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  1. 11:45-12:00 PM BBT Bridgette comes into the WA to wash her hands. Corey asks why Victor would even want to get him out? Frank says because he's intimidated. Frank and James leave the WA and leave Nicole and Corey alone in the WA. Paulie comes back in he's walking back and forth. Paulie starts singing Happy Birthday and Corey says she gets 24 kisses. Tiffany comes in. Tiffany says Natalie told Bronte but Jozea still has no idea. Da'Vonne making a crown for Nicole's birthday out of aluminum foil. Bridgette asks Natalie if Frank was trying to flip her. She says she thinks the other side of the house has Frank. Bridgette asks what's best for us three. Natalie says #1 stick together and just wait until tomorrow. James comes in and talk stops. Natalie says everyone is trying to throw everyone under the bus and Bridgette asks what's her gut telling her and Natalie says she thinks their the targets and there's a bigger alliance. Natalie says we have to be careful because they are gunning for the guys on our team. Bridgette said whatever I tell you guys don't tell anyone else. Natalie says we have to see how the votes go. Bronte says she is not voting to send Jozea home. Bridgette doesn't trust them at all. They say Paulie has to go home. Natalie says they're fishing to set her against Victor. Bridgette says Frank was berating Natalie and she did a good job of sticking up for herself. Natalie says they have to pray Jozea stays. Frank comes in and asks Bridgette if she thinks they'll keep their mouth shut and she says yeah. Corey says that's what Frank wanted and Nicole said Natalie swore she wouldn't tell though. NIcole wants Paulie to go out and see what Bronte knows. They want to see how she acts around Paulie. Nicole doesn't understand why anyone even said anything. James comes back in and said he went into the UKBR and Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette were talking and they just stopped when he came in. Frank comes in and James tells him the same thing and Paulie said Natalie couldn't even keep it a day. James and Paulie talking about the upcoming comp. They hope it's not a crapshoot. James wants to go last so he can see what everyone else does. Paulie wants to get Paul to flip on James and James said Paul won't flip. He's moving in with Victor after they are out of the house. Bronte comes through to use the WC and Natalie comes in to do the same. Natalie makes James and Paulie leave the WA. And we get FotH.
  2. 11:30-11:45 PM BBT Tiffany, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette in the UKBR. General talk about the pixels, what they think the comp would be, what previous comps were, and food. They all go out to get snacks and Paul scares them as they come out of the BR. Paulie, Nicole, James, Frank, and Corey still in WA and still re-hashing conversations. NIcole fills James in that Victor said he'd throw the HOH to Jozea to get James out. Frank tells them they think they have Zakiyah and Da on their side. Nicole tells them Victor thinks it might be a tie because he thinks Bridgette will get one vote. Frank laughs. Chatter stops as Paul walks through to use the WC. Nicole says she doesn't want cake, she just wants one of them to win HOH. Victor comes in to use the WC and talk stops again. They talk about James doing an atomic sit-up for Nicole's birthday.
  3. 11:15-11:30 PM BBT Victor tells Nicole that while Paulie was alone with newbies he didn't say anything about being Cody's brother. It wasn't until after Nicole popped out that he told them they were related. Nicole goes down to see Tiffany's braids. Natalie again says she's sticking to her word because she's not going to backdoor someone. Bridgette tells Natalie Frank, James, and Corey are in the bathroom chatting. Bridgette said she's been going in and out of there and the conversation didn't change until Corey came in. Tiffany comes in and the other girls oohh and aahh over her hair. Tiffany asks what the girls are going to wear tomorrow. If they're going casual or what. Natalie wants to wear heels. Bridgette comes into the WA and Frank says out loud so the plan is to blindside Bridge. Frank farts and Bridgette leaves. Frank tells James not to say anything else because he promised Natalie he wouldn't say anything. Da'Vonne comes in and says Victor and Nicole? What is that? Frank says I don't know I think he thinks he's got a vote. They start filling Da in on the convos with Natalie. Frank tells Da that Natalie won't change her vote, but he's got her on the fence about throwing the comp. Da asked what Bronte and Natalie are talking about. James said they need to get Bronte out and Frank says maybe next week put up Victor and Paul and if Victor wins BD Bronte. Frank said he doesn't think Victor will be good at HOH comps. James said the only people we can't have win are the people on my team. James talking about Bronte calling Nicole a bitch and saying they have to get all of these people out of here. James said there's bad blood between him and Victor and he doesn't care. Paulie comes into the WA. They see Nicole come downstairs and call her in. Victor comes in and Frank asks if he's been to the DR yet and he said no, he wants to soon and go to bed. Paulie asks if they should bake something for Nicole's birthday and Frank says it's too late for that. Frank asks how the talk went and Nicole says how do you guys let that crap happen all the time.
