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  1. 11:00 PM BBT Talk has turned to Raven and Matt and them having sex and then they’d come out and eat. Josh says Matt came for vacation. Paul says ate a lot of cereal, took a lot of showers, went to journey. He thinks Matt won BB. Josh says Matt and Raven got the worst zings. Paul says Mark’s was funny. Josh says his campaign to stay was so desperate and painful to watch. 11:05 PM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. As soon as she’s inside talk turns to Christmas and the way she cuddles with Paul. Paul says he understands she needs affection, he doesn’t know what it’s like to almost get married and then not. Paul says she’s 11 years older than him. Paul hopes his girl understands, he’s just trying to be a friend. Josh says she’ll understand. Josh tells Paul to tell his girl how he feels about her and Paul says he will. Josh says Christmas is beautiful. 11:10 PM BBT Christmas goes to the DR then comes out to the red bedroom and is looking for something. She heads to the WA then outside to look in the washer or dryer. Josh says done and she says no. Josh says comp and Christmas says yes. Christmas is changing back into the clothes she wore for the comp for her DR. Christmas stops to touch up her make-up. Josh and Paul are back to talking about relationships. Josh says he’s ready to just get out of the house and go to a bar and have a conversation with girls other than the ones they’ve been living with. Josh says Christmas looks like a girl out of a movie, like the girl next door. Paul says she’s super pretty. Josh says when he first walked in, the first girl he laid eyes on was Christmas. 11:15 PM BBT Christmas finally makes her way back to the DR. Paul says he can read people well, that’s how he made it so far in the game. Josh says he can read people’s demeanor, he got it from his dad. Josh is talking about his family. He says his dad speaks Spanglish, he’ll say a word or two in Spanish then switch to English. He then says his mom is the Cuban version of Sofia Vergara. Paul says Victor didn’t have an accent but Natalie had a little bit of one. Josh says he can’t believe Paul didn’t like Natalie and Paul says she wasn’t his type. Josh says she went with James and Paul says no comment. Josh says she was a pretty girl and Paul says tell her that, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Josh says Big Meech was a pretty girl too. Paul says there were more girls his type this season. 11:20 PM BBT Paul thinks Christmas, Elena, and Dominique were the prettiest. Josh says Christmas, Elena, and Jessica. Paul says Jessica was pretty but not his type. They talk about how pretty Dominque was. Josh says her laugh, she had a very cute laugh. Josh says Mark wouldn’t let Josh sleep next to Elena so Mark would go to bed early. 11:25 PM BBT General chatter between Paul and Josh. Christmas is in DR.
  2. 10:10 PM BBT Paul is eating ice cream. Christmas is going to make a Fanta milkshake. Josh wants to know if the moose tracks are any good. Paul is getting whip cream out of the can. Josh can’t find the ice cream. 10:15 PM BBT Christmas is heading outside. Josh asks who wants popcorn. Christmas and Paul are headed out to the hammock and Josh is still getting his snacks together in the KT. Paul wants something, but not ice cream. Like popcorn. Paul heads back inside. Christmas says her shake is like a dreamsicle. 10:20 PM BBT Paul says he messed up the last few days of his diet. He wants something, but he doesn’t know what. Josh says he walked in chubs and he’s walking out chubs. Christmas is called to the DR and Paul says she got played. She says a second later she got played. Christmas asks someone to take her shake, she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in there. Josh tells Paul to come out to the hammock with him because he doesn’t want to be alone. Josh yells at Paul to close the door and he yells back for him to close the door. Christmas is back out of the DR and Paul says what did they want? Christmas says nothing. Josh wants to know what’s going on and Paul says she’s self-evicting. Christmas says you know what would be really good? Champagne and ice cream. 10:25 PM BBT They bicker as all three get comfortable in the hammock. 10:30 PM BBT Paul says this might be the last day we have on the hammock and Josh and Christmas think they will have the BY tomorrow. Josh wants to know why they didn’t ask a questions about the ants issue. Paul says he thinks Josh needs a girlfriend who will clown on him. Josh starts whistling the Jeopardy song and we hear please stop whistling. 10:35 PM BBT Paul is asking Josh what he likes about them. He wants to know what it is about women that he enjoys. Just general chatter. They also ask Christmas what she likes about men. 10:40 PM BBT Still general chatter. You can hear sirens in the background. 10:45 PM BBT Josh is talking about a girl he likes and had feelings for. Paul tells him you have to get over her before dating anyone else. 10:50 PM BBT Still general chatter about relationships. 10:55 PM BBT They are still talking about relationships. Josh turns to talking about Elena. Josh says Mark was jealous of Elena flirting with the others. He talks about Elena massaging Paul and Mark walked in and seen it and walked back out. They are talking about showmances and how some of them went straight to being intimate. They mention Jess and Cody on day 6 in the HOH. Josh says really? Christmas says everyone knew. Josh says he’d never have sex with cameras around. They are talking about when they went out to a comp Jess would twerk on Cody and he’d be slapping her bottom.
  3. 9:00 PM BBT Josh and Paul are talking in the BY on the hammock. Christmas is just out of the shower. Josh says he’s going to be a mess at the final and he’s worried about jury questions. Paul says he’ll help him. Josh says he wants to go to bed and Paul says they can’t go to bed yet. Paul says there was an episode today and Josh asked what aired. Paul says jury round table and part 1 of the HOH. Josh is saying when Christmas came out of the DR last night she seemed upset. Paul says he thinks she was just frustrated. Paul says Christmas has about 18 things to get back to in real life. He says something about her supposed to have gotten married and they are just kids to her. Josh is talking about Elena and Raven irritating him with trying to guilt them into keeping them or letting them win comps. Josh mentions Raven begging to win HOH’s because she wanted a letter from home and Josh says they all wanted a letter from home. 9:05 PM BBT Josh asks Paul why he’s so gassed right now and he says he’s bored. He says he’s staring at a $2 toy from China. (A fidget spinner) Josh says that HOH comp was really hard. They are arguing how much longer Paul and Christmas was up after Josh fell. Paul is talking about how hard it is for him because of the emotions of the game and he never thought he’d make it this far. He thought every week he was going home. He says it feels like a dream, it doesn’t feel real. Paul didn’t think he’d come back this soon and he didn’t think he’d be the only vet. He thought after last year he got second place and that was it, that was his Big Brother experience. He says it’s a blessing they brought him back. Josh says and you would do it again and Paul says yeah, he’d want to play one more time against vets, good vets, like top 3 vets. Josh asks like who? Paul says Derrick, Frankie, Dan G., and Vanessa. Paul says Frankie wasn’t top 3, but he was a great game player, a comp beast, and had a great social game. Josh asks if he was a bigger fan after playing than he was before and he says yes because he lived it. 9:10 PM BBT Paul knows Dr. Will has won first place and second place. Josh thinks Paul will go down in BB history. Paul says he’s proud he can say he came back and played BB. He didn’t float, lay low, he played the whole game and he won comps. Josh says he doesn’t care what the jury asks because he can tell them at least he wasn’t a wussy like them. Paul hopes he wasn’t a disappointing player because fans sometimes gets disappointed when a vet comes back and doesn’t do anything. Josh asks if Paul played harder this season than last and Paul says oh yeah. Paul says he played a different game last season because he had to scramble to stay in the game, this season he was always on top of it. Paul says last season he was the biggest target because he was the loudest and craziest, this season he had the biggest target because he was a vet. Josh asks where Christmas is and Paul says she went to shower. Paul says this experience will boost Christmas’s career and he wishes her the best and he’s happy for her. Paul says he isn’t even going to try and guess what questions the jury will ask him. Josh asks if you give a speech and Paul says a short one. 9:15 PM BBT Paul and Josh talk about seeing their families after the finale. Josh asks if they get to walk out together and Paul says yeah, we’re done, we won. Paul wants to relax when he’s out and Josh agrees. Christmas is called to the DR as she’s in the middle of putting make-up on. Paul says maybe it’s something for POP. Josh says POP send us something and Paul says or they are DRing. Paul is talking about reinvesting money back into his business. 