going to go be bossy. Faysal and JC are talking in the lounge and Faysal asks how their talk went. JC says she told him that people threw his name because he was one of the most liked in the house and stuff, they want to use him as a pawn because he won’t go home. JC says he’s not down for that. Faysal says no one knows where his head is at. JC says he’s been talking game with Faysal for two weeks and every time he tells him stuff it’s been beneficial for him at the end, but he’s just dumb. Faysal tells JC he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t end up on the block this week. He’s been loyal and he’s still in this game so don’t call him dumb. He says JC is dumb. Faysal says the last thing he wants is JC to go home and JC tells him he needs to go talk to Bayleigh. Faysal says he works really closely with JC and he needs him in the game and he doesn’t want to risk him going home this week. So he has to go talk to his girl Bayleigh and make sure she keeps him. They both do a last minute you’re dumb back and forth. Faysal is upstairs in the HOH waiting on Bayleigh. Bayleigh says the only three she was considering is JC, Rachel, and Brett. Faysal asks if Brett is for sure and Bayleigh says yes. Faysal says look at it this way. Rachel is on their side. He doesn’t want it to seem like he’s trying to save JC, but he thinks JC is a much more valuable member. Bayleigh says for you. Faysal says for our team. Faysal says if she doesn’t put up JC he’ll be much more loyal than if you don’t put up Rachel. Bayleigh says JC will be loyal to you, not me. She says JC has never in his life said I have loyalty to you Bayleigh, she says JC walked out of there and says if she just listens to him and does what he tells her everything is going to be fine. Bayleigh says JC is not going to be bossing her around. Bayleigh tells us she really doesn’t want to hear Faysal out right now, especially when it’s concerning JC, but Fes is making some really good points. JC is an asset right now and even though he’s on her last nerve, she has to think about what is best for her game. Haleigh and Bayleigh are talking and she tells Haleigh Faysal is trying hardcore to save JC. Bayleigh tells us she and Haleigh have an alliance with Faysal, but he’s sticking his neck out for JC and she needs to find out what’s going on and she needs answers. She calls Faysal in for a few minutes. She tells Faysal her filter comes off only with him and Haleigh and he should never tell her what she’s doing is a bad move. Faysal says when did I say that and Bayleigh says last night when they were talking. Faysal says he did not save that and Bayleigh says he did say that and he needs to be Team Bayleigh and Haleigh and not Team JC and he needs to quit sticking his neck out for this crazy little Tasmanian Devil over them it will step on him. Bayleigh says it’s clear in this house he’s Team JC and Faysal says that’s not a bad thing. Haleigh says it’s not a good thing! Faysal says he has made it very clear where he stands and he doesn’t need any questioning, especially from Haleigh. Haleigh says it doesn’t look like they are 100% and Faysal says all he said was laid out the benefits of keeping JC over Rachel. Haleigh says she would never question a move one of her good friends was making and Faysal says he didn’t question Bayleigh and she says he did. Bayleigh tells us Faysal is getting on her nerves because this is her HOH and she’s going to put up JC if she wants, regardless if he agrees or not, he needs to shut up. Bayleigh tells us nominations are today and Brett is target, but she’s still undecided who to put next to him. She needs to figure out who will make the least amount of splash during her HOH week. Bayleigh and Rachel are talking and Bayleigh tells Rachel that Scottie told her absolutely he didn’t flip and that it was Rachel. Rachel shakes her said because he did it. Bayleigh says probably but she doesn’t want to put Scottie up because when he goes he needs to be backdoored. Bayleigh says it would be a better idea to Brett up. Rachel says she has Brett wrapped around her and he’s easy to control. Bayleigh says Brett will never choose her over them so she can’t keep him. Bayleigh tells Rachel she’s considering using her as a pawn. Rachel says she’s so mad right now. Scottie and his smug face if he sees her go up. Bayleigh says I need you to trust me and she will tell Rachel one thing. Bayleigh says no one knows about this and she says she has the third power up. She explains her power. Bayleigh tells us by her telling Rachel about the power app she has proven to Rachel she can keep her safe and hopefully she won’t hold a grudge or be mad at her later and she’ll be loyal to her in the end. She tells Rachel not to tell anyone or she’ll kill her and Rachel says she won’t tell anyone. Bayleigh says she’s just weighing the options and Rachel says she trusts her if she goes up. Rachel tells us this is an incredibly scary situation because pawns go home. Pawns go home in this game and she’s not sure what’s going to happen. Time for the nomination ceremony. Bayleigh’s first nomination is Brett. Bayleigh’s second nomination is Rachel. Bayleigh says she has nominated Brett because he’s the easiest one to put up because he’s already been on the block and it wouldn’t put any blood on her hands. Bayleigh says Rachel she hasn’t talked to very much and she wanted to let her play for the veto. None of it is personal, it’s strictly game. Bayleigh says she didn’t nominate JC this week because it would have been more of a headache this week than to protect him. But she’s very aware Brett and Rachel are capable of winning the veto and no one should feel safe because she hasn’t ruled out anyone from being on the block. Rachel says she’s sad she’s on the block with an alliance member, but she wants to win the veto because she wants to control her own destiny. She wants to show everyone she came to play and save herself. She is NOT going home. Brett says apparently he’s the biggest threat in the house because he’s so charming and he’s the man. Bayleigh should be worried because she just declared war with him. He’s going to win that veto, take himself off the block, and then he’s gunning for her. Faysal says it worked! He says everything went as planned. He kept JC safe and he’s actually playing Big Brother. Look at that. Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save either Brett or Rachel? Find out Wednesday night on Big Brother!
  5. 12:00 AM BBT JC and Bayleigh are in the KT talking. JC says Faysal has been talking about Bayleigh and he doesn’t think Faysal is very smart at the game. Bayleigh says it doesn’t look good when one of her best friends in the game is going around talking crap, how does that look? JC wants to know why did Bayleigh put up Rachel and Brett? He doesn’t understand why those two. Bayleigh says because everyone else promised her loyalty and they said they weren’t going to come after her, but those two wouldn’t. JC wants to share something with Bayleigh, but he doesn’t want to get Faysal in trouble. JC says Faysal told him Bayleigh wants Brett out over Rachel. Bayleigh says Rachel has been nicer and what good does it do for her to keep Brett. JC thinks Rachel would come after Bayleigh before Brett would. Bayleigh says she wasn’t going to put up two physical threats who would come right after her. Bayleigh says she didn’t have any options and JC didn’t want to go up. JC says he doesn’t think he should be an option because that wouldn’t be her best game move. Bayleigh says when you break it down and certain people are promising you loyalty, what do you do? JC says everyone promising you loyalty may be lying. Bayleigh says yes, but if some people are promising you something and others are promising you nothing, then which would you choose? FotH. 12:05 AM BBT Bayleigh says she has treated everyone in the house with respect and she’s hoping no one takes things personally. JC asks how she is going to deal with Faysal and Bayleigh says she wishes he were awake. Bayleigh asks if she should wake him up? Bayleigh says he didn’t sleep much last night and we get FotH. JC says he’s also upset about Faysal using veto. Faysal did not tell JC he was going to use and it was his fault that JC almost go put on the block. Bayleigh asks who is sleeping in the pink room and JC says Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh in the corner bed. Bayleigh goes to wake Faysal up. Faysal gets up and forget his microphone and he’s told to put his mic on. 12:10 AM BBT Bayleigh and Faysal are in the HOH room talking. Bayleigh says Faysal is always on the same team, but some of the people he confides in, she does not. She says the little things they are running back and telling her are upsetting because she knows he doesn’t mean them the way they are coming off. She says JC told her the only reason he didn’t get put up was because Faysal saved his ass. Bayleigh says that throws her under the bus because JC knows he was an option to go up and Faysal is taking credit for him not getting nominated. Bayleigh says JC also told her the house is saying it looks like Faysal is running her HOH. Bayleigh then says Haleigh was talking to her and was venting and told her that Faysal said to Haleigh that the nominations are a stupid idea and if Bayleigh goes through with it that’s dumb. Faysal says are you kidding me? Bayleigh says she doesn’t go around and tells things Faysal tells her. Bayleigh says Tyler came in and talked to her about building trust with her because Faysal advised him to talk to her. Bayleigh says she wanted to have that conversation with Tyler, she didn’t need Faysal to tell Tyler that because it makes it look like he’s telling Bayleigh how to do things. 12:15 AM BBT Faysal says he told JC that because he wanted him to know that he could have gone up and he should be relieved and want to work with them. Bayleigh then recaps the conversation she and JC just had in the KT. Faysal says he told JC that because he wanted JC to know he was sticking his neck out for him. Faysal says he can see her perspective on how she would think he’s making her look bad. Faysal says he did have that conversation with JC because he wanted him to be grateful and ride with their team and stop floating. Bayleigh says Faysal is being too hard on Haleigh. Bayleigh says its frustrating because no one likes JC but Faysal. Faysal says Haleigh didn’t say anything though. 12:20 AM BBT Faysal says he told Haleigh he didn’t want JC to go up and Haleigh didn’t respond at all and that frustrated him. Faysal says Haleigh and Bayleigh will always be over JC. Bayleigh says Faysal and Haleigh need to have a conversation about their relationship because it’s getting messed up and it’s starting to be awkward. Bayleigh says she told Haleigh that Faysal stuck his neck out to save her and he expected a thank you, a pat on the back, and Haleigh didn’t really do that because she’s afraid people are watching. Bayleigh says Faysal needs to make it clear to Haleigh what he needs from her and he says he has. She says then if she’s not giving him what he needs, then they need to talk it out. Faysal says it was the right game move to use the veto on her. Bayleigh asks Faysal if he expected something from Haleigh for using the veto on her. Faysal says no he didn’t want to use the veto as leverage to get anything. Bayleigh says but you do expect something and you told her you didn’t and that’s where she’s confused. 12:25 AM BBT Faysal says he understands she doesn’t want to be seen as a showmance. Bayleigh says Faysal is like her brother and Haleigh is her sister, but when it comes to their relationship they are miscommunicating and it’s making things awkward for an alliance. 12:30 AM BBT Faysal says all he has in this game is Haleigh and Bayleigh so maybe it’s best if he lets the relationship aspect go and figure it out after the game. That way the three of them can just work together game wise. Faysal says he’s never had a conversation like this with Haleigh and he wants to be able to tell her things and not have to worry about their reaction.