  4. 11:00-11:15 PM BBT Frank said he was cordial in his goodbye messages. He said he was on the block most of the time and he talks about his goodbye to Brittany. Natalie asks if Bronte would be safe next week and Frank said he can't guarantee anything with Bronte. James comes in to brush his teeth. Natalie says she won't be happy with whoever is lying. James says he didn't want to tell her, but that he doesn't make stuff up. Frank says Bronte is harder to read. Paul comes in and interrupts things. James says he won America's favorite because he didn't change his character for the game. Frank says they are scared to death of losing Natalie and Bronte because they'll be by themselves. James says he didn't mean to start anything but he didn't want Natalie to get played. Bronte comes back in to the WA. She asks Natalie to go help her pick out something to wear. Frank and James in WA talking and Frank fills in James about the conversation. We switch back to the UKBR with Natalie and Bronte and Natalie fills Bronte in on the conversation with James. Natalie says she feels Jozea is going home and Bronte asks if it's a feeling or if she's heard things. Bronte says the most he would get would be Frank, James, Cory, Tiffany, and Michelle. Bronte says the only way Paulie stays if Da or Zakiyah flips. Natalie thinks after tomorrow they need to collect their thoughts and think about their game plan. Natalie says the guys could ruin their game. Bronte knows Natalie isn't a target. Bridgette comes into the room. Victor upstairs with Nicole on the landing. Victor says he never asked Nicole and he wanted to wring James' neck and Nicole says let it go. NIcole says she doesn't want to be brought into the middle of anything. Victor says he doesn't play dirty. Nicole wants everyone to stop acting weird. Victor says he's not even comfortable sleeping down there. Victor says he's protected by Big Brother and he's protected by his team. He says James is the target to go and that if it comes down to his team, he'll throw the challenge to get James out. Victor asks how the votes are going to go tomorrow and Nicole says she doesn't know. Victor says Natalie still has feelings for him and she doesn't want to admit it. Victor says he heard Nicole has a thing with Corey and she says no we really don't. Victor says people are so petty. Victor asks what she would be doing back home for her birthday. She says she doesn't know maybe have a glass of wine. A few moments of silence and the Victor says he's not a bad person. Nicole says he's just not used to being locked in a house with personalities that don't mix. Victor asks what she wants for her birthday and Nicole says I don't know, not go on the block. Victor says she's ok he wouldn't worry. Victor says Cory is his teammate and if he and her are seen as duo it's not good. Nicole says you'd put me and him up? Victor says I wouldn't but someone would and Nicole asks who. Victor says you haven't told me anything, I'm not telling you anything. Victor says he'd put up Tiffany and Michelle. Nicole says would Bronte? Victor says Bronte would, but she's the backup if James isn't available. But he said Nicole wouldn't go home, Corey would because they have bigger fish to fry right now. Victor then says let's not talk game. Corey comes up looing for his water bottle and talk stops until he goes back downstairs. Victor says even Natalie is mad at James right now and they are supposed to be buddy buddy. Feeds switch to Frank and James in the WA. Frank still filling James in on his conversation with Natalie. Frank trying to get as many people throw HOH as he can. Corey comes in and says Nicole and Victor are having a serious talk. James says probably about what happened earlier. Frank repeats the conversation with Natalie to Corey.
  5. 10:45-11:00 PM BBT Jozea comes up and wants to play chess with Nicole. She doesn't want to play. Jozea offers to do her make-up for her in the morning for her birthday. Jozea says he'll make her pretty. He talks about doing a fish braid, but Nicole says she's going to straighten her hair. Jozea wants Nicole to pick out something to wear that's nice and fitted so he can give her a "red carpet" look. Jozea wants to give her an entire makeover and NIcole just wants her make-up done. We switch to LR and Da is finishing Tiff's braids. Michelle still sitting there with James and Zakiyah and Jozea joins them. Jozea says she likes the braids on Tiffany. Natalie in the kitchen getting something to eat. Natalie pulls Frank into the WA and says this is her first rodeo, his second, and can he not tell people what they talk about. She has a lot of thinking to do. She asks if she can trust Frank and he said yeah. Natalie says she's not gonna flip-flop on people because she's not like that. She just wants to take info in and Bronte is her best friend in the house. Frank said that's why he told her about the girls being expendable thing. Natalie says she can't go against her word. Natalie says they do their own thing and come to her and Bronte for votes and she has to find out second hand about things they are saying. Natalie says she knows there's an alliance and Frank quickly says there's not an alliance, just a majority of people who want Jozea gone. Bronte comes into the WA and asks if Natalie is ok. Frank says goodbye messages make you emotional and Natalie says she doesn't know what she's going to say. Bronte laughs and says I know what I'm going to say. Frank says you have to be careful because you want to be nice, maybe funny, but if you say the wrong thing and they come back they could hold it against you. Bronte says people who come back are from jury and Frank said on his season the ones who could come back were pre-jury and he explains about sequester to Bronte.