9:20 PM BBT Josh is excited to get booked in things and go. He wants to go to Canada. Christmas is called to DR again and she says she is going. Paul says his biggest fan base is in New York and he still hasn’t done anything there yet. Josh says it’s crazy that they might get recognized and Paul says airports are the craziest. Josh says it’s very humbling. Josh says he can set something up for them in New York and Paul says if you can do New York and Florida that would be great because those are two places he hasn’t been in. They start talking about Bobby Moynihan and his visit. 9:25 PM BBT Christmas is out of DR and calls everyone to the LR. They are wondering what’s going on and Josh is saying oh no! Christmas reads from a card Dear Houseguests! Smile at your own Big Brother After Dark and Paul and Josh cheer. Orwell’s night owls have been watching you all season long and have some questions for you. Take turns picking a card and let’s play a game of Truth or Truth! Your friends at POP! Josh picks a card and Christmas says if the card is for him he has to answer out loud and if it’s for someone else they have to answer. Josh reads is it easier to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight living in the Big Brother house? He’s laughing and says he would pick that questions. He says hands down gain weight and Paul says. They talk about stress eating and eating when you’re stressed, happy, sad. Christmas says and it’s all junk food, she doesn’t buy the stuff they are given in the house at home. 9:30 PM BBT Paul pulls a card and reads Paul, who is the first person you are going to call when you’re out of the house? Paul hesitates and says we’ll he’s going to see his family at finale, so probably his grandparents. He’ll probably call his grandparents right away just to hear his grandmother’s little voice. He says actually, let me re-answer that. The ghostbusters. Christmas picks a card next and reads Everyone, what food do you miss eating from home? Josh says Chipotle! Chipotle and his mom’s cooking. Christmas likes doing her own BBQ in the BY. She talks about salmon on the grill and poppers and grilled corn. She misses eating breakfast at her table watching the sun come up. Paul says In and Out, all day every day, California Vibes, animal style burger, animal style fries, neopolitan shake. His mom’s cooking. Josh draws a card and reads Josh, do you play any instruments, or were pots and pans your first? He starts laughing and says he’s never played instruments even though he’d love to learn to play the guitar. Hopefully Paul teaches him. Christmas thinks he would not be ok if Paul tried to teach him guitar. Paul draws a card and says Christmas! What’s one of your most meaningful tattoos and why? Christmas says she likes all of her tattoos. She says each one has it’s own meaning and own story and each one is a representation of something she loves. She says people would be surprised that one of her favorites is her brother and sister tattoo. She just wanted to celebrate their life and that’s one of her favorites, but she likes all of them. 9:35 PM BBT Christmas draws the next card and Josh says this is fun. Christmas reads Josh, what is your favorite family tradition. Josh says the holidays? Paul says what tradition do you do? Josh says Family Sundays, his aunts and uncles and cousins come over and there’s music playing all day and everyone together playing and eating and watching whatever is on TV. His favorite holiday tradition is his family together in Jersey, he says 60 of them in one house. Christmas asks Paul if they have a holiday tradition and he says they usually go to Canada to his aunt’s house and all his families travels in and he gets to see snow. Christmas says they do a dish for each person every year and they do oyster stew and his sister makes milktoast and homemade custard. They have this big spread and eat all day long and they open one present on Christmas Eve. Josh’s turn to draw and he reads Josh, which was harder eating slop or sleeping on a bed of spikes. Josh says slop! Slop sucks. He says luckily he had a guy who played last year to help with the slop and make it good with all the sauces and Ramses made good slop. Josh says except when Mark threw a fit and took his pillows, he slept pretty well on the spike beds. Josh says the hype is real, slop sucks. 9:40 PM BBT Paul draws a card and reads everyone, besides your family, what do you miss most in the outside world? Christmas says her little friend, driving her car, her gym, the smell of sweat. Josh says going on a hike and driving his car. Paul says for sure driving his nova, his hairless cat, his pups, pooches, and just being able to go do anything. He needs his guitar in his hand. Christmas says interaction with friends. Josh says just being able to drink a beer. Christmas draws everyone, which former HG are you excited to meet? Paul says he’s met a lot of them but he wants to meet Dan G, the funeral director and he wants to see Dr. Will again. Christmas says who’s the dentist guy, he made her laugh and Paul says Dr. Will then says no, the super-geeky guy. They can’t remember his name and Paul says he had really good DR’s. Paul says he still hasn’t met Evel Dick and he wants to meet him and Josh says he wants to meet him too. Josh says he was the first to do pots and pans, but Josh thinks he did them better. Paul says ED is hyped they are giving him the shoutout. Josh is next and reads Josh, are meatballs your favorite food? He says yes! I love meatballs! Paul says he played himself. Josh says he loves Italian food besides Cuban food and Mexican food, but he lies meatballs. He’d rather call Mark a meatball. Josh says Raven always messed up her meatballs. Paul reads everyone, who’s going to take Orwell the owl home with them after the show. Josh runs to the red bedroom to grab him from the round bed. Josh says Orwell is his buddy and they’ve been friends since Jessica’s HOH. He has another owl and their name is Theodore and they are his only friends. 9:45 PM BBT Christmas reads everyone, if you can have one item from home what would it be? Paul says his guitar and Josh says his laptop so he can see how his business is doing. Christmas says Fran and Paul says that’s a person not an item, so she says her bed or her shower. Josh reads everyone what’s your favorite comp this year? Paul says either strangest things, the terminal comp, or the weather comp. Josh says for him it’s terminal and OTEV was fun. Christmas lists the one she didn’t get to play in and she says the lemon truck because it’s the first one she got to be physical in. Christmas says it definitely wasn’t the last one they played. Paul reads everyone, it would drive me crazy to not be able to use pen and paper. Do you miss writing things down. Christmas and Josh say yes and Paul says no. Christmas says she’s a lister and Josh says he thinks things through by writing things down. Paul says he misses drawing. Christmas says she’s a list person and as she checks off her tasks she feels productive. 10:00 PM BBT Christmas reads how hard is it to be without your phone for 81 days. Josh says he forgot his password so he’s screwed. Paul says it’s kind of nice you just get used to it because you have other things to worry about. Paul says having a phone is a pain in the ass. Christmas says she’s felt free. Paul says you’re a slave to your phone and you learn to appreciate more without it. Josh says drop the phone when you’re with family and friends. 10:02 PM BBT Josh reads Paul, how many of last years HG do you still hang out with. Paul says elfit Vic! He says him and Vic talk a lot, right before he came in Glenn and him went to a game. He talks to Nicole a lot and Corey was in LA doing modeling stuff. He says Paulie came to LA to do a fitness thing. Paul says Bridget, he loves her to death. Paul says he saw Bronte a lot and she’s a sweetheart. Paul says he sees Momma Day every now and then. He says that’s pretty much all that talks to him. He says he hopes Natalie and James are having a good time. He really doesn’t talk to everyone else. He shouts out to season 18. 10:03 PM BBT Paul’s turn and he reads Christmas, and then he laughs, what’s the funniest joke she’s heard about her name. She says they are so bad. She says her old boss used to call her Halloween Scary he says someone in a bar says he’s never seen a White Christmas before. Christmas says if you’re going to say something about her name, get creative and make her laugh. 10:04 PM BBT Christmas reads Christmas, if she could have one celebrity sign her cast, who would it be? She immediately answers Mark Wahlburg. She says he’s easy on the eyes and everything he’s done is legit. Josh says he’s one of his favorite actors. They talk about Good Vibrations. They thank POP for the questions. Josh says they pick on him all day!