  6. 1:15 AM BBT Bayleigh doesn’t feel like people would vote for Rachel. Bayleigh and Haleigh both say Kaycee would mess them up. Faysal has isolated himself. Bayleigh says Tyler has to go and Scottie has to go. She doesn’t think Rockstar would win. Bayleigh asks Haleigh to get her somebody and she says she’ll get Angela. 1:19 AM BBT Angela comes up and small talk is made at the start. Then talks turns to Kaitlyn and the vote. They also chat about the competition. Bayleigh says she wanted to talk to Angela about nominations. Bayleigh says she wasn’t really in the other alliance because they had already made the alliance and Kaitlyn didn’t want her in because she didn’t trust her because she was close with Angela. Bayleigh is secure that her and Angela has a legitimate friendship. Bayleigh says Swaggy was never after her because he knew Bayleigh loved her, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not coming back. Bayleigh came up with a name for her and Angela and it’s the Amazon alliance. 1:27 AM BBT Bayleigh says she wanted to have a conversation with her one-on-one, but she didn’t want her to think it was because Swaggy was gone, because that’s not why it is. Angela says the house is so much better now and she hasn’t been in that good of a mood. Bayleigh says they are a week away from jury and everyone else likes each other and that’s good since they’ll be together the rest of the summer. Bayleigh does want to stick to the all-girl alliance because Big Brother needs a girl to win and she thinks they can go far in the game. Angela says if it’s a guy and girl nominated, and if they are final 2 and even if it’s a girl she can’t stand and who annoys her, she will vote for the girl. 1:30 AM BBT Bayleigh says selfishly she wants to be the first black person to win Big Brother. Angela says a black person has never won? Bayleigh says no. Angela says what about a final two? Bayleigh says no not even that. {She must not know about Danielle from Big Brother 3!}
  7. 12:52 AM BBT Haleigh is the first one-on-one and she says she respects whatever Bayleigh wants to do and she is here as a confidant and support system. Haleigh tells Bayleigh that Scottie told her he doesn’t think she’ll nominate any of the girls. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to out themselves on the girl thing, but she really feels that only guys are a threat to her game. Bayleigh asks Haleigh who she thinks would put Bayleigh up and Haleigh guesses Brett and Bayleigh says and JC. Bayleigh also tells Haleigh that Scottie has been acting shady and after talking to Tyler, he thinks it was Scottie who flipped the vote. Bayleigh says they just need to watch Scottie. Haleigh pitches using Scottie as a pawn. Bayleigh says maybe nominate Brett and JC and if one comes down Scottie can be the replacement. 12:56 AM BBT Bayleigh says the thing with Tyler is she doesn’t want to kick him while he’s down because no one kicked her while she was down and she doesn’t think Tyler flipped. Bayleigh says the only person who didn’t ask her if she flipped was Scottie. Haleigh is telling Bayleigh that Kaitlyn was laying down with Scottie and was playing with his hair and told him she would never target him if she stayed and if she stayed she’d give him massages whenever he wanted. Bayleigh says Kaitlyn did say she was going after Fessy and Haleigh says she heard that too. 1:02 AM BBT Bayleigh says Haleigh and Kaitlyn were best friends and Haleigh says they weren’t. They sung together, but Kaitlyn never got to know her. Bayleigh says she knows Haleigh loves Fessy and is loyal to him and she says not really. Bayleigh says but she needs Haleigh to choose her every time. Haleigh says they have to watch Rockstar too. Bayleigh promised her bed to Sam. Haleigh doesn’t want to sleep with Rockstar and be seen as an alliance with her. 1:05 AM BBT Bayleigh says she loves Sam and she tells Haleigh that Sam was trying to says it’s unfair that Haleigh is young and has a beautiful body and that’s an unfair advantage. Bayleigh says she isn’t saying what Sam said was right, but that’s what she was trying to say. Bayleigh says Haleigh is young and flirty and single and Sam can’t play the same game. Haleigh says that didn’t feel good and she feels Sam’s attack on her was unnecessary. Bayleigh says she’s Haleigh’s friend, but she wants to tell her Sam was right about what she said about Kaitlyn and Haleigh taking and not giving. Haleigh asks what that even means and Bayleigh says they didn’t clean up before and she leaves her clothes everywhere and Haleigh says she does leave her clothes everywhere. 1:09 AM BBT Haleigh says they need a new group and Bayleigh says Kaycee and Angela. She says she kind of trusts Angela, but she tells Haleigh to ask her after their one-on-ones. Bayleigh is telling Haleigh she should talk it out with Sam. Bayleigh says she will watch Tyler this week and Haleigh says maybe he will realign himself. Bayleigh wants Haleigh to figure out who has the powers and Haleigh says JC has one. Haleigh tells Bayleigh they have to considers who they want to sit final three with. Bayleigh says they have to consider who will be in jury too. Bayleigh doesn’t want Sam in the end because everyone will vote for her.
  8. 12:25 AM BBT Bayleigh then says to everyone you want to win HOH until you win HOH and have to put people up on the block. She feels like she’s connected with everyone in the house. When she does put people on the block, if they want to make it personal and make it into a Bayleigh hates them thing, then that’s on them but it’s not what this is, it’s strictly game related. She loves everyone in the house and she just doesn’t want it to be dramatic, crazy, messy week. She doesn’t know who she’s going to put up and she doesn’t want anyone freaking out. She wants everyone to come and have a one-on-one and she wants everyone to feel like they were heard. She says she doesn’t mind people being in her room, but the first two weeks, they had some nice HOH”s and the room looked like a cyclone with cereal and toilet paper, but that’s not going to be her room. But don’t be afraid to come in her room or ask for anything. That’s it! Bayleigh has some organic and vegan stuff in her basket. She also go sushi.
  9. 12:18 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room? They are very loud and excited as Bayleigh opens the HOH door. Bayleigh is telling everyone who is in the pictures. She has rice cakes, raisin bran crunch, and booty shorts which Sam says are cutie patootie. She has a blanket that was sent from home. Bayleigh’s letter is from her sister. Bayleigh-boo, If you are reading this letter, it means you are officially HOH. I am so proud of all you’re doing (Bayleigh says she’s going to cry). As your big sister I have watched you grow and transition into each phase of your life and I can’t wait to see what this Big Brother experience brings to your already amazing life. You being in this house is going to make you a stronger person in life, in your path, and who you are. Trust who you are and the heart you have. You’re finding yourself and exactly who you are supposed to be. I am proud of you and the growth you have made. I know that you have spent a career travelling and being away from your family, but then we are only a call away. This time you aren’t able to call us or even text us but know that we are still with you. I know that you miss mom, dad, your sisters, yes even Bree, and your phone, but know we are all rooting for you and know that this is only the beginning. We are praying for you, your strength and guidance in this house and know that you got this boo. Although you may not be able to call us and this is the longest you’ve ever gone without us, at least think of us and know we all love you. Next family vacation, you will be there and with bells on, but as of now be real confident and bring home that 500K princess. Bring the turbulence B! We love you boo.
  10. 10:30 PM BBT Tyler says everyone has their comp and this was Bayleigh’s and she so deserved it. Bayleigh says she loves Swaggy to death, but she hopes there are no battle backs. They think there is only one more eviction before jury. Bayleigh says hopefully they’ll see her HOH soon and he’ll love her family. Bayleigh says the game is about to get crazy. They hug each other and head out. Tyler and Bayleigh go to get something to eat. 10:35 PM BBT Bayleigh and Tyler are talking at the DR table and Angela is in the KT. They are talking about have-nots. 10:40 PM BBT JC and Faysal are talking in the lounge. I can’t hear what they are whispering about. Rachel comes in and talk turns to who the rogue vote was.
  11. 9:50-10:00PM BBT Rockstar and Tyler are talking about the Kaitlyn vote. Tyler is saying he didn’t vote out Rockstar. Faysal, Kaycee, and Bayleigh are in the WA. Faysal is talking about the competition. Bayleigh is gathering stuff in the WA and Rockstar comes in and says she can’t wait to see Bayleigh’s mom. Sam is called to the DR. Rachel is also in the WA. Scottie and Tyler go upstairs to play Foosball. 10:00 PM BBT General chatter around the house. Faysal says his friends back home probably won’t watch anymore because he hasn’t won an HOH. 10:03 PM BBT Bayleigh is alone in the lounge reading. Rachel and Rockstar are in the bedroom talking about Kaitlyn. Rachel says her and Kaitlyn had gotten close and Kaitlyn trusted her but she perceived Kaitlyn as a threat. Tyler joins Bayleigh and congratulates her and says he’s proud of her. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to kick Tyler while she’s down and that’s not her intention, but his loyalty to Kaitlyn and this is going to be a reset week for him. Tyler says he was trying to be a good person and not screw up someone’s life. Bayleigh tells Tyler she doesn’t understand how Kaitlyn had a boyfriend, but fell hard for someone else in just a few weeks in the house. 10:15 PM BBT Rachel and Brett are whispering about who nominations will be. Bayleigh and Tyler are still talking. Brett is talking about how they’ll have to fight hard for veto. Rachel just hopes Tyler doesn’t go up and Brett asks what Rachel thinks the chances are it’s JC that goes up. Brett isn’t close to Bayleigh but he feels like he might know where her head is. They’ve had genuine conversations and Rachel says she doesn’t know what Bayleigh is going to do. 10:20 PM BBT Brett tells Rachel she needs to push really hard for it to be a guy and a girl on the block. Rockstar and Faysal are at the dining room table and Brett and Rachel are now in the KT. Bayleigh and Tyler are still chatting in the lounge. Bayleigh tells Tyler she prays that Kaitlyn and Joe are as solid as Kaitlyn thought and she’s scared. Tyler says he’s scared for her too. Tyler tells Bayleigh about their ‘radio codes’. Kaycee is laying down in the WA. Rockstar joins the WA again. Haleigh is also in there. Bayleigh says she’d rather have Tyler on her team, but she wants people who are loyal. Tyler says he wants Bayleigh on his team too. 10:25 PM BBT Bayleigh tells Tyler she knows he and Sam have a thing and she has a bond with Sam. That’s her girl, but she does want to talk to Tyler later. Bayleigh says she wants to know what’s going on with Scottie and Tyler says he doesn’t have anything with Scottie. Bayleigh tells Tyler Scottie told her about voting for Swaggy while wearing his shirt and that was interesting. Bayleigh tells Tyler this is going to be a great week for him. Tyler says if Bayleigh wants him to gun for that veto then he will.
  12. Julie greets us and says this week the power of veto lead to broken hearts and broken promises. But Sam’s power app has the power to save an evictee. Previously, on Big Brother, Sam won the bonus life power in the BB App Store. With two bros on the block, Brett caused chaos by lying about Rockstar and after Winston went back to Kentucky, Rockstar went super nova on Brett. With the welder showing her meddle by winning HOH, Sam felt empowered to go after Kaitlyn and Haleigh. After Fessy was enlisted to play veto, Kaitlyn made him promise he would save her, but his heart had other plans. With the power of veto on the line, the former all-American chopped, bonked, and spanked the competition, leaving him a tough choice. At the veto meeting, Fessy vetoed his friendship with Kaitlyn. Needing a replacement nominee, Sam almost JC, but had a split-second change of heart and before the dust settled, Sam dropped another bomb. Tonight, Faysal deals with the repercussions of his choice, then the house will evict either Rockstar or Kaitlyn. But will the evictee return to the game, or go home for good? It’s day 37 inside the Big Brother house. Tonight, one of the power apps is about to be activated, giving either Rockstar or Kaitlyn a chance to compete for their life in the game. By using the veto to save Haleigh, Faysal made his bed and now he has to lie in it. We pick up after the veto meeting and Faysal says he knows Kaitlyn is upset and her heart is broken, but he had to save Haleigh because he has real feelings for her. JC and Sam hug and Sam says she chose Rockstar because everyone is upset with her and now it’s up to decide who will be evicted and get a chance to come back. Rcokstar doesn’t know why she was the only other option. She thought maybe she could pull this off, but she hasn’t. Kaitlyn is in the lounge crying talking to the camera. She doesn’t understand why Faysal promised her and she’s sick of men making promises to her they don’t keep. Bayleigh comes in and gives Kaitlyn a hug. Kaitlyn just can’t believe Faysal lied to her, she really, really thought he was her best friend and it hurts her heart so much. Faysal has come in and tries to comfort Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn tells him he knew if he didn’t save her she was going home. She’s crying and says he looked her in the eye and she truly thought Faysal loved her. Kaitlyn says he knew he was doing that. She says she looks like an idiot. Faysal says the more he thought about what she did to Swaggy and Kaitlyn says she didn’t do anything to him. Faysal says it affected his game. Faysal says Kaitlyn played him and she says that’s it, I know where you stand. She then asks to be alone and Faysal leaves. Sam is getting hugs and she says she had no time to think. She put up someone she cares about to give them a second chance. She explains her power app again. Rachel tells us not only does she need to figure out who to evict, but she has to consider they might be coming back into the game. Faysal and Tyler are in the SR and Tyler wants to know if he’s talked to Kaitlyn and Faysal says he’s tried but she thinks she’s going home. Faysal says she has a chance to stay. Tyler tells us Kaitlyn is a wild card right now and keeping her around for as many more weeks as he can use her is beneficial for him and Level Five. Haleigh comes in and Tyler leaves and Haleigh gives Faysal a hug. Faysal asks Haleigh if she was nervous up there and she says yeah, she was worried about being blindsided. She asks Faysal about how they are voting and he says whatever she wants. Haleigh says she’s leaning towards voting for Kaitlyn because she’s a better competitor and she’s not loyal. Haleigh says plus it doesn’t matter if she can come back, because she’ll return as the biggest target. Kaitlyn