  6. 10:30-10:45 PM BBT Natalie repeating again she doesn't want to do a DR looking like a troll. General chatter still about facial hair care. Natalie finally ready for her DR. Bronte and Natalie in the UKBR and Victor comes in. Victor asks how the talk with Zakiyah went and Bronte says all is good. Victor says he doesn't feel comfortable sitting out there and Bronte says it's been awkward with Nicole and James. Victor says hopefully everything goes according to plan tomorrow. Bronte wants tomorrow to hurry up and come here. Victor says he's ready to compete. Bronte says she hopes its not a crap shoot. Bronte says if we win James is safe and Victor says yeah but we'll go after Nicole and Cory. Victor wants Jozea to win HOH. Natalie tells Victor Jozea is going home tomorrow that she just has a feeling. Bronte says if Jozea goes home they have to scramble and Victor thinks Frank will vote against Paulie. Victor says Frank has been with them since the beginning. Bronte says it doesn't matter how Frank and James vote and Natalie says Zakiyah and Da'Vonne will vote against Jozea and Victor doesn't think that will happen in a million years. It wouldn't make any sense at all. Natalie says she can't talk game anymore, she just wants tomorrow to happen. Bronte comments that Paulie looks sick or he's nervous and scared. Paul and Nicole talking on the upstairs landing by the chess board. Paul says Jozea keeps saying Nicole is sneaky and Paul says she's not. That she was genuinely happy Paul won veto. Paul thinks Nicole is rad. Paul is saying if it comes to a tie Nicole will have to break the tie. Nicole says she doesn't think that would happen. Paul thinks Victor is more loyal. Paul wants to vote with the majority, which he thinks is Paulie. He says if he voted a different way then the house would see the numbers and want to know who voted the opposite way. Frank joins them and Paul says he was giving friendly words for Nicole's birthday. Frank says they should have saved the alcohol from last night. Paul can't wait until they are all out and they can party and he wants to see Nicole get wild. Nicole says what he sees is as wild as she gets. Paul asks if Frank has been arrested. Frank says he was arrested for B&E and Paul says he doesn't believe him. Frank says he's a G. Paul says he hasn't been arrested and Franks says I have warrants. Paul says he doesn't want to do any more comps he's tired. Paul says he's played 4 out of 5 and Nicole says there have been 6. Paul says oh I've played 5 out of 6 but oh you've played them all. Then Paul says you can't play next week and Nicole says no. Paul says you can still be put though? Nicole says yeah and Paul said that sucks but I get it. Frank thinks they'll keep the teams for a few weeks.
  7. 10:15-10:30 PM BBT Zakiyah asked if everyone knows the plan and Jozea and Paul say yes, everyone knows the plan. Jozea says no one even needs to vote for Bridgette. Jozea said it was good that Bridgette was nominated because she wasn't a secure vote for Jozea. Jozea said she'll be out and Bronte says Bridgette is a flip flopper. Zakiyah says the HOH room has a nice bed and Jozea says you won't have to leave because we'll be rotating. Paul says when he's HOH no will be allowed to use his bathroom. Bronte goes to get ice cream. Paul says he's a nice guy but he f'in hates Michelle and Tiffany. He says he works so hard not to turn to her and say he hates her and she's an idiot. Jozea asks if she's really a nutritionist or if she's lying. Paul says no because she eats microwave sausages and lays out in the sun. Jozea says would you pay her to be your nutritionist and cook for you and Paul says I wouldn't pay her to do anything.Paul thinks her mom dropped Michelle on her head real hard. Jozea gets called to the DR. Corey, Paulie, Paul in the green chairs in the LR, Zakiyah and James on one couch, Michelle on the floor next to Tiffany, while Da is on the couch doing Tiff's hair. They guys are talking about wanting to shave or trim. James doesn't think they'll get to dress up tomorrow. Zakiyah whispering to Da a little bit about her conversation with Jozea. Back in the WA, Frank and Natalie still discussing the vote. Frank suggests Natalie throw HOH because she won't be nominated. Frank basically telling Natalie she won't make any enemies if she keeps her promise and she's safe next week no matter what happens. Frank doesn't blame her that she made a promise. Bronte comes in and remarks on how done-up Natalie is. Chatter turns to general talk about make-up and DR sessions.
  8. 10:00 PM BBT Natalie and Bridgette in WA and Natalie asks Bridgette if she trusts Frank. Bridgette says yes, for now. Bridgette says Frank knows more than he's telling her but right now he's keeping her safe. She only trusts him 80%, maybe 75%. She knows there's stuff he'll never tell her. Natalie says she doesn't understand why Frank would vote against Paulie because he's on Frank's team. Bridgette says because Frank wants to vote with the majority. Natalie says she made a promise and she's going to see it through. Natalie says that's the majority for now. Bridgette asks what and Natalie says for Jozea to stay and asks Bridgette if she's heard anything else. Bridgette says no. Natalie says Frank very fair last season but she's not sure if he's playing dirty this time or not. Bridgette and Natalie talking about Victor "asking' Nicole out. Natalie says she couldn't care less. Frank comes in and asks if Natalie is all right after their little convo. Natalie says it's good and gravy and Frank asks what that means. Natalie says her heart is with God and she's a happy girl. Nothing can hurt her feelings. Frank says Bridgette is his little "do" girl. Frank asks Bridgette if she's been to the DR and done her thing. Bridgette nods and Franks asks if she said goodbye to herself. Natalie said that wasn't nice and Bridgette said he's mean. Bridgette asks Frank if she can paint his nails and he says No because tomorrow is live show day. Frank asks Natalie what she's going to do about tomorrow and she says kick someone home. Frank asks who she's going to send home. She says I don't know, someone. She then asks him who are you going to send home. Frank asks you think I'm going to let one of my teammates go home. She says no obviously not, she knows that for a fact. Frank says he goes to bat for his team. Natalie says she knew from the get-go he wasn't going to vote out his own teammate. Frank says I'm going to try and keep my team safe and Natalie says what you are trying to tell me. Frank says you should vote our way. Frank says he doesn't want to see Natalie in the wrong boat, but no one is coming after her if she votes that way. Natalie asked well then why did you wait until today to ask me to vote your way. Frank says he was waiting to see what was going to happen with the majority because he wanted to vote how they were and he wasn't sure how the vote was going to go. Frank says he also wasn't sure where Natalie was, that he thought she was with them (Victor, Jozea, and Paul) and he didn't want to talk to her and have her go back with information to them. Frank figured once the Victor news came out maybe Natalie