  4. 12:24 AM BBT Feeds are back. The HG are covered in different colored powder and their shirts have unicorns on them. It was an endurance comp. Christmas tells Paul good job and he tells her the same. Josh says they were out there a long time. Christmas was able to compete. 12:30 AM BBT More talk about the comp but generalities. Josh says it was the most difficult endurance comp and Christmas said she’d do that any day over the one where they had to hold their disk up with a stick. Paul talks about last year’s endurance comp. 12:35 AM BBT Paul still talking about last year’s endurance comp, he says it was 3 comps in one. He says this year’s comp was just weird. Paul says he looked over and thought Christmas was wiping off sweat and he thought he lost. Christmas says no, she went down. Paul gets called to the DR. 12:40 AM BBT Christmas asks what the next comp would be and Josh says mental/physical and the last one is luck. Josh asks Christmas what she’s thinking and she says she wishes she didn’t have the boot on her foot. Josh can’t wait to see the reaction of people when they see Christmas competed. Josh says they were on 30 minutes longer than he was. Christmas says when those things farted pixie dust the guys just stood there. Josh says as soon as he gets out he’s doing crossfit. Josh hopes his mom comes to finale. FotH. Josh says he feels good whatever happens. 12:45 AM BBT Christmas says she didn’t get to compete in OTEV, the temple of doom, zingbot and she thinks she could have done well in them if it wasn’t for her foot. Josh says she wouldn’t have half-assed any of those comps. Josh says Christmas was underestimated in the game. People didn’t know how smart she was. Christmas says she didn’t put pressure on the front of her foot, she fell properly, thanks for letting her play. FotH. 12:50 AM BBT Paul is out of DR. Christmas and Josh are just looking at the memory wall. Christmas says unicorn tears? Paul says they wanted tears and we get FotH. Paul is saying he literally thought he was going to be gone every week, so for him to be there he is shocked. Josh says people thought he was crazy week 1 and they wanted him out. He says he felt that way in high school. Christmas says she was never part of the cool kids she was always an outlier. 12:55 AM BBT Josh is hungry and Paul says he’s so full. Christmas is getting something from the SR. Josh starts humming and we get FotH. Christmas is going to take a shower.
  5. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    The 10 acts in this year’s America’s Got Talent finale: Singers: Angelica Hale-Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer Mandy Harvey-Simon’s Golden Buzzer Evie Claire Kechi Chase Goehring-DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer Comedian: Preacher Lawson Ventriloquist: Darci Lynne-Mel B’s Golden Buzzer Variety: Diavolo Sarah and Hero Dancers: Light Balance-Tyra’s Golden Buzzer
  6. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    It’s time for the final results semi-final results show to see who will be the last 5 acts moving on to the finals! The first three acts in danger and available for the Dunkin’ Save are Diavolo, Colin Cloud, and Kechi. If you’d like to vote to save one, then you can do so by going to their website or using the AGT app. Voting is open now! It’s time to see who the first act is that will be moving on. They bring forward Christian Guardino, Merrick Hanna, and Angelica Hale. The first act going into the finals is…Angelica Hale. Four spots left! Here is the next results: They pull forward Celine Tam, Mandy Harvey, and The Pompeyo Family. America has voted and the next act going into the finals is…Mandy Harvey. We see an act called Absinthe take the stage to perform. Back to the results with only three spots left. We pull forward Light Balance and In the Stairwell. The act going into next week’s finals is…Light Balance. The Dunkin’ Save vote is closed and we’ll soon find out who America saved! Colin Cloud, Diavolo, and Kechi are on stage. The act America put through to the live finals next week is…Kechi. And then there were two. Colin Cloud and Diavolo stand before the judges waiting for the judges to consider who they want to send to the finals. Simon speaks first and he says he could make a case for both. He gives his vote to Diavolo. Mel B says both acts are so amazing. But she has to decide and she chooses Diavolo. Howie says Colin did great last week but Diavolo is amazing with their props. He has to go with what is different and he chooses Diavolo!
  7. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    Tonight is the second show of the live semi-finals. 11 more acts will perform for the final 5 spots in the finale. Do you have a favorite you’d like to see go through? The first act to take the stage for the night is Celine Tam. She sings How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara from Moana. She gets a standing ovation from Heidi and the audience seemed to like it. Simon says that was unbelievable and he wants to send everyone affected by the hurricanes their love and support. But back to Celine, that was a massive step up and that song was perfect for her. His little boy is going to be watching this performance for the next week. Mel B says well done and she conquered the stage like a well-seasoned performer. She thought the song was way too musical for her and she doesn’t think it showcased her voice. Mel B gets booed. Heidi thinks she is a shining bright star and she sang crystal clear and pitch perfect and she is so cute. She loved it. Howie says he thinks she’s adorable and he hopes things go well and her dreams come true. Up next is Colin Cloud. He says tonight for the semi-final he wants to step up his act and do something with everyone. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire audience. Mel B says oh my God! This is absolutely mind blowing. She says this is absolutely insane and he has got it spot on. Heidi says he is a sneaky little bugger and he’s starting to freak her out but she loves it. Simon says he has goosebumps on his goosebumps on his goosebumps. He says it was a massive step up and that was one of the unbelievable, spooky, creepy things he’s seen. Howie says he’s never seen anything in his life like this. Howie says this is exactly what AGT is all about. Christian Guardino is set to perform next. He performs What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says this is his golden buzzer and he’s going on. Howie says he needs to be here and he should be here and he’s so inspirational. Mel B says that’s how you kill it on AGT. She says he laid it all out there in the song and he did everything and much more and should be proud. Heidi thinks it was a great sound choice and she loves him, his voice, and his story. She wants to see him at the finals next week. Simon says the vocal was fantastic and a perfect song choice. The next act is In The Stairwell. They sing Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. The crowd is cheering for them. They get an ovation from all four judges and the crowd. Mel B thanks them for their service. She says as a group that sings so well together it brought emotion out. She says they deserve to be here and they sound incredible. Simon says this is such an improvement from their first audition. He says this time he genuinely felt they meant it and every time he sees them he feels good. Simon thinks we’ll see them in the finals. Howie says he loved what they just did. Heidi says they did the best they could, gave 100%, and they should be very, very proud of themselves. Merrick Hanna is the next ready to perform. He performs to iRobot (The Human Condition) by Jon Bellion. Heidi says he has come so far and he’s all on his own on the stage and he really commands the stage. She says he raised the bar even higher today. Simon says he likes that he’s a really fun guy and he’s something unique. He really, really, really hopes he’s in the finals. He’s done amazing. Howie says for him to show such expression with his body is an amazing journey. The next act is Simon’s golden buzzer, Mandy Harvey. She sings an original called Release Me. She gets an ovation from Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Simon says wants to judge her as an artist, the vocal, the song, the delivery, and the performance was breathtaking and like as good as anything he’s ever seen on the show. It reminds him of the first time he heard Adele sing. Howie says she transcends hearing and she makes music more powerful than it is. Mel B says she thinks what Mandy did was so powerful. The words, the way she presents herself, the way she performs, everything and much more. Heidi thinks this was the perfect song for her voice and her best song yet. Heidi enjoyed she used sign language because it made it extra special. The Pompeyo Family Dogs is next to perform. They have a winter themed set with igloos and thee music is Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. The dogs are wearing penguin costumes and one large one wearing a polar bear costume. Simon gives a standing ovation. Simon says it was like watching a movie 101 polar bears. Simon says the whole thing was insane but he would still give them a vote because he loves animals. Heidi says it was great and she loved the winter wonderland. It was a lot of fun. Howie thinks it was chaotic. Mel B says it was messy but their dogs are just adorable and how can they not like them. She says it was all over the place, but they look happy and their dogs look happy. The next act to take the stage is Diavolo. They have another different set-up and they are performing to Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Heidi says wow! Heidi says they came to win! This is a million dollar act! She says every time they see them they come with a new concept and new choreography. Fabulous! Mel B says she’s trying to get her brain straight. Her eyes are popping out of her head. She says the way they come together is just seamless, perfection. Simon is gobsmacked and he says they come every time was different and their music choices are amazing. Simon says almost perfection. Kechi is set to perform. She is going to sing Don’t Worry About Me by Frances. She got an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he’s never speechless but he doesn’t have words. Mel B says she is so special and she is amazing. She says she gives people hope and inspiration and her voice speaks wonders to so many people. She’s incredible. Simon says that was her best performance by a clear mile. Simon says we’ve seen the past three weeks when things are tough people rise above it, and she is evidence of that. Simon says it was a magic moment. Heidi says she comes on with so much confidence with her singing and stage performance and she rules the stage and she loved it so much. Next is Tyra’s golden buzzer, Light Balance. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he doesn’t know what’s happening tonight but this is one of the best live shows he’s ever seen. He says it was really, really special and stunning. Amazing. Howie says this is one of the best shows, he’d buy a ticket right now. This is an amazing headline million dollar act. Mel B says she’s glad she got a front row ticket for this, it was absolutely brilliant. The final act of the night is Angelica Hale. She sings Without You by David Guetta featuring Usher. Mel B says she has the voice of an absolute angel. She says that was a really brave choice and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t but she owned it. Heidi thinks she is a phenomenon and she hopes America agrees with her. Simon says she is fantastic and she’s the sweetest little thing. He says she took a risk and she deserves to be there next week. Howie says another wow moment, she made tonight tougher than it ever could be.
