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  1. I just got cat called for the first time wtf like do these dudes expect me to wanna talk to them just bc they think I’m pretty???????

  2. RT @deleteian: SUCK & BLOW A FILM BY IAN MAVERICK https://t.co/PxdwODLXEZ https://t.co/EDdIaDfXnW

  3. RT @malirobi_: seems accurate https://t.co/Ks140XH4Ng

  4. i wish i could take my own outfit photos bc i lowkey serve looks all the time

  5. RT @mysticphonk: *soundcloud artists having a discussion* Yeah dude I wore a hat next thing everybody is wearing hats, they wanna be hat…

  6. RT @Tyler_Mitchell_: ive. forgotten. how. to. be. intimate. or. vulnerable.

  7. RT @poserrboy: https://t.co/q3k35GJMk0

  8. https://t.co/gWNgSwba8x

  9. RT @InternetHippo: me: 1 surgery please. i’m not even sick, just want free stuff doctor (shaking his head): because of socialism, i must c…

  10. RT @katrine_vorhies: https://t.co/cCdn6cEyc3

  11. I might fuck around & start wearing lip gloss lmao

  12. "If god didn't want us to use the oil He wouldn't have put it in the soil" BITCH THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS HAVE YOU EVER STUDIED BASIC GEOLOGY

  13. RT @bryantgiles123: Because the Internet is a legendary album. I could only hope for another like it. Maybe all we needed was one.

  14. Lemme tell ya bout it

  15. RT @theveganqueen: life hack: you can't lose yourself if you have no sense of self to begin with