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  1. I totally agree BBDiva, I also am a fan and lurker and have spent many summers with BB and Morty's. When Julie Chen announced a fan favorite was back I was thinking of all the fun things, Have not comps, Pandora's etc. Then she said the Battle of the Block and I thought to myself what fan fav? I saw nothing but hate for the BoB on all the sites and fb twitter. Who are these fan's. Oh probably the fans that voted Elisia America's fav a couple of seasons ago in the first week. Meaning not fans but producers.
  2. frannie62001

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    The first few casts were not full of eye candy. I think, no I am positive I would watch a cast of superfans or even just fans of the show. Did anyone else hear Andy last night? As they were saying those awful things about Elissa, Andy said I am gonna get fired for this. Spencer said no you won't. GM didn't say anything. It made me laugh because of the truth of the statement, GM did get fired and Spencer is not sitting pretty with his job at all and Andy a professor what could happen to him. He may lose his job. I could only watch a few moments of last night BBAD and that was what I saw.
  3. frannie62001

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    So I didn't hear Elissa say horrible things about the other houseguests? Hmmmm I think she bashed them just as much to anyone that would listen to her. I think the other hg's are horrible too but she is not innocent of this. She did win when she needed to and kept her word. Don't get me wrong I ended up rooting for her and not understanding the mentality of the others for not wanting to go against the house. What a bunch of crap. I was watching some old Dr Will episodes yesterday ahhhhhh the good old days when this show was fun and you wanted to tune in just to see what the hell they were going to do next. These hg's are a pale imatation of some really great BB seasons.
  4. frannie62001

    GinaMarie - Week 10 (HoH)

    I can't wait to hear her speech to McCrappy!!!!
  5. I am not a Jessie fan but I am so glad that someone had the balls to blow up the house. They thought that they could use her like a pet... maybe a cat that was supposed to just sit there and do "what the House wants" until it pooped and threw up in your bed. Well if Jessie can be compared to Candace's cat hahaha, She just pooped all over Helen and the rest of them and they will throw her out on Thursday. . At least it won't be raining in the studio on Thursday.