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  1. 10:00 PM BBT Natalie asks James to tell her the order for eviction. James says do you think I'd let someone take my little Natty out. Nat says you will let them take me out. James says who else will I pull pranks on so why would I want you to leave. James says if anything he wants Natalie to go to Final 2 because everything things she's a layup. Then Natalie would win HOH and take James to the end. Natalie says she's terrible at comps. 10:02 PM BBT Natalie says you know i'd put up Nicole right. James says good job and Natalie says and Michelle. James says good job and who else and Natalie says Victor, but he'd have to be a backdoor. Natalie says she doesn't have targets or anything. She's afraid if she wins during a D/E HOH she won't have time to talk to James and figure out who to put up. She says she doesn't think she'll win because she sucks at comps but on that 1% chance she won't get to talk to James. Natalie says what if she stays and she wins something and doesn't have any time to think about it or talk to anyone. She will not put James up though, obviously. She says she doesn't know the strategy of putting people up. She asks if James understands where she's coming from and he says he does. Natalie says she's not the house and she doesn't have alliances like everyone else. James says me neither and Natalie says yes you do because you're friends with everyone. James says just because I'm friends and talk to people doesn't mean I'm in an alliance. Natalie asks James if he knows who is going home this week and he says Da and she says really? He asks who she'd rather go home and she says it's better for Bridgette to stay for her game. 10:03 PM BBT Victor starts eating the cookies. (28 in the package and he has milk) Nicole says you're going to soak each one? While he's eating they are asking how much he can eat of various items. 10:10 PM BBT Da doing ADL's as she gets ready for bed. She goes out to the BY with a snack and her bible. 10:14 PM BBT Bridgette comes in and they tell Bridgette she should bake a lot of cookies for Vic to eat. They start talking about how many calories are in the cookies he is eating. Corey says that's nothing (1680) because they make protein shakes that have that many calories or more. 10:21 PM BBT Victor has finished his package of cookies. 10:24 PM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR alone. Nicole asks Corey if that's the first time Da had asked about voting. They are glad she asked them while they were in a group and it's the last time she'll ask. Nicole says don't you think it's funny how Victor can't keep his mouth shut.
  2. 9:30 PM BBT Bridgette and Victor in the hot tub. Bridgette says she wonders who won the NBA finals. She thinks Golden State won. Victor says Da is pulling everyone to the side but she hasn't talked to him yet. Vic telling Bridgette everything is according to plan. He says him and Paulie and Nicole and Corey and James. He says Natalie will do what James says and Bridgette says Natalie won't vote me out. Victor says Bridgette needs to win something so she can put two of the girls up. Victor says that's what we're going to do is put two of the girls up anyway. Bridgette says Nicole was talking to her at the table yesterday and before that people were kind of standoffish to her. Vic says Nicole was talking to you and the girls got mad and Bridgette says yeah. She says what is that and Victor says I don't know they don't fucking tell me anything. Vic says they don't come at him with any stupidity like that and Bridgette says she's over it. Vic says they have nothing on me. Bridgette slides over and starts talking quietly to Victor. She's talking about Michelle telling her she was jealous of her because of her relationship with Frank and she realized it was petty. Bridgette says Michelle says Frank didn't talk to her at much and she had a low key crush on him and now that he's gone I don't feel that way towards you anymore. Victor says oh yeah, go figure. Victor says him and Paulie were talking and Paulie said you really see people's true colors and these girls are so petty and Bridgette is funny and cool and we have no reason to dislike her. 9:32 PM BBT James comes in and tries to kiss Natalie a few times. He kisses her on the forehead. She says she's going to work out but she's gassy and her stomach hurts. James says his stomach hurts too. 9:35 PM BBT Victor tells Bridgette about Natalie's good-bye message. He says when he came back she said she hoped he learned his lesson and he'll show more respect towards women. Victor says she generalized it he didn't feel he did anything to her and Bridgette says she feels you did a lot to her. Victor says I did nothing though. Victor says it was so unfair he had to sit on the live show and hear he had to be more respectful towards women and then Julie asking him about the comment afterwards and he said he did nothing of the sort. Nothing. Bridgette says that's harsh and then asks if she knows he saw the message. Victor thinks he told her he saw her message but that's all he said about it. Victor says the only two times Natalie got mad at him was the time he told her to roll up her sweat pants and Bridgette says she was pissed. Victor says he said it as direct as he could that he didn't want her pants to get dirty and she just snapped. And then he told her once when she was making macaroni and cheese that she was putting too much cheese in and she just flipped out and then you go and generalize and say I'm disrespectful towards women on national tv of all places. Bridgette says its because you guys were a thing and then you weren't and it hurt her feelings and that was harsh. Victor says it made him mad. Bridgette said she knows Frank and everything they tried to tell her was bullshit. She says they can go fuck themselves because as someone who hangs out with him 90% of the time she thinks she'd fucking know. Victor says it's one thing for someone to have a personal opinion about you, but another to put you on blast and slander your name. Victor says imagine my mom watching that and hearing that i'm disrespecting women and being like what, that's not him. Victor says any girl in the house can vouch for him on that. Bridgette says she is so sorry he had to answer to that. Victor says she's just not his type of girl and Bridgette says that is ok and he says even after he told her that she wanted to pursue it further. 9:37 PM BBT James comes into the Tokyo room and Michelle says Vic is going to do the cookie challenge. General complaints about Victor and how much he eats and how he always criticizes them when they are cooking and/or cleaning. 9:40 PM BBT Victor says that was his biggest mistake in the house and he won't forget that anytime soon. Bridgette says she's not going to win any comps anytime soon. Victor says Da is the girls glue and Bridgette says cut off the head of the snake. Victor says he doesn't know much about Zakiyah because she's always up Paulie's ass. Bridgette says she thinks the girls had it out for her from the beginning and she doesn't know what she did. Bridgette says Michelle is begging for a romance and she said if Zach Rance comes in the house she calls dibs on the showmance. 9:45 PM BBT Victor is called to the DR. James and Natalie in the UKBR. James says he wants to kiss Natalie and her lips look good. Natalie says are you ready for me to win and James says are you ready for me to win. James says if he wins he's going to put Nat up as a pawn and Nat asks if he's serious. Nat says James is using her and in a few eviction he won't need her anymore and he'll vote her out. James says I was loyal to Meg last year I never threw her under the bus. Natalie wonders who Vic would put up if he won HOH. Nat says it's not like he'd tell me if he'd put me up and James says he might because he's really cocky. Natalie tells James she's not going to be as nice to people anymore and she just wanted to give him a heads up. He says ok and she says are you ok with that and he agrees. 9:48 PM BBT Da'Vonne is in the shower and Victor comes in to get read for his DR. Da says we're good for Thursday right and Victor says yeah I'm just voting the plan. Da says she just likes to ask. Victor goes into the Tokyo room to get shorts and Michelle says she has a challenge for him it's to eat a whole jar of peanut butter. Vic says no and Nicole says can you eat a whole package of cookies. Michelle says she never gets called to DR. She says America hates her and they don't want her on tv. Da comes in and asks Corey, Nicole, and Michelle if they're going to vote her out Thursday and they say that's the plan and Michelle says you know it. Da says that's the last time she's going to ask. 9:52 PM BBT Natalie asks James if he trusts her because sometimes she feels like he doesn't. He asks for a pillow. James says he trusts her and Natalie says she still trusts Bridgette a little bit. She doesn't want James to say anything about her and Bridgette. 9:54 PM BBT Michelle says she can't wait to make Vic a have not.
