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    Jury predictions

    Thank you and you are correct. The classless remarks about giving to asick baby are sad. I also give to big charities, but the point I was saying was that there is a benefit of giving to the individual as well because ALL the money gets to them and not a percentage spread around. OMGosh once again people take things out of context and think I am referring to something or someone I am not!! Glad this is the last day. I enjoyed the live feeds and sometimes rational discussions, but just like anything, it only takes a few to ruin the whole thing.
  2. Angie0207

    Jury predictions

    Pretty sure it's about a very sick little baby in case you forgot. And while general large charity groups are nice, only a percentage of your money actually gets to the patients. That is why I prefer to give directly to individuals ( whether it be friends, family, friends of friends, or even to someone that we admired for a couple seasons on BB). But to each their own, just wish people would remember an innocent child is sick and show a little class, but some just don't have any so that is probably too much to ask.