would want to work with him and he needed to bring something to the table to have her work with him. She doesn't understand what he's bringing to the table. He says the truth and that he's putting himself out on a limb by talking to her. She says yeah. Brief awkward silence then Natalie says you're not being nice to me right now and Frank says how am I not being nice to you. Natalie says you're being weird right now and Frank asks how. She says I don't know you're delivery is really weird and again Frank says how. Natalie says you made promises to people you don't think it's weird to not keep them. Frank says you don't think it's weird for them to ask me to vote out my own teammate? Natalie says yeah, I wasn't part of that convo. Frank says they lied to me too and Natalie asks how. Franks says they said they wish Glenn would have stayed and Frank says he don't. Frank says they asked why and Frank said because he knows he was going to go OTB and they pretended they didn't know that was the plan. When Frank called them out they finally told the truth and that's how he knew he couldn't trust them. Meanwhile, Paul, Jozea, Tiffany, and Zakiyah talking about things from previous seasons (Pandora's box and the red button). Tiffany says she's going to have Da'Vonne do her hair and Zakiyah says she's going to go watch the process. Bronte comes in and sits down as Tiffany and Zakiyah leave and Jozea sends Bronte after Zakiyah. Jozea wants to know if Zakiyah has heard anything or observed anything or if James has said anything to her. Zakiyah says she hasn't talked to James because he's from South Carolina and she's from North Carolina. Zakiyah says everything is still the same but she can feel a clear division in the house. Pau; asks who's where and Jozea says before you answer Frank came to us and said they're still on. Zakiyah says she trusts him and she knows Da is on their side. Jozea asks Zakiyah what she feels from Paulie and she says she flirts with him. That Paulie thinks he has her in the bag. They start to re-hash things from the day concerning Paulie. Jozea says Paulie is copying him. Bronte again re-hashes her telling Paulie he won't be here to see her in the hot seat. Jozea says he and Paulie are similar because they both work with women, except Jozea is gay and Paulie is straight. Paulie flirts with women and wants to take them out and have sex, but Jozea wants to make women beautiful. Jozea preaches that he's faithful and super, super, super honest in everything he says. Jozea knows for a fact those people upstairs don't give a crap about Zakiyah or Da and they are going to take them anywhere in this game. Jozea says he's a sweet, humble person. This is Jozea's list of people to evict: James and Nicole nominated, third nominee Tiffany or Corey. Step 2-POV-odds are Jozea's alliance will win, but if not, Tiff or Corey will be the replacement. If they have to put someone up from their own, its Paul and they vote out the others. And they repeat they process until they are gone. When they are down to their alliance, they shake hands and draw m&m's for who to nominate. And they vote based on who won comps. And when they're all in the jury house they can all have fun and get paid double.
  9. 2:47 AM BBT Michelle says Bronte's dad is a mafia lord. 3:00 AM BBT Michelle and Tiffany go downstairs to get ready for bed. Zakiyah cuddling with Paulie in the HOH room. Nicole in bed with Da at the foot of the bed. 3:10 AM BBT Tiffany and Michelle off to bed, Tiffany with James and Michelle with Bridgette. Paulie in bed between Zakiyah and Nicole.
  10. 2:20 AM BBT More of the same chit chat in the HOH room. They are still talking about the others and how they are so confident they have the majority. Tiffany says Jozea is narcissistic. They go back to talking about Jozea's meeting and how several of the uninvited HG crashed the meeting. Paulie said Frank is having fun egging them on too. Paulie tells them about Frank said look at Nicole sitting there like the Queen of Sheba and they started bashing her. Paulie kind of knows Natalie outside the house because she works at a company he used to work for and he's heard stories about her. Michelle keeps prying Paulie for a story about Natalie and he's not saying anything. In the BY, the guys continue to play pool and general talk. Jozea doesn't think Nicole is pretty, he says she looks like the mouse thing from Harry Potter. Paul says Tiffany needs to die. Victor doesn't care for Michelle. Paul and Jozea have been down to two balls for like five minutes now. Paul finally wins and say he's tired and ready to go to bed. Paul calls whoever left dishes out slobs. They all agree and decide to head off to bed.
  11. 2:00 AM BBT Jozea, Victor, and Paul in the KT. Paul says hello to the live feeds and says this is the friendship realm. They move outside to play pool. Jozea is trying to get Victor to get in the Jacuzzi and he says only if Paul agrees to get in. Paul says he can't get in because of his tattoos. They are too fresh. Paul asks where Paulie is and Jozea says the UKBR. Paul says no he's not and they figure he's upstairs in the HOH. Paul says he doesn't like it that Paulie is too confident and Victor says I think it's just because he doesn't know. Jozea says Frank went to the WA because Cory and Paulie were talking and he didn't want to be involved. Victor says Frank is loyal. Victor teaches Paul and Jozea how to play cutthroat. Jozea says when Cody sees all of the DR's and what they said about Paulie he's going to flip out. Jozea said he had one chance and one chance only to stay with the group. Victor says you don't disappear for a week and expect to still be good. Paulie still complaining about how cocky the other side is to the HOH girls. Da says she's proud of Paulie for keeping his composure. Paulie having the same conversation with the girls he had with Cory downstairs in the Tokyo BR. Paulie would rather they talk about him behind his back. Paulie said its going to be ugly after HOH and he wants to bait Victor in swinging on him. Paulie said Victor told James he was getting stir crazy from being locked in the house so Victor is on the verge. Paulie says they swung below the belt and Tiffany says they are trying to work on your psyche. They told Paulie about the insults from earlier with Tiffany in the room [So much for not telling Tiffany]. Tiffany asks who found all this out and Zakiyah says when she was in the hammock. Tiffany says are you sure they weren't talking about me? Zakiyah says no. Tiffany asks if they said anything about her and they said no. Paulie says Jozea isn't a celebrity make-up artist because he interviewed Jozea during his casting call. Paulie says he's a make up artist, just not a celebrity make-up artist and he does not know Frankie. We get the HG you are not allowed to talk about production. Michelle still doesn't want to sleep in Bridgette's bed. Tiffany asks Paulie if any of them talk to him. Paulie says not really individually. They are talking about Jozea using his status to connect. For example, he calls the girls his sisters, and Da and Zakiyah because they are a minority, and Victor and Natalie because they speak Spanish.