  3. 9:00 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Victor, and Bridgette in the Hot tub and talking about tattoos. Vic says he has a guy he works with who has a robotic arm. 9:07 PM BBT Da says they redid the whole backyard. She tells Vic and Bridge what is new and how it is bigger. 9:08 PM BBT Corey asks Michelle and Nicole if they think their friends are watching the live feeds right now. Michelle shakes her head and Nicole says mine are. Michelle says she doesn't have a lot of close friends. Corey thinks his friends might be watching. 9:10 PM BBT All feeds switch to the hot tub with Bridgette, Victor, Da'Vonne. Bridgette talking about a time she got lost in Sequoia National Park. Bridgette talking about a sunrise ceremony on Columbus day. She says they celebrate Columbus like he was a hero, when he was really a savage and a mass murderer. Victor says you get extra days off of school for Mardi Gras on top of the other holidays. Talk turns to acting and New York and Los Angeles. 9:17 PM BBT James and Natalie at KT. Natalie says she doesn't like to show affection on TV and James says neither do I. He says that's why I walk by you sometimes and don't say anything. James and Natalie having a serious discussion. (I'm a little lost on what they are having a tiff about). James was upset about something and Natalie made him eggs and cut hearts into bread. Natalie says she knows she's bossy. She says she came into the game cold turkey and she's trying to experience it and have fun. She says Michelle asked if she could sleep in the same bed and Natalie didn't think anything of it. (I think this is what the tiff is about) James teases and says think of this, it's the same girl that doesn't have your back. Natalie says what do you mean and James says he was just joking. They start to clean up and James says I have your back and Natalie says I know. She adds but you don't have to rub it in my face when someone doesn't have my back. 9:18 PM BBT Bridgette says she was in drama in high school but her teacher didn't like her and never cast her in anything. They share stories about high school and who they do or don't hang out with. 9:25 PM BBT Bridgette talks about her HOH letter and says her mom wrote a mushy letter. She says normally her mom talks like she does. 9:27 PM BBT James and Natalie come out to the hot tub but they both say they've taken a shower and don't want to get in. Victor says it's hot. James and Vic talk about working out and Natalie says she's going to lay down for a little bit. Da also went inside. 9:28 PM BBT Back in the Tokyo BR Corey, Nicole, and Michelle are talking about college and going out to bars. Nicole and Michelle didn't go out a lot, but Corey did.
  4. 11:29 PM BBT Corey, Paul, and Victor in the HOH room. Corey says almost day 50 and the halfway party. Paul says we don't get a party. Victor asks Corey who told him about the halfway party and he says James and Nicole. They are told they aren't allowed to talk about production. 11:35 PM BBT Zakiyah has a nip slip. 11:37 PM BBT Zakiyah notices her dress wasn't on properly so she adjusts it and looks to see if the camera noticed. Nicole says she feels better now that the guys have talked to them about Da going on the block. 11:43 PM BBT Zakiyah says they should study the house for the next HOH comp. They talk about the halfway part and Nicole says it's the same as the 4th of July party they just had. They start quizzing each other on comp wins and days.
  5. 11:04 PM BBT Everyone outside heads inside. 11:16 PM BBT Paul and Victor go up to the HOH room. Corey comes up right after them and Paul puts on his HOH robe. Something is wrong with the HOH shower. They need to get a plumber in to fix something. 11:17 PM BBT Nicole and Michelle in the WA. Michelle asks if everyone went to bed and Nicole says I think the boys went upstairs. Michelle says we need to win an HOH because the boys are always together. They talk about Victor and Michelle says Victor is disrespectful to the girls and Nicole says she hasn't noticed anything. Nicole says she might go lay down in the Tokyo Bedroom and Michelle gets something to snack on. Nicole and Michelle go to the HNR instead. 11:20 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Zakiyah in the KT. Da asks Z what that was about and Z says I don't know, I'm not going to stress myself over it. Da says she's trying to pull her in. Da says she heard her (Nicole) say we should get an apartment together when we move back. Z says she's about to be nosy and go see what they're talking about. Da says those two and Z says yes. Da asks where Victor is and Z says he's upstairs she thinks. 11:24 PM BBT Z comes in to the HNR with Michelle and Nicole and Nicole says they're going to sleep in the HNR tonight. Z says Victor is so full of himself. Nicole says are all the boys upstairs and Z says yeah. Michelle said that Victor said he wouldn't drive more than 30 minutes to see a girl if they weren't going to do something. Z says he's so damned shallow, he's a shallow person. Michelle says if she has to hear Paul tell her one more boning story I'm gonna lose it. She says like no one cares it's gross. Z says she's glad hers just sits there and giggles. Michelle says yeah you guys got good guys and I got left with two airheads. Z said one that's full of himself and one that's just a damned hornball. Nicole says will you guys judge me if I lay down and close my eyes and Z says no I'm glad you're sleeping in here. 11:27 PM BBT Michelle asks what they will do with their money. Z says pay off some bills and give her mom $2000 and enough for two trips to see Paulie. Z says Paulie told her he'd come to see her in Charlotte. Nicole wants to go on a vacation, a road trip. Michelle wants to get make-up, her lips done, her eye brows micro-bladed. Nicole asks what that is.