and Tyler are talking in the bedroom and Kaitlyn wants to know if she has the votes against Rockstar. Tyler says Brett is cool with Angela and she needs to get Rachel and JC. Kaitlyn says she’ll win HOH and Tyler says then you’ll backdoor his behind. Kaitlyn says and Tyler will be her number one and Faysal will be going home. Julie says for the first time this summer, it’s up in the air on who to evict knowing they’ll be given a chance to return to the game. Julie says the decision on who to evict is more strategic and emotional than ever before. Brett wants to send Rockstar home obviously, but he needs to make sure JC is on board with them again. JC says Kaitlyn is a better competitor and Angela says Kaitlyn is manipulatable. JC really wants Kaitlyn out but she’s a really good competitor and she has no loyalty to anyone on any side. He’s going to fight for everyone to evict Kaitlyn. Brett says it’s a risk with Rockstar but they need to get her out. JC is still firm on getting rid of Kaitlyn. Tyler says JC has been with them on the past, but for some reason he’s not budging at all. Angela thinks Rockstar is gunning for her and Tyler says him too. Faysal and Kaitlyn are talking and she tells him he signed her death notice. Faysal says he still cares about her and Kaitlyn says don’t lie to her anymore. Kaitlyn says she’s put so much trust in men this game and she needs to transfer all this sadness into motivation energy. She says Faysal should have just looked her in the eye and told her she didn’t need to be there. Kaitlyn says Faysal knew she would go home if she were on the block and Faysal says he doesn’t know anything. Kaitlyn says do you know what it’s like to go your entire life being rejected by men and thinking you’re not worthy. Faysal says he’s tired of dealing with Kaitlyn because she goes on these huge emotional rants and makes everything personal. Faysal says if he votes her out and she comes back in, then he’s probably her number on target. Faysal is in the hammock with Bayleigh and Haleigh and Scottie and Rockstar joins them. Rockstar tells us this is really stressful and she wants to count on her former alliance members, but she doesn’t know where these people’s loyalties really lie. Haleigh says they need Rockstar going forward to help them in the game. They need two more votes because they have four. Faysal says Rockstar needs to get JC and Bayleigh tells her to have conversations with people and talk it out. Rockstar says she wasn’t really going to campaign, but she has her friends behind her and she’s not trying to go out week four. Kaitlyn is in the WA with Rachel and JC and Kaitlyn and JC are arguing over the pronunciation of yin and yang. JC is saying jin and jang. Rachel and Kaitlyn are trying to help him out. Rachel finally gives up. Brett is getting a drink in the KT in the middle of the night and Rockstar begins to make her pitch. Rockstar says they’ve certainly had their differences but if they can work together, that would be great. Brett doesn’t really care what Rockstar has to say but he has to decide if he’s going to vote personal vendetta or strategic game move. Brett, Angela, and Tyler are in the lounge and Brett says the more he thinks about it the more he thinks they need to get rid of Kaitlyn. Tyler says they are all so flippy-floppy. Angela says keeping Kaitlyn is a bigger target than him. Brett says he’d just hate to keep her and then three weeks down the road realize Rockstar is a non-threat and has a horrible social game. Tyler says Rockstar doesn’t have a good chance of coming back. Tyler feels confident he has Kaitlyn under control. Brett says it’s a real battle for him because he thinks they need to get rid of Kaitlyn, but his team is bringing up valid points and he doesn’t want to go against them. Sam asks Tyler in the HOH, officially what are they doing. Tyler says everyone is flippy floppy. Sam says if it comes to a tie, she’s going to put two dots in a cup and pull one, but they’ll both be the same color and she won’t tell people which color is which. Tyler says if he votes for Kaitlyn, then she’ll be mad if she comes back and if he votes for her to stay, then the house could be mad at him. Up next, Rockstar or Kaitlyn will be evicted. But whoever it is will immediately compete for a chance to stay in the Big Brother house. Julie says the nominees know they have a chance to come back, but they have no idea how it will go down. But first, one of them has to be evicted. Julie goes to the living room. Rockstar sends love to her family, Baltimore, and the east coast. She says the HG are all awesome and she’s honored to be in amazing group of young people and she hopes to stay here. If she doesn’t stay, she’s charged some of them with a mission and she hopes they carry out. She has love for everyone, including Brett and Kaitlyn is a very amazing young lady. Julie cuts her off. Kaitlyn thanks her teachers who taught her how to be a spiritual person. She doesn’t know what else to say but to be true to herself. She says it’s about intuition and they have to follow their intuition and she hopes everyone is playing the game following their intuition and not what others are telling them to do. Time to vote! JC votes to evict Rockstar. Bayleigh votes to evict Kaitlyn. Haleigh votes to evict Kaitlyn. Faysal votes to evict Kaitlyn. The vote is 3-1 to evict Kaitlyn. The rest of the votes and the live eviction next! Now let’s see how the rest of the votes go! Brett votes to evict Kaitlyn. Tyler votes to evict Kaitlyn. Angela votes to evict Kaitlyn. Kaycee votes to evict Kaitlyn. Rachel votes to evict Kaitlyn Scottie votes to evict Kaitlyn. Time to let the HG know the results. By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house. As Kaitlyn is hugging people and we hear a music sound and the Bonus Life App has been activated. Kaitlyn kneels down and starts crying as Julie explains the power app. Kaitlyn will be given the chance to return to the game. And chance is the key word because she must now compete in a live challenge to stay in the game. Win and she stays and lose and she goes home. Julie tells Kaitlyn to head to the BB App store and everyone else can watch on the monitor. Julie tells us Kaitlyn has received the bonus life and it’s time to get things started. Kaitlyn is standing next to a fully assembled puzzle of her. She’s on the outside of a house. She has to take the puzzle apart, squeeze the pieces through the door and fully reassemble it on the inside. She has 2 and a half minutes to put it together. When she thinks she has it she has to hit a button. IF she’s correct, she wins and can re-enter the house. IF she’s not correct she can try until time has expired. If her time expires before she completes her puzzle, then the eviction stands. She gets a 2 minute warning and she’s working steadily. She gets a 90 second warning and she’s arranging some pieces on the ground and putting some up. She’s starting to get frantic and she’s grunting. She takes the standing pieces down and assembles it on the floor. She gets the one minute warning and she says no! She doesn’t want to go. She starts crying and says she can’t make it. She stops and cries. She starts putting the puzzles back up. She has 15 seconds. Then 10. Time has expired and she has failed to put the puzzle together. She sits down and starts crying and Julie tells her that her time is officially over and she needs to head downstairs and make her way out the door. Her HG start clapping for Kaitlyn as she comes down. Rachel says we love you Kaitlyn and they see her to the door and she leaves without saying anything or hugging anyone. Julie is now with Kaitlyn. Julie asks how she’s feeling. Kaitlyn says she’s glad because that was in her control and she can live with the fact that she failed herself. She’s so proud of herself. Julie asks Kaitlyn who the vote was and Kaitlyn guesses Tyler and Faysal. Julie tells her it was JC and Kaitlyn is so sad. Julie says you can see the extended interview on CBS. Julie says one app is gone, but there are still two in play. Join us Sunday to see who wins HOH and who will be nominated.
  13. Previously, on Big Brother, Sam got a power app in the BB App Store and she let Tyler in on her secret. Faysal and Kaitlyn became good friends in the house, but his heart belonged to Haleigh. With a bromance on the block, Brett liked in his eviction speech to turn the house against Rockstar and after Winston got to stepping, the Pagan witch unleashed hell on the hacker. With the welder wielding power, she was tight lipped on her targets. At the nomination ceremony, Sam cast the first stone. Tonight, the power of veto shakes up the house like never before. Plus, BB legend Rachel Reilly returns! All this and more right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 31 after the nomination ceremony. Sam says she nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh who have very little respect for others and themselves. She’s old-fashioned and to her being a lady is what makes her empowered. She doesn’t think either one of them has the grit it takes to return, and if they do return they can easily be sent back out. Kaitlyn says it sucks being nominated, but she is not the victim. She just has to go out and win POV because she is not the type of girl to ever give up. Haleigh didn’t like Sam’s speech and Sam doesn’t know her integrity or character. She just needs to fight for veto. Faysal says the nominations couldn’t have gone worse because he has two allies on the block and hopefully he can play in the veto. Rockstar says Sam’s speech was off-putting. Kaycee didn’t like the way Sam’s speech came at Haleigh and Kaitlyn, she doesn’t think either of them are playing the guys and that was savage on Sam’s part. Sam and Kaitlyn talk in front of everyone and Sam she’s the type of lady who thinks actions speak louder than words and she’s not going to go ten rounds talking about it. Haleigh says she doesn’t think she doesn’t respect people. Sam says that’s fine, take whatever fire is fueling you into competition. We see Haleigh go into the BR and we hear her crying. Haleigh tells us the most upsetting part is…and she’s emotional. She says she doesn’t want her family seeing that and thinking people believe that about her. Sam and Tyler talk and Sam says she’s just trying to get to veto and if she has to make a replacement nominee it’s going to be Rockstar because she’s close to the two nominees and she’s having problems with Brett and she’s someone who will be easy to get rid of. Tyler says if one of them comes back Sam is still good with everyone. Kaitlyn is in the lounge and she is crying and Tyler comes in. Tyler tells Kaitlyn he has never had a conversation with Sam that he felt disrespected in any way. He doesn’t know why Sam came at them that way. Haleigh and Brett both come in. Kaitlyn is upset she tried to apologize to Sam and she just shut her down. Kaitlyn asks Sam if she wants to go talk and she goes to the HOH room. Kaitlyn says she’s not upset that she’s on the block, but she was hurt by two of things Sam said. One is that she’s disrespectful to men and two that she is doing the opposite of female empowerment. Sam says Kaitlyn is close to Tyler. Kaitlyn says if it were ever a man and woman on the block, she’d have the woman’s back. Kaitlyn says she’s an affectionate girl and she likes to touch and for that to be a downfall and to hear it from Sam is very sad. Sam asks why it’s hard to hear and she says Kaitlyn and Sam have very different ideas on what an empowered woman is. She commands and demands respect because she gives it and she doesn’t bat her lashes and ask for hugs. Sam says she has no intentions of changing nominations and she’s not going to compete any more or less than she normally would. Everything is happening for a reason. Sam and Faysal head into the HOH and Sam tells him to make himself at home and chill. Faysal says he’s been stressing over stuff he can’t control and Sam tells him not to do that. Everything is fine. Faysal says at this point in the game whatever move you make it’s going to upset someone. Sam tells him if he gets picked to play in veto he should play his heart out and do what he thinks is right. Sam wants him to stand up for himself and make up his own mind, she’s not going to pressure him. She says he is so kind and Faysal gives her a hug. Faysal says Sam is a bad b*tch, but she does have a soft side and that’s what he wants to get to. She’s so proud of him and he’s a huge, extremely good-looking dude and she’s proud there are men like him out there. Kaitlyn is laying down in the lounge and Faysal comes in and lays at an angle from her. Kaitlyn says she’s going home and she’s scared that if he wins veto he won’t use it. Faysal doesn’t want her to go home. Kaitlyn wants to know how Haleigh and Faysal got so close and how close they are. Kaitlyn wants to pick Faysal, but she want him to use it on her. She doesn’t want to pick him and then him throw it. Faysal says they are close, and he has mixed feelings about her, but he does want her to pick him and he does want her to stay in the game. Haleigh and Faysal are talking and Faysal asks Haleigh to pick him. She says she doesn’t want him put him in that position where he has to choose between her and Kaitlyn. Haleigh says she doesn’t want to look like an idiot for thinking he’s “that guy”. Faysal says it would kill him if she didn’t pick him. Faysal tells us he and Haleigh don’t get much alone time in the house and he does have feelings for her. Haleigh finally agrees to pick Faysal if she gets the choice. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Sam draws first and gets Houseguest choice and she picks JC. Kaitlyn wants to pick Fessy for this competition because he’d save her. She draws Rockstar. Haleigh gets Houseguest choice and she chooses…Faysal. Haleigh picked him because he already promised her he’d play for her. Kaitlyn is worried but she thinks she has him no matter what. Some of the HG are in the KT and the doorbell rings and it’s Rachel Reilly. She says she is back in the Big Brother house! Bayleigh says it’s Rachel and she’s a competition beast and amazing. Tyler is losing his mind right now because she’s a legend but he doesn’t want the dumb people to know he’s a fan. Rachel is here to host the veto competition! Kaitlyn is walking by Faysal and she asks if he’s saving her or not. Because if she can throw it to him she will and he says if you can. Faysal is talking to Haleigh and says Kaitlyn cornered him and made him promise to save her if she threw it to him. Faysal just wanted Haleigh to know in case Kaitlyn said anything. We’re in the BY and it’s time for the veto competition. Last summer, the slap, punch, kick machine took the world by storm. With Bro Fund Me, Rachel came up with an all new version. Bonk, chop, and spank machine. They will get a series of chops, bonks, and spanks and then answer a question. The person with the most points will win the veto. They get the first sequence and JC is a little small and is getting hit in a difficult area. Rachel asks what was the first action that happened twice. All HG answer spank and they are all correct and they all have 1 point. Rockstar wants to be spanked a little harder. Sequence number two is delivered. Were they chopped more or spanked more. The house is split and the correct answer is spank and Sam and Faysal get another point. Sequence number three. Which action happened four times. Everyone gets it right except Sam. Faysal has 3 and everyone else has 2. Sequence number four. Which action happened the most. The correct answer is chopped and everyone gets a point except Haleigh. Sequence number five. What happened immediately following the fourth spank? The correct answer is bonk and everyone gets a point. After five rounds, Faysal is still in the lead. Kaitlyn says this is going great and she’s still playing hard. Sequence number 6. What was the tenth action that happened? The correct answer is chop and Faysal and Kaitlyn get a point. Faysal has 6 points and Kaitlyn is in second with 5. Haleigh is so far behind she can’t win and Fessy hasn’t missed a single question. Time for the final sequence. Which action happened the fewest times? Kaitlyn is intentionally getting the question wrong to ensure he wins. The correct answer is bonk. Congratulations Faysal, he has won POV. Faysal says now he won the veto and he has no idea what he’s going to do. He loves them both. He met two strangers and he’s crying without even having known them a month. Kaitlyn and Haleigh are both in the DR and they are both saying it’s great Faysal won because he promised them he’d use it on them and they get to stay another week. Faysal and Haleigh are in the bedroom and Haleigh is laying down. Faysal asks why and Haleigh says it’s been a long day. Faysal asks if she trusts him and she asks why he’s so conflicted about it. He hugs her and says he has her. Kaitlyn is laying down on a bed and Faysal is talking to her about Swaggy. Kaitlyn says they are “the two” until the end. Kaitlyn says when she gets off the clock, whoever Sam puts up Haleigh will stay. Faysal says you would stay and Kaitlyn says she’s done more things. Kaitlyn asks Faysal if he promised her as well and he denies it at first and then says yeah. She wants to know why he would do that? She noticed a vibrational shift in Faysal and it’s freaking her out. She wants him to tell her the truth and asks again if he promised to save her and he says he didn’t promise to NOT save her. Kaitlyn is shocked and she can’t believe this. Faysal doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because it’s stressing him out. Kaitlyn says it wouldn’t be so difficult if he hadn’t promised them both the same thing. Kaitlyn wants Faysal to look her in the face and tell him if he’s going to use it on her or not. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Kaitlyn says he KNOWS she’ll go home and now she feels so stupid. She can’t do this anymore and she walks out of the room. Tyler goes to talk to Sam and Tyler says now that Faysal has the veto and he’s pretty sure he’s going to use it he wants to make sure Sam is still going to put up Rockstar and not do anything crazy to throw things off. Sam says she’s not going to tell anyone who she’s putting up until she puts them up. Tyler asks about Rockstar and Sam shrugs. Tyler wants to know why Sam wouldn’t put up Rockstar up. Sam says why Rockstar, because it’s the easiest thing to do? Sam tells us Tyler wants her to tell him who she’s putting up and she doesn’t want to tell anyone because she doesn’t want anyone changing her mind. Sam says she is going to do what is best for everyone. Time for the veto meeting! Faysal has decided to use the Power of Veto on…Haleigh. Since one of Sam’s nominations have been vetoed she has to name a replacement nominee. Sam steps up and says Fessy won the veto and chose to use and now she’s forced to nominate a second person. She hasn’t really thought about who she was going to put and she’s going to put up someone she thinks the whole house really enjoys and is her best friend and she thinks he’s going to stay. JC says he would never do that to Sam. Tyler looks terrified. Sam puts up Rockstar. Sam then talks about the first power app and says it is automatically offered at the eviction. Whoever is evicted has a chance to come back into the house. Faysal says he did what he had to do and took Haleigh down. Kaitlyn is clearly mad at him. JC says Sam what are you doing? This is not how BB works, you don’t put your friends on the block. Sam wanted to put JC up because he would stay over Kaitlyn and she didn’t have the heart to do it so she put up Rockstar. Rockstar is hurt by Sam and she doesn’t know why she was the one over a bully. Kaitlyn says the wrath of Kaitlyn is about to come down and if she’s going to be evicted she’s glad it’s this week. If they want to play the game dirty, then she’ll play it dirty and Faysal will go home.
  14. We meet our guest judge for the night, Olivia Munn! She says she’s so excited. This is the only show she watches religiously and she is excited she has a golden buzzer. We begin the show with Human Fountains. They perform this time to Time to Say Good-bye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. They use orange juice this time as well. They also crack an egg in one of the guy’s mouths and he spits that into another guy’s mouth and it’s repeated one more time. Olivia looks grossed out. Heidi is laughing. Human Fountains get a standing ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Heidi and the audience. Olivia says they’ve been spitting in each other’s mouths since they were children? Simon wants to know how he’s supposed to judge this? There was an egg. Howie says they added protein. Mel B likes the fact they told a story about a morning routine. Howie says they are his personal nightmare and they did what they were asked to do by stepping it up. Next we have Shin Lim who does close-up magic. Simon greets him as he comes to the stage. He requests a spectator and he asks for Olivia to join him. He starts with Olivia placing her hand over a card and tells her to make sure she doesn’t move. He starts by turning some queens into aces. He then pulls queens and kings from the aces that are the same suit and then he makes the aces disappear. He is using clubs, diamonds, and hearts, and Olivia has her hand over the Ace of Spades. When Olivia lifts her hand, she has all four aces. Shin then takes the kings and queens of the three suits and make them disappear as well. The audience is amazed and he gets an ovation from them and all of the judges. Simon says that was spooky and says Olivia was inches away, what happened? She says she doesn’t have a clue, it was truly amazing. Heidi says out of all the magicians out there, Shin is the only one who makes her believe magic is possible. Howie says this time was even more magical than his audition and if he keeps delivering like that, then he is going a long way. Taking the stage next a group of young brothers and Simon said they were pretty good. We then have Macey Mac who is another young singer and Mel B says she stepped it up from her last audition. We then see Sophie and she’s 5 and she’s a singer. Sophie takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon says his son has a bit of a crush on her and he’s shaking his head. Simon asks what she’d do with the money and Sophie says she doesn’t care about the money she just wants to sing and make people happy. Simon says so if you win, we don’t have to give you the money? Sophie says yes. Sophie sings New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. The crowd is on their feet for Sophie before she even finishes. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the crowd. Simon says Sophie is officially the youngest AGT contestant. He says amazing. Olivia asks who taught her to sing like that and Sophie answers Frank Sinatra. Howie asks if she’s been told that she’s crazy cute and she says thank you. Time for some dance groups. Reyes Del Swing is the first group up and they impress the judges and the crowd. Olivia says they didn’t just dance, they put on a show. Simon says they are so professional and so much fun and he thinks they need them in the live shows. The next dance group has watched and say they have to give it everything they got to match that. They are called The Future Kingz and they know they can’t just be good this time around, they have to be great. They dance to Poison by Bel Biv Devoe and Olivia says she loves this song and Mel B agrees. The song switches to MC Hammer and their youngest dancer takes front stage. The crowd and 4 of the 5 judges, minus Howie are on their feet. Howie reminds people that Future Kingz are not professional dancers but they are about hope. Olivia thought they were amazing and they were so in sync. She says they were so great. Simon says it was a real step up from what they saw before. Simon thinks other groups they saw were technically better, but it’s not always about technicality. Next is Lioz from Israel and he’s a mentalist. He says he’s going to do something amazing, something they’ve never seen before…magic. Howie turns it over to Lioz. The audience seems to be enjoying the act. He gets an ovation from 3 of the judges and the crowd. Olivia says it’s not magic but it’s something awesome. Simon says normally he doesn’t find this stuff funny, but his sense of humor is hilarious. Heidi says it’s silly and a little stupid. It’s not her cup of tea. Howie thinks what he does is amazing. Lioz is cleaning up some of his props while Howie is talking and Lioz leaves the stage right as he finishes. The Angel City Chorale is ready to take the stage. Sue, the director, steps up and is greeted by Simon. 145 people here today and they represent diversity from all walks of life. Simon wishes them the best of luck. They perform and Simon and the audience claps along. Howie says he’s not only listening but watching and he loves that the Angel City Chorale took him on a journey. Mel B feels the same and she loves it. Simon says he likes it because they care so much and what they do is very inspiring. Olivia says looking around and seeing the diversity but they all sing from the same voice and it’s so inspirational. She hits her golden buzzer. The next act out is Shannon and Reckon, a dog act. The dog is more interested in playing than performing. We then see Exisdance, a robot that took over a human body, but the audience is receptive and the judges are bored. Next is International Superstar Hans. Hans says tonight’s performance is going to be bigger and better than before. Simon greets Hans and Simon asks how he’s going to change things up tonight. Hans says he’s just a lonely German before standing before a music mogul asking him to love him. Simon turns the stage over to Hans. Hans starts playing the piano and then he immediately gets up and he’s performing to It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls. He then gets his accordion and starts playing and singing. It seems he’s getting mixed reactions from the judges. The audience seems to love it. Hans gets an ovation from the audience. Heidi says it doesn’t even bother her that Hans vocals aren’t the best. Mel B says he’s the gift that keeps on giving and he’s just trying to entertain them. Olivia says she isn’t sure what she was watching but she loved it. Simon says he has to be honest he managed to make it worse than the first audition, but there is something compelling about him. Next out is Vivien who is a jump rope artist and she has sprained both of her ankles since her audition. She performs with two others even with sprained ankles. Olivia says she’s such a warrior and Mel B just amazed her. She is carried off by the two men she performed with. Then we have Rob Lake who is an illusionist and Shin is his competition, but they have a different style of magic. Olivia went to the same college Rob did. Howie wishes him luck. Rob has a box on a pedestal with a ladder up to it and a woman appears in it. Rob limbs up with the woman and she chains him to the booth and raises a curtain and ties it. She then lifts it from the bottom and you can see Rob and she walks away to a table. The curtain drops on Rob and he is now on the table and the woman is chained to the booth. Rob gets an ovation from the audience and 4 of the 5 judges, minus Simon. Simon says that was incredible and he was watching closely and it’s not just what he did, but how he did it and it’s a bit corny. Mel B says she loved the cheesiness and she thinks he’s great. Olivia says it was truly incredible. Howie says it was an amazing illusion. Then we have Leah Mathies and she performs an original song. Simon says they’ll be discussing her tonight. Hunter takes the stage and he also performs an original song. Howie buzzes Hunter and he thinks Hunter is gambling on his original music. Joseph O’Brien is the next to the stage and he is greeted by Simon. He’s going to sing I Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon. He also plays piano while he performs. Simon stops the performance and Joseph looks disappointed. Simon thinks Joseph is overthinking and he’s frustrated. Joseph asks if it’d be ok if he did an original and Heidi tells him to do one that he loves. Joseph sits at the piano and tries again with his original. The crowd seems much more receptive. Mel B says there’s no doubt he has a great sounding voice. Olivia says he is clearly very talented. Simon likes his voice and he thinks he has a fighting spirit in him. Our final act is Vicki and she’s a comedian. Simon greets her and he says of all the comedians they had, she is the one he remembered. Simon asks what she’d do with the money and she says buy a trailer in Malibu so she could be closer to Simon. The crowd seems to love her and the judges are laughing. Vicki gets an ovation from the crowd and all five judges. Olivia loves Vicki so much, she wishes she had 2 golden buzzers. Heidi says Vicki is her favorite comedian this year. Heidi says she’s so brash and unapologetic, yet so likeable. Howie says he thinks America loves her and she’s relatable. He thinks she’s beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a sense of humor. Simon says the minute she walks on she’s got great energy and she is naturally funny and she is exactly what the show needs. We see the judges deliberating and discussing the acts. The judges thank Olivia and it’s time to learn the decisions. Human Fountains and Lioz are up on stage first. Simon says this is difficult and only 6 can go through and they are not going through to the live shows. Next out are the three singers Leah, Hunter, and Joseph, and Simon says only one will go through to the live shows. The person who is moving on is Joseph O’Brien. Sophie, the brothers dance act, and Macey are up and they are not going through. Rob Lake and Shin Lim are up and Heidi reveals Shin made it to the live show, and Rob is also going through to the live show. Next we have Exisdance, Vivien, and Shannon and Reckon and Howie says they have not made it. The Future Kingz and Reyes Del Swing are up next and Mel B says they can only take one act forward, and that act is The Future Kingz. Hans is up next and Heidi informs him in German that he is on to the live show. Vicki is the final act to see what her fate is and Howie says comedy is so subjective and they needed a unanimous verdict and she’s dealt with rejection and there’s always rejection, but there isn’t any tonight. Vicki is on to the live shows and Mel B gives her a hug.