  12. 1:40 AM BBT They go over numbers again and talk about who Jozea thinks they have and how many votes they really have. Zakiyah says while they were in the Jacuzzi Jozea told Bridgette you might get two votes but you'll be ok. Tiffany says she can't figure Bridgette out. And they re-hash the same conversation from earlier. Lots of general girl talk. Nicole asks Tiffany to grab pita chips, hummus, and salsa. Tiffany comes back up with Paulie. Tiffany asks if Da'Vonne hangs out with Jason since the show. She says no he's on the east coast and they ask if he went back to his job. Da says he did but he makes his own schedule or something because he still travels to the events. Da said she seen her name as a rumore to return and Nicole said she never seen her name. They talk about when they flew in and we get FotH. They want more pita chips so Da says she'll go look in the SR. Tiffany says Nicole and Michelle could be sisters and that she was convinced they were related when she first came in. Paulie complains to the girls about the Bronte incident. Jozea in the shower and Paul and Victor sitting on the bench in the WA. Just general talk going on. Frank woke up and is talking to Cory and Paulie about Have-nots and general chit chat. Frank got up to go to the WC and stops to chat. He gets told to put on his microphone and he goes back to bed. Paul says he feels like they are at a summer camp without Jason Voorhies. Paul says they should have him so it could spice the game up. Jozea please put on your microphone. Still general chat while Jozea does after show stuff.
  13. 1:20 AM BBT General talk in the KT. They are discussing various Kermit meme's with the "but that's none of my business" on them. They're talking about how many followers they have and how many likes they get on Instagram. Jozea thinks Twitter is too confusing. He'd be a bird if he wanted to tweet. Victor asks if Natalie is still outside. Paul says yeah they are probably talking crap about us and girls are taking first place this year and good joke. Cory says good luck winning a challenge. [Did he miss Nicole winning the first challenge? Or is he not aware she's a girl?] Jozea says don't underestimate. Victor mentions he didn't see who won the NBA finals and Cory says he has a good feeling Golden State won again because they were so dang hot. [Won't they be surprised!] Cory goes off to bed. Natalie, Bridgette, and Tiffany come inside. Bronte goes to bed. Paulie comes in to the Tokyo BR and says to Cory and Tiffany can you believe Bronte said that stuff? Tiffany and Cory say it's ok she was joking and he says it was an ill-timed joke. Paulie says its going to take all his effort to bite his tongue. Cory said it'll be that much sweeter when it doesn't happen. Paulie says that's the kind of stuff he snaps on in real life. Bridgette walks through to go to bed. Paulie asks if there's any way Zakiyah and Da would be with them and Cory says no way. Paulie thanks Cory for them keeping his head straight. Paulie says they are rubbing it in is eating at him. Paulie still complaining about Bronte and Cory says maybe the guys are rubbing off on her or maybe she's coming out of her shell and that's how she is. Cory says they casted all them (the other alliance) because they don't know what they're doing. In the HOH room, the girls are talking about Bronte again. Michelle says she looks like a bush baby. Da'Vonne says Bronte thinks all the guys love her and Michelle adds if she were a guy she wouldn't be attracted to Bronte. Nicole said let's not get personal and stoop to their level. Da'Vonne says there's no way she works with kids and she does some kind of cardio or fitness. Nicole says Cory's massage was so good. Nicole says if Victor won HOH that he'd put up two girls and Da says me and you. Nicole says or he could put Cory up because Victor said Cory was on his radar. Zakiyah said if Jozea was the HOH he'd think he was the president of the house. They start talking about the veto and how hard it was with the spinning. Nicole says she can't imagine Paul saying mean things and Zakiyah said she saw his other side tonight. Michelle doesn't want to sleep with Bridgette. They agree they aren't going to tell Tiffany about the insults because she'll get upset. They tell Michelle she has to start reading faces and body language. Tiffany joins the HOH room. Tiffany says the other girls have a separate alliance and they are trying to keep it from their guys. Zakiyah starts to fill Tiffany in on Jozea's paranoia. Victor told Nicole that Bronte is all about getting the Vets out and Zakiyah said they aren't bright by telling everyone their game plan.