  6. 10:34 PM BBT Corey and Victor playing pool still. Paulie and Zakiyah on the hammock and Paul, Michelle, and Natalie on the ground next to the hammock. General chit chat and Michelle is popping pimples on Paul's back and Natalie joins in. Paul asks the girls if they want to bone and Natalie says didn't your mom say no humping. Michelle says no one has ever had sex on Big Brother. [Clearly, she has never seen the feeds] Paulie says never? and Paul says well we can break that record Meech. Nicole comes back and out and sits on the ground and Corey joins them. Zakiyah is on Paulie's back popping pimples. They are talking about sex. 10:41 PM BBT They are talking about a questionnaire they filled out before they went on the show. One of the questions was what's your favorite position. Natalie says she wrote normal because she didn't know what it was called. They start talking about another question have you ever had sex outside and we get FotH. 10:45 PM BBT General chit chat about strangest places they've had sex. If they've had sex with someone over 40. Various other sexual related questions. Da'Vonne is in the LR reading the bible. 10:58 PM BBT Paul asks Natalie a sexual questions and she says she's a virgin. She asks Paul what's the weirdest thing he's eaten, not sexually. Natalie says she ate a scorpion.
  7. 10:08 PM BBT All feeds on the same thing, James and Natalie in the UKBR and Natalie is talking about James being constipated again. Natalie says she isn't tired and she feels like being mischevious. James asks her to turn the light off. 10:11 PM BBT Natalie decides she's going to freeze James' shoes. Natalie puts the shoes in two Ziploc baggies. Bridgette comes in to help and they put Parsley in the baggies, then fresh pepper, then basil, then cinnamon. Natalie then puts water in the baggie and Bridgette puts water in the second one. They shake the bag up and then double bag them because they don't want them to explode in the freezer and ruin the pizzas and get the guys mad at them. They keep saying James is going to kill them. 10:23 PM BBT Natalie goes outside and tells everyone she finally pranked James. Victor laughs and said she just pissed off the only person that protects her in the game. Victor and Corey are playing pool, and everyone else by the hammock. Bridgette in the BR and James in the UKBR laying down.
  8. 9:30 PM BBT General chit-chat around the house. Victor, Michelle, and Paul upstairs on the landing by the chess board. James laying down in UKBR. Da in the shower. Most everyone else in the backyard. 9:39 PM BBT Nicole, Corey, and Paulie in the hammock. Nicole says ok guys so what's the plan? Paulie says I'll just come out and say I want Da gone. Nicole says so should I bring up so boys what's going on tomorrow. (They are planning a conversation with Michelle and Zakiyah) Nicole says they are a lot closer to Da. They are deciding to what to tell Michelle and Zakiyah but they don't want to tell a conflicting story from Paul. Paul is going to ask them if they would go up as a potential renom and Paulie wants to just tell them Da is going up because he wants her out. Paulie says he'll joke with them and say he wants Da gone this week and next week they're going to clip Z. Nicole says she just hates when she gets caught in the middle because she told them what they said and she doesn't want to make Paul mad if they tell them. Paulie says he told Paul he told Z he wants Da out. Nicole says they should tell Z the plan is to get Bridgette out still because otherwise Z and Michelle will run around and freak. Nicole says they don't want Da gone they want to protect her and Paulie says weird right. He says they are gamers and have a strategy for each of them. are 9:45 PM BBT Z comes back out to the hammock and their pre-planned conversation starts. Paulie says he wants to see how she reacts to being on the block. He wants to see if she'll start stirring shit up again. They discuss what they previously intended with Z and Z goes in to get Michelle. After Z left, Nicole tells Paulie good job but that she wasn't happy. Corey said it was awkward. 9:53 PM BBT James and Da'Vonne in the UKBR. Da says she needs to learn from James because whatever he said to keep Natalie safe because it worked. Da says it was a double campaign Natalie was campaigning for herself and James campaigned for her and Da has no one. Da is in there by herself and she has to figure out what she's going to do to make it and survive. She says she'll figure it out. Natalie comes in giggling because Paul was chasing her. Natalie starts talking to America and James tells us it's his first time being constipated and Natalie reiterates it. Natalie thanks America for her care package. Natalie asks James if she should tell us what happened with the Vaseline and James says he thinks we already know. Natalie starts talking about her care package. Natalie says she can't win a comp to save her life. She can't win POV to save her life. But she says James can win comps. She gives a shoutout to her sister and her mom. 9:55 PM BBT Michelle comes out by the hammock and Z comes back out. Victor and Paul come out to play the pool. Paulie says Bridgette's leg is hurt and she lost Frank. Michelle says next week is going to be a mental comp though. Paul comes over and asks again about replacement noms. Michelle says she will and Paul said really. Michelle says yeah I'd like to hope you guys would send Bridgette home. Michelle says again she would but that Paulie would rather have Da'Vonne up to see how she reacts to being up. Paul says look I want Bridgette to go home, that's my goal. Paulie says he just wants to see Da's reaction to going up and see if she's going to start stirring shit up. Paul says if you want to find information out ok, but I just want Bridgette to go home. Michelle says Bridgette is a loose cannon and with mental comps coming up they don't know who she'd put up. Michelle tells Paul that Bridgette doesn't believe anything he said to her. Paul said he doesn't care that's why he's sending her home this week. Michelle says she just wants Bridgette gone because she scares the crap out of her and Z said she feels the same way. Michelle thinks Bridgette would go after Victor and Natalie.
