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  1. Rank your Final Five!

    1. Judd 2. None 3.None 4.None 5. The remaining 4 stupid floaters!
  2. Andy - DE/Week 11

    This whole groups are just sick! What tickles me is when they get voted out or begging for their vote to be kept - the same old song from they all -"I LOVE YOU ALL". No you dont stop saying it, it drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. America's Vote - 3rd Nominee

    My 10 went to Helen. She wont go but love to see her scared and get off her higher than mighty attitude.
  4. Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    Sorry to see Howard go. I enjoyed watching him. You cant be a nice guy and play this game.
  5. Helen - Week 6

    I voted for Helen to be on the block, lets see how she will act and how she likes it!
  6. Helen - Week 5

    I liked Helen in the very beginning but that is not true now. She needs to go! Her spin on everything yells POLICTICIAN! I hate politics!!!!!
  7. Love Wil and his BB15 saga! Wil you have talent.
  8. Helen - Week 5

    Helen needs to go! If America can vote this week lets get Helen on the block and hopefully the house will get her OUT!!!!!!!
  9. Candice - Week 5 Replacement Nominee

    I like Candice. I think Helen is playing a dirty game, she is in politics and knows how to spin. But down right lying about what others are saying is wrong, game or no game. I have lost respect for Helen. I am praying that Howard, Candice and Spencer can rally and get out Amanda this week.
  10. America - Week 5 - MVP

    10 votes for Amanda!