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  1. Spending an hour playing catchup on my Hebrews study today! https://t.co/TAWCCr9TVW

  2. While I find @Ancestry's apps disappointing? This #AppleWatch feature is pretty awesome! #Genealogy https://t.co/bcNmDm0ty5

  3. We’ve all search for the light of day in the dead of night We’ve all found ourselves worn out… https://t.co/Ltzb3aJ4s0

  4. Y'all!!! @LeviLusko if #FreshLifeChurch? He brings it with this weeks sermon! #WhoIsYourShepherd? Upon This Rock https://t.co/G3AipaEtZg

  5. It was a successful dance tonight! #HisSchool #WorshipDance https://t.co/2mHUp0bNDR

  6. @Aprilelayne1 thanks!! Yeah, writing reviews :( I miss those days! Life is too crazy busy now!

  7. Future worship leader!! (Killing time while we set lights for fwcpueblo's Easter Services!!) @… https://t.co/ib9N3IdxFK

  8. I wish @ancestry had a better app! I spend so much time waiting for kiddos, I’d love to work on my tree! #genealogy #FamilyTree

  9. She's such a cute little mommy

  10. Took my reusable freezer bag to @safeway this morning. Got 7 plastic bags and 3 cans of soup in my nice freezer bag! https://t.co/usTlZXSgIv

  11. One last shot of Skyler and her friends at last nights Princess Ball! (Her grin here is so… https://t.co/h4IEoklTHv

  12. She looks good with a beard https://t.co/3tNIoW5AOQ

  13. A review of John Patrick’s Roulette: A Pro’s Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the… https://t.co/xM3EGR9R4i

  14. To say I'm #Frustrated? doesn't even begin to describe my day!

  15. My favorite part of Saturday's? Heading to CFA after church with some of my favorite people!!… https://t.co/1BYuN8PcoX