  15. The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers: Singers: (9) Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer Angel City Chorale-Olivia's Golden Buzzer Us the Duo Christina Wells Joseph O'Brien Danger: (2) Aaron Crow Duo Transcend Dance: (3) Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer Junior New System The Future Kingz Variety: (2) Mochi Hans Magicians: (2) Shin Lim Rob Lake Comedians: (1) Vicki Barbolak
  16. Tonight, AGT begins judge cuts and they have a special guest judge, Ken Joeung! 18 acts will perform and battle for 7 spots. Who will survive? Tyra welcomes the judges and the introduces Ken Joeung. Tyra tells Ken he gets a golden buzzer too and he can send someone straight through to the live shows. The first act to perform is a dance act called Junior New System. Mel B greets them and they say they are nervous because it’s the middle round. Mel B wishes them luck. Mel B is into the performance. They get an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges and the audience. Mel B says Junior New System are incredible and amazing. Heidi thinks their dancing is explosive and they create so many moments. Howie says they stepped it up and made it better. They can only allow 7 acts to go through and he will fight for them. Simon says this is one of those acts that shouldn’t work on paper, but the audience says otherwise. Ken says he is so rooting for them. He loved every second of it and it’s going to be a very hard evening. Next is Harold and Regan. The perform their dance with some tricks and the audience liked it. Mel B says Regan is a really good actress and they really stepped up their game. Then we have Us the Duo and they are a married couple. She reveals she is pregnant. They take the stage where there is a piano and Heidi greets them. They are going to perform another original song. Us the Duo begin their performance and he’s playing the piano while they both sing. Towards the end of the song he stops playing the piano and they get the audience to clap along. They get an ovation from the audience, Heidi, Mel B, and Ken. Simon says Us the Duo are good song writers, but he didn’t like this audition as much as the first. But he does love them. Ken says they harmonized well together and they were beautiful. Howie thinks they are a beautiful couple who are amazing talented, but he’s not a fan of the song writing. Simon disagrees. Taking the stage next is Kevin Blake and he’s a magician. He brings a gift bag to the judges table and asks Mel to come with him outside. He has her take a ring off and he puts in a ring box and he attaches the ring box to some balloons and then he lets it go. The judges inside watch it on a screen. Kevin gives a badly wrapped gift to Simon and it’s a box with a lock on it. Kevin gives Simon a key and inside is another box and inside of that box is Mel B’s ring. Howie says he loves that he’s original. Simon says he was better than he was the first time. Now taking the stage is Mochi and he does diabolo, which is a type of juggling. Howie greets him and says his family didn’t support him before and Mochi says they support him now. He performs in front of a screen and the crowd seems to immediately enjoy it. Midway through his performance he adds a second object to juggle. He gets an ovation from all five judges and the audience. Ken says he tried to do Diabolo himself the other day. He salutes Mochi. Simon says Mochi made something which could be boring, fantastic. Heidi says she loves his personality because he’s so excited about everything. Lily Wilker is next and she does animal sounds. She does jungle animals this time. We then see Oscar and Pam. Oscar is a singing dog. They begin their performance and Mel B gives them an X. Mel B says it hurt her ears and she couldn’t take it anymore. Simon says he is going to fight for those two. Daniel Emmet steps up and he reviews his original performance and Simon asking him to perform a second song. He says Simon impressed the performance of song choice and he hopes he picked the right song. Simon wishes him luck and he performs. He gets an ovation from the audience and 4 of the 5 judges. Mel B says Daniel’s singing is out of this world, it was brilliant. Heidi says belissima! He looks amazing and he has an amazing voice and she’ll be fighting for him. Ken says he was thrilled to watch him and there will be a lot of hard choices to be made. Simon thinks he worked this out and every time he sings it’s like they haven’t heard enough of him. Voice of Hope is next to perform. They are a children’s choir and the children talk about how appreciative they are of the direct, Sarah. They take the stage and Simon greets them. They are going to perform How Far I’ll Go by Auli'i Cravalho from Moana. Voice of Hope begins their performance and Ken has a smile on his face. The audience seems to love the performance and they are on their feet before the performance Is over. They get an ovation from all 5 judges. The director of Voice of Hope returns to the stage and the children crowd around. Mel B says that made her emotional and she could see that each one of them really wants it. Heidi thinks they all sounded great and it’s great what they do with their spare time instead of sitting at home playing video games. Simon thinks of all the acts they’ve seen so far and they are the most improved and he felt an unbelievable energy and he’s proud of all of them. Ken says from all of us to all of you…he hits his golden buzzer. Next we have the danger act of Aaron Crow. He is greeted by Ken and Howie tells Ken Aaron doesn’t speak. He begins his performance and he has a laser and it points to Ken and Aaron would like Ken to join him on stage. Ken looks less than thrilled. Heidi gets up to go and Ken reluctantly follows. Heidi says she doesn’t feel good about this. Aaron motions for Heidi to take off her ring and Aaron cores an apple and Ken immediately claps. He puts the ring in the apple and puts the core back in and hands Ken a wheel with a nail in it. He has Heidi sit down and hands Heidi the wheel and he slides the apple onto the nail. Aaron then has a target and a bow and arrow and he puts the apple on Heidi’s head and Ken is holding it steady. Aaron comes out with an arrow with a laser on it and we get a warning to not do this at home. Aaron steps onto a rotating platform with the bow and arrow and shoots it through the apple and it hits the target. Heidi’s ring is on the arrow and Ken is standing there shaking. Aaron slides the ring into Ken’s hand and Ken is still shaking and gets down on one knee and slides the ring on Heidi’s finger. Howie says that was amazing! Mel B tells Ken and Heidi that Aaron was on a platform spinning. Ken says that was intense, but everything about his essence creeps him out, but he salutes him. Heidi salutes him too. Simon wants to make something clear before they deliberate. He will not be a part of any of his acts. Howie says he did step it up and they are going to have a hard time picking just 6 acts to go through. The next individual to take the stage is Carmen Lynch and she’s a comedian. Ken greets her and can’t wait to see her. Carmen begins her set and she immediately gets laughs. The audience seemed to enjoy her and she got an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges. Ken says she has a dry wit and he’ll be fighting for her. Heidi says she was very good but it’s going to be a little tough today. Christina Wells is next and she’s a singer and her sons are in the audience to support her. At her audition, she felt like she was doing what she was put on this earth to do. She’s going to sing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. Simon says this is one of the greatest songs he’s heard in years, no pressure and turns it over to her. Christina begins her performance. It is quiet throughout her performance but as she finishes the audience stands and cheers and all 5 judges give an ovation. Mel B says it’s been a long day and she knows she’s on an emotional roller coaster. She’s going to be honest she was pitchy, but the performance was there. Ken says when he gave up his career his wife told him he’s no longer a doctor, he’s a comedian. He tells Christina she is no longer a nurse, she’s a singer. Simon says Mel was right but she was amazing and she thinks there is better to come and they will be talking about her later. Patches is up next. He’s a rapper and his real name is Maddoc Johnson and he’s 13. He heads out on stage and is greeted by Mel B. Simon wants to know where Patches would like to be in a couple of years and he says he’d love to be on Broadway. Patches is going to perform another original song about how fast everything has been happening since his audition. Patches performs and the audience enjoys it. He got an ovation from 3 of the 5 judges. Ken says he burned that song to ashes. Howie says he’s unexpected and he loves surprises. Heidi says she’s honored she made it into his rap song and it was a step up from last time. We see Andrew Johnston performing Imagine by John Lennon. Simon says something for him didn’t connect and he thinks he played it too safe. Then Celina and Filliberto are ready to dance for the judges. Their daughter is Idanis and she is their translator. Idanis says tonight they are going to add a lot more passion and fire. Heidi greets them and Idanis believes they can step-up from their previous performance. Idanis says they’ll be surprised. Celina and Filliberto perform to Turn Down for What by Lil John. They are dressed in a hip hop style this time. Ken immediately starts laughing. The audience is into it and cheering them on. They get an ovation from Howie and Heidi and the audience. Heidi says they did step it up. Simon thinks they’ve seen 100 shades of grey. Ken says as a former doctor he was a little nervous for their heart and knees but they are so loveable and they completely entertained him. Mel B says she DID say no last time but she didn’t X them this time because they had a routine and she actually enjoyed the performance. Simon says this is what the show is about, when the audience loves it and they have fun. We see clips of a couple of danger acts including an act of jumping on trampolines with various painful apparatuses. Next we have Duo Transcend and they are married and they are a trapeze act. He has an eye disease and she has shattered her foot before. They begin on the trapeze in the air. The judges look terrified and audience seems to love the act. He then puts a blindfold on and the judges sit quietly looking terrified and as she slides we see her fall and a commercial. We return and she stands behind the fire and he drops from the trapeze. The audience is clapping and the judges all stand. Mary asks to try the blindfold trick one more time and Ken says this is America’s got talent, not America’s got perfection. Simon says a singer can miss a note but it doesn’t make them any less amazing. Simon says it is incredible. Mel B says the suspense, the fire, just incredible. She says they stepped up their game higher than she ever expected. Howie says she almost got very badly and her first thought was let me try again. Only on AGT does that happen. Heidi says she see so much passion between the two of them and for their craft. The judges are now deliberating and arguing over which six they will put through. They thank Ken and he says he had a marvelous time. They call the first four acts to the stage Kevin Blake, Celina and Filliberto, Andrew Johnston, and Harold and Regan and they are all out. Junior New System and Us the Duo are greeted by Mel B and informed they both make it through. Next is Oscar the singing dog, Lily Wilker, and Patches are up and none of them make it through. Mochi is up next to get his results and Howie gives him the news that he is moving on. Daniel Emmet is next up to get his news and Simon says it’s difficult for them and he’s going to cut to the chase and he hasn’t made it through. Howie tells him not to give up. Aaron Crow and Duo Transcend are the next to the stage to get their results and Heidi tells them they are both going through to the live shows. Christina Wells is now ready for her results and Simon says they had to make decisions based on who they think could do something special on the live show and they have decided to put her through to the live shows.
