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  1. RT @terrible_tony: Fuckin on yo bitch...uh I'm her dad

  2. RT @trishasnakes: what the fuck even is this

  3. Are my mental problems manifesting in a physical form or are my physical problems manifesting in a mental form

  4. Slaapfeestje met jouw bitch

  5. like listening to him harmonize his voice in multiple ranges with the synths still makes me tear up to this day and i've heard it 1000 times

  6. Damn I really miss oatmeal rn

  7. You KNOW I'm going to protest in Brussels like the good citizen I am

  8. mood

  9. RT @Fire_Badger: i can't believe how accurate this nearly-5-year-old image was

  10. I'm highkey such a basquiat stan

  11. Gotta love dissociating at dinner with Grandma

  12. flip phone flippin, elbow whippin

  13. Is it Monday or Tuesday rn I'm stressed

  14. RT @Taron: imagine going to get a bag of chips and seeing this

  15. RT @adrisussel: dont u ever disrespect the color yellow like that again