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  1. VaultBoy

    Candice - Week 5 Replacement Nominee

    Wow, Helen just asked Candice "Who would you rather see on the block - Elissa and Spencer or Howard and Spencer?" She thought about it for a second and said "Howard and Spencer, I've been with Elissa since the beginning."
  2. VaultBoy

    Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    I like how the conspiracy theories around here (and everywhere else online that involves BB discussion) change week to week based on what's happening in the house.
  3. VaultBoy

    Amanda - Week 4

    If you really think for a second that Julie Chen, the public face of the show and the wife of the president of CBS, is posting things like that on Youtube, especially under her own name, then I have some land in the Florida swamps I'd like to sell you.
  4. VaultBoy

    GinaMarie - Week 3

    Glenn Close. Fatal Attraction. Boiled bunny. Edit: I was ninja'd!
  5. VaultBoy

    Elissa - Week 3 MVP

    Elissa was just talking about her work on the feeds and how when she took classes on nutrition she was amazed by "the body and all the things it does, and all the sphincters that are involved." She's such a goofy dingbat, but I like her because she makes me laugh.
  6. VaultBoy

    Judd - Week 3

    It's "Judsie"!
  7. VaultBoy

    Candice - Week 3

    Here's a nice video from OWN that Candice was talking about on the feeds last night: Miss Louisiana USA Candice Stewart Reunites with Birth Mom She is so pretty!
  8. VaultBoy

    Amanda - Week 3

    My feelings exactly. I've voted for her as MVP every week, not that it makes any difference.
  9. VaultBoy

    BB15 General Discussion

    Everyone complained that they were "sweeping it under the rug" when they didn't show it.
  10. VaultBoy

    Amanda - Week 3

    Yeah, I like Amanda but when I was watching her try to force Elissa into putting up Howard and then blow up at her when she didn't, I was thinking "whoa there, you really need to back off and learn to pick your battles."
  11. VaultBoy


    Aaryn Oops, thought you meant Most Vile Player.
  12. VaultBoy

    GinaMarie - Week 3

    Well, she's sobbing uncontrollably again, more than 6 hours later. Howard's consoling her, but everyone else got bored and walked out of the room.
  13. VaultBoy

    Aaryn - Week 3 (HoH Nominee)

    Her thoughts will be "I'm so pretty that everyone hates me because they're jealous!" Ugh...she couldn't be a more stereotypical "mean girl" if she had stepped right out of a teen drama on the WB.
  14. VaultBoy

    Aaryn - Week 3 (HoH Nominee)

    Aaryn is clearly the type of person who will never believe she has done anything wrong, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Everyone else will be wrong and "out to get her" in her mind. She strikes me as the type of person who has lived a very sheltered life and was never criticized or told "no" growing up.