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  1. Jackie is such a piece of work. So tired of her voice and the bossiness. She can go this week and then Hazel next!
  2. ipvcake

    Aaryn - Week 3 (HoH Nominee)

    I can't remember if I've said this before or if I'd just thought about it: Paula Deen and Aaryn could both do a little damage control by having their own reality show. I imagine Aaryn teaching inner city kids how to bend and snap while Paula teaches them to cook. CBS could have a real gold mine with this. For sweeps week Mel Gibson could make a guest appearance.
  3. It is appalling to me that Hazel gets off with just a warning. She was egging him on and she has been for a while now. I'm not one to condone violence. Did we not all see the same thing? Did we not all hear her telling him she likes forcefull men? Something smells fishy here and it is Hazel.
  4. ipvcake

    Jeremy - Week 2

    He is ruining the show for me but I would totally watch him on a Dr. Phil episode just to find out if he wasn't hugged enough as a child.
  5. ipvcake

    Jeremy - Week 1

    Jeremy having no job explains why no press about him getting fired because of his performance on BB.
  6. ipvcake

    BBUK axes host, names replacement

    I wish bbuk would do a Friday night games like old seasons of bbau. This would add a little more excitement to the season.
  7. ipvcake

    Jeremy - Week 1

    He is so creepy. Like the guy out of school who hangs out at college parties hoping to get lucky with a girl who has had a rookie colada.
  8. ipvcake

    McCrae - Week 1 (HoH & PoV)

    He's a good sport but I fear his alliances with everyone will burn him in the end.
  9. I kind of hope she wins the whole thing because the bullying the others have done thus far this season should not be rewarded. What would fix their collective wagons the most but her winning. That said, I hope the trashy, rude, hate mongering bullies go quickly and the show can be a real competition again instead of a mean girl pile-on.
  10. ipvcake

    Aaryn - Week 1

    What a sorry excuse for a human. I can't imagine how her family feels about her performance. I also can't believe anyone wants to see a loved one behave so horribly let alone on national television.
  11. RT @PrisonPuppies: If I had a pizza shop, there would be slices available in the 'Kimbo" size. #mma

  12. RT @PrisonPuppies: If I had a pizza shop, there would be slices available in the 'Kimbo" size. #mma