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  1. The Everything Guide to Nootropics: Boost Your Brain Function with Smart Drugs and Memory… https://t.co/VuiDdMwDhk

  2. Spillavhengighet – Gaming og Gambling book review https://t.co/ckTLGMFC5p

  3. First roll with my new d20… every group needs a @wilw! (And I proudly own that!) @Just_Lis #girlswhogame

  4. Service 2 of the weekend? Well underway! After 3 weeks away? I missed my time in the booth. https://t.co/AkUtTn2WlT

  5. @Just_Lis I do need to get that figured out! Having my book helped me - my new printed notebook - just need to figure out bonus actions.

  6. @Just_Lis I only saw 30 minutes. But kiddo was begging to play Munchkin. How can I say no to a future #GamerGirl? (Hope you feel better!)

  7. RT @jimmykimmel: Fierce opponents of #DACA meet a real life #DREAMer family face to face https://t.co/CXUAMydPTO

  8. RT @Mikel_Jollett: NEVER FORGET: Last week Trump was offered a bipartisan deal that would've protected DREAMers, funded CHIP and kept the g…

  9. @Just_Lis woo Hoo!!!

  10. I have now officially spent an hour with @godaddy help- and feel like all I have done is walk in circles. #frustrated

  11. Spending my morning cleaning the soundbooth,lurking the web for church bulletins and catching up on @ProChurchTools podcast!# Churchtechnerd

  12. RT @PapaJohns: Just ordered @PapaJohns! Use promo code PAPATRACK for 25% off your next regular menu price order. US/Online Only. #PizzaMood…

  13. Spending an hour playing catchup on my Hebrews study today! https://t.co/TAWCCr9TVW

  14. While I find @Ancestry's apps disappointing? This #AppleWatch feature is pretty awesome! #Genealogy https://t.co/bcNmDm0ty5

  15. We’ve all search for the light of day in the dead of night We’ve all found ourselves worn out… https://t.co/Ltzb3aJ4s0