  8. 2:00 PM BBT Alex finishes her rosary and heads to the DR. Paul tells Christmas and Josh they can’t act any different around her. Josh says he will be straight forward with her. Christmas says he was straight forward with her and he’s been doing great, he doesn’t have to change his position. Christmas says Josh said what he needed to say when he nominated her. Paul says that was tough and Christmas says it was long. Paul says Alex isn’t his enemy and it sucks it went this way. Paul says he told her getting Kevin out next week is easier than she would be. Josh says he knows what he’s going to say her. Christmas says Jason went against what they said and that’s why thinks went the way they did. Paul says Alex implied she threw the veto. 2:05 PM BBT Christmas and Josh says no way she threw it. Paul says Alex walked because she hoped Paul would win. Christmas said no way and besides Paul has played that competition before. Josh says he’ll never do this again. Paul says imagine doing it alone with no vet helping you and then losing. And then doing it again. Josh says you’re crazy. Paul says that was tough, but not as tough as it would be to send one of them home. Paul says he doesn’t think she will buck and kick and go crazy. He made it heartfelt and honest. Kevin is walking the yard and it’s quiet all around the house.
  9. 1:30 PM BBT Alex says she was walking in the veto and she’s not mad at him, she’s mad at herself. Paul says the circumstances suck and he’s trying not to cry in front of her and he knows she’s not a fan of that. He says it hurts him and he would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt him. He says she’s his friend in there and he would vote for her to win and this is where the emotions of BB come into game play decisions. Paul says if he lets his emotions take over he secures his loss in the game. Alex says they don’t have to keep going over it and this secures her not winning at all. Alex says if the situation was flipped she still would have taken him even if she thought she was getting second. She says she was worried about jury too, but she wouldn’t have taken Josh over Paul even though it would have been a slam dunk. Paul says she would have won over everyone and he’s not doubting she would take him, but being the only vet he knows is a mark against him. He says no one else knows how hard it was being the only vet in the game. Alex says she gets it but she doesn’t want to keep talking about it but this secures a loss for it. She totally gets it, she knows it kills him. Paul says those people don’t give a F that he’s eating himself alive with this decision. Paul says if this was his first time play he would happily make this mistake. But it’s his second time playing and if he makes the same mistake twice…Alex says she doesn’t want to talk about. Paul says he will talk with them and see if he can get in their heads and talk them into keeping her. Alex says they both already expressed Kevin is a better option because they can beat him. Paul says but he can still try. Alex says it’s a lost cause at this point. 1:35 PM BBT Paul says he can still try but he knows if he goes against them he loses those three votes. He says it is his pivotal decision that leads to that point and they aren’t voting for him and he knows that. Paul says he’s not afraid of them and he’s sure they could get to F2 but he knows he would lose. Alex says she just wished Paul had listened to her earlier about Christmas and Kevin. She said Christmas was getting cocky with her foot and Kevin was sliding by. Alex says she set Jason up to go home. Paul says she can’t blame herself for that. Paul says if it’s any consolation he’s almost positive Alex will get AFP because she was the only other “player”. Alex says that doesn’t make it better so let’s not talk about it. Paul says he wasn’t going to not talk to her and she says she appreciates it. Paul says he wanted to be honest with her and if that dictates her hating him, then so be it. He doesn’t want her to feel like he’s selfishly Fing her over. Alex says honestly, it doesn’t feel like that. 100%. Alex says she had times she thought Jason would clean sweep her or Paul but she didn’t care. Paul says he’s playing this game the second time and it’s hard to get this far and not want to win. Alex says do you think it was easy for me to throw comps to you? She explained to Jason you don’t have to win every comp to win BB and she was ok with it. She doesn’t want to make him feel worse, and she doesn’t want to keep talking about it. Paul says he’s eating himself up but he wants to talk it out because her feelings are just as valid as his. Paul says you said I’m securing losing, but if I save you, then I’m securing my own loss. 1:40 PM BBT Alex says she cares about the money, she wants to take care of her baby. Paul says this game has taken a physical and emotional toll on me. Alex says it just sucks, I worked really hard. Paul says everyone knows how hard you worked which is what makes it even harder for him. Paul says I wish you hadn’t done crap all season. Alex says we don’t have to keep talking about it because it only makes it worse. Alex says Christmas is not going to lay down for this because she wants it now. Paul says he's going to try and talk them in to keeping him, he just can’t save her because he would lose those votes. But maybe he can talk them into keeping her. He says there is nothing he wants more than to be in F2 with her. Christmas comes in from outside and goes upstairs. Paul tells Alex he worked super hard last year and he fell short. He says his anxiety attacks and panic attacks and it would crush his soul if he made the same mistake as last year and lose by one vote. 1:45 PM BBT Christmas and Josh are talking about days again. She’s running down the HOH wins. Paul tells Alex he’s always doubted himself his whole life and his capabilities and with this decision there might be a shred of confidence he can pull it off. He says it’s super hard to say to her and he’s trying to be as open and honest with his feelings as he can. Alex says she understands and she keeps saying they don’t have to talk about it because it just makes him feel worse. Paul asks if they think they’ll do anything today? Alex doesn’t think so and then mentions maybe a special eviction on Tuesday and then another on Thursday. Paul says final 3 is at least 5 or 6 days. Alex says they probably won’t have a show today because of football all day and they won’t have a special show on Monday because of football. Alex says she wishes they would have just voted out Kevin and then she wouldn’t feel so bad going before him. Paul says we all wanted Raven out. Paul says at that point he was overtrumped with the vote. Paul says they were set on getting Raven out over Kevin. Alex says Christmas is obviously playing the game now because she’s trying to sneak by and get to the end. Paul asks Alex if she thinks he can do it and she says he can. Alex says she’ll vote for Paul and Jason will. Paul says Jason hates me right now. Alex says she’ll talk to him that Jason will think it was Paul’s plan all along and Alex is stupid but she will tell him to vote for Paul. Paul says he hasn’t done jury damage control all season, but neither have they. Paul says he’s going to talk to Josh and Christmas and see what he can do. He apologizes to her because he let her down. 1:50 PM BBT Alex says you got my vote, you probably just won’t see me right after. Paul just wants her to know he genuinely thinks she’s one of the coolest people he’s ever met. She says she’s going to the WC. Christmas and Josh have moved on to talking about evictions. Paul is pacing back and forth between rooms and he is upset and sniffling. He is crying. Kevin comes inside and holds the door open for Alex and she goes outside and says thank you. Kevin asks Paul if he’s alright and he says he’s fine and Kevin asks if you are sure. Paul heads into the HOH room and Christmas gives him a hug. Alex is outside on the couch saying Hail Mary’s with her rosary. Paul is crying and Josh comes up to hug him as well. 1:55 PM BBT Paul tells them he told Alex he would talk to them about keeping her. He then goes over everything he told her. Paul says Alex called him selfish and she doesn’t know he’s protecting them. Josh asked if Alex was ok and Paul says she said thanks for being honest. Paul tells them they need to give her a straight no and not give her hope because it will hurt her even more. Alex is called to the DR and she asks for 5 minutes so she can finish her rosary.
