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  1. Idk if this makes sense but I feel like grass looks cooler here than in america

  2. RT @IanLoc_: How you accidentally FaceTime someone, watch it ring, watch the call connect, then look at each other? https://t.co/bMTU5MHCQV

  3. RT @evepeyser: damnnnnnn https://t.co/dWO1imeulN

  4. I miss u too but I'll be back in July

  5. Me when I hear quavo say put that spotlight on her face https://t.co/Won50FquCb

  6. This is a national treasure it deserves to be in the smithsonian https://t.co/BjO15o5Ucc

  7. Typefaces rn are too thick like work definitely needs to be done to make therm thinner and more like handwriting

  8. RT @ynggnome: he ain't shrink the bread he just made the milk big dumbass RT https://t.co/TbMtXuepTP

  9. RT @keywilliamss: Life comes at you fast. https://t.co/k6e7sBcW3h

  10. RT @Runitback_Sig: @whoisluka https://t.co/GwFmFrf7mQ

  11. Bent jij down ?

  12. RT @REALMERMAlD: I'm emotional https://t.co/hNBIw6WWzy

  13. "We build our temples for tomorrow, strong as we know how, and we stand on top of the mountain free within ourselves."

  14. RT @jake10house: the Not Good Enough For Instagram collection by Jake Tennenhouse #design #trash https://t.co/8STiD40p6n

  15. the "elves" name is zwarte piet, literally meaning black peter, and in the tradition he's the slave of santa clause https://t.co/a2phBaaL8l