  9. 9:07 PM BBT Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle in the HNR. Zakiyah asks Nicole if she has heard the plan? Nicole says she tried to talk to Paul but hasn't heard anything. Zakiyah says she thinks the plan is to put up Da'Vonne and Nicole asks not Natalie? Zakiyah says she's just got a feeling and she asks Nicole if she'd vote Bridgette out. Nicole says yeah but what does everyone else want. Zakiyah and Michelle both want Bridgette out. Nicole thinks that's what Paul wants. 9:03 PM BBT Paul, Paulie, and Da'Vonne in the HOH talking about renoms. Paul tells Da I hope you trust me because I trust you and it doesn't matter who goes up because I want Bridgette out. Paul says he wants his HOH to go as smoothly as possible. 9:09 PM BBT Paul and Victor alone in HOH and Paul asks where everyone is. Victor tells him where everyone is at and what they are doing. 9:13 PM BBT Paulie comes back in and he says when someone is in the Paris room you can hear everything being talked about in the HOH room. Paulie says be mindful of that, but remember it for whoever wins HOH next. 9:15 PM BBT Zakiyah tells Nicole and Michelle that she thinks the guys have a plan and they know what they want to do. Michelle says she doesn't think the guys have been telling them anything. Nicole says she feels like the guys don't know what they're doing. She asks like what guys. Michelle says all of them minus James. Michelle says theyre all buddy buddy with Paul and Nicole says that's because he's HOH. Michelle says she just doesn't want Bridgette to stay because she'd come after all of them so no one knows who she'd put up. Nicole says she thinks they just need to stay calm because you don't want to piss anyone off before veto ceremony. Michelle says Bridgette thinks everything Paul told her about Frank is bullshit. Nicole asks her how she knows and Michelle says because the night before Frank went home she was talking to them and she told Bridgette that Frank was a good guy and that he never threw her name under the bus and said nothing but good things about her. 9:19 PM BBT Nicole says she going to go talk to Corey and see if she can find out anything. Michelle says don't tell him everything we just said. She leaves and Michelle whispers to Zakiyah that Nicole seemed like she knew stuff. Michelle then says now she's going to go tell everything to Corey and great. Zakiyah just agrees with a mmmhmmm. 9:20 PM BBT Corey in the hammock in the BY and Paul talking to him. Paul is telling him about his conversation with Da and they talk about how sketchy she's been. Nicole comes out and Paul says I need you to do me a favor. He says if Da asks what we were talking about I need you to say I asked you guys to potential noms and Nicole interrupts and says she has some information so let's get this rolling. Paul continues no matter who goes up I said you're voting Bridgette right. Nicole says yeah and Paul says and you guys confirmed. Paul says ok what's the info. Nicole says this stays between us and Corey says ok and Paul nods and Nicole says because they'll know it came from me. Nicole says I just talked to Bridgette and she was cooking with her and Nicole knew Meech and Z were upset about it and they are super upset that Nicole is even talking to Bridgette and they were saying the boys weren't telling them anything. She fills them in on the conversation from the HNR. Nicole says she played dumb and Paul wants to know how they knew Da was a backdoor plan. Corey tells Paul he said it in front of Michelle and Paul doesn't remember. Nicole says they are protecting Da and they want to talk Paul into getting Bridgette out. Paul says I'm HOH, I can't even vote. I've done everything I can. 9:25 PM BBT Paulie comes out and Nicole has the same conversation with him. Paul goes in and Victor comes out for a minute and then leaves again.
  10. 2:00 AM BBT Michelle and Da’Vonne in the UKBR just having general chit chat. 2:08 AM BBT Frank and Michelle in the KT cleaning up. They finish and go to the BY. They go to play another game of pool. 2:12 AM BBT Paulie, Zakiyah, and Paul in the HOH. General chit chat. (All feeds are now on the HOH room) 2:14 AM BBT James and Natalie talking in the HNR with the lights off. James says he hopes she can cook good food and Natalie says her mom is the best cook. Natalie talking about how well her family is going to get along with James. 2:21 AM BBT Natalie is just drained from all previous relationships. James says hopefully everything will be ok and worst comes to worst, at least they’ll be friends outside and he’s fine with that. 2:43 AM BBT Frank and Bridgette go to the hammock in the BY. Bridgette says if it’s down to her and Tiff in the HOH, she’ll throw it to her so she can get revenge. Bridgette feels good. Paul, James, Tiff none of them are going after Frank and Bridgette, and Michelle can’t. Bridgette says they are gold. Frank says they could also throw it to Paul and James because they’d be safe. Bridgette says Da is so fake as fuck. Frank says she’s not that good. Frank says he’ll give her props for her bullshit ass lie, but that was his fault for trusting her. Bridgette says she heard them at the pool wanting to do a homecoming and they were talking about what day. They decided on Tuesday and Bridgette says you won’t fucking be here, you better hold it tonight bitch. Bridgette says Da is mean. [Pot meet kettle?] Frank says she is and Bridgette says she’s mean as hell. Frank says she’s not very smooth and Bridgette says nuh-uh not at all. Frank says he has to get Nicole to talk to James. Frank thinks if they can get Nicole and Corey, then they can get Michelle. Frank thinks he can get 6 but would like to get 7 to vote out Da. Bridgette says that would be a big ass slap in her fucking face. Frank said whip your hair at that motherfucker. He wishes he could have gotten in Tiffany’s brain for just a second whenever she was fucking like Bridgette interrupts and says saying that shit. Frank says he would have said Tiff’s is real and Da isn’t. Bridgette says that’s a good one. They talk about Bridgette’s ankle. 2:51 AM BBT Frank says he doesn’t know if he should push for Nicole to talk to James now or wait until Wednesday. Bridgette says do you know what she’s saying, Da what’s her fucking campaign. Bridgette says what fucking benefit does she have to anyone right now. She can’t win shit, she’s not smart, she’s got loose lips..Good bye. Frank says Paulie doesn’t listen to it, but he’s still on the Tiffany bandwagon. Bridgette says Tiff wants to go after the girls who have been treating her like shit the last two weeks. Frank says who, and Bridgette says she’ll probably go after Michelle. Frank says if we fucking save her ass this week she better be moveable. Bridgette says she’s going to be fucking loyal. Frank says she’s like a wounded animal. Bridgette says Tiff is fucking pissed at everyone in the fucking house for being her friend and then betraying her. Frank says well fuck I’ll take Tiffany to the final 2 at the end and I’d fucking win for sure. Bridgette laughs at him. Bridgette says we should take Natalie she’d be like Victoria. Bridgette says she’d take Frank, that she put it on her blog already. Frank says I guess I’ll take you to the final two and she said you better. 2:57 AM BBT Franks pecking order: Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Paul, James, Tiffany, and then him Natalie and Bridgette final 3. (I don’t know where Michelle fell). Frank asks if Tiffany would turn on them down the road and Bridgette says maybe, I don’t know. Frank doesn’t think Tiff is diabolical and Bridgette say she’s not she doesn’t even know how to handle herself. Bridgette says she’s 25 and she’s giving a 32 year old a pep talk on how to handle people. Bridgette says she feels like she’s never been picked on before and Frank says I think she’s always picked on. Frank says he’s the coolest guy in the house. 3:11 AM BBT Bridgette says Tiffany is like a little girl in a woman's body. 3:13 AM BBT Frank says Da is 28 and not very mature for her age and Bridgette says at all. Frank says just because people call her Mama Da she is not very mature. Bridgette says it's cause she had a kid that came out of her uterus, not because she deserves a matriarchal title. Frank said he was thinking it but he can't say it. Bridgette laughs and says sorry, she's physically a mother. She laughs some more, slaps her leg, and says that's funny. Just general chit chat around the house. A few HG in bed. Corey and Nicole in bed cuddling that leads to some heavy petting and rubbing. Corey a little more prepared for more than Nicole is. They do get up for a brief snack and then back to bed for more cuddling and rubbing. 4:02 AM BBT All HG now in bed with the lights off.