  10. 10:00 PM BBT Christmas, Josh, and Paul are in the lounge studying days. 10:05 PM BBT Christmas, Josh, and Paul are still studying days. Josh still wants to call out Kevin. Christmas says to do it before the next HOH so he’s distracted. 10:10 PM BBT Josh is still upset about being a meatball. Paul says what did you think they were going to name you? Josh says he thought he’d be throwing meatballs. Christmas liked her comic so much. Josh asks Paul if the jury last year hated him and Nicole as much as they are hated this year. Paul says he was hated last year. Paul says he was motormouth last year, this year he’s potty mouth. Christmas says it might be because they talked crap and Paul says but why call me that? Josh says fool! What are you complaining about? Paul says his mom is going to kill him and Josh says his mom is going to kill him. Christmas mentions Big Meech as the baby on last year’s comic. Josh says he’s rampaging through a city he says he’s probably spazzing on all the episodes. Paul says why potty mouth? He says he hates it he wishes they’d have made him a snake. 10:15 PM BBT Christmas wants a massage after they are done. Josh says he needs to decompress after this. Christmas says a real moment, she doesn’t care what happens after F3, but they swept the F out of the house. Josh says yes they did. Christmas says they should put this in their playbook. Paul’s comic said the toxic toilet turned motor mouth into potty mouth. Josh says he doesn’t get the toilet thing. Paul thought they were saying he had bad breath or something. Josh says Mark and Jason were brutal sometimes and Elena sometimes. Josh says he wouldn’t get close enough to Raven. Josh says he felt Alex was a super hero one but all the rest were villains. Paul says he for sure was a villain. Paul says Jessica and Cody’s weren’t that bad. Christmas asks if the comics are accurate to their character in the show and Paul says pretty accurate. 10:20 PM BBT Paul says Jessica’s said Hex appeal and she was holding a book. Christmas thinks the show had her portrayed as a good girl until she took Cody’s chance away to save his girlfriend. Christmas wishes Jillian could have played longer, but she was on the block with her. Paul says they were probably portrayed as the aggressive ones all season. Paul says he probably made a lot of people cry in the DR, then he says Dominique for sure. Josh says when Paul came in to confront Dominique he was sleeping but immediately rose up and wanted to know what was going on. 10:25 PM BBT Paul says he likes Dominique but he doesn’t think she will want to be friends. Christmas thinks Dominique’s personality will keep her from talking to them because she’ll think she’s better than all of them. Josh liked Elena’s comic and he says Elena will probably like it. Christmas says she wants to go back and watch clips of Elena throwing a temper tantrum. They talk about Josh taking the apple night one.
  11. 9:30 PM BBT Paul, Christmas, and Josh are in the lounge room still talking things out. Kevin is in the green bedroom by himself. Alex is in the HOH shower. Paul again goes over the plan for talking to Alex. 9:35 PM BBT Paul finishes going over his plan. Josh wants to know when he can question Kevin about this veto. Christmas and Paul say after the eviction. 9:40 PM BBT Paul is asking again if everyone is comfortable with the plan. Josh says yes. Christmas agrees. Christmas says she should have taken this HOH and it could have been a split vote and she wouldn’t have minded taking Alex out. Josh is in the SR thinking and he whispers Christmas is such a fool twice. Christmas tells Paul she is sick of Alex’s arrogance. Paul tells Christmas he doesn’t think anyone will vote for him in jury. He says he doesn’t know how he can win, he doesn’t think he can win. He says he’s just trying to get as far as he can. Josh whispers again Christmas is such a fool. Josh comes out and Kevin asks if he’s tired and Josh says yes. Kevin asks if he’s going to bed early and Josh says yeah. Josh then says he’s going to lay down. Josh goes to the HOH room and Alex is out of the shower. Alex says she just got called to the DR. Christmas asks Paul if he didn’t think he could potentially win why didn’t he play a different game. Paul says he just wanted to go as far as he could, but now that he’s this far it’s hard not to think about it. 9:45 PM BBT Paul says he’s going to try and go as far as he can. Paul starts going over jury votes and Christmas says yeah, but they all respected you in some way. Christmas says collectively they all respected your game even though you blew up on them. Christmas says they just see her as a lump on a log in the corner. Josh is in his bed in the HOH and he says for him to have Paul and Christmas’s back the whole game and to stand by them and never cross them and Paul is literally putting all the blood on him and Christmas. Josh says he has no blood or anything and to put it on someone who’s had your back in order to secure your game and not give a chance…Josh says he’s been honest, loyal, straightforward. He says yeah he’s told white lies but for him to orchestrate all this and put all the blood on him so he can secure his jury votes and Christmas is so naïve she is eating everything he says. Josh says they don’t even let me speak, he can’t even get a word and now he can’t take a shot. He says now he has to go to F3 with him. He says Paul thinks he will go to F2 with his hands clean but he might just blow up the house. Josh says he’s earned his spot there, he’s protected Paul and Christmas and had their back and now what does he do? Josh says they think he’s stupid? Josh says they think he’s stupid like he doesn’t Fing know that Paul told Kevin to throw that Fing comp so it Fing looks like he is in with Fing Christmas? Josh says if he doesn’t make it to 3 and then 2 he doesn’t give a flying F at this point because he has not turned on anyone and he’s forcing him to turn on him. Paul is forcing Josh to take him out and take a shot at him. Josh says little does Paul know Josh knows they have a F3 and he’s sure he’s spreading that crap like wildfire in jury. 9:50 PM BBT Josh says he’s played a clean game and now he has someone he trusts, someone he looked out for, an alliance and now they are Fing up his game. Josh says if he wins he’s in a house full of Fing snakes. Josh is not going to throw crap on an ally to ensure he wins, he would have been happy for the best to win. He wouldn’t have crapped on someone to win. Josh says Christmas is worried about a rogue vote but she’s not pissed about Paul crapping on them to get to F2 and win the game. Josh says he is playing the F out of Christmas. Josh says he stood by this kid the whole game and for him not to be the one to taint his game, but for an ally to do it and he called people out and had enemies to protect those two? 9:55 PM BBT He says he’s not going to change, he’s going to be loyal, but if he makes that scale he’s taking Paul out. Josh says he’s going to F3 but they better beat him. And in his speech you better believe Josh is exposing the three of them. Josh says everyone is going to know when he’s in F2 he played a loyal game, stood by him and never turned on him and people never gave that in return. Josh says either the F’ing jury will respect his game play or F the jury too because he doesn’t give three F’s at this point. Josh says he didn’t ruin his game, thank his allies for that. Josh goes back downstairs. Christmas and Paul have been going over days. Josh comes in and Paul asks where Alex and Kevin are and Josh says DR and his corner. Paul asks Josh if he remembers anything from the Inked and Tatted comp. He wants to know what number was on Jillian’s cover. Josh says he’s screwed on that because he hasn’t studied days. They all start going over days.
