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  1. You KNOW I'm going to protest in Brussels like the good citizen I am

  2. mood https://t.co/YoV3bmDGuf

  3. RT @Fire_Badger: i can't believe how accurate this nearly-5-year-old image was https://t.co/qKFq1p8H2x

  4. I'm highkey such a basquiat stan

  5. Gotta love dissociating at dinner with Grandma

  6. flip phone flippin, elbow whippin

  7. Is it Monday or Tuesday rn I'm stressed

  8. RT @Taron: imagine going to get a bag of chips and seeing this

  9. RT @adrisussel: dont u ever disrespect the color yellow like that again https://t.co/yyKAC1iixn

  10. RT @hyped_resonance: Coachella • pricey • sweaty • smelly Bible Study • free • engaging • powerful

  11. RT @UNGeneva: It’s official! #Cuba is the first country in the world to eliminate mother-child transmission of #HIV AIDS. https://t.co/g3…

  12. I know that I'm a scumbag and now you're heartbroken

  13. https://t.co/68vtA9BNxK

  14. RT @FeministaJones: This doesn't make any sense. Why didn't she just block his number 2 years and 362 days ago? https://t.co/TY3QQeaEgq

  15. I try to be open but I feel like it just results in me being exploited