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  1. Where are all my decadent sluts at

  2. RT @deleteian: "there are no misshapen clouds."

  3. RT @Abdinoorx2: Me in 20 years when migos have a reunion tour https://t.co/jCAb6MKm8j

  4. RT @10avier: I used to like papa johns pizza but his commercials scare me he has dead eyes and gives off a sexual predator vibe

  5. RT @50cent: If ur homophobic get the fuck off my twitter for the next 10mns. Its entertainment for gay man and bitches

  6. RT @devilwearsBrada: @ryanfuego um this is so good holy shit

  7. I just got cat called for the first time wtf like do these dudes expect me to wanna talk to them just bc they think I’m pretty???????

  8. RT @deleteian: SUCK & BLOW A FILM BY IAN MAVERICK https://t.co/PxdwODLXEZ https://t.co/EDdIaDfXnW

  9. RT @malirobi_: seems accurate https://t.co/Ks140XH4Ng

  10. i wish i could take my own outfit photos bc i lowkey serve looks all the time

  11. RT @mysticphonk: *soundcloud artists having a discussion* Yeah dude I wore a hat next thing everybody is wearing hats, they wanna be hat…

  12. RT @Tyler_Mitchell_: ive. forgotten. how. to. be. intimate. or. vulnerable.

  13. RT @poserrboy: https://t.co/q3k35GJMk0

  14. https://t.co/gWNgSwba8x

  15. RT @InternetHippo: me: 1 surgery please. i’m not even sick, just want free stuff doctor (shaking his head): because of socialism, i must c…