  12. 9:00 PM BBT Paul says Josh was a giant meatball with pots and pans. Alex starts a story with this one time in college. It’s about a partner who was color blind. Paul goes downstairs and talks to Kevin and he tells Kevin he has to tell Alex he’s not using POV. Paul says she’s going to hate him. Kevin says she doesn’t like you anyway. Kevin says who would go up Christmas? Paul says yeah but Alex will feel he betrayed her. Kevin doesn’t want Paul to tell her tonight because she’ll be miserable. Paul says tell her you need to think it over. Josh didn’t want to play chess. Paul and Christmas go to the lounge. Paul says he’s going to be straight forward with her. Paul says Alex has been securing jury the whole time and Paul has none. Paul says Alex may ask Christmas for a vote and send it to Josh to break the tie. Paul says we can blindside her but that will be even worse. 9:05 PM BBT Christmas says she’s not sure Josh will see they will all share the blood in this. Josh comes in and Paul asks where Alex is and Josh says she’s in the shower. Paul says they all need to tell Alex they want her out in their own way. Paul is explaining his strategy to tell Alex to Josh. He says he will tell her even if they make F2 (Alex and Paul) Paul would lose Christmas, Josh, and Kevin’s votes and he’s lost Jason’s, Cody’s, and Mark’s. Josh says Alex is telling Josh they have a plan and he’s screwed her over three times and he can’t do it a fourth time. 9:10 PM BBT Paul explains that they all have to be on the same page and say no otherwise Alex will go to Christmas and ask for a tie and put it on Josh to break the tie. Paul says Alex is expecting him to use it on her. Christmas says that’s why it was imperative for Kevin to win. Josh says Kevin threw it because he screwed up big time and even he didn’t max out. Christmas says let’s focus on Kevin later, let’s figure out the Alex thing before she gets out of the shower. Christmas asks Josh if he’s ok with telling Alex he told Paul he wouldn’t get his jury vote if he used POV. Josh says he’s not ok with it. Paul says you just said yes twice. Josh says he’s not ok with it but he’ll do it. Paul wants to know why he’s not ok with it. Christmas says we need to talk through it. Paul says our other options are to blindside her or expose ourselves. Christmas says those two options are not ok. Paul says if we expose ourselves she goes to jury and blows it for all of us. Josh says he doesn’t want it to seem like he gave Paul an ultimatum. 9:15 PM BBT Paul says Alex really wants to win and she knows she can. Christmas says Alex’s arrogance is annoying. Paul says he doesn’t want to something they aren’t ok with. Josh says fine. Christmas says you can’t just say fine or go off on a tangent. Josh says what’s a tangent? Christmas looks at Paul and says I’m done. Paul explains. Christmas says you need to talk to us and work through things and for all of us to be comfortable with the plan because if we make a decision and then you second guess it, then I will lose my crap. Paul says they are 2 comps away from final 3. He will intimidate the crap out of Kevin next week. Paul again goes over his speech to Alex. Josh says Alex is questioning Kevin throwing that comp. 9:20 PM BBT Josh says Alex is going to link him and Paul to Kevin. Paul says he doesn’t know what Kevin was thinking. Christmas says she will just say Alex will sweep her in comps. Paul says Alex could sweep over all of us. Kevin is walking through to the KT and talking to himself. He says Kevin, stop that! He says it three times. Christmas says ok, we have our plan in place. She tells Josh he needs to be cold hearted and Josh says he can’t do that. Christmas tells him not to make empty promises. Kevin put something in the microwave. He takes the bowl and stands in front of a camera and waves the spoon back and forth and then eats it. 9:25 PM BBT Christmas, Josh, and Paul are still hashing things out. They start talking about jury. Christmas curses Kevin out. Then says they haven’t seen C word Christmas come out, she will rape Kevin’s soul with her words.
  13. 8:30 PM BBT Josh listens to Paul and tells him to do what he’s comfortable with. Paul says he wants him to be comfortable to because he doesn’t want Josh to feel like he’s being screwed over. Paul tells Josh and Christmas that Kevin told him to throw HOH to him next week and he’d put up Josh and Christmas. Paul says he doesn’t want Alex to be mad at Josh and Christmas. Josh says he’s come to terms with the fact he isn’t going to make anyone happy. He says he opened his mouth too much and hurt people. 8:35 PM BBT Josh goes back out to the green bedroom and talks to Alex. He picks up the cowboy hat and asks if it’s Whistle’s and Alex says she found it under the bed, so she put it on the bed. Alex is filing her nails. Alex says it feels like Jason and Raven have been gone for so long. Josh says it was just 2 days ago. Josh says the game is getting harder because they all love each other. Josh says he really means it when he says he wants to be friends with people outside of the house. 8:40 PM BBT Josh is talking about the comp again and Alex thinks Kevin threw the comp and Josh says he struggled with Mark and Ramses’s comics and he doesn’t know if he did that bad how Kevin did worse. Alex didn’t like Ramses’ comic and Dominique’s was weird too. Josh says Kevin is fishy as F. Kevin is out of the shower and he says he liked Josh’s comment. Christmas tells Paul that Josh doesn’t want to take the heat for things, but then when you discuss things with him he says do what you want. She says that’s where her frustration comes from. Alex says she liked Elena and Josh said he did too and he liked Mark. Kevin says the NFL starts tomorrow. 8:45 PM BBT Kevin and Alex talk about football. Christmas and Paul are wrapping up their talk re-hashing the same things. They finally head out of the red bedroom. Paul goes into the HOH room and Christmas follows. Josh says he’s going up to listen to his music. 8:50 PM BBT Josh finally heads upstairs and reminds Kevin he can come up any time. Kevin says he knows that and Josh says well he keeps saying that but no one comes up. Alex heads up the HOH room and she’s going to shower. Alex sits on the couch and Christmas and Alex are complaining about Kevin. 8:55 PM BBT Josh joins the HOH room and Paul asks what time it was. Paul asks where Kevin was and Josh says in the corner where he normally is. Alex says 45 minutes was strange. Alex says there better not be a pendant of poop. Alex says why would you botch that? Josh says he’s been asking himself that. Paul says he thinks Kevin is color blind because Kevin told him that earlier in the season. Paul says that would make BB comics impossible if that’s true. Alex says why wouldn’t he have asked for help and Paul says you can’t. Christmas says she’s bored. Paul asks Josh if he wants to play chess.
  14. 8:00 PM BBT Alex is still eating and talking to Christmas about health foods and working out. Kevin washed the dishes. Josh is going upstairs to shower. He tells the others they can shower upstairs. He starts singing and we get FotH. Josh goes up to the camera in the HOH and says Hola Familia! He shouts out to his friends and family in Miami. He says he just had fun in BB Comics. He says wait until you see my comic, I look like a clown. Josh says it’s ok, it’s time to shower. Alex tells Paul to eat the rest of the steak. 8:05 PM BBT Josh puts his head phones on and is dancing. Everyone is finished eating and Kevin is doing the dishes. Kevin tells Alex he’s letting the glasses soak for a minute. Josh is told to turn his music down. Alex tells Paul she doesn’t think Paul’s looked like him and Paul says they boned him this year. He says they hate him this year. Paul says he’s going to lie down. 8:10 PM BBT Josh talking to the camera again. He says we think we’re 9 days away and a wake-up call. Paul and Kevin whispering in the green room. Paul tells Kevin to protect him next week and Kevin says he’ll win HOH next week. He’s going to ask for cards from the DR and he asks Alex as she walks by if she wants him to ask for anything. Josh is getting ready to shower, Paul is lying on his bed with his hat over his face. Alex goes into the red bedroom and asks who made their beds and Paul says he thinks Christmas did. 8:15 PM BBT Kevin tells Christmas he requested a deck of cards and they said they’d look into it. Christmas goes into the red bedroom and Paul says Kevin is such a F’ing Ahole. Kevin is going to take a shower. Christmas is tweezing hairs from Paul’s back and Paul says she’ll need to keep her voice down because Alex and Kevin might be right outside of the door. Christmas suggest Paul keeps his promise and uses veto on Alex and Josh puts Christmas up and they vote out Kevin. Christmas says then they can just battle it out. Paul says no because she could beat him and even if he wins HOH, she could win veto and Josh or Christmas would get clipped. Paul says there is no way he’s going to save her, but maybe there’s a way to distribute the blame so she doesn’t hate him. 8:20 PM BBT Paul says maybe he can tell Alex he was in a position where if he didn’t win veto he was going to be gone, and now that he did win veto, Kevin, Josh, and Christmas told Paul they would not vote for him to win. Kevin is in the lounge and doing shout outs to his family. He says he just did a comp and he did horrible. He says he’s still on the block and he’ll have been on the block three straight times. He says he knows he’s not coming off the block. Kevin is talking about how many days he’s been in the house. Christmas and Paul are still whispering trying to figure out how to sell to Alex Paul can’t save her. Kevin says he’s by himself in the game. He says Alex and Christmas are good competitors and then there’s Josh and Paul. He says he loves his family and he sends kisses to the camera. He says he forgot what his phone looks like. He says he needs to get one of his kids in there next year, they have to do better than him because he hasn’t won anything. Kevin says they will see on the nominations Josh went wild and called him a floater. Alex is in the LR and she says she captured another fly and holds it up for the camera. 8:25 PM BBT Christmas asks if it will be a Sunday eviction and Paul says he has another idea. Alex wants to build a house like the BB house on the Sims. Christmas and Paul are still tossing around ideas. Josh and Alex are in the LR. Alex says she’s bored. Josh goes and joins Christmas and Paul in the red bedroom. Paul talks to Josh about his dilemma with Alex. He pitches to Josh the idea he had pitched to Christmas about him losing three jury votes if he uses veto.