  14. 1:00 AM BBT Nicole says it is not ok for them to talk about Michelle because she'd been sick, either in the house or outside the house. Michelle said she hopes Bridgette loses her job for her comments. They wonder if Tiffany is finding anything out. Zakiyah says they are "trying" to be strategic. Zakiyah said she knew Bridgette had an ugly side. They talk about Frank trusting Bridgette and they need to talk to Frank. Zakiyah and Da'Vonne watching everyone in the KT on the tv in the HOH room. Da'Vonne is counting numbers and they are listing Victor, Bronte, Paul, and Natalie. Nicole and Michelle go down for a few items to get ready for bed. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah re-hashing everything again. Michelle asks Da'Vonne how she held herself back on her season. Da says I didn't that's what got me voted off. Da asks Michelle what day they got their pixels on and they are trying to figure it out. Nicole comes back up with some cream on her face for her zits. General chit-chat about hair care. Paul joins Bridgette, Jozea, and Victor in the KT. General chit-chat about nothing in the KT. They talk about James putting mayonnaise in a lotion bottle that Natalie and Bronte used. Cory comes into the KT area and joins them. Paulie also joins them. Victor talks about how full his day is tomorrow with working out, playing pool, laying out by the pool, eating...Bronte says her mom is going to be furious if she keeps going into the DR like that. Bronte says she's 'hangry" and Paulie laughs and she makes fun of his laugh. She goes around to hug Paulie and Paulie says your time is coming Bronte and she says you won't be around to see it. Everybody laughs and Bronte says she's just playing, it's just her personality she doesn't mean it. Jozea says Michelle came stomping down and said something must have happened upstairs. Jozea said she was evicted. Bronte keeps saying she's just playing with Paulie. Bronte and Bridgette go outside and join Tiffany and Natalie by the hammock. Bronte goes to repeat the story about when she came out of the DR and how Paulie said Bronte might go home and her butt will be on the line and she said you won't be around to see it and they all laugh. Bronte says obviously she doesn't mean it and he got snooty after that. She only says it to the boys but not to the girls because she doesn't like boys.
  15. 12:40 AM BBT Jozea comes back down because Nicole "ran" upstairs. Jozea doesn't think he should have had that conversation with her and that it was pointless. Bridgette says it's ok, then you're the bigger person. Victor says the votes will not flip and that's saying Frank and James won't vote on their side, and they won't do that. Jozea just doesn't know if he can be cool for her and Bridgette said just to ignore her. Victor says the conversation doesn't matter because they are the majority. Jozea said he was upstairs to talk to Da and Nicole literally ran upstairs. Bronte says we have 72 hours before the vote we're going to get to Da "sweetheart". Victor reminds Jozea that Nicole is not her number one threat and tells Bridgette that James in their number one threat because he's the mastermind because he's the only one with the military background. Victor says Nicole isn't that crafty. Victor can't go after James because they are on the same team, then Tiffany is Victor's number one target. Victor swears they have Franks vote and Bridgette asks how do you know and they said it's a "faith" thing. Victor said it's because Frank was always a target on his season and Frank it's grateful to be a part of the majority. Jozea still thinks Bridgette will get a vote and Victor says she will get a vote because someone won't want to decide between Jozea and Paulie. Victor says he thinks Bridgette was set up as a pawn. Victor says they only have three votes. Jozea wants to ask Nicole why she's chasing him. Jozea says Michelle is obsessed with the color of his skin and so she keeps trying to lay out and tan, but she is turning red. They go into the KT to check the pizza and snack. Bronte is called to the DR. Zakiyah telling Nicole Bridgette says not to trust her and Nicole said when she came up after the meeting she made it sound like she was getting bullied and Nicole told her good for her that she left. Nicole says she would never vote to keep Jozea in the house. They are complaining about the guys in general and how hateful they are. Zakiyah forgets who Paul was saying he hated and tells Michelle he was talking about her. She tells them Tiffany was a rat because she came out to spy. Zakiyah says Bronte is smarter than she puts on and was eyeing her and mimicked her. [She did a fair imitation of Bronte's voice] Michelle says she's glad she's not part of that group. Da'Vonne said there's a difference between being catty and playing big brother. Nicole says she can't pretend to like them anymore. Zakiyah says she can't handle it anymore. Zakiyah says it was mainly Paul and Bronte making mean comments. Da'Vonne says all of this is going to make Thursday seem so much better. Zakiyah tells them the name of their alliance. (Apparently, they wanted Death Row but couldn't get that approved?) James said they need throw a comp so he can put his team on slop because Victor loves his food. They talk about how annoying Victor is and that he's judgemental. Michelle says they should all go up to Cory and flirt with him to make Victor jealous because they think Victor thinks he's the sexiest in the house. Nicole goes in to take a shower. Michelle says she wouldn't want to watch the show because of them.
