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  1. Where is Marc from? I can barely understand him.
  2. Cute but...we're missing something here. Don't trust her.
  3. VERY high maintenance. Not attractive tho. Too obsessed with herself. Predict she'll go quickly.
  4. Cute. Athletic. Will go far.
  5. He has to hustle people all day in his job so he is charming and funny. But shallow. Will be the life of the party.
  6. Smart. No threat to the other girls, so she'll be their friend. Live feeder knows how all this works. She'll go far.
  7. SanAntonio

    Zach Rance BB16 (Pre-season)

    Charming master manipulator. Clone of Dr. Will without the intelligence.
  8. Beautiful. Girls will hate her.
  9. Fox and news should never be in the same sentence. Oh no, not another one with ADHD.
  10. Hubba hubba! Nice guy who moved to Texas to be with his 2 yr old daughter. Goal in life is to be a good dad. Plus he rides motorcycles. So does my husband. Great bunch of guys.
  11. As a cop, he's had lots of sensitivity training and is expert at dealing with emotional people. I think he will go far in this game. Hope so anyway.
  12. Again, disappointed in this choice of a low level "celebrity" who is in this strictly to advance his career.
  13. Delighted they have cast an Iraqi vet. Good on you, BB.
  14. Angry black female, cloaked in religion.
  15. Casting has set him up! Not fair. The beard is no big deal. Plenty of people have them. The clueless young ones won't give him a chance tho.