  15. 7:30 PM BBT Josh is saying he was stuck on Mark and Ramses’s comics. He couldn’t figure out what the difference was in them. General chatter about cooking. Paul says Josh did a crappy job of washing dishes and Josh said at least he washed them. Christmas asks for another clove of garlic. 7:35 PM BBT Cooking continues. As some of the food finishes, everyone starts thanking each other for what they prepared. Josh wants to sit at the table. 7:40 PM BBT Alex is fixing their last steak. Paul fixed chicken and Christmas fixed vegetables. Paul is eating. Still general chatter. 7:45 PM BBT Talk has returned to the comics. Christmas says she got a shirt and a comic. Alex laughs and says Starecrow. Cody’s comic was apparently the Starecrow and Christmas says he did have a creepy look a lot. 7:50 PM BBT The steak is done and Alex says that’s pretty close to how Jason fixed it. Josh picks a piece. Christmas says everything is good. Christmas says it’s perfectly cooked and Josh says it’s yummy. Paul says 10 days and a wake-up. 7:55 PM BBT Alex says the first thing she wants to do is kiss that baby. Christmas says Elena took three pairs of her workout pants. Christmas says she’s a snob about her workout clothes, but Elena took three pairs and one of them was her favorite. Alex says that’s the definition of gumpy Elena. Alex says Kevin’s competition shirt was very sweaty.
  16. 7:00 PM BBT Paul thinks the comic guy hates him this season. Josh is saying he isn’t the meatball, Cody and Mark were meatballs. Christmas says your comic says otherwise. Josh is washing the dishes. Kevin takes the trash out. 7:05 PM BBT Paul is still trying to figure out why he was called potty mouth on his comic. He’s over it and he hates it. Paul is saying maybe he’s just gumpy and he hasn’t gotten the hint. Josh says his comic was gumpy. Paul says his no’s are gumpy, when they called him to the den was gumpy, his comic was gumpy. Production says Paul…no! Everyone laughs. 7:10 PM BBT Josh is dancing while he does the dishes. Paul starts talking about what it will be like after the show is over and they are back out in their normal lives. Alex just wants her cell phone. She wants to facetime everyone. Alex wants her family at the finale. Christmas and Alex are talking about life in the real world. 7:15 PM BBT They are back to talking about their comics. Paul is talking about the look on Mark’s face in his comic. Josh just broke something in the sink. Paul asks if he cut himself and Josh says no, he’s good. He’s cleaning out the broken glass. 7:20 PM BBT Alex and Paul are in the SR. Alex wants to know if they are taking Kevin to the F3 and Paul says no. Alex says did he throw it and Paul says 100%. Alex asks if Paul asked Kevin to throw it and Paul said no. Christmas comes in and Alex leaves. Christmas says she’s sad and excited. Paul says they will have to help them this week because Alex asked him if he was going to screw her and Paul said no. Paul says she tried really hard and Christmas says Alex did great. Paul says it’s for the greater good. They leave the SR. Alex is saying she liked how she looked on her comic. 7:25 PM BBT Christmas could not play in the veto comp and she wishes she’d asked if she could at least do the zipline one time. Paul asks what do you think Raven and Jason are saying to each other? Alex says Raven will probably call Jason counterfeit. Alex says if she got Matt out she wouldn’t want to be in jury with Raven. Paul says Mark, Elena, and Cody are probably over the game.
  17. I took it through noon BBT if anyone can cover for a bit.
  18. 11:30 AM BBT Alex says she was straight up with Jessica and told her she wouldn’t vote out Josh and Jessica said that Josh was bad for her game. Paul laughs and says so that’s why we kept him. Talk has turned to Cody and Mark and their gameplay and evictions. 11:35 AM BBT Alex went to look to see what time it was. She thinks they are messing with the clock because she thought it was 11:45 when they woke them up. Alex says her breast parents thought you couldn’t get pregnant while you were breastfeeding so her and her brother are 18 months apart. 11:40 AM BBT Christmas, Alex, and Paul are in the red bedroom talking. All four cameras are on Kevin. Josh is in the HOH room. General chatter in the red bedroom. Josh is called to the DR. 11:45 AM BBT General chatter about people they know. Christmas talking about someone who had lumps found in her breasts. Alex talks about praying and she says she prays for everyone in the house, even Jessica and Kevin, and then she prays for everyone’s families.
  19. 11:00 AM BBT Kevin is asking how late they stayed up and Paul says they kept them up DRing them. Alex leaves the KT and goes to sit on her old bed in the green bedroom. She looks under Jason’s bed and then sits back down. Kevin is going to put pants on, he says it’s cold out there. Christmas is back in the KT and Paul fills her in on the morning with him and Alex. Christmas says she feels ok. Christmas asks if Alex went upstairs and Paul says no. Christmas says it’s so quiet there. Alex is on her bed with her rosary. 11:05 AM BBT Paul is going to see what Josh is doing and wake him up. Paul tells Josh he almost got sick and they chuckle. Paul asks if Josh has ever been to the Vatican. Paul opens the door and Josh asks if he’s leaving and going back down? Paul doesn’t know, he might jam out to some Bieber. Josh asks if everyone is up and Paul says yeah. Josh is told to put on his microphone. Kevin is doing ADL’s in the downstairs WA. Christmas comes out of the WC and washes her hands. Christmas says she got DRed at like 3 or 4. Josh feels dehydrated and Paul tells him to drink water. Josh’s stomach hurts. 11:10 AM BBT Josh says it was interesting and he is told again to put on his microphone. Josh says to try and make it interesting I guess and they are told they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. Christmas and Kevin are downstairs in the KT and Christmas wants to know if Jason left anything behind so they can send it to him. Josh tells Paul he is going to be straight forward with Alex he thinks. Paul says he thinks Alex has won more comps than him at this point. Josh says she’s won more comps than anyway. Josh says he’ll have a conversation with her beforehand but it will be hard. Paul says you are just making it harder on yourself and technically you aren’t allowed to do that. Paul says just do the ceremony and talk to her after. Josh says Kevin is going to come up with some crazy crap and he doesn’t want to be seen talking to him. Paul asks Josh why people didn’t whistle and cheer when Jason walked out. Josh thinks it was shock at how Jason reacted and how quickly he came out. Josh thinks the way he walked out shocked everyone. Paul says he beat feet out of the house. Christmas goes to talk to Alex in the green bedroom and Alex doesn’t feel good. 11:15 AM BBT Josh says Christmas spazzed out on Raven. Josh asks what time it is and Paul says after 11 and he heads out and goes downstairs. He wonders why he had to get up that early. Alex tells Christmas she thinks her dog is dead or ran away and Christmas asks why she would think that. Paul goes to the WC. All four cams are on Kevin in the KT. Paul comes out and sneezes and Kevin says bless you. Paul asks if everyone went back to bed and Kevin says he doesn’t know but there’s only 5 of them left. 11:20 AM BBT Alex, Christmas, and Paul are in the red bedroom. Alex is re-reading her HOH letter. Christmas says Big Brother warps your mind. Paul is coughing and says he’s dying. Christmas asks if he’s ok. Christmas says him and Alex are lightweights. Christmas says they need a 2 drink limit. Alex is telling Christmas about going upstairs this morning and ringing the doorbell for 20 minutes. Alex asks how many balls everyone had yesterday and Paul says 2 or 3. Paul says he got more limes than all of them but he missed 8 or 9. Paul says he found four at one point and just went back and forth and missed them all. Kevin gets up and leaves the KT and mumbles something about being by himself. 11:25 AM BBT Kevin goes to sit on his bed in the green bedroom. Christmas, Alex, and Paul are talking about the veto competition. Christmas says it was fun but she wished it were longer. Paul says he clearly sucks at basketball or beer pong. Christmas says Raven worked really hard for it. Alex asks if Raven talked to Josh about using the veto and Christmas says she think Raven just asked about his vote. Christmas says she told Ramses she wasn’t voting to keep him and she says she had the same conversation with Jillian.