  17. The acts that are through to the lives and the golden buzzers: Singers: Michael-Simon's Golden Buzzer Courtney-Howie's Golden Buzzer Amanda-Mel B's Golden Buzzer Makayla-Heidi's Golden Buzzer Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer Us the Duo Christina Wells Danger: Aaron Crow Duo Transcend Dance: Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer Junior New System Variety: Mochi
  18. We are ready for our final round of auditions. Tyra is standing in front of an apparatus of some sort and it’s time for the first act. We meet Hamster Wheel, Bryce, Christian, and Jason. The apparatus is a Rube Goldberg Machine. To start the machine, they ask Simon to call Tyra on the cell phone and they have Tyra’s cell phone on a platform that vibrates and falls and kicks off the Rube Goldberg machine. The machine is a success. Simon says he was on the edge of his seat hoping it works. He kicks the voting off with a yes. Howie loves they gave themselves a golden buzzer. He loves these devices and he feels like he’s at a science convention. He gives a yes. Heidi found it boring and she gives it a no. Mel B says she respects the amount of hours they put into it to make it work. She’s on the fence and the audience cheers loudly. Mel B says ok! Yes, yes, yes! Maddoc Johnson is in 7th grade and he’s in chess club, electronics club, fencing, judo, wrestling, sailing, and he was in a musical. He is called Patches and he wrote his first song when he was 7. Howie greets him and he is going to perform an original. Howie asks what he would do with the money if he won and he says he’d buy tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway. Patches begins his performance and he is a rapper. The audience seems to like it and Mel B is excited. Howie is clapping along and smiling. Patches finishes and he gets an ovation from the audience. Heidi says she wasn’t expecting that and it was a lot of fun. Simon says he is hilarious and he likes him. Mel B is still trying to wrap her head around what just happened, she liked it! Howie says it was fascinating. Howie starts with the first yes. Mel B has to say yes. Heidi wants to hear the next song, it’s a definite yes from her. Simon doesn’t know where this is going to go, but the audience wants to see him in the next round so he has four yesses. Next we have a danger act and he blind folds his assistant and has her throw knives at him. Simon gives an ovation. The next act is speaking and what they do is very dangerous. They are on a see-saw type apparatus and they are jumping and flipping. Simon says he’s never seen anything that good. Then we have a father daughter act. The father, Sergey is 52 and the daughter, Sasha is 15. They’ve been doing the act since she was 6 years old. Simon asks if the act is dangerous and they say yes. Mel B wishes them luck. Sergey has a platform on his head and Sasha climbs on it and does a head stand. Sergey then spins her. The audience is on their feet. Sasha does different tricks balancing on Sergey’s head and/or hands. They do another trick where she has a bar on her feet that she’s spinning while on Sergey’s head and he climbs and descends a ladder while balancing Sasha. The audience is on their feet as Sergey and Sasha finish. Mel B says she was traumatized, but in a really, really good way because she made it out alive. She was blown away. Howie says that was so scary and so dangerous and he means that in a positive way. Heidi says they are amazing entertainers. It was amazing. Simon agrees with what Heidi just said. Simon wants to know if it gets more dangerous and Sasha says yes and more props. No fire though because she doesn’t want to lose her hair like Howie. Heidi gives Sergey and Sasha a yes. Simon says yes. Howie says even though he doesn’t know that was a compliment, they still get a yes. Mel B says they get their fourth yes from her and they’ll see them in the next round. The next act to perform is a choir comprised of 116 individuals. Sue Fink is the director and the choir is called the Angel City Chorale. Simon greets them and says a choir hasn’t won AGT yet. Sue says they weren’t us. Simon turns the stage over to them. They begin rubbing their hands and snapping their fingers and it sounds like rain. Sue gets the audience involved. There are thunder effects and they begin to sing Africa by Toto. Simon and the audience are clapping along. Heidi is dancing in her seat. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon as they finish. Howie says Angel City Chorale took the audition by storm. Literally. It’s amazing. Mel B says it was uplifting and fantastic. Heidi says she loved where they were interactive with the audience and she really loved it. Simon says there was something magical with the way they were singing together. He says it was a great audition and they are going to remember it for a long time. Howie gives Angel City Chorale s a yes. Mel B says a definite yes from her. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says the best choir they’ve had and it’s a yes from him. Next we have a clean comic, his mama would come out of heaven and be like pow! Howie says he was the life of tonight’s party. We have another stand-up comedian, a female. Mel B says she was confident, witty, and hilarious. We have a trio of comedians and they get laughs and move on. Next, we have Oliver and he’s 32 and he’s pursuing stand-up comedy. He says doing comedy isn’t what he thought because he gets very different reactions. He says there will be some people who will want to see his humor. He takes the stage and is greeted by Mel B. The interview is very dry and Mel B tells Oliver to go for it. Oliver begins his act and his first joke gets a lukewarm response. Howie is amused by the other judges are laughing but not a lot. The audience warmed up as he continued and he gets a standing ovation from the audience and Mel B and Howie. Mel B says Oliver is so different and absolutely everything she loves. Howie says everything about him was good and he’s very smart and bright. Oliver is emotional and he says he doesn’t get booked at a lot of shows and Howie says enjoy your free time for now because you’re going to be a busy man. Simon says when he looks back at comedians they all blur together, except him. Mel B kicks things off with a yes. Howie gives a second yes. Heidi gives a third yes. Simon gives the fourth and says congratulations. Angel Garcia is next and he’s 12-years old and he’s a singer. His dad is his best friend. If he won, he would buy his parents a home. Howie greets Angel as he comes on stage and Angel is inspired to sing by his dad and he’s going to sings El Triste by Jose Jose, a Spanish hit. The audience enjoys it and they give an ovation along with Heidi and Mel B. Mel B says she was not expecting that at all, that was brilliant. Angel’s voice filled up the whole auditorium. Heidi says she doesn’t speak Spanish so she doesn’t know what he was singing about, but it must have been love because she could feel it. Simon says sometimes with younger contestants they don’t know who they are yet. Howie says he was talented and he expected something much younger. Time to vote. Mel B gives Angel his first yes. Heidi says of course I’m saying yes. Howie says there is a disconnect and he has to be honest, he didn’t get it. He’s a no. Now it’s up to Simon. Simon says this a tricky one. Song choices define who you are, but it’s very easy to choose a song and he’s one of the best singers they’ve had so far. Simon gives a third yes and he’s on his way. We’re back and it says something AGT Data Control Center and Tyra says something is going on onstage that looks hi-tech. It’s a gentleman with a visual performance. Howie says it seems like every year the technology goes up. We then have a guy come out with “robot” arms and Howie greets him. The guys struggles with the microphone. He talks to Howie with a robot voice. Howie asks what he’s going to do and the robot says a product promotion if you wheel. The robot guy asks for an orange and he goes to pick it up. Simon quickly buzzes and the audience boos. The robot is going to peel an orange and Heidi X’s, followed by Mel B and Howie. Simon says it wasn’t act and Heidi didn’t think she could roll her eyes into her head far enough. All four judges give a no. Next they have Box of Clowns. They are like a puppet act and they are quickly buzzed by all four judges. Then we see a “band” come out and they the “Spice Girls”. They are guys and they sing Wannabe in a rock style. Simon presses all the X’s. Mel B says they were great and Simon says they DID sound better than the original. Next, we have a guy blowing up balloons. Howie X’s him. Simon goes and pops the balloons the other judges are blowing up. Then all judges are X’s and Simon wants to vote. He slowly lets the air out of his balloon and says that was his way of saying no. Oscar and Pam are ready to perform and Pam tells us she plays piano and Oscar sings. Simon greets them as they come out to the stage. Simon wishes them luck. Pam plays and Oscar howls as she plays. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon. Simon couldn’t understand the words Oscar sang, but he was singing with the song. Simon says we may have found our first singing dog. Heidi says she has to think about that one. Mel B is kind of on the same page as Heidi. Howie says the dog was on-key. He loved it. Howie gives a yes. Simon gives a yes because Pam’s dog can sing. Heidi gives a no. The audience is chanting and Mel B says yes. Yes, yes, yes. The next act is Hunter and he is a singer. He will be singing Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. His mom was a big fan. The judges are listening intently and the audience is quiet. Simon stops the performance. He says what he was doing was very generic, but he has a good voice. Simon wants to hear one of Hunter’s songs. The audience immediately seems more into it. Simon says it was like two auditions and Heidi thinks Hunter just saved himself. Simon asks what’s been inspiring him over the years to be a singer and he says making people forget about the negativity going on in their life. Simon says there is something about him, he’s a good song writer. He wants to know what Hunter’s low and high moment to get to where he is. Hunter says the low is he’s been on his own since 18 and he’s had moments he didn’t have enough money to eat and the high was this moment. Heidi says she would have given Hunter a no on the first song, but she’s going to give him a yes. Howie gives him some advice. He says he’s too closed and it’s not just about his song, but about him. Howie says he no, he needs to open up and come back. Mel B says this stage can be intimidating and he sang a song that meant something so she’s saying yes. Simon says he kind of agrees with Howie, but he doesn’t. Simon thinks he overthought the audition and he’s probably better than he thinks he is and he’s going to take a leap of faith and give the third yes. We now have a group of young ladies who are dancers and they are called Pancakes. Heidi says sweet little pancakes, and not so sweet at all. Mel B says they did every current move and they were fire. Then we see Resident Swing from Colombia and they are dancers. Simon says it was explosive and made him feel good. Next is a high school dance team dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes. They’ve had some videos go viral. Heidi loved the theme and the energy. Simon says they light up the stage and they were amazing. We then have yet another group, one of whom is on crutches. He will not be performing but he’s there to support his group. They are called Blue Tokyo. They begin their performance and the audience loves it. The judges look interested. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Heidi says Blue Tokyo made their long flight worthwhile. She says they were like super heroes, she absolutely loved it. Mel B says what just happened?!? It was flawless and their athleticism was brilliant. Howie says they see a lot of dancers and they see acrobats but they don’t see people do it all in one act, that’s amazing. Simon says it was technically brilliant and he hasn’t seen anything like it before. He says it was classy and brilliant. Time to vote for Blue Tokyo. Howie says yes! Heidi says yes. Simon says yes. And Mel B gives the fourth yes and they are on to the next round. Next is Makayla Phillips and she’s 15-years old and she’s a singer. She’s watched AGT since she was 3 and she’s always wanted to be on the show. She wants to perform for everyone. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Mel B. Mel B wishes her good luck. Makayla sings Warrior by Demi Lovato. The audience loves it and Heidi has a smile on her face. Howie and Mel B are also smiling. Heidi is listening intently. Makayla gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi. Mel B says she’s amazing. Heidi says so fun and good. She loves her and she thinks she’s absolutely incredible. She loves her smile and her voice is incredible and she’s going to do something for Makayla…she hits the golden buzzer.
  19. The Golden Buzzers from the auditions are as follows: Zucaroh-Tyra Michael-Simon Courtney-Howie Amanda-Mel B Makayla-Heidi
  20. 6:30 PM BBT Haleigh tells Brett she doesn’t understand why Kaitlyn is so confident that Haleigh would be safe if she didn’t come off the block. Brett says she’s just being selfish. Haleigh says Kaitlyn’s campaign to Faysal is she’s a closer friend and she would have picked him to play but she didn’t get a chance to. Sam and Bayleigh are both doing yoga now. Angela is running laps. Kaycee is sitting against the wall blending in. Haleigh asks Brett what his take is, does he think Faysal should use it? Brett says it depends on where Faysal’s head is. He says Faysal has relationships with both of them, but he lost trust with Kaitlyn and he hasn’t with Haleigh. Brett says it just depends on who Faysal thinks the replacement nominee will be because almost anyone next to Kaitlyn and she goes home. Haleigh says if Faysal uses it, at least he has some control over which one he keeps vs which one he’s willing to lose. 6:35 PM BBT Tyler is in the pool. Kaycee is against the wall. Sam and Bayleigh are doing yoga. Haleigh and Brett are still talking about veto and Kaitlyn. We hear the BB announcer say you are the reason we can’t have nice things. Those outside are trying to figure out who the announcement was for. Haleigh tells Brett they don’t like her talking to him, but she’s not going to stop because he made a game move. Haleigh says Rockstar doesn’t grasp that it wasn’t a personal attack. Haleigh says she made everyone feel uncomfortable and she advised Rockstar to apologize. 6:40 PM BBT Haleigh and Brett are still talking and Haleigh says Faysal asked her to pick him because he wanted to be able to play. Haleigh says there is a lot of drama around Kaitlyn and it’s not even game drama, it’s just drama. Brett says Haleigh seems to have a better relationship with Angela and Rachel, where Kaitlyn does not. Haleigh says Kaitlyn doesn’t care about female relationships. Brett says that’s why he thinks Haleigh is good with the girls and he thinks she’d have Sam’s vote as well. Brett says Haleigh’s relationship with Sam will be better after this week. Brett says the worst thing you can do in this game is personal. Haleigh says Bayleigh is trying to get close to Sam so she’s not the replacement and she’s doing a good job. 6:45 PM BBT Haleigh says she’s not going to stress out anymore because her body doesn’t deal with stress very well. Brett says no body does. Bayleigh is leading Sam in yoga. Tyler and Angela are by the pool and Kaycee has left the wall to join them for a moment. Kaycee is doing push-ups with weights. Haleigh says she doesn’t know where Faysal’s head is but she’ll know tomorrow. Haleigh wants to know who would go home between Rockstar and Kaitlyn because she thinks Rockstar can be calmed down and reasoned with. Brett wants to know why Haleigh thinks Rockstar will be the replacement. 6:50 PM BBT Brett and Haleigh are still talking about Kaitlyn and Rockstar. Rockstar is in the WA with Tyler and Kaycee comes in. Rockstar comes out to the hammock and Brett leaves Haleigh with her. 6:55 PM BBT JC and Tyler are in the HOH talking. JC and Tyler are talking about Kaitlyn and he asks Tyler if Kaitlyn said she had feelings for him and Tyler nods. JC starts talking and says she said the same thing to Fessy too. Brett comes in and asks JC if he’s ready to work out. Tyler heads back downstairs. JC is telling Brett that Kaitlyn has feelings for Faysal. JC says he’s close with Faysal and he’s been trying to talk to him all day. JC says Kaitlyn interrupted him and Faysal earlier after getting 5 minutes with him.