  11. 1:30 AM BBT Paulie, Paul, Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah in HOH. Paul is ready for it to be down to eight. They talk about getting high in the jury house. Paulie says can you imagine if they hooked you up and Zakiyah says they wouldn’t do that. Zakiyah says it’s good for you and everyone should do it. She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Corey says what should be legal and Paul says Cocaine. Paulie and Zakiyah laugh. Paulie says they were talking about marijuana. Corey says weeders. 1:30 AM BBT Natalie and James in the HNR. Natalie asks why people talk shit about each other, it’s not nice. James is tweezing Natalie’s eyebrows. Natalie said Tiffany and James always correct people when they talk about others. James said not necessarily correcting people, but discouraging the chat or standing up for people. Natalie says it’s not nice to talk about people, she said she did it with Victor but that was different. Natalie tells James that Bronte told her she overheard Nicole and Corey talking bad about Natalie, like making fun of her. James asked Natalie what her and Victor did during their “date”. Natalie felt like Victor forced it on them. James said if he has a date it’s going to be a jury date or a real date. 1:36 AM BBT Da’Vonne and Michelle in the UKBR. They are complaining about Tiffany. Da says in the outside world she wouldn’t deal with Tiffany, but they are in a situation where they are forced to deal with each other. Da says Tiff was pissed about the gorilla. 1:38 AM BBT They start singing in the HOH so we get FotH again. Paul says let’s ask each other fun shit. His question is what’s the craziest thing they ever did. Corey and Nicole are having their own conversation on the bed, Michelle is asleep and Paulie and Z discussing Paul’s questions. Paulie talks about skydiving. 1:39 AM BBT Michelle asked how she knew she was leaving last week and Da says she suspected she was leaving. Michelle says Tiff is outside with Frank and Bridgette. 1:41 AM BBT Michelle wonders what Tiff says to live feeders, probably that they’re mean. Da says she’s probably trying to paint them as bullies. Michelle says she wants to know Tiff’s real occupation and Da says she doesn’t even know her real occupation, her lying ass. Da says she can’t believe they saved her and it was two hours later and everything went down. Michelle says she’s watched previous seasons and she’s never seen someone get saved and then go to the side of the house that wanted them out and put them up. 1:42 AM BBT They talk about hot air ballooning and Corey asks what happens if a bird flies into it. Paul says pissed! Paul tells the Berlin story again. 1:45 AM BBT Tiffany, Bridgette, and Frank in the BY. Frank and Bridgette are playing pool and Tiffany has her gorilla back that Da hid from her earlier. 1:47 AM BBT Michelle and Da talking about the showmances, how many there are and that they are all out in the open. They start naming previous showmances on previous season. Nicole comes in. Nicole says her and Hayden were such an odd pair. She says Hayden says he likes girls with big boobs and short shorts. Nicole says she should have seen the signs then but it was a fun relationship. 1:52 AM BBT Paulie says to Zakiyah and Paul that Frank makes comments like if Natalie or Tiffany went home it would be a wasted HOH. Paulie says it’s not a wasted HOH if someone not in my alliance goes home. Paulie says Zakiyah and Nicole are getting close at winning comps and Corey is right there. Paulie says if it’s a mental comp Bridgette has a better chance of winning than Frank. 1:55 AM BBT Da compared Tiffany to Ronnie from season 11. Feeds go to Tiffany in the Tokyo room on the daybed she will be sharing with Bridgette. Nicole lies down in Corey’s bed. They cuddle. 1:58 AM BBT HOH room chat turns to complaints about Da.
  12. 1:00 AM BBT Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole, Da’Vonne in the HOH room and Paul in the HOH room shower. Still general chit chat. 1:01 AM BBT Natalie and Tiffany in the HNR. They are talking about names. Tiff says she wished her middle name was her first name. It’s Alexis and Natalie says she likes that name. Tiff says she thinks she looks more like an Alexis than a Tiffany. Natalie’s middle name is Mercedes, but she’s also known as Natalia. 1:05 AM BBT Frank and Bridgette outside doing laundry talking about Tiffany. They talk about how funny Tiff is and how she’s different one on one when they talk to her. Frank really wants Da to go home so he can send Zakiyah home next week. Bridgette says Zakiyah is horrible. Frank says he liked her at first, but she came out of her shell and he doesn’t like who she is. Bridgette says I did too at first because we had all these conversations about goals and we’re both Cancerians and I thought we really connected and all that shit. She continues this last week, she doesn’t know what it is, but these girls are kind of ganging up on me to be honest. Frank says they are getting really cocky and Bridgette says yeah and they’re all ignoring me. Bridgette says she’s nice as fuck. Frank says he spent time with Michelle today helping her workout and Bridgette says that’s good. Frank gives Bridgette advice on how to manipulate Michelle and Bridgette says apparently she wants to vomit any time I walk into a room with her. Bridgette says Nicole is warming up to her, the rest of them not all. Frank doesn’t like that Nicole and Zakiyah got close. Frank talks about Nicole and her showmance and how stupid she looks. Frank talks about James being 32 years old and he’s lovestruck. Frank says if they have to vote Tiffany out they will because they have to keep their nose clean going into next week. However, Frank really wants to flip it. 1:06 AM BBT Paulie and James in the WA. They are talking a little strategy on who they trust and who they don’t trust. The information that is going around the house. Paulie going over some of the things Da has supposedly said to James. Paulie feels like Da is trying to put a target on them indirectly so the other side doesn’t come after her, but after Corey and Paulie. James said Tiffany told him that Da name dropped him too. Paulie says Da is definitely saying something because Tiff heard about the alliance with Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Da. James said Da told him that Nicole came up to Da and said she’s in an alliance with them. 1:13 AM BBT Frank says if we win HOH next week, we put up Zakiyah and Da’Vonne. Bridgette says easy! Done! Frank says he wants to go out in a blaze. Bridgette says she just wanted to go out and be proud of herself. She says half the people in the house can’t say that. She’d be so ashamed. Frank says they don’t know better. Bridgette says Da knows better. Frank says she should. Bridgette says Da should fucking know better. 1:13 AM BBT Paulie tells James that Tiffany told him Da made a F2 alliance with her because of her sister. Frank said Da made an alliance with him as well. Paulie says Da is not an immediate threat right now, Tiffany has to go home. Then Frank and Bridgette. But Paulie is going to try and snip Da before she gets on to anything. James doesn’t see Da winning any HOH comps. 1:16 AM BBT Natalie and Tiff in the HNR chatting about the house. Tiff says Natalie is confident in herself and that’s something the other girls aren’t. Tiff knows she didn’t say anything she wasn’t proud of. James comes back in and Natalie asks him if he has a green card. He talks about his adoption so we get lots of FotH. We hear sporadic chat about his sister and brother. His sister is from North Korea and he’s from South Korea. Feeds keep break off. Natalie thinks it’s awesome that James’ parents adopted children and he says they treated them all just like their own. Natalie keeps asking about his family and we keep getting FotH. [Maybe some of his family didn’t sign waivers?] Tiffany gets called to the DR. 1:23 AM BBT Natalie doesn’t want to get called to the DR because she has pimple cream on her face. 1:25 AM BBT Da pops into the HNR and wants to make sure James isn’t going to vote her out. 1:27 AM BBT Natalie filling in James on her and Tiffany’s conversation. 1:28 AM BBT Paul in HOH with Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, Michelle, and Nicole. Paul says he’s sick of Tiffany. He’s sick of Frank. He sick of Bridgette.
