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  1. I can feel my third eye open every time I drink four loko

  2. @katrinevoorhees maybe one day

  3. RT @Integrity_Guy: Suburb tinder: let's get married and have chipotle cater

  4. Listening to carti’s album makes me so nostalgic like wow honestly all 15 tracks are classics

  5. RT @ehjovan: the first thing i do after a long day at work is put on “Burnin Up” by the Jonas Brothers, who also were “burnin up, burnin up…

  6. RT @nytimes: Louis Vuitton Names Virgil Abloh as Its New Men’s Wear Designer https://t.co/v4BMrkReWn

  7. RT @kevinabstract: ima get gay life tatted on my stomach bitch

  8. RT @theveganqueen: plastic straws: ask to speak to the manager, steal tweets, haha and then what ;), put empty boxes back in the cupboard…

  9. Masculinity has infilitrated every part of our lives even down to the intonation you use while speaking. People sub… https://t.co/PIpr0AWjGF

  10. RT @ehjovan: day 1 back in capitalism: they call this chamber with no walls “the breakroom” surrounded by “motivational” writing on the boa…

  11. RT @ehjovan: @HUNTYCHAN latinkx

  12. RT @imaGoonAssNiqqa: ' iM So Fuxkinqqq High Men , WTFF <3

  13. RT @HazardClo: https://t.co/BISOU0Lq6X https://t.co/hvEalY57Cg

  14. RT @mizzmic: Bobby shmurda is the jesus christ of rap he really gave up his life so we could have hot nigga and we are all so ungrateful

  15. RT @Playboabe: https://t.co/WZdMbbTAnb