  16. 12:20 AM BBT Natalie and Tiffany talking about how gross the guys are. Natalie says Big Brother brings you down to caveman status because of a lack of electronic and communication devices. They talk about the roadkill competition and struggling to hold the buttons. Natalie says she wants to see the rocket because James head was in her butt and Tiffany says she doesn't want to see it because she was the first one off. Natalie says Tiffany has a strong team and Tiffany says she doesn't think there will be anymore team comps since Nicole can't play and Glenn is gone. Natalie is calling the roadkill competition roach coach. We switch to the LR and Cory is popping MIchelle's back and Michelle says Nicole it doesn't hurt. Cory promises not to hurt her. NIcole tells James to go first. Victor comes in to watch. Nicole says does it feel good right away and James says YES! Victor lays down for his turn. NIcole is nervous. Cory tells her to relax. We get a loud pop and Nicole freaks out and they all start laughing. Victor says that's years of built up tension. Nicole says she does feel better and thanks him. Bronte is waiting for Paulie to come ask for her vote and he hasn't yet. Paul wants to play Ninja and Zakiyah says she is tired and she is going to bed. Bronte doesn't want to play Ninja. Paul gets called to the DR. Bronte said she told Paul to quit being paranoid or he will drive the flip flops away. Victor says they dispersed when he went into the kitchen. Victor tells Jozea he should go upstairs and talk to Da. Bronte says when she goes back and watch the roadkill episode and finds out who won they better hope she doesn't have their address. They think its Paulie because he's walking around so confident. Bronte says she reminds Paulie how's he going to feel to go home to Cody when Cody finished second and Paulie will be second one out. If Bronte makes him mad and he wants to come for her, then come for her. Victor says we're majority strong and when he goes out they don't need six votes anymore, they'll only need five. Up in the HOH Da and Zakiyah are talking and Zakiyah says Paul is constantly pressing asking whether Da is solid. Zakiyah filling Da in on their conversation and tells Bronte talking about Paulie and Michelle passing out. Bridgette says she'd resuscitate and then shave off her eyebrow. Jozea comes in to talk to Da and Zakiyah and says Nicole followed him up there. Michelle said she needs to take her birth control and Jozea asks why and Michelle says for skin and cramps. After Jozea leaves, Nicole said I thought you called us up for a meeting and Zakiyah said I did, I don't know why Jozea came up. Zakiyah tells Michelle about Paul's and Bridgette's comment about her. Zakiyah is passing all the information she got during the time she sat there with them.
  17. 12:10 AM BBT Victor says if he doesn't vote their way, then the team can throw a comp. Bronte agrees and says we can throw a comp and put him up. Paul says Michelle is weird and Natalie says she may be weird but she's very intelligent. Victor says I don't know about that. Natalie says she's had conversations with her and she has common sense, she may look like a space cadet but she's not. Jozea says Michelle likes him and he makes her laugh and he thinks she'll vote Paulie out because she doesn't care what group she's in because she is an airhead. Jozea said she's just floating around. Paul says you don't need to talk to us anymore you need to talk to them. Natalie says if anyone in this group is flip flopping just go punch yourself in the face. Jozea says Frank is a church going man and he isn't going to lie. Inside crew just having general chit chat still. They talk about Clay and that he mumbled a lot and no one could understand him. Tiffany decides to go outside. Paul tells a story about getting lost in a gypsy van during Mardi Gras. Paul and Victor go in to make Pizza. Natalie joins Tiffany in the hammock. Jozea says Tiffany came out to listen and Paul says he hates that girl so much and if she died right now, he wouldn't care because he hates her. Jozea asked the DR if they can use the Revolution and they are supposed to confirm and once they confirm they will start asking the others in the alliance. "HG you are not allowed to talk about production".
  18. 12:00 AM BBT James, Tiffany, Nicole, Paulie, Cory, Michelle, and Zakiyah are in the KT talking about movies they like. Paulie says Tiffany has a lot of Johnny Depp type hats and they bring up some of his movies. . Paulie gets called to the DR. They talk about all the ceremonies being over and nothing until Thursday. James says it's going to be a long campaign week and it'll be shorter after this one. Cory says "Campaign?" NIcole explains about campaigning and the nominees try to talk people into not evicting them. Tiffany says to never give up. We get a brief FOTH. Tiffany explaining you make deals and convince people to keep you. Talk turns to previous seasons. Tiffany asks if they were told to watch season 16 and not 17? They were told to watch 12, 14, and 16. They talk about Derreck and never being nominated. Nicole says she doesn't know why they told her to watch 16. Tiffany said she likes 14 and Zakiyah said it was her favorite. They talk about 13, 10, 6, and 7. Tiffany says 1 was weird. Cory watched 10, 12, 16, and 17 but he didn't watch all of 17. James asked Cory how his game play was. Cory liked him, Johnny Mac, and Clay. Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette, Victor are in the BY. Jozea comes out in his dog suit from the veto comp. Paul asks where everyone else is and Jozea says Zakiyah is at the table with the other and Da'Vonne he thinks is upstairs sleeping and Frank is sleeping. Paul says the first thing he did when he came out of the dog seat he peed on michelle because she was a fire hydrant. Paul says Michelle looks like Buzz Lightyear without his helmet. Jozea says you're right. Paul says he hopes there are meme's being made putting her picture next to Buzz Lightyear. Jozea wants Paulie out. He doesn't like him talking, he doesn't like him at meetings, he doesn't like his stare and he just needs to go. And if his brother has a problem with it, then he can go to, he shouldn't have been here in the first place. Jozea says they invited him (Paulie) into the alliance when they first came in and he turned it down. Too late to talk to people now to try and save himself. They are calling themselves the Revolution and Jozea says "THEY" will start asking them about it and we get FOTH. There is more speculation about who nominated Bridgette. Jozea said it's awfully funny when Nicole came down she asked Bronte and Bridgette what happened at the meeting and Nicole started talking about Bridgette and then she was nominated it was just so obvious. Jozea says they tried to get them to turn against Bridgette. Bridgette says she thinks the reason she was nominated was to get rid of Jozea. Natalie says there are a few people that can flip and Jozea says who? They won't flip. Paul says you need to confirm Da'Vonne and Zakiyah and Jozea says he just talked to Zakiyah she isn't going to flip. Bronte says if any of them flip and vote for Paulie, then they will be gone next week and to tell them that. Natalie says Zakiyah is solid and Natalie told her she isn't on the Bachelor, she is on Big Brother. Zakiyah told Jozea she knows Paulie is flirting with her to try and stay and she's not stupid. Paul says what if Da doesn't vote your way and Jozea says he thinks Bridgette will get one vote somewhere. Bronte says I don't think she will and Jozea says you don't think so? Victor thinks Jozea will have a couple and Paulie will have a bunch of votes. Natalie is curious to see how the votes come out, she wants to see the numbers and Paul and Victor say they'll tell us the numbers. Natalie says she heard they weren't doing that this year, and Paul says that was just a rumor. Jozea thinks James will vote with his team but Paul says he doesn't trust that guy at all. Victor said James would be smart to vote with them to save himself from future nominations.