  13. 12:30 AM BBT James and Natalie in the same bumper care in the HNR with the light off. Natalie says she thinks there’s an all guys alliance that James is part of and the plan is to pick all the girls off. James says there is no guys alliance. He asks her do you see me hanging out with Cody, or Paul? He says I hang out with Paulie but I’m not up in HOH all the time. Natalie says she was just teasing. James asks her if she’s in an all girl alliance and she says no she’s got no alliance. James says because I heard something about a power puff girls alliance and Natalie says yeah that’s funny. Natalie says Bronte is gone so that’s not even real. Then she says but seriously her and Bronte and Bridgette are close. She says they did make a promise to watch each other’s backs and stuff but at the same time I started realizing things were being said to Frank. She tells James not to tell anyone but she knows there were other parties trying to start an alliance and Bridgette found out about it, but Natalie wasn’t a part of that. She says but Bridgette found out and told Frank and when Bridgette would talk about stuff Natalie would stay quiet and not say anything and that’s when she realized she couldn’t trust her. Natalie says James and Bronte are the only two she would fight for. 12:31 AM BBT Zakiyah, Paulie, and Michelle in the HOH talking about Bridgette. Nicole comes in and asks who they are talking about. They start talking about the showmance names. They have dubbed Frank and Bridgette “Fridgette”. Paulie and Zakiyah are “Paulkiyah”. Nicole and Corey are “Nicorey”. James and Natalie are either “Jatalie or Names”. Paulie says we should hook Paul up with big Mich and they can be “Paulchelle”. 12:38 AM BBT Natalie says she doesn’t want to know anything. She’s tired of knowing stuff. She doesn’t want to know anything unless it’s about her. 12:39 AM BBT James says no matter what, they are the last couple to be targeted and they are guaranteed jury. 12:40 AM BBT Da’Vonne comes in and they fill her in on the showmance names. They continue to tease Michelle about Paul. 12:42 AM BBT Tiffany comes in to the HNR and turns the light on and comes in to chat. General chatter about James and Natalie, politics. Natalie says the first time she votes she wants it to be a woman. Natalie nor Tiffany have ever voted. Tiff asks James if he’s learned a lot about women in two seasons of Big Brother. 12:50 AM BBT Da, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey, and Nicole in the HOH room general chatter. They talk about zodiac signs and who is what sign and what the signs mean. Paul comes in to the HOH room.
  14. 12:01 AM BBT Bridgette and Frank in the KT. Bridgette is cooking. Frank is curious how it will go. Frank says Paul acts like he’ll vote with them 100% and Bridgette agrees as long as the majority doesn’t shift. Bridgette says he’s going to do what’s best for his game. Frank says James is saying the same thing and he’s being honest but he’s worried people might be lying about how they’ll vote. Bridgette is going to be fucking pissed if they are lying to them again. Frank says he talked to Nicole and he said Nicole won’t vote their way if they don’t have the votes. Frank thinks he can get 7. Frank says Nicole told him she’s on board if they can get the votes and she said she’ll do some fact checking and let Frank know if she’s not going to vote that way. Frank feels like Paulie is being honest and he said Paulie said we can always just stick together with our team even when the teams are disbanded and they’ll still be a strong foursome. Bridgette asked if it was true that Paulie said he was coming after her and Frank said at some point yeah, but not any time soon. Bridgette says she’s down to work with Paulie because he’s a smart guy. 12:05 AM BBT Bridgette says she was talking to Paulie and she told him Tiff did exactly what he said she would do and pull Bridgette aside for a conversation. Bridgette says she told Paulie Tiff told her that Paulie was coming after her and Bridgette said he definitely didn’t deny it but he wouldn’t look her in the eye and kept going on about her sister. Frank says Paulie talks all the time like he wants it to be him and Frank going to the end and Frank just appeases him. Bridgette says everyone wants to take Frank to the end and Frank says why? I’m not sure why he would. 12:10 AM BBT Frank tells Bridgette that he told Paulie if one of them gets to the end with a girl, with Da in the jury, she’s going to make sure a girl wins. Bridgette says that’s a really good point and Frank says right. Frank says how do I come up with some of this stuff and Bridgette says I don’t know, I don’t have that kind of a mind. Frank says am I devious? Bridgette says yeah and Frank says am I. Bridgette says you’re clever and Frank says yeah, I’m clever. Bridgette says Da did make the fatal five alliance and she did make a final 2 with a girl. Frank says that’s why we have to get her out before jury. Bridgette says so a guy has a chance to win? Frank nods and Bridgette says not bad Frank. 12:15 AM BBT Michelle and Paulie in the HOH chatting. Paulie says it’s strange that all the stuff Da’Vonne has done is coming to light. He says he couldn’t see Da doing all that, but he didn’t pick up on Frank first either. He says he really couldn’t see Da doing that because she slept all the time, like when did she do it? Michelle says I don’t know. Michelle says even Frank told her Da made a final two deal with him, and she’s like make a final 2 deal with Nicole. Paulie says he thinks she has something with James too because her and James are close and James has said he’ll never be a vote against her. Michelle tells Paulie that James and Natalie got into a little tiff today and Paulie says oh yeah they did. 12:18 AM BBT Natalie and James in the HNR in the same bumper car. 12:26 AM BBT Natalie tells James she’s sad that Bridgette doesn’t hang out with her anymore and James says why is that. Natalie says she used to have so much fun with her. Natalie says it’s hard because when she tries to hang out with Bridgette, Bridgette tries to get info from her. James tells her you can’t really trust anybody. Natalie says so I can’t trust you and James says don’t. Natalie says why are you saying that. James gets up to turn the light off. 12:28 AM BBT Paulie says to Michelle that Tiffany is trying to make Da look like the crazy one and not her. Zakiyah tells Paulie and Michelle where everyone in the house is.