  20. 10:31 AM BBT Rise and shine Houseguests. Rise and Shine!! Paul gives a thumbs up. Christmas looks over and sees him with the thumbs up and laughs. No other movement. Then we hear thank you for your cooperation! Paul asks where’s Josh and Christmas is surprised he’s not down there. Other than that, no movement. 10:35 AM BBT No movement still. 10:40 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Alex says why? We’re awake. Christmas says what do you need us to do? Alex is the first to get up and heads to the WC. We get a camera on the HOH and Josh is still in bed as well. 10:44 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Christmas says everyone is awake, just no one is up. 10:46 AM BBT Alex is in the KT still in her super hero costume. Alex is carrying around the Gatorade jug drinking out of it. She finally puts it back on the counter. Paul is up and out of bed and has his floatie around his waist. Alex is looking at the memory wall. 10:50 AM BBT Paul runs a comb through his hair and then heads out. Kevin gives a thumbs up as he passes by and Paul gives a thumbs up back. Paul says 100% he almost yakked this morning. Alex is telling Paul that Josh locked the HOH door this morning. Alex says he finally opened the door 20 minutes later. Paul is drinking something and Alex says she just chugged the yellow Gatorade. Alex says they are 100% coming for them. Paul says they played themselves. Alex says Kevin is listening to them. Paul asks if they are the only ones awake. Alex says they played Dead or Alive and it reminded her of cowboy. Paul says Paint It Black, the memory wall. Paul starts complaining about the ants. Paul says this morning was definitely a struggle and Alex says it’s still morning. 10:55 AM BBT Paul says he doesn’t remember falling asleep last night. Alex says this is why she doesn’t drink. Alex says she dreamed her dog ran away from her sister or her ex-boyfriend came and picked it up. Paul says his first HOH letter his mom tells him all his animals are dying. Kevin is up and Paul says what’s up pal? Kevin looks in the fridge and then leans against the counter. Kevin paces for a minute and eventually sits down at the KT bar. Christmas is now up. Paul is making coffee and Christmas says good morning. Paul says this is it except for Josh. Kevin says they played the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi for their music this am.
  21. 10:00 AM BBT All HG still in bed. 10:05 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. 10:10 AM BBT Still no changes. Just shuffling as people get comfortable in bed. We hear Wakey-Wakey HG! Rise and shine! No one moves. 10:18 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day! Still no movement. 10:21 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day! Houseguests must be away between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Still no movement. 10:29 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Still no movement.
  22. 9:30 AM BBT Christmas was getting up and then we get FotH. 9:47 AM BBT Wake-up call has happened. The lights are on but all the HG are in bed. I hear Christmas up and moving around, but she’s off camera. 9:50 AM BBT Christmas makes her way back to the red bedroom and lays back down. 9:55 AM BBT No movement. HG all still laying down.
  23. ***JOSH'S HOH ROOM*** 2:11 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Everyone makes their way upstairs. Josh says we’ll make this quick. Josh does not like his pictures, he says they are awful. Josh says they are the worst pictures ever. Josh gets a letter from his sister and his music is Justin Bieber. Alex says Josh looks like Rob Kardashian in one of his pictures. Hi bubby! I just want you to know I’m beyond proud of you and how much you’ve grown throughout this journey. I love you! Embrace every moment. Remember to pray every night and thank God for all of your blessings. We went to see dad and he says he loves you and to stay strong. Everybody is doing great here. We recently went to Orlando and The Keys and we missed you because we know how much you love to party. Tia and Tio love you and they send you kisses. Abuelo and Abuela are good and they say the house has never been so peaceful, lol. Enjoy every minute of this because this opportunity only comes once. I’m very proud of you. We’re doing amazing. Missing you lots. The family all sends you love and kisses. All your friends are supporting you. Stay strong and we love you. Hugs and Kisses, Familia
  24. ***ALEX'S HOH BASKET*** 12:53 AM BBT Alex gets her HOH basket. She got a pink hat, two pairs of socks and snacks. She checks to see who her letter is from. It’s from her sister. Twinnie! If you’re reading this, then that means you’re HOH! Excellent! How are you? We’re all good here, but we miss you. I miss you because I have no one to tag in really annoying Snapchats, puns, or obnoxious Instagram memes. Mom’s literally been planning a trip a month for the next year since you’ve been gone and papa without fail has forgotten his password for his work now at least three times a week. It’s actually pretty fun because mom and I make fun of him until he tells us we have to go away. But really, why doesn’t he just write it down? He has to call his service center every morning to ask them to reset his password. I’ve already put several puzzles in our shopping cart online. One is really cool, it’s 3-D puzzle over 2000 pieces. If people judge me assure them that I am cool. And don’t worry, we’ve been taking care of Shazam for you. He misses you and is really good with William. He lets him ride him like a pony. William finished speech therapy and is talking up a storm. In his final class, we practiced how to say his name and he got all excited to show Eric what he learned. So I asked William what his first name was and he said “Weeman”. Excellent! Then I asked him what his last name was and he said “racecar”, so now your nephews name is William Racecar. Well, close enough I guess. His new word is spooky. At night when we cross in the courtyard he says ohhhh, spooky! Because it’s dark. He also learned to say look and watch so he shows us now or makes us watch him dance or draw or just gets our attention until we say we’re watching and then asks for a kiss or a hug. Eric says hi and he’s going to help you by drinking all your cokes and eating all the corn dogs you left in the freezer. Good Luck! We’re all cheering for you! Love, Drea (?), Eric, William, and Shazam
  25. 9:12 AM BBT Paul is up and goes to the KT to get a drink. Paul then goes to the WC. 9:16 AM BBT Alex is up and she is still wearing her super hero costume. She stops in the KT and drinks out of the Gatorade jug. Alex goes to the bottom of the stairs but stops. Then goes back and gets another drink out of the Gatorade jug. She then starts to head upstairs slowly. She tries to open the HOH room and then heads back downstairs. Alex goes to the WA and asks Paul how long he’s going to take. She says Josh locked the HOH room door. 9:20 AM BBT Alex goes back upstairs and rings the HOH doorbell. Alex then starts knocking on the HOH door and whispers Josh. Alex tries the doorbell again and whispers Josh loudly. 9:25 AM BBT Josh finally gets up and Alex says she has to potty and Paul is downstairs. Alex washes her hands, thanks him and heads back downstairs. She stops again to drink out of the Gatorade jug. Alex stops in the SR to change her batteries.