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  1. I saw on Twitter that Christine's husband said he loves her but is done defending her behavior with Cody. Too much disrespect.
  2. Oh well, Jocasta, BB giveth and BB taketh away!
  3. Me too. And I do believe she would be the only one to call him out on it.
  4. Tamara Tattles has an awesome compilation of Caleb's tall tales and assorted falsehoods: http://tamaratattles.com/2014/08/03/big-brother-16-houseguest-caleb-reynolds-spool-of-lies/
  5. Would have liked to see her go farther, but her game play has not warranted it. I think she will be a fair jury voter, though.
  6. Yes, but when Joey was trying to rally the women they all looked at her like she had two heads. They were all too willing to serve her right up to the guys, so I say the women are now getting their just desserts. How many seasons does this have to happen?
  7. Annamrie42

    Frankie Grande (Week 5) -HoH, Team America

    I think I read that BB allows that person's family to make the decision. His sister tweeted that the grandfather did not want Frankie pulled from the show.
  8. I hope Brittany wins POV and this bites Pow Pow in the ass.
  9. Annamrie42

    Devin Shepherd (Week 1)

    I'm sorry, this dude is such a dick.