  15. 10:06 PM BBT Tiff tells Nicole things that Frank told her made sense and things Da told her she felt stupid for believing. Tiffany says the first argument in the house was with Da. Tiff says at this point she doesn't believe a word that comes out of Da's mouth. Nicole says she was getting annoyed because Da wouldn't leave Tiff's side and she wanted to talk to her one on one. Tiff says it was because Da had just told her about Nicole and Corey and she didn't want Tiff to say anything to Nicole. 10:10 PM BBT Nicole says it's going to be good TV this week. When they show Tiff winning the roadkill, nominating Corey, Corey winning POV, and then Da going up. Tiff said she thinks she won roadkill because she was so tired from the HN beds and being slow was the key. Nicole says she thought Frank or Paulie would have won rk because they were being so quiet.
  16. 9:47 PM BBT Nicole and Tiffany outside talking. Tiffany telling Nicole that she asked Da why she should want Corey out when he's on her team and Da told Tiff that they were all coming after her. Tiff says she's told so many lies. Tiff says Da told her early on that the fatal 5 were no more because Zakiyah told Da that Paulie said he trusts Zakiyah and Corey and Corey trusts Nicole and they decided to work with the guys over the girls alliance. Tiff says Da has fucked her the entire game and she was the one person who she thought had her back. Tiffany says she put a wedge between them, that was the whole point of putting up Corey so Da could pull Nicole closer and get her and Corey out of the loop. Tiff says apparently Da told Michelle I said something about her? Nicole says oh that she's evil? Nicole says I'm not sure where that came from but she said she heard Tiff hated Corey and Nicole and that Michelle was evil. Tiff says that never came out of her mouth and Nicole says I can understand if you were angry, but Tiff says she never said that. Tiff says she never said she hated anybody, she'll swear on anything she never said that. Tiff says Da told her that Nicole and Corey wanted her out hard core and the only way to stay in the house was for Corey to be gone and she had the votes to make it happen. Tiff says she wouldn't say names, but she said she had the votes.
  17. 9:14 PM BBT Tiffany outside watching Frank run. She says she thinks Michelle is campaigning to get her out. Frank said he's talked to her and Michelle said he'd vote his way as long as he had the votes. Tiffany asks what Michelle's problem is with her and Frank says he think it's something petty. Tiffany says Da is a piece of crap. Tiff says earlier Da said she likes that everyone going to jury is fun, everyone before that sucks. Frank says he can't wait to flip it. Tiff says she's a fucking bitch. Frank says he thinks he's got Paul's vote 100%. Frank says all we need is 2 and he thinks they are close. Tiff asks if she should talk to Michelle and Frank says give it a little bit of time. Tiff says she's not ready? Frank says not today, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. Frank says he didn't want to push too hard, he just wanted to plant a few seeds into a few people that he needed to. He says he planted a seed with everybody except Zakiyah and James yet. Tiff says Zakiyah isn't going to flip and Frank says he won't even talk to her. Tiff says she told James that Da ran to her on day 3 and said she didn't trust James and she wanted to vote him out. Frank thinks James will be an easier sell than most people. Frank says that's why he hasn't talked to him because he's always with Natalie. Frank says if Da'Vonne doesn't geek out tomorrow after getting put up, then every time she sees Frank talking to someone her fuse will get shorter and shorter. Tiff says she thinks Da thinks Frank won because she heard Zakiyah saying something in the WA earlier and when she walked in they stopped talking immediately. Frank says their stupid especially since he kept them all fucking safe. Tiffany asks when and he says when he won roadkill, he could have taken shots at them if he'd wanted to. Tiff says he's not in the wrong in any of it, it's all Da.
  18. 9:08 PM BBT Most HG are in the KT cooking. James and Michelle in the LR whispering about Tiff. Frank and Paul outside, Frank running laps and Paul lifting weights.
  19. 9:48 AM BBT Da says I'm so annoyed, I didn't get any sleep. James says do we jump on the Tiffany and Frank bandwagon or the Paulie and Corey bandwagon. Da says she doesn't want to go with Paulie and Corey because they have Zakiyah and Nicole. 9:49 AM BBT Jeff reels. Maybe nomination time.
  20. 9:36 AM BBT James said he's going to let Nicole he's pissed at her. Da says so much stuff happened yesterday I was just like Damn. I'm over it. It's going to be a shit storm today. James said it wouldn't be a bad thing if Frank won and put Corey up. Da tells James Tiffany said they want Da and Frank out and Frank said if they can get 5 people on board, then he'll put up Corey. 9:41 AM BBT Da says Tiffany brought to her attention that Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole are running the game because they are a solid four. Da says I don't trust Nicole because of that boy. James says he wouldn't mind if Nicole went since she's too deep into the game. 9:43 AM BBT Da says Tiffany has to go, Corey has to go, Frank has to go. James says Nicole has to go. Da tells James Tiffany says she's a free agent.