  21. 6:00 PM BBT JC is in the hammock with Haleigh and Brett is outside. They are talking about working out. Scottie is cooking in the KT. Brett goes around the hammock and lays next to Haleigh. FotH. All feeds are on the KT where Scottie is. Scottie is mumbling about slop. Rockstar and Sam are on towels in the BY, Bayleigh is stretching, and Angela is running. Haleigh, JC, and Brett are talking about girls who soak their tampons in vodka. Brett says he knew some guys who butt chugged grain alcohol. Brett explains how you get messed up faster and why it’s dangerous. Sam is using her hands as a bubble blower and blowing some bubbles. 6:05 PM BBT JC says his college life was American Pie and Brett says his still is. All four cameras are on the hammock. Brett says the BY looks like a park with people doing different activities. Rockstar and Sam are both blowing bubbles with their hands. Bayleigh is doing yoga poses. 6:10 PM BBT Sam says Sunday is her favorite day. Sam is singing various songs and we get FotH. General chatter in the hammock. Rachel was laying on a couch and she gets up and goes inside. Rockstar is complaining about Brett to Sam saying she doesn’t understand why he would not treat her as a person. Rockstar can’t wait to get out and watch the season and Sam can’t wait either. 6:15 PM BBT JC yells across the yard and asks if Rachel put his clothes in and she says no. He tells her she needs to come back outside and put his clothes in. JC, Brett, and Haleigh are talking about Sam saying she cried for like three days when she got her robot punishment. FotH. JC asks if Haleigh and Brett have cried yet. They talk about Josh crying last season. 6:20 PM BBT Haleigh, JC, and Brett are still in the hammock. Brett asks if Angela has cried and she says no. They talk about the HG who have cried. Sam goes to switch laundry around and Angela comes over to put something in. 6:25 PM BBT JC gets up to do laundry and Haleigh and Brett are talking. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is annoying because she’s putting so much pressure on Faysal and sitting in his lap every couple of hours. Haleigh says she chose Faysal to play in veto because he told her to. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is already trying to campaign. Haleigh says Kaitlyn thinks if Haleigh gets taken off and Brett goes up in her place, then she’ll be fine. Haleigh says she’s over the top and she’s definitely making good television.
  22. Previously, on Big Brother, the house has been divided from the jump. The Level 6 alliance along with JC and Sam on one side, and FOUTTE on the other side. But Level 6 was poised to take their first casualty. With a bro guaranteed to go, Level 6 wanted to cut Winston while the other side wanted to bounce Brett. With Tyler playing everyone, his game was in danger of being exposed. At the live eviction, Brett made a shocking speech and it WAS 6-5 sending Winston packing. Soon after, Rockstar went off her rocker, but that was just the opening act because tonight all hell breaks loose. Plus, who will endure the epic battle for power and become the new HOH? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on Day 30 as we start the HOH competition. Faysal doesn’t know what’s going on right now and it’s the third straight week they’ve been blindsided and his side has been going out bad. He just needs to win this HOH and hope he can get some answers. Brett says he’s on an emotional rollercoaster, his broster just got voted out of the house and then he just made a speech about Rockstar. He says he targeted her because he can’t stand her and he can’t influence or game play. So why not target her and make her a target. Rockstar says she’s just chanting her kids names and win this HOH because Brett just made up a lie about her. We then see the aftermath of the live eviction with Rockstar yelling at Brett. Kaitlyn is in the background mouthing what is going on. She is beside herself and doesn’t know what just happened. She needs to talk Tyler about this because she’s freaking out. She tells him to look her in the eye and swear on his father’s grave that he kept his word and Tyler says he would never do that. He says that immediately infuriates him because he would never swear on his dad’s grave. Kaycee says even though Winston left this week, Level 6 is as solid as those tree trunks and they need to win HOH so they can keep running the house. Rachel says it’s disgusting, it’s all in her hair and her face and it’s nasty. Haleigh has no idea what’s going on in this house and once again she is on the wrong side of the eviction. Going into the HOH the only people she can trust are her, herself, and she. Tyler says if any of the other side finds out he voted out Winston he is screwed. Sam says she wants to win this HOH competition because she has now lost the authority to offer her bonus life to someone. If she wins HOH at least she gets a chance to decide who gets the chance to get in the house. Rockstar says the sap is falling on her head and she’s thinking she can do this and then she falls. She heads over to Scottie and she is crying and apologizing and says she tried really hard. Faysal says he needs to win the HOH, but this tree is impossible to hold onto. His grip is giving out and his forearms are shivering and then we see him fall. Brett says he feels like someone lit a match under his forearms and calves and we see him fall. Kaycee says this HOH is harder than it looks, you have cold rain, feathers flying at them, sap sliding their arms, bird poop and the tree tilting. She says people are falling left and right. Boom, Bayleigh falls down, Angela falls down, and Rachel falls down. Then Haleigh falls off. Kaycee says it’s getting real. JC feels like this competition was made for him. He has good endurance and then he falls. We still have Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee. Kaycee says her fellow housemates don’t know what she’s capable of and she cannot fall before Kaitlyn. She doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were HOH. Sam says she takes cold showers every day even when she’s not a have-not because she’s an animal. Sam says she wants this HOH, she is not coming out of this tree until she is the last one coming out of the tree. The trees tip forward and Sam says she can see Kaitlyn’s arms shaking from there. Faysal cheers her on and Kaitlyn falls with Kaycee right behind. The HG all start screaming and cheering. Sam tells Tyler to jump down for her. Tyler looks at her and asks if she’s going to put him up. She says no. Tyler says he’s just trying to “make a deal” or “negotiate” his safety so these people don’t know he’s working with Sam. Sam is yelling at him to jump down and Tyler says Sam is making it hard to do by screaming at him. Tyler finally jumps and Sam has won HOH. Sam says she has nothing to worry about this week. She’s safe and she could not be happier right now. Tyler says he loses but he feels good because Sam has all the power this week. Rockstar is upset. She is upset how the whole day went. She’s upset because she wanted to make her family proud. It’s a hard day. We head inside from the HOH competition. Sam says ladies and gentleman may I present to you the new HOH. She’s already decided who she’s going to nominate and once she’s decided she won’t be moved. Rockstar is crying to Bayleigh in the BR and Bayleigh is trying to calm her down. Bayleigh tells Rockstar to talk to Sam and tell her the truth. Rockstar says she just wants to go home to her family and Bayleigh says she needs Rockstar to pull herself together. Rockstar is crying in the DR and says guys like that always win. Faysal and JC are talking in the SR and he says he has loyalty to no one right now. JC says he has Faysal’s back. JC says he’s been working with Tyler this whole week and they came up with a plan to flip the vote and blame Kaitlyn for it. JC tells Tyler Faysal will be in JC’s hands and he will totally believe Kaitlyn was the flip vote and Faysal will trust him more. JC says Fessy is a competitor but he’s not brainy. JC says Faysal is going crazy and blaming it on one of the little girls. Faysal says he’s going to blow up on someone and JC says he’s not going to blow up on anyone. Faysal says he just wants to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to his face. Kaitlyn wants to talk to Faysal but he doesn’t want to talk. He’s sitting in the WA with Rockstar and Rachel. Kaitlyn says she wants to talk to him in private and she calls him in the lounge and says he’s hurting her feelings. Faysal says something isn’t adding up and Kaitlyn says she’s physically ill and freaking out right now. Faysal says people are lying to his face and Kaitlyn says and mine. We see Level 6 celebrating in the have-not room. Kaitlyn asks Faysal if he trusts her and he says he doesn’t trust anyone. Kaitlyn is so upset with Faysal right now and she cries and Faysal says it’s not like you got the best track record. He says numbers don’t add up. Kaitlyn says her heart is broken because she can’t believe he’d think that of her. Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Kaitlyn doesn’t want to go and Faysal yells at her to come on. She tells him to shut up. Sam opens the door and we see pictures of Sam with her grandmother, mother, and dog. Sam says while she has everyone in here she says when this time of the week rolls around people start freaking out. She doesn’t want that. So there will be no one-on-ones and she knows who she is going to nominate and she’s not going to tell anyone. She’s going to be up there because this is her room and no one is allowed in there unless she permits it and is in there with her. She doesn’t want anyone to campaign because no one is going to know until the last minute and they can hash it out in the veto competition. Haleigh says her and Sam hadn’t really bonded on anything and she had hoped to talk to her but that’s down the drain. Rockstar says this is crazy because Brett lied on her and now she can’t even talk to Sam to defend herself. JC says Sam means business and she is taking her HOH seriously. Kaitlyn is talking to Haleigh and she asks do you think it was Tyler and JC. Kaitlyn thinks Sam used her power and it was to switch two votes. Kaitlyn tells us in the DR that Sam told her she had a power but didn’t explain it to her. Kaitlyn thinks Sam could switch two votes and she did it turn people against each other. She says if she’s wrong it’d be embarrassing, but she thinks she’s right. We hear a buzz sound. Kaitlyn talks to Tyler and explains her theory to him. Tyler asks how she figured it out and says she’s a mastermind. Tyler tells us he wishes he could take credit for Kaitlyn’s theory, but even he isn’t that good. Rockstar talks to Brett and says best friend so glad I kept you here. Brett says everyone knows now and she says yeah. Rockstar says Brett called her out in front of the house and she’s going to show the whole house how ridiculous this is by being as ridiculous as she can be. She grabs a pot and pan and starts banging it. Tyler is in the DR and listens and then asks if he can go outside. JC holds the door open for Rockstar. She’s chanting Brett is her best friend and they have a secret showmance. She jumps on him and lays between his legs. Brett says she’s doing good and she says I bet your mom is proud and he says I bet your kids are. Brett tells us this is working beautifully. Rockstar has the mind of child and even though she’s annoying him, she’s also annoying everyone in the house and that’s usually the person who goes home. We see Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Bayleigh in the HOH. They are talking about height. JC says he’s just a short guy, a dwarf is someone with a genetic disorder. Bayleigh asks if there is a difference between a midget and dwarf and JC says that’s derogatory. JC says it’s like calling a black person an N word. Bayleigh tells him not to say that word again. JC says he’s just trying to explain it. Bayleigh says that word is really hurtful to the African American community because it was used to degrade a person solely based on their skin color. JC says he wasn’t saying it to offend anyone, he was just trying to make a point. Bayleigh says that word is very derogatory and he shouldn’t use that word. JC says certain words can be used in certain context to explain to something. Bayleigh says when she hears the word it hurt her feelings because he said it as a statement and she asked JC a question about the word midget so she could become educated. JC says he respects her opinion and he was giving her examples of how he feels about that word and how she feels about the other word. He says he can’t explain it well. Bayleigh walks out and JC says he wasn’t trying to make it a big deal. JC says he’s very short, he’s gay, and he’s also Hispanic and people can often to be cruel. He says people would give him dirty looks but sometimes you have to be strong and it’s his chance to speak up. JC goes to talk to Tyler, Brett, Sam, and Angela and he recaps his conversation with them. Tyler tells him it’s something they should try and discuss before they go to bed. Tyler says it’s just unfortunate. Bayleigh says growing up it was difficult for her because she was a black girl growing up in a white community and she lived with it every day that people pointed out she was different and she will never let anyone make her feel that way again. She’s in the lounge with Faysal and Haleigh and says she doesn’t understand why JC was yelling at her like she shouldn’t be offended. JC comes in and Haleigh and Faysal leave the room. JC says he would have preferred she call him out in the HOH room in front of people. She says when she tried he held his hand out like she should stop and that frustrated her. She says if there was a word that offended him she would never call him that or say it. She says she’s also been discriminated against because people would spray paint things on her locker about going back to where she came from. JC says when he asked her a question like she asked and he says she asked him if he was a midget and she says that’s not what she said. JC says that word is so derogatory like the F word for gay people and the N word for black people. JC says he didn’t get offended by the question but she did when he was trying to explain. Bayleigh says she’s going to stand up for herself and JC can explain his point of view instead of just saying she’s wrong. JC says he’s sure when she was in her class she always wondered why she wasn’t like them and he can relate because he hated himself so much. She says she understand because she worked her whole life to be comfortable with who she was and hearing that word triggers her. She’s comfortable in her skin and she’s not going to let anyone take that away. JC says he has no hard feelings and he wanted to clear everything before they went to sleep. They hug it out. It’s time for the nomination ceremony. The first HG Sam has nominated for eviction is Haleigh. The second HG she has nominated is Kaitlyn. Sam says purely because she thinks they take the most from the house and contribute the least. She doesn’t care for the way they treat the young men in the house and she thinks they deserve more respect. It’s the opposite of female empowerment and they should respect themselves more. Sam says she thinks they are trying to manipulate the men in the house and she thinks it’s cheap and the easy way. Haleigh says does she flirt? Yes, but so does every other female in this house and her family is watching this. She cries. Kaitlyn says she’s not upset because she’s on the block, she’s upset because Sam nominated her on a personal level and it’s the opposite of women supporting women. Faysal says Sam’s comments rubbed him the wrong way. She swung at his two friends and Sam had better watch out. Brett laughs and says it’s great. The house is in chaos and maybe after the veto they can swing a backdoor at Rockstar.
