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  1. Masculinity has infilitrated every part of our lives even down to the intonation you use while speaking. People sub… https://t.co/PIpr0AWjGF

  2. RT @ehjovan: day 1 back in capitalism: they call this chamber with no walls “the breakroom” surrounded by “motivational” writing on the boa…

  3. RT @ehjovan: @HUNTYCHAN latinkx

  4. RT @imaGoonAssNiqqa: ' iM So Fuxkinqqq High Men , WTFF <3

  5. RT @HazardClo: https://t.co/BISOU0Lq6X https://t.co/hvEalY57Cg

  6. RT @mizzmic: Bobby shmurda is the jesus christ of rap he really gave up his life so we could have hot nigga and we are all so ungrateful

  7. RT @Playboabe: https://t.co/WZdMbbTAnb

  8. i was walking outside in the snow and a snowflake landed in my eye and it felt like the sky just bust a freezing co… https://t.co/KU2RR8lYQt

  9. RT @BuzzFeed: 10 reasons why homosexuals should not be allowed to serve in the military: http://bit.ly/9RDncF

  10. RT @quibbed: i actually cant look at kermit the frog directly in the eyes bc when i was 15 i had a dream that we were in frog war and i had…

  11. I’m gonna start tweeting my art again in March I just need a little more time to pursue my creativity offline

  12. How does a fever happen like... you’re sick... and then your body is just like “fuck you imma overheat the fuck outta myself”??????

  13. RT @Runitback_Sig: XANARCHY Sold Out Show Bay Area @lilxanfuhyobih & @_StevenCannon

  14. RT @gayporg: oh man do I have a video game for you https://t.co/2TE74wugcz

  15. RT @Runitback_Sig: Sold Out Show For The Beach Boy 714➡️510. S/O To @yungpinch @IAMSU @Showy4Mayor @AZURESWORLD For A Lit Show.