  21. 9:04 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole awake in the WA. Lots of re-hashing last night and whispering. Da does not have her mic on so hard to hear. 9:19 AM BBT Frank, James, and Michelle up doing ADL's. Natalie up as well. 9:30 AM BBT Da'Vonne and James in the UKBR. Da says Tiff is blowing everything up and tells him a bit about last night. Da says she's glad she never told her anything. James said I never told her anything. Da says between me and you, she's working with Frank. Da says if they win roadkill their target is Corey. James says she don't like Corey? Da says he don't like Corey. James says Frank don't like Corey? Da shakes her head and says no. Da tells James apparently Corey said he wants me out. James said who said that and Da says Tiffany. Da says she was in the HNR fake asleep and he was talking. James said do you believe her? Da says a little bit because I don't trust him. I don't trust any of them. James says why wouldn't Nicole come tell you? Da says I don't even trust her James. Da says you should have seen her James. Tiffany called out Corey for the comments Frank told her he said and Nicole hit the roof, she got pissed. She said Nicole started going off saying that's not right, that's not fair, and she got red in the face. Nicole was pissed for Corey. James says Daammmnnn. James says she's in too deep. He says we could all see they were like ride or dies. Da says I was just like wow, she went off. James said if you're on the block with Corey, I'd be scared to death. Da says she's voting me out 1000%. Da says I trust none of them James, none of them. James says he wonders what Tiffany told Frank in return. LIke who did she blow up. James says I'm sure Frank has a list who he can't trust. It's not really hard to tell who voted to keep Tiffany in. James said after the HOH comp Frank came in and look at me and said what the fuck happened and James said I don't know. Frank said an all girl alliance, that's what the fuck happened and he turned around and looked at Nicole and said she's in it.
  22. 8:00 AM BBT We hear a Frank Sinatra song. They forgot to shut the feeds down. 8:02 AM BBT Feeds off now. Possible wake up call. 8:12 AM BBT Looks like most are still asleep with a few up and about. 9:02 AM BBT FotH again.
  23. 4:12 AM BBT Everyone but Tiff leaves the safari room and Da says she'll be back to check on her. Da asks to talk to Nicole and they go into the WA. Da tells Nicole that Tiffany said to her that she heard Corey say he wanted Da out of the house. Nicole says when and to who? Da says the other night in the HNR Corey said he wanted me out of this house. Nicole says who did he say that to? Da said she didn't say to who and Nicole says not that I know of Da, Not that I know of. I don't believe that. Nicole says do you think Frank told her to say that? Da says I don't know. Nicole says she doesn't even know what to do from here out. Da Frank is a bad situation. Da says they can all go up to Paulie, but she doesn't want to leave Tiffany downstairs alone where Frank can get to her. Da says he's dirty. They start re-hashing the 4:08 part of the convo. 4:27 AM BBT Zakiyah goes in to check on Tiff and tells her to be strong. 4:29 AM BBT Tiffany finally calm enough to fill Da in on the Frank conversation in a rational manner. Both talking calmly. General re-hashing throughout the house and most HG go to bed. 5:10 AM BBT James is up with Paulie, Michelle, and Da upstairs by the chess board. They are filling James in on the Tiff drama. They discuss likely nominations and Paulie's nomination speech. Most everyone in bed by 7:20, but only Da stayed up that late.
  24. 4:00 AM BBT Tiff says Paul might win America's Favorite. Paul says I'll get America's worst. They'll take 25,000 from me. He says they'll put me in debt because they lost viewers. Pissed. 4:03 AM BBT Nicole doesn't understand why Tiff as upset with her or Corey at all. Nicole says she just doesn't understand why Tiff said they hurt her feelings. Corey says so are you not happy that you're here another week? Like I mean does that mean anything? Like we were good teammates and helped you out. Tiff just looks at him and looks at Da and said do you understand how that came out? Da nods and Tiff says ok Da's not stupid so will you explain it to them. Tiff said it came off sounding like hey we saved your ass, you're here for another week at least. Corey says he didn't mean it that way. Tiff says that's how I took it and Z says that's not how he meant it. Tiff does not want to self-evict. Corey says I want to know why you're angry at us, like what did we do? Paul sighs heavily. Tiff says she's angry at the world right now, it's nothing they did specifically. Nicole keeps pressing the issue. Tiff says Frank told her that Corey kept going up to him all week saying Tiff wouldn't leave him alone, she was so annoying, that she was crying and she's a crybaby, and all this bullshit. Nicole says Frank is playing way dirty and she's not going to do it and she's not going to tell Tiff what came out of Frank's mouth. Tiff asked if Frank was getting personal about her and Nicole says I'm not even going to say anything. Corey walks out and Paul says pissed. Nicole says if you want to believe Frank and Tiff says start telling me information then. Nicole says I'm not going to tell you something that will hurt your feelings about personal stuff. She says if someone says I have a pizza face, or I'm ugly or fat, I don't want anyone to tell me. Nicole says I'm not going to tell you that stuff, it's not game related. Nicole says for him to tell you Frank was saying that stuff is just dirty and you think it came out of Corey's mouth or it came out of his mouth. Nicole says she's angry, Corey did not deserve that and Zakiyah moves over to comfort Nicole and tell her to calm down. 4:08 AM BBT Paul says Tiff, the person who has been gunning for you all week is suddenly giving you information like this. Does that not strike a weird bell to you? Nicole says why would he tell you stuff that would hurt your feelings. Why kick someone when they come out of DR and already crying? Nicole says that's what upsets me Tiffany, you never kick someone while they're down. That is wrong in this house and outside in the real world. If someone kicks someone when they're already sad, that's screwed up. Paul says that's called being a fucking bully. Nicole says it hurts me that someone would do that to anyone in this world, it's not right. Nicole says she doesn't mean to be so upset but she can't stand when someone kicks people while they're down. Paul says the perfect thing to ignite your rage. Nicole says the fact that he targeted your teammates is classic. Paul says because if you can't trust your teammates who can you trust?
  25. 3:30 AM BBT Frank goes into the Tokyo room and fills Bridgette in. Michelle goes upstairs with Paulie and Corey and starts filling them in. Corey asks if he should go check on Nicole and Michelle says tell her to come up here. 3:36 AM BBT Corey comes into the safari room with Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Tiff, Nicole, and Paul. Things have calmed down. Everyone in the safari room calming down and talking about Tiff's feelings and where things are going to go. 3:38 AM BBT Paulie tells Michelle if Tiff wants to stay she has to beat him for Veto. Paulie tells Michelle he's not sure where Da stands in the game. Michelle says she trusts Z, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Paulie would like the following to go in order as Tiffany, Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, and Paul. 3:41 AM BBT Paulie says he wants the next four weeks to go smoothly, like they have so far. He was going to throw the comp to Nicole, but Frank was still in. 3:48 AM BBT Nicole confronts Tiff saying she doesn't feel like she deserves to be attacked and she never said anything personal about Tiff. Tiff says it wasn't her. Tiff says she just felt like a puppet for everyone to use. 3:55 AM BBT Tiff said she was upset with everyone for basically isolating her. She said she took it out on Nicole because she felt more hurt by her and Corey because they are her team. Tiff said it wasn't anything specific to her, it's just Nicole was the first one in there after Frank and she went into defensive mode.