  19. 1:10 AM BBT Paul is telling Jozea and Victor in the KT that their girls are falling apart and he thinks they need to reassure them. Victor says no we leave them alone because if we reassure them they are going to freak it. Victor says we won't say anything to them all week and then on Thursday talk to them to make sure we're good. Paul tells Jozea not to approach Bridgette anymore either because she's a moron and they will need to get her out because she's too spunky. Meanwhile, in HOH with Da'Vonne and Nicole. Nicole thinks Cory is cute, but she says she is there to win. Da'Vonne says Cory likes Nicole and that Nicole shouldn't be embarrassed. Nicole says thank goodness she didn't get a truth or dare.
  20. 1:00 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Michelle come into the Tokyo room and Frank fills them in on Bridgette and suggests for them to make her feel comfortable. They are talking about how drunk Jozea is they think he had extra and drank the rest of Nicole's wine. Frank feels he can flip Bridgette and Bronte. Michelle asks Frank what his mistake was on his season and he responds not listening to his gut. Michelle says her gut is telling her Bronte is not and she shakes her head. She mentions how rude Bronte was during truth or dare and Frank says he thinks she was just embarrassed. Michelle says Victor is his number one and Frank agrees.
  21. 12:40 AM BBT Frank, Tiffany, and Cory get ready for bed and go to lay down. Corry complaining to Frank about Natalie calling him out on the feeds. Natalie and James come into the Tokyo room and Cory says something to Natalie and asks the same questions and she says no. Natalie tries to smooth things over and tells Cory he's handsome and will have lots of messages from girls when he gets out. Cory says the future Mrs. Brooks will think I'm a slut. Frank tells Cory the girls on the other side are feeling bullied. Frank also says some of the guys said something to Bridgette because she went upstairs. Frank does shout outs and tells his mom to go to bed, he hoped he didn't embarrass tonight, he's sorry for all the cursing, and he loves her. Then shout outs to family and friends. He then says if anyone is wondering there's a third nominee because of a twist called the BB Roadkill Challenge and your competition beast, Frank won.
  22. 11:20 PM BBT Beer and Wine delivery. Most of the house gravitates to the KT/DT to drink. A few of the guys poke holes in the side of the can to shot gun the beers. Frank yells for Da'Vonne and Zakiyah to come downstairs for the wine. They save some for Nicole and general cheers all around. Da'Vonne asks if they should wake up Bridgette and they say she's in a dead sleep and Nicole is in the DR. James says they should have played beer pong.
  23. 11:10 PM BBT Paulie and Tiffany at the chess table quizzing each other on comps and things around the house like the departure cities and times they depart. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah in the HOH laying down and watching the tv screen. Cory and Jozea in the Tokyo/Anime room talking about the competition and that it was hard. Cory says it was the least favorite one he's done. Jozea says there was a tube and a spinner. Jozea said he was trying to figure out how Cory got in the tube because he had a hard time getting into it.
  24. 11:03 PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in UKBR talking about Jozea and his paranoia. Paul asking if Bridgette is ok and she can talk to him if she needs someone to listen to. He can tell she's being pulled a couple of directions and he wants to comfort her. Paul says the reason we're in a buddy system is to help each other be less stressed and she should be calm because they have her back. Bridgette said she should be allowed to go upstairs for five minutes without coming down and being accused of flip flopping. Paul tells Bridgette Tiffany came in to the meeting and said Bridgette told them Jozea was having a meeting and Tiffany has been saying things. Bridgette said that's not what she heard and she thinks it's unfair. Paul tells her not to associate him with Jozea's paranoia because Paul is not paranoid its just Jozea. Bridgette says she's frustrated and ready to go to bed and just not deal with it anymore. Paul says he'll grill them and Bridgette says please don't. Bridgette tells Paul not to fix anything for her. Paul tells her not to group him in with the angry men. Bridgette thanks him and says she's going to sleep and asks Paul to flip the lights off as he leaves.
  25. 12:15 AM BBT Bronte selects Victor and dares him to run butt naked throughout the house. Since Michelle is still in her costume from the veto comp, she gives Victor her pixels so he can be covered while he streaks from the WA to the Tokyo BR. (12:17 AM BBT for flashback) Nicole chooses Natalie and Michelle dares Natalie to put Paul's beard in her mouth, but she refuses. They then dare her to kiss Victor and she says no again. Nicole says who do you want to kiss then. She says anyone but Victor. They decide instead she has to lick James' nipple. Which she does. Zakiyah is then dared to kiss Paulie. After much cajoling, and Da'Vonne says just kiss him girl, she leans over and gives him a little peck. They said there's no more alcohol and said the game is over. They tell Victor he's been screenshotted and his backside is all over the internet.