  23. 12:30 PM BBT Brett says JC’s father is French so maybe he knows French too. Brett is saying random phrases in Spanish. He says last night he chugged a bunch of water and he thought he was going to explode. He thought he was tummy was going to rip. We get FOTH. Kaitlyn and Brett are talking in the KT. Brett is telling them they can use olive oil to suntan. Brett heads to the BR area. 12:35 PM BBT Angela heads outside and sits on a lawn chair next to Tyler. Angela says her and Sam talked and that Sam asked her opinion. Tyler asks if she’ll take Angela’s advice and Angela says probably not. Kaitlyn pours some oil in a bowl and heads outside. Kaitlyn likes the way the oil feels. Tyler is told to put on his microphone and he says he doesn’t want to get it wet. Tyler asks Kaitlyn what she’d normally be doing today and she says it depends on where she lives. She got olive oil on her bathing suit and she hopes it will come out. She says she doesn’t take clients on Sundays, but she does on Saturdays. She says she usually just goes to the beach, but it depends on how stressful her week was and if she has to re-center herself. Kaitlyn asks Tyler what he does, but we can’t really hear because he doesn’t have his microphone on. Angela doesn’t have hers on either so she’s hard to hear. Scottie is in the background playing pool. Kaitlyn says it’s actually too hot and now she just wants to go shower. Brett and Rachel are flirting in the BR. Rachel is laying down and Brett is making a bed. 12:40 PM BBT Kaitlyn wonders why they only have one float in the pool. Kaitlyn dips her toe in the pool and says it’s hot. She then goes back to lay down. Brett’s back is dry. Scottie comes in and grabs something. Brett was going to change in there but he doesn’t trust Rachel not to peek. Rachel has her owl mask on and is laying down. Brett goes to change. Kaycee, Scottie, and Rachel are in the BR now. Rachel asks what layman’s terms mean and Scottie says he thinks it’s latin and it means to speak in a way commoners can understand. Someone starts humming and we get FotH. Brett returns and starts humming and FOTH. 12:45 PM BBT Kaitlyn, Angela, and Tyler are in the lounge chairs by the pool. Scottie, Kaycee, and Rachel are in the BR. Kaitlyn is still saying it’s too hot. Scottie and Kaycee leave Rachel alone. Brett heads outside from the KT and Scottie heads upstairs by the Foosball table. Kaitlyn and Tyler are under the shower. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH. 12:50 PM BBT Scottie is making coffee in the KT. Angela, Brett, Tyler, and Kaitlyn are outside by the pool general chit chat. Brett always wanted to party. It’s the first thought he can remember. Kaycee and Scottie are outside talking. Bayleigh comes out and gets her laundry. 12:55 PM BBT Kaycee and Scottie talking outside about how there are still people still asleep. General chit chat by the pool with Tyler, Kaitlyn, Angela, and Brett. Brett is talking about how he used to eat coffee grounds. Kaitlyn wonders how Brett is on Adderall. Brett says he’s more focused but cranky towards the end. He doesn’t know if he has something or not though. He thinks everyone has a minor case of ADD and Kaitlyn says 100%. Scottie and Kaycee are talking about Faysal about the veto and Kaycee says he shot himself in the foot.
  24. 12:00 PM BBT Angela, Tyler, and Scottie are still on the couches in the BY and Scottie says he’s going to vote with the house this week and Angela says the same. Kaitlyn is talking about her trying to stay awake from the DR and she gets the warning about not talking about production. Kaitlyn then says she didn’t even do veto. Kaitlyn asks Rachel if she worked out and they head outside together. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Kaitlyn and Rachel are laying out on the lawn chairs next to the pool. 12:05 PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rachel move a table between the lawn chairs and Kaitlyn scoots her chair closer to Rachel. Kaitlyn is telling Rachel she is very connected intuitive and most people don’t want to know when they are being talked about, but people like her she always knows. Kaitlyn compares it to an amber alert, like she gets an intuitive moment when someone in another room is talking about her. Rachel asks Kaitlyn if Fessy is still confused on what he wants to do and Kaitlyn says yes. Kaitlyn says when she was done with her DR at 5 in the morning she seen Faysal and Haleigh talking. Kaitlyn says Faysal is holding Swaggy against her. She understands what she did caused a lack of trust between them. Kailtyn says Sam is holding a grudge against her but it’s weird to bring up stuff to try and influence others who will be voting for her. Rachel asks if Kaitlyn is still talking to Faysal to ask him to use it. Kaitlyn says she’s not going to ask anymore but she’s going to manifest that he’ll do the right thing. Rachel says maybe Kaitlyn needs to put it out to him that she’s ok. Kaitlyn says she’ll do that but she’s afraid that will make him think it’s ok for him not to use it on her. Rachel asks if she thinks she’d stay over Haleigh and Kaitlyn doesn’t know. 12:05 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are talking about food network but Scottie says he can’t hear her because there’s a plane flying over. Tyler and Kaycee are talking in the corner by the laundry and they are talking about Sam is going to put someone on the block to guarantee Kaitlyn will go. Tyler says Sam needs to know what will happen before she does it, but she’s going to do her own thing. Kaycee asks if Tyler told her that and he says no because he doesn’t want to foist things on her. Tyler says they have to remember Sam will do what she wants to do going forward. Tyler says he’s not good at playing victim to people and Kaycee says it’s so fake. Kaycee is folding clothes and Tyler is putting on suntan lotion. Tyler is telling Kaycee that Bayleigh came crying to him yesterday because he thinks she’s feeling the heat and Kaycee says hopefully not. Kaycee says even if it’s a pawn she’s putting up someone from their side and that’s not good. Tyler says there are just certain things you can’t say to Sammy. Kaycee says they’ll just cross their fingers. 12:10 PM BBT Kaitlyn says she just needs to explain to Faysal that Rockstar and Scottie are not guaranteed votes for her. Kaitlyn says Faysal tells her he wants both of them to stay. Kaitlyn says the only way for both of them to stay is for him to save her. Kaitlyn doesn’t want to lay on her kimono anymore and she wants to go in the pool. Rachel says the pool is dirty. Kaitlyn and Rachel walk along the wall in the shade. Rachel and Kaitlyn go over to the couches where Angela, Scottie, and Tyler are. Sam is in the HOH room listening to music and doing ADL’s. 12:15 PM BBT Sam is changing her sheets. Brett and Kaycee are up in the KT. General chatter in the BY. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH. Brett is in the WA doing ADL’s. 12:20 PM BBT Tyler goes to a lounge chair and Kaitlyn runs to follow. Angela opens the refrigerator inside and Rachel and Scottie come inside. FOTH. Kaitlyn tells Tyler she has so much faith in herself and she doesn’t need a man to save her. Kaitlyn just wants to make sure Faysal knows the facts. Rachel and Brett are coming out of the WA talking about what time he went to bed. Kaitlyn is having the same conversation with Tyler that she did with Rachel about votes. Tyler tells Kaitlyn it wasn’t smart for her to jump right back over to them. Kaitlyn says she didn’t. Rachel is inside washing out her breakfast dishes and Angela is eating and Brett is looking for something to eat. Tyler tells Kaitlyn she hung out with Rockstar last week and Kaitlyn says she’s still going to spend time with them. She says where did he expect her to go and Tyler says not to the people who you just backdoored their leader. 12:25 PM BBT Tyler asks Kaitlyn who has been supporting her and Kaitlyn says no one. Kaitlyn asks Tyler who he wants to see go home next and he says not you. She says so who and he says he doesn’t care, one of them. Tyler says whoever is up against Kaitlyn will campaign against her. Tyler says if it’s somebody she was tight with it will show how tight she was with them if they campaign against her. Kaitlyn says Tyler has to tell Faysal to use it on her. Kaitlyn says he has to tell Faysal that Haleigh has JC, Scottie, and Rockstar and Faysal. Tyler says if Faysal isn’t receptive to it then he’s not going to push it because he has five people in his ear on the other side. Tyler says if he doesn’t use it on her then she’ll know and if that happens they’ll cross that bridge when they get there. Tyler is going to go under the shower. Kaitlyn says it’s hot. Brett and Angela in the KT eating and Faysal is up and walks by. Brett asks if they still can’t go in the pool and Angela says Kaitlyn might have gone to ask. Brett mumbles something and then says that makes me want to kiss you right now. Then Brett says what am I talking about, I always want to kiss you. Kaitlyn comes in and Brett says hello moppet. Kaitlyn says it’s hot outside and Brett says it’s pretty hot in here too. Brett says they should have JC teach them Spanish so they can stimulate their brains.
  25. 11:30 AM BBT Tyler is inside washing dishes. Sam is talking to Scottie, Kaycee, Rachel, and Angela about how good she slept in the HOH room because it’s dark in there. She likes the dark. Sam made some bread but it didn’t turn out well. Bayleigh comes into the kitchen with Tyler and she says another minute and a half and she’s going to do it again. Sam is asking if anyone wants anything to eat and offers to make Scottie French Toast and he declines. 11:35 AM BBT Sam loves cold showers. She says being a have-not was bad. She says the worst part is what the slop does to your guts. Sam says slop does what dog food does and her farts will smell like dog farts. Faysal is told to put on his microphone. Sam says she will help fix whatever slop things they need. She’ll make slop patties for them that is like “meat”. Rachel says she’ll be good with the protein shakes and Sam says they’ll make her feel weird too. She says the slop is hard on your tummy so eat lots of tums. Sam is going to teach them the butt cheek trick. All you do is pull one of your butt cheeks apart and then run away. She says it works. She says it’s your butt cheeks that make the fart sound. 11:40 AM BBT Sam tells Rachel she’ll make her slop things and cheer her on emotionally, but it sucks. Sam goes inside to the KT followed by Scottie and Kaycee. Scottie goes back out to the BY with Rachel and Angela. Sam explains to Kaycee why she sometimes calls her Rachel. She has a friend outside of the house who Kaycee resembles and her name is Rachel. Angela comes inside and asks why Sam calls Kaycee the wrong name and Sam fills her in. She’s a native America and she works for the Green Bay Packers. 11:45 AM BBT Rachel outside with Scottie says she doesn’t fart a lot. Scottie says he’s a belcher. Rachel says her bed sank down a little bit, but it should be good. Rachel says she stacked her bed with pillows. Angela rejoins Scottie and Rachel. Sam is still talking about her friend to Kaycee and she says the resemblance is uncanny. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie have started talking about The Bachelor and Bachelorette. They talk about Jef Holm and all four cameras go to the KT. Talk in the KT has turned to religion. Sam says there isn’t a lot of literature on Native American religions and her friend gave her a baggie of blessed tobacco. 11:50 AM BBT All cameras have switched to Tyler and Kaitlyn. She’s hugging him and Tyler is telling her to stop saying she’s going home. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Tyler is telling Kaitlyn to smile and she says she just wants to hang out with him. He says he’ll see her out there. Kaitlyn is going through her closet. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie are on the BY couches silently. Rachel thinks she might get a bowl of cereal. Haleigh has just woken up and Kaitlyn is whispering to her. Angela is eating out of a jar of peanut butter. Sam is not allowed to talk about her DR sessions with other HG. Tyler comes outside and Scottie asks if Tyler washed his plate and he says yes. Scottie says he went back to do it and it was done and Tyler says that’s alright. 11:55 AM BBT Angela leaves Tyler and Scottie alone to take her jar inside. Haleigh is laying in bed. Kaitlyn has her robe on and is dressed and she leaves the BR. Tyler and Scottie are talking about videos of people shipping themselves to other countries. Angela heads back outside with another jar. Rachel is eating cereal and Kaycee is sitting there with coffee. Kaitlyn stops to chat and says she tried to sleep in the HNR in Brett’s bed, but she got called to DR. Rachel takes a bit of cereal then sets the bowl down and lets her hair down, then shakes it over her